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"john lightfoot" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"Was moved most of your stuff sleight of hand at this stage. Yes. Had you taken in a young sort of built it up it Yes. I had a lot of restaurants like the bootlegger. Almost identical. Right? Come in. It's 17 like 10 o'clock on a Saturday and table. Yes. And they call them do once once a month and be like the magic the magic evening or something. It would be a set meal for 125 bucks. You get your five meals five course deal, right, plus entertainment man, And that was it tonight actually go table table and I'd hire What they're magicians to work with me, Take 10%, because that's what I do, and that's how I run my business, and I had a yellow pages ad. And so this is how I realized Well, this is great. So it's what I was doing. Birthday parties on weekends. There's dates I couldn't do. So I book the same. A buddy of mine for the show and take 10%. I thought, Well, I'm not gonna let that I'm not gonna pass that show off your show on say, I'm not available. I guess the new that's just great jobs me. So now that they trusted your judge horse they did, and I trust in my own, And some of them were even better than me because they didn't see me. He's not gonna work next week. Exactly. So that's that happened. And then I realized those cruise ships. That's where I thought. Well, that's that's it. You had a cruise ship. You are a star. That is this e mean, because you were getting at the time I heard Chris, you better change your making between 902,000 weak American. I'm Canadian, right? The dollar was stronger. Aquino was stronger back then it is still but a 20% difference. So $1000 American was always 1800 or 1500 Canadian. He has a lot of money, so I started sending stuff to agents always said. I gotta call Vancouver is also sort of work City. It's a port city. So cruise ships were they go from there to L, a Seattle and they also go up to Alaska Toe Major city for the summertime, you know, so I thought, so. I started mailing I mailed to my big agents of a guy named John White fucking dear friend of mine now, and he had everything. He had all of all the hotels and Vancouver. If you're a musician or singer, he had Don't you have any of those contracts and he was kind of the guy and then on ships. He had a big ship booking world. So all of a sudden, I mailed a bunch of stuff and I'm I'm selling myself way ahead of my talent. I mean, my tail was barely there, but I had the photos. I had the press kit all of VHS tapes out of market. Just that goes back to the days of putting your flyers on the newspaper 100%. So I knew how to look amazing. I just wasn't amazing. That's okay. You know, I was well aware of it. I still have so and so I mailed on this stuff. Was sudden. My parents went to the ranch with a wrench in Washington Does state which is 45 minute across the board. Okay, so that was our summer. Think it was all of a sudden They're down there. I got a call at the home by myself, cause I'm this time 19 e gonna call him John wife. Look, Is that the guy? No secretary, no seventh staff, blow him him. He's English, So he's a very obvious Hey, Murray. He's the sig filled of the grass and he's the guy. If he calls you, it's real money, and it's real. And so he calls memory SOCSEC police and I said I said, Yeah, it does. John Lightfoot like, Oh, God fill my foot. I mean, like this is a big gamble on the man is really is a john wife. But that guy's not dead, you know, s all of a sudden e. Yes, there's well, um, I might have a gig for you. Yeah, He doesn't trust us to force that. No, I haven't. Do you have to 45 minutes shows in a 15. Course I d o. Of course I two different 45 minute shows you say yesterday. Hell, Of course, I'm thinking quite a swell It's love $100 U s a week I was passed out. I never thought make that my lifetime And anyway, I'm just turned 20 right E man, This is really and he says this is Monday. He calls me on and he says you believe Friday Montreal, Canada, which is the East Coast is for the seals first. Wait. It's like L. A to New York distance for those. You don't know how to Montreal, you have the ST Lawrence River egos through Connecticut. Down Cape Cod Canal through and new is a two week cruise. Seven Down. Seven back was being seven days down in New York, seven days back to New York to Montreal. Two month contract. Eight weeks. 1100 hours a week. I get 15% Commission. And can you do it? I was like my way. Yeah, I said no problem, sir. Love to looking forward to it. I think. Let me check my schedule. Yeah, I'm free. Okay, delivering papers Exactly Get somebody. Oh, newspaper, and I was still a lifeguard at three different schools and bankers now was a full time lifeguards I was making at this point. Probably 1 $21 in hours, lifeguard. You know, good was very good at the time and you know, and I was probably had 48 5 hours a week, and I was really in the system. And once you're in that system, like any kind of good job like the unions here, you don't leave right urine. And so I was making good money And at my birthday party shows and everything and my business, my old pages ad and I'm still of Mom and Dad's house. So I had my little because with the yellow Pages that you have to have a business line So I had a business line in my bedroom with all my booking and out of a little office. No, no little log 20th time, but it's also a lesson. Yeah. So I need an 80 a case which is big tour in case I had none of those and I need to 45 minutes shows up 15. I barely had 20 minutes of adult material. I mean, I was a kid. I haven't won the best because I was doing I was booking seven shows a week half because I couldn't do because I was busy and I took it out. I was making life easier just sitting at home looking at you and I could drive now by the truck. That's why I bought a truck because I need to take my stuff around. I really want to 69 Camaro. Funny about this is is you're telling this story and I think about myself in the early days of going on the road learning my craft where I had to do basically the same thing. I need to sound system. That's why I need a van. The mic microphone I need you know you you have got to, you know, four shows and I go. Oh, yeah, I'm gonna wait a minute. We have two shows so I mean, but you take it and you invest in yourself. Yes. You take a shot, and you put your money into Yeah. You get the call. You trap yourself, You know, go. We're striking. Do it, little man, Can I And then all of a sudden, literally causes before the Internet..

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