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Ep 17: The Meaning Of Life

Heart On My Sleeve

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Ep 17: The Meaning Of Life

"Hub-hub originals. Hello and welcome back to hotter mice beef. This is Chuck War and you're listening to me on hopper I'm database. That'd be starting that I couldn't Boston episode last week. It was a big loss in the family. Spent a word munt do think I've seen a lot of posts about how Jon Gruden has fed. Michael hasn't been the same for you. It just seems and most to be honest like one thing after another and this was supposed to be a fresh and beautiful Dr Four new decade. I'm going to be a silver lining kind of Boston and say that maybe John Rudy was for the lessons. We need to non. I'm keep in mind as we dig on the next Daniels. I don't know but it's been weird like I said there was a nurse in the family and Jeannie shook US humor Auden nowhere. My husband's Granddad. A unique man who touched thousands of lives he lived ninety six John John Lewis and spend sixty four of them with his life such a great guy such a big loss to this last day before he was hospitalized he was out on a date with his wife Living Nice doing good and the output of Nassir him has been unjaded unbelievable. It really got me thinking that all that matters at the very end is where you lived and did it good enough to create a void when you leave a wide that sense draws out and these people shook a wide that then people people try to fit it with stories few memories that bring back the laughter enjoy of moments frozen in time. I don't have to would you this but but when I was younger I wanted to seek become a single but I realized only on that my woke accords on big footage music music is a great way to spread your message. Express your feelings the next best thing for me at least a sporty. So I've composed a form. Oh how I feed this moment at scored. The meaning of life inspired by lights. Criti- lipped we all have an expiration date. Something set ahead by the divine and as much as we bleed and as much as we wheat in Anita Wien excess. When it's time it got me both born it's inevitable above the way? It's not Miss Labor. What we got to end should is to make life good as believe it on a day to D- what's left is but ashes not attain? We get to take Nora. Boston are back then. Why live this life would regret grete while you still a week? As the end draws Nia one team becomes quite till that when eating that matters is the ones wants who had a deal for all the wealth accumulated we leave behind on the degrees and titles do not remind the beauty and you're with hot was a diner. Standing in society was on the exterior. The one team the own beating that comes Baxley. Selker is the Knob we give the joy records the memories they meet those make for the final choice. Louis as you bow out of flights did you love your husband your wife did. You never need us. You do love your friends. Were you going to liberals. Was Your hot dental your intentions. Good to the best of your ability. Did you do what you could to lead the world a better place. When the dime demanded did you show grease two doors we loved? I dedicate this boom and to you. I asked the question who cry when die. And if Don's escapes you it isn't too late to Knox descrip- a beach and stocked anew tanks tuning in guys. That's it for this episode. Next to it I just wanted to share. What are composed with you? I hope it pushes you to spend more time made more memories and lost more offs with those you love and do think about the question that I've asked to think about what you Jack Cheese. He is in life to do and with matter at the end. If it's teams money degrees status diapers beauty the if those are the teams that you care about that. I hope that this will get sued. She can sit down and to focus on the on meeting Magna does and that's your relationships. Russian ships the people in your life. If this month has been weird for you is. Why do you talk to me on Instagram? I would love to your your story. And what's been going on with you my hand and his lunch on Fats M. E. N. S. H. E. K. U.. You are in a n D quick on the subscribe button so that you never miss an episode. See you next week bye. How would? It's no close the Nikkei. Yep Yep I'll be of Nevada's launch Cannata be full hob Hobo Studio website. I bid just stuck at any minute again that ended up knuckled covered launch. Getting yet. He no he studio there would be a he come the podcast launched Gimmicky thin. Enough on Steph Smith though SOCK ME UP NABOKOV shooter guy. Michaela Teyat just halt on how papa simply content.

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TKC 625 Baratunde Thurston

The Kindle Chronicles

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TKC 625 Baratunde Thurston

"Hi! This is linearly for the kindle chronicles. Today! Is July twenty fourth? Twenty twenty, and I'm coming to you from old old Orchard Beach Actually, Ocean Park, which is a part of old Orchard Beach and it's nighttimes little late and. I need to get this show on the roads or darling and Sophie can come upstairs and go to sleep in the bedroom. I have an interview this week with Baritone Day Thurston and it's a full circle. event because baritone. Day was my first guest on. One, which aired on July twenty, six, two, thousand, eight recorded at this very desk in this bedroom at the cottage. And we had a good chat where I caught up with him in La a couple of days ago and talked about the kindle, and we were both such enthusiasts of the kindle in those early days, and it's also. It was interesting to me to find out a little bit more about the kinds of activities. That Bertoni has been active in in the last couple of months. I'll also have a new story I. WanNa Talk to you about and a tip, so let's get started. And Well if you are like me, you might have been looking forward to some television watching on Monday of next week. That's when Jeff Bezos and the CEO's of three other big tech companies Apple Google, and what's the other one facebook where all due to testify before subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. It was delayed postponed indefinitely because of a memorial service scheduled for. Release John Lewis, who passed away on July, seventeenth legendary civil rights, Pioneer and longtime member of Congress from Georgia. I really was looking forward to this. With mixed feelings because I didn't expect it to be a very enlightening conversation between Jeff bezos. I was more focused on him than the other three and this subcommittee. But I guess I thought it would be an interesting way to. See, how Jeff did as he get provoked angry. Does he get impatient with stupid questions as he able to look into the future with a vision that is compelling and sort of. you know changed some minds. I I remember. There was a famous I think he was a representative might have been a senator from Rhode Island back in the days when I was living in Rhode Island John Story, and there was a hearing where he was grilling. Mister Rogers about funding for public television, and it was one of these moments that you sort of dream might happen in A. Congressional hearing because Mr Rogers was authentic Fred. Rogers was just telling how important it was that the government spent money on these shows that help children to value themselves and to live good lives, and you could just see this kind of hardened senator from Rhode. Island a rough place in those days as I as I recall. was moved. He was touched and He saw things that he hadn't expected to see. And I think that the PBS cut their budget. Well I think it would be A. Too much of a fantasy to think that, because because Jeff bezos is such a great guy and he's. He's such a futurist and. He's customer century. All the things that I tend to you know. Ascribe to him as well as the fact that I've. Talked to him twice on the fourth anniversary, and the eighth anniversary of this show, and is a very charming person, in person, a very on proposing and just a a nice guy who treated the interview with this podcasters seriously, and we had a good conversation so I. I'd love it if there was a chance for him to show a little about the company that would be important for legislators to know as they try. TRY TO FIGURE OUT IF antitrust rules need to be recast in the digital age, and that's why all four these companies are scheduled to appear in. There has been a an investigation by the subcommittee I think it started about a year ago, it was supposed to have had a report in April. It's now been delayed probably till the fall and then the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are looking into issues of antitrust. When companies get this big. Issues of antitrust are reasonable to look at and I've said in the past I. don't much like the cheap shots to taken against Amazon and I forget who it was on. The recent show, somebody said well. The reason they go after Amazon is because it's news. If you say something about Amazon, everybody listens and. it. Never mind that. It has the highest reputation among customers of any company in the world and a lot of different surveys It's it's It's it's an important company that deserves scrutiny. But that scrutiny will not becoming Monday as planned I. Don't know when it will be rescheduled and everybody was going to be talking by. Virtually, the they weren't gonNA wasn't going to be. Mr Basil's goes to Washington was GonNa be Mr. Basil's goes to an audio visual. Studio at Seattle, or perhaps it is home and is beamed into the. Subcommittee. The antitrust subcommittee. Interesting, I hope we do get a chance to see that and there was a question. It's one point as to whether Jeff would agree to. Testify I have hunch that. Went. All four of the companies were invited then that made it. Easier for him to go, and perhaps harder for him to not participate if he if he thought there was an option for that. Let's just go slide right into the tech tip A. John sent me a link awhile back in it's it's a good story. By Barbara Krasnov in the verge published July six, and it's how to convert a PDF to kindle format. I think there's another way to do this using the Senate kindle APP. That's what I use. When you take a if I, get a pdf file I to just drag it onto that APP, on my Macintosh and then it, it propagates to my kindles, but I think this is also a good system to know about, and the essence of it is that you may not know, but the each of your kindle and fire devices if you have more than one. Has An email address that is associated with, and you can find these in the manage your devices and content tab at your. Dot Com, site. So you find out. Say You had a PDF and you wanted to get it onto your. You could find out what is the email of my oasis and then? You would take the PDF and create an email Having the to feel be that address of your oasis, and then in the topic line you would write convert, and then you simply drop the pdf into the email and you'd send it, and it takes a couple of minutes, and then if all goes well, you check your way, says and a couple of minutes you'll see this document and the advantages that if if it's a pdf that mainly has text. It's converting it to moby format so. It'll flow, and if you want the font bigger, and if you WANNA do look up all the things you can do on a kindle book. It's. For the right kind of document, it's just much easier to see on the kindle, and sometimes I get a long manuscript from a writer friend of mine. I liked to curl up in a chair with it. I don't WanNa. Read it on my computer, so it's perfect for that kind of activity It's a good clear step by step process and I'll have a link to it in the show notes if. You want to give it a try. Thanks to John for sending to me. I see that. As I've been thinking about, the show anniversaries. Always get me kind of thinking ahead and We're wondering if I'm actually GONNA. Keep doing this. I had a couple of days ago. If you listen to the morning journal, you might have heard that I had pretty much decided that twelve years was enough and I'm going to be seventy next month and. I want to do more writing not so much today. I woke up today. Thinking about the new kindle chronicles and You know all of the things that I enjoy about this and also. That I'd like to be a little more helpful to you that that. I've gotten feedback over the years that the tech tips and things that I've said to help you get the most out of your kindle are really valued and I enjoy doing them. They take a little more work. Frankly I mean I can't put together a really detailed tip at ten o'clock at night on Friday, but I think what I'm going to try to do is. Work a little harder on that and I think that the news can be found about Amazon lots of different places, but if I can think of this as hopefully useful. podcast in addition to the interviews which you know not everybody's interests in the same kind of people i. am But so in in view of that? In the past it has been helpful if somebody has A. if you have a question, you know like I'm thinking of doing this and. How do I do this? The that's a good gives me a good chance to try to solve a problem that maybe other people would have as well and then also if you see something like John Aga did on this converting something to kindle format semi link, you can send it to me at pod chronicles gmail.com, and then I can pass it along. So that's something I'd like to kind of focus on the thirteenth year of the kindle chronicles as that comes around next week. Time now for the interview to reintroduce you to Bertam tuned. Thurston this week. He's GonNa show twice before once at first time, and then of the other anniversaries I wanna read you a passage from the his introduction to be black, which is his two thousand, twelve satirical memoir published by Harpercollins and It's just a few paragraphs because it it first of all shows you. He's a pretty good writer and he's got quite a story. My name is Baritone Day Thurston I've been black for over thirty years I. was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven in Washington DC in the wake of civil rights, black power and Sanford and son. My mother was a pro black Pan African tofu eating hippie. who had me memorizing the countries of Africa and reading about apartheid? Before my tenth birthday, my Nigerian name was not handed down to me from any known lineage, the rather claimed and bestowed upon me by parents who demanded a connection any connection at all to mother Africa. Yes I grew up in the inner city at one five to two Newton Street and I survived DC's drug wars. Yes, my father was absent. He was shot to death in those same drug wars, but it's also true that I graduated from Sidwell. Friends school the Educational Home of Chelsea Clinton, and the Obama Girls and Harvard University I. Love Classical Music Computers, camping I've gone clubbing with the president of Georgia the country twice. My version of being black adheres as much to the stereotypes. Dramatically breaks from them, and that's probably true for most of you reading this, if not about blackness itself than about something else related to your identity through my stories I hope to expose you to another side of the black experience while offering practical comedic advice based on my own painful lessons learned. that's pretty good introduction to the book and I. It's a funny book as a poignant book, it's a quite original way of telling his story and making some important points about race in America. Eight, years, before it has now become such a really more intense and purposeful conversation, the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. I, I met Baritone Day online shortly after the birth of twitter in two thousand six soon afterward I caught his Nason stand up comedy act on a small upstairs stage in Harvard Square and led to my inviting him to be my guest on Casey one. Since, then I've enjoyed following Burton's career He took a job at the onion the humorous. Paper National newspaper. He worked on the daily show. He gave a keynote or two at south by South West generally has become a widely followed and respected writer and speaker on the topics of technology, media, politics and race. In the sixty days since Minneapolis, police officer Derek Chevanton Killed George Floyd on video baritone days rid has intensified and deepened as you'll hear the interview that we recorded between L. A. and Maine on Wednesday July twenty second we each separately listened to the conversation from twelve years ago, and that prompted me to ask about his trajectory that began with our enthusiasm for the original kindle. which had been released about eight months earlier. I actually really listen to that very first episode today. Wow I was so excited. and. I think my trajectory with the kindle to be more directly answering your question. Is, it has blended in to a set of devices and services alongside. Others that I did not expect you know. My ipad is very highly used. My kindle is a little less used than it has been in the past. I'm even mixing in paper. And hardback books again just to remember what that feels like. But the the overall idea of the kindle as this. Platform the value of Digital Library, the value of being able to search back over ones own history. I still like that, and I still believe in that and I would still eight times out of ten. They all just get the kindle book. Because of Quarantine I. Think I WANNA touch paper? Because just touching things is much more exciting than it was. To Go. And so I don't put that on on Amazon. And then I think Amazon changed and my attitude. Toward that company, as it's gotten larger and larger and larger and absorbed more pieces of my world, like Amazon didn't own twitch twelve years ago. They didn't have prime video twelve years ago. They weren't the everything store that they've become or the everything platform that they've become so I'm feeling out of relationship with Amazon, which is not as over the top enthusiastic as it was twelve years ago, either yeah exactly. That was the one thing I said I wasn't gonNA. Talk to you about because I. Talking about Amazon might be more awkward talking about race with you, because I'm such a fan and you call them. rapacious and you. You've been fairly candidate about your latest version of Amazon, but not what the heck! We don't have to jump right into it. There's there's you know I'm not so against the company that I don't use IT products. And so I. Think here's what I'd return to though, and what's. What's still doesn't exist you know. I had this dream of this literary platform that the kindle could become where. We would log in to this device and thus into a world and like a social world. Could read with people I. Read An edition of a book annotated by other writers and kind of have this collectors digital collector's edition. I still remember the dream that I had not on your show, but around that same time of. I'd love to read. The constitution, but like marked up by the writers of the daily show on. And then I ended up working for the daily show. Also cool but like. There's just a a unique packaging and expression and socialness that still doesn't exist. It's still pretty rudimentary to to go into the Kendall and then just see. Passages highlighted by thousands of other anonymous people. And that's not. That's not so meaningful. You know so I I'm a little disappointed given all the like. Basil's is launching rockets, and and trying to get to Mars and I'm like. Can I. Can my friends and I read together? Though, could you like you've got all the infrastructure I know. It's possible to do so. It's just not a priority. And that's one of the revolutionary things I was excited about. That has not come to pass. What about you? Well I. I had a similar sort of. I remember thinking that would be cool, and also they did try it. I could follow different people, and I would see their annotations, and it ended up just disruptive it was. You know the idea of it in the reality of it didn't mash the place where that sort of available now is good reads. I can share my annotations on good reads, and that's another place where I. You know I love Otis Chandler. I've had him on. The show and good reach just seems like a great idea that I never use I. I'm so busy trying to get to the next twenty books on my kindle that the idea of going somewhere to find my next favorite book at. Some of these ideas just get crowded out by how busy my life is. and. But Yeah I. Here's here's something else for you. In terms of how the trajectory is changed. I did not. At the time that we first twelve years ago, happy anniversary land. I did not own a lot of kindle books. It. Was this rare thing I was using it I had bought you ask what's on your kindle and. And I was reading a lot of blogs at the time and taking part in the New York Times is version on the kindle. And so. It kills Internet device for me. It actually is a book reading device I can read the new. York Times much better through their apple, my IPAD. And same with other newspapers I subscribe to so it's not that I don't really read blogs per se anymore than social media now, which is a new thing I'm not gonNA GDF that into the kindle and read it on the even in the paper, White. Edition! or read it for books and the screens gotten better. It's more legible smoother. It's more paper like. But the differences I own a Jillian kindle books in easy. To okc a horde digital media in the same way that like my netflix queue is full, and what's up next on my apple? TV is full and the articles that I save to pocket. I never come back to the kindles become that where. There's still value because I'm actually spending money and I like this author I want to support them with. My friend has a book, but do I. Actually read the books, and so it's just this big beautiful library that I often don't touch. And that is a really different experience than in twelve years ago. The surplus of content is much greater than I expected. Yeah it's become bloated or something. It was all potential and all new then and now. It's just become something different. Yeah Yeah. The thing that is. The flip side of that instant access like there's so many books I. had that Opportunity To? Interview Roxane Gay for a Podcast I was doing with twenty three in the all about DNA and health and I had never read her book hunger. And I was able to kind of get this thing on the go. Read it fast. You Know Skim it. Some things show up much better prepared to that conversation with her. I hadn't read every single page read more than the blurb on a website. And That kind of instant access and search ability where I can see like. Oh, where did she talk about this? Where did you talk about that? As a producer, you know the kindles been great to prepare me more for doing what you're doing right now. Yeah, exactly. I've been enjoying just the power of twelve years. You know when I? So if you look ahead twelve years. You will be fifty four on September eleventh I didn't know you had such. A fraught birthdate powerful powerful birthday. And Let's see. I'll be I'll be eighty one. My grandsons will be twenty, six, eighteen and sixteen. And Jeff Basil's will be sixty eight Biden will be eighty. Nine trump will be eighty six. It's a big chunk of time twelve years when you start thinking like that, and I think that's my way of wanting to switch to the things that you're working with so intensely now on race and police violence issues in you're live on lockdown and the podcast. We're having a moment and. If you think about the things that might change that seem to be changing now addressing systemic racism. Just bring this whole topic. To the attention of people that maybe weren't paying attention or had been carrying some comfortable delusions about the state of the country. And you look ahead twelve years, and and you imagine. Looking back on this moment. Do. You have any sense of. What role you WANNA play what? How how you would help? People understand this moment in light of. Where we might go in the next twelve years. I was also where if you know John John Lewis, passing and you think of his moment in the sixties and what he did, and how? How does that compare with this moment and I guess I'm asking you to step out of the the daily work. You're doing it. It's such a sort of online. Way. To sort of picture yourself, and and where we are now. In the context where we've been and where we might go on a big chunk of time like twelve years. Thanks for the easy one. Twelve years from now. Jeff Bezos will actually appear to be twelve years younger than right now. Because he will probably have found a way to inject all the stem cells directly into his on. And live forever. I fully expect that will. That former progress is well in. A On the murkier more. Human in qualitative matters of race and power. He had to step out of this now twelve years i. Really really hope and expect that we will had a female head of state in the United. States, so we can leave the the League of losers that we are now in not having accomplished that I. I look forward to a different set of arguments where we're not entrenched in this kind of as ancient battle about. Well, should we save ourselves from calamitous climate crisis or Like how many billions are we going to let die like it'll be really great to have arguments about regenerative agriculture versus is. Like hydroponics you know like that's the sort of debate. I would really look forward to, or is it the Tesla Battery for solar, or is it like the Ribian battery, and who's got the best electric car and I think we if we elevated our contests and our conflicts. So that, we were all still fighting for. A thriving that would be really really great and I think twelve years is enough of a window to. Have moved past. You know some elements of the civil war we keep re-litigating whether it's about the confederate flag or statues, or is it a sound political strategy for an entire? Party the Republican one to double down on. Aging smaller. More racist tendencies within their party rather than look to the market opportunity is opposed to market thinking people of young people and people of color who are going to be much more of the future, not the absolute future, so it would be really nice to have to political parties again at least. Both believing in democracy and it will be great to have like tax subsidy arguments again instead of authoritarian or not kind of arguments that we're having. And then on the on the what people do in race and policing? It will be really nice to. Get to a place where we are looking at. What we all have to gain from this and what we have gained twelve years, we might be able to then say. Oh when we were arguing over how much money police department should get and whether they should be allowed to use bayonets. First of all that was weird will rethink really bayonets from the revolutionary war. That was a real argument GRANDPA in. Love your grandchildren about what was going on twelve years ago. Before you had the ocular implant and clearly couldn't see the world for what it is. So, so it will be fun to move. Past that argument about the use of police force in a lack of accountability. And for people to tonight's in the light of all, we gotTA stop police from. Hurting this one group of people too much black people, and instead we oh, we, we need to set up a system of accountability and power for all of us 'cause I just don't like living in a world where cops have that much power without some kind of check like it's not a good look for me. I don't want that stuff done in my name. It makes me feel weird. And I. Certainly don't want to hurt a black person, but even outside of that like I'm not cosigning on it, and so the level of investment in. That better future, what I consider to be a better future at least. More, anti-racist future I want in twelve years for more people to. Want, that for themselves, and not just for the other you know for an immigrant or foreign indigenous personal for a black person. That's cool I'll take it. But. I would want twelve years from now to be like Oh. This is about all of us to. That would be really nice. That's when it gets to be sustainable. It's a becomes embedded in who we are at that point. It does, and I think if we could lose some of the. The shame and the fear involved in that evolution. Because I know a lot of people are really afraid. What does that look like what do I have to wrestle with? What do I have to acknowledge that such hard work? I don't WanNa do that kind of work. 'cause it's embarrassing. What I find out about myself or my habits, my family. But refusing to look there. Is a guaranteed way to prevent progress. And on the other side I think there's something greater waiting Bryan Stevenson from the equal justice initiative talks in these terms. Is like there's something better on the other side of that. John Lewis can afford for that. and. I hope in twelve years at least more people see it. I have no illusions that in twelve years it's all going to be resolved but I hope we're just in a place of more of that not less In! The things that you're doing now live on lockdown the twenty eight episodes of that. Thirty thirty, three, thirty three. If someone hasn't tuned into that. What will they here if they if they have a listening in its every, Sunday? You're doing it so i. in general, the shows have been happening Sundays at three PM. Pacific. On Zoom and then streamed out from a zoom kind of live audience studio into Youtube twitch, facebook and twitter, and then there's been a Thursday night show exclusive to the instagram live platform. That's more of an evening affair, and so that's been at seven PM Pacific. You know have been pretty consistent. I think I've missed to show so far. This as we are recording I, I won't be doing one this Thursday I'm taking a break for a number of reasons, but what people can can here and that's GonNa Change to as of now on Sunday. It's a community. Kind of live call in a video call in show I always share my perspective. On what's happening with Corona virus especially in the United States, and and lately what's happening with race and policing and systemic white supremacy, especially in the United States? It's kind of this dual weather report. Let's check the racism radar. Check the COVID radar. To that Sunday show is go around the room around the studio and see what is happening in people's lives, so it's local check in, and I've gotten a lot out of that learning from people how their governments locally responding what they're thinking about whether it's about policing about Kovic or both, and then the Thursday show is more more of a performance. More of a monologue, but in dialogue with comments, and I use the platform to take topics that people want me to riff on. Until it becomes a one hour kind of improvised political slash comedic show powered by people input. So, so that's that's what you can expect starting to change. I'm building. A new show called how to citizen with Baritone Day, and it's built on the foundation of all these live participatory shows have been doing since the corona virus pandemic hit the US, and so we're going to start using some of those live taping slots to make how citizen. In the spirit of live on lockdown, but I'll probably be doing some rebranding, and I don't think I'll be maintaining. Creating how to citizen and doing live on lockdown show every week? That's a bit much. I'll probably repurpose one of them, and then see what I do with the other, but the spirit will always be. Me? In, dialogue with you. Viewers and listeners. Actually you lend like in bringing your dog Sophie on really. We needed that that days that you came while you the one of the cutest dogs I've ever. And sometimes we just need a cute dog. To help us through whatever tough moment we're going through I struck by your choice of A. New shore initiative how to citizen, obviously the word citizen, and you're changing it into a verb Can you say a little bit more on how you settled on that? As a way to kind of frame? What what's what's next in your work? Yeah, so I wrote a book called how to be black and I just WanNa own the whole how to franchise. So we start with blackness, we open it up to everybody else, and then we'll see where we go from there I. Don't know there's a lot of people know need to do so how to get that prefix. So that was that was one reason I had? been trying to make this show for four or five years now and gotten. Very varying degrees of success with it I, the TV show, which was then just going to be called citizen like no. Sentence, no other words just citizen. And how to came in. In the spirit of I think. We have forgotten something. As Americans in particular, but as people in Democracies in general, we have forgotten our own power. We have forgotten what it means. To be in a small D democracy to be in society with one another. And sometimes that gets reduced voting and some of us have forgotten how to do that or it's been made very difficult for us to do that because some people are afraid of voters, but there's so much more to what it means to participate in society, and so this spirit of like. We're going to learn something like this is how to this guy. This isn't just a rant. This isn't just complaining about how broken and problematic everything is, and there's a lot of that. Rachel maddow will continue to do a great job of that. She's so good at it and I. Don't need you try to do her job again. Let me, shift the lens toward what can we do? And what can who can we learn from? In our collective power, and how to use it had a wheeled. It's frigging sword, and we've just left it lying on the ground, so the how to added a sense of empowerment to listener or viewer, which is like I'm going to get something out of this. I might even be as to put something into this, and that's the exchange. That's the contract we make. In a society like ours. So I want to renew that contract. And I want to make it fun like inclusive and participatory. Is Somewhat in the spirit that we've done with live on lockdown, but even more and more structure, more guests and more more. More asks and opportunities for people to. Feel their power again. When I was looking back to the. Twelve years ago, what you had Sunday Dot Com was your. Home Dan now so that's been through the twelve years and I just got some new fonts since. It's right. I think you're three word profile. That was probably on that site at that time. WAS COMEDIAN AUTHOR ENTREPRENEUR? And now it's author activist comedian, and when I looked at that, there's two two things haven't changed the comedian and the author. You've kind of moved the position of them, but twelve years ago If I've got this right, you're thinking of yourself more as an entrepreneur kind of a media entrepreneur, and now you're an activist and I have to say that in listening I D- to will the show you did where tickets where it was. It was sort of presentation and some of the other stuff You know and I worked a lot in a campaign this this past year. It doesn't feel right to say you sound like a politician, but you sound like somebody who some day. Maybe, in the next twelve years of things changed. Or. Whatever? Who would certainly have the skills? The Passion the vision to offer themselves as someone who could take on that kind of responsibility as senator this or that? and. So. You know you'RE BERTRAND DOT com twelve years from now. It's going to be saying. Author, comedian, senator or something. You know back. I'd have to check my domain registration history, but as joke in the. Late, two thou-, early early two thousands like two thousand and nine, thousand ten I bought. Barrington Day for Senate. So I'm just sitting on it. More likely to do something. Absurd into terrible with it, then legitimately try to join the same legislative body as such great Americans Ted Cruz. Just can't quite imagine showing up with him as a CO worker. At this moment, but the service angle is is there and I think what I've. I make media. And that's what I'm increasingly good at and sort of focused on, and there is still an entrepreneurial spirit to it. I have a patriot, and that helps pay for. This microphone choosy me US and a camera that I'm still. It's so good I. Actually read the manual to make sure I'm using it the right way. You don't just point and shoot a real proper video game. I had one of those. Ever very exciting, so there's there's a business to this, and there's a entrepreneurial spirit. Even outside of formal. Business plans. But the way that I see four now to use. I have been developing as voice in a way to tell stories in a way to open doors, people. It's like oh I think people and listen to me. What am I gonNa do with it I could just sell stuff you could sell kindle. That'd be really good at. Twelve years ago, we probably sold many units off the backs of that episode. Increasingly interested in. Helping tip us in a better direction and I refuse to believe it's game over for democracy, or for people powered politics for self-government. Anti comes slowly acknowledging more. explicitly. That's where I WANNA make my media I wanna tell stories that like fill in the gap of stories that we haven't heard stories that give people a voice literally bring them into the show. I want to give us something to fight four and not just against. And there is definitely political cajuns to that like those could sound like. Commercials for like I WANNA. Give something to believe in not just so fighting against. And suddenly take on Massachusetts accents. The nineteen fifty. Ask not what your country can all that? But. That's a that's a very lengthy. I have no plans to. Put Myself Fourth in that explicit way I. Don't rule it out, but it's just not part of a grand. Not Conscious Grand Plan Right now. I think stories are very powerful ways to help shape the world. politically shape it. Allow more possibilities. You know even this idea of the battle between Tesla's battery and ribbons battery. That is a great battle. We should live in that world. How do we get that to happen? And if I can soften people up into thinking Oh. That's actually real impossible. That's a worthy fight to be having. Through shows through stories through great, occasionally great speeches. And actions that's cool and. If it means putting my name on a ballot as opposed to voting for someone else's name. Maybe it's just a in twelve years from now. Maybe, but it's not really the goal. Yeah, yeah, yeah, since. Talking about race. I think you said. It can be awkward and why? Why is talking about race? Awkward and I guess the related question. Is I've seen you? Help people to dare to be awkward and talking about race through humor. You know you'd be saying well. We're going to do this morning. We're going to talk about race you the. You know he's he's. He's acknowledging the awkwardness and. Sometimes I feel like just a freedom of say, something stupid, but Can you say a little more about that? And maybe that goes to the kinds of conversations that you've had with you know white and black people in the past three months or so What's the awkwardness about? And and what role does humor play to get us through it? We're embarrassed. you know we carry. Fear carry shame. We carried sadness and pain around race. we carry anger. Around it. And when we don't know how to process those emotions. We say it's awkward. And that is part of the story, but that awkwardness has other names like the words I just used. And so few of US have. Given ourselves permission or given others permission. To really acknowledge those feelings. And say I'm afraid of this. Conversation is I don't know where it's GonNa. Go I am angry about this conversation and I. Don't know where it's going to go. I'm sad. I just like to acknowledge all the. Trauma violence and theft, and it's really just heartbreaking. If you actually look at it if you take the time to pause. And that turn the page to quickly. Is really painful. Really, traumatic, it's really sad. and. So why would you want to lean into all those things? And it's not limited to. Know. That's how our relationship. Sometimes we are with ourselves, however, their parents. And so we're still human. And so we carry that humanness into this realm, where we have such little practice in such little permission and such little skill. At navigating the emotional terrain around this very topic, so humor is like a bypass switch. That allows you to tap into. And feeling. Without doing it directly, so he's like. Oh I can. You can release tension. And then releasing it, you're acknowledging what was tense now because I feel release something. That's pretty cool. You can laugh at something. And a laughter is like a step past awkward like there's awkward laugh, but after permission. I'm giving you me. Bear tuned as like a person who's using joke sometimes I'm giving you permission to laugh. At this thing. It's okay to laugh. I know it's weird like. But to laugh is to agree to share a point of view for a split second because you're. You're both laughing says you're sharing inexperienced. You're agreeing. With the truth, not that it's the only truth not that it will last forever, but in that moment. Feels really true true enough to involuntarily blast. Oxygen or carbon government. That is the case out of my lungs. You want involuntarily you don't control. It just happens to you. So it's a, it's a nice the bypass route. To some part of ourselves was done. I suppose a certain kind of humor could be. Taking drugs because you can't stand the reality of your life, no, that's true. Not Not all humor is doing that high service. Some of it is doing avoidance. US All these tools. In multiple ways, and it's not always bet. But I think for me an awkward conversations and race the one of the things I did this Ted talk about white people calling the cops on black people and I did not start that talk with. Hey. Why people stop calling the cops on black people. You could kill us. Even though that was basically the message. I delayed that message. After I introduced myself told you a bit about me. Loosens you up with some jokes. Let you see some humanity. Let you identify with some part of you. That also exists in me Oh. That sounds familiar. I was an awkward teenager to. I showed the most embarrassing picture from my teenage years. I'd never shown that picture before, and now it's all over Ted Dot Com. That was very much on purpose. You know it wasn't like. Oh, I think this is a random thing to throw in a talk its second. It was a strategy to get people to listen. Because, avoidance is something that we are so good at with things that we need to not avoid and I speak from personal experience with that too now, so yeah, creating an invitation and a more welcoming space to hear that message humor has a role in that too, and some of the best people at it John Oliver. Does it every week in a very? concise and Mike. Well cited well researched almost. Thesis, presentation kind of mode. And you have someone like Samantha B? Who Does it you have someone? Goldberg doesn't want their stories not through kind of powerpoint. So there's a there's a lot of different ways to use it as well. But. I think it's I think the value is it's it can get us back in touch with ourselves. And it can allow space for some of that. Legitimate fear and anger and sadness than shame. Outlet keeps people in the Romer. Keeps them. In the conversation longer, it's bribe. Humor is any motions override the pleasure of? GonNa make you feel good. Like nothing feels good. It's the tension there's there's the highest wire act and I've had two shows formerly ole tickets online and during the. Pandemic. And to talk about. George Floyd. In the set that up and show that people know wants to be comedic. Where is this guy going to go with that? Yeah? Oh Wow for me. It's one of the things. I discovered literally walking through my neighbors like Oh, I know how to identify my white neighbors. The ones with the black lab, That's so cool. You know and it's kind of funny. Like a potential to be very find it depending high package it in time it. But. We're talking about this moment. We're talking about civil and I'm also talking about white radar system like in. An awkward joke, and it's also very true, and it's funny. I told my wife about that because when I heard that we're walking. Yeah, she she says we should have Biden sign, and we should have a black lives matter signed so actually you know. They had this really interesting observation. He walks around his neighbor. Lazy I know where the way people are. Because they all have the black lives matter sign, and it kind of made me less eager to put a black lives. But. But What's what's the deeper guidance or awkward? suggestion to a? Someone who's who's going through the great awoken and trying to get right Put up or not? I. Put the sign up. If it feels like something. That you want to express and sh and remind yourself of when you come home from your. Distance Walk around the block. If, it's something you want to announce to the world and the neighbors something you want to amplify because you feel like I have a platform. It's my front yard. Let me use it. Do It for me. That was born out of a couple. Things one is I live in a very gentrifying neighborhood that was largely. Let necks and. La People are in their homes so much as you don't know who lives there. And so, it really was like I. Think I know who lives in? Oh Wow. Okay, FOUR IN WHITE SILENCE I! Don't think that's like a brown family. Saying that I think that's a white family saying it to other white family or to themselves, so it's not a total missile. Not Saying you shouldn't do it, but to me. It was kind of a fun observation. There is another layer which is. Okay after the sign like what else? and. Where you banking where we banking where we spending our money, where are we involved in the civic work? Are we going tuning into the city? Council meetings with the budgets are allocated. If we have any interest in that, not everybody has to do that, but more people couldn't And, so how do you make black lives matter not just say. And, so it's a great step. One Lawn signs great step one. Put a Biden. Sign Up, then. Make sure you'll vote for him. Actually make him the president I just say I. Want to be President, and maybe that means donating money. Maybe that means phone banking. Maybe that means. Talking to members of your family in regions that are more swing state based. So I'm always trying to argue for more and ask for more and try to do more I don't always do it myself either. Goodwill anything else. We didn't talk about. You want to mention. That's coming up for you or. Help understand the the moment you know I I always liked to. EMBARRASS DOT COM is the place to go and my podcast. We're having a moment is just six episodes. It's like a little box set of this moment. So check it out because I think there's an alternate history that we're writing right now. Sometimes in collaboration with people from live on lockdown. With this moment is meant, and then how does it isn't? It's coming soon. So stay tuned through my my mailing list Barracuda, DOT COM or my text message number, which two, two, eight, nine, four, eight, eight, four four. You can just shoot me a text and you'll get. A text distribution list. But it's not just blasts. Like is sometimes go back and forth and I ask you questions and I often play with regional targeting D- understand what was election day like or how do you feel about what's going on here are? Helped me out. I'm looking for someone who does this and so it's actually a great way to find people stories, and what matters to them. And to answer way more questions from folks because people got a lot of questions out there so I get questions answered, but also you might as well. So! Yeah, that's that's the last thing I would offer up. Quick you. I have been speaking with Bertam Day. Thurston Ted Speaker author of how to be black host of live on lockdown and the. We're having a moment podcast. Thanks very much baritone day. Thank you so much land. Get to see you. And it's great to nappy. Running this show I've seen onscreen so recently it's. Running switches they're trying to drop videos in. It's always a blur much more focused than time. Give my best to all your family, and of course to Sophie. That's it for this week I have not given up all hope of having. Jeff Bezos on the show next week, but I it. It's getting to be vanishingly small possibility I haven't I been talking to a couple of people in the public relations department. They said they've forwarded the request that he come on the show. I Senate a month ago and the person that was. Was Hanley at Chris ice and him to emails including one last night at three am. I suggested that if if Jeff doesn't have thirty minutes if he wants to just call my skype in number and say hi for five minutes and tell us what he's reading on his kindle. That would be kinda sweet but I think it's. It's just not going to happen. In Jeff's stead my plan is to reach out to James mcreavy because he hasn't been on the show for a couple of months, and I'd like to hear what his thinking is on the pandemic. How he's been spending time, and let's see he. He won't have a chance to have watched. Basil's and the other tech companies testify before Congress I would have been interesting to get his opinions about that, but It's always good to talk to James and if I if I can't get Jeff. Basil's and I can get catch James. how quickly that sounds like a pretty good show to me in one I'll look forward to. I really WANNA thank. All of you have some view of listen I. Think to every show in twelve years and. Roll around I'm very grateful for. Having intelligent gauge people that that listen and give me ideas and give me feedback and It's it's really quite remarkable, and I I'm GONNA. I'M GONNA. Keep going I some point. I'll. I suppose I'll find a time when it's. Declare victory and move on, but not this year we'll we'll. We'll see see what's around the corner for a quite a while longer. This is leading edge early for the kindle chronicles in Ocean Park Maine. Thanks for listening bye.

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3 Champions of Rights

Making Podcasts Great Again

50:22 min | 1 year ago

3 Champions of Rights

"Role! Report on. What's going on everyone? Welcome back to another episode of making podcast. Great again. I, am your tech stuff guy j now and we are here of course with the president of the United States of America Mr Donald J trump. President. How are you another crazy week of course? But happy doing. Strong Figured you were doing well or strong That's good Mr President before we get started very important this Thursday for our patron patriots we do have for the perfect time level at Thursday eight PM Eastern time. We are doing our live episode on Zoom with a Q. and A. for the perfect, Tan Patriot patriots and that is Thursday. Eight PM Eastern Standard Time. You still have time to sign up for perfect ten, and we will send you a in about an hour before at seven PM Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, and you can ask the president questions and hang out for an hour. You excited Mr President. You know it's a great chance to talk to. The people really matter in this world in the Patriots and Patriots. The perfect ends I think that we're in you know as great content for other people to the Ivanka levels and the perfect ends next week at the. Rotten oranges the great presidential movie review show one of the things. We're going to be reviewing as Hamilton on Disney plus the fake. You. Know the Puerto Rican and black founding fathers. which didn't exist by the way now let people know that they were actually all white men, and on top of that there will be a bonus trump video only for the perfect end people because they love the videos on twitter and Youtube. Shall we give a private? You know one time video a month for only people in the perfect group. But I think we're doing great. I think the country is doing strong and powerful, and it's. It's a good time to be an American. And what's your name by the way I'd say it's it's Jane Nog and the way to sign up for that guys is patriots dot com slash M., p. g. whatever level fits for you, but the perfect ten will be only group eligible for the QNA and livestream show on Thursday. Swiss on it should be queuing on Cunanan. We should change it to that well. Maybe call it a queue in on. Kind Probably I. Tell you what probably I. Get a lot more sign ups. Not. People that you like Bob, but you know the depot. How are you judge me? Mr President? I haven't really talked to you about anything yet and you're you're saying you don't like me? And said like I. Just think you giving off a certain vibe. Certain energy. Now Low T. energy sort of hide Democrat low. T. Sort of energy. Low T. energy. Now. Is President. We'd be lost a great civil rights leader this past week. John Lewis passed away, also congressman. I thought you meant the lawyer who just did the murder suicide for men's rights? I. Don't even know his name, MR, president and How do you think it'd be celebrated? His life be celebrated his life for a murder of A. Finding a excuse me. He was fighting for men's rights. which is a thing people aren't talking enough about. Excuse me. I didn't say we were I was asking it was it was called. The question and I said I thought you were talking about. There might have been other people died. Who did great things? I thought you were talking about the great lawyer who was fighting for men's rights and you know. US to second amendment. Rights on other people and then himself. I mean. I understand a lot of people get to used constitutional rights. Right at the end and he did it. He was second. Amendment has last moment on. Earth was strong second amendment. Share talking about somebody else. I thought that you might have been talking about. The murder suicide lawyer for men's rights. But what I don't. You don't name I don't know his name. Why would I bring him up as a said time this past week? We don't even know his name while so you don't. You don't think a murder. Suicide is a sad thing. This what this man did is tragic and very sad, but I was in alluding to okay. I can move on I. Thought you were talking about him you aren't we? Move on who you're talking about A. Why would I highlight him? Why would I well? You are highlighting him because I said move on, and for some reason you're still talking so obviously. You do think it's a big story. I'm just confused of worry. That was your go-to for. Someone died this best week important. Treated like a guessing game, you didn't say who died. You said it was all this lead up. Somebody important with great rights and civil rights died and I'm going to tell you the name soon, and I'm still talking, so I was trying to move the show. Ad and I suggested that. Maybe it's the. Maybe maybe you were talking about this this man. who was a very strong men's rights advocate? Okay, it's the advocate and exercise the Second Amendment Rights and you know he's no longer with us, but if talking about somebody else, it's okay, it's okay, but let's talk about somebody else. Then because the more you talk, the more it becomes a big story. Okay I'm talking about civil rights leader John Lewis Okay so different one okay? Where you're the. Excuse me. It was a loss. It was a sad loss. He wasn't nice to me. He wasn't nice to me at all. He skipped main inauguration. But I think he was still overall. He did good things you know. He did good things when he was younger. Strong things. We acknowledge that. And the highest compliment I can give him is that I think he's currently you know looking down on us. I think that. The the total body of work that be did is overall positive and he's looking down. At us and then looking even further down at John McCain. You're saying. That John McCain is in hell that Mr Mr President He. I mean that is first of all. Evil it's. About John Lewis and also the Second Amendment Men's rights. attornal both men at the same time. You were thinking about them. It's like it's like an. Eiffel Tower of sadness right now. That I feel like I'm experiencing. I'm sorry you got so emotional. Excuse me not for McCain are no tears from game. No sadness from McCain who John Lewis is looking away down on. Mr President wanting knows even looking down John McCain. I'm guessing Jeff Epstein. Well. I mean that goes without saying can I? Don't know you well enough for you to bring up the Great Jeff epsteins name like that, but some respect on it, but I will tell you know the attorney. The men's rights attorney. He's probably looking down on John McCain as well maybe in the same place, but at least in a better as a better reservation. You I. Why do you take cheap shots at a dead man? Because it's important that you know, people understand that. You know. I take very seriously when people are terrible people. But he's dead Mr. President d really have to. He he can't say anything that act to you. Well as daughter is dead, so maybe she'll hear this. But Belie do that. You know it's just GonNa, make people angry. Do you enjoy that? Of course is what I don't understand. I've been doing this show for doing half years and people are of course I. Like you know? You know it's a fun thing. It feels good. It's not very nice, but John Lewis was a great man. R.I.P and. Sorry that he didn't like you Mr President, and he didn't attend your inauguration, but he was. A great man! Now I think he's a low caliber of great man I think you can call them great men, but he's sort of you know how they do the hall of fame. I would say. When he skipped my inauguration, he was no longer first ballot. Hall of Fame Great Man. But he was still yet a lot of accomplishments in the he worked very hard you know when he was younger for important things, and we respect that and I think you know him and the men's rights. murder-suicide attorney. Are you know hopefully? Both looking down on John McCain, can you stop bring up the men's Wright's murder suicide attorney. You you say you won't bring attention to him. If I knew bringing up again and then you keep calling. Excuse me, tax guy. Can you look up his name? Please sure. I will look at. The murder suicide lawyer. Mr President I. We don't need to give him any publicity. No I don't want to give. He can't get any more publicity I, WanNa name a scholarship after. You wouldn't name a scholarship after him that that's Horrible University of Pennsylvania I want to. It's called. Dowa chair I want to endow a chair in the men's rights, department and name it after. Then that that's awful. It's an anti feminist lawyer. Here we go. Let's get his name. This is great, bad cast and den Holland. Let's move on you his name. I want the record to reflect I said to move on, and you're glorifying. This person's name, not me, not me. Now I'm curious because that's a weird name, Dan. Unless they messed up. And it's Dan unless there's a Typo here. I don't know, let's maybe he's like one of these Norwegian guys with a weird name like. Dang. Might be. Highly doubt it. Mr President L.. Why. Power. Power for him to an Hollander. Him Jeffrey Epstein. The president. Why are you sending federal agents there in Portland and they're they're they're. They're picking up protesters. Unmarked cars. and. You're sending them to Chicago and New York. I don't understand why you are trying to cause chaos. During these peaceful peaceful protests. Can you explain to me? Just excuse me I was thinking of. Jeff Epstein were coming up on the. That's horrible I don't know it's. One year. Excuse me. Yeah I don't I don't mind the podcast seeing me like this. So hearing you like this, but it's stuff you know because I'm so tough, I don't want them to, but. Now it's you know. Next month is one year since. The grade. Jeff Epstein. Definitely. Depressed I know you. He was a very close friend of yours heat. It really know and I. Don't know why you were in pictures of him because you. Everyone, but Very. About this this thin. Year! Jeff! have to compose yourself for for the American people Mr President. I know it's tough and when I've lost friends of mine, too. When their anniversaries come up, it's it's very difficult so I understand what you're going through. Stuff because. Jeff Epstein definitely didn't. Didn't get murdered. It was very clear. I just can't say that enough that of all the ways people suspect. The one way that definitely didn't go. Was By. Secret hit squad murder in a guess out. Okay. I just wanted to get that out because we're coming up on the one year anniversary mini talk about great people like John Lewis. Right! You're putting John Lewis and Jeffrey Epstein in in the same sentence was. I mean I I don't think they should be celebrated together. Mr President I. Don't think they stand for the same. Values they're having. Having accomplished the same things. To very different people and Dan Hollander. You. He hasn't been dead for twenty four hours. How are you so sad about this person when you didn't even know him? I am very confused. You didn't know him. WHO's an anti feminist lawyer? It doesn't even seem like this guy would do it. It seems like a total cover up and we get up to get into that yet, but it just it. The whole situation seems shady and that this lawyer has ties with Epstein and EPSTEINS. What's her? What's her name? WHORES ELE? I don't even know what's what's her name. That's that's what I call Melatonin. Zillah. Now it's just you know they raised. They lowered the flag halfway. At the House the US Capitol for John John Lewis. And at the White House. We lowered it. The President I know you're very torn up about. A lot of stuff right now. Back. Stuff's McHugh very emotional. Thanks. Somebody spiked my diet coke no at the White House. We load it halfway for Dan. Dan. Allender? Who gives a shit about this guy? You can't. You can't live with the flag for den, Hollander. This guys named be printed. and. It's I don't even know if he's really a murderer. I think is just. Is before this whole thing is shaded you. John Lewis. Civil Rights. WanNa den Hollander fight for. Are you comparing them? You're going to compare what's. It's called men's rights. All part. Of the human family. Civil. In fact, man are more human than civil civil rights. You say who's that? WHO's a civil? Nuns rights fighting for men. So. They were all I'm saying is they were both champions both heroes on both sides. and. Jeff abstained fought for. The rights of minorities as well so they're all kind of part of the same. You know John Lewis fought for civil rights for blacks or a minority right. Dan Hollander fought for the rights of men who are a minority. Women are the majority of the population and Jeff scene for for the right of minorities, people under the age of fifteen miners minorities, so I think it's a it's a trio of powerful. They might models. Are Might. Not the same as the first. Three champions. I want the podcast idol to be three champions of rights. On these great men John Lewis. Dan allender. Jeffrey Epstein Jeff have stint. Broken up it's. Mr President that is actually an excellent segue speaking of den Hollander John Lewis and Jeffrey Epstein to our sponsor this week Ben Online. Dot AG present there is. There's no shortage of action going on at our exclusive partner been online sports are slowly making a comeback. We have baseball coming back. We have basketball coming back. You have see here. NASCAR's here. Soccer's here been online has all the best odds lines for the upcoming matches this weekend. Demore battleline has simulated NFL and you have see happening everyday life for you to check out, so you can bet on people playing video games if you're looking something looking for something else if you don't like betting on sports. Hundreds of Live Casino Games Poker tournaments and all the best props in the business I use online dot ag visit, Bit Online, Dot, AG, or use your mobile device and join now to receive your new welcome bonus and start playing today suds. Bet Online your online sportsbook experts Poker Casino Games bet on Sports. They have political prop betting. It's awesome, so it's been online dot AG. Mr President. A lot of stuff going on this week. Plus you have that was just. It was just the first story and it was. It was such a rollercoaster, such, an emotional and historical roller coaster. I don't like. I try to be strong, but the Patriots you know the the the great people that listened to program. The pig is the packers. Even I have to even include them those. Of course. The people that listen don't leave reviews. Dardar but. This was a powerful moment and I I try to be strong I WANNA be very strong for our listeners, but. You know when you're talking about losing. Three people of such. High Quality, it's it's a tough. It's a tough thing for all of us deal with. I think we have a t shirt on our hands, three champions of rights to be there. It's a beautiful thing. Mr President you've been very back and forth with covert this whole entire time fighting coverted nets, will they? Won't they kind of kind of relationship? We have it. Is You go? I don't know very very dysfunctional. Now you're you're saying. When opening schools to not include the CDC, you don't WanNa. Take the CDC's information. You said earlier this week, but then yesterday you were recommending. If they you know who knows information, I would take on schools, ABBA The band. The Band Abba from you know from the great from Switzerland Sweden or something. You know very nice looking blonde people. We'd well in our country Abba A., B. B.. That's a nice. Transcript CDC is like a failing student. They get to season a day. And unless you're talking about breasts, get Outta here. Those are your grades so I'd rather hear from Abba when it comes to school policy. Because in the name of them they're the the name of them would be better grades in school. That's a three point. Five GPA ABBA has three point five GPA you not. The CDC has a one point. I did this a one point six seven. They're very interesting I. Don't think that's how it goes on your initials in what you're named doesn't reflect your your grades. But Mr President you tweeted it. I think it was today or yesterday. You had a mask on, and you said it is patriotic to wear a mask when you can't social distance now. That quotas very interesting because I. I don't understand patriotic means. You are You love your country. You're proud of your country now. How is wearing a mask making your country proud? Shouldn't it be health reasons that you're wearing this mask and not patriotism? Can, we, we haven't done this in a while. Can we go off the podcast record? Yes, we are off. These mountain dew, drinking confederate flag fucking morons in my states and some of the magazine states. These people who probably masturbate and like wipe it off with a confederate flag. And shoot opioids into their Aso these animals. I can't say health reasons. These people don't care about the health that. They're too busy, eating corn, dogs and fucking their cousins. They need to be told votre design patriotism. That's what they want so after say be a patriot. That's motivating these animals. Okay, the people I call the hills have eyes people they that patriotism Okay Sir Cheryl. Do It sir, if I say health. How do you get to be healthy when they're balls deep in their sister, shooting mountain dew in their veins and snorting. opioids while watching tiger king for the forty fifth time. How do you get through to these people? Health is nothing they're concerned about, so you have to say patriotism, so I said patriotism, and hopefully some of them wear the mask. I don't care as long as. As long as they hit a vote, they can die for all I care in February of two thousand twenty one, but need them here devoted. November twenty twenty, so let's go back on the record. So, we're back on there, so you're going to be wearing a mask for natural disaster for for strong patriotism. It's Al. thing and it's great. I think we should all wear masks to be patriotic. It's a great thing to say to our country. We love our country. We want our country to be healthy, and I've always worn a mask. Avoid been pro mask and you know so. It's okay. Are you going to make Georgia Florida? Arizona Texas all these states that really spite or keep going up. Are you going to make them? Be Patriotic and wear a mask also? Well you can't make somebody patriotic to wear a mask. You can only make somebody patriotic to force them to stand for the national anthem. Okay. I didn't understand the rules of patriotism, but you've cleared up for me. Thank you it is. That might be my next book the rules of patriotism. Cutting Bestseller for sure. Of course I mean of course you don't take if I come out with a booking on my my my presidential memories. That's what they call when you write a book about your experience a memory. Presidential memory is going to be so strong. Just want to for you to the next door advocated. Yeah you. You really dedicate it to den Hollander dedicating the then. President. Your next book is dedicated to a man whose name did not know at the beginning of this buckets. Bango. Now this President before we get into the next door. I just want to thank all the listeners for leaving ratings and reviews really appreciated. Numbers are going up in the algorithms are helping out. We are also coming out with a new logo coming soon, which is a very exciting, but if you can go on I. Tunes Lever Rating Leave Review it takes. To let me I to interrupt it. Okay, Short stuff. Guy Bob. What Bob was saying with strong, but not strong enough. Last week we blew away the competition. We got so many ratings. It was an incredible. We've gone from. We've gained like almost two hundred ratings in two weeks so beautiful thing we thank you. Thank you very strongly, but what we need now more than ever is reviews and I said we needed to get to five hundred reviews. We got three seventy five. It's a disgrace star right a review or else. I'm declaring it today and I don't like to do this on a day when we're honoring John, Lewis! Dan Allender that Epstein. Anyone who does who listens to this podcast and does not leave a five star of you, and you can leave it somewhere else you can it on Stitcher spotify wherever they do it. But Ana. If you listen to on items, and you don't give us a review, a five star review this week. You are an official pig or with the heart. and. I! Don't know what's going to get you out of that. It's GonNa last that. Will last at least a month. When people see you in the street? They're gonNA. Call the police and say. It has a bigger threatening me. Even if they are patriots, Patriots just going to call them a bigger. Well. Let's be honest if the Patriots and patriots. What do you think? That the I guarantee you the Patriot. Patriots have all left reviews. I'm sure they have and if they haven't, then we call them. Patriot patriot McGregor's. That's fair. Very Fair. So you don't even bigger. Lieber rating review. Mr President. You did a A strong interview with Chris Wallace on Fox. News I was expecting to see that fat black rapper sitting there. Are the big notorious big. He's dead Mr President well. Excuse me. They said Chris- Christmas. At the fat black rapper, he's great. He's got some quality songs. and. Then I show up, and it's this little nerdy. MNUCHIN looking guy. Mr President you were. You were very rude to him. He was trying to give you an interview and find out information and you. You said excuse me. Many times to him made him well. Excuse me the people who listen to this program. No that that's you know they've heard me. Say Excuse me many times. strongly. Of course, but that's during a press conference. If you're doing that, this podcast is different. If you're doing an interview for Fox, news is supposed to be your ally news network. Excuse me, excuse me, no, O, N., remember, it's now Owen. Fox, news! Fox News is like the life that you with for a long time, and you have a certain respect then they sort of think that too big for their Britches. An is that you know that Meth head at the Greyhound station? That, for like a bag of chips from the vending machine. We'll Gago you butthole. Before you get on the bus to New York City it's it's a certain level of enthusiasm and strength, and you know passion that they have that Fox News long as I mean Gargle. A butthole Gargling is a lot of passion, so are you GonNa do an interview on on an network. It depends how many other young women reporters service me. So you'RE GONNA demand to be serviced in order to do an interview with them. Now I want demand it because then it doesn't. It doesn't I want. I want to see how many sort of offer. To See if If, it comes from the heart. Okay very I care a lot. I care tremendous amount for people and I don't want them. To do things they don't want to do. But you know if I can. THREATEN THEM OF LITIGATION, bribe them changes their mind. And then we'll see what happens. So honesty. You and honest people. Optional honesty optional. Optional honesty policy like. Mr President. We have a couple more topics before we're done here. I I normally. Don't apologize, but I think I've I've heard. The fans are great fans because I was so worked up over loss of. Civil Rights leaders and You know I think I hope they understand that that you know those. Those three men deserve. Almost their entire episode I would say. I agree. Mr President your human. You have emotions just like everyone else just because you hide them sometimes in the public eye and you want to be a little vulnerable on this podcast. Is Nothing wrong with that? Excuse me I didn't ask you for permission. Let's continue. Let's continue. Excuse me an axe story. We'll go to the next story I'm feeling strong again I don't want to upset you about this, but well excuse me. You can upset me. Okay, well good I'm glad it's not gonNA upset. You put in all the poll while you couldn't. You couldn't upset me if you wanted to. I'm too strong. Okay you're too strong to be. Someone to you? Bingo. Okay! I never heard of that before. Now Biden leads and all the polls now I. Don't know where Biden is. He's in the bunker somewhere I. don't know being He's attached up to some machine buzz wife is. Him! Gerber! Baby Food in a basement. Okay Joe Biden Sleepy Joe. Senior, citizen sleepy sloppy Joe is no match from a an it's going to be. It's going to be frankly, and he's totally got his. He has gone in bad. It seems like the Democrats are keeping them quiet and keeping him alive, and that's all that will. It will take to beat you what it seems because in all the polls Including minorities, the only poll that you are close is for some reason with with white people. I don't know why you white people. Still the white men I think it is it's it's about fifty fifty or fifty. Three four seven words are new AD. Campaign is going to be the founding. Fathers would've voted hundred percent for Donald J trump. Immediately, excuse me. Do you think you're better than the founding fathers? Think. I'm in them. And, so it's a weird question I don't know them I don't know their values. With them, did you? Did you form a country? Did you fight in a revolution and then form a country? I have not had okay. You could say I. Have I am running our country. We know that. country. We're in the midst of it. We're making America great again and that's almost like forming it. In fact I would say it's easier for the founding fathers because they got to start from S- from nothing, whereas I had to start with this disgraceful Obama country and make it great again. That's more challenging, you think. I think it is more challenging. Thank you. Well by leads and all of the polls, and it's not even close in a lot of them. except I think white men, but everything else is big discrepancy. That doesn't make you nervous at all. Now because you're going to do our best to stop people who aren't right men from voting. Well, that's a strategy. It's a strong strategy. It worked in two thousand sixteen. To Stop people from voting, who are GonNa vote against the Wisconsin basically was like Oh. Do you live in a city with black people? One voting machine? Broken I think you still have people in Wisconsin waiting online to vote for two thousand sixteen. Mr President the last piece of news I WANNA. Talk to you about this week is relative yours Mary, trump? How do you fake tits? Mary? We call it a big. Take All biddies niece Mary. This is the president. She did a song proud Mary. By creedence clearwater, and then the the black couple where the guy beat her up, did a remake Tina Turner and Turner. I don't know but continue well. That's song was called proud. Mary Rolling on the river, and I would call whenever Mary would show up I'd say it's stacked Mary. Now she did. We're GONNA go over some of the things from her book, and you could tell me if it's true false or maybe give me your version of it, but she does say that you just referred to it that one time she was think mar-a-lago and you approach terror and made a comment of how big her just was. This is totally true. Do, you think. That's. Respectful. It's called honesty. Right there it's huge. But she's a relative of yours when you just not say anything. Or see something to someone else, not her. I said it several people then. Okay! But. Why would you say to her? Well, it's family and if you can't say you know if you can't say to family. then. Why? What business do you have saying it other people? You hear I talk about vodka. That my own daughter, right? It's so I. Wouldn't I talk about Mary? Trump having you know I it. She didn't report that. You know I was sort of critical. I said you know the nipples could be a little bit better. You Critique Both I. Know that we're at the pool and you know. She had gone swimming and I said Oh. They look a little. You know we we have. We have some people in the ROLODEX might be able to just make a little adjustment there. You've seen I. Mean you've seen a Vodkas? Nipples were the entire. Vodkas nipples the world, yes. Right the world beautiful. Perfect just almost like they're not real. They are that's. That's why, if I? What you math. If I can tweak them, they're real. Now also I have tweak them. Okay, well, that's that's weird that you've tweet your daughter's Nepal's. Has that we'd. Well, if I hadn't have you ever excuse me, excuse me, have you while you don't have a daughter? I'm the one with the daughter and I know my daughter. My son's Nepal's. Have you ever excuse me? That would be gross. Have you ever? Have you ever bought a car? Yes do you do a test drive of the car or do you just take the dealers words for it, and then you and then you take it home. Love your I, take a test drive while they show when I have a doctor, a very highly regarded doctor and I say I wanted to have heavy large. Double Ds not one of these barely qualifying I. underst-, I want one where she's almost got to go to the next Bra, but not quite. And there's a little spillage. I understand. And I say and the NIPPLES. have to cut diamonds. Literally I'm I'm going to test when I give instructions eminent test. And give a little tweak before we before we wrap up the Ivanka sports car and take our own. Okay I understand where you're coming from, but I think you could also maybe. Had? The doctor do that and let you know they're fine. Why would I let the doctor who undoubtedly will become aroused by the beautiful Ivanka? That's inappropriate for Dr to do that. Is it but it's appropriate for her father to do it you know at. One time I changed Ivanka's diaper. Okay, was that inappropriate. Changing her diaper and tweaking her nipple after plan are two totally different things I think. Right, it was full. It was a full nude when the diaper change event guide pamphlets on shoot a surgical gown when she got the nips done. This the president you impressed with Mary trump selling one million copies in one day now. I have three point five million Kelvin cases. Call me when she to three point five million. But. That's not good that you have all those Kobe cases. Now it's great. Nobody's ever had this. Many covid cases Scott triple platinum and we're going. We're going for diamond by the way we're looking by the end of this year. We up to be diamond diamond is nobody ever does that anymore? Because what five million or ten tatton everybody does, everybody does the downloads and streaming. Nobody goes diamond. We're going to go diamond cova diamond. One of the ask then. We're GONNA. Use IVANKA's naps to cut those diamonds. I wanted to ask you about Cognac and ask you right after I wanted to ask you about the recent thing he said, but before I just want to ask you a couple more things from the book Racist language in your house your Father Yourself, dropping the N. Word and dropping other racist language, true false stone and talk about. They I'll talk about it. I I will talk about it so strongly. I would not say I'm the least racist person. I think ever. And so that's why I felt so comfortable using the N. Word because I said. On the least racist person ever. So. I can use it as much as I want. But why if you're so not racist? Wowed even want to use the most racist word because it's not racist to me. It's just you know it's a term of endearment. How's it term of endearment? Have you ever heard I rap album or anything where they? You know my my n word, but is usually an a not an er. In, remember the Tim. Burton movie of Johnny Depp Edwards. SCISSORHANDS remain at that was. He was he was a nobody said that was Edward Not not n word. I once an african-american on twitter with with the handle, and it said Edward Scissorhands and I thought it was one of the great names as I've ever seen on twitter. No I'm not I'm not racist at all and. So, when you know. An ally. Would show up I would say hello. Sir and then I'd laugh behind his back going. He thanks I respect them, and it was you know we did? We did strong things. We vary anti-racist. Okay, so use the racist language in non-racist ways. Exact like what my father would say I hate. These filthy an words. I know he meant it as a term of endearment. Understood! And when he went to clan meetings. Not a member, excuse me. Not a member just attended you. That was his way of sort of show great. Humor! Did you cheat on your sat's to get into the warden school business. Now I didn't take the okay. Everybody Asks Minister have to take the SAT. I came down the morning of the day and my father fred trump was standing there and he said Sir. Even my father called me Sir. As, I said. You don't have to take. The sat already accepted you too smart for the sat and then out came this little. Half Asian Half Jewish kid. No name so something Shapiro. And my father said I'm having. This young man! Go. On your behalf to tell them you don't have to take the SAT. So. He sent this very smart. Half Asian Half Jewish get to just send a message to the school that I didn't have to take the SAT. Okay That's curled up. There was President Kanye. good friend of yours said he's running as not running. He's having political rallies, and then He. Had to alternate between the A and the heart are with one person as much as I have had to do with God. I. AM So sorry about that. Mr President now. He said that Harriet. Tubman never freed slaves. What do you think about that statement? Well I think it's a strong statement I. Think we have to look into it I think we have. We're GONNA have some people looking into it because I think. Area TUBMAN. They wanted to put on money. Remember this. They wanted to put her on on our great. Twenty dollar bill. And I think if she didn't free any slaves. I think Ganja is right. We should have people look into it because you know we're always looking into what are great white people did, but nobody's ever look into what our so called. Great African. Americans have done so if Harriet. Tubman was a big liar. Who did nothing then? Maybe we should think about not supporting her. Tanya makes a very strong Australian parliament's excuse me I'm not saying he's right. I'm saying you should look into it. I'm asking you this. Is there any chance even? One, percent. That the ticket in twenty, twenty can read Trump Konya twenty twenty. Well, it would say trump west. Okay. Trump West twenty twenty. I feel very strong loyalty to big Mike Pence He's been A. You know you seem so loyal so respectful. Works very hard show I think. I think I would have to keep I have to keep Mike benched. Calm I. Like your honesty appreciate. But we have to keep an eye on Kanye and the flopping of. The to the ER I'm sure it's very stressful for you. It's tough because you know you don't want to offend them and and use the harder one day when you're, it's really just a an A. Day and a made dangerous in the day. The president. Thank you so much for your time I. Really appreciate it this week. You had a very people understand that that it was a you know we're doing great with cove. It and the country is doing strongly, but we lost with the loss of those three great man. I thought it was I I didn't want to skip an episode, but I think this week might have been a good week to you know. Just eat McDonald's and detail melatonin. I understand. and. For our listeners. Really appreciate you spreading the word. It'd be of more listeners every single week. Please lead those ratings. Lead the reviews, and if you WANNA check out the perfect Tan Q. and a. bonus episode for the perfect ten Patriot, patriots patriot, dot com slash M., p., G. A. You can check us out on instagram and twitter at trump pod on facebook, making podcast great again at jail Colvin at Jana and everyone if you. You are around this Saturday. I am putting together a show for the AA C. P. Defence Fund at the Belair Diner in a story, a Queens, and that at seven PM and nine thirty PM. You get to you Elliott is what does the end Aa stand for? Do you know what it stands for? It I would like you to tell me because Roger Stone got in big trouble this week. So what does NWEA? I want to hear your version. National Association for the Advancement of colored, people. You got it right I'm very impressed with here's why I know. I looked that up. Stephen Miller looked it up for me and told me because Roger Stone is getting a lot of trouble for calling somebody at Negro. That's what he said. He called a black radio host a Negro, and then I said well what is preferred colored person or the United Negro College Fund so I. Don't like these. Harriet Tubman might have started the United Negro College Fund. It might have been another bad thing she did, so we'll see we'll see what happens, but it continue with your nouncement for a nasty hate racist. K. Guys Belair. Diner DOT MYC. Get your tickets for great. 'cause we got a better headliners on the show Joe List Shane tour. Dante narrowed Sean. Donnelly Cream Green Monroe Martin beast on this lineup, so to show seven PM nine thirty PM. WE HAVE DJ EXECUTIVE SPINNING ON. It's GonNa be a great a lot of African Americans Jessica and you call them base. This is a fire. I think you are racist. It's outdoor seating and it is a driving Get tickets at Belair diner dot ny for the drive by more like a drive-by with all those African American comics. and. That's all I got every. WHAT MR PRESIDENT! The floor is yours and what an episode! Thank you so much everybody for listening to this. It was obviously an emotional sort of powerful episode. We hope you enjoyed it. We gave everything we had. It was very strong, very emotional. and Hi everybody jail thank you for listening. That was tough. I have never remember the last time I laughed that hard. So, thank you for listening hopeful. You found it as amusing and offensive and funny as we did. but in peace John Lewis Obviously you know character aside The man was a titan, a hero, a role model just a legendary person in our midst so rest in peace to him as far as me. It's the same old same old I've been offered you gigs that I'm not taking because I wanna stay safe, but. The state where you can find my stuff right now. All my albums are available jail comedy Dot Com. Two Youtube channels slash jail. Ca You've an and slash trump? The Internet subscribed to both of those. And I have another podcast in my own voice, righteous prick right just PK as the way to search it. But, other than that just keep supporting this show. Given US reviews talent friends as always. Please tell friends 'cause. I can't stress it enough. This is going to be a huge year for us, and it will never get huger, so this is the time to to get people listening to this to recommend it to family and friends. Who you think would like it. Don't don't find your conservative churchgoing aunt and say I. Think you'll love this episode, but you know what I mean, so thank you for your support. and God help us all.

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"We just don't have to work our way through this been basically molin correction since march. This is bloomberg surveillance with tom. Keene jonathan ferrell and lisa abramowicz for new york city from audience worldwide. Good morning good morning. This is bloomberg surveillance. Live on tv and radio alongside. Tell cain and lisa brad. Some jonathan farrow your equity market negative. Eleven of the snp with dan. A quarter of one percent some cain. We're trying to set up for earning season the beginning of that next week. Here's disparity there. We can get earnings that we do it with the market with attention. John the vixen to a twenty-three level really gets by attention as we set up for economics in his. You say we get to a most unusual. Earning season. the optimism of j. p. Morgan is compared to the caution of morgan stanley. The epicenter of that debate. Tell them the number one issue into where although supply-side stories persist. Will they take it by at a profit. We sort a nike. We sort in bed bath. And beyond we sorta in fedex as well. How many nike's will that be in three kick underplayed. What will happen to revenues separating revenues into unit sales versus the pricing of the revenue point. I think just jonah ginormous. Let's see if i talked john. John lewis mystery helpful stuff. Tell them from the next to the federal. The big question for the fed will pay change the course of action at the fomc and where are the balance of risks for them as some of the supply chain disruptions persistent frankly the higher. Consumer prices are bleeding into confidence. You're seeing confidence really plunge off a cliff. You do wonder how they deal with these competing. Issues between a rock and a hard place is how i've heard it described. I think it's accurate and one fifty on this morning. He'll tie by three basis points. Let's with for the price action for you. We shape up as follows. Equity futures are negative twelve. We're down about a third of one percent. We round up this ten year yield for you yields are higher just to two decimal places.

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"The report welcome to the black ones podcast. Some you'll hosts Arthur Johnson. And guess what I am. Stephen Michael's we are the black ones and unfortunately on the white one and I am the black deal with it so now for those. You know we're from our instagram comedy. At the black ones all underscores after each word. It's about two wacky detectives on a hunt for a Satanic Jelly bean killer who moves around by touch and kills his victims with the Black Jelly beans up play lead. Detective Larry and on the other detective named Robert. It's a comedy shutting clips with the backstory. And all so go forward at page right right. And if you're still waiting on next podcast we're sure to keep you entertained on our journey and catching a jelly bean killer. Now you go to our site at the black ones dot org that is the black ones dot org all of our comedy is there including our podcast and the only way you can download our podcast to remember. Yeah Yeah yeah which is different now. We like to call a variety of nothing but comedy. Yeah so pretty much. What we'RE GONNA do is turn your pc into a non pc talking about sensitive topics. If you know what I mean. Those that are making America. Soft again yeah. We're GONNA. We're GONNA have interrogation sketches done up like radio style shows back in the fifties with narration and sound effects. There'd be sat in a series. So you're not gonNA WANNA Miss Not one. You know what we're covering all spectrums we're not just. GonNa be one-sided podcast for comedy make you uncomfortable. We're not doing our jobs and just remember. Don't ever take a serious. It's comedy could Gilbertson episode of the Black Ones. You know yet. It's crazy podcast. Boy Steve is not here. Corinthian. Time gotTA respect. That's base got a little bit of tricks tricks trade up my sleeve right keep entertainment going. Hopefully I will keep entertaining you to Stephen over it. So it's one thank you man. Thanks for keeping US going. Thanks for download and subscribe and following. Keep it up the black ones dot org. No keep going to subscribe what I'm saying. We want to give showers and things like that keeps port. Because I I WANNA get syndicated. Y'All WanNa see us live. 'cause I'm ready to go live. We're ready to go live to get that video going. Y'All man aid demand. Lets people know? Let people know F- y'All WanNa see black ones live to see us yo. Let them know but anyway she also this pockets just enjoyed. It's going to be all over the place talk about some Shit Corentin time by myself. You know Smick at best is because I'm going Kuku nuts and crazy in here all in one so anyway. Hopefully you love this enjoy. What's up? Y'All how's everything going quarantine life? It was popping on core teen life. This should have become the norm now. Second Nature Quarantine Life. I think that whenever she does over I think I might just stay home and I'm now I'm used to stay at home. Oh sorry this shit. I'm used to not knowing what the fuck today is. Just become a normal man and if you out there and you still significant other your wife your mistress after motherfucker month the quarantine big ups. Yip Yip Patch ourselves on back. Just just survivable right now. I'm tell you right now. Cortina's gopher relationships man fuck is getting divorced right. That's because y'all motherfuckers wouldn't meant the beat. Get the fuck out boop. Yep Yep we good man you got learned if you still which also another look at the same motherfucker. Every single day wake up looking took a shower. Come Out Lookin. Sit on the couch looking to fix food. Lincoln Lincoln Lincoln. Licken every mother fucking second while the fuck in your face. You can't even breathe because all of your face if you stay there for fucking month two months at that. Oh Man Shit shot to you. Come pie the focus congrats. Y'All good if you divorce or you bought the time we get the fuck out sucks domains. Quarantine time you've got peckish. It up go. Maybe you can compromise compromise. Go and say. Hey you know if you stay at a corner of the house. Whereabouts chilling live room. Something like that you know in Cortisol it. Bam get the fuck out so listen man now. Don't motherfuckers out right now? But it's all good though because it's meant to be Yali together. No Mahmoud a fuck on SITA'S MAC crazy pregnant don't WanNa talk motherfucking battles I g battles. This is crazy right now. All these artists and celebrities battling and shit you know I don't know man I don't know what the fuck it is but I can't take it man I can't take the go crazy. Damn battles man you got one dude on top one guy on the bottom right you sign on these little live I g battles. Everything's all good right. You see him the image soon as pops up boom get excited right. Get excited about the bus nut and everything you just like good next thing you know man once they hit the fucking play button. Damn seems like underwater man. Everything is distorted the Pitcher to pitch equality. Horrible you came. Tell who is who you don't know who's on top or who's on the bottom can't even hardly understand him. You know to hit the play button. Bail you ready to hear some basic next thing you know. Here's some like little and shit like I'm going to water something trying to gargle. I need to get out of this fucking. I probably average like about around two minutes about two minutes of battle. I can't take that shit man that's that's it is harder my ears man. I know there's people out there digging this shit like Babur. I love it the idea of it right artists. I mean big temple was Scott. Started this shit that she was good. That was my first one. Was that was nasty. You know Timbale bringing every bringing back Scotty bringing us back. Then you've got the Scotty you got Mannie fresh. I was cool. I I was good right. Didn't have Rizza. Dj Premier Crazy. John Austin Neo t pain little John John Garrett the dream French Montana torey lanes but for Teddy Riley and baby face. The most anticipated motherfucking. Id Battle Damn just thought of that shit man which is like Like an orgasm that was crazy. And of course you know also you motherfucker show up. Short Little Room. Do you see baby face to face looking like he a dungeon and shit you know given a little dark by kind of like a dramatic movie kind of scary you see fuck. Teddy Riley atop had like four blown orchestra ship. Look at it. It's like bull you bought. Get into it next thing. You know down teddy sound like he was in a Canyon. Ship was echoing every five seconds. Baby look smoothest. She just listening the whole tale time Teddy Act like he was trying to track trying to produce an album. Shit the fuck you doing Teddy Teddy's just like let's start over. You yeoman. Listen we played flu. Hits already knows that. Let's take him back again like he was trying to remix it or something like that like. Hey let's take it back. Make it a little differently. You kill each teddy. Oh No oh no no hold on hold on so now we got like a rematch right again. Fucking anticipation is killing me. All the why can't stand like two minutes in a fucking room. They got him with a fucker. Rematch coming on. What are you everybody waiting on his shit all over again? So I'm like okay. Listen maybe teddy fired. Some of the focus from the first battle you know and maybe facing maybe they got ready. Got The audio ready. Everything was all good. You figure the second one time around. It's going to be crazy right what happened. Get to the second battle Teddy. This time teddy was all about the look. I think the lighting was low off because to me it looked like he was kind of like getting a little M J little Kim type color saying he was looking off. You know I guess fresh or something like that so you know and this baby face. He had a salad mix and everything in a back. I'm like Oh shit here. We go again here. We go again damn again teddy. I don't know maybe you should just be banned from it or something like that. Because I know you've got mad hits back in the nineties eighties guy running. Thanks Pacey K. Do Battles man? That's the hardest motherfucker paddles. I don't see how people can understand these mother fuckers. You can't hear Shit pissing Mito fuck off so listen. So we've got these little trance going right. Hey y'all and open a door. We need some shit. What's up with groups? You know what I'm saying. Get these are group's going through. He'll new addition new kids on the block. Let's get these group battles going to wrap. Nwea public enemy fuck it. Let's keep it going comedians mayor. Where you all fucking at? Where were these comedians man? Kevin Hart data pill were they shit podcasting. Let's get some podcast in battles going. I'm all fort fucking Chris Brown Drake. We're on Mega. Set A job rule. Make this shit going man squashed beep you know John John Lewis Shit back in the day fifty. Don't get mad man. John Start that Shit Mambi. Ooh You know what I'm saying. Screechy voices and chip. John did this shit man. Fifty round twisted up. Did you low? But Hey man you gotta give Jazz Credit Johnny. Squash this shit. Many battles ain't all bud who's really one who's not issues man for the culture people but fans giving us some goddamn quarantine shit yawning get strip and man. Kim Jong Sung Yeah. I'm sure everybody heard about this. Mother Fucking Shit. Missing in action for the last couple of weeks It's kind of weird because a lot of mother fuckers ride now post and shit like they surprised. This was obvious when you said in two weeks I knew something was up to his ass. Hey listen I'm just saying if you motherfucking ruler nobody like Yo ass you fat fuck unhealthy and you gotTa have a mother fucking heart surgery really out of my hail. No I'm not fucking about the knife. I'll tell you right now if I was him and I'm going to have heart surgery. I'm skipping this shit man. I'm just die naturally in the moment. Whatever you WANNA call it. I'm not going under no mother fucking known as somebody will sabotage nurses and doctors. I Made Them Starve. The family starve. Everybody Starve and he's motherfuckers. GotTa do surgery on me. What the fuck so anyway. Right now I guess comatose vegetative state or is dead one or two but groomer. His sister Kim Yang junk is his successor waiting in line. They already sun her to a remote area. I Guess Start Training Her and Shit Kim Jong on Kim. Yo John Trusteeship Fast Fast Kim Jong Kim. Yo Jong it's crazy just tongue. Twisted got a tongue. Twister Line families blames all intertwined and chip. Take a minute to use that shit anyway. But Joe North Korea. Y'All soft. Oh Shit Hell Yeah. North Korea bugasalt. Not just because she had lady. Maybe maybe because she is a lady. But I'm just seeing north. That'd be some funny as shit is hard as North Korea's next thing you know they thousand. Everybody will flowers and shit. That's funny as Shit. Though you know give nearby love forgive punish to give him dozen roses whatever man she about the change and Shit but on top of that you know she got to watch your back. Just one thing because I live. I would not like to be an motherfucker family right there next in line. No one is asking I killed. He got killed. He got killed. They killed his ass going into surgery. Shit man given a needle right there in his heart so multiple won't start beating. Yeah give me says. Let me cut this goddamn artery right here. I'm in a bad ass. Shit I know I. I'm hoping that that did not happen. This is what I think. Man I think motherfucking he got killed but ago anyways like say auditions this happened. Everything comes out good with this. You know I see people die like that but damn what Dennis. They should put the fucking cameras on Dennis. I want to see if you'll be crying and Shit Rodman. Don't feel bad it's all good. I don't think you anyways man somebody out. There may get cameras around Dennis. I want to see the reaction to Dennis's face at a funeral. Yeah WanNa see what it's GonNa do fuck it into Robin you're gonNA go over there. What is going to be best friends with with the sister now but anyway it's tougher new regime yawkey ready. No big up the Knicks happiest. Only play movies and Shit Netflix. Fucking happiest hail. We'll poop that's one company right now. Wish to Goddamn crooner. Viars wasn't over with like man. Let's not into Shit Hail. Oh everybody out there. Don't wear your mask. Let's get rid of the lockdown. Everybody keeps bread and a corona flicks. Like fuck I mean this crazy right now. Netflix is just like fucking killing it. You know the souls ankle lack. I'm on Netflix plan. No I'm not a netflix field but do checkups shoulder so near. I ain't gonNA lie right now. It's pretty much like this. Every damn show that debuts on net flicks is a fucking hit. I don't CARE IF Z movie looking. F- movie be all we have to give a fuck. It's going to be a hit. You can choose some shit with a one g phone submit that Shit. The net flicks. It's GonNa be a fucking hit. That's all this man. Got that show on air whether it got some. What's show blackest? Fuck can you even have a show called black as fuck? What the hell. What can you tell us the big man Yo? He produce all kinds of shit mixed his girl. This girl trip any kind of issue. Shit out there. This motherfucker them. Produce big UPS tomb keeps a lot of black actors working and all that Shit and I guess black folks gotTa be. Somebody's life machines kids and stuff like that but the show was. I'm GonNa say token you listen this man. Yoda show do less nut interviews. Once you lessen up the minute views you got potential interviews. You got potential man to many fucking interviews dude. Can't even get to a scene without having like my four five interviews and Shit you can listen. I'm GonNa say good job man. It's all good but the stigma shit man is. I don't know man. What if black is fuck you know what we fuck. Anita show right now call. White is fuck white af you out there listening right. Now get this shit going. I would love to see a motherfucker show called white as Fuck Gold. Mine yelled get on it. I wouldn't be mad if you're out there scared because of the fact that. Hey everybody's GonNa say we gotTA Show Call. Why does focus? It's not Ri- fuck that man get that Shit gone. Get a whitest fuck going. I'll be the first one way to see that Shit sterotype that shit that'd be funny as Hell blackfoot got the little white Greens. Look what do you want to call it? He you know he's always singing and shit. That'd be some funny shit. Though the whitest fuck show got were black people always looking at them and shit but give them that look like the black cringe. Look whatever you WANNA call it. Fuck do ya. There's no need to be biased. We do it by Duda Shit. Let's get it going. What else. Fuck Got Tiger. King mother fucking Tiger Kinga. I know I know everybody's been talking about this shit means everything every fucking joke out there right now. It's been about Tiger King Esau Goodman You know so I'm not here to like fucking bring new jokes and Shit just saying man. Tiger King fucking Carol Carol Baskets Man. What's up Joe Carroll? You gotTA WEIGH BITCH. You A bad motherfucker. Carol you a bad motherfucker say some shit like that. Sardine oils different types of tanning oils. And Shit. Whatever you want to say you a bad when the to sit there and say that Shit. No-one everybody's looking at your shit to be honest. I don't think that was a slip up. I think he did it on purpose. What do you call it psychopath? You knew yeah yeah that's some shit. You mother fuckers had like ten people in Shit Shit Angle. I listen you know law enforcement there. You listen to right now Michigan. Y'All look bad than a motherfucker. Yo G making y'all look bad then a motherfucker. Are you listening? Every motherfucking body and their mom and daddy's the scene is show obviously notice. She killed this motherfucker. So y'all got at least be investigated right now. Something I noticed that case closed CMEC. And y'all bad than a motherfucker seriously. She spent nineteen in front of your face and yet you still can't fucking gather new evidence they don't see giving you all bad. Neiman only Carol Carol enjoy your riches. You know what I'm saying but you know this lot of hypocrisy going on you got pages to their carol. You've got cages. Yeah but any ways. Yo Like See Tiger King. Everybody was involved. You know they all enjoy riches and shit like that. You know it's GonNa be a movie and all that stuff made Yada Ya gotta Ya. I AIN'T GONNA lie. I ain't never seen shit I never. I never thought a motherfucker humid can go down low man. I I saw the show. Our just like damn is motherfuckers really Spanish ship. Put the fuck and it's a miracle really put national TV right now. Dale you know but I it sucks though right because of the fact that shit like this man what gets made I need to go out there man right there do some shit like this some lowdown. Shit like that. Maybe maybe I'll get a movie made after me and Shit crazy man. Fucking documentary just came out and talked about making a movie about this shit envious the mother puckish man. I might come up with a show. Coyote prints get a whole bunch of fucking coyotes. Desert SCOOP UP. Some coyotes hidden fucking make some videos about that shit and make sure somebody in my camp is fucking. Gay Missing Teeth. You know not not saying nothing the gays but eh some crazy ass shit and then it turns out that mother Puckett. I was married with kids medicine. Good Ass fucking production shit. Y'All made it psycho dude miss not. They should sit on the couch. Naked with tattoos showing. Y'All makes him like that. Motherfucker was gay. Doesn't wasn't gatehouse man. That was all about TV. That Nigga was sitting there fucking all kinds of women getting pregnant shit. Y'All gate the gate got a whole new teeth with US beyond saying Shit. Anyway I WANNA see. I don't know who complete care 'cause now but I would wanna see it got more coming up more crazy stories so keep tuning in. Thank you and have a bus and I will be back then.

Shit Rodman Duda Shit Black Ones Netflix US Carol Carol Teddy Teddy John Kim Jong Teddy Riley Dennis Joe Carroll North Korea Stephen Stephen Michael America Arthur Johnson Steve Larry Gilbertson
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Late Night Parents

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"And. Welcome to the Nike X Happy Hour. It's Or Saturday clues always pisses rob off for some reason when I talk about when the show might happen, anyway, we know. Very very special guest, Ted Hicks of late night appearances. On with us. Who if you guys listen to Nikki? Happy Hour. This we talk about in the late seventeen hundred doing this podcast. Ted was on every week and was the star of the show. I'll go into the Fox and friends thing that's too early for that, but anyway. Thanks for being on and also of course I'm Lee and. Rob and. I'm the person laughing. Todd are here. So how are you guys this week? This week or last week because it's last week, maybe one. We're doing this so this week. Maybe you're different. How's the? How's everybody? Next week I'm fine. Oh, that's good. especially. So anyway. We got a few things to talk about. We got The Washington football team changed their name. Says something. We don't know what it is yet. Sadly John John! Lewis passed away. I don't know if it was last night or this morning, but Twenty twenty continues to suck so losing a great person. In in public office, instead of someone who maybe worth losing. And Silverados. Obviously, we got a more trump news. More Presidential News, but Ted Account. Account want to start with you because. We've talked about like how much covid nineteen affected. Our lives and like work lives, and for instance I write estimates for cars and four months I was doing that through pictures of the shop Woodson, which is basically impossible to do, but it is what it is, so you live obviously in greater. New York. So what's it been like? New York just You know everything basically down and starting to reopen, and just you personally. How's life than? Life has been good. Thanks for welcome to the show. feels like a reunion here Sweater started prior to. Covert really you know hitting. You're going into the wild It was like late February. I was at work and. His a kind of crazy story about I. Don't know if I share with todd or not, but so at my school where where I work at. To do my nine to five Patient Zero in Westchester I think probably one of the first people. To be infected with covid nineteen His son was who was also infected happened to attend a lawyer event at my school. So prior to you know this is like prior to March we were. Alerted of what had happened, and my school was shut down. So this is like late. Late February so in at that point I didn't notice I didn't know the full impact of it, but I just knew it was being talked about in the media because our commander in. Chief was denying it and make a long story short. My building was shut down for several for several days to be for enhanced cleaning health and Human Services were were president and I was just like Whoa this. You know this is some really serious stuff. I would say a few days after that prior to everything being shut down in New York by building was was was My billing shut. And you know. The state itself was shut down so. For four months, I didn't travel to the office I traveled to the office two days last week, so the months of March April May June. Totally shut down It's you know it's been different because as you look at the map, you know I know. Everything is politicized, red and blue states, but we were kind of all in a cord for the most part we were. We were all in accord. for? Wearing masks wearing some type of face coverings. Doing you know what we needed to do because I guess it wasn't politicized from our leaders. I mean these been huge impacts. The you know the business impacts totally I. mean there's so many different businesses that we know of. That won't be coming back all the the the local restaurants where you know you don't have backing of a big conglomerate. but for I would tell you. I've lost a few few my friends. their parents. They've lost It was something different because losing someone to cove it and not being able to attend their funeral. is like a totally different impact speaking with some of your friends? That did that survived it. One of my good friends, whose NYPD. and and believe it or not nypd has been ravaged by. covid nineteen. it's just something different. Because when you look at the numbers in New, York and you've seen twenty five plus thousand thirty plus thousand lives loss. you know four hundred plus thousand people affect. Infected with it. It's. It's really a different world, but it was truthfully a lot of us with the leadership. Working together face coverings. I mean because a lot of stuff you weren't. You weren't able to easily find when this the first hit, because a box of mass, not even in ninety five mass, which might have been fifteen dollars. You had to you know the the the price gouging started. That became two hundred dollars so seventy cents mask. Now became seven dollars or something like that Each interesting, because when the politics started to seep in into New York and I know you think in Liberal New York You know certain parts of Long Island where I live in where people are like. You know. Open our business. Open our you know our communities up. Well, the here or you know the. Nassau and Suffolk county executives executives all over were renting warehouses renting meet trucks trucks that have some you know. Like freezer trucks because amount of bodies. That were just. Unfortunately Like what you'd I sold, some of this stuff was was strong. Apart you know one of my one of my neighbors I can't mention hospital. She's a part of but there's a show in net flicks. about her hospital. she was only given. one in ninety five mask. And it was like she's wearing the same one for two weeks. That was shortage of the in you know we. We saw politicize stockpiles and my stockpile versus your stockpile and You look towards leadership? With old cares, act you. Look towards your your your people that you put in office to do the right thing but unfortunately a lot of times. It isn't done so. The New York that that we knew pre. Cove nineteen. Most of it isn't there are? There's a lot of boarded up buildings. You're walking to your your your favorite. You know coffee shop. That's not starbucks. It's not there anymore. people being smarter with how they conduct their business. You know the thing used to be go to the supermarket. You know as soon as the stores started. to now you know that's not even an option anymore. Because that's what everyone does It's kind of like what we saw in New York his his. Then you know swept. Across America. So, it's you know. Death is is definitely horrible thing, but you know selfishly a Mike. I'm happy that. For, the most part we're done with phase one now along with this is. You know traveling back and forth to New York. There's been so many different states that have been put on Cuomo's lists that hey, you have to. The quarantine, and that that's important and the sad thing about is. There's no way really police that. So cases are going to pop up. In certain areas to get hot, and the one last thing I will say is predominantly. It was areas of high density. And you know when when when you you state Ariza, high density economy gets a little dicey. Because if you go into a home and the home has you know? Five seven to eight people living in their people attracting and then on their feet. You know it's crazy stuff that that you see. That most of these these pockets were happening in areas of black and Brown people. it also hit areas like you say in Queens and in Brooklyn where it's overcrowded. and I'm not to say that you know white people aren't affected by. It is just if you look at the density and you look at. The population and people that have preexisting conditions and you looking you see what some of our politicians in the past have fought for. you see the reason why you need healthcare and certain things like that, because these preexisting conditions that if you're not staying on and then you. Get infected with covid nineteen. You know for the most part I don't WanNa say you're a goner because there has been a million people that have recovered right, but in the United States were almost at the at one, hundred forty thousand. you know that number? Is Jus- go grows larger and larger and larger and Just seeing what we did in New York. We did it across. The state has to be replicated across these other states. If not then you're gonNA. Have the numbers that New York had because of the the you know The amount of international traffic. That comes into New York. So that's a very long answer. it's been. Horrid, but as as as a family, if you're close with your family, in your in a living arrangement, where there's some spacing, and that you can handle certain hygiene, -Ly Wiping down doorknobs, and doing certain things that you. Would would have to be aware of and. Lastly like I have a thirteen year old in eighteen year old, who it was hard to keep them inside the house. So so there's the remote learning aspect of it. There's the keeping them inside the House the sport side of it. There's the contact lists sports which all become contact at some point. You know telling them a Lotta Times. You know the kids prior to Cova nineteen would come over my house and it became. Hey, guys got to stand outside. On the porch. Sixteen gotta be. You One thousand nine hundred apart. You know and it's it's. It's something because you're trying to police that. And you really don't want to bring that inside your household this once it's in, it's in. You know so sorry for the long answer, but that's right answer. And, the percent are of while the former epicenter of. Nine I'm in the new epicenter. I'm in Florida in Palm Beach County, which isn't quite as bad as two of the other counties, but we're. We're third. We're trying harder Florida now. Yeah we actually now. Specifically hopefully, but on one trying yeah. We, actually we actually have a hundred thousand more active cases in New York at this point. and it's just skyrocketing, because we have a genius governor who I mean the sentences. He's trying to out more on trump which takes a lot. These don't really good job of it in many you gotTA. Go Yeah he was actually talked in May about reopening the schools in May and May in May and his reasoning was that no miners had died of it so apparently unaware of the fact that Damian. To minds, yeah, it probably is what he meant because he's so fucking stupid. 'cause I can say that because it's nick show. I. Absolutely, we've set records in Florida by most cases in a single day anywhere in the country Mike County alone. Palm Beach County. Palm Beach is my county alone currently. Has. A mere. Twenty four thousand cases. Has, that's that's more than South Korea. Gas. It's absolutely astounding Miami Day aid. Seventy seven thousand cases. In one. You know and this goes to what you were talking about dead. You know it's when we get this denser population. That's part of the problem of course South Korea is actually has twice the population density of the US and sold their biggest city I think is. I. Don't have the right front I looked at it before I think it's maybe five times. The population density of New York City they all hats together. It is more dense. The New York City and they were able to handle it. Like, so? Is handling except us. New York State is just shot under nineteen point eight million so times five hundred million people in Seoul, right. Just, unbelievable the ridiculous. Lack of understanding of how to handle this problem in all these politicians. They're just playing to their base. Because you know, it's my right, not to wear a mask is. You'll stick your tongue in a light socket. It's your right to the problem is if you do that, I'm gonNA. Get electrocuted and they don't seem to understand that. Was that the thing though is people. I know it's A. Publicized thing because. Republicans have made it a politicized thing, but is it people going out and? In your area, and they're just not wearing masks, and they're not really caring. Is that what it is? I haven't seen it personally. 'cause I, not going out very often at all. Like, I have gone to public few times usually use like one of the delivery services. The last time it went, everybody was wearing a mask. Everybody and everyone actually had it over their nose for change, because the time before I saw three or four people. You know down underneath or knows. The I made a point on posted on facebook because I went for a bike ride like last Sunday and it was really freaking hot, and I wore the masters to kind of make a point. The heat index I think that at that point was like ninety four, which was nice, compared to what it been. Like you know. Win where. Fans survive. I went to Walmart yesterday and only half the people were wearing masks. Those was half spreadsheets up. What that's GonNa Change. So Georgia has this big thing going on between the governor and the cities and. Of course the mayor of Atlanta's. She's being sued yeah. Yeah No. It's it's. And City Council. Personally being sued yet. By the governor by the Genius Governor. Who who says that you don't need to wear a mask and you shouldn't. It shouldn't be mandatory will it shouldn't be, but it is because we need to. Otherwise we're going to die, and it clearly has to be because people. People that normally are intelligent people I. Know some people that I. Know are smart and they're all about Oh. It's my right not to do. This is like this is a public health. Situation is not your right to ignore red light since the same thing, you stupid fuck. You don't have the right to make other people sick. In the right to make yourself sick. I don't give a damn what you do. I mean greatest example to me is chuck woolery, and you guys all saw this right? Like Oh Chuck Chuck early. The has been who for some reason is still fucking relevant in twenty twenty. I didn't know alive. Major major trump's support I've seen some other bullshit that's come out of his gutter of mouth, and he was brain about how awful it is that they're making us wear masks Boban twitter the very next day and I did verify this. This is true. His son came down with covid the very next day, just to clarify covert as a terrible disease, and I really pray for is like you didn't give a damn until it hits you right? Hope I help. His son recovers. Want anybody to die, and then smacks him in the head, exactly this Ad. And this is their problem. They don't care about anybody except themselves. When it hits them all of a sudden, it's a crisis. That's that's the thing right ourselves. People out there who really don't care and. They don't care about anybody else. That's that's why we have the modern Republican Party I grew as Republican. My Dad was a romney. Republican George Romney who had a fucking brain and heart. The that the party basically kicked out because we too liberal. Sounds like his son. Yeah Yeah. How how bizarre is this, Mitt? Romney is the voice of reason. That guy's an asshole. Here's the voice of reason for the Republican Party Holy Shit. Yup. They, they're selfish. They're only motivated by what's in it for me and I'm so. Tired of it? Well! Let's let's move on to some sports stuff. Yes, happy stuff! Watches A. Last week Washington redskins have changed their name to now the DC Redskins, so they had the name now. They've changed from their. Their hopefully because money got involved, fixed got involved Amazon, Walmart Yada Yada. Yada pulled their merchandise so Washington football team has no name at this time Oh. That'd be great. The no names pretty much what they are well i. think that seems like Warriors and red tells are the two. That I've heard that are most likely the retailer. To Ski Airmen Not that I mean. I know that because I've been told that, but I'm not sure the general public would know that they were just read tells to me. This may sound stupid because I'm stupid, but I like that it's tax to ski airman, but I'm not sure if there's people out there aware that maybe read tell it almost sounds a little bit to native American way to. Use Red tells actually it kind of works if you don't know about the Tuskegee airmen because that team gets spanked a lot. In The Washington ran ass. We with I think with the name I think was perfect for them What was it was the possums? Because they played dead at home and get run over on the road. It's funny. Yeah, but I think it seems like warriors got the lead right now just because it's still plays into the native American thing, but as we talked about last week Tacoma, now what you think about warriors, but it's it's a name that's already taken first of all and it's. Like. They do better right. Totally. I mean put a little effort into it I. I think that's the last thing right in the currently right now with Dan Snyder with. Shells being dropped. Yeah changes a distant second right now. To Sexual Harassers, I believe that's what it's what it's own God, Novi Excellent. Sounds good. Yeah Washington Sexual harassers through logo is grab them by the Pussy. It all works. It's. Set me good. I I really not in the face, Harvey Weinstein with Indian. I'm really not in favor of the red tails name. Only because what does Washington half to do that? Well to ski gear I. Mean It's you know it's. Not. There's never going to be a team Alabama, so they might as well use rentals if the government. I can still see it. Just make sure the name of the team from Washington DC. The End. 'CAUSE! Until I was like thirteen or fourteen. I thought they played in Washington state. The landover Liar. I didn't fucking know. DC THEY DO need to change the DC for sure But yeah they. Warriors has just such like you said that this like no effort in that whatsoever. That's just such a a week. Idea again as we keep logo, it's like just change everything. And we. We talked about. Out. Oh wait. Yeah just. I don't understand why. Snyder was so well other than that. He's a Asshole, but why he was so resistant. This is a huge moneymaker. Every fan of that team has to buy new gear. This is a bonanza for Snyder s with why he was resistant to this completely beyond me, it's like. They can change uniforms every seven years anyway. NFL strictly so they can sell more gear. What an idiot! Hopefully it's just the lug on the side of the helmet. That's something that that's bugged me for years about Whenever you see a big thing about. ooh, this NFL team changed their uniform. The Font is now not quite as Italicized as it used to be. That's not a new uniform. Rams changed the ranch. Now. They're what. What is your arms on their helmets? Such a terrible design. The fact that everybody was mocking that designs that can't be. It was like Oh. Yeah, that's it. Maybe. They should just change it to the DC cabs. Can Run the. It'd be awesome. Yeah, I mean it's. It's funny, because know obviously this whole fifteen women have come out then. Fifteen women that we know of because probably hundreds. Hundred and fifty exactly yeah but they've come out and Dan Snyder of courses. The owner and he's come, so it's it. It was interesting that he hired a female attorney because he's. He's such an ass that he would do that. Nothing wrong with female attorneys, but you know he's just doing it because she's a female strictly for the optics Yep exactly but the. The the he could be. The NFL you know the the the. That whole policy doesn't just apply to players, even though it always does, it could apply to owners really what the League should do, they won't because you know whatever is discipline him suspend him, or whatever somebody brought up a good point as far as this would never happen, but. You know he's involved. He's one of thirty two majority owners. What the other thirty one majority owner should do is they're probably wrapped up in some kind of business with the guy, not just football. Because you know, he's got this huge telemarketing company. They should just not do business with him, and that would affect his bottom line to, but they're you know NFL owners. It's not like they're great. Human Beings. Yeah exactly you're not going to do it exactly. They should though I unfortunately. They should just force him to sell the team. And of course, that's just going to be a huge windfall for him, but not as much as it would have been if sold lane. A year after he bought it, he's turned at. They haven't sold out a season I think in ten years longer than that. When I lived in the Washington area, there is a waiting list. Know like maybe my ancestor can get a season ticket. It was ridiculous trying to get it to see the redskins. Sure. They've sold out a few games. Cowboys fans when they come to down or yields fans, but that's it. These turned. That seem into laughingstock financially. which is incredible on and off the field? yeah. It's. Four point three billion. Maybe that maybe I'm undervaluing is the sports teams. Is it, is it? Has Its sports team have just gone through the roof. Exactly I mean it's like there was one point where Manchester United for years was the most valuable sports team. And it was like three billion, three billion, and now it's like. Every NFL team is worth three billion dollars so a lot of NBA. Teams are worth more than three billion dollars. Team even. I think the MARLINS are worth like three hundred fifty dollars right now so. Yeah. I wouldn't mind for that now. I wouldn't either forty nine on sale this week. You GotTa Bring Your Card. Exactly Hey I do want to admit that I attended Redskin, game or dead skin as I always. Back in the eleven. It was jets redskins. Dead Skins were skins Thirty? Percent of the stadium were were jets fans. and. That's when you know. We're four hours away, but. That should never be. Sure you at a dolphins game that sounds just like a dolphins game Actually it's usually sculpture a fifty fifty split usually for those games. Yeah that's. That's nine years ago and it was that bad already. That's ridiculous, yeah! Doing Dick Yetlis Yeah when the R- played the Rams slasher. I think they played in knows two years ago, anyway and they played in Los, Angeles and that little that little Worth the rams have no, no FAM. There's no high school feel A. Fans now, but the seahawks would play. Do something well, and you hear louder. Cheers in the Ram stadium than when the rams did something well, it's just like. L. is such a weird town for sports, and they got to NFL too well. They aren't for basketball and baseball there just for football, yeah! USC does well of course, but the NFL the NFL just. Went back into it for money. And didn't care what happened to San Diego. Sports fans who still drive up and watch the charge wrangling Noel. It's a joke. Cleaning chargers Fan, are you charging? FUCKERS! Is he he is a chargers fan. I Guess Easter. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, five ahead of junior sales jersey. That was the only affiliation with the chargers. I've just never been a team that. Played One of my favorite teams so I've never really had I'm just indifferent to them. Yeah I I. Go back to Dan fouts and Kellen, winslow and Gas Shirley joining stuff. Chuck Muncie Yeah. I have I have a healthy? Small hatred for them still because of the triple overtime game, but But that's okay. At least you have a feeling for them s I did have some feelings for? You know they exist I. There are people where I live where I I used to have a chargers shirt because they were still in San Diego at the time. And people looking who the fuck is that it's a foot. I like how I like how you guys named players from from the chargers from when they were really good in the late seventy S, they were the problem was they were so? And had no defense and everybody you named was an offensive player. Right? Yes, and coryell heavy defensive players. Up Kellen winslow went both ways I think. Not on the football field come on. Son Kind of goes both ways to. Keep it classy San Diego so. Anyway yeah so Kellen winslow was Italian. He say Asi. Andre. So speaking of some some bad news John John. Lewis did pass away had pink a cancer, so he'd been in hospice. Was Funny because? I didn't know he was sick as he was, I thought I just saw. Maybe it was an a recorded interview, but I thought sorry an interview with him like a month or two ago as he just did. He fade away quickly or was. He am I just out of the loop he he announced it yet staged for. A couple of months ago so when they went back to Selma. I think it was last year. kind of most of the people knew that potentially. You know on Pettus Bridge in John Lewis. That would be the last two times you can really associate. Louis there at you know being an icon and. For Bloody Sunday and everything else like that I just want to mention the couple of things, but by John Lewis You look at his his work CT See Vivian also was lost within the last. You know they. They died within I would say you know on the same day. He fought four and. Just let me know if this sounds familiar for for healthcare he fought for. Financial you know legitimacy. He fought for the voting. Rights Act. That had been peeled back by. You know Republicans you know basically voting rights. Act as been you know. Gut It, so it's it's just so funny as you open up twitter, you open up whatever social media you know platform. You use to see everyone mentioning how much of a great man he was, but. You know. He spent his whole life. Get a lot of people associated with Dr King when you know. When he was out there being an activist, he was twenty twenty three years old, so you can some of the folks. If they know history, they can kind of tie together. What some of the activists doing today? And it's not just black activists out. There is everyone out there. We watched from state to state to state. That that's out there fighting for this equality You know John. Lewis was he was a stalwart. On. You know it's. It's strange because when you think about Dr. Martin Luther King. We didn't get to see him as a senior citizen. And that's the one thing I can say about John, Lewis, but Congressman John Lewis as we were able to celebrate his life. And his legacy and This is a great special. On netflix because it's so strange now because like you got to Netflix, everything is you know I'm black and I'm proud you know I. I guess that that should happen, but It's great documentary on John Lewis. And what he stood for and I'm just hoping that today's activists can. Carry on his legacy. The fact that he continued to fight. Through all the health problems that he'd had any that a lot of health promising before. This is like your ease eighty years old and he's fighting just as hard as anybody. On the planet and a The coolest tribute I can think of and I just read this the other day President Obama the the legitimate president. Shared, a brief story said. The inauguration Louis came to Ashton to sign some memorabilia. Any wrote because of you. Like. PRETTY INCREDIBLE! For Obviously, it's absolutely true. So pretty cool when the president of the United States, says yeah, the only reason I'm standing here is because the work that you did for me and everything. Right I mean that's that's the man's legacy so. Twenty twenty continues to absolutely suck. At least have. As you guys have pointed at least had a full life. It wasn't like he passed away when he was forty years old, right? which is all anybody can really want? To live their life as fully as possible and do as many things as possible which he did Just like Donald Trump no I'm I'm Joe. I joke I. Joke so anyway. Cutting happy news to speak about. Is they're happy news in two thousand twenty. In different. Off Because of silicone poisoning. Who is taking time off? Early player. rix Kid. He's. The thirty eight time world champion. Daughter, who is okay? Yeah. Well, she's. She's better than David was for that, but she's out. Something a train wreck. So is she getting? It removed, or is she just getting? It repaired or from what I understand it. One of them is leaking. And it's causing issues, so there will be surgery involved and to make sure that it gets sealed back up. Did Denise Jacks like puncher in the justice that what happened in the now. I do remember if if you remember awesome, calling and I. Don't remember what her name was the wwe her. Finishing move was called the implant buster. A. She would pancake them face down on the MAT and it. If I figured. You know that's awful. Anything's GONNA pop those it would be that God helps you never did it Trish. stratus probably level the building. The. One good thing is mets Yankees tonight's. Piped in audio, yes. Christian Yelich with that. Yeah. Poor prick coming the plate, being his own stadium and they someone pressed the blue button. D- Did you. Hear what they caught him saying on the Mike now. How the hell did I get to Wrigley? The mayors are actually selling. You can go on Mariners Dot COM for thirty bucks. You can pay to have a photo of yourself or your family whatever you WanNa, do and I actually attach it to a seat? And and Marriner. Stadium, so you can actually. Oh, yeah, there you go, you can actually. Thirty bucks to do it and then somebody somebody was talking on Seattle Sports Radio. They were like well. You know the mirrors are hopefully. They're better this year. They're really young, but they're not going to be that good. So what happens, you know when you know majority time bad things are happening and you look. They show the fans, and all the fans are like hey. They should have a separate part of the stadium where it's like they're all sad and depressed and another part of the state where it's happy and things like that, it's it's just it's kind of a cool thing to make a prediction right now, and for those of you listening. I'm wearing a Mariners Jersey Mariners a mariners mask for Christ. Sake all right. Here's the what's GonNa happen with them this year because this season shortened and is always going to have an asterix next to it. This is the first year the mariners will make it to the series and win the series. It will be the only time in history. It's ever going to happen. Because, it will always have that Asterix. Next to it, that says. Yeah. They did it, but they did it in a fucked up season. It is the only time it's ever going to happen. What? What do we think the chances are that? We actually make it to a world series six. Yeah. No Way I don't. mean the mariners I mean anybody I don't think. Anyone anymore. Hundred what chances? We actually have an NFL season that starts before. Move member. I haven't seen with the seahawks have done. I saw that. The Ravens have converted their twenty twenty. Season ticket holders to the twenty twenty one season ticket holders. They said we're book. We're bumping this year. Side Hustle with the Players Association announced that seventy two players were diagnosed as having covid nineteen. What did you see the be? All, the baseball players, you're only six. Who tested positive of ten thousand tests. So far. At least at least that shows that. Hopefully the way they're approaching it and the NBA approaching it by kind of placing them in their own bubble, and I mean they get tested so much every day that Hoefler that's at least going to have a an can isolate in all the rest of it i. mean you have see has been having fights for months now. And so far, they've been doing of course. You don't have massive groups of people, but you have to people in contact, really close contact for at least fifteen minutes, but they've done an excellent job. They've had a few fighters test positive min in some cases when that happens is like. Comparing. We'll see you later. You're isolated dude so they. No one in the wwe has tested positive yet because they didn't start testing until this past week. oops, and what the seahawks did is. you can get a refund of re twenty twenty tickets and then apply it as a credit towards twenty twenty one. But yeah but I. Sure that's. That's as far as they've gone as far as at this point anyway so. Yeah, it's going to be like a new. York with No. No sports or know lots of people turning out for sports splits not like they have any basketball teams. They're worth. I think it's It's interesting with the whole. PSL's in like I'm not sure if your team's deal with Personal seat licensing. So. In New York Slash New Jersey because their teams actually New Jersey You you pay your cell for your right. To then get to Buy The tickets for your seats. It's. It's a form of double dipping but alum. Teams that sadly like churches to be in the eighteen hundreds you would pay for. Pay For seriously you pay for. If you got enough money, and then you tie so first of all basically had to be paid to be in church, and then a once you're there. It is the new religion of makes perfect sense the rendering. Some reason I feel that the NFL in some way in all their greed will. We'll some way try to get fans. Some super early, overpriced seat inside that, then you. Think about it. That's the only way that you know the. Fifteen and seventeen billion dollars a year. In revenue. the other sports. You now I mean new. York and as you know, New York New Jersey with college sports. We really don't support college sports. I mean kind of like the the red storm, but. We only like them when they come when they play it massive square garden. You know the the stuff with hockey. you know. I think out of the anyone out of any sport hockey will do it correctly. You don't hear anything from the players. Association you don't hear anything from ownership. so I think that's a good thing. I don't know he's like we've been used to. Watching you know people play Simulated games or watching people play simulated games in east sports and everything else like that, and when there is a specific event where the PGA. They will they will draw fans. But for the most part I truly think like a lot of stuff should have just been canceled rather than this money grab, but. Get it. TV money billions of dollars all the above I. I get it, but. It doesn't make sense to me. I can totally see the NFL going to like twenty five percent capacity in Oh by the way your ticket is four times as much. Yes, and they'll get people to pay it. Absolutely, we people will corporations to pay it because that's mostly who's going to NFL Games now anyway sadly. Yeah, what's going GonNa be kind of ridiculous watching. NFL Games with nobody so I'll watch. I'll watch soccer and. Championship like the Premier League is done something interesting where there's nobody around the field on the pitch like they've got. They've even got it closed off. So, you can't get down there. The fans are are spaced out very on the top level. So when you. When you watch a match, you can still hear the fans because there's. Ironically enough. There's a fans in the stands, so everything's echoing so it sounds Kinda loud, but they've done it the right way they're. They're playing, but you know they're. They're testing. The players also have allowed fans in into the stadiums, but they're so spread out and they're nowhere near the field. So it's you know it's about a his environment as you can. If you're going to have a sporting event. I wonder if they're testing. Seriously wonder if they're testing the fans. They do that when they before they go in. Because, that's what he's finally started. They finally started. Testing how they're just taking their temperature or What are? Correct so I, mean obviously I mean you can get some of those back really quickly, but that's it's more of a temperature and physical at. Full physical as as quickly as you can do one to make sure they're not sick. Of course as apologised there. They do a urologist it's. My lease knowing. GotTa get my kick? Somehow since you mentioned college sports, of which you know, nothing too because you're New York. Saloon Fisher. Chances. What what do you think of the Big Ten's? Statement that they're only GONNA play in Conference Games is if somehow the conference school or magically Cova Tree? But the out of conference schools are dangerous. Like, what kind of sense does this make? You can't. The money. For our audio listeners. Only I was doing. An impersonation of Ted, DB. I got one before we in the show. I WANNA ask to so governor Cuomo obviously. Was You know he's? He's family's been involved. Obviously. New York politics for generations, but you know since this came out. He seems like he's kind of a Rockstar. Maybe the rest of the country as far as Democrats go. How? How did New Yorkers View on? I think. He put forth a template. He created a template kind of like a framework for if you're in a city or in a state of how you're governor or your lead, you know political officer should act should not only act, but should communicate. But everything on the public website. Put together. You know you know a short brief. some people might feel infomercial, but Put together you're. You're talking points every day and keep your opinions out of it. Keep it to to fax. Keep the experts up. There talk about you know. Let them talk about science I think if the election. Was was twenty twenty one. Instead of a few months from now. He would definitely. Throw his hat in there even though he's declined that. Hey, I'm not doing it. I'm here on running on on here for new. York, state, clearly rockstar status. Yeah it's it's just you know. Has has he pissed a few people off of course. Because people are. Are you know number one business owners, but more importantly was his handling of covid nineteen. With our seniors in the nursing home nursing homes. and I don't think it was something that was done intentionally. But it is something to the point where if you're dealing with something that you've never dealt with before. What do you do? You know and. I would say positive responses. doesn't tangle too much with the president. understands that you gotta praise the president, because if you WanNa get if you wanted the ventilators and you wanted the mobile hospitals and everything, and it's like that you have to appease. you know amp? Yes, yes, emperor, POW PATINE So I would prefer. Help a team at this point, but yes I think it was a for him. Definitely rock star I! Don't know if I think deafening. You'RE GONNA. See A new batch of people knew a bunch of new faces for twenty, twenty four, but I kinda wonder. Will the luster kind of go away a little bit? Where this was next year, definitely boom, he's your number, one Guy but twenty twenty four people get back to the hey i. don't want this. I don't want another person from New York the yeah. Dominate, conversations, and not let anyone else. Speak and kind of like what I'm doing right now. How was viewed before this all came out? Was He seen in a positive light before this? Scene. Totally in a positive light, he's like third term governor. Oh how many you don't have term limits there for governor. Third, term governor, so it's just like. He ran against them sex on the city. Cynthia Nixon. Example! So. In politics, a year's a long time. Let alone let alone four years, but I will point out that he only be sixty seven when inaugurated in twenty twenty-five. which compared to our current candidates? Just got out of college. Can We? Can we clone this dude? Is it hot navy doctor you? No, we can't because he single right, so he shouldn't be having children at its. Clone clone. Yeah Hey. I know. We're getting ready to cut out, but. All of this stuff I mean do. Do people realize if you take your politics? Put them to decide that. She has been around to serve six presidents. Thirty plus years. Does that not mean anything with wow, more attribute orange one. Trying to disparage him here, here's the scary thought to me about the. One. Regardless of what happens in November, third or time like four in the morning November fourth. That's probably what's going to happen even fees to idiot if God forbid this. fucking dragon gets reelected. That's four years. That's it is done. With this ship, we would survive, but if A prevail seriously, but of sanity prevails and loses which everything points to. He's gone. His supporters are there's wet. Thirty six million people who think this insane asshole is correct what we lost Jeff sessions this week. Yeah, that's right. We're slowly. So only away. Our culture is not gonNA change just because he cut the head off the fucking Hydra. That's what really scares me. Off His visit changed side. He's just let these bastards come out and be themselves. They were all is like that. They're gonNA be like that when he's gone and they're going to be even more rabid afterwards salaried, whereas some for some Fun Times I mean Twenty Twenty One may look twenty twenty look like a picnic. That's happy. That, happy note. Join Hands and sing. The hills are alive. Hills APP is. Yes. I will be the twenty twenty version. Julie Andrews beheaded in just. Go Twenty twenty. Ari. Thanks thanks for being on Ted. Thanks for having me. Talk to you again. Ted is so happy. I've done for another five years God. It's over. We only do this every five years. Yeah I do WanNa, apologize for the last couple of weeks You Know My marketing team was supposed to speak to lease. Marketing, team. He leaves teen communicating to my team, but it never actually got to me. Under laser so unreliable. On my own marketing team. I can't afford anybody else. Flow in your pocket. You know that.

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Allan Raymond's joins the tuk tuk revolution in the Philippines

Adventures in a tuk tuk

41:11 min | 9 months ago

Allan Raymond's joins the tuk tuk revolution in the Philippines

"This podcast is sponsored by the fabulous to uk the uk's largest impulse through if you want or anything took to relate. It took uk's the company to speak. They love token took as much as you're listening to stories of discovery and adventure for adventure nets a hello and welcome to the sharp. Today's allen raymond from three wheelers in the philippines he owns and runs. Tbs dealership me. Manila the philippines is still an emerging market for the rich shop with george. Tvs and battling it out for market share and alan has a unique insensitive. Having been there from the very start of this new took took revolution. Hello and welcome to the show. How was the thai food. Abide right. that's lightly. No no well damage and come up. 'cause we got a small shop so closely assigned come me took like diamonds. Decided knock took. You definitely had no for twins ace way because i completely lost they know is the while you put on silly midland. Max and i think you travel so much. I saw pick the me lax ed but yeah i know me some cause. They picked up a language and i have him talking him with an accent. So how how. Strong the winds last night and the right of the line was horrendous. That carried on all night. Long right the wind was abida swell Damage but not substantial. Bu- lost st A most played miranda A by two o'clock in the morning but we didn't lose it till seven. Am way Me some because they picked up a language. And i have him with an old big accent. Just trying i've just. I've got some notes on just need to find a the ray. We got so how how strong the winds last night and the right lane was horrendous carried on all night long right. The wind was abide as well Assay as dumb damaged but nothing substantial But we lost steve. Ray will let a most plate About two o'clock in the morning but we didn't lose it till seven. Am up by six hours with no wall. Yeah last bad rarely pain at that. Voluble isn't a full years ago. I actually would reap ajaj. When i had to judge met foods. Category free telephone latte was scary. I had six inches. A wall coming nine arose. It was like a food wrapper. It's a lot lately for us to a silent wrought because the traffic was old stale. And i had to send happy. Time moved the point in the direction. The cowan with scowling. So you tacked down. The road did you. Yeah i it's gonna take me sewed ways oakland. Oh really yeah can't be pretty scary. It's a choke you norfolk to finish. Tate's i used to suffer from seasonal affective sold and i can always the Drive for so getting up early in the balding saying very little. Delay yep I've been to hong kong on holiday and go friendly with some filipinos Then i'll come to below on holiday to save a me. Doctor said to me. I went to a always under an edict A said move to look a little paints. Show you date. So david and i have not suffered from depression since living in the philippines at only took they all the to recipes. Full Having good mental health is definitely one. They both do go together like do. The took took slow so much happiness as As might be places in the philippines. The nevis april go because you can download to accent a safe places will pay. Just don't say the philippines a series of orleans all get how many now Long island is actually got more miles of beaches in any company in the world. Even australia blake on the average temperature about for a degree centigrade tafoya. I'm happy with a one night skill. A book by light later wake Ahead yet a stocks going up loot so hard by last just kill up at the lowest temperature of up now wants to go down to a dame is very very rare so bisect lay a nice spring day in the uk. Die in the wary. About what do you live in a town or countryside described where you live like cola But let's not what you'd call the in the uk a so a lotta villages will spread out with the can't decide between them. But because we're like the day mall south of manila a stop to build up but we quite hit boy had no. Just stop traffic. If it's out within about flogged mall some of the worst traffic add value to a beach about fool. Miles fairly inland. Yeah that's fine so you've been at work. I have now way close today. Because the tug loan we expect the stop to come in rice deseo Flooded so we give me of the has there has to be some damn sars limited independent page toy of quakes as scary at times but fulltime job. Your two three waiters. Yeah well mammy white bone. It's a bit long story how it came about. Maybe i'll go back to when i fell in love with took tokes. Will most of you fell in love with bugbears. An idea. I actually. So i buy in southland. Fire engine Sco alley rod just fell in love with that was full years ago. last august. come overhead been here for years. I see One overhead alcohol while allowing the philippines of get one is so i got and i started doing youtube videos about Star down on facebook by what happened with a lot of problem with little over here yet. I stop because influences. Were saying free. Wales syndrome Toys ceo in the case of motorcycle On sale lucile were in english. Always in the best position to lead the Yeah so. I became quite a celebrity ahead. Because i was doing so much on the legal side of that i also at a blog which in the philippines and i was worried about the company twelve mo. A wall import the judge to the philippines. Come up to me. Originally started with always be website lanta a year late ahmet labasa. We s got on very well with him. Because he's there we've got a connection will avoid Bang ended up him off amid dealership which ended up about about will. The company will import yards When my found out pachalla ferry that goes without they don't give dealerships too many people today now man. I had the ideal come up to me. Yeah cabela's Wanted man bob able to me. Abe nylon the judge It's the tbs impressed me so much. What what are the line leases. Do you think portrayed in virginia. Tvs thing you know On the body walk a much better finished land. Soon as you pull away you know away. Okay legs celebration. Compared to the judge it's tremendous off up ahead. Come up a place to tie which is by No in the middle of like Actually up to delhi at least year as a huge lack the josh. You're struggling up imposed on the tv in second again. That's pretty impressive. And i was just hooked. What late late. Let me one for mum. And i just didn't get into. Is there a difference in the engines in Leopard with see. Say i just the only thing i can look Tbs has gone foot to allow and web ajayi has gone the talk high end rock which is probably why gifts the extra acceleration in the bat. Hill climbing yes. Yes we were in wires earlier this year at a twenty five percent hill and much paper were aid such gear a twenty percent. He's pretty state the show section. But i'm not sure There was not status. I i do believe much paper when i So you've So how long have you agitated The philippines for the way they've february but because the codes yep this like june before we started out. You expecting to import anything from india Tbs actually like he s global way. Sell the man a moment. We're struggling. Because i got a little most by nights companies that i sell on by nights 'til your business one year rise but we're still salad with with by enable might money out of has this week at nine a. b. cell of about the among. Okay that's called. That's that's pretty cool. Yeah so how do they come in kentucky to they come Do they come. Brady assembled or are they in a crate of Lay say them yeah. I'm a pound a pbs. tell me like. I'm completely assembled which the judge. I actually save at place when the Sam band several tonight come in like a box. Yeah the big kick for. I think that something to do with especially for the. I think that's something to do tax. Yeah an i'll get mowing in the container though. Get your through. They get a dozen a twenty foot container. I believe as opposed to walk four six and a forty foot present yellow. I would guess. I feel like it when i have how called it. Between india and the philippines is it fall. Not law is is a low short limited to huge a totally days. It's early days there for you to draw Yeah with with just took over. Dylan lozada lozada Like a version of amazon Us took tokes to deliver la busa with just took over a huge area She quotes batangas. Could be laguna Manila with the local though in the last episode way mechanics now rather electric turks four-stroke to strengh books vote. Tbs an idea start down the kaga worship ahead so you have for hamad you have during that deliveries deliveries at the moment with a. It's about a hundred. Tbs in the in that range. But he's every month with Yeah so we got free mechanics where we were very Levels of mechanic Been what number judge couple of years. Yeah and then it to tv s and we said to him do you now mechanic. And he said yes may Who and he's one of the best mechanics look Does he prefer working on. Tvs's pajamas or doesn't he. He likes to tvs. Ace because over. I will fall injected equivalent of department to try and spoil. Y'all teo lay system lacked will inject so other tweet installed Yeah by yello fall like the twin spot yet for the tv is a single. Spock is just got yellow full compliance. I've which was actually done in the uk this show sponsored by waterside. Click beautiful watching for some life like a low bexley helped me out Went on salem with little. Yeah a Tie will while last something shower Ahead so we sent It because yeah we'll had ministers of the yucai your cash that helps that's wrought so. Let me tell you about the south end and the fire engine. Pg acti- mumbo always show. It's an old old or so lambreau fire engine Was that a show way was that where did you see that. But that was a school. The rights of the used to be a lamba boy. yep a A spent nearly awake at look at the nine broza. Really no i saw and they went down and restored. They fantastic things don't they lacked put Remember the blow told me he drip it back but medley achieve loop back at united way kahad They're mad people even in those days. evidence that die. You've you've when. How long was it before. You're actually so another one will travel in one. I'd always took an interest. The at hugh now is over in the uk indian i will lee are the like target. Never had the time to do anything about that. Yeah So i quite free time sub going down the road and i'd say i'm yards with talk. We had leon hough. Cape stout pumping At nba still Demanding of out. At when. I say i had any finds over hell of a say on. That was just have to get ultra church in degrees poplars. Our in india enshrined they get in that white bossed In a debate pockets. We got the guy while. I told you buy local keno with like just completely overlapped. Because i buy usually Inside cats unused New bang your head on the spending if you had a coupla base just judd's all up in your stomach in some places that overnight titan of my right our mccoy philippines's there is a growing market for the term is a huge mark ahead. Basically bing is something like about two million twice jake. Lukes slowly a- going to be faced. I because by pollution like dwelling find for economic. Be a lot a. And i just coast so much congestion. Talk with the fast spayed. The passages the fact that senior citizens. Confide in the back as well which i struggled look twice a a big way to go so bicycle markelle next ten years about two million. Hey i would say just spoke sensitive. That were here yet. Just a low cut. What would be so trope to one and five percent. We're beloved one now. So what are you say. Oh competitors all biagio. Sorry but josh and peon that might one about i'll A now any Couple local ones As moa polish which do That could tie ugly. Chinese salad by local Just local acceptable the tops of them. You look away Side wales will are us on the strikes wage war weighing. I have hugged reports awale falling off and then nine c. Two hundred sixty engine which is way of the pod benign paypal absolutely. Yeah electric turks. They come in after any others flew places Into moas in manila which is like a toaster. Which is full. It's like on the on a fool of places Same debate is not be infrastructure for And the price of a tvs washes. That's over there A hundred seventy eight nine hundred pesos. Which sensitive absolute fool to monitor extra voltage for that. I think Impounds by actually impounds about two pound from pound. Okay sausage They lay what about how the choice to do in the uk okay. I tried price that you've just hasn't panels. I've retail for me to suggest a tweet out. Books into adventures in turk with allen. Raymond from took three wheelers. Ten reasons why you should buy. Tbs they have a passion. for toots. pre-sales preparation quick action full range of stockpots taught mechanics. It sounding good followers. Y- comfortable have free service and warranty is the warranty like gonna save. Yes years. Yeah oh i take eighteen. Thousand columba's I right lost. Not too bad is it every few which shimon came to you and ordered one. What's what's the lead. Time the do over sham. Gordon stalker the myron have you was helped. One to install smoke They want a different calla about fooled ice right. That's pretty good a night and after familiar is it like a amendment. Nila like ship with the weekend from the house. Right search so. Tbs have a few days throughout the philippines that away. So you deal with the central hub in manila and then just won't one of their splits down. Cheer rose okay so tell me about have you. Had you been in a way. Did you went out the Have you been at the volcano in. It's your with ligo. Close by the volcano. Quite a law Bob it's about twenty miles. South park was One of best weren't swift done a Like laguna caputo. Like a a big is the second-biggest like in asia freshwater lake. Yeah yeah we went. We met up with a group a small group from batangas while ago but yagya may land a. We spent two days touring way down the almost hosa comfort to like a pop of north. Bend over manila where we might up a big pool pools yet so we had to go all the way back the way. We count Tastic we went up the bus. We went police japanese gardens which our existed really. Yeah up to the free twelve sweat based free courses fell on a hillside look. Noble intellect We had a tastic days. Why did you stay on. Did hurtado de decamp. Lakeland is all oakland harris like a place where scholars swimming olwin the commutation. Yeah so we stay ahead to swim and noise. few drinks. yeah food winks uncle Do anymore have made you ll. Obeyed added the after find otherwise took. Yes yes i was saying. When i was researching it's the tourism in the philippines could be a really big thing so much like shrine and a A has that. How's that progression of the moment. A something. I plan to do office by combine Dot co with would say yes. So we're just gonna sit and wait to see how that go Oso we have got a situation willow bowl hair. So i would have to saw what i would where people could go a The national highway someplace that you some. Don't write a is down two weeks. They supply like toll which is like a set area. If i was to come out there and just say howard your toko fear code i go. Could i travel around the philip page. Ireland's in And just i just adventure you. You could set me. Do move stuff up brought on if you had to know the gonna help. Manila have a problem in manila. If united south fewing and a have a blow so yet you could sutton the woman go south lightweight by places i'll anyway License standard you get on the hillside day with little light will evoke save. Sorry made a spun look stomach May lowering land on down food bay call unless volcano mile down there which is like a puppet code shape right A bamboo. We had actually to go down there. delayed because go with as well so harry's coveted in the philippines wants war has tourism basically stopped other any out. What's happening they spliced. Out now i think only filipinos allowed in night have to clone. As soon as i get a lot into hotels to feis moss up vice mounts shale sidna shops. Yep fleiss masks. Every way are bills. When you go into a mall. They save it. We looked down the hottest africa in the world. I can understand roy because the helps up is you know they just didn't want a each. You have to pay for okay a month. That's a health status as a you have to be insured for health. Yes okay so you'll publish. Did you have your viscious. New was in the philippines. That was It helps me about eight thousand pound still hair. So that's okay. Cut the low seventy monte. Yeah me help slowly. Definitely definitely because i know the took adventures there are enshrined there in india there in the poll on there in pakistan. I believe i think the philippines would be a really good addition to that list awkward. Kobe fantastic addition You both a poet in the philippines. She could always find someone who can speak english which is helpful. yes yes. But he's that. Do you think the reason is not happening. Is because searchers haven't been there and that just auction to jetted into the country's at the reason why then they're not gonna show them yet Been full years. The first year like did really tight so is only lasts for years. I took over. You could be a millionaire by this time next year in the words of Object enjoyable of doing that. I took to share now on what you're absolutely right. What's your average guy. Told me through an average day that took trae rina's leofric various law stott workable. I am what fuller die Sometimes the videos like to channel at the enam doing promotion took tokes so some nice. I'll be Allardyce ob day. Willa pots will also deliver them. Which is about how you deliver because van or trailer Are you driving. What's the best way mouth. How did you get back. Willie we have one following. Get a look. Back in the forward lab is lasts a lovely updates. Like i lost weight was good today. We went is is odd. The debt owed I retiring on a to free. Imf remoulded i'm conduct way Am but again. That was good game drawing allies while i loved the mets decided You're listening to stories of discovery and adventure from adventure and customer base sort of customers have a private social commercial. Most oklahoma commercial will use them like taxi. Yeah we go food by by way. Which sold them. What north of manila. Light onto a by buddy Sopa you daily one. yeah okay. I colts lose. News is that the biggest filipino honored yell at the mine. Philippine island the biggest paypal's cycles. yeah we select way we local elevators and to the uk co shower here. Yes so turks in the yeah i he had planned was looking into what was involved in actually drug who again back to india. Why what is what is is that possible loot while he can do at least very successful. Get you into the in places light Legally seems to be looked global avenue. Also the legal problems they won't accept legislation straight from philip paves compass so basic. The dog get it now. Way to be registered and. I'm not sure how long. I not like an overlander. Where if you turned up to two most borders with landrover you just pay your get a visa for certain Days were you can just dragging on the come to. Yeah that doesn't have far to return now. I overlander. It's the same with every big lack a been but when you get off the ferry when Places set nando elder below. Normal founded decided. 'cause they kissed womb except the registration philippines. I think you'll love it. Took possibly even exceeds mind plus the sally amendment and one bring up on the ad book or is that is probably the most well but ajaj alone because many booze anew so the youtube videos tell me about that. What's the purpose of that. Is that just for advertising for your business now. Started off office a fun thing because it started before i had a business are just accompany sokolow action camera. Our radio then table like to so much so it just kept yelling also media mainly i'll under way to like with i'm i'm not like no one A girlfriend Coast next fool amount in always mike. Nice video down there. A total batangas spent three days. Torn batangas stoplight at mainly Snow a because solicit situation of a moment. Some of have gone back to advertise. Just so i got some content to mike because i have been able to get out on the road. He writes a cause with wake. Got so much in. Common are very quirky fuckers. That's what we all saw like like you used to live in halston. I lifted bug. Vegas down the road trucks in should try. Listen that's i drive around inevitably crease in Very good gone backwards. That's what i say. Pretty hopeless it going forwards. But i you know i started this podcast because one i have a love of tour's one i'll just locked adventure in and i think when you when we did the Adventure challenging august when twelve tooks ran wiles. It added something. The i was sort of at a push that was actually with cold. It'll end it. Made come a nonstop. A podcast from monessen jan and the pay politic fantastic them. The rule quite similar. It was very interesting young the edge some off our noble as the took took psych bringing people together every month me up. The dice leo volkswagen. I don't know if you remember in the sixties. When i was kate me bob volvo. Volkswagen van what trudeau bail. And if you went and say number one yeah you'll always jump and they took over ahead you go down the road you saying. I want a new way. You do just about what country you waving your smile. And i think that that's what they're good for. And i really hope that it takes off in the philippines. I think you've got could receive to to the law. And i think you just have to persevere dot you i spent when i spoke to mr stephen the took it probably took him a year when i bought in to actually get it registered on cairo's because the uk you she's just well that's a dangerous thing so tips about getting more and more out. It's like you know if one turns up it becomes a tourist attraction you get five hundred it just becomes. The norm doesn't it. Yeah yeah it's just about putting more and more into the country so everybody says the just get exception. Yeah i'm light in some companies took skip line traffic problems overhead or actually sam because some money paid local herod Great big full worldwide Load big if you could get some duck tokes laid a much smaller footprint on. The road. Solicit less by trapping Left problem with parking on. I actually say mrs solution had. What ideally we should say the next six months year. Atwood you don t to develop Obviously i'd like to the business to increase while hoping to of another food brand right of and atto of phillips is planned. We can do our rice i. That's that's the complete philippines and search search. Yeah but john john. Lewis case adding latavius contested by drove joshua ryan philippines. Eitan rounder said List pandemic over will do our k. A. will go with up. That's the dave backout vehicles offer whips. That's what i did. I go out there when i when did the out to hatred aged much took a couple of years ago. No backout vaco just may attempt at an extra fuel. Ken and a couple of spanners. Most pajamas and tv. Actually is in wherever you draw. These days are pretty reliable along. They don't really down. Kelly cables lead. David how tv sp gary that make it. Took twelve years. Will light lost six months valley early ones ida growling mark. The upper east submitted decline abate silence will be down down the anyone's while nigeria a- pilot. Allama number one right lay lay. Were josh should lie. Just took off in nigeria. Latavius a stunt to go The syllabus josh Sell like the older swap to db s. I won't do you think that is just because before would rarely as more comfortable a abram In the back she says so much. We'll comfortable in germany. Where do you ever come back. You ever plan to come back off back the years at the monday time a certain style answer and i think i think you're okay. Yeah yeah yeah but sounds smaller. seem okay. Yeah it's been a pleasure thank you. Okay your your facebook users. Sure we'll chat make it yet. We will yes. Since my interview with allen are spoken to a couple of other took through in the philippines for future episodes. The country seems to inspire people in three world direction. And thank you allen for inviting us into the tvs world of took in the philippines and the next episode. We had average the tuck shopping. Ace in southampton. My special guest will be mr steve. The pioneer of importing took into this country way back in two thousand and five. Thank you for listening. And i'll be back with more stories of discovering venture very soon to any of my shows head on over to spotify i change or adventures in dot com. This is been a c. And production for follow the tutor

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Why Don't You Love Me? - I'm Jean Val Jean, I've Earnt My Loaf of Bread

Why Don't You Love Me

32:29 min | 2 years ago

Why Don't You Love Me? - I'm Jean Val Jean, I've Earnt My Loaf of Bread

"Hm? And welcome to don't you? Love me. I'm fog, and I'm care Malloy. This is weekly deep dive into the Knicks and crannies of sex relationships and the roundabouts Milton Keynes by two comfortably incompetent best friends climates bed with heart and Keira along with special guests as they talk through the ups the downs and the round and rounds of every aspect of modern relationships. I haven't money's care Malloy on the nation out of ainable and minus fog and gods. All right. Thanks. Thank you. Joel know what we're gonna talk about this week. I would love to know about this week. This is great acting because you already know God waiting, but no one home knows this week. We are talking about boundaries. And if like Keira when I must. You'll thinking you. Well, well, we gonna dive right in to exactly what they are. And how we set them and homey fail to but just to level the playing field, according to a Kapito personal boundaries guidelines rules or limits that person creates to identify reasonable safe and permissible ways other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those in the Mets, thank you. Now, if that doesn't let your whistle to say chains. That I didn't know what will your is your whistle. You're how to whistle. Don't you? So. Prato? Why you still table today? What what's going on? Well, it definitely isn't. Because it came up in therapy this week. Oh, sarah. V. Silly. Didn't spend an hour talking to a licensed professional about this. So not at all. But if I was to. You bet it just a true. But that's a goal. I would have done some introspection this week on a bit of self analysis and realize that the reason that I have not had very many successful relationships is partly got news, the whole there's a whole of reasons but partly because I have not set clear boundaries. And what happens is these boys on knowingly to that overstep my boundaries? I haven't communicated what boundaries to them. So they have no idea what I do. Oakley, and then immediately I panic, and I eat yeat you run a mile. I actually run thirteen point one. I don't if you heard I run. So it's out to FAR GIO. Thirteen put one can thank you, very miles miles. So yeah, that okay, I'm bored. Probably perhaps also telling that one heart was like, let's talk about boundaries. I was like what do you mean boundaries? Heart gives me that one brief that kid tonight some lights turn on some clocks tick, I think. Income may have been lacking in the boundary setting department. And I think I may have let us overstep mine, and I think I've probably ever stepped a few others. I think part of the reason that I don't set these boundaries is because I have a bit of preoccupation not completely consciously with being a nice guy being I'm relaxed. I'm fun like not worry like, it's cool. I can bundle alongside you like, I absolutely fine. And I never want to see me or harsh or cruel. Let's lately and to me saying no to things. Equals being mean and stubborn and difficult. So what we do. Instead is we back out slowly or we behave weirdly, and we just. Said perfectly. We heat. We eat all because we've compromised on our own beliefs and values to a breaking point less other. It's all too much, and I can't even begin to. So I just completely back out of there. And when originally I could have just valued my time and energy from the get-go and play boundaries, which would have stopped that lap winning. Hopefully. Yeah, there's sometimes sometimes even if that. Tango, sometimes the other partner as to fee, absolutely and truly that counterspy biological. So when not discriminate I would like say that I'm ablest. How Pap could give us a couple of examples as to your failed searching or your least attempts to southbound res it's become sort a little picture of what's going on. Gordon is that we failed or not and setting these boundaries for me, a prime example, which is repeated itself more than twice actually is. Being over by letting people walk with me. Now, we know you're fit boy. But let's give the realism. Contact sounds like a riddle. So I like to walk everywhere Suming, unforgiving environment. I'm what you might excise keeping my blood pressure healthy I like to use that time in the morning as a way to sort of mentally prepare for the day and in the evening as a way to decompress to unpack. What's happened to get yourself? Absolutely. Now more than once I've met up with boys drink or for coffee or a day, or whatever it may be and afterwards when you're saying the by they'll say home, I'm just gonna walk as. I'm just gonna walk. Yeah. How are you going to get home? And oh, well, no, no. Let me walk you home. It's like, no, no, no. I said I was going to walk home. And I didn't ask you joy, not say we and I will try my best to delicately like one time. Be like. Oh, no, no, no. Got the cheap. I'm so happy walking. And then maybe because their gentlemen, it's kind of nice. They'll be like no treaty kinda late. Let me walk you at this point. We don't say, no, no, it's okay. I'd like to walk home by myself. Do we know we don't we absolutely falled grudgingly? Just go like maybe like half of the way. And then for the whole walk. I'm feeling disgruntled and annoyed and not presenting the best merged myself because I don't want them. Gop shot. You got us all of us got all of us. We didn't value what we wanted. And we just let them walk over us. My walking with us also unbeknownst to us like we then string alone being like, we'll basic I will want to more than that. As just another layer of miscommunication happening. Absolutely. So that's my example of negative and k and could you please have an example of a positive. Yes. And I do have to preface this positive equities by saying this really is not setting clear boundaries. It's me scooting around the issue. So broad serves broadly ring rooms, so we are a role play to show how this pans out. Okay. So you're gonna play let's name who's your character? John John, John Lewis me hall lovely to me. How do I spell out h two lovely? Now. You I want you to ask me out for a drink. And I your all this is I know that hunting. Your objective is to drink with me. My objective is to knock off or drink with. But I don't value myself enough gas what's going to happen. You're gonna come with me. Yes. But not because it floating or possessive. So John Frederick high Hough. Oh, you just wondering. I'd love to go out for some point this week. Oh, yes. That could be really fun. I am pretty busy this week. Kolia? What are you up to on Thursday morning? That's running for we told them. Oh, a coffee if you want to suggest it. Yeah. Great if no okay feed thousand coffees really good for me. I'm thrilled morning. Okay. Great. How about ten AM tens of Pathak Yash that great omit you though. Oh, by the way, my eleven so I have to leave at ten thirty. And see I'm soon. Okay now. Okay. Did we see what we did that? We do. We said, yes. So we didn't have let them down. But we then very short amount of time. I Bill to yeat out without ever explicitly saying, I don't want to deal this. So we just give them a short time. Taster we pass through the emotional baggage of having to do it. We dropped them along into thinking that we want to meet them when we could've just said, no. We have a very rush coffee before work, and maybe we need to working. So that's me. What's -bility something that I'm not the proudest of and please jump into this life with me. I'm gonna I'm gonna jump myself. I'm gonna put myself up to dry. I think what's quite telling is I've never really been aware of boundaries. And I'd never really thought about it until you mentioned to me. Well question for you is all a failure to set your own boundaries of stepping over other people's boundaries. I think that I think publicly both I think a lot of it comes down to just a failure in communication like lacking. And just the whole thing. I think I'm very much culprit of thinking everything this phone. I'm thinking things don't need to be set by think they do need to be said, oh, she's not a communicate. She's not. So for example, if we're going to really put myself out to dry, I like, I think I'm quite relaxed person when it comes to relationships people texting people when I'm say about when I'm day. I like to think it's cool on role of it will do whatever they like me. That relaxed low key. Cheat cheat low key chill woman. Yes. Absolutely. But then I think when I'm drunk, for example. I couple of Barry's go down inside me. And if I like someone I think when I'm drunk, I'm at life onto them. So I'm gonna Texan or I'm going to do this or I'm going to do that. And then I'm gonna send attacks and also Instagram story critic cute, so maybe I should Snapchat themselves, and before you know, it you send them ten messages voice night. Oh, I mean, I don't I'm trying to think back at voted some inquires extreme is that. I'm also saying. Thought appear made fictional fictional example, really thinking of the improve every together. It's a whole thing of say if I'm drunk symbol messages that quick responses, and I kind of Tibet like if I don't get it back. But oh, so because you'll in a state of like being very open with your feelings and emotions the you think the other person needs to be doing these same thing. But would you believe when I'm so by has an established that that's how I feel to the extent or that's what I'd want. Something said, then it comes across very weirdly because there's just completely out of the blue. So and every day you'll being I'm so cool. I'm whatever this is a name on it. But I'm really cool with whatever happens. However, unlike when I'm drunk, but you're applying to my tax. I think I'm funny. Do you not like me because I actually really like you and. And minutes. Ten master's voice caught it radius. Isn't it? And I guess it's not that the desires you expressed with like, oh, how we act to the other person's behavior when we're drunk is kind of logical west. It's a logical rainy do feel those feelings things. However its exact thing of not voicing them not communicating when y'all in the sober date day. It just comes across very unexpected. I I. I'm site. Can't blame you the person for being a bit like. Oh, yeah. Because that makes the other person when a Ye yeah. Appositely like jumped ship, and I really do not blame them because what's happened to me. I've jumped ship do you think it is something which women are conditioned to think differently about I would like say, I don't want to say like, yeah. Every woman in condition to or guess every man behaves in a way in which makes but that is a whole thing, which I think is ingrained into from young age from both the girls and the boys around you, and he didn't think anyone, but it's just a societal thing. But the gods be like after after all really side like tonight. I don't want to do this. But the guy can just be much more expectant of guides replied to me or say, no, I don't want the meets be like. No, I didn't care for dream with like, I mean, you both have that issue. But I think maybe as yet. It's definitely not definitely. I think it is a societal Feng of women being told that they can't be abrupt or as clear, you're absolutely. And I don't know if this is too much like Vegas reputation. But I think it kind of applies to people who find themselves in marginal. And like minority groups as a whole. Your whole life. Your condition to apologize for taking up space for being too female or to Brown to black or do gay or whatever it might be your condition to apologize for existing. And so when you bring someone else into it, it kind of just ramps on the level like you've been pushed out of everything. So you find mash, discreet yourself in. You've been pushed out of China. You've been like you have been not been allowed to see you spend your whole time grow like proving that you are fit in. Is to be nice and likeable and demure and easy to get on with the the prospect of having to say, actually, no, I don't wanna have to be compliant. Right now, it has more way. And it must be more tricky to deal with because it's just another. She show we need it. End of the day Kaus day of Jones Elda. Les mis? But it's the cost of tower. I'm Joan Valjean. I'm what fifty four other. Fifty. Britain's most of your fucking. Could you please tell us what you've got planned for next icon? I've made a game. The game's working title. Yes. Working is boundary foundry. It's all it's what we've got an out the 'cause this game will help us. Discover each other's boundaries. Say hello. Karen, I have listed in ten points summarizing Apostol nation ship from the stock to that. Now, we will read each other those ten points and the other person will make an alarm noise every time they think that we could have established abounding. Yes. So who's should I I'd like you to read ios out can't can't actually find, and this will be your an arm noise? So every time you think I could have sat boundary. This is what you have. So you're going to make the noise more than once absolute one me online on an app and talk for just under a week to meet in person and go for a walk. I like you came long slow around central London three begin texting everyday. He initiates. Okay. We'll come to the end four meet up three nights in a row. Five. He stays remind. Six I reluctantly say round. Seven. He comes around when I've said, I've only got thirty minutes free before meeting up with my sister. Hey, tries to loiter and meet my sister. I him onto his train nine. He begins. Text me while standing outside my place of work and the rating was I'm doing two days in a row. Like to input cool to nine. These are just police are ten touched him saying, I won't this thing to stop. I need to end on one. Anyway, just generally while regain I also want to say whilst I do understand that I could have set boundaries that this is quite an extreme example. I this that sounded very swift. And just interesting. So what the earliest point new? I could've sat boundary was texting everyday. He initiates. I think that was the thing. I think if you had car fired all we just not taxing every day. I've felt I wanted to buy the fact that you clarified that he initiated speaks volumes. Yeah. I agree from the early signs, but because we didn't set them because they didn't know how to because we didn't want to go to a point of almost. I'm say stalking LOKI. I'm gonna turn the Michael find out. Now, it's time for foundry founder eight that's never gonna catch on. And listen. This is what you'll have every time. I think Carrico stopped boundary. Okay. Take it way. So this is date number two with a very friendly. Funny guy. It was very hot some day. Also on this day. I went in for my fast, ever, bikini wax came out with an accidental full Hollywood. The day of the England World Cup quarterfinal tensions high. I wasn't the feeding my best meet the guy, and it's kind of we both knew the are. I was easing his workplace to get into an expensive exhibition for free. But he knew this. And he suggested that he was the exhibition used to Cisco accident. Okay. Absolutely fine. Maybe that's when he should abound. So we've had a really nice day. But I have been very clear and setting I want from this because I don't know because maybe a state earlier, I was in a whole shambles around that time. So he talks a lot throughout the day. Really? Sweet funny then because I've taught it on site him. He starts talking about bondage. How many times can I? Not shaming anybody. Shame. Thanks to turn quick. This is still on the date date number two. And we're talking about. On the wings thrown by small children. These were normal swings. Not sex wings, not sex. Sorry. Yes. To clarify these were exhibition exhibition. These swings is poverty installation. Okay. So I immediately zone out and stop thinking about not wanting to be there such realizing I think he and I have got different ends of the stick. We stay on this wings for about our move. I decide oh he's topping G wanted. I decided he's not the one for me. However when saying by panic and say, yes, we're really love to see you keep playing until we die need then text saying I'd love to see you again. I say I really sorry. I'm really busy with work. I'll let you know when three day he never texts we lucky because not only did we not have to see him. We didn't have to undergo Edney emotional development. No. We really did which was brilliant. When when which actually listeners, it's a lose lose. Oh, yeah. I'm concludes the first ever game and potentially. Of. Threes. Now for the recurring segment. Nobody asked for texting texting type so yes, we've got excitingly. We've got a submission of listener submission longtime listener first-time Cole. So this is from a friend of mine different before this textra there'd been on one date, which she rated a five and a half of them. And I think we already know the direction this is going absolutely hot Foco who would you play the role of I'll be playing the role of my friend. I want the role of the boy, and I'm gonna give dates eighth of December. Hey, you want to grab a drink tomorrow night? December. Hey, sorry. I was a concept of work. How about tomorrow? Hey, no worries. Yeah. Tamara me what time works for you. The tenth of December. How about seven pm meeting? Same places last time, I can do anytime as I can leave work whenever dot the tenth of December. That often sad emoji. The eleventh of December ten pm want to go out on that second day. I know this is where but I haven't gone out with anyone I've actually had fun with recently and reading join myself with you. The nineteenth of January. Hey, it's good to hear from you. Yeah. I definitely up for it next. Week dot strata is good. The twenty first of January EBA Australia yet brackets while I am a paying to get also drunk to give myself another excuse the thirtieth of January. Hey, shit replying shit rejecting people because I will just keep asking you out until I'm rejected as I have. No shame the second. February. Also, if we do again, you will have to me a terrible lesson about sending biasing methods drunk, the seventh February if you'll playing hard to get your amazing job shock emoji. The twenty fourth time still been for second. Well, we end scene while I mean to about earlier drunk boundaries and crossing them. I think we can say that those will all of them were when he was drunk known. Wow. That is. But is perseverance. However. I think we can look at this from two perspectives one. Clearly stepping overstepping about this person. Does not wanna second date. Yes. To ghosting. Yeah. Kids. It's never the way we've done it. We may continue to do it. We've always been through it. But it's just the way. I get annoyed. If I'm the one ghosting and the person keeps on texting and you like storm by blowing on my phone to the point where I've had to meet people on Facebook and Instagram because it's run even not even actively messaging main. But at this point I've become so just frustrates against them. You've got the two point of beyond overstep my battery so far seeing them online. What makes me physically cringe been the socks when you'll be ghosted? Because you like what's wrong? I don't have any explanation. Why does pass it takes me back? I can only assume you're not giving me any concrete facts. You haven't told me you're bound. So stunning. Also to pick up on this classic move to to be self aware to tell the positive drunk to be like only about I'm used to drunk. I am so I'm Greg ups. I wouldn't normally message of this. But I'm drunk fine. Like, but then you go into prove that you really would. Nobody message. Hi. Are you just shit replying? I wanted my that boldness. Yup. All but also, let's take of this. He says, hey, aegis replying shit out rejecting people because I will just keep asking you out until I'm rejected. I have no shame dot dot dot to be the boy, he is being completely honest. He's Vitry like until you tell Mando. Yes. I'm yes. I'm not saying that is improper Matic. But I am saying that he's. Bullshit. But like his been like, y'all know going to the in you to Jack me, so I'm just gonna keep going because if you're not going to outright reject me than my God, I'm taking it as a yes, also if that is how far he's run with it when she has given him nothing. Absolutely nothing. How far would he go? If she even gave a polite response to saying, hi, I'm really sorry. This is to work. I get the vibe that it would have changed from us week either just wants an answer to you don't want this. But you'd let me get drained for you or the Dell why do you say yesterday? I did that actually. Let's updated. Coal from the one ninety while my big sister. Hello. Hey, just a preface you're on speaker. I'm good. I'm here with Keira cost. Yeah. You all. What can I talk about? Well, I really could you say this. And you say, hey, longtime listener, first-time caller. First time caller. All the way from New York City with okay about boundaries, and how in the past we've failed to set them in relationships. Maybe it runs in the family. What is one piece of advice? You would give me as my big sister on how I can set boundaries. Honestly, just when you like someone don't get excited about the front and show a lot of it. And they're going to expect all the time, and that is exhausting. True Trine when you establish a norm, but isn't actually normal. Yes. Right. You're just excited autism. But like, I don't want pets much news really not gonna catch. The you that much in three months. This is this is coming from. Hardens New Yorker here is got limited time, she's quick. He's always on the street. Yeah. And understood person. Back to your cats. But it. To me. Reeled to be a part of this. I'm so excited. You all truly your your special guest? I love you too. Secretly held. So here we find ourselves the end of this episode, which I think is the first topic. That's actually quite partnered to all current situation. I think maybe three in we've potentially started not Chattan shimmer it. So if you've held out for these three episodes one planking to maybe not a good time to subscribe, leave us a five star reviews, maybe aids and in the spirit of this episode, featuring I ever special guest, the one eight test file there. My love my life. My sister. If you have any advice on how to set Andries or stopped boundaries, or what to do when someone oversteps you'll boundaries send it in to me or Keira, and we'll read out in networks. And we'll also just take the advice because clean we need. It. We need. I find you online. You can find me on Instagram app care Malloy, and thankfully, Ha's film in my Twitter handle his kicks, and you can find me taught Falbo every well mine and with that bit you. Do you?

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Tribuna #022 com Iva Giracca (No One Spoke) - A Spalla do Heavy Metal

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Tribuna #022 com Iva Giracca (No One Spoke) - A Spalla do Heavy Metal

"On lies relate to sell the so broadcaster tad so noble ed and f the l. Michelle move gas on rebel s. I get out there. So he'll healed obama komo Swept basement you heavy metal. But isn't sure manteca feazel damone. Genetic as a victim of sonya's docu worst average hydro view of remain to musicale. Talk through nato talker. Remain to per capita wherever scotto came through eighth occasionally. You don't know if we're kalamata. Educator tau faces okla mate they might buy. No practicum is fear. Fear and i say the tacoma luther dampier by gov who whatever leaving god by advice him appear. And i whatever i make today. Cove yulianto apathy mira villages last week. It was the foist phones. Just last live. wi- on balls stays pitiful on north. And so. I don't really kyoto at the taking his phone day. Former player for the cast. Finale do evil cast just to look at. That was a much case but up kuhlman from our free. No don't for everyone that komen for meals almost always use meals. But because talking to my burn blue bedding. You've done for the control of possibly. I don't made animated cash heavy metaphor wherever they may today's opportunity. Yesterday's is this morning fit eight. it also called ju- just mirror vision but cheaper much pop. Let heavy metal keel hockey them at meta delta may not even michael gina. No man who you is that you would recycle other. Why some metal crab it's another. You'll see heaven breath foul leda. You'll so they'll them lessing lon thing by app komo a lot hockey groggy. I'm going to my man. I come to dinner. Central casino entry classy sample data for you to shop. Say gee i'm losing their boy you lose interest and we'll couch out. Jackie case you. Vanya coaching unlv. We've been a week on my chemotherapy for real simple dish. In the little used to make schism weakening version. I do. Heavy metal was complicated. You sort of need you own. Modern law speak only doesn't think so betas. Eighty s mas nasty momentum interest speaking eva spa the committee after florida. Mothers mice guess as to do brasil about no one key simply mid level a speedy. Don't trust them to be mentors. That are minds better than us. Go and winds guessing mcnabb. The sofa Cuisine inky ancient. But i couldn audible. You get froggy if coins not cheat. Core side yeah yeah macedo lord froth chills to get us over. There was my apartment churches in our shopping. Got us some of bit like goes equal. E-verify lauding out. i still our washington bureau. Valley probably fiske's looking croissants. Scott this guy. Musical feels zero votes would get on way. Those shoes thing She follow specifically intone meisel. Magnus opus los evening chicago. The blue is keller kelaniya massaged. Yeah the luke of into lamentable. Such as isn't got to follow my poyser you yell. Eeoc solta pharmacies as fundamental says e. Fan as i woke up with a father vijayan as they once fittings thing so just so just wednesday their mom i do people biden. Shuki awkward the unocal with something. Other wise charles depends i think echoes his son vacation. Bring in film eob an awesome centric with us as us liberals. This wasn't ellas. Wants founded quizzes that he told them wanna cropping leaper miserable in a little rain falls in performing must looking to take the shot. 'em say lob implemental happy slower exempt episode anything there. The democracy is also the down in practice medicine. Come out of your. And i'll ask an and moved to win the book a Uncle was assembled Element or he Influence as it was this project. Yes i'm was hypocritical and sesame. Now i villa known paco. Oh my god. I echo hawk for me. How their searches sawing a burned as our cuoco. Three she'll sipping zinc slipped publica catching hockey progress. Evil traffic and the cute over system will win. The only game is in gay man. Usc steven bye vital to happy losing. So l. ching. A day out. I for though. Ko hickory issue with some of them along the voice. well he decided. I it around on useful. What kind of woman. I got super super democracy. Lebedeva you have boss won't says nelson they gotta give michael. Yeah you could eight. I was look where i will say. Olga with mice mice interest sanches. The zabul is businesses. The near a state would go gotta know athletic in side on the more gastric race. Here up more champions. Either ill sti- at now. Water guotai barra ethic affiliates continue washington's for you weapons Addressing the brookwood. Up face on kitchen side kazushi rodman process get chicago. Doesn't she goes up. Must cooler antica gonna get up in a face. She miserable muslims mathematical limitations into ease. Boy is clemson. Yusufzade agitate underneath Years in central magnum is. Let's la specifically made schedules. They must they should go see you. Committal must key. Oh going to cut a second so key of had no matter to launch who daily at a hotel who at the end all. I want sit. They graduated times. Esi all hold today. single Our fought to get into the nag. His woman is not branchville not travels daily. They they've inside for some. What will do is awesome. Blanking has a lot of intellectual. She took on gordon and they love. Bill is owned by forcing us. Live on what i see. No of their smells as gone. Milk deals king estate executives. However mother could happen. Bobby is injured. Pamela thoughts the salon awful Change somewhat denver early on the add some daily users of using chalk windows all jovanovic winters iverson mangy organisms. You show they cuisine grinalds signals such of that. What they say. listen. Polymers table kiai. You'll know if game loop templeton. the mom. Nothing i'm went to facile Nation mel glad equate for like. Would you gonna. Where's the immigrants in can identify with a band slam will but as far as the fumes the and for winning rental another one who survived every two local south delays. I lose being kiekko-espoo lindsay to face case right. You want to keep that. Don't toe kirk hammett in love with bali to finish pistola. Low shoe A shoe by nick look at each have got a pretty season to finish. Won't very did kissing chievo. Lean in the devos's through main to dirk koetter. Mice are the mosquitoes big. Khimki foy inequitable sickle missile nato cap for this and other imagine they didn't. We should adopt foster since he was that will be full of carnival. Mcphee's no no. But i mean freeze for big la. That was going to do his sewn. On from that official royal cucuta changes got into them. The vice with bendel play vice-presidency. Ese owning up and say the medical all Must have gotten fuzzy. E gonna congress will see as i made a million of that in your micro here. She cloud cover so curious now. We'll say britain slam me of you number for democracy. This tokat in berman in this is boop glass. Volatile magical december might of the also seeing point for any quiz saline opens million funded. East is age. I just thought audibles names division name matto stars with ruxton. La's don't december. Don't want an open saying the okapi levada an echinococcosis that he sent by. They didn't know make may be bowie. Triple level has more. From komo's jennifer. Visine is lied to me. I just try to look into our bonuses. Keeping those get yeah. You're poop circle. Buddha seeing the are through their net file fuming up is. Because i can succeed. Joe's infant. But i've always viewed money. Does he will say struggle for paper presenting review we'll also while blah blah gutlessness blasting combustion positive for i. They will come on. You can put a that. Won't read more see. The amazon gets it by lana citing this the foul seed and wintel eva kit. You public look easy at our kamal enough. Did he was complaining. Sound i familiar. Lee mcdonagh be dissected. Don't fuss about those plane. No kia in washington. Frozen moons Kiang dangerous. when does this. let's go today. I don't care games. Filing an egg. Mentos in rental and mozelle up on pricing prevalent with him was going gotta. Do you saw fundamentally guests. He moves measures. Thing said. Values admired irritates because sony fosse replacements looking for and you ask him multiple capacity i associate for the oc diaz in by suit so would get milton erickson easy no because of monopoly cricket. Kiki feels maine. No doubt but it's for news. Gel is your with this season jackal. Michelle was into. Viper gecko will sound wounds and what students can know. Ask him percents on my as into nagorski. Volunteers say they will seal takhar judge orbiting business. It what they won't legal is the auto capital coffee with your workable. Check costumer service canal you you some radical reformers each known paying dodgy good into the consensus akabusi. I didn't yakov fuzzy in the mice. Give angie in the washington. We in kabul Dandelos hassle scores. Isn't my arm separate pasta. Even essentially to other justin phony restarted. Some powell okay. Stacey hypocrite itemize the more crotch coppola. I don't consider on feel autumn silicone special on grungy moves daime. Pb a is more jesse talk where whereas carling fellow commissioners and virus. The canadian canadians whom will nickel inskip. ingress might scouts operatic hookah. She hippocratic i known someone donation to castor this past at yale mange's miskito mice bizarre. Fresh meadow seems mice biz. Kid who kim. You're leading cashback on song. My sister emerson ca big other. No this opportunity in el nino international folk metal but his influence measuring meet. Your metal has shown on video. Woo cash occurrences owns mice bizarre. This mucus assissi views in cash. Use after making a pick and they don't think crash washy keep into my cousin. Fritz uber musical guessing deliverance and looted physical constantly telling someone to on someone. Good as this. All nippon see mobile as elevate right. Rafidi which is nimble viper trash metric for his oughta both on the front of his mental acropolis badge intimacy missile. Go barkat inside. He found him abandoned estimate of geographical offers over song. So maga was saying the only adding that and quinn tonight. So i'm wrinkle because we're gonna federal villanova cinema disease. Mantles me his awesome. Should they moments want what flies At asa some momentum. Invest william afaf of neil signed him. The risk done one think that was introduced as teaches. I-it's your paper crowd. Zero vilma must be wondering ma malkhaz alone could simple. So we have lunar mining selma. I seem been sought anime. Somare miserable man thought seeing kinda got osama slowdowns. Just been looking at the nine customers. Mcgahn decision to see you being received how he ashley cameras on the office local. Stop them to die. Lewis locating conferencing zach engineering skills. Why don't you think you'd think he's his you. Bush metal mill. That's the finish in. Handling and greece is up in arms thing rate on daca. Follow mossadeq while vocalist odds. People see stove even three buna podcasts. Seminar math on month most complete buddha either looking trade name. But i alec comedy grabbed this little. My zone auto said you flautre headed dodge elephant flogging and getting new by her cat none to us up whistle omonia myself. Tim show forty off an or vehicle. Spice when these web when malcolm acoustic government does he illness in those five. I'm willing to win win from you don't even. Gm must go. you'll get osama the skeleton. It was put into someone of senior. It's sad the mac insignificance but all of us and she. Tim genus assa method saucy disneyland. 'cause at our pacino bronwyn you don't on his own Exploding mentioned all by channel has been stable. Your property we they this descent From beginning if stop. Now roy from eating within about us gee now the from alison are million is until you know. Keeping the regina files catapult deemed. You hit solid in tacoma delays. I arkansas go to of in. But i know i woke up also up there. Come out of valley is a congress up until the present shopping for this. I thought i use a lot. Their molly them. Icbm runs near mayors royal Beginning of your work as you know my shit linkov who championing the yellow lurking fortifications guy. If you're not and she only talking about it you know my office or my simple southern issue on ellen guy. Gotha invited professor fishy role. Alec mills. like i gotta get mom. He amanda chimes thought when he says even Aaron l. stole Fighting discipline As allah's the music eighteen doda l. met mozelle methodological orangey on a new thing. Is we still do simple. Van damme music. I ask you may not enthrone with. Mac patsy patchy. I've you think there are there. Dale mohel atop mostly tau as his theology may be the professor nevada hobby. Dome the saw. I syria fell out the guilty. Because count on my wash your carries along with them snap last flyers baby out of any longer model size from on mytalk makers. Don't love golf with me. Arguably our have god. I had viewed as equal. Massager says five zero. He kid effort all simple booking soobee genitals tau yuliana markup presents an inch stay. Show the duma to- kilty d'amato muscle not dodger. My superior comporting normally trivial in paris sali's four and equally. Tom is potentially to the us into the paint. To saw the vice party The militia como todo atm's folk matto yet thelma. Quick mattamy logical can be staying up the guess bitten quote. This is sheila. My seething fica became miso signals taiji judokas. Cj known spoke all in oldest projects national anthem. Pasqua on gio is labor day. 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Human vices Instruments began in all major political. Sagir gravity ila thinking in. Don't chp bromwich loose get candle alma plunging inciting to force a sequel to his music. Was i talk to you. is local gravity migos skip commission fees review. All rich comanche. Things to my mom. Does you caviar. All i know cop defends depends on reality you mill engine another at some our grass clippings on the moon to yala citing message investment credit. They say so you see them. Eleven little thing for big thing. Don't live for element bismuth yellow normal. Mas lafayette jinx. If you our finger mom my amherst musavi disclosed up on the stock to inside eac view. All on our she is as new. She thing jay jupiter leave gaza. Did he acquired six well. Let's even knew my boss. You just say scott isn't it. Es is no. You don't want me told him you don't does does yellow. I love love your son. Interest of claude insular wrentham maple masterpiece condition. You'll stay star. Scott him. 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Who change fishy. Vowing you by sauce spiced Keyboarding sitting to the central. Moore's could you met dollar day. Think zia guava number. Thessaly will do better join us. Pastors growing briskly area and some momentum saavedra by so many of the position vice in ask us twice far as liberal into summer will and krantz. Bill net got gattaca for the large they dialing to fossil to convince weights Alarm critising being men was immense colossus issue winters on me was that denouncing alleged ridge giant what good I gotta have metal. You asking me loquacious on hillsides. Simple things thinking finished the premera go kick the office it you'll get some technical do materiality with malaysia takata is so it's almost gotten defense kasan to this book bindings don't think of it as gordon and rescued discipline study backstage acres. You don't say socrate. 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Losses michelson iceland. Yup i do get into it. I don't think brosse causing the flood. The quizzes move some skills us. So can you fall into his mutual cs. lewis. I saw follow competitiveness. Chievo you shut up a major todd. The freemen consequences put number not alec musica mental pushups a call with that e iraq was baba festival much though i seen helplessly inch out the both school but i think we'll see in a over to so calm. Brunel plotted erna. I don't project to leslie for martyrdom. Bang you just prevent kantara on the first day. No cars and edgy. Cini compare solve partic- pass then all dot com missing geeky elite. Going to impede your you seldom cacique But you again lucky. He don't be tackle likely photocopy photo per year dow this is. I don't trouble on college survey but as the achieve played a single free book nickel in you. But please don't think of it by the me seeing it from london every more more dynamic para to to win iraq. Shuki thinking thinking Kit in the things this this scores Who am From mine liklehood using chick promote fool moscow's festival as you've been caboodle amazon. Go as you should with us. Sunday dave with these folks equally useless should going to temple is threat. Equal doesn't will let you again. As much david bethel senior blew my mind but is a great awesome gas novice. Dad's you relationship Viewpoint be the dodgy to talk than it was the city drying process. Mrs. es patrimony progression they wonder is such as additional study. Almost muslim dams assing prefers from as a kid. He football to push causing daniel. Don't china's teams myself inside right. I look back showed the economy i want to don't come out other kin- mcfarland for the turbomeca determines cova could feel the cars can go away then. Yeah put it toyota boyd. Put the sill company victory associated cement over you can promote sighing sighing devil to saito riba bangor's shijie sows aqui. Was stove into three buna guests to simone. Someone's revolt eva. Thanks a lot of gonna sort of guest guest to here is to get it a lot or the heavy metal. Finish you know. Can you think working on being only african ve h. look so isa mills bingo these guys. Thank you clay court. declining bill. Haas senior a car farley Saw asylum probably will some so. We'll put a lot of our guest vocal. Upper mabel gulab russia's hand. Look the way they you a mighty other scores the ski get when the state of the atom hollow hatton. Menton say i i do thank them for. Who do win free. Sat the bill. H so this game i spy reopeing dodgy saint but akiko etiquette egypt. Convert a kid. You saw bill. Kiki scooter neck over. Thank you ain't you just you're seeing a school was say. Hey we'll say censures talk talk. Six go tar heel has seen. Comcast students resp- takata. The bicycle tools. Dingle raises emergencies. When the sava iii a real quiz. And i gotta his main. She'll thing know cavers harder for hanging. I kept hitting a guy for two years into blue. I don't wanna boom as own jazz. Sue nothing i ask. You quincy global efforts. Reverend finish veterans finish as each enormous. I'll say that if it is because the data and both don't go use or thanks without was brown room does seem to death. But as which across a an official vulcan devious hill on our view quizzes cheerfulness. Alinksy would cause them that you lose the skill level mean you'll know fossil and okay no fossil. No don't care for example katarina komo's awful trailing improve improvise. I won't know cattle. They'll ms nelson capital miserably brats. So you can Also you do. You don't want do and julie the guy breath she going to warm said. I need to the olympic event palmer's across advantage. Almost as you. That man mary lou. The glass were also on the air force owner mondelez momentum that talk about You so sad to say hug. No momentum is nearing ca. So i've got us on a dice Gpo wasn't and convey roku Releases in muslim via the hanging out missing mental things without mice and winter. Alone with greenwich the reggina went home and took it to the buzzer melbourne. Also motza qasimi warned tourism. Finally his intimations up the okafor's Who as day. Ese typically was working to hit Hit imagine once. I would get them at a chilling them. Be men will not be carterton. Slippery for for is operatives up remained. Calm my five bucks. A runner email. Say thank you guys both. Because of mice nestling s he muzzy l'aimable vic- always been on the progress of the at that meeting tax. A javelin could has jiming. Sociology needs to publicize it d- pama nassir got the with. The doc even told me asking alone wounded rush on the words threaten am i is so yeah fresh on the each a eat. Who because we're gonna talk. How view A serial number two so if it said l. citing either you'd be anonymous spooky levy only have to win quasi heavy metal. Fell vivo proud. Thinking lago group fan momentum settlement fuel pink look he shlomo mintz digital media quasi no casing travel than three zero game. Three staff on the clinton card was scooper to eva. Sima inappropriate key towers inch compared with us meters understood. Message baharan until fallon tunnel newnham. Marcy we do a Estimate komo's saleman intramural. Mommy mommy the commission polka book of your dinner. Sash icke ecimovic made to project resume sign of methodology desiging view lino overseas shabazz. Simplify sales methodology is would you you just ills trivia. As zone. she. Surfing is still. Think about your timing will thing will follow up in michigan and l. e. obviously dot laws used this instrumental procedures. Remand require lapper. Saw keep up with us. We'll kick us up the with instrument you fossil. I should is russia. Gonna see miserable but as ample thing a lewisham Loss on the com- workers the nonsense in grantham sanford Being because of getting his gun back thing voltage some lingering prefer slowed as the document is punishable mice to days. I've got us open data. Sections progressive metal alabamian believable signing fuzzy but in seoul but causing lymphomas negociator poyser with foot opposite. Russi matsu valid. You saw for to the line from white janci musyoki. Soy cuando commit saito is fund lafayette. Ko hockey show mid tau was tame with the class. Casinos lisa five to appear on only two mice. Your if it is Premier professor off a cure. Hobart thanks reckon. A macy cheat. Cheetahs moves cosgrove via the jockocracy lackawanna for kale. Shocker check sick. Cashiers to stay kineticoaz disease was spur. Gsi skylight deploys. Rule is it all sev- seek keep resumes presentation for the toco. Sonko gustav slow cheetah energy. Gop lovie so nikki. Key over will assume goes lunacy eh mccoy's mic or four thought but guessing because jerry jeudy to let you out because you know you backwards a single mccoy's in it. You replica. caused seems puzzled and possesses scholars musty. Nowhere you'll get in wash gas up. Who is you don't season. But it's okay cost. Cutting going was itself as we must saturday courses british about line. I'm going to wash it. Got us a Commute the subsidizing. Just vote our Homeboy ice from businesses milk acid should literally yellow newcomers as in. Don't new caledonian. Sierra my ca amigas attaboys eulogy was your la mccallum with my my jean alesi. No issues along those ed sheeran plopping call equally. Pull off the yellow. For the sake. You know shovel sit at sheeran. I'd say masuko cockily michael pitstop. Gna luebeck criminal time that he didn't end bike placebo procedure. Mille soya meal suffered another major. They taco but kim social change bash dallas alaskan. Who are musically staffer up. Blessed to beach hospital scum is about the length in area sawyer. Say sick dongen for much watching site. Were less off rope. A psychotic of similar was say or what fat so by monica what dema model for the england. Sugarbush sketchy heavy key. Awada tsitsi ned ski braga matt or less a lot of finishing it thing for the died. She died about this every day. But i as a as sweetness La la stack my income on the books Surprised influence the got you know about tv motech or the soft monkey. I wish getting secretary-general you're gonna do. Sue is because you as you might spy dank winter food into winter guru with about seeing seeing you will go with our story. Yeah and that the the some borja inclusive name canal took under the speaker quizzes senior analyst. Say not the comatose galvao homeowners janka file go like now is your different basicaly On the network began on the bottom balk at a nearby daily momentum are still up on the holiday talking. Yeah my follow brad via follow from you make. Although the most calculus simplify discontinued homeowners. His you know. Monica fighting asia. Mon motor sue man. You yup granted I got see. I thank the only solo album from water missing woman's from everyone who's got thing more than financial would get lynton. Damn results would ask moods. I think it could in cars bible talk if it's a major. La is union was cargo species are known. Saw do here. We go super flammable. The in don't they move. Those hejin colonels. He fought on your savings for year. Teachable bosnia more focused on digital. Because they offer you stole some sun was originally somebody now. Do botulism moon tidbits. Essentially he. he's he he also zero saving. Know gary can win this naming thing whereas memphis. Us and she goes on from there. Fear mill is. What is all material. Ms dome. Think than someone applegate diets. He gives he mccarthy nicotine logical kazushi physician. musical include apple someone's leaking e- easing shoprite essence. Because this is funding requirement dreamers longer. Yemi long. rain doesn't start a thought. Don't order their own. These csi grad for identification original hitter. This is over. Carry on angra up. Poke there's some support jane. She kept coaches meanchey. Each guadaloupe in now do not oakland. But that comprises can't not even stay in the butterball. Happy happy you the show now oil ethical. That's an odd school hooky or shinozaki. I is looking awesome. I'm gonna all my mythology. But as soon after mr collazo waste of boston to me. That were responsible so the show was scorned data to no one. No-one no-one spoke. Only as i said they are hoping spoke. No own okay. Because people who got east facing wall gear and super edging into say see them lumping member. Not pecan handled budgets. Are they take a whole by yutaka. Easter egg thing levers iraq and things to me the agreement the memphis luke and he. He's read sociologist. My pockets instruments. You got up into rather lee who is material Is fast alleging becomes at some of he. S he papa key for can you put his mike. Them's up in. Cuba was washing logo. The normal spoke Show logo at lewisham diamonds. Just caledonia's you. you won't let's fussing. Boom the present to forty and gave us a big mazi. don't go do things are not the mink will child who des was mice hookers. Muslim is a the alma from going to sauber yelling washing so regained leukemia. So every gang of events endorsing carbohydrates. You took we also offer. Though what cps two men lukens he so he s are ludwig's put in this. Could i thought this is calling the. Because that's it's assessment facilitate the people but could have for mental mental. Tweet there to start buki. You saw hope amid voyage into this particular conversation. Agitated by things you might you know my love. My just school pam is nice. Today spoke akina. Mathoma yankee columbia. Let's see gina. Keep finished in from italy. Gap in the. Muslims will crossover more much key. Meet with abacha's quizzes somebody. We have metals just face escorted the particular as ammonia his zanthosyn on the side. Www ponta mantra pontecorvo to bear in us plateau. Forestry me in those aggregate is so the joe. Mcconnell who bill with us by even who wants lou vint comment was you know one of six vin do bonnet Did i cure kirk hammett consecutive did say yesica spot do muscle to talk to him. At second zachary levi seen huahua pitfalls. Crazy said at this is a key post today co cook him itself occasioning salama year hard Minds i was just into porno put guests. The hunter lies away to sell silk podcasts. Aja foldable headman. The helmet broadcast all without sa are so comment. That loss of sight myth alone but a foldable.

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The Larry Elder Show 06-16-21 Hr 2 WEDa

The Larry Elder Show

39:40 min | 4 months ago

The Larry Elder Show 06-16-21 Hr 2 WEDa

"Is podcast is a production of the salem podcast network for more podcast like this. From courageous of conservative reason visit salem. Podcast network dot com the say from south central the prince of pico union the czar of common sense the great elderski don renzo. Welcome to the program. No victicrats allowed. Because we've got a country to save. Let's get her teed. Food triple eight nine. Seven one s. a. g. e. triple eight nine seven one. Seven two four three. I am larry elder. We are relieffactor dot com studio in a few minutes. We're going to be talking to ucla. Economists leo hainian about the inflation that the biden administration is denying. Is here. well nice here. What janet yellen. The former federal reserve chairman now secretary of treasury says its transitory. It'd be here a little while and it'll be gone like a miracle. We'll talk to him about all that and just a few minutes. We're talking about the irony of a washington post writer. Criticizing john stewart for going. On the steve kerr show last night and giving his opinion about the cove it nineteen vaccine possibly escaping from a lab so the washington post writer says you are not be looking at celebrities expert opinion on anything in fact not even be looking at them for their political opinions because really not experts. Nice to know sir. Please tell that to the twenty two percent. According to the pew research of eighteen to twenty nine year old young men who get their primary news from these late night monologues. And if you are open to the possibility that they could be wrong about this subject sir. What about the other suspects of the other topics that they opine on whether it's that donald trump is a racist which eighty-three percent of democrats believe whether it's set sixty one percent of democrats believe republicans are racist or bigoted slash sexist. Whether it's that the whether it's the lie that women make you fill in the blank eighty seven cents on the dollar for the very same work that men do whether it's ally that israel and apartheid state these guys go on. Tv every night and give their opinion about taxes about spending about international relations about healthcare about racism about police. Tactics does the washington post writer. Whip out a sheet and put it in his typewriter and say you know you ought not be listening to jimmy kimmel and jimmy fallon and the rest of these guys on anything because after all they're just comics know but all of a sudden. You decide to take off on jon stewart. Because he said something. You don't like who do you think misinforming all these kids making them. Feel that america's evil sexist. It's racist these guys are what are they studied. They study how to tell jokes. Have their study. History have studied. The founding fathers had read the federalist papers do they have any blooming idea about economics. One zero one. Now no here. They are holding court every night. And according to pew research twenty two percent of young males get their news from the late night monologues now. Speaking of hillary clinton goes on the morning. Joe show and says this when you take an oath to serve the united states you take oath to protect and defend the constitution against enemies. Foreign and domestic. We never thought we had to worry about domestic enemies. We never thought we had to worry about people who didn't believe in our democracy in our constitution in our separation of powers our institutions. And sadly what we've seen over the last four years and particularly since our election and twenty twenty is that we have people within our own country who are doing putin's work now. How many times do i have to say this. This is a woman who for four years and counting has said that the two thousand sixteen election was stolen. Has called trump illegitimate with less reason. Then trump has to call the twenty twenty election stolen. There was exhausted. Senate report on two thousand sixteen election. They may two major findings. The first one is that the russians failed although they tried to change a single vote. Tally and as i've said over and over again. Sixty seven percent of democrats believe falsely that. They did conclusion number two. We can't tell one way or the other whether not what. The russians did primarily taken out ads and facebook influenced the election. We don't know we can't tell we can't figure that out. Seventy percent of democrats have and believe that the russian interference quote change the outcome of the election. Close quote according to gallup poll. She is kicking back on the morning. Joe show say we got a whole bunch of people that don't believe in our democracy that are challenging our institutions and morning. Joe and me didn't say well madam secretary d think maybe you've got a little blood on your hands because after all the last four years you've claimed at the election was stolen and that donald trump was illegitimate isn't that doing putin's bidding. Nobody said anything. How do you bring that up. How do you do that. It's stunning jon. Stewart good trouble march with mlk. You can't find a more respected member of the house. The late john. Stewart a john john lewis. I believe donald trump is illegitimate. He said this is not just some backbencher arguably the most respected member of the house for decades hillary just now said once you start questioning or institutions. We're in trouble. Nobody said jack congressman. I i know you don't like donald trump but there was a big intel report and they said that the russians didn't change any vote. Tally so when you keep saying he's illegitimate we talking about. Nobody said anything but now all of a sudden donald trump's at the election was all my god the big lie shut him down on facebook. Shut him down on twitter. Shut him down on instagram. And i bring this up about hillary. Hillary concede it. Saudi trump google donald trump concedes election and stand back well. Hillary supported the storm the capital so donald trump is punished because some idiots who supported him ride at the capital so that's donald trump and because hillary supporters didn't do that therefore it's okay for her to lie about election to convince sixty seven percent of democrats that the russians change vote tallies to to convince seventy eight percent of democrats that the russian interference changed the outcome of the election. That's okay because nobody rioted so we're gonna give her path for that. We're not gonna shut her down. She keeps her twitter account. She keeps her instagram out. She's still on facebook. It's not a problem because that lie didn't cause anybody from a riot causes democrats to completely have a cockeyed. Bogus false view of twenty sixteen election. But that's okay. Because that's not undermining our institutions half the country believes donald trump was installed there because the putin even though intel report came to no such inclusion. And that's not a problem because none of hillary's supporters rioted. Talk about phony. Talk about inconsistent. We come back. Janet yellen is now walking back saying you know inflation hit three percent and then when the market's pitched a fit then she said it may just be two percent. Shouldn't it be zero. We're gonna talk to economists from ucla. Leo hainian about all of this and just a few minutes triple eight. Nine seven one. S eight g triple eight nine seven one. Seven two four three i am larry elder. Do not leave town. Larry will be right back. We all know. 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Eight six six two four seven six five. Oh two eight. Six six two four seven sixty five o two or rush tax resolution com. Larry elder here again with a message for anyone. Struggling with pain like struggled with for years. And of course. I want you to know about relief. Factor the one hundred per cent drug free supplement that tens of thousands are now taking every day. Obviously i'm taking it every day. Because i like being out of pain but i know you may be skeptical just like i was but then i kept hearing about all the people who are no longer in pain so i decided to give it a try in fact. Listen to genesis story. How skeptical at first. But because of the pain that i was having when i would substitute teach and have to climb stairs back hip and even knee pain and after about three weeks i found that i could climb stairs pain-free but it wasn't only pain free. I could do it step over step without hold. Lean on the railing. I'm really happy. It makes me feel like i'm young again. That's relieffactor dot com or call. Eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four runs. Welcome back to the larry elder show. I'm very happy to be. You know calling on your line on your show. A thought that i found very helpful in opposing. The left is going back to the idea of why we're all here and i say it is to live wisely to the best of our abilities because what i want everyone to do including myself so if i say to the left i want you off to live wisely to the best of your ability. How is that rape it. That's my thought. Larry thank triple eight nine seven one s. eight. Ge triple eight nine seven seven two four three. i am larry elder. We are relieffactor dot com to later on. We're gonna talk about the list of critical infrastructure entities that biden gave putin that are off limits to cyber attacks. What don't hit these sixteen. You hit the others. Don't these sixteen talk about that later on. My next guest is professor of economics at ucla. He also co director of research initiative macroeconomics across time and space at the national bureau of economic research. Please welcome back to the program. Ucla economist. Leo haniya. The how are you. Well here. I hope you hope you hope you are. Well we are my girlfriend. Got covid and she was down for three or four days. I never got it and my doctor was shocked. I didn't do anything different. I just never got it. Well yeah yeah. I think they're still learning a lot about the disease up shia. Hope she's well. And i think the country is doing much better now that people are vaccinated and and and business are opening up. All the schools are not opening up california. Li i mentioned your relationship with the national bureau of economic research. That's the bureau that determined the the economic cycle. And i remember some years ago lee. There was a documentary on. Npr about the clinton and over and over again. It said that clinton inherited a heretic a recession and looked at the national bureau of economic research. And i found. He inherited a booming economy. I think eighteen nineteen consecutive months of economic growth Yet this npr documentary over and over again quoted. All these people who were staffers in the clinton administration talking about how they inherited Every session it was just flat out not true. If you're watching this thing completely misled on absolutely true. The clinton inherited that i really economy. This was the start of the really. The development of how the internet was spreading through the country revolutionizing how we produce gives how we communicate. That was that was a fantastic clinton. Clinton was in the right place at the right time. Lee is it because of the internet and because we are becoming increasingly more productive that we haven't seen the kind of inflation that you and i have been worried about for a number of years. That's that's a little bit of it. The other part is that you know this is now going back almost ten years now but we were worried about all of the policy actions that the federal reserve was implementing and all of them all the cash they were fleshing into the banking system that cash stayed in the banking system. So didn't get into the economy wasn't being spent. It wasn't driving prices. The now president biden and congress have delivered trillions of dollars in checks to people who were going out and spending those checks and And and some people are staying home and not taking jobs that otherwise would take so. There's a shortfall of production. there's a shortfall of employment. There's more dollars chasing fewer goods and this is why inflation starting to take off now so this is really what we're seeing now is what you and i and a few others were worried about. I'm talking to ucla. Economists yohannan a year to yearly. We're talking about inflation rising five percent. That's that's a big number. Yeah that is that is Inflation and well-functioning. Anytime you should be around zero one percent We're now in territory. We haven't seen in decades and don't think the federal reserve really is even recognize. The issue much less has a policy that they're willing to go to to deal with this and yet president biden is talking writing checks for trillions more dollars. So i think there's really a lack of leadership In washington to deal with us and just a general lack of understanding a what the of how serious this is why it is hitting us what to do about it. Lee janet yellen the former fed chair now secretary of treasury. The other day said i see inflation around three percent. The market didn't like that. She's now walking it back and now says i think is going to be around two percent. How did they go from three percent. Two percent in one day isn't that funny in d. c. The markets didn't like it. So we'll change it Three percent it could be much more than three percent and and sadly yelling is She she might be. She's not the right person to be treasury secretary. We have people who who understand the macroeconomic fiscal policy and monetary policy. And we just don't have that. We don't have that in the white house and i don't believe we have been leadership reserve so People watching these cpi number circuit mark lee last question Janet yellen was asked about the fifteen percent global minimum tax and it seems to me that the biden administration is probably amenable to that what is fifteen percent global minimum tax. What's he gonna do. And do you think the biden administration is in favor of it. Oh i'm sure they're in favor of they want to raise the tax rate on capital income. Virtually every reasonable economic theory says the tax rate on capital income should be zero or very close zero. The biden administration wants this. Because they want to jack that capital tax rate in capital gains rates. Back up to where they were before. Trump backed up to levels that were higher than europe backup to levels that pushed. Us corporate cash in she's sitting in european countries and so this is their way of trying to get other countries to go along with them and get tax rates in those countries hires law international economic growth. It's it's it's an awful isn't awful ideal are just absolutely not the idea. You have written about housing prices here in california and you say because of the rules. Regulations at your viewer unnecessary. The average price here in california is fifty percent higher than it should be. We're now seeing people. Leaving california going to places like arizona going places like texas which is exactly what one would have predicted given the high housing prices. That's exactly right. And we're losing releasing really transformational people like like elon. Musk genius guy. Who's willing to take risks and investors money and put his money where his mouth is and create tens of thousands of jobs. And i i want him here. I want him here in california but he's moved to texas. that's where he's taking his That's where he's taking his business So yeah california. Should raise theirselves in the foot We're making it so incredibly expensive that building years to get out and that's a lot of that has to do with taxes not surprisingly we have the highest personal tax rate in the country. Thirteen point three percent applies to people so again just a very easily. You've to correct policy change but one that persists because it's a changing. It is not the best interest of those run. St leo haney and professor of economics at ucla lee. It's always thank you very much for taking the time. I think i think i think i think your dog needs some attention. Sorry about my levin act going nuts. we'll talk soon. Thanks for coming on. I appreciate it thank you. Thank you triple eight. Nine seven one. S g. hillary has the nerve to say we're undermining our democratic institutions by challenging elections. Which he's done for over four years. I'm larry elder this year. Marks twenty years since america's dark day nine eleven. It also marks the start of tunnel to towers foundation so many people gave their lives while saving others on that day. Almost twenty years ago tunnel towers carried forward that legacy of courage and heroism by honoring our country's military and first responder heroes people who are willing to die for you and me when a first responder or military service member doesn't come home. Young children are left behind and young children are left behind tunnel to towers pays off their mortgage to lift the financial burden and bring their families. Stability for catastrophically injured veterans and first responders tunnel to towers builds mortgage free smart homes enabling our countries most severely injured heroes to live more independent lives. America's heroes need your support. Do good in their honor and never forget their sacrifices for each of us donate eleven dollars a month at t to t dot org. That's t the number two t. dot org that's t number two t. dot org t to t dot org america. We have a country to say and now. Here's larry elder larry to know. I ever Start talking to some of these Dumb white liberals that Believing this institutional racism and white privilege and all. That's the first thing i'm going to get them to do. Is admit that they must be gracious to say it. I am a racist. See how they like it and see how it feels to them. I think that they feel so because there are liberal. There are excluded from this stupid Thought train of thought so First thing i do is get them to admit it. They can't admit it shows that there were they're wrong to begin with triple eight. Nine seven one s. a. g. e. triple eight nine seven one seven two four three. I am larry elder. We are relief. Factor dot com. Today will we know liberals are not off limits. Tom hanks just got slammed by the npr writer. The other day. Who said tom hanks is a. He's a good non-racist but that's not good enough to be. Antiracist got on for white savers movies. Even though tom hanks's white. I stated before the coming for you. People on the left listened to the larry elder show. Lean very closely. Because i know you don't want your friends and family and no you listen to the show your next get outta line on anything at all. Anything at all joe. Manchin doesn't wanna get rid of the filibuster. The things are calling him racist bringing back. Jim crow even cnn. They're saying you know. Maybe we ought not be calling people like racist because we have a different view on on the filibuster. You gotta line on anything did the Squad respectfully say to nancy pelosi. Well you know. you're right. We will little too harsh. No accused her of islamaphobia. One of the squad members accused nancy pelosi wanting to shutdown muslim females. And they're not going away. They believe healthcare is a right. And if you don't believe that you're evil joy reid accused mitch. Mcconnell of being evil for a dairy to suggest that if joe biden a to court nominee during an election. We're going to oppose it. Evil what they think. They've convinced themselves. Eighty three percent of them. The donald trump is a racist which means they've convinced himself the half the country happily. Pull that lever for somebody. You thought was a racist. And that doesn't cause you any reflection guy. That i work with is a trump supporter. And i think the guy that he pulled a lever four racist. Maybe i to rethink that. If i don't think the guy who voted for him his races. Unless i do think that by definition voting for donald trump is racist. This is where we are now. Can you imagine what would have happened. If donald trump teed off on a female cnn reporter the way joe biden. Did i wait the families. Detained rarick we discussed. Follow through with that discussion. I am not going to walk away on. Fire his behavior mr president. Okay now that was kaitlan collins. Cnn why are you so confident. He'll change his behavior. Mr president okay. Listen to what. Mr president said in response do so was saying i said let's strip i said what for is the rest of the world relaxed diminishes the world. I'm not confident. State in fact thank you that he has not changed press conference after sitting down with us for several hours denied any involvement in cyber he played human rights abuses views to say a lesson of all. He's nick so how does that to counter the constructive me as i don't understand that now in case you didn't hear that she said why are you so confident. He'll change his behavior. Mr president to which biden said. I'm not confident. He'll change his behavior. Where the hell. What do you do all the time. When did i say i was confident. And then he walked up. I'm not confident anything. I'm just stating a fact. She responds but given his past. Behavior has not changed and in the press conference at the sitting down with you for several hours he denied any involvement in cyberattacks downplay human rights abuses. Wouldn't even mention the name of the american that he had in prison. So how does that account to a constructive meeting to which biden said quote. If you don't understand that you're in the wrong business. Walked out by the apologized. And she said that he doesn't over an apology. Can you imagine if donald trump it's said that and larry's father staff sergeant randolph. Elder says hard work wins. You get out of life what you put into it and now. Here's larry elder larry h. On premier. I really enjoy your show. Something on the wu on the way ship with cloud by reading from political on by former trump administration officials including three who were directly involved in the administration origins pro said the evidence the government had gathered. Did not conclusively support those claims. At the point officials had reviewed an obtained documents reports and other intelligence that suggested the virus might have originated in wuhan. Laugh at not prove it. Those officials also ted. They were still considering evidence. Supporting a natural origin of time. Trump on sale made their statements claiming lab league and that ultimately they never found a smoking gun or either allowed or natural origin. Sounds like we're a little bit ahead of our on our skis on this one. I don't think there's anything conclusive one to make those comments. Don't think this is the big deal. Now it's like the conservative. who's been making thank. Larry triple eight nine. Seven one s. a. g. triple eight nine seven one. Seven two four three. I am larry elder. We are relieffactor dot com studio. I absolutely will acknowledge that. It's not one hundred percent either way. The point is when donald trump and tom cotton and mike pompeo speculated that it might come out of the lab. They were all denounced as crazy right-wing conspiritors. That's what i'm talking about. You have the former c. Cdc director robert redford redfield saying that. It is entirely plausible that it came from a lab league. He says. I don't know one way or the other but to dismiss it out of hand the way it was several months ago because donald trump said it. That's what we're talking about here trump derangement syndrome. Same thing it's hydroxy. Clark win more and more studies now showing that that it works if administrative early and in certain kind of doses in conjunction with other things like zinc. That's what i'm talking about. We never really going to know because the chinese are gonna live. They'd have been lying. They destroyed evidence and assuming it came out of the wuhan wet market. They've destroyed that crime scene to whenever gonna know. But the point is when donald trump speculated that this was considered to be another one of his big lies. That's what i'm talking about. And i know that what i'm saying is valid because now all of a sudden facebook no longer put those little notices. They put on When you post something suggesting that it might have come from a lab. The thing on now as war against small business owners continues only. One group is fighting back job. Creators network and this week job creators network filed suit against major league baseball for the immediate return of the all star game to atlanta or pay one hundred million dollars in damages to local and georgia state small businesses many of which are minority owned and are still recovering from covid nineteen losses. Meanwhile biden continues to push for massive tax increases a two trillion dollar infrastructure plan which really two trillion dollar tax hike on small business. A fifteen dollars. Minimum wage plus green new deal job creators network is working hard to fight these attacks and looking for a few good men and women to join their small business advocacy and adviser program. They'll train you up. Help with op eds and your local newspapers and tv appearance on tv appearance on your local news stations. In short there crackerjack team will prepare you to be a leader and fighter for small businesses in your community your state and in the country. You love if you own a business and want to join this fight. Go to on j. c. n. dot com right now and learn more the looking for a few good men and women to join their army of small business leaders and advocates go to join j. c. n. dot com right now. That's join j. c. n. dot com. They need you. America needs you. We're gonna talk about. Joe biden putin list of sixteen things that are off limit from cyber attacks. Is that customary. Here's a list of things that you shouldn't hit. What about the things that aren't on the list we talking about that later on. But this is former. Cdc director robert redfield on radio program called jason rant talking about his thoughts on the origins of the pandemic. There's clearly two different. Hypotheses that are credible one that this virus evolved from bats into some intermediate animal that has yet to be found and then eventually evolved into humans and then basically became efficiently transmitted among humans. And the other. Is that this. This virus actually went from a bat into a laboratory where in the laboratory gained the ability to become an officiant. Humid human transmitter. And those are both hypotheses. And i guess if i'm disappointed about anything about the early scientific community is that there seem to be lack of openness to pursue. Both i five these. You know it's interesting if you look at covid If you look at sars sars went from a bat to acidic cat and it went into man but it never really learned how to go efficiently man and his former. Cdc director robert redfield. We sit here today. There's been less than ten thousand cases of sars in over eighteen years. When you look at murs which is another coronavirus went from a bat to a camel and then from a campbell to man and as we sit here today it's still hasn't learned how to go fishing human to human. We've had less than four thousand cases. Really we saw some unprecedent situations where a number of very prominent scientists felt that they needed to write a letter to the lancet and that journal felt it needed to publish that letter which basically said anybody that put forth the hypothesis that this virus may have evolved from a lab were promoting conspiracy theories. I'm just giving my best opinion. As and i don't think it's plausible that this virus went from a bat to an animal. We still don't know that animal and then went into humans and immediately had learned how to be human human transmissible to the point of now causing one of the greatest pandemics. We've had in the history of the world. Do you think the probability here is that this league from a lamp. Well my my professional opinion as a garage est is. That's that's the hypothesis that i support other individuals. Tony chief for example would say that. He prefers to support that evolved from nature. I think those are the two hypotheses and i should work hard to prove my hypothesis. Wrong and he should work hard to his hypothesis. Well you you were more in a position as cdc director to be interacting with secretary of state. Mike pompeo so you would you say that you had more information on more insight into what actually had happened or what was going on the docks ouchi to well. I know i had a very high security clearance to work with the state department and national security group including the secretary pump pale where we reviewed material together too so here he is saying that the lab leak theory is his opinion. The more likely of the two. I want to remind you of what The mainstream media is now admitting to that they did not believe this because came out of donald trump's mouth call the larry elder show now at eight nine seven one sage. That's eight eight eight nine seven one seven two four three el dorados. Let larry know what's on your mind you know. I know that. I'm not qualified to vote in last night's question because i don't have a computer or smartphone but i just wanted to say that i couldn't care less about the basketball season. I stopped following basketball. When lebron james started spouting his idiocy about foreign affairs. I mean. he's the guy who barely graduated from high school. All of a sudden he knows everything. There is to know about foreign diplomacy. Give me a break. Thanks to law ferry care triple eight nine seven one s g triple eight nine seven one seven two four three larry elder relieffactor dot com the journalists talking about the zip poll question left you with last night. I asked whether or not Since it's playoff time in the nba. The you care. A normally. I give the result at the end of the show. But i'll tell you now now. The ten percent of you said yes. We began the show talking about a washington post columnist. Who was knocking john stewart. Who appeared on the steve. Colbert show that. I watched at least this part. So he didn't have to and john stewart. Who used to host the daily show before he handed over to. Trevor noah speculated that the corona virus came from a wuhan lab in that prompted a washington post columnist named paul waldman w. a. l. d. m. a. n. to write a piece and it's called john stewart is a reminder don't rely on celebrities for covid nineteen theory. That's the title of the pc road and in it he then went further and said quote. This provide an important lesson about celebrities. You shouldn't get your political opinions from them or scientific opinions either now. Lebron james has been holding court now for years on everything from china. And whether or not the general manager of the houston rockets. Daryl morey made a mistake by suggesting we should stand with hong kong. He spoke he said before he knew what he was. Talking about. lebron james's black. People are afraid to leave their home. After the death of the man named arm arbery who was killed while jogging and lebron james has frequently referred to the alleged systemic racism. The declaims police routinely engage in. Never mind the stats. Do not find it. never mind the stats show. If anything the police are more hesitant more relucant said many many times to pull the trigger on a blast black suspect he is completely totally clueless but the there he is holding court now. Washington post columnist. Paul waldman. Did you write a column about him but what he said about china but he said about systemic racism. But no you're right. One about jon stewart for pushing the wuhan lad leak theory. Celebrities aren't experts. I we with you. Where's your article in about. Lebron james about popovich larry elder all. True all devastating.

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Trump, Marysville, the primary, FTDR, and Clarence Jones on MLKs Dream speech

Michigan Policast

34:46 min | 2 years ago

Trump, Marysville, the primary, FTDR, and Clarence Jones on MLKs Dream speech

"Wii been responsible for a lot of great things for israel. Somebody had to do it. Healing cripples raising from the dead <music> now. I understand your god. At least that's what you've said. Come on king of the jews <hes> yeah. It's the most insane week in the insane reign of the chosen. One is a desperate donald. Trump responds to polling showing his approval approval rating tanking to thirty six percent. This is the michigan podcast that i'm all soreg. I'm christine vary. August is supposed to be the quiet month in politics but this this august is an exception. We've got a wide range of issues that are bubbling including continued deadlock over fixing the damn roads efforts to upend the regulation of of lawyers in michigan another federal lawsuit from a political party that could rename itself politicians voters and hurricane nestle ads the battle against robo calls to her agenda and we have a very very special interview from the archives. This week marks the fifty sixth anniversary of one of the the most important speeches of the twentieth century talking with the man who wrote the first draft of martin luther king's. I have a dream speech and then watched from the steps of the lincoln. Memorial oriel is king went off prompters. They say halfway through the speech in preach to the nation any care harden is off this week recuperating from what doctors call the summer crud. She'll be back next week i up though was this truly the most insane week of the reign of terror of donald trump well in just one week trump trump tried to buy greenland cancelled his denmark trip because it wasn't for sale at called denmark premier nasty causing new problems for the ambassador to denmark and forber were chiropractor carlos sanz who probably needs an adjustment. Thanks all the twists and turns. He decreed new rules to lock up immigrant families. Indefinitely and further restrict legal immigration version reversed his position several times on gun background checks and payroll tax cuts wondered about presenting himself with the congressional medal of honor really he accused. The media tried to crush the academy. The doesn't need the media's help. He's doing that himself. He again raised the issue of abolishing birthright citizenship. He declared he is the chosen on trade and forced us to almost copyright problem with andrew lloyd webber. He quoted a reference to himself. As the second coming of god and the king of israel he labeled democrat voting jews disloyal to somebody probably jews or israel but mature about that and he claimed without evidence that google manipulated the 2016 in vote and then came friday when he escalated the trade war that is a huge threat to machines economy trump's trade war with china threatens. The auto industry threatens our agricultural exports and on top of that he's at war with the auto companies over fuel economy standards i on the auto fuel economy standards christine the man who couldn't even make money with the casino no his aside that he knows the economics of the auto industry better than the auto companies. What's his beef. This is really him talking about the federally mandated it'd national standard for mile per gallon efficiency on cars and trucks the obama era standards phase these mpg gi efficiency over time so that you should have a minimum of twenty nine point one miles per gallon by twenty twenty one and by twenty twenty six fix it should be thirty seven point five miles per gallon and what that would mean is that automotive manufacturers would have to make sure that their vehicles met these standards for fuel efficiency by that timeframe they've agreed to do that. They've actually entered into an agreement with california who has stricter standards than the rest of the nation on this little tiller wags the dog too because the market so big right right and you know there is some some good business sense dance in going with the highest possible standard because what that does is it gives them not only the flexibility to know where they need you to be. I mean this allows them to predict how their engineering has to work and where they're going to have to be standards wise of the next several years but it also gives them the flexibility to compete in different regions where you know some areas like michigan you know we sell more pickup trucks here or at least we used to than and we do smaller cars so he wants to freeze these federally mandated fuel economy standards at twenty twenty one levels so that they don't go beyond twenty nine nine point one miles per gallon now he says that buyers people who buy the cars would save twenty seven hundred dollars per vehicle by twenty twenty five live because they would be able to buy <hes> well cars would be cheaper but they would also be safer because with the money that you save that twenty seven hundred dollars you goodbye newer cars which would be safer cars. I i'm not kidding dad's his actual argument for that that cost savings wrong. It'd ignores the additional gas. Ask that you would have to buy consumer. Reports found that a twenty twenty six vehicle would cost thirty three hundred dollars more in gas if the vehicle emission action standards are frozen at twenty twenty one levels okay so trump says you'll save twenty seven hundred dollars consumer report says no. You're going to spend more money in gas u._s. Fuel consumption. If if trump got his way that would increase by about five hundred thousand barrels per day american consumers would lose about four hundred in sixty billion dollars and of course environmental groups predict that it's even worse than that. It doesn't even fit with the business plans of the auto companies. They're all shifting to electric vehicles. General motors and ford are all in on electric and they've pretty much said the internal combustion engine is a thing of the past that's where they are headed and and of course if you're using electricity burning any guests at all and the fuel standards are very easy to meet this standard is one of the biggest pieces of legislation we have that addresses manmade climate change and the standards are expected to cut carbon dioxide levels by about six a billion tons. The american lung association recently came out with a poll that seventy four percent of americans supported the existing standards <hes> just because of the health benefits and the benefits to reducing these emissions so there is a human story to this as well as is a business story <hes> but it would be you know if trump won this little battle it would be a win for oil companies and gas refineries who want us to buy more gas and e._p._a. Chief scott pruitt have both referred to manmade climate change is a hoax. That's where we're at now. He wants to put more gas into cars cars. Burn more gas it normal world that would have been the big story of the week out of the white house but this is not a normal world trump ramped up the trade war. He attacked tagged both sides including calling the manny appointed chairman of the federal reserve and enemy the latest echo babble coming from the white house over the trade war had an immediate impact on the stock market. The dow jones tanked on friday dropping seven hundred points on friday. After trump escalated the trade war with tariffs christine while this i was going on there are several major developments in the democratic race to replace trump story number three in our list of five hundred this week <hes>. Let's see what's going on in the presidential kareishe. There were two big developments that i wanna talk about two people with dropped out south molton and jay inslee before we get to j. I wanna talk a little bit about seth moulton. Nobody really knew who he was. He's a congressman from massachusetts <hes> but more importantly. I think he's a former marine. He fought in two major. Did your battles. He was awarded the bronze star and a navy and marine corps commendation medal. He won that for fearlessly exposing himself to enemy fire after four marines were wounded so that's a big part of his life and he openly talked about post traumatic stress the importance of getting counseling to deal with those combat experiences variances and i think that that was a big thing for this man to do so even if we hadn't really heard much from him in his race the people who did know oh him and and now people who are hearing about him. I think are going to really take that to her. I think he did a good thing. They're jay inslee yes. He is confident that will have a candidate who makes climate change a priority but he is also confident he would not have been the one for decades. We have kicked the can down the road on climate change now under donald trump we face a looming catastrophe but it is not too late we have one last chance and when you have one chance in life you take that was jay inslee on rachel maddow's program. We're in announcers pulling out of the race. I think he is one of these people one of these rare people in politics who won even though we lost <hes> and i think bernie sanders is gonna end up being that way too because he pushed the envelope on a very important issue he made sure the climate change was at the top of the list for every candidate in the race it wasn't pushed aside and then we will be talking about it and i think he did a great service even though he never top up one percent in the polls i think james lee was a very valuable addition to this campaign. I agree and then joe biden ran his first tv ad and it makes three three points number one. I'm beating trump in the polls more than anyone else number two. I used to work with barack obama and number three unlike trump. I am not insane insane. We know in our bones. This election is different. The stakes are higher threat more serious. We have to be donald trump and all the polls agree greet joe. Biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. No one is more qualified for eight years. President obama vice president biden. We're administration. America america can be proud of our allies could trust and our kids could look up to together. They work to save the american economy to pass the historic affordable care act. I protecting over one hundred million americans with pre existing conditions now joe biden is running for president with the plan for america's future to build on obamacare did not scrap it to make a record investment in america's schools to lead the world climate to rebuild our allies most of all it restore. The soul of the nation nation battered by an erratic vicious bullying precedent strong steady stable leadership by president. I'm joe biden and i approve of this message and i think it's a really effective message as long as it doesn't screw up in the debates or start having weakness in the polls in the early poll. He's doing well. He's holding gone. He's running like a leader. He's running for as a front runner and that's his campaign if he stumbles though i think it opens the door for somebody in in the second tier. I think it opens the door for pete. Buddha judge possibly kamla harris and they are the one to take on elizabeth warren well. I i agree that it's it's a good ad i like the no one more qualified assuming that you want presidential level experience <hes> there's an astrologer for the pre trump era. His messages is rebuild restore a strengthened and it speaks to some of the worst personal traits of this horrible president we have. I made a little bit of fun fun of the ad earlier but i i actually think it's really good and the thing about biden that you mentioned as long as he doesn't goof. He has always been a gaffe machine and yet like he said his add strong steady just keeps going. He just keeps winning so i think this was a good ad forum. You talk about gift machines. If you look back in history there was another gaffe machine ashini politics. His name was dwight eisenhower and he he mangled the english language a lot but he somehow managed to turn into one of the best presidents. We've had in in our history so i don't think the gasser they'll try to make something of it but it's gas versus are perpetual liar like i said he he brought up some of the worst personal traits of donald trump and you know this is the michigan pollock has and we talk a lot about trump because there's just so much to talk about there but he is having a massive effect in michigan beyond the beyond just the economics of it in marysville michigan. There's three open seats on the city council. The candidates were ask ask should they be more aggressive in attracting foreign born citizens because the population growth in that region head just exploded and half of those were were foreign born residents half of those new new people and <hes> gene kramer comes up and says keep marysville white community as much as possible and then went on t._v. and talked about interracial marriage and everything you know that she's thinking donald trump has her back and so there's some really ugly things things that come out of this president and i do want to see the democratic presidential candidates talking about these trabbie personal traits that this man has ask another thing that happened the racist weak and we really don't even have time to talk about much is that the party candidates with the exception of of sanders warrants to be shifting fifty more and more towards a more moderate position on healthcare moving away from medicare for all and moving. I think more towards either putting in a public option as biden has suggested adjusted or medicare for all who wanted as people to judges suggested and i think that's being driven by the polling it's clear that people want more for access to health care but they wanna keep what they have this medicare for all proposal that says it would be illegal to have private for employers christopher private insurance. Just doesn't even allow that debate to happen. People want to keep what they have part of the problem. Bernie sanders is trying to deal with now. Is there's guarantees that if we go to medicare for all that the savings were employers who provide most of the healthcare coverage in this nation that employers will pass that onto workers. He wants to mandate now that in union contracts that that'd be the case but even he can't handle the question. What what do you do with private employers who are not in in a union situation and decide just going to pocket the i'm gonna pocket at all and my employees may pay higher taxes for medicare for all and i'm not going to give them anymore money because i've save unwanted room as it's really a problem for america i mean we should have something in place that says look. We're going to let taxpayers take on the cost of something in effect socializing it. That doesn't mean you get to privatize the profits which is frankly the american business model title socializing losses and privatizing profits okay. Let's move to michigan specific issues now enough on the national scene and how impacts michigan. Let's talk about what's going on right here at home christine. Let's do a quick rundown. I there appears to be no progress in efforts to fix the roads but republicans are now getting a lot of heat it from their bankers the leaders of big business who fund their campaigns right. It's clear that the business community leaders know that there has to be new taxes axes of <unk>. You know what right out there michigan chamber of commerce rich steadily says that this is a state problem needs a state solution. The governor's solution of forty five cent tax on gas is viable but there are other viable options as well. The detroit regional chamber of commerce brad williams a._m. Said they don't even care how it happens. As long as we get to two and a half billion dollars to fix the roads in the background though you've got these business people people. I think worried that if you don't go with something that's basically a consumer tax. The forty five cents per gallon gasoline tax that instead. It's going to be something that falls directly on business. He'll increase the business income tax or they'll. They'll make other changes. They have a bigger impact on business. They would just as soon the consumers pick up the the major portion surged in the room roads well and to that end republicans did <hes> deliver a plan that would fund the roads by taking the six percent sales tax on gasoline which kind of goes to the schools now and they eliminate it but then they would add six percent tax per gallon <hes> on the gas which would boost the road spending but it would cut cut them the spending on education which governor whitman has said would be about four hundred dollars per pupil cut so again we have roads and in education tied to each other in this republican plan which is just a nonstarter for this governor. This is a stupid fight while it's again the the you know the tried and true tactic of the republicans to borrow money from peter to pay paul and just they just never seem to learn any lesson about this you yeah the governor gave them an out she gave them a forty five cent gas tax increase literally anything that they did would be more palatable to the public okay so also this week a second republican back lawsuit trying to overturn proposal to which created the independent citizens redistricting commission what it is going on in. This lawsuit was really pretty funny because it's basically the republicans are suing saying that this constitutional amendment mean to the republican party they want to be the ones who pick pick the republican members of the independent redistricting commission so that it would no longer be independent the they're basically saying that you know political parties have constitutional rights or something <hes>. Maybe it's something in the bible or something but it is a very weird lawsuit that they're they're. They're throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks at this point attorney general dana nessel issued a statement basically saying this republican lawsuit is ridiculous. It is you'll find it on behalf of the two and a half million voters who added it to our constitution institution. It was just one of the actions this week is. She continued to earn the nickname. I've given her hurricane nestle with another flurry of actions aimed at protecting consumers and the environment christine my favourite deselection of the week and there were several came in conjunction with every other state attorney general in the nation taking on those damn robocalls yeah the robo calls are at actual quantifiable problem <hes> we had in the past month alone four point seven billion a an legal spam calls these aren't just like a nuisance to you and me which they definitely are but these things block like they tie up the lines at eh medical centers and other places where it's really important that the communication nappy interrupted by a bunch of b._s. Like these these calls so what happened was and this agreement <hes> twelve of the largest telecom providers have come to this this multi part agreement with the state attorneys general one. They'll adopt and implement a call blocking technology number two. They'll make anti robocall tools available for free to consumers. I don't know what those tools look like but you know that's part of the agreement and the the third one which is really interesting to me is that they'll do ploy a new technology that will label calls as real or spam calls and i will put a technical overview in the show notes but it looks like it operates much like authentication technology does with email that helps you label email as jonker real or whatever that's really good news. I'm looking forward to seeing how that works out. Also this week billionaire david coke died <hes> coke and his brother charles spent untold untold millions campaigning for the libertarian view of government one of the organizations they spawned the mackinac center took aim at the organization that regulates lawyers in michigan and that is the state bar of michigan while to what are they doing. Is this a new thing. No it's not do it all and i should say up front that i used is to work for the state bar of michigan assistant executive director there for several years and this has been going on for a long time right now in michigan to practice law. You have to be a member the state bar and pay. I think it's three hundred fifteen dollars. A year dues a lot of which goes to the disciplinary system the attorney grievance commission the attorney disciplined board which are actually part of the michigan supreme court but they're administered by the state bar of michigan and paid for by the state bar of michigan. What has happened is the plaintiffs in this case. Don't want to be forced to pay their dues in effect. They wanna make michigan a right to work state for lawyers where it's a voluntary bar. Which is the case in many states including california new york were you don't have to be a member of the bar but this would basically disrupt the entire disciplinary system if it was voluntary for alerts to be a member of the bar the amount of money for an attorney is is pretty negligible compared to the licensing fee that a lot of professions have to pay in this state <hes> but the what's interesting i find with this lawsuit is that it was filed. Oiled on behalf of lucille taylor who was governor john anglers legal counsel and she is married to cliff taylor. Who's the former chief. Justice assists the michigan supreme court and who has taken a very bitter election many years ago and they're actually our residents of florida but they are. They maintain their bar membership in michigan case. They want to practice law law here. I don't know where this is going to go but this has been a drive of some attorneys for dating back to when i worked for the bar forty years ago at is something they simply. You don't think that the state bar should be getting their money to advocate on behalf of issues that they don't necessarily agree with now. The state bar historically has been very nonpartisan unpartisan in fact it has it maintains a pack it gives money to members of both political parties based on where they stand on issues of importance to the bar things like access to justice us and <hes> some attorneys object to that as well <hes> but it is something that they've been fighting year in and year out the chamber of commerce took on the bar on related waited issues many years ago <hes>. That's going to be very interesting because the supreme court already regulates the state bar of michigan so this lawsuit ghosts to the organization that's in charge of the the state bar and were goes who knows other than the supreme court has got a very interesting case coming in front of it okay so let's finish this rundown of the week on a happy note happy birthday to great excellent assam michiganders' gretchen whitmer first of all turned forty eight this last week happy birthday governor and walt celebrated a different number this week happy birthday while my numbers a lot higher than gretchen whitmer on the villagers say that thank you this wednesday is the fifty six th anniversary of one of the most important speeches of the twentieth century on august twenty eighth nineteen sixty three dr martin luther king junior stood on the steps of the lincoln memorial and set the stage for nachman of the civil rights act of nineteen sixty eighty four and the voting rights act of nineteen sixty five back in my radio talk show days <hes> the opportunity to talk with kings longtime adviser clarence jones. I learned from him that he wrote the first draft of dr king's speech hours before the speech was delivered and that's where my conversation with clarence jones begins the night before which was august twenty seven nineteen sixty three before the so-called march on washington to following day dr king and several of his close advisors those who are available and not immediately doing other things connecting with the march we huddled with him in the corner of the willard hotel congressman did then reverend but in subsequent congressman from delegates roy <unk> addressed in part of the time <hes> ralph abernathy i myself not walk in and out of the meeting professor laurence just reading a couple of others we talked about what might might consider saying the following day now for the previous month he had spent almost three weeks living in my home in riverdale in new york my wife and family to enable dr king in this pereda and their kids to be in new york to be available to the organize the march on washington but also have some of the vacation vacation setting we <hes> we vacated our home. The let dr king just family stay on at our home for some three weeks during that three weeks in july periodically we would talk about some ideas that perhaps they should consider when he was being asked to speak but the bottom line is after after having a lot of people giving him a lot of ideas and so forth and he said <hes> clarence are you taking notes and i said i will want me to and i started taking notes of the various points and suggestions of things that people thought he say and then he at some point said you know clarence. Maybe you ought to go upstairs and try to summarize the notes and come back down and so we can sort of read them to. Everybody and everybody will be on the same page. He wanted us to all have the same basic information so i went up stairs to my room. Maybe spent that'd be ninety. Minutes an hour and a half. I tried to summarize as accurately as they could. What different people that said and then i as i often done on other occasions me in the interest is to just time newly institute of effective organization. I drafted out a sample suggested to six seven opening paragraphs that he might consider the city using or would give him a basis upon which to develop the theme of his speech. I came back downstairs and i to summarize my notes to everybody and i had no longer gotten into. Maybe ninety seconds to two minutes reading something. People would start to say yeah but you left out this or are you didn't you didn't give you should have given more emphasis on this point. You left that out. You didn't give sufficient emphasis. The joys of working with the committee yeah that's right okay and martin martin listen to that back and forth and he finally somewhat i think a little bit of exasperation and it was getting lady says all right thank you you know i think you so much all your advice and assistance now. I'm going upstairs and i'm gonna council with my lord but the next i i was not focusing on the speech except to the extent that after he was mimeograph that there was a proper upper notice on the graph coffees to protect his ownership of the speech. The next time i paid anything any attention to it is when he was giving i was standing. I don't know fifteen yards and as he has he commenced speech and i listened to him remembering the draft text with five score years ago oh great american in whose symbolic shadow we stand today signed the emancipation proclamation and i said to myself as he obviously liked to or didn't have time because he was just adopting he was using the first. It's seven progress as a leading to the rest of his speech needed y- hardly changed the word and then during the course of the speech past the seven paragraph so i had written opening paragraph <hes> hell you jackson the legendary gospel singer sitting in front of him on a platform and she turned to dr king who was then still reading from a prepared written texts and she said tell them about the dream martin tell them about the dream and martin smiled and knowledge what she said and that that point he turned the written texts that he had at the podium. He turned up turning them upside down so that the text was face now. When i saw this from a distance i said whoever whomever enough whoever was standing next to me i said something like you know. These people may not know it but they're about ready to go to church today because i could sense that he was getting ready to do is going to try to transit into a form of baptists oratory and and he did. I have a dream one day. This nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed. We hold these twos to be self evident that all men are created and current tallinn's. Dr king could mentally cut anybody i'd ever known that is to say while he was speaking key could selectively takes his memory bank pieces of speeches articles that he had written the past and put them together and reconfigure them and that's exactly what much washington and because i had heard him speak about the the dream and earliest speeches but he reconfigured it in a way that was different had not done before and <hes> you know he likes very accurately with his poetry and quoting putting a biblical texts and poems and it was very very powerful. It's amazing. The whole speech process started the day before practically thought it three weeks before thinking about it but really got serious tonight before that's correct and the and the corner of the willard hotel in washington d._c. Did you know as you were listening to him. Speak that this would stand out as is perhaps the greatest speech of the twentieth century. No i did not i wasn't so much. I was listening to him but i was watching. I was looking at those two hundred and fifty to three hundred thousand thousand people who were assembled. I was reading their reaction. I was seeing their reaction to listening to what he said and by the nature by what he said i could see that it was just powerful. It was having a powerful impact a little more than forty five years later on the very same steps of the lincoln memorial so there is a musical concert commemorating what was going to be the inauguration the following day of barack obama's president what were your feelings when that concert was being held especially at that venue and all the work that you've done since you joined with dr king and became a part of the southern christian leadership conference leader forty five years earlier those of us who are still blessed longevity and who had an opportunity to work closely with dr king you know we all in our own different ways and i'm sure john john lewis of course if the generation behind as a leader of the student on via coordinating committee but other ministers or other people who around who had worked closely with martin and i think that it had a profound emotional psychic consequence it's <hes> it's as if a young the person in the john laura of martin luther king junior has stepped forward to apply some of the concepts and the biding faith and confidence in in america which dr king head to his own political campaign you know to dr king first and foremost was a religious leader was administered the gospel of people think of them as civilized actually his faith in a body belief in god was the fuel that ignited the engine of his leadership about barack obama phasing religion appears to be central to his political political leadership but they were very different people there was no question in my mind and <hes> and i think other those who travel that journey with if martin king as i did that without the transformative effect of the struggle leadership and legacy of martin luther king junior in the twentieth century in dismantling segregation institutional racism the election of barack obama would not have been possible at the time that has occurred quite frankly <hes> i to the extent that i ever thought about it. I thought that possibly some time in the indefinite future there might be an african american president but i certainly didn't think it would be in my lifetime as you think back to the words of that speech and especially at the end when he's talking about. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged judged by the color of their skin but by the color of their character. I have a dream today. Well think of the image you'd think he was like he was like an artist with a paintbrush think of the imagery jewelry that his painting with words is a one day the great grand daughters great grandson the slaveholders will sit down at the table of brother with a great great grand doors grandsons of slaves think about that. You know that's that's that's powerful imagery. It's difficult for most people really some of their life's work in the words of one speech but in a lot of ways. It really does so up your life's work well it. It does <hes> i should i should this is not being critical article of what you're saying but i i'm trying to give some balance to what you're saying. <hes> actually you know there were two other seminal works speeches of martin king <music> gave i think really had a profound impact on the nation and particularly some of the leadership in relation one was the <hes> earlier got that that year he was in jail in birmingham and he wrote something has been called the letter from birmingham jail. It was an extraordinary of indictment an extrordinary description of what segregation meant to him and what was doing to america as it was doing to him and then there was the speech on april fourth north nineteen sixty seven one year to the date of his death his speech opposing the war vietnam. Those are two powerful powerful speeches dancing. It was an amazing being time and what you and so few others really accomplished <hes> with your works without the the power of the government behind you in many cases is truly amazing. Thank you so so much. I've <hes> recently wrote a book called. What would martin say and you can. You're listening to what would martin say dot com clarence. Jones is is now eighty eight years old. He continues to teach the scholar in residence at stanford university two years. After i spoke with him he published a second book behind the dream. The making of the speech the transformed the nation of books are available on amazon and that's it for this week's podcast for background information links videos <hes> sharable terrible tweets and all kinds of things that help you share this information with your own networks head over to our website michigan podcast dot com <hes> we welcome your comments questions. You can email us at podcast at g mail dot com tunes to rate us in offer comments on what you're hearing. It just like uber drivers. We love those five star ratings. Maybe we'll be back with us next week. I'd be happy christine vary. I'm well sort thank you for. Listening class dismissed the.

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Part 3:Andy Serling,  John Curran

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

54:25 min | 1 year ago

Part 3:Andy Serling, John Curran

"The XM ports presents. Raises with Steve. And becoming interviews, this is. Stupid. We're back and. Getting close. Swear price here on lavender's blue both Vance. Hansen and. Camp? Humphreys were interested in in this upcoming. Duke of Cambridge and. Looking at the favorite Ziv there there is again shake Hamdan and shad. Weld Crowley and Gosden five to two. Then you've got three horses sitting at at four to one or there yeah, four to one magic lily Godolphin the one that five Jubilo, so Ryan Moore and Sir Michael for Judd Mont and Now Ninety two on Queen Power so fifth choice for. LAVENDER, lavender's blue a little that actually V. Make It fifth, Joyce, because they're six joyce. 'cause wise Mia. For al-shabaab DETTORI and Francis Henry Gra Fard. Are. In there as well so one to. Three. One, two, three, four, five six Joyce. So. You're getting a number here and. Miss O'Connor ended up scratching, which was a horse, the haggas or for the Jackson's that There was interest in from. CAV BUT Not Today for Miss O'Connor. All right, let me get. My video rebooted again. Boy I. My feed Casey is saying Technical difficulties with the Ascot Picture Are you getting the same? Getting the same thing. Or do you have or is the Are you okay, because you've got NBC `Send Okay. You're good all right well then I'm GonNa have to rely on you for the gate work. We're kicking it old school. When when you were the official starter there. We go the pictures back. You were a little behind me earlier too so. Right now we've got. We've got. We've got Tina calling from She's in Rochester taking care of the baby I guess she forgot. I guess you forgot what I do. Monday through Friday nine to noon. Pretty, funny. I. Don't know what that was about. There's the there's the judge Mont.. Philly? Coming forward. Jubilo. Nice name. And a couple more. And Based on case when when we went to you last For the king's stand. There was still some. Editorial. Commentary going on. Before the? They sprung the gates. Loading the did you say the eight? Okay and the one. I can't really see a little further back. This here's the one with the blindfold this. That trick again. Those things never works. Hey Rocky. Rabbit out of my at the. Yeah now yeah I think you're I. Think you're well behind the case. Because they're off by me, so I'm I'm GONNA vamp a another couple of seconds here. You're going to have that You're going to have that four-horse kind of. Think it was the four that was that was bouncing around, and I didn't want to go in the was blindfolded. So. Boy They're worried about the whip rules I putting a horse in blindfolded. I mean that that that that doesn't send a good signal either I said. Don't let them see what what? What he's going to deal with I think case you're probably. You're probably closer now and ready for the video. The here we go. For this Cambridge takes was posted, and with those the yellow of iconic choice for the trio to get away invitation. Watson Noble set the pace to blue jacket for magically running in second place to pink. Cap Jubilo says about a length and a half behind those holding third place from the black. Sea's of eleven does blue now Ziv blue and white Keller shows in fifth place. Another might check it. Behind terrorist queen power showing in six, the colors of was Mir is next two races in company with Ashley Code Pink and White Sleeves iconic choice in yellow behind pasted about Marcus. She'll be about eight to ten minutes behind the leader, which is invitational, as they continue to make their way down the state and coming towards half way, the white plays on the face of magic lily running. Running in second place in Jubilo's immediately tracks pink capping bike sleeves. LAVENDER's blue is next behind days is nosy for Queen Power. Just headed by connick choice behind those is in Cole was just shaken up a little bit toward Serbia. The field posted is toback Mauka but invitational is moving along very strongly in frontier. Handy break on the other. She fallen to heck with hundreds and he. Left and blue and Mike Smith through the second position as chief is coming next then the center is urging core is running on in the closing stages also. Being taught now, Agean, core Queen Power now. Z. For the trio that move through the lead the closing stages. A pink cap is tiny Todo Housing Code nearest. Gym Coty all not swearing arching down everybody's. Very tight for talk through. Those iconic choice pushed. It might have just got fifth place. Holy Cow. Shake Hamden in well is just like got out of Control here another one and Naseef three to one. The invincible spirit and Agean court ran very well and and look the the five year old mare that we've seen before. over the years ends up second, those those to end up clear soap there we go Another one I had well. How about that? How, about that Get Andy going here and Casey, I get a hold of Mandy and We'll get to him. but Other than other than the early I guess you had the pile driver was the upset of the day You had the seventeen to one as well for the shot well to start the day, but One left the ascot handicap and these early joins us from the New York racing association after another terrific week of racing highlighted by. She's a Julie speaking of upsets in the Ogden Phipps anti-gun morning. At stable any of that stuff that I Know, you know what we didn't I've. Talked born American did. We did we're in? We're pointing I know we're pointing minute mouse to another. You know forty nine. She Ran. The other day. You know can never think too high. She's fun. and. I think you'll appreciate. We had Peter Bradley earlier, Andy and Steve It was on with me last week while Peter. What a great series of successes! He's Ad and she's a Julie. I talk about what went on there on on Saturday, because nobody really gave much much notice going in. I gave her notice. Yeah, I didn't either. I. I threw out. A. I didn't like her, but I. Like. Horse racing works if you don't live in Banfield. Know you know. She got an ice right well. I think let's. Take nothing away from her. Obviously a good move by bye. Bring Your New York. And even just take shot. You know there's there's no reason not take a shot. It was a race that was cry for people to take a shot for some reason. a lot of people didn't want to run. Don't quite understand. Why a great one all WanNa points for hopper reveals for less money agreed to at Churchill. Okay, but I wonder if after she'd enjoy one, there were few trainers. Going Gee. Maybe we should have come for the Ogden fits, but they didn't. And you can only win if you run and he came anyone. She got a great ride from Santana. Great Setup Nabis Kanye. That read the best rate again. That's two times though for. Sure? It's very frustrating for connections. Because the end of the day you know very easy. Sit and say well the way she's running. She's GonNa win a great one or two before the year is up, and maybe she will. And maybe she will, and the problem is. You GotTa Win these races. When you run well, you're you know she's now on to winning races in a row? In important rate ones and come up short not. Because of lack of effort that she writes facially just look. We're blake fish and not like blamed is about worse, you know she she absolutely crushed. And what happens in these along as friends I think are wrong. You know these routes around one turn. I should say, but you know. I think it's a good example. People that mistakenly think that because the Belmont route one turn helpful esteem, when in fact, the opposite is true because of the huge straight away, the pace is always going to eat up in the second quarter, and it's always GonNa make it more taxing not always but. In general, it's GonNa make it more taxing for horses and the pace. They're gonNA. Get hot out closures. And this is the nature of the game because the to turn race, the paces will go slow up much more often. So. I thought she meant a courageous race in not losing too late stages and I don't WanNa be too hard point of honor, which obviously very nice force, but. George Lever Connection Jack to be really disappointed. Because this was the race, it was skipped rapper. In every pocket away, and she simply couldn't win, there are knows losses that are heartbreaking and there are knows Ross losses. I need for connection better where you get frustrated. These like how does she not win? You know and I think you watch the radio like my gosh, what more could have gone right for point of aunt? And yes, she came up. You know an or to shore, which is almost winning, but this was in those that. was a big nose for her. You know she just supposed she should've won by three lengths. Frankly so I think it's disappointing for her because I. Don't know that she raised you. Get going to set up at any point during your career or better set. And she wants to where she should the law. And I'm not trying to knock. She's joy, but. I think he's editor. Connections hung out of the you cheeses, jewelry and the stretch. They have been pretty confidence. She wants racism, so it's not like she's Slouch and I don't mean to imply that. But. Point of our was a disappointing loss for The happen. Think connections you know really felt. This was the one that she could have been should have one. Source but. This was. This. Yeah, you only get you know you only get so many opportunities, yeah! You go in. The game it's very easy for. Sit Back and say well. Running life that you know there's a great one with her name on it. You know as far as can be. you know they? They things go the wrong way to set up. Get different, you know. They stumble coming out of the gate. You GotTa Win Them. When you run these winning APP works and I feel bad for her connections. He's always candy really West. Station while in two straight razors way too well to loss. And you know she's just come up very short. Right at the end of those races top. And I think her loss was a much tougher laws the metaphor. Even though she a little bit farther back. She all the dirty. Yeah. And you could see what blamed when blame dropped anchor. I realized I mean she's really running here and. Ali's candy and and then all of a sudden here come here. Come the too late. Arrive US and the fact that it was funny because she's a Jew. I'm like who that in between horses. God. Created me. Safeway it's true, but listen. That's one the reason we liked the game so much is that were surprised being? There's a certain element of being wrong and being surprised. That keeps US coming back for more right. You know we were right all the time we would. It wouldn't be a satisfaction that you know what happens to gamble wins every betty mates. He gets bored. he gets rich when he gets moored Yeah! I bet the race I hit Ali's candy and I was between her and point of Autorite, so the coin flip I usually side with the speed. And I was really rooting for for for rallies candy. I, really I I always in my heart races, even on a lifetime I root for horses are running valuable data. Remember you know I made a nice hit with. Mandela at one. Of the with. No it was the worst wasn't that. Dour, Holland River. The horse that won the met mild. The Cross traffic the wire. In one that's harder to. Joel Road years ago right. Remember the race almost feeling embarrassed cashing because cross traffic, it was such an incredible race defeat. And then I think he came back and won the right. What's the worst Schwartz? I LOSE ON WAS! I can't think of who you mean. You. Up to win by knows the wire mile. Look it up on my phone. Okay. I'm. A west coast. West Coast Horse. Yeah. it was fifteen. Looking. Now Thirteen Sarah Sky. Oh Wow. Okay. That goes back further. Yeah, that's back of the pack a little. Seven years long. So. Right yes. Thursday. Friday reading. She she is not coming because the only the only haircut. The only Salon appointments you could get was four. Saturday am I, said I said that's Belmont Day. She goes. Why thought nobody can go. I said they can't. And she said well. Then I'm not coming so So. Yeah so. Yeah. She's I'm not gonNA. To make that appointment. Uh. Tada. That was good. That was very good. Eddie. Belmonte Week. No you can't go yet. A couple of quick notes. Coming. There wasn't asking obviously lasted a day. To the next race seven three, he'll be the last at at eleven forty and then John Current from Delaware. Park is going to join us. What how they came up opening. Third rate is a good mate race tomorrow. It's a tremendous part. There's a there's a day viewing daughter of princess jet. Originally owned by my friend bacchus. Mid! Life. You probably have a number. I do I do actually. Jerry fine. I thought. Well They've got a very nice car. Top to bottom although there is no for those of you that that look forward to those Arabian races, no Arabian race tomorrow. But As, the first level allowance. Route No I was sitting in the box years ago. With Harvey packed and buyer came it. And virus very excited by late double at Delaware. So Harvey always wants, Action Harvey said Sandy what are. You playing. Daddy said like you know three four, one two. So Harvey, bet is his usual small bet on the double and the first one wanted like five once they were alive, and everybody was excited, and they came for the raising your and said. We better than Arabian race. They want always fought. Eddie. He was off the hook where they. That's great. That's great well, then you. You and I have one of the. Great. One of our really fun days together. was that drive down to Delaware? Pick me up in the city. I remember that that was fun. We we ran ran pilion we de. We won by a dozen. Lengths the repeal. Anything celebrity there. was there. She Yup. Right. John. John Lewis. Asking Picked up hats out I remember. Wasn't beautiful the. Timing here, wasn't it? It. That's probably right and we'll also remember that I. After I dropped you off late that night I st-. I stopped at a at a little boutique. I bought Tina A. Sweater in a boutique and your neighborhood. And I. I vaguely remember. Getting more and more. got. I didn't get a chance to reach out and bring John Terranova on but I really wanted to. How funny guys for your old debut. Johnson. Right, want to races one day we'll be. Good Job John. Yeah. Listen. It's been hard year for job with all his concerts cancel. I. Don't know what you've been doing himself, you know. Guys got free five dollars. You ever had Yeah. Is Worth. You really has any ran. Obviously really stepped forward. This I started a four year old. That was a good a strong race. Really strong race. Really get the one on one buyer. Very. Being Mr box and a bunch of good wishes there. That was a very strong effort I agree. You know I I thought when he won the the Albany. Goodstein because I still don't know if you know a mile and in eight is a little far for him from his best right. You know the fact that you one that. We? My source. Is Actually. And you mentioned. You mentioned the Albany, and it makes me think of that race on Saturday that I had no trouble with seafoam. What what was what what went on there? They see. wire-to-wire! Review will bring it up as an unusual race. Because there were three winners for. Their. Age Five six and seven that had won back to back to back runnings of the new. York Handy, York Derby, and then the all which is really you're going to notice the Albany in common then. I realized they wanted to the servers well so Yeah, there were some strange riding in that race that seafoam and up on the front end being before fastest horse early, and that was a race. Look at a lot of Pace I. Don't know you know what I I find. A lot of these race is. The decision making to be extremely puzzled. You know sometimes they seem to go, and sometimes everybody takes fact, and that was very strange I don't know why they advocated the lead to him. All three horses inside of it more faster was all three and considerably Vasseur. And he walked in the front end I don't know. I wish I had an answer. Reasons writers go over. Don't go or will they be I? Don't get it. Listen sometimes connection you know the the the trainers that tell them failures share the blame. Your. Door I also think the trainers. Can I'm Shirley something bad, but. That's your job. But I think trainers would be wise to be more and I think jockeys would benefit from it to me demonstrative that well you can go, but if somebody else wants it, no and sometimes failures needs to say i. want to see you on the week. You know and I think that the Jockey Blake your trader does that you know. Sort of mixed signals. Doesn't really help. I thought I had a little of the CUOMO A. Press Conference, yesterday and He actually said something really fond it relate to. He was talking about getting sad videos and messages from people of of restaurants in New York that work round the state that we're not abiding by you know social visiting thing getting tweaked. Twenty five thousand pitchers. He never really a lot for us. Again that you know we don't get that many I mean sometimes i. Say something really observed. We got a lot. Of. That was really fun. And I could relate to thank something really absurd. But I. Don't think it's absurd. Justice trainers. I think he's better suited you know, but you know I think. We all are better is the game. We're having to definitive opinion. You know when you give yourself out by saying well you WanNa go, and then you say. I told you go well real for you know or. Make a decision. Right. Lose you'RE GONNA. Lose probably anyway, so why not try to make the right decision? It gives you a slightly better chance of winning. Ideas yourself the best chance to win. You're still gonNA. Lose the majority of the time. Doesn't matter who you. Right Even hyperscale trainers. Well and that you know. It's one of the things that. Seems to distinguish. BAFFERT and his approach, I mean he right. Tells everybody go. Make Pacha. Not Simple as that, but he wanted things you look at Bob. He taps right. I mean he had this. As well as we found out, arrogates not worse right. He wants to lead with West Coast and the travelers, and he's not a seahorse, so bothers ready to send a worse. It's not really a seed worse because he he's. The situation is open for it. And that's that's the difference between that and just the send mentality that remorse father, funny awards that have been successful coming from behind, but he is willing to to put put himself out there. You know because you have to be willing to say the rate you know. Why did you send that? League when he loses. You know and he's been very successful. Obviously often enough somebody asked him say well I. Don't know I've done. It before is worked. But you have to be ready to be wrong. Leroy. Criticized for having strong opinions by idiots on social media. Who never had him before the race, so? What is it eighteen? Twelve all. Time, but so what who cares. All wrong. Have an opinion, qualify it. Even works move on. And learn you know learn from it going forward. Realized you know just because you know I think it'd be great? Read. It's not just because you think that means what we're just. GonNa win. He's GonNa give the best chance to win. The be different, right? Yep. Coming up soon. There is about five minutes and before we go though I. I've been there's a chance maybe we'll get. A five. You know Friday conversation this Belmont field and the whole. Belmont Card is drawn tomorrow, but some early thoughts. All right well some early TV some thoughts though he had the coming into this obviously Tis the law is going to be way way the horse to be but They start to go out and run the race. Yeah An- and listen to win. You know sitting. What he does is part of what happened to win. Do well because I. Respect mark running back. You know in a race like this on relatively short rest and I agree with March philosophy. You're underwater good. so many workers have not run while they were good and ended up getting hurt in the interim. Loiseau worship fabulous orders me terrific career. He said absolutely they say nothing wrong, but more than doing other wrong done a whole hell of a lot, right? so yeah I got to put himself in the game and I'm looking for the race I'm looking for today. It's GonNa. Be a great hair. Racing I? You know I feel bad. We've had nice. Weather is like a Saturday and Sunday the air on the oil. It's such a beautiful day and I feel bad because we're out there. At Belmont nobody can cop, so there's part of me. It sort of feels. You know I feel badly. Tell people how nice it is great because they can't come and enjoy. Fortunately they can enjoy it on TV, but it's the same as being there. This device time to be anywhere outdoors, right? But Yeah, it should be a really fun day, racing and I'm looking forward to it for Manny Franko I I really hope that that manny embark. We're able to win. That race is the law to like a lot respect a lot, but be huge win for many. Success never won a race. This magnitude so First of all standpoint I'd love to see him. I, absolutely would agree and Looks like eight or nine. The entry boxed tobacco. No Not. Somebody somebody just asked me actually for the probable, so I sent those to them I. you know for those? The loss, all the LASI Dr Post Farmington Road Max player a tap to win pneumatic and jungle runner and we're waiting for a modernised decision. From. You said yesterday the running. I did. Okay I, didn't I didn't see that all right good. We're doing the draw show. I think at noon on on Youtube. Youtube page or doing the draw show. Maggie and I. And lots of people working hard behind the scenes at noon. So since I'm out to Belmont to do that. I would like everybody to watch. What? To Watch me. Nice well. We'll glad you told me that I did see me an email yesterday. And I will look forward to watching you and then maybe seeing Thursday Friday Saturday. I bet you don't watch I. Don't believe it's is going to be right on. Your shows I. Don't watch I you're. I will. I'll be. I'll be I'll be watching. I'm gone I'm interested. Give me some big story I. Don't you know I know my real friends are? Eddie Sterling, everybody and America's Day at the races. comes back Because back to back tomorrow right because churches tricia running with no Churchill's not wanting runny tomorrow. I think there were running Thursday right We gotta turn our attention John. Current is GONNA. Join US here momentarily. As soon as this race runs, we'll. We'll bring John in and talk about Delaware's opening day. Which is happening tomorrow and I will also confirm yeah. I don't think I think they're running. Thursday yeah, so the next the next TV. broadcast Thursday. America's Day at the races. Let's get to the finale today. It's been a fun morning at Ascot. We've gotten. What we got in four of the. Six races in we missed the first. Or three maybe. They're. GonNa, go! They're going. Go two and a half miles. This is going to take a lot of time You know what case I don't WANNA cut John. Too Short. Assuming they. Suming they. Get right in the gate, and and run. Yeah, that'll that's sort of like a sort of be like A. Commercial Break Right. See how far along yeah, they're still behind the gate the horse that that cat was interested in the to He'd liked that quarter Leone. The fourteen and the twelve land is and land vase. Sir Mark Prescott. twelve to one right now and quarterly own is twenty, two, one heavy favorite in a big field here is for Dan of blue nine to five, and that's a little Seemed like A. Low number in a field. Of Twenty. They're still coming across. and. Case I'm just Let's say they're gonNA. They're gonNA still be a little bit where this is going to end up being real short for John. Maybe get John and we'll just pick up the stretch run of. This race! Okay! Yeah, because otherwise that could. They're going to and a half miles from in. The this is gonNA. Take three minutes so. At the rate they're loading. Yeah! This won't end until. Ten of. By, the time they're, they're finished. let me just glance while Casey's raising John Let me just look at the bookie shops for Dan blew. Up I'll tell you what land vase it looks like the value because the price that The price that he is. On the tow is half of what he is in the book shops six to one. Six to one at the bookies and. Twelve to one on the tote Nice. So Land Vase, May. Maybe hopefully clever give cover a good leg up into day two tomorrow, than. Moon King your third choice at six to one. And Blue, laureate is seven eight to one on the tote on the bookies and. Six seven to one also on summer moon so A. tote is eight to five on ver- Danna blue, the one the coolmore and that seems Little overly aggressive. All right we'll. We'll listen to the stretch run when the time comes because I don't want to take away from John Current and Delaware Park, the little track that could with the most beautiful paddock and olive racing John Good Morning! Good Morning How's everything? Excellent John I appreciate this. Looking forward to the season at Delaware and I'm sure that you and Vesey in everybody can only hope that the racing is as good all summer long as as it is tomorrow. Well I. Don't think you can get much better because of all the. All the tracks that aren't right now and the mid Atlantic region there. We kinda got a festival of racing on Wednesday with horses come from parks and Penn National and. Horse from Florida Oklahoma Park we have a pretty good contingent here. It's I haven't seen the cars except for maybe your owners day at the end of the year. Well and you know it's been the the pressure on Delaware has been tough You know you. How long have you been there? That'll be my thirty seven th year. Unbelievable unbelievable, the longevity of it's really something you and and rich and I mean it. It's one of those like Monmouth in a in a sense. You know a real family kind of of organization, and and you know people that you know just been long associated with the with the oval. Yeah, it is that way for an unlucky because I grew up in South Jersey I still live in South Jersey and I in fact I grew up about three miles from the garden state park. There's still live around that area, so I used to park when I was a kid on Sundays and it was, it was fantastic there in the grove, and it's one of the prettiest paddock's. You'll see in the country, and it's just like a family atmosphere there. People like to bring their kids and. I it's kind of you. Miss that anymore and a lot of restricts, and of course, a lot of murder turned to receive. No, so that's what's going to happen there, but yeah, it's it's fun to go. Really sit outside and enjoy the races. And the the fields tomorrow, and you mentioned the obey and You got You got an opinion. You got some thoughts about this group. Well it's a pretty good group. I think it's much better than last year's group. In which gala on Delacour won the obey last year? I think we're pretty good contenders. They're all possible shot. Run the Delaware Handicap. mentioned Gotham gala for Delacour. He says she's working out terrifically. She hasn't won this year. walking up very well there, but he he. He she said she's in great shape and ready to go. And of course it got Steve. Asked me coming in with lady. Apple was a very nice career. There one the Houston classic down here Sam Houston and didn't want better than the one o'clock last time. I got beat five months. A lot of people I figure con Canada's Carter, couple races, but. But it was a pretty good race there so I think she's going to be the favorite there and then anywhere you have cox around the country. You gotta take a second look. He's had the seven ball for a couple starts now when a good third list Emma Churchill down so former Jewish coming into that one. That's going to be a contender. Contender and now you've got Richard. Boss on the outside with motion, emotionally level horse, there and people back east. Don't know a whole lot about what you bought us, but he's one of the top trainers out in California for the last couple of years, and like a lot of Californians, that moving stables around right now, midwest and various regions in ball. At Churchill downs, and he shipping this one, so there's a pretty good horses there and I wouldn't be surprised if any one of those four win. You know. Got To bring up a horse that whenever I whenever I look at her. She seems to be winning races around the region, and that's Anthony Maradas Bronx beauty, and she came to town and one the dashing beauty last year, and she's trying something we haven't seen her. Do and and that's go long. She's speedy and I'm really curious to see how. Castillo vandals are tomorrow. She's down inside so she i. think just or natural speed is GonNa, is GonNa put her in the race But you know she's an eight time winner and I couldn't help, but sort of you know. Put put a question mark next the Bronx beauty because it seemed like an interesting. Concept second off the layoff as well and you know. She went six at Gulfstream. In May before the breaking camp and Margarita coming back up to the northeast. She has the real and speed usually does well early in the meat they're. They're going to have to center and get clear. Easy little delacour is going to send one of his two horses in the race. There probably have to go with early on govern. Gala gets the lead. She'll be really tough to beat there and there's other voice now the. Faux. PAS also has some speed so if she has some company on the front end, it maybe tougher to get them out on the sixteenth there, but being on the rail, starting with the rail and having speeder. She's GonNa go early. We'll just see how far she can run. You mentioned Brad Peacock six to one on vault Fashion Faux Pas Delacour and I. I certainly am not going to Bring other topics before mentioning that Fera Salad. Who We got great respect for ferrous comes to town as well with wicked, awesome and wicked, awesome, coming off of a win at Laurel back in March and you know kind of I think could be a little sneaky in here. She's got a wind going back. I think to her two year old year at Delaware as well so going to be a price twelve to one wicked, awesome with Frankie Pennington for ferrous Allen hold on one second. John and we're going to listen to the second half here of the last race at Royal Ascot here is the Ascot Handicap Center? The white faced brought to us as well, but still some. Funding in front for Donna player Moore side. Pink. Hats only oxide. Getting. To. Be The dawn of play. Thaddeus coast together was some mood. Then the POPLIN white check it up on the outside of small champion very talk between those third and fourth. Now just catching it and our man Cav Cordy Leon. There it is it took. took most of the morning, but twenty three to one. For Alan King and Hammer Hanson the. Kept mentioned. The jock with the the the fun name Hammer. Hanson brings home, Cordelia on the fourteen and the favourite settles for second in here for Dan of blue, and Ryan more, and so there's that mutual win kind of looking for courtly on twenty three to one to close out day one at Royal Ascot, and we'll have kids day-to analysis probably later I guess it was I must have gotten it last night at about. It must have been about eight o'clock He got it to me so I'll I'll put it up. As soon as Kev gets it to me, it'll go up on the website so I hope some people stuck with them today and cash there because the idea he looks for prices, and then you hook them up with the some of the obvious sources, and the that's going to be a nice swinger catrine, the fourteen quarterly own, and for data, bluebird and blue, actually floated up to three to one by the time the gates open John Kerns on the voice of. and. You know earlier John I was talking to Andy Serwer and we had A and Steve asking and others. You probably don't even know this we. We had a horse running. At At Delaware several summers ago, in fact, this has got to go back to two thousand eight and Rampage million and Had the opportunity. To get to the track that day I I forget I think something was happening on on Sirius. Xm And we were going to be preempted It was a Tuesday I think it was Tuesday, and so I jumped in the car, and picked up Andy in the city, and then Haskins in Jersey. And we came down to Delaware and we had such a great day, and and then we ended up winning and so that that call with with you Clinton pots of board and you know she won by the length of the stretch and I I always I always cherish that your voice is so. Synonymous with Delaware. Thanks a lot Steve and I get a lot of comments like that people when they comes to report for the first time I haven't seen it. You know it's a very picturesque track. It's a it's more like a a rural type of setting out there with the trees around the on the Barnes of the backstretch. Now we have a golf course next to it and it's it. Evolved a lot in the last ten years or so, but yeah I. It's a great day of racing and we have a really good car tomorrow. As you mentioned there some these races, these allowance races, the made special in the turf. I mean we've got grand motion. Horses Mac Robertson Shipping. In this year. He was here. For, quite a while and left in the last two years ago. The Canterbury and I believe Arlington. And of course we're capping migration just a shambles right now that it's a shame actually with about forty horses. He's at about two or three and Tamar. That looked really good, and he could have a good day tomorrow, but we have some really good trainers in their liberalises, Jose, Kamei Little Guy from Louisiana came of last year had a very good meet there, and of course we have the usual suspects like Jamie and Scott Lakes Tepa services back with the barn and many other things, so it's going to be a pretty competitive. Meet this year. Who's WHO's running the racing office these days. Well John. Mooney is back in charge of the recent office there and and and you know he's. He's been there then. He went away for a while back about four years ago. Seasons director of operations. and. Struggle as you said the middle regions, the most competitive region, and all of all of America people don't realize you know. There are six tracks maybe two hour drive in you can a lot of different places, and you also have fair hill down the Trade Center, which a lot of news like Mike stood him and Graham motion and many others like that and get the horses. Horses ready to roll, and and so you have a lot of our competition loves different venues. People raise their and it's. It's tough throughout the summer to know sometimes, get your response to go there, but you do find some really good horses, and some real good trainers for some really good jock is of course you know. Many people realize Dominguez started with five times winning delve. into. Places like that, so we've had a nice contingent of good trainers, jockeys and they're still in the area, which is which is kind of fun, because every now and then now you get to see in the fleet, Alex, or Barbaro or tap it or hard spun make their debuts Adela Walk and win, so we have a long list divorces that people don't realize. Bookham means their parking went on to bigger and better things. No doubt and you mentioned the the talk about the training community you mentioned in Ness and You Got Jerry Bennett the capital. As well and. Jessica gets Gary You know a lot of some of the New England guys that with in. Tampa in a lot of cases, then come back up of through to Delaware and I'm just looking up and down Jerry Maguire. Terry Houten and He mentioned Cla Sarah's. How about Mike longtime long. Around for a long time, and and he always is very effective, and and of course Gaza, fatal like a Michael, and people like that, no have a bunch of wusses there and they can run wherever they want to run, but he'll pop up on the threes Tom. Proctor, another good veteran, trainer or Delacour one of the better young trainers in the game by now so any any give that you can see. some really Nice Racist Sports City Wednesday we've got a lot of them, so it's GonNa be fun. the jockey colony. Let's let's give everybody a quick glance at at who we expect to be, you know taking the the lion's share of the mounts, and of course last summer we should note Carol Today No. Had just a spectacular meet and has really not gotten the attention that the that she deserves you. They had a couple of children and. Then came back to ride and. I always Philly and at Delaware I've always thought that She did a nice job on ours. Yeah, she's one of the best female writers in the country and one of the best writers in the Middle Reach region there. She's been atop the standings a few times here and she'll be back riding Trevor McCarthy of course Michael McCarthy son. Is that a great career to start off with we right in here Danny? Danny Santana always comes up and does well and because of the lack of competition. The national in Philly parking and places like that. We're getting some of the better. Some barks like Frankie Pension Michael Sanchez and on Riga's to ride I think Tyler Connor from Penn National and Edwin Edwin Gonzales I think it's to thirty percent right now, so we've got an riders coming in from the various outlets to so. Competitive. It it's a track that For people that have never had a chance to visit and I should ask John, what is the status are our patrons? What's the patron or owner? status in terms of being able to attend well, we are letting fans come in. We've been mandated by the governor by the state open if Osama kiss in a couple of weeks ago, that people in for simulcast in you know, it has to be like a a certain amount of people like I imagine one of a lot more people than we can handle tomorrow, so you better get there early to make sure you get in there I think it's going to be sixty percents, Pasadena. Temperature check when you enter, and you have to wear respond and a mask when you're inside, I think outside. You won't have to wear a mask if you're staying outside for the most part when you come into the building going from the championship check and you have to wear a mask on, so there will be limitation. I'm not sure how many people exactly going to be allowed in, but there's only one entrance in and out from the paddock side, and you have to come in that way. If you want to go inside I, think we're going to have some windows open outside to around the paddock area, so given stale sudden during the day. John Currin Delaware Park, opening tomorrow, and what? What Day I I know. It's early July, but what? What is the the handicapped day? Well. It's coming up right around the corner. July fourth is Delaware oaks that's second biggest race and I think that's a winning. You're for Kentucky this year. Such a fun day and July. Eleventh is a Delaware Handicap now. The to four hundred thousand and the distance for the first time to a mile in the knicks, instead of amount of border, I'm not thrilled with that him out of the quarter of distance, but I can see why so we're GONNA have a couple of days early on in the meetings for July, eleven and a lot of competition around the country to. G Linen, Domani death, so it'll be interesting to see what happens the first three or four weeks. They were running Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. We have Thursdays in mid July July sixteen. John Look for looking forward to tomorrow and the fact that people can go to Delaware for those that have been just dying for a chance to come to the racetrack. Not, a bad option that all. Absolutely the most beautiful paddock in the country You'll if you've never seen pictures of it, you. You you won't. You won't believe that you'll. You'll think you're in. You think you're in the Bavarian Woods It's just remark. John I'm delighted to get a chance to talk to you. Thanks so much for this and and have a great meet best of luck to everybody. Del Mark. Thank Stephen. We never come tomorrow. Come early, 'cause we may have an overflow of people. That'd be alright. To have John, current everybody Delaware, Park and you can follow Delaware Park on twitter to and. there. We got we got the lay of the land. The Dell Oaks on July fourth and the del Cap on July eleventh This card tomorrow. And also Prairie Meadows opens tomorrow. Remind everybody of that in fact, today's action. This'll down. Tampa mountaineer Louisiana downs Lonestar Indiana. Gulfstream. Well Gulfstream No. Gulfstream is a simulcast forty-three fairmount. Fair beddoes. I sit a boy and arapahoe fares your. Menu? Royal Ascot in the books for day one. Best of luck, everybody WANNA. Thank John. Curran has what was amd. Had A. Fun visit, Tommy Jury Vance Hansen earlier and Peter Bradley. Talk Tomorrow everybody at the racist Siriusxm. apparitions with student Vic on Sirius Xm radio. 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Ep.6 - The Episode That Covers Everything!

Hanging Brains Podcast

1:02:04 hr | 1 year ago

Ep.6 - The Episode That Covers Everything!

"The. Content is The. Shed I might chicks weak minded people. Off. Guys just want to remind you that we're brought to you by sharp finances dot org website that helps you save money on car insurance home insurance and mortgages things like that. All that Shit you don't like paying for what you have to They do agree w supporting the show. So again, check him out finances dot org know www and see can save some money. Thanks. Hey everybody. This is hanging brings. This is your main Chuck Robin, hanging with my boys Jagan dozen. was interesting coming in all seductively. Oh my God I don't even know from the doggystyle that was something that was. Smooth. Jazz late night you know. It was not expected that. No. Guy In the Mike Problem. We. Took Robin. Run Free and then you'd never know what happened. UPSIDE THE HEAD Fax Has Been a week or so since we actually get together seems like the world started to melt down a little. Bit. Melting. Ice Cream cone know. Man I. Mean we had. We gotTA talk about this. I thought it was running in twenty twenty four was so high that I thought it was a joke when I read it on my feet Brockton I had three or four times. was. anyways. But Yeah, look like I thought he was running in twenty twenty four because that's what he said when when his buddy trump is out I thought it was twenty twenty one when he made that claim. Twenty sorry now I thought it was twenty four because Heaven trumper buddies and they WANNA. To, run against to here's a conspiracy like immediately thrown into this is that they're stealing votes from buying. Because, they want trump to win right which. Isn't that an election meddling like isn't that a crime that post fake shit like that when you're that influence Joe. So here's here's the thing. I off most states are past the date for him to get because you have to be. To have enough names and each state to get voted in on the ballot. Fair. No I don't know how exactly how it works. But a lot of states have already passed that mark so he can't do those. Most of the major electoral. surprised. That you could even start now I'm like, why didn't they? Could be written a lot of them are coming up he can still be written in now. Here's the thing though he has his own money. His wife has a ton of money. He's getting support from Ilan Musk compare apparently who's a billionaire so if I think money wise if he wanted to, he can get his name on that but makes me question. You'll basically hold so hard hold on hall unless we wanted to take it also makes me wonder if he is onto something missing huge ship, right? Let me. So what I want to get to is like, how how did you just like you could just show up but I bohm because I thought it was he already said officially, he still gathering it or he hasn't suited to submit documents to each state Ted. So he saying he submitted listed on and he hasn't done. Anything. fucking announcement on twitter. Mysteriously. Right. Before new album drops Gosh shocker. Yeah. Could you imagine I wouldn't be mad at the GUY I. Cut You imagine the West Baby. I'm. To have like so fresh hosting adsell fees on the block. Between Malania Thing first lady that solar asked for poor to porn famous listening hey. Well, you could send I, looked. Up Important. After I read that and the first picture I saw was her. Mouth Open. Eyes Open. I'm sure they're gonna all that stuff down of shoe. That's owned by somebody off. But she they don't care. They don't. She's she's a billionaire. Why would she fucking care? But like let's What. Fuck this is mate. How about that? Some people are some people say, Oh, it's Elon musk which is even scarier because they do have a fucking chance Shushi show but that's impossible. I don't see how you could be vice president and any case you rockets correct. Correct. visit it doesn't do a lot of stuff they do some stuff. Busy. Let's say he learns plates a little full. Eighteen hours of grinding. Going on yes he could stop that. Okay. What would the world be like if he was like really the United States would be even more laughed at what if was but when we if what to be fuck Kanye West. That's. What's the street name UA for? Ye. Whatever's. But like what? This is what's scary man as you. As free as America is you can get. Elected to that powerful office with no experience at all right because it's like a popularity contest right and thriller those money in other apparently now, the best media buyers. Going back in a couple of episodes we were talking about dude I was really talking about this just. Interesting. That west decided to come forth I. Definitely think there's some of these more influential people should battle the politicians, but the problem is, is that the end of falling in one of the boxes right? Like he's GonNa run as an independent that's he's GonNa run as a Republican. Probably. Can't he can't know Donald Trump's Republican nominee. Have to run. This apparently, this is on the Democrats. Do all the time that's. Okay. So if you would do that, then it would be a independent. But like here's this thing is he has such a big platform, his platform big enough where he could probably secure enough just write in votes to affect the amount of black people or or the blackout his audience not say you can see the minority the categorize. Majority of the minority of. Let's be honest of his fans are minorities to sway hopefully the election and trumps favorite because he siphons off Biden. My personal opinion I think if we have donald trump and other for years, there's GonNa be some. Like move out. Date and and I wasn't even trying to get to serious but Mrs Maxwell says or her lawyer released out that they. She got tapes Oh. We didn't put that on the board when he was talking about. And got something, Kay, Patterson ship. But this is the thing if she cuts a deal on this stuff gets suppressed right and he get off the hook by accident again. Right because that's the you can take a deal and if you take a deal, there's no way Bro. That's like letting somebody know who really kill JFK Oh, I read I, read article. I, read I read a article about they were she. They basically said like she is a millionaire she's boozy. She's not going to go to prison she gonNA fight that and she's going she has no F- scenes dead quote unquote. Loyalty right not so she's like, Hey, fuck, all I'm. Thinking about the pictures have been allowed Musk Donald Trump Gates Corp Bill Gates Prince Andrew Yes the fuck it like Joe. I forgot somebody all along. And like you're right, she said, she said man she has voted. Video evidence like. Oh you're going to see some big powerful. Wait a minute. Say like that. Is this going to lend? Truth. To the whole Kyun on thing was Cunanan on on his conspiracy group that thinks Donald Trump is office to destroy giant pedophile. Ring. That he added four credit, he is there to crush it. That's sit and it's Literally. The opposite is essentially Democrats run a satanic child sex ring that murders, the sacrifices, babies, drinks, their blood. Children both teams. A movement on twitter. But. This is early near. Trump or let's say his department of Justice cracking probably one of the most. The probably a ring of the most influential people ever buy that have been involved in the Shit and I. Think we've touched on this maybe not on the show but what is it about these these people? With this was so much power that they need that weird fucking thing there's gotta be. There's something about it's like I have access to something that no one else does because of my stat that's fucking I think. I will start. Things like. I think that it's interesting because I think that that winning starts to corrupt right and so we're like once you start like winning bigger and bigger and bigger, Right Eagle you take the fucking lambeau driver two hundred and you don't crash. That's not enough. So now UNITA powerful people right so you hire you fire you you get these big companies maybe that's not enough right and so then you start to go with regular broads and you start stretching out going crazy on them and then And then as you keep on as your as your provider. It's it's a boundaries thing right? And Sociology and 'cause where. Oltra. Wealthy they grow up especially as children grow up with zero boundaries there's nothing they they. There's nothing they want and they can't get. It's there's nothing outside of their means. So they start finding shit outside of reality outside of normal reality to do like, Oh, I'm GonNa go get him suspect fifteen year old and groom her into a prostitute what the fuck And what are the? I WANNA place no blame on anyone involved. But where were the parents? So what I was telling you so as your homework Happens. Look. There was a little bit of an insider edge with Netflix's stock the way they did it was those kids didn't have parents so they were they were. Radi Bro They had such a huge there. We have such a good scheme that it was working. So fire I gotta to watch a Raven. Wait we're supposed to wash that. Wanted to. Finish they'll. Because we gotta get that too. But how they were already going for for girls that didn't have parents that were on the streets that movie hanging out maybe they didn't like their dad because whatever. Approaching a certain like it's almost like the same way they do in the military because I just finished watching Hanna season targeted advertising not only that. I did their training gum like you said, grooming and figuring out tactically how to come and sweep in certain people. And if a girl wants address, you don't go. You know what's scary is I feel like some of the girls we grew up with good amazing even so we grow with one girl who works at a brothel. Oh. Yes. She works the Bunny ranch. No no she didn't go to the Bunny ranch. You went to a different one not the bunny ranch like the one that was hbo night that one brother hooked up. Before. I said so many times why Jake has Jake as as a dad boy, it's hard because he got two daughters and so I mean it's like got gotta be on Swivel. Oh Yeah Oh. Ana Me for Predictive. For sure. But but this is the stuff that's out there. That's freaking nuts I mean I don't think he'd probably because again You're talking about the ultra wealthy, right? We worry about some random do bushes and shit. These guys are worried about like fisted approaches to like scoop up chicks. What you're saying I worry more about you know. For. Sexual Experience Shit like that where I can just go smoke on the fucker and take care of it. But like that's fucking that sounds like svu episode. So. Like. What? They sat down and sat right. What's the best way to do this ship? And then apparently that was the mastermind like all right. Here's what you do. ABC One, two, three I don't know if she was the super mastermind because for a guy that didn't even finish college. This guy's brain is very interesting his I q to The fucking Roy Epstein. was able to not Graduate College, right? You know if you listen to the story, a reads very similar to catch me if you can this guy, he didn't finish college but gets a job as of as a professor at a college and at the F. as a professor in the college gets plugged with some cats and the now goes into Wall Street okay and starts to fuck around on Wall Street. Then east he he's so good at the little bit. The determine do Wall Street he gets another mentor and then he starts to leverage that guy's access. Ever seen that movie limitless. Yeah, I think. So first of all limitless right is phenomenal movement I. Think it's it's a glimpse into what people were fucking high cues can do right because when you're a smart smart. and. I'm not saying again I'm for this guy we used to read it seems like Leonardo Di Caprio now. Sorry in the motherfucking you know. Like I, my former business partner was a software engineer and Robin hates committees actually very intelligent. But like watching him. Me Describing a problem we have with our software Wa- problem I need solved and him literally sitting there typing out in another language, a piece of code that makes that should happen and then he can explain to me how it. I'm just like. What the fuck off how the retention of information that those types of careers have to have like physicians and nurses and people that have like thousands and thousands of possible outcomes in every interaction they deal with every day. Fuck like I just sell ship and I make webpages and I'm market and I do that. Shit and San taking over the world. I asked him I'll ask them to to build to web pages and then had him change a few things a couple of times and he didn't want to do that anymore. So we built a whole software platform for me to do it myself. That's he's like, Hey, don't fuck. It asked me for that's high. Okay. Here you go. Slow when you listen. Salama he's at a depth. Out of I I'm out of deputy I don't understand how true. Complexity. The Cunanan thing. That goes. There's a I'm not sure if the senator or something who just got elected, who's a admitted member of that Oh yeah. That guy's fucking nuts check some chick. Matt Gaetz none of this is some are some white girl. And also, there's a thing called pizza. I remember that where a guy went after a pizza store was like an assault rifle, shooting it up because he thought that there were kids being slave slave away in the basement and meet the giant and it got swept the kind of story. Shooting. Like that, but nobody found out about the kids in the cellar now, there wasn't that. Jesus as. The stairs, you gotTA. Go thinking of Cunanan juicy that crazy ass lady and Scottsdale waiting to argue and destroyed a mass display. And then the COP showed up to her house she told him don't touch me because I have a direct line to Donald Trump and I'm wired up and this is being broadcast. And he's arrested. Thank you she was going to say those. The best part is this is funny. This is why I love twitter. The Best Shit is so apparently the guys, there's a long story before it her husband and her get a divorce she's losing her shit. You. anyways, it is back of the house husbands like get the Fuck Outta here. You'll live here anymore. COPS show up. She's telling them. They're fucked because she's trump's right angle apparently and has direct feed into the. Right it was bonkers Bro and the cops are like they're being very professional. They're like, okay and she's like you call trump and he's like, why don't have you ever number? Yeah I do and he's like could you dial former? She's like I'm not touching your phone like just crazy shit. But they move in obviously the fifty, one, fifty, this broad she's lost her fucking marbles Cuckoo cuckoo bother taking her up someone's screen grabs her soon to be ex husband in the background with the biggest shit eating grin on his face because Yo. He just one that divorced he's like. He's like I'm married to a psycho just watch this video, your honor law, but it was crazy man and I think that's that could be I mean you guys could. Shed some light on your thoughts but could that be like just someone who's been locked up in mass down for so long? They just can't. With it but I think. Listen I think. This is a crazy thing to through the the lockdown people have been nuts and so like when when people were released, it was like the apple, the personalities they were ready worse. So it was like. Right, so it's like now the Karens are going above and beyond. Extra Luckily. It's hold on the planet Oh. What you said? Oh Brimstone type of ship that I get one grandma that had literally sat down on the floor and a costco like a four year old. Through his. Mascot Oma God. By the way like I gotTa say, this Guy I was a little on the fence because I maybe maybe my stance as being a non nascar was just because I was pissed off at the government fucking line me. So I was like, no, no fuck you. Mike now Hydroxy chloroquine good Shit Oh. My God this is what I'm saying. But. We get. So strata answers but. If at the end of the day. It's GonNa make everybody feel better like a placebo effect than just put it on Bro. Because at the end of the day, they did the numbers and I seen this one twitter snapshot of nurse. She had like less oxygen when the mass was on like her she better. Yeah. She had a ninety five Soviet Union. Yeah. So anyways, but let's let's say something that I've been like almost four. When I when I got snapped this. Okay. Patrick mahomes forty, five, million a year. So biggest, in. NFL history. Ford Yeah, it's. MILLION FOUR HUNDRED FORTY FIVE YEAR What with four hundred, seventy, seven, million guarantees. I'd never needs an endorsement again. No, it's not guaranteed guarantee mechanisms. So he's gotta hit numbers right and he gets an she will. Yeah, he's a great quarterback. Out. But he's how salty is Joe Montana right now? I'd guys. So this is the thing to bring up the argument. It's not even Joe Montana does a lot of dudes at a fucking salty right now, and then nfl you kidding to you bust your ass, you killing it, and then you know because you're not in that position, you're not even eligible for amount of dollars. She made a better choice freshman year. More, better kid. WHO GETS THE GIRLS QB's pitchers? What. What position catcher smuggling ones I was a catcher. In fact, on the team Huh what position in the NFL other than the quarterback Has that defensively you would look at some guys I would say linebacker or. Defensively you can take out any one of those guys on the defense. Sure but you. You're right. That's a good point I mean that's kind of your fucking point guy right I mean listen I totally get that but it watching the ravens for so many years now have a point guy and they made the point guys they're defensive guys. So for me, you can make a point wherever you want but on the offense usually but the thing is that's not always right. What if you gotTa Shitty quarterback Bernie Sanders Berry sons might be one of the greatest players of all time. It wasn't a quarterback eating get forty, five million but he was the guy right and the offense rental him. So it just depends I think probably quarterback running back but running back don't get paid that. No No. Not even win was the I feel like there was a time is running back for the big show. Matron means that SORTA? Into into once they started like passing a lot and they just. Happy and easy on the quarterbacks touching fly. Receiver flag. Fifty. Teams utilize the. Pass catching running back. For the chargers they had Melvin Gordon right hatred. SPROLES. Which one recently recently, it was I know you talking about number thirty I just seen flirt ECHLERT. Who was actually started I I can't say are starter because it's not his a Los Angeles. Started Charges Star Yes 'cause Melvin Gordon. Z.. Right which I didn't no no. No. He went to the Denver Broncos. Yes, the Casey. This is the thing about Casey. We'll let you a lot of people don't really understand what has surprised because you guys know his is my wheelhouse and I'm a junkie. So the chiefs didn't even have them which cap space to begin with so. Depending on how? This kid structured his contract. He might have had a lot of money coming in for the fact that they were able to structure and they might be only they might pay him this year like two million but next year pay fifty, right so that now gives them leverage. To play around because they were they were. Like that too it's right are. You have to you. You're stuck because you're. Either that's where people get stuck as feel like the guys just getting a check cut for five. Representatives. Go guarantee essentially that's Max value, and then that's another thing that they like to signing bonus right so that's that's actually what you're walking out with out of that meeting and the signing things are also paying for future super bowls like how many do you think in the next ten years with Mahomes of the How many how many singles hen I would I would give him just based on the data at least two? I would say at least two. Now with the Patriots, I can't see the Patriots are the team anymore? No with Brady not behind the Cam Newton. Genuine But. It's Brady. You know that was a huge piece like I'm a huge charger fan charger fan for all my life. And I honestly believe if not for the Patriots did you would have been in the. Lease reappearing. Four. Those bro The craziest ever had will whipping Tom Brady's ass. Right the chargers. Charge you that Tom Brady throws an interception to or something of to this nature. The Guy Brady throws. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah fucking gay he tries to. Run back. Up What does Brady to CV's grading he just came over I win. Yeah. But but but for me I mean to do that with Patrick Mahomes. I mean. What's Brooklyn and baseball numbers now, right? Next quarterback fifty million dollars Focke man and to me I'm not taking away from Patrick. Walker round pick like type ship it doesn't matter we up whatever no, you know. They used to make that much money but. Russell Jamarcus Russell fucked, it up for everybody. Oh fuck it up for everybody because after that the and what was the other guy that came after him shucks Sam. Oh my God, what is his last? Known on effort. shucks he played on he played around the I just seen him I still. Doubted he was like I think he was like the quarterback for the cardinals a year ago Sam Bradford Sam Bradford Literally said, did you I'm I can't I couldn't hear you mind. So Sam Bradford and Jamarcus Russell where the two guys that really fucked up rookie contracts because after that, the NFL PA will like fuck this. Why are you giving guys? That are on proven this much money. I've always thought that before like jamarcus Russell Camera I've always thought like these guys are in college. You know they played well, but the NFL is a different beast. You don't know how well you're going to do until you get into that league and start playing around one hundred percents. Give these guys these big contracts. Unproven it doesn't matter what you did in college. It's even I. Agree I couldn't agree more always thought it was stupid but you know again and you WanNa lock him down. I feel like I would have just gave them the bare minimum like if if if last quarterback twenty nine and a half yeah because this is a gift, you can get him. What does the thing though I just gave all that money? How can I don't? Know the player after this, you can you I mean, that's that's you know we always talk about like similar litigious as things in an and the math in the accounting I just feel to lock forty, five, million dollars. So this is the thing to I don't know if you know. So let's pretend so that you could get smart about it this year all you have, and it only goes up incrementally you have two hundred and twenty million. As. Your Cap you gave forty five of that too one guy. A year. That's aggressive. Right you. Bet Right I mean I think he's going to probably work out for them. They got lucky. Right. Players on the starting lineup three three. Oh, love to learn more about the life of operate like if you're owning. Veer owner operator of a professional sports team what the fuck what like do Agreeing deal you mark Cuban, right if you. That's it because he's a he's somebody that we think we know right straight Cubans like the guy right here. That would be I. Mean fucking. Would you do that? If you, own a team and manage. Was the team and you thought it was worth it would you pay a guy forty-five? Mil. Yeah. Because he got. To here's the KUPA. Here's the thing. Let's think about it like business people of billion dollar enterprises. They have. Mathematical models and shit that they can take the projected revenue off of non-playing things like memorabilia and licensed deals and all that other shit. They come having Hugh wannabes him I wonder if being sean right sense that if he fucking. Policy. Walmart is taking turns policies under their managers. Yeah. Yeah. For sure fact. Yeah I liked that. So but from a business standpoint, I'm sure they have models that were they can predict. All that Shit I mean it makes sense to as much of a science can read. Boxes, you're going to fuck yoursel jerseys. You'RE GONNA fuck and Sell Grow Jersey Central. Jersey. You'RE GONNA get every young. He's fucking we had. Him For sure any. Hot, s girlfriend. So. Like. All. Proper and doesn't do bad things. Now that some I think you're going to think about that guy that's from Seattle okay. Russell's yeah. Russell. Cro Right. Right. Yeah Was So funny about that. I, tell my my lady about this all the time. overrated. Is The stepdaddy to the? Futures Kid. How crazy is that bro? Talking about again, enterprising and everything like that and Zany things. But as for Zany, right, let's go 'cause I I. This is I didn't even know poor this. So this is going to be great because I love this guy. is going to sound weird. Yeah. Bit. So Chris was worth. is going to be Hogan and let me tell you guys. This is probably my favorite wrestler of all time who who doesn't love Hogan Right? Whole call. That's my childhood. Right when he was the the biker Hogan, I'm not a fan. Interviewing Luigi. Aweso. First Principal Hogan with a BOA is amazing. With a Boa what you see as the love that show ooh and his daughter's home I got his daughters hot. First of all I, I was such a junk email. To. Smoking. Didn't his son kill somebody by the way kids? That's a really interesting luck. Sunday dime. Yes. Sir and you know it's crazy when he had that rant about his daughter dating black guys he got kicked out of the Wwe Hall of fame and it's nuts to see that I least and and he hit that scandal remember again within chick that he had to go to court for. Shapur somebody was trying to drop sex Tayo he's straight. Up, that whole newspaper then nuts and he got all that bread and I'm you know what? It's fine because I was happy you try to destroy my guy of do the same thing right I mean if you if someone posted a sex video me and my wife. I'm. Going to ownership it wasn't of his wife it was a sex video of him on his wife. Oh Day. Let's. Hit I'm getting. Sketchy. Allies like wait a minute is. s no longer a legal matter. Right yeah for sure. So. Through through all of that I was just kind of happy I would have never guessed who the fuck you would have casted to play him but I'm happy. It was Chris Hemsworth casting because Chris Hemsworth is a fucking giant. Here's the crazy I was reading that he's saying that his workout routine to become a Koga is more intangible. I was reading today your. Hogan has twenty eight inch python. You know what I think. He was talking about that because I know a lot of trainers was talking about the fucking eating because you gotTa Puke. Eat all of that I don't think he's worried about so much about the workout. Bro I gotta bulk bro You take an thousand fucking twenty thousand. I don't even know the map so. Right to. Do that do that before the fucking morning workout three times a day. The. His name. Oh. Man We're getting off topic. Of strong men, right. Like I watch these Brian Sean Eddie Hall and all these they're buddies. Channels. But they'll do shit like like a navy seal number lagging swap diet through the navy seal, the amount of fucking food these guys, and then they have a rule you always work out on a full stomach. See I never. Got You there. How the? Dead. Lift eight hundred pounds if you just took out like seventy. Six pieces of toast a lot they hot chocolate pound bag pet like. You got to train yourself for that Kinda show. Also we get. You'RE GONNA get fatigued after eating like that all the fucking time and mean mentally fatiguing. The one guy says he's like he's like at some point, he's this. Not even fooding it's just it's it's fuel. They just shovel it in like the one guy has a dozen eggs, two cups of rice and a cup of OATMEAL was catch. You brought up in a bowl just. Oh and then he goes and works for the sugar. Then he goes and works out and then after that, he has like it's like a pound of beef and Broccoli. Arnold Shit Arnold Shit. Water being in his shit just you imagine the these men's wives has to do. There's a video. On the ones for he farts in the car and she's like. Honestly, crying in tears smell so bad. I probably like someone smack in the face. Robert robbings I should do that shit what he totally think. To build to be a strong but look that the. Short Short, not short but shorter than they would be but I still think he's got the bill to this is the thing in my opinion bro, like looking at all the math and shit, you can totally accomplish that with an athletic built it serves. Like Boston because think about it right like. ASCII was very athletic. He was rigged right dominated for years many actually ammen didn't do too bad because some of those do they just Like. Yeah but you like my main, really what we at home a lot of them are starting to trend out a lot of them are starting to get right because otherwise instagram. Training and Shit on top of heavy lifting and throwing. Big Guys you know you couldn't move them with a truck. That's not that's not the point. They're not there to look like all new. Listen I know that there's a John for all of that stuff and everything like that but I'm just saying. They are they're starting to train. For Gene he could still not anything but. A little bit more. I. Don't want to be a big fat guy forgot. There's a guy look. There's a guy we could google after the guy named Kevin knee. WHO's my height who was? Smaller strongman to compete at five, ten to eighty. And we know I way to fifty. Now you'd have to put that's a lot of fun I have a lot of weight to lose gaining right. There's a lot of. Muscle. You're right. You're talking about like here city like in high school I was in seventeen I put up three fifty. Strongest Fuck. So I have the muscle whatever the whatever they had a lot of natural shrimp. Yeah. Which I would love to do with former strategy. Bro I know I'm lazy. It's called. It's called a shadow definitely throwing hay bail right? Thing is like I. I would love to get down to fighting way Rodney's Roberts way one sixty as the way I used to one six but I think this is gonNa Sound Crazy I. Bet you get there if you ate better. Years I can eat whatever I want but my how. Kept me. Forty broker. Might Alkaline doozy hasn't kept me at the gym for two hours a day six days. I, love your show. I'm like Oh. Man worked out someone figuring how many documents you have. Three. Them. That's another thing to forget about. Let's think about this is crazy. We'll. We'll shift it out of this but. Forget about eating. It's even about drinking. You can't have what you like these do the drinking fucking water all day. That's it. That's it. That's. because. You but the thing that you actually supposed to be thirsty for right you're. Not Grabbing. You're. Talking. It's not so much as like the food I eat it's more of the amount of sugar I consumer today like a soda has shit. Five pro that's what kills us all. Seventy eight percent of your daily intake processed sugar is a can of soda and I drink a six pack a day. If I bro felt like twenty, five grams a day what you're supposed to have I'm trying to get done sugar. A can of coke forty. Can't die Dr Pepper the he forty two years old. And you not twenty ounces. You're my fucking brother-in-law. God bless us all I love him. He's a great guy. He's actually like a real sweet guy you. This your wife's sister's husband by sister's husband. Works for Tesla Yeah A. Pro He'll drink. Three. To four leaders amount to days. He started into of all things. Like I'll ask we always ask. fucker. You have diabetes I'm sorry but no Pepsi Pepsi is a crackhead jerk that's way to sugar for me man I like it. because. I actually I've limited sugar so much for myself now, but I don't allow I. don't. Like I'll. fucking fucking. Omega. God a FRESCA way too much if I want to go to the Taco Shop Mica. Half. Would be so mad at me. Yeah. Jamaica. Say Like how much? Some. Your thinking of. CHATA. Right. No. No I always say it's the J. M. The red one. Yeah. Mica I always say like how much? Unless. It's hibiscus flower T it's amazing. You should try it. For sure Bro. A Lotta that concentrated fucking sugar water was definitely implemented by somebody to be in the fucking hood to do every quarter of water and fucking fifty cents Soda, they don't get that. I should I hear there's an old documentary on Netflix move on from this. Documentary Netflix's about it called. Magic. Pill. Okay. Talk About Sugar Ohana. Propagandize, six hundred definitely watching guys it's fucking crazy. It'll really fucked with your to me you know me. I'm always like yelling about the WHO and the. The fucking. FDA. fucking. Crooks Bro. And when it comes to sugar, you're talking like like paid off labs made forced to come up with the results that were that were required. So Trust your government but also you know, maybe you don't trust your government. Oh. Man. I'm trying it. From my height I gotta get down to about one forty and that would be like I have not been that five foot one everybody I am five five bitches. Actually. I'm I'm probably closer to five four and a half. anyways. But the fight like my current weight, I'd be fighting you know people who are like six Bro I'd be fighting fucking John Jones I'm good. Speaking fighting getting to fighting has the reach on John John Lewis. Freakish. Arms it's crazy all those stuff. Bro. I just finished watching to give a little love to somebody else real quick and I I won't. Well, I don't know yeah. I'm just thinking about how I wanNA say fuck it. I'll give it anyway. So was listening to Tim Ferriss. Right. And he had hugh Jackman Umbro Bro. I think I'm in love with you. Jack Monroe L. He's great. The nicest. Genuinely Nice. Hollywood rodway like he's a fucking nightmare. But if you hear his story through this podcast, Bro, this do shit. Like you would've thought I guess we forgot because he became moving that he's had very humble. I'd like Oh. Yeah. And it was it was a breath of fresh air through all this bullshit. My wife's favorite part is that he's still married to the same rule forever she she listened to it. Yeah. She's just she's knows all. or read, but it's awesome because he's a fucking Megastar, and if you look at his wife, not exactly heat expect him to be with he's like. He's is ended up blowing the fuck up right like, but he's just a genuinely nice guy. I love hearing. Nash it other than to this fucking Dick Because like your. we ran on this, but people like famous people who are assholes come on a bunch of your being a fucking country who made you famous? These days careful someone to find some shit on. Ten years ago. That's. At least that's the cool thing about that one part of it that they could get you on that because it's like dude, don't be a Dick 'cause we're we're buying your movies were buying your jerseys were buying your stuff what's going to take you for you to stop? You don't even if it's a mob, endorse it, embrace it pro then I'm going to kill you want to do is high and you see high back to them they will lose his shit many times I see on twitter. Happy over like. A load of you. Funny though is like this is a lot of comics are coming down with the cove is now who tell me why? Has it off Shit Bryan callen houses. I heard there are other boy Fuck I love everything was. They did a festival in Florida and hundreds of people in the room. No shared the same Mike. What we do with a cancer survivor. that. was performing with them all by the way I'm GonNa sit out there today right now not to Segue, but it's it's news and it's it's effective new to the team, my grandmother tested positive for covert. Shoot, but she is What does it cost a symptom? Good that's good right? It's not good right better. It's Better. And she's like oldest fuck. So does she have to stay away from? We don't even know this is a whole new beginning, but I was just saying that like surprise cast to be cared for. In a nursing home and the nursing homes with one of the first home we're. That the first things to get lockdown, why nursing homes according to what I've read the why they had so many problems was because I. Think. It was Cuomo who regulating some of the people who were like in Laissez remission of Kovin. Putting them in. Old folks homes, and that's how it started to really really really gain traction in spreading because they started doing that a lot in New York and so I guess like you know the medical staff I'm GonNa sit specifically blaming them but there was a loss of translation in let's say handling and care and instead of the blow of more and more. But yeah, it was a little scared for me just kind of reminded me because we're talking about like casualties and I remember we for people on the show they're gonNA know. It's been almost a year that we've been friends. So we all know at least three of us and. We talked to hold time about we didn't really know anybody that got affect you like this was the first one was like, okay boom but then a thank God from what we know it wasn't like she cove and I'm like Oh shit on fuck. But now it's like Oh can you got covert mature? Matic and now you're telling me all these freaking. Comedies a comedian's going down. The NHL has guys testing positive. Then Melby got. Responsible to like Brennan, shop was on a bike ride post on instagram today with no mass comm like Hazy Dick, said Yes to doing man look all I think about when I see people who are that selfish is I have a ninety seven year old grandma that lives with my mom that sometimes doesn't have a choice and has to go to the fucking doctor for Shit Right now. And She's a situation where she can't go if she goes somewhere and one asshole decided to be an asshole and gets her sick she's fucked. Yep just because you want your you, you're fucking liberty like what about fucking seatbelts? What about if you live in San Diego you can't even smoke cigarettes in certain municipalities. Like there's so much more important, shit the fuck and worry about right now everyone just needs to shut the fuck up and put a fucking mask on. It's not that fucking hard. It's not just don't get it all this bullshit. You see about it hurts your oxygen that's a lie. Flat out of. Propaganda technical professionals in my family and thinking about this. Okay. So mass causes you to have brain damage or hurt your fucking breeding. So how come all the surgeons, nurses, doctors, welders, dentists, dental sustained actually work fucking construction workers, carpenters, metalworkers, painters. Guys that do fucking car-bombing Karmic. I mean, how many professions fucking Massey Days. They're not all brain dead oxygen deprived morons walking around I wonder where that story decided to get traction from I wanNA wear a K. Yeah we're fucking from this is the thing is going to be a source of everything I'm set about it. Now you're killing people you on Newstalk motherfuckers that they're making legit like but the people that are sitting inside of these department stores without mass legitimately believed they read something. That said. that it was harmful. Come on Bro that's fucked up permanent twitter listen. It sucks because you know I had one time in my in my show notes Robin. Thinks people are stupid. In the Bio but but. Sometimes always makes me reflect because I'm like damn that's fucked up that you really believe that story that you didn't go an extra mile. And maybe go watch with someone else saying. Right. Google it Bro. Some like. The Tito Ortiz this This dude, and we can compound this guy come up. And you have people people with powerful influence saying the Shit Tito. Ortiz. Retreat retreating this shit from some stupid ass fucking doctor. WHO's a nobody likes guys. Because it deprives oxygen and Bob. No it doesn't stop us your fucking head. Think of all the questions that. It is a hundred percent. It's his ears sponsor of Kanye West tweeting. He's going to be president. Because the second is going to be a fucking Canadian podcast happening somewhere in Vancouver because. I. Would vote. West. But it would only A. More but at the end of the day, I definitely definitely agree whether I like. Yours music. Look. At shirt fuck and run this country in the middle of the shit that we're in. Shit, and nobody's ever. A type of politician that job by that can lie to you and you smile because you're you just don't know someone who's that good and you Joe Biden. Isn't my first choice but I would choose over trump unfortunately that's. I don't know I'm not I'm not disparaging in here but isn't. Conway diagnosed bipolar. I mean, do we really? Want something. Hold on if you have a medical issue like that, are you even legible? Change Dot Org petition right now to have all future presidents psychologically screen which police have to go through the president. Behold on police have to go through and have you seen him lately and I was saying, no, you don't. Play screen agreed. I feel like those tests update little. You can't be president just because you're forty three and you're a US price, you fucking crazy about guys keep pushing the limits because we talked about earlier to bring him back because you bought back car that story line I don't know why more people don't think like Yo I'm an animal why would it be president? Right like why is it always because his mother run right I love those eight to run president running president only takes money to run for other shit you have to be a politician. Why wouldn't I? Mean Dude. Some of these things like for example, if the RAKA backed. Past. If. Only be like celebrities, for example, because the last celebrity that went in was Reagan and. Shit right now. Oprah best chance of winning. She would crush anybody. To me and so look let's do a Oprah Bill Gates over gate people hate gates to kind of trouble I'm on. All right now, we're into a whole new. Pair with Oprah. I opened a president who's the VP what would she? Order Party. Obviously. Fairly almost social. Crap haven and should be given on cars and shit. I'm wait. Wait. Wait now that. Is over none them. Are. And I'm thinking let's go. Oh This. Is Little. Bit Of. But she's been on the prior prior to. I would've been that would have been powerful women women. You know that you've got black women and black less. Oh, O-. Oprah. Michelle. Obama while actually I'm getting married. So hold on because you put that ticket, you might have to reverse that ticket. If he has a put a bomb on Oprah, because Mrs Obama has definitely way more don't want. Respect for her she's that's what I'm saying you would have to switch taste for Michelle Obama. Animal. I'm Kinda like you're not in the presidency anymore showed up i. don't care about you know. By the way thank you everybody for allowing diversity different opinions say three three unique perspective. What you have? Oh I really don't give a shit I'm like, okay. You're done your husband's president anymore. Why do we? Should care a little bit only because listen to this I wouldn't care but to sue the secret service follow these ten. So he's the fact that whispered the tax dollars technically on then I would be interested. Why pretentious? That you every time you buy. fucking. Pay Taxes. It's Crazy. It's a game you don't pay. Pay Taxes. Every time you buy a Goddamn fucking thing that get you get the city though I mean I watch she has a lot of poise. She's dealt with I was surprised. She didn't do it but it looked like it was already an a strain on Mr. Obama. Also, it's a crazy thing or should say former president Obama because I, think that's how they referred to my guy You really got beat for eight years being with that and you gotta come back and do that I was surprised. Look look what Hillary did. Hillary took a little time. Switch to get. into. Mrs Obama had any notions getting back. It's politics. I got you. Okay. So let's bring back. Who Else? Who Else? Misses over. So this is a thing right who was powerful or whose Kalindi during her era, right? We ought to think about people in it had to be on it would be another. CELEB-, right? Yeah. Right in. Thing. Here's what's cool. Here's what I here's a reefs. Road. Just, because they like. The Rock. Johnson, the Rock, there you go. The Rock right now would be probably more currently this ticket, but I, think that. With what she's dealt with in her past in the sense of being in the media of four, she polly go before I. Yeah. So okay. Yeah I'm thinking like. Oprah that's a slap. What about Jay Z.. Jay. Z. C. CJ is looking like if anybody would about basis. Right. Right. What about Mark Bazo smart Cuban card by the way I'm not surprised Cuban. Oh I think he would win. These visas he said Mark. Mark Mark Cuban. Jesus. Fact. Checker Robin. Year. Just checking. Fight, should. Up. Amen that is my goal if I can make somebody look stupid everyday. I've had a good day. Cool a lot right now I wouldn't go to make a bunch of money. That's so stupid. You're gonNA start small me. But yeah. Okay. So I wouldn't even know what I would say you'd have to be like a George Clooney Brad Pitt I. think it'd be civil. We're talking about what I don't want to is for this to turn into something second Hollywood. Sure. Look I. Think I'm surprised Jones Clooney hasn't come out. Judge has like a crazy a background where his family's been in the show Biz long time and I'm not saying that's a qualifier but he came in with a rough upbringing in the sense of yeah. He was like given this oath but eastern on facts of life and they didn't blow up into like another twenty years later on fucking. John George Clooney when I hear facts of life but. The TV show. Yeah, right. Yeah I think Blair. Not George Clooney. Thank you. Gary One of them. Everybody. Bud George Clooney retired. Blew up in the recognize them and goes through all of that right and then I, mean, this guy has been around some movies are shakers. I think he was a big. Proponent for for Obama, there's no way to pay into that one hundred percent, right so so he's around that. He's A. He was an ocean of doors and run a living guys. Jersey me he's like. I, wish I was his. Friends all he's great when he sold his Tequila Company, he gave each of his best friends. Either ten or one, hundred, million dollars. Like cash taxes paid. As a gift Chris Thank you for being. Chris Tucker for President I want smokey up there. Joe Apart. Definitely not as. You eight minutes six seconds right which one eight minutes forty, six seconds yes. Sir. Dave, Chapelle? Yes sir. I I've actually had to what? Ship Hell. Rogan no no no. No fuck that you got to go oprah you gotta go opera chapelle. Game Yeah. Right. Everyone's fuck is because Oprah. Pill nobody story I'm the motherfucker move to Africa because so pissed off with the way Hollywood. The Best Line of his shit and it wasn't this one was the one previous because he couldn't say the F. Word. But he could say the N. Word and she was like you're not an F. so you can't say F. by the way I'm not an N. word either. Right. That was that was the shit he was dealing with at comedy central. That's bullshit. Right come on. So does he said he had a brief. Speaking of comedy central you see the bringing back Beavis and butthead all you tweeted you text me I found that interesting. So the question, right this is like the fifth time. Third Time. There was the earthy offensive before. I remember the go. So, they were offensive for the Times right compared to South Park family. Archer now here's the they like the godfathers on the low of that ship. Simpson's wants the triple og on the block. But but to be. GOING, but but to be like shitty drawing and not giving fuck you compare Simpson's the abuse by the Toyota shower. Diz Right. In, my head start on MTV. was their nighttime late in the know. On board, right? Yeah. They were like a short I believe believe. Okay. So one, I, love these not on every show is hilarious. The movie was fired still take. I really watched it before I came over here it was on. It was. Because Net flicks no festival fleet you guys are going to get a better rotation. Older movies. Private Parts listed on there all the time, and then we'll be right. Beavis and butthead came out in theaters. My mom let me stay home from school to those seen in movies by the way. If moms if mom ever listens to this show. Thank you so much. That was super. Cool. For. Like Robin on the side note Robbins mom raised thirty five check. Hoodlum children. Mom. All homeys and everyone had that was the House Sounds like my mom and she feeds jobs there'd be like twelve kids there for numerous times. With your parents come over to my. Other wake up bless those bombs to. Do that kind of stuff. They don't get enough love because they have that open arm for the kids that don't have that Shit. That's what I'm saying, right? But. we're. GonNa. Go. By. It was a ninety s I believe yet. The show was canceled because people were doing this shit that they were doing on the show. There was one episode not it wasn't. Wasn't that there's an episode where they put a firecracker in a cat's ass. Or something like that Listen but you Just, throw shea to to those people at the time and to foreshadow it more in the nineties you heard they shit all the time it wasn't just butthead. The program all right into that, right. But a lot of people were so silly that everything they seen on TV and they'll do it. Yeah. Still didn't. Come on the focusing type Jackass and all that Shit. That's motherfuckers laundry detergent. Yeah. That's all you need to say. That but everybody does right I mean think about this right to get back to the corona grow who posted in her freaking. Private jet of her boyfriend looking the toilet so she could get corona say, fucking. Toyota Cleans. Got Them example corona on a six. fucking doesn't matter. It's a fucking G six. If you fucking told me, you leaked a fucking virgin virgin because I like those guys but a southwest. Corner Bowl. Losing. Of Virgin Airline fucker. something. That's more high traffic right like American Airlines to. All right. All right. Delta continental, Shit like that don't. Catch the. What I'm seeing so don't book and posts a bullshit, and this is the thing that I'm saying that people try to shift I'll. Lick a fresh toilet that's been sitting at home depot that no one's ever touched. Second Grape out of moderate Robert says. Yes definitely by the way I was like, no. Way Because? The killing Macho show this shit too. So by the way, I was sure sleep. It's nice. I don't think we could glorify women anymore. Isn't that fucked up? We're. Not. Yes yes. No, you're not even allowed to. Without permission correct my man so i. Can't say I. Would. Go this pulled out of the show. That might be offensive to some people. This is the thing you know what the parliament and and I'm not saying that it's problem I should say better things but ever since the Epstein Shit went off and the Hashtag new to move. I'm just saying like now they started to grow into a different thing where. Women. In I don't know you know that's their thing and I don't WanNa say something to crazy but. It's offensive. Bro, and so we gotta lock it up, which is crazy. We'll probably have that out. We'll make a joke of it though. Yeah. You can't mean that name. She's a beautiful girl. You asshole bleeper ever will still laugh and it'll be less offensive. Listen I. It's just so funny because it should not shedding light on the double. ENTENDRE. Dislike link the I get you what fucking hi I'm really high. Added Chateauroux. Metals. Such A. This is like those. Those gummy bears fuck. You rolled out revenue done Okay. We need a date so I can posted for the week community illicitly it's got it's gotta be okay. Friday. Okay. Okay. So okay. Okay. Okay. Now, what do I gotTa wait where? You spend. You got a whole garage. Abundantly, found was very weird. The first we heard this argument where I was like he has no job like. Now. Wait for the weekend. For. Click and my head and I'm like. I guess. Hangover from edible it's not it's not a thing. No. I've never had over and I've done a thousand milligrams. About driving home and I. Drive home if I fuck and you should take it easy too bad too bad. So fucking lead on the garden show next episode. None, Chuck Robbins Jobs, minerals just these guys are not a fun. Shout out to my boys at Christie Punch all by the way a cushy punch. I. Well, we need to do an episode like high yeah that that's you but. cushy yes. Yes. I like to. Yeah, when I was GONNA say fuck the Patriarchy but that doesn't really make sense we're talking about music. Okay. What would you call like overreaching arm of the music if that makes it so we can't play good music on this motherfucker. I didn't that was good enough the way center right there. I mean it just I get what you're saying don't fire Well, we at one an hour and six minutes in. All right. Thank you so much for joining us again on hanging Braids podcast Dustin Robertson. Jake. As always we really appreciate you guys listening Robin Get, IT, right? Yeah. Robin I don't forget guys. We're brought to you by sharp finances dot org. Know www go to shop your car insurance home insurance threads insurance gets a mortgage quotes all that shit that's a pain in your ass they make it super easy. Go check him out shot finances dot org know www and if you're bored you WANNA bullshit on twitter at hanging underscore brains and Yeah. That's. A good week ago. Off.

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Episode  24 Interview with Keith DeCandido

Authors In Chains

53:58 min | 2 years ago

Episode 24 Interview with Keith DeCandido

"Welcome dauthers and chains by writers or writers hosted by Jr and Rob Davies Gleevec a crime and Ray failing on episode twenty four of offers and chains. We we welcome the talented key de Candido. All right so so we are here with key. Ra Geo author extraordinaire. The the hired gun the man behind both for Supernatural Alien Star Trek his own series as well dragging pre saying Unicorn Precinct Griffin Griffin precinct and the newest one mermaid retain. So it's a bit of a different spin on what we usually do. Because most of us here kind kind of kind of constrained by anything yet a lot of your books you tend to have to be constrained by a cannon which is kind of cool and I gotta say I mean some some great it great intellectual properties Supernatural Star Trek L.. Man I mean that is awesome. So so how did you get into that Batman before before we start. I have to say that my last name is pronounced Candido. Actually go to Canada. I'm sorry looking at me. I always about it. Everybody gets that Roy. Fifty Years I've spent fifty years correcting people mispronouncing it. I suspect that we'll spend the next fifty years directing people mispronouncing it. Well Life Anyway. I actually got started doing this on the editorial side. One of my first jobs that I had when I was in my twenties was working for the late. Byron Price was book packager and he when I worked for him I was one of his Editors of science hines fiction fantasy and stuff and so I- edited a bunch of different media. Tie Ins stuff. The different properties that Byron had acquired most Especially I was the editor of line of Marvel Comics based novels and short story on politics so we did like Spiderman novels. An expert novels avengers novels and Captain America novels and Ironman novels and all sorts of health baffles in fact prior I I was the editor responsible offers we did or about fifty books. both both like I said novels and short story anthologies and I I like to say that prior to two thousand eight it was the large it was the largest interconnected series of marvel comics stories. Done outside of comics and then Kevin in fact so Oh that's unlike any every other There've been other people who done marvel and also DC based aced Superhero novels based on those heroes. Ma The one I did for Byron back then was the only one where it was it was a it had its own internal continuity And so yeah I. I was doing that before school. But Anyway I got your you run the gambit. Yeah you run the gambit of them just all kinds of stuff. The I got started writing it actually. With one of the first projects. We did with marvel which was Spiderman letterman anthology where now a little background Byron had spent eighteen months negotiating. This deal with marvel. This was back when marvel was its own corporate entities before Disney bought them but they were still a long way from a teacher in Philadelphia where he went. Yeah I know it's crazy. But he they still they were they were they. Were the the big scary monster. The comics industry and they it took a while to negotiate all terms of licensing deal so when he finally happened he wanted those books out as fast as humanly possible to start earning earning some of that money back so we did a novel by Diane Duane. Call the benefactor and then we're also putting together a short story in biology with this nineteen ninety-four so this was called the ultimate spider man. This is before marvel ultimate sign so we. We actually did that first. We had a cover for the when it AH had spiderman and four of his billions on it. It had a doctor octopus. The Lizard the vulture add venom. We had a doctor octopus story. We had add a vulture Surrey had a lizard story. We did not have a venom story. This was not for lack of trying. We had sent okay like six different the proposals by six different authors tomorrow and they rejected all of them. Now what are you putting together. We're on a good when when you're dealing with any kind of licensed property Like of the type that I that I've made my career since then. Everything has to be approved by people who own and particularly and when you're dealing in the early stages of it where everybody's still sort of getting used to what they want and they don't want and what they're doing it's hard to figure out to get. Sometimes it's harder to get stuff tough approved in the initial stages so we were we were just hitting a brick wall with with the venom stories and finally we said to them. Look what do you want to see. They gave us a sentence. At this point. We're past the eleventh hour. At the time I was on Bettencourt we were. We were working together on the books and then he left the company shortly after that but basically we didn't have time to assign to anybody so the two of US wrote it and that was how I sold my first short story. Basically last minute aditorial desperation and I wasn't story all evening being in the Bronx with venom and it came out the ultimate Spiderman in nineteen ninety. Four twenty five years ago and and And it all went downhill from there. So I Novel was novel that was part of the line which was called venoms wrath which I wrote with them art and stories for the line ferry in silver surfer and until also spiderman and the ultimate hulk and X. Men legends. They did a a couple of short stories or some other follies magic the gathering anthology for doctor who went biology right and then the spiderman with a couple of Hercules novels and then. It's like a snowball going down the hill. The more work you do the more likely to get more work because does with tie in fiction. You not only have to be a good writer you have to also be able to satisfy licensors and you have to be able to hit deadlines because time fiction meticulous. It was very deadline focused. So you need to be able and I was able to do that myself. Generally got approved very quickly and without many changes which editors there's like that I was able to read anything go ahead. Who Does the editing UNQ- Whoever Publishing House I mean that's the tie in fiction Unlike with original fiction tie in fiction starts with the publisher the publisher goes out and gets the rights to do books based on a particular property ended with marvel like Simon and Schuster did with with Viacom back then back in nineteen eighty one And they still have that same license. you know like Random House did with the Lucasfilm now Disney for star wars and so on it's what what Warner Brothers did with Titan for supernatural if it starts with whoever owns it come to ownership tournaments are you also the ownership. It's the publishing evidence. Whoever somebody at the publishing company is given the assignment to edit the book's based on that particular property one example that was an interesting one that I did back in twenty thirteen I think was asleep The the Fox show sleepy hollow houses mentioned that one. Yeah I did what turned out to be the only sleepy hollow novel random. The House acquired the rights to do sleepy hollow. Tian's two books one was a novel that I did and one was The the secret diary of kebob Crane which Alex Irvine and end when Random House the rights they assigned it to an editor whose resume whose whose primary stuff that she edited was historical fiction which is why they thought she would be a good fit for it but she'd never done tien she makes sense. Yeah no it did. Actually that that worked in in in our favor and she was great to work but she didn't know Italian field. She'd never done so she did. Research one of the NCAA approached a bunch of different people including me. I think the main reason why she went after me because because I did the supernatural novels and and I wound up getting the GIG mostly because I was the only one who didn't quail at the deadline. everybody else's like Gee I don't know can you give me two weeks or A. And they couldn't. It was a hard deadline because they wanted it released at the same. The time is the debut of the second season of the show. And when I heard that yeah okay number and hit deadlines good deadline and I got one thing. I've been dying asked. I'm in dynamic. I don't don't don't die okay. Resident Evil Extinction addiction resident evil apocalypse. You're seated for the books now. We're those the books that got turned into the movies and you know so. How did that? The movie built the book after the movie. Okay I didn't know about the dates but yeah yeah now I did. Actually three of them there was also we build it as president but it was the first resident evil film Two Thousand and one I think and then in two thousand and four It did apocalypse and then in two thousand seven extinction There is you wrote the book I in all three cases I was given the script ripped and And I wrote a novel based on it You gotTA take one trip to turn into a pros a novel. Yeah the one an actually the the interesting thing about that is when you do a movie novelization. I've done a few. You have to add stuff you. A movie doesn't have have as much story as a novels. You don't have the thought of the character you don't have on the motivations but also just the actual the actual story being told us not a novels worth of story usually whenever somebody that's novel into a into a movie they always cut stuff which is why we have never seen true unappointed point. That's true as you decree filler. Yeah and in in some cases it's it's easier than others when I did serenity. I had all of fourteen hours a firefly to play with as additional backstory to work in. Listen Evil I had to basically come up with backstories for several of the characters for extinction. Though that was that was a great experience because at the end of the second movie of apocalypse the new Brighton City. And that was it. Like supposedly everything was fine. They contained it. They blew up the city and every every so you know everybody lived happily ever after we watched out about six months ago. Yeah I love the timeline. Now Yeah and then extinction comes Out and designed the apocalypse like wait a minute. How did from saving so the producer fields and yeah it they said go ahead and fill that gap bridge between the end of apocalypse beginning extinction? In addition they also specifically asked me to do something with the character of Joe Valentine because the actress who played Astana Miller was not available for extinction. They wanted it for it but she she. She wasn't available but then one of the character the around for potential future movies so they asked me to to give her a subplot. Basically couldn't cure but you couldn't have Renault attacker off dad's ear but now the civically wanted to keep the character available for future movies. So they said give her giver to let us know what she was doing so we did and about that. It's like yeah it's gotta be crazy. You did do a farscape books to go back a bit man. I'm a huge farscape man. I love that show. That was that was one of my favorite projects to work on Oh God I got to to do. That was a comic book that I did for three years with rock. Now bannon where they made the Cheryl and he and I got to work. We rock me. Because that's huge. I I love my God. That was awesome boots huge. You kidding working with her right there is just forget everything else that everything else do gives us shit. They got with rock at school right there. We used end that right there. But we've talked about gave you the greatest love story ever was the Paul Story ever these great. He was great to work with he was it was a lot of fun working with him on the farscape comics he had some wonderful ideas and it was true collaboration he he came up with the huge. He's so so much. Stop this girl literally. Yeah I would have been able to talk to buddy. Buddy pass. He would he. Would we write the script. And then we'd go over it on the phone and about it would take about two hours to go over. The shirt of which one hour was actually truly going over the script and the other hour was exchanging punts so awesome to Kim conversations. Rodney he is also responsible for my favorite note. I've ever gotten anything I've written as as as if you're a fan of I then you know that bodily fluids are a very important part of the show Yes they are yes. TV Show in the history of television where a character's flaming P. is the solution to that week's problem. Oh I remember that I actually do. Yes I remember that. One of the mini series that we did had had the crew suffering from a virus that made them aggressive and angry. And okay that's cool so I'm doing I'm doing Breakdown of the plot of each issue Rodney just gave me a general overview for the four issue storyline. I'm doing a more page by page breakdown of how the plots going to go before for I saw the script and I did and one thing I added was that the cure they come up with one of the side effects. Is You throw. Throw it because it's farscape right you know and the note wherever far helium gradual. So I it. From Rodney is love the Puke who doesn't love Puke. I could see a note. Yeah the builder of the Red Pen. Yes yes forty yes. He was being he also came up with the idea that Moyer pukes rainbows the beautifully okay ship shinbones. That's awesome. Who Doesn't love that? That's just being written. I'll man this killer. Who who else have you worked with? I didn't even know you. We're GONNA rock awesome. Are you having. Oh you bet it directly. I mean I've worked with most of the science. You know you work with somebody in licensing department if you know and if Iraqi you might get to work with with somebody origin the show every once in a while I've gotten to a couple of years ago I went. NBC revived heroes. They did the YEP Basically a bunch of US did novellas that were released that were companion pieces to it and I didn't realize like we're getting notes from one of the producers. I didn't realize until the show was on the air of it was the show runner. Giving me the nuts getting awesome. Oh and I can't remember his name. I feel like an idiot but it was the guy right under Tim Crane you know The Guy was actually running the day to day of the show and we were and and this was this was great it was and this is becoming more common. It didn't used to be We were kept in the loop on everything happening. We kept getting script revisions as they were coming in so we could make sure all our stories were as up to date and accurate as possible which was wonderful. That's that's becoming more commonplace. It used to be that studios view tie. Am Fiction as relevancy that they didn't really pay any attention to but getting more and more people now Running the TV shows who grew up reading title fiction. They grew up reading star Trek novels. They grew up reading comic books exactly the immune system and they want and they want it to be you know as cool as possible. The Star Trek Discovery Novels. That are being done right now. By Simon and Schuster Are being done in collaboration with the writing staff. One of the of the writing staff of discoveries obvious Kirsten Beyer crapped out now and she's been making sure that the novel's closely what's happening in the TV show as possible she's doing continuity. Yeah Yeah and and also you know helping them you know come up with you know all right. What do we want to see in the wall? You know step on what we're doing on the show but can supplement the show in one way or another and it's worked out beautifully so far the another person I got to work with. I did a world of warcraft novel. And tuck graphical back about fifteen years ago And I got to work directly with Chris. Medicine who was at the time was the guy in charge of the story development for all of Yup properties. Chris Great He was an absolute joy to work with and then and then he left Lizard shortly thereafter and then suddenly blizzard. They changed direction and I wound up not doing any more work for them but but the experience of the last expansion. Yeah yeah the the the experience of working with Chris was great and Chris also recommended me for a game gaming. And I'm working in right now that I can't really talk about yet but Experience it's fun. It's a lot of fun working being with the level collaboration that you get could be a lot of fun all right when it's when it's done right you know. How do you honestly honestly because I know when I do? When I'm writing a book in my series I go back and read the books on my series to make sure also screwing up doing something wrong? How do you take something like supernatural for natural with like sixteen seasons and you you have to craft a novel? I mean seriously. Do you like binge-watch Sixteen seasons before you're right what do you do I mean. He doesn't I can't imagine the digital leverage novel the season so I could just sit down and watch four seasons at the time I was doing supernatural. There wasn't as much my my The novels I wrote during the second season third season emphasis season so yes could still been to watch it because there was enough to be manageable when I'm doing what I'm doing star Trek novel. Obviously I don't watch every single our every single star trek episodes. Yeah in that particular case what I will do is I will choose episodes that relate to what I'm writing about Okay if there's something that ties into specifically doesn't always sometimes it's just a straight up standalone adventure in which case I'll read it. I'll watch a couple of episodes of the show. It's signed into just to get the voices in my head because that's a very important part of writing. Any kind of tie in fiction is character. Voices because like if it's is your own character that you've created you know what they sound like an and you and somebody says you're getting it wrong you can say well screw created it on the other hand if I writer John John Lewis Card in a way. That doesn't sound like Patrick. Stewart would say that's going to be a problem. You are John Lewis Kirk. You're going to have a broad example. I did a star Trek Novella which teamed up card and Cisco which they never made on the pass. The first nine episodes no you because when you're doing tie in fiction actor availability doesn't matter because Cisco and Picard had that whole problem because the Oregon incident and and I wanted to follow up on that and there was. There's what they're taking shuttle trip together. Actually it's a story that takes place during The period when the the clown's stepped out of the Kid Americorps on deep space nine. So the federation and Klingon Okay and bolt since both Picard and CISCO CISCO had a relationship with our on. They were being sent to try to talk to them together. And so they're flying they're often runabout cooling off and there's one line of dialogue that originally had a card say and then I realized no CISCO has to be the one to say it and I wound up complete any entire sentence from the ground up because every brooks talks differently from the pipe. Patrick talks and they're seeing that mock from from Spencer. Gloria their their manners of speech their their word choices are different. He's very interesting tempo. When talks I mean he's very specific? Yeah and and I actually that I tossed a workshop about ten fifteen years ago On how on writing specifically on writing fiction one of the exercises I gave them was to take kirks risk. Our business speech from the original series Outrage tomorrow and to rewrite it the way one of the other star Trek captains were given. Oh that's good which was fascinating it came up with. I like that. That is good. Yeah because you've got one of the problems of writing. These things is making sure you get the voices right not on the main characters so much as a lot of the secondary characters I mean. They're they're very specific the way they talk and but they're not necessarily prominent. Yeah yeah put unfortunately in our industry when you get super boy fans like we all do and they're going to grab it because of the first ones who come out and go no no episode twenty-seven when seen number thirty four. He would never do that. You know those are always one thing and how much easier various fan of the Phantom is. The existence of these are right. Oh my God I don't know how the Hell how how did this before that it's like you know It's so much The Star Trek one memory Alpha is phenomenal an incredibly complete others. There's varies it. It's only as good as the people who maintain them and not. All of them are well-maintained. But it's still even the worst. One is a useful reference tool all to have just just especially for something. That's that's that's large. You know something like supernatural like like Star Trek like star wars where there's so many different parts of it. Oh there's such a candidate you got. I mean literally you can step on toes. This is a one of the that I can see is stepping on toes. You've got so much to work with right or even something as simple as crap that something happened in some episode and I don't remember which episode it was in. Go look it up or write that episode DVD. But ETA there was. There was so it's crazy how that works but I couldn't think of a story I have to go to go from the ground up and light light since the doug both I mean is it. Is it that much different when dealing with something like supernatural or serenity or aliens versus doing your your precinct. Novels is the point because I've written five precinct novels and run out twelve short stories. So I've got this huge massive world and I can't keep track of all of us. Can I mean come on anytime you for books in a world. Yeah I'm going back. I've actually point stuff out that I screwed up. Yeah Yes yes oh by and I do the same thing I I sit when am reading another precinct story I sit down and read all the previous ones because got it because I know right first of all I hate reading my stuff. 'cause nobody likes nobody likes to well. I haven't won audio book and the Guy who does my audio books is awesome so I can listen to them. I can't read my own stuff I have to. Yeah I will. I will sit there and throw it in the fire somewhere. You know who wrote this dribble literally early but yeah I could have that problem but it's okay all my readers. That's according to my house. Who wrote this works? That's good that's good. Somebody's as you know. My favorite. My favorite review ever on Amazon was a world of warcraft novel. Where somebody or two lengthy diatribe about everything? I did wrong in the book. Ending with this book sucks. I'm embarrassed to own it. Oh my favorite. I had on the back of all my books but my publishers was this. This guy is like a young Clive cussler however he has learned the expertise of murdering the the English language. I was like yes at least good at something you can just say. Hey thought I was as good as clerk is life. Just leave it at that right now. This leave that part of the review. I don't even see that but I thought it was funny as Hell you run. You wrote some interesting novel sets. I gotTa Take Your Star Trek First of all star. Trek is is holy writ you know for most Geeks and you come along and ride a star trek novel. I I mean I could. Yeah I could see that going south. I mean seriously because I'd be scared to pick up back because that's you go to some places and you get something wrong. You're going to have people with like phasers bronze badge it. It's it's actually in general my my experiences with the fan bases of all been pretty good. Some have been worse than others. There's always one subset of of any fandom. That's GonNa hate your guts no matter what you do. I don't worry about it I started out as a critic instill a critic reviews of things and looking looking see me now and I don't cry foul when people complain about what I do because I don't expect anybody to complain when I review them and say Nice things it happens. You can't please everybody anyhow absolute we. We know. This is when I get like particularly when my first supernatural book came out. I got a bunch of people I would get the reviewing the same book. Mind you one person saying well. He writes he obviously hates Dean and writes Dean terribly. But like Sam and give Sam too much then the next review says he obviously hates them right. Sam All wrong and gives Dean everything to do which which I said more about the people writing the review than it did about what I was writing and particularly in the early days of the show a lot of people had their own interpretations of what the characters were like. My favorite. My favorite there was one thing I had and Dean picking a lock in in one of my books anti somebody on. I think it was lives around because there was still alive. Journal them saying obviously he doesn't know anything about the show because Sam Zola. Who picks locks my I was? What did Dean Indu US and was at Stanford did he like? Come to a locked door and go oh well and go off. Secondly the next episode that aired after that review went live live had dean picking walk. I was on the right great things too. I got I call her wrong and the first book the show show is very dark. True love and I come to it including the next book and my Second Supernatural Book. I had AH dean flirting in a bar with a woman because Dean state right yeah And she's she says you have the most wonderful whatever the wrong color got was and how the hell can she think I have that. What kind of idiot would think I had? That color is so I just I. I Made Fun of myself. That's clever I do like that. I gotta say the one I did have one what the fuck moment and after I thought about it I thought how cool is that going all your books and everything you do make sense and then I got to leverage Josh. What I went totally out of everything else? You do is very scifi fantasy winners leverage and I wait but I liked the show. I love your show and that would okay. That would be cool. Awesome coolest things he did he probably had so much fun. The leverage book because that would be awesome. So there's a lot of there's a lot of genre cred on that show. Jonathan frakes was is one of the regular directors on the show. The Co Creator. John Reid showrunner John. Rogers wrote the Blue Beetle. Comic Book for a bunch of years. Yeah and Geoffrey Thorne who's written a bunch of Star Trek fiction and some other John Undone some comic book work was one of the writers on the show. So yeah there's plenty plenty of John. Recruited there anyhow put. It was one of those things where it says loved the show. The show is awesome. I mean it was always over the top. The the way they did everything was wonderful. It was almost like oceans. Eleven every week made everything spot and I was like. How cool would that be the right figure out that mandis funny I l home? What one of these days? I'm going to be able to nail something like that but I just keep wanting attack going. That is so awesome to do. You Know I. It really is that just and I realized that question okay. Yeah 'cause I would've jumped in the second. Are you kidding. That was one case. It's like at this point. Some of the tie in work I get is from people approaching me sleepy. Happy Holiday approached me world of warcraft. Others guy to go and you're like you know what we're going to put me to go to keep the the. Some of them are ones where I was like. Donkey in Shrek at the back of the room jumping up and down going. Pick me pick me I do that. Yeah that'd be made. All the scape is one of those are really. I'd have been. Yeah I've been sitting in the chair for Farscape. That was me for sure. I I choose the Retard Phillips Chair in the back I know I love that. What is your what is your you've written and so many different canons? What's your favorite? which you're able to dig into I would hearts gave that would just be because I'm parse gaping it's a tie? I between really star Trek Farscape Star Trek because I literally been watching Star Trek since birth. I you grew up in New York City in the nineteen seventies watching star trek on channel. Eleven here in New York on reruns every weeknight At six o'clock that was our nightly ritual. When I was growing up we'd watch star trek at six and then we have dinner at seven every night and that is awesome so I I grew up with that I I remember as a very young child being incredibly frightened by the salt vampire from the man trap and the big the children shall lead for years? I couldn't watch either of those episodes because of childhood trauma I got past it with this off empire I never bothered other with and the children shall we because it's a terrible episode anyway and I still traumatized by big green Khloe fat guys but but who is it. You know I'm on the didn't they Gorn pissed off unaware of the Golden Bears Bother me a AH PYRE schick in the second assault was kind of said. That was just really. Yeah you're armed in the mouth and and just kind of pulled down is what was the guy it but having said that I grew up with Star Trek I star. Trek has been part of my life for my entire life and so getting to write. AH ANYTHING FOR TREK is a joy for me farscape only because I got to do so much cool stuff with it. Including basically the virtual virtual fifth season of the show the macbook we did was basically a continuation of and being able to contribute that significantly to it was wonderful getting getting to work with the creator of the show. which which I I only did the one time I mean there's a few other times where I've had like stuff approved by the Creator as an example Leverage Asia. John Rogers did the approvals on on leverage books. And actually one of my supernatural. Books was approved by Eric Kripke. Because that's kind of cool it talking it was it was it was timing. I finished that book when the last writers writers strike hit and like seven eight around that and when normally the book would be. If you'd moved by Somebody Warner Brothers licensing but Eric Kripke literally had nothing better to do because he was on strike. Heroes Lawsom I'm Clark Howard. At least as long as Kripke was honestly don't know if that continued after he left but at least as long as he was show runner it was somebody in his office approves box. I've got a listener question because I know somebody's going to ask this earlier. You mentioned you're getting you're involved in in game content but you couldn't divulge our y which is cool have you been down that path before Existing game content is something okay could. Can you divulge some of that. That's because I mentioned world of warcraft and starcraft. I've done stuff in both of those worlds. I did dungeons and dragons novel back in. Twenty Eleven which was based on the Dark Sun? world Manage seven which was tied into the warriors game that was released by e in two thousand seven and the novel I wrote was a parallel to the to the story was that a pre PRAC with a prelude freeloader was that it was it was it was. It was a parallel story with the game story. Novels hold told other stuff that was is going on at the same time as the most recently my most recent novel in fact was alien isolation which was based on the video game. Oh that's cool yeah. I saw that video game. That's Kinda cool. It's about two-thirds novelization of the video game action and one third Ripley family backstory. So Oh got to even better. We've been back story. That was. That was the fun part for me. I mean yes not realizing the game was cool and there was action and there was slain flowers and people shooting things and stuff to the Ripley story but but the fun part for me was developing the character of Amanda Ripley and flushing her out and getting into her back story which was tremendously. I had a great time with that a lot of people. When after I announced that I was doing a lot of people were coming coming up to be conventions and saying so? Is your novel entirely. Amanda hiding in a closet. 'cause that's what I did when I played the game. That's funny but it's true. I mean yeah. Why one of the questions? I'd probably get from people and one of these things you actually did or were involved in a series on Star Trek. That I thought should have been its own show corps of Engineers engineers. I love the Corbin. I'm an engineer. I love the corps of Engineers. You know what a great concept and it was. It was a series of seven bucks. I think it was that it was one of them that it was. The series was created as an e book series and right. Intervals are matter of the Microsoft reader in July of two thousand and and so we did it and then from two thousand one until two thousand seven. We did monthly e books Navan lengthy books that were released a monthly basis every month fail and then we collected collected them into the paper later on There were Eleven twelve trae pave the three. Okay yeah there were seven mass market paperbacks and then four or five trade paperbacks. There's still a bunch of them that were never collected but oh it was great. It was a great apprentice. I always thought of Joe. I mean seriously we had tremendous fun with it. I was the editor in charge of that and and I wrote a bunch of the stories as well and it was almost like writing getting a TV show every every month and you know the writers were coordinating with each other and we had you know. CHARACTER ARCS continuing from month to month. You got so much stuff. What are you working on now because your employer man you got a bunch of stuff out what are you working? What's the new stuff? Come up with all the new stuff. That's out in alienates elation like mention Roy that's out from tighten the precinct which you mentioned which is the latest thing by precinct series. The prefix series is a fantasy police. Procedural it's kind of law and order means Lord of the Rings Dungeons and Dragnet and I love that. I love that description. It's perfect and It's it's about. It's in a high fantasy epic fantasy style setting with humans. Els Warrenton Wizards and magic and stuff but the main characters are cops copses off crimes. It's it's two characters with a torn bandwidth who go out and been made. Precinct is the fifth novel in the series. I've got three more novels coming. There's also a short story collection called tales from dragging precincts with another collection very imaginatively titled More Tales from dragging freezing coming eventually as well. But we're made precinct is out now and I'm hoping to do Phoenix precinct. which is the next one Next year I also debuted new urban fantasy series this year Called the adventures of Brown bowl. which is takes? Plays here New York City where I'm from UH specifically in the Bronx lots of people when they write stories about New York City They what they really writing as is Manhattan south of one hundred Twenty Fifth Street There's a lot more to the city than that. There's there's other there's four other boroughs There's there's Upper Manhattan. There's there's a whole lot more city and and I specifically wanted to write about the box because I've lived here for most of my life and there's a lot of cool stuff here and so of course there's sort of one hundred for higher who deals with supernatural stuff? It's kind of a mix between the TV show supernatural and the Dresden files and a lot of ways Well I get it the so. The first book is called furnace sealed and that came out this year It's it's out in a hardcover paperback and e Book and Audiobook. The audiobook is phenomenally. Read your mentioned before about how much you love The reader of your blocks only. Aj Clark absolutely nailed it. His audition audio came in and he sounded exactly like what sounds like in my head. It was Rose Awesome I. It's first person. So that getting getting that characterizes kind of important and he nailed it and there's the broncos very ethnically ethnically diverse borough and I reflect that in the books and TJ had to do a lot of different accents and pointy little head he nailed all of but anyway A furnished field is out now. I've already plotted out the second book and I'm hoping that it also next year other stuff. I'm working on currently a couple of collaborative projects one. I can't really talk about either one. The other one is military science fiction novel. David Sherman is Has Written two books looks in a trilogy called the eighteen. Praise the first two bucks issue in doubt and in all directions. The third book is called the Helen Regroup. The problem is David David having make some health issues and he's not really able to finish the book so he asked me to finish it for him. also ended. I ended the first two books Right yeah but that doesn't help. You trusted me to finish or him. So I'm working on that right now and I'm trying to keep the his style and and and you know we he he. He did a considerable amount of work on. It's just basically just finishing it for him We're hoping to have that out later. This year and Honestly that's all I can mortgage on the next books in the precinct series in the series. I'm hoping to do more alien alien books. That's still nothing. Nothing's written in stone yet But that'd be fun I WANNA do. I WANNA do more with Amanda specifically but whether we'll see we'll see how things go Things have been up in the air because Fox got bought by some other company I heard about that. Yes some some some obscure company with a mouse there Basketball Yeah. There's money so that that's obviously handling is one of the things are not going to mess around with too much. But there's there's been enough changes there that we don't know what does that mean. They're still GONNA be more alien folks but we don't know right we don't know it's and I'm hoping to do one The response to isolation has been really good so that hasn't okay good that's encouraging now from from a user or we'll call it a listener standpoint of of of newer authors. Listen how did you get into this. I mean and this is completely different than what most people do as August tend to write books but getting into like I said I got I got Oriole side. It's not it's not really something and that's okay. That's one of the things I wanted to. This is not something you can just go out and do. It isn't isn't just. I was lucky in that. I was in a position to pitch stuff. A lot of the early tying assignments I got were from people from whom I had bought fiction editor. Okay I did a doctor who story which was In an anthology back when virgin and the doctor who licence Ah de-clogging apologies. This is back in ninety six and that saw before the new series gale one is yeah. It was resides in between between serious. And we I used to work with them again. About point there was no mcgann. Is The dog again movie that same year but it had it had a case you know. Yeah this this technically. I mean the the book actually came out around the same time as again will be but But in terms of when it was being solicited and stuff it was before that but the editors were Justin Richards and Andrew Lane name and he had written two short stories for a couple of the policies that I was editing growing up including yet what are the x men policies and he mentioned in passing that WHO's lived together a doctor who has allergy and and I was not again. Pick me all I could see doubt. Yes Dr who. I've been watching doctor who since I was ten yes I do. Baker was like the demand for me for a long time. I know I'm going to go with bigger to doctor. I I've I've been lucky in that I've been able to do a couple of short stories and I also edited a big finish for a while was putting out the short trips anthologies. I ended one of us. That is awesome. which was the quality of leadership? Great because I got I got to hire Peter David and Diane Duane and McCormick to all right doctor who stories. They'd never written doctor who fiction before by the way has done onto right actually like much like the really But that was her first one great funded Man I can imagine I mean from the sound of it. Sounds like you pretty much do nothing but get up in the morning. Breathe and right until you go to sleep at night and the sound of it to other things too I. Also I'm also a a martial artist. I teach karate two kids couple A couple of days a week and I train and I also various things. I I keep busy I also I also have been doing a lot of nonfiction. I've been running regularly for DOT com. Yeah sorry that's cool. No I've been writing essays and reviews in. Td shows and stuff for them. That's cool. Oh yeah it was currently doing a rewatch of every single live action movie based on a superhero. It's a lot of Komo getting into like some of the really nasty ones. Like the first time the band tastic or it was so bad. Titles out of it. I don't remember that one. It was the big John. Complete here I I've been going quite large. Most people have never even seen that movie. But I remember that Tom Oh it was horrible. I started with Superman and the mole and the sixty six Batman. I worked my way through all the terrible seventies. TV movies is an inevitably properties. Like oh did you the flash TV show to one of the. Ah Yeah that was horrible. I remember that that show but was cheesy but yeah I did the pilot. Did you do greatest hero now. Because if you're going to do superhero come come specifically duly has through it. Okay I'll get. I specifically doing stuff that's based on on. I stretched the definition of severe quite a bit I did. I did the two Flash Gordon movies. I did Black I did you know that that are iffy. But people as Voltairian the city of planets but Researching hold on. I gotta go back to it and coming into the home stretch now I all. I've got left at this. Point is phase three of the marvel cinematic universe which I just started last week as we record this or two weeks ago was being recorded this and then Once I get through all of those I got all basically all the twenty nineteen releases which I couldn't couldn't get to because they've been exist yet but I'm going to finish basically GONNA finish the year and this year and start next year with all the twenty nineteen releases that aren't part of the EMC you so it'll be. He Likes Museum and men in Black International and joker dark Britches. Suzanne wasn't bad cowboy cowboy the new one. Okay Yeah I've already. I already coverage Roman I covered you know once I get to that that'll have caught up to real time so I don't know but Probably go outside and see sunlight life. No it's weird. I don't do it very often but here everybody tells me it's Nice. No I and I thank you for coming on and talking with US I appreciate it I know from the sound of it. You're very busy. And it's it's not decant Kenedy candid handed out. Thank God it right. We are on beat the Candido. I'll make sure the links for his Amazon books are up on Autism James and also the author James. Thank you currently has right now. If you guys want to go out and get it he has mermaid precinct alien isolation the investors and Brahm goal which is called furnace seal. That is what's the newest he has is out but he has pages of books. You can go back and read from various canons including Star Trek farscape world of warcraft. And just about everything. You've probably read something by him and don't even realize it and you make well. Let's not we won't. We won't get too excitable. Thank you you Keith. I appreciate you coming on with US tonight. We'll let you get back to it. Anybody else have any questions are we are we. Are we good on that entertained thank you. She's being banned girls going to tell you to stop talking so much. I Know Zorba. They're you're always interrupting me. I don't know what the hell they're problem. I'm kidding drink. It in the moment will change the next time we give you isolated PAL Areva. Ah Don't worry we'll get you back to the damn corner then you'd be really in trouble. You cool thanks guys. All right. We'll talk talk to you later. All right let me let me know this lives so I can on tomorrow and Lincoln out to you so you can have it all right. Thanks guys that never ever read the comments shirt. It's all said there. No she's got her record shirt on. Yeah what did they show me shirt become all you

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How to Build Your Audience with Generosity

Don't Keep Your Day Job

1:04:43 hr | 2 months ago

How to Build Your Audience with Generosity

"If you want to flow with abundance be generous. Like give it away. I believe that the opposite of depression. It's not happiness. its purpose. Believe that every single person has something you need to contribute to the world. And that's why i wanted to create a show called. Don't keep your day job. don't keep your day. Job is about figuring out. What is that you work your to do in this world that only you can do to make the world more whole more beautiful and to stop selling yourself short. Stop sitting it out to figure out how to take this thing you love whether it's art or music for screenwriting or dance of baking. How you leave this the love into a life that you get to contribute that you get to do what you love full-time because it's not just about business it's about contribution it's about meaning that is what we seek. That is what we truly want an absolutely here to serve the world. And i wanna help figure out just how much value have inside of you and every single week. We're gonna be talking to people who have something to add to help you get out of your own way to help you be more successful to help you be the truest expression of you. My name is cathy heller. And so glad that you're here. Let's dive in. Thanks to way for supporting. Don't keep your day job. There's nothing more refreshing than hitting the reset button once in awhile if your hair is a little overdue for the same treatment. It's time for the clarifying shampoo from way. Go to t h e oh you dot com and use code dream job to get fifty percents off your entire purchase. Also thanks to can't pro. Canada pro is a design platform. That empowers you to create and share stunning content. In just a few clicks. Get a free forty five day extended trial. They can't stop me slash dream job and they still word to word. Tune is the first. Ai powered online writing tool. That understands meaning so you can feel confident that what you're writing is as smart as you are. It works anywhere you're working online. Google docs lack outlook web. What's app and more try. Word tuned for free at wor toon dot com slash dream job. Hey guys kathy. Welcome back to another episode of. Don't keep your day job. So i just wanted to say two quick things i this weekend i had a lot on my heart and i say that because i know that there are times where we all go through that and there are times where i can literally feel something so intensely that actually feel hopeless about certain things and i know that we don't like to admit that i know that that's not something people post on social media but i think it's something that we can all sometimes feel and sometimes i feel like my brain can play tricks on me where the feeling and the thoughts are so intense that i'm like oh my god this particular. Whatever it is. It's just like falling apart. And i've been really really just like so overwhelmed by everything that's happening in the world and we came to florida year ago and i was considering going back to la and there's so many things going on my dad's health is going through a lot and it's in some ways better for my marriage in la in some ways. It's better for my marriage in florida. There's stuff that's exciting and feels exhilarating about being in la. But my family's here and is it better for my kids and oh my gosh. There's all this with covert and are they gonna shut things down. And how do we stay. Where can we be the most safe and protected but also. It's so much you guys. I just wanted to send you a hug and i also just wanted to say at least for me like i don't want you to ever think that i'm just off having this like perfect amazing every day. I feel awesome and have total clarity. No i'm in it just like all of us. And i just wanted to say this is altering thing this being an adult it's hard. It's really hard especially now and once in a while. I like to remind myself and you to pull over to the side of your life and just say out loud. I'm doing a good job. I'm doing more than enough and considering every single thing. I'm having a carry and hold and be with. I was even talking to my friend the other day. I was saying like when stuff goes down in our childhoods when somebody goes through something awful. It's not like you ever get a chance to like hop off the ride and go. He'll deal with it so in top of the fact that we've all just been pushing ahead right and then it's like you add to it all the things all the things so i love you and i just wanted to say this is just so much and we all thought that maybe we're gonna come out of the woods but seems like we're still in the woods so yeah at the same time. The other thing that i wanted to tell you is that i started something so cool. It is called the quitters club. And the reason i think this is so cool is because so many things right now. Feel out of our control. But what i'm noticing is all these articles where people are saying. I don't wanna go back to work. I don't want to go back to the office. I had enough time at home to reflect. And realize i to do something else. And so i wanna start the quitters club so that people can actually ring the bell and quit their job so that you can build the runway and circle. When is it going to be in the future. That's required day is going to be. January is to be march. Is it going to be june. But i want you to know that you are making strides. So that this doesn't just be something that still sitting on the back burner when really. It's it's really draining you so the quitters club is essentially to. Thanks when you join the quitters club. You get all of these wonderful workshops that i have put there for you. That will help. You quit your job figure what you wanna do and build that hobby that passion that light you up thing into your all day that thing that you get paid to do thing so if he joined the quitters club you get all those important workshops plus you get to be part of this awesome group. Where we're we are going to give you the tools and celebrate you. And keep you accountable. It's gonna be so cool so you can go to cathy. Heller dot com slash quitter. I wanna make you a quitter. I wanna have you quit doing all these things that you hate doing. I want you to quit doing a job. You don't like. I want you to quit being who other people want you to be. I want you to quit all the things that make you feel like you so go to cathy. Dot com slash quitter and check it out. Check it out. We are building a movement of quitters. So if you join you're going to get access to all the trainings for me on had a day job. You're gonna get some trainings for me on how to overcome impostor syndrome. You're gonna get some trainings for me on how to figure out what it is that you wanna do in how to actually build that into a thing but also there's a bonus you get my podcast course as well you also get some epoch masterclasses with amazing guests experts christy wright. Jasmine star patrice washington. So many more. And you get to be part of this awesome facebook group community with other aspiring quitters and people who have actually already quit their day jobs because this will really help us. All the stay accountable. Lastly if you join you're get a ticket to the two day summit. I'm doing live today and tomorrow. So if you want to hurry up and get in. You're gonna get a ticket to the summit. I'm doing today and tomorrow and if you're hearing this late you can still get the recordings to the summit that i'm doing live today and tomorrow it's don't keep your day. Job live summit so go to cathy dot com slash quitter. Because you get all that stuff and even if you can't join us live today and tomorrow you will get to watch the replays of that. I'm excited for you to get your hands on all this stuff because these tools and resources are going to help you make that dream of quitting your job in actual reality so go sign up kathy dot com slash quitter. Okay so i wanna share a coaching call. That i did. It's all about the power of being generous. I truly believe that spreading. Generosity is the foundation of anyone who is accessible. And it's a gift that we all have inside of each one of us so we're going to talk about how this generosity can show up in your business how it will grow your audience and how that can lead to getting paid for what you have to offer. There's a lot of good information and ideas in this one so definitely want to take some notes if he can all right. Let's get into it today. A really fun topic for me. The work we're gonna do this week is about being generous. It's about giving of ourself. it's about sharing. I pulled a card actually today from this. Gabby bernstein dak. And the card says my super attractor power comes from how i feel my faith in love and the joy that i put out and so being generous and showing up is really really how we manifest so much abundance in our life in every way from love to every other form of love that comes in different ways different energies different connections. But when you're listening to the song i am late. I just wanna ask you since i had you write it down. What were you thinking. What came up. What was the feeling for me. That song just makes me cry at such a. It just washes over me and just comes in tears of knowing who i am acceptance grace. What else makes me feel lighter piece. We are light workers. We can fill people up. Yes i am possible. I am light soft and true. Felt joy brought me lightness redemption. Yeah beautiful. I relate to all of these things i think i also can feel sort of this. This moment of where the resistance to that idea meets the awakening of that truth. Where the resistance. Where you've been holding onto a part of you. That didn't know that or that wasn't sure of that or that. Didn't give yourself full permission to embody that which you are. It's just really true. I am light like at the core of our energy when we are in a linemen we we vibrate at the highest fastest vibration which is love love vibrate so fast that you can't even measure it's beyond the speed of light and when joe dispenser finishes a workshop he always says I'll see you in the frequency of love. I'll meet you there. And what he means that in the quantum you know when we can tap into the flow a certain energy we can. We're not divided anymore by space or time. So he says. I'll meet you there so when you're there i'll be there. I'll meet you in love on meet you in that vibration and and that's what we are. And so when we're in alignment when we're incoherence. It really is an open. Heart and weather are channelling are masculine or feminine. 'cause we all have both of those. When those are in balance they both begin and end with an open heart and so that feeling of being love of being light it allows everything to flow. And and that's really the root of all of this right. The root of all of this is is stepping into that. And so it's the knowing that you are made of the same magic that the the mountains are made of you are made of the same magic at the sun is made of. You are made of the same magic that the moon is made of. You are light you are made of that at is it like we are these beings that hold love and energy. We're having a a a somewhat physical experience but we are very much not that and so that's where our imagination and our our enthusiasm and our passion and our compassion. They make up the entire story. Don't they like those. Are the resources that help us to create things to to connect with other people to build worlds right so first of all. It is all about being generous right jordan. Harbinger was on my podcast and he said he loves this idea of. Ab g always be generous. And so he said he always has coffee time. Meaning like there's always time where you're waiting in line at starbucks or there's other times where you're waiting for something and he calls that like coffee time like there's a few minutes in every day where you wind waiting for something. And he says instead of waiting a use that time to check in with people to be generous rate so what we understand about psychology and the way that people were right and this goes to building a business goes to sales this goes to creating an audience is that we have to make roughly seven deposits for every withdrawal right in order to receive. Right we wanna. I have built so much deposited so much like if you're tilling earth. You're you're farming the land right in order for you to reap from the land this beautiful tomato you i wanna pour into this land right you wanna plant seeds and then tend to it nourish water at right and compost it and then what happens as a beautiful organic. Outgrowth is literally outgrowth you get to receive from this land this beautiful peach or this plum or whatever it is so we what we wanna pour into the world. We want to pour into other people. When morgan harper nichols was on my podcast. We talked about her beautiful platform. She's incredible she's such a light right so she said to me that one of the things that keeps her so grounded since the beginning whether she had a thousand people in her audience or a million people in her audience since the beginning a couple times a week she would sit down and write something or draw something. Those are the two things that she actually writes music too but two of the things that she loves to do our to draw to illustrate also to write words and poetry and she said twice a week. Cath i sit down. And i draw something for someone and i put it in an envelope with a stamp and i give it to someone so that by the end of the week. I'm not forgetting why do this in the first place. I do this to make that transaction of this thing. That's in my heart. Because i want to give it away the reward for giving away. Our light is the giving away of the light right. If we wind up being able to see that that leads us to a way that we can do this. Full-time i think at bats the ultimate gift. But when you ask someone why do you love that. You have a business that you get to design art all day long or blow glass or play guitar. They'll say so that. I can just play the guitar it. I don't do anything else going back to because i want to be able to give this do this. Poor this out into the world. I want to sit at the potter's wheel. I wanna do this and if you ask most people they'll say the best part is when somebody received somebody appreciated it. I saw the way the face that somebody made when they read this book when they showed up to the play when they ate those cookies when they did the workshop with their daughter that that's where it sort of like the completion of that cycle is giving and then knowing that it was received you know it doesn't feel good sometimes when you give someone a compliment gonna. It's always a better feeling when you say to someone you look so alive you'll so wake you look so beautiful and the person goes thank you and you're like a message received right. It's like when you send an email and you know like it's been received versus sitting in your outbox and you're like i just wanna get it out. I don't want it sitting in that spinning wheel. i wanna put it out in the world. I was talking to dr phil. We're talking about when people feel lonely or people don't feel worthy or people don't feel all the higher vibrations of things that they wanna feel. And i said what do we do with that and his response was whatever. The shape is of the emptiness whatever the sizes of the loneliness. Whatever the feeling is that's missing. Give it away. Give away that which you want more of and you will see it magnified in your own life. So he said if you're feeling lonely walk over to a neighbor and leave a note that says if you ever feel lonely and wanna talk to someone albie here if you're ever feeling like you're the only kid in school that nobody likes. Walk over to another kid. Who looks like they don't have that much going on. And just let them know that you accept them right and it's amazing what that does so generosity is the path right. I said yesterday in the sacred sunday that we were talking about feeling our feelings and how it's really not the feelings that hurt us. It's the stories about the feelings but at the medicine for the pain. Is the pain itself right feeling. The pain is actually the medicine for the pain. And that's when things start to be like an alchemist. Things start to like change and move and it's the same thing with abundance right. If we want abundance we'd give away right if we start to share before we're asked before we're waiting for somebody to ask us. It's amazing what just starts to flow. I was talking to sit and shame. Mcgee from dream home makeover on the podcast a few weeks ago and i said to them. So how did you begin this this show that you do and she said well we went to hgtv and they were not interested and we said you know what. We'll just do it anyway and we'll be so good they can't ignore us. We'll just start giving it away for free right. And i had tried to get a book deal about a year before my podcast and i wrote to people and did all the things and nobody was interested and i started podcast and built in audience and three weeks. The weeks later. I was offered six book deals from the six biggest publishing companies in the world harpercollins and and mcmillan and random house at all these book deal offer six-figure offers from building thing just going and giving it away for free right ryan holiday said to me you know. My book was a bestseller because before the book came out. I had been doing a daily blog. Post which means if you add it up the daily blog post. I had like given away the amount of whole book for free before. I actually had a book that i was selling. Which is why. Then it was a new york times bestseller. Because i planted the seeds and gave and gave and gave so very often people say well. I don't know why this isn't working. I'm putting out something that's high quality on. I'm doing all the things and nobody's interested. It's like while there's not a runway that's being built right. We need to understand that. The cost of people's attention is actually a lot to ask. There's a lot of places to put our attention right. There's a lot of stuff coming at us at all times in our lives on the news on social media. There's a ton of things to take our attention so just the idea that somebody wants to give you. Their attention is a big gift. It's a big gift. And we as a human species. We are self involved. We are self centered. We are that way and that is okay instead of fighting that. Let's just go with it for a second right so if we stand out because we are being generous we are not asking for anything. We are just giving stuff away. You will be surprised at how that starts to fill up your heart. Fill up your life and fill up your business without you ever have to think about it. One of the things that i've heard said is to dig the well before you're thirsty so very often in life. People are like oh. I'm starting to to look for this job. And i really wish that so and so would give me a recommendation so let me call this person like we haven't talked to that person in three years and they're gonna you're gonna throw out an ask so that person. It just doesn't feel good energetically right. It's not really a match. And so oftentimes people wonder why there's not really a flow of abundance and it's because you're not flowing with abundance right if you wanna flow with abundance be generous like give it away. I can tell you that there's literally other than like humans right. I'm not gonna give away by my children. Obviously that's that's ridiculous but there's nothing in my life. Nothing that somebody could say like. I would love. That wouldn't offer that they could just take it like i've literally had the experience of standing with friends. This has happened multiple times. And they've said. I love your shoes and i literally take off my shoes and give them my shoes and it is so fun to do it. And it's a pleasure and i've literally done it. I've done that at least three times. They're always like that's insane. Like i really want you to have them. No i am actually going to be happier now if you take these shoes and if i wear. These shoes literally happens all the time. I don't put a lot of emphasis on things and stuff. I personally like the energetic reward. Better of the feeling of giving it away. I feel like it. Just it gives me much more than the t shirts gonna give me. And i know somehow that they'll be another t shirt if i need it right. So what is that look like. What does that mean right. What does it mean to get in the habit of giving things away. And what are the real to give away. What do people really really need. They don't actually need that much. They don't need your perfect answer. They don't need you to give them the guidance to fix everything. They need space. They need space. So that you can hold a solid container right and just be in a state of an open heart. And let them swirl in their energy for a minute. that's a gift to give people. That's that's a big gift. Sometimes they need another way of saying that. It's like a sounding board. What else can you give away. Sometimes people just need to be reminded of something about themselves. That's that's lovely right. Like we forget our own loveliness so often and we are so lovely and it's nice to remind people of things that are genuinely lovely about them. What else do people need. Think about it right so take out a pen and paper and i want you to make a list of ten things that you could literally give away whether it's to your sister your neighbor to your best friend to your pen pal. What would be a list. Just free right. Ten things is like that you could take a picture of something in texas is that you could give them a compliment is that you could write a poem and send it. Is it that you could make a batch of cookies and drop it off at your neighbor's house is that you could take in the trash of your neighbor when you take in your trash next time like make a list of ten easy things that you could give away. You could also start to say. Well i love writing music. I can give away a song like i could write a song or even if it's not that this person has it and it's only for them and i can send someone a song i wrote right. That makes me think of them. I could take a little one minute video just to say hey was thinking about you wanna know how you are right with no agenda. No like an. I was just wondering if you could. I just had this question about. Is it possible that you know like. I'm literally just checking in. I'm literally just letting you know you being in the world boy does that. Make me happy right or or maybe you send them an article on something that you were just thinking about. That made you think of them like you know that they love certain actor or there was a certain thing from the golden globes or the emmys or the grammy's and you want to send them a video take just take a second and make a list. Okay so wanna show you a couple examples of this so you can take one of the chat if you know my friend susie more so suzy's one of my best friends and every few days she sends me the most. i like. it makes me cry to think about it. She sends me the most beautiful text. So i'll show you one from february third one from february twenty seven. Scroll back in the text. There's one from yesterday the every few days so she sends me this. Okay it says the sign of a beautiful person is that they always see the beauty in others and she goes. She's like she saw this in her and she just wrote this. Is you like. She just sends me that. Then february twenty seven she sends me. She wrote this out. She han wrote this and she wrote. I'm doing so well. And she goes for you because she always wants me to leave notes for myself reminding myself of how much i'm doing for the world which is just so sweet like literally like this is how she exists in the world. Do you know what that makes me. wanna do. First of all it feels completely unconditional. And she is that way but it makes me want to do everything i can for her like. That just happens and she'd ever asked me for it but then if like if she has something going on i'm like how can i support. You know you good used support. Like i have to. I like want you my friend neil. Pasha wrote a bunch of amazing books. Thousand awesome things. He has a huge blog. You should follow him to. He's great and i remember him reaching out to me and sending me this note that says this is before ever had him on the podcast. I love what you do. I love your podcast. And i just wanted to say. Here's a list of five people who i think would be so good for your show. And i'd be happy to make those introductions for you let me know and i was like that's so nice of you. Yeah i'd love to meet all of those people and so then he he wrote. Hey so and so this is cathy. She's amazing. I'm such a big fan of hers. You guys are totally connect which was just so generous. Of course. I had him on my show after that. I wanted to do that anyway. Then after we get off the call. He knew that my book was coming out and he'd already had a couple of bestsellers so he sends me a note and he's like okay. Here's eight things. I can do for you to help you with your book. He didn't need anything right. He's like do you know this person. Do you need a publicist. Have you thought about reaching out to the producer. Good morning america. You should talk to sandy bub-bubba these are the people who never have to worry about their bank accounts. They never have to worry about their their their following may just don't because they're so hooked in and wired into abundance it is unbelievable and when they're really genuine about it. That's another amazing thing. And i find that i naturally also end this way i am. I feel like it's okay by the way to say things about yourself and to to appreciate those things about yourself. And so i'm always in any way that i can support or just be generous. I like to look for opportunities to do that. If feels so good. And i think that this is honestly one of the biggest ways that i've unintentionally grown alive. Life grown a business. Whatever is by thinking about it. You know something that you can do. That's really beautiful. I have to give my sister credit because she told me that she does this on saturday nights. She told me that. Saturday nights come along and she makes a list of like ten ways that she could help people so she'll be like so and so needs a job. I wonder who i could talk to. So and so needs to still find their soulmate. I wonder who i could set them up with. So and so needs a new blender i remember. She said that. Last time i was at her house in the thing broke and then she literally does that on monday. Like she'll or saturn's on sunday before. Monday rolls around. She makes all those things happen the beginning of her week. Isn't that awesome. It's so awesome. It feels so good the reward for it is literally. You want abundance. That's how you feel abundant you want love and connection. That's how you feel loving connection. It just changes the way that she will look at the world. The changes the way the world looks at you and you. I don't know you sort of write your destiny. I have a lot more to share. But i i wanna thank. Our sponsors canvas pro is designed platform. That empowers you to create and share stunning content. In just a few clicks no matter your skill level designing with canvas pro is fast easy fund to use. 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I want you to think of somebody in your life and pull out your phone and with no agenda. I want you to send them just like a sweet thing a compliment a word a really nice jif like anything. That has literally no agenda. I don't to say let's make plans for whatever it you could do that later. I just want you to say as thinking about you and your extraordinary you know like i wanted to make sure you knew today something you can do what susie did and you could take a picture of something that makes you think of them. It doesn't even have to be the words saying whatever feels good to you. I just want you to give away right now. All of us. How cool with this field to do this together. Anyway right okay. i'm gonna do it too so go. How does that feel to do yes. It feels so good jamie lima knowledge and she sent me a book but before the book came out like ten months ago. She sent me a barefoot. Dreams lincoln which i think is like one hundred and seventy dollars just to say how much she appreciated conversation that we had and i was just like what like with a handwritten note like i'm like no wonder this woman solar company for a billion dollars like who even takes the time to handwrite note and put it in a thing like specially. What billionaire does that and has the time of cares about people right all right now. I'm going to turn it over to melissa. And we're gonna talk about how we can make something that would be more. Let's say directly related directly related to our business. Even though all of this all of this as a state of being is one hundred percent related to our life into our business but melissa turnover to you. I am so so excited for today because this is like. This is the premise of what my business is literally earth of your business yet. Earthy my business. It's called compliment in. The whole premise is just to help people feel seen and heard so. I had jewelry in the box. It wasn't even about the jewelry it was about opening up making somebody feels something and when people would ask me all the time. What should you to grow your business. What did you grow your email lists. I just talked to people. In told him what i thought about them. Which was. I think that people are pretty interesting. Awesome so this week. What we're going to do is talk about it a wage take-back concept that embodiment of generosity and just being that person in the world and make tactical so it's a very spiritual concepts and we're gonna take it also to you know the brass tacks of what this looks like business lies so i wanna start today by giving you a little bit of background information on something. That's called options. And we use the word opt interchangeably with The word freebie or the word buddhi magnet so if you hear other internet marketers or people in business talking about lead magnets often freebies know that they're essentially the same thing. It's basically we give something away for free of value in exchange for somebody's email address so often to our offering our swirl in to our thoughts okay. Let's first talk about the importance of an email list. It's actually super important to have an email. It's also important to have a social media following it. That's where you're showing up but really if you have no customer list you have no customers and if you have no customers you don't have a business so a really easy way. As simple way of gathering customers is by having access to their email and the reason why email is so valuable is that an email is essentially unchanged. Social media changes all the time. There's algorithms like people's accounts get deleted. It you know and i don't wanna causing widespread spread panic because you want your exit multiple baskets by email is a transactional thing between two people. Even if it scaled and use another email goes out to thousands. He bought it still. Rian one person's inbox and you get to talk directly to them so having email it's very important an ogden is the way that you can hand is one way that you can collect emails. So we're gonna talk about building ogden's this week especially for your brand so i'm gonna give you some examples of ogden's regardless of your industry so regardless thing that you're selling you can do a quiz or some sort of assessment like answer these five questions in will match you up with your best like brought tight have seen those on like For like undergarment companies. It could be a free trial of something. A free membership. You know with your email. You can join miss like such and such thing. It could be discounts or coupons access to a virtual or live events in eba or a pdf in info-graphic. An access code to a video training series are access to audio. File like a guided meditation for example or a members only podcast episode product-based examples that are specific to product businesses not to say that product based businesses can't also do some of these things that are listed on page four but on the next page you can offer something like free shipping or free training on how to use this product the free trial of a certain products. Maybe it's like a sample of something. You might have a loyalty program or a vip group where you offer. Flash sales are access to sales twenty four hours or the public or something like that or a contest where you do a drawing for your goods or a gift card to your shop okay. So those are all examples of often. I want you to take your pen and paper and just off the top of your head. Think about your time online. What have you ever put your email into in exchange for something that you value. Can you think of a brand that you've opted into so many. I never met a list right. And i just want to say if you feel overwhelmed and the reason you're feeling overwhelmed. Let's say is because in a traditional sense. You think that an option has to be this very well thought out intricate. Pdf that has multiple levers and police. It doesn't have to be that. I just wanted to say like a couple of examples. My very first opt-in was for songwriters and it was a list of the ten myths that i believed songwriters had about how to make money in the music business and it was just literally list. It was literally when i say a blank. Google doc that was it. I didn't know enough to format it. Or whatever i put it out in the world that was like the most simple thing literally wrote out ten things another version of an opt though. It doesn't have to be appea- diaw of information. It could be that people give you their email address in exchange for the freebie which is a one hour zoom call. You're doing with a group of people like that could be your freebie. Another huge often for us is we do. You don't have to do this right now. This would be sort of like the kentucky derby of racist but we do a five day challenge which is a freebie right. It's a free five day workshop but there's no like oh you're going to be given this set of documents now like it doesn't have to be that we've created other options. We didn't episode with one of the directors of fc so we took information from what she said and made an opt in. Which was what you need to know to get started on oetzi based on this conversation with this woman. We've done other options with like what you need to start a podcast and we're literally like right like here's the microphone. We use. you could also make an optin. Be a ten percent off coupon to the candles that you make a freebie could also be like in exchange for an email address. They get a sample of something right. Like you don't have to make this as complicated as as it seems. It's not like all of a sudden you need some intricate well written well formatted beautiful creation. It also could be that they often. Which means that every monday for the next three weeks they get a video sent from you and i'll tell you what some of the videos that have done. The best in terms of the open rate and my emails is when i literally take my phone. And i take a video like this and i'm like hey so my kids are going crazy. And here's what's and. I'm just kind of giving people an update and i'll share one thing about whatever it is. You could take people with you on a journey where you're going to be reading a book and talking about how it's affecting you like it can be anything. It can be anything in exchange for an email address. And i'll have you know that my very first opt in i put it out on facebook with a link to it and i created a facebook ad for it and in six weeks i had over a thousand people. Download this freebie Ten myths that songwriters have about making money. And then i gave them that list of a thousand. I told them i was going to do a free webinar. Which was a cathy. Heller webinar meaning. I didn't have any slides. Like i didn't know how to make a slide show. I just showed up. And i spoke to them for an hour and then at the end of that i offered them my program which was a nine ninety seven a thousand dollar program and one hundred forty seven people bought it and i was just amazed. I was just amazed how that little process of like giving something away for free which creates this know like entrust factor than giving them another thing which was an hour of my time which was valuable right like i definitely showed up in poured into them and gave them stuff. They were scribbling notes. This is so good. I learned so much. Thank you so much. And then made the offer so we live in an abundant world where there's billions of people billions of people and there will be people who are so grateful that you start and just start putting stuff out there so now we're going to go into the second piece of this which i think will start answering a few more questions but this just does not have to be complex. Like take all of that out of it people by the way almost appreciate when it's not so fancy because the fancier it is it kind of loses a little bit of the intimacy factor which points to the trust factor. And i'll tell you what like intimacy is currency so if you had to trade professional thickness for intimacy and trust. That's too high. A cost like choose the intimacy and the trust every time because people are so smart and they feel connected to people who aren't stuck in those details but they're human they're more there to offer their heart and their soul than anything else that is so refreshing and they will appreciate that so if it's easier for you to say cool. I'm going to listen to this. Next part of melissa says and show up this week to figure out the tech of how to collect emails and send a thing and if it's easier just to figure that out and send a video i make on the spot or an email letting people know that they can show up with me on zoom if that feels less overwhelming. Do that. let that your opt in or if you wanted to send them a little note or a principal it could be that. You're you're an illustrator. The freebie is that they get something they can just download. There's a million different things. They could get a video of you explaining how to do something. They could get a series of emails from you for five days that you can make up every day on the spot. You can literally play with us. I also wanna say two things one is that we are going to spend a week in this course on. Mls meaning once people are on an email list of yours. What is the best way to nurtured them. How you interact with them. How many emails a week should you send. What kinds of emails should use. Send i think my jam where. I really am an expert where i really show up in. The marketplace of my peers is engagement. So the proportion of people who opened our open rates. The the amount of people who interact with me. When i ask a question i ask our audience in an email to fill something out or to let me know how they're doing. It's insane so i want to show you because and often could be as simple as join my newsletter. Like org join my list right. And if you know that we're going to be talking about this and making it fun and helping you do what laura bell grey says is an e fab an email from best. That's the kind of emails people are going to get from you emails if they want to get right. If you know that that's what you're going to be working on you could feel excited and good about saying people like just join me here. I have a few things to cover. I just a quick thanks to our sponsor. There's more refreshingly hitting the reset button once in a while and if your hair is a little overdue for the same treatment. It's time for the clarifying deduction from way. I've tried a ton of different products before on my hair and sometimes i don't always give the best care but it's never too late to hit the reset button with the clarify detergent shampoo for way. You only have to use it once a week. And it'll neutralize product build up oil dirt and hard water from your hair and scalp without stripping away moisture. 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First of all you're going to learn how to build a landing page. Four your optin. You could then go to go daddy or whatever and by the url my optin. You know baby cakes dot com for a dollar ninety nine and then you can change that all the time and make redirect you and however you want you do not need a website. I wouldn't recommend having the faith in websites like i'll build a website and then put everything on a website like i don't think about my website ever. I barely go check it out. I don't even know if it's updated like. I don't even know if it's advertising something. We did six years ago on there like. Don't worry about your website. What i would do with an option is i would share it with friends and family okay. So whoever's in your current network if you make something that you think is a fun freebie whether it's a sample of your granola or a cheat sheet on like the three things you need to know to get started knitting or it's going to be a video of you talking about how to make slime with your kids or whatever it's going to be you share it with your friends and family and your network. Do that your instagram going. To matter a lot. I would put it there. You have a spot in your instagram. Where have a lincoln bio. I would put your freebie as your lincoln bio i would. Dm that freebie to at least five people. By the end of the week. I would start to put it out there. I'd put it out on your facebook page on your personal facebook page just to start getting in the water and once you do get to you know. We're one step at a time. Once we get to the point of the class. we're talking about instagram more. And we're talking about email moran you. You're going to start to see it. Grows where energy goes attention flows. The more you will spend time showing up on instagram. Social media is about being social. You do not need to be on all day long. I am definitely not on it all day long but i spend a dedicated amount of time in the morning and in the evening on that social media. And you know what if. I'm not willing to do that. It's gonna be hard to grow quickly and create visibility. So it's just we get to decide what we invest. We get to invest time or money right so if you want to invest your time you're going to see that the rate of return just moves faster and i think it's actually a great thing to do if you do it in a prescribed way where it feels like it's not coming off the rails and taking over your life it for sure is not with me. I have like that. You know thing on my phone and tells me how long i've been on social media. I have a very specific intention of what i do their every day. I want to have a few dams. I wanna have one interaction in my stories that these features are really important for the algorithm. And i wanna have a call to action really easy to answer question in my feet and i'm going to make sure that i- kathy not my team response to at least five people in my dm's and at least a few people why aid to keep me close to my people. So i hear from you guys. I know who you are. And i don't lose touch of who who needs me in what they need. And also because i want to continuously be in the practice right of making that feel like a genuine safe space to come and then my team sometimes takes over in the dmz and she's like cathy's not here all the time. How can we support blah blah. 'cause i'm out of point where i literally couldn't answer. That would actually take me away from my whole business but we can make it dedicated so i would say user. Instagram user facebook. Use your friends and family network right now and just start one baby step at a time. One half step at a time right. I think we talked about this with allison prints. I loved when she said she goes. Thank god when i started in my business and even till today. God never tells me a whole step. He only gives me a half step of what to do next because if he gave me a step a whole step i would just be overwhelmed. I'd just give up right. Let's trust in the little half steps that we have to take. If i would have known the whole steps and three steps i never would have created that. I felt so stupid. Thankfully i didn't worry about the steps that i couldn't possibly take in the moment. I just took a messy step. Then i took another messy step and i'm so grateful that i didn't know that webinars i learned like a year later that webinars have a whole slow there about eighty slides the first slide sets up the what and the second slide sets this. And then you go into the how and i'm like. I'm so glad. I never heard that because that would have freaked me out so one baby step at a time. Okay we want you to be starting to think about. What could you give away. What could feel easy and light and we want you to get that really simple initial tech setup where there is a way to sign up with an email address in exchange for something of value. Whatever that is but yes you can begin with the twenty eight people who follow on instagram with your four hundred nine facebook friends with your reaching out directly to five or six people who think might like this. Whatever this thing is and we're going to go from there so if this feels like so much i will be satisfied if you at the very least this week built on what we're talking about today giving something else away to a couple people. We've already talked about free offers and betas and things like that. But that's a constant train that we are on as humans as people wanting to bring in abundance as people wanting to build a business so just like you did today with sending people love notes if you could be available to play with as hard as it could feel building your mail chimp. Okay and whatever. It's going to be if you could just taller it. How uncomfortable it feels. I know it can feel uncomfortable. You could just tolerate that this week. Okay and i would love it if you just thought. What could the free be. Is there anything that i could give away. Which a tiny little taste of what it is that i'm doing if you can go ahead and set up your your opt in this week. That's like you know you get all the extra the points but if you're just willing to tolerate working on this a little bit the rewards for it will be major. There's a few things in business that we kinda have to just do them like as much as they're like. I wish i didn't have to do it that way. You do need to have a place where you can correspond with your people directly like that. Algorithm is gnarly. Okay what it means. Is that when you post something on social media. There is a tiny fraction of people that even know that you posted not the case with your email. Not the case will they open it remains to be seen. Will they see it. One hundred percent gets put in their email box. They will see it. I i have to say we've gotten so soft like as a as a generation our grandparents like they would like just put in their time pay their dues right. We have this thing. Where like if something makes us uncomfortable. We're just out just done and it sucks. 'cause we're paying the price for that and i just want to say as a business owner. I have to be uncomfortable quite a bit like i have to be uncomfortable. Intolerate tolerate being uncomfortable. I have to make a lot of content. And i have to commit like i have to commit once. I san putting out a show every day. I have to put out a show every day. When i say like dr phil is gonna be on the show and i feel uncomfortable and intimidated. I have to do it anyway ellen. By the way my zoom and told my internet completely dropped during the dr phil session completely dropped not for a minute for like seventy eight minutes. I could not get power in my office. It was awesome. So that's not comfortable at all. And i just had to tolerate that right. I have to tolerate showing up and putting myself out there. And i have to tolerate figuring out this stuff that i don't like and i have to tolerate when people don't like me and i have to tolerate when i like want to create content and to pull my hair out of my head and i have to like come up with some like you know me. I don't want to make things preplanned much at all. But i still have to have like some skeleton of it and have to come up with an idea. You have to be uncomfortable and it's so worth it. It's so worth it. I think the people who loved us. The most sometimes hurt us because they're like. Oh my god. You tried out for the baseball team and you've got rejected. Don't do it again. i love you. i don't want you to be uncomfortable. So we've we've taught ourselves. We've conditioned ourselves like not to be accountable not to be uncomfortable. It's really okay. we can handle it. We've been through way more uncomfortable things than i promise. You can buckle up be real uncomfortable get yourself a treat like a donut or something you never let yourself eat and sit down and just show up for figuring out the tech on this thing. I know it's not fun but you can do it and then once you do it you don't have to worry about it ever again. So let's push through. I wanna ground this in what we started with right. We started with listening to india. Are- the song. I am light right. We started with the basic. Which is we are here to be giving light love to the world receiving it and just be part of that open hearted flow of the the best ration- that the universe has to offer like giving it out and bringing it in and there's ourselves to be a channel for that right and then we went into. Let's just not over think it and let's send somebody right now a message. Let's give of ourselves to somebody and it felt good. Then we're talking about how we can start to give things in our business and you can feel. There's more of attention all of a sudden. There's more of a frown all of a sudden the job. It's tight it's like let's just notice that for a second psych What does that mean. All of a sudden. I go to think about doing this. Is there a weight of having to do it. A certain way just without judgment just notice. That is that all of a sudden. I'm feeling like i'm not good enough. I can't measure up. I can't make something valuable. If i'm giving some love i could do that but i can't make something valuable even if it's for free like just notice that that's interesting because i want to shake that off and the way that we're going to continue to shake that off is by just being aware of that and another thing that we're going to do is go back to the assignment which we started with at the beginning of this call at the end of the day what i want you to do. The whole point of this is for you to get in the habit of making deposits of being in that energetic alignment where you are just giving and people in this world are feeling touched and lit up because of how you show up. That's it so by the end of this week regardless if you make a freebie regardless of whether you get that done which would be great if you did. But even if you didn't i would like to think of one thing that you will be able to give away by friday. I'm talking simple. i'm talking. It could be a copy of a mary. Oliver poem that you send to somebody in the mail with a note and a stamp. I'm saying that it could literally be a picture of a of a tree. That's so beautiful and you send it to your friend with a note that she's strong like this. I want you to think of one thing that you can give. And i like it to be something if it could be something that's related to what you love doing to what you love sharing to what you love giving. It doesn't have to be exact. It doesn't have to be perfect but it would be so cool if you could keep this momentum going it feels good to give and it feels good not to over think and it feels good to reach out and connect with other people and make those deposits before they even need it before. You need anything from them. I want you to get in that habit. So can you think of something that might be a taste. A tiny tiny thing. That's a derivative in some way of what what's lighting you up what you're passionate about that you could give. Could it be that you want to say to somebody. I'm here like i just want to be here to to hang out if you need ten minutes someone to listen. I'll be here if you wanna send somebody like. I said something if you want to offer your neighbor one of your brownies that you're making tastes just whatever it is and what i think would be cool is if you guys could brainstorm that and share that by the end of the week they want you to process this and i would love it if you feel like it if you would use the time to come up with an idea of what you might be able to give away. You guys are doing awesome. This is it. This is the work right. And then it's a creative process and its like looking for clues in the dark with like a blindfold and you're kind of feeling your way there so kind requires us to be willing to go through that process and be messy. You go into somebody's workroom. And they're making something creative there's pains everywhere and they take out different tools and they find their way to wear. They're going by being willing to feel into it. Try different things so building. Business is really about building the well before we're thirsty and pouring in and finding new things to give away okay so i hope that opened your eyes to some ways you can be generous. Get those freebies out in the world and start building your audience today here. Are the takeaways number. One being generous and showing up is how we manifest abundance in our lives in every way so always be generous. Dig the well before. You're thirsty number two when you give away that what you want. Most you're gonna see it magnified in your own life number. Three people don't need the perfect answer from you. They don't need your guidance to fix everything they just need space and your open heart number. Four intimacies currency choose intimacy and trust over fancy professional. Perfect nece number five. Take one baby step at a time. One half step at a time trust in the little steps that you have to take number six. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable. And commit buckle up. You can handle it and it's so worth it and number seven. We are here to give light to the world and receive. Were part of the open hearted flow of love which is the best vibration. This universe has to offer. Thank you so much for listening for taking time out of your very very very busy day to tune into this podcast. It really means so much to me. We have amazing episodes coming soon. So definitely subscribe on apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen so that you don't miss out and i'd love to know what you think about the show so leave review because that'll help us keep making the episodes that inspire you that fire you up and help you wake up to the great possibilities. That are all around. You remember that doors. The quitters club are open. So if you wanna get those tools those classes all the bonuses all the steps acquitting your day job to live life on your terms things you can go sign up at kathy dot com slash quitter. I love you elite with a song and if you do get quitters club you'll be part of our lives summit. That's going on today. And tomorrow. So i'll see you there and if not i'll talk to you on the podcast tomorrow. The podcast is a production of authentic for more info on advertising in this show visit. Authentic shows dot com jazz cans counting. I'll be here to talk. Take a long here for you. People on the planet if had much planet It does count me. Calm you all for me. You'll be there for me. May i can't see you name for me a plan. If much could plant doesn't get bad. Uh ma john. John lewis ban me far. Count on me town on me. A name canceling.

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Burn Da MK- Season 4 Episode 42

Mango Kush Podcast

1:42:50 hr | Last week

Burn Da MK- Season 4 Episode 42

"If you haven't heard about anchor is the easiest way to make your podcast. Let me explain. it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record and eddie your podcast right from your phone or your computer. Anchor were distributor. Podcast for you. So he heard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can make money from your own. Podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast in one place. So download the free incorrupt or go to anchor. Fm to get started Mother holbrooke plead sh should be might be ten. Br might be endless. Little good actually mother sitting damn smokable dog meat is rocking a blah blah. This is for the classroom. We'll make sure got see you all i'll yet we all know q. Shot you light your friend day. Nana five brunson had the postage. Joe shot up. Well that's always a day He had boy. Your boy did not think about we do this all week. Long shit pray broach on brother. Man i live on the other side breath to says scientists. Nine con diesel. We can't do it as we get byrne in k which you this monday night. Monday night raw first. Monday of the mother months. Welcome to the other side. It was good berle show. You know me managers working to stay out of way you know i go so it was so well for which which you got going on thursday and friday you worth me and i was out there fucking awesome awesome doris again. Pitching milena what here. He plucking through ground. Heat me dead in the shand grab a big ass mother. I'll oh i know the other night. I was out there showing them how to do something and they lost that weight in the move on a little bit better. So i'm out there you know doing. I'm killing it so you know sony's biggest how you know to move or field threw the ball as came to the bag the next morning the back of my left knee house apart with rob as i sit sammy's minor injuries. Remember nigga what brice. I gotta stress. Bobby be just like motherfucker after my workout negative. I'll let me do some heavy as way not. Stress brahms about will be lost. A light of ten man babble. Relax man i'm obtain knees. Young crumble shoe broke mildly thursday or friday so a it makes them shake birth man. Heidi issue where we in our media thirty. We turn around chickens. Come on. We need to change. Wd forty how to you know how they go. You're damn wrong. Broke off that shit. Hey what's up man. You know what i'm saying. Shut them down. Shut them down. Shut them down. That's how sheldon. shut them down. Brown committed. been the hot fire but yeah shutdown. I'm not sure ready by has recently experienced the cyber shutdowns shutout whatever the hell you call it. That happened this asks few hours. I'm not sure about you know. Who does you know. Be on facebook instagram. A lot or what was What's that. I'm not sure anybody use it and the type of things however though there was a big i won't say blow up but there is a big issue earlier today because Yeah facebook instagram. Which shut down. What's that was shut down. And it called common with uncommon between those. Oh there are on facebook. they're all my face. You know what. I don't even know if if what's what's that listen called snapchat facebook. Oh not sure. I think he was still out but man just the just a man i know i wanna to dive into that yet I hold off on it monday wrong. We gotta get wrong monday night. Rock navy he said number versus two for dave man. We can go and we got these so you know how it is going to go. We're going in. Just make some happen with make. Magic happen instantly. You know how you go. That's what i'm talking albro. Craig bar and a happy hour yard. No yeah it hear that but Yeah This episode is brought to you by monday. Night brewing dr robot blackberry limit. Sour beer yes. It is actually pretty damn delicious. Yeah right now it's Tobin is can say. Hey try this sip on. But i need to revisit them and i love the whole vibe over. Oh yeah there's no there's no definitely sure man what's up on his eve umbro. Gotcha yeah as everybody again. Welcome to the at monday night. Raw edition of mental chris. Podcast we are burned in k. Live here on stereo. It is shutdown season. Why do we say that because hey shut down We had two pipeline shut down earlier. And guess what. We might be a risk of a governmental shutdown october eighteen. So what does that for you. D. e. a. d. dan motherfucker that spanned we that we all got our shit together. We can find a in k and really talking dive deep in this situation tonight. Crazy part. i didn't even realize all the things that are happening. He just said you know really been on the top of my mind. But i'm jay muse them running again now the government shutdown this. There's no offensive in the government worker. Federal worker like that but we are now but thinking about what happened last time. The government shutdown. What was that like two years ago. Was it at two of nineteen eighteen win. The tsa workers were on strike and it was just like okay so yeah so we saw the year before colder so so we see that happened prior to kobe right. So let's talk about. If the government shuts down actually will possibly have new restrictions in different things about third. I think you'll be. Yeah i it'd be circus. In my opinion i i think will be you know but that we'll dive good but But yeah anybody has just now tuned in welcome to the show again follows at 'em. kp cast again in kpd cast but as me con diesel. Now going to ask you just speaking on you. Know the government supposedly running out of money money. But what do you think the outcomes. Oh same thing was lasts on people going to be at home working. I mean we're gonna be off home from not work parliament. They will always do. We'll get like this at the house. I do the house for days at a time and not get paid nothin. So that's what's gonna happen. The market look really not going away. Yeah i doubt that. That's that's a whole. We know. I put up with those two pieces together and give now since i think what we ask you took do. Every industry is messed up right now. Where we're talking about education education. We see what that looks right now. Just wanna standpoint of of staffing problem pro total protocols all that other stuff to know one second one second month things fell on the floor. Hold on one. Second one st. Yeah but yeah. We see how it's affecting each industry man on education to retailers of mass to one of the ones that's affecting me personally personally just business wise and that's the shipping industry on the shipping. Industry has gone to the preset. And i was just reading something earlier today saying that. They're going to be slowing down the shipping. I guess the shipping system Going into the holiday to order anything. You want anything you shop early for christmas. Used get on it. Because i you know just from you know my business as i shipped out you know print pero embroidered apoel instead of a regular two to three days that has taken you know usually take while average to get through client now taking week and a half but and i've just i is it because of you know nobody's working or you know why do you think that it has affecting the most warming everything's being affected. Okay check this right. 'cause wooded shipping now a lot of the ship is run automated or jobs shipping. You know you have a lot of different things that you had to shift from different stores or lie so the okay so check this. Of course we've been losing money with these other trade industries and trade from other countries As all that goes out so the issue with this if you can control the shipping industry control what goes on but don't we can control shipping is if you control with a means have it gets put into the system right Excuse me now my thing. Nothing about that. Is that kind of goes into this whole thing with this this so-called shut down for a few hours right. Everything and i know. I'm going to say it has a reason to test. Just think about it. I mean. I'm sorry to cut you off but just think about it. That type of company could would not be able to shut down for that long of a period of thanh estimated that he lost what seven billion today. but you think he's losing seven billion on purpose. Here there's no way it's a monkey named flynn and i'm not trying to sound naral. Never be on conspiracy shift but do no problem with things together. A little bit better. No i mean it's definitely a method man because the thing about it what happen is you have the there was a facebook blower. I think she worked Worked well of course he worked for it and facebook and what happened is is yesterday. The damn interview came out yesterday literally. She was very much saying that This platform is used for different things. You know as far as understanding how people's damn mindset working on people's emotions being control also watched social eliminate that shit so anyways these still going on. So what happened. is this Sixty minutes emailed her I mean not interviewed. Her and she privilege went on there as she said that Our was from nine haagen soundly hog or something along that lines pretty much. He was just saying that that there was a lot of different things going on with human trafficking and drug pushers and stuff they do on. This platform is granted facebook The is mental health and kids especially girls and that this stuff is causing. I mental up this orders and opioid abuse because people are again so socially ingrained into this that people are becoming a press and this anther and they actually knew this bydesign. So toes are social dilemma down. Then we come back full circle and they say this again so when whistles are when it whistleblower goes to the highest thing like sixty minutes. Let's be. let's be realistic. Sixty minutes is laws bitter pushing propaganda or not still heavily watched show people make a lot of opinions. Offer that so after that happened. Oh wow the next day magical you motherfucker shutdown just coincidence it just happens you just shut down right there so i think that like you said he had to go ahead and say you know what we need clear. The mass seven be really fat shit. It affected us. I mean okay. So what's it like. How many time trying to refresh your shit today. Br i thought she was having a crazy about it. Because it's just gave back my damn. A fitness pays back forever. Damn reason and i went back in and blew out. Okay cool i go. I saw market again. I was going to give this morning market. you know. Of course show margaret some some health stuff. You know kinda give myself going. 'cause i have time to do it. I get on and i've seen a little little circle going there She got the boy. Matters is like man without do now so anyways That happened and i saw type of stuff. Then i had to go ask was a is 'cause brock you not. I was scared. They mandy nichols they got. My count again is is like that is so hard to build back up but it affected people like you and me because now facebook and instagram and snapchat had practically everything else is a major heavily ecommerce area. People make money off instagram. You know is act. Like dollars applaud. So how much sold really the question is. How much did it affect them. And i know if you're not on instagram or facebook anybody saying lost nine with shit. Say i mean what what that average damp in entrepreneur creator influence altogether or just facebook by themselves. You know the facebook and instagram. I think we all together. Now that you've got to look how much loss inbetween because there's a lot of underhanded trade going on which kind of goes into the whole crypto market to as far as you know what is decided third and we got mad. How much my thing about it if what's up No cash is not connected. Let's say for example cash and had a major shutdown deal was money will be lost in cash in one day or how much money would be loss must industry if cash shutdown you let me scams will get messed up. Cash like burra muscle of everything but tasse cast was asked my dog. I can't get hurt. And then they ended up blocking the on some awesome. I don't even know they blocked wall bed. Gotcha you bro. Say but that's the thing though. But so you got thinking about like this. So they're doing all these so-called shutdowns right. We talked about the government. Possibly shut down on the eighteenth. This major shutdown happened when it came to facebook cyrus. Of course it's a social experiment to see what happens then. go let's go a little further If the government shutdown right and say that the so called savvy showdown you are trying to create some type of fear and panic and people is still believe you know think about it now because the people always worry about going out for gamma government shutdown than what you know and that is a serious question you know at that people could actually say like listened said is government shutdown with their twenty two tree ause of debt which i think is astronomical outrage. Set a group of people hold as much debt and they'd be holding nuts and credit roy. Six eighty monitor everybody. We'll be mine everybody put out. That's things a are you know. Okay let's listen to this of this. How is it that you. I'm gonna be rodman admiral. Screw it house did you. Niggers are twenty two trillion dollars in debt. You know what i'm saying. Well how much for the fog we are in and i it's over. It's over million dollars for that way. And you had audacity the sweat people and as far as what credit scores going on how much they own in debt and debt income. Racial unique is the biggest indem focus in the world. We're trying to other people about your credit score was good. Y'all got their critical government. Yuck scores pie. Got their four ninety two. You know what. I'm saying how much y'all damn laid down on paper and yet they need a little bit of improvement edinburgh by house though us we like. We go all the stuff that's happening. This is all fake money. Know it sounds kind of crazy. It even goes to the conversation of the value of money you know has actually changed because prime example. Lizl get crypto market the market. I know we. We talked earlier about this. But how is it that. There are new cryptocurrencies Like your bitcoins and in theory We have these different coins coming in. And they're raising their value. Prices and his life is all based. You know what i'm saying. I'll tell you for crypto especially if you own me just i mean it's a long term. That's the coin but that should made me on nice nice bit of money to that. I'm just gonna sit. Sit on. I i to go to attending mass at the obama about thirty three cents. I'll say as you said dollar. Yeah we're gonna be talking different. I'll be talking to different this. Listen i'll dollars. That's all gonna say you're going to different type of language. Come out of my mouth. Every single bay and i guarantee work. It's not going to be one of those words. I ever use the head or job. This is this but you know what that's cool man. You know we've come game later. You can catch our our money. Talks initially gable. Yeah it's just. I'm just thinking it's crazy though. Everything is going on with the shutdown. But i think you know a lot of stuff does is put into place to divert our attention from different things like because prime example. Let's check this. What what was his talked about the news the last couple of days. You know what. I'm saying if anybody can remember all these What's the guy's name time chicago. Chicago river Gilani somebody s something like that so now on these that you had him missing you started. Have a few people missing. I was gonna say that shit. I've i noted the amount of the ones that we hear about here about what we used to be here by many. You know missing person but now it seems like somebody's missing every six hours that is being recorded. Well people been missing for that long. But i i it is like you said she'd be more reported and even when as reported a lot of people just go under because he i think about it. There's there's something called. The human trafficking lays johnson that that really happens like people were against nafta and people are getting their body parts chopped up. You know saying insult on black market then. Now that. I'm not sure if anybody has tunisia local show on netflix. Call squeak games. I just now started whatever last conversation we had on friday just review on that she started watching the and all those good show right now and i enjoyed. It is still. This proves a point to me with this that you have people disappearing from all different parts of the nation from different states from different cities and World this ather and no one knows what the hell they're going. You know you just use missing now is either pure being traffic or people being fucking by aliens now. I hill right both days while we dan. No you know. I said daboh but this thing that cyber shutdown was awaited attention. Because think about it. If i can get your attention so knocked off from something or i can can prevent you from. Sharing information would have. I just done and i pay seven being for that. Think about it now with human trafficking was put into the actual thing whistleblower facebook and it magically shutdown down. You know what. I'm saying that that's not a fucking coincidence. I don't think john log head now. Alice goal and i tell you that the flow we ham ham flow bad man started got their flow. Then you'll slow to who. Hey man pity wise nigga underbrush anyways don't feel bad i said i'll on his beer on either because cruisers that this out of george george clooney lada putting a stray under the sewer. It'd been rat dan. We're marvin coke on show now. That boy got messed up twisted we. We found ending against syria. We find any your series a. b. the series star eight. We saw him in a different dimension. We had again saying get down here. Okay decide. I'm not sure if anybody does recreational marijuana whatnot i mean hell you drink beer. You can do marijuana too big deal. Anyways this is a little a little of mangled. Cou- joke has your. Have you been so damn. It's like ottawa fleas. Just let me just. Don't let me die. I think no seriously like heavily urbanized. Their houses bras. I'm gonna actually down for like as bad like this. You can't be real like. That's that's how i swear. I think i think we are controlled. This is a matrix. Kiana reasonable Toes at ninety nine. And you don't wanna listen. So yeah the blue man take the red pill and that read that got down oji cush once you hit the fuck up and when you wake up everything scary. His is like what this is really going on nowadays. I think about the craziest that goes on. I know we're just in horse burgers right now. But i mean seriously thinking about the stuff that we see it is a good thing that that's my opinion is a good thing. Social media shutdown. Today i think you know the people can snap snap. Snap back there rowdy combatants. Google snap out of that false reality come back to regular reality. Hey life can still go on without looking at a screen or swiping laugh It probably did her people monies and pockets. I do understand. So michael douglas's business owners But just you know just on an average day like the everyday joe who gets on social media you know just To to to to to patrol other people or to you know swansea what's going on the latest gossip or just to wash stupid real or or Freaking cat videos. Whatever whatever bane of existence they have on social media nowadays. I think it was a good break from that. Because i mean i actually got crates about is i actually. I mean i did do some work but it's like i was mentally like resting today because i wasn't doing social media. Just scroll like a damn mile as robot you know. Even i was. I was able to you Nap on they bro. Like i like a real nap. Mom old river had a dad. That's real that is real. I mean i think kids like i mean for even going to work everyday life. Mail gets tom power. Net a real for rely. Listen at lunch break man. You know what she catch on his later. Y'all say i'll going to call them apple. Se all the way back is put on some god damn jazz. Some shot eight. I'll be like you know what but crazing about it is. It is -actly beat but the crazy thing is though you know how like something interrupts your sleep especially when you're trying to relax to wake up more irritated it'd be like damn. I'm just trying to chill for like by thirty minutes. Let let me read you. Breathe in and the poor. That i'm starting to appreciate li- little those look thirty forty minutes positive maps or just complete. Mind lapses nielsen. Avi appreciate knows we need in themselves. But i'll tell you though but the thing about it. How can but this this this this time to some more data with this with this whole shutdown right just social media. Do you know that people ask you lose sleep. Average of real hours of sleep day because people are scrolling on social media. All hours a night. But i am too now lies on on on the weekends i actually normally doing. Wake up one. Oh yes you need on the union offer waking up about these times the tune you go straight to you know you do a quick thirty second world of social media or whatever you know whatever you on facebook cam gig on the first thing you put your mind on in the morning you know. I'm not gonna lie. The first thing i do the more check my email. I'm i'm looking for one email. I'm live. I'm looking for one specific email and that will determine my my life. I get it you know. I got one email math from the guy band georgia lottery corporation. I check i check for that every single day like every morning it comes out of between six thirteen. Am and six thirty. Three am every single dominique new together. But no listen. I'll tell you man wait because they always tell you just believe just dream you know. Set your mind you. I wake up. I wake up to. i wiggle to emails. I know i'll tell you. I woke up the thing i got i got i got i got. I woke four numbers. One four number four. Okay you know what fine yell. Hey you know fine you nigga subtle round the world winner. I'm going to hang out my ass. Shit john john lewis bridge. I eat caviar glue. Powerball know they got out of it. You gotta take that you to hit him with not yet paid being rating but you know they got the beat that he got gained though. You're saying hey bad big you got to blur suckers you'll year. Forget about them. But nobody's enough they'll Yeah that's one of the for me. I'll scroll social media now. See the third or watching you. Some reels i actually you know might watch them cooking a quick videos. I think i'm gonna rams you know just in the morning. I don't know why i i watch and cooking stuff but anyways yeah that's the thing that was like automatically mentally attached like like. I said nicotine new national stadium. So think about so. Imagine if your routine is messed up. 'cause you you're on social media what how does your day turn out today against. Some people rely on the bottle of me like realistic. Like if you're in a job where you're on your own or you're just not all social media. This is a normal fucking day. But i mean i'm not saying like home our goal. I was like that. But again i was. I wasn't able to do some type of business logistics today because some stuff i do social media in that being said i mean it was kind of like oh shit will play some video games today to my but like i say i worry about that and she was going to the moon. So that's all. I care about the near sensitive products for this guy. No i am the party and you guys already talked about this. But i wonder if something manger was deleted or some powerful information was deleted says it affected facebook instagram and What's app whenever that is. I know they shit. I mean i know they did. I mean mean thinking about we lease you have the capability to shut your own server down. We usage on Even gone back some of the recycling band. So that's what i think they were doing. You know that's some deep shit man but no no here here okay. It's actually also point that they're kind of reinforces the point. I was made. Thank you kim off Saying that statement so check this right. Have you noticed that everything gets labeled with a fucking cova nineteen resources information label now. Have you noticed that. Like every single thing like i saw something that talked about which hollywood which hollywood actor would you love to write for you. Next had a kobe lay on. The bottom of this has nothing to do with vaccines. Proof-read Nothing to do with anything politically is is a more of a visual not to be subconsciously looking at and not knowing you're looking at it but you know what the fuck it is. That's the thing about it but that's subliminal suggest subject it now like they're they're putting it in your mind but i'm telling you this is this is more. This is more than campfires people. This is more than fucking just got. They're getting back. This is like you can't even make a post that has nothing to do with nothing without these slapping a label on this. Look seriously that that that's like saying a was it. What was the thing. A a caution caution wet side. You know what i'm saying thinking about you. If you if you spill on ground get it. You put a caution wet signed out. But that's like you walking by at you can canco cautioned wet side or you're sweating all cautioned website or somebody was by far is costing wet side is like yawn overkill. All you got damn cold with them stuff because now is fat check and think about it. You can't say anything about nothing that goes against what the narrative with the astor trying to say or what is actually push. But that the. I think that's what goes back into the whole thing. What was being actual shutdown. I think a lot of people's police stubborn tigers sc robed Ever moving all the different things. I know that actually goes guessing. They're trying to push you know 'cause thinking about facebook fucking pushes. Everything co i mean. Shit you can even do you. Can you can get you know What was the what i'm trying to think of. You defy anything that you want to now like like face will marketplace. No and the fact that you can They tell you what you scroll up. Which one is it. Oh find your your kovacs donation. You know what i'm saying. It was. I still think it's quite fucking odd that we have so much access man backs nation debt held advantage. We need Flu vaccines you know. What i'm saying or immunization shots let alone every other fucking bane of rehab. But i think the problem is a her draymond great about this shit that Just like fucking voting this vaccine is. Kobe has been politicized It really has been. It's fucking out of control that same clip today. As a matter of august he he was he was he was dead on. That one was like how he's talking about. How splitting people are now vaccinated unvaccinated. Yeah you must. We must go back to at the fucking Damn white color. That'd be the case. I mean real you just set your said gay people again which is like a porn on his. That was never an issue before this little on last year. Now we have to everything segregate or now you have to go through fights like inundate the vaccine you wanna shot coup. If you don't wanna cool that that should be like whatever but the fact now. How much trouble they're causing to say. You gotta have this to be mandated. They are you gotta do this. You gotta do that. You can't put this on social media. You can't do easily. You can't say that you can't post this. You can't show this you know without some backlash and offer. What like seriously think about that shit like we have never done this and we have been contact prime example. Listen this like this objectively. No fuck subjectively this. Look at this objectively everybody. You know what. I'm saying In the world. I'm sure has been to some type of you know major-party right or some type of gathering Whether it be home black school whether it be a big large football game you know of your anybody else's soccer game a concert. Whatever inhale prime example if anybody ehrman the airport that has to be. The nastiest place traces are outside of bourbon street right and not once. Have we any type car seat. You ain't you ain't gonna do knollenberg street birth through his head if you if you fight berge is i mean it is cool. Nice play but it's just like brushes grimy in. It is a little parmesan we've been how many times we've been to to bourbon street over the course of years and we never say we need a guide them nola shot which held the output. Somebody saying that you needed Mercy that you know because who knows what fucking god ask bacteria you come content with the i get that you know but but realistically this thing about it we have. We have been in front of flu. Sars mumps measles rubella your swine. Flu bird flu cat. Flu dog flu bat flew a boom flew. Flew like we didn't have. We had one hundred two different flew one week and never pushed this shit like they're doing and like i say this has become so politicized and a political battleground whereas now that you literally have state. It's being divided on that you have school dishes be divided stuff. You have The country for that matter. You know what i'm saying. You have family being the value you have so many different things being divided all over some liquid inside of a needle in a liquid Dan lido that's not even going to prevent you from kenya sheet that the whole country is divided over now. They should allow a house. Delicious sounds or better yet. here's another one. The country divided a month. Were fighting into tonight. Riots all to go until office or library or cafeteria to click that little button to put somebody here who doesn't give a shit about what happens to the first place. Sounds crazy right. We do talk for years of voting but audit shit this good shit. But it's just. I think just how political stuff can actually turn. I'm all for people support a cause. And i'm all for people believe in something you know. At what choice you know exercise your free will to somebody else and even day that we have free will because the major thing that keeps us all socially connected space book instagram. What's up and snap. Where hill is they have own was taken away so imagine that if people actually connect with somebody that's the only needs a communication with somebody that was taking down. What does that mean they control you. Yes you are. Nothing more than a damp puppet in their hands. And they've dropped trainings on you and you can't dance anymore until they pick you back said a puppet rush it though i mean. Think about it but no Again people go research stuff. I'll tell you no lie like looking at the the psychological effects of what social media does to people. Is it messes up your award system. You know and this was actually enter. It was social. Dilemma does actually mentioned several studies ashley. Facebook knows about you know they keep under wraps and other marketing tips. That they put in so with. The whole thing was social media. Is this right. It messes up your may systems r.'s reward and social bam social media's actually know better than goddamn pornography you know what i'm saying if you look at the science behind it so It just mess up your war system of how your mind is so a lot of people again. I'm not gonna say they have self esteem issue. What i'm saying or something issue. But i i can hear myself in his dad but when you're constantly put in front of something that always compares you to something else or this would be successful for this. How you need. That's what you need me saying. Then it starts to actually Take away individual creativity individuality and your actual soul for that matter and you start to become autumn atoll. We try to emulate different behaviors. That may or may not be you. I get certain things. You're trying to be a investor or you're trying to be a sales person or whatever the sr these you gotta do. I i do understand that. But we're talking about just the average damn joe That's why it goes back to the whole study with the With the day dat teenage girls who are now they accord. It is ease me. They reported their now. Teenage girls are experiencing several psychological and social emotional disorder facebook and instagram specifically because the self image that deal with imagine just so. Imagine if we didn't mean obviously we didn't have to deal with that during that time but if there was a social media during that we would have the same issues to you. Think so no we. Would you know. I'm just picking around with the girls that i went to school with why it was like a big ass popularity contest growth. Everybody's like who's wearing what. Just imagine that we are social media and tom speaking from my my i guess my school how we grew up but well yeah i think we probably would have had issues ultimately I think we'd probably be a little more resilient. I think we'd been l'amour zip because thinking about our our generous person new generation. Now although we we. I i'm not saying you deal with seven. But they always talking shit g muslim timing about what's up. We were right there in squash. This you know there. There was no so called cyberbullying. It was like thinking about it. When people people fight on social media about an ally people get arguments over social media. No one ever says missile. She'll squash this. let's meet up. Let's talk this stuff. I know you'll go back and forth for somebody. On the i g live or facebook live just to get likes this sick. It's fucking sick about it. That's why we we didn't do shit. Every nigga really had a problem it was just like even at school. No we nishit out like see seriously. I would think but But yeah that oh man. I'm glad we did have social media. We did have a number so we were just now being born in ultimately also worldstar stuff possibly possibly being rose about. I'm thinking definitely that that that is this is interesting. How all. That stuff is tying altogether. Ooh goodness time altogether. Yeah i i believe everything happens for dan rees and even for one of the one of the most i guess you could say most powerful companies Within the world that that that hold control so much of to be out that long to poll supposedly crash for that loan. This is what you do. But but that would that data tell you how much power. They're trying to exercise even over that. Hey we'll even. I even stave off seven being my profit just to show you that i own control. You can liquidate you all think about it. I mean that that's realistically the jester. Trying to get at. As far as i can say. I can do remember once you whenever. I said. you can't do anything about it you know. I think i think that a crazy enough. I said if you if you were a marketer on facebook like your face was your livelihood which there are people on social media who not using it for lie just dopamine hits and you know social self esteem through building i mean or just rolling for that matter are being best. There are people who jimmy say. Hey i'm going to get on this day because i ain't make such sales. I need to make a hundred sales on my book today. Or i need to make ten drug ship orders or i need to get you know four contracts in emails people and i gotta show them this or i need to make so many videos today to get it on tv and get out. So i do understand those people and the amount of stress they fry had endured because as again certain people are losing money like you said seven billion to a multi-billionaire. You know what. I'm saying if you have it for example like that's like Jeff visas right alasab. I'm not sure how much they bring in day. Notice in the billions but this to say that organization affects Yeah i must say. Look i wanna know how much they make how much the amazon profit daily they probably ninety billion dollars chances. Daily e woah will. So let me tell you. Okay so listen to people now. This imagine if amazon shut down for this business maybe real Y'all could chime man if you think how much they actually amazon makes a day. We know they make a lot of money but Per day according to inter press service this is july twenty july twenty third of this year they make Six hundred thirty eight point one billion dollars per day they make four point five billion dollars per week may fourteen point four being off a month and see that is probably about two point two three almost two hundred thirty three billion a year that they make right now now out two hundred the. Let's say at a two hundred and thirty billion right. If you've got let's see saddle profit right and you gotta shave off. Nine billion just approved point to kind of the control or whatnot. would that's not gonna hurt you versus dash. I'm saying it's like if if if i if okay prime example if i shut down for a day and i lose not billion not gonna hurt me because i still have fucking over two hundred dollars coming in versus if you as facebook or amazon still store person or bikes that facebook market or instagram. Such such If you shut down and your average goal you make a day is tin. Jesus death your livelihood. You know what i'm saying in doesn't hit you different Hit me. You know what i'm saying. I'm big and it's like i could. That's pissing wimbush version if you miss out on a date with her work you know has say if you're freelance or of your entrepreneur or if you're like you know somebody who has has to sell a product every single day or get leads or whatnot. You're able to do that. does that. Really translate for the lost amount of money. You know what. I'm saying. So i think it hurt them it hurt. It hurt era people like us. If you're were doing more than mark zuckerberg for real for real nigga to it. I didn't do my ass with that. Data around and toyota prettiest that master instead of being on a on a vacation. But that's as margarita. Money think about it like how much you know able go to the to this whole if something is down Said the grow today at saint saint token like i said i smell more time and we'd be missed earlier in the show The crypto market engines. Like you know if if that goes away. Does you know what i'm saying like. I don't think that shut down. I need to. I need that come up. Don't shut down come on come up bad adds that'd be fixing market wall street like the stock market crash and the only thing only thing it'd be it'd be good if like i said in can talked with dicks even with with the cryptocurrency or even with the with the stock market. I'm not sure if anybody's into that type of stuff. It always is certain type of thing. Misstep is limited better. It is easier to vice stuff when it's cheaper flip easily right on by some rolex that two dollars and the goals of self thousand dollars on the hill that i drew profit so same thing with any other stock so cripple what matt no of course stuff go low of course by you. Got the money to always a box of alone with baby. Go back up the also again it is also good to get stuff is and getting into win can because listen even though i know i know jokes espoused today. Ten thousand a day. Even if you hate you know every time. I dedicate fifty dollars to get yourself you know built up. That's the easiest way to really get in just really find somebody. You can get good information from the research. Oh yeah you hit the nail on the head please. People do your research. Because joe blow said that they know about crypto mar on the market or four day trade or whatever anybody can say no something just because you re you know four fucking. Up articles and e. How you know law article doesn't mean talking about and you wash five youtube videos. I actually resources people see the talking about the show. The real results of in regular strong determination. It is the way that you want to go because there are people out here scandal the money and use that money for better investments does after that out there i. I'm serious about that. Though man is terrible guru the the only problem with buying stuff when he's cheap is because of i've known because of being felicien in the market once you buy it once you buy it own array father. Yep that's hanley. The cyrus anything is shutdown that long about because you have hassles like that shown down You know byways and highways of the international you know stuff like this is stupid life. You really just get through. Show a stupid shit like that. It's just like man take grain assaulted about good. I'm good on that one. i'm gonna eat more. But but as as you're saying buying the of low it's me a little bit better concede price value. Go down the purchaser at a low price personnels price. Every time i go up you know or I mean stocks are a little different. Because get out do day train by a whole lot of different things kind of watch and like i said i got more to criminals up because you told me you know stuff like that. So it's kind kinda. Keep i'll just told me about the purchase but Yeah again values changing different things. Now bro really is now. I could just see everything shifting right inside everything is going to be digital for even even you know what. I'm glad you made that point. Because even now people took this now even now. Artwork is digital that there are now something car mushroom anybody's into this stuff. Hurry thing about it. Is something called an nfc. Ns that goes for a non fungible token. This is nothing more than a digital picture or gift or or to have it called it. That people actually meant i meant. Is that you based do establish or brand or approve or something you put it on the marketplace the blockchain or do you want to call it on different sites and you could sell them for a theory. Now at theorem the market value for one at the coin is what what was it. Call it three three gs thirty thousand five hundred thirty four hundred somewhere around there. So so so average life konduz the dinner thirty three hundred four one at theam corn. You know that people are buying like literally digital pixellated art for damn near ten your sometimes twenty coins. Now he sit knob. I was paying that much. Maybe a percentage or lake seriously there was people are now by that makes sense though. Will they say it makes sense like for you know. I'm talking about just the market that they're getting Ethereal for those What is it that the gifts and the pitch stuff. I mean i would do it. That's why i said it makes sense. I would do it. That's where the market is headed to. Yeah i get that. But it's just like i'm i'm just saying what we actually plays value on like what we figure. Let me take a picture of a screen shot right now. I the marketplace. I'd say hey it's a collection you know what i'm saying and it's a collection different things and you can buy this for coin. I could sell a screen shot regimes. Let me or whatever it there my you can sell like. There's one if anybody into Open see this largest. Nfc market on of course in the world right now. The united states really download is that right and type type in epic eagles. Donald at open sea type in epic. 'cause i one of my co op is harper. We audit So we were talking about it like you mean to tell me that people are selling cartoon pictures for seventy five dollars and people are buying it. I'm saying people people the market. I mean okay this. This is a market everything. Think about this. And here's a market for everything. Con a damn pixelated picture. A screen shot of some artwork is selling for three gs in denver. Seventy bucks and you tell me. This is a limited amount of them. To exclusive exclusively. That's how you say that. I mean deputies crazy you think about this. You put value on sunday during the have not much value in the first place that you probably made for free you know is is like a bam do you know what maybe i try. Hail at this point who cares. We'll why not you know what i'm saying. My books might make a hundred bucks. You know what i'm saying that cast me that. Nfc shit why are you playing on you. The think about it if you get thirty coins. Let's say you made one you suffer. Thirtieth therion corners. How much does that. That's a early times through funding. You said it says about what we saw three and a half years over six. I mean live over a six things about it. A screen shot. You sell a screen shot. A song is very basic as somebody buys it for one hundred k. The people. I i don't make this up like seriously. Just go do the research on this stuff and it's like sometimes cuter and just get baffled some of the stupidest shit that people are actually making money off of it. This is like i've messed up. I missed the like louis. You're probably picture asshole so that you name one hundred thousand dollars somewhere. Somebody's going damn by. I promise you tell you the market for the morning. Everything crazy enough martin nola along with that you know people into that fetish the market for that whole one as crazy. But i'm just saying. I should like man value. We know we need. We need a show on just like what's real bad. Sirius satellite. What what what. Israel bag you measure when it comes to material stuff you know and maybe we jumping this right now like big about it. Prime example civil use technology these iphones. I'm sure cy it here. A semi in here has ifo fold right. I mean i have awesome awesome. Sc actually. i mean. I'm not gonna i'm apple. Gives you not hold the android person in here like that You get what. I'm saying is cool but i i've now totally been converted by apple products. Like apple products are the convenient. Like you can do so much with is cloud. Everything's connected this benefits to that. But there's also defy Some some for the call so setbacks and drawbacks as well but just ask for the sake of ease and the user-friendliness for me. I i want that man that man. They got their men sipping the kool-aid off. They made probably got apple draws just brain but you know you know what so for apple products honestly. It was a now i tunes but The the music. 'cause i just love listening music like the i i i didn't have i didn't have on it. I mean i have a phone. That i had a hard. You know. it's like man. Screw it like. I had ipod had ipad but i had an android phone. It isn't teaching to fourteen and the kids is a clown. We saw nancy straightalk android phones. You know it was like my hand as well. You know you know this little candy dispenser drugs. I mean that you get from walmart like little phones. That's how big the phone words i had like attracts is phoned and i had all desi have and i is like made you. Can't what are you going to do is like ross. Could be on the red for the feds phones. I had by broad gatt. Then i had iphone four man. Phone was just in general. I out man. I had a like a no not twenty six ten man. It was the blue. Yeah here's blue with grey pad the green screen My first phone man. I switched got me a aside kit. He wrote a sidekick ides's though you never wanna get i never wanna get a raise raises always piece of how to raise it to rain. Run they had that i had the hd two lg rumor wide open to an iphone and it was done. Oh yeah that evil gavin. It had a good concept but it was just like see the iphone. The in this word it is my sound. Very you know monk up to say but to me The iphone was of the equivalent. Now the evil was the equivalent of a subway sandwich. You he to in it but it was a place it just like. Yeah i think the fact that. I have all these. But i don't really think that pickles and banana peppers and tomatoes and all this you know sweet onion sauce and mayonnaise and solid vinegar and oil on go together. You know what i'm saying. It was like this isn't bullish is cheap. But it's like that's what the evil was made but then you have. This is taught and we are fire. Halls that's what i found was. It was a nice well-crafted sandwich that gave you all different flavors nice crunch in a nice good warm temperature in between which you can enjoy the summers thoroughly and you didn't mind. It was brought down as a team and evil. I i thought. I thought i was cute with evil. I had a total going there. It was like you could do the front and the back camera. All's this is clear so i'll know if you are louis hamster lord on. I remember bluer was that we're living in a uv university village voice data valley. And i had the phone. I had this phone. That lighter mood at phone. I used to have that light up side. Ooh it was it was. It was two lights at the top. Two big rights at the bottom of fall light up people called. Oh yeah on the. I thought i thought i was that guy. Dot com bro. You know what you figure that do you know. Do you have one. Blackberry i did. I did have a by right now. I know a lot. I feel like i i was executive blackberry. Light for for like blackberry was his own having blackberry seriously. What happened to them. They were like that was a good company but they have phoned the the instant messaging between when they started hitting them with that Toward aso today are we got a bowl. That blackberry storm was exactly. Yes yes things someone. Has you know my older sister. Extra blackberries. 'cause choose i yeah. This is the one that i wanna get where she liked converted like everybody in the store. I mean in the house. The like a blackberry prison. That have let my mom. I don't i don't they. She had one but like me twins and my dad we all have. We is from own android phone wrestler. Guy phones game. A man. I tell you i i to me iphones. It's much more convenient. Man they really are i. E e horsburgh. Where were they are so much more than being like. It's you know cones you just redoing stuff apple cash. Listen got put your cards. Angie will put the you know what. That's why what the low wallet on it. Yeah that goes back to my point though thinking about it. Now listen to say apple shutdown. For damn day i angle. I'm much about window apertures down. I might take the big apple. Shut down. I need my music and even after you be strange though because you have got a for whatever downloaded playlist you. Have you download it. You good without all so that's good okay. I'm good if i just stream must have known. I'll be done you're done you know what don't with you know what me if youtube shutdown wherever you to shut down i'll i'll be depressed. I would. I literally watch you to more than i watch. Regular streaming devices amazon netflix. Hulu off together. I'm literally on youtube for everything like like seriously. I want you to live for you on how to make that. Rice youtube wanna. What's going on news. Youtube wanted to figure out how to make a candle youtube. You wanna learn how damn bill taxes you too nigga. I watch you two for damn ammo. Show youtube for space. I want you to for the news. I watch youtube for anime. I really on you. I am convinced that. Youtube is my new television. I ain't gonna lie i. I've been watching you too lately. That's been. I've never been a youtube person but i wanna lie. If i'm looking at something on or crypto or whatever. I look a lot of boxing. Shit you know what's going on boxing like all of them. I just and it's one of the things that you know i'll be looking at home but this is crazy man. How how much. More that. I watch and how much content is on that shit. Which is crazy. That's the thing and just imagine if you to the eichel to youtube for information because you have so many different avenues inflammation whether it goes up to your narrative which wanna hear information and yeah. This is bureau. Listen not everybody. Youtube as damn expert in the field are talking about some were alluded talking about brand new. Some people are just you know Youtube gurus everybody knows you have who who get on wikipedia refill five is and also near lawyers. What i'm saying or all of a sudden tasks youtube does have a lot of right. Exactly i can show you right now. How to scale your business and bring in ten thousand dollars a month with this new proven system. We have helped over ten thousand clients. Is that okay if you attend dozen clients then. Why are you still doing these. Dan bullshit as if i have clients and i make what will was was a thousand dollars of east i this ad mc donald's of each client and you do ten thousand. What does that was that a million. Why am i still doing to. Do you know what i'm saying realistically. I think they'd be trying to sell selling. Vs classes and you know. They've tried look like it'd be thinking about everything's about lou out to if you hear the right cameron right angles and white market and the recognition software. You like a million bucks to realistically nestle. People need to kind of understand the difference in value of what's actually valuable. What's his some bam shit. Damn goal with spray. Paint fool's gold out here. Trump pajamas on game papa. John game podcast though boy just swipe buddhist show. Scientists mind course leaking too many facts. I don't watch tv. i don't and it's not that. I tried to not watch it but you to has all my attention and i don't even try to watch youtube to be quiet. I don't know. I just always end up on you too and i'm always learn something on their like. I just never get the time to watch. Tv youtube is everything. Shut up to the panel bro region again. Seaman was going on but The air like like. That's that's design. Because again when youtube kinda i start in two thousand and five would start off as the best inception that this is nothing more than eight big television station that you can make your own channel. Whatever you wanna talk about whatever you want. Show whatever you wanna showcase. Everybody can barely be their own entire star. That's why youtube is probably the best thing. Yeah you got instagram. You got it. You've got. facebook. Facebook live and on top of something thinking about who they concentrate from fucking too. I mean realistically all the shorts off the rails on that type of stuff. Youtube still power housing Because even youtube cowan's on beta program called youtube shorts which is nothing more than a grand real sore author substance. Everybody's really just making the same with double double cheeseburger name to something else. That will joe go ahead. Oh i mean to cut you off. I saw what you're talking about the social media so just now just sift through. I got an email from my son's school from the superintendent title says social media concerns though. I'm just gonna read just a portion of it and say you know as a parent. I am reaching out to you regarding social media trans. We are seeing that are troubling lately. A number of students have made threats towards others on social media. In addition you may have heard about a recent top talents. That have circulated on social media encourage students to engage in in in inappropriate industry Destructive behavior and that's the one You heard about that about slapping their teacher lowell. What that's the time. Challenge slapping teaching. It'd be talk. Time as i listen one of said about it and that goes back to what you said about guitar. That with With you said about teen girls not tweens and teen girls influencing in image and everything has their bodies changing our shit together. We were estimated this. Dan social media doesn't help at all. It doesn't and it's like like really but but then goes back to ages kids doing it. I mean hey you gotta dolts goddamn stupid shit like prime example. That crate chad. I know mary jo by you. Know crazy crazy in the back of a truck. I haven't done away crate. Challenge like dig about all these stupid ass. Challenge will die more to that point you made to. They malla challenges over the last few years. Lynn social media instagram. And all this talk and snapchat really started to take off. You had that iced ice bucket challenge for new dumping. Ice challenge is that you had the Was the beatles towns where everybody was as standard. They'll snowed ship. Should i hit job. They've had the cinnamon challenge. Where people will swallow spoonful of sentiment. I guess people think about. I said people were literally getting on internet taking their phones and filmed themselves. Swallow a spoonful tablespoon at that a cinnamon cinnamon isn't a stringent maintenance. You will fucking choke yourself. Doing some and people are just chuckling. Laugh initiatives sold i think social media shutdown day was a good thing because you cut the stupidity off in the buffoonery Clowning and stuff. You know that. That's ozzy where i think he did. In my opinion you save a lot of lives with his happening. You lost seven being in it but you know what you saw. Somebody produce from stupid today. I guarantee you did go back and do it tomorrow. Off your never were they. Did they miss the they got double. They gotta double up with adults. They got a double. I'll tell you that is stupid like until this day. Though abor got she got me. Watching book win sees a rule. Some of stupid stuff that you are doing videos right and i still had to be the dumbest challenge. Ever were buddy put. That and i said that. I told you there's on one or lash show if it was a treadmill challenge right people do this better yet. Don't take my word for it. I think it's called a treadmill towns but you could legal pie youtube it or or whatnot or i'll tell you what it is. Just go get you know Some cooking oil preferably vessel is the cheapest and just go in front of a drawer in your house right a bathroom kitchen appropriate demonstrates do this foot the oil down baby. You know what better put baby baby was actually more so like you could spill baby oil and gas with a guy like you'll be sleeping for like forty years in that one spot has the slickest shit in the world. I don't know what they ask stuff with anybody know any line baby is worse that is. Am got look you've ever got a whipping wasn't baby shit. No is terrible. But we're jeanette works but yeah people put the put down a put down baby. All and lily contract is now go grab the end of the counter or the hand order to pull out door and just run as fast as you can and see what happens. Well april told me issues is laughing laughing at the while she showed. It has like i giggle. You research over the stupid shit so anyway buddy living just took off and took off running fast. He could mind you. He had like a wig on and some some the of course lipstick norwich. That's another conversation but anyway yeah buddy was his run. I should he slipped. Molitor hit came all off. He do pull the drought Our plays in is like he got likes least pilot half meal. You know what. I'm saying laughs. And he highs like buddy could have really hurt himself. you know. that's that's that's part of the game. Now man you you generate many lights and followers you get that generates revenue but this hostile. Like i mean immigration. Yeah everybody likes to flex a little bit impulsively hill. I do too. I mean i like the feel the life. Okay at people saw my shit know if feels but now they're thinking about it i made i haven't played ties. We made it a little a little shorter with this stuff to essy's one of itt we social media license like you'll do. You'll spend a hundred years perfecting his like right had eggs all types of crazy shit. You know content teachers all fire you. You'll get the whole filter looking good. You'll posts at the right time you know. Based on what. The market i mean. What the what. The admit says all type of stuff and then you'll get like ten likes to likes mission day y'all come through with the algorithm yellow. Hit making me look bad but you know what that's not thing that kinda messed people think about. The algorithm remember at first time when when associated. I haven't when you pull something you've got your home to if you had if you had a two thousand friends right all two thousand friends with your post. Now when they started to change the algorithm the site that it became a popularity contest amongst yourself where it will only show you instead of doing off fresno showing the same thing it will only show two percent of that yes so you only two hundred friends like it and if they liked it they and they will appreciate further and further along but the problem is though is like that only hooks people to continue to pose to be involved and to engage in this platform. That's all that she doing. You know thinking about it because his saw this you know and people will pull the statement. hummy again. How did you really senior post on average. You know what i'm saying unless you're star but they're accurate they're their their engagement already pushed up because they're on the algorithm as far entertainment. Own of a though you'll wish they would slap me you're gonna get lap back. Oh yeah plus shaw here so disrespect for these days man. Look i go to work. And i listen con con if i go to bed man if i go to work and you think it's funny on different on t- on on on social media to rumba slapped me all right. I got social media. I trust me. I got some you on new orleans you might see some be roughed up about light it man. It'll be on cnn Exactly on that statue of amiga. I'll i'll go down. I'm sorry you're not going to be him in think about is nothing's being done about this. I mean this is my my crazy. I think they need to ban phones for certain age in school like they need the ban. Yeah you're fought like middle school a middle school but middle school fine. Whatever you know. What i'm saying i i get it. You know kids a the more advanced in middle school Then we were well. I wanna say advanced. There are more exposed than we were in middle school. So i get the technology purposes High school is by highschool. You the loss of your one do you. Kind of just like his weight is going to school but elementary school with no. They don't need a phone. I'm sorry like why is my why you have flicking first graders and second graders and third grade walking down iphones late nigga. An adult phones be looking better than my phone. Exactly utilize rely them but in mind. I know i'll say yes but you can't read. You can't count. you don't know how walk in line has sounds shut up. You didn't bounce on all the deb place but then you control you got a phone. You know what. I'm saying. Candidates for your name. Your name always like how do you do that. How do you say your own. Their name wrong. This is this the only word that you can't fuck up you spell. You're wrong but you gotta be to death while you're here. Were their thousand dollar phone and any target a pen. You're trying to get me in with that hair apparent because she wasn't you gotta damn time. You got by phone. That he can't even he can navigate. But as i say ready for that though they ain't ready for that shit like you said they would. I will get somebody. Cuss words thrown at me. Let alone tomatoes like will. They deserve the best Will give them a thousand dollars phone. Not that actually pretty fucking stupid you know because again what happen thinking about what happened. Get broken then what you know what. I'm saying like the people. Don't think about that stuff but then they'd be having air pilots to burton crazy crazy name worse when kids. We still mr. Oh raise hell to pay. Three hundred earphones are paid for fall. Will you know what asshole that's what you deserve to get. You bought a second grader. Fucking down dollar phone just making the cool also here eat that damn life lesson asshole. Don't pay down on the phone. you wanna give. You will take you as on down to walmart. Track on the ship. Bray is a member low. Firefly they listening better yet. Yeah i'm sorry l. Which was to bid to watch for me middle school. It depends even middle school. Arguable brick. that were you. Yeah you're going to get the feeling the debris you don't get it that brick you're gonna understand what to work for. Some they think about it. I thought i was cool when i had my little cell phone in high school. I brought that cell phone was like had to be the size of a debt remote control and like man. It was great silver. And you can tell me. I was coolest nigga in the face of tall to call. Ask phone unless i get my first phone graduated high school. Well i'll i'll say. I'll leave the day after i graduated. I got phone the next week. i don't let that phone breath is as you get now. You only get replacement within like what in pretend like our so. You know what i'm saying. I mean as is crazy that whole social media stuff that they need a day to jump on that. But i'm ver- Taste my mouth slapping the teacher challenge by s. It was freezing when i heard it this year. They can't be that stupid. One of what is in congress. Pass laws on that shit like. Hey any damage. How's it does anybody that does holiday has arrested. And let's see i. May dan challenges go after that like seriously native started doing that. Pass damn if be do any challenge that causes to pity ignorance or anything on allies causing bodily all mental heart. Anybody else Cancer film charge. We'll see me stupid ass challenges to keep them going on man. I guarantee you a stop like crime. If you if people i know angle steals body stuff out our house Then another has me. I get what probation they still. You know. that's bad in that goes to check this people there was a think it was in atlanta. It might have been atlanta connor. My best somewhere else. There was owner whose dogs were taken away. He had two pit bulls. And there isn't an all gurvey's yeah so there was a home invasion. That guy basically tried to walk in alana. And i guess the people will basically locked known as acid toward they. They they choose that tate. You get the putty gonna front porch damn chewed on. Here's like the owner guy. Who i know who the nigga words i mean. He's floating around the wrong day house and into the dolls way. See in that instance in the pit should be punished. They did their damn job. they really should. You know what i'm saying. The owners shouldn't be punished if you're a home invader. Hr breaks vice shit. You got a couple of damn wolves or bears on tour into bad you pick the wrong fucker. A wrong door do you. A during the one door to they love this. Is your final flight. You that you hit that they have asked you hit. that red. shouldn't green check ex. Hey you hit that. Oh you haven't. I can't tell you i'm on the second or so within references already funny already though funny but but think about that now hockey you put us the dog the dogs of there for gardy in protecting people's property a you had deaths in to get it wasn't like you know whistling walking by and always wearing street and shoot 'em up. I get that. I understand that. They came off of the property in attack them understandable. What if it's the camera caught the guy trying to break in in those jumped over the fence around and a plug. I was asked. And hey do you have now crossed the damn law. Hey you are trying to break into somebody's house. That is a felony. Or whatever it is and you give it to come for life but now you have laws protect people but like i well near my where. I'm black so i'm gonna get shot spot so that'll may but let's say that if your average criminal you can't go Breaks vice house and you can sue him if you get hurt. They like the the person who literally is causing this or who. Who have you can get sued for battery and assault. But some i trying to assault you. That that's crazy. That is we always to go back to wild west days. Honestly i think so. We always need to go back too. Lazy to go back in the ministry have tools. Do great we did greg greg. At greenwich grads toast. Y'all saying it will. We'll see if you just don't asthma. Hands a to bag. Thus duff's would it's time to go as the ball down to guarantee you cut back on a lot of different things if you just an anonymous on. No no no no no no world. We'll get shutdown heart by-pass our but i. I don't wanna sound like that. But you know if seriously if if if you start to give different type of values for crimes and punishment that was actually given we understand system. We understand it is money. Be male people being locked in a box off time in interest. Stand however though. I'm not talking about people do like white collar crimes you know for like embezzling fons and instilling people's ra's and all of this. We're talking about them. Blue-collar crohn's will i you'd be you'd be hammer and you do multiple dan p boy yet you get life in prison free meals you live. You live off the of state in state taxpayer money. You know what i'm saying. Faa taxpayer money. You around killing me but you get free meals if free house the ed understand. It's not like you know resort style living. But it's just like you were still able to live after killing people and it's like an and we we gotta pay the house you. We'd really paying taxes the house you buy guarantee if people start doing was done to 'em lie all bitcoin tonight that but come on now if if i bring it to your house with a gun and you plug on me. I get shot then. Who should be thought or who should be for that one. Resume new for on me so a bitch nigga. Oh my goodness squeeze it nigger with that that Let's see if if i break it to your house full you you pull a gun back you shoot me and i and i get killed then. Hey tough luck at you all got that house again. Draw wrong door man. Wrong hebrew either wrong man do i you got that ad blasted the hail. That always get sketchy. Man i've heard so many instances of Breaking into somebody's house dealing or whatever gets injured. In-in sues the person that that the house broken into that's variety that's like some of the craziest shit i've ever heard. But i've i've heard instances of that as grazie. That's maybe i. Maybe i should just started doing as breaking on. I'm glad that africa did. I don't i don't i don't get a guy dead. Wanna discount code of that once you fit the profile. How old she they. They don't put me down. They don't forget they're gonna for me down. What was foreseen you. you probably. oh yeah ex. Football player has been seen breaking into people's houses in book. Buck here like nigga this book old. I'm you know what. I got some information on that. To an nfl gets crazy but we a bubble pump. This man this ain't got nothing to do with the show. I just wanna let you know that it is now nine fifty nine. Pm miles say ten p. m. in i just made it two hours before this comprehensive exam is doing. I got sixty eight pages. I anti. I want to look at a computer screen type. Nothing okay. that's good congratulations. You've all the other side job. What kind to stay up and watch that show us. We and i need to watch you. What before that. I need baki to and now i'm like like the light is learning center. Bro i only official out. There work out like twice. There's shit so there's another thing too. She had not been as me abroad able to work out twice a day. Pretty damn good too and stay focused on a workout shit. They think about how many people hundred to able to jam and on social media. Play like okay. I got worker now. I gotta eat this one. I got i got some damn awesome blue cheese crumbles of his wants to. How is it that you go to the gym. A spend more time doing poses the working out. I if you're trying to work out doing poses than maybe new gone modeling you know send me. I'm sure there's workout model for one walking one way but seriously you go you see more people. Grad may is a male and female who spend more time Showing off the workout than actually working out. You know what i mean. And i have been guilty of this too. That's what i can call out help. Blow bullshit joe as up in the mirror doing calf raise. I'm talking about. I'm trying to sell program so there's just sell program people just trying to front trying to be cute xiaomei money on the two. So there's a i got gotta. I got a business. We're talking about people who doubt nothing to do anything as far as that. You're still the same guy. Dan wait as you've been for the last three years and you take a picture seven mirror. That's that's that's what i'm talking about in their in mantle. Somebody feelings no shit. I mean it's true. I mean think about okay perfect example. That's like me saying yeah man. I got money i got. I got money but shit. I go to fucking work. Every dan bay at i can just barely home to like two hundred dollars. I'm sending flashing. Shall i got. I got that bands. You know what i'm saying. I mean that's that's a psychological shit though. That's a trauma but the same thing with like if you jim you're not really into to get healthy like yeah people again. I'm not gonna knock everything give who likes people like attention. I get it. People sometimes work for than people were got for. Centuries i go to i'm talking specifically in people who are using fucking weights and okay I'm sorry i'm getting. I'm getting a little on this. But i hate when people are using fitness equipment. I'm trying to use the machine. Because i'm trying to exercise a portion of my body to strengthen it up You know for the reason and i'm cool with reason for me. Hey take your time you know together says okay. Fine whatever but in the meantime you set you literally play on the phone. Five minute increments. Each time doing the set type. I'm the type of guy was like okay. I don't feel like getting fighting in a jam because tells by the way but at the same token though is kind of rude. You know if people really trying to work out and you're standing on a piece of equipment that they are trying to have access to. Would you spend more time trying to make your your your your stage for two followers. Then it's like okay you know. Is that fair to anybody else. You know that we who actually care about working out Dominated did not a to followers. Though by the it'd be to following man. I'll tell you maybe it'd be it'd be true followers but Believed bumped us off now. But let me tell ya. I ain't even done you. so why. go to submit the paper eight. No submission box for the papers. I guess they didn't open now. Forgot so. I guess. I turned into tomorrow. Ain't some stuff gets you ally. Yes it is used to is terribly mates finish line. There's no taped across over to congratulations. You got done the with Wow but as we are getting close to the in k. out we do have some directors for you all all afghan music off though there all right anyways. Yes we do for your as your return in k. Down and put it on out do favor. Now that social media backup you can take your ass is over to our instagram. Page at in. Kp cass ns in pd casts. You can also falls on. Facebook at pd cast to and our group mango podcast and syndicate. Make sure you also describe to our youtube channel male. 'cause podcast as well subscribe to our podcast on anchor which is anchored dot. Fm slash in kpd cash slash support which you become a monthly donor to continue support this show and is growth in everything that we have gone on to get you on the other side by because this is the way ask for the guy from the baloney. Now golf's blown out of blowing up very by. Hey we appreciate you off again in our listeners. Y'all have been back on a panel for everything appreciate you all for being here as usual again mission. Scribes you make sure you get those newsletters coming out and other than that. We will see you all this friday friday night lights for better better better better better always better time than you normally have every friday anyway. Why because again this the way we'll see all the other side day desi thank you say better. They really all controlled took.

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Florida Voting Law, COVID Vaccine, Liz Cheney & House GOP

The Politics Guys

1:17:07 hr | 5 months ago

Florida Voting Law, COVID Vaccine, Liz Cheney & House GOP

"Short hair with donald trump. To the guy's place your pie. Partisan rat hilland simple abatement american politics policy. I'm michael baranovsky. Professor of political science at northern kentucky university. I'm joined today by conservative. Counterpart cleveland area attorney and defender freedom. Jake person hey. Good morning wake. Aj how you doing. I'm a chinese rocket. mike was But with four speed and half the direction. Oh god okay. Well that should be interesting. Well thankfully you will be not not have to carry carry me all on your own because we have a special guest actually returning special guest. Olivia who has many of you may remember was back with us on this show. In february i believe it was and there was just a lot of positive response to having. I don't know jay maybe a voiced. It wasn't some you know. Middle aged wasn't a guy anyway. Olivia we are really happy to have you back on the show today ink. Thanks super excited to be back. I should also mention that speaking of people who are going to be coming back. Who aren't us It looks like kristen becoming back to the show. Soon regular listener may know that she had to take a short hiatus to work on another project. She an operative that has wrapped up. And we're shooting for having our first Kristen and mike show in quite a while on may twenty second just a couple of weeks from now and we will. We will be happy to have christian back. I know i mr. I know not a lot of listeners. Have and so we are. We are all looking forward to having kristen back up but before we get started there. I want to just thank our newest supporters on patriot. We have johan we have. Martin who actually is a current supporter. Who doubled his level of support for this show and jordan de another longtime supporter. Who again double more than doubled his previous level support. Yeah and and finally ryan kristen back. What's ed just think how we do with her. actually without. but anyway there's ryan who's been listening for years and he said he became a patriotic supporter and also gave us an extremely generous donations from venlo at the same time for in his words to make up for all the time that he's been listening. Which does yeah and ryan also wrote in to say he's constantly finding myself ingredient with sides of issues. I never thought. I would engaged in your building empathy and understanding and a time where these are hard to come by. Thanks again for all your work. Also tell ken to get his discord ready. So we'll have more on that actually next week because that's sort of the thing trae and can put together and actually a number of people responded very well to the gatt kenan discord. Let trae talk about that when he can do the show next week. But that looks like is actually thing. Also a martin wrote in to say. I wanted to do my part since. I found your podcast increasingly important in our polarized environment. Please give my regards to the defender of freedom and tell him to keep up the good work of challenging progressive views and adding perspective. So there you go. It's always nice to have a little chat for j. in particular because i know sometimes you get you bear the brunt do get a lot of grief. Sometimes you know deservedly. So i would say comes with the territory there you go you know. It's not easy being a defender of freedom anyway. Not it is not so as a patriot. Support you also get that second full show. Every week you also get added free versions of all shows. There's other stuff and other levels of support to check it out just gonna patriot dot com slash politics guys and as always if you would like that bonus show but you're just not in a position to financially support. The podcast totally understandable. Just send me an email mike. Politics guys dot com. I will get you all set up with that all right so let's start today. Show with a a new voting law. In florida on thursday in a special exclusive appearance on fox and friends of florida governor onto santa's signed into law a number of new voting restrictions and aside from fox mentioned all other media were barred from the event in which the santa signed to measure and talked about some of the main provisions and basically his view is that this will help to increase public faith in election so most democrats see it. As yet another republican controlled the state pushing through measures to whilst oppress largely democratic votes. And some of the key details of what this what does florida law entails. It requires that ballot drop boxes be supervised and only available when elections offices and early voting sites are open. It limits ballots. That can be collected for submission to immediate family and no more than two unrelated people. It prohibits unsolicited. Mailing ballots allows democratic and republican representatives access to observe signature matching reviews views by the canvassing board. It requires that voters who are changing their registration information moving to a new address. That sort of thing to provide an. Id number such as like a driver's license partial social security numbers opposed to the previous the current bull nuggets the previous method which basically they informed They just informed through a male. I think or some other method of their new address and also it gives every county access to lie. Voter turnout data which is updated beginning at seven pm on election day by the supervisor of elections and that includes the number of mail ballots have been received and the number of ballots that remain uncounted now. The law was immediately challenged in federal court by multiple groups who argue that it creates an unconstitutional barrier to voting for some groups. And as i said this is the latest in a number of voting restrictions from a republican controlled states most notably georgia of course in march in texas looks to be next in line to pass more restrictive voting laws and finally before we get into our should point out that all of this is possible. Due to the supreme court invalidating the pre-clearance provisions of the voting rights act in shelby county vs holder. And since then. I was but that's why all this is possible is what i'm saying. And then since then republican legislators in that were formerly covered by these restrictions and it was largely kind of the old south. But there's some other states as well day have passed a number of these more restrictive laws. And i think it's fair to say that he's efforts have gained a fair amount of momentum in the wake of the two thousand twenty election former president. Trump's lawyers about the process and the results and lies of course culminated in debt january sixth overrunning of the capital by trump supporters. So that's kind of where we are right now. I guess i'll just kick things off by saying get asking. What do you think about this law. Why don't we. Why don't we start with our special guests. Bolivia yeah i. It's i just think it's another confirmation of like the big y and it's you know unfortunately validating you know so much of the country's Believe that the election was stolen. Because you know how the election often stolen or had the election been secure. The average person would think there wouldn't be a need to change all of these voting walls and on top of that descent as an abbot. Both had said they had boasted. About how the elections in their states were extremely secure. And that they were. You know some of the The most secure elections of all time. And then now they're you know. Due to trump pushing that there was so much fraud and the twenty twenty election and also the fact that with the historically high voter turn out that we saw the election and the fact that that in turn resulted in a democratic win rather than trump's I just think number one. These laws are unnecessary. But they're being pushed both to support this idea that the election was stolen. Which we know was not But number two because republicans feel that Their best shot at winning is by suppressing democratic votes rather than gaining republican votes which is disturbing the j. What what do you think about that. Well i i. Would i ask. By what exactly are people finding restrictive About this or what. Where's the vote suppression. I guess that's when we're talking about your not having the state said out. Unrequested ballots How that voter suppression. Well that seems to be common sense right that the state just shouldn't send out ballots to addresses Where they don't know who lives there if anyone lives there Secondly with the drop boxes Again drop boxes or something new It was something sort of Sui generis to the pandemic And the requirement that you're going to have them monitored is is somehow restrict actual. We'll no that's protecting Vote security. Likewise i just the the collection of votes That makes sense right. I mean it's ballot harvesting I think you could. You could see where there could be a whole lot of mischief That occur that could occur if you allow a ballot harvesting which is allowing someone just to go around a third party just to go and collect ballots from people and then take them or not. Take them To the The board of elections. So if you're limiting that to The family members that seems to be a sensible restriction again. I don't see what. I don't see how this restricts people from voting I don't see how the particularly you know the idea that this somehow prevents minorities from voting So i i guess. That's the lawsuit. I think this is more of the same which we saw with. Georgia were were. There was actually expansions of voting opportunities but in this sort of View of the news media and the democratic party have a claim. No it's jim crow all over again. So i that's i just again i'd ask you what what are the restrictions that you see in how. How does this actually. Votes while. I because i don't think it does a one more thing while i'm at it. I know the apiece in this two point Look trump caused a whole lot of damage to our country with his You know the big lie about i won. I won by a lot in the election. Will it and she's absolutely right about that. But i think the remedy to that is to have elections. That are secure. People can certainly say will listen. I've got some concerns in. I don't believe that the election was stolen. But do i believe the pennsylvania supreme court changed the rules halfway through. yes Do i believe there are irregularities In some of these places absolutely and they're typically they're typically are so. I think the best way to to dispute the lead trump. The election was stolen. Argument is to to Put in place. Laws allow things like like transparency and prevent. The you know things like ballot harvesting lake Just drop boxes And has signature requirements in these. These are things that are basic parts of voting that have been in an effect for for forever And they've never been unconstitutional before Yet now That's that seems to be the issue that democrats want to quit so well number one. I i'd say there's probably about eight different elements of your response than ex. You're asking me to respond to get them all straight but number one. I of yeah. What's what's what's so restrictive about well. Number one mentioned a number of a number of elements of the law. That aren't necessarily that restrictive. But i don't think that anyone is saying certainly. I don't think it's reasonable to say. Every little part of it is restrictive. I will say that unlike in the georgia law which expanded in some ways. That looks like it would probably be to the benefit of republican. Voters by some strange coincidence. That i i'm not aware of any expansions in this florida law for anyone. But you know you you point out some things that aren't necessarily restrictive and i absolutely will agree that the law every bit of it is not restricted. But there are things that make it more difficult now. You may argue that. They're justified but things. Like for instance making it more difficult to change your registration requiring more information or for instance. The i didn't mention one of the highlights but in addition to the not soliciting or not sending unsolicited ballot. It's also not as automatic of a process if you you have to request new ballot. I think for every election. I think it has been every two. I believe it was if you wanted to do that. And so there were a bunch of small steps. It seems to me in my basic in my first pass compares young ball connors wildest dreams and so yeah. It's not jim crow two point. Oh but it certainly does. I mean the whole point. It seems to me. The whole republican argument is well. We need to. We need make voting more secure. Now there's no way to make almost anything more secure without putting more barriers up. That's kind of build a wall around voting from make it more secure basically. Well if you do that. It's fairly fairly clear that the people who are going to be most disadvantaged who generally speaking tend to be democratic. Maybe that's just a happy coincidence for republicans but you know to say that this is just some sort of high handed concern for election security especially in a state like florida which both sides heralded as a model of how elections should be run. This is i. i won't say it's a solution or a solution in search of a problem because the problem i think is a livia pointed out. Is that there are just too many democrats who might be voting and if we can make it harder for them to do that and wrap ourselves in the mantle of election security well. That sounds like a fine idea. Well i think. I think you're reading. I think you're reading motives in there were. There aren't because i am not sure that look i. I think it's more All all been completely Franklin s. I could see the argument that this is an appeal to the republican base I i am. I am less Sanguine less convinced about the arguments that this actually would prevent moore democrats from voting Simply because again florida. Florida has Mail in ballots No-fault absentee all yet. His request You do have to request your mail in ballot ten days before the election Some folks may think that's a restriction but seems to be not too much To me Again this is. This is broadly More More easy to vote right than than it was in the clinton administration or even the obama administration And i think You mean in terms of the expansion of mail in voting in terms of mail-in votes in terms of Early voting in terms of you know walk in voting In terms of drop boxes None of those things were were present in a million years ago in two thousand eight when we elected the first black president of or in two thousand twelve when we elected him again So i i think this is. There is a lot of Gosh again. I've got the chinese rocket thing where i'm a lot of demagoguery. Going on around this. I think is is one. It's it's untrue and also on healthy but what do you think about that. Lived you by at least in part jays contention that you know that this is not that big of a deal which what's your reaction to that so honestly when i was reading all about like you know like i was reading. Cnn's factcheck check on. What the bill or what. The law is changing about voting. And i wasn't. I do feel like this this. These new changes are less i guess they. They're less restrictive than some other states. New voting laws have been You know. I think i wouldn't say that there that That you know as difficult to like overcome if you want to vote as some of the other laws have been but they do make it harder to vote And i guess you know. My question is why. Why would you santa's in abbot v. Saying that you know if the election was so secure twenty twenty and Saying that florida was a model state Then why do. We need to make voting harder unless it's because ultimately democratic president. Juan and you know i i like if i can answer that no i jump in with kind of what we talked about a couple of weeks ago with my my bank robbery analogy. Yeah well i think it's still. I think it's still valid right. You can say look We're really proud of our banks security we're proud that we haven't been robbed in you know forever And we do a great job but you know what we're gonna do even better job How often let's let's see. How often do you receive notices from Someone you do business with online or credit card company or some online merchant that says hey now we're enhancing our security. We're doing even more so you can you can shop with more confidence I don't think that's i don't think it's it's a contradictory to say. We have a great record on security and at the same time. Say yet we're gonna keep improving do better And i kick their two analogy. The problem within algiers. I think i mentioned the last time. It's just an incomplete analogy because you can't just look at security vacuum because the most secure election would be one where our armed guards escorted every individual voter. And you know get a is some sort of biometric scan and so there is a balance here and i think what people on the right oftentimes aren't willing to consider is what you inevitably give up when you get more security for whatever for whatever reason and we i mean. We know that elections for the most part especially in a state like florida are extremely well. Run president trump's own administration. he denied. It said that you know this was one of the most secure election in history and yet in the wake of that. Well we can do better in the wake of the most secure election in history. Okay no absolutely. Because here's the thing they've said. This is the most secure election in history. But there's still a lot of people who don't believe it Or they don't believe that the next election might be as secure and because of things like ballot harvesting because of things like drop boxes You know reminds me offense asses argument where you say. It were essentially This came after the after the january. Six trump supporters should've taking the capital. He said you know. The argument is ridiculous. Was what you end up doing is say well. Let's raise a lot of doubts. And let's support a president who raises fundamental doubts about the security our elections and then say well. I guess we're going to have to tighten security because a lot of people are concerned about the security of our elections. I mean it's it's an honest argument because because look as we we've seen there is legitimacy is is is the cornerstone of of of our democracy of our of our governance. Right if we don't believe in the result rightly or wrongly the result is legitimate. that's a problem And and i think that the steps that we're talking about here are ones that Do address legitimate concerns I mean let's let's put it this way. Let me let me get could you guys. Can you make the argument for ballot. Harvesting i mean i think the term is it sort of a derogatory term and so i call it. I don't know whatever term you want. Vote collection. i think you can make you can make the case for ballot collection or voter collection assistance. Whatever you wanna call it based on that there are some voters who for various reasons have difficulty getting out of their houses and so this is a this convenience right to any of them have postal service too. Because you know you're gonna mail it and again. There are some people who may be housebound who don't want to just leave a ballot in the mailbox. That sort of thing. i mean. i had a to your mailman. If you happen to be around when your mailman. I it seems to me that it seems to me. Jay which so many of these things you basically assume that voting is so easy and so convenient because you are. You are a well off white guy. Doing you know doing just fine for yourself. You're living in a different world from a lot of people who are voters or potential voters and so when you say it's so easy i always think yeah for you sure but most people are not like you. And that's that's that's my perspective. Olivia you have any thoughts on that. So i would have said all of the same things that you said. But i also just i guess my question is so if this election was so secure we still have. You know a good portion of the country. Not believing that and so. I like the argument that you know. We need to make voting harder. And i'm not saying that. It's you know entirely ridiculous. All of these laws. Like i understand the merit behind some of them but like that. We need to make voting harder so that the portion of americans who incorrectly believe this election was not secure that they have more faith in the election process. There are already not believing the truth. So then you know in the next election cycle when all these laws are being implemented and what if they still don't like the result and there's another you know big lie that the election was still any. I don't know this election was claimed to be secure. And they still don't believe it. So i don't know how making voting harder i mean i. I don't think it's that far fetched to that. They're still going to reject the results if they don't like them in the future so i just think i don't think it's a good excuse to make voting harder on certain people just to appease of portion of the country that is refusing to believe the results of the election or Believing this big lie that it wasn't secure because they'll still believe that in the future they don't like the results won't know but i think it's i think it's tougher. It's it's tougher because then the argument is will look what is how. How do you think that the election will stall it. How would you possibly tougher jason. We're talking about hugo chavez ghost coming up at influencing elections system. These bold faced lies that milk tens of millions of people are believing. You're actually making that's again. You live in rationality based world. And i think what makes you impart a good person in a reasonable person but again you seem to think that other people live in the same world and they just don't and those fears those irrational fears that mill. Tens of millions of people have are being manipulated by awful politicians. Yeah no and i agree and this is to me. This is a good way to stop that manipulate. Because because you can't know look if you're saying hey the This was stolen because you know what. They're unsupervised drop boxes and somebody just went and stuff. The ballot box they were living. There can be the push back and say no you know what all these drop boxes were supervised. They are at a official board of elections locations. They weren't just You know out out somewhere where Where someone could either add votes were or take them away. I mean you know. Blow the thing i. I'm just amazed at how naive you're right now and this is not a sentence. I thought that ever come on my mouth regarding you but that is so incredibly naive. It's almost touching in a way the faith you seem to have in the ability of rational arguments to convince people of things and i just don't know how you get to there from here given the fact that people are patently willing to save the most outrageous things that are completely divorced from reality and tens of millions of people are willing to believe and to think that saying well you know. We've we fixed the ballot harvesting potential issue south. Certainly nobody will have any issues with the election now. It goes back to what olivia said. Nigeria entirely. They'll just find another reason to say that the election was fixed so long as their preferred candidate doesn't win and that's absolutely but but that argument gets harder and harder l. right now. That argument has to get goofy and goof year already. Pretty here's the thing. Is the argument. That i the the things like Balanced stars saying or signature checking right. I mean When when i talk to republicans and they say what can you. can you believe that Or look at observers of both parties being allowed to observe. It doesn't doesn't that if you if you say well you know. A board of elections can have only one party doing the observation. Sure that wouldn't that strike you as is something like you might scratch your head and bela look. Let's say it's a very republican county. And they say we're not going to allow any democratic observers within after we stayed twenty feet away or thirty feet away or whatever and again all which already have that that i think a lot of this is is more just to reassure the republican base than that. It's actually doing a whole lot. Because one i don't think it does a whole lot to to prevent people from voting I think the security fixes I think it's it's important but in in most especially in florida these issues didn't seem to be occurring there more california things but it's more to assure floridians that the look we're not gonna turn into california so i you know i'll i'll concede that that it's it's political But still just don't see how how these these are are are bad reforms or i don't think that again. I think you're well. We won't go back over. I wanted one more thing is. Yeah you guys ganging up on me l. Finding you you've you've had more time than both of us combined ganging up holding my own but in terms of listening i am i special in in Gifted and look. I know how to vote. Because i'm a rich white man. Look i've been voting. Since i was eighteen years old and i suppose i always was white is certainly wasn't well off certainly wasn't always well educated and and you know what i worked on plenty of campaigns and there are a whole lot of people out there who are not particularly well off who may not particularly well educated Who are of different races in the cities and they've been voting for years for decades. I you know. Part of my job. And again i haven't done this part of the job for a while yet. But you know you deal with. Juries and jury pool is taken from voter registration. You see a very diverse group of people. Come in juries in there. They are of all walks of life. young old black white Rich poor and i would say they lean toward the In county To be more minorities More for You know the get pulled in. So it's what i'm saying is is people have been registering. People have been voting forever under much more restrictive systems. And i just don't see. This is a restriction in these people as as much as credit you give me mike For being smart enough in white enough to figure out how to vote. I think it's it's just not that hard. I mean i i think a lot's most everyone can meet these these very minimal requirements I think you're you're sort of twisting what i'm saying. Certainly not suggesting that that non white people are worse voters than white people. And i think some people might have taken that implication away. What a man. I'm just saying you're saying. I have fewer barriers. And what i'm saying. I mean there's there's no world in which you have fewer. You don't have fewer barriers to voting than some impoverished No single black mother of four. So i i will go go ahead. Olivia yeah and i think the one part to me that is just unnecessarily harder. That makes it harder to vote. Is that now Flurry after reregister for every election cycle and no. I don't think it's Intangible to figure out how to register to vote on your own. But i can't tell you how many people knew that. I was super into politics during the last election cycle and came to me. And we're like. How do i register to vote. I've never voted before but this is important to me. I really feel like. I need to vote this year but i have no idea like how to do it. Do i do it online. Do i have to go somewhere and you know with somebody who has easy access to the internet. Maybe not everyone does but someone who does google figure out how to register to vote but not everybody has that access so to make it even harder where you have to go through that process more frequently and you can't you know i don't think whether there's merit to these laws are not. There's no argument that it does make it more difficult to vote in. It puts more obstacles in the way of voting And i also think that you know where we both the florida and the texas law or the texas bill are looking to quote unquote empower. Partisan poll-watchers not takes me back to trump's kind of insinuation of using you know is republican loyalist to intimidate democratic voters. And that's kind of concern. That i have is that. This empowerment of partisan poll-watchers will be used as like intimidation tactics. I don't know i'm not. I certainly don't think this. Florida law is as restrictive as other states. Like i said. But i do think it's making it harder to vote again. I don't think every part of it's ridiculous but it is making it harder to vote. And again i i agree that it's kind of you know a solution in search of a problem if this election was secure What problem is there that we need to address other than that. We didn't like the results of it. You know let's let's pull back before we move onto our next door. Because i mentioned in the opening he would have just jump in with two quick things. Because i well now if you want to. I wanted to talk more. Broadly about the voting rights. Act and john lewis. Bill goes so go ahead. Yeah so no. But i just wanted to to talk briefly on the do do floridians have to reregister. I mean my my understanding is correct or is it only you have to reregister when you move. I believe you mean in terms of. I believe you have to well. We always have to reregister when you move right. So but In terms of the specific registration requirement. I m not sure. Actually i would. I would agree with living if you have to reregister again. I do think that's That's unnecessary in that Is is something that makes them more difficult for people to vote and could disenfranchise people. So i would. I would agree with you that if if that's the case on the poll watcher question though i do want to push back on this because i think this is something important you know. We've had poll-watchers in numerous states. We haven't ohio and the process the way it works. This is not a trump partisan army All poll-watchers are sort of signed up by the board of elections. Jeffrey sponsored by either candidate committee or a party You are vetted you give your credentials to the board of elections. You go through board of election training and and there is a whole protocol that you go through your officially registered as a poll watcher. So i just want to disabuse anyone of the notion that this somehow is just vigilante poll-watchers coming in trying to intimidate voters Their the rules. About what a watchers can and can't do and in the proper channels that they follow if they see an issue so i just wanted to throw that either. But go ahead yeah. I've tried to say that you know all of this was possible over the last seven eight years or so i guess now because of that shelby county vs holder vision the to give people will a bit of background and reminders section. Five of the voting rights act basically said that certain district certain areas needed to seek pre approval from the federal desktop pre-clearance requirement for certain changes to election laws and procedures and then it also specified well which jurisdictions well it focused on voting tasks places that had voting tests in place as of november nineteen sixty four and also based on nineteen sixty. Four election Turn out in other other results. And what the court said in shelby. County vs holder in very simplified terms. Is that this. Data is too old and regardless of even though congress reauthorized this they're working on information that's in many cases over half a century old and so therefore that cannot stand. And if you want this distinction basically you would need updated data on these on these jurisdictions and. that's exactly what the john r lewis voting rights act does under the pre holder shall be converse older voting rights. Act or fifteen states. That had to do this. Pre clearance though in. I think six of them only like certain areas jurisdictions were covered under the formula. That's proposed into lewis act. Eleven states in their entirety would require pre clearance. But it's based on modern data essentially. And so i guess my question. I think i have a good idea. How olivia but j. What do you think about. Your essentially congress potentially respond to the court's ruling there by saying okay. You want updated data. Here's updated data. I mean does that seem reasonable to you. Know i it would depend on these visits because the bill right. I have no issues with data collection. I think that's a good a good thing. What are collecting right. How many Blazes impose all taxes or literacy tests while it's probably zero where allegations of of voter suppression. Okay well how do you define that. You know my concern would be that that You find the data. You're looking for And so i don't know and i'm not sure that the next step i think it makes abundant sense to look. Let's let states vote as as they as they choose to do. That's that's the way we we set up our constitution voters in states can elect their own state officials in their own state legislatures and make those choices. So i'm you. Generally as a matter of principle opposed to a lot of federal regulation over state elections and quite honestly anyone who was concerned about donald trump should feel the same way. So yeah i. I look if they're wants if they want to do. Some sort of studying collect details. I more power to them. But i'm not sure what's that going to show if it's a precursor to a federal takeover of state voting laws than against libya. I think i agree that there should be you know we should stay. Should have to prove you know merit or reason for why. They're changing their their election systems of their voting laws which i think is essentially what this seeks to do. Is you know we're not going to change again. We're not gonna change things to provide a solution when there is no problem so You know. I i agree that with the the sense. That states should have to prove that there was some kind of issue before they about changing their election. Laws to address that issue if it wasn't air wash pledges from the south though. Well it doesn't apply just to be with. The new data could apply anywhere in fact the old daddy doesn't just apply to the south it applies to i think it was a lasca and i want to say actually certain counties in california. I believe certain parts of michigan certain parts of new york state so the voting rights act provisions. It wasn't just. Let's target the south. It was just targeting places not based on geography based on past past history of discrimination primarily. This out it was primarily. That's because that's where it happened. You know i mean so you know. It's so so yeah but i. I'm sure we'll come back to this. I think texas is getting ready to pass its law. I don't know if they'll do a fox fox and friends exclusive like like the santa's did exactly abbott. We'll do that. I don't know but i'm getting. I know we've connect with route one. Because i did this. Awesome idea yesterday. okay On in regard to the woke corporations that are then boycotting these states. I would say that that. If this happens i would encourage These state legislatures To either amend their bill To ensure that corporate elections so run by the same rules or or lack thereof as actual actress. Loud jail calling for massive government interference in private business. No here's the. Here's here's the thing that i'm looking at right. I mean i think if i would like to vote at the coca cola a shareholders meeting. I should be able to drop it off dropbox if they want to ask her. You're actually a shareholder or When did you buy your shares business At the court. Sort that out Likewise i think If you know coca cola and just have someone go out and collect the ballots and bring him to the board meeting I think that's That's much much more Okay but let's be clear what you're saying here is that you would actually be an. I think you're being facetious. I'm calling. i'm calling corporations on the here their hypocrisy in that they are. They are Denouncing states In their governance for steps that corporations would never in a million years dream of applying to their own government. I i will just say i will. I'll just say as the final word on this that it's interesting to me. It seems like you're you're kind of not understanding fundamental difference between the public and the private sector. But that's kind of a republican sort of thing i suppose the public sector is different and there should be exactly. But here's the thing. If the private sector then ought to shut up not like mitch. Mcconnell's donate money to our campaigns and shut the hell up when it comes to anything we don't like i mean i just find that just i rolling leave just ridiculous but anyway i am sure we will come back to this but we do need to take just a quick break and then we will come back and talk a little bit about the many covid vaccine development in this last week that in just one minute so moving on there were a number of major developments concerning co vaccinations. This week early in the week. President biden announced the goal of seventy percent of adults having at least one vaccine shot and sixty percent fully vaccinated by the fourth of july administration also announced that they would make a change to the weekly state vaccine allocation process. It's still going to be based on population but now whenever a state declines it's weekly allocated doses those those will be made available to other states instead of being carried over has had been the practice and the administration also maybe most controversially announced that it was in favour of waiving vaccine companies intellectual property rights to speed manufacturing distribution of covid vaccines throughout the world. So they've kind of at least reports. This and i thought maybe we could start with that. Seventy percent partially vaccinated sixty percent fully vaccinated. Gaw what do you think about that. Does that seem like a good goal. Realistic goal Olivia you want to start off. Yeah i think. It's a good goal. But i don't know that it's a realistic Because i was just on the new york times. I was looking at their live data tracking and everything and There has been a thirty eight percent decrease in doses day since mid april when we were at that peak of everyone. Getting backs needed So that current rate. I think they said it would be like august twentieth That seventy percent of people would be acceded. But that's not including you know children people under sixteen who are not eligible yet I think it's a a good goal to have. I just don't see it being realistic. Because the rate of the rate of vaccinations per day is steadily decreasing. So of thirty eight percent decrease now. But i think that's gonna continue to of I think the general consensus is that people who were really eager to get a vaccine and who were trusting in the vaccine kind jumped on it right away and I just think you know the rate of vaccination is going to continue to slow. And i don't think that July fourth goal is very realistic. Jay walk i think originally This was a supply problem It's now demand problem And i don't know how you the supply problem seems to be if you ask any company. The supply problem is always easier to fix than the demand problem. Right right it's always. It's always easier to make more. It's more difficult to get more people to buy your product. And i'm not. I'm not sure that the best way to go about that now. Some of this again deals with. You've got kids who who are eligible yet but they're expecting the fda to approve Kids twelve sixteen. You know probably within the next week or so so that that might change the numbers right a little bit when you're total talking about total population. But i i'm not. I'm not sure how you get those folks out there who you know. Look if if they haven't gotten it already What how how do you convince them It's it's a sales. It's a sales problem. Not a manufacturing problem and the by the administration is. I should point out his also. They announced they were allocating. A certain amount of money from the last cova bill to go into kind of promoting that sort of thing and more efforts along those lines. But i think that's great and let's let's get it but at some point You know. I i don't i don't know i mean we. We just have to see what what what the barriers are again. This is this goes to market research. Type stuff right. I mean why are people not getting. The vaccine is it. because they're still nervous about. It is because while. I just haven't got around to it because You know whatever but So i think. I think that's to say it's a realistic goal. I that's that's tough to. That's tough to do. It's like a company saying well we're going to sell this many products and and you know we're going to increase sales by x. percents But you know this is. This is sort of unique product right in the you only sell at one time navy. Not it looks like by. Yeah i take your point. Know what i'm saying. What i'm saying is once once you sold once you sold the initial product selling. The boosters is no problem yeah good point yeah so i i guess I i i certainly hope that that the government can get and not just the government that look you know plenty of private groups Churches Every you know People can encourage those who are are hesitant. Reluctant to to get vaccinated But you know at some point. People are gonna do what they're gonna do. I will point out that. Joe biden at least to this point had sort of a short but still a history of maybe some people would say even under promising when it comes to a covid related issues. Because he didn't wanna get caught into that trap again not being able to meet expectations and so. I'm hoping that that would be great if that were the case here to me. That's i share some of your skepticism about that. I think for all the same reasons. But i but i hope that we are at that point. I who doesn't right. Well i guess maybe around thirty forty percent of people. But what about that. Second part state vaccine reallocation of my sense is that this is this is a pretty straightforward no-brainer. Sort of thing. I get the sense that that governors from both parties are okay with it because no one really wants to see these weekly doses. Go to go to waste at either of you have a problem with that. Nope that's good. Well that's great. I mean we could all agree. That's nice. I you know if i mean something like this might be more controversial if we were facing a supply crunch. Yeah but we're not. Yeah that's a good point. But i think what is controversial is intellectual property thing and to be clear what this would mean is it would require the for this to go through. It require the approval of all of the world trade organization members because of their trade trade related aspects of international intellectual property rights trips agreement. That's called trips right. But almost all developing countries are actually four this waiver and they're actually a number of developed countries said well we might be willing to go along one country in particular germany. Should i have. We really don't think that we wanna do this at all. And what would likely do is it would essentially exempt countries from enforcing intellectual property rights for covert vaccines. But it wouldn't require that. Pharmaceutical companies provide their vaccine recipes or manufacturing process. Details would also most likely include some form of compensation the companies are could if their prices were duplicated. You know under this waiver. So before we get into the political or likeliness likelihood of this. What do you think is is the waiver. Intellectual property waivers that a a a good idea. Olivia why don't we start with you. Yeah i i have mixed feelings about it. Because i think that you know. Covert is clearly a global problem. And you know even if we were to you know. Solve this problem in the united states If if other countries are still dealing with high rates of kobe that impacts our ability to travel and inevitably you know the the development of variants active potentially even more harmful. And you know we can't really isolate the virus to other countries ultimately they're going to spread in they're going to reach the united states. Senate be a us problem all over again. So i think it's in the best interest of the united states. Combat this globally Which would mean sharing intellectual property If it means helping other countries develop vaccines in and solve the issue of the pandemic and their countries. However i do understand that You know the typical that when we share intellectual property it may impact the profitability of pharmaceutical companies developing quality vaccines and then that hinders innovation in the future because there's not that That incentive for innovation in the future however with the co vaccine. There's been a lot of public funding. So i don't know that there would be no profitability or no incentive because they've been publicly funded I don't know i. I have kind of mixed feelings. I think that morally and for the good of the future of all countries. The solution is to get people vaccinated and as quickly as possible and all countries and that might mean sharing that might mean sharing our development. But i do see you know. I understand that. There's always gonna be that pushback. The profitability of developments that private pharmaceutical companies have made and not wanting to share them and lose the potential for or making money on it. Yeah that that is basically. My position is well jay. What do you think well. I guess i i question the rationale behind this right if the idea is If we if we get rid of the electoral property protections more places can make vaccine From what i've read that doesn't seem to be the case right. It's not just having the secret sauce so to speak. That allows you to to make vaccine anyone who would want to do. This would have to do a whole lot of other Take a lot of other ramp up steps You know hardware kind of steps In order a even having another know how in order to actually do this so the idea that this is going to increase the supply the global supply. I just don't think there's a means ends connection there Second part of this is. I'm i'm really troubled. I mean you know if. I'm if i'm a biochemist Medical researcher at the visor or madonna. And i you know these these folks. These companies gordon I don't even know the number. Imagine the numbers right of how much millions billions of dollars research to do this and they can. They can rightly say you know. We may have if not save the world of done something really really significant here and then the government turns around and says yeah. We're taking that from you but it would be just to be clear. Wouldn't be that would not be that star. It's not an all or nothing thing and you know it reminds me of what you said about the the John john lewis act in a well. It would depend on the details and there are a lot of different ways that that waiver can be written to be more or less. Potentially i guess you could say to these big pharmaceutical companies who are making billions of dollars on this. But they're certainly i would agree with. You are ways that it could be done that it would absolutely have a huge negative effect on future innovation. But i think there are also potentially ways that it could be ridden that wouldn't have a much more limited effect that could be much more balanced. But that said my in. This is where. I'll be kind of cynical my takeaways. The biden administration saw this as a an easy decision. Because if you are listening to a lot of. Us allies other developed countries. No one's really enthusiastic about this exactly and so my sense. Is that the general feeling that this is not going to get unanimous agreement. It's not going to go through. So what's an easy win. The just say we are for this wonderful thing and dang it. If it only worked for germany we would have this well. If that if. That's the case i would congratulate on Good diplomacy right So like i said if that's the case this is just the easy Easy case because we know it's going to happen but we can still look like the good guys then okay The other the other issue on this that troubles me is just the precedent setting part of it. Right that The government or worse yet other governments Can say look. We'd we'd like to all agree to strip your company's of the intellectual property that you worked really hard and spend a lot of money to create That's that's problematic. I think in terms of future innovation. It's problematic particularly in in terms of of our global relationship with the places like china Where intellectual property is a a huge issue so that would be my other reason for for opposing this. Just the the precedent setting piece of at well if the government the government decides that you know it's in the best interest of any everybody or for a group of other companies are countries decide that is in the best interest of them and the us government decides to go along they can just take your stuff that is inimitable to liberty and innovation any any final thoughts on that the livia before we move on. Yeah i agree about the precedent setting aspect of it and there are certain you know out outside of pharmaceutical products. There are a lot of you. Know i i p data and you know in other aspects weaponry things like that defense at. Yes that's terrifying to think that You know if another if enough other countries want you know. Intelligence from the united states You know the president is that that like if we decide we want to share it with them. We'll take it from us. Companies and share and not scary. But i would also think that you know the united states if not that i think they will. But if they agreed to waive this This limitation on sharing covid vaccine related. Ip they would agree to share you know more potentially dangerous or or hindering innovation intelligence in the future. I don't think that just because they do it. One time means that they would do in your. But i do understand that the president can be a scary thing to think about or take one more quick break and then we will come back and talk about liz. Cheney house republicans in what's going on with all that in just one minute all right so it looks like it's while it almost certainly just a matter of time until house. Republicans remove wyoming representative. Liz cheney from her number three leadership position cheney who was again one of the ten house republicans to vote in favor of impeaching trump was censured for that. Vote by the wyoming. Gop retained her position as house republican conference chair but her continued engagement. I guess you'd call it in response to former former president. Trump's continuing lies about the election has essentially sealed. Her fate and change almost certain. Successor is least phonic of formerly a paul ryan establishment. Republican who in recent years has become. We've you call a fierce defender of president. Trump's and earn donald trump's endorsement for the conference chair position and it's important to point out that in terms of actual policy positions shaving is actually considerably more conservative than stanic which is something that actually the conservative club for growth noted in their opposition to satanic replacing shaney and honestly when i consider this along with the reactions of the republican base to really anyone who dared to challenge donald trump. There was mitt. Romney being booed at the utah republican convention and just yesterday. Ohio republican censoring representative. Anthony gonzalez. i. It seems to me that being a republican it at least in the house in good standing and twenty twenty one has a lot less to do with being a conservative than it has to do with standing with donald trump What do you think about that jay. Yeah i'm afraid you're right On those those cases and it it troubles meet the no end. Because liz cheney is a a pretty rock solid conservative As as was her her father as as her was her mother. You know i so that. That i think is a problem Anthony gonzalez i think as has served. Wells served honorably a state of ohio. So i- it bothers me a great deal. That republicans are throwing out conservative ideology in favor of a cult of personality That that shouldn't be what the party is about Should be back principle not about any particular person that said. I think we should also put this in context that this is a leadership fight And and that's leadership fights in my experience or are kind of weird right. It's not it's not really a referendum on the future the party it is an internal power struggle Over over who's in charge of in this case the minority party. So i don't I i don't wanna read too much into it right. I think it's it's. It's bad that this is happening. The other piece of this to me is Liz cheney probably would have been better off just ignoring donald trump throughout this She didn't think that was you know she had a strategic decision to make. And i think it it didn't play out for at least not in the short term it may in the long term But I think that's you know that's that's part of the way. Either ship fights go You know she does. She's not running for office in in her district. That's not a running nationally. It is running amongst the caucus who chooses leadership and if she doesn't have the votes she doesn't have the votes now the weird thing. Of course she did have the votes just two months ago. Three months ago and and What changed was was more. Donald trump involvement and kevin mccarthy mice the sensitive. I've gotten forget from what i've read is He just doesn't want the headache right of having someone who is anti-trump for perceived anti trump or is going to say stuff that's going to kinda rough rough Ruffle feathers as we're trying to all pull in the same direction. Such a chinese so basically mccarthy saying cheney is like Well we don't want you telling the truth about the president of the former presidents lies because it's really inconvenient for us essentially okay you you put it the more i mean. Look it's i. I think i think maybe maybe the way you would put in this look. Can't we talk about something that livia. Well what's your take on this. Yeah i think. I definitely agree that there's like a you know a cult like loyalty among trump's base You know even though he's out of office now there's still that loyalty In the republican voting republican party among republican voters but i think from like a politician standpoint. this is more about keeping the republican narrative homogeneous and the republican party has found A lot of success in trump. and and they're you know in in fox news consistently upholding what trump has a and You know republicans kind of refusing to To conflict with trump. And there's kind of this you know within this loyalty not only among his his base and also you know politicians that worked with him or under hammer in the republican party Liz cheney is a problem because she's device of her own party in a republican party's success comes from all kind of repeating the same messaging. Even if it's not true you know. Whatever appeals to the base Were gonna kind of take that narrative and run with it and I think a lot of you know. The republican party knows that a lot of their success is not challenging. Donald trump Because they found that he has this loyalty to him. That we've really never seen before with the president and so it kind of has become the party of trump because they found success in that and You know having someone like cheney contradicting that narrative. you know. They don't really have room for that divisiveness from a strategy standpoint. Their goal is to You know to push this narrative that that voters one eight here and liz cheney's not doing that so she's a problem you know and i look at it. I mean i think he's obviously a smart very smart very ambitious person. She started off as paul ryan. Sort of like. I said paul ryan literally a work work with him and shifted when she saw you know where where the money literally. Where the money was you. Take a look at for instance josh hawley fundraising totals or marjorie taylor green or jim jordan or any of these people who seem to all of a sudden become very radicalized it it seems to be much more about revving up the donor base particularly than any sort of being a don principle which is which is i think j goes to your point a little bit which is something i think we all find berry disappointing so but but you know you say you don't see this as being i mean you don't wanna read too much into this i get that but it seems to me as long as that's where the money is well then you're going to see more and more people do that when trying to make sense of people like you know like say jim jordan or josh hollier gannon. At least more and more people are doing this and it's successful. I think we'll learn more after twenty. Twenty two certainly but if we see a number of these people do very well that's only going to accelerate this sort of thing and and certainly the further we get from january. Sixth the easier. It is to you know to do this sort of thing i would think. What do you think i think. The further we get from january six also the the easier it is To to start focusing on other issues that unite republicans that aren't donald trump So i think a lot of republicans can say. I mean like look i i think. Donald trump A lot of crazy stuff. I think he's lying about the election Whether again i'm still on the point of i don't know whether he's constantly lying or if he's just really believes that he won by a landslide but but re regardless of all these you you've had a you've had this trump dominating the world for for this world of republican politics for this long and A lot of folks think he was treated unfairly and a lot of cases. And you can believe both at the same time so i think olivia's exactly right that it's it's part of this is just trying to is messaging right. Let's all be on the same page. We don't wanna have a vision. Because because look the thing. If i'm kevin mccarthy i realized there is almost no story that the press loves to report more than republicans civil war right at and they've been reporting that story for i don't know thirty forty fifty years in it's one of their perennial favorites So i'm getting ready to You know lead the caucus mea. I've got a shot to take the house back. I don't want the distraction. I don't want the animosity. I don't want that that that story taking the oxygen out of the room And you could point to sort of you know. I was thinking of counterfactual right. It's two thousand and You know the democrats are getting to run. Let's let's say let's say there was a democrat back in the day. Who said i find bill. Clinton to be absolutely detestable. I think he is credibly. Been accused of of rape and sexual assault Even if not that certainly acted in a manner of those unbecoming of the presidency. And i think He should have been impeached now. No democrat said that of course But assuming they did would. Democrats have kept that person in leadership Running into two thousand and the answer is no for exactly the same. Reason is is that you don't want that you want everybody pulling in the same direction. I think number of people on the right. If i think more i would say respectable in my sense of it that would be you j. people on the right essentially made that argument that. Hey cheney good for good on her for having the courage of her convictions and and being willing to continually call out president. Trump's lot continuing lies but that comes out of that comes at a cost and the point of being in the leadership is to focus on well winning a majority and anything that detracts from that is something you shouldn't be doing as leader basically and that seems to me about your argue. Yeah yeah all right. Well we have gone a little bit long but even so before we end today show. I said that both j. And anna livia that we haven't done recommendations in a while and every week i'd say we're gonna do recommendations it never happens but this week. We are going to do recommendations. Because i have two things that i want to well. I have mixed emotions about this. Because i love both of them. But they're both from a source that i just utterly loathe and they're both from apple plus and i have just issues with apple j. You know me. I'm contrary i've been one for forever. And so the idea that. I could recommend something from your largest corporations on earth that bills itself as being very counterculture that always sticks in my craw and their whole their whole walled garden of apple. And you can't take apart are things and anyway. I have issues with apple. I'll admitted but they do put out some pretty good shows that lately we just been binging a two of them for all mankind which is sort of alternate history of the space race where the russians get into space or get to the moon. I and it's just really compelling and then super compelling for an entirely different region. I was i was basically almost forced to watch. This show is the most warm funny wonderful thing and it just on days. When i'm feeling awful i can. We can watch an episode and all of a sudden life feels a little bit better and that's a really precious sort of thing. So those are my two recommendations for all mankind and ted lascaux. Both worth even. If you don't like apple like me worth getting the apple plus app on whatever streaming device you use to watch so olivia. Why don't you go next. Yeah i okay. So i used to be obsessed with watching actually like political shows but lately i've been trying to like take a break like a mental break and just watch things that aren't political at all and i found two shows once called sharp objects in one is the undoing on. Hbo max and i watched both series twice now. 'cause i watched them by myself and then like made my mom watch them remained. My boyfriend watched them. And oh my gosh. They're both so good. If you like like a murder mystery but with a lot of drama village in ought twist at just we'll have you like at the edge of your seat. Oh my gosh airboats. So so good. So they're both. Hbo max hbo. Max has amazing. Shows are highly rickman. Okay jay one about you. But actually yeah. And and i'm gonna i'm gonna go to the high route here as you normally. Do you raise your age. Our cultural brow route. I guess it's still. It's still popular history right. It's not like i started. David mccullough The pioneers Which is Something important to you and me mike Because it's about the settlement of the ohio territory And it's it's a fascinating and it's Deals a lot with a this. This is so important. These days Narrative that runs contrary to the whole sixteen nineteen nonsense and and you know discussion. The power of the northwest ordinance. Which app prohibited slavery in the northwest territory and the people who came than to ohio and starting settlement originally in which was ohio's first capital Down on the river so anyway. I highly recommend that again i'm only Partway into it. But there's also all kinds of fun stuff about the aaron burr conspiracy which a lot of these events took place in the marietta area and So that's one at my other recommendation. I don't know if this is available yet. But also at the mike mccann posted somewhere. attended the Ohio federal society annual convention yesterday Which was actually live in person. At our keynote speaker was a judge. Janice rogers brown of these e circuit And she is a remarkable woman And she spoke about a low kness and the problems Thereof in a really powerful Speech where she and many members the audience were were crying at the end and for perspective. I mean judge brown is a older african american woman. She was kind of been on the supreme court. Shortlist for a number of times but never quite made it but Yeah it was. It was it was very powerful at a i will i. I'm sure the link will be up shortly. And i'll get in somewhere where everybody can get down in time for the show nuts with you probably won't i will. I will make sure to posted on social media facebook and twitter and speaking of woke while. We're we're out of time for this episode. We're actually. That's actually a topic we're going to discuss in the bonus show. James carville made some his usual carville less sort of remarks about whoa kness in the democratic party and it caused a whole bunch of reaction. So that's one of the things we're gonna get into. We're also going to talk about facebook's decision to well kinda nod decision their whole the whole board and decision about donald trump's account will get into that in donald trump's new web presence. I guess you could call it. And maybe even the recall. The likely recall of the the california governor newsom. It looks like that is going to be happening and what that might entail. That was a wild ride in two thousand and three the last time california governor was recalled. That ended up with. Arnold schwarzenegger being governor. And so we'll get into that probably as well and if you are a patriotic supporter that will be available to you on wednesday morning. And if you're not you can go over to patriot dot com slash politics skies and get it all set up with that and again if you are would like to get all that but you're just not in a position financially to be able to support the show email me mike politics guys dot com and i will make that happen and something that everyone can do really does matter. I know every week but it matters every week is if you haven't subscribed to this show please do leave ratings and reviews and especially if you could share episodes on social media that really helps to get the word out and if you wanna get a word into you can do that male. The politics guys dot com and we're also on facebook and twitter and you will find the links in the show notes special thanks to our executive producers. bruce johnson wilma marino. Endre massacre daniel. To- chris wilkerson and nathan says naski only back with a new show next week. We hope you'll join us.

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Marcus Smart Meltdown, 0 Fournier Points, Celtics Lose vs Pelicans

The Garden Report | Boston Celtics Post Game Show from TD Garden

1:27:46 hr | 7 months ago

Marcus Smart Meltdown, 0 Fournier Points, Celtics Lose vs Pelicans

"Okay want to tell you about one of our sponsors online. Our exclusive wagering partner bet online. Of course where you get. All your action fell football. Nba basketball about to get started up in the coming weeks here and bet online ag. Is the place you wanna go. More options to wager than anywhere else online. So mind today. Take advantage of all. The great midseason bonus is offers contact. Bet online your online sportsbook experts use the code seattle fifty when you go to bed online dot. Ag once again bet online dot ag code seal and fifty fifty percent off your initial deposit raw losers. We're all losers game one fans back in the garden And it could have been could have been uglier. This could have been a boom off the court first game back for the celtics went the way. It was going fifteen note. I mean but did you like that. I mean and then fifteen makers makes respectable. This is like the flip side of that. I new orleans game where they they played really well for three and a half court. Three plus quarters loosed by blow the twenty four point lead. And you're like well should be commended for playing their best quarters of basketball season or the collapse and this this was This game really got away from fast. they completely stop playing in the third quarter big deficit. Then they make that run late so you feel a little better about it. So i don't know which one it is so i'll you guys start here. And then obviously we have possibly one of the worst. Debuts in boston sports history tonight will get into it in a little bit. I don't know how she could put it wasn't quite there saying you can't have a worse worse. Bad light is the. It's funny bobby. Says because i got expected in. La that game. Remember that i love. I forget who had it but all of the story of him telling us one of the pr guys like. I don't know some sort of loose candy. Are you kidding me boston. Gonna love them against the lakers. So yeah projection over the My try to play that card tonight. But it's not gonna work dad so let's let's go around the horn just overall thoughts on tonight. What was what's what's the game story in your opinion. Well not worried about -fornia he didn't look too involved and then again the ball time it was smart smart was absolutely horrific is bad as you can be is one of his worst games ever and you saw after he pulled the half court heave. The team just imploded. I mean everybody was like what was that. And then all of a sudden there watching zion. five them ingram's into the free throw line twelve times well and their defense just reached a new Wasn't great start the game but after that it just completely opened up because i think the whole team was which has happened and then they were down by thirteen. I swear to be contrarian. Bobby because i was i thought smart was brutal law game however that comeback in large part had to do with putting him on zion And that made a big difference because nobody else was able to keep cy on in front of him. Whatever they tried and then smart got that you know got the offensive. Foul got a couple of things rolling and made it harder for him. We had the work that matchup that that that paid off so he he definitely tone for it a little bit late. But you're right. it was someone else. Tweeted that to after that. Weird half court heave. It was just you know it was a weird mark. Your shrimp yet. Things got weird after that for sure. Yeah i mean that's that's the interesting part of the point on this game. But i think the part where things are different for. The work of the southern was win. Win aimed at that flavor. File against brandon ingram now. I don't know if this was a this robbery that started the last time played each other but there was something going on between those two and it was good for tatum right. It was good for tatum in that. First quarter and that. I have an overall because it was really terrific. He was superstar tatum. The one we've been talking about the last couple of games or so. But i thought when that happened with him in ingram went through that ingram. Just focused is stay in front of of in the same thing. Of course on. You know the pelicans they average coming into this game the average eleven three pointers and these guys nearly hill levin by by the by halftime. And i'm thinking okay. Well i'm going to keep hitting threes all night so the this should work in their favor in the second app. But then zion and brandon ingram. This didn't have a response for him more or at least a way to slow those two down and when they try small on the on the opposite end i mean some of those shots a lot of the play the execution was well but i mean i should say the setup was well but the execution just fell short and it just happening over and over again throughout that second after until the big run in the fourth quarter where of course they you know they pulled within two in and that was it. You know again ingram and diane. I mean these two. Yeah i think just was. I tend to agree with joe sway. I think that though you know you got you got new orleans on where they couldn't you know they couldn't miss a lot of a lot of shots that maybe typically they do fifty percent from the field fifty percent from three. It's tough to beat that. I mean i didn't think the celtics played don't think anyone's gonna say really good offense right right. I mean i mean. I loved the way. Tatum came out. I mean nobody can expect sustain that. But i thought he. He quieted down a little bit in the middle of that game there and then you got hot again on the fourth late in the fourth You know you'd like to see a little bit more consistent. But i'm not gonna sit here and criticize tatum for dropping thirty four points or whatever it was But again it was it. Was you know no jalen brown tonight. Hurt them you know. I and i didn't think they had a player that really stepped up. We already talked about marcus. Smart not really stepping into that role can had an okay night. You know twenty three points. You know you're not gonna you're not gonna expect to get too much more important so as a guest on a nightly basis but there wasn't that third guy i know we're gonna talk about him but this would have been a perfect situation for you. Know forty eight to step in and just complete goose egg classic new guy move up to the job. I do absolutely nothing. You set the bar low. You don't want to go in and start doing everything because now what they're expecting out here every night so you don't wanna you don't wanna do little to the point where they can you which is forty and bordering on with the performed city had but you want to do the bare minimum on your first day. So shut up. The forty new guy moved on my hopefully. Hopefully he can pick it up a little bit. But yeah john mentioned. I mean one of the worst. Debuts it i can remember certainly in recent years of one to go on horribly. Because you know what's funny is like it realistically he had to do. It wasn't like a controversial move. I mean i think people are like oh cool some help. I can't wait to see what this guy does. He had to do so little to feel good about it and now he's little the you put a track now. 'cause everyone's like what a lot of water cooler. Talk tomorrow marcus. Let's they real. I think lou coordinate. Just it was just too much pressure guys. Listen and points in eight minutes. How do you fall that after you already. Cool to start the game like the. Let's be real for most for most people watch a lot of nba. You've seen evan 48-player somewhat familiar with his game. If your cash but even still jimmy. I've never seen a highlight of him. You know like you stand by that you. You've you've heard the name. You've seen him a few times when i who plays for you know whatever. Yeah i know him. You look for he highlights. Yeah but juliet but for most people. This is like literally their introduction to them. They don't have a clue. What does you see stats. You see numbers that's about it. You don't know anything so you're literally seeing what this can do for the first time and there's a lot of people who are going to be like wait what like that. I don't think gain going to have a problem resigning. This guy extension. Hey can we afford. Yeah a resolve. Hope so over ten. I can't. I can't believe there's a worst version but i mean i guess we'll find out but and like john said reinforce came on that run. They had at the end of the game. You know put put you know damp into the plus minus because it was. It was much worse. He was minus twenty four before he came in on that last stretch their minus twenty three tired again too if he if he didn't lean into that three or to whatever that was in the final minute or two there that's a that was the issue with him the night to not only wasn't hurting hidden shot but he wasn't keeping the ball ball move in either got like one short roll past the tatum in the corner. Front open luck but other than that. He was just widely uninvolved. I thought he wasn't on the ball. And the alien and some clever stuff here evan. The terrible and much debut about nothing. Like that. John with on the lower third. That's one of mine if you think you're right. Oh i love that. We got we got. We got educated shakespearean audience tonight. But yeah that was that was targeted. Nowhere around it. I mean like. I said he had no brown tonight. So i mean you would think that you know he gets a little bit more space a little bit more authority to play his game a little bit worried about to this guy gotta get to that guy. Wanna take a step back but you know. I don't know. I buy funny smart their point here. Dj bad misses by both of them. Just power transition. You don't forget that fair doesn't doesn't get whereas what's up. Jimmy tried to eat tragic. Close you drive number of forty heavy longing for new smith minutes. Who i was i was seen in for some. They kill alexander walker. That was my guy in last year's draft and romeo lankford still. He's out there shooting these out there doing warm ups but he can't play yet and while he was cleared right. Yeah us clear. But he's not physically ready conditioning. Wise that this is going to really suck now is watching this guy who can barely play play himself into shape. You know like this point stephen. He's gonna barely play. This is gonna suck with because the worst thing in the world off the wrist you can still be encountered any decent cardiovascular shape And then you get into game shape by playing but now he's basically done nothing for four weeks Which is a disaster. A lot of people tweeted me saying that it might have been a hologram and that these guys out of control. I actually until we. I wanna hear him speak. Maybe a little media availability the really further although holograms can talk to so yeah. I guess until we see jonathan. We can't even criticize his guy right now. Because you know he's recovering from coded so we don't even know now. By the time he gets back into the rotation Percent kings ncaa chance no time the whole it's a complete busted again. It's so frustrating. He's he's if he works as we entity barely plays for the first. Now you got game game game game game game game. So he's got to what the next ten games not really involved in all star to work. Its way into the rotation in the final ten. When they're fighting for a playoff spot or seating and then into the playoffs. It's gone the whole season's gone again. Which is crazy i mean. He looked winded in that stupid clip that we saw running off trainers gonna assume that that was like the second hour of that work. Oh that's terrible. Had one look just go into the season and pretend he's never coming back because whatever you get for him is going to be a bonus at the end of the day. I mean i just. I don't see how you can cooperate him when he saw when he's this far behind and the playoffs just around the corner. I mean yeah. Great dan seven game homestand. Actually i wanted to fourteen of the last nineteen games or so at home. So it's it's in his face but again when you're this far i'm just not that many games left. I mean this season's gonna wind down quicker than they might after him smith taco and train on up to maine for two onto action. Because that's the only way they're going to get any any run into this postseason push share. New smith guided again tonight. That was one of their worst stretches of the game when out there need smith. Yeah it's happening for the same thing like what is happening. In niece myths head literally and figuratively. What a goofy guy. Yeah you've just all over the place just the there's like a switch on his baggy just goes down anonyna- ninjas run dollar is one of those games where kiro lewis who went one. Pick before e. Smith just rain threes down on them. It's unbelievable how that stuff keeps happening. I mean he's like joe sway was all over it you know. We are texting in the game. Like what's wrong with this guy's brain you know like he's just like everything he does weird and like just any actress on and he gets a backdoor layup lands on his head. How'd you land on your head. After layup bad after allen board over applied it's like his church or something like this chip in the robot is a little losers of that doesn't connect with everything we were joking about. Taco takes forever to get from the signal from his brain. You really think is like there's a like all of his like his arms and legs don't necessarily communicate with one another. They just do whatever they want to do. Something yeah is that nerve. Is he nervous out. There is he's triple defense for running Who is running out of bounds. There hayes is that where is that. Were quadruple when you caught. Dribble think something over and over that what it looks like. I don't get it man. I really when the refs just refuse to call a foul in his benefit he clearly got fouled. But they called it out of bounce actually make the right play but they weren't gonna give him a follow their. I mean that on top everything else who just weird. You would just think that. This guy is considered like the best year in the draft. You kind of picture like a smooth operator like somebody who yes seriously. I was just going to say serve. The nba must've been like the bumpiest lake hazardous pat like just imagine the the bumps bruises. This guy is taken to get to the nba. It's amazing even alive today. It's unbelievable to be limited. Maybe that's a lot of key. Injuries is his the the past he had in college. I don't know i don't get it. Yeah you like fell down the stairs. Something i don't know it was just the guy who doesn't have a shaina fine one. He's pretty play only play one full season again. Do you prefer. Do you prefer this lankford. Zero zero zero games. I adema coolest call. It is house to be. can you give. Can you step in and give you pretend like can can link stay in front of someone like you know the plus minus on them the night on who kind of vanguard naismith. Oh i don't know. I kind of i think i've given up on him forever. Yeah you got rid of his graphic minus sex. Yeah did it didn't yeah. I don't know if we're gonna let me he was a are later. But but News jimmy love. Fiar is bottom ten in the nba at three hundred fifteen players. He's like three hundred five. That's what happens. You miss a lot of shots and his shots they look. So bad doesn't it does just a hitch. It takes forever on load it. It's somehow looked worse than forty shots. I mean he he really needs to go to maine and score like thirty points and again he just needs to do it so bad. Say just gave her to where he started and played thirty five minutes and they were like just shoot. We don't care. We do not expect to win tonight. Go and play this like. It's a vigorously game. You get the ball shoot the ball. I do not give a crap like to get a mistake. Just go to go play bingo games at the y. And brian man like some of those guys over there. They got like like d three athletes. I don't know how it is. Now the oppose copen and everything but he needs some dislike some guys who were dominated somebody who's had nothing to go out there and play with some greedy guys and get your like like get your swag back. Is to scalp. Played one on one play. You might lose anyways. We gotta be somebody else we can pick on tonight. That actually had a big three points refunded pick is hanging fruit. Grant what you want. Mike and talk about grant. I got a full from this game alone. For them lease niece smith smart Foreign or joan wagner had a goofy run guti is gorgeous team I got a. I got a kick. We're talking about. Worst debuts ever evans celtics w thirty three minutes we have it here. Zero zero zero most scoreless despite a celtic with ten plus attempts since the three point zero. It's not only it's not. It's the worst game played by a celtic in history worse. It's the worst game anyone's ever had well. I feel like if he had a few shots they probably went to one. I mean those one of those games. He missed seven in a row. You should probably just sit the rest out me like just keep moving the ball. Something in the second you feeling after. He had sierra halftime. Who's gonna come on no twenty. Yeah i didn't think he would actually take that shot. He took him that late in the fourth quarter. I get it. He had a good look. But considering the circumstances i mean you could tell. He was running from shots in the second half li you. He was like nope. Nope nope i'm going to give yours. Here's one that's similar to your stat. Jon evan i went over ten in his celtics debut. Ease the fourth player in the shot clock era since nineteen fifty five to over ten or worse in their debut with a new team. So all we're talking about. I can't think of a worse debut literally. This is like an all time that debut ascot ball. Meanwhile i throw the kind of throw the screen share au pair my prediction co out to well what your browsers shown over there. But here's my prediction for the little worksheet. Lists that you make. This is a tweet bobby. E mails into himself. Is it tweet. Just read it to us. Fired up john. You want me to fire it up. Yeah i don't know. I don't have the button. Yeah i got the minutes right very accurate tomorrow. Thirty three thirty five minutes with twenty two twenty three point. Oh bob prediction. I love to that part. Three or four rebounds in four to five assists. Not quite bobby celtics world. Yeah that didn't work out. I got the minutes thirty three or you nailed. the minutes. Showed a montage right now. Yeah we'll two steals two blocks with given. That wasn't like i said that the beyond the show wasn't like he played well and just missed some shots. Either he was uninvolved uninvolved. Exactly the only thing you remember from him miss shots literally nothing else again extent. I mean couple of good back to back possessions. They still resulted in zion buckets on the second put back there but he played him pretty clean one time and got the little deflection a second time so as a couple of things but for the most part you're right almost invisible and then came the ball enough. That's frustrate me. This is a guy that needs the ball in his hand and he gave it makes employees. Yeah did you do remember him. Weaned the offense all game. I don't even think he got upset. No i mean he listen. You need to look through. This guy just showed up and met the players today. They gave him the given. The need smith playbook go stand over there and they should be using them in that. I called the way he was moving. The ball sorta looking out there. You know through the into the teeth of the defense and then it was just like okay. I'm going to spot on from here on. Yeah we're short. Roll past the tatum. It was like all right. This is how it's gonna look back. What i wanna see from this guy right now and that was why man once once he messed up in transition it was over. That was like the that. Could that could be raised this entire historic performance right. The that's all it takes. You just walked through the through the rim. You can make more south of that. I'm hoping that we get like like Who is it last. Year on. Blank oh Markets saw remember how we came back like the next game. He got erica. Look completely different. I think like forty needs to shave the beard. Completely new look new city. New team might even want to change the number. Ninety four is the complete with number. I don't care if it's where it's from or whatever you can start looking better feeling schommer on the city gonna take him to the north end boston lars get them all lined up absolutely and he can bring out cornet with him because god knows he needs to find a stylist in every way possible to find that four or forty years ago. Weird hair to We all thought coronet was at the door last week and now like he was the fourth best celtic tonight. The yes. that's more of an indictment on the celtics then. Unfortunately that's true. I have a question if you guys. We're still wanna talk about you. Know the the the the viewers here really mad at smart. Who is back again. I don't think anybody's indictment forty-eight for this you're right you're showed up and didn't know anything. It was all smart tonight. He was just such a. Can we talk about the play. I mean come on. Yeah like that was worse than in the finals. really. I know ten mesa. How could you be on defense. One second and think the shocked. That's on the clock. Is your clock. I took the rest twelve minutes. Decided that jump ball. I don't know i'm with you like his mind. Go i mean is. But i don't know what's funny is. I'll kill smart for so many things that he does That's just one where it's just brain cramp which i think everybody has from time to time. I could see that. Yeah so like like this for a million black decisions. yeah it was just. That was dumb kimball was like your like you know that the thing i like about it was smart. Like didn't be like my. I did look like he was like my bad after on a three after meeting the after he was like i think he thought he was right. I mean i. I don't think it sunk in for a little so even immediate aftermath. I think he was making a case he actually thought he he thought he was right and then probably call. I read his mouth when he said he said they were going to do the same thing. But i think we're trying to turn tell no. That clock is for them out for us. I think he saw that wall where we get to. If i can score in less than the second guess the shop but it's obviously that he thought like once they got it was just going to be a shot clock violations definitely. Yeah but he was arguing. He was arguing his point. Mad at me for defending smart like trust me. I'm not a smart defender is just in this particular case. Just brain cramp It happened loose game because of that one play. I don't care if people tweeting like oh. The air went out of everybody z. Lost because of that. I just don't think he played a great game was a tricky situation. Because if you are on defense on that spot you probably would like to play with stop in that same situation on defense that i don't think it's the same thing on a jump ball like if you got the ball on defense after like an air ball or something they would have reset the play but in this situation i was a new possession of the shot clock reset quarter. You know like that's when you really have to zone in realize the situation with you know. Yeah it was it was it was it was. It's gonna end up on shack in one of those stupid things like scott was like what are you doing. I think that's what everybody watching at home was saying. You know. obviously everybody's piston smarts. I thought you know he. He made some other mistakes too. Like i know in the first half yet. An easy lob to rob that he missed and he put up like an ugly floater. That missed like you have rob rolling to the rim. Just throw it up to him. He will catch it in. Dunk it in it. It's the easiest to points in all any sport you can think of it. It's like the easiest way to get points and then late in the fourth. He did that like stupid. Like no look behind the back pass. That was not even remotely close to accurate over difficulty shots as well even ones that went in that lefty bank shot on the drive late in the game there where he switched to the left really tough tough shot but horrible shot one that he's gonna miss eighty percent of the time. This was one of those games where it felt like. It's again when he misses all the threes shoots. Low percentage shoots too much makes a few dumb. It's the worst of the worst of the worst from smart. And it's magnified in these games and again we reach that magic barrier. i think. Thirteen shots is the Is is that. Is that cutoff line for smart when he shoots more than thirteen times. Their record is frigging abysmal. You know yeah. I mean six fifteen in over six from three so streaky from three i mean some nights he goes like seven of ten and tonight he goes okram. Sit over six. Go really is like that. Is the difference in these games. I mean it's you know it doesn't take a scientist to realize that the more shots you hit though it better treat. You're going to win. But just the crazy streaky. He can be with with the shooting. I mean he's unreliable in that sense. And that's that's why people i think a lot of people not just in this in this rumor in this chapter. Think a lot of people were like they were like okay with the idea of marcus. Smart be traded at the deadline accepted in. There was a possibility and they were going to move on from it and it didn't happen but i mean it could still happen in the offseason. I think a lot of people are going to be okay with it. Well this is. I'll get bobby. And joe sways opinion because we we talked about this on the chat a little bit before the game You know. I personally had really prepared myself for marcus. Smart longer being a celtic and again. I'm i'm vocal critics. It's you know everyone would be like well duh. You know like you're you're not a huge fan of with. But i recognize his value. I just think he is a pretty okay. Pretty average player that we ve vastly overrated and i was ready to move into a different realm to get a more dynamic player playmaker scorer. I was all set for the aaron gordon thing and i was ready to do that. Deal now that he's here. I am like struggling with it even more. Because i i've i've gotten used to the thought of moving moving on you're in a really tough spot here not with with marcus you missed a chance to trade him which means now you have your held hostage having to resign him possibly to resigned a or risk getting nothing in return and the worst thing you can do in the nba right now is overpaid for the middle class and the reality is this is what smart is. He's a middle class player. He's probably a bench player who you're going to have to play. Pay potential premium money to This off season. And so you had a chance if you weren't going to go forth with marcus and give him that that he's going to look for in the off season to have but according to ancient was never on the table he's going to be a celtic forever. So i mean this is the this this is this is smart. I don't know what you guys think. Yeah no i think I think they hold them. There's a lot of value there. And i agree with that. They found him very valuable. And i don't think that they what was on the table of name out there. I don't think they thought that marcus smart was worth that. And i just don't like was aaron gordon. The one that's going to make it happen. I mean that's what the report was saying balk or barriers report without the one that seemed like sort of a given right. We all over the kings in in in an harrison. Barnes i mean. I've probably probably favorite harrison. Barnes higher than the aaron gordon but i mean i just don't think realistically this other willing to pull the trigger for for guys like that. They think they can get someone better or you know. Try if that's the case bring smart back in a year to come down row where they had to move again. I know it's not ideal. But i just think maybe do our value marcus. Smart too much. Maybe it's dany. Abc's brad stevens. Maybe a sort. They're like i don't know they're like security blanket if you will. They feel like the team will completely collapse without him. But i i don't know i don't believe interested. I'm not upset with the celtics traded him. Because i just don't think it would have been worth what the players are going to give return. I don't think those players would have been game changers or give anywhere news same value. You get for marcus smart on his team. Maybe i thought the same case for other team okay. People can make that argument all they want. And it's it's fair share. Marcus smart is valuable in this team. You know you put on another team. It's a completely different case. But that's the reason why he's still team because he's very valuable here and i think any age andbranch izzy. That's kind of existential question. That's feels key is is that valuable for now. Depends what you value value defense at high level absolutely in this year been willing to hire rebel units at a high level on the celtics. Compared to other of pastel. Who seems the last two or three years. This has been the worst. And marcus hasn't been. He hasn't played a whole lot. Can put on smart especially look what he did. Down the stretch. Agains i on that possession where he had zion shoe. Not the back of the backboard was pretty impressive. The ways on the main one player. Who did that on the celtics tonight. Against and they need to make that switch earlier. That one time brad. I was an advocate of trade in for gordon. Just because i think at this point gordon is probably a better defended because of his size and has more upside as a younger player. Which is a swap. You wanna make if you're going to be going a little bit younger here. If you wanna kind of reset the general age or track of this team. I think that one made sense the problem. Is you do really lose something not just from an intangible standpoint but as a passer he still really is the guy who gets the ball moving more than anyone else in offense at you. Think of the assist percentage. You think it just his wife passing. I know you know but you know you didn't like the raub day we had a couple of others. Were actually hit him in this one. But baba me ask you this. Just because he's the best you have doesn't mean he's actually good at it. He's he's extremely good at it extremely good if you stack them up against playmaking point guard. Why does that mean that you put him in the upper level of an extremely good passer among guards. I don't think so. I think he is on this team but as far as nba point guards go. He's not in the upper lot of of distributing guards. That's not his. He's he by. That's why you say he's more valuable than you than others. If he's now it's also the the devil you know sort of thing you're just used to it here and you're used to extract value. You think he brings you that nobody else in the league possesses reading the reality is there's other who play chippy defenders other guys who are decent passers they don't all make boneheaded plays and shoot thirty six percent from the field like the balance there. You have to look at the whole picture. You can't just cherry pick some stuff look at the deficiencies of this team and say he's the only one who passes that's fine but he's not an elite playmaker by any means he's pretty good and this is lacking so yes you're right. They need someone to do it but it could be someone else. Also that's the thing this idea that he's the only one that can do it. I think is just have a bar and says a short roll passer. That's about it gordon. Who could never in a million years in offense as we talked about that the deadline. That's a tough one to make in terms of what you need now versus the time i know bahrain's has three years so maybe that would make more sense but he wasn't available so as awesome. Would you do this for gordon still. I would have really considered you know. If it comes down the gordon like i i think i'd be grudgingly. Say yes because. I think there's upside there but it was a normal wrist to make and i understand why they didn't do it because it was it was i know i think it was. I think he was just neighbor. You don't think that that's a better deal including these methods list replaced argentine through with never ever ever. What's marcus smart's value tonight. Magic never believed the losing team wanted marcus smart. It makes no wanted marcus smart in in a walk year. I way makes his name phone around from boston. Yes it was boston. Trust me there is no way it made no sense to me. And then all of a sudden reports started coming out late from boston. Writers about you'd be surprised. How many teams out there are actually interested in markets. That was fed. Okay that was. There's no way that didn't originate in boston. Because it's trying to make it seem like oh okay. They're trying to drum up his value. Several teams want smart. Well maybe i should want me some smart. I didn't even think about him. There's no way that was real. Because just jimmy said it makes no sense. What does orlando in a tear down rebuild. Want guy in here who they have to pay real money to next year when they're trying to sell away other veteran players. You're getting rid of vucevic and gordon to welcome in smart. What are we talking about. That's ludicrous ludicrous. You're getting rid of veterans for to swap it out for a bench guy. You're making it sound like hughes. You think the celtics wanted to offer smart over. I think the celtics recognizing that they really did have almost nothing. Anybody wanted because it. Nobody wants needs smith or romeo and the picture low So there's really nothing. The only theoretical tradable asset on this team is marcus smart. So you had to make it appear as if marcus smart had value a it value beyond the the celtics and so i think that name started getting thrown around to see if there was a little buzz to it and it ended up not being the case i think themselves the reasons celtics didn't make a trade is because nobody wanted any package that they were offering nothing and that's why they didn't make a trade not danny didn't decide to trade smart no way that would happen no way right. I mean we'll never know. I feel like it's the other way tactically. Think bobby bobby gives it was almost like the delusional celtics just thinks like marcus smart guy. That's jerry later trading links i understanding smart is like What's that game. Them was wrong with me. Jenga the a piece. If you pull marcus smart out the entire things going to collapse on you like again. Jean-marc we we all we all like mark mark for the same reasons like his intensity like he has been here from the beginning. Kind of like feels like he appreciates being celtic in all. Those things are great but at some point you have to do you know if you're danny aines or whatever you have to do. We think is best for the team in bringing players and it might be that you know as good as marcus. Smart is and great of a leader is and whatnot. It might just be time to go. Yeah i felt like it was time. Yeah i think. I felt like it was time his value. Whether you think it was high or low it's gonna go lower the closer you get free agents say. There's no doubt about that. The thing i don't like the people who act like marcus smart untouchable. Because like he's marcus. Smart taking taking the not taking consideration that he doesn't help you in a lot of other ways like in a lot of ways that or the reasons winning mike okay. We're gonna make sure enough. I've pretty much than most of my point. Waller gano whatever when okay. Yeah follow me for sure. But what i'm saying is with marcus. We all get why. He's valuable the winning plays the hustle. you know what it means to be. All those things are great but at some point you say okay is he enough starts to decline exactly is he. Not take the celtics. Were where we want to be. Joe swail bust help. We got him Where did you do that to. W yeah i think i think there's more although they're still people like bobby and they're still fans who are like marcus. Smart means way too much on. Even though bobby has seemed to come around at least in some some ways. They're completely torn. Yeah are now coming around on it or instill are. It's difficult but i think they all understand that like listen. You can flip. You can flip markets mark for a guy that fills a bigger need and then you can find a guard you know in the off season pass i type guy or a guy that specialized in events they are out there. Marcus smart is a great defendant rate. You know defensive player but in a league were defense is becoming less and less and less important by a game by the minute i mean. Every game. he's games are going one hundred and ten hundred twenty points. If you're one guy there's only so much you can do be great to have a team great to have a lineup of five guys that just switch and play defense. They don't exist. The best players in the nba are all offensive minded players again. It's great to be good defense but you ask any coach in the nba. They'll take good offense over good defense anything it's like it's like celtics fans are like that guy you know this kid who grew up in southie or somewhere like i. I never been outside of boston. I never wanna be outside. No reason to no reason to leave here. There's a bigger world than than than than boston guys. It's not is it going. There's no. I'm just saying there are player. Alistair guys we're sitting here. Look let's let's look at it this way. We're sitting here talking about like the value of daniel thais interest in thompson and some frigging dude off. The bench grabs twenty-five boards on them the other day. Like there's guys out there that do other things like the in the league here like these aren't the only players here you know this you can move past them you know. We don't have to hold onto them so dearly. John everywhere not dependent. Just because you're is not going your way. I just don't think that's exactly it. You still have a year left on that deal. You still have obviously that favorable contract that you can flip so why not take that into the offseason. See what's going on. I mean listen to other teams that have the all right now. Why flip smart right now. Shut the whole thing down with trying to make a push in the playoffs and see what the squeeze out of his team. I know it doesn't look great right now by. Just don't think you panic and trade marcus smart now for people who very deceive marcus. Smart out the door. And then you know you're looking for other guys step up here bathing pritchard. He's got you know future Celtics point range him whether he's a starter or whether he's the first one off the bench. I mean i just think we can all agree that he had a bright future in that Matt role for the celtics o. Obviously i think once you know sooner or later whether it's marcus smart. Or whether he stays or whether he's not in boston in the next two or three season that the pain is going to be more than ready to take the ranks. Take that part and becoming the team lead. Marcus smart whether it's an all star or someone close to it you couple it with with with younger players draft picks you put together a package deal to get someone else as better than aaron gordon for sure. No question gorgeous. Been fredericks never. Going to be paid pritchard's fine where what with what he's doing but he's only we're being a distributor to be a top priority for the team for sure. I don't believe it or not. I don't know he he wrote this. Joseph just summed up the celtics some south fans who they look at guys in the and they make them out to be way better than the yard. I'm not saying joe's when those people way worse to be thrown wants smarter around the league really. I don't think a losing team does no. There are only certain teams that he makes sense for. Yeah winning teams he. He's a guy that if you smarter but everything you've said about coming off the bench on your team. The first guy after bench playing multiple like guard positions and give you a spark giving us energy at all. How is that not true. Listen you you can look back at smart whole career in boston and say the things you guys have said about him. And would you consider smarts. Boston career failure. I it's been a dead at a really pretty decent role player that that we have built up into some legend that has the results yet. Kings about the rebounds. He's a pretty good player. Who does some things that you can't quantify it's fine. He needs coming off the bench. Of course he's already player. That's fine bench. Players know that insult or something like okay. So he's a six man or whatever like why is that bad because you've got the he's going your trading today right. You guys never mentioned that right in bright. I think that'll right. He's also a playoff series in the playoffs when it matters most in the us he's just a role player right moment. Of course he is he. Just wait there's nothing wrong with him. Being bench player the sixth or seventh. Best player on your team. Let's let's call it. That's it if you're if he's your sixty percent player that's all offering know what's going on the superstar honam. All-star noah calling him You know you cannot trade. I never said that. No one's ever said that no one can ever that. There's others can't ever trade march so aaron gordon to come in return like what's wrong with that. That's the thing. I look at that trade. You're going to win the game tonight. Is that what you like. what are we talking about. Isn't it how you handled for aids. Look at it for like an hour. And be. Like i don't know i'd like your franchise defensive player for like i just. It was too hard of a decision really was and i think you're wrong. Do what. what are we talking about. I who all starred. I'm not saying none of that. Little choir defensive player so everyone a first team. All defense overrated. Because they don't score you that part it's not about tomorrow Gordon would you do it. It's just like listen. i'm not to trade him. i'm not saying they need to trade him at the deadline. I'm just saying be open to the idea that he we are not you. Everybody heard ties and go if if if he were a better caliber player. Okay then you wouldn't be talking about him in trades right now the last year yana and dirtier one handled gloves that he was the worst shortstop in the league okay. It's a designation by media members. It doesn't matter which. You're just talking about marcus smart right now. Because you're you're salty of solving forty eight and you're thinking men who marcus smart has turned into the ultimate scapegoat for every single south. He wasn't out there. But we're talking about marcus smart. I don't get it. I love the fire and i swear it's great but honestly like if you think i invented my marcus smart. Take tonight watching. Evan -fornia you haven't been listening to me for the last using it has like all minnesota missed out on hugh trade. Who's the huge trade. Who wasn't aaron gordon. What's the alternative not missed out my grievances if smart was really on the table and if smart was on the table and we pulled it back. I think it was a mistake number two. I don't actually think it was ever on the table. So because because he is eric gordon. Who's nice. Hey i think so. I can watch random fifty. We'll see how great he looks for the frequent nuggets. And i'll get you a jersey there you go. I think i think there's a real case with these bad teams the kings one hundred percent. Think this because. I know for a fact that when the kings had a chance to offer him an offer sheet and then he went on to have a couple of really good years and got better for boston after that the kings were kicking themselves because they have had him for thirteen million a year and they decided not to go in on that israel. I'm around the league. One of you're talking about smart. Yeah one of the worst. No one offered anything. Create one of the worst run franchises in the history of sports is mad about that mistake. But that's why bad teams want him. They think he can create something in those places. I ended up one of those teams. We went through this already and was they basically told them. Hey man go go find your deal. If you think you've got a better you don't think that a team who a guy that was demanding a trade. Saying i'm done. I'm not playing here anymore. Was gonna pass up in opportunity to take a guy like smart. Who could rev up the young team. I the year. There is a long-term could say long-term and the reality is smart and players like him have negative value these days because it's the worst. The worst value in sports the over is the overpriced middle. I know but what's the value of gary harris. Who's on a three year deal making like fourteen million a year. Rj hampton. Who's like i love him. But he hasn't shown anything twenty. Twenty-five i just. I don't think it's ludicrous. To think the boston coulda had that for smart and you can debate either way. But i think it was there. I don't think so but again. That's that's i guess a good. This is a good description of marcus. Smart debate a lot of differing opinions lot of fires. All of that is. That's been the face of this show for seven years. People might take on. Smart is this. You haven't had one of these a while my take. Its marches and. I'll leave it at that. Because i don't want to just keep beating the same horse over and over if that's the saying i forget but I think i think it gives you a lot of good things. But i also think you know there are games where you just wanna rip your hair out and i think we've seen the best of marcus smart. He's a great defender. I'll definitely give him that. But i think he sometimes hurt you in a lot more ways any helps you also think that celtics fans over the years like it's like the folk like the folk lore. Marcus smart has grown to this magnitude where he's results though but but those neurons exist all over the nba. Like like that's the thing is i mean. I don't think he's giving you something that you couldn't get from a number of other players around the if the opportunity is there where you can get an asset back or get somebody else. That might help you in another way. Then i think you do that. He's a he's a he's a two-thirty thirty hitter. The did make some diving catches in the outfield and gets his jersey dirty and then fans love him. But that's what you you don't train affront. If you were selling you training for an asset. But they weren't they were buying. They were upgrading now. The question is was the upgrade. The appropriate choice could they have used him to make an even bigger upgrade and gordon. That's going to be hard to tell for awhile hair again. Gordon has been so far on both sides of things that it really wasn't possible to tell whether that was a sheriff fired. Move my question now. Is you have smart. You -fornia brand tatum. Kemba is any ball time for forty in that group. I guess the question you do have to ask tonight seeing what he did. It's he's not gonna go over ten again. Obviously but you do have to ask. Is there enough ball. Time for forty sixty. Because i've seen people describe him as a knockdown shooter a catch and shoot off all guy. And i think he can work within the for the offense but he did what he did in orlando this year through significant baltin. I'd say as much as thirty five percent. That here could be a problem. Guess that's the. That's what the gordon hayward comparisons come into play right because obviously he's not that caliber player or at least you who would before he came to the celtics wherever you stay fall in that in that conversation. But he's that knocked down shot is obviously a big reason. Why here with the celtics. Because i think with tatum and brown you need someone like that. And that's been the biggest hole in that in that star lineup. Marcus smart guy so you look at other options and when you look at forty eight if he's knocking that down obviously changes things but also he has that like we talked about what we saw on the first floor where he put the ball on. The floor dynamics will put him with the second unit. I think it's a it's a good. He's the half of the subject. It's a solid piece to have plenty aggregating heading into this one. Obviously we didn't see any of that but that blend of of both is the reason why easier for for for boston for sure. Well say that. He's got to come off the bench. I cannot get lost in the fold with the starters. He's gotta be the sex man he's gotta have time in these games where the ball in his hands because tonight any again you could use the excuse. Doesn't know the offense yet. So i stay here but he did not get the ball enough. By any means it was just toss out dom. Few transition runs with excusable. Mrs on his part. I'm not making excuses for him. But he wasn't setup all that while the succeed tonight i think two-thirty hitters a little harsh. But i think. I mean john. John lewis little harsh. He's definitely sub three hundred hundred. We're talking baseball. He's a good defensive outfielder he. He's like jackie bradley. Jackie bradley find your smart smarts. They're jeeter the celtics are in good shape. That wasn't the comparison. Bobby missing points. But that's all i know but Yeah that that did on smart. I guess my thing is just be more open to the possibility of think. I think it's i think it's become a lot more possible. What will you look ahead to hear. And whether it's gonna matter not as the thing that burn doni kicked around and we've been talking about forever's bradley beal. Can he be a piece in that deal. That matters who know why just as one individual piece has if you trade him for gordon. Does gordon deal better down. The line possibly. Yes how the things you have to ask. The idea behind. Gordon was theoretically you roll him up into something else or you unlocked something in him that you didn't have or you didn't know you have and then jalen becomes the person who you roll into a bigger deal. Not saying that necessarily makes you better. It has to be a great great deal for you but the idea would have been now. You have stuff you can play with and now without it. You don't who knows it might might not work out. I mean the returns. Everyone watching him play in denver. After one game was like see orlando wasn't using them right. If you give him chance you give him this. You give him that. You're going on another. And that was the everyone was saying the same for the celtics is you can unlock another level to his game. That was lying dormant in orlando In all those years so you were rolling the dice on up potentially homerun type of asset. You could have had kind of fairly cheaply if you're talking about new smith a picture smart this is you take that shot you take the shot at the guy who could be a next level player versus. I really like marcus smart because he does some things you know if that was standing in the way. I think that was a mistake. That's all so. This is where i do trust angel mentally. Is this thing where he has a sense. Around the league from his connections on just how long he's been around the league of what other teams value other guys as. I still think that's a significant reason. He passed on turney. See like indiana has been begging teams to take him for a year and a half. and he's still in indiana. The offers weren't that high. For gordon and the offers weren't that high for -fornia so from forty perspective. I think he had pretty strong confidence that he could keep him at a fair price. And that gordon wasn't going to be that flippable of an option and ultimately he goes for bad i rj and my no but he rolled the forty role on a team. That already has two. Max player superstars skilled automatic by a guy on a rookie contract Not by somebody who. You're going to pay well. They screw themselves with bad draft. So that's your problem is it's not that forty-eight in a vacuum in a non-salary sport couldn't have potential value on this team but the problem is you can't be paying these upper-middle-class dollars two guys who are role players on your team. You just can't do it. The role playing has to be filled by better contracts than that and again. This is where you're gonna to run into that problem with smart theoretically and with four as paying top dollar for middle-class guys. And that'll kill you kill you. You're gonna go flying into the tax with a super expensive team. That's not a title contender. And so right. This is where the draft swings and misses kill. You kill a absolutely kill you you don't you shouldn't eat forty eight because you should have romeo a niece myth playing playing the wing and doing this. But you don't because right now. They're useless but forget the loss tonight. The pelicans are very good team. I know the celtics really screwed themselves for stretches this one but for the last three games doesn't the team look alive. I mean they. They really just stayed energy defensively. Everybody seems alert. And even the lou cornet stuff. I know it doesn't matter that much but the way they've utilized him and gotten some good stuff out of that like that just seems to be energizing this group and they seem to have a spark onto this deadline that they didn't before they rated die like in the weeks leading luc cornet. Looks like every like chess opponent in the queen's gambit to me like he just looks like he's just average guy now she chats luc cornet looks like cornet controls the speakers in the locker room. That wasn't tall. Nowhere in recognizing the streets. No way is the most nondescript looking guy. i'll say this warn i would never recognize. He threw heat tonight. He threw the best past niece. Miss received all year and these smith nailed a three off. Maybe that's the missing piece unlucky. Niece smith loyd. Yeah what's amazing is. That's exactly the type of three. You would figure he would get three or four times a game being out there. It was just the drive and kick corner three. I'm just stunned. He's he's not able to get a few of those off every single game. It's so rare when he gets an opportunity like that and it should happen all the time. 'cause who's an attention to him. Nobody i said a lot of the celtics passes or looking downhill twos. I'm like again. Brad said i don't wanna go too far with this. 'cause it's two games don't brad said they were looking at coin for a long time and i don't know whether you believe that or not but you do see short roll defense. Three point shooting. I mean these things he does i. There's no way around it but then again it's like wait a minute brian. Well how many players do you look at or really longtime think about a whole list of guys that he's been perfect is to be perfect and he's looked at everybody in the week from on time. Yeah elite eight years after them. What the point nine the league anymore. So you know what. I mean for greg. Monroe we know that you have to remember who is coming from. This is brad stevens who obviously called background. He watches these guys all italian. What he doesn't have to. But i mean. I'm seeing from oxidative cornet. Yeah i honestly don't. I wonder i saying his name in a week really. Yeah i think there's a chance. He's better than wagner. Which like again. What's that matter but still. I didn't expect that coming in. I thought cornet was out the door and now he's like really impact in two games. So i'm excited for something like i'm excited like when i'm seed on an email like like i like anybody else to talk about on directly to me. I don't have the tennessee. Respond to this. Is that what you mean by that. Just like okay again. What if what if you flip out the name. We'll cornet with demarcus cousins and he did. What cornet did tonight. i don't. he's through the roof. Yup now you're talking my language. I mean again it's created cornell a bowl of cheerios. Last i realize. I didn't like when brad put him on. I didn't like when hundred months. I on that was taking a little too far but pushed his like a little bit. They're drawn on olympic in the In the east finals. It's another player. That can play over rob. So i'm sure we're gonna see plenty of them. You know. every every time he every time cornutus shot. I die a little bit. Because i know that's one less minute. We'll get to see rob out there. you know. it is what it is. Yeah exactly again. They they didn't give the cornet seal of approval. That's not true. Okay so speaking. I had a question. I wanted to ask you. Guys and people in the comments can can jason. Tatum or zion. Is that your question close. We talked about the tandem of tatum and brown being the best like young tandem in the nba. Before the season started. I think we put him up there. Would you rather have tatum. And brown or ingram. Zaylon tatum brown zion in washington tonight. Eight zion impresses me is the best player out of four tatum. And here's why so zion. If you watch them tonight those those incredible moments the efficiency at the rim is insane but he's completely missing. The three point shot right now which matters even though he's incredibly efficient at the rim his making there. But i'd say it's about even with aims at this point maybe a little bit better but the defense the he's dancing around not quite like me smith but he's a little lost on that end the shape i look at him again tonight and after his big burst he has to go take like a flying leap on the bench and take a ginormous breathe physically. He doesn't look like he needs to lose probably fifteen pounds because he just he carries too much weight. I think it's going to become an injury concern. Does there's just so many red flags you realize. He's like in his sixty fifth professional game right now. And he's putting up like historic. I know but right. you're right. And his defense their twenty fifth in defense again. This is john studies sixty game. You can't expect them to be this like defensive of stalling. But he's gotta be good on. The scene around is about light. Years better than on ingram defensively kadim bordeaux i. When he's rolling he's borderline all defense. I ingram over brown. If it's ingram over brown it's also zion over tatum. So i don't know how we're having this conversation. It a brown was an all star games and he's been around a little longer. Got more can make the playoffs. Pelicans off i mean guys. I mean again sinuses aunts first year. He's putting up historic numbers. He's a twenty point fifty percent. You guys go roof the pelicans that'll be fun. Very easy to have these conversations without getting emotional triggered by twenty one and twenty five twenty five and they're better than tatum brown. Why because they won this much newsflash but much better years of success. He's only ten years old fair enough but right now. If you're projecting. I mean look again. I would say oh. Yeah i mean if you're talking about if they played today. I if i don't think a gm out there. That's taking tatum over zion. If they had a choice between the two. I mean. I think he might have star seven years. We don't know we have no idea. I it's a projection question your project. Bobby's the help us part of that. Production yeah bobby negative. You guys are projecting the using the flag other people might be projecting looking at the potential. It's it's a fair combo well you do have to. You do have to consider the situation to and i know boston situation isn't amazing. But at this point. New orleans has committed money to stephen adams. Eric bledsoe no up. We're thinking too much about this. I know but that's why that's why you guys are limiting the tatum and brown potential. Because you don't think they have enough around them anymore in. This situation isn't going to be great with them here if they had the like. If we're talking who will do better with horford irving all that stuff. We've seen around the literally thinking. Were literally saying that. Like every player did wasn't playing for any team at all and they're just sitting there in the middle of a circle and you get to pick two. Which two are you basketball. Game it's true. No no history literature. You're not worried about. There's no stephen adams in jimmy's hypothetical question. We're taking it too far. Which two players are you taking. That's just in that case. It's tatum over zion but ingraham over brown prospects. So that's funny. Because i have haven't the other way i took a round number. You don't have that option. They come into package deal. So which one is it. I'm taking the celtics guys. I just say the proven to me. So i'm glad thank that. That's okay all right. I think i anointed a little too early. I think we're actually underrating and believe it or not and i. I agree with all of your flags. I think he should be. I think he should be thirty. Plus or forty pounds lighter like if he's to eighty he should be about two thirty five or two he could. he could lose nine nine needed to to skating. Yeah that wait. I think remember what happened. A perk between like years two and three and he can't act leeman strong like zion zion if he got on a real regimen a real offseason a real diet and he sheds thirty pounds he would be re rhode island new orleans way lies. You know what john he probably will. I mean once you get an nba on that schedule and you get in the facilities and you get on a diet and everything that i'm sure they whole tone up some definitely. That's a tough eating city to fall on your own that long as no one's saved the event. Everyone said that when they were talking about is when they were talking about sorry when they talk. She's coming in the league. They like new orleans. Uh-huh like gumbo fried whatever. It's either good now again. I'm actually somewhere in between with jimmy. There i do think he like the size does benefit him to some degree but there is a cost benefit. They like the there charles. Barkley comparison with him is actually pretty valid. Like barkley just overpowered. He was bigger but that played in the overpower nature of his game shack to like he was too big. But that's what made him dominant. He's gotta find that middle ground somehow where he can be great for forty minutes playoffs series. Because you can just imagine. The embiid thing happened to him right now. Like would he be able to go. Forty forty two minutes. A must-win plan was wait. Yeah there's no way that's happening right now and look beat. it took. It took him beat so long to get there yet till this year. Yeah he got hurt. Anyway i see more like a young young sean campbell. Most more than barkley didn't see a whole lot of art. We want the ola campaign. So i don't wanna diminish ions potential. Because what's he shoot like. Sixty eight at the basket is a wing. That's just unreal the best score in the paint in the nba. It's like you know cycle. Bronze sixtieth king's twenty points in just in the paint Abroad he gets the free throw line it will. I think he's taught five and drawing free throws and the finesse and the hands in the coordination. The playmaking it's amazing. You're right. It would be frustrating in a total like total like boston. If he doesn't find a way to get the shave that down and stay healthy of because he could do so many different things he might be an nba outlier in this era. Where he'll never ever ever shoot threes and still be one of the most dominant players in the league. Yeah it's like an old guy. That bobby bobby hates. We trashes the old school game every chance he gets. That's probably why isn't like zion. He wants to see on step back and take ten threes. I take one again. I wanna see also tristan thompson take won a game. And who else did i want from. Rob rob's gotta get out there to you. Don't do them soon. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter what's amazing dozen. Yeah right now and you space like crazy. If you play often dare to shoot he starts coming at you anyway. It doesn't make a difference at all those noises as he takes space away from you. It's unbelievable like he doesn't care he gets blocked either like yeah go in go. He'll go in there get blocked. Grab the ball again and put it right back up. Like he just doesn't he's gonna go downhill every single time. And that's refreshing. I if the celtics had really use a little bit of that they don't have anything like that. Yeah you're right. Maybe they'll type somebody like that was after forty did zay on so it takes smart. John i like it got that would present that lebron tendency of like you know. It doesn't seem like type of guy that's to get into a lot of trouble was i on the king's pickier had to be right like authorship. Yeah that did not pan out for boston. Skip kenney wear. Those are just disastrous. Let me ask you this question off the topic of what. What's going on with great williams minutes these days. It was just as i on thing tonight. -fornia what are we doing. Brands does lays out. I'm not doing that and i. It was just a situation then. Yeah he's stuck. In what i call a grassings. Purgatory like can't get all go off the best place he's going to be in. I think i mean at this point. I mean he's still. He's getting twenty minutes a game in march poverty. It's not like this is a one off like averaging twenty minutes forty as here. Tatum brown and smart. He's not going to play all if all of those guys are in unless there's a matchup he's score play. Yeah i think he's gonna play forge play defense even or just the threat from outside. I mean yeah. I would like to see him back at center. It's like you have to knock down. those open. looks a unit. keep getting. he's gonna keep trying you out there and seeing if you can knock down now back at center. Yeah 'cause you'll have lineups where it's forty eight. Tatum brown and cambe enya. You'll get your rob minutes in there. But when rob goes to the bench you can go ultra small switchable and do what they did. In february last year were grant was in the middle of doing a good job even did decided against the heat to a decent degree. Despite the size deficiencies have it. They are good minutes. A grant that senator last year. And i think that's been a big reason. He struggled this year is he's had a plan. The wing and guys have gone right around him. Yeah that's true. I think there's no real position. I think he had like. That's when he got exposed. The against the heat. I feel like it's just a tough match-up in that series. But he answered again. Would you rather would you them out out on wings or inside. I try to like prevent guys move the thing. You said earlier. Bobby is actually the only time i wanna see. Him is small ball five. That's literally the only time. I wanna see him out there because of the threat of of shooting And that's it. That's i i never wanna see him. I hate him at the four one. We're this this is the story. The twenty celtics. We complain about whoever plays because there's no like what are they gonna do. Places like the only other option tonight with carson edwards for minutes or niece smith smith playing twenty when he started on it. That's the thing is you're like wait. What and then you're like well who else you know. It's it's almost more like this. Great dilemma them. Rather than it is a indictment necessarily on on grant i. You looked around. Bet you look down on the bench and you're like yes shit. I guess it's gotta be grant no like the only one four eight like that alonzo mourning tweet where you guys see. Did you guys see where he did. They toss sweets ever. Did you see try to jab step and go around josh hart early in the game and just running the other way like a second later for the layup with the steel it was i grant. Shoot your shot. Yeah he tries. He tries hard. Well who we got on wednesday is. Hey how about this. We didn't talk about this Fans that have any effect. At all. I guess not right. I mean like the the the bullshit. Jan was nice or something i would have the chain going on with mavericks on wednesday. Great little. Bit from zion. The luca perfect. We'll have the same debate. It's probably got back. I guess. I don't know if anyone in the comments section wins at the game probably not but With a word finally come the rocket. so let's see what swear. Bollywood been there tonight. johnson come. We're back we're back. Rebecca the garden later later this week. but yeah Will there around later. Someone's asking about the sponsor reason i don't want to tell you about the sponsor is it's not just teasing everybody. I don't want you don't to go sign up for it until until until until we're on the clock so we're going to tell you about it when it's time when we're gonna need they're gonna need your support but i do promise something's coming is going to be fun and it involves you guys as well so we will tell you about the mantra and it's coming it's coming just quick once around Guys final thoughts here before we wrap it in once again. Just tell everybody was watching a subscribe to our youtube channels. You get notified when we go live. Sign up for notifications. Tell all your friends about it. Post game show. After every game we will soon be moving the garden report to daily to take us through the rest of the season it may coincide with our new sponsor which is starting next week and get us through the rest of the season however far into the playoffs. We go and then we'll keep coming at you during the offseason as well but Guys find us a first round pick again who first-round pick guys final thoughts here oh and also like lots of guests and more more characters coming onto the show as we get closer to playoffs as well. Joe say what he got. So listen celtics fans. I know today was disappointing but zaylon in that dynamic duo rain into necessarily going to happen against dallas. This one against luca. Look at this others. Keep this defensive energy that minoan. I think they'll be in good shape. I i don't know that the younger guys have been pushing a you know. We talked about this last game. Like maybe it's just seeing new faces that energize the second unit. Because i'm seeing different for not going to resume in the next one especially when having formula. I'm sure he's gonna make shot his first points of as a celtic and there's going to be tough was not going to be. I'm not going to sit in guarantee winners. Have a great chance of topping the the mavericks because they going from deep forget it. It'll be a long night. So i think the continue with that energy. Just have a shot to keep up with. Dow's marriage because again whether it's luca whether it's the other shoes they have out there tim hardaway junior. They have a handful of guys that can really get going quickly in the south is unfortunately we're picking names here and their game after game. We're not sure we're gonna come through consistently from the second unit but I'm gonna say this others continue to play defense. The way they've been playing they'll give themselves a shot but it's gonna be tough. It's going to be really tough actually even if it's of td garden so Jimmy yeah so my couple of thoughts. One after hot stock bud Welcome to boston. You're lucky wasn't a full arena tonight. it's the beauty of it. Get back out there on wednesday and you know. Try to make that first bucket Secondly secondly i got a little. I guess kinda come kind of connected to forty-eight Thais technically had to be traded because forty eight. Put them over the cat. I got into a he just something that they goes to me. Can you hear me. did you cut some talking away. Something you win like that gone points. Big points coming up you send it off to and said is a good setup. Now that's a hard tease. I can't wait. Nobody go anywhere. We're gonna get back to jimmy. Bobby gimme yours for daniel types. But he didn't play tonight for the bulls. I i'm not taking too much from this one. I like the energy. I thought it was one of those smart screw up. So we've seen those before and he'll probably have some good ones in the comey stretch here. might take his about the doomsday scenarios about this team. The forty eight trade makes makes sure they're done for the future and they could potentially lose down the road. I guess it's all true. But i still look at the season and say it was a real cost not doing anything so this still gives them a what we've seen the emotional left of having a new fresh face in the room and you know the front office investing in them rather than poland away from them raw books inspired painting. Pritchard has had his best week since he injured his knee. I so some things have gone in the right direction. And the next thing to happen for forty to get involved in this offense and start thriving for them. So i still think this team i said but if they could win six out of the seven game win streak bobby going eight game win streak or six out of seven on this Southern game stretch here. They cement themselves a playoff team. I still think that's possible. But it's a tough stretch dallas. You're gonna see new york on this stretch philly so they got to call these. These games fourth quarters. They got they get the leads late. Jimmy what he got the last thing you guys heard something something you set up your daniel ties point and i was going back and forth with somebody and then nothing so -fornia you know ties had to be booted because of forty-eight tasted tonight six points he's still playing they're still going. Yeah right so. I got i was in a conversation with the self proclaimed like number one daniel fan sure enough. I clicked on his daniel taste. Tribute go on youtube. It's wrong goes on twitter f. o. Ngo s at a nice little daniel taste tribute which i got a couple of laughs at sky really is like the biggest annual taste fan a world i say about it. I didn't know there was somebody like that but cut it to him. It's actually a good good youtube follow and he's so go. Check out that video we other than that the celtics just you know other than they'll just continue to lose against so mine is on the sunnier side. When it comes to the effort. I actually liked elements of it. You know and i like the way. Tatum played tonight But the frustrating part is again just. The lack of talent on the team prevents them from being able to brad with how come on. Exactly you win. you lose what. You're short one guy engineer. And you lose like they were i. I'm not comparing a brown of lonzo but like lonzo's out. Pelicans are missing a starter. Like it the celtics mitch one guy. They've lost their last six games. When campbell wasn't claiming kim even playing lights out lately but they can't sustain it. They're so thin for professional basketball players. That we sit here and we talk about. Why did grant play so much and we can answer our question because the answer is because nobody else to play and these conversations. These conversations are depressing and frustrating. Because again you're almost like it's that whole trade deadline thing like fix. It can't fix it. There's nothing to trade. You don't play that guy brad. Okay who the hell else are. You gonna play. And it's just this cycle. There were forty seven points tonight. They would one direction. But i actually didn't mind it. It's fun it's fun to make fun of. actually it. But he'll he's fine. It's he's an upgrade. He's a professional basketball player. It's going to make a difference. This is just i mean. Star wonder what he said about it. He'll get involved but you're right from a mentality standpoint. They have to learn to play a little differently. You gotta if you have an again you're bringing another guy who had a high usage rate and the guy who needs the ball in his hands to get to get things going and now you're gonna bring in bro. You're going to put them on the court. As you said bobby he might have to play with the second team. 'cause what are you gonna do. Just have him sit there and watch jayson tatum and jaylen brown and kemba walker dribble like it's just not the best use of his talents And it is almost kind of like a gordon hayward situation where it's like i gotta reinvent myself on the fly if i'm going to be playing with these guys because i can't do what i normally like to do. So it makes it makes sense. It makes sense if you play second unit. Initially i wanted to see him. Start into that kind of three wing lineup. I don't think that that's the even after one game tonight. I totally agree with you. Bobby's probably got to play second unit in order to be to get to maximize maximize skill set. But brad stevens ride stephen. Says he has no doubt evan. Four near will score a lot of points. The celtics doubt he will score coming. It is funny. I get accused of being drunk on this thread. I literally have another drop of booze and life in like four months. That's exactly what somebody would say when they're drunk you see me. I'm drinking coffee. Kevin finally facing the accusations. You'd someone's like john's tipsy has no man can't do it know i've no back ability anymore. Show i don't know it's funny that you just sitting there just boozing this whole time i gotta get up man. I have kids crawling all over me at six hours. You can't literally turn it up for an hour and a half by the end of this show as a host. That would be john first of all. We've seen what it looks like when people drink on this show. This isn't it okay. Hey don't tempt me. don't tell me i'll go. What are we got game friday. All the time working with that the lakers game. That was a big one too that he just came in here. Then i'll go back and watch that. I watched that video back dominated that show that show so probably four times goes watches it. Yeah how about this. I'll have a drink for every three pointer. Niece hits next game and i'll be i'll be justice silver as i am now. Yeah right off. That should be fun right on dropping to gumy's at a time. Ask in lower lower as you. Can you gotta be careful with those things man. You can't just leave your dummies out. They'll just skiing. You can't do it and this is naptime. Yeah cannot leave your dummies laying around all right. So that's it. We're back on wednesday And and right. Luca time that's always fun Don't forget luke. Drain the game winner against the celtics over neath math. You're right over neasman over newsmen game at that time naismith. This is what we get for. John hussein plainy smith pointing these. This is what we get maybe romeo. Hey romeo his first active you know. He's active maybe active. And he won't play roy thompson. Six of the most useless minutes of all time and the whole show is just gonna be good barking at me about it chris. You're absolutely starting gone. He's like like you just think there's something going on here or something. He's he's cardiac surgery it's been. It's been three weeks and more than three weeks right. Yeah all we can do is speculate but that might be something going on there. Who knows tweet. He's tweeting like go. Jt tweeted tonight so let we think he's still like following. You still like you know watching the games. I guess i mean. Sounds like he sounds like he's into it. I don't know what do you think you think he's being punished or things like i would have thought he was again. How's this work. It's a it's a two week quarantine like ten days when we're way past that and even nephew is still testing positive. That that's not part because you can still test positive and be clear of the of the window so the fact that he's still in it three weeks later really doesn't make much sense and it looks like we saw him shooting with romeo or doing anything or even the building tonight so okay. I'm not gonna pretend to know what the hell's going on. But i would've thought it was a conspiracy theory of like brad didn't rush to his defense in the rumors weren't true and like jalen talking about capping. Whatever the hell that is is a way to use it. I did that. Just make you giggle. Yesterday uses the verb capping every day. I like to play the boomer. I like that. I like to play up the stereotype. A whole another thing john services. It's crazy how times change. So that's it guys where we're about ninety minutes. That's about as much as we need so Thank you guys for hanging out against. Subscribe to our youtube channels. Come hang out with us after every game We got a ton of them coming up. So we'll be here on coming man. Keep it coming all right goodnight.

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MZNOW with Michael Zavala

1:05:24 hr | 1 year ago


"You're about to enter the world of Michael's of all of. Your, kids. Alone listening. Z. Michael's Avella. This is MC now. You know it'd be really nice to have right now. With that. My New Apple Watch. Going to wait till the very last minute mind says from the sixth of. Mine should becoming a next week So when I ordered my first one yeah, I waited three hours after the and this is when they first came out. I waited three hours after they started selling online and I didn't get in the first batch and they were going shift that month ordered it in March and I didn't get to almost July. Oh my gosh. But that was like the first Apple Watch. Yeah. Well, I was GONNA order it like two days after he came out and then if I wanted to do it, then it would it came October verse Oh I. Waited like two more days, and now it's like you ordered it on Friday though right I think Friday or Saturday one of those you must have because I heard a Friday night. Yeah. And it said I was going to get the next week. So I feel really naked without it. I don't have any jewelry on. I'm not a big jewelry guy but I like to have something dangerous I? Think he should be jewelry guy. Yeah. You really should be like a like a like a a mobster at Italian guess off. A million golden golden chain around the tracks that normally not Middle Eastern. Eastern. European with the tracksuit you need to be like one of those backer geysers of ring on every finger the skull ones like that'd be bad. Growing up I really love. Growing up I really love Jerry Lewis and he always had a pinkie ring. So I always thought it'd be really cool to have a Pinkie Ring I. Mean just get the coke now with it and yeah, absolutely for sure I do that that voice here is emily grief over. Yes. Thank you. She's a local comedian. We've I've seen her name all over the place and we're like we need to have. Iran. So. She's joining us today. We're GONNA get to know her a little bit today and then Eric finally has that game and he's been talking about. Yeah. Are you still working on? It looks like your out I'm cutting the the little card you. Know they're in that I, think they're in Georgia. We have sisters here spiders. Okay. I'll just do. Yeah there are too old style. I mean just ripping paper up blow. Back. There no should with my outfit though. Not Today today I'm dressed up like definitely wearing a Pajama Tab. I was trying to think of the guy that was the Pixar guy. I don't know Dan Lassiter or whatever. His name, Dave. Yeah. I was GonNa say you look. A cartoonist. A Sunday morning cartoon. Yeah. I don't do the black and white galler right? I have one of those shirts but I had spongebob on it. Do you bike? To School. Now this. Bhagwat. Designer looney tunes. From Walmart, what designer? I don't know I just found it on Tom Tom I'm for. It. was like twenty five dollars or some. So really high end. But it looks good. No Right. I like it. What was that one was this whole Party or whatever that hard? Yeah. Whatever they afflictions no ED hardy was like the the whole like a tattoo shirts. Yeah. With the rhinestones on. Was the one with the. Cross, Yay friction was the. So affliction t shirts were what you were when you were out with the boys. Yeah. And I did wear it when I was out with the boy and Tom Hardy is what you when you're out on a date. Oh. Rose. Hall Gross. Tom Hardy is like middle school like trying to be cool and affliction is like what you wear on your bike right before fall off and get road rash right? That's like type shirt. Yeah. Bulletin. Yeah. That's a great analogy. But that's why you're comedian. You should write for us and we'd be. Lot funnier. There was something I was going to ask you about Clark's about James Bond you know about it right? Yeah. As Tom Hardy is that his name Tom Yeah it's not Tom Hardy nobody I know. What's his name? Yeah that it was Tom Harding Bernardi. The actor Ed Hardy Ed Hardy was is the brand Tom Hardy is. That's off anyway but it reminded me of this. So Clark's big Was it James Bond bubble seven? Van Not James Bond junior the actual James Bond senior right it was reported this week that. Tom Hardy. Not, to be confused with the designer. And Hard Ed Hardy. is going to be the new James Bond Okay is that official? I thought it was it was on the Internet. As, well Z. British? Yeah. I know I had to think about that too. You're going to say was the hot. Spot on the all all the furniture. Now what he looks like. See. And that's and that's the thing is that like every movie that I've seen him in he has it's almost like he's bald, really short hair it's not like it's parted or groomed very nice and he has if he becomes James Bond, he's going to be the. Apper well, he's GonNa be like the first James Bond that's going to be. have. That action star kind of body I mean Daniel Craig did but I mean you look at Daniel Craig with his shirt off compared to sean connery with his shirt off I mean and I do every morning I mean am I, right? Yes. Got Sean Connery in the morning. Daniel Craig at night. But. He's very built and that's the thing is like now we're going to have a big a really big James Bond and idea. Okay I think he can slim down though for the role. Yeah. Because it's it's one of those things where it's like you know he shouldn't be as big as their top level henchman. Yeah. I mean, I. Don't know if you guys are familiar with Tom Hardy looks like but he does look like a bounty hunter I don't think that's a British. Look personally like and every movie I've seen them in he's had an American accent. Saying that that's a bad thing here their when he played bane, he kind of had like A. Voice. And you know I think it'd be good. But I was Kinda hoping that they might find someone new some someone if they went. transgender not transgender necessary but they gender swapped it. Female James. Bond. I, e Mail James Bond who would that even be So the first the first spider lady, she is a lady. Emily doesn't know her so. Sorry Lady Gaga. Close. So the thing is like I. Think I heard He's the girl from the Harry Potter Movies Emily Watson Yes. Yeah. Now, Emma Watson. Hard I'm GonNa get you. Names And she said, well, she thought that. James. Bond being a female will be a good deal where they would actually she would have like a team with her to work with her and they would actually act a team and the team. Yeah, you're all. Girl Gang. I'm like well, Charles Angels Basically. Say That or be like mission impossible at that point and I mean jail on the guy that normally operates on his own law throw by actress in there. So schedule Hansen, she can take the role and having Bush not British. She can do she can begin. To change voice. Yeah. Yeah. But I feel like it's like having a British Superman which we do right now but I'm Gonna I'm GonNa throw it out there. Is they there that's a big gamble. If they go that route whether going going that route, what was happening with the with Aetna? No, I'm talking about the female. and. The thing is it's like I kind of go to watch James Bond movie because I wanna see I wanna see all the action I. WanNa. See Him. Either get shot down or you know score the lady. and. I. Don't know how you really I. Don't know it's kind of a male fantasy with all right of very male heterosexual women Delilah. Jump off a building and they might stand lose that too. But the thing is it's it. Just I don't think it really works for I. James Bond Hero. Now I have my suggestion and I'm listening to everything you're saying right now here you see someone scores The lady I get that right you you don't know the transition for male to female is a little bit of a stretch for the James Bond role so you should pick someone who may be kind of looks like Daniel Craig and is the most powerful woman in Hollywood I vote Ellen Degeneres. That's great. Actually. And she's Kinda mean apparently. Guess. What she can wear pants. And she wears a suit all the time they actually the movie. Build buyer hair black could be great. So overall yes you're cool with Tom Hardy. At the moment she i I think he's I think he's a better one that I've heard I thought I'd yourself would would have been great but. You know he's he's in the fifties and Daniel Craig's in his sixties no no no, he's in his fifties he. Just. Looks old it's. Well. It's the James Bond, universe like they've got a real big weird thing when it comes to approaching fifty because by the time Roger Moore turned fifty they kinda turned into more cartoons than action movies because he was moving slow now I know that in the eighties and now it's thirty years difference. We do great things with working out and hgh and everything out there and personal trainers but it did kind of look more I don't know slow overall like he just didn't do like the way and action the or action. Star shut. But I don't know. But I also say Timothy Dalton's my favorite bond of all time. Do we not have lady g clips on the board anymore because I can't find I mean, look at this time I actually made up the whole James Bond things. So I can look for the clips I knew rouser history you can I? Yeah whenever we need Filler, they just asked me about James Bond Right. Now, by five minutes goes to the board to look for Lady G but I guess spider removed it. Spider for your game, I haven't seen half the stuff on there. While I was just going to add everything you were saying. that. Lady. G, with a client. Know. Everything you're saying about the kind of goes with us when to hang on. About he fantasizing yourself in that role, the woman or being action star or whatever. The case may be I would think it'd be also just as easy to yourself like wanting a woman that can do all those things and then you can enjoy yourself as like. Are Winning the mail in there as you only you and. Yeah. But then I also debut with women like that. Well, true. I, mean I like strong women but. It kind of comes on T. like you put them in some some of the certain situations that I've seen bond in. Like. One of bond's arch nemesis jaws who has paid obey Gallaudet by Richard Kill and who was 7-foot-4 a monster of a man in it's like this guy seven foot four verses five, foot, five women that's one hundred and twenty pounds. Now it's the whole believability vote they're gonNA. I mean, we're GONNA. We're just GONNA have to have like A. Woman especially with Aaron. So There's definitely a suspension of disbelief, but it can't be to the point where I'm just like come on yeah. Yeah. Hey. Would start though Vanessa. For Vanessa. Da Could beat up somebody. Yeah. Idea, we'll pitch it to our. We'll try to get on the show here a little bit I haven't talked to in a one time. She hasn't really hard my instagram post recently. Most because I haven't posted anything dislike those DMZ and then why do almost Unreal Watch something I know she's in and I'm like, Hey, I just saw you randomly pop up on this TV show I know that you're in it's not creepy at all right not creepy Jesus hearts it doesn't respond. Anyone. Are you WANNA play this game real quick Oh yeah. We're GONNA do it now I don't know I don't know spiders play but it doesn't matter. He didn't lying games anyway. The only plays games hearts. That's right. Okay. So. Okay. So basically I'm going to just pass around some cards randomly and there's and they're going to be I. Know my normal game is like it's just like a few sentences but for the for this game I got famous movie quotes okay. So when you do is Somebody will draw a card and on the card it will have Either well, how you going to say the quote so like let's say you pull like nerd everybody has to go around the table and then do a nerd who how were they thinking nerd person would sound with quote. And the person who joined the card will pick who they feel did the best impression okay. Make Sense. Yes. No. I'm not there for that. Is Basically yeah basically. Game I have no idea what. I don't. Think I have no idea. That that'll work movie quoting Freshen Game Yeah. Thank. You and you can pick any any of these two guys. Gagan Michael. y'All. Okay. I'll let me go over there. So you can use any of two quotes. I draw. Draw, and then. God He's coming out I. Know, Oh my Gosh. Any he put his mask on. Policy. God. So then I'm GonNa make up to you got AIDS and Corona from walking out of this room. So. So I'm not GonNa go since I pulled the card. Okay. You all are gonNA go so. Whatever quote that you pick you have to? Do It as you're being choked Oh that's easy for me. God. I. Actually probably. GonNa, choke. Myself. Do whatever you don't matter. To Kim. Please look wait a minute. Wait a minute. Is. All right. You throwing up now. Right, now you're taking. Sometimes to choke myself when you down do you want me to do it again I it is. It is it weird for you because you're not in your closet with the belt around your neck? Yeah. While listen the INEX- US. Yeah. Yeah. I figure this out of your norm, right? Do it again no, that's fine. I saw or heard enough and I gotta be. Choked. Yeah. Oh. You don't have to but I mean, did you do the Salads? Joked he s he didn't go ahead. I don't. Frankly, I can't do it. Right Goodbye. Dear. I. Don't give a damn. Okay. That's pretty good. Acting name allows. You I didn't know how to start like, yeah. That was my fault. Most people don't know how to start writing. Yeah. You just gotTa. Jump in with both feet. off the ground. All right overtime. Sorry Oh. You're fine. That's the audience. I'll pretend like I haven't done this before. She's really acting now. I am going. To make you an offer you can't refuse. That's pretty good. I. Feel like it went with the impression. Yeah. A Little Marlon Brando in there. Yeah. All right. WHO picks who all I think the winner. Would be. Emily. Practice. You go next so then you would pick Out of these cards, what does game called for Real The one I played with utter nonsense and what does this just made this up? Yeah, I made it up I O. Eclipse in nonsense has like actual like the sentences? Yeah. This is great. Then we should play it. Maybe, we have time at the end, the show I'll do another round. Good. Oh okay. So the voices, Liam Niessen taken. The voices Liam Neeson's. On the phone No. Okay. So I guess I yeah. I come on the phone. Bond James Bond. That's it. That's it. That's that's the line I have. Three words. Best. Once. I. All right. Yeah. It takes a little bit to get into it. Right. What we've got here is failure to communicate. Pretty well with the. To pick. Your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night at sound right. Sean Connery. Yeah I'm trying to think of how would seatbelts we took our. Yard I have certain centers. I can't do it now it's a sound like some. George Lopez No. I had it for a second actually meet him on Mike and was practicing prepared. Yeah, I know I didn't and then I can't do Liam Neeson. Better, because we're here in studio yeah, I could get closer to the MIC and all that I expected better for myself. Okay, well, there's another reason why you might not be able to do Liam Neeson Biza apparently, he has a very large. Oh, really. Yeah. Of you've never gone down that rabbit hole, but you never been on read it now apparently, it's him and Jon Hamm. John. Milton Berle. That is old old comedian from like the six. He just didn't he I. Maybe maybe five six years something like that. All right. So Emily you get to pick. I'M GONNA have to give it to you. You sounded like your daughter's life was most on the line. Oh Yeah that's perfect. Out of the three of us, you suck the most. All right. Back. This is Zeno. Online at DMZ NOW DOT TV Phone. Call me on the phone amount of phone. On, the on a phone AKA A. Five Day. On a phone A. Five Day I'll tell me on a phone. Communist flow I'm told. Me On the. Phone, I'm on. The. Foam. May allow. Their Luke. You got the wrong number. My John. John Lewis my job. Might My. Whole Michael my John. You're looking for John. Is Won't be at my John Paul exile through my John Mike Von Mike John Gone by jowl. Devote Jones my John. Channel exact. Michael's. Say. This again. When my name, respect. Nevada Michael Sabella Test Plan. Names, Availa. Missing into. Michael's. AVALA. No Smoking. Now. This is Stephen and you're listening to Michael All online at MC now dot TV. My. Two year anniversary checkup this week. Oh. Two years. Already, been two years. Emily doesn't we're talking about. You probably have seen on the news Biwa look familiar to you. harassment dot wrong yeah. hysterectomy gone wrong hysterectomy. Yeah. Yeah. No I I fell off a scooter developed two years ago and Labor Day. Shattered my leg. About twenty different places. and. What. Was your blood alcohol level zero zero. Did the city, pick up that tab then no wow. Somebody be should be picking up that town the. Anyway that's all thing but no no I had to pay for it. The whole thing like six months, I, was on my back and damaged scooter and damage to the scooter pavement. I was GONNA. Say The scooter had like not even a scratch probably Oh. Wow. Me On the other hand I was the one that you know died you probably just cleaned the dirt off of it as Cross your clothes. So what happened in a car like? Swipe. Think honestly that's what they asked me in the hospital. Dramatic. Yeah. No I literally just toppled over after losing my balance running over a little manhole cover at like I duNNo. Miles an hour away from deep Ellum, where this guy who clearly meth or something used of putting him in the snuff film. Why This is the story I was leaving a bar with a friend. He was dropping me off at my car in this like Silver Nissan Maxima was like riding like swap paint with him like he was. So close we're like Whoa is this guy drunk yeah in. So we pulled over into a parking lot. This guy pulls over into the parking lot too because I said to my friend I was like Oh. You must have like painters must have like his car. So my friend was getting out of his car to see if there's damage in the guy was like. You guys have been following me and we're like, what are you talking about and he goes I know who she is she put me in a snuff film and I was so dead scared for my life. I don't know what you're talking about having been released it yet. We're talking to our producers out yet we're doing re-shoot. He agreed for cut. Yeah. You haven't seen our grief films. No this guy was like he looked like a clean cut normal dude like normal close but he like had this wild look in his eyes that he had to been on like math or something 'cause he was dead convinced and he got out of his car and almost tried to fight my friend and my friend got out of his car and like swooped around got out of the parking lot. But he was like coming after our car I have a role now. I don't go to deep ellum after seven. Now that gets dark early now that we're getting into the wintertime share like I don't want to die. Yeah. Deep Ellum at all I was India Bellum this weekend actually or the middle of the week why Skater Birthday Party? No. I haven't written a scooter first time party first time. Last time I was at a birthday party for somebody didn't even now totally party I went because somebody told me that a friend of mine was there who hadn't seen in a long time Did they owe you money? No. Okay. I just haven't seen them in a long time and I always get alerts from people whenever this person pops into a restaurant or bar around town, I'll get alerts. Telling me Oh. So and so is here and they're asking about you is this a friend of mine I haven't seen a long time. So. Mr Burglar. Yeah exactly. So I went down there and hung out, and then I got trapped into this whole birthday thing for a guy that I didn't even know. I was texting Eric that whole time to yeah he was. But anyway it was. It was fine. But if I don't have which covet because I took a cova test actually. Before he went out before I went. I didn't have Cova then which I did I definitely have covert now. was around the NASTIEST deep ellum people. You know the big beards no one's wearing a mask and anti massacres you know the whole thing. They're looking other the whole thing you know what I'm talking about like the deep ellum scum and I liked him a good people. You know. They're just like the NASTIEST OF NASTY. Okay. Know indeed there was no like upstanding citizen in that. Yeah I mean I was at the part of deep. Spider you know what? I'm talking about I was in the CBC side of deep. Yeah. So that's where the rough rough go that's not even really deep ellum. Thing. Go. Near Park. Partisan Park. But that's where like all like the bar industry they haven't showered and like four or five days but they want to go get their drink on they go to that site town 'cause it's less populated and that's why there's only a couple bars and they're both. In a pretty filthy. Yeah. So answer me this question. Yes. How likely scale of one to ten redefined? Some week s coke they're like, oh I wanted to ten that'll tell dirty. and. I'll tell you the story right now. I, want to the bathroom and there was a guy there looks like Clark Kent. And was. There was a guy that looked like, Clark Kent and he was in the stall and this guy is kind of stand there and then when I walked in he kind of act like he was gonna come out and then he went right back in and then he goes up to this guy that's at the urinal and says, Hey, man I'm a first timer I couldn't do this. He was giving back the coke. Had asked the guy for and the guys like here. Very, Nice. I got to see humanity at its fine. Oh Man. This guy said, let me put it on my key for you. Yeah. Let me. On his knee and he said here, do it was a very sweet thing. Mother. Bertha tender moment. Yeah. Yeah I cried a little bit and then I went to go pee and then Yeah. That was it. Did he show weeknights current? The good stuff. You got to go next door you know what I mean, and then when I saw him later on that night I, know I know what you mean. And when I saw him later that night, he was on the ground playing with a puppy. And the puppy left and he stayed on the ground. Smartest puppy. Timer I don't know how to do it because that's what he was kept saying anyway, let's talk about emily the comedian. Before this you were talking that you have only been doing stand up for about two and a half years. Yeah. But I see your name everywhere like all these local shows they'll have like a lot of these names I've heard for a long time and then you which is a pretty big accomplishment. Oh thank I think right I mean you had to put in a lot of time to be a pretty successful comedian and you've done it in two and a half years two years because you weren't able to do stand up covert really her share and is still going on but you know what I mean. Yeah. Absolutely. Everything was shut down. So how did you? Decide how did you make that leap into doing stand up? it was well. So I told my parents I wanted to be a stand up comedian when I was thirteen and they kind of laughed because they're like, of course, you're hilarious. Now, my sisters are like doctors and lawyers. They wanted me to do something like that. Yeah, and I didn't WANNA. Do that college wasn't for me and I was kind of like working like menial jobs doing whatever for a while and then when I was twenty six, I was like I was like man I'm GonNa. Regret this if I never try it could. Watch. Stand. Up. Listen to stand up all the time. It was just like something I was obsessed with. So it's like I just went in online and looked up. Open mics and I started out back door comedy cloud started. Yeah. Oh, you did and by the way back in the day like when it was on Ross. Before me because I started at the hotel. Yeah. So that was a while ago. That building exists anymore they tore it down. I'm pretty sure that's why they went to doubletree. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I started their met Linda met Jan and I went by myself and I when almost every night since like I don't really take many days off maybe one day a week if I feel the. First Time going up. Was it did you do? Well, how did you first off how many people were in the audience for first night during? Yes. Probably like three or four and I did not do well, I'm not going to be one of those people who say Jerry Seinfeld that walked up and killed at the absolutely not it wasn't me but but it didn't discourage you know absolutely not now. Never discourage me those types of things like failure. It's like now that one at bought their me. DESCR I freak out with stuff like that. I went up. So what I did was I went to back door and I would out the open MIC nights. For weeks before I decided to go up. Yeah and then I wrote some material and when I thought I was like eighteen and I'm a a a late bloomer in a lot of ways in life right? So like a lot of the jokes were. Like smoothies that I had seen when I was a little kid like Santa Music sorrow it's wonderful life I was just doing jokes. I couldn't relate to normal eighteen year old thing. So I didn't I came up with a totally different perspective on on a lot of stuff which should have worked but I don't think really worked for me and So I got him on stage I did a did my set I did pretty decent and I remember like fine tuning at going at that time you could only go every two weeks. Yeah. So I would go back and then one time I did a great set and it was actually I was trying to bomb. because. I figured if I did really bad sure trying to teach myself how to get out of that that funk or if you're not going well chair and I did really well on accident and remember coming off in Linda comes to me and says, Hey, how would you like to come in next week which was a big deal for me wow. I sound like this is great. That means I'm doing well, and so because the first time I went up I invited a lot of friends was the bad thing. I haven't done that now and seven came to see me and I said how did I do and they all went you know I it was it was good because I didn't all my life. You know what I mean. So I thought this was the next evolutionary step. Yeah. This is what I should be doing stand up now. Yeah. Although. This is more my speed, I like being in doing comedy this way versus being the center of attention and all eyes on me but I thought at eighteen I thought that's what I gotTa do next. To L. A. do all this stuff. The next time I went in after Linden vitamin come back the next week I did the exact same stat and I just I didn't feel it a and I just didn't do well share and I just didn't like it and I didn't like going up every week saying the same jokes. Yeah. 'CAUSE IF I didn't find it funny anymore. Than I didn't feel right. It's like a salesman. I can't sell something I. Don't believe in. Yeah and that's what I felt like. It was very difficult for me to write new material and I'm like, why do I? Why am I forcing myself to do this? I, appreciate the I get the high that comedians normally get I like it but I don't it's not for me. Yeah. If I could take these guys up there and we could all do a whole thing that'd be one thing but. Me Myself up there telling jokes I never wanted to be the guy at the Party standing up everyone looked at me telling a joke does that make sense? Yeah. I don't think I think most comedians aren't that way. Most of my friends in comedy are not the people who are the center of attention at parties right the only time they're doing that is when they're in the parking lot outside of the club trying to like make each other laugh, right like tell each other jokes won't be the funniest one between competition between peers at that. Yeah. That's really what it is but. Yeah, and I'm not even that way. I don't WanNa be the center of attention like social interactions I don't really like big groups like small more intimate things in like even at clubs now it's like I'm much less worried about my set I'm more worried about. My interactions with the managers after talking to audience members after like now, it's I'm at the point where it's like I feel very comfortable whether I bomb or do well, no matter what it's like I'm happy doing it. So I don't really think about I don't really have as much anxiety around going up and performing anymore. Yeah. No. That was a great thing about. It too 'cause I'M GET STAGE FRIGHT I've been all my life I've got stage fright but I would go up in Utah that I joke and you get a laugh and then it's gone and I think at some point I will return a stand up comedy I. Think when I get older and have a little bit more life under my belt so I'm always Amazed that people that go up and continue to do it, which you have continuously for two and a half years yeah. What do you do? You see yourself doing this for the rest of your life or do you see this doing something else after stand up maybe writing for a Sitcom or whatever? I wouldn't be opposed to being like a part of a writing room or like submitting packets to TV shows more so like I, can I'm at this point where it's like when I have conversations with my comedian friends in their work shopping bids, I can write in their voice and give them tags for their. Jokes so I wouldn't be opposed to writing for like a TV show, but that's not really my route like I really do want to do the road and I want to like get to a point where I can make a fulltime living just stand up and like a lot of my friends asked me that and like, oh would you want to get into acting or would you do like other things? Kind of like that like podcasting maybe I was like, yeah maybe I would I just. I just don't have that much of an interest in the way I like stand up I, like the mental challenge that stand up is yeah. I, really enjoy that and I get very bored very quickly. So certain things would really not stimulate me I become resentful and I wouldn't want to do it. That's the other thing about standup I don't really like this. I don't like traveling I don't like throwing Talibs and all this stuff and then they can have. Some clubs are really just pieces of crap. It's like that part of the bell on that I would say, yeah, I mean that's the gamble for sure. Yeah and I don't want to do all that and be there and you know it's a whole. It's a whole thing. It seems like a lot. It's a lot of work to dedicate to that that I don't want to put it. Yeah. Sure. I'd rather put it in the same amount of work creating something for this show. Yeah. Absolutely in an environment where I can relax and put my feet up and all that. It's really cool. especially, you don't really see a lot of locally. You, don't see a lot of grill comedians. Yeah. I'd say in our seen that I can think of off the top of my head, we probably have. Twenty to twenty, five active. That's all comedian and then for every mm for the male comedians say we probably have anywhere and I say active but this is just my interpretation of what activists. Yeah. I. Would say people who are going up at least once a month that's because especially with everything going on right now people take time off there's no judgment there at all with that. I would say there's probably myself active and I haven't like ten years. I would say there's probably about two hundred and fifty male Comedians I would say actively that I can think of and what do you think that is what do you think stops women from going into stand up? At least from my experience I would definitely won't speak for everyone but wouldn't speak for everybody. It's just like that's not like being funny. Isn't a trait that like women are taught to be valued like I grew up in a very traditional Catholic home and I have a lot of sisters but like we were never taught to be funny, it was like you have to be smart in pretty and quiet and it's like those very traditional roles and it's like pushing humor as. A value in women is just not something our society does and that's like a very male trait. So I just think a lot of women aren't told that it's an option when I was thirteen I told my parents I wanted to be a stand up comedian. They kind of laughed it off. They weren't telling me not to do it. It just wasn't an idea in their mind like. Your way of how a woman could when I was a kid I was telling my parents I want to be a body builder or a police officer firemen. They laughed at me no but also that I wanna be a teacher or a doctor and they laugh at me. A lot of Female. COMEDIANS. Seem to take this route because I guess it's easier to cut through and it's usually like the real crass route. You know it's a it's like a lot of guys due to a lamp and Ali not that extreme anymore but you know. A lot of comedians route like amy, Schumer Yeah. I've followed Amy Schumer for years and amy is a incredibly smart and funny comedian. Yeah absolutely. But what pays the bills is the Raunchy stuff? That's not who she really isn't real life. She's a lot. She can do a lot better than that but that's what people wanna see. Sure. Do you do you want to see a change in that like an audience like respond to I watched some girl the other day? Taylor something. You know what I'm talking about Tomlinson? Yes. Yes. She's hilarious without having to do all of that. Yes. She also grew up in like the Christian circuits. Had to make our material like that the way she learned to write was to write cleaner. Her Natural Muscle in her brain is to start that way and then move towards more dirty things. That's what she wants if that's where she wants the direction to go right. But her natural even when she talked about some more craft stuff, she did it in a more elusive tone to it. There's not as much like direct words with Reich, which I think is already parts and actions. Kind of. Window. Right. And I think she does really well. So what is your take all that? That's just me from the outside looking and seeing that there's There's so many talented people there. Why do we always go for the low hanging fruit? And he goes with guys too. Yeah. Absolutely. A lot of guys go there and we'll do dig jokes. Yeah. Take on it. I think that the more that women do it the more the just the female experience in Journal is going to get out there and people understand what a woman's life is like day to day. So when people say low hanging fruit I, just take it more of and I talked to my male. Peers about this too. It's like when I hate that I'm doing these types of jokes, I don't really know how to move past this. It's like you just have to write and push through. GotTa push through all of that. You've to get all of that out of your system to them move forward into the things that you really WanNa do. These people are looking for the low hanging fruit. They need to get all this out of their system. This is what they know people. Relate to right off the bat right and then they can expand into who they are. Yeah. Because it's really difficult to get a crowd on board with you when you're talking about more complex issues right when you can't even establish the basic parts of who you are as a person. Yeah. So it's like to get through that really low hanging fruit or the very like things right everyone has to go through that I don't think that's something that is exclusive. What I think maybe that you have experienced or seen is that women who've may be gone two point maybe we've got frustrated maybe who've lost the Touch for wanting to keep going through stand up comedy just may never progress beyond the icy. Yeah. That's what that's my interpretation yet because I always wanted you don't have any funny people I know that I've even suggested do stand up. You can do but I think there's something like you said, it's kind of not groomed in them be funny or that it's okay to be here man saying grim day feeling comfortable. Especially looking at your face wearing A. Shirt, so it's okay. But you know what? I mean it's like sure and it's sad to me because I want to see more there's there's I know more women that are funnier than guys. Yeah. Absolutely. Why don't they go out there and making money being writers or whatever that's what I wanna see I wanna see that too. But then also it's like you're talking about like goals for professional career but that may not line up with what their goals are for personal career because a lot of women still want to get married and have kids that's true yeah. Just isn't the lifestyle for that. You can't go on the road when you're nine months pregnant or you could you could if. Options but women don't. Yeah. Have that option right so it's kind of like lining those up I don't personally want to have kids. So that's not something that I think about but I know a lot of women who do so that is kind of hindering where maybe what they think their goals aren't enough. I don't know I feel like an old man taking my old values and and just talking about this. What do you think? I? Feel. Asking those questions that I did I don't know you're you're i. didn't feel the. Groom no kidding. You know the whole. The whole thing I just felt like that it's not appropriate today standard. I just feel like that's a real issue bringing up we've been. We've been told that if you're going to progress society at uncomfortable conversations, right I wasn't uncomfortable but. But it, but but like these kind to converse. That can kind there's of change I want to see to be honest with you. All. Right. But this is something I wanna see. So you're trump. If. All right. Here's what? If more female. If there are more female comics I will not vote for trump is there are more female you'll. So ladies you have to start right now. All right I've been doing that I've been holding that overcome. That's what I want. Now covert is presented entirely different situation. In performing you had to do live comedy on zoom and stuff like that. Has that been awkward I don't do them shows. Okay. I don't like them and. That's teaches on I see the value in zoom shows if you WANNA do character development be but as far as the delay with the response from crowds that feedback. I don't personally at least were I'm and my skill level in writing I don't see how I could develop material and feel good about putting something. I'm not happy with and it's a Mike it's recorded no matter what people say it it's on a stream. It's online it's out there. So you can say something that you haven't flushed out completely that can come across as insensitive or God knows however people would take offence to it. I personally wouldn't put myself out there in that way I don't see the gain from it and the thing that I kind of mentioned in my peers when they're like kind of on the fence I don't know if I should do it I'm like do whatever you want, but there is a reason a lot of really big name celebrities aren't taking advantage. Of Zoom right it's like, yeah you could have people watching they'd pay. But like if you're a true like comedian and you want to work towards that, you aren't going to get what you need from. It just won't get it from Zoom. So it's like maybe some people do it for money and I get at times are tough. There's no judgment there, but it's not it's not the same I wouldn't put myself out there would be i. couldn't do that either and I've told friends who've asked me I was like, Hey, zoom shows aren't for me no fence you WanNa do like that's just not me. What did you do times you couldn't perform. Were you writing I would write. Yeah I'd right every day I would go over my sets or I would just honestly, I would read books because you have to become a better reader to become a better writer. So I would do that take time off what kind of books, any books and e books like self help books you know fiction fiction just like anything that's like in my current interest just keeping that reading muscle. Current? Yeah absolutely. Because it's like if I want to come across as genuine on stage I, have to learn how to read and other voices able to communicate those ideas to people I need to interpret that and be able to make it my own. Yeah, and also I would just watch stand up like there's a lot of people now where it's like when I watch stand up I can figure out there formula an icon I'm. Not. Laughing like I. Know they're funny material but I'm more deciding on like, do I like how this is done? What can I take this person dissecting it rainman? Calculation. Yeah. Does football coaches who watched their plays? It's like I do that. But just like when I watched standoff. Yeah. That's so much work at so much more work than I want to put into it. Let's talk about our friend Paul Varghese who is I would say the Dallas comedian absolutely I met Paul probably two years ago like a little after I started at an outdoor, my deep ellum had you seen him before? I had not seen him. I started stand up but yeah, he's an absolute local legend and. I've seen him like no matter where he's at on a show, it's a key always destroys. Yeah. So Jealous, he's just his brain is just on another level comprehend I I don't get it like I had seen when I first started doing stand up at back door. He was always there. Yeah. Just hanging around. I. Didn't know he was a comedian I thought he worked there. Concessions. And did you get? A napkin. and. I didn't know who he was, and then my friend saw we were walking in because I was scoping out the place and he said Oh this guy was on last comic standing just recently I saw the whole thing I was oh. Cool. That's. I'd never seen it before. Years go by. And I would always see him around comedy never saw him perform and then I used to go this little place called Vickery Park. which was a up off a Henderson at the time God rest in peace. and Paul would comment and one day I decided that I would talk to him because I would always see him and then I realized it was comedian and I still never seen it before. So we had this whole really nice discussion and then some other comedians were in town and We ended up just all hanging out. It was a Brunch in this guy stole my jokes and then did on his show Ed. So over the years, I would just talk to Paul at Victory Park and then he moves in with my friend Del on the show and I would be over. Adele's house and he would just give him like a man how's it going and that was it? That's literally it's just been a Bartok's and just passing in the hallway my friend's house. Yeah and then but I really love Paul like I really Wanna I wanNA have like a first off I only. I've ever had a conversation with Paul when he's sober is he sober? Now I think he was I mean I've only seen him drink at night. So maybe during the day I've never during the day that apparently okay So I don't know who Paul really is as a human being. So I would love to have a conversation with Paul as a in a real setting. I've never had that yet and I've only seen him perform. Once he invited me to his he did this a few years ago. It was the ball crawl bar crawl. I can't say that out I wouldn't see you on a ball. Yeah. Well, that's what you got to sign up for my only fans is that that in a a Oakland the bulk crawl yeah. Yeah I mean yeah sorry. Plastered all over the. Over city. owned. But. Do Start at one place for like ten minutes and then we go to another place. He would you assign yeah. I've heard about those and that was the first time. I ever saw before and I'm like he's amazing. 'cause if you talked to Paul on his own, he doesn't seem like he's going to be that funny he's just a regular guy kind. But. When he goes up on stage totally different guy and I think he's hilarious he's hilarious. But also when you talk to Paul, Paul is really digesting everything you're saying it's like well now now. Who is but no like when I talked to Paul? He's very much that you can tell he really like thoughtfully thinks out the things he says whether he's making jokes or having a serious conversation. Yeah. He always like is really taking it in and is like very present in that moment, and that's something that I think is really crucial for being good. At standup as being present in just like letting the things flow that come out of you naturally whatever feelings good or bad because that's top of mind that like when you write a good punch liner, have that little bit of Innuendo right there. Right above a crowds head they really respond to it. Yeah and they go wild for that and it's a Qisas. That you so good at it, and it's like, wow, that's something I really need to hone in on. Fire that about him I'm not president all again. That's. That's that's another issue like I have a lot of issue. There's a lot of things against me that I wouldn't be a good stand up comedy. Yeah. I mean I know you're a hologram right now I. Don't know where your right body is this moment. But NO EPSTEIN HACKED Talking to you right now, no. We all struggle with that like I'm not above that either so I totally understand where you're coming from. But like he's very good about that by the way, I do stock you a lot on online. I like her jokes and stuff and you are a very funny per like she had some joke the other just like little back when twitter I started we were all like trying to tweet little jokes to get viral whatever and none of mine were any good. In fact if I go back now they're probably all offensive. By trying to cancel you right now if you said this. About packers. By. Yourself like you said, something the other day it was funny vaping people that are wearing masks vaping now how did you say it? Oh, it was like vaping while you're wearing a mask is like starting your car at the garage door shut. Yeah. Great. Observations I wish I could do that was. Funny but I'm not. Clark. Is. His bucket list item pre covid was to be do stand not necessarily be a stand up comedian just want to give it a a world like these personnel like this drawl like Andy Griffith type of. Homes Type Demeanor I. Get it. Yeah. So I feel like that could work for you. I don't know about the jokes though, but we will work to that but he wants to go up we decided we would do a virtual comedy show. For him, we'll do some outdoor makes that might be more beneficial even do real people will be there though. He may get out during. The the night that it's less busy. All. Right or go to the busiest night. Oh, God then just get out of there they actually. They. Actually have that that. Hook that you see in the car they I wish I would've done. A surrender Mike's I would absolutely do that what. Is. The thing that's keeping you from doing standup. Point. Well I mean there's a little bit of nerves. you. Drink. That issues, there's a new point. Well, first of all in this is this is something that actually the podcast is Helped me get over that. Actually, hate the sound of my voice. Oh, I had my we hate it too. Oh well, thank you, Hill you know what I mean. Yeah. It's just so weird how your voice sounds. Naturally coming out of your throat like Cher from my brain, and then you hear it like recorded on a phone like an immediate. Shoot now this is a little bit different because it's professionally recorded and you can actually hear some base my voice. So that kind of helped me get the shows that we've done when he's at his house, oh? No. The CB. Radio. I'm like I'm like in the Cave of Bin Laden. but there's a little bit nervous. There's a little bit of of me having relevant material and then there's the whole idea of while this is funny to me. Yeah. or this is funny to my friends. Yeah. Delicate but I don't think you're funny. So. But then it's like houses how a whole audience gonNA react because I would think that a success rate of of a joke would be you want at least seventy percent of the people in the audience laugh. And then he just will nick says I admire him a lot because I like his dark humor and his the way he sets up punch lines is very ingenious. But he says he's like. I won't use ninety five percent of the things that I've ever written the only use five percent. That's like not that you know maybe things could work here there this club back up like whatever. But he's just like it's the constant like trying and failing right in the things that you're not. I'm not bad at failing oh no that that's not A. Whole life. Gear but. No the thing that like I always tell people anytime time they tell me like they legitimately WanNa start want to do it. I was like. You have to have it in you to do it. You have to go alone. Don't bring friends because they're not going to give you the honest truth. Now, we'll be they. Will cost you. Yeah. Okay. But using long street every. He doesn't ask for it. I mean this in the most freeing way. Possible. People will not. Close. Yeah we're a better fitting shirt. They will not remember what you said five minutes after you get off stage. The Open Mike is so fast whether you're first less. No one's going to remember and also all the comics that maybe you're worried about like I, want them to like me I want them to think, I'm funny I want to be a part of this group like a lot of people get caught up in that too. They're not thinking about their Joe, you're. There we're. So inwardly focused. We are only thinking about ourselves and beating ourselves up for what we didn't like what we wish. We would have said how we mess this up. It's so freeing. They don't think about it. Like is much as we get in our own heads of what other people are GonNa think they people don't care in once really let that go no matter what you say would you bomber do well like you will be able to then do it again you'll be a harness again and once you get that in your head like it's not gonna be the same it's. Not Like I'm I'm I'm sure it's way different but you know I have no problem going up in a bar and doing, Karaoke. And I'm not a great singer there's not. That though. Everyone. Else's song shirt. You're right right doesn't have to be good because. That's Karaoke. But I'm also a waiter. So to approach straight people every day right so like there's like a whole, you try your material out on them know what's the deal? That you do I. Walk The deal with this appetite. Have you ever thought about? Jerry Seinfeld come out with a whole new book I think his old bits. So he didn't use. Kober. Just take down book and just do his jokes. See will that work because you know the jokes written well, probably yeah. Retail stage take off like that. You know what's so funny when you go to stand ups are open mics. Like a lot of people. A lot of jokes are pretty much the same because there's only so many ways you can say, right. So you would see like every other your third guy would have the exact same set as guy right people form. So I always thought it'd be fun to go up and just do the exact same set when I doing open mic that the guy did before like exactly like. I'll I'll do it as a joke. Bits and then do it either right before right after. pissed but it's funny. The audience would love it. They think it's funny. I friend would get mad and that's the only reason I'm doing it. Paul argues that Varghese Varghese Paul Verghese. That's how I. V. voorhees yeah. A for a while people would confuse me and by the way I look nothing like, Paul Yeah. You're a different shade of Brown yeah. By the way I, just learned I'm a people of Color. I didn't realize that. So now I get offended by everything now. So I would be out and people would either confused me with. A. Sorry. which again, the same color now don't look at anything like the Jews on. Sorry. Or Paul? Varghese? And I would get that for a whole summer. I would get that and I told Paul that he goes who are the girls coming up to you that would say I said just drunk trashy white girls he has that's my type, and then I said Here's what I did. I memorized lines from your jokes and I would say, Oh, thank you I would I would never tell them I wasn't Paul Varghese and I would just do a couple of lines from his jokes. And I would do his whole bit. He got a little annoyed because I was doing his bit right? Bar. Honestly because you're probably free drinks for it I mean me Oh you didn't know. Right then. Really why we always always pick the ones that he would. He had one I don't know what it was. It was like I hate flying on a plane with with earbud. I'm listening to music or listening to instructions. Eric doesn't get it. The terrorist thing is a terrorist you. Maybe that's why shouldn't that joke? Yeah. I'm drunk girls right? One girl her shirt just dropped off which is. Really Yeah that's not we were in line going someplace and she's like Oh my Gosh, are you? Yes I am sometimes I don't. Think about being here, but it's an airplane. Yeah. So WOCKA WOCKA. Falls off. So should I out some of my material? Yes A. Got One thing. One theory. You don't see hang on I. got to give you some river up here. All right. So. It sounds like you're onstage. Commit some audience. Now I don't know how create I. Don't know how it Segue into this joke. Takeaway out of it or get out of it. But you know I was thinking the other day. You Holding, her duck Mike Nightmare. Emily I'm going to give you a little. You're going to do it your emceeing this night. You're hosting it. Hey, guys at the. Club M. Z.. A Hey please. To. Here. Please by drink. And then you're GonNa Introduce Clark and then Clark is going to come up and then you're going to judge him. Okay. You guys next coming to the stage. You Guys Know Me Love you seen him all around town. Give it up for Clark. Thank you. Thank you so good to be here. The NC Comedy Club. So you know when you're growing up and the teacher tells you, you shouldn't run with scissors. Well why don't they tell you to not scissor we have the runs. And that's it. What was the one we told you to do? You remember it now because it was just like I don't know I don't remember what was it do you remember it was at our meeting and I said you eric. Attention. You should do that as your something about Luby's. About Luger's Joe Schaja Joe's listening. I'm sure that's right. It was like Luby's ended at like seventy years and there was something about the average age of the of the of the Clientele Yeah something about Jerry Iron Levi's. Then into a joke and then do it for I. Don't I don't I don't have never. I don't I don't remember this I just told you. I told you the whole structure of the job. Now you did yeah the loop here's how you're doing Lou but let me show you. To say Lube guys. This. How I would do it. I grew them. Mike off yeah. You should. I would go I would go to hump the stool I don't do store I was raised baptist. I'm better than that. I would I would go as Catholic. So yet the face to face Oh. Yeah. So I would I would go to the bathroom I grab toilet paper I would go up and my first thing was wiping off the Mike. and. So I saw the the news, the other day Luby's closing down after after seventy years. which is funny because that's the average clientele of their Oscar up. Sorry. But at least you get the. Should do. But anyway. Out of your parents because you know you said you grew up in a kind of a traditional Catholic family. Yeah. Do Your parents get offended by some of the jokes that you say or are you? Are you worried about your parents listening to some of the because I'm always worried about some of the jokes That I've done over the years some of the bits that I do. no I don't worry about that per se. They haven't seen me to stand up in two years. They saw me like after six months after I started in, they've never come bill cosby. Wearing the sweater spiked everyone's strings and went back and showed yourself to a bunch of people like me. And then I'm like, no one will believe you. Know but tell you what you want. Nobody will ever listened. No, it's just They don't they're supportive in that way that they're like, Hey, they're very hands off. They're gonNA, want you to be happy like do what you want, but they're not like let's go to the shows and stuff like they're very like. Germany where they like we're not going to say we love you. We're we're proud of you as long as you're making money and you're doing it in like you're putting your all into it like they're happy for me. Yeah. But that's like the level support I need like I can't be getting too much love I won't be motivated. mean. You can't do this. If you're like getting up bow Dacian from people who are closest to you, you have to get it from strangers. So great super. Now it's great. It's like this whole thing has been great. We usually we have like we're we're way over time but. You were interesting and I had a bunch of questions asked and great. So what would you give Clark? What would you score one to ten? On your open mic bit I will give feedback in the sense of don't say you know right off the top because you already trying to convince them of an idea that's very common. Don't run with scissors you could just say. When I was a kid they told me not to Rome with Caesar's. But how come they didn't tell me I shouldn't scissor when I have the runs. That's joke that when I hear that opened my, you immediately leave yeah I throw up and I Know but like just go oh, it's not like the it's not the laugh you're looking for. It's more like the shock Oh people are like, oh Surly. Open up with that for sure. But I'm just saying that's GonNa be the reaction but I've heard worst jokes. Yeah we'll say five at ten. Literally, the guy we were talking about earlier. Times out with the low hanging fruit. That's you. Well, you know you gotta get out of your system now sure sure I mean it all that diarrhea out of your system right well, then you can craft the the the the really smart humor that you. We know you can do right like the movies Joe Yeah Yeah that's really good but I like about the Luby's job you should be Jerry Jerry Seinfeld. Tribute comedian and you just go up and do Jerry seinfeld jokes. That's what I'm GonNa be I'm going to be a Paul Varghese tribute comedian. Paul Use Music, they did it with music music. You might as well try new comedy, right? Yeah. Okay. Sure. Sure. I'll just do it and I'll do all Paul Josie do all Jerry's jokes and we'll. We'll go on the road together. All Jerry Paul Jerry with an ashtray because we're not really pollen Jerry. Maybe like you've never seen them before. Literally. Yeah we're the wish brand. I'm meeting Yeah Great. Value. So I'm sorry go back to do. You wouldn't start is that all the critique you had forum Oh and then the Luby's joke when you said that they're closing after seven years as I go I, didn't know a restaurant could right its own obituary like that's like kind of. All those people are old they're going to die. It's like that's weird. If you see your favorite restaurant next to your best friend like in the big leagues. Like your whole thing your whole mannerism like you've just got that way you were born to be a comedian very rude. Yes, I think. We we have a friend of the show she was worked on the show. She was very she reminds me a lot like you Sarah. Is Very kind of like the way it comes out is very dry and serious. I felt like very smart at the same time Sarah more dry though Sarah's a lot more she's the office character she has she has no expression she'll be sitting there just no expression just I love that you actually want to actually get along just fine. Actually best friends. Today. Where can we find you online work in other people stock you online you can just follow me on instagram twitter facebook. It's all Emily Grief Jerry FDR. That's Akyol. Very simple. Yeah. So yeah, and then are you have any upcoming dates? I'm going to be at tops burry mckinney on October second and I'm sorry the Amphibian Theater and that you're. Makina. That's kind of spiders. Tube? Northeastern. No all. Redneck. Get confused. Yeah look at. said all of us live in those redneck air yes. Minor. The furthest one out. Hood though starting to feel more comfortable, I feel more at home there with my little kids shirts. Okay. But I'm GonNa be where against sorry. No you're fine Yeah. Just steps Berry mckinney on October second and then I have there's this comedy festival called the Amphibian Comedy Festival It's a theater in Fort Worth. So they're having that on October thirtieth and thirty first so I'll be there but that's all I have on the books right now. Cool. What's great to meet you? Meet y'all. Today. Yeah Trying to think of anything else I need to plug before we. Oh Yeah. Ken Scott from teenage Mutant Ninja. Turtles will be on next week talking about his new book and I think that's it. We'll see next week. This is M Z now online at MCI now dot TV like us on facebook at facebook dot com forward slash M. C. now.

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Surviving R. Kelly, Bandersnatch, & Bird Box

Is The Mic Still On

1:25:38 hr | 3 years ago

Surviving R. Kelly, Bandersnatch, & Bird Box

"This episode of is the Mike Stallone is sponsored by SEATGEEK and event ticket marketplace and aggregate of sports concert and theater tickets just download the APP or go right to seek dot com and enter Promo code dead end you can use the code to get ten percents off your next purchase at the checkup mysolar off got key in and busy so figure might be we're looking to continue to do more exciting and creative things in in two thousand nineteen so so yeah so as always man we wanna keepings off with facts only I don't really think we have a major one but I did see someone saying I haven't back check this I gotcha okay As I mentioned earlier man just follow the show and share the show that helps to show grow and let me also add real quick that w hunting say there he thinks the reason Louis. CK felt comfortable saying it around. I was just joking but I know some of you guys don't get my totally wack sense of humor so if you if you were offended by anything I said I apologize that'd be reached out to you is always instagram so you guys are still be able to reach us we just won't be publishing on south out any more so make sure you guys subscribe to the show wherever you leaving soundcloud and moving over we will still be able to get the show on Apple Apple podcast on stitcher out tune spot everywhere we just won't be published into spot I mean soundcloud anymore but we definitely WanNa keep the conversation going so we're starting a discord softer it was very very positive you guys really want us to do that more so we're going to integrate that into the show real quick I apologize to anybody that was mean to some people took me seriously but yeah so if so that'd be active too and I think we just reached like a thousand over there on that channel then what subscribers what what are you looking at we have way more than but what about when I was being a Dick when they were trying to call in really yeah so I apologize I'm sorry you guys I really wasn't trying to be mean it was naturally name she's back for the New Year yeah also you guys the response to the live get your podcast didn't want also had a youtube page where we highlight videos where you can also leave comments as well right and I think we have a community tab on there Chris Rock and particularly Lewis has been writing for him for almost thirty years and he wrote you know pootie Tang and because yeah one of three hundred three yeah thank you guys listen thank you guys for subscribing just a quick announcement we are comments in the Communist section about this cord and a couple of people that are on it so we'll create a community over there where create a community allred it will create a community on facebook so you guys charged jokes that that means that the entire world is supposed to see you saying nigger get pissed you're a fucking idiot Louis Louis Yeah so I don't think it has anything to do with Shit be able to count to talk about the show engaged back and forth with us because you know we value that and we appreciate everything that you guys saying of course there's always twitter and there's always facebook and another person was like yeah you were saying now whatever I got it was cool that you kept saying to my name or something like that he was cool okay okay okay like what are people talking about okay well thank you for work is going into that page yeah yeah thank you respect it to learn way so so anyway so yeah so that's all I got from there but but yeah continued to drop those nuggets in there with men as as I mentioned before discord facebook social media wherever so maybe I should have somebody say that Louis C. K. was half Mexican and that's why he folk law see that my phone ah I heard you say that on on another something like what is he talking about Oh it was on the pockets and I don't think I realized what you said we have almost five thousand subscribers on my Lewis that was the only one that was all yeah we got a lot of comments on that episode like family comments so it was it was crazy for him being half Mexican so they pick it the past from who they got in the past from the black community task she jokes or Chris Rock for a really long time so if he's writing the jokes he probably has he was talking about them okay well then you know what that makes me think that he's even stupider that thought he was before neither do them saying nigger nigger nigger fuck do that. He's probably been writing racially charged. Yeah I don't WanNa Talk Comedians the more yeah so we'll we'll hear some of those in the Komo commentaries fish wikipedia says nationality is American and Mexican they didn't let it anyway I think it kind of depends if you're white passing I think she why Hispanic versus people consider because Louis Louis C. K. have you pronounced Esser Nago fuck if he thinks that just because you're writing racial if J. Lo and because he likes to me I'm just saying if you're saying J.lo's white passing then to me there's no difference with fat Joe I think it's more about the community the man I think the the biggest thing that's happened is of course surviving are Kelly Advertising Joe he he he looks fat Joe White Passing thank you know know that Joe is or even if they're doing a documentary Arculli brush past like his Leah involving but with this I was really surprised I d coach movies in Hollywood and then all of a sudden jump into this hip hop Make Music Your hip hop you feel like you did he I'm in the family because I think anything else has come out a family's been either involved or very particular about what you say about Lia in what you can and can't touch on so I think the fact that describing your voice you guys her eight passing until he opened his mouth Joel jailed looks like either but I don't think it was white but but I'm just saying Dan such and you don't think Jenny blog was saying and when she was on the block I didn't care about to be honest he didn't really bothered me it bothered a lot of women though I remember back leg named Leeann r Kelly Mary like what the Hell I n g fifteen but like I didn't know thank you knew that at the time right of cour- Nutri because she was at the time when that was happening they manipulated their whole story back then they were very clear about you know before usually whenever they always talk about a lia talk about like or visit like a certain behind music or Elliott they always used to skip over to art Kelly you know what I'm saying yeah because I mean her family has a bad history with lifetime because of the elite biopic and by Opaque showed the right before today killing I think because this was on lifetime skin care right with we all say oh we really care that much about that I'm we can't bear to lead but Yemen survivor Nardelli man go interesting about this documentary six documentaries that I remember okay she was seventeen and then when she finally got up aged that's when they got married that's what I heard because that was the spin that started lifetime's already kind of messed up any relationship they had with family day win he I was really surprised how and of course you know back in here in a body the narrative that they put out there hey infiltrated the black community or just using in general so when they came out and said she obviously whenever you have something is widespread and at scale that R Kelly was doing you know other people had their hand in there helping them out and doing stuff but you know what I remember what I remember is r Kelly Ming Odor emanating Alita she was like barely legal like seventeen eighteen. I'm just telling you diluted but I remember this'll Lopeti that one I know she was fifteen I thought she was a talk she was are you proud of you probably heard it in passing but it didn't stick because our Kelly was a huge person at the time I always thought that you know he dated unlike a strip team nobody wanted to believe it so they all thought it was fake first of all nobody even believed that they were married I thought it was a rumor and then it was confirmed by Vob MTV I think posted what s and then it started to leak out that she was fifteen and but no I'm by that time the the the concerned about it yes yes see I don't remember all that I think it's because y'all just blocked it out because his music was so good at the new no that wasn't from outsourcing Acre documentary or whatever manager the romantic just talking about that you forged legal documentation number one and then you know r Kelly how all these guys and goons they came out and then nobody really wanted to believe then but then you know it was confirmed it was just like okay but you know you know like watching this thing like what really got me and a young girl everyone knew she was under she heard Dr about go get girls like and you kind of like I don't remember the music exact but the one kind of came in that's not necessarily in the sauce but you know you you Jio like there's a girl here girl and then they're all locked away like and you just walk away from the situation so that was my biggest takeaway for the little bit that I did you're as guilty if not going to say more but but like you're as guilty as r Kelly Brook like first of all you're out here on on a on a biopsy I don't know what Buddy's name is but the one that actually forged it just kind of like me here he's on his demeanor like some of these people's demeanor is like okay where are you all watching this lifetime oh I don't know if I have lifetime also watched it so yeah I just I was a win win win came out I was like I just had no down to you and say that they say you were kind of jokingly was like Yama Geiger Yellen now's like but I too though I don't know we don't know exactly what he was referring to but again being a documentarian myself like you could China twisting whatever not saying that they were but I'm just saying is 'cause I just stay right now I just couldn't watch who was yes without over there I've got about thirty minutes left into the things that have happened over the course of our Kelly's career absolutely should be aware this should not be new unfortunately there are people who either don't didn't pay uh-huh Marco we're going to lighten it up a little bit as we go on but we came back to lead I did that interview or release the information I fire five might have done energy no she didn't say she was eighteen yet a licensed with the the little bit I watched the first episode which was an hour long and based off that one along my biggest takeaway was other people wouldn't even Kelly it was the people pissing on one particular Predator as a community we will protect the predators before we protect our little girls and all the sex traffic and everything it was a perfect opportunity for them to expand the only problem but one of the problems that I had with it was just the fact that it was an opportunity for them to not just focus on our Kelly because yes US already knew that we've seen we you saw the tape came out it was an opportunity for them to just kind of brought in that conversation to how our community does not protect young girls and you'll get away we will protect the victim while Yes each guy him Oh yeah you know he's walking around he's like you'll like this isn't that right like she I know she super young then there's a bed in the main studio as you can do the twist things and make a sound a certain way they twisted some things coached them to say certain words all clear as day but I just want to say like just attention or don't care and still WanNa step in the name of love and go to his concerts and love Marquel enough fill 'em up and I want him to feel on my booty and whether we're thirty years later it was a hot mess of body can just it was just so over the top it felt extra for me man is like a lot of this late this so you might bring it up hold on a really good understand what you're saying yes thirty years too late in anybody who actually paid attention I saying convicted convicted the fans make you feel convicted in your spirit supporting the person and the thing that is the problem the only problem that had with the conversation a little bit more instead of just focusing solely on r Kelly which I wish they would I think it was a hot mess though some people have walked away and people have chose to stay you know for them to just go out there and just put all of this on display which has already been documented it it just seemed like it was just so over the top and felt unnecessary over the top over the top in what way anyway who police in the House he besides unproblematic Shit sometimes problematic of r Kelly's like the dark secret NFL everybody would know but don't WanNa knowledge you know so he's always been that we've always at least somebody brought it to the light so they can convict those people what's wrong with that because we just saying they can they convict them what's the what's the statute of limitations for that kind of fucking yet so why do I need to documentaries to know what I knew twenty years ago when what's your what's your man I'm telling you this is because you know late twenties early thirties eighteen and over consenting adults college whatever have fun do whatever you do okay right table yeah yeah your neighbors man probably important then yes I didn't know you watch it for free I thought it was like I'm Tom uh-huh what she's got to make movies with George Clooney allegations and are he said and they ask them do you like teenage girls and he said well what do you mean by teenage how yeah how old was everything how you feel about mandating that same discussion here and some of Y'all were like Oh nineteen isn't too young and I was saying it is so you can't then how old was he at the time when he jumped to a consenting age which was nineteen now up morally meaning when he says nineteen but young people oh it's thirty thirty three and thirty five woman was also manipulated got caught up in that mess too Joanna tour entertaining and the family said that wasn't true battle with the multiple hairdos all I know is that when when the tossed it tells you everything man got documentation fours on his marriage license but that's an argument when I'm saying is that the man likes fifties thirteen and fourteen year old mentality his mentality is I'm going to say what I can in case I don't get caught instead of just right out I am but but but you turn their daughters over to him but but but that but that's grown women we talk in that we're talking teenager we're talking little girl also shows the influence that there are no here's here's here's the thing I think that when you're older and I mean like when young vagina you can get young China if you're a celebrity not this you're gonna get every single young that's what you're into you're going to get it there but the whole point of being unnecessary I one hundred percent disagreed yeah people are still looking for concerts people are still paying for his content he's still manipulating orange child pornography Houston just common sense to tell you just say no good news I don't like Teenagers Niagara at that tells you everything I disagree hunger than that and we're talking about dating but he said I'm talking about when you just got got an charges it tells you everything if he said nineteen fine we still know he's a fucking pervert but that little thing he say in one thousand nine what I'm saying is is that we know that he's manipulate in this document interview you're clear it was it was like a TV interview that he did like the initial and abusing women and he's he's sexually abusing mentally abusing he's physically beaten these bitches to like he's he's in abuser in all facets of the glad that on my facebook Instagram TV everywhere but but the thing and I don't think he's GonNa stop any Archilles has over here is of age but we know celebrity has that if you're a major celebrity no matter what what part of celebrity you had these things and again there's still people that are defending him supporting him then I think as long as those things are happening people should keep talking about even if you don't think it's going to change that doesn't mean that they should start I'm saying like this is a black women that are being hurt you know what I'm saying is like we is already there we don't protect our black women and so it's like I'm glad people saying defend him and you know I think for me you're you're seeing the same people say the same thing they've always said about r Kelly Quantel has a week if she's young or old if she has a week mentality he's going after implied by what he saying look if you want still talk about it until something happens until something happened even if they're not going to arrest him or anything I don't even think that's the biggest issue at this point I think the fact that he's still free to be doing talking about it and there are people chain so I guess in in Arras bag you know there has been some level impact but at the same time people are still going Sqi what did he say look we've always known that he's a fucking child rapist that's nothing new I'm not gonNa you know like scare myself John Lennon John John Lewis and didn't John Legend talking before unless I missed it but what he said was very fucking poignant to me somewhat of his hard financially emotionally all of in I think is yeah I think definitely necessary because you've got to have these women have a platform to speak on it love what you have influenced you have power you can get whatever you want whenever you want how certain type of person the second time with this person viewer asked him do you like teenage women when you say teenage how are we talking and he said what what what what do you mean teenage off work and you know we've been killing time they're saying you know just doing a husband wife type stuff but on the other day she was hey place Mark Kelly let's let's let's see because we if you really think about it r Kelly is not really that huge anymore but for someone on John Legend's stature to say something like that could be so now that he's just like man let me ask you this did it take six episodes though right but just to go to stop anything is supposed to stop sharing right that'd be my daughter I wish I would I be everywhere I agree but these people have been talking about it and the words he though I why would he was interesting after watching this me and the wife does it over to watch episode one into it'd be especially once I got the four I was like okay this is redundant however I do get they're trying to all the different spans because it gradually seems to have gotten worse is started I mean Utah the one thing I can assume wasn't aware of the fact that there was Melissa in his in his history that same age I kind of swallow you mind telling me no but my I'm like Yo because I was one of those people yeah I knew we heard about it it was burble but I never really paid attention I dive deep into it you know what I'm saying so sunset process but I'm not saying punt city taught to Cuban League city jail open saying it in public he said rapists I'm almost positive I will look it up and make sure it acts on I'm almost positive he said direct in the things that he's saying doesn't take a whole six episode which is why I really wish towards the end they would've brought in the conversation some folks to make this more of a conversation about African American culture in the berated hip hop artists from everything from what autism genuine and in all honesty after listening to his music it didn't really care 'cause Jaylo Talk Jay as long as our Kelly free today okay so you need even now I understand that but probably turning into a perverted mean no no no no I'm not saying that there's a problem with that I'm just saying that the tension like she liked as saying that now says people to really make people stop supporting this man and his artistry just Stop Yeah Oh yeah way we don't necessarily protect our children and calm really convict people to say yes your uncle did it you know you're eighty mess will grow to to make it hit home for stories shoes and then now the parents and the sex call that they had so it's almost like it's almost a three part movie they moody's in three parts but no he's turned into like this joke and then we need to be serious the impact of the documentary so the memes are jokes is that yeah it was just like man you guys are decades behind on this like outside of you yeah I I you know I can't seeing seeing route nine and everybody knows that but I'm just saying like now listening to that do do do do does just was a lot you know after the first the second one I was like okay whatever I gotTa tell me what else do we need to know four direct into the pointer it it would have more of an impact okay some it started seemed like filler constantly they started to use the same the saying they're not out there I just haven't haven't either knows a whole bunch although the one with the hair devante kind of hail she turned into one because she had brazen one and then she had to look ignorant saying no that's when people started paying interest too because it's so is part of what they talked about in you were solvable for the streams streams when we were gonNA lose it is what it is but you know oftentimes we talk about the documentary which is sad because I talked about the fact that when the when the tape came out it became the butt of jokes and became almost like a pop culture thing and we had a Davis Appeal skit I want go live to like this young girls what's wrong with that man I get they went from that to the might be other people that are just like I'm not convinced yeah but more needs more convincing entertaining entertaining at some point unnecessary in what in what way they're still people defending him then it's always getting out there actually. NBA raped anyone door may Libro de chicks in the fucking base yeah that's fine but you cannot tell a person how they're supposed to reenact they are victims Asian so just because I used to act how do you great children and Y'all you're talking about academic somebody's fake crying she's coast so fucking what she's coached who cares because he actually he is a key associate family is because his kids his brothers all of them knicks crazy I can't even uh this is this more fuel for that is all I'm saying it will always be that's just the era we and he had the ones that didn't seem authentic about it they was trying to push out tears and yes then because because if a person looks at that you know they really crying out it was the mic still on of safety you're listening to the is the mice Dhillon podcast episode one zero three isn't that right be using coached at first of all you know what Y'all how why are we even focusing on shit like this like you all are talking about a person who they're completely threw my watch I wanted to watch all of them take us from the previous episode slight thousand wasn't edited great okay great it's still needs to be said agree dream as like a Osas in the big deal right he seemed like he was making that skit to drive the Puck is over talk to me what I want to say about this six long series or whatever he's like it's kind of like what we say about albums we say like they were shaved off this and it would have been for people I think it started being like an entertainment just because now it's like a whole bunch of museums and a whole bunch of turning it into that it turned into social media we saw here has anybody here what psycho psychologists talk about Mike how rate the hand it was I'm like what she won't listen his song you in all kinds of stuff and it became like comedy locked but it wasn't like he made that skit nausea really sorry about that he's no you don't understand what it's like to be a victim I understand that it is what I'm saying is that it could reduce the impact potentially victims react so then then fake crying to y'all may not really be what's going on look it is edited editing issues but that doesn't have anything to do with what girl is talking about it and I'm not talking about the editing the but also and like I said at the beginning I think I was amazed by how many other enablers were kinda inside of that whole organization and to be impactful what she's saying should be impactful who cares if you think she's being cold so I hear what you're saying the problem is that is in the very beginning and you don't know this just to the documentary and that was here it's like you have to show that authenticity or whatever when you're doing these documentaries because it's going to come off scripted and you don't want to the same thing with sparkle to sparkle was was mad she was cussing time yeah yeah well you see me exactly shower and ah the same people who you feel like are the most believable on the ones who to me were the most questionable people are coming out saying you only doing this because you're not getting a check no more how the person reacted so have a problem because I mean to you yeah you're talking about a minute stuff like we're talking to it was a green screen and a low raggedy they in this little chair she good I had saying but we're basically critiquing the production in the editing of the of the of the documentary is not so much about the people themselves but it's the same thing you're talking about the fact that he should have taken that part out because however was she reacted didn't look authentic so whether it was or was not often Dan how Hollywood wife we're talking about the same woman who in that Reality Sell talked about R Kelly is the king of R&B so if any well I am not discrediting anything that you went through story I don't know what the history is it was the very first scene documentary last talking and they ask what about the physical abuse and she's I can't talk sounds like like Andrew's wife borough as if anyone is is is is questionable it's hard we talk about the same woman who was on a reality show that we is what I'm saying that's fine but you can't just automatically say oh it's scripted because it looks like that I have not no I think that might be scripted man that might point is y'all don't know it appears about and she puts her head now but you don't see here's so while I give you you don't know what she's gone on John Johnson just it just didn't feel I didn't feel that take you feel like if you would have removed that and I remember you even saying it and put the other girl who likes she was actually crying in the beginning it would have been more than one edit all messed up yeah the ship became because we gotta move and like everybody just turn a blind eye right you know what I'm saying like nobody was like damn that could be my daughter and I think that's the thing that disgusted me it like she started noticing you know like his his patterns and how he was moving just wasn't right you know but I think that that was my biggest takeaway Lee of front you know more about his about his abuse they have there was an interview with him in Tabas Smiley he wouldn't go into detail about it and I've read things in the we all know kids like that who was talking about sex in kindergarten and first grade and you know what the fuck you need is like what the hell is this so yeah be aware of what's going on in our communities and as a commute if you do that on your director no on the stand but I'm just saying just as a person I'm still not feeling it as a person I'm still not feeling it you have to see it to see yes and also the fact that he was also abused because you don't hurt people hurt people and I think that's like the basis and I'm surprised that nobody has ever asked are is my biggest takeaway is that we need to do a better job of putting this kind of stuff out in the forefront in the community and yes uncle is should daddy is your sisters this is thirty we have to address this problem head on and get our people help protect our children because we all know college news who was trawler high school parking lots the most like when I watched it I'm like damn because you don't you don't think about the process you don't think about what actually goes down right but you know for our Kelly to be like Oh yeah go get some chicks his abusers was even his sister his sister abused the boys are brothers and other family members and they did it because it's family they don't WanNa talk about it and that's my for euros don't Yes oh when I was asking the house graduated cum by the high school the teacher said that like you think about it when you're a kid there's kids who talk about sex a little bit too much and in ways that they shouldn't and you know some off about them like he was that kid touched on it earlier about all the people that were complicit in it it's a lot of people for the recent well not for whatever reason there's a lot of people who now want we got a r Kelly and and and looked to get him arrested or indicted or maybe just bring enlightenment to everything that's going on I guess so it's not just you know us you know are enough rain what else shall do but I think and you guys it is so they can get counseling and get whatever it is they're not doing this anybody else so that was my biggest takeaway from this is that yes he comes from pattern he an even at the arap in terms of not necessarily the like people still playing his music but what this documentary has done is highlighted everything that ask the jails for whatever reason whether it's whether it'd be those damn tapes he's he's recording they are going to try to find something needs to get his man did you guys see the employees McDonald's employee man I need to get his is out of the country man his ass will be going from by useful the extent to which Kelly that's over the go-to exactly and then how the teacher has music teacher was breaking down like burlap you big time what you still hanging around high school why are you going to the malls for like name she say facts only I do I saw people talking about it but I didn't watch took us all the video was her punching him and then I asked me you know out of the country they are I think they're going to lock up okay get yours out of the country nice okay look as a first time out as adults we can joke on McDonald's jobs as a youngster that needs money getting it but s impactful to me it's like you have to use your directs they're sitting that doesn't take the fucking move who has an interview so for he's done so they are going to try to find a way day meaning the please whatever are going to try to find a way to get r Kelly and thin it was kind of wondering the same thing about what you just said about the dues their pocket right now it crossed my mind because they you know I was just thinking okay should they have jumped on him or should they eh but you gotta call a thing a thing and put it out there and if you if this is your family and you really love them give them some fucking hell like get them put away bring out the hit him who is being said or you just that's going through okay because like I said when he went over there Sir Sir I know they have this is the thing prepare for the show news big version right have you told me Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I got I got now and then I saw him like he's mismatched it was axed quote nothing desk I'm recruiter was on the country the People's love for our Kelly I think won't be doing example even they still play our Khalid as they still say our Kelly still king rb they still going to I don't think around that's fine I don't think it's the right yeah not not even chocolate even people on my facebook that I went to high school with appeal saying Facebook Status Pandora player Kelly stand watch the video the manager came around the corner I'm not defending him either but the manager came around the corner I don't know how much he saw because if you see he came around the corner after she already punched his do like six it's a rat for our Kelly is over he's I think he's trying to sue lifetime he's GonNa sue them but I I I think I think you think you think this is if our Jelly and make that joke they need that job so I'm not gonNA look at them and say they should have automatically done whatever I'm putting myself in there and saying yes I woulda fucked dude the border is he's yelling Pussy Nigga Nigga on that that's all he saw and he said go to the back around when there was no physical okay do you watch it band manager came around the corner and I'm already done pull it up pull it up so a but I think just when I'm watching and I'm like okay what they call them the that's cool yes this is not exclusive to African American communities so did she give fire no she did not like the narrative turned into she got fired the managers at fall let's fire manager but no apparently what happened was they sent her home but I can also see as a young teenager working at McDonald's that they were probably scared to lose their jobs trying to just no no no no no wh- I do now you know like you said earlier like our reaction will be let's go beat beat Disney gas right right you know but it is like of course and I want him on a moment I mean they asked but a young be done with the young also want to keep that job actually say that I would have reacted different I can't I don't know I don't know and I don't know what these kids predicament is I don't know what the situation is I don't know if they're working on McDonald while I was kind of going where where it'd be was so and maybe to what you were saying earlier they came after the fact and all the guys saw starting to pull her off worse to do was her who was asking questions he said an opportunity to punch him in there meantime that's a good point he didn't he didn't know until afterwards what happened because if you saw the narrative everyone was like oh they fired her and it does matter receive service here you need it doesn't know what the customer but it doesn't matter because it's like you you just had an altercation with an transporting myself to fourteen working at fast food okay sixteen even I'll even say seventeen working at a fast food place can I was it wasn't a situation where you just had a physical altercation with our employees regardless of who was here you need you need to leave you need leaders premises right now he pulled him to the side and said let me we but either way I had the same Rach I saw two like why the fuck didn't anybody fuck this girl a fuck this dude up but then when I thought about it I was like okay in her about protecting the her holding her okay how old they all say the customer going mad gotTa Stop You gotTa Stop You not relation go down at one of my stores right where a guy got into one of my representatives face yeah you know what I'm saying like chest to chest mostly everybody we had differ so I think his first reaction with the let me get her away from this so that's why he was pulling her away so I was I was conflicting what I would do with his action was and I'm the manager for the no no no no I don't think that you can blame the manager are one hundred percent agree there but what point is that that customer no longer you're grabbing his shirt here's what happened so it's unfair to automatically be like oh you should get fired is his wall here here's the thing right like I had somewhat of a similar no not the manager the manager didn't see what happened to me and the people that were working there were like behind were standing right there and they saw him snatchers lady hold on premises this has been a physical altercation just go I think that's going off of what you know versus what the manager new the manager Owen when something happens and and that's what I wanted to say customer service manager manager needs to get fired the store I'm talking about just the kids it doesn't matter the fact is that my employees are telling me that you grabbed her butt all saying he did wrong would a customer and that that made him come out and handle the situation the situation is give me a receipt let me see how can make you happy and then you can leave no sir you need to leave the with with pay I believe they leave pay Lee so I don't think she was reprimanded the the the story got skewed to everyone was blaming it on the manager that's not the manager no no no no no matter what about him though yeah his ca exactly because let's look at do now he okay yeah well the reason why I still have problems with the managers because after everything went on like how can I help you because that's the only income coming into their family I don't know I'm just saying I wish to God somebody would have broke all of his fucking appendages I wish didn't happen due to talk to the girls and they would take hotheads and we and we will be like Oh see fast and keep going I never saw any of that because they've been the first motherfucker on the phone what's her name like the manager soggy things let's repeat this once ago not no one happened came around the corner and as the video shows the only thing he saw it was her holding his shirt and yelling at him he did not know that the do grabbed her first so he said go to the back go to the back where the and I can't say that the protocols that we use at the company I work for the same as theirs however we do deal with the public right and one of the first calls in a physical altercation like that your receipt and he was giving him his money back and everyone is acting like this dude is a piece of shit he did what he was supposed to do get the fuck Outta here he did both He protected company and he pretended employees after he got the details of the altercation by putting her own pay leave and having her keep her job in nineteen point the only thing I will say is they're young obviously McDonald's is a huge company right protocol for stuff like this right back to the protocol is give the guy's money back and tell them the league is not walkout here's loser feet and putting about about about Dan the manager does what he thought he needed to do at the time but to his credit he did not fire her after it went down what happened it become he say she say McDonald's is going to just write settle and move on but the video protects the employees and the customer. I'm not blaming you WANNA play me Kansas City Oh okay my bad because they just sean I know look and you don't see Oro right in front of him though he hadn't taken the Food Rod is still right you can't take money already paid and let me on employees of our and he's trying to give him his money back and get the fuck out the store that's what I saw what would you say you took saying he wanted to let me see you watch it again maybe I'm wrong the following yeah Shit McDonald's dirty protect the coping with the employee is part of that company come roll the manager can't y'all but just in case to protect any potential lawsuits that came from it right no one knew there was video until later released even those whose recording so they don't have video the NFL and get your reaction to do like a manager you're like okay how can I best handle this situation and manages is the perfect employee is exactly the opposite protect the company don't say I had to remove that person of course I didn't physically see them get chest to chest it was told to me about handed like just Lee happening Ryan it was physical girl Brian who it is making get the fuck out stores so yeah and that's not the perception I have to get out of that you put if they went and got him and said that she you guys think about bandits nats she lost conversation movement going the police a document that you can't just take his money and not gave or a straw he went arguing over his where he was as we used a portion of this show where they talk about band stanch bird box would let you guys know there will be spoilers character to take box or do you want your character to leave and you do you want him to lead go to pay thirty six eighty jump ahead and then it's a completely different story so you know but like I said when he came around corner all he saw was I'm own net mega respond he know what happened is I think it's unfair to blame I've been on that ass with the Quick Yup yeah I thought he was in that's what I saw I now look man coming now so all he sees is and I'm like yeah this is awesome I bet it'd be different if we picked frosted flakes like so we're going and then he goes to the office and they ask him if he wants the job and of course uh for a young kid does on earth you thought you control the world when you read that they made a movie out of this the now and I'm like okay this is some bullshit what happened so then we started getting questions where it's like do you want him to flush the pills Abia zone because he can't terminate yoked skirt again but she as soon as though God Damn y'all faster on this the one cam why didn't I try to town I didn't I didn't know about a and I knew about it and that's why his banishment so so let me live go back and you go back and now you tell them no and someone like yes so now we're going to tell him no and I tell them no in an still say yes ah he tried to fucking long hours I was like cool I like the cool you know whatever so she was his New Year's New Year's Eve right so let me hit Mike all like to watch stuff without on this it is banished nets banter snapped was some bullshit job easy and people watch the three day this movie date this one day look it took it took me it took me three hours because I kept using the wrong fucking ending up choosing the wrong answers because of the thing yeah so we got a New Year so Naomi was so excited like she's like oh how did you hear about this it's like the bulletin adventure books back in the day what happened with his mom and at the we went through for hours and at the end you still come back to the only answer on got their screen was talk about your mom it's the story from there I knew so I was super excited we picked the certain saga smacks we picking this he paid dealers I imagine has been doing now be nine minutes the payoff was not good for Martin Lee apparently I'm a fucking idiot they just settle for bad in uh-huh not how this is not how these books were I was so I have not been so disappointed in I'm I was all day that's why I spent my thirty about that movie is it's not like if you choose the wrong answer it'll go to another wrong answer than another wrong if you choose the wrong as or just showed you some bullshit as bad because we ended up with a two innings but I think so the one of the clients that record everybody's talking about it so we're GonNa Watch shit tonight so we got home and I say all right kindle you're going to want to turn fortnight so we all sat around the house circles you're back to choose the right answer so I kept using the they're not picking my own story like we tried to go through this movie to haul time without talent without him talking about what you need to give him his money and then tell him to leave because the last thing you want is him trying to say you don't get money talk film they were talking about so thankfully nobody else in their crew at watched it so out because I was like oh spoilers close my ears while I was like okay look we're going to watch this band bridged together so he was he was I thought the idea was called the story about the time we got in an ending well they wrong fighting with the Omar de nos must say okay yes and he gets the job and it's like wrong essence so it's like the wrong and then and now he doesn't know GonNa take idea now he sat on the couch and we go to cutting his dad's head off a Barium in the backyard and any and also joining so stupid and it has asked is on New Year's like every hour I was like this movie was such bullshit was just really frustrating because it made made an hour and a half movie turned into an Ordeal S. considering the I've watched it for hours so look if you really go back in and see what he says he's like he's they even imply like the beginning is the end the battle near right this is a black movie did you ever read books and you're gonNA literally not choose your own adventure books here let's got back story on this I was like I hit him up on my Yo do you have to watch the the Black Mirror series on Washington no it's Kinda like a twilight zone was was following Colin instead of talking to to the side but it don't matter because if you choose the other let's go back to college he wasn't wall and it goes to the power and then oh no not that one boy got that low okay this is actually interesting then that didn't even go anywhere go back go you're going to die anyway and it has so many opportunities to be `scuse garbage guard I think the other one we got it's too short it's too it's too early to end like that they actually say all GonNa give me the essence of credits though that's not interested credits but is considered wasn't in the movie nearly enough like he's a really good actor and I was like Oh he's actually interesting this character is actually interesting and he takes them acid jumps off a goddamn building this wait a minute hold on at the end John was done he actually ended on the movie did you see that in no the ending died and I said thank God this motherfuckers Dan I'm done that's the first one oh yeah so I was like okay fine I'll just go with what y'all saying so we did that then everyone was like Oh that's actually in the ending that's actually considered an ending if you answer yes am I never thought about social media that way I never thought about politics that way like d like Black Mirror is really fucking dope this shit just fucking is bad is ah I would just WanNa make sure I heard this correct yes so we would have chosen to go inside to talk about what I chose we would somehow ended up back to Colin yes if you answered I'm sorry yeah if you answered yes and it goes to the couch wrong path right yeah but no circles okay so the problem is is is if you picked the wrong answers by the end of the movie you end up watching the scenes ten fucking replays the same rainbows it has to be interesting and I really liked the whole the whole metaphor for him being like pacman where will he buries his dad in the backyard he gets arrested he goes to jail the video game gets shelved because of all the isn't good bro it wasn't good I love hearing and this is not going to diminish my love of Black Mirror but they don't even want to watch the never and I don't want it is but they definitely got something that I I if somebody can come in to do it right you looking at the future of the daughter automobiles and a trash can do you want him takes your dad or poor the fuck is this and then I got I got that one second three person when I when we first and then we got he died so I got to the where I got the fighting I got to wear a breaks the fourth it's it's it's not what the series planter snatches their nostradamus like Black Mirror is incredible like every episode is mazing and it really fuck with your head it's really deep and it's interesting banner snatch understand what they were going forward but in a good way you'll make you walked away being like yeah no that might have been a little bit I thought they were bad leave ride into your reading the story and it will get to apart and it'll say do you want your car so I gave up after the when he died I was like that was the only one I was like okay this might be something where his cool Pearl the baby she grows that's good to the end it was like okay well especially when so you know especially with the part of the job my friends would like no I'll do my whole shit but oh so you were like yet editing have anything to do with the way that person did or did not experience nobody's doing that nobody's viewing it just we just can the drugs they hit US jumping all it was all a dream or some bullshit like always gonNa take you back to the correct answer always GonNa make common you're not really yeah you're not really picking look like this is tornado dubose endings has got stupider and stupider and then he thought he was and do nothing at all the do wop what's the series is really good gene so it was just like we had to go back to the code into the cold like three or four times depending on the path you choose yeah wasn't it that's probably not familiar with okay all right cool cool man that's my game with Gabe go okay the green light I'll let you it was a black lady I thought it was a guy she added controversy or whatever and then credit credits roll and then they interview they do an interview about all the drama that went on CNN's talking about this band or snatch game and the fact that the guy went crazy and then the the collins daughter Pearl says it was a great idea that was never seen through the right way she's going to do it which was awesome all right right okay okay ended up turning into the followers because and then they went out to try to get more people ill among or what role was saying if rail was correct and these things are demons that are trying to get you to look at it and if you look at it you lose your mind and kill yourself at the people I've been doing other things to Burbank people doing the challenges now point the demons are going to realize everyone's GonNa figure out not to look at my ass so I need I need disciples so they didn't seem crazy to me so I think I think it's both because the Spokane Darvish Burr box that was another holidays that either Dale I lost oh you literally go crazy I think that was explanation I just think that they didn't do enough to make you really pay close enough attention to his part let me ask you that is like followers why people are going to just be like all right let's close motherfucker I help people okay okay real the black guy restaurants when rail says you know there are demons in every culture that are different and there's some that if you look at it I think the people that were affected that could see it where people that were in Mr mental institutions those were the ones getting say he was coming from the asylum anymore loved in hate though entertaining but the story like the way ended it was kind of like fell a little flat it was the only ending that could have made sense that's true because you know people are saying is trash Bob La it's entertaining people trash an awesome I saw trashed sweet what a what were they doing shit yeah somebody else or somebody who does I g I saw that fuckers this you think maybe I need to watch it again but like the people that were like you see this open like why wouldn't they will create okay can they were crazy exactly maybe I missed that because they told us about it was the guy in the freezer yeah something wrong with him he's everybody around I haven't seen the movie man if you've seen in movies ten times funnier again very entertaining yeah I know what he's saying because they were they were already like off I think whenever the demon thing is needed we now know that I didn't dislike him I was just like that frustrated the fuck Outta me because when he showed up I knew something was up and that stupid ass fucking mashed potato face asked in your I don't need to know what it was the guy if you go back and watch it I when I watched the first time when the when the do was his name the people who become selfish when fucking apocalyptic shit happens that would happen look popped off outside right now you think all of us does yes the white guy in the suit did they say he was crazy place he was he he escaped from a mental institution but he made it seem like the only part that really in raised me with how they did real oh yeah that's why did he have to see got it might happening I almost faith in and gives them a chance to make a part to me they don't want to know what could've lived with running from win I still don't know what it was for lawsuit lock their mind alive but it was a few I really think that was a plot hole I thought that was just them being like we can survive better on our own and they took off what was the point of their characters what do you mean what's that kills K. plotline yeah we can wrap it up things and we don't say but the theories one was that the wind was social media th was that the win was registered. Yeah Oh yeah I would just shot her but I'm Dr Stupid ass the fuck out where he's GonNa leave who to leave leave and everybody was like no I know he was already in sacrifice themselves the white folks with their flood soapy singer second one no you just saw it online and I'm like really Komo I was just mad that she went to the door open it by yourself regardless like you'll control the house you just fucking God here right Oh shit pissed me off and then and then the whole I just don't be here come we'll be calling out Meghan be gone yeah let him in a little man fucking pissed I fucking open the fucking door by John Wasn't Malka Malka Malkovich other somebody it's a really good movie and actually it all my expectations were extremely low. I'm not a movie Fan like that but after racism we do this and that people don't want to look at racism and turn the Blah Outta racism but when you look at it you go crazy yeah it was it was it was it was a lot of reaches a lot of Yeah Laura Yeah it was it was yeah anyway during a hat on here Spiderman but I think we're running too long what was it default Pantheon I was just amazed at how they manage to pull that off because this is slightly like in left and what we're what hopefully so my mgk potholes in store Sir Bobby Bowden Oh Spiderman just my heart and Mike and Mike can be talking about I don't know if you guys don't that's fun applied it definitely went down a little bit but just for that first ten minutes is God theater cheering that's band together like we don't get through this guy he went with us I would but I could tell a couple of my buddies don't call because you know he's live is just a little worried about it and I don't know why they never think about that damn that would make sense to do transformers movie in the eighties the go see by better tight man is better DC move yeah yeah slap is going to be cannon rod stay with your man the look the opportunity pops off I might have to go aw. Social Media's goofing reaches them Boy Jordan to Waco MPM with them eighteen and then how I I think I think the biggest thing was how are you going to translate water definitely L. staying there too and I thought it was super dope how they did it like you can he was a doctor 'cause I missed the whole Chicago because I'm like wary was he pissed me off Gary it and you know I don't spend I don't spend money on movies or I'll tell ya not to spend the money this is definitely go to the movies with the family for being sworn in as the young black woman in Congress that's dope coralled funny and two thousand nineteen minutes Oh you real quick real quick they make a Unicom movie like from this I think I think they could I don't think they will what okay okay half of this move so that means leaving like star screaming them they look like they looked the way they're supposed to look like the fucking or anything we can be quick you guys planning on doing anything what's your resolution I guess I should just it's going to be my gear y'all that I'm just I'm just glad twenty nineteen and the craziest thing is I'm still dragging things from two thousand eighteen unresolved things into this year so I'm just trying to resolve twenty eight away from it but when I this is the way I suppose this is the way it supposed to be the older cars like this supposed to be then even have throwbacks to the he tells they were underwater or on land like you just like they did a really good job I'll wait till it comes on video I'm not trying to go to the theater to see those shit like worth actual cartoon like when I might give something we never mind just go see just go see it and I like man yeah it was it was a lot of things that you pick up on like yeah I loved cartoon movie like Fires Favorite Movies Yeah if you loved that so I'm you'll love leader let's go do me for me personally Antonio Eighteen was such a shit storm for from me my family like don't take the fall long movie ball accountable got the cartoon movie Yes we're pride comes out over niggers in here she said what is he planning each other planets okay so lasting require shot the Lauren underwood comic is almost like on screen that original story a comic book is did you guys watch aquaman should go I was like Oh my God yes that's what I'm talking about did this is the first movie right I know and the thing that I like about it is that they captured the essence of that time with the music with the syrupy that's what I'm doing thank you welcome thank you I love it you already in therapy I love it really okay when they're showing the war on Cyber Tron fucking ten year old in me is like go go check a bummer if you're if you are an old school transformers fan it's worth it for more than just a mercy he minutes you know we only did it one year where we did visit boards and stuff that's the only time I ever like put that much thought into a new year I just family purposes but right yeah vice himself just to say fuck didn't know you could just went over and pushed the guy right that's why you gotta you'll die we do not question did you did you I didn't ask her on a blog I wrote yesterday but most like fee so I posted an article yesterday where I just kind of outlined how my twenty eighteen was in what I'm looking forward to the twenty nineteen and twenty nine hundred I'm taking my black ass I never thought about it that way that is time fuck January you said Oh Ken Williams as long as question I know we're still doing eighteen and I don't have no plans twenty nine I just still trying to take care of twenty eight team and let it come and go oh I don't really get caught up into that just I just Kinda because like I've noticed I've I've had a couple and I've noticed that when you start to talk about quote unquote black issues with certain white therapists and they kind of make a face fucker now has been a blackmail yeah and white people same thing get yourself white year therapist I imagine it's the same thing but for person they can relate and they can yeah this is the same thing for me me I'm always trying to get it if anything I mean I would probably do more reflect in our thinking my birthday come around you know it was like technically New Year's same homey yeah we don't people need to go check it out thank you yeah we got equipped to handle this week and we we did that and you know it feels good to kind of move forward and and focus on the things that you know that need to be focused on you know like oh I did do that kind of stealing your subconscious but a little bit more focused Devon little bit definitely all business and just like you guys just kind of looking back at alleges dragging something on just having it linger so so yeah so that's that's pretty much everything is status quo so two thousand eighteen inches leaving ship back into and changes there I wanted to make you know go ahead and make it and and you know we had to make a change you know new retro that's that's the way we were remember how this is this it's just another day for me to do without going to do at this I am I just never really awesome today for years to get into the O. J. Refers Lemme start right right it's just like my birthday I think in reflecting stuff every year nee was saying that she's and Shit imagines a little bit more focused a little bit more goriness it goes every year and it's always fun to kind of go back and see what you accomplish what you did and there's some I forget about and then she just wanted to this was about you know her parents splitting and her dad lying she was graduating but she wanted to invite her or facebook or instagram so we have a reply update I should say to question we got back in own anymore and you can it's okay to get help people it's okay to get home you could try to narrow to try to get you a black the exact and they don't teach how to handle that kind of fucking schools but yeah anyways just for me love it I mean everything to go I need all the help I can guide and sometimes you have this call like nothing is really going to change their to mega worse I don't feel I have any confidence to stand up for myself I have no issues with cutting off people usually but I don't have the courage to do it in this situation are there but he won't come with remember that Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah so you just sent us an update this week two days ago actually and honestly feel kind of pathetic is expected that that I'm the one that has to make the effort to deal with family who are happy to annoy me all the time my boyfriend's dad treats me more like family this is the past the might say man if you guys have questions of leasing them over to our email is the mice along at Djamil dot com or you can send it to us on twitter via diem don't feel pathetic get yourself a little bit of help you'll be all right so hey everyone I've been listening to your podcasts basically since the beginning and I love every moment moment so I've been dating this guy since April you guys with an update so thanks so much for all the stuff you do a really chairs a girl up all the best so yeah because I think we did ask her to send us an update don't feel pathetic early native calm I just it's kind of where I extend what I do on my youtube channel outside of natural here and just kind of vent and talk about stuff outside that's not here related and for winter break my family at eight events that I want him to attend with me he only came to two one being Christmas because he had to be a taxi driver that's like my happy new year new age you know what I'm saying like that's your New Year yeah that's your Bloomberg is literally your New Year my birthday is literally and trying to believe in that I can help with depression suicidal thoughts and my lack of confidence stuff like this always it set me back I really hope that maybe just giving things time we'll help but it just feels extended family I think more counseling to answer and hopefully I can build up from the ground again sorry this is a bit of a Downer listened to the podcast and it just came up that I didn't get back to Dan my actual data honestly that really hurts I get told by friends my boyfriend and so on that I'm really amazed but I I don't get that from my dad or even most of I'm that you do get count for even more so it's not wrong feeling how you feel it's I would say it's wrong to express that yeah act on that the we made it official in in September everything has been great but unfortunately his mother had a stroke in October which may he became the only one in his family that drives so the past few months album but if you're talking to they're not trying to disrespect yet win and they don't really understand even if they've heard it mother people it's not really an empathy thing August of last year and the question was is blood thicker than water or should I just wrote my duce's up throw deuces up to my dad be dad and ooh blue wave he's is lying she just wanted to reply she says you listen to the podcast and she's a really appreciate your thoughts no disrespect but I think it's all tying it to something deeper as well as being a taxi driver but I am I asking too much just have my boyfriend around he says he doesn't mind being around family that they're welcome is just that he's busy to feel that but but but at the end of the day you have to have understanding in like okay yeah I want my man here but damn he's handling busy doing what driving his mom on a cousin around way more than what he was before which has affect the amount of time they have been able to spend together the problem is when I came home so that's pretty much it like the rest is just dude we gotta do you gotta you Kinda gotTa let that go and then the the the moments that you do get you gotta make those extra special because you're not going to get the volume obviously so you gotta make the and I never see us right and if we're not spending time together

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