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"john julich" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"The gates and wild wonder at the door they have found. Then I spoke up to leave us well off. Oh, she could tell right away. Yeah, but I was bad to the bone Tired of the ball. Glad to the boat. Coming up in about an hour and a half is the sentencing of police officer Derek Chauvin and and Minnesota on the murder of George Floyd. But Many years ago in a different time. There was a strike by police officers in the city of Cincinnati, occasioned by the repeated murder of police officers in the city's Cincinnati. In fact, I'm reading an article in the inquire from August 15th 1979 written by Brett Milham. That talked about Cincinnati being the murder capital of America when it comes to killing police officers in 1979 Melvin Hanzee, a police officer, a Vietnam veteran. Died in a hail of bullets at the age of 28. In addition to Officer Henze, a few a couple months before you had the murder of police officers Dennis E. Bennington and Robert T. Seifert. Gunned down on March 6 1979 officer Charles Bird saw was killed. Murdered on July 15 1978 just a few years before Sergeant Lalli was killed. 1975 Officer loft and was killed in 1975 Officer Charles Hand. Dorf was murdered 1974. Officer David L. Cole killed 1974 Detective Howard Smith died. 1974. There was a regular event in the 19 seventies and early 19 eighties for police officers here to be killed. The last one that died in the city of Cincinnati. We had a terrible event in Claremont County, but in the city was sunny Kim about four or five years ago, and today there was an event scheduled By Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman, about officers Bennington and Cipher now joining US and Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman. Welcome again in the Bill Cunningham Show and Vice mayor tell us what happened this morning about 11 o'clock. Well, it was first, um A beautiful occasion. I was honored to be asked by the Bennington Seifert family to be a part of it. Um retired police officers, Um, council members, Thunder man and man. John Julich, assistant city manager. Wonderful, illustrious police Chief Chief Isaacs. From the Cincinnati police Museum Center Director Buche E. Um Bill Beauty was there. Um, and just the right number of Cincinnati police officers who came and attended and, of course. On the Bennington Cypress family. What two beautiful families brought together in this horrible crisis. March 6 1979 and I think in your intro you did a beautiful job really? Talking about the heroic actions of Bennington and Piper who stopped a vehicle. Um, a an assailant opened fire hitting officer Bennington in his chest. Shooting officer Seifert, um in his head, and I say both of these things deeply, respectfully, because I know the families listening. Officer Bennington was able to get to his feet returned fire, killing the assailant who had been shooting at them. But both both officers lost their lives that day. Um, on may on the streets of May and Oak Street on the corner there. I was Born at the there's the hospital. I was told that the officers were carried to that hospital. Um, who had been who had been fatally shot and all I can say to everyone listening With the family clearly said, is that a couple of things a few things one is that they were very young. I saw the sacrifice of these men who lost their lives. Their Children. There were that were there were just babies. When I say babies. I'm talking about four or five years of age. And so they have grown up without their parent without without their father. I also will give this very sensitive data point. And that was that Officer Bennington life. Took her own life to this through this tragedy, so people don't understand the magnitude of what happened to these officers and what has happened. Should insane. These two families, um, with their with their loved ones being murdered, And I will also say as a just a very small gesture. We have honorary streets today named in their honor where the families can come back Tina Bennington. The daughter of Officer Bennington, Um and off and Rob Seifert. Um, the son of officers. Seifer come back to this location annually. And so when they come back next year, they actually will be able to look up and see their father's names. There. We honor them today. They are heroes. There they they run into the bullet, while all of us are at home safe, and we just want to honor them and extend love and respect to both families because it's happening. Now and to us. We think every event that's transpiring as the greatest. The worst. The greatest ever happened that these things have never happened before that, because we're experienced them for the first time. It's historical, but to go back in time to 78 79. You may recall That was the time of great economic pain in the country. The gasoline was about $4 a gallon that to get a mortgage on your home was like 14 15%. The U. S embassy was overtaken in Tehran, Iran, and there were a couple 100 hostages held for a long period of time, and it was also the time when 11 died at Riverfront Coliseum. And layering. All of this was the fact that four police officers were murdered in close proximity to each other, and two of the four were Bennington and Seifert. And this resulted after after Birdsall was alleged Well. They were convicted of murder by Russell Ballon Duane Reade at a at a quick store convenience store and And the perpetrator left and officers were killed at this point after so many officers being killed back to back to back to back. There was a police strike called by then Elmore Dunaway. He's the he was the flamboyant, Shall we say, You may not recall Elmer done away, but he was extremely flamboyant. Always wore a cowboy hat always had boots on. And he represented cops. And he called for a general strike in the city of Cincinnati. Now you're the vice mayor. Now. Imagine this afternoon. The police officers all go on strike, Not one report to duty. That they come to City Hall into one plum street and their and their police cruisers. Dozens of police cruisers with the sirens blazing and the key snapped off in the ignition..

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