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"Comparison. What we're going to see I'm Steve Bertrand coming up on the afternoon news today. Congressman Adam Kinzinger has a new view. It's actually an old view of the Republican Party. He will explain a little bit later. Oregon has decriminalized toe. All street drugs is Chicago. Next, We'll talk to all the been Brien Hopkins about that, and also a Siberian hip replacement do over. All those stories coming up. Mary is watching the weather just saw the latest national Weather Service situation report and it's gonna be an extended cold spell. Real cold. Yeah. Nice weekend to stay in. Make chili watch football. I'm okay with it. What do you got today? I just like to be outside the once in a while. Still jogging around the inside of your head? No today actually ventured out your super. Yeah, but I kind of walked JAG. Can I say something? I've been meaning to say this forever because everyone's out walking. That's crazy. This is my public service announcement, and I'm serious when you're in this my wife's thing. But when you're walking on the street, yes, walk against the traffic or if you're running run Against the traffic so you can see the cars coming at you as well as the car's seeing. You were coming at them because it's it's just dangerous to have your back to traffic. I lost a cousin to that. Yeah, and it's like, Oh, my. Yeah, So just keep that in mind. It's not that hard to do just walk against the traffic so that you can see the cars coming at you. And if you're going really early in the morning, and it's dark, put on some reflective something we're late in the afternoon. Actually, it's hard for the cars to see, especially, we're not looked used to looking like we used to. All right. There's that. How's traffic Been today? I get the big car, the truck fire the time I got a weird stuff going on today. I don't know. It's kind of slippery. I think in some areas if you venture off into the shoulder a little bit, you know you could hit a slick spot. So it seems like that might be what's happening. Maybe have a lot to report on today. It seems like it already. Kevin's got a big game in the afternoon today. Yeah, well, we keep it on. That market came for you, Steve. Don't work. I only bring it up because you know, John Liam's is a big bull dog guy. Here's a friendly wager or anything. No, he can't. He gets too worked up to work down that we keep. We can't even watch a game together. First time I watch the game with John was last year to DePaul game. It was a ton of fun. He invited me out. We had a great time, but he does get very animated. I went to a market to Paul Game and he was there too. I was texting him. He wouldn't come see me because he was too here. You already think it ain't nothing? Okay now that was back when market would beat the ball. Big news, though, is speaking of basketball is Candace Parker held her. You know, introductory press conference. That's obviously all done by zoom now, But that's that's huge news. I mean, two time MVP, of course, the Naperville native and joins the Chicago Sky team that figures to be in contention for a championship next season with the addition of Parker's, so that was cool to hear kind of Hear her reflect on coming home after 13 years in L, A, and some big news for the Blackhawks to forward Alex to breaking a defenseman Nicholas Bohdan cleared from the cove in 19. We initially thought they might automatically be out for three weeks. But Jeremy Carlson said they didn't test positive. So there's a shot. Both of those guys could be back tonight. Super Bowl still set for Sunday It is still set for Sunday. So far, just a couple little I should say, couple, little hick. There's no a little covert hiccups, but two players were placed on the covert list, but so far there everything scheduling and I'm gonna get some Super Bowl profits. I'm gonna work in good rest of the week. You know, so much is changing. It's good to know there's something we can count on Kim What's going on in the newsroom Leave. Remember the name Zack Doc. That's what you need to know to get your coronavirus vaccinations that the website I saw Press one site so hard to say, Doc. It's like dot com slash vaccine. It's like trying to say Game stop when you win the next word of stock. Exactly. But Doc Doc, that is a new company. Well, that's it's not a new company. But The city is teaming up with this online healthcare scheduling company to help people get a Corona virus vaccine, and it's supposed to be much easier than people that have been going on line for hours and hours and hours trying to get grabbing appointment somewhere, and I hope so. I was talking to a friend of mine who's an education is getting his vaccine tomorrow? But then his mother in law and father in law can't get an appointment anywhere. It's just been, you know, and they in John's John's done a great job of talking to people as they try to hack it and find ways in and It's just discouraging. It's very discouraging, and that's what I think in frustrating as well. And I think that was Dr are Woody's Focus today is that they shouldn't be folk. You know, this shouldn't be frustrating and take hours and hours and hours to get a new appointment, So hopefully this is going to make it easier once they get to supply figured out. Maybe. Anyway, I got you. This is a big day here on the afternoon news because Kim Gordon after 15 years Working in the WGN news room was saying for a while this afternoon. You said you weren't gonna make me cry. I'm already tearing. I'm gonna make you cry every half hour. So sad. We're gonna mess kit. I'm gonna miss you guys too. You are just a champion in someone who's just been well, you're a great friend, first and foremost, but Your work ethic is really something I've tried to hide from for all 15 years, And we're gonna miss you, Kim your big part of the show. I appreciate it. And as to quote my friend K p It's been an amazing run. I had a good run. I've had a really good run. And I mean, I brought your favorite pizza in because you said no matter what, you wanted pizza on the last day, I appreciate it. Okay. Tell the truth. No, I love pizza. I just don't like sausage and pepperoni and all that. I said So what? I like piece by the pizza. We did get Kim's world famous. What is the Kentucky Derby and manage? Mary made some chocolate cake too? So all around when it comes to the food department, a great day, but satellite, unfortunately. Had the desert right before the pizza. Yeah, we were like Wait. Okay. Now there's pizza. Thanks. All right. So we'll have Kim talk about some of her favorite stories in an effort to further her crying a little bit later in the program, Mary, What do you got? Well, he had a bunch of accidents on.

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