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Can you decide whether to go on payroll tax holiday?

Marketplace Morning Report with David Brancaccio

08:01 min | 5 months ago

Can you decide whether to go on payroll tax holiday?

"I'm just in Ho with marketplace, the economy is changing so fast it's hard to keep up. So our latest podcast is here to help it's called the marketplace minute give us just sixty seconds and we'll bring you the latest on what's happening in the economy three times a day market updates business news in how the numbers affect your personal economy. We'll tell you what you need to know why it matters. Just ask your smart speaker to play the marketplace minute or find it wherever you get your podcasts. Let's just go to Santro pay. I'm David Brancaccio. First off as a statistic, it's like what they call in the theater world the out of town tryout. It's the tally of people on payrolls added up by the payroll processor ADP ahead of the big Broadway opening the official jobs report due two days. Later will ADP reports today that there were four hundred, twenty, eight, thousand more people getting paychecks in August but just half of what forecasters were expecting many a Wednesday we consult Susan Schmidt in Chicago she's head of US equities at Aviva investors. Well that ADP number did come in well below estimates adding only four, hundred, twenty, thousand in any other environment four, hundred, twenty, eight, thousand would be a really big number remember before the coronavirus we were happy if it was one hundred and fifty thousand but expectations were for a million jobs to be added, and that's because unemployment is so high. There is this expectation that we should have big numbers as the economy gets back into gear. We should say though that last month, the July figure was way off. If you compare the ADP now our with the gold standard, the official government jobs report that comes out two days later. That's right and it's important to keep this in perspective. Last month, we saw the private payroll number at one hundred and sixty thousand but the government number that came out on Friday, was a million. So I think what we need to remember here is that data is really hard to measure right now we're in uncharted territory and you need to look directionally where things are headed. I think this four, hundred and twenty, eight thousand well below expectations is still very positive. We are moving in the right direction and I think that's what investors will keep in mind. Susan Schmidt at Aviva investors always good to talk to you. Thank you and you. In early trading, the Dow is up one, hundred, forty, nine point, six tenths of a percent, the S. and P. Five hundred is up half a percent. The Nasdaq is up six tenths percent. Now that payroll tax holiday that you're probably not getting technically win new effect yesterday it's stopgap approach to economic stimulus. Many employers are not participating at least not yet. But what choice do employees have him whether or not? They keep about six percent more of the tax money that normally goes to fund social security marketplace Nova Safa joins US Nova. One reason I ask is because as it currently stands employees will be on the hook to pay back all this cash to the government in the spring and may not want a balloon payment hanging over their heads. So do they have a choice? Well, David, it looks like it's going to depend on who they work for. That's because the guidance the to implement the tax holiday that's come from the IRS is addressed companies. It doesn't talk about what employees can do. Now I spoke this morning with Robert Delgado. He's an expert on compensation benefits at the accounting firm KPMG. The noticed is not give employees a say in notting in and out of the payroll tax deferral however does provide flexibility for employers to provide that option to employees, and so a lot of employers are looking to put in place in the election for employees as part of this process. For example, David payroll processor ADP that's automatic data processing, which handles hundreds of thousands of company payrolls talking about workers opting in. So there appears to be some mechanism forthcoming at least for some private sector employees. But if a company is not participating in this whole thing, but an employee wants end, do they have any recourse? Can they force the companies hand? It doesn't look like it because there are no penalties for companies that do not participate in the tax holiday. So the private sector is interpreting the whole thing as voluntary that means employees don't have a lot of say to force companies to participate at least not based on the early guidance from the government although more could be forthcoming war guidance. So the rules could change. Nova Safa also, legal experts questioned the president's authority to order many of these stimulus measures without congress. This marketplace podcast is supported by customer dot ISO are you ready to supercharge your marketing tech stack tech savvy marketers, choose customer iota automate their emails, push notifications and text messages with a simple API and an easy to use interface segment your audience by who they are at what they do always updated in real time and with industry leading customer support, you'll have dependable help if you need it. To schedule a personalized demo customer, dot Io Slash Mr, and say you heard this ad that's customer dot co Slash M. Are. I can't do much for you as we round out this bizarre tragic summer but I do have the power at least four a moment to take you to Santro pay along the Mediterranean work club owners have been trying to figure out how to keep their businesses together given everything reporter John Laurence in his art chaperone. On the key where tourists link ice creams and Gape at the massive yachts, I meet a group of Swiss eighteen year olds. We ask New Zealander and Thomas Krause why they came to central to party? Obviously are you disappointed that nightclubs closed? We are yeah. Lokov is close. So we're really disappointed about that. Yeah what'd you doing instead? oftener clubs. Hoping clubs meaning thaw restaurants where people are now dancing a lot but the beach club, the cab doo-wop is shot you can enter the famous VIP rooms, Garden Bar and restaurants. Oh my gosh. This parts been walked on by Riana but the club section is shut. Most. Beautiful Girl in the world dancing and this place and having already in his dunk MT VIP room owner Joe Hook piddly says letting bars and restaurants where people gather together reopen and not nightclubs is unfair. Discotheques me who this is a cluster but bar at the cluster plane are the cluster. Petrie says, he's losing millions. One owners. Association says a third of France France's twelve hundred nightclubs, risks bankruptcy, but in central pay, this is an opportunity for others. There are more parties and beach clubs, Phillips and yachts, and if people don't have the money, they can come here to alleviate as hair and nail sallow. Music is life for me. So when the disconnects closed, we decided that tonight's a week pop music outside the shop with a friend on the turntables temporarily out of work club Dj they a few dozen people dancing in the streets socially distanced, of course. In Central Pay Entrepreneur Anson for marketplace. See. We do. In fact, know the way to Centro pay. I'm David Brancaccio with the marketplace morning report. From APM American public media.

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Doctor Sleep

Pop Culture Happy Hour

22:22 min | 1 year ago

Doctor Sleep

"This message comes from. NPR sponsor. Xfinity some things are slow like a snail races. Other things are fast like Xfinity X.. By get get fast speeds even when everyone is online working to make WIFI simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions. Apply Stephen King's novel. The shining was about a haunted hotel and named Danny Torrance with psychic powers. In two thousand thirteen eighteen king wrote a sequel in that book. Dan Torrance is all grown up but still haunted literally and figuratively by the ghosts of his past. He's played by you and McGregor in the new film at Dr Sleep which adapt King's sequel. But stay with us here. The movie is also a sequel to the nineteen eighty Stanley Kubrick. Film the Shining in which is weird because king himself was never a fan of movie. I'm Stephen Thompson and I'm Glen Wilton and today on pop culture happy hour from NPR. We're talking about doctors. Sleep here with me and Stephen in the studio is Mallory. She's the movie editor for all things considered here at NPR Mallory. Hey Gun okay. Let seen as we mentioned Dan. Torrance is now all grown up and suffering after-effects of what we can safely label. I think childhood trauma And he has sunk into alcoholism like his father before him as we watch him start to take accepts to fix his life. We meet young. labral played by Kylie Curran who also shines meanwhile we are also introduced to the true not. That's K N O t a creepy cult of vampiric beings led by Rebecca Ferguson as rose the hat and we will discuss the hat who feed on kids who shine now. It's directed by Mike Flanagan which I just love that because it's a meat and potatoes name. Mike Flanagan I think we all went to high school with Mike Flood again. Like Mike made varsity like Flanagan spewed chunks in homeroom And he made his bones on some very well received but low. Budget Horror More recently he's directed an episode of haunting of Hill. House US and persona to this particular discussion. He also directed the movie. Gerald's game for Netflix. Out of courses based on a Stephen King novel he said in interviews that this film lives in the same same. We can't get away from this term cinematic universe as the Kubrick film so Stephen would you think. Wow you said a mouthful. And there's there's still L. More to say how this movie fits in with the various properties involved it functions as a sequel to the movie the shining mining mostly from a visual standpoint. Stephen King famously hated the Stanley. Kubrick's nineteen eighty film For I think actually valid reasons I think the shining the film is gorgeous to look at Almost every frame feels iconic but the characterization particularly that Jack Nicholson character. Kings complaint. Is that that character. Doesn't really get any kind of emotional. Beats he starts out as a jerk and he turns into a psycho he starts his. Jack Nicholson and becomes more Jekyll. He's a deeply unlikable condescending jerk to his family and then he goes crazy and I understand what king was saying. I don't hate the shining but I know it also makes some choices deviates from the plot of the book in some key ways as now king in writing Doctor Sleep is kind of sub tweeting the Stanley Kubrick movie and following exactly in the footsteps of the book. Look and ignoring everything that happens at the end of the shining. So this movie has to find a way to graph those two parts together and I think the idea of like grafting multiple parts together is kind of where this movie doesn't quite work for me. It's grafting a lot of parts together. That don't always cohere because now you have the backstory of everything that happened in the shining and the terror that were visited upon this family. And now you've you've introduced this kind of vampire cult. That gets a lot of screen time. You have a grisly child. Murder that I did did not enjoy so much child. And and also all this you and McGregor backstory all the UN McGregor. What's going on in his life and McGregor works in a hospice and there's all all the stuff in the hospice? This is two and a half hours of really overstuffed movie that at times I found really effective. So it's a very mixed bag for me WE'RE GONNA come back to that term effective. Because that's exactly where I came down as well mallory. Would you say. I agree with a lot of what Stephen said. I found the pacing to be really really uneven. There were parts where this is just too much exposition. That I didn't need your introduced characters in the beginning that you're that never really go anywhere I don't get any characterization after and they just sort of disappear and for being a movie that was so overstuffed like Steven was saying I felt like the characterization occurs Asian of the of Danny of his best friend. Billy were just really weak Which is interesting? Because that's Stephen King's like main gene complaint about Stanley Kubrick's the shining In this movie I felt like I just didn't know enough about Billie to care about him. mm-hmm as Danny's best friend didn't know enough about rose the hat and her back story and I wanted. I wanted to know more about her for me. Rebecca Ferguson was the most menacing part of this movie. You know she just uses the sort of beautiful menace. Every time she's onscreen. I just wanted more about them and less about the law and I don't know if I needed so much about how the shining works and how many kids are out there. I don't know if I needed all of that. Back Story Story See I agree with both of you and yet I liked it more than either. y'All and I'll tell you why I feel like listener out there if you liked Kubrick's the a shining and you want to know if this movie is worth your time ask yourself why you liked Stanley Kubrick the shining if you liked it because the plot because of what happens in it it then go see this movie because there is more of that plot and there was more lore as you mentioned mallory it does hit away from horror. I think in a really basic way. Because the shining Kubrick's the shining was all about using horrors metaphor for the break-up put dissolution of this family which is beset by alcohol and abuse and An isolation elation and writer's block and writer's block this movie spends most of its running time as an X.. Men Movie Base. Yeah and I'm not going to be mad at that. Look at me. Who Am I? I'm not going to be mad. We get a lot more lower a lot more mythology about the shining. We get this notion of steam. We get these thermoses of evil that collects the steam which which is very comic book villains with these really sweaty super villain codenames like snake Andy and rose the hat as you mentioned and Crow Daddy and Grandpa Flick I. I grew up on on comics with booster gold and blue beetle. What am I gonNA clean? The villains are cartoonish evil which as a king trait I think But I'm not going to be mad at that either because King Works and archetypes right. I mean like when he's creating characters to put a hat on a hat and speaking of hats okay. So you've just been seeing this up so so rose the hat where it's a top hat throughout the movie. It's one thing thing on the page to introduce your character described and say she's got pat eat is another thing for every single scene for her to be wearing top hats every scene she's in becomes kind of about the top hat so ultimately this film builds to something. It's not a spoiler to say they'll be hunt flicked between you and McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson. It's going to answer the question on everybody's mind. Which is Ken? Obi Wan Kanobi beat Amy Sherman Palladino. Because that's all I thought about every scene. He's doing this whole Boho chic thing it's like we'll go on but as ridiculous as the villains were they were effectively established Yes they're they. Have this ridiculous over the top child-murdering stick you understand. Your buttons are being pushed out there being pushed with Alacrity and verve. And I can't I can't begrudge it. There's a while some pacing wobbly nece at two and a half hours. I found this movie. Remarkably efficient In a way that I do not associate with King King kind of fats around a lot and certainly nobody comes away from the one thousand nine hundred Stanley Kubrick the shining and thinks yeah. That was efficient. That was a nightmare. The bounce a quarter of the way because Kubrick is not interested in tiny knots. He is not remotely interested. Did in telling you a story that's gonNA spring like a steel trap. He's loading you up with imagery so it's not. He's even vaguely interested in. So if you watch the shining and you you came away from it as a purely cinematic experience and what you loved about. It was the imagery and the auto insurer Innis of all camera movement and the bright lighting and the score score and the pacing and the silence. You know that's what you're looking for. You get about twenty five minutes of that in this movie but understand that it is flanagan and just biting. Kubrick's style yeah a big way and that's it it's funny you. You hit on several points I wanted to make. I actually have the words Superhero origin story in my notes. It it is definitely that I did long for a little bit more of this film's own visual style. I felt like so many it was really interesting. I re watched the shining right before seeing Dr Sleep because I wanted to have my memory fully refreshed in part so I would notice all the call bax and it was interesting like almost almost every frame of the shining has become iconic and king can differ with the characterizations like I said rightfully so all he wants but you cannot quibble with how gorgeous that movie is to look at and how memorable each frame is how endlessly referenced. They are even if you haven't seen the shining you've seen the shining because you've seen a simpsons Halloween episode or a ready player one example any number of of works that Echo. Oh that film. I think this film effectively beats that drum effectively draws on the iconography of the shining but I wanted a little bit more of of its own field. Clearly this is set up to be. I mean it is a superhero origin. Story it there are more stories to tell in in this universe instead of kind of visually visually rehashing. This older fill bright. Yeah I mean I felt like the moments where it was calling back to Kubrick's the shining were visually some of the most interesting parts of this movie. But I think it's because it's biting off of Kubrick's the shining which we all know and love but aside from those few minutes of that. What shots were there that? Stick out in my head. What what were the shots at the hat pat? I mean okay the hat but that's a hat. It's it's part of her costume and I personally love the hat. I think as a kid I would have been obsessed with look like that was the look that I wanted as a kid as a thirteen year. Old or whatever. I just didn't think that there was anything that visually interesting about the movie as a whole until we started seeing the Overlook Hotel and at that point I thought that Flanagan did a really good job of melding the two in those few minutes. Yeah I mean again A comeback to the word efficiency here and effectiveness because seeing the overlook hotel again and the and its environs and seeing shots replicated in the way that we do Is is fun. It would land on an audience fundamentally differently. If as you mentioned Stephen Ready Player. One didn't come out last year. And do exactly the same thing only with more. CGI Bells and whistles. I do think and I don't WanNA use the term workmanlike for flagging here. But I mean he's not an autour he's not interested in autour he's not interested in creating this mood of ambiguity and mystery. These two films are extensively sequels one the sequel to the other. They're planning a completely completely different emotional sandbox. He wants to answer questions he wants to win the war. He wants to throw those services at you. He wants to kind of put everything in a nice little box to lead. Did you to a satisfying ending which you can see coming a mile away through the mid days now but that's that's fine. That's what about this is not. He can't be Kubrick. Were not interested in curric- he's King doesn't want him to be Cooper no no absolutely right absolutely right and he and he isn't so win win for everybody right what about any of the performances. At what did you think of you McGregor order. For example. I think McGregor is fine. He's a really charismatic. Leading man and I think whoever his agent is has finally we realized how Yuna Gregor so charismatic and handsome for the audience he styled really well. It's fun to watch him him. But I don't know if I found him particularly compelling outside of you and McGregor doing you and McGregor. I really loved Rebecca Ferguson As the hat even labral usually find child actors to be a little shall we say stiff and unnatural and labral for me. It was so good. I'm she was compelling and interesting and there's a bit of darkness in her that you start seeing Some some strength and steel that. I don't think that Jenny in the shining or in this movie don't have yeah. I think highly curran as labral. That is a very effective performance. I'm sure I will wind up watching a movie about her as she continues to find her powers. I agree with everything you said about Rebecca Ferguson. About McGregor thank thank you and McGregor. They did a very nice job. I thought with makeup to establish how beaten down he is early in this film. I do think that when you are recreating leading the shining. This movie is a perfect example of the uncanny valley that exists between recreating a set and recasting disting- these faces. Be careful here. You have some recreation some flashbacks. Some imagery that involves members of the nineteen eighty cast in which you are essentially the way they deal with it is to cast kind of lookalikes. But that absolutely pulls you out and so it's interesting that in with all the digital effects we have at our disposal you still just have to kind of cast somebody who works like Oh yeah I agree with Steve and I think that there was a lot of uncanny valley kept pulling me out and I kept thinking. How much does this actor really look like the person they're trying to be? Yeah yeah well tell us what you think about Dr Sleep. And the shining for that matter. find us on facebook at facebook dot com slash P. C. H. H or tweet us at P. C. H. H. When we come back we'll be time to talk about what's making us happy this week? So so come right back support for NPR and the following message come from Third Love Rail Cohen Chief Creative Officer reflects on the industry trends that third love set out to change when it comes to bras given a choice between being comfortable or being sexy and the name third love came from this idea that women deserve to have a third option option. One that's going to work for them one. That's going to embrace their uniqueness in size and shape whether they want to be comfortable or sexy to find your perfect fit and get fifteen fifteen percent off your first order go to third dot com slash P. C. H.. H This message comes from. NPR sponsor capital one with the capital. One Walmart right rewards card you can earn five percent back at Walmart on line two percent at Walmart in store restaurants and travel and one percent everywhere else when you want all that you need the capital capital one walmart rewards card. What's in your wallet? Terms and exclusions apply capital one and a welcome back to pop culture happy hour. It's time for our favorite segment of this week and every every week. What is making US Happy Stephen Thompson? What is making you happy this week? I think most people listening are fans of the musical. Hamilton was not that it's pretty safe. Bet It There is a sort of Hamilton reunion going on in your digital streaming service in the form of three new albums by individual members of the Hamilton Molten Cast Anthony Ramos who played Phillip Hamilton. And John Laurence in in Hamilton He has a new album called the good and the bad. It's his it's his debut. It's full of sleek and polished very approachable pop and soul. Leslie Odem Junior. At the day this episode drops has an album called Mr he plays of course. Aaron and Burn Hamilton. Won a Tony for it. It is a very wild genre. Mix even within a given song and finally V. Digs won a Tony for his performance as Thomas Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette. He has long been a member of a group called. Clipping clipping is a kind of experimental industrial noise rap group. Their songs are full full of very violent imagery. It should be noted that Mallory has been pumping her fist as I as I love clipping their new album. The new album is called. There existed an addiction into blood. And if you want to know what that sounds like. Let's hear a little bit of it in disappeared in the blink of an eyeball bounce man bounce man Louis dead last last foul man. Oh he used to beat his girl around away. Oh she did looked up guiding you he did or she dead what they say you do that. Do not dwell on the past. Use a food. You got legs best to use some. Don't let get close to that. Is Clipping with being a new album called there existed an addiction to blood featuring dv digs from Hamilton also new albums by Leslie Junior and Anthony Rama's three great picks. Thank you Stephen Thompson Mallory. What is making you happy the severe to things that are making me happy this week? The first one is the song by Demi Adedeji Bay Electro Lemon on twitter set to the theme of succession. So I'm super behind as usual and I only just started the show but I've been obsessed with the song for the last month since he dropped twitter as I've been watching the show. I keep humming it to myself and as the song says all the rich white people are going to argue Which adds I think a really fun? Comedic aspect to this show about horrible rich people arguing with each other. Let's hear a little bit of that. Were off because that's the whole show. That's going to win a kiss from Daddy. The second one is an essay. Say Bye Jenny. Jong in eater. It's called the rise and stall of the BOBA generation. Which Bo by if you don't know is bubble tea as is a Taiwanese American who grew up in the San Gabriel valley where Boba shops outnumbers starbucks like three to one is? Why should exactly? I would be remiss if I didn't talk about this essay Org Abobo once. We're done here. This essay delve into the complexities of Asian American culture. And the Asian die. I asked her it. Talks about how bubble tea became an identity among asian-americans and how that comes with complications of its own. It's just a fantastic deep deep dive into the commodification of culture and identity an Asian American I related deeply and it made me homesick for the senior April Valley. It's called the rise and stall of the BOBA generation and it's written by Jenny John Anita sweet great picks My pick what is making me unhappy this week. I'm going to tip my hat as it were About one of the books I selected for. NPR Book concierge this year. It is a graphic novel called. Death Wins Winds Goldfish. Reflections from grim reapers yearlong sabbatical by Brian. Ray It is a fast funny. Stylish reads here is basically death. Black Hood Robe site the whole Schmeer gets informed by. HR that he hasn't taken a vacation day ever so they force him to go on a year long vacation and he proceeds to try to Philip Year ear figuring out what to do when he's not killing folks So he goes to a carnival and wins the titular goldfish He and he keeps a diary as he hits the slopes he go scuba diving. He grabs a coffee. And this is my favorite joke in the book when he grabs the coffee. We just see his Coffee Cup and see that. The BARISTA's has written the name Beth onto solid piece of business and it is drawn in this deceptively childlike way with pencils. He's a scratchy stick. Figari death in a scratchy but very evocatively drawn world and by the end of it life lessons are learned or death lessons. I suppose so that is. Death wins a goldfish fish by Brian. Ray and that brings us to the end of our show. You can find us all on twitter. You can find me at G H Weldon. You can follow Stephen at I dislike Stephen. You can follow Mallory. Three at Mallory underscore y you can follow our producer. Emanuel Johnson at Emmanuel underscores speaks. You can follow our other producer. Jessica Reedy at Jessica underscore really and our producer emeritus music director. Mike Catt's if Mike Catt's that's K.. A. T. Z. I. F. Mike Spanned Hello Come in provides the music you may or may not be bobbing your her head to right now. Thanks to both of you for being here. Thank you and thank you all for listening to pop culture happy hour from NPR. If you have a second and you're so inclined please subscribe to our newsletter at NPR dot org slash pop culture newsletter. And we will see you

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network: Wrestling Observer Live (May 23, 2019)

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

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Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network: Wrestling Observer Live (May 23, 2019)

"Some are ready style on your families to do this. Get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts also whim wear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait to wear it by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tank shorts swimwear and dresses you need for nonstop summer fund. All at fifty percent off now at old navy and old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty-seven excludes active licensed men's packaged flag teas and tanks and in store clearance. Some ready style on your families to do list, get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts all swimwear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait 'til air by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tank shorts swimwear and dresses you need for nonstop summer fun, all at fifty percent off now at old navy and old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty-seven excludes active, licensed men's packaged flag teas and tanks. And in. Store clearance house going, everybody. Brian Elber is here on wrestling observer live. We are here every day, Monday through Friday, noon Pacific, three eastern Sunday's re Pacific six eastern, obviously very busy weekend coming up. It is star cast all in a weekend. We could talk about that in the show today. If you go to my Twitter at Bryan Alvarez, a full list of what Dave and I will be doing down there. Over star cast weekend. We got stuff Friday, Saturday, Sunday if you're heading down there and you decide you want to do some of this stuff. There are still a few tickets available for some of these things. Let's tickets for the star cast, obviously, I don't think they're going to sell out of those no, actually, they might I actually have no idea. I know that our stuff is close to being sold out. So if you want anything, you gotta grab it. So head of their at Bryan Alvarez. I'll give you some information on the star cast stuff later in what we will be doing as well. So very, very busy weekend here, obviously, the top story today, which is a very sad story in a lot of different ways. The Ashley Massaro story. W E. Whereas the here, several days after Ashley Massaro's lawyer, releasing affidavit included, a claim she was sexually assaulted on a two thousand seven Kuwait, and was told not to report it w we released a statement addressing the claim they wrote WBZ saddened by the death Vashem sorry, a Massaro. We reiterate our condolences to her family. However, we regret that our attorney Constantine Cairo's who filed multiple cases against we lost all of them and was sanctioned multiple times by the court for repeated misconduct and false allegations is using Ashley's death to further his militias campaign against w e by releasing affidavit that she submitted to the court and later apologized to WBZ for being involved with. So we wish to make certain things crystal clear at no time was Vince McMahon, or the management of w we ever informed by Ashley Massaro or anybody else that she had been sexually assaulted, drugged, raped or sodomized by military doctor within her standing guard willing goodwill tour in two thousand and seventy US military bases in Kuwait. In fact, she never articulated, such acclaim at. We would have reported immediately to the base commander at no time was there, ever a meeting with Vince McMahon. Kevin done John Laurence or other company executives in which he told them of such claim and was instructed to keep it quiet. That is a statement from me. And we have to do a break back in a moment to kick off the show, wrestling observer, live some ready style on your families to do list, get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts all swimwear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait to wear by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tanks shorts swimwear and dresses. You need for nonstop, summer fun, all at fifty percent off, now at oh, maybe an old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty-seven excludes active licensed men's packaged flag teas and tanks and in store clearance. Some ready style on your families to do list, get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts all slim, wear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty. Percent off. Can't wait to wear by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tanks shorts swimwear and dresses. You need for nonstop, summer fun, all at fifty percent off, now at oh, maybe an old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty-seven excludes active licensed men's packaged flag tees and tanks and in store clearance. Begging the show, Brian Elber is here. Wrestling observer, live makes him for via also wrestling observer dot com star cast in double or nothing coming up this weekend in Las Vegas. If you head to my Twitter at Bryan Alvarez or the front page wrestling, observer dot com. All of the information is up there right now Friday, there will be a wrestling show at the F S w arena at noon a bunch of matches including myself versus Marco stunt, his younger, brother Logan, I confuse them. They're, they're like two little hobbits, but I'll be facing. Logan tomorrow, Marco. I'll be facing next week June first for black label pro. He won't tickets link on the front page or you can go to poed air. P O, D, E, R dot Brown paper, tickets dot com. That is tomorrow at noon. My flight leaves here at five fifty five AM I gotta be up at four AM tomorrow. I flight a Vegas and an. Stupor. I will get in that ring at massacre, young Logan stunt and you can see it live, only by buying a ticket. I don't believe this is going to be aired anywhere. So check it out. Poder dot Brown paper, tickets dot com. Then we will be at star cast Caesar's palace, five o'clock PM in need a star cast tickets to attend this panel. And it will be streaming on fight dot TV. We'll get into that in just a moment, but information on that is up at the star cast site. We have a group dinner tomorrow night, Texas day. Brazil, my favorite restaurant. There are tickets available for that which can also grab at Poder dot Brown paper, tickets dot com. And then a sweet party, the cosmos, starting at ten thirty pm it says here, tickets are available, but I think it sold out, but you can try Paul Brown paper, tickets dot com. Saturday, we've got a subscriber QNA eleven AM Tuscany suites in casinos off the Vegas trip. We. Have packages available for both the QNA and I think we may have one package left, you can get a ticket of the QA and a ticket a double or nothing. Although that may be gone effort, w Vegas, twenty nineteen Brown paper, tickets dot com and on Sunday. Dave is due in two panels. The Brian pill minute panel at Caesar's palace, which will be available at fight TV. There's a star cast ticket available to required for that any Kenny omega a wrestling. Love story screening four to five thirty pm at Caesar's palace at the pro wrestling tease theater, never heard of that before. But there's a pro wrestling tease theater, Dave Kenny, omega and mooring this star cast to get for that. And if you're not going, you know, he's grab the star cast on fight dot com package fifty nine bucks star cast on fight anything star cast related panels at cetera available there, fifty nine dollars twenty two shows live and on demand in HD, unlimited replace the Britain Tom MaGee or they're gonna watch their match together and talk. About it, which they actually never talked about it on the me documentary, which I can't even believe in the young. Buck sting TASR, the pill, men panel, our panel, David, I and so much more. Check it out. Star cast on fight dot com. Fifty nine dollars. It is a very, very big weekend. And thankfully, Michael be here to recap it right. Mike. What, what? Yeah. Well, yeah. I'll be C span is running a lot of Washington journals have been a rewatch. I'm going to be doing a little of that. So you have fun out there in Las Vegas, and while you're doing that. I'll take care of all the wonderful people that sit and listen to this show every single day, no matter how they do it with, they download it whether it's through the American forces radio network, all of you people I will be taking in because I'm all in with you. As Brian is out cavorting with the people. He goes in hypes up before we get into the shabby, people are going to be there to join us for these festivities. Mike, I'm going to be taken care of those people. Oh, I bet you are. Now the show Monday, I guess, Michael decide whether it is show on Memorial Day, we actually don't know yet. I'm asking him here on the air. But if he doesn't it sounds like he's not a man of the people. Yeah. Are you going to be, so you're not doing the show tomorrow? Right. I'm gone. I'm flying tomorrow between wrestling during the show tomorrow. Oh, are you. Yeah. The show starts at noon. Oh, that's right. Because I forgot you're probably going to be in for it with Lewis Logan stunt being taken to your absolute limit. So I could see you missing the show tomorrow because he's going to drag you to your absolute peak and set you up for failure. When he face off against his brother weeks lately, tell you something everybody, I guarantee I guarantee tomorrow night. I will not be taken to my limit. Are you away? Bryan Alvarez over here. That's why the low, I've done more Broadway's, and most people who've wrestled some get out of here. All right. We got some news here to talk about obviously the smackdown ratings one point nine eight three million viewers. They were up the big celebrate Ori news is they were they were down less than ten percent year over year. That's cause for celebration. Nowadays. They were only down nine point six percent year to year. So first time since October that's happened. So that's good news for them. We got the note that four w we guys, not go into Saudi Arabia, zero women going to Saudi Arabia might as far as I know. I don't know about actually don't know if Rene youngest going this time, but semi Zane is not going. He's not allowed Alsir black is not going because apparently he has some controversial tattoos. He's not allowed keep in mind. There's a dead man and a demon going. But also blacks tattoos are keeping him out of the country. Daniel Bryan doesn't want to go and Kevin Owens. I guess is family urged him, not to go. And so, none of them were going four people, and they basically told Kevin, if you don't wanna go, you don't have to go, which kind of opens a door to the next Saudi tour. How many people are going to say you know what? I don't wanna go. My guess is almost none, because that's just the way things work, but we'll see could be interesting. Good good. That's, that's part of being an independent, contractors also part of being a family man and a friend, if there happens to be people in your family and friends that don't want you to go. You should have the ability to not go on the work trip. That's really not that important, except for the coffers of the company, and if you do want to go, and it's up to you, because, you know, some of those coffers, I guess, dribble down to you, and you get a nice little handshake forgoing. But hey good. I'm glad somebody's actually standing up and doing that because it happens, so rarely and there was a time where you really looked down upon. If you decided like RV d did did not do the tribute through the troops thing. Go the phones you're on the air. What's going on? Hi, brian. Hi, mike. I have a question, actually have you had hoped. They get on, on what is an exceeds, Gabby on TV on f s one or not going to be an this. They. So they're still going to be on on, on a w network. Hole with our with Allistair not going would be superstars who choose to go. Honestly, I understand same Zane, because they felt religious apparently it's with him. It has to do with, like, hey, not agreeing with what that government did with the, the, the news that us on anchor whatever. So Syrian that's why these Syrian and as a face. Well, that's I'm not going to get a global politics. But that's flat out. That's why he was not allowed to go. So, and yes, there is there is nothing to an extent. If this one, I mean, I suppose they could make deal. But right now there is nothing. There has been nothing to that story from both sides. So obviously anything can change. But there you go. Pretty wanting to know why else are blacks tattoos are offensive, but the entertainer, who is ten dead man is okay. Well, maybe the undertaker is gonna go is as the biker I guess he didn't do that last time. Did he say the American bad ass always plays well over there? Well, I mean there is there is the there is the difference that the entertainer is a fellow playing a character and Elsehwere black is dude with real life tattoos. So maybe that's the difference there. I mean this prince sees the entertainer and watch that entrance and he's like mammoths get that guy oria. So he's there's been a lot of BS K fans over Saudi Arabia. Yes. I near says I live in Dallas. I emailed him before. But the lack of local advertising for the new pinch show in July Monday night during raw. They actually aired a commercial for it, though. In typical new Japan fashion, it did not mention any stars or matches the commercial was the first local advertising, I've seen there's nothing in the way of posters inclusion on local event websites or Email, this coverage in publications websites, etc. I once worked for Asian owned company, so I know the business. Culture there. And how different it is, from the US companies tend to be very stuck in their ways. And think they know best just as new Japan is doing for this event. They're doing works in their local market now will works in the market. They're traveling to not letting herald may run, Dallas was a big mistake. I'll be ringside for the show. I'm looking forward to it. But the same time I'm laughing at how badly the show will probably do all because new Japan, wouldn't do what works in this market. I have no sympathy for ignorance or arrogance in business. I don't either mackinaw moment observer live. What some are ready style on your families to do list, get to old eighty today. All t's all tanks all shorts all swimwear. All dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait to wear online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tanks shorts swimwear and dresses. You need for nonstop, summer, fun, all at fifty percent off now at old navy and old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty-seven excludes active, licensed men's packaged flag teas and tank. And in store clearance. Some ready style on your families to do list, get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts all swimwear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait 'til Eric by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tank shorts swimwear. Addresses, you need for nonstop, summer, fun, all at fifty percent off now at old navy and old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty seven excludes active licensed men's packaged flag teas and tanks and in store clearance. Begging the show, Brian Alvarez here. Wrestling observer live reveal also wrestling observed come joining us here today. Law stuff going on this weekend. And we've got a couple of questions for you. Dave for says, looks like there was, I guess, on being the lead pop took out Adam page in England. They showed footage of it at page got his Neil taped up this person wants to know if he's still on the show or if this is a way to get him off the card because they don't have a suitable replacement. He'll be on the show. I don't know what the creative is for it, but they're doing a story line that he won't be on the show, but he'll be on the show already. So we also have somebody here regarding the Ashley Massaro story. So the WWE in their statement, basically, they talked about Constantine Cairo says, and they said, Cody has been his file multiple case against w we lost all of them and was sanctioned multiple times by the court for repeated misconduct and falls allegations. And this person wants to know if you have any more information on. Constantine and what issues he had. That's a long question. The I mean it that's accurate. We talked about that at length before, you know, the he was told over and over again on a on, on some of the on the, the big lawsuit with a sixty names. You know that this is unwieldy that you need to rewrite this, then he wrote it and gets thin to judge got mad again at certain things that he claimed it happened over and over again. You know, he was constantly getting warned eventually he was sanctioned, the judge got so mad at him that they that, when she sanctioned him the last time she said, you have to tell everyone of your clients, you have to base, tell them, you know, why you were saying Schimdt, so, you know, that's how bad it was the judge was just, you know, every I read those ruling she was very negative on, on his conduct, which is not to say that there's, you know, like I said last night on our show. It's not to say that there's no validity to certain aspects of some of his stuff. But if you are going to file, essentially a lawsuit went that I when I looked at night, go like this Bs and even though there's an and there's a lot of ES in there. But some of the stuff is there's probably some germ of stuff that is that is valid more than even germ the BS basically disqualifies you from, you know, winning the case or being taken seriously, you need the, the accuser. And this is one of the things that happens in wrestling, all the time is, is, you know, you attack accuser. Anyway, to try to, you know invalidate the accusation. But when you cues her is so clearly to anyone who knows story, you know, like that dishonest it ruins the credibility of valid accusations, and people need to understand. And that, like if if you're gonna lie all the time. When you tell the truth, they're gonna discredit you. So try to be honest as much as possible. Because then if they try discredit you, they look really bad trying nitpick. This wasn't nitpick. And it was nitpicking I I'd be on the other, you know, I would have very different opinion of it. You know, the interesting thing about the concussion lawsuits and I actually don't know a lot about this. I'm sure we'll get a million text about it. But I look at, for example, as best us, and a situation like that, where years later after being exposed bunch of people got, very, very sick and died. And there were class action lawsuits all over the place. And I don't ever remember hearing that there was like a statute of limitations because they were exposed to specis in, you know, the fifties and they ended up getting cancer whatever years later. I mean it's just very weird the concussion lawsuit. It's like I agree with you. You get passions like that over and over again when it comes to when it comes to that aspect of the story, you cannot expect someone to know that, you know, if he's in the sixties, and he gets any starts getting, you know, real severe mental problems. They had a lot of concussions in his thirties and in. Yeah. How could there be a statute of limitations on concussion injuries? I mean that's something that three year limited. Filing an injury. It's like that injury. Shouldn't be three year limit maybe an injury. There should be a three year limit but on a concussion. And I and I wouldn't even agree with that, either by the way. But on a concussion case, the statute of limitations. Yeah, no, that's wrong. Unfortunately that's the laws was interpreted by, you know, judge Bryant in this case. And that's why the case got it's one of the reasons the cases got thrown it. It's the reason actually the cases got thrown out, you know, with without, you know, more examination. There's other reasons that the that there were problems with the cases but that was probably the key one to get thrown out. Yeah. Horrible is his legacy is going to be as a lawyer is that they announced the judicial oversight would be the word. But the fact that the baby thrown out with the bathwater in that gets thrown out, because there's so much garbage that's involved in it, because they didn't look deeply into it or because they're just dismissing it on hand because he's being such an idiot is something that should not be forgotten about this guy in the people that hook up with the sky. Yep. Yep. Yep. Exactly. But he promised people, you he claimed that he was one of the lawyers responsible for the NFL settlement, and a lot of wrestlers, you know, a lot of wrestlers her dad and thought, oh, you know, we're going to get, you know, like an NFL settlement because look at what happened with the NFL concussion settlement. It was giant news and everything like that. Even you know as well as I do there's just just wanted throw this in there because they gets thrown out there a lot. Is there were people that were really upset with the numbers and the things that were involved in that, and they're happy with the progress that's been made to be move forward with money for the future and things like that? But that's still was not probably to level of what those guys would a lot of people were expecting that they were going to get. Yeah, yeah. But it's still, it's still like the landmark case. I mean, if you compare it to the NHL settlement, which essentially was like, almost nothing the NFL settlement looks good to the outside world because you see this giant number. But you're right. An application, the NFL settlement was probably less than it fairly should've been, especially. They're really west. They really was the smoking gun that wasn't there with the NHL. No wasn't there with the WWE, which is that they had knowledge and they kept it from people WWE. There's no evidence of that WWE. They're, they're, they're, it's like you can look at it this way. Okay. You and I when we were little kids commonsense told us some of the stuff. So the idea that nobody knew anything is a fallacy, and that's an argument that a lot of lawyers thrown in. Okay. Because as a little kid watching boxing. I heard about Punchdrunk older boxers, okay? This is, but the real knowledge of the severity of this stuff really did come after two thousand seven, and, you know, that's when you know after a fight per year to on the subject w did start making changes and I'm not defending WWE, but there's no smoking gun of WW withheld major evidence from the talent either. I mean, listen, we learned about towel proteins, and everything in the two thousands. But dude, I watched these old W E shows and they do angles based on severe head injuries. They talk about it in commentary. Vince ninety two is talking about Punchdrunk boxers. They still had people go out there and waffly children. Head with steel chairs. Never happy with the heart chair shots to the head. I remember I saw when with Paraguay oh got hit in the head with cheering Guadalajara by art bar, and it was, and I was ready in the front row. And it was the sickest thing. And it really bothered me a lot. And, you know, Perreault Aguire you need to know how quiet was now. I'm talking about the father, not the sun. I mean you know, when he got in his whatever it is, in Perros about. Seventy three but when payroll got into his mid sixties, he was gone, and, you know, and that wasn't the only time that ever happened. I mean he did that throughout a career to credible punishment during his career. But you cannot tell me that there's, there's no link between those, you know, those chair shots to the head and the other blows that payroll, YO took throughout his career and his condition when he got into his sixties. I mean I mean, you know, someone would want to try the baby on it, but I but I think that there'd be, they'd be this inject this very disingenuous in doing so. Any update on Rick flair? How's he doing? He's at the hospital. So that's good news. It's gonna go back on the road and a couple of weeks. So that's good news. So, yeah, I it's, it's all good scary weekend there. But, you know, some sometimes I think that, like, you know, of all the guys I used to people used to win says, died, everybody was, you know, like can't believe Liu as died. You just don't fathom even Bruno some people thought that too, with Rick, it's like you have all these scares from the lightning bolt thing to the airplane crash to, you know, that the thing two years ago if like I almost wonder, you know, it's like I know he's I know what's going to happen. But it's like he's got he does have nine lives, though. So I don't know what number is up to. But he's, he's got nine of them. They probably don't know the answer to this. But, I mean, the story is this would have been his fifth heart surgery in the last couple of months. If yeah. I mean, they hit fourth before he went in for this one but one way or the other like is there any indication whether or not like? This is it. I mean, does he have more coming? Or do we have any I don't know? I don't know. There's, you know all this stuff has been very, very secretive. They're like the surgery that was going to have it really like I don't wanna say it was a minor surgery, because that would not be fair, but it wasn't like major major surgery. But the, the problem was the complications that he had, which is actually in some ways worse, the idea that he's, he's having complications after these surgeries. I mean it's you know the I mean I mean I I you know, the hard can only take so much. It's it does worry me about the long-term, though, for sure. Yeah. The star test weekend and obviously everybody from all leaders there. And so they're probably going to be shooting some angles today tomorrow. I mean how do you see the show doing? I guess the pay per view aspect of it, because the other show sold out. I guess probably similar to the to the all in. I mean I, I don't know if it'd be a little more little less. I think that that range is probably right. As far as the pay per view aspect goes things. I mean, the price is a little higher, but the, you know, the general interest, it's I think it's the same same group of fans. Maybe there's more maybe there's going to be some intrigue, but I don't I don't know that it's going to be a mainstream thing until the television, and that's really the key to all this, when they get on television. But right now, I think you know, for for a show with no television, it's going to phenomenally. Well, and it already has pay, but what's the, their limits to show with no television, and that's what this as it has limits. All right. Well, Dave, I wanna thank you so much in the show today. New servers up on the front page. Right. Everybody so chicken out back in a moment. With more wrestling observer live freely embracing your complexities means reject. Anything that can harmful, you are, like smoking cigarettes, which can damage nearly every part of your body. Tap the banner to see more this free life freedom to be tobacco-free summer ready style on your families to do list, get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts all swimwear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait to wear it by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tank shorts swimwear and dresses you need for nonstop summer fun, all at fifty percent off, now at oh maybe an old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty seven excludes active licensed men's packaged flag tees and tanks and in store clearance. Meghan, the show, Brian Elber is here. Wrestling observer lab Mike Zimmer. Viva also wrestling observer dot com. Tomorrow is going to be. Absolutely crazy. Looking the schedule right now. I gotta be up at four o'clock AM to go to the airport. Flight Vegas land. I go right to the building after Russell Logan stunt at noon, then I go right to hopefully lunch after that. It's the QNA and then from there to the dinner and then, from there to the sweet party, where I probably won't arrive until I've been awake eighteen hours. It's going to be like you doing the show. I was gonna say I mean, you couldn't even live in my life. So he'll get out of here. Art, you need sleep. I don't need that. So anyway, got a lot of stuff going on. Next couple of days and this person says you see the picture of Finnish using AWS video game screen shot of an AWS for temblor nothing listing. I have not seen that, that sounds incredible. It sounds incredible. Got a couple of things here. So there was a. This idiot already preparing for your I was jet legged excuse for losing to Logan. I'm not losing to Logan. You seem getting oh that limo. He wasn't even in a car seat. Like they should have arrested him on the spot, or whoever was driving that car. It's ridiculous. So few things here is there a granny show today. This person asked. No, there is not a great show tonight. Are you kidding me high on the list, I'm not gonna get three hours of sleep and then have to stay up eighteen hours and it's just not happening? So no. Your says there any talk of biggie turning against the new day in reuniting with dolph. Well, here's Brian Brian's mind. Now not even anymore. I've changed my mind. Here's the deal like with these questions first off. No. I haven't heard any talk. And even if I had like it doesn't matter. They it just doesn't matter the so I got a lot of updates here. So on Mondays raw, they did a tag match and Barron Corbin got pinned, and I went on this big rant about how dude I, I don't see baron Corbett in the main event. I don't really want to see him face. Seth Rollins for the title. But like if he is going to face Rollins for the title. There's no way he should be doing a job in that match to Kofi Kingston just stupid. It's dumb booking. So couple of days later, I heard from somebody there that actually don't think they're doing that match. They they've got another match for beer. Corbin. So I thought, well, okay. Well, if you're not doing Seth versus baron Corbin for the title, then it doesn't matter. If Darin Corbin got pinned. Okay. So like an hour after I hear that the new advertising for the June pay per view comes out, and you'll never guess what they have listed for the main event. Seth Rollins Barron Corbin. So dude, nobody knows what they're doing. And even if they do know it's going to change fifty times. So no, I don't know of biggies gonna turn. I mean I could Vince McMahon could be on the show today. He could call an observer live and go. If he's gonna turn at the pay per view. I'm giving you the scoop, and the pay per view comes he doesn't turn. That's that's WWE right now. That's just the way things are in the back, and there's nothing that we can do about it, but just watch, and I guess, you know, in some ways, Vince, does it because he thinks it's cool to foolish and everything like that. But then at least a stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense. So there you go. That's the that's the Barron, Corbin story, he may or may not be fighting for the title. That's it. We bring everybody up after that on this date in nineteen Ninety-three. This was re tweeted by tweeted out there by monsoon classic Mr Hughes. Face off against Kamala, the king of the ring qualifying match on wrestling challenge. Do you remember this? What was it Kamala against Mr Hughes? I don't remember that match sounds terrible. It does sound terrible. Doesn't it is still something I'd rather watch right now. So there's that situation and then can another one, but I. Forgot what it was. So let's go to the phones. You're on the air. What's going on? Oh, yeah. You're on the air. What's up? This is the code from Pittsburgh. First time caller longtime listener. I wanna talk about new Japan, real quick. And then I have a question afterwards. All right. I was watching the new Japan show, Wednesday morning and overall this show was awesome. They did. Yes. Correct. And they all the matches on there. Now a friend of mine has a problem with new Japan matches where he says they go to if it can't hold his attention. A lot of other people that he watches with. A lot of matches on the show were ten to fifteen minutes long. It's the Shingo and muggy skirl match. Are you right over there? Mike sorry as the keyboard distrupt, their okay? Go ahead. Colored that might get a heart attack. When you said people can tolerate. Almost did. Yeah. The, the single in mardi match. It was just your classic your. He'll versus a face, you know, burly king got involved. It was weapons. And at the end Shingo wins, which basic storytelling, and it was amazing. Maybe the second best match of the night. The question I have is there a bunch of other companies, particularly WB? They in a match like that ten fifteen minutes long half. It'll be chain holds. Is there any ways other promotions other companies can incorporate this kind of simple, storytelling with these high hill over matches like this? Yeah, absolutely, w we could do it, but you gotta you gotta think about you're going to get a different mansion, a pay per view, as opposed to TV for me. Like if you don't watch a lot of dough, w e pay per view, just watch TV. I mean the matches are there there. They have a pattern pattern is a match is gonna start and the baby face are gonna do something usually involving a dive. They're going to go to commercial. They're gonna come back for Chinluck like every single solitary match. So the thing with new Japan in, in it could you could do this with me? You can do this with, with any company you have to condition the fans to accept what you're giving them. And if you are a fan who watches, a lot of WWE and your condition to their style a match then yet it's possible. You can watch a new Japan, match and feel like it's too long or not people to get into it, because it's different. I mean, the best example, to me is when I when I was young now's watching the Monday night wars, and Vince Russo would do these interviews. He would say stuff like these fans don't wanna see long matches. I just think dude you're an idiot. What are you talking about? And now's I go back and watch the Monday night wars. Don't freak out when I say this because I'm explained it. He was right. Okay. But he was right. Because that's the way that they condition those fans they condition the fans to a TV match. It's two minutes with a BS ending. And so what happened was the fans would start going to the shows and after seeing this forever like that's what they expected. And so all of a sudden, like the show I was watching this past Monday night. There was a Crispin wa Delvina match. It was like that match was frigging great. It was like nine minutes long and I'm watching it in the fans as the match gets longer and better, they get more and more quiet because they had been conditioned to not seeing long matches on television and they didn't get into a great match because of the conditioning, you can condition the fans to accept anything and new Japan, does their matches totally differently from W E. So, yeah, if you're a W fan, you watch new Japan, it can be difficult. For you. When no one jackknifed away from traditional pro wrestling more than WWE WWF had helped them in some ways in that they have cultivated, just WWE fans. But the problem is, when you're, they're not buying what you're selling. Then you have some problems because then you do have to try to fall back on the things and try to make them work and try to recondition them. We saw that with, like moves. You're talking about like the chair shots and stuff like that. I mean, there was a big correction that took place in the two thousands and slowing things up in getting away from a little bit of what they were before. But it's just easier for new Japan and other promotions. Because they still do pro wrestling, and there are characters there that are very diverse that do we've together, which obviously is going to make it difficult for people who don't speak, the language or I have no idea coming in cold. It's a little bit difficult. But it's again if you have to give it a little bit of a chance, but the athleticism of what goes on there and disempower, licitly you and Lance were going to go back and forth about staff. That's what AWS going to do with them and stuff like that. And it's like, you know, listening to it and it's like you kinda over thinking a little bit really what Chris Charlton does with stats on a new Japan broadcast is exactly what you want to do within nine leagues as my point is, we don't even know what they're going to do this. With him. He's doing about what they're going to do. And we don't even know yet. We had like an interview with a guy it's like trying to argue with you, but anyway, look, it's like what he does with them with just simple. Things about the super junior's guy from the b-block is wanted for X amount of years in a row in different things like that. So to me, new Japan and some of these other processes are a lot easier to get into the WWE. But again, that's what's been created by them. And that's what they need to fix badly, and take a look at, at what they have gotten away from in the past, which is a lot of simplicity oppressing, because it also gives you a lot of dexterity, which they don't give themselves. All right, color, you question. The question that was it sorry about that. All it was, it was basically dislike this. The storytelling is so simple. Why do they have to make everything? So extravagant you know it's pull it in. Yeah. We could show Jag because because they over think everything I want to thank you very much for the call. I mentioned this a thousand times, like they over think everything, like I can't even tell you how many times there's been like a weird finish on raw or smackdown, or the pay per view. And I'm I'm ranting about this weird finish. And Dave could go on for five minutes explaining the circuitous route that they went through to come up with this stupid finish because they didn't want to beat this guy. So then they had to do this finish, but they didn't want to hurt this guy. So then they had to do this thing with the finish by the end of the thing. It's like why don't you book the match like two thousand people working there, just put another stupid match together. Like, why is this so complicated just like if you don't want if you don't want if I mean, this is the one that drives me the most crazy, when he'll say, like, you know, it's, it's barren Corbin versus Seth Rollins nave a horrible finish. And he's like, well didn't want to be barren and you wanna be Seth like right there. It's just. Like, well, why did they do the stupid match then you know what I'm saying? It happens all the time with is explaining. It's like why did they book the match, then this is not that hard? And you know what? It's okay for people to lose and it's okay for people to win at the end of the day, million quit overthinking all of this crap. It's not that hard. They make it hard. Like I say it's not that hard. But like if you ask them, they would say it is hard and then I would say, well, it's hard because you're making it hard. It doesn't have to be that hard like there's so much stuff in life that people make this not just wrestling. It's life people make so difficult. Just keep it simple. That's it. Crying out loud, toll. I ask everyone. Let's go to the phones. You're on the air. Hung up. See why is it so hard like you call? And then you hear the show when I hit that button like you're on the air. It couldn't be any simpler than that. There's nobody that goes. Hi. What's your name? Where are you calling from? What do you wanna talk about? You don't have to Chit chat with the call screener. It's like I couldn't give you a more simple way to. Contact the show you said a text messages through your or your smartphone. Okay. Like you type it in you hit go or you call and you wait till I go, you're on the air people still can't figure that out. I try to make it really simple. Maybe I should make it more complicated. Maybe that's what people need complications. Have you seen? We'll Osprey versus Fantasma was amazing. But Osprey is going to be in rough shape after this term Izzy, every Osprey match. I've watched he's been fine anything crazy. I haven't seen the phantasmal match. So maybe I'm wrong. The DDT today Rana care member with that match was I mean he's done some spectacular taking some spectacular things but he's had look. This is a different we'll Osprey than than a couple years ago. It really really is in. He's having unique matches. And yeah. He's, he's still doing stuff that, you know, does does he have to. Yeah. He's still doing that kind of stuff. But it's not what the impact on his neck, all the time and, and some of the contorted that he would do any lands, that's actually been out the window. In all those DT's everybody, not to kill the business, or whatever. But a lot of times guys land on their forearms. And they, they their head doesn't even touch the met when they landed at handstand, the real, the real scary DVD's are the ones that get messed up, not the ones that look awesome, like filthy, Tom at the I mean he was fine. But I thought he was dead. He was taken a DT from the few Tra Dave Dutra, and he's supposed to fall flat, but he fell flat, but also tucked his head because he thought he might role. I thought he killed himself, but he's filthy, Tom. And he's tough chopping role. Mackinaw moment, observer live. Some ready style on your families to do list, get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts all swimwear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait to wear it by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tank shorts swimwear and dresses you need for nonstop summer fun, all at fifty percent off now at old navy and old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty-seven excludes active licensed men's packaged flag teas and tanks and in store clearance. Google pixel fans for a limited time, get both are sprints, unlimited plan, and the all new Google. Pixel three included for under thirty five dollars per month per line for five lines. All you need is approved credit eighteen month lease and new line of service. Visit your local sprint stores sprint dot com or call eight hundred sprint one today bone eleven o seven per month after five fifty six per month. Credit applied within two bills remaining balance stoop, cancelled early on the mini basic after six thirty twenty eight thirty two dollars per month per line for five lines. With auto pay data deprioritization, during digestion, excludes taxes, surcharges and Romi speed maximum. Use Rosen restrictions apply. Megan the show brain over is here. Wrestling, observer, live makes them prevail of wrestling, observer dot com. A compelling question to close the show here today, who is a better worker, baron Corbin or buff, Bagwell? Well, the answer is early in his career buff Bagwell. Late in his career. Ben corbin. Absolutely. That's the story at Ben Corbett is not chimerical. Yes. Too many chin locks result. Like he's not like, and I mean this in the nice way possible. He's no Billie K, like that's, that's the standard right there. That's the standard and Barron, Corbin is a out care young. It was a million times the athlete, but Bhagwat is. But babble looked better. Barry Corbin was a infinitely better athlete if, if Ben Corbett ever turns baby face he will never be a baby. Face is great as young baby face. Marcus Alexander Bagwell while who's the handsome strain, as just a fact, he was a great tremendous baby face was a male escort duty was a great baby face. I don't give don't care. What his gimmick was? It was. All right. I'll get out of here. Go watch go watch wrestling. Don't don't just listen to the internet. I read time, everybody, I heard this Osprey Bandido match today was even better. So Osprey is the MVP of the tournament by brand leaps and what's it, leaps unbound, meats and bounds. But you know what? Rocky Romero show and yo- in spray, I think it's been all them and Gresham to, to a lesser degree. All right. Right time everybody I am. I'm on my way to Las Vegas. Good bit in about an hour, I think if I can and get ready for tomorrow. So it's going to be a scabby quite a weekend. We'll be covering it. Wrestling, observer dot com as we always do if you get a chance head out and meet us. We're gonna be all over Las Vegas, so stop and say, hi and that's it. Everybody, we're at a time when thank you for listening. Mike is always colors and listeners over to the studio talked again. All talk to get on Tuesday. Michael, Dr tomorrow, wrestling observer live. Some are ready style on your families to do list, get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts all swimwear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait to wear it by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tank shorts swimwear. Addresses, you need for nonstop, summer, fun, all at fifty percent off now at old navy and old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty-seven excludes active licensed men's packaged flag teas and tanks and in store clearance. Some are ready style on your families to do list, get to old navy today. All t's all tanks all shorts all swimwear and all dresses are on sale for an incredible fifty percent off. Can't wait 'til air by online and pick it up in store for free today. Get all the TS tanks shorts swimwear and dresses. You need for nonstop, summer fun, all at fifty percent off, now at oh, maybe an old navy dot com. Hurry ends Monday. Valid five twenty four to five twenty seven excludes active licensed men's packaged fly. Lag teas and tanks and in store clearance.

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Hour 2: Hopkins Trade

The Stephen A. Smith Show

36:52 min | 11 months ago

Hour 2: Hopkins Trade

"And Guys Jason Fitz here so I know this is gonNA sound surprising. But did you know one in three people haven't had a McDonald's big Mac. No I'm shook by that knowledge. They've been around forever. So how is that possible? Well it's hard to believe. Mcdonald's is giving you a chance to change that right now. The BIG MAC comes in three sizes to fill all your appetite needs. You can get the original big Mac the new little Mac or the amazing double pack. That's like Golick size. The little Mac cuts the original back and has just one patty and no middle bunt. But if you're craving more than double big MAC is the way to go with four patties instead of that's right four patties and all come with their iconic special sauce so head to McDonald's today stop being part of the one in three. Today's your day for a big Mac at participating McDonald's for a limited time the first. Take your take. Podcast is presented by capital one. This is banking reimagined. We've heard I take what? But it's predictable. We've heard your TC the people in the athletes more than the money. Now it's time for chases teak exclusively on the first. Take your take podcast. First take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz presented by Progressive Insurance. Don't worry we're going to keep taking your take on who's going to win the NFL. Mvp This season triple eight say espn eight. Eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. You can hang out with us on the Shell Pennzoil performance line. You can also tweet me at Jason Fitz we'll get some of your MVP thoughts but the MVP even that portion of the conversation. When you're talking about Tom Brady is where this came from. Sort of asks the question of expectation. I mean think about it. We saw a moment. Where obviously Peyton? Manning goes to the broncos. He's the best version peyton manning. I think we've ever seen we see this statistical dominance everyone's like wow but then they turn around and win the Super Bowl really despite peyton manning's performance and we still turned around and then we won the Super Bowl. But what's the other half of the sentence? We always say what I just said despite his performance. So when we say who's going to have more success when belichick and Brady are separated really begs the question of how we determine success ultimately. It's as simple as wins and losses. Because you're apples to oranges to conferences. Two different levels of opponent to different sort of mindsets into all of this or is it about who looks the better. Is it as simple as they always say college football as the test so if Brady goes in puts up stats like we've never seen but guess what the bucks just aren't all that good? Does that mean the Brady wasn't successful? I mean belichick turns around and has the best defense he's ever had and suddenly he has terrible quarterback play but the rest of the team is so good that they win. Thirteen Games despite their quarterback is that suddenly mean that he was successful? I mean is that all it comes down to is just wins and losses or they're more layers to it. In the meantime Stephen Ryan Clark imacs had their own debate. Today on I take about whether Brady or Belichick will have more success this season. I'm a role where Brady because I think that defendant Tampa particularly the second. Half of the season wasn't as awful as it appeared. I don't think that I don't think that we can deny that. I think that Jameis Winston thirty sections put that defense in a bad spot that was why they were ranked twenty ninth in points. Four it but just fifteenth in yards allowed. I think that's a direct indictment against James Winston and the position that he put that defense in off far too many occasions even though to his credit he did throw for fifty one hundred yards and he did throw for thirty three touchdown so we he's bad he had. He was turnover prone indefinitely. That's not a good thing but it wasn't like he didn't do anything. Good I think in the end when you look at Tom. Brady to have Godwin available to have Evans available to have OJ Howard available available etc. I think when you look at the Potpourri of weapons that he has his disposal if not the multitude of weapons that he has is a spousal when you take into account if you have any belief in Byron left which as an offensive coordinator if you have any belief in boots areas as a play call if you consider what their reputation and their history has been in terms of getting some level of offensive production in the case of Bruce Areas. Not just when he was in Arizona not just when he was in Pittsburgh but when he replaced. Pagano because begun. No got ill in Indianapolis as a head coach. You look at his history his resume and then you take into account what Tom Brady breaks in the table with those multitude of weapons. And then you look at the NFC. South Atlanta is such that. We've seen that last year. Particularly defensively albeit due to injuries for the most bought Carolina is definitely suspect with the overhaul this taking place with them and Orleans is damn good but look at the amount of points they gave up James Winston Tampa last year. Look at the amount of points they gave it to Garoppolo in San Francisco. And you see those kind of things that you imagine. What Tom Brady will be able to do with these weapons? It wouldn't surprise me at all if Tampa Bay ended up winning eleven games this upcoming season and New England one tank because to me is still suspect. They don't get me started. We're Ryan Clark's boy. Mr Adam case in New York. The bills are still there. They're going to be better. And the New England patriots going to have one of the toughest schedules with a new quarterback. I definitely think it's posible that Brady could end up having a better year. Then the Patriots the Patriots defense is going to be elite again offensively. They're going to be challenged. Well listen guys. I don't like the type of disrespect. Jameis Winston is getting right. Now Max eluded to it on the show with James. Winston walks into a stadium. He's the all time quarterback he's the quarterback for both teams because his play is going to keep both teams in the game simultaneously if the Tampa Bay buccaneers get going. You know you know you can still win because James might throw you to football but if you're never learned he might go off because when that may walk stadium both teams know. They have a chance because of him. He's the only quarterback in the league. You can say that about that. Was You're disrespectful? This may wear jerseys at one time. There's nobody else in his thirty eight thirty thirty brother. What's so in other words? Even though you gave the ultimate hater rate ultimate disrespect because you also give the ultimate love to him. It balances out that. Would you say head of the bill? Say absolutely listen. I'M I'm Steve. I'M GONNA go with Steven A. And say that it's going to be Tom Brady and I think it's because when you look at the Weapons Tampa as Stephen a mentioned he's going to put up yards. We looked at this team early on here. The New England patriots through their first four games the redskins the jets the Miami Dolphins. And we were talking about. This team going undefeated because at that time. You thought they would have Josh Gordon. They added Antonio Brown for Game In. This offense was potent. Tom Brady was making sure he got the football star's well he has stars in Tampa Bay what we also watched last year. Was this defense. As the year. Got Long as we get later on into the season as we got into the first playoff game. They warn as good they weren't as dominant. They were feasting on bad quarterbacks on bad teams but when it got to the fick into the heat of things they lost games to TV had better offensive players. Which is why they weren't going to host throughout the playoffs and they were second behind the Baltimore Ravens. A third behind the Ravens in the chiefs. So when you look at that. This team was actually declining toward the end of last season. And now you don't know who you will have a quarterback they still don't have the weapons and they've lost them pieces on defenses on defense already and even though some of those people art household names. We know that's the way that the New England patriots put themselves together to stop people. Tom Brady is going to win. Football Games they are going to score points. He's going to protect the ball and the one thing. I'll say about the defensive numbers of the Tampa Bay buccaneers. You looked at him. Twenty nine points but fifteen yards giving up. It also helps when sometimes you just don't have to play because the other team is scoring on defense so we can't necessarily say that they're gonNA stop people at that rate but I believe with protecting the ball. Having a running game with Jones Bruce Arians embar left. Which call them to place? And you gotta understand. Tom Brady is going to be a part of what they do. I think the Tampa Bay buccaneers win more games than in New England patriots and Tom Brady is his job. The bill belichick will be. I think it's interesting that we're putting all of the praise for the production on the Tampa. Bay buccaneers passing game specifically on Byron. Left which Bruce Arians and none of it on Jameis Winston while we put all the blame for the interceptions squarely on Jameis Winston and none of it on anyone else. It's interesting to me that we're the credit blamed goes in all of this. I take your take on Jason Fitz on ESPN radio and ESPN news presented by Progressive Insurance. You guys have stacked the show pennzoil performance line as we ask who will be the. Mvp This season triple eight say espn eight. Eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. I'll let you give a straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Let's look at Robert in Texas Robert. What's your take on the MVP? Next year I'm going with going man second year on the floor system We saw Matt Ryan did in the second year I think in and around they're gonNA the first round draft picks. There's going to be receiver receiver. That's what I was doing. I think Iran gets back to his old south and I think he took numbers next year. Robert Great Call and I. I can't put enough stress on the fact that you know to me. The wide receiver classes so huge. If you're a team in the first round that lacks weapons. You don't even have to worry about it right now. You sort of just tip that gap and say no worries. We got the first round coming up. They'll be playmakers available right there all the time Amos in California. Give us some more straight talk. Everything release only at Walmart. Who Do you have? What's your take for? Mvp next year. I got Russell Wilson. He got all the weapons Tyler Lockett he got well. This'll who got any last year I believe is great weapon He Got Greg Olsen. Come in I believe that he doesn't need to run like Lamar Jackson to be a great quarterback he can move in the pocket and he's a great pocket. Passer so I believe you'll be. Mvp Name Is. I liked that call. Look we forget that Russell Wilson was on the MVP conversation. He was on that shortlist for a lot of this season. So I don't think it's a stretch to take anybody that was already in the conversation and say hey what can they do next year? I'm not sure I want them running. Around like Lamar Jackson though Russell Wilson that would take some some change from Pete Carroll Mike in Pennsylvania? What's your take your take on the MVP next year? And I'm taking my call. I'M GONNA go out on a limb here. I'M GONNA SAY JOSH ALLEN GETS MVP next year he's GonNa well it's going to be his third year in the League. I think he has significant step in the right direction in year. Two bills are good playoff team this past year and I was on digs in Col- Veasley and John Brown I think second year tight end Dawson. Knox is GONNA kill it this year and I think second year running back. Devon Single Terry is GONNA kill it this year and I think Alan GonNa put up some big numbers because that defense is also going to give him the ball quite a bit. Well there's a lot there too like von digs is gonNa make a big difference but that team. We all know that we need to see his completion percentage go. We just need to see him. Be More accurate. I want to give him credit. It was better in a second year. Then it wasn't his first year. He was just loudly trashed for not being accurate enough. After his rookie season last year it goes up about six points. That's a big mark up for him. We saw decision making it better touchdown to interception ratio. Got Better all across the board. You can say Josh Allen. Got Better but there's a lot more. He needs to continue to improve on. He does that better weapons. It's going to be a year. I think Josh Allens one of the most interesting players to watch this year going into the season because the level of pressure is different. When you have the playmaker see how now has and the expectations. Espn radio presented by Progressive Insurance. Protecting your small business is a big deal. Cover what you've worked so hard for visit Progressive Commercial Dot Com speaking of playmakers. We all know the De'andre Hopkins has been moved from the Texans or will be moved Nowa- when it's all said and done from the Texans to the cardinals at this point. We've also heard a lot of chatter about why he was removed from the Texans team. And that's brought up a real conversation about the reasons surrounding bill. O'brien Trading Andrea Hopkins. We got some straight talk straight. Talk wireless only at Walmart from Max Steven A. And special guests. Marcus Spears today talking about those very scenarios leading to D Andre Hopkins leaving the Texans. The Andre Hopkins doesn't want a distraction. He doesn't WanNa be distraction. This flies in the face of what Michael. Irvin told us that the Andrei told him that. Bill O'Brien told him but I wanNA cut through everything. Even if and then it was leaked like the Hopkins wanted a big contract. So he's trying to move him. Even if none of the bad things Bill Ryan said are true right like he never said any of that stuff. Let's just say for a second. And everything's true that the Andre Hopkins. Somehow was was a distraction worse yet. Big Contract didn't WanNa meet. How ever you slice it bill. O'brien is a laughably black bad GM look at the trade sees made look at how they've panned out look at what the going rate is for top flight receiver even with contract demands are likely contract. Dement look what he got for. De'andre Hopkins David Johnson. As a bad contract running back to the bad contract. Any team would be expected to be compensated for taking the contract. Here take draft pick in addition to the third round pick and take the contract. Not only did they not get compensation for David. Johnson's cosmic they traded D. Andrei Hopkins Form and only got a second round. Pick in the deal but cut through all this stuff. Don't let it distract you bill. O'brien made awful trade. All listen to give back the evidently resolved. My technical issue swag so. Let me let me go here by saying this number. One Michael Irvin spoke to De'andre Hopkins directly. He would not have revealed what he revealed about the Andrei Hopkins Personal Business. If the Andre Hopkins didn't tell him to I don't believe that for one second having set all of that. I think the Andre Hopkins saw the report reflected on it and said excuse me this is giving people a license to get into my personal business so his willingness to go out there and deflate things. A bit is totally a perfectly understandable. Because he probably didn't expect it to take on a life of its own the weight of the day and I think as potatoes to him as a father and his situation with his children at the end of the day is none of anybody's business. He can do what he wants to do. And I'm a lean towards what Ryan Clark said yesterday and absolutely positively no disrespect whatsoever but Tom. Brady has a similar situation in terms of multiple kids and from more than one person and nobody ever brings up so the characterization that is accorded to Dr Dre Hopkins. At least in his mind is something that black men in particular with five very very insulted? Because that's not the same thing that's according to white may be very very clear. Brian has every right to sit up at the end. Say Excuse me I don't want all of this in the work place. You can have whatever situation you have in your personal lives your personal life but there should be children or this shouldn't be significant others in the workplace. He has every right to say that. But in the end what it comes down young Hopkins everyone else you know the Andre Hock is. I'm sorry that's that's all but outside of that. Here's the deal. What the hell you trade a for. There's a future hall of fame. Wide Receiver is the Best Watson. Had and the fact that you try to the Andre Hopkins. If I'm the Shawn Watson I'd go on a Bill O'Brien's office and I'd ask to be traded because I think this man don't know what the hell he's doing as an executive or he allowed his personal feelings to usurp whatever football judgment. We believe him to Hap- that's what I would ask. If I was the Shawn Watson are let me take this imports because I agree with what both of you is saying. Two things can be true like we talked about. Yesterday it can be true. That deandre Hopkins doesn't want this to be blown out of proportion them. It already has. Which is why he came out with a statement but it also can be true that Bill O'Brien may reference to Aaron Hernandez and said that he didn't want his baby's mother's around. I don't even know what that means first of all because when you're at a facility of football ain't nobody bringing a baby mamas to football practice around the facility so. I don't know what capacity that Bill. Brandt will be telling diop that he don't like being around. But besides that match your soul point with what you just said. We have traded or why. We're seeing that is prolific like Stevenson. Said of Future Hall of Famer is Prime. Twenty seven years old when you have a budding quarterback that's about the B. to get a massive contract as well that has leaned on Hopkins not only has the show a watson lead. Don't Dehydrate Hopkins. All of the quarterbacks that have been through the Houston Texas Organization. Assist the Andre Hopkins has been their guest whose production had went down Deirdre Hopkin. Our production hasn't went out. This is this is personal. This is something that they addressed by by hearts and this roll man look at. What's the Minnesota governor step for days and look at what the Houston Texas? Just got for the bill brand made a personal decision based on something about the dre Hawkins that he does not like I take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz. I think the most alarming thing about bill. O'brien in the Texans is it. Somehow he's managed to work with autonomy while wasting the rookie quarterback contract of one of the most incredible rookie quarterback's we've seen in the NFL in quite a long time. I mean we talk all the time about the need to maximize contract situations for rookie quarterback some for some reason when we talk about the Shawn Watson. We're not talking about it the same way. I will never understand why there hasn't been a bigger magnifying glass on everything that bill. O'brien does because frankly when you know you have a quarterback to the level of Shawn Watson you have an obligation to get the most out of that that you possibly can the fact that he hasn't been able to do that consistently protection. Theme is a reason that I absolutely questioned. Whether or not he should still be the coach. The fact that he continues to somehow make the roster worse around to Shawn Watson at the same time is reason why I absolutely question why he still has a job as a GM. I'm not sure how bill O'Brien has survived this. I'm not sure how continue to survive this. But most importantly if I'm deshaun Watson I'm frustrated that yet again time in the League is being wasted while it could be opportunity coming up in an interview with Rachel Nichols yesterday. Adam silver responded to New York City Mayor Bill De Blasios tweet criticizing the NBA. You'll hear the first response to that next but first before we get any of that as always it's time for some straight talk you know what a full court press and basketball is right full defensive coverage with no holes? That's the kind of coverage. Get with straight talk. Wireless runs on America's best networks same as big carriers but for a lot less just forty five bucks a month get through the unlimited plan with twenty five gigs of high speed data. Then two G. saving you up to half the cost of big carriers no contracts full coverage. Half THE COST. Straight Talk Wireless. Everything for savings may vary see terms and conditions at Straighttalk DOT com. Here the straight talk reaction to all things. Nba Next I take on. Espn radio brought to you by capital one. You know how it feels when you've saved enough for that long awaited home addition. Now imagine saving enough for an addition on that edition. That's the feeling with capital one. Where a new savings account during five times the national average capital one is helping you earn more towards your savings goals. This is banking reimagined. What's in your Wallet Capital One? Na member FDIC gotten a lot of different names on. It's going to be interesting to see how it plays out and frankly it's an little distraction. Little escapism obviously right. Now is important as we try and find things to focus on that gives us a little relief a little escape so in the meantime obviously the Krahn virus conversation continues and it's particularly important with the NBA as there have been comments directly from New York to Adam silver about the testing and the way the NBA is gone about it. Now you know if you've listened to this show at all over the last week. I haven't been shy about my thoughts on the NBA and the level of credit that. They're getting frankly for doing what they had to do because their hand was forced. I have a different outlook on this than many people. But that being said Jay Williams Stephen Sat Down Dump. I take today to weigh in on the NBA. And Adam. Silver's comments to reach them Nichols saying he commends. What Silver Roberts are saying in response to New York City ticket up? I really commend Adam. Silver and Michelle Roberts with the way they handled it because if you listened to the rest of the interview with Rachel Nichols which is a great interview right away and you hear Adam silver say that we employ fifty five thousand people worldwide worldwide. And Max. I go back to original point that you just made. Wouldn't it be nice to turn on the TV and just to see guys playing way just to distract yourself for one second throughout the course of the day we're not bogged down listening to all this stuff and Adam silver is trying to understand? What do I do? What's in the best interest of our players and our people were going through private institutions by the way these were public health scenarios in which okay see demanded that they give testing okay. It wasn't going to private institutions at that time. So I think everybody's trying to figure out what the answers are but I do commit out of silver for not swinging back at Mayor de Blasio taking a stance or what he had to do with the private institutions. They work with and trying to do. What's in the best interest of their players because they're players have a lot of people worldwide as well so I think it's very murky water all the way around. It is murky water Jay and I want to throw this back to you and Max specifically in regards to wear. My point is coming from as it pertains to mid the BLASIOS. I think it's important that we recognize the fact that you have people out there making accusations that the government should have had more tests readily available. They're making accusations that oh the test wasn't readily available. Because they knew that ultimately the numbers would be high and it would have a negative effect on the economy. You have a reporter just a couple of days ago that got shut down because she was addressing the president asking the question about the watch group that was instituted years ago under the Obama Administration and ultimately he let go of that group which bought away supposedly caught the Abol in the swan and a bird flu before that proliferated whatever. I don't know the answer to those questions. I don't know what specific question should have been asked guys as it pertains to that but notice. I'm bringing that up. Because that's all questions. Relevant to elected officials so when mayor in the media capital of the world largest city in the United States when the mayor chooses to point the finger at an NBA team or the NBA brand as opposed to looking at himself or upwards within the federal government meaning they're stratosphere that's where it becomes problematic. We can use the word murky Jay Williams to elevate your point and I get that my whole point is you can point the finger at an NBA team or the NBA brand. Excuse me with all the stuff that's going on on state local and federal levels. You literally have the Dha meriting unmitigated gall to sit up there and go on twitter to point to the NBA. I think that's a great just because that's evading and other issue because it real resolution is where those elected officials are and what work they're doing and that's all I want about that I said your take on. Espn RADIO ON ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz. I'm not going to pretend to be smart enough to break down the politics and the policies and all of this what I do know is this the NBA continues to be loud as they figure out what to do and how to do it now. There is a public perception when you see a bunch of NBA players being tested. That's something that Adam silver dressed and he addressed quite simply He addressed it in his conversation with. Rachel Nichols which was very good by the way it was a good moment for Adam. Silver to address why players have been tested where that came from and how the process is work. There was information there through all of it though there is still at least the conversation of how we got here the NBA continues to Pat itself. On the back I continue to loudly. Say It's not time to do that the NBA continues to tell everybody. Hey we were the first to shut down. And now they're even looking at ways they can sort of bring everybody relief. Can they put something together? And Adam Silver said. We were the first to shut down. We should be the first to find some nextstep all of that doesn't acknowledge the fact that the NBA was first to shut down because they had to be right. I to me ask yourself for the optics have been like if it was a march madness game. Today is the day the tournament was supposed to start. Imagine the optics and the outcry if just before tip off of a march madness game and official came running out to stop the game at the last second and say oh. We can't do this and then we find out that. Even though they're in a corona virus tests they still let that are packed and they still let those players come in there and they still let all of those things happen knowing there was the possibility of risk the outcry against the NC Double A. Would be alarming and instead we're praising the NBA at every step for being first. They were first because they were the first to have somebody failed. That made them the first because it forced their hand no different than the NHL would've done no different than the NCW would have done. No different than anybody would have done when they had to do it. So forgive me as I always say? It's better to be lucky than good. In this instance it was better to be unlucky than good because the NBA was unlucky. Were PRAISING THEM. Suddenly they were the second coming that had it all figured out and they deserve to be lauded. No they don't triple eight say. Espn eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. I want to know from you guys. Who's GonNa win the NFL MVP? This season comes on the heels of the first conversation. We've heard some of the debate between how the Brady Bill Belichick break-up will now work who will have more success where they had the debate about Brady being the MVP. This season and you guys have chimed in on twitter. We're getting some interesting votes on twitter. Michael Says GimMe Matt Stafford. For every he even acknowledges I know people call them Stanford but he's been leading it up last season's when he's healthy. He needs to stay healthy. Patricia needs to actually find a defense. Well let's not get lost on the fact that the lines are trying to get better defensively and at this point even though they let Daria Sligo and a trade the lines feel like they're going to be a better team Matt Stafford though for MVP man that feels like a reach. Feels like a big reach. John mccomb says Dwayne Haskins. Now that would be an absolute epic rise to go from Dwayne Haskins. We're not sure if he's the future to Duane haskins suddenly he's the MVP. I don't know that there's an easy answer to this but I think what we have to remember whenever we have the Brady context portion of the conversation particularly is that you can't look at just Brady's performance for Brady to win the MVP. Not only would. He have to have an epic year. Not only would he have to have all the media not only. Would you have to get all of the attention? Share all of those things that can happen. You can check every one of those boxes. He'd have to do it at a better rate than drew. Brees team division. All right so we'd have to win more games. Throw for more yards have more touchdowns in less interceptions into reese. Why would I possibly think that would happen? Given the fact the breezes performance has been spectacular. Why would I think that would happen? And then on top of that he would also have to outperform. Patrick Mahomes when you talk about outperforming Patrick Mahomes. That is its own piece. I mean when you talk about Patrick Mahomes specifically you are talking about somebody that absolutely has every set of eyeballs that absolutely has all the momentum that everybody's fallen in love with. Oh and by the way completed about sixty six percent of his passes for about four thousand yards. Twenty six touchdowns and five picks. That's a level of efficiency. My God I mean you don't just win the MVP. You don't just come out and perform your butt off and suddenly become the MVP for you to win the MVP. You can't just have a great season. You have to have a better season than everybody else. That checks the same boxes and unfortunately for Brady in the conversation as much as I think he could have an epic year. I don't think having an epic year alone is enough to catapult him to the I want your thoughts triple eight the ESPN eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. We'll take some of your take on it but coming up a super bowl champion joined the first day crew to talk about the Hopkin Straight and how it changed the landscape of the NFL. You'll hear from next and we'll do all of that next up but first as always we love telling you about Home Depot Home Depot's changing the way you get things done with a pocketful of digital tools. This is important digital tools on the home depot APP like image search. You can snap a picture with the APP. Find what you need. The product locator will not only tell you how many are in store but it will also show you right where it is down to the aisle and shelf so it gives you everything you need to do. Projects Smarter Faster and easier from online tools to free delivery on over one million items welcome. Today's Home Depot. How doers get more done. What's the move of De'andre Hopkins Marine for the landscape of the NFL? You'll hear from superbowl winning champion. Next I take your take on. Espn radio I take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. I'm Jason Fitz if you missed any of the show. It's on demand in the first. Take Your podcast brought to you by capital one. We capital one. You can open a new checking or savings account with no fees or minimum. Welcome to banking reimagined. What's in your wallet approval required Capital One and a member? Fdic you guys can always chime in with your take and we've been asking for your take on who you think the NFL MVP will be triple eight say espn eight. Eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. Oh also address your take on other things. He'll bill came in and tweeted me. Said feel like you have a beef with the NBA. You don't WanNa give them any creditor praise but they took ultimately action. There were confirmed cases cove in nineteen and there were not national protocol being promoted so yes that is praise again. I'll say this to me. They don't because they didn't do anything proactively. They did something reactive and I believe that any league given the NC double a. The NHL. Any league playing right then that it had an athlete fail. A test would absolutely have done. Exactly what the NBA did not because the wanted to do it. Because that's the commonsense thing any league would have to do if they were forced to react in the moment cove in one thousand nine. It happens to be that. The Corona virus hit the NBA first and as a result they reacted I but again they had a packed arena when they knew that there was a possible outcome on that test and again even after the failed test they let games continue on other coasts so to me. I'M NOT GONNA turn around and say they will react are proactive in sitting down is a unit and saying hey guys let's do what's best here. They had a failed test if forced to action. That to me is very simple and I would have a hard time believing any other sport at any level. Wouldn't have done the exact same thing no beef. I love the NBA happened to be huge consumer of it and let's face it the NBA. Good for business around ESPN. I will want the NBA beginning. All the love. They possibly can in the meantime. We're going to give you a little bit. I from a champion Kansas City chiefs safety and super bowl champions. Matthew Join I take today. Talked about De'andre Hopkins the trade and what it does to the landscape at the NFL. Check it out. You're a former Texan. Your former teammate. John Jay Hopkins gets traded to your former team the Arizona cardinals. What's your reaction to that news? I was probably just as shocked as everybody else. you know really couldn't imagine you know the android Hopkins Really. Not You know retiring Texans uniform out you know. Spent the season with him a couple of years ago. And you know he's probably everything you WanNa player especially a teammate man. Not One of the things he does know on a football field Monday nights Thursday nights. Sunday Nights It's the kind of impacting the community as well he was one of those guys that was always out there. Who is our vocal about specimen of voice with a lot of people in Houston? So I think to see him. Go is definitely shocking But to see him to see him unite with his greatest you know. Mentor enlargement Gerald I'm pretty sure those guys are going through some special in Arizona. So since he's gone sense he's gone from the AFC obviously The kids reigning Super Bowl champions. Or whatever when you look at the competition around the AFC. Tom Brady is gone. Diop is no longer in. Houston this Shawn Watson Houston. No there's still Lamar Jackson in Baltimore when you look at a threat to the supremacy of the Kansas City chiefs at this particular moment atop what team comes to your mind that you all need to watch out for more than anybody. So I think mean a status Stephen but every team we should watch out for but I look at a team like the Baltimore Ravens. You know you gotta first of all you. GotTa look at the Guy. That's really leadership in Lamar Jackson. And you know. He's so humble. He's so hungry and sky's the limit for him and I think he'll continue to push that team that franchise to to really great heighten. You look at some of the pieces that they were able to add. You know the last couple of days in free agency. Thank they're trying to make a run for her so definitely see. The Ray was in there and you know but but never take lightly you know really any opponent in the NFL. I take your take on. Espn news and it's funny. He's just started to run. That you mentioned Lamar Jackson. We haven't had a lot of votes for Lamar Jackson but we did. Just get a tweet on it so as Jimmy said. Don't forget about Lamar Jackson absolutely right. I think it's interesting that he's sort of fallen off this conversation when we look forward. What's IT GONNA take for us to buy in long-term Lamar Jackson? I can't imagine why people haven't already John Laurence says. Mvp The best quarterback in the NFC South Right now of course Matt Ryan his second. Mvp It'll silence of fans of the old men quarterbacks in New Orleans Tampa. Wow hard to hear man when. I think about the fact it was the same age as all of them are J. Ticket who you have is what's your take on. Mvp for next year. GimMe Me Dak Prescott. Whoa okay tell me why after all the nonsense to Jerry is put on through. He's going to sign a contract on the last day like April fourteen. I mean July fourteenth. And then he's going to fall off for the rest of the year. Well it's sort of a win win next to the call sort of a win win for if he if he's only on a one year deal then he comes in and he balls out because let's face it. He wants to go out and get that money right if he gets that money. I can't imagine I'm Dak Prescott and I'm not just flat out angry at the way people live talked about me for the last several months whether or not. I'm worth the money or not so I'M GONNA COME OUT. I'm GONNA ball out. Let's not get it. Twisted the cowboys have a bunch of weapons right. They have weapons that are supposed to be able to come out and be Super Bowl caliber and they have a new head coach. It's supposed to do a better job of maximizing those very weapons so actually think that call makes a lot of sense because you pay Amari Cooper twenty million dollars a year to not put up epic numbers. You don't continue to pay Zeke to not put epic numbers but you're not going to give back the thirty or thirty five million dollars a year. He's asking for and not expect epoch numbers if the cowboys can go on a run. Let's face it. They brought in a new coaching staff. Because they believe they're capable of a super bowl if they turn around and win the super bowl or even get themselves to super bowl. The quarterback of the cowboys is GonNa get all sorts of MVP love. So maybe you can keep tweeting me your thoughts on all things. Mvp Jason Fitz. We'll keep the conversation going there and what it means really because we're GONNA have all eyes on Brady and bill check. In the meantime I know will cain has all is on the Patriots. He's got an interesting take on. The Patriots might be on their way to becoming the browns after losing Tom. Brady to the buccaneers in free agency. That's right. He thinks they might be on their way to absolute irrelevance. I'm not sure I'm willing to go that far. But you want to check out the Wilkin show next. He'll give you all of his thoughts on what the future of the Patriots looks like. I'm Jason Fitz. Thanks FOR LISTENING TO I. Take your take on. Espn RADIO AND ESPN news. As always we appreciate y'all stay safe out there and we'll continue having fun tomorrow.

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Rock's Backpages Ep. 70: The Who Live at Leeds + KRLA Beat + Ron Sexsmith

Rock N Roll Archaeology

1:08:11 hr | 9 months ago

Rock's Backpages Ep. 70: The Who Live at Leeds + KRLA Beat + Ron Sexsmith

"Welcome to the rocks back pages. Podcast Muslims Bonnie Hoskins. I'm here with my colleagues Pringle High Body Jessica Murison Bowie. Hello Bonnie we are going to talk today about. The album often regarded as the greatest live album. Ever made the WHO's law leads. It's fifty years since that was accorded released weak- to talk about an la sixties. Reuter who's writing nine was even she just cooled herself aiden and we'll be talking about the magazine she wrote. Full Krld. Beat we'll have an audio interview with Ron Sex MIS and we'll be talking about everything that's new in the library this week. Most the front doorbell. I leave that in. I like that. A zoom that delivering my super and halts deluxe edition of the. Who's live at Leeds? Mark told me about live laid off status. Well I mean my brother bought it when it came out. I of the packaging was astonishing. So be done it at a gate fold sleeve for single album with a poster inside which has got townsend freshman his rickenbacker with maximum be printed on it such as peaceful license but also that original vinyl release was just astonishing. I mean brilliant recorded. This is the pond pro life peak in many ways. Just sensational and some years later they. The special CD deluxe rerelease GonNa Slide Bonnie with sorry bony embedding with me. Kim Bonnie with Chris our steam contributed because he had actually put together an odd made a comment on our van. Existing brooks fan pages blogs which we since got rid of probably for very good reason. This being one of them saying that the original vinyl release was brilliant and the rerelease was just ghastly because they chucked in a less awful a quick ones stuff. Yeah the Pete Townsend. First attempts to rock up and personally I despise a quick. What I think. That's who the absolute worse. If that if you've Seen Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus movie which was finally sold the life death he is back so who are not and I took a quick one and you know do magic bus. Do anything other quick ones. So the CD reissue is I think rex but the original vinyl I think is right up as possibly the best live album ever. It's so possible. Martin talked about the cover and obviously it was a source of fake bootleg. South Royal. Packaging wasn't yet proud to the starshine record. I mean all musicians concern which know Keith Moon on drums and Bass Pete Townsend. I'm not sure I've heard them play. That's a four since they do some pretty great cover versions young man blues and so on select flying scraped right. So what is it that makes something a great live album? I mean you saying that. The playing is just great. They think they never played better. But what about live at Leeds is it? That is you know grants it because it's not just use a lot of people think is well. Let's go to the greatest greatest live. It's quite interesting. It's recorded leads. University instantly Stone Stone's recently released some of their stuff from their seventy one also done at Leeds University and there's actually a good sounding hole for stops united just had that quality it's not a big place say conceal your audit the audience present. I light live album. Some lapses hate them. I mean I'll have to lighten some grateful dead fan and that stuff is almost invariably live and there's quite a few of like I mean. This is great ray. Charles one recorded Atlanta for radio broadcast which is just sensational from fifty nine or something like that live live album some people dislike. Do you dislike live album? So mister principal no tool. I just don't think they're a great live albums being made anymore. For whatever reasons? Nobody really talks much about live albums. Back in those days live albums. Were both Derek and fascinating to vans protective. You hadn't seen the groups in question. I think there's a number of reasons one is that these days is beset last week in a different context that people play live. Trombley. You serve records multiple. Now where say sixty nine seventy seventy one? Seventy two life experiences a very different experience that the bonds will be playing different that stretch things out that do different things to those songs so if you go to live on you getting a very different item I would present one exception to that About the recent see thing. Is that Daft punk alive? Ninety-seven and alive two thousand seven. I think worthy of being in the top ten twenty. Whatever greatest live albums ever and they're quite recent and then not aband- even as such but those albums are phenomenal in terms of the because actually did do different things with the records and there are lots of mixes between tracks and through my smash ups are music in such a way that it just and the thousand seven tool may daft punk legendary as one of the greatest live acts of the twenty first century and I think it's a very successful album as well. Yeah that's very. I think one thing is back in the day. I'm the reasons for doing live bands. Have One was way of ending contract. They wanted to get households contract fulfillment. That was pretty common but otherwise to do something. Different than bonding. I both love rock of ages. The bonds life of them where they did a complete different things. Harlan Toussaint do the horn arrangements. And so and so forth and it was. It was very different from what you'd only get certain. Bands deep purple. I think work session live even though the lead singer was invariably compete pillar. But you did get some sensational knives. Recordings deep trouble spots over has loads of ones never released a full. And you hear you realize how Great Guitarist Ritchie blackmore could be in front of the audience. He would just go off the deep end. You know he go off the diving board and do some really fascinating stuff. Conversely Migrate Hero Jimmy Hendrix. This really not a lot of great live stuff his and as party because in some ways the nature of the old nece- play to his feeling that he had to live what these moronic particularly. American audiences light meant that he's sort of would go for the obvious. Rosina sort of Shops in the way very mixed experience on came a little late to live at Leeds. I certainly didn't hear in nineteen seventy when it came out so it was different. Who IN MY MIND? When I first listened to lie leads you know. Probably Seventy three seventy four. I'm not quite sure I'm GonNa sold them at Charlton seventy four me didn't sound as good as I sound on this record. I was staggered by the raw power and electricity. Just the thrill of these musicians captured on the record and there isn't very much like it. On the back story is that Townsend had tried to get recordings of live shows in the US and brought to London would just very unsatisfactory Impressive spontaneous decision to record this leads show as well as the following night that hall and right what they ended up with. Some really was fantastic really captured. How dynamic they were on stage brutally exciting. Yeah I sold them Hamas polly run seventy one. I think I saw I'm Smith polly supported by the James Gang who actually were ready Brilliant and again it was what the real issue tells you original. She didn't tell you is when they were playing that great singles that great cover versions they will find tastic but verdy dubbed stretch of a quick one stuck in the middle. All sudden seventy one they were doing chunks of Tommy which I should work pretty well live. You know that sort of combination of various they regarded as the highlights of Tommy and played the missile medley. Yes and that was pretty successful but very significant the towns and opted not including about on the original album very very different side. You know it's just these short explosive songs. I mean I think version of Mozilla since young man bleeds. He's fantastic probably the most exciting thing on Shaking Alive Johnny par the version of Summertime Blues any caucus. I mean it's very very different from like the rock operatic. Tomi and that was thrilling about a magic box is just fantastic. It's a in the main piece featuring today with lot leads is. It's a sort of to him. One thing Jeffrey Cannon. He was the for the Guardian and also wrote for the village voice. Brunson along ish review the album which was as he put slash two pieces. It was customary in those days so we have the original review. He wrote that he wanted to guard into wrong. And then he quotes Townsend. He says he he spoke into town. Send the other day said ten. Was this impossible. So this may seventy on. Townsend says this impossible gap between what we were doing composition Lee and what we were doing on stage we could never recreate a stage atmosphere in the studio and this was the answer to that Pitt. Yeah I mean I'd say in fact probably the only time they on vinyl actually got that stage atmosphere was my generation the single of my generation. My brother Boorda probably when it came out and it's extraordinary it's dot is the WHO as they appeared leaves you know and it's loud as they cut that record so loud put not reckon off towards disappear you know. It was simply the loudest sounding piece of vinyl. We own on it just I. South speak is in a way that actually their other productions didn't and so on and so forth so that's kind of lively and my generation single is I think optimum who just Charles we get it does raise an interesting point and I wonder if you feel the same. There's something different when you're playing music of playing in front of people. Oh Yeah Oh yeah and I think that that is part of why alive album can be something. That is not a studio album because there is that interaction. There is some kind of conversation going on between the band amongst themselves trying to impress each other in front of Elise people but also crucially between the band and the audience. There's some kind of dial up I think that's absolutely right. It's interesting the one musical form where no one seems to object to live albums jars which is all about Interaction of musicians on the spot. Because you get kind of Egged on some direction or you feel some kind of response to thing you're doing even if it's just one person going off fucking Alex also. There's some kind of interaction. I think that makes a lot of difference is curious but I think in light of this. What we're talking about on. Facebook lost my music journalist. Friends and their friends have been talking about the. Who for salt? Not many people like who anymore the sort of the people I know they become so slight dismissed live albums and the consensus people. Don't light live albums and I think it's because lives have something that the stadiums don't and they don't like what live albums which is a looseness says a role inspections you know all the the Larisa crop up when sums up. I mean Bonnie when we talk about Lucinda Williams update. You raised her fillmore albums being actually one of her better albums you know. Yeah I love him. I live albums you know. I certainly don't have any prejudice against mine. I think that the times when we the live album. You hear something of a ban you never hear. From the studio recordings we should really about what made the WHO so distinctive and so great so different from all the British bonds. At that time I mean they sort of invented hard rock in some ways and they played it in a way. That's so different from say well obviously different from the study really different from led Zeppelin very different from any other hog them on either side of the Atlantic. I suppose the Cliche as they were all kinds of soloing La- time off. I'd say that. Actually what is there? An upside down band is actually this. Townsend does take summers on live at Leeds. He takes his but his job is to hold the tuned together by working those chords the basin the Drums Hood Solo. Yeah exactly rolling rhythm section. Isn't it I actually wanted to quote from causes this wonderful one of my favorite leash ARY critics. James Woods who was prolonged on the Neo Chris. Principal Literary critic it put together collection of his work will be fun stuff and most of it is about Tolstoy Jeff Rich but the actually the title as is about kids mood a wonderful piece of music royalty loved rocks back pages. I'll just quote from the first principle of moon's drumming was at dramas do not exist to keep the beat and very well but he did it by every method other than the traditional one drumming is repetition as rock music generally noon clearly found repetition dull so he played the drums like no one else. A not even light can self. I mean no two balls of moons play. Everson the site. He is in revolt against consistency. He's always vandalizing repetition. Everyone else in the bond gets improvised. So why should the drama? Nothing more than a condemned metronome. It's a tremendous pace about madness. That moons play. I love it. That's great fantastic. I've found is fantastic. Elvin Jones quote dissimilar lying about nine thousand nine hundred sixty six melody maker and he's being asked about rock dramas and Ginger Baker. He's no good no. He's he thinks he's Great. But you know he's just. He's just really uninteresting. But Keith Moon everything that ban does goes from comes from Keith Moon. And that's Melvin Jones. Just fantastic drama rock and roll drummer. I've seen Same Way was Clem. Burke with blondie and he was a very Keith Moon. Drama lies to to be wanting to be caithness ECON cadeau it sort of like crazed lunacy about him I think moon's death was the end of the WHO is as a whistle as well. I think the man as the place is so often as in a super great light that he was at extraordinary base Blah again. You can be room to Soviet Bill. Wyman and the woman is just those applauding kind of timekeeping compatible. Entwistle's doing which is which is just relentless these solar harlow with. Yeah yeah very high volume pieces of this. Who Feature is the aforementioned? Chris Charles was all reese's new biography event whistle the Hawks which of course Jones Nick Knight. Chris tries to get to the heart of the mystery. Of How such extraordinary musician could simultaneously be such a dog holes and then you know oversee in the last two years of his life off the townsend initially ended her such a self destructive human being. I mean for those who don't know he died. Essentially with a high class escort in a last Vegas Hotel Room in twenty three. Wasn't it two thousand of a cocaine induced toss cocaine. Yeah I mean. His his main tipple was he liked combination of Brandon. Cocaine as the moon as rox dolls that era but it did kill John with so I remember being shot because I didn't realize just how debauched become at that point. Did you know no? I didn't know that the age of six anyway know I really had no idea? I mean I knew the townsend that low struggles with hard drugs and alcohol in sound searchable and keeps me overseen died was he died potty because he has overdosed on the thing meant to stop him. Drinking a moon was the wasn't I mean he will. I mean I think he got involved in Japes in hotel rooms with Moon but moon was just completely incite. Onc- she had Brian. I think can At the ABC was sort of had massive. Kind of ADHD. Deo Whistle did and whistle just very very depressed when he didn't imagine in one thousand nine hundred whatever it was two thousand eighteen. I don't think he realized there was any the WHO would end. Despite main no longer being with no strings straight suspender that bonding tubs of chemical consumption. Also the least interesting Roger Daltry you Kinda. One tolerates the singing to get the bits when the band the flying with the WHO. He looks good on stage he looks like a Rockstar and a lead singer. But it's not you know I mean you compare them to robot it's just not a great voice it's very limited voice. It kind of works on won't get fooled again and indeed on online at laid it works but the real voices ironically in the aw it. Townsend's phenomenal laid in rhythm playing and missiles relentlessly slowing and moons. They are just a different band to most very and I think that's also the fact that it was those full people rather than say just and was limited as great as they were without all of that other stuff around it. It might have just been mania. I can't hear any of those guys playing with other bands. Now of Keith Moon playing in another band John splaine relevant. They wouldn't have room fem. How many times you saw them. Isolated twice as much as I said earlier. Chart Moore sold them up. Wembley Empire Pool like this is still woes in seventy five. I don't remember either. The show's being as thrilling. As what I hear on this record but probably because in a million was already kind of pretty outs of it. I mean still drumming incredibly well but I mean. There's five more years of our corn drug obese by seventy-five cycle whether that's rather than well. The other thing about them live which are member really disliking when I sold them. But we don't get live Townsend's and tumble introductions to songs just slightly kind of whiny voice of his bullock on for about five minutes for the bandwidth would get going again. You know I mean it was such an extraordinary normally. Wasn't I think it's just worth mentioning? I mean because the one thing we haven't pointed out the WHO did prefigure punk rock in so many different ways not least because of Townsend's conscious decision notes to be like a hippy. A hippie God when you just start wearing those what boiler suits and the boots I mean it was it was a real kind of kicking the taste for think. The sort of hippy movement. Bash. Abbie Hoffman over. The head of the Anti Hippie and the sound of live at Leeds is is. You could argue very anti very point generation substitute. Come explain I mean they're all pretty punky. We're GONNA get into anyway. I would say light leads is for anyone who hasn't heard a an you want a real jolt of for commercial. Excitement really caught dateline that leads so stray free pieces about sorry. Go ahead. No just say. The one thing is gone to wikipedia. Look UP THE TRACK. Listing is on the original vinyl release. Only play those tracks yes. Spotify STARTS WITH WITH MISSILE Sung Heaven. Hell did the vinyl album Which is just such a bag. Full of rage against jailed generation. It's just five away. The young man ain't got nothing in the world worried on roxburgh pages. This week are three pieces by the writer who called US OFF. Aden and rightful the wonderful K. R. Light Bait You've added so many pieces from the extraordinary and so hit it to little known right. Tell us about it. Tell us about AIDS absolutely well. I found a valuable for all of you out there. There's a huge archive of Kra. Beats PDF's available online? And I discovered it because I was looking for. I think Taylor our schools and he rose Caisley for it and famous explored anything. It was a freesheet based is a free magazine given out by Los Angeles Radio Station. It starts off initially sixty four as sort of like four page sing just featured the DJ's on the station and then a young woman could Louise Christiani became the editor and she's started expanding it hugely and I really liked her stuff. So I looked up Christian is in the Los Angeles. Oh telephone directory online and found a Christiani left a message on his no. I rang him up. And I said all you relate to Christianity and he's the S. my sister. She died ten years ago. So I'm really sorry. I explained what we were doing. It rocks back pages I said what's your email address. I'll send you an email. He said okay. I'll get back to maybe a couple of weeks. He got back to these three hours later saying that he did nothing. His sister have light more than had writing on site. Which really lovely so. We got permission to run US stuff. Then I found two other writers who didn't really interesting stuff. Rochelle read and Carol Deck and I did what we often do wrong by pages. We can't track down a WHO will start posting stuff and give them a rice's patients. Say if you know how get in touch with IDA's Carol Deco with Russia Gets in touch with linked to email and Caridad got in touch with me and she was still friends with Rochelle read and they both sort of came on board got in touch with them and said. Edens really interesting writer you know. She's writing about him stocks. She writes instantly herself. He's got Personality and what about her and they said what we think she's dead. They told me that her real name is nicky wine and that she does have that as a byline. Fuels Spelled K. K. on spelling of Nikki. Absolutely so that. Will you know how how we ended up with that? I really love Charolais Beatles as a paper. It's basically a team pop paper so you can see it. Morphing who sixty seven sixty eight. A Jakob Bradshaw's another one of our rights is pretty much stopped off on Charolais. Guess on one hand Writing about pop on the other hand that started very early obstacles on things like the Jefferson Airplane and so on and so it straddling the uneasy thing but because Los Angeles has lots of Beach. Boys Lot so that kind of stuff going on. Yeah I mean we've got. I think it's Edens. Ask where she goes on the photo shoot for what became the cover of pet. Sounds to San Diego Zoo. I'd love kind of thing. Is such a fantastic cultural absolutely wonderful wonderful thing to get. We chose in three pieces by her to actually about British bands. I'm just amazed me starting one is about what Causes Beatle Mania. It's Hustle Area Beatle Mania. Which is on the second about kind of hanging out at all ca studios in Hollywood when the stones are recording in the Allston Moss Era. And then the third is. I think probably a fine conversation with Marvin Guy. But they're really full of great details. I love a syrupy. I'm no psychologist but I'm a Beatle Maniac and I am female. And her theory is a theory. Is that these goals. Mainly girls crying boys at Beatles shows in America but they waited so long to see the the fabulous mop tops from Liverpool. That now they were saying they were crying because they knew they were going to have to wait to see them again. I'm already gone into Sosa grief mode us very funny. It's sort of reminiscent Paris Syndrome. In a way which is when people visit Paris particularly apparently a thing among Japanese tourists because in Japan Paris and France have these incredible reputations as these places of romance and they you know they build up all these expectations and then they get their own. It's different because it's not like tails quote unquote they cry. I don't know if they cry. But people they suffer a psychiatric symptoms like hallucinations and Wiscon- only go. Yeah Yeah it's a document medical phenomenon when something. Different expectations just reminded me of that. What I like about the the Beatle mania article and I again about Carolina be in general. Is something that you to talk about when it comes to say. Rave magazine knock is that. There's an understanding of the audience and a sympathy for the audience. An sympathy for young pop fans that sometimes music papers can be a bit sneering toward it's much nicer to to actually be sympathetic and understand. Because they were they were. They were young women. I mean interact with music just is I've got a real love for teen pop writing in public trouble. The second childhood all quite as a Kid. I loved Fabulous magazine when I was eight. Nine ten years old fabulous magazine was my music paper of choice and they split dark hits you. They want perhaps rising they were sneering and Carolina beats was very much involved in the whole British invasion mania. You know so you know these British bonds who'd come from places like khaw the churn wherever we end up in Belair or in up in the hills the Hollywood hills being can look astern being so probably a pretty good time. So these types of Graham Nash exactly hair or semi Copa with a fantastic. There's a great Louis. Cassini in St with dusty springfield and actually dusty does feel over Seattle place. And there's a photograph Louis Fischer is rory laughed about something injustice looking sheepish. Thing but then again you got things like Rochelle reads famously. Infamously interviewed love in them mansion up in the hills horrible to her and they were absolutely horrible to not became quite a tourism in the very first Oscar. Either read about love and Zigzag magazine mentioned that ascls sort of not key event. You know. That's another bomb. It was punk rock before it's hard but also great they the big interviews in nineteen sixty six in this team magazine. You know they weren't getting any press coverage anywhere else. At that point six the underground press belly existed until this was the only game in town. When Aden's Beatle mania article is October sixty five? Then we jump forward to spring sixty six absolutely loved the how of essentially so just hanging around outside this year where the study's they're they're they're recording songs for fertile movie that never actually came out called back behind and in front and some of the songs they recruiting for that movie. They were GonNa make when they went back to England but it was kind then ended up on often so I think these sessions are some of the tracks often off. But they did a lot of work studios will save assinger engineering great sound and then Jack Nici sitting at the Japanese. She gets a couple of nine checks in this agent pace and that just lovely and I mean at one point Charlie. Watts goes out for annoy screams. Sunday with Jack Natshi. So this is a doll. Little and then there's talk about and make ordering Mick Jagger ordering lots of pizza. Everyone else is eating hamburgers. Make preferred pizzas so he parents tank of taught the things one needs to know about cruise showing sessions absolutely crucial. I mean forget like so of over dubbing and mixing on how many can own Campbell popsy Glen Cam for and has a chat with case in the lobby. Basically eating coming to observe everything from the lobby because she's not allowed into the session. Show but Glenn pops asks case if they're going to continue recording all night and of course cases yes about Japanese because he's a name which crops up a lot in careless because he was one of these behind the scenes seems of all the La recordings some senior complete. And say you read these articles and yes that team POPs. Often heading sunset looks lovely with his buying stuff. But then these names crop Lee Hazlewood and so on so forth barrel low this magazine in one way or the last piece is soul searching conversation with Marvin Gaye which is great you may i. Don't talk about this on the podcast. The four market rings a bell for me. But it's just Kasich law than it's January sixty seven may even the interview may even have been done in light sixty six and very few of the RB or soul stars Adat era. Who said things like when I'm in the Dome so when I don't feel like I should fail music sites? May I can ready failed low. I'm a very sensitive person. I get extremely depressed at times. I find that music really pucks made up. It's very very open and candidate honest. Jack is right for sure. Unie also talks about. I mean this is what rings a bell for me Mark. So if if I'm repeating something if he he talks about he says through the years it takes foreigners English folks and Australian people. Anybody Bit Americans to recognize the great music potential of Negro Foot claw quite as seen as they decided to music has merit and they record it. Is they recorded singing? Then it becomes socially accepted by Americans. Yeah Yeah No. That's that's really interesting. What many people were saying nothing? Sixty six yeah. No that's really instinct. I mean the other thing about Carolina beaches there. She covered black music part extensively. The American press did you know whether it's Hullaballoo or whatever you know they have. The monkeys live the place they have talk about. Spike Robinson that talk about supreme took Marvin Gaye. Maybe about upstream. Suddenly James Brown James Brown coverage that sort of started going in the American press sometime around the seventies. The black faces became fewer. Stop covering it. They consult covering an partly because emotions. Fm Radio which seemed like a great thing at a time because FM radio allowed album tracks to be played in a lot but the thing about am raging. Am Pop. Radio IS THEY. Play the SUPREMES play. Mitch Fry Don Detroit wheels or whatever yet in the same way as we heard as we grew up in in some in England under listening to Radio. One new get premiums followed by the rolling stones one other. Fm RADIO ALLOWED SEGREGATION TO PIN wasn't CONSI RACIST SEGREGATION. But it was like the the. Fm Radio followed niche audiences. Like you're white album buying Williams. Yeah Yeah and the music press some extent followed. I think it's important your member in craw daddy the first few issues. Dining which was I think by any by any definition the first show serious Rock and roll magazine. Yeah Jon Landau was writing about so writing about Otis redding yes but Bonnie that was in the pre. Fm EAR YEAH CROW. Daddy emerged under radio. The end result. Fm Radios ridiculous stratification. You've got now where you've got the only country stations whilst you know as you yourself really well know that in the sixties you get comfy deejays playing soul music and vice versa. You know so if radio on not one hundred gave autism album office to freedom to have played in the radio which was a good thing. Spotted did result in in this sort of Salami slicing voting citizen in the mix stations like that. The city stations like New Orleans is. Wwe plays all sorts of stuff. There is jaws bent because it's New Orleans but it does play all kinds of different things. It's not just as station. It's all the more enjoyable to listen to full. That I think is if I want to listen to a genre I can go play a record of that genre but if someone else to be guiding my musical Schultz variance as it were. I think it should be interesting to get someone else to do. Brings today and the other thing is. Is that the notes days. People didn't own as many records as they do now. They don't have access to about music so the radio was the way you heard. Stuff and the glory days of am radio which ever must time 'cause hates pop but it was pumped Rice across the racial divide in America. Which I think is essential so those all the free pieces on the home page this week and we will now turn our attention to what isn't free on pages starting mark with this week's radio interview well. I was GONNA leave that to you. Bonnie because you you undertook since you sign did this inter- I'm saying you. Did this. Continue saying what you say. Yeah Yeah you're looking at a point anyway so this is a week. Earlier interview is with someone. I love very much. Ron Sex messy releases. A new album could hermitage this week. It's also coming up in the twenty fifth anniversary of his first major label album. Release Brunson Smith. I've fan of his ever since then I talked to him in two thousand eleven really just about his whole career on about the way. He wrote Psalms his influences on. I just remember it being a delightful conversation and re listen to it. Once digitized it mark it was indeed to me a really nice conversation and I think he's really interesting on all tickets in it I think. He's sorority decent interesting human being. Why don't we thaw with just the first of three clips that will hear? This is talking about him. Getting signed the relatively late age chance to get old when I got signed and I was just so amazed I got in the door because you know it was just the just unrealistic coming from where I came from that into this how I look kind of news you know and I think for some reason nearly ninety there was this opening where like needed come us. So that's wrong talking about getting signed. I remember hearing that I record and I was into being Mitchell who told me about producing that first album and what an unusual character rum was ready to pop up in that in that era. I think he did so to get in through a crack. He was clearly someone who is inference by like right. Davis and Harry Nielson. He didn't fit in with like and we didn't fit in with post grunge music he didn't fit in with with. Britpop thought there was something I mean I think he's melodies will really strong on his lyrics. Were were very concise unpatriotic and I think his second album is probably his his best. That was the one that really made me realize that he was genuinely great singer Songwriter. Wonderful title other solms. I think he's my new album. I'm not entirely convinced by the laws to three records but I think over the course of maybe seven right albums this at least saw twenty five thirty pretty downright songs. If I put a place together on supposed fine it will. I think his best songs from from from the from ten album because you made a lot of records basis of one every couple of years for about eight years. Now he keeps going he keeps going. I mean he's consistent and he keeps going and he manages. I think it's really really difficult for there are so many singer songwriters out there and they tend to go from one. Kinda piddly little Dale to another unless had sharing or Drinko somebody he's managed to just about keep going. You know someone who is giving them a deal. He's got. He's got a devoted following. I saw him play the album. Whole sometime in the loss of eight or nine years ahead sold out one night album whole. That's probably that that kind of tells you what his understanding is. He's highly regarded by the likes of Elvis Costello and so and so forth. There's got massive. He's got a real celebrity as people like not often seem to. I mean we talked about Rufus wainwright last week and he's huddled with Celebrity Funds Jones. A fan of Elton John. Elton John Exactly Elvis Costello tickly gave him a thumbs. People have covered his songs. Emily Harris did Hartberg in which is a the title of one of her albums. Michael Boob light did whatever makes an. He's he's a big Canadian stall so I think. I think Ron probably pays for the groceries with things like that. I mean none of his albums have sold a huge record bus but bake sales have fallen in love with his songs and covered them. So the help I can. We listen to the second clip. Where is that? She's talking about other people's songs what he thinks makes a song special. You on and consists depend on the pillow. Yup I where I'm like. Okay got started with something good but then you kind of let it slip for and I just I just like the idea of trying to you know. Confirm this things that somebody found in and I don't understand what they're going on about. I I get I saw interest. I love when John Lennon would write. The third of PSYCHEDELIC. Things are dylan but it would leave an impression somehow like they were. They weren't destroyed words round. There was a mind at work you know. And that's what I love about Lena. Sun Like Leonard Cohen. Way To say goodbye for example. That profoundly influenced me when I when I first heard that because into versus says everything such beautiful way that you would ever need to say about You know two people going this up new way to say goodbye. That quote speaks to my sons of sex method of bizarre. Nine Ron Sex. It's not a name you would choose if he does he. Hammers sex makes me think the producers of Anchorman picked the wrong name for Ron Burgundy sex mature. Much better than wrong. Sex should've called himself. Ron Burgundy Improv comedy had a mix quote tells me is you know how seriously he does take the Croft of some writing. His sons are like little puns. Little stores vignettes where nothing is kind of wasted. There's nothing empty. There isn't a phrase that just feels like it was Charleston to make a rhyme. They have a beginning middle and end and I really admire that bounce him he takes you into this this fundamental world. He'll often start with just a kind of phrase like thinking out loud will form glory and fashion something genuinely affecting ounce of that. I think I've interviewed him a couple of Times Matt Montes. It is really lovely and unaffected an unmanaged and humble human being and more power to them. I am we'll we`ll. We'll hear another clip. The I mean I think one of the things just to sort of anticipation that clip when you see him live. He doesn't saw run onto the stage. Like road. Steer or make Jag. There's something there's something really shy about him. And in the last kirk he talks about obsessed by this Neil Team. I mean clearly just just wishes he could be like Neil diamond. These guys friends come over much. Neil dot com owning the stage to the stage and just apologizing for being neil diamond whereas with Ron. Ron Is apologizing for being on sex no a friend of mine posted that photo that cover the neil diamond album. We live album and he appears to be holding his own John Penis last night also obsolete. It's funny I just was checking the quiets view. Years ago the favourite live albums ever and laze perversely wasn't onate of course the quite contrary hot August night of course complete complete with the county you say my we want to talk about Neil diamond another day. Nor do you want to tell us about some of your highlights as I do really not too much? I'm not a huge mountain. Lots of good stuff just as a lot quotable stuff but I did like. This is again. Davis. Come one of my new favorite writers. We got on board recently for the Daily Express. Nine hundred sixty four he briefly interviews Doris Day. Who voted Hollywood's? Most you know wonderful actress or something along those lines. She says I play mostly happy. Clean Parts Decency on the screen is very important me. I'm really not with some of the downbeat pitches be made these days. You know misprint. Quite like her. Some TERRY MELT TREND DOT COM loyalty chicken shack. The forget the guy's name who stand web Samba white stomach chicken trimester. That being interviewed by rich agreed new musical. Express in Muncie nine and this is really about should green and Stan. Webb halftime was signalled by the cry. Mto glosses now please. It's well after time. So He Jones Fashionable Model Street Club. I'm spending half my life up here. Stan opened every night. I threatened to go home and get an early night. Finish coming here. I'd much knowing. Richard Green's reputation. They stayed there for about two hours. I was one of the beasts favored drinking companions they go. You have a seventy one. Chris Charlesworth Marie Maker as interesting model platter. Now we come. I think we've ruled rather forgotten about task plastic. He was a pretty big star so gypsy Franco French. She was a French gypsy. Flamenco guitarist improviser weaning. It'll be forget he. He basically can really advise on stage. It's a difficult language gap. He's got a translator. A Young Woman's translation from the French heels. Just kidding talking bullshit. But the tourists for refusing checks taking cash. He says if the bank has no money that you have no money cashman something in a check means nothing right which is which is kind of like the Chuck Berry and James Brown sort of school so leaping over a decade. This is really interesting. So low report by John Abbey on the Jackson's victory tour which was well. Yeah exactly and it was also probably the last iteration of Jackson's for Michael Separation Suffer Toddy. But he goes into the whole business of the tour treating the ticket sales. He says those lucky enough not be chosen for ticket however have to wait somewhere between six and eight weeks for the money will be returned and this is just one of the many facets of the system caused aggravation as an aside to. It'll the money was all put into a thirty day. Certificates that would earn Jackson's further million. You know so. Basically they were making money off non ticket sales just below two guns. I was flying in you to reveal a a shower. I can't remember it was the first Victory Toe Yeah. It was cool. Man Lands Giant Stadium. I remember going in the coach from the high town with Mick Brown funding and we were talking about Jerry her. She's wonderful so nowhere to run a meme. We got to see this as I say extravaganza that was just about his fall from the roots of soul. Music as you can imagine it was dreadful. Indeed John Abbey says about the audience in all honesty. The middle class middle aged audience didn't help. I'd love to see the show in different confines with the right audience. Maybe in different tasks use of Jackson's tool audience would have changed so basically they were playing to a substantially white and pretty middle class audience. Because the tickets are expensive thirty dollars a pop. This business about the promoters in New Orleans biggest rumpus in siege Chris Wallace general manager of the superdome when till nationwide. Tv and states promote a Dos. That susie be given to them to nothing that both the city and state should waive all taxes. I mean it was just a really nasty money grubbing upbringing. Wow and that was horrible as well as Oh yeah what he I mean he's making it. Wasn't they unstated show? Yes I'm looking at the Falsified it was also these solis. Yup I mean who bowler abby as part of this writeup reviews album and is pretty scathing about hit. You know one or two good things on it but nothing is as good as any of them as individuals like Jamaica Bay years from Thriller Right. Yes yes just saw. Jackson said might some decent records as agree great before that but this shows miss. The first of eighty excess. I think in many ways. But it's and it's a very good at the end. The end of it was the end of the Jackson's as fraternal act. Yes it's really what's really worth reading. This piece long really goes into the details. The hull nasty business. What's next marker? Well next is METALLICA. Wembley arena in Gittens familiar to nine hundred ninety. Now metallica. The metal band thoughtful rock press were allowed to like. Yeah it's fair to say they were. They were quite good. Actually this is in Gibson's type METALLICA. Had many kind and generous things written about them in this paper. Advocates have been highly seductive. This very well until the restaurant meets head on with reality. Montecot horrible this. This isn't strictly true. That grinding gray didn't does have a sutton. Mechanical appeal the someone impressive about download. This ridge efficient but biceps and belligerence. I'M SAPS report. Don't make for full set of aesthetics. Who wants to do this all the time? So it's great. You know very rude. Love a good mood review well to do to Caitlin Moran. It'd be belly for the Times in one thousand nine hundred three and basically it's marcy typical kitchen Miranda Hilarious season sort of anything else. Gail Greenwood remember. The band. Says ton is really sweet. That way lost week. She spent one hundred dollars. Having a kitten put down someone run over that really endeared her to me on the very last piece is ashes is pretty fantastic extensive profile and interview with Alan McGee by Hagan McGee the creation records boss signs on Jesus Mary chain and primal scream et cetera. He sobered up. This is a man who is he says here. It says Ost Hamry worse than any of the artist. You think it's rock and roll but it's just bullshit and he says in therapy I to face up to the fact that I had an addictive personality than not someone who does things by heart but then he still convinced this labels got a long way in fact. It doesn't have a long way to go after this off tonight. She seven he says the best group in the world. I'm still signing great new talent like Arnold three colors red eighteen wheeler. How're favorite bonds? Yes it's great. There's a parallel universe. Were ON LSD use low? I never bought into the indie ghetto mentality. That small is beautiful. I want to sell shit loads of records. That's my job. Which is fair enough. But didn't really management arnold three eighteen wheeler names as well. I think I mean there is a you have the benefit of hindsight you sort of feel like those have been successful based on their names. Are you saying that modest touch desert are something along those lines Bonnie? That's not that's your Thong. Could well let me just mention. A couple of pieces are actually wanted to just note. Mark that you added an extremely early piece on felt truth by Dave McCullough from one thousand nine hundred one. By far the peace we have on them when Lawrence is referred to as John Laurence in case. He's not he's not Lawrence. Let Learn Lawrence of Belgravia Laura. He's just John Lawrenson. It's infuriating because it's a typical Dave McCullough Kentucky which isn't really an interesting. What Dave Caluzzi is. He's hiding Salman. The Benghazi talks but then writes his own thoughts rav next she bought the bond of said. Yeah which is slightly frustrating Armenians bridges quickly mention a short interview with the late. Great Humphrey Littleton greater heads newest member. He's already about eight hundred nine at this point and he's in a pub neighbor. Oil Live almost say it. From my window the Bulls had bombs on. He has just played on radio heads. Album Amnesia. Cut. Think so you just talked about working with them. There's a noise piece by mark. Anthony Neal about donny. Hathaway more donny. We'll want Modigliani and it's a. It's a pace about along prose poem. That Guy Cool Ed. Pavlovich has published about Donny hathaway. It's just a nice pace saying what many of us feel about donny. Hathaway he should have been a big star at least as Marvin Gaye. I think finally for four hundred two stained colleague. Jospeh Alan Lloyd of rolling stone and Spin. Fine just the other day just sent me a short interview with tight. A swift that he did in twenty four tain about fifty nine thousand nine hundred eighty nine which was which is just about to come out and I am extracted the feature on the homepage. Which goes like this. There's nothing says I care about my girlfriend's now it's just the idea. The thrilled excited fascinated by things other than boys. Anyway I lines is in one thousand nine hundred knowing you bit of a closet Taylor Swift. Fan On your Balmy Well I. I'm not really thought I the one thousand nine hundred thousand nine hour I kind of I kind of Gossett to three tracks from that blank space. I thought was fantastic. And of course the one that. Paul likes to play a law. How does that go getting back together with the goat? The goat yeah. She's disappointed into the chorus of a song. Because it has this sort of p kind of production someone's cut into VAT goats screaming in the midst of. I think I might treat the listeners to that as a I mean that's the song called trouble. It makes probably not even on that record. I'm so I'm so ignorant but it is a funnel. Hurry that works. That's quite enough funding. All right okay I love. I loved that Song. I think I think she's made some fantastic pop records. So let's just let's just leave it. That Jospeh why don't you wrap things up with your selection of the week? I'd like to wrap things up by mentioning a couple of articles the first of which is childish. Gambino live at the basement of the camp- Camping City Arts and music project in EC. One in London. Right I'm just GONNA wait for hammering hand who is drilling now wrong wrong sex drill so this is Charles live at the music project in London. It's his first appearance in London. This is the second Article Childish Gambino. I'm a big fan of charge. He's sort of actor. Script writer turned rapper. He still does acting writing. He was on the American Sitcom community. Which is one of my favourite. Tv shows of all time. I think it's a fantastic funny clever program. He's very funny in that but he also wrote and I think directed Atlanta the TV series. A recently was very very highly. Acclaimed makes music. You sort of started out doing kind of wrap things in the then. Release the soul out all the way. Kim. I love a couple of years ago which I'd really like as a record and I like some of his as well. But so David Sinclair goes to see this. I London show for the Times in two thousand twelve and the interesting about you. Know as a rapper. And this is what David Sinclair points out is that he's quite different. From what David Sinclair describes the get rich or die trying stereotype that has dominated hip hop quote unquote on its journey from ghetto art to a new form of stadium? Rock and Donald Glover tireless campaigner. His Parents Jehovah's Witnesses and so he grew up in the suburbs of Georgia. Very much not in the kind of urban seeing that you that a lot of rap comes from and so he was criticized for not being part of authentic hypoxia. Tive but he tries to kind of lay claim to his own right to make the music that he wants to make regardless. I don't know it's I think he's an interesting musician and he's got some interesting say his most recent album just came out which wants peace. It came out like last month. But he's a much bigger star now than he was in twenty years so it's interesting to read about his first. Uk appearance thoughts. What it will. Yeah it was his first appearance bond while which is unusual for for hip hop gig. He's a real. Renaissance man isn't a real renaissance man. Yeah I think awaken. My Love is really great. Record the other piece just feel the piece is power bottom. I need I do boys but soon is interesting. Thing is Williams writing in his kind of his about magazines. Name and all my MAG. This is about a local Powell. Boston whistle hotly tipped to become the next big in the thing in two thousand seventeen and then allegations of sexual assault came to light and they were dropped by promoters by the label. Basically just completely dropped in a way that one rarely sees. And this is the point that PIP is making this article is that. Why would they dropped so fast? Compared to like say doctor live the whole cash. Thing Chris Brown Rana like Chris Brown. Still basically you know people still sort of accepting even though these very strong allegations made R Kelli Kelli. People suddenly don't accept our. We can agree on that. A Lotta people escaped unscathed from the from those kinds of allegations. But how often didn't is that? Because is that because of metoo. Possibly I mean this is twenty seventeen rather than say twenty twelve and I. I think that helps. But the other thing is and this is the thing that pip is writing about. Is that power tomorrow? Queer Band and so a lot of fans are more quote unquote woke van other bands fans and so the reaction came much more decisive much stronger because there is a sense of betrayal hypocrisy from the band who had chained to be championing. Lgbtq individuals but then you know they were the one of them at least was alleged to be assaulting fans after gigs and stuff and so there was this sort of real revulsion that someone who had felt like part of a community was doing these things. And that's what contributed to them. Getting just just dropped so quickly that basically they haven't been heard of since as far as I can I can tell on the subject of fairly revolting artists. Have you heard about Lobi sacking? All the staff of his Francisco restaurant lost. They've lost health coverage and all of that a man of deep pockets as basically just shot both on the same thing's happening ellen. Degeneres is stall on her show. She's not musician. But I mean this is feeling funny. Widespread your people the leopards. Really showing this Richard Branson wanting a bailout from the government doesn't pay tax in this country for million kids. Our thank you stay us. What is it rocks back pages? T shirts are going to have on them sneeringly anyway. I just I just wanted to mention that piece from pips. I think he's a really good piece of writing sort of exploring kind of essay like what's contributed to this. What can we learn from it as well start so I think that's interesting terrific. Well thanks just. That's all for this week. We are going to go out with the third and final clip in the Ron Sex MIS audio interview where he talks about his lack of confidence on stage and is acquisition of a certain live. Dvd by Neil diamond. Thanks for joining us this week. We'll be back next week to talk about among other things rock photography that great photographers of music with our guest. Gylfi ski so please join us then as well thank you and good night see you actually speak bye-bye that of a recent. Turek in two thousand and eight or something and I did not not stop watching it. I was watching every night and and at the back of my mind. That's who I really wanted to be not neil diamond. Because they wanted like you know when he comes out onstage completely owns it you know he. He is Neil diamond. Not embarrassed or and people love them right and I would see this movie with the same band for thirty years or whatever and And I was thinking well. That's what I WANNA be. I WANNA have my band. WanNa come out. I want to feel you know comfortable mounted Run down that was wrong. Sex Myth in conversation with Bonnie Hoskins in twenty eleven concluding. This week's rocks back pages podcast. The host Chaban Hoskins and Mark Pringle and it was co hosted and produced by Jasper Murison Bowie. The rocks back pages. Podcast is part of the Pantheon. Podcast network you can find thousands of articles as well as hundreds of full length audio interviews rocks back pages dot com quite jolly. That's okay. Yeah going through sluggish. Start nearing the office. Go because at the beginning

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The Lightning Round Podcast #210: Possible Chargers head coaching candidates  Part 2

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The Lightning Round Podcast #210: Possible Chargers head coaching candidates Part 2

"Uh-huh this is the lightning round podcast. Your host garrett's this the end jean-yves oil charges go. Welcome back everybody to lighten around podcast jamie and garett back with the. This is part. Two of our chargers possible head. Coaching candidates for two thousand twenty one. If you have not go back and listen to part one. We covered the other half of this list. We're going to get into the other half today but if you missed it you can't skip around. Go back and listen to those other ones because we're gonna be having our top five in some of those include some of the guys that were mentioned the first podcast. Just go back. Listen apart one positive right. Now go do that. Then come back and listen to part two so on this episode of part two we are going to be covering the forty niners defensive coordinator robert sala the chiefs offensive coordinator eric be enemy. The bills offense coordinator brian daboll. We're going to talk about the rumors surrounding urban meyer. And there's also one other mystery candidate that's going to make one of our lists that is not on the list of candidates that are going to interview or have already interviewed with the chargers. Got it hasn't been rumored to the chargers urban meyer so we got a mystery candidate coming up jamie. Let's go ahead and start with robert sala. Are you ready all right. So saul is probably the most fiery guy on this head. Coaching list You can't watch forty niners game without seeing saul on the sidelines screaming and jumping around with either joy or anger depending on what game and then mostly both during each game was the defensive assistant at michigan state central michigan in georgia. Sola on the side of the ball with the texans seahawks and jags until become the defensive coordinator for the foreigners niners in two thousand seventeen. Solo runs a four three under over hybrid. Which has a cover three prestige offense. Solas a blitzing technician. His calling card is those fire zone blitzes. Which i absolutely love. It's a to under three deep hot blitz solid puts numbers on the running back side to overwhelm and protection forcing him to make a pick which is something that i absolutely love. Basically the d. line opens up spot for the linebacker or the edge and the free runs coming out the quarterback on the running back side. The running back either has to go left or right. Pick somebody but the other guys running free so the way. He designs blitzes is just artistic. Love it what solid does beyond that is electric. Because once team's caught onto that fire zone alignments he started throw looks out that they just kinda looked like they were the fire zone blitzes without blitzing and he would even give the illusion of blitz overloading right side and then just have mall drop back in coverage and then send a corner from the opposite side of that blitz. he's a very cat-and-mouse coordinator. Who is always looking at the aggressor which i love every week becomes harder and harder to predict what solace doing even though the forty niners didn't do very good and they didn't surpass they're showing last year thing. I love that solid. Didn't twenty twenty. Was they lost. Nick boasts and ford and solemn. Move both the rookie. Von kinlaw and eric around the defensive line together which is something that we talk about. All the time. With melvin. Ingram and joey bosa so rather than splitting them he would just walk. Wherever kinlaw was armstead was next to wherever armstead was kinlaw was fallen. So whether it's left side right side middle didn't matter. They were just side by side so rather than having them on either side it was less create chaos in this one spot with these two players so i love that he had that little matchup beater. In how long have we been able to say like put joey bosa and ingram next to each other. Would you and gus would never do. It luckily gusts has gone. So we don't have to see that but a solid was with the seahawks when they won the super bowl and is what the forty niners when they went to the superbowl last year. So obviously has that experience. If there was one coach on this list that players will go to bat for we kind of talked about how that was. The case was staley. Sola people absolutely love every part of this ever played with them. There's something that i found interesting Another thing that's kinda plays in solids favor is he learned from. Kyle shanahan that shanahan. He said shanahan isn't just a good coach. He's a good play collar and it's his team. That has won vision. So it's not about the defense and special teams all of them have the same exact vision and the he's a leader of one. So he's said that's the thing that he's going to bring and then he tries to bring with defense and obviously something that he's going to do as they head coach as a natural born leader Love what he's gonna do being able to kind of equal all three of those phases together because if there's one team that struggles in one area and his bad in another and not very good in the other. The chargers last year so all three working together got well. Maybe maybe lynn was doing that. He was doing offense. Defense and special teams. Just yeah so you know. Players love saw. They respect them. There's even rumors that players are willing to follow him wherever he goes. Richard sherman is one of them. If they're if. Nancy cut him. Solomon thomas guy that said he would follow sala. So wherever you go coaches in two thousand twenty one you'll have guys follow him That obviously speaks to. What a great leader of men he is. He's only forty one so on the younger younger side. He's energetic creative. I love the success. He's had and i. I know there's a lot of ties to gas and that's a huge negative. I do think solace or passes. gus. I really love what he does and i love the success. He's had with the defense. He's been he's been a part of so. I mentioned goosebumps earlier. I don't know if you came across this article. But there was a monday morning quarterback article about sala talking about how Nine eleven shaped his life. And i read it and i was going to read it but i know how much it impacted you so wanna leave it to you. Yeah so i. I love this article. Any you hear stories about how nine eleven affected people ended affected all of us in some way or another but long story short. His brother was in the south. Tower robert solomon brothers in the south tower. This is a family of lebanese descent. Date from dearborn michigan very tight muslim community live and his brother was in the south tower with north tower was hit and was brothers. Boss was telling him to go back to work. He said you know that something's not right so he ran down. I think it was like sixty or seventy flights of stairs to get out in south building. He got out to the street just as the second building was hit so they lost contact with the day. They couldn't get a hold of them. Nobody knew what was going on. Robert was freaking out. The parents are freaking out. They finally get in touch with them. Brother survived and later that year. Robert is watching the patriots when their first super bowl. Tom brady and he is emotional. Like an emotional wreck basically because realizes that even though he's having all kinds of success working for comerica bank as a risk analyst. He's not doing what he was meant to be doing. So he calls his brother in tears and says. This isn't what i was supposed to be doing. I i need to be football. And his brothers like what are you talking about. You didn't go to combine. you didn't go for any workouts. You're done bro. You're done what are we. what are you talking about. He's not as a player. it hurts too much. I don't wanna be in pain. I need to be a coach. I'm supposed to be a so through their high school coach. Sala gets a contact with a a head coach at michigan state. I believe it was where he gets his first grad assistant position and he's there for year. There's a coaching change. He realizes there's no future forum his brother suggested he gets in the car and drives central michigan to go top. Brian kelly who recruited robert as an all conference division. Too tight end. Recruited him to michigan to central michigan. Kelly recognizes hires among the spot as a grant assistant. He goes on to network his way from central michigan to georgia. Emily against georgia. He realized he gets an offer to go to the nfl and he goes into talk to mark rick. And he's like thinking about doing this. Would it be okay. Because he's a week into his job is a great assistant at georgia. He's afraid he's gonna get a bad name. Prevailing is it. Okay if i leave and getting new spots again and mar and margaret goes. Are you crazy. That's what we all work for. Get the hell outta here. Pack your stuff up ago. We'll be fine. Get outta here. So that gets car drives go to go work for the taxes. Were he spends four years. And it's just every every step of the way he is networking. He's working network to get the next job to climb the ladder to get to where he wants to be. and he just. He wouldn't take no for an answer. The whole the whole story is about him. Overcoming adversity getting passed over for jobs moving onto the next gradison position moving on the next assistant coach of quality control coach physician and one of the things that i love about him is when he got to seattle working for carol. As a as a quality control coach. It was older staff. Nobody knew how to use computers. He taught himself how to use the computer in taught himself had in his analytics and playbook programs and all that kind of stuff to make himself indispensable in the game and the game planning process. And that's what got him. His linebacker coach. Job with gus bradley. So he's just he's like. I said he won't take you over answer. He's climbed his way from the depths of coaching. The heights of coaching is ready to get his first head coaching job. Now and it's just a really powerful story about realizing what you wanna do in chasing your dreams and not letting anybody tell you know and his players loved him. Another part of the article was it starts by saying that when i got to seattle he. Carol had all coaches down right down their mission statement twenty words or less to describe their belief system. Were what what their goals were for. Life and his mission statement was a commitment to consistently execute details required to compete at my greatest level with loyalty and conviction and that just speaks to his character and how he goes about doing things. I mean the. I loved his story. His backstory staley's backstory are just amazing when you start getting into his coaching experience in the Accomplished it's unbelievable Like you said the ties. The gus are a little worrisome. He runs that same four three team. You mentioned the blitzing. They blitzer a lot. Blitzer out this year out of necessity. They did not blitz very much last two years. They were right around twenty percent. Let's rate for the last two years. This year jumped almost thirty four percent. Because they lost all thomas. Nick boasted injury so they had to blitz. Mortar greet rusher. They had a lot of success with it last two years. His defense was second and fourth respectively. In terms of third down efficiency. They have struggled the red zone. But this is a. This is a group guest. The quarterback this is a group that stocks. He one third down and he found a way to just put his players in a position to succeed when his best players is best offensive line players got hurt. And i just think he. He extended richard sherman's career. He's extended jason threats career Our our former colleague bolts blue. Kyle posey will tell you straight up. And he has locked room. Access will straight up that Sala played a huge role in developing fred werner. In one of the better linebackers in the league The man is he just got an infectious personality and the personality in that. I think really attracts me him. And it's and that's what i think makes it stand out in this class. There's just something special about him and he has more experience daily but they're both very inspirational very hard working and just notion grindstone won't take no for an answer is not something that i'm really drawn to. I don't think this coaching staff is working hard last few years. I don't think they've made adjustments. I know that collect connected with players on personal levels at least lended But i still feel like. There's a lot of teaching in developing. On and i feel like that's something solid really excels up. Oh absolutely yeah i mean. There's a lot of high character guys which i liked about some of these this list of guys interview especially with staling sala. So let's let's end our list here because this is the last name on our list. Before we get into the rumored to more. Yeah scratch that okay. Before we got of course we got two more the two most important ones to a lot of people. Let's start with the chiefs offense coordinator. Eric be enemy so those charges fans are probably familiar with the enemy. He's a former colorado ryan back played running back for the chargers Spent five years as a running backs coach for colorado in ucla Spent another four or five years running backs coach and assistant head coach at with the vikings before taking the offensive coordinator job is all modern colorado in twenty eleven to twenty twelve. His time at colorado did not go. Well the offensive coordinator. They were twelve thousand scoring offense in eleventh until yards per game in twenty eleven and they were dead last in the pac. Twelve in twenty twelve in both categories He is a guy who he gets high praise from former players. Which i'm sure we'll go a long way There are a couple quotes here that i think are worth hearing. And this is something that jim trotter. Put on twitter yesterday There were a lot of reports that be enemy had not interviewed Falcons and it's coming out. Now that that was not in fact the case but trotter talk to four players and he talked to. Michael vick talked to patrick mahomes and both of them had very similar things to say about him. They say he has a presence in locker room. They both say he's tireless worker. He's extremely demanding They say that when would be enemy talks people listen. They say he's in the billing. Patrick mahomes joke that he thinks that the enemy sleeps in the building. He says he's in the building be enemies in the building usually beforehand. They both say he released everybody. Patrick mahomes said that he's involved game planning and he does draw some plays But he they both believe he's the kind of guy who has the character the personality and the ability connected players that will make him a quality head coach. I hate the thing that concerns me with him. is i know. He's been getting a lot of credit for that offense in kansas city. But that is. That's andy reed's playbook. He may drop some plays every week. But andy reid has been one of the best cars league for twenty years. It seems like a that's handy. Reed's playbook andy. Reid calls the place. There is even some belief that quarterbacks coach mike kaffa is responsible for developing homes than than eropean is. It's really difficult to put a finger on what be any does as offensive coordinator for that team couple of that popped up to me. He he was offered the head. Coaching job colorado is on water before this season in turn it down at. Apparently he's been telling people privately. He might wait for the perfect job before leaving kansas city so it seems like maybe he's not entirely sold on his ability to just fit in anywhere. Be a good head coach. He's looking to fall into the right position and rightly he recognizes. He's in a great situation with read while. Leave that if it's not the right situation. But i have my concerns. Not play. caller never had to manage a game. the one time he was a playcaller for two years in college in a conference in plays basically defense is offenses were terrible. I would have my reservations. I maybe it's just me. I'm not sure. I wanna meaty the first person higher as a head coach. I think he's gonna take his loss. And i think people might realize he is not the the offensive genius that they think he is at least not right now. Not saying he has learned a lot from it from any re- I'm sure he has. But i just don't know what he does. I don't know what he's responsible for. I'm not sure what his impact on that offenses and that worries me. A little bit if you're bringing him in to develop adjust her in the office so i he's not in my top five and he's not somebody that particularly no man. Okay well so mentioned that. He was running backs coach with the vikings. Of course. I was at two thousand six to two thousand nine where he coach adrian. Peterson is first four years. He also was the running backs coach for the chiefs when dramatic charles had his best season of his career with twelve touchdowns then he held that role until he got promoted in two thousand and eighteen. Now you're talking about what he does with the offense and that's something that i had to look pretty deep in the internet to find exactly what he does. Because it's a good question. Andy recalls the place. So what i found is basically eric be enemy. Assembles the chiefs playbook he puts together a weekly game plan and he runs the offense of meetings. Andy reid who chooses the plays that be enemy had laid out and then be any relays the place to patrick mahomes and his helmet on game days if the enemy objects place he and read quickly talk about it or call timeout to discuss it. So the playcalling fluid. Once i heard that process it kinda struck a nerve because it's like. How long do we watch can win. Hot not be able to get plays into philip rivers. Him tap is helmet or wave and get the plan and get to play in the chiefs. Have a two tiered dialogue process and they're able to get plays in and still get that blows my mind that they're able to do that that quickly. That's why we watched it this year. Too by the way with landon. Steichen now plays in. How many game. Communication should have right. So andy reid calls. The play gives it to the enemy. The enemy he gives it to patrick mahomes and yet that's a chain of command and the chargers have one guy to call one to one quarterback and they can't get it in time so there's a lot of talk about what exactly he does so technically he doesn't call the plays obviously it's fluid so he has somewhat of a play but i mean andy. Reid won the super bowl last year. He's one of the best players in the nfl. Like you mentioned may go down as one of the best ever to do it. So that's that's his right to do that and he should be calling the plays and that's why they want a super bowl with matt nagy as the office coordinator before getting the bears head. Coaching job tyreek hill. Which i read was very open about. How complicated that system was still a very good team but how much better be enemies. Offensive scheme was compared to nagy and while the enemy was running backs coach. He said in an interview that he was more concerned with pushing the ball downfield then he was getting his running backs the ball which is something. We cannot say about lynn who was also running backs coach so he gets the concept of an offense pushing the ball fields and yeah. That's kind of important then running out o'clock will you don't have a lead. You know that type of thing so another knock against the enemy other than the fact that he doesn't technically call place. Which i guess is i mean. It's true true whatever but the other one is people are critical of andy. Reed's coaching tree with guys. Like brad childress and matt nagy and pat shurmur. But you know it. Also launched john harbaugh sean. Mcdermott ron rivera. Doug peterson i mean i. I don't know if that's really a knock on. Andy reid playbook i think it's kinda hit or miss. There has been a lot of success with that. Coaching tree are ultra troops by the way. Yeah of course. Of course the downside is like you mentioned. People are talking about how he didn't have a good interview. Obviously we found that. That's not true. With the falcons but all of last year the enemy was doing interviews and he didn't get the job so maybe that thing that you read about him wanting the perfect situation. Maybe that's true. Maybe there is some truth that he's not a great interviewer. I don't know that's just been the report. That's what they're hanging. That whole falcons interview not going well with last year. Didn't work out interviewed. A bunch of people didn't like him. But i don't know anything about that and i can't speak to that so you know. I have no idea what he's like but we know that he's a good leader. He's talked about that. Players love his offense and a scheme he can obviously lead a locker room lead a position group. He can design a playbook so to me. he's kind of almost a as close to a head coaches. You can get in kansas city. So he's at least got that kind of experience he's got off coordinator experience designing playbook. Maybe he doesn't call the plays but he's familiar with it. He's obviously ahead of the curve. Compared to a lot of these other guys we've talked about. I really liked that. He understands the importance of getting help. He was an assistant head coach. Minnesota and he's practically one in kansas city. So he's the type of guy who said that he would not be opposed to having like a gay manager on the sideline somebody going above and beyond and getting the help if he can't get it so knowing that you know. Hey maybe i can call the plays but it's important to help other guys out like andy rita's with enemy right now in kansas city so that get and obviously he would have intel on charters rival. But that didn't work with mccoy that was supposed to be a big thing when he left the broncos. So how much help is that really going to help. But he knows what a winning culture looks like in kansas city every offensive player raves about enemy. I think he's a good one. I think he could be very good. Fit with the chargers higher on him than you are. A guy wouldn't mind the chargers hiring. But i think above everybody else and know. I don't wanna spoil it or give anything away but there's an office coordinator when you talk about now. Which is the last guy on our list before we talk about urban meyer and the rumors surrounding him and that is the bills offense coordinator. Brian cabell He started out as a defensive coaching assistant with wide receiver coach with the patriots in two thousand and two thousand six. He was the qb coach for the jets then became an office coordinator with the browns dolphins chiefs. Two thousand seventeen deba was the co offensive coordinator at alabama. Then got the oc gig with buffalo in two thousand eighteen. He's won five super bowls as an assistant a national title with alabama as an office coordinator Back at josh allens offense at wyoming and what he inherited you know they really try to utilize in wyoming in college his strong arm and kind of the passing game it was an offense in which the bills implemented when they drafted him because they thought that's what he was most used to while ala's got a cannon. He shortly realized able did. His real strength was under ten yards. So debacle shifted his whole scheme to equip timing offense that setup deep passing game and his rocket arm and that caused the shift and the shift was the analytics debacle went to the analytics. Something we all love and wish any head coach. The charges were coaching would go to because of his new scheme and two thousand eighteen. The pressure rate was thirty first. They dropped a twenty first. The following year in two thousand eighteen it was the twenty third. in sacramento it dropped to nineteenth. The interception rate was thirty. Second in two thousand. Eighteen dropped to fourteenth everything shifted from year to year when they went to that short passing game to set up the passing game. Now in twenty twenty. One josh allen has ascended to an mvp candidate. He's been dark horse the season. They beat the colts to move on to the play offs and that's because the bills investment in the offensive line which tables obviously known the importance of and more importantly because of dabbles new risk averse offensive system. I cannot express how huge labels impact has been on josh allen. He is an absolute miracle worker. College quarterbacks with under fifty seven percent completion percentage with over six hundred career attempts has never been successful. there has been none. there's been zero quarterbacks. It's guys like ryan linley derek anderson christian hackenberg. Kyle fuller jake locker. Tom savage and josh allen. None of those names you want to be associated with debacle is a miracle worker. He took a non-functioning college quarterback and made him a dark horse. Nfl mvp quarterback who's going deep into the playoffs. Now that david offense consists of a group of quick twitch. Route runners like cole beasley john brown and now stefan digs. They run that five to seven route patterns giving them the opportunity to get open. He runs those core concepts. He learned at new england from the drop back passing game and then he blends with this new age. Play design and play action. It is borderline genius. He is lovely to watch. It's a quick offense with misdirection. He throws them play. Actions jet sweeps tight bunch formations that gives receivers to goes to get open on the outside. He then gives josh allen the ability to run on keepers to. I mean this is the perfect blend of old school new school and everything that justin herbert needs. The common question that i've been getting on twitter is debut obviously works in the booths. And now we're we're nitpicking. He works in the booth. So could he be a good head coach on the field. The answer is obviously yes kyle. Shanahan was a guy who worked in the booth. He's now on the field. I'd say the forty niners have done pretty good. There's obviously other examples of that. That's not that big of a deal also some are asking about debacle stint with the browns in two thousand nine and two thousand and ten and how that offense was not good at all. Was it concerning. He had brady quinn. Jake degrom colt mccoy. In seneca wallace as quarterbacks for those two four quarterbacks in two years none of which are any good i would say that's probably more of a product of the talent and the environment than it is of debacle. And if you look at it. He's clearly grown. since so. that's oh so long ago you don't even remember those who seneca lawless. I haven't thought about him and forever so the fact that he is still pretty young. he's forty five. He's an analytically driven play. Caller there's obviously those parallels josh allen. Adjustment herbert that are real close. Debut system is tailor made for guy like just in her britain offense it would mean more quick routes with keenan which is his strength setting up. Herbert's big arm. Getting herbert on the move more which we've talked about all recipes for success at this point the only real knock for me is. He isn't as animated as robert tayla. But who cares. There's he doesn't have the feel. Good story like taylor saint la but he's super competitive or solace me you super competitive therefore a problem. He can lead locker room. Debacles a lot of fun. I don't wanna give away where he is on my list but he's definitely mataafa for sure we know where he is. I don't think there's much surprise hiding very well. No not no. I totally agree with everything. You're saying you know going back to two thousand nine. Two thousand ten in asking. His offense bothered us. I mean you mentioned the quarterback. I think they were throwing josh cribs. So yeah this was not a good football team. There was no talent on this team at his system has evolved. his team has evolved. You mentioned analytics. They went through a series this year playing various very very tight games in the first six or seven weeks of the season. They build two or three score. Lead kinda coast. The opposition will climb back into the game and they'd have to scramble the win the game of the and he will enable learn from his mistakes right away in season in game. He learned from his mistakes. I think the turning point for them was right around the arizona cardinals game where they got. They had that helm era and they lost the game that they lost thirty two to thirty in week. Seven or eight from that point on they were blowing people out. They were building big leads and adding to them throwing the ball down the field really right now. Cobra kai is all the rage on on youtube. Oh here we go pop. Culture reference Brian dave all is john kreese. Josh allen is johnny lawrence young. John laurence yep and those offenses cobra kai erase strike. First strike hard in the shit of everybody they play. Yes thank you jake. They have to they sweep away. They do whatever it takes to win the game. He's not done though is not biondo. They're not playing defense defense. They're out there to bust your nose. Break your lagging win the game. They're not selling cars anymore. No so i to me. You washed the way. The offense evolved not just from year to year to year. Which by the way was pretty remarkable in terms of away. They were thirty. Second team offense Twenty eighteen twenty first and twenty nineteen in fifth in two thousand twenty josh allen personal deviate from thirty third twenty third so he went from basically being bused to being. Nfl at an mvp candidate pretty much overnight. they're extremely successful on first and second hour. They have a fifty eight percent success. Rate on first and second down and it's mostly because they put the ball in allen's hands and they throw the ball. I think it's sixty two or sixty three percent of the time on first and second down more than any other team in the league. Their success rate of fifty percent is third best so in their success rate from the last three years went from thirty first in the league. Twenty eight third success accessory went from thirty two percent thirty eight percent to fifty percents right in that range. You want to be in terms of converting third. Douse the score touchdowns on sixty two percent of red john red zone trips this year a feed stands out to me is i feel like dave all is what i would call a predictive or playcaller. He played safety in college. He's been defensive assistant he learned under both nick. Sabin end bill. Belichick sui understands. How defensive coordinator sink. He understands the defensive side of the ball works at his play calling reflects that he combines formations motion. Traffic is simple passing concepts to game plan. Around what what. The defense is doing instead of what he wants to do. So yeah so. Basically what i'm saying is instead of just going into the game of doing what he wants to do. Every game. he knows what the defense is gonna do. And he's planning to be the best so this is not a keg wasn't high chain steichen. This is our offense. This is what we're gonna do. This is what we do really well. Even they don't do it while the game plan changes every week and they attack every defense differently I feel like he doesn't excellent job of stressing soft spots zones forced defenders into reading. What he's doing. Rather acid. Jonah josh allen wreath defense he like i mentioned with the series of tight games and really after week nine. They never looked back. This certain people out and it was all because he changed the way he manages leads to the game by building on putting people away. I just i feel like this is a very adaptive very smart. You mentioned very analytical coach. He has an economics degree. So you know. He's engrossed in statistics the analytics numbers and he gets it and his his play hong changes. It shows that you watch the playoff game Yesterday and it was a little bit uneven. The glad game on saturday was wilbur. Even but when they started opening up the offense throwing the ball down the field they got yard chunks and they score touchdowns and that's what ultimately won the game for that. We saw a lot of seamounts. A lot of plays in the middle of the field between the linebackers and safeties challenging stressing the cover. Two defense that the matt era flus uses and he got them their first playoff win since what nineteen ninety eight or something. Like that for forever. Yeah. this is a fantastic coach. I think you'd be perfect for josh. Herbert you mentioned the similarities. Between herber and allen. I think her there are a lot of physical similarities. I think there are some similarities in the way both of them see the field. Although i think her a little bit ahead of where alan is even right now in terms of seeing the field and i think there are similarities. A way they need to play from a physical standpoint. Did you successful at it. You'll see those quarterback runs. you know. We heard a lot this season anthony lane about. Well we we wanna look. We want to limit the amount of hits her. Take so we're gonna put stick in for few plays or we're not going to run and we're we're just gonna drop them back by seven five seven deaths and having thrown the deep ball. I think allen takes hits on their terms the way he wants to take its by getting about on the edge running the ball moving the pocket around. He's not a pocket passer and they don't really ask them to be a consistent pocket passer they allow him to roll out and make throws on the move. Everything they do within is amazing. I think there's still a lot of work to be done with him. And i think there's less work to be done with her. I think there are some accuracy issues corrected which by the way day ball did an amazing job of correcting with josh allen and herbert's accuracy issues are not anywhere near allen's work on the college at her any more accurate than allies. Oh yeah yeah no. He's a miracle worker. Yeah he's he's amazing they're efficient. They're productive their explosive for the jugular whenever they can. It's the kind of offense that i would want sh- in her plane absolutely so all right so let's go ahead and finish up our littlest here before we talk about anybody. That's not on our list and The name here. That's at the end here. That isn't part of the interviews but is rumored to be interested in the chargers job. There has been no talk about. If the chargers are interested in urban meyer. But there's just a rumor. So if brian dr deba is johnny lawrence. This is your danny larusso of head. Coaching candidates is jamie would say maybe even worse somebody worse than that is urban meyer. So tell me. Your thoughts on urban meyer. Look we all know the successes for a reminder national championships floor national championships in ohio state He has churned out capitalist. Nfl not just players but stars. He always has good offenses. He puts his quarterbacks in a position to succeed although he has not exactly developed. Nfl caliber quarterbacks at the college level. He is a guy who certain noses football certainly knows his personnel certain waking needs for his skin to be successful He is. I understand why people are interested just from the standpoint of he's been so successful in college that. Why would you want that coaching your team. I do have some concerns though to be perfectly honest with you. I have some concerns some a lot. First of all. I was saying earlier on that. I wanted to charge higher. Jim harbaugh because i thought they need an experienced coach and people kept coming back to the insane. While he's not winning michigan. Why would you wanna bring that here. Because i really know he can win at the nfl level. Seen it with my own eyes. I've seen him adjusted offense. A seen him adjusted offense to suit. Both alex smith wrote an cut. A call kapernick. Both of whom were completely different. Quarterbacks i've seen him go to think it was three nfc championship games and won super bowl. So i know he can do it. I don't know that remind can do that. I don't know the urban meyer can use his style. Which most people say is kind of the bully intimidating methods to motivate in push grown men who are making more money than he is at the nfl level to do what he wants to do. The latter wet. It's a lot easier take eighteen or nineteen year old kid and say i'm gonna pull your scholarship solitaire. Do what i what they're to do because they don't want the scholarship. I think there are also significant character. Issues with him. Myers a guy who left florida. Under fishy circumstances. He also left. Ohio state under fishy circumstances. Now eddie every time he leaves he always says while i have health issues i have to leave and he. It's true. he does have assistant his brain. I believe however that sis never seemed to be an issue until he's about to fire than it's an issue so i have some concerns about the way he leaves programs i he. He's been accused of hiding drug dirt drug tests. He certainly helped cover up his assistant. Coaches domestic abuse issues accused of hiding rapes. He basically enabled aaron hernandez murderer at while he played for him. A florida He is a guy who uses something called a circle of trust or brotherhood of trust which basically says as long as you're playing. Well i'll cover up anything you do feel to keep you on the field. And he has a winning all cost guy. And i just feel like he's guy who i'm not with the way. He checks out with health issues. I'm not sure he's gonna stick at the. Nfl level serious questions about the way he's gonna motivate players. I feel like. I don't know as much as you want to win a kind of feel like you're selling your soul a lot of levels to hire him and like i said you don't know that he could do it at the nfl level. I think he's a guy who's going to require a lot of money. Probably allow power and based on the reports and again. These are just rumors but it sounds like he's probably gonna wind up in jacksonville. And i'm not even sure the charger interested. It just doesn't seem like they're kind of so and not to with his dysfunctional. They are on the in the office house. He can handle that. So i just as much as i want successful head coach a that experienced coach with proven success. I don't know how many at the at the college level translates to winning at the nfl level and there are countless examples. Of how doesn't so. I can certainly. Oh yeah no. This is a recipe for disaster. And you know he's won national titles and that's great has a precedent of ability to recruit kids at the college level. But that doesn't matter because he he could bring the most talented kids he could in college but the nfl he just cannot do that. He's not gonna be able to occur kids like he does these high school kids and bring them to your big colored program in terms of a coach. He he has that patented spread offense and That system has been effective everywhere. He's coached but the downside is. He's only really been as good as his quarterback spin. Which is you know for a coach. He's just one of those writer died to his spread scheme coaches which obviously is an old school mentality. That just on the fly just isn't there. He's just goes with what works when he struggles with it. We saw when he had braxton miller it just it doesn't work. his spread. Offense is as good as his quarterback and this is just in terms of personality standpoint. You talked about it. He's gonna wanna get paid. We don't know what that number is. The number of those thrown out. Who's refuted by rappaport. Either way is gonna want some kind of money. It's not gonna come cheap especially in terms of coaching salary goes and he's gonna want power like you mentioned. And he's already met with jags twice. He met on the owners boat recently. So that's all probably done but he's also gonna wanna bring his own coaching staff with them. He's talked about already like putting together his own coaching staff with talk to the jaguars about it. So the chargers won't have much say in that so the charges basically to clean house and let meyer have some power. i don't see spanos paying for meyer as much as he wants. And i don't see him giving as much power as he wants so. I don't think that happens. And i don't think they're very interested in terms of the medical issues. I mean you talked about how. He's left. Florida and urban and ohio state because of these issues and i know he's a grown man but at this point if they are so bad and the college level how is he gonna deal with losing the nfl level because he is famously not being able to deal with losing well. He takes it personally and it takes. It takes a toll on his body according to him. So that's why he had those safa geel spasms that's why he had the brain cyst. He doesn't deal with stress well and that's out of college level. Imagine having his job depend on on an at an nfl level he's had to quote unquote retire twice. If i'm in his family. I would say you just shouldn't do this but it's his own thing but in terms of health that doesn't bode well for him. And what does that look like for your future. You don't wanna go there. But if he's had to retire twice at a college level. How long can you count on urban. Meyer to run your franchise. I don't think all that long to be honest. And people are forgetting all the how he disgraced. Florida and ohio state. You mentioned a lot of it. I'm gonna pile on here. Carlos hyde was caught slapping a woman at a bar and basically urban meyer hit for as long as he could. The tape came out and then he just put a little slap on his wrist and told them he couldn't play for two games two games in which didn't matter to the program. Percy harvard attack coach on the sideline mired in doing anything about it. One of his coaches use a racial slur. You talked about how. He hid the domestic abuse. One of his coaches used the racial slur at a player. Meyer tried to hide it. He then got caught lying about it and then he was caught enabling that flew to see his kid the kids to convince her not to say publicly exactly so he went to the kids. Mom say don't share this whole thing. He then then during the investigation they found his fallen and all his texts were deleted. So and then there were talks within the organization that he did it on purpose as a psychological motivation for that player. So you wanted to get his players. Held off told. His coach allegedly to use a racial slur player in rather than the player using it as motivation. Obviously not took it personally surprise surprise. That tactic doesn't work and so listen. Man i'm out on urban meyer. I to be honest with you. I might take jason garrett over urban meyer. I don't want anything to do with him. I don't like his personality. I don't like his and he's famously using the psychological factors players and it's not gonna work at the nfl level like you mentioned. They're gonna be making more money than he is. So that's not going to work on him. I don't want urban meyer. I don't like his coaching tactics. I think is offense is outdated. He wanted to college level. Congratulations don't think you can do it. The nfl level. Let's jags. I am completely all the way out. Yeah i think if you hire or liar for four or five years on contract. I would not be surprised if he's out the door three because of health issues absolutely Absolutely either that or he's going to cover something up for a player or say something or do something stupid and you're gonna get busted. I mean i support. Harbaugh in. Harbaugh is an asshole. Look he's an asshole but absolutely but he knows his shit and he wins at the nfl. Yeah and there are so many unknowns and the and there's nothing nothing illegal about harbaugh. There's nothing scandalous harbaugh. He just has a. He's just a flaming asshole. He just has a really difficult personality. He wants things done a very specific way. But you know what fucking worse. Now i and i think on some level that conflict that idea of everybody has to get along. Everybody has to be nice. That's something the chargers have been working on for a long time and it doesn't work. Maybe they need somebody to come in and tell them what they're doing wrong but you just don't need somebody who's gonna cover up a rape or use a racial slur or tell coach to use a racial slur cover up dirty drugs. Getting over on the sideline or right. You know the whole thing. Well yeah you did yes. That's the that's the kicker is not only. Did they hide drug tests but he had the player put a boot on particularly injured. Faking injury so they wouldn't get caught that he that they failed a drug test all believable. By the way you buddy bringing any of this up anymore. He's he's getting paid. Turn men into took her boys to men and he's not doing it. So i i i don't get it i don't get it. I know people want to win. But i don't know i just i don't think i don't think it works. You meant you made a really good point about the health concerns and the hours the stress level at the nfl level. He is said apparently it was reported that he said he likes the idea. Coaching in the nfl because quote have offseason really because the season ends january. You're you're preparing for the draft and free agency. In february free agency starts in march. The draft is in april. Many campuses in may training camp starts in july. You know what there's no off season it's a year round jaw. It's year round. Twenty four seven job so he can't handle that in college. Probably not gonna work for william fell. That's my guess. No yeah no. I don't think so either. Yeah i'm out on urban. Meyer and Let's i mean we gotta finish this up here. So let's go ahead and talked about the guy that you want to mention that is not on on this list. Okay so the one guy that did not on the list of confirmed candidates but as somebody who is on the latin last lightbulb the chargers Entity land somebody. We were both very high. On as somebody who i think. They should look again because of all the issues in having is day told the special special teams coordinator for the kansas city. She's yup this is a guy who played in the nfl. He played savvy nfl. He spent fifteen years at missouri as a strength and conditioning coach and as defensive line coach he's spent three years as a special teams coach in quality control coach for the eagles. Interestingly enough he was the first ever special teams quality control coach in. Nfl history did not realize that until tonight. Eight years is the bear special teams coach seven years as as chief special teams coach last few years as an assistant coach. He started interviewing for jobs. Twenty twelve so not really sure why he hasn't been hired of the fact that hiring a special teams coordinator is not all at sexy. A this is a guy who basically spent his entire career developing special teams pro bowlers. His whole job has been to basically develop the bottom third of the roster for wherever. Tv's were four. That's all specialties. Coordinators though as special teams coordinator teach blocking they teach tackling. they teach kicking. You gotta teach the people blocking on your on your Your special teams units had in the wreck. Four one stance bounced He has a strengthening conditioning coach. Which last time. I checked at a history as a special teams go as a strengthening condition. Coach was the last time i checked is something. The charges had a hell of a lot of problems with over the years And he's always been praised his attention to detail in his ability. Teach everything from blocking kicking the tackling and the one thing that special teams coordinator do that offensive. Defensive coordinator don't do. Is they work with offensive players and defensive players linebackers wide receivers safeties offensive. Lineman defensive lineman. All these guys play specialties. So he has relationships with all of them. They all for what i read. Everybody loves working with him and he understands how to connect with these people. Teach them skills specifically their positions. These are all very important things in these are all things charges the teaching aspect detail the teaching these are all things that charter issues. With for a long time andy. Reid himself praises told for being a problem. Solver a motivator in a tireless worker and the story that i got about him. That i love which i didn't get. The last time around was told grew up relatively poor but he wanted to become he. He was very in weightlifting. You wanted to get bigger and stronger for football. Couldn't afford couldn't he did. He built jim his parents garage at of. Oh extra. remember the extra gear that was laying around the house. Built a leg. machine built a bench. Press machine built it all himself. Yeah he also built a multibillion dollar desert which now lives in from scratch from the rhonda obama so that doesn't speak to somebody who has had an amazing attention to detail and it is able to solve problems and work across many different disciplines. I know what does or build a team from the ground up. If you may or go the team from ground up thank you. Did they get like. I don't know why he's not getting hired again. I think these offense coordinator the sexy higher defense coordinator A little bit less so but tobe is standing coach. He's fifty seven years old so he's not a baby like some of these guys. He's been there done that. He's worked for an andy reid for a long time. they actually came up together from big coached missouri. Together and andy. Reid brought him every. Step away along with him so i think he's a fantastic coach. Kansas city special teams have never had. They never been ranked lower in deviated night in all this time at kansas city. So this is a guy who knows what he's doing works with all levels of of the teen with in with kind of a holistic approach. I think he's a great fit. I don't know why he's not getting more talk as a candidate. I don't know why he hasn't been hired already. But i think this guy's a fantastic candidate. He saw me who. I think the charter should be looking at for sure. Yeah love him. He's not in my top five. He got out of it i. I considered him. But just add onto what you're saying had success everywhere he went. He was with the bear special teams before kansas city with devin hester in that electric group of special teams. So that he's i mean he's had success everywhere he went and then also andy reed recently made him an assistant coach at kansas city. So yeah yeah he also. He was the quality control coach for the special teams in the got. Jim harbaugh hired John harbaugh hired at baltimore right and he was special teams. Coordinator wasn't a sexy higher. Then but you know he. He deserves his his. Do toe bakery. So let's go top five now. Let's do it five to one. Give me your top five of these candidates that we've discussed today. My number five is robert sala. He would have been much higher on my list because of the way that i connected with story if it wasn't for his ties to gus. And the fact that traditionally not somebody blitz is a whole lot and also sure that four three scheme is something that really fits. The chargers defense anymore. I think they need to be more creative mixed their front slow more and find new ways to create pressure from different areas. And i'm not sure. His scheme is best suited. They absolutely to find a way to get to unleash a Can kenneth murray as atra. So i love saw. I love story. I'd be very happy. They hired a not top of my list that he's number five and again those ties the guys and the fact that he typically is not very aggressive on defense concerns me a little bit but i love the fiery personality. I love the back story. I love everything about him. Except for the scheme in the ties to gus. My number five is arthur smith the titans offensive coordinator. I know he didn't have a good first playoff weekend. But i'm not going to hold that against him because i thought last year. He was remarkable in the playoffs and took the titans really deep almost went to the super bowl last year. I love the fact that he has heavy play action. I think that's something that just herbert needs in something. The offense is missing and also the parallels between ryan tannehill and justin herbert a really close very close similarities in terms of skill set. And i know that he can maximize justin herbert talents. He did it with ryan tannehill. So i'm going to go with arthur smith as my number five. Dave was my number six. I flip flopped with both of them. I couldn't figure out my five was. But i just think the offense that arthur runs his scheme while there might not be the right personnel here with the chargers. I do think his overall offensive philosophy can work with justin. Herbert and the chargers offense number four for me is dato. Ira talked about him. Talked about the last two. I just love everything about his. History is a coach. His background the fact that he already is accustomed to working with all three phases of the team People on both offense and defense. I just think he's i think he's a fantastic coach. I think he would bring a more holistic approach to the teen that they've been missing for a long time and i think he would also go a long way towards developing depth productive death. Which is something. That's been an issue for the chargers for shitsus marty. Lift my number. Four zurich be enemy the chiefs offensive coordinator. I just think what he's done with. Patrick mahomes in that offense has been great. I know andy. Reid has a big say and a lot of pull in that room. But eric bana does a lot with that offense. He knows how to build a playbook. He knows how to call plays. He knows what it takes to win. He's won a super bowl with the chiefs. And i get it andy. Reid is all over that he is a masterful playcaller. He deserves to do. So but eric be enemy would be a great addition for the chargers. I think he could lead ben. I love the fact that he knows how to run a room. He knows how to build a playbook. He knows how to call plays. I'm in on eric. The enemy and i'm not using any of these rumors about eric. Be enemy and not being a good interview into my decision. I just think what he's done with the chiefs in what he could do with the chargers offense would really help them out. So i got eric at number four he did not make my top five And i just want to say to. You know all the stuff about not interviewing well. We don't know how we interviewed so it's not something we can really comment on. How you what people are saying that has since then refuted. I've also heard some people come out and say that you have to be wary of his legal history. He's been in some trouble. But i don't wanna make this a i don't wanna make this about racial profiling. I don't think that's fair. Almost all i think pretty much. All of his legal history was from two thousand four or before. He's a grown man. We all make mistakes I don't think that's a reason to exclude him. It's not why excluded him i just. I'm just not comfortable with the fact that i can't put my finger on exactly what he does. So that's what he did. Make my list okay. Number three by number three is matt flus. Defensive coordinator for the colts We talked a lot. He he was my number two going into this process that he dropped a little bit but still very high on him. The attention to detail the idea that he holds people accountable the way. He really stresses alignment assignment key technique. A ways defense records turnovers how efficient. They are all of it. Lines up i. I love the culture of accountability. I love it. I think the chargers have tried to implement that and maybe one about the wrong way in some ways with landing the way he handled for example king But i i just love the way he goes about his business a really like the way that he came out of his comfort zone and was more aggressive attack more in the playoffs when it mattered. It didn't pay off with a win. But i do think it's something that he deserves a lot of credit for that suggests that it's something he will continue to do as his responsibilities grow and the moments deteriorate later so i love madiba flu season number three. I got robert sala at number three. The forty niners defensive coordinator. Now i know he's got ties to gus but i'm not going to hold that against him either. I just think what he's done with. The forty niners across the board defensively has been great. And i know that he doesn't blitz that often but when he does he is very successful and he did a lot of this year and i think maybe he has learned something. I love his defense of philosophy. The things he gets out of his defensive line. I love what he gets out of his. Db's is corners. They are a cohesive unit and of all he's a leader of men this guy's the most fiery of the bunch and i really respect how he's climbed his way through organizations and networked his way to the top. I just think that his fire zone alignments are absolutely beautiful. And i love to see some of that with the chargers defense. Obviously they lost. Gus so that would be an easy fill in for robert sala. I just think he's got the makeup to be a pretty good head coach. So i've got him number three number twos brains daily. Yes likely talked about. The back story is amazing. The history of climbing his way up from the depths of coaching the is approaching is amazing. The way his players rave about him. I just love the fact that he's a football junkie. He's constantly studying texting his players tidbits of information that the way his players seem to jump route to know where the ball's going before goes there. I think this guy is a teacher. He's creative he's innovative. He does a hell of a job. Creating pressure on defense is players will go to bat for him. I love it. I love everything about it. And to be honest i went into this thinking. David was number. One staley almost overtook him as number one. But that is close. I for me. It's one in two everybody else and staley's amazing it'd be throw. They hired him. Yes yes see. I didn't nobody has talked. About how high brain staley is and how good he is coach. Because he's only got that one year of experience and he's green. I thought it was going to surprise you here with number two. You went with me. And i am so with you it is it is debacle. It has staley everybody else. And he could basically flip flop for me. I mean jason garretson absolutely fucking not from me brady urban meyer to joe brady. I'm i'm really not that big a fan of he's way towards the bottom of my list. I think you could interchange a lot of these other guys with either flus and arthur smith be enemy. Sola all these guys which which. I'm happy with because. I think there's a lot of good candidates in this group but it goes brian daboll. The miracle worker goes brandon staley. The kid wonder and then it goes everybody else below those tears. I'm absolutely with you. So the lightning round. Podcast and jamie doesn't mean anything about it number. One is brian daboll. We talked about him. Number two is brandon staley. They are one to the lightning round. Podcasts picks if they pick staley debacle. I'm still very happy vice versa. I'm very happy same right. Yeah absolutely i. I am zero complaints whatsoever. Really anybody on my list of particularly with debacles daily. I had those two guys in particular are headed shoulders above everybody else and i feel like catching lightning. The bottles will either one of those guys. Yes and i think staley is not a consolation prize. I think it has one eight one be able. I really do think you could interchange these guys. Depending on the day and what part you look at because they are both very good. And i think they're both gonna make really really good head coaches. So that's going to do. A guys exelon podcast. We did it. we got through it number one. Brian able number two brand in staley or one a one b. That's what you gotta remember. During this process they get the lightning round. Podcast stamp approval. And you know how important that is to everybody including everybody. Yeah of course not just players but followers in people listeners. And everybody else if we like you. That means something very very special. And if you're listening to this podcast we like you. So your special. Thanks for sticking with us. I am the on twitter jamie and we will see you next time.

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1280: "Deplatformed Duo"

No Agenda

3:15:12 hr | 4 months ago

1280: "Deplatformed Duo"

"It's in our face Adam Curry. John's. Twenty four twenty twenty. This is your award-winning on Asian media. Assassination episode twelve hundred eighteen. This is no agenda. Speed it up to forty five cycles and broadcasting live from Opportunity thirty-three here on the frontier of Austin, Texas capitals of the Throne Star state in the morning everybody. Occurring and from your them. Silicon. Valley. Well, slow it back down to thirty. Three to third word belongs I'm John CD back. It doesn't even belong there belongs at thirty. And even thirty three and a third. In, the morning to you, sir. To you. Let. Me Talk about this spotify thing right away. People are very confused. Oh Yeah. spotify oh we've been we've been platform or no. I love your attitude had my daughter bring it up. Yeah. What she say He sent me I said, what? What's this is your hands beer phone has got a picture of no agenda show d platform from spotify. Explained to her what you're going to Spain right now, which invite you to do. Okay. Several weeks ago. I received well, actually a couple of emails coming out to all podcasters Amazon spinning up podcasting thing Google. Wanted Torino obviously Amazon was coming into the marketplace and everyone is the. Let's stop before we go on then. What I heard this too what what am where? Amazon fit into the scheme is jumping into every thinks yeah. Amazon. They also have an APP store you know for for Android they of course, have Amazon music. So they now have a new APP which is low and behold Amazon Music podcasts and I think they're going to be as exciting as Amazon music has taken the world by storm probably. So the way they do it is the though the find their RSS feeds podcast feeds wherever they find them or scrape them or whatever they do. And in there's always an owner email that is deemed to be the owner of that feed. So they just send everybody an email saying hey. You WanNa make sure you're on this hot new Amazon music APP. To go over here and register into podcast Puerto. Which? I went over there. Check we're not on it. Okay. Fine. That's exactly the way I'd want it to be besides if we wanted to be on there, it was not something I would do myself. Around this time Google also said, hey, if you don't want to be into Google different approaches. Hey, if you don't WanNa be in our in our system, you've got to put this code in your feed. Thanks Google. So now it's on me to stop them. Thanks. That's the that's the way to do it. That's the way to do it, and they do promise even if you don't want to be in our podcast player. You will show up in search results spotify also sent me an email to Adam curry dot com pay log into your podcast portal. You can check your stats and do all kinds of stuff like well, that's interesting I. Know we're on spotlight I know Gosh Board. Well, so I log in. Now this is few weeks I log in and I have no an account it's outta McCurry dot com. It's been the same since day one. And there's no no agenda there's no podcast associated with me. I'm like. Well, that's interesting. Of course I knew I didn't put it up. So I never. Said, go ahead put it there. So I click on the gotTa Question Link and fill out the form and say what's up with that. I said my podcast is on your system, but it's not in my podcast portal. And so they send me an email, an email. Okay. If you have a problem, click on this link to. Submit a copyright claim. Copyright claim to look at this link and the link right there says copyright claim make sure you consult a lawyer before filling this out. I'm not GonNa do anything like this. So I drop it and I just forget it. And then all of a sudden. We're gone from spotify. So this doesn't surprise me because if you see what they are doing where they're at right now and where where the industry is at I believe they are shoring up all of their feed so that they have agreements because the agreement they want you to sign has a lot of things in there that would be open to discussion where we want to be on there at all. And the most important whether a couple of important points but the biggest problem, both of these APPs. I'll put Amazon music in there and spotify 'cause spotify music and podcasts is you cannot under any circumstances have any little bit piece snippet or anything of music that you do not have cleared and licensed. This is the Achilles heel for spotify. Because They wanted to move away from paying for music. So if the algorithms and there's plenty of them and the music record companies have the music publishers. If they detect music into podcast, they're immediately going to send spotify bill who will then turn around and say it's your fault you promised you wouldn't do it and send us a bill even if it's under fair use, I don't think we want to necessarily have to deal with that are end of show mixes would have to stop for sure. But. Otherwise, they want all right and title worldwide license. They can edit they can transform transmogrify Fai they can chop down removed, do whatever they want with your show. They can actually change the file. Good. This is really not what it's about. This is about the spotify podcast. A was it. A. Automatic ad insertion. And they touted this back in January a couple of links in in the show notes you can say look good. Yeah. So they are they are promising targeting very specific level by gender age race, musical taste sexuality. They're building huge profiles and everybody because if you think about it, what you learned from someone's music is can be quite a lot. also who you're free, you share your playlists with so they they are promising and it could be true. They are promising the facebook of. At facebook advertising of podcast and it's You know they really did a big made a big deal about this This advertising system they have and I think they purchase some technology as well and it's already rolling out. So obviously if you don't have. A. An agreement with with podcast or the person who owns the feed and all of a sudden you start throwing advertising in there. You know that can be confusing for a lot of people and so this is. One example of what they're doing is they're taking their inserting it before the show starts not in the show itself and Oh, by the way, you're allowed to have your own your own promotional paid promotions as long as it doesn't promote a competing service or speak badly about spotify as long as there's no hate speech is all all the typical rules that are that are in there. So this is a this just dorky ass podcast whatever happened to the called. Is it was just a great example whatever happened to pizza at McDonald's which. Do with Pizza McDonald's. But when you kick when you start the podcast, this is what happens. You're ready to buy a car you're faced with wow who cannot trust I'm car pro Jerry. Reynolds. At car pro USA we match you to the rat dealer near. So I think these are twenty or thirty second spots that they play in front of the podcast they've now targeted advertising. Here's the transition. Right. So you can hear that sound obviously just Dorky podcast, but they're still working on their targeting I don't know if it's because I'm an Austin but if you load the next episode or refresh the episode I got this one. JC Penney. In. JC Penney, and Spanish. Into, the end here. Before, we begin today's person. Like, following huge announcement. So. That's GONNA be in front of every podcast and I'm a paid subscriber. Is, not just an and they have said that they will do this for paid for members who pay too. It's not just going to be. For what's the point of paying if you're going to get inundated with ads lousy advertising, it sounds more like the platform is good for advertisers. And for podcasters who are advertisers in other words I think. It would be funny to have no agenda ads in front of all these. Girls that we could. We could probably do a by that would be a lot more interesting for us. I think. I know why we're listening to this podcast? We've got a better one. And they've really rolled out a whole suite of tools that they offer free voices production they're really trying to get everybody and. To do these PODCAST ADS So now even though that particular feed which was an active feed was taken down apparently there's another one which is some. Of someone else put us up and I guess it's an archive and you can still find it through Google and I it doesn't really matter. For us to determine do we want to be on there at all? Obviously. We can't be on their makes no sense whatsoever. It's crazy but you determine that I think says, this is your Bailiwick determined that this was not going to work out for us under any circumstances I. Think what were they first announced this a year ago. Yeah. Yeah. Even though we didn't really know the whole advertising play, we figured that's what they'd be doing what's worse net and seems worse than you what you would you anticipated yeah. Well, there's a lot of restrictions you know and it's just It reminds me so much of the book contract that I got for my book. I, look at the contract like no. We can't adhere of that. We're always going to talk something sexist or misogynist or hateful. That's all in the eye of the beholder and that's all in the terms of service. We can when I if if we put it back on, we'll be off soon especially in light of what seems to be going on over there. With the problem is with the book contracts less of a problem because contracts are notorious for being dummy contracts and the book business has been in business forever and people they put these contracts out and only dummy sign them. Sure. So they're very negotiable. Yes but I problem with the. podcast ideas is that everybody's a dummy? Yeah. So. Everyone's just going to sign off on this when in fact, and there will be no precedent for driving your own contracts. I made me maybe Joe Rogan has a much better looking contracts in the restaurant, but it does sound like from the way things are going well. I would say the most interesting part of it. Is it. There's no actual mention of sharing any revenue with with that with advertising that's put in front of your show that they don't seem to have any. At least no noticeable plan for that not that we would want that. But she till you get into this situation where people can. This is exactly what they want is what Amazon wants news with Google wants to everybody wants iheartradio wants to do this they have we have an exclusive shows Burnett Brown just went to spotify. All everybody. And I'm not against spotify being in the let me say it the podcasting space. At thinking big. Thank you. If you know if they're APP. Has Stuff that's exclusive to them. That's okay but. If. You cannot add a podcast feed manually than that is not a podcast player and you should not rely on it for your podcast for this is just one show ours. The next one will be something else in that will get taken down and you're just going to have to deal with multiple APPs eventually anyway. I just don't see a necessity for us to do and quite honestly I'm not so sure about how happy we should be with with Google plays stuff either. And there's one more stitcher those guys. They've always been a I'm gonNA use it and we use the word. problematic. Well. I can take the problematic down to the specific problem. They Rian Code at least last time I checked the Rian Code. The actual file and they'll put ads in that. Dan stitchers been running ads in front of podcast for a long time and I know I've sent them many requests. Hey, how does this work and they just don't reply? There's no way to reply. There's nothing there net nobody there at all so. Yes no morality clauses for us is I guess what I'm saying no morality clause why should we let anybody make any money off of us off of the hard work fifteen years of support from our Gitmo nation producers I don't think that's I just don't feel good about it so. Make. Money the way our ancillary operations make money that cup manufacturers in the. People who do t shirts in other end. That sort of things they can just kindly put our podcast up. And just leave it there you grant spotify non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensed royalty free fully paid worldwide license to download digitally Trans Code modify make copies of three edify create do that create derivative works from flow that's out. Do that. The podcast has says the standalone this exactly. Unless somebody specifically. Jennifer Buchanan Dame Jennifer. Stuff that's beneficial to the podcast. In other words she she does is for the podcast it's not it wouldn't be spotify stuff for spotify. Yes. No. Good. Exactly. So I think the we've had our meeting, right Seem. So yeah, I already had this meeting sometime back. But everyone gets really. So. I is censorship I'm canceling. It's no. There's no evidence of I. Think they're fine. I think that's exactly the. Okay Johnson divorced. Yeah. Tell him it's censorship decided. That'd be four you're just playing, and now you're not playing anymore you have bastards. All right now, let's go to the forty five cycles man. We gotta go to the forty five cycles. This is. The world is in trouble because we have A. In particular are our producers in Gitmo Nation East in the UK get nation down under. They are being played so hard right now and so are we? As we really have fully transitioned. From flatten the curve. What was that curve? What curves do we have to flat? It's hard to remember actually do you remember what the curve was that we need was the initial hospitalizations? That we're gonNA happen because the thing was deadly. Yes and so we you're going to be a lot of deaths and we're GONNA swap to hospitals, and so we had to do everything. We can to flatten this curve which was the up to curve goes up as cases go up and then it starts to come down on this starts to round out. Seconds to be a second wave a surge as much smaller, but the hospitals be ready for that. It. Was all going to end by the way Easter as you recall Well, that was the curve than the curve has just been kind of swapped out for this curve of cases, which is yeah. The catch this curve has new now listen to the weights speaking played now in Canada. Navia. It's not unexpected maybe most people don't want to admit but Kobe fatigue has set in because I live in an apartment gasps but I definitely do more now ever since like everyone say easing off like I'm not like my parents are easing on side and take a serious as I should have been guess. That's the message from Canada's top public health officials given what we've just seen the numbers. We have to act now. In those big jurisdictions, those urban areas right now, new projection show on our track. The country could hit five thousand cases a day by the end of October. Are you kidding me? They've gone straight to the cases they`re People over cases, which means you've tested positive doesn't mean you're sick doesn't mean that you have anything doesn't mean you develop any symptoms but now we've gone from hospitalizations two cases five thousand cases a day old. If contacts and gatherings are reduced. Canadians can once again flattened the curved slightly curve. We'll get a flat in a curve again tell you had a flat this curve. Can say something we have discussed. The nature of these health department officials. Some of these people are the weirdest looking people you've ever seen their. freaky there screwy looking and their little hitlers now little. Says they used to say they have all gotten a big head because they can control the public and they've they like it. They enjoy it and there's a once I think a largely responsible for this these these health department I work with the Health Department people before. All always feel slighted they always you know nobody pays any attention to health. And now they've got the power and now they're abusing it and Give you look and we're looking at some of the freaky EST Weirdos. Women would be hair that goes straight out in every direction women that looked like they should be if they're not should be dead. Is. A lot of very screwy looking people in this business and they're taking advantage of the public's goodwill. There are some men as well. Bosa. Those is transition to be honest about it. I don't see any evidence that we're making changes now to be perfectly frank instead bubbles are growing they now include entire classroom full of kids, restaurants and workplaces have reopened and private gatherings have proven tough to police. I don't think people are going to easily go back to control measures again, unless it is thrust upon them held authorities insist targeted lockdowns could happen at some point but disease trackers say this virus could get out of control fast triggering a wave of infections much bigger than the first. Wave of sections has nothing to do with what happened. The first time around the curve was about hospitalizations death rate, not ventilators not about infections, and of course, we know increased testing I'll get to that moment in Australia. This is the same thing that people who are dying are hundred years old every day list is ninety, eight, ninety, five, one, hundred, and two, hundred two we shouldn't be locked down should be jumping up and down celebrating that person's life. You made it. You made it centennial no. Sky Australia don't are they broadcast there people actually watch sky Australia because they're saying the right shit over there. Why aren't they that I? Know of why are they shut down? Don't get it listen to this guy. Now, one of the big challenges in understanding this virus and how to respond is trying to look at one is going on in Europe now with this sickened wave. Now, as I've noted a few times and again last night something very strange is going on there. You take France huge sick wave of infections bigger even than the first one that but no increase in deaths just strange and signed pattern of seeing that many other European Countries Holland Belgium Britain here Britain this Britain. Big Sick and by infections thought look not a second wave of ditz or not yet although I have to say probably of expected that second wife deaths to show up by now I think we've got to figure out this mystery because we can't assume that Australia might be hit it again and again with waves fires. Yeah. Because it's just cases it's just cases. The same thing is happening here in the United. States Dame Jamie actually sent me a nice list. Put it in the show notes. Of misleading. Headlines. About schools. So the headline will say, Fifty five cans quarantined only four tested positive fifty, eight quarantine school poses three tested positive. Hundred. And thirty nine quarantined over three kids hundred and fifty four for positive and this is just cases. If doesn't mean the kids are sick, it's just cases and these cases are determined by and large by the PC our test, the PR test. which in its essence? Looks for any microscopic bit. Of what you're looking for and by the discussed show I have to do it again, I have to keep going over to keep saying the only way you can find it is it's called a spin you spin it up and the standardized number of cycles is thirty because if you spin it up too much well, why don't we listen to the inventor? The inventor of the of the PTR test who sadly died last year. The coincidence the inconvenience of it. This is in nineteen ninety-three. And he's also a Nobel. Prize winner in chemistry his name is Things Molles. Think that's carry. Here's what he said about the PR test and how they work from the Horse's mouth. How do they? Misuse PCR, an by the way this question is being asked in relation to HIV, which is very similar to this scam to estimate all these. So supposedly free viral Aren as that may or may not be there. I think misuse PCR's not quite. I don't think he can misuse PCR's. The results the interpretation of. If you say. If If they could find this virus in you at all with. If you do it. Well, you can find almost anything in anybody starts making you believe in the sort of Buddhist notion that everything is contained and everything else I mean because if you can model amplify one single molecule up to two, you really measure which pc are can do then there's Very few molecules that you don't have at least one single one of them and your body. Okay. So that could be thought of as a misuse of it just a claim that is meaningful. It is. Very little of what they call H. and what's been brought out here but philpot and he's already. The measurement for it he's not is not exact at all. It's not as good as our measurement for things like apples. An apple is an apple. You know you can get something that's like if you've got enough things that look like an apple, you stick them all together you might think it an apple but an HIV. Test tests are all based on things that are invisible and they are the results are inferred innocence PCR's separate from that. It's just a process that used to make a whole lot of something out of something. Kit doesn't tell you that you're sick. It doesn't tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you or anything like that. Okay. So do we understand what he's saying? He's saying everybody's got something of everything in them, and if you just turn it up and amplify it enough, you can say all you have it and you're GonNa die but it could be a single molecule that you've by abusing the cycles. Can then Swab yes. So I have in my possession here and by the way I think you should. We should have some cartoons you take the swab me and put it on the end of a drill. Shove that down someone's nose. That's not quite where the spinning takes place but That takes place in the assay you're talking about the centrifuge? Yes. The ASS spinning. Not like it I. Think it's funny. So I have in my possession and posted in the show notes the a camera shots of the most recent just received I think two days ago from our anonymous lab technician. The Thermo Fisher Assay Thermo Fisher Big Lab. And I'm looking at it right now it's setup how you're supposed to set it up and there it is. How many cycles do they recommend? Forty five. Where the standard is thirty, it may not mean much to us but to. Lab technicians they will scratch the head and say because you can cycle up anything you want now listen to. Mrs Kerr Cova of the World Health Organization as she is asked about PCR tests by the media now with this in mind remember. These are being sent these days with the setup instructions of forty, five cycles the these are being sent. To lab technicians, certainly, United States but I presume all over the world and with that in mind listen to her answers. One of yours is saying If PTR test is not accurate, is there any new tasks to check out for covid nineteen? You did mention new rapid tests maybe we can also explain to you how many different types of tests are and what do they measure. Let me correct something I though, because we the the part of the question was PTR. Eker PR tests are accurate. Artists are very, very accurate. Are, highly credible at is what is being used globally so please. Let's clarify that. So let's just make sure because we know people are questioning these tests but they're highly accurate. This is accurate. This is no. You cannot question that they're accurate. No mention of how they're being used. What we were trying to highlight. We're the number of ways in which they can be used and how they should be used plea shirt PR tests. Are. Accurate There are different types of tests or the PR tests are looking for the irony, these pieces of the virus that you are infected with and there's lots of pc are essays that are available and as Mike was describing part of the goal of the consortium in of who was to make sure that the right test went to the right countries. Machines that were in country I don't I don't I was amazed by this because it isn't just about we have one hundred million tests between six million tests or whatever it is. It's about getting the right test to the right technician in the right lab in that country. So what she does not explain why south to me like she's saying it's different tests for different countries for different labs and she's making it sound like that's because the lab is different or their machines are different. The way I hear it. Now with this knowledge is we gotta make sure we send the ones that show the false positives to the country's you WanNa shut down. What they're doing aren't they? Yes but it's it's disgusting and nobody is questioning this except for you know people who are told to shut up and get D. platforms. Deployed duo. Oh I like that the platform do also write that down. That's a good one. It's That's really all I can say is is it's a it's a huge massive scam and we've been transitioned from flattened the hospitalization and death curb a curve. Flatten. The case curve. Well, the only way to flatten that is to stop testing were to make sure we have proper tests that that's never going to happen. I, think you have to keep an eye? Did Mention you? We've discussed this exact same topic over two or three shows, but you continually find new clips? Yes. I i. so as long as you're finding new clips, I, don't think although it may be at the point where we can go back to the original flip playing them again. But I I don't want to dissuade you from continuing on this path. Thank you. Let's let's move because it's we're transitioning. We are transitioning in a very important way. and. And the transition is what we predicted. I hate to say it. We said, should for sure now that we all know this was in the beginning this was back in. March when I certainly thought, we'd be out by April eighth or something or whatever it was is ter- well, that was that was after. Yeah Easter that was I. think it was after I made my initial prediction which was based upon an eight billion dollar. Tab that had to be spent by whatever it was. Yeah. So clearly, I had no idea what was really going on behind the scenes, but they're now in transition when I say they, it is everyone you see on television on mainstream every politician, it is religious leaders at this point everybody is on it we need to transition and there's no better place to find out what's in store for us from the global new world order the globalists' elites the United Nations than listening to the great reset podcast from the World Economic Forum because you can pick up the entire plan right there. Again, the great reset is what they call it the great. No they never hide it. Now this is like the you WanNa get you look at the Council on Foreign Relations their membership list is on the web you can look and see if somebody's a member. Nobody's hiding anything they figure. Well. They're hiding in plain sight. Yes and that's why it's never really seen as a conspiracy to shut up man these people know what they're talking about I mean, how can you argue with guerrilla girl? You can't argue with, Jane? Goodall she is the gorilla lady. So I don't care what you WanNa do if you went out same said chimps I think she was she was gorillas. Gorillas in the mist. If you can really my dream can't go out and say she's full of crap and then people will laugh at you but listen to what she's saying and you get a whole different picture and the tragedy is that this pandemic as being predicted? To some extent, it's being caused by US because we've disrespect of the natural world we disrespect to animals. We've created environments which make it much easier for pathogen to jump from an animal to a human to where it may cause a new disease. She's still on the she still thinks it's coming from a bat. Okay. It's our fault. We have not been in touch with nature. So it's our own fault soon, diseases, it's. For up to Kobe nineteen, unfortunately, covid nineteen was incredibly contagious and has raced around the world causing so much havoc so much suffering so much economic chaos at the same time will time we have been threatened by a much greater challenge and that his climate change. This great extent. It's the same disrespect of the natural world has led to this this climate crisis because this planet has finite natural resources and we've been pondering them in many places faster than Mother Nature can restore them off where in the midst of the sixth grade extinction. Penned on healthy ecosystems and the healthy ecosystem depends on the diversity also loves when she got her degree in climates. Thank you how about a virology? Either one would be interesting to move into some of these innovations of signs like so win. Untied Solar Wind and tide energy otherwise. For my grandchildren, Anez the future is more than Grimm it's very dark. We mustn't let that happen we have a window of time which is closing and we need everybody who has to get together and find, solutions. Right all right. So did not to be undercut. Also part of this great reset group is Prince Charles. Without swift and immediate action. President, it paces scale. We will miss the window of opportunity to reset for a green blue recovery. Green Blue. Recovery, this is new. I had not heard the green as a new. Blue Green Blue let's listen. For a green blue recovery think says, blue. That's what he said Green Blue Red. Green Blue Recovery. It's a maybe seen a green blue algae. For a green blue. handed. Most sustainable and inclusive future. In other words, the global pandemic is a wakeup. Cool. We simply counting new having beat at this now. He just in other words, we can't ignore this this pandemic wakeup he's just he's just connecting by himself with no with no logic. The global pandemic is a wake-up. Cool we. counted. Having defeated this for over forty. Long observed that people tend not to act an. Misunderstood him. When he said Aben Disa- first thing I thought was inbreeding. He might event that even beat at this now for over forty years, I have long observed that people tend not act until there is a real crisis lizard when that crisis has been with us for far too many years decried denigrated and denied it is now rapidly becoming a comprehensive catastrophe that will off the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. At this late stage, I can see no other way food to call for A. Marshall. Plan for Nature. And Planet, with the penalty emergencies so critical with the pen frost melts Iberia Lungs of the world. Producing, dire effects on global warming and with the Pantanal in Brazil being consumed by unprecedented numbers of five, we can no longer go on. This is if there was no tomorrow a no ultimate reckoning for our abusive nature. So what do we do without doubt? We must now put us those on a war footing approaching our action from the perspective of a military style campaign that way working together we can. This most grave and urgent challenge. If we have the resolve to shift trajectory, we start now by bringing food a net zero target. We'll bring forward are net zero target tighten. The noose is got to come forward moon. Not to be underplayed or not to play his part on the world stage. Dr. Ted Ross from the World Health Organization ways into pandemic has also shown a bright light on the delicate relationship between people and planet. How has it shown that? I see much of the planet I've seen the inside of my house relationship that must be noted through a one health approach that recognize him hell is intimately connected to the health of animals and our share, the vitamin WHO has launched its own green manifesto for a green and healthy recovery from covid nineteen. So we need a green and healthy recovery. Well, you know what this is going and I and you have a clip that's GonNa. Kick it all off. But I do want to point out. This is gone all the way to the speaker of the house in the UK. It was reported that this man in Britain wants to impose the. Same type horrendous lockdowns in restrictions that we are seeing for coded, but for climate change yes that's right. Who is this lunatic? Some mad extinction rebellions Zella well, maybe tim flannery is crazy uncle keep hidden in the attic. nope. This is a former labor minister and now the speaker of the House of Commons. So Lindsay Hoyle Yep the highest authority in the House of Commons once lockdowns for global warming he said g seven meeting this week that if there was one lesson governments should take from the pandemic it that and I quote people are prepared to accept limitations on personal choice and lifestyle. So he says this should also be true for climate change. tits and we need to fight back against this. We've been conditioned. We are tired everybody's very tired of listening to it. Thinking about it. I mean what good friend of ours got covid Couple, days ago, she said Hey I. Don't know if I if I. was around you guys whatever. But I feel really crap and I'm sure she will hopefully be okay in a day or two. Sound no one of Tina's friends who was at the wedding actually her husband got it. She didn't get it. He got it. You know he had some shakes for a day and some chills and now he's GonNa be okay. people don't seem to be he's in his sixties. People don't seem to be dying from this. The way they were they don't seem to be going into the hospital the way they were but we're going to use the tired masses who were just like Oh whatever just this leave me a fine I'll say to you off I'll put the mask on. And we have to fight against it You WanNa give me your. Lead. into the BBC's. Guess. Well, one of the things that's developed is This this clip is kind of. Kind of the beginning of it, this is got this clip from one of their Canadians. From seek. Linda Steel and Eric is three o'clock zoo kind of a news never new shows kind of like zoo they discuss. Yeah which is. The more I think about the better I like. And this is a clip from the show where they introduce a new term, they're bringing it up in Canada and there's some mysterious aspects to it. When you listen to this clip, you're GONNA be scratching your head with stay tuned for that. Also, there was the big throne speech today and the Trudeau government had been kind of hinting that it was going to be big and bold and they were going to bill got better. That's their tagline for everything. WAS LIKE Somebody else. I made a quick to make fun of it. Bring it on. Wants to think that. Is something I came up with really bad hold on a second no agenda producers shame on you. Shame on you for to have coming up with that before for these. Better be four? Back. You got mixed up. The all. Screwed up I mean I it all starts with a B. because apparently it's all about alliteration. However, how exactly is the Trudeau government going to build back better and by the way I loved your song. WHO has that? I don't know I don't own God. The Governor General Julie Pyatt she gets to read the throne speech and she said there's two primary needs of Canadians the government's going to address. The first is to help Canadians into short-term. To do whatever it takes using whatever fiscal firepower is needed to support people and businesses during the pandemic. The best way to keep the. Strong is to keep Canadians healthy. The second need is to build back. With a sustainable coach, you true generations. The government builds a plan for stimulus and recovery. This must be done responsibly bill. Dot Matter. I like these guys but couldn't they just do one google search on build back better and get a little Interesting things to this clip. That, what you just said is one of them which is good Dick Canadians to steal this from Biden didn't WanNa say anything and the apparently the public doesn't know this my my producer in Canada said that She was would nobody knows about it but her because she listened to the no agenda show but even worse than that is that Biden stole it from the UN. We which we've traced, and it probably goes back even further and the. remains. By the joke, their presentation was. All they paid a lot of money for that back. As. If consultant came in, maybe they depend on the money which m relays tapering cleaners. But this seems to me to be still code for the globalists' and this is coming right out of the UN and it's like there's A. Touched up so much because the code is known and we don't like Fight Club, you don't talk about build back better. This is not a thing also not on Fox. News by the way, this is this is being completely suppressed. It's in our face. Is In our face all the time everyday on television build back better. It says it right there. We've become so numb to stop its pathetic but can I mention one other thing? Watch, the in North Carolina's speech. I'm not sure that this will find out when the debates come if they ever do next week on. Tuesday. By never said build back better again and he doesn't have an sign. This is Dave. Decided to drop it. Will Not. So for Justin Trudeau of Canada Navia while we're dealing with this pandemic I don't want you or your parent or your friend to take on debt that your government can better shoulder. So. Yes. In the short term, we'll keep investing. But beyond the emergency as we start to build back better and. We must do that. Sustainable. Way. Investing, for recovery must be done responsibly. so He's already easiest just build back better just so you know it's dumb. We're building back better, but this is now reached the king of the Netherlands. King whose wife flirted with me the Queen. That guy. Here. Everyone who helped draft the UN Charter in San Francisco in the spring of Nineteen forty five. In a radio message, President Truman, call them architects of the world. The together after half a decade of war and human suffering yes. The differences between the more grapes. But they were all driven by an unshakable resolve to build back and better world. Came reality as more and more countries joined the. UN both my generation and the next are grateful for the opportunities does it's given us. So that's really the origins UN started in the forties and this has been a global plan all along and I think that the Biden whether they use it now or not. This is a signal that we're in right everybody WHO's in the system who knows about build back better. Wherein. Much more than that. It's just a signal that we're good to go and it connects completely to climate change. The I have to say I'm very, very pleased with with what's happening in Texas. We now have the the Republican Party of Texas has. Have passed a unanimous What do they call resolution? Against Governor Abbott and they're saying open Texas now. In this resolution passed, of course Republican. Rep Republican dominant. State Senate it passed. With flying colors and. That doesn't mean crop other than we're tired of it and you've got to stop this. We are being destroy everyone's being destroyed this no reason for this. I went to my spin class yesterday, and I have to walk from the parking garage to the spin class. It's like a block. In everyone everybody in downtown. Austin. Masked up all except for like the workers were smart. Homeless. Guy's although they've got one in when they need to go. Solicit for money they throw on a dirty ask mask. and. So I'm just walking minding my business I've got no mask on and there's a lady coming from the opposite direction check it out. She's masked up. Against Well masked up she's got a baby stroller with two dogs in the Stroller and one dog walking next to the stroller and she sees me she gets off the sidewalk onto the streets to go around me. With dogs in the Stroller with dogs in the stroller. Dog in the Stroller what you're GonNa do it all again, the stroller. It's it's out of. Control. A nice boots on the ground report from Amsterdam where they're also, it's the same thing second wave second wave all based on cases all based on. Tests and he says that was interesting is there is a very lively house party circuit. Since know they have actually opened up some some clubs that people can go to but you gotta leave by midnight after midnight you can die from covid. And he says, what's ironic is that all of these? Illegal parties are organized by leftist Douche bags during the day of virtue signaling about how horrible it is and how we have to social distance and where I mask and be careful. But night, they're the ones organizing the illegal parties. Sounds about. Hollywood. Yeah Well let me let me just move transition right into Hollywood. So we saw the Emmy Awards. Did you get a clip. Yeah I got one. Clint. The Emmy Awards. Had the lowest ratings in history even worse even worse than the Academy of Country, music? They were worse by about three million viewers. Yeah. I understand what happened all of a sudden had hit me. The reason why these award shows in particular failing. Is because. They are built around huge industries, fashion GOSSIP TMZ. Movies promotions, all these things that always are focused on academy awards that people who are presenting have movies to promote all of this it's shoot. It's hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions of dollars, the live telecast, the red carpet, all of that fell away. So we had no hype. We had no no reason to watch when you take away the celebrity and fashion and music and In the gossip and all these industries that mainly. Surround media, you're left with an empty shell of self congratulatory Douche bags that nobody gives a crap about. And it was politicized unbelievably by the way I thought something pretty funny I. Liked it. They made a real television show with with what they had and they definitely did some good things and I, watched the whole thing. I couldn't watch the whole thing. When I love Shits Creek. Great series but Dan Levy shut the fuck up Canadian don't tell us how to vote don't tell us what to do. You're accepting all the awards in Canada Canadian go away. Don't tell me what to do I. Love that you one congratulations everybody but then the virtue signal and to do all this, tell us what to do. It making a mockery of one of the characters he used to play on SETV the blowhard gassed, which takes me right to the very uncomfortable Anthony Anderson bit with. Johnny's turned it off I couldn't take. So if you've ever seen blackish, what he was doing was doing a version of dray on the show Andrei's this really proud black man who's standing up and it's and blackish I I liked the show a lot. It's very, very well structured comedy and it works. So he now. So now he's going to do his character, but he took it a couple steps too far because there is such a thing as neuro linguistic programming and there is such a thing as being an asshole instead of that sexy Melania needed energy here I am alone in a sterilized green room, try not to sneeze on ALLOM. What a damn shame actually an how packer I don't white splaine to me Jimmy. A pit bull so But not tonight no, not tonight. This isn't what it should have been Jimmy but but you know what? I'm still rooting for everybody black. Yes. He started off this whole rant by saying this was supposed to be the black. emmys. I thought it was just about TV shows. All. Black people winning all black speeches. All great words from black leaders. Okay because Greg Stories, black performances, and black lives matter. Said with me Jimmy. Black lives matter louder Jimmy Black. Jimmy Saic Soda. Can hear it. That's when I was done with this guy. You. Guys out of his Gourd to say these things and I think they hurt themselves I. Think Hollywood hurts themselves I I think that. Everything is just so that is the definition of being divisive Blah Blah ladder and programming people to say this is just wrong. That's right. And because black lives matter black people will stay at home tonight. Be Safe. Which is fine because guess what? y'All don't know how lightest anyway. Okay I'm sorry. So we suck white people, son thanks. Thanks man. Glad I got that. I am too. I'm glad we. Appreciative that you've given me a safe space to say this from my pleasure. Could you scoot over so I can stand on the star Kate yes I got. All right. So it's just it's just horrible and it's in, it's part of the Hollywood vibe I had A. Call. On. Monday or Tuesday, and it's this. It's a Dutch guy no have known for thirty five years and he owns half of. A catalogue of all of the television shows and interviews with every even the raw footage he got the whole kit and caboodle of my really my four four years in television in the Netherlands, which is a lot of big names in there. It's a lot of early stuff and he he had some idea where he would want to do something and kind of like a revival show for the Netherlands interested in talking to him. And then. So on a on this, we had talked before and then he brought in his partner US guy from San Diego who owns the other half of the catalog and he owns a lot of catalogs need licenses to everybody. A very simple business you buy up performances, all kinds of different. Television shows, and then you can license clips when people documentaries or they want to refer to it or sometimes to make their own products and. Here's how the I should have recorded it but here's how the call went. Day. So you're you're in Texas I'm in Austin Texas off the only place you can still be a Democrat in Texas. And I and I'm not taking this bait and I and I like my buddy and holiday I don't know if he's aware of how polarized things are I say well. It's actually pretty even keeled here. You know it's like. Think there's a lot more is much more even keeled than you think said, yeah but please Texas it just republic ads my God. He liked this I'm not kidding you. And I say well. Yeah. We really don't give a crap about what people vote here. There's not lot of anger about it. We just and I'M NOT GONNA I'm not gonNA say anything to them. and. They said well, how about those hats? That big? Boy. Hats. Ranchers, and maybe yes. You should have recorded this I know said I can't stand the hats. While we still wear the boots cool boots or cool. Powell anyway in yeah. Well, it looks like we're going to be in this lockdown for another year I. Mean The guy is completely mind control and a complete complete Dick and that is. And that's what it's like I. Don't have to deal with any business people I've I don't for for years for over a decade don't have to talk to anybody don't have to do any real meetings about stuff and the one time I'm confronted with an actual industry meeting, I see the problem. And and it was the introduction he was like virtue signal. Let's see if Adams on my team. Really really was. Sad. And I should have recorded it, but there will be another chance. So hopefully. Because my what I should have said was. There's a lot of Californians come into Texas so I guess we'll be. Okay. I know I don't know what to talk to when you run into a guy like that. The probably buried a precondition them that they shouldn't be talking like that that. Yeah. Because I really want to do some business with these guys but. My. Goodness. Award shows in general I. Think. Make. No Sense. There's more. There's even more going on I had I was going to post this on masthead on. The homepage of the Hollywood reporter I haven't seen. That often. Well. I. Like to read the Trades to. Go to the front page of the Hollywood reporter. People can do this t h dot com might be one of the. Entries can get to the front page and just scroll down and look at the photos. It's like a collection of the ugliest people many very. Some avert celebrities most of them are producers, directors, and and other just jr but even the celebrities the glamour is. On Hollywood. The people that were once seen as glamorous. They won't even put it pretty picture of him up anymore good business just ugly people from Stam discern and you scroll away down and it's a jaw dropper. It's like what happened. Yeah. We'll. They're leading the charge the leading the charge of everybody be the same I guess. Will there leading the church, but you can see it's it's on their faces a there. There is almost like suicide. There's there suiciding themselves. They, look beaten. They look they're all they look terrible. I mean and I I'm talking including the celebrities is just everybody looks good and the Hollywood reporter I don't know what the editorial staff is is like but they must not like Hollywood at all which is possible and they just even if you have a picture of some Ingenue, they just find the ugliest version of her and put her up. Yeah, a lot is broken. I don't think people realize certainly Hollywood don't realize first of all their productions are broken. You can't produce a movie anymore or a television show the video shoot. Without all these union rules of how many Kovic consultant you have to have hanging around here yet over color consultants. Yeah Lambert good. They have all broke in that that magical mystical wall of their home and their home life. Which I think makes a difference as the mystique is definitely. Flowing out of celebrity Hollywood celebrity. People are tired of. I think in general of of Hollywood celebrities, celebrities in general giving us a piece of their mind. The, also for their advice, they're also not producing any new Hollywood content. So they know they they're going to start being remembered by the crap they're putting on instagram and everything else. But even when they do movie, it's. Is Comic Book Stuff, and so award shows in general, which is one of the problem I have with like the podcast awards. It makes no sense to me. I like the idea of having association where you know you can stimulate growth of an industry where you can. You know solicit funds to to sponsor things that benefit all of all of podcasting but an award show. They can never be a best podcast well, obviously, there is only one best podcast in the universe, but when it comes down to categories. It's so subjective and it's so splintered that it's it's kind of bullcrap crap. Any awards show just look at they can't even figure out what's television anymore on the emmys whilst extreme clearly, we be was nominated clearly. Creepy was nominated for shows. These are ten minute videos that play on its don you're totally dumb to failed venture cost a billion dollars to. Think. We need to do something award shows clearly are only one big part of the as we've seen of the massive Hollywood blanket that is thrown around the world so addicted to. And it fell apart it fell apart. In. Many ways and even the worst especially when they when they go like that the virtue signaling the. All all the political stuff. It doesn't make up for great content that we saw. This was all it was some dumb awards. No one cares Canada one at all in a bunch of. Political stuff. I do want to highlight a great i. think a very fantastic initiative called project white out. which is sweeping the nation. and. Anyone anyone can do this anybody can participate in project white out. This is typically done through a gofundme me and I have one here. This is Weitz this gender male I must make a meaningful contribution to social justice. I need to give up much of my privileges I can knowing I can never truly give it all up to do that. I will leave my upper five to six figure career role to make room for people of Color. I can help by making more room for people of Color in professional spaces. So what will I contribute I'll be giving up between two million and three million dollars in future earnings. What am I asking of you to pitch in a small percentage of that to help make project WHITEOUT POSSIBLE What will I do? HAVE PROJECT WHITE? House. Successful. I planted a vote. My time volunteering to help the community will be done with the funds raised beyond the goals now but their funds raised an excess of the goals listed below. After the go fund me feasibly been paid will be donated to causes that will help the community. I will white out from the workplace within the timeframe noted at each next to each goal, the more that has raised the faster I will white out so Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars raised white within one year. Basically. It's reverse retirement scheme. So. If people donate a quarter million dollars a year, he will retire from the workplace. It's a great idea. And retire. have nothing but contempt for the world. It's time for positive change I think it's very funny. I think it's also meant as. Put on. I think. So put on not quite as good as Saddleback college though I think we should just go straight to noodle gun if you don't mind. Okay. Okay. Where's where's my noodle gun stuff I'm always missing the new logo. Let me see if this is it. I should face the. Cheese, s everybody. Didn't loaded. This is where the virtue signaling goes incredibly wrong particularly with the racial and political issues in virtue signaling and it's starting to backfire. So we see. COSCO is under attack. As they have because the founder of. The I think the CEO of Palmetto Cheese. The founder of Palmetto. Cheese. Basically said black lives matters bullcrap I'm tired of it. So Costco removed removed Paul Meadow Cheese, and now boycott Costco is trending on twitter. You gotta be careful with those moves you make. We. Knew that Uncle Ben's rice was going to change the name is Ben's original. Like we're. Good work everybody. Remember Princeton. Princeton University President? He was doing all this virtue signaling about racism and damage to people of color that persisted Princeton. You remember that the whole big thing also wasn't something about their building or some other racist term. Racist names on their building races names on the on the building well, because of his speeches the US. Department of Education is opening an investigation. To. How Racist Princeton is good job. Very, funny. Ironic. Antebellum. which is another trauma based entertainment movie. Is Failing people are sick and tired of it aid. US, black people reviewing it. As I'm tired of films like this. Of course, it was bound to happen. Brooklyn Street and black lives matter nope yellow letters F. Cuomo and de. BLASIO. That's starting to happen. I. Think that's pretty good. It was removed very quickly as you can imagine but I think the best virtue signal of the week and the best noodle gun comes from a zoom call with the school board of the Board of Saddleback College and apparently they make space for students to come in with a suggestions and so you have to. Zoom call got twelve or thirteen different. People from the administration of this college onscreen and They're taking calls one by one with the excellent suggestions. Remember we always want to make things better. So if you can remove racist things from our school, that's always listened to thank you so much cameron. Coal Hirsch. Hi. How are you? I'm a little I wrote a little pitch I could read through that Greece. Jr. Let's face it our mascot. The Gaucho is racist and it's time for him to be murdered. Anyway I have just the idea for a new progressive mascot for your school. Her name is Titi and she's awoke sloppy Goblin girl who rides around the campus on sweat stained roller skates and begs each student that come out as by if a student refuses to do so Titi Push will let out a street that has the frequency to change the student's body hair to strawberry blonde entity pussy will say tough break Stradey, Heff Fund sticking out like a sore thumb to do ever visit a beach in Palestine. Sporting events instead of displaying camps on the jumbotron duty, Pussy. Will instead screen promos for only fans which mainly consists of her getting off to the flat during Halftime Tutti. Pussy will duke signature dance, move the pop and swap it whereas teams swap mouth starts to reassure the fans that none other players are. The My team refuses she'll take me for the rest of the game right in the middle of the field. So. Thank you for your time and I hope you can consider to. Now wait for the for the reaction. Think you, call. Let's go ahead. Welcome Khloe Johnson. This guy's got a job for the future working for C. Span. I love how they just say okay. Thanks. All right next. One. Fantastic medal for that kid. A middle for that kid. That kid was getting high fives from everybody and free for the next week. Even gotten laid? Yeah. My goodness that's how far it's I like it. That's our. That's America we do these kinds of things. That's mercer. I'm I I was I thought we were losing that, but luckily, it's coming back so. Some point. Yeah I feel pretty good that. We we may be solvable a saver bowl salvageable on. I. Don't know. Where we at here. Well I've got a few things we can go in love to I'd love to I don't WanNa go back in the other direction we can do do some biting catch up with bite because Biden gave his speech it wasn't very good. Now. How many I have a question for you? To on Monday or Tuesday. Everyone say Oh, well, the Biden campaign put a lid on it at eight thirty this morning they put a lid on at eight thirty this morning beano more Biden today. Is. This an understand what putting a lid on something means. Like Hey put a lid on it because we don't want that talked about but isn't that a specific journalistic term on the campaign trail putting a lid on it is an acronym in this case I it just seems like everyone talks that way like we should know that that's the term for for what I never heard of this term in this context is something these guys stem I don't know. Just the AMAS baffled as you're all right now I just thought it was odd. Like, why are you doing this? Okay. Put a lid on it. So nobody's fact checking anything by has to say, well, no, I would you. Well that's an interesting point I wanNA talk about that way. But. Okay. Let's start with some of his. Okay. Oh. Okay. First of all, he's in North Carolina. He's pooped. This is I think was like two days ago or Maybe. Yesterday wasn't yesterday maybe yesterday. But he's he's he's done. He's talking to a bunch of black folk in north. Carolina is introduced by the Black Mayor who's got to know what she assumed like a baton and then Chris Paul the basketball player for some unknown reason comes out and I'm surprised he didn't promote state farm. Insurance. Biden is just want to give an example that bind his so pooped at this point that he's faxing it in. I WanNa play this is standard pitch. This is the my dad. Got It. Me a says every species drops this one in about his dad comes up to him and says, you know a job as more than just a money is always a good you gotta you gotta add joey he's Joe Joey Joey actually if you go far enough by the way it used to be champ. And honey I've heard honey to I never heard honey but I can believe it but it used to be champ, and now it's Joey and it's always joey but it's in this a twenty one second clip I just want you to listen to this is the same old same old. He says it on every speech but I want you to listen to the energy the little lack thereof I'm when he comes on on Tuesday. They are gonNA have to give them a shot in the ASS. Just my dad used to have an expression. Everybody's entitled to be treated with dignity in any say Joey job is about a lot more than a paycheck and it's not your dignity about respect despite your place to the community it's about being able to hold your head ups about being able to look kidney I and say honey and he's going to be okay. For too many people particularly an african-american American community. They can't say that that's not able to be done. I've heard him with even lower energy. was that does not de que Dan's could be lower, but it's the monotone moon faxing through it chirps walking waltzing through this little spiel with no emotion whatsoever. Zomba fide. He's He's told his Dhamma find so obvious zomba fide. Well he's a little more when he's GonNa fight is a good time talking about death. Let's listen to the new death number cease predicting. Yes, this is a good one, thirty, seven, thousand more people be alive today. And we're going to have another influx of cases this between now and January expected we're going to have somewhere between depending on what's estimate take. One hundred thirty, eight, nine, hundred, seventy, eight, thousand more deaths. And if people just do it, we're doing here and when you're in a social distance as I am, you can take a mask off but where mask the estimate that would save about? Close to. Eighty nine ninety thousand people. There's a numbers we should keep in mind. I did luckily slips earl short then I got a two parter though and this is the one I went to. This one is got some. Some issues is scrambling around trying to explain something about how he's going to be spending money and how he's A. specifically I think this is the one about the educational spending and. This is this is called Biden. An Hi Andrea Brown I'm a second grade teacher. Nice to meet you. God Love You. It's been difficult but thank you. So, thank you Christopher bringing up education the HPC's, but as far as K through twelve education. How do you plan to push access to educational? It's a simple proposition for me. Exaggerated the second grade teacher of why you're so important if I had only one dollar spent education. Mike, you spend post graduation or pre kindergarten I'd spend A. Not. A joke. He spent. He spent it on pre K. so not even education just playing with toys and mud. Was Not, a joke that's a joke. That's not a joke. Joke first of all, when he says that I'm thinking I'm not are you thinking when he says this that I want to spend all my money on pre K.. That the first thing is it's a joke. Now not at all. Well. He's what is he's Soom he's assuming you must be thinking. It's a joke here. Otherwise wouldn't say not a joke he thinks. Must Sound like a joke? Well, it's that. And did you catch the pledge of allegiance where he did something similar I pledge allegiance to the United States of America? One. Nation. Indivisible under God for real for. Real. Change the pledge of allegiance I like it though. Joke pledge allegiance to the flag. Zoe, goes on with this part two of the same clip not a joke. Because you know, as well as I do based on your educational background, that sixty percent of a child's brain is is already developed by the time they're the three, four, five years old, and so what happens is people start off based on the zip code and their family back and I may start off way behind the curve. You know you have a lot of students who they come into school if they come from a very poor background in a community raised by a single mom or single dad through no fault of their own, that will have probably heard one million fewer words spoken by the time they get first grade. That by itself is an impediment. He likes these facts. You know he likes he likes given these big numbers out. A million less words. Women. Who are single moms through? No fault of their own. No less. That's interesting through no fault of their own. Okay. Yeah. He's talking to a black community and he's bordering on insulting them with some of these comments. I'd say so he's was. So he's he's really dancing dancing up there. I'm not sure he's doing a good job of it. Now, this one here you know Joe has this tendency to He's he's really a misogynist kind of a sex is really a douchebag comes down to it. You don't have to pussyfoot around the DOUCHEBAG is a dish break, and so he he wants to say stuff that he knows he released pro probably politically incorrect. He already knows he's got a reputation as as creepy creepy creepy uncle Joe and. So he goes little bit off the track here of goes away from the script and he talks about I just don't know what he's thinking or why even brings it up or why some sort of macho thing and this is biden the younger woman clip has first lady I second lady I should say she taught fifteen credits every semester at community college before that she taught juniors and seniors in high school for twenty. Five years I think it was twenty five but my point is along time although I'm not allowed to tell the exact number because my wife is thirty years younger than I am I. Started off not quite that much. But now there's no woman in the entire. Biden. Families old as any man but that's another issue. All kidding aside. You know what this is. He's trying to he. Over signaling towards women sounded it's it's a weird thing. But what what what is the point of no woman being older than any man I'm? The Biden claim he got tongue tied because he he wanted to make jill sound younger. He thinks it's great. If you say you don't look a day over thirty when you know that the HAG seventy, that's that's what you do if you're kind of Dushi. Day. Do that Nev- it now I don't think you do it like that. I will say man did you on that looks really good too. That's. If if they had the hair done, you don't just say my one of my favorite things. Is You meet some buddies wife for the first time And I usually do this with the here. It comes I was GONNA say. So you're meeting somebody's wife for the first time and what is the I'm sure insulting thing you say about insulting. Women when I met him for the I know you were. Just ludicrous and it'll be like. You must be bills. Daughter Oh no. Wow Old, joke. Hello Buber I. Gets right. Yeah that's a that's a really good one John keep that up. Oh Yeah. We have one more by Clinton. This one is just a distant out in. This is a good fact. Check this an out and outlined by. Key makes the claim. That the that the poor teacher that standing there would just play. This is the tax lice as a new proposal. Some of you may like it I don't know anybody in my neighborhood nooks able and that is that another thirty billion dollar tax cut. For Billionaires. Think I'm making it like billionaire sound like you know, Bernie Sanders. Billionaires. That's not the problem. Problem is reducing capital gains tax if you make your money off investments as opposed to sweaty brow for woken up getting paycheck, right? You're he thinks you should only had to pay fifteen percent of your income so you'll pay more as a schoolteacher. Somebody making twenty million bucks has all coming from investments. It's not right. You don't WanNA punish anybody just time everybody pays their fair share but this this is an old trick. This is what Warren was saying. This is what you know. It's it's crazy that. No Way that somebody who makes twenty million investments playing capital gains tax is paying less taxes than the schoolteacher. It's not even close to what he's doing is trying to call out you know make people feel good about I'm GonNa Tackle Wall, street don't you worry pay no attention to the money coming in. Pay No attention where that's coming from. Trying to these are these kinds of things that the fact checkers should be going after. Well I'd like to come back to. To Biden and the and the election, etc.. We. We desperately need to take our break but just. Tying into that with one transitional clip. this got no play and maybe I'm misreading it. But I personally thought the news of the two trillion dollars that has been laundered by the banks for criminal organizations for terrorists for drug rings the it's known as the Fincen papers. Since these suspicious activity reports of money laundering have been collecting at the. Federal Reserve. And the Treasury. Since one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine, all of a sudden this now out. The market dropped. Eight hundred points on Monday, it came out on Sunday then it has a curious origin. So it just warrants a little bit of discussion. Here's the only clip I could really get about it from Reuters Hong Kong shares of HSBC fell to their worst level since nine, hundred, ninety, five on Monday after a set it and other financial institutions had allegedly moved large sums of illicit money over two decades. They revolve around documents leaked to buzzfeed and shed a global network of investigative journalists, buzzfeed and other news outlets say it involves moving money for the. Lots of terrorists, drug kingpins, and corrupt leaders. The League is reportedly made up of over two thousand, one hundred suspicious activity reports filed by banks and other financial funds with the US treasuries, financial crimes, enforcement network, or Fincen. The so-called Fincen files allegedly show more than two trillion dollars worth of transactions from nineteen, ninety, nine to two, thousand, seventeen, all of it flagged as suspicious by the bank's own compliance departments. The activity reports aren't necessarily proof of wrongdoing, but the leak paints a picture of a banking system that allows for vast amounts of money laundering. So, when I first heard this immediately, my thought goes to that Douchebag Komi who was on the board of directors when HSBC was caught money laundering for Mexican drug lords and he he cleaned that up and then he left and we know what the stories with him the number one. So the couple of things I don't like that buzzfeed broke this buzzfeed is not a journalistic organization in my opinion there leaky outlet. If you want to leak something did the steele dossier come from by feet? Yeah. Mother Jones was involved but these guys to they published these papers. And it's You know you look at them. Suspicious activity reports I've had them filed on me just sending money to my daughter. and. Then someone just calls and checks you get an email or whatever, and it's So they're they're quite common but these are millions of dollars at a time and says, well, could be Ponzi scheme where. This money is going there and so they just send it on and no one does anything and that's that is, of course, the banking industry, and of course, it's a bunch of corrupt Douche bags but I'm smelling something else the number one. Abuser apparently up to one point two, trillion dollars of the two trillion listed in these suspicious activity reports is Deutsche Bank. So I'm thinking they've got now eighty quote unquote journalists around the globe who are combing through these reports. I'm thinking they're on a fishing expedition for trump. They want to get something about some money that was transferred from Russia to Deutsche Bank or some- somewhere in the middle they're going to put something onto trump. That's yet I. Think this is about. At. First Light. Luck. Well I at first I thought wow, this is really quite a scandal but no one. No one is doing any reporting except buzzfeed to this has got to be some kind of scam. Don't you think I thought I was thinking about that I think. The bigger scandals that that H SBC keeps cropping up in the conversation over and over and over again as a major money launderer. which is the thing that really got my attention. I, mean, maybe I missed possible these bankers are the problem is I don't know that. The problem is with these bankers is that you're more likely to end up just about as likely end up getting alley. If, you think search. On them. You don't really WanNa mess with them. That's. It smells dirty. Me Is not enough reporting that movie was the international or something was about international banking BCCI. The International. That's one of your favorite movies a lot of. Especially, you have to assume if there's money laundering and corrupt practices involved well, that means they're legal activity and and it's not beyond somebody who's doing illegal activity that amounts to what was this number they mentioned the beginning three trillion dollars to your your life is worth nothing. Exactly. I mean yeah you can go right your little story, but you start really prying getting in there like getting into the inner workings Nano. This is not going to happen so they can do all once going to get anything on trump right? Now. Initiative trump's too bad. They say is no I See it differently I think they will find something. Hey they took it all the way to to Servers Ping servers in in. Russia. If you forgotten several years ago that was proof, oh? Yes. Their servers are communicating like a flood. Email list. It's like it's just they will stop at nothing in Buzzfeed and you know what's going to you just know that they're going to do that. All. Right. Well, we'll keep our eye on it. And I have not heard from any banksters about this, which gives me even more pause and with that I would like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the Sea and took it back out again of HSBC Day this gentlemen. This is John. C Vora. Humid McRae also in the morning off feet in the air subs in the water. Feet on the ground and all the dame's nights out there in the morning to the trolls who are. Ended actually controlling each other this morning. Let's get a little quick cat where he got fifteen hundred, thirty five. Nice to see all trolls backup speed for Thursday I think that's good. That is no agenda stream dot com where you can always always find troll. A big bridge really. You can check that no agenda stream obviously has a stream so you can listen to. twenty, four, seven podcast. This show is live there many shows that are live. We should control in real time, but also just place the hang out that people who can answer questions and you can also ask for a invite to know agenda social dot com. You can get that there. You go to know agenda Social Dot com which are federated mastodons social. Network No. AL GOES WE DO CONNECT to the entire world if they want us to and if we want them, it's so much signal to noise. It's the place to be instead of some Algo is social network. That's no agenda social dot com and we'd like to thank artists for episode one. Thousand two, hundred, seventy, nine, we titled that are big down. And we had a couple actually there was a lot of choices I. think it was was a correct now wasn't correct the record. It was no O.`Neil. That's right. Now, Neil brought us the our work, the Kovic Comedy Hour, and we had a couple actually let's go look at these emissions and you I i. know you said You wrote down a note or something you wanted to say. And you probably could be true. Okay. So looking at this we had A lot of ABC's which are very funny. Like those the atom buzzkill crackpot divorce back. We had yes. Dare Neil put an actual cheesecake in for you. Dare Neil put an actual cheesecake in the art selector. Yes, she's. Almost, GONNA use that in the newsletter, but then it was superseded by something much better and so march had put in a cova comedy hour same idea. But it was kind of like a stage bric brick stage and it was like projected on the wall Cova comedy hour and no doubt Darren O'Neill's art popped like crazy with a new favored background color yellow Black Blackie got yet white. You got red I mean come on it's GonNa pop. Wasn't there something else you wanted to mention just we did have. We did some some people complained about Kobe bitched about it being it's not funny. What's not funny. Cova comedy hours not sign a somebody bitch about that. Bitch that was on it was on twitter's or on the best assemblies the other ones I don't think there was anything else to meet covert comedy hour. Was it from the beginning? Yeah. I, see somebody's already done to drill with the thing on the end of it. Hey man you gotta you gotta be on the ball. If you're no agenda artists, that's what it takes. Is I don't. Really see anything else that I liked. Besides. O'Neill's he had something else that was okay to, but it wasn't as good as this. I'm so sure you had a note. I probably dead if. I'M GONNA have to start writing down and he's like Oh yes, I did have a Trigger I saw the triggering mechanism. Okay. This is our artists tip. We don't. We should probably put I'm gonNA put these back. So he can have some people just look at it 'cause I don't think because out to repeat these there's a picture of. BAITER GINSBURG on page two. If you look at it, which was submitted by LP W. Oh ya, any image that is a gross. Are. Extremely. Or disgusting in particular stomach churning never be picked. Because you don't, you don't WanNA associate the show with something that grosses people out right. So if you have a very ugly homely image or an image that just kinda creepy or makes your skin crawl or anything along those lines. Down that's never going to get picked as long as the two of us are picking it. And picture of GINSBURG which is all gruesome looking food reminded me of that factor and I think people artist should notice that we weren't happy images not happy but funny or something that Sunday is. Gross Swipe banned all the COVID. I always thought the cova image was gross even really particularly fond of people in the art work. We've met, we do minimize that. Prince. We've minimize people quite a belly really can stop with Joe Rogan logos and stuff like Joe. Rogan. Stuff. I went I mentioned. The last go round is we're not running any of that stuff. It's not the Joe Rogan show we're doing here. Adam was under Joe Rogan shows all of a sudden Joe Rogan gets all the attention I don't so. Right, yeah. Yeah Yeah. Hey you made your point. This is. A No agenda our generator dot com is where you can participate in this fine critique. If you. If you want to risk being slapped and slammed by. Or. Maybe. Perhaps audit by the community or even make a few Bob as artwork work is often licensed quote unquote by no agenda Shop Dot com they split up the proceeds fairly that great guys over there. Now that's the kind of collaboration we like is no contract yeah. Just send us some money when when it works out. And we need to thank our executive producer and associate executive producers of episode, twelve eighty with a note from me. For the New People, we do have a lot of rogue knights who are showing up and we really are welcome y'all with open arms. just, understand two hundred dollars is the associate executive producer levels three hundred above the executive producer level there we will read your notes. Pretty much regardless of what it says we do that with great love and pleasure. It's a part of part of the value system giving value. We gave you value get some value back often it's good content you must keep yourself in check. Some of these notes are too long. And it's. Just taking up time. So. As much I appreciate it. You just have to kind of rain it in a little bit because you're not the only one. Today's a good example. We have very long notes unless I miss most of the not too long all of them but the first ones long but it's a bit for twelve hundred and eighty dollars eight cents donation. So we can and it's not so long that it's off the spreadsheet Yes the one that literally scroll out of the Cell I can't. I can't. I can't read them. So biking read this one and it's A report from Louisville Kentucky from Sir Mittens of the Fall City twelve, hundred, eighty dollars and eight cents, and so he is in Louisville where they're having a problem they're having riots. So I'll read is note in this entirety sounding of maxine waters gravel on Sunday was the original impetus for my donation today, and this note was seemingly destined to be playful playful jaunt through the Sillier side of Omaha nation I figured I would boast about near completion. My Exit Strategy Chair might go flip three purchase experience with those crucial uncle Alpha Charlie props and then rounded out. These with the reclamation of local eight, zero eight by the way, the local group up there that has meet ups is truly was delusions of grandeur considering the comforted last twenty, four hours born and raised in Louisville Kentucky. This is my city no matter how ignorant petulant I was speaking about it my teen years they've fallen in love with the hometown again again, this is a spider. My gripes about it's a nice town by the way this despite of my gripes about the invisible boundary of ninth street that Mister Gold Meridian that splits east and West rough and save the have nots and that who cares the Louisville has laid claim to many distinctions and curiosities over the curse of the American experiment never did I would add becoming a weaponized punchline to twenty twenty's cabalistic. Joke to our. Trophy case yeah. I'M FM add y'all I'm a proponent of positive in all walks of life regardless of strife but this shit has gone too far producers we don't consent to this cuckolding loss of liberty, the psychological Agent Orange that almost certain to kill my grandmother well before time. Yes cove it is infinitely contagious and lethal, but in ways diametrically opposed to what we're force fed almost daily drive past the wall in Jefferson Street with Brianna Taylor's name spray painted in red, and for weeks I've struggled with understanding the uneasiness. It grates inside me. That was until Mojo in Adam, deconstructed Blm inks, wicked ways of invocation charging souls. And signals alike with chaos magic intention demanding that we all say her name and give her the ritual that little that little extra punch to the gut. To give the ritual that little extra punch the digression will not stand. So again, I will say item to all the boots on the ground and group equates to each other in every ear that here's these words. This is our rhetorical battle background. We have to bypass the bullshit binary place in front of us, but the spectrum of love that we all emanate and share as human. Beings. Thank you for your courage. No generation be excellent to each other. I ran. Well, I totally understand that I really do particularly if you if you understand the. the facts of that particular case, and we saw U haul trucks rolling up with signs and Buydell Shields and God knows what Else Ray in Austin they tried it the what happened in Austin they tried to do a little a little protests in the LAKOTA Ruckus here. The police immediately immediately clamped down made them walk on the sidewalk single file. All these kids are walking single file. They weren't allowed in the street. No three next to each other well Don APD and proud of you know time for that. Thank you Sir Mittens does he obviously the Austin police were allowed to do that the airline? That's not the case in a lot of these city somebody give. Gifts are a little Karma there. You've got Karma. Dirt farmer in Japan. Seo Illinois three, sixty, one, thirty, four. donation Jingle request. China's asshole. To way everyone. Is Can. Ask. Differently as Pew, Pew camera trails Jobs Karma I appreciate you doing that work. So I don't have to this donation brings me to Barron it status I don't know if he's on okay. This to be upgraded but I'll keep my current title Do to corporate. Restructuring notify my job was eliminated Toronto for several weeks. If I'm assigned to a new position, I would appreciate it big helping dose of Jobs Karma. Additionally, please give me some Karma to all the parents producers dealing with home remote schooling for the human resources due to Kovic Adam. We did try to include John in one of our weekly. Gypsies virtual meet APPS calls to discuss this show in Ho current happenings organized by Ron the Oriental Drummer. You're right. John was a no show. What did they expect? Did you get an invite? Not that I remember no. Notion got invited. Any. Gypsy. Talking about. Me Up just hang around no agenda social long enough. You'll find out thanks very much dirt farmer for your courage. Ho. Good Jobs jobs and jobs. Joe Plain Old Joe Three thirty three thirty three maybe Joe Biden in the morning John Inadequate thirty three appearing in and around last month by thirty third year of life now is the time to donate. Please deduce me. TV. Shot the alignment of the net. Raleigh. For hitting me in the mouth in a friendship we share as a minister. I humbly request an additional to the prayers of the saints and F- cancer for three members of our fly who are in need of encouragement healing to include this short sermon repent and donate. Aid The sign of the thirty three as I did experience the joy of living with unburdened Migdal. That's very interesting I like a minister. For F- Cancer Karma I'm all about that man way to go. Harmonize. ECLECTIC minister apparently I do says we're we mentioned it. This is a good time to play this bad acoustic, horrible super cut that has thirty three mentioned on a bunch of these new shows that some guy did at home. That you've heard this. Day. Today this hour. We audio is so bad on this. I didn't even clip it. Thirty three convert positive tests virus yesterday twenty two cases. Thirty three cases. So it's gone up by. Bringing our eleven new cases. Twenty to thirty three as we work through this year. Arkansas talks today. We have thirty three. Also faces. Kill the clip. Why don't you just put it in the show notes people listen to it at their leisure spent played a lot and it was also played by One of the Glenn Beck Clone is yesterday so we'd beat us to actually stay. Three three, three, thirty, three, oh. Can we get it? There's Singley going on we don't know what it means, but there it is I actually I actually think. That we have that original montage from. August. Let me see if it's the one. We. I think we have a couple of times just because that it works better in video. Yeah because you can see them talking but even in video as a lousy, it's like Cam. You know shot is from a screen is not clip from the video stream itches shot with Cam Bill. Soul is up next with three hundred, thirty, three dollars in Baltimore Maryland. Lend. He's got some jingle requests eat Kale Sciences Sharpton in the morning Pfizer's first-wave Rogan convert hair. Wave. Avenue distant episodes sense, and also thoroughly enjoy a plundering the MAUVE. Enjoy plundering the most packs time capsule. Not sure. What that means he's Going back and listening to the older episodes. Oh I can no longer in good conscious of by this do Cherie shot please deduce me of course. You've been T do. I want to donate sooner but then my career deal got cancelled to the whole field. And the uncertain times call for staunch frugality I must have caught some contact jobs Karma along the way because now feel comfortable coming off some of this residual corona hush money more to follow that spring. Vj saved my life and I cannot express my gratitude for helping me and my special. Lady. Friend Sandy. To these strange days with your constructions I believe you've helped legitimate ties and crystallize on my viewpoints with her as is often difficult. oven difficult to overcome cognitive dissonance. Am Five am programming. This is true She has a safe word but Nanak. Win, I take conversations a little too far in certain company and she's only had to unleash leash. Once since we were listening to the Greatest Broadcasting University does your family have a word for you or look when you do it? No. Now. They should sit and listen. After. After. Five years together. We I i. You know I, read the audience. Yeah. So I don't need safe words after five years together we got engaged last Friday and nine. Graduations and the glass couldn't be any half fuller. Could we please get an eat kale science to a health and celebratory sharp of your choosing because that shit is hilarious and also whatever Karma see fit. Thank you for your courage. Bill Sola from the rat infested Shithole. They called Charm City Baltimore. If I can make a comment bill I think that's very pleased first of all. The amount of notes that we get with no donation attached just people who just say you guys have really helped me get through this this lockdown, the weirdness that's happening. We are also very useful like you said here, we save your life and cannot express your gratitude for helping my special lady friend WHO's by believe you've helped legitimize and crystallized viewpoints with her. So here I think is a good way to do this. You can always, if there's something you want to crystallize with your loved one, you can always play a little segment of the show and then you have to read the room because if let's say your lady friend looked at you like holy crap then feel free to say, yeah, those guys are real douchebag aren't they? So you can always play it off. We're useful one way or the other, and maybe the next time around you'll get to we appreciate you bill and end your banana girlfriend Geek. Don't ask shot up already. Science. ESPN. You've got Karma. And now you have one that did scroll off the spreadsheet for me so. This is Sir Jimmy V. E. From Jersey City. Three thirty three please accept this value owed for value receive yes, we do. About eighteen months ago I wrote to you about a true crime podcast created by my girlfriend and I we interviewed. We in the Melanie McGuire AK, the suitcase killer Adam said, he quote we made it to net flix? Well, John Scoffed. None of a pie tests are going to be a net flicks. How do I do? Did I do it exactly right thing I did it right? Well, it seems. Computer Mouse Anti Karma may can be at work so mean and unnecessary to say that. While we have signed. We haven't signed the Netflix deal yet. We are going to be featured on ABC's twenty, twenty, this Friday. That's tomorrow they're calling it the secret in the suitcase. The best part is due to covid nineteen sent me a camera and asked me to film roll safely during the quarantine. Albouy, that lot east you can put in. As longtime no agenda listener with creative control over the bureau I saw an opportunity to propagate the formula through the five. I included no agenda Easter egg in several shots. ACLU. For no agenda producers looking to find it look on the podcasters most important instrument. Hopefully no agenda viewers will get a kick out of the subliminal message, and perhaps we'll also plant the seed in the minds of the masses needs a little N., a Mike flag or something. Also I did also try to get my girlfriend to type Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself in the be roll, but she declined since Amy Roebuck was the one who interviewed her member Amy's Open Mike Epstein Scoop Moment Oh. Yeah. That's right. That's right. This project I'll start from a road trip in which I hit my girlfriend in the mouth figuratively yes we know no agenda inspired our entry into podcasting was also on this trip that she asked me have you donated this of course shamed me into my first donation and since then have earned my knighthood. So for the ladies out there may I suggest you turn to your partner and ask them have you donated love and light no jingles just netflix's Karma. Does need to twist. You've got. Karma. Yeah can't wait to see you tomorrow with the Easter eggs. How cool is that I like it? Did you see some of the art at. The Batman Artists did. I've seen the joker with the thirty three thirty throughout seen that once jerk cer-. Cal lavender blossoms next on list two, hundred, twenty, seven, three, twenty, seven, seventy, two from Northville Michigan he sent a note in a a note of a pleading note. Did you receive it oh? Yeah. Okay. Good. Be Said Adams server keeps blocking my email. So I thought I send it to you instead what? In Great Ne- Okay Hero. I'm in great need of a new payment gateway plug in compatible with wordpress for my website. So. He needs some wordpress. We're some wordpress, but we've got lots of wordpress people here. Yeah we do. Currently I'm using pay to process credit card payments but they're about to ban me. Oh, this has gotta heads up wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why are they? Oh, because CBD Man. I hate those guys they doing this. This is not their fault. This is the federal government's fault. Isn't they banned people from being able to do banking. Yeah. Although there's something in the cares act that supposedly specifically says that act that we haven't seen pass yet specifically for some reason I think is trying to stop the banning of the CBD and T H legal THC sales from being the platforms off of payment systems I dunno, I just think I saw that. Well, let's go back to his his his plate. Currently, I'm using paypal for process credit card payments, but they're about to ban me also all the major. Major Gateways Stripe Square braintree going accept CBD online transactions. I'm hoping your one of your listeners know of a CBD friendly gateway that is secure doesn't cost a fortune in monthly fees. Anyone with such info. Please email me cal at lavender blossoms dot org. I don't know what do you think I don't know if it's doable. It's I. Think it's a losing battle. However, what I can recommend is a BTC pay server I mean, yeah, it's it's you're gonNA. Good. Well, that's not it's not true that it's no good but it's better than nothing. It's not that hard to receive bitcoin and is getting easier. You're an old woman who needs CBD ointment for a hand. So she she's not GonNa do that you're telling me that Mimi if she really wants to see BDO and she can't get it anywhere else. She's not going to go through an extra step to do. She's not an old woman a thought you were referring her es. I was just taking on telling you that absolutely we have stores all. Look I don't disagree with you. I'm trying to comfort solution I don't give a crap about Washington state I wanNA solution for cal I'm giving lost and lose. Yeah. What about? Pay Him with Bitcoin I will try and help that way. So we have we have to do something you can't just say Oh, well, no one will do bitcoin. GotTa do something. We, he has to do something that's normal some way of getting actual credit card payments through. The, that's not gonNa that's just going away. That's my point. There is be known that this is in this cares act as possible that can be reversed. I mean pay been taking money dust far. Who called somebody call pay PAL AND BITCH Do. You think this happened. It's not pay pal. It's MasterCard. Who Does the actual processing? Yeah. Will Look Shop Affi-. You may be able to do something with shop affi- I mean it's really the payment processor that's mastercard mastercard doesn't want it. They're the ones that won't visa mastercard. They are the ones that won't let you do that for guns for anyth- anything they don't like is just it's it's not it's not going to that will never come back. They're never going to bring that back. So trend you gotta you gotTa do something I'm just saying that is all I can think of because no, this is happening everywhere. All kinds of different small companies that just can't get payment processing. So you could here's an idea. You could just do. Then more. They'll stop that eventually to, but you could you could try something like that. Was My advice. is to. Is to find some other people in the business and just have disgusted with them because they must have been some work around some work around throughout their. I have an idea. This will fix it once and for all. Changed the name. From lavender blossoms to black lives matter. LAVENDER blossoms. Guaranteed, they'll process your payments that is my idea for today. Actually. I hate to admit it. Probably a good idea. It just my work. Give it a shot? Yeah. Black lives matter lavender blossoms, and then if somebody's cut you off, you gots you can. This yeah, and racist. Racist. And Email me cal about the bitcoin saw. On word. So now I want to give him a biggest Karma because. Need help you've got. An important service that Lavender blossoms provide cal it lavender Boston's. Dot. COM DOT ORG. Dot comers our don't remember. Let me take a look now. Look again. Feeling it's an Oregon why. Dot Org lavender blossoms dot org a perfect year dot org as a dot org and they won't give them the black lives matter lavender blossoms. Perfect. Luca S Berto actually Is, real name here he wants using. As Lucas he's Wonder think. He is he sent a noted. He's in he's in to visit Soland switched except my three hundred dollar rats, which comes in Switzerland comes in at three twenty five. Swiss Francs, donations finding me tonight hood. Jay Powell keep printing paper. Thank you for the Biweekly Sanity Dose which along with my humble degree in sports sciences is all it really takes them basic physiology notions since common sense allowed me to tell people quote unquote it's just a bad flu that comes every ten to twenty years. It's only that this time people are dumber than before. I wanted to give myself the Knighthood for my fiftieth birthday on September eleventh, but I could not decide would do not. We call him out put him on the Birkdale isn't ask for it but he was. Number eleven close enough. Okay, Lucas. Just Calm Lucas C H. Luke I'm sorry. Luca. Sir Lou. Okay. Now he's going to be served. Okay. Here's his birthday Sir Luca of Switzerland okay. is. He wants to be night as of Luca of I don't think I put this in the not to Eric. So you may have to add it gonna add that to you bet Sir Luke of switching JC, you pronounce both my name's and only my last name in all my last name impeccably. Okay. Well, I'm doing that now 'cause you're Sir Lubov Switzerland if possible I humbly request for an Italian from. Italy not from New Jersey Salami Sandwich and some American Pepsi to wash down at the roundtable chase louise hold on a second as doing back office stuff here. Now, all of a sudden we're we. So we get Luca Berto, I gotta get his name. Right. Okay yes. Salami Sandwich and some real. Pepsi. To wash it down to round table, also some judiciary Karma would be appreciated as I've been annoyingly sued by my asshole neighbor to. If I may rick have a question. I. FIGURED OUT ALL AGENDA MEMES since I've been listening to the show. The best podcasting universe since nine hundred or so except one. Okay, this is a good one because I don't know what he's talking about when Adam Nights. New People. He says something like I pronounce the the K-, the, or k. you what does the case stand for? Okay. That's not what I say. What I say as I pronounced to kate the. Pronounced the Kate. Yes. So. He's not saying pronounced the way. Down to Kate. So it's not mean at all is pronounced to kate the. Just, a gay get what's our? It's our official You're not a knight or dame if you don't get pretty pronounced decatur announced indicated yes I don't have a problem. He looks forward to meeting you at the round table will be there no have your your the Italian Salami, of course, and the real American Pepsi you got it promised. and He needs what did you need a big Ass Karma? Any some like that. You've got, Karma. alrighty. dame anonymous of the colonial place says come in and she sent in note. she came in at three, twenty, five, eighty from. From Three Twenty Three Twenty Four And it got her note here. Sorry for the silly cars he sent a really funny card actually. You'd have to see it. Good morning, this is a birthday donation for my sister Dame and of Gray Rock I did have her added Chee needs some good luck. So I am doing any three twenty four, which I believe is the lucky Jewish donation. That on the list. Is a multiple. Of Eighteen you. May I have an AL sharpton respect? Jobs Karma and health gummer for her daughter. Thanks for all you do dame anonymous of colonial place. You Bet and since we have a couple request for this. Now is play the longer version. Getting, lunch at. Late. In the race. Signal we've worse ESPN I see. They'll all jitty. ESPN see. This. We. This. We but. We must. And we will much. About. that. Jobs jobs, jobs and jobs that's better job. Karma. Don't. Know a whole. Lot WOTTON MAKER AKA strict. Quo Yet of Year of. With. Sequoia Sequoia. Boya Boya. To fifty six, I associate executive producer I t m. Request for some sort of natural disaster. Relief Karma from fellow environmental refugees. If only we did he cheeseburgers or have children than these climate change induced fires would never happen. That's right. Lever Courage. Cer- Koya of the Sierra You. Got It. Yeah. You got you've got Karma. To Mickey Kick in Cincinnati Ohio to fifty. checking in from Puerto Vallarta for my fiftieth birthday with my sizzling hot wife Joyce the dame of OPR conveniently enough on the same day as the show. No better way to celebrate the day than with the best podcast in the universe I built up enough donations dad another name to the household leased day my daughter Sara, Dame Sarah Ruler of small dogs. Keep up to standing work. We have two houses for sale. So we need a double dose of House Selling Gold Karma thanks Dorothy we got that for you. You've got. oops. Oh. What You've got Karma. Very we'll fix that you've got. Noble dose two homes for sale now for say. Take take, Commission Alison Flesh to forty sixty nine biggest donation on behalf of my smoking hot husband Sir Knight Who Turns Forty on the twenty third we have been staying sane here in northern. Kentucky. Thanks to your hard work in media actions our governor King Andy Bashir has been doing his best to keep the state panicked and lockdown with public schools. Still not opening with masks mandates my husband, and I are both boots on the ground healthcare workers and knock on wood have yet to run into any real coverted cases. May that again. My husband and I are both boots on the ground healthcare workers and have yet to run into any real covid cases. Or overrun US or ventilator shortages. Our neighbors lovingly referred to us as the conspiracy couple. When we discuss any current events, spit the truth rather than regurgitate the fake news that they hear the couple that no agendas together stays together. Happy Fortieth Chris could I get a look at juice Al Sharpton respect, which is popular today. It is goat. Karma. Thanks for all your works. Yeah. I can see it's homeboy. I get notes from people all the time. That they say, well, you know it's like my neighbors came over and. Know they really are completely on a whole different plane. and An and I think they kind of depite certain point people just are quiet. They just stop and I don't know what it's hard when you have neighbors what are you gonNa do with your neighbors but you going to say to them and they call it the conspiracy couple said, hey, blow me neighbor but you don't want to say that you know you want to keep the peace. So Maybe a good Karma will indeed help. Gosh, can you see that Jews? You've got Karma. I look at them as lost souls. The your neighbors you don't want to give up your neighbors at the L. Adema, throw bricks at the window coming over and calling in. Be Nice calling you the conspiracy couple that's because she's re. Because she has to say look there's nothing going on here. You see no at around here. Then just think you should I gotcha you. We'll call you the Zombie couple. You got fight back. Yeah. That's good. We can think that works we have to fight back. We can't keep hookah be quiet just to keep the peace. GonNa Zombie couple. Yeah or or the two idiots that live next door that works that works for me. Okay David Wright in Harrison. Arkansas. Two, three, four, five, six. Wants a good certain Obama no no no Rosie O'Donnell Hitler nine nine, nine. F. Cancer. Karma, Putin. Don't worry be happy General Health Recovery Goat Karma item crackpot and buzzkill donating today in writing this note for some NA style positive universal vibes, meditations, thoughts, prayers. Or whatever you all choose identified him as my dad's starts a bone marrow transplant today in the next course of weeks are crucial for avoiding infection but the prognosis has been positive thus far here's hoping it goes routinely and boring as possible for you pops no better time in history to get. Sick than the president right actually against get attention. In, addition, the shows lately have been epic. Thank you both for your courage. This reminds me while we re not. Mentioned something this this shows have been epic. Thank you both for your courage. We sincerely appreciate you guys were doing the work or big delays wouldn't be the same without. Adami. Watched the entire episode. Of Gre. I always knew you're more intimately connected to the company than just dunkeld on if that wasn't the bombshell than I don't know what was So I, don't know what that means. Well. Okay. This is my proof that we don't we go ahead. With US get. Let's okay. Well, you under the Jingles I know we can go into that discussion because I want to add something else to okay. No problem. Off. On. Got No. Less I love you. Hit. Could request haven't heard that one in like a week. So, let's say why should over what you said that would make someone think you're a spook well, what I said is I'm not going to tell you what I said what I like is that this person David and one other person the universe. Heard me say this it is near the end of the Joe Rogan interview and it just proves to me no one listens no one listens to the whole show you turned out after tuned out after forty five minutes or an hour very few people listen if they're listening their ears aren't open. So that's it. If you want to hear it, then you should go listen to that episode and find it. Well from someone who doesn't know for a fact. I just know from. Other. Methodologies. Kadam is not a spook can. Definitely not a Spook I don't think he's saying that either I'm not a spook. Implying it. Well be well, but the other thing. Up then where's my check? Yes. That would be the question. There you go. Yeah. Where's the check? So this moment of being a good time to go to swarm listening to this is about a week I didn't clip that I could have. Is Scott Adams going on about how he's had some Peluso nation issues from biggest most in which pot. Personally. But he was seeing things disappear right in front of him Oh. So he's he says, he's looking at ball. What's his didn't is money disappear because I can explain that. Marriage now quite with the right woman. Happen Yeah your money will disappear Scott House lots of stuff is GonNa just poof it's gone. So. So he's looking at a ball disappears. And he goes he goes. The ball reappears this ball and he's looking it happens again it with some other objects a couple of times and he got freaked out thing he's got a stroke or something going on. So he checked into the Emergency Room Self Oh my goodness. Spent today in the hospital and they give us a cat scan or an MRI because it probably an MRI cat scans And they found nothing wrong with him and situation passed over you take anything twice about Isis. But says, he says, but the great thing was there was nobody in this hospital. and. It was just like I get the best care imaginable because I was the only person in the whole place course. But he never makes did he doesn't make the connection. He doesn't make the connection A. While he's still all in on covert. Yes as I can tell what does that mean all in? The mass going GonNa die. Okay. Well, he he has respiratory issues and all kinds of other things he ate look anybody can be afraid is fine. Okay but I'm just saying he was a skeptic. And he became less of a skeptic and he became more of a fanatic. S I. Couldn't put to integrate when he went to the hospital fund was zero people there whatsoever. Well, you have to stop watching him. Was Easier. Once in a while. He is not a I'd like to be like well, he likes to talk likes loves talking for Joe Balon of week. Is Not necessarily a Talker, but he's a donator of two, two, two, three, four, five, six Wadsworth Ohio when my favorite donation numbers first off jobs Karma Works bigly I'm now working a fulltime job in consulting work with my old company. So considering another satisfied listener blessed with the collective positively of the no agenda family toward my career unfortunately, I, need to redirect positive energy away from me toward my wife Lady. Kara. Please F Cancer Karma our way she's been through a successful surgery We just need the Karma's to successfully get her through the rest of Attrition I. Know The NFL can help us pull this off and tell that cancer to f. off the next fifty years. I have so much more to say about how great this show is, but rather not get but slammed by John for writing worn piece. Good. A closer requesting. Adam to play out or play are two point, five year old ISOS which are daughter Anne doing her biting impersonation. She thinks she can win ISO of the day, but I'll leave that to you guys is that what she thinks? Is that what she thinks two and a half year old. Daddy I want Ice Eyeso- of the day is. Long. Jobe one week, applause. Yes and I need to do to commerce because it all the conversation never gave David. His Car Masala gave is Carmen Taught Karma Serve. Actually that was for David and here's. Starts. Relating And this list of fifteen so took a while but we're at the anonymous in Calgary Alberta where all the money is to be two hundred dollars and thirty three cents Please keep me in a birthday. Shout to MY SMOKING HOT FIANCE SEAN turns thirty three and other thirty-three-year-old. We have a lot of those on September twenty fifth. This is a contribution towards his Knighthood Fund You can keep track of it for US requests, Jobs Karma. And thank you for your courage. 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Okay fine if you do. Whatever it's worth you could be one dollars could be one gold back. Dollar could be a thousand dollars that's up to you. We just do our part and you send it back. It seems to work very well for the entire for the entire system with artists with our jingles with knowledge. In fact, we want to make sure that you can participate in all of the success of the show by supporting us and go to boomerang dot org slash, and we really appreciate your time your talent you pressure part of the value for value network formula this. We go out. People in. The. Mouth. I I have in a series of clips if you WANNA listen to, I want to wait a minute. Don't tell me you're pulling the POD. No good another series now. Okay. All right. We have. We have an escape pod that we call the POD. Okay. I thought you were pulling the pod. This is about the insurrection act. Interesting do tell and it's a little extra five point lecture that's worth listening to I. You know I wanted to not. Run. I try to keep them short, but it's pretty short. It's probably less than ten minutes. The whole thing but is a guy he's got a podcast. He's one of these. You know right wingers doesn't ex military guy and he's bringing all this stuff in about the insurrection attitude why it should be used shouldn't be useful used it a lot of information valuable, and also the fact that we have some officers retired officers a debtor violating one of the. Military criminal. Midnight. I just set this up the reason why the insurrection act is in discussion at all is because of what's taking place on the streets with writing with political agendas and that either being facilitated by people in government or at least not being an them not doing their job to stop it is that does that sound about right? Why the Insurrection Act is now in play? This one it's it's a reason insurrection accident used before for all kinds of reasons, but it's an insurrection. If you decisive an insurrection, there's an insurrection going. Let's face it. I mean, that's what they say. But, let's listen to this guy. He's very good as the first clip is a introduction to him more than anything else Belisce Star with the insurrection act breakdown part one place to be with you today my topic is do we risk military coup By way of background I mean you say that I'm Colonel Richard H black. Retired. I was a career judge advocate officer and former chief of the Army Criminal Law Division Office of the Judge Advocate General at the Pentagon. I played a key role in deploying the seventh infantry. Division to quell the nineteen, ninety, two, La Riots. Let me give you a little background to start with the insurrection act is among the most fundamental of all federal laws I enacted in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seven it has been used repeatedly to carry out government's most elemental responsibility. That of ensuring domestic tranquility. Preamble to the constitution lists the task of ensuring domestic tranquility among the five purposes for which the Constitution of the United States was created. Nothing is more vital than protecting the physical safety of American military officials are sworn to defend the nation against all enemies foreign and domestic. On June, the fourth twenty twenty, the prominent publication foreign policy published a morning brief entitled General's denounced trump's protests crackdown plan the brief critique, the president's threat to vote the insurrection and subtly disparaged. As a two century old? Mall. But, the law empowering the president to quell unrest using military floors has been invoked twenty two times. Since its first years eighteen o eight. Have to say, the podcast really works with the music. Well, here's another thing. I got another clip somewhere. This got the same kind of thing going on I don't understand what these guys are thinking. Trying to listen to this I got this music going on in the back now. I get it. I. Don't know where this comes from whose idea was. This is this some podcasting class asked somebody to? Music. I don't know it's set up for something. Okay. So I Just as pure bits, pure base doesn't do anything, it doesn't set you up for anything, but he matches this. Now if you start listening to them five Ammo, the pundits and they, they're the ones at the foreign policy. Hello Council on Foreign Relations other. Think. Tanks it's they sell story years old is useless on you know. I didn't realize until he listed off the people that use this at anyone who says that district be used there's never been used or old fashioned or whatever full of crap listen to this follow up part two has been invoked twenty two. Since its first use in eighth in Eighteen O. Eight Presidents Thomas Jefferson Andrew. Jackson Ulysses Grant Rutherford Hayes Grover Cleveland Rip Woodrow Wilson Herbert Hoover Franklin Roosevelt Glide Eisenhower John Kennedy led in Johnson and George H W Bush. Have each invoke the insurrection act. To, do such things as stop riots enforced desegregation orders and military disturbances, and to quell labor disputes defense one, a military online publication reported that to retired Lieutenant Colonels John Nagle and Paul Young Lane a written open letter to General Mark Milley chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Urging him to employ military force to remove the president of the United States not. Leave Office on January twenty. Twenty Twenty One If Donald Trump refuses leave office at the expiration of his constitutional turn the United States military must remove him by four and you must kid that. Should go without saying that it is impermissible for retired officers to urge a coup to throw the government of the United States and since president trump has never handed that he would not follow the constitutional plan for succession power. It is doubly disturbing that they're called for military insurrection is based on fanciful conjecture about what the president might or might not do under various scenarios. It's Is really incredible. To listen to the accusations are one thing. But the things that people especially people on television are coming up with that they're just saying openly and blatantly. Is it's incredible. It's almost by almost insurrection in itself things they're saying. I think so. Continue. Number. Three the idea the military takeover has been percolating for some time. As early, as August Eighteenth Twenty, twenty defense one had published an article by Thomas Crosbie entitled. Six scenarios for military intervention after January twentieth after discussing the rather implausible scenarios, its author stated. Crews are nasty things. And discussing them in the American context is deeply distasteful. Nevertheless, facing those scenarios may help us understand the real dynamics general and flag officers will be forced to navigate in the coming months. This thing we've discussed this before this is obviously a color revolution. It's the same plan. They always have caused strife problems on the streets and do that around the election and then call someone illegitimate -an boom Bingo. Boom Chaka. Yeah, that's exactly what it looks like. But the people that are doing this, the the retired officers Mattis. Kelly others. really need to be taken to the woodshed over this because this is all illegal, but that's good. For and five finish this clip is long the military is becoming dangerous dangerously politicized general. James Mattis is the former secretary of defense who resigned in two thousand eighteen in a successful effort to block the president from withdrawing troops from Syria on June third twenty twenty he issued a frightening denunciation of the president after praising the rioters for their wholesome and unifying demands he denounced the president in scathing terms and he said We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership he said. We can unite without him drawing on the strengths inherent in our civil society. During the week of June, the seven. Twenty Twenty Retired General Colin Powell let other retired military leaders in blasting the commander in chief. How praised those officers had spoken out against the president in recent days General Powell echoed General Mattis denunciations of the president. Saying that he agreed. That trump is the first president and his lifetime. Who is not trying to unite the country in a veiled swipe at the American electorate retired Marine General John Kelly said. I. Think we need to look harder at whom you let retired marine. Corps General John Allen arrogantly claimed Donald. Trump. Isn't rate ledges. He has no need for religion and doesn't care about the developed except insofar as they serve his political need, the declarations of these military officials appear calculated to undermine the president's authority to quell domestic disturbances by suggesting that invoking the insurrection act is illicit. And by downplaying widespread urban terror. These officials have placed their Improv Macho on the filing criminal behave article eighty, eight of the uniform code of Military Justice prohibits retired officers from using contemptuous words against President of the United States. It is difficult to justify legally many of these officers comments in some instances the contemptuous nece toward the president appears to violate criminal law. There we have it. Okay. Got It so disgusting when you think of. Gloss over because bunch buncha words said in the mainstream but the some actual legal consequence possibly. was that four five that's four. Okay. Yes. I. Found this to be a very The fact that nobody's bringing this up to these guys are actually in violation of their own. You know agreements with the military as retirees making pretty good money. that this needs to be discussed and these guys need to be. They're not gonNA arrest. Let's face it but they knew something needs to someone needs to tell many dissimilar down. So. Here goes five were just suggestions come taking together. The coordinated release of scathing remarks by senior officials coupled with publication of a letter advocating a military coup. Suggest a deep sickness within the Pentagon and within our constitutional structure to my knowledge neither they secretary defense nor the service chiefs have taken action against the widely publicized talk of military insurrection. General Milley Chaudhry further colonels letter to the legal counsel for the Joint Chiefs. To determine whether it's publication violates the uniform code of military justice beyond that. Secretary Defense. Mark Asper has an obligation to issue a grave warning. Against officers active. And retired who seek to overthrow the president of the United States using armed force. Those retired officers who have published contemptuous words against President of the United, states should be issued permanent letters of reprimand cautioning against criminal violations of Article Eighty, eight UCLA, I'm Jay. Should be reminded that article eight applies to retire officers and that the law was enacted because undermining the authority of the commander in chief. Presents. A clear and present danger to the survival of our republic. Time. Well. Who's going to take that one on? He puts it on the shoulders of as Burger. Do anything this makes so much sense. And I think we discussed at one or two shows ago about the similarities between the color revolution what's happening now with the quote peaceful protests and the lack of any local responsibility for taking care of it. We got a new mean back all of a sudden. It was really important MSNBC Donny. Deutsch he had to do it. Trump was at the rally in Pennsylvania. which from a PR standpoint holy cow genius was those airport hangars as an idea. You just roll up air, force one the big American penis. or it's it's right there in the background you put up all the trump signs, open it up the people can stand there. It's it's it's genius genius marketing move. But of course, we've got people in red hat's obviously you gotta think Nazis. Look at that crowd you know before I get into. What stunned me as an Alex if we show some of the kind of the actual lives. One person of color. Anywhere like the. Him He puts one kind of token in their over. Crowded this is stunning is if you not even behind him but through the thousands and thousands of people and this this to me look like a rally from the early. Thirties Joe I was watching the first hour as Jay Johnson was talking about. Comparing to Hitler and you know that's something. You cautiously do because we can use the word fascist but then when you go getler We can't where everybody starts to go but what was going on in early thirties Germany we'll basically you had the destruction of the belief in the free press, you had a blurring between the executive branch. And the. Justice Department you have creating other whether it's Muslims whether it's Mexicans whether it's congressman who weren't born in this country. and. Then you have the destruction free elections and we're here and what is the difference between Adolf Hitler? DONALD TRUMP I'm not saying Holocaust but when you look at the taxes and that is where we are right doubts it was. So it was so bad that this one episode of morning. Joe. Has Been condensed in a super cut down to forty five seconds. This is one show one day the show that Donnie joy just compared trump once again to Hitler listen to this. I don't know we won't call them fascists comments Spanish fascism fascist fascism fascist fascist fascist notions of fascism fo- big racist Magog racist sexist xenophobic autocratic info. Donald, trump is a fascist. Fascist or a tyrant autocrat fascist rhetoric ashes language fascists. I'm glad that you're starting talking about. Fascism Hitler fascist rhetoric he's talking to way fascists talked autocratic fascist Nazi Germany for the rise of Hitler Fascist language to Hitler Fascist Hitler. Adolf Hitler. Hitler? Adolf Hitler preached in early. Thirties let's just say it once and for all. That's just a regular old morning Joe Show Fascist Fascist Hitler Hitler. Nazis. Nazis. You people you. Look at an audience like that. You just other them there you are true true Nazis and I'll say it to your face disgusting I'm so tired of this and you're all you're all really really lovell scum the scummy people. After Ruth Bader Ginsburg died I know you don't have you know that she all that great which I'm not arguing that I. think she was role model. I do appreciate. I think at least she can be she can be in the ground before what are you eating per stasio nuts I'm just guessing no I to have to have a lozenge. Okay. Lozenge otherwise you're going to have me coughing like you were just doing. Okay. It's just a little crackly just WanNa make it sounded like I had vision of Stachel nuts. Oh that's the last thing I guarantee you. I'm GONNA eat on his show. I don't know I just felt like Postel skinny are you? Are. You are you nuts again Okay back to the lowest. Zephyr the ladies back today back to the lowest lowest lowest scum of the earth whether you liked her is a supreme court justice or not. She was very meaningful to the country. She was on the Supreme Court for a long time. The poor woman is not even in the ground. The news is just out and it started with Maisy, Hirono, the scum, the scum of the earth. Loser nothing empty shell of a human being from Hawaii who thinks that she can lie like this for political reasons he meant so much to millions. To millions of people's lives, and I know what her last fervent wish was that she not be replaced until new president is installed and that is how we should honor the legacy of this totally remarkable courageous jurists and that is to honor her last words that she not be replaced until a new president is install I wanNA talk about the words in a minute but we understand what she's saying she's lying there is no evidence that her last fervent row words noticed the term fervent fervent words. We're basically. Whatever it is. You Democrats want. Don't let trump take it away from you and this lie went straight straight to Chuck Schumer the main man in the Democrat Party in the Senate with a sign with the quote. He's doing a stand ups and with the with the Sandy. Cortez. Is there and he has the sign. So when he says the words you can rely on with them and she was an amazing crap I'm sorry I got another. So. It's Like a gag now no, it's one channel. So that's that's why I WANNA make sure that everybody can hear it. So let me just ethic I'll fix that. That's easy to fix. Here we go. And she an amazing woman, and so the first reason we're here is the unity and the second is to honor her legacy to demand. That her last wish. Be fulfilled by the Senate. She said, my most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced by until a new president is installed. We believe. Soda. Years from now. Charleroi leaders poll came out and said sixty two percent of Americans agree with her. So that means that's such a high number. It has to mean the Democrats Republicans and independents all agree that it is only right and it is only fair. For us to abide by our BG's last wish. That she'd be replaced. When a new president is installed. Okay. Now you already caught it. Obviously, this is some really really low lower than wail shit stuff. I'm really re I cannot believe that this is taking place. First of all to use a dead woman. She just died and your. Said my fervent wish she's on her deathbed and this is what she said and somehow maisy Hirono heard her first. Then Schumer gets it in the words. This is some evil chaos magic that they're performing. Hear. The words are not I what what is implied is do not choose a new court justice until after the election. But. That's not what they're saying because this is the lie. This is what you know. It's alive because she never would have said, do not choose a replacement until another president is installed. A new president would mean not this president, which as you correctly point out is in four years but this installed word is there for a reason, we do not install the president of the United States you install the president of Your Sports Club, you install the president of your class. You May. You can even install the president of Harvard you do not install the United States president. Am I incorrect in this? Is a word that she wouldn't use never. Why are they using it because whoever Joe Biden is masking for that person will be installed as president that's what's in their heads. They they know that they're going to install Kamala Harris or That's that's their plan. The word installed is what it's about. Will, that would lead me to the Super Cut. Of How these same exact same Democrats? Felt about installing a new supreme court justice. after the death of the last of the one before The one when Garland was going to be the Supreme Court during the by the end of the Obama Administration and it was put off by the Republicans wisely. And and they made a big fuss at everything you're going to hear on the Super Cut is going to is in. Complete contrast with what they're saying today, the American people deserve fully staffed court of nine, the president nominates, and then the Senate advises and consents or not but they go forward with the process we're seeing here and hope this is temporary is a disrespect for the constitution. The constitution is one hundred percents via the president of the United States has the white nominate someone be a justice of the Supreme Court Senate's function is hold hearings and to vote blockade on a natural occuring. In my view is harmful to the independence of the article three branch, you cannot keep I see on the Supreme Court, which represents all of you cannot keep it making juice constitution pretty much everything they can to avoid acknowledging the legitimacy, our democratically elected president. The American people expect the president's nominee to be given a fair hearing and a timely Joe in sin every day that goes by without a ninth justice is another day the Americans people's business is not getting done. Do Your job to vote for a supreme. Court nominee instead of just saying the blanket rule is no matter who you are no matter what your qualifications because you are set by this president, we will create a unique role for you and refused to entertain you one of the most of the. Consequences of WHO is. State assistance on the United States. If you WANNA stop extremism in your party. You can start by showing American people. You'll respect the president of the United States and the Constitution the American people use IRV a fully staff. Nine. Okay I'm officially banning violins super now. That's gotTA. Stop what. Super Cut is. With rate idea don't ruin it. All right I have to take us out of this have to play the trump. Trump joke of the week. Just. Just to get us. Could I got it. We we have a long and the show mix at least five minutes total wreck. So close or back within for the other one. So I feel somewhat obligated to play that because they are so good. This was trump being asked a question. Meghan. Markle time did on election essentially encouraged people to vote for. Joe. Biden your reaction to that. I'm not a fan of hers. And I would say this. And she probably has her that. But I. Wish. A lot of luck darry. The needed. Guy. Yeah, he's going to need it. Man I have an end of show Eyeso-. Just to. Crank this volume up I. Think seems a little low on that. Curious. Where you have here, this is my only candidate, a sledge hammer to kill a swarm of flies. You Win. You don't have one that we. All right. Anything else up beaten, uplifting you WanNa do before we leave. The trees for global warming. Lifting something fun and. No I don't want trees for Global L. is over for me. I, know I got enough lifting. We will return. Not The spotify, but we will return to do you. And your producer. As we thank you. Again for your time you're talented your treasure bringing it to the value for value network that we have created here over. I think we think it's fourteen years could be thirteen. We'll find out when we look at the calendar, how many years we actually exist more than a decade for sure. Thank you for putting the show together we produce it with you. and. You deserve all the credit. We do the second half donation segment. Are. You kidding me. We just completely forget that I didn't. Are you kidding me. Do we just passed that over. I gotta I gotTA smoke stop. Smoking weed with my cornflakes man. Old. Jewish imagine all the. That'd be. Pulling a biden what is going on with us? What you keep saying us. Let's thank if you people for producing the show, you just look at the clock and you can tell that we're not anywhere near where we should be quitting. Are you kidding me? It's two hours and forty-five minutes because you just played twenty five minutes of music with a guy talking I forgot I was hypnotized it was forty five seconds. It's not. Police two hours and forty six minutes. That's why I was confused I had no idea. No but we had a huge long opening segment. Gabby, you're blaming it on me. No I'm not blaming what? Yeah you closing the show up why? As you were slamming the door. Or you're right. You're right. The super cuts was one forty seven. All right. Let's thank a few people needless to say they need to be thanked I'm sure a few people were freaked. Especially Ryan risky. He's the one who was came in with hundred three dollars from you. I feel like a total. I mean how the Hell could we forget this very odd using the word we Ryan reduce key I'm looking at you producer. Mountain Lion He's in Mountain Iron Minnesota nuts. he does say double Middle Finger to the m five am okay. Well, what that is is If you look at the. Oh. That's interesting. Binary. It's zero, zero, thirty, two, binary. You get to one in mid. Okay. Yeah. So you get your zero zero one zero zero. That's two knuckles and finger in the middle and zero zero, one, zero, one, thirty, two, and binary I like it is a very. It's a double middle finger to the five. It's very it's going to be one of our regular donations now like it. Michelle small in one, two, three, four, five. In Nowhere Marianne briquet in Kyle Texas. One hundred sixty says is not a big segment so you don't worry about it to Patrick comber neither the so cal hills in San Diego California, the Infield as hundred dollars also hundred from Infield in East East Lay Hampshire UK. OR EASILY UH Sir Tom Dari in deforest Wisconsin and he actually sent a note in. If I can find it because it was card. I believe yes he sent a card in. A saying thank you for fourteen years of infotainment. Here's a few actually he always comes in with a fifty, five ten for all the hard work I've been a night since early on I have proudly been a monthly double nickel guy. Since two thousand, sixteen I guess that makes me a barren by now i. think we put him on the list. three random jingle. You didn't do the night in either three random jingles from the pass. You mean, we you mean, we didn't do the thing. We didn't do the night thing I'll take I'll take the we on that. You give him three random jingles, just random jingles from the past. Some G Okay Yeah I wasn't prepared for that. Good one, which will be coming back into vogue. Users. This has never happened to us. Yeah. Okay. Good. fretting about. We're fine sir. Furry for. Sir Furry. Fury Night of Oregon's Greens and Salem eighty-eight Brand Navarro in Los. Angeles California you're lucky. You Close Show I. Move on moving along. In Arlington Virginia Sixty Nine, hundred, sixty nine. But he says there David Forbes in Chicago be Minnesotan at six, zero, six along with anonymous his six zero six was got a birthday for somebody. Taking advantage of the Dame Dr. Well hold on a second. Do your services anonymous donation is towards the peer to an individual that I've never met I wanna take advantage of the dame drive to honor the quote. 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Is this a daming or is this Dame anonymous of a colonial place wishing I think it's her sister. Okay. Okay. So hard to tell sometimes what's going on here and. All right now, he got it straightened guess dame anonymous of colonial places. Happy Birthday to day man of Gray Rock. Now he gotten allison flash birthday they were smoking hot husband Sir Knight Knight. Who turned forty just yesterday. Brian. Hirota Girton says. Immeasurably pleasant wife Jennifer she turns thirty, eight today Sir Mickey Kick Turns Fifty. He will be seeing Abraham anonymous birthday to the wife of nearly normal Jimmy celebrating tomorrow also her smoking anonymous who were smoking hot fiance a different anonymous SEAN will be thirty three tomorrow Danielle Williams happy birthday to our best sister in the universe for thirty thirty-three tomorrow and Sir Trent. Happy Birthday. There was smoking hot wife to be Emily Sparkle boot she'll be celebrating on. Saturday happy birthday everybody. Here's the best podcast. means. We had one change today heard of their the second second we did Sir Tom Gary. Completes. Another one thousand dollars support of the no agenda show best podcast in the universe and becomes a barren today. Henceforth will be known as Barron Tom Dairy, and if he wants a protectorate, we will, of course, have that reflected on all of the maps appropriate. Now we have one dame we have one night. So we've got the blade outs. You gotTa Blade. Out here, it is. Nice. Along, with Luca. Join. The new agenda round table just in time we got him everyone's still here they've been waiting patiently so I'm very proud to. Pronounce the Kate. Dame Sarah, ruler of small dogs and search. Of Switzerland for you, we have the perfect Combo. We've got hookers and blow rent poisoned Chardonnay something for the lady something for the men also Italian Salami Sandwich and a real American Pepsi right here for you fish pie and Felicia beer in blunts Brazilian hotties. Kasha Reuben Rose Avon hits in Bourbon and Ginger Ale Gerbils, breast milk, and. Meat. We always served at the no agenda roundtable head over to know agenda nation dot com slash rings. Eric she'll will, of course, take very good care of you and with that we have arrived at. Yes. I don't think we have any meter reports although sometimes they do get lost in the shuffle. So if we missed yours than please make sure you re send it to us and if it's file, make sure send it to me for sure here's what's coming up on Friday tomorrow the Kansas City baby night Sir see Mike. Edition meet up and we have brand new for Saturday the no inaugural woke walk at Tarrytown Mansion in Danbury Connecticut. Well. That's a brand new. Brand new meet up on the scene do the work check the website for details Jim Sharkey is your host also on Saturday two. Oh three corridor, Monroe wanted lake time meet up for those within the s Arturo three corridor at the park at lake tie in Monroe. Washington. Midland Texas meet up at two o'clock tomorrow little woodrow's Long Beach California flight double o seven. I'm sorry that'll be on Saturday tomorrow. Saturday. That's Let's see. Steel craft CD of Long Beach side of the venue along bixby avenue be wearing a white coronation. Local Four Rona Recovery Georgia style three thirty three PM on Saturday the twenty six, and then we have Tuesday jumping ahead a little bit the giant the BOJ I and trump debate party in Monroe Connecticut. Kitchen also on Tuesday I, guess we're going to have a couple of these debate meet ups, Oh we have the Fort Collins. Colorado meet up. That has been canceled to some issues on the listening tour nothing serious. But I think that one just had to be canceled there's more in the works we're still looking at possibly in October. I think we're looking at October thirteenth for Vegas We hope that we can make it work. A lot of people wanna Khanin for that were still securing a venue and we kind of have to wait until October first to see if. The Governor will allow some slack in the state and the keeper and I will both be showing up for that. No agenda meet UPS. It's a cool place to go. You can be clumsy you can be yourself. There's no triggering. You'll like it specially after be unblocked down for such a long time. No agenda meet UPS DOT com. On the. Counter. Day. Be. A. A. We can't go straight into the show after this I like woke walk. The. Walk Walk The walk walk. Clue okay. The affiliates should be warned that we've gone quite long on today show I. Think what happened is the first donation segment had the really long notes and it was by the way not complaining was a really good showing and we appreciate it. But it just floats not certain plan like after your your series of five clips. They was a quarter to I'm like two, thousand, forty, five minutes and it just never. I don't know I. I. Wanted to get Outta here sums up. Oh Yeah. Yeah. That's right. I gotta go quickly registered for spotify on some trying to join the. Tony gets with spotify. No, there's nothing up. Well. I do have a chance to clips. You got it. Let's get this. went out of the way. This was one of the clips I've been saving this another slam against Biden. This is John Solomon. Again, we've we've had clips from him before one of his other clips as short clip about. Hundred by joining a board. Seems fishy. All right folks back during the impeachment scandal. The Democratic storyline was the request in hundred Biden were wrongheaded because there was no evidence anything untoward happened while I was working at Brima. That's no. State Department documents released to me show that in the. January freely. More more of this music this is like this. is driving me crazy. You can't bring that to show and tell anymore this is just it's. It's what if everybody does not Our European outlets that do the news and they have a bad. And you've your news does that a lot I don't know where this is coming from. Do People think this is a production value or wouldn't did you get this off a youtube or someone did at themselves? That's what people do know this game right from this guy's feed. Really. That's no longer the case State Department documents released to me show that in the January of two thousand fifteen, the State Department had determined that Barista Ukrainian gas company that hired Hunter Biden. After, it had hired Entre Biden at made a seven million dollar bride to Ukrainian prosecutor WHO's overseeing an investigation of the company's corrupt practices. So while one hundred had fiduciary responsibility for the company, UNTORN ACT BRIBE and alleged bribe at least was detected by the State Department he was reported to the FBI but nothing else came of it doesn't appear that anyone investigated through look further into now the State Department was confident that this private occurred. Why? Because one of the prosecutors interviewed acknowledged it happened and they acknowledged happened in the May to December twenty four timeframe when entre I joined the border. Maybe he's doing maybe people do this so that you don't edit them or something. Headed him anyway Oh, well, that was pretty seamless. Just. Missing out on something really good. Maybe we're not doing it right John here's how the shows and sound just you and me. Every. Day could have the no agenda show we'd deconstructed media. That's Ri-. Jackie. Sachs is really what you want. Best. Know I like Rachmaninoff everyone seems to be in damned classical music these days which by the way, less less likely to get pulled from youtube who is still a violation of copyright. I think we just we should just leave this I'm digging it. What it is it let you chat a lot of dead air what what it is. We're going to stop that. Okay got one more clip. No. I'm in the shack clips. Let's get I get a make good brother. TRY THIS OIL IS OVER Oil is over it's says, democratic, presidential candidate. Joe Biden said he would not ban fracking during a speech in Pittsburgh a group of one, hundred, forty, five organizations including sunrise movement and Greenpeace have released a letter calling on Biden to ban fossil fuel interest from his campaign and administration. If he wins the letter reads quote to advance environmental justice, you must stand up to fossil fuel CEO's stopped the expansion of oil gas and coal production and rapidly transition us away from fossil fuels unquote. This comes as the global oil industry home home. We're not doing this, right I'm telling you we are doing this wrong. I. Mean. We might as well do the clips. The right way lists I'd like to start amy over again because amy is very important on the show we can't have a show without amy so we'll do it in the apparently the trendy way. Says Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said, he would not ban fracking during a speech in Pittsburgh a group of one, hundred, forty, five organizations including sunrise movement, and Greenpeace have released a letter calling on Biden to ban fossil fuel interest from his campaign and administration. If he wins the letter reads quote to advance environmental justice, you must stand up to fossil fuel CEOS stopped the expansion of oil gas and coal production, and rapidly transition US away from fossil fuels unquote. This comes as the global oil industry is in crisis with falling demand and crashing prices exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic despite this fossil fuel companies continue to pump out in excess of oil much of its stored on tankers in the ocean in May as three hundred, ninety, million barrels of oil and gas. Sat in storage worlds oceans Greenpeace activists sailed out along the San Francisco Bay unfurling a banner saying oil is over the future is up to you. I'm here in San Francisco, Bay. And we're floating oil storage tanker. Now idling storing oil the no one wants and where we have nowhere to put despite this. Poured billions of dollars of covid relief funds into bailing out the fossil fuel industry. Oh my God that is total distortion of facts. We. Of course, we we have tons of oil tankers floating around waiting for better prices, but some douche knuckle with the masks as bruce cleaning. The, no need for oil. please. Tankers, I've seen worse. I think the the classical music is working for us. I couldn't hear it that you know if you noticed the guys who are using the music beds here. The music handed drowns out letters and you didn't have loud. It wasn't doing it right? Yes. It should be more like this. All right now, we definitely have to end this show this is probably one of the most interesting shows we've ever done at the end here. And you get your money's worth. It'll be about five hours before we're done and we do have some outstanding ender show mixes for you. wreck soquosoquo. Are Back with their third installments. It's good enough to play in its entirety. Then we have Jesse Koi Nelson and fantastic Orlando Gonzalez I had more but those will have to wait until the Sunday show. Oh yes. We have to know Danza Sunday show we made this discuss a little bit already know what they're gonNa do to get after. Komi Coney Barrett if they if trump picks her, they've already shown their hands. So we're going to talk about that on Sunday. If they pick her otherwise I mean I had a bunch of clips I'm GONNA use those. Unless we know for sure that she's the pick but they're gonna go after her and very interesting way you're gonNA get kicked out of it coming to you from opportunities thirty three here in the capital the Drones Star States, Austin Texas team reached number six in the governmental maps in the morning. Everybody I'm out of Curry Antrim. Northern Silicon Valley I'm John Seat of return on Sunday right here. Remember us at Act Dot org slash a how could you forget US until Sunday The Oh smoke does. And such. And by the way, as I joke with them, you know. I I should say I'm GonNa say something I don't I I probably shouldn't say anyway I am I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical. Mental. My physical as well as my mental dot show I'm let YOU FINISH WITH DONALD TRUMP? Have one eight a best economies of town and I don't know about you in this man I. Don't think you do either. So I'm bringing you some ether wind. Warm Ovo. Radin with Biden or your want four more. Calm. I think I'm. Tired I'm. GonNa. I'm more right in. Probably. Go right in. My Pen and right in. College dropout. Out The registration even on the ballot charted Plano in a box where the walls of padded when it comes to West was the media. So rabbit is because he talked trump to. Talk. Is it simply because the left can knock and show his mind. To get out in the field of party line. So he does what he's told the won't be satisfied when it all. Jesus who they call. You he bought in a way we all within the heroes and villains SCIBILIA. You ask me. Y. Zero Pander I'm white midland mayor. Now do more country they needs to grandparents. On One I'd rather. Do more twitter than being president. Trump or Oreo. One four more at. Limerick flag com. Think I'm a write in. Yeah I'M GONNA. Talk. Think Right. Probably go right in. My. In. No one man should have all. That may be getting, but definitely, not the Cowan in the basement finding hair crime bill restrained the J. Shelter Rome get more time than brandon with all your one do gossip gossip stop Kardashian lawyer. Robert Qualified First Lady. Eleanor honestly I think. Saying that. This is what we head in County Vision Twenty twenty. This book Kenya Vision Twenty Twenty Four I am ready for a president who says President someone who will take the press and press into learning lessons I know he jumped off stage it's Michael Precision, but a lot of us will be here with. Visions you know our entire country is run on the but not conway. So when they actually gonNA. With Baden one, four more. Smile replied. I think I'm. GonNa. Think I'm all right. I'll probably go right in. My pants right in. Mental Fitness cise Tom Morello. I'm reading my first ever books on tape. Book I haven't my personal collection. I read to my three year old and five year old a is for atom curry. BE IS FOR BINGO BOONE? Bobbing in the sky. Is for taking the see out of critical race theory and cats. Is for. This is putting subliminal messages into child's head e is for everyone huggins sheriff's secret of his check false. G.. Is. Forget out of my. For healthy food have more Kale have more Kale. Kale Ask. Jay is for Johnson. Dot Org slash. Is for Karma. Karma 'em. Mutton and media. And is for no no, no. No agenda. He. B. Is for good. Pew Pew. Q. Is for question what have you? ARE ARE ESPN. This we. S is for space force and saw the hammering t is for trust in the true true tigers to you. You wait. That's not you that's W. The is for what x is for mouth what this is a scam why is for U.? Z. Z. is. So Of course. Hard. I think the two party system I. Think our country's and quite frankly I don't WanNa vote for biter that feels like voting for Republican. Dan. The. Bird. Better. You. You people hearing. This year. Spur. ME. Mofokeng. Dot Org Slash A sledge hammer to kill a swarm of flies.

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