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"john mary ema" Discussed on WEEI

"Times john maher is angry with odell beckham junior who who are pretended to be like a dog when he caught a touchdown pass last week in the giants last the eagles john mary ema emailed nfl rider mike the carrow who tweeted tuesday morning john mary emails mit emails me i am very unhappy with oh dell's behavior on sunday and we intend to deal with it internally uh so john mary you gotta love the selective outrage right okay with josh brown in out doesn't matter we know that he said domestic incidents with his wife but we're okay employing him but odell beckham junior pretends to p in i'm ashamed will address this inhouse you know and you're at an meet odell beckham i feel like have a lot of common enemies you know the people who don't like odell beckham i don't think i'd like them either so i am on team ob j with this with the p with all the stuff give me more lbj i enjoyed it i've thought it was great wonderful artistic expression and keep at man i made by an ob j jersey out of solidarity i might do that all right another dissident reimer after dark chris great job is always you think the people are nuts when they talk to me the reason not year when they talk to you so great so thank you again i'll be back tomorrow night with maybe some sports talk who knows what will probably continue some of this conversation i know it will be a topic once again i curtain kellyanne would starts at five thirty so song everyone thanks for listening to you tomorrow at midnight i love the all right that ours you are fake the gut bye bye bill village with dale and holly with reach keith professional football brings a very diverse group of people together more so than others ford's look greatest head coach ever sits in with.

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