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"john loretta" Discussed on The BBQ Central Show

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"john loretta" Discussed on The BBQ Central Show

"That he's not a great singer. I think he said it many times that there's no range and what he's giving us his perhaps outerly now maybe he sandbagging a little bit for neck for this coming month where he's really going to stretch it out a little bit but not like blow it out to where it's a or f but just enough to get into the middle of the voting so it's him whoever me or jeff in the finals and that he could really press the buttons and governor. Do you think that there is a long game strategy here. Do you think he's just merely getting by Like some kind of sympathy vote because he got his arm lopped off or something. No because i think he did really good this first time around. Yeah i think the first that was a that was a legit song. You did very well with. I think he made a poor choice on the second one. But i i think if he really gets a good song again like he did the first time he could really do like he. I think he can do it. He his voices. He has a destroy swimming for what he does. He just got to find the song right. Its song selection. I knew that. I had people tell me to do journey. I can't you know stand. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. But john did what he had to do. And it worked and like you. You can't swallow this artistry thing that you have going but this is a competition this isn't you imposing your will and you're going to win imposing your will in this kind of a show means you get voted out the second month Well you know. I i sing better and i lost in a singing competition so you tell me i feel i feel personally. And what do i if you would have done something a little more mainstream with your voice and by the way as i had message you off line. I went back. And listen to that weaned song and you nailed it. The problem is you and three other people of the only ones that have ever heard that song. And i'm a weaned fan. I think you do baby bitch. You might get thirty votes because thirty people might heard of that me being one of them but i think bananas and below is a very hyper niche song. I like the words. It's funny. I get it but i'm afraid that you wanted to carry you. Wanted to sleep at night rusty. You didn't want to win amazon correct in saying that in all reality i had a really crazy couple of weeks and i my mother records a podcast right where i am and i had fifteen minutes away. That thing down that was done in athlete to takes so. I had with this very quickly because it was like reports. That's an excuse. I'm glad i picked the song. Glad everything worked out. But i i you know i really would have tried a little bit. I think if i could. If i had enough time to really cause i was man i was cruising around playing songs. Psalms all this one this one right them down you know and then all of a sudden just like i. Did you know in some barbecue competitions. Just change the last minute. And that's what happens you lose. You have to focus. You have to get the song right and you have to take the time to get it right and pick the right song. And that's when. I did none of those things. I deserve it And i and. I hope john john wins. I really do so. Joh- or rusty is putting all of his two hundred special dollars behind john to take the crown or at least she's crossing his fingers that way. You will be here and a couple of weeks. Time as you're sitting in the guest judging panel along with doug chiding and my daughter so we'll see what happens next season if there is a next season i'm thinking about tinkering with the format a little bit and doing Like the first round will be whatever you want but then going forward. We're going to have theme months like eighties month rap month country month. Something along these lines you think that would is that like to take it to the next level for more popularity thing. I like it because it makes everyone. You know kind of stick to the same kind of john loretta you know and kind of you know. We're not so far away from each other were more condensed into one kind of stylistic music citing that'd be the i've that'd be great right. Barbecues central show american idol always an ever always an ever evolving project and we are being joined by rusty monson from the great city of utah. Who has been summarily removed from the show on votes. Only number one in our hearts of course so russi always appreciate the time and Thank you for coming up. Go john go. John he said rusty taking it like a man and certainly no doubt about that. But it's artistry or do you want to win. Rossi wants to sleep at night. So you know what happens. You go hold on a second. Maybe we'll get saying the cooking guys thoughts on that as we lead into his segment. Let me talk to you. Quickly about cosmo's q. Based out of. Oklahoma cosmo's cues ben. 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