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"john meriwether" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Draw extra God duty when we get back to Fort Laramie Vinnie, man assigned to tether horses isn't supposed to take a bath. I mean sure you know this country. Or were you just out John Meriwether? Online order from the basin clean. The ice fields traveled by Horse part-time, part-time leading Posey. Steve you get up in the range itself, say I WANNA follow wind river to where it joins Green River and then beg pardon. Wow. You can't do that. What you said Wind River don't join green nowhere so. You know this Johnny. I traded win fair. When it struck me, do you don't like them? People. Saw Me this rotten and some suits me fine. I traded bear within that suits. Me joined the army to get back at the rotten ones. Through that anyone why then I joined army I could eat regular. Got Some maps. Scott reports in my ten Fini. Jabareen ahead tonight. Well I ain't the best reader in the world cabin then I'll read them to you. As an army. Scott's gotTa know how to read. You, going by map or instinct? Map Instinct and Phoenix if he's Reich. We cut forty miles off course hard. Pull on the horses Posey made it under full pack. Sure Solon PDA. Ancient capital gotta be. Near to a scout I got we got a rendezvous point with him. Over this Ridge. Their water. And that's by map, instinct and.

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