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"john kessel petit" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

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"john kessel petit" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Into the governor's mansion High strongly address her as the governor Adam says voters need someone who can get stuff done in the state of New York cochlear is running to keep the job she held since August of 2021 when Andrew Cuomo resigned hulko faces New York City public advocate Williams and representative Tom swazi of Long Island in the June 28th democratic primary Supreme Court Justice is getting more security a bill the bolster security for the justices and their families passing the House yesterday next stop the president's desk It was okayed by the Senate last month Attorney Alan Dershowitz talking about it on cats at night hosted by 77 WBC owner and operated John kessel petit is Today the terrible tragedy is that Supreme Court Justices have to be protected by presidents because you get a guy like this character from California who wanted to assassinate Kavanaugh in order possibly to change the vote on roe versus wade Imagine what would have happened God forbid if he had been assassinated And then the vote would have changed Seems to be no stopping the medicine Yankees these days here is 77 WBC's Mike to dino Yet bob both New York teams continue to cruise Yankees a league best 45 wins just 16 losses Great pitching matchup tonight in The Bronx Shane mcclanahan 1.87 ERA versus Nestor Cortez 1.97 URA Corbyn burns and David Peterson get The Rock and flushing Hockey Stanley Cup game one tonight 8 p.m. lightning avalanche game 6 NBA Finals boy or Celtics tomorrow 9 p.m. for 77 WABC sports on Mike the dino Mark the men continues up next for our cast.

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