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"john leslie stall" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"They're dumb, Tom. I mean, allow kind of pedophile. Ring it in the basement of a pizza shop and vote on that basement. You're you're you're super. You're very, very good. I don't think anybody votes on that basis. I'm very surprised if more than a few 1000. It's possible I'll be. I'll be very surprised if more than a few 1000 Americans vote on that particular basis. People are not as stupid as you see, the thing is You're an elitist, John. And you think you're smarter than everybody else. And this is why you're not going to win an election for a long time. People like you are Why Donald Trump is going people people like you did that are calling Donald Trump supporters stupid Just because you think you're smarter than they are and that you know what's best for them. And you want the government to tell me what to do. Hold on. Let's let you respond. Elitist, John. And you're you're John. I'm going to give you the last word. You are the best thing ever for Donald Trump as released this election, John, I'm gonna John. Hold on. I'm gonna give you the last word, John. But I first of all I want to defend you by saying this. He just called you an elitist and you think you're smarter than everybody else? That is the definition of Donald Trump. Donald Trump thinks he knows everything. Donald Trump always thinks he's the smartest man in the world. Donald Trump is the definition. He and his family are the definition of elitist John. I'll give you the last word. Then we got to get to. Actually he's not Don't last word. I help somebody else when Donald Trump is attacked down your spawn, Okay, Chitti. Let John respond. You have a lot of people taking his response as him believing that he's this. He's this God of John just said John. I'm trying to get you in where I was, and I apologize. He was called stupid. He doesn't actually I'm not stupidity. I'm technically a genius. According to my wound. You gave your opinion, too, John. I just disagree with you. I give you mine. Can you please stop talking and let's just let John respond. Go ahead, John Leslie Stall proved that when they lie to your face, you must say you're lying right back. When you guys have that Republican guy on and he tries to railroad you, we've got to stop him. He's got to say that's not too straight to his face. Okay? J T. You're living proof that Donald Jr man. You just try to commandeer the conversation and you just filibuster and you just go on and on and on, And you got the photographic memory and you and you plow through the fact that you have in your brain But the bottom line. It's all crap, man. Hold on. If you want to talk about facts, every brain Brian literally has a checklist that he goes through when he talks about how Donald Trump is a bad person. Okay, so these aren't okay. Hold on. I'll get it. It's more hip hop. Jonah. Jonah. I appreciate the call John. I got to get to some other callers. You've gone to this check in. I please. Probably 101st of all you like to use it as an attack based on looks okay, so families can I respond, Charlottesville? You say the same thing over and over. And now John is accusing me of doing that. JD. This isn't a checklist. What I tell people and I'm very honest. Unlike some other people on the radio. What I do is I tell people why I dislike Donald Trump. Why? I think he's a horrific human being. There are plenty of instances in his life when he has attacked women in POWs and Gold star families and immigrants. These are the types of examples that I bring up because they're important example of why he is a horrible person. It's not a left wing talking point. It's not a quote unquote checklist as you like to bring what it is. Is me being honest with the people that are listening right now, and I think there's probably not a lot of people on the radio that are honest. They just say what the people want to hear, especially right wing talk radio instead of the host actually being honest, I believe many of the people on Fox News and right wing radio a lot of things they say they don't even truly believe in their heart. They just do it because those are the people that are listening. I refused to do a show like that. 2575396 Let's go to J. M. Jm. You're next on the Vegas Take what's going on. What's up Jam? You know, I just like I'm an independent. Totally. I don't care about Republicans or Democrats. I just look at things objectively. I just sit back and just watched. Well, wait a minute. Was that fair? And all with all due respect, is that fair to decided on and I'm just looking at things this know? Have a dog in the fight. And I'm saying, like, Wait a minute. You know if you just objected. A lot of people can't be objective because they hate Trump so much. So you let your feelings get a ball Get in the way of being a I understand, But I need to ask you a question. Hold on. Let me ask you a question and cut through it. You cannot be objected when you locate somebody so much. OK, So, Jay, I get that, But let's be specific. Now. What did Leslie stalls asking that interview that you thought was over the top of ridiculous. Well, let me give you a couple weeks ago. Uh, from the first presidential debate. I've never heard the whole Charlottesville comment. I maybe I'm the only one out of the sun decides to go look it up online and see exactly what he said. And I was like, Wait a minute. All this time I was taking it for granted. That he was saying It was good because I'm with the media with Phan and divided. Nobody's checking them, but he didn't say it and I'm like, wait a minute, he said. There were good people on both sides. I don't want to get into a debate with, you know, And of course, I'm not talking about the white supremacy with Nazis. J. J. J. J. J. J J J I'm a black man. Okay, Okay, let me give you some facts and then I don't want to debate you about this issue, he said there were good people on both sides. It took over 24 hours from to denounce any of those white supremacists in the ones. That we're carrying Tiki torches and the Jews will not replace this blood and soil. When the president watches Saturday night live or the second somebody attacks and whether it be a celebrity or a TV show, he immediately goes on. Social media goes on the attack there in times where it took him at least days to denounce white supremacy or even an attack on the governor of Michigan. Now, Jay, I want to ask J D. There's there's videos online doing 30 times. Please let me ask you a question. J..

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