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"john middleton clayton" Discussed on Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

"Best way to do that is leva five star review wherever you're listening. On the evening of January twenty ninth eighteen eighty nine Republican politician in congressional candidate. John Middleton Clayton was staying in a small one story, boarding house in Plummer, Ville, Arkansas he had just sat down at a table to write a letter to his children when a shotgun blast ripped through the room's window Clayton was struck in the face and killed instantly. It was a violent and shocking culmination of what had been a particularly contentious election cycle Clayton had run for Arkansas, second seat in the US house of representatives Clayton contested, the results of the election, which he lost by a mere eight hundred sixty four votes. He believed that the seat had been stolen from him through voter suppression and ballot tampering in January of eighteen eighty nine he traveled to Plummer, Ville, Arkansas to investigate only to be killed. After four days of research, this insatiable murder instantly became a national news story, multiple investigations involving state and federal officials were launched while Clayton's family hired Pinkerton. Detectives to get to the bottom of the case. The investigations led to several popular theories as to the identity of Clayton's killer at one point Powell Clayton claim to be certain that one of two men was responsible for his brother's death, despite these efforts, no killer was ever found or brought to Justice for decades, one of the most famous political murders in Arkansas state history, has remained unsolved. In many ways, John M Clinton's life, and death or illustrative of the intense political turmoil that gripped Arkansas, and the American South throughout the late. Eighteen hundreds John, and his twin brother. William were born on October thirteenth eighteen forty on a farm in Bethel, township, Pennsylvania, from birth politics played a major role in John's life. John's father was an orchard keeper in carpenter, and a passionate supporter of the whig party. He originally named his son, John Tyler Clayton after ten th US president, John Tyler when John was still one year old his father fell out of love with president Tyler who he believed had betrayed. The whig party. John was immediately renamed, John Middleton Clayton. The Clayton's had ten children, six of whom died in infancy, four boys survived to adulthood, John, his. Win William and their older. Brothers Powell and Thomas, their father's obsession with American politics. Clearly had an effect on the boys shaping their childhood in preteen years. All four would ultimately go on to have significant political careers, but for a teenage John growing up on his father's farm that future was too far away. Oh, wait. John. Let's go, you all riled up. It's true. Isn't it? You're leaving dad. Let the cat out of the bag already. Did he I've got an opportunity waiting for me in Kansas? I'm gonna make my fortune as a land, surveyor take me with you. What I can't. Stay cooped up on this farm anymore listening to complain about politics. I can pay my own way, I promise. I'm sure you can. Maybe I will take you with me someday. You just need to be patient. But trust me, John. We'll get you out of Pennsylvania, soon enough. Powell headed off to Kansas in search of his fortune leaving John behind in Pennsylvania. But John wouldn't remain in Pennsylvania, for long on November sixth eighteen sixty a month after John and his twin William turn twenty ABRAHAM LINCOLN was elected, the sixteenth, president of the United States before he was sworn into office seven slave states had announced their secession from the union and the formation of the confederacy the civil war had begun. John and Williams signed up for the same company in the one hundred twenty fourth Pennsylvania, volunteer, infantry regiment under Colonel Joseph w Hawley William became a Lieutenant while John served as I sergeant. So John was one rank below his twin in the chain of command after an initial few months in the reserves the one hundred twenty four th was eventually rolled into the twelfth corps. Of the army of the Potomac less than six weeks later. The twin brothers participated in the battle of antique them of all of the awful moments that defined the civil war few compared to the horrors of tedium John and William participated in the fighting at Miller's cornfield where the poor visibility caused by the corn stocks forced the soldiers into brutal melee combat with rifle butts and bayonets. Come on. Then we've got the rebels on the run..

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