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"john lindsay lohan" Discussed on The Trash

"Was like my first celebrity crush. That wasn't a teenage boy with like no body hair. You know the and lily. James looks fucking amazing. Hamlet that because my favorite part of the story is actually not the actual story movie. It's the response from courtney. love rain. Love responded in a long tweet About how it's fucking outrageous She basically thinks that That movie coming out is going to force pam to relive some trauma in her past when pam herself has said. She doesn't even care about it anymore. She's like whatever. Yeah courtney she the best part was courtney ended it by saying i'm just gonna read quote. She says my heart goes out to pammy further causing her complex trauma and shame on lily. Jayme whoever the fuck she is. That's what she said at the end of it like shade. Maybe courtney love was having withdrawal from from whatever. Yeah rug that she has been taking courtney. Love is just trying anything to stay relevant through all. It sucks because she's been right about a couple things but then we can't forget like just all the other shit she's done but yeah she definitely was trying to warn people about harvey weinstein way before anybody else and i feel like that might have to deal with a lot of her addiction. Yeah yeah running this kind of wrong and go after the actress. She's an actress gonna make so much money aac. She's just doing and i guess they. I guess the anger and the outrageous. Because they're actually going to re not reenact you sexy and itself because it's not a porno but they're going to have that in the movie. Of course that whole chapter. Yeah damn dude. Okay i asked if like twenty how many well go through briefly. I'm just i'm just. I'm just asking him. I just wanna let everybody know that. Lindsay lowe hands returning to acting john lindsay lohan is going to be in a net flicks. Christmas romcom when you said acting literally it did nothing for me. Nothing happened inside well. did you hear that. It's like holiday rom com yet even further. Don't i crazy watch. The well actually have a friend who worked on the set of liz and dick. The last monday she did about liz taylor and he wasn't a good no he was an extra on the set and he said that they were waiting around for her one day for like two and a half hours out of nowhere. This fucking like convertible screeched up to said she got out and was just like i can't filmed. I can't film right now. I can't fill our god. Yeah in an They had to try to convince a film and then she just got back in the car and they sped off at my friends still got paid as work sites. Good for him yeah. He was very about what she was doing. Maybe she's like. I'm going to make sure all these poor extras extra money. Yeah for doing nothing. Enjoy wasting their day hero also also fucking jackass director. Jeff tremaine had a restraining order against bam. Our jira shit. Oh yeah. I read that because bama jira got kicked out of jackass for because he couldn't stay sober and stevo can stay sober again. Bring it back to stevo if stevo can stay sober and say that five times fast then bam marge era. Should've tried stevo. Steven was deep in. He's sober now like bam get your shit together. And he was threatening. Jeff trains children's lives and so jeff tremaine was like dude. What the fuck like a restraining order so lapped on ban and it's a pretty sad story all the way around because now bam merger is apparently calling a bunch of people like managers and lawyers. And he's like just talking in numbers now and a lot of it like start off like saying like some crazy shit in english and then he'll just be like zero zero one three five zero two three three three. Okay literally numbers literally numbers okay. So that's upsetting. I think that if the sapper. I think if he wanted to because he was a pretty decent skater back in india i believe if he got sober and what he could probably like. Just do that are. I don't know how odious now. I don't know what the age gap isn't heaters league and been dealing ant though my thing and i don't even think was ever like an amazing skater. I think he just hung out with a lot of like no. That's what i'm saying. I think he was like decent but if he paid sober and like worked on that he could have had that as a backup and still be doing that. You know. I don't know. I just yeah. I'm just worried about the guy. I'll ended on a positive known. Saw you this story. I elliott kemper has been having in my head. She's the redhead from the office. She's in she's a secretary pam. Got from moded. I think get sale. Okay he was on unbreakable kimmy schmidt and it's just come to the public's attention that she was named the queen of the veiled prophet ball which is one of those like debutante balls but it has its beginnings tied with white supremacists baby so it started out as like kkk adjacent organizations. That terms like we're not we're kkk adjacent technically involved in the kkk. We're pussies didn't want to be outed as kkk members. So they had to make. It seem like it was just a fun. So you rich. White people thing In saint louis and it has been going on since seventy eight And her parents were super fucking rich. Apparently involved in all of these like companies and corporations and stuff and she would there's pictures of her and people are calling her the kkk queen. Now and i don't know what do you think about it. Because i don't really know because apparently like.

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