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"john john lewis elijah cummings" Discussed on WJR 760

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"john john lewis elijah cummings" Discussed on WJR 760

"It's true I mean I think I think non African Americans think everywhere from with the same I've seen even from the call floor people calling Elijah Cummings John John Lewis Elijah Cummings and they're totally different people you know this thing well I see it all the time and I love them because they like go along with it you know this is why I can't I can't distinguish Ken brown from loans brown obviously that's what the that must be the problem right thank you congresswoman till he for spelling that out for me you know we shouldn't joke about this so she was asking the chief of police to racially discriminate against Caucasian officers told that they couldn't sit at that console and do a job because you know black folks all look alike. are you serious well there went that that was Ken brown okay I got in that time like my facial recognition is working better now there you are yeah yeah. I just want you to know that I am really Lomas brown I've been there all day and I recall can bribe everybody the station so something is going on so obviously we all have a full thank you for settling that let's get to the phones if we didn't laugh we would cry time in Detroit what do you think about this. she's dead wrong I mean is that to say that black folks in terms of facial recognition technology couldn't you know identify you know uses identify white folks and the same thing like okay for instance in the city tried with the with the student population okay most of the student population in the city it's it's black or African American okay is that to say that whites and non non people of color couldn't teach black students hi you know this thing is just absolutely insane I mean the what the what the same I mean the holes with their hair airlines are now using facial recognition technology and I mean even if the detainees they've been using this thing for the last two years now and what I like to see if it is if they have any kind of break down in terms of you know the people that they have facially recognize with that software has anyone been misidentified because as of today I've heard people yelling and screaming about you know it's and it's it's not a hundred percent which nothing is right but I haven't heard anything to the negative to say that you know people were arrested you know because long because there would be remiss identity you might have missed it there but the chief said he answered the very question you asked he said not one mess identification documented yet in the two years that they've been using this software as an aid and here's the thing she wants to throw the baby out with the bath water listen to what she says here and she was you know she was kind of kidding around with it during the tour and things like that. then she you know quite frankly got a little snarky. some sixty percent error rate because it doesn't have a black hole you know I know that if you start to the error rate among. especially.

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