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Samuel L. Jackson to receive honor at NAACP Image Awards

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Samuel L. Jackson to receive honor at NAACP Image Awards

"The the the the special special special special award award award award is is is is in in in in the the the the works works works works for for for for Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel L. L. L. L. Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson good good good news news news snakes snakes snakes on on on crack crack crack you you you may may may not not not know know know this this this but but but before before before he he he went went went about about about trying trying trying to to to control control control passenger passenger passenger eating eating eating snakes snakes snakes on on on a a a plane plane plane Samuel Samuel Samuel L. L. L. Jackson Jackson Jackson was was was fighting fighting fighting for for for racial racial racial equality equality equality the the the head head head of of of the the the N. N. N. double double double ACP ACP ACP says says says Jackson Jackson Jackson was was was a a a crusader crusader crusader in in in the the the civil civil civil rights rights rights battle battle battle and and and even even even served served served as as as an an an usher usher usher at at at Martin Martin Martin Luther Luther Luther king's king's king's funeral funeral funeral in in in nineteen nineteen nineteen sixty sixty sixty eight eight eight and and and Leon Leon Leon W. W. W. Russell Russell Russell says says says it it it was was was that that that role role role as as as well well well as as as his his his on on on screen screen screen work work work that that that makes makes makes Jackson Jackson Jackson and and and excellent excellent excellent recipient recipient recipient for for for the the the chairman's chairman's chairman's award award award Russell Russell Russell notes notes notes Jackson's Jackson's Jackson's work work work for for for social social social change change change has has has continued continued continued even even even as as as he he he advanced advanced advanced his his his career career career in in in Hollywood Hollywood Hollywood the the the award award award will will will be be be presented presented presented to to to the the the seventy seventy seventy three three three year year year old old old actor actor actor during during during the the the fifty fifty fifty third third third and and and double double double ACP ACP ACP image image image awards awards awards set set set for for for February February February twenty twenty twenty six six six previous previous previous recipients recipients recipients include include include Tyler Tyler Tyler Perry Perry Perry Barack Barack Barack Obama Obama Obama back back back when when when he he he was was was a a a U. U. U. S. S. S. senator senator senator and and and the the the late late late civil civil civil rights rights rights activists activists activists John John John Lewis Lewis Lewis I'm I'm I'm Oscar Oscar Oscar wells wells wells Gabriel Gabriel Gabriel

Special Special Special Specia Samuel Samuel Samuel Samuel L. Jackson Samuel Samuel Samuel L. L. L. Jackson Jackson Jackson Martin Martin Martin Luther Lu Leon Leon Leon W. W. W. Russel Jackson Jackson Award Award Russell Russell Russell Hollywood Award Award Award Tyler Tyler Tyler Perry Perry Perry Barack Barack Barack Obama Obama Obama U. U. U. S. S. S. Senator John John John Lewis Lewis Lew Oscar Oscar Oscar Wells Wells
Robert Durst, New York real estate heir convicted of murder, dead at 78

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Robert Durst, New York real estate heir convicted of murder, dead at 78

"Wealthy wealthy New New York York real real estate estate heir heir and and convicted convicted murderer murderer Robert Robert Durst Durst has has died died in in California California he he was was seventy seventy eight eight Durst Durst was was suspected suspected for for years years of of killing killing those those around around him him including including his his wife wife Cathy Cathy and and a a friend friend Susan Susan Berman Berman he he was was on on trial trial for for Berman's Berman's death death last last year year questioned questioned by by prosecutor prosecutor John John Lewis Lewis you you repeatedly repeatedly admitted admitted that that if if you you had had killed killed either either Kathy Kathy or or shoes shoes or or both both of of them them you you would would never never

New New York York Robert Robert Durst Durst Durst Durst Cathy Cathy Susan Susan Berman Berman California Berman John John Lewis Lewis Kathy Kathy
"john  john lewis" Discussed on Mango Kush Podcast

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"john john lewis" Discussed on Mango Kush Podcast

"Social media or whatever you know whatever you on facebook cam gig on the first thing you put your mind on in the morning you know. I'm not gonna lie. The first thing i do the more check my email. I'm i'm looking for one email. I'm live. I'm looking for one specific email and that will determine my my life. I get it you know. I got one email math from the guy band georgia lottery corporation. I check i check for that every single day like every morning it comes out of between six thirteen. Am and six thirty. Three am every single dominique new together. But no listen. I'll tell you man wait because they always tell you just believe just dream you know. Set your mind you. I wake up. I wake up to. i wiggle to emails. I know i'll tell you. I woke up the thing i got i got i got i got. I woke four numbers. One four number four. Okay you know what fine yell. Hey you know fine you nigga subtle round the world winner. I'm going to hang out my ass. Shit john john lewis bridge. I eat caviar glue. Powerball know they got out of it. You gotta take that you to hit him with not yet paid being rating but you know they got the beat that he got gained though. You're saying hey bad big you got to blur suckers you'll year. Forget about them. But nobody's enough they'll Yeah that's one of the for me. I'll scroll social media now. See the third or watching you. Some reels i actually you know might watch them cooking a quick videos. I think i'm gonna rams you know just in the morning. I don't know why i i watch and cooking stuff but anyways yeah that's the thing that was like automatically mentally attached like like. I said nicotine new national stadium. So think about so. Imagine if your routine is messed up. 'cause you you're on social media what how does your day turn out today against. Some people rely on the bottle of me like realistic. Like if you're in a job where you're on your own or you're just not all social media. This is a normal fucking day. But i mean i'm not saying like home our goal. I was like that. But again i was. I wasn't able to do some type of business logistics today because some stuff i do social media in that being said i mean it was kind of like oh shit will play some video games today to my but like i say i worry about that and she was going to the moon. So that's all. I care about the near sensitive products for this guy. No i am the party and you guys already talked about this. But i wonder if something.

john john lewis dominique georgia facebook rams
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"john john lewis" Discussed on Double Toasted

"In this like this like you've done something important ridiculous. They start changing. The neighborhood given black names john. John lewis's look spoiler but whatever. It is what the speeches wrapping up. It ends with maliki in any money just looking at the camera. Yeah let heroes the heroes in now. The responsibility is passed on to you in the fourth wall. Breaking looking at us in closing the door. Somebody's said expect wake. Oh yeah some bullshit. Come on what you'd expect exactly what you'd expect et will. I would even say it should have been what you expected. It should have been should have been so bad. It was a larry are. It should have been the movie. We thought we we controlled with our should have been left as a trailer and that's okay. Yeah because i was like well there was always avenue to actually be good but when you look at everything is like there was no way that was going to happen. Left as a trailer. It says everything has got to say. The actual movie doesn't lay out anything more than what you see here other than just taking through the steps of it. The only part where it really crosses into being laughable is when it gets to the to get into and it's just such a like despite it all ahead of monica of hope for together very well it does the opposite. Arguable movies looking at you. Oh honey bless you expect to something good from us. Even wasn't even bombastic. In that way. I was like well. You got the right people. Drinking they get a lot and oz is like. This is what we've seen before and not even. That's the big thing about the movie. It was because it is very much. A by the numbers thriller. Young couple moves in. And they're accosted or harassed by a neighbor whether they're black or she's been whether the racist or whether they're you know crazy or any other combination you know it's the same thing it's it's terrorists it's the one with the intruder. Yeah exactly. it's all these you've seen this before. It's just don't even worse i guess but it's boring in that way. Yeah no it is. I mean really all like all moves. We just name like the intruder like the intruders. That is this film. you're right. This is better movie. Instead of instead of a karen. And i liked the intruder man intruders. Funny is funny as hell man and and it's almost because they you know what what they do is because this movie. I've got to mention this. This movie does not know what it wants to be The problem with this film is that okay. The movie opens up like it's a horror movie. Yeah that that the that blood drop right there that dripping blood ominous silhouette of karen right there and make. It seem like it's going to be a horror movie. they even have. Karen jump scares with air malta carolina. Hey karen stop doing that. Please stay the whole scene. We're actually going out to check to see what's going on like some wild atom lynch dog one moment where i left out loud. Ed was when she's just kind of randomly walking by he's a trash can trust. Goes out tomorrow running like a band. Yeah exactly starts out like it's going to be a horror movie in then it goes gizo wrapped up and trying to trying to be a message movie that that's what that's what ends up being ends up being like this lame drama trying to lay down. He's heavy handed messages. And then near the end. Oh yes shit. We better do something. Kind of horrifying and then into thriller like a a cheap lifetime channel thriller predictable lifetime thriller. You look at something like that movie the intruder. It knows that it's a thriller from the beginning it plays into. It has fun with dennis quaid. He loves what he's doing in that role right there you know. So yeah man. This is not aware what's going to do us a movie that just wants to be a thriller but it just feels like it's i just have too many important things to say it'd be like watching the intruder and it gets to the and it goes like but seriously everybody you have to learn to love your neighbor. I should love it. It's it's up to you to take this world at this message to the world and be better. Can't you see my leak a mighty looking at you. Write it down please join. That's stupid shit but he is. It really is. it could've done. it's them.

maliki John lewis Karen jump malta carolina monica karen gizo john Ed dennis quaid
"john  john lewis" Discussed on Metal Mantra Podcast

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"john john lewis" Discussed on Metal Mantra Podcast

"Because count on my wash your carries along with them snap last flyers baby out of any longer model size from on mytalk makers. Don't love golf with me. Arguably our have god. I had viewed as equal. Massager says five zero. He kid effort all simple booking soobee genitals tau yuliana markup presents an inch stay. Show the duma to- kilty d'amato muscle not dodger. My superior comporting normally trivial in paris sali's four and equally. Tom is potentially to the us into the paint. To saw the vice party The militia como todo atm's folk matto yet thelma. Quick mattamy logical can be staying up the guess bitten quote. This is sheila. My seething fica became miso signals taiji judokas. Cj known spoke all in oldest projects national anthem. Pasqua on gio is labor day. Skilled team collegue sabic cuando inch taba. King totals assume to skis converse. We'll see if veto can pull up. The mayor of is no no one spoke shit see. Absolute increase will burn. Duckie shimada earth and grave bernardino matt or chicago. He could race ratio bertone finding ossie. We said the compete. So international johann sebastian. Mba you at the and Rachel alto and where brave to safeguard us is easing is he. Killed was his anything. Scott meal hassall. I you get. Yeah quite a dive. Y'all in it we must be. You've got better. Shell miasma makes it out in the guilty. You're guests cross chronically. What patterson we'll say locally owned john. John lewis dave. I and almost must stay. Thank lucia excuses night teaching alameda. Sandra cabrera chica. Casey martin luther instrumental change. My the thinking is too busy. Ara the issue for disown while lt become michael sequel. Import bias is an algorithm and ownership. Legal metallica society. Yogurt is available. Human.

johann sebastian paris sali golf sabic John lewis Casey martin luther Sandra cabrera gio Rachel alto Cj sheila chicago us Tom King patterson lucia Scott
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"john john lewis" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Right? That would have your nominee. Thank you very much Relieved. Thanks for calling. All right. Consider it on the list. It usually gets it. But But that is the first vote for this this year. But like I said, he went on to have AH, Radio show on K P. V. C, which had ah lot a different radio shows that were interesting and out there in Pasadena, And in fact, Johnny Otis had a show there for a while. But in what can the follow up was nervous. And no, I refuse to do that to you. I like y'all too much to play nervous. But if you don't call 8888765593, we've got Sam again in Illinois. Welcome back, Sam. You want. Thank you Rally. A. Yeah, returned collar. But you know what I want to say. I think it's either a pencil up and possibly, but I want to talk into my request that you might play. Nina Simone's black is the color of my true love air because I think if I got Some support behind my campaign. I'd win. You have to see it's not eligible. The deal is they have to be hits. And I know what we might make that happen here. Sure. You might make a pitch. Oh, my God. Oh, jeez. Don't even go there. No, no, no, That's the only rule. We have any any genre any decade, but it has to be ahead. Oh, man. Come on, you know there. There are so many records just like it like John John Lewis and the rave on doing I'm a nut. You know, I can think of a ton of them that thank God don't qualify. How bad did I do on the trivia? Well, it's not a panderer pencil you want. You want other guests, man? I'm really striking out here tonight, man. Well, you know, this isn't as bad as last week. I mean, this is a legitimate good answer. Just nobody's come close. All right. Well, I better move out of the way. So you got room for somebody else. Thanks. Appreciate it. Yeah s so it's all I ask is the records be hits, and you know, it doesn't matter any any genre any year and we usually use billboard. But if you tell may Look, this was a big cash box hit. Don't worry. I got all the charts. I can look I'll take cash boxes. Well, because certainly with the R and B stuff. I think they were actually probably better chart all the way around, and they were mortgage box oriented than others. But you know, billboard sometimes was a little too well wimpy white for my tastes. Yeah, like that's domino. Never had a number one record. You're telling me that well, they did. All right. So, uh, yeah. If you don't call, I'll just play Bobby Cartola records yet or I'll play nervous by and would come. No, I wouldn't do that to anybody. Actually, I've got so many trivia questions in front of this computer. I could barely get through it to find a Bobby Cartola record. But let Z Let's see what we can do here on Bobby. Or call 8888765593 88 88 Rollie. Next time I'll keep the keyboard closer to me, and we'll see if we can ever. You're saying you're going to a lot of trouble to play me a record? I'm not gonna like, Well, it's it's true and we might play all of them. And I will reveal the trivia answer if you don't if you don't call in the waning moments, But this is your last shot at it at 8888765593, and this was actually a huge hit in Canada. That's why Donovan complained bitterly that they played it over and over because it was a head. Fortune.

Bobby Cartola Sam Nina Simone Johnny Otis John John Lewis Donovan Canada Pasadena K P. V. C Illinois
"john  john lewis" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"john john lewis" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"Bam. Radio APP I. WanNa put in listeners. Thank you so much. Graft. Right. Right. Right, Mike Grassy left the chat room. To Nothing Tell us if you beat anybody else. Do they have a check? From happening. To check the ice. But with what happened with John John, in his you know in his compassion and his love for the show, he put up a pitches any. Of, US. You know for his site, which is a good look. He put the wrong pitcher. Chris so The, Sean Brown alerted hope. Luchetti. Let's. So. She is truly behind the scenes. Extra. So city, of course, I'm running around I'm busy. On. A Barbie Cologne. Sean alerted me that. Our beloved China the wrong rampage up. I immediately stopped what I was doing. It took me about half an hour to respond percents. John John Lewis Wrong pitcher I sent them some pictures in the tax. As accessing them this pitch and a few that we've uptake and he says Yo I'm on it again. So I said you know what I I didn't even look at the picture because I believe the Sean. Sean but just saints like this went out. Looking at Pitt. See I go on the APP Fan Radio, I see the pitcher? Yeah it's not our beloved. Bobby. Joe. The other person I think. All those pictures. Right. I told me. Respectively you we move a lot of these bitches, can't scrub enough. So Jonah if you don't mind. We just want to make clear that visitation of what we do here every morning and he said he was on and on for sure he did it. So it's out the fan radio and shot off of my graduate who planted himself right in man. Yeah and just listening to the show old school. Thank you might. Yeah who else have we have Marcus Mr One emoji Johnson in the building hello and last but not least. The. Real. Sakina. Scott is here Shout who you all we appreciate you listening. So can't you on the next one? Yes. Turn. We WanNa make sure that you guys follow us on social media the shot Harvey Morning Show featuring the wake up team make sure that you like and follow on facebook because you get notified..

Sean Brown John John John John Lewis Sean Marcus Mr One emoji Johnson Harvey Morning Show Mike Grassy US facebook Jonah Pitt Scott Bobby China Chris Joe
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"john john lewis" Discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

"Know each billion that far be behind the. Forties in the Castellanos and the resolve she's. Right behind them. But you know but they get they get more of the bigger amounts so. You know. Credit Barclay tags guide them stuck with him. And wanting to talk about speak although he has not any knockout. telegraphing is she's run three negative numbers. He's about as consistent as you could get. I mean John John Lewis going into Derby. That's a negative number New York traffic who've been negative three quarters. So. It's not like somebody. Going, to think at this time of the year, somebody would run a negative. Three or something I mean look at look at the numbers means run. She's she's other worlds. Numbers negative three and three quarters, and he's crazy numbers. But. You don't building want Derby and people look at the buyer numbers are. Running triple digit number well. You don't WanNa who one hundred and ten buyer number in in in February or March doll keys to peak on Derby Day one big number under day long as you show a progression. Forces that are progressing actually going into the race. Agreed. Mentioned about attachment rate. I think that. He's he's he's really discovered himself and matured. If you look at. His third graph numbers you're talking you keep saying attachment rate an. Actor. Now you are talking attachment right? Because you've you've conflated the two of them three times. Yeah I know but Yeah. Well, give me but start with them some. Tax Rate. Four three quarters of four four and a half or five and a half. So something's going on with that of course. It's not the same Moore's. Well.

John John Lewis Derby Day Castellanos Derby New York WanNa Moore
"john  john lewis" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM


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"john john lewis" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Welcome Our two of the program. Still, hundreds killed the number 410 Wcbm 6 80 or 1 800 Wcbm 6 80 Is talking about John Lewis. A lot of e mails about this, too. And the president being asked, What do you think his legacy is going to really have no idea. It's not something I spent a whole lot of time thinking about and it shouldn't be. This legacy is going to be his legacy. All right. Right now. I guarantee you that publishers in New York have signed at least three people to write biographies of John Lewis. I guarantee it least three And there'll be plenty written about gun Lewis and his legacy will be whatever his legacy is, but ultimately he was a backbench member of Congress that you know. His civil rights work will be remembered. But in general 20 years if not 10 years, most people won't remember the name John John Lewis is Oh, yeah, that will be the most common response Should his name ever come up because that's the most common response whenever any old member of Congress who's passed away or even just retired. Comes up. The district I grew up in was now represented by receded believe, God forbid, but before that, before they redrew the district, it was status McCotter. You remember the name fattest McCotter Only because the name fatty ISS is not Super comment. Not too many Fatties is walking around. And I know that isthe McCotter. It's like knowing a jebediah and not too many of them rocket around since the Civil war. So when you hear that, you get it, But what is the legacy of that is makana of you did grow up. Living in the district where I grew up in somebody named Deke. It's too before that. I think you have no idea. Who? Well, let's his legacy going to be. I have no idea. Is it going to be Patty's MacArthur's legacy going to be quoted Led Zeppelin on the floor of the House of Representatives? Maybe. Or, more likely, it will be that most people won't remember Thadeus McCotter. Let's let's go to Joyce in Baltimore. Thanks for holding Joyce. Welcome to the show. Well, I didn't know it was the rocks. Birthday today. Happy birthday. He's listening, Teo. I'm sure. Well, I've never really aware of John Lewis. The marriage pact. I used to get him mixed up with some One, the one from Baltimore. Elijah Cummings. Yeah, used those to mix up, but So John Lewis. He died on July 17th and one with normal July. It was last week, which one he had six memorial services across three states. Well, President Kennedy And great school when he was assassinated. November 22nd by November 26. Everybody was his funeral was 25th and we were all backto work in school on the 26 I didn't get any counselors or Greece. People come in, and and I turned out just fine. And will you listen to this show, so you can't write that? Well and then Martin Luther King. I think he was Assassinated on the fourth of April 1968. He was buried under nine And then, Bobby. I want to see his funeral train. I was one of the people I saw Ted Kennedy up close. On the back of that funeral train. But again, Joyce, If you talk to somebody in their thirties, they'll know the name Bobby Kennedy. We won't really know anything about Bobby Kennedy. Other than he was. He was the president's brother or whatever they want. I know is they might know about, you know his womanizing they might know about the corruption of having a brother be attorney General of the United States, but name anybody who served with Bobby Kennedy in the United States Senate. The only reason we know about Kennedy is because Kennedy's have been crammed down our throats by the media for 50 plus years old camel lines against its 60 years. Camelot. This and all their wonderful It was so idyllic and realistically, they were terrible people. But let me say this at the time in 1968 He was a prominent figure He was running for president. He was assassinated on the six is in the ground by the eight And everybody you know was You know he wants the president's brother. And so everybody didn't know who he wass and he came on his. They blow his body all the way from California. They laid him out. It's Patrick's cathedral and then put him on a train. To go to Arlington, and he was in the ground in two days. So I'm just saying, Well, there wasn't a 24 hour news cable cable news channels. They really drag this thing out, and it's all because of that. What? You know everything that's happening now that they I think they exploited that and just Sure it dragged it out. Democrats Carol waiting tragedy and sadness and death. Joyce. That's not the Democratic Party. I know. Oh, wait. It actually is. I appreciate the call Joyce Point Well, made the idea that you're sitting there and you're watching some, You know, family members, you know, friends, or you know somebody Who's lost a family member in the last six months and wasn't able to have a memorial or you gonna have 10 people there. Imagine being the one that says You can't go to Grandma's funeral because we can't have more than 10 people There can't go to her memorial service, and you just didn't make the cut. Sorry about that. Oh, by the way, flip on the TV, And there's Memorial Service number five for John Lewis. A couple of 100 people in a church, The mayor of Washington, D. C. Imposes restrictions on mere mortals that says, if you go toe a hot spot In the country. You have to isolate yourself. You have to self quarantine for 14 days when you return. And along those hot spots is Georgia. Atlanta is in Georgia. John Lewis, his final memorial service was at a church in Atlanta. A bunch of Democrats went down there. So what does the mayor of Washington D? C? She says, you don't have to isolate for 14 days. Democrats when you come back Why It's the same mentality that is out there with. Well, you you can't go to church. You can't go to a restaurant. You can't go anywhere. You can't do anything except if you want to take to the streets and riot. Then you don't have to wear a mask. You don't have to worry about anything. If you're out there, chanting for for justice or defunding the police, then find those restrictions Don't apply last night Los Angeles That was a live stream of this online. There was a house party, they said up in a mansion in the hills of Hollywood or wherever something is a big, big house, and they had the traffic copter up there getting aerial shots of this house. You know quite a few people. A huge house is a mansion. In a gated community. But they're having people over. The police were dispatched to end that party. It must be stopped. Don't you understand? There's a pandemic going on. If they'd have just thrown up a couple of justice for George Floyd signs. And maybe said, a fire pit up then they could have said We're legitimately out here protesting in the police would have said OK, good job. Congratulations. You're allowed to keep going. It's the hypocrisy that drives me nuts. It's the hypocrisy that is damaging. You want to go to John Lewis's funeral? Fine. He just was laying in state down the hall from your office, by the way..

John John Lewis Bobby Kennedy Joyce president President Kennedy Congress Baltimore Ted Kennedy Washington Atlanta Elijah Cummings House of Representatives Martin Luther King New York George Floyd Deke United States
Obama to deliver eulogy for civil rights icon John Lewis in Atlanta

WTOP 24 Hour News

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Obama to deliver eulogy for civil rights icon John Lewis in Atlanta

"Report The Life and Legacy of John Lewis. Family, Friends, congressional leaders and former presidents have have gathered gathered at at Ebenezer Ebenezer Baptist Baptist Church Church in in Atlanta Atlanta to to say say goodbye goodbye to to congressman congressman and and civil civil rights rights icon icon John John Lewis, Lewis, CBS CBS News News correspondent correspondent Alison Alison Keith Keith at at the the beginning beginning of of the the Celebration Celebration of of Life for John Lewis Historic Ebeneezer Baptist Church. Joint with churches all over the nation, bringing a bill 80 times to honor the man who faced death throughout his life and his battle for civil rights. The funeral is being held at the church where Dr Martin Luther King Jr and his father once preached former President George W. Bush. John Lewis. Always looked outwards. Not in words he always thought of others. Former President Barack Obama will deliver Lewis's eulogy. CBS News Special Report. I'm Jim Krystle. And, of course, stay with

John John Lewis John Lewis Historic Ebeneezer Ebenezer Ebenezer Baptist Bapt Alison Alison Keith Keith CBS President George W. Bush Congressman Dr Martin Luther King Jr Atlanta Jim Krystle Barack Obama President Trump
"john  john lewis" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

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"john john lewis" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"The violence is the reason it's not a newsreel for Trump because we know for sure the media is not going to provide a new Israel for Trump the newsreel. Is quite the opposite with the media pointing a finger at Trump for this where he is at the far this person that you would blame for this violence going on, which is which is at its core. The tools of a march this organization anti fun black light Now they're not Marxist organizations. They are people that are there out there. Look, I don't think you're a fascist. Are you, Joe? Absolutely. Aren't you support Do you support fascism? I support capital is okay. But I'm going a lot of questions here. Do you support fascism know? Okay, So are you then anti fascism. Did Joe, Are you anti fascism? Are you pro or anti fashion? Isn't I'm anti fashion So we'll see you later. 1 808 for 892221 808 for eight W A. B C. Look, if you're pro fascism, please come out and say it. If you're anti fascism, then you know it's just shorted for antifa. I mean, And if it's not even really a movement, then around headquarters. There are people that come out to the streets that are anti fascists on anti fascists. I think most people are anti fascists in America, maybe not. Attorney General Bar. But I think most Americans are antifascists. What? I wondered A for 89 to 2 to let me go. Duck. Naomi in Kew Gardens. Naomi, how you doing? Hi, Chris. Hi, Christiane. It's Naomi in Kew Gardens. Hello. Hello. Now you need great to talk to you. I don't always agree with you, but I think you're very sharp. One of the suggestions for The violence gets out of control. I agree that some of it may be cherry picked because I know that in Kew Gardens, we've had demonstrations and none of them violent. But what is your suggestion? When things spiral out of control? I think the local Lord I think that local law enforcement if things get out of control, local law enforcement has an obligation to get them back under control. The problem is, is that what we're seeing right now is nothing out of control. In fact, the violently the protest in Portland. We're kind of winding down. They were getting smaller. And the president just needed something to give his campaign something to put on his Twitter feed. Well, you wanted my question. I really appreciate I hope I hope your stay in coal. Hope you're staying cool in Kew Gardens talk you soon, 100 for 89 to 2 to let me go to Jack in Brooklyn, Jack. Jack. Hey, Jack. How's it going? I think the phone's air slow in Brooklyn today. I think there's a problem with a delay in Brooklyn. I'm doing well. How you doing, Jack? Okay, um alone about these protesters, not the protests themselves. But the right is doing all the damaging. Well, we do. How do we control these? I just told my friend from just a feeling I just told Naomi that look It is a responsibility of local law enforcement to make sure that people's lives and property are protected. And you know, I don't agree. With people who are out there throwing rocks at windows and lighting fires. That's nonsense. That's not protest ng. That's not what you know the great late John John Lewis would would have approved of, or Martin Luther King or others. Okay. Protest is one thing, violence and writings. Another thing. The problem is, the president is trying to make it seem like everyone in the streets is a rioter, and that's my problem with this guy. Out whatever they're doing. The most crap they're chanting. You know these these boot these jackbooted thugs that Trump said to Portland. Are gassing moms. They're beating on veterans. It's nonsense. 1 808 for 8922218 under W A. B c 108 for a W A B. C. Let me go to Jo in the Bronx, Joe Hello. Hey, Joe, how you doing? Hey, Horace, really quickly with going to black lives matter The reason why the media countenances them and tolerates them is because you know, black lives matter in their anti white, anti American anti western of Propaganda fits in with the propaganda line in the agenda of the mass media, and it's just proved my point. I'll give you an example You might recall a couple years back. There were a few college students on a number of campuses around the country that put up posters and stickers. That simply, said one statement. It's okay to be wiped. And again, you know the response to those very simple, innocuous, harmless statement that I mean there was no invective directed against Joe, First of all. Black lives matter is a movement that's gaining support nationwide. It's got 65% approval across the nation. People who don't approve of black lives matter fit into a couple of categories. One Old white guys that hate to see change it all young white guys that can't compete in a fair marketplace and are concerned that now they you know they're not going to have a leg up just because they're a white male in America. Black lives matter is responding to situations that exist. They're not creating situations that exist. Yeah, I would agree with that. All right. There you go. Well, then we're in agreement. 100 for 892221 808 for eight. WNBC. Look, I mean America. These protests aren't happening because nothing has been wrong in society. These protest or a reaction to what's going on. Two Briana Taylor. To George Floyd. Two. I don't know. Lots of oppression, Lots of inequality. Lots of social judgment, justice problems in his country. This isn't something that just grew out of nothing. This is something that is vital and this is who we are. As Americans. We go out and we stand up for what we think is right. One area for 89 to 2 to one another day for eight W A. B. C..

Joe Hello Kew Gardens Jack Naomi Trump America Brooklyn Portland president Israel George Floyd Twitter John John Lewis Briana Taylor Christiane Martin Luther King Chris General Bar Attorney
Civil rights icon John Lewis remembered in Atlanta

Sterling on Sundays

00:56 sec | 1 year ago

Civil rights icon John Lewis remembered in Atlanta

"John Lewis, the civil rights icon and George representative died Friday at the age of 80. Pancreatic cancer. His brother Grant Lewis spoke about the lost today on behalf of the family. He fought until the very end. That was my big brother. He was a fighter with a tenacious spirit. But he was also gracious and kind hearted. How to keep the legacy alive. For John Lewis, This is Chris Camp. Is there a place for John Lewis in National Statuary Hall in the U. S Capitol. Every state has two statues. Georgia has Dr Crawford Long and Alexander Stephens, the vice president of the Confederacy, who once promised that the cornerstone of the Confederacy would be white supremacy. Has been a moving the Legislature have Stevens removed. removed. The The Georgia Georgia House House speaker speaker David David Ralston Ralston likes likes the the idea idea of of a a John John Lewis Lewis statue, statue, telling telling The The Atlanta Atlanta Journal Journal Constitution. Constitution. Our Our state's state's history history is is more more than than just just the the civil civil War. Chris Camp, 95.5 86 degrees

John Lewis John John Lewis Lewis Grant Lewis David David Ralston Ralston Chris Camp The The Atlanta Atlanta Journa The Georgia Georgia House Hous Pancreatic Cancer Georgia National Statuary Hall Dr Crawford Long Representative Alexander Stephens Vice President George Stevens
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Texas Sen. John Cornyn react to death of civil rights icon John Lewis

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

00:38 sec | 1 year ago

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, Texas Sen. John Cornyn react to death of civil rights icon John Lewis

"Icons. icons. Of Of the the 19 19 sixties sixties civil civil rights rights movement. movement. Congressman Congressman John John Lewis Lewis has has died died at at the the age age of of 80 80 from from pancreatic pancreatic cancer. cancer. Few years ago, he was grand marshal of a Houston Martin Luther King Day Parade. This is Houston's mayor. Sylvester Turner. Congressman John Lewis, Gladiator Fight advocate for human rights, civil rights Flags at the White House and all over the country and half mast. Texas Senator John Cornyn said John Lewis left an indelible mark on the hearts of not only those in his home state of Georgia, but all over the country will be remembered for many things, but mainly is a fighter for civil rights.

Congressman Congressman John J Senator John Cornyn Houston Martin Luther King Day Pancreatic Cancer. Sylvester Turner Houston White House Texas Georgia
"john  john lewis" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM


06:51 min | 1 year ago

"john john lewis" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"In for 10922668 Covert 19 alive and well, not so well, but it's certainly alive and raging throughout particular south in the West, and the governor's made got things open so quickly, like Santa's in Florida. You and the governor in Arizona and Texas. Wow, What did they say? We're going to put economics ahead of of science and boy, are they paying the price now, with price with the positivity rate in Florida is almost 30%. And in Texas. I heard tonight There's something like 80 babies under the age of one have the Corona virus Now that's not so serious because Children don't don't are infected as badly as adults, but Sciences is taking a back seat in the sum of these states. And you know the consequence. It's going to be the economics are goingto suffer because of it. It just Anyway, we got to talk about that. We also want to talk about schools, The issue of school openings and Trump on Betsy DeVos pushing of schools open and oh, full capacity. And this governors in many states, including Maryland, are saying not so fast California saying No, they're going to open virtually We've got to talk about all of that. I mean, I don't know the answer. But I know the answer isn't just open it up. And run the risks to Children. Clearly getting the Children back in school is an important thing We gotta have that is to their benefit. I'm an educator. I know that. But we will also be safe. Safe has got to be the issue and with and whole issues. Can you do it with Max and all of that, anyway? We also want to talk about and we want to start with talking about John Lewis. A true giant in the Polish holes, civil rights movement. Tristan absolute giant I saw heard on the news tonight He'd been arrested 40 times during the sixties 40 times. What a giant Anyway, We're going to start with that with Mark And in Baltimore. We would talk about John Lewis Mark, Welcome to the show. Yes. Good, even in poor, So I just found out. I just shortly after our weekly to assemble, vented about the passing of the congressman John Lewis. And the one thing I will say I believe he was what? Somebody 9 to 80 years. Yeah, I think 80 years old. That was significant was I believe he participated and they marched on Washington in 1963 who has one of the youngest Roberti, youngest, the youngest years of age. The youngest, 23. Absolutely. He not only participated Mark, but I heard on the news tonight. He was one of the organizers of the March on Washington. So, too, And he really throughout this entire career, including being over the last several years of the congressman from Georgia, representing Ah, Atlanta and the different metropolitan areas of that state. Being a big John for the civil rights and all that. He really had made a name for himself. And for the African American community across the country. It will. It will be a great glory. Go. I don't know who will we play Lewis? In his footsteps. You know what I was thinking about the same thing. The same thing that Mark you know the black lives matter Movement and what's going on right now. But there isn't one person least from what I know that stands out as the person that you can look to to all of them. Clearly, black lives matter is a huge thing right now. But there isn't a single person that I think you can look too and say he's the one that we can look to for leadership. No. There's all kinds of folks got all kinds of ideas, but John John Lewis was was such a giant when he spoke, people listen because they knew He'd been there done that, and he was speaking from the heart. So he's He's a huge loss to the country to the African American community to the Legislature, Then just just Absolutely. You know, and one quick question, because I know that he doesn't recently passed away. But do you think it will have him? Uh, body line state at the United States have no clue. I would not be surprised if he didn't. If if that didn't happen, I mean, clearly, he was well regarded by both Republicans and Democrats matter fact in the Tonight. The both Democrat and every single living president has commented about what a wonderful man he waas. So you know that that would not surprise me at all. And I think if there's anybody that we've had this past week recently, who deserve it? Other than President's. Certainly he would be in that category. So I would I would think they would but again. Those are decisions I presume, are being discussed by folks who live in the in the powers that be in Washington by just saying. Whatever killing me, May he rest in peace and may his memory. Believe blessing to all those who knew and loved him, and this is a terrible loss for this country. But I just wanted to say Shalom in that circumstance, absolutely, the African American community community and we saw all citizens have lost a great leader truly a great leader. And I think, Well, he will be missed. I mean, I think I expected that the people who are in power now in Washington again. Take someone like Nancy Pelosi. I would I would expect that she has president lied on him a lot. You know, for guidance and for things, So I think that's a huge loss to our country and to the African American community and the whole issue of equality and justice. For all. He's a loss. When we're going to go on, we'll talk. Go to Bob in Parkville. We're gonna talk change subject of it, Bob. Welcome to the show. Are you okay? I wanted to talk about what happened up in court. Yeah, I didn't talk about that. Yes. You have the word There isn't happened. It's happening. Yes. Yes, Yes. 1960 Uh, This business of burning them buildings in all this and throwing Molotov cocktails. Ever return to this man is stupid, Mariner stupid governor. They got But, uh, that's arson is only all well, but you know, But the flip side of that is you know that the federal government, the HHS and ice, and all of that theoretically came in to protect the federal buildings. But the fact is that they have gone way beyond that. And the people who are protesting just quietly peaceful protest Ng You know, protesting..

John Lewis Mark John Lewis African American community John John Lewis Washington President congressman Texas Florida Santa United States Maryland Bob Arizona Max Nancy Pelosi Tristan Baltimore
Washington, DC mayor comments on death of Atlanta Congressman John Lewis

WTOP 24 Hour News

00:22 sec | 1 year ago

Washington, DC mayor comments on death of Atlanta Congressman John Lewis

"Civil civil rights rights icon icon John John Lewis Lewis has has died died in in a a statement. statement. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser calls Louis The conscience of a generation long movement to deliver on the promise of equal justice and equal opportunity. She adds that our appreciation for his life will be demonstrated in the work we do to build on his legacy. The Georgia congressman died at the age of 80 following a battle with cancer. Today

John John Lewis Lewis Mayor Muriel Bowser Congressman DC Georgia Louis
"john  john lewis" Discussed on Christian Podcast Community

Christian Podcast Community

09:21 min | 2 years ago

"john john lewis" Discussed on Christian Podcast Community

"Own servers to you. Jean oh man that's about Google. I wonder John Says John John Lewis's I'd pay to watch him. Come on. Yeah so so you know you get interesting things when you're in the ministry so so I don't know if there's is anyone anyone That still has questions once. Come in If not on get back to Whether you can lose your salvation are some things there that we still have that. I didn't wrap up so John You can help me if you want but the thing you have to understand. I think the best argument against you know if you you want to argue with someone that's saying that you can lose your salvation. I think the best argument is to religious. Ask The question. When sins paid for? That's that's really the only thing you have to ask them because if they say the right answer which is at the Cross. They don't even unrealized. They're done okay. So let me give you that verse in Colossians Chapter to its verse fourteen but going to start in verse thirteen because you don't start in the middle of a sentence KT SAYS KT is saying the guy that guy's no profit to betty doesn't just admit he wrote it himself. Well that is the problem. Isn't it so So as we look at. Let's do this so we can look at it together. There we go what you end up seeing seeing in verse thirteen. That's we're GONNA start it says and you who were dead in trespasses and sins and the uncircumcised in your flesh. God made alive together with him having forgiven awes- all our trespasses so first off how many trespasses did he did he forgive all Okay so he forgive all of our trespasses and sins. How did he do it? I fourteen. By cancelling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands this he set aside nailing it to the cross. There you go so here what you see is at the cross all not some all of our trespasses that were cancelled at the cross that whole record is cancelled and I think that is that is in my mind the best argument to us because because if once they recognize that all of the debt was cancelled at the Cross and every sin they commit is future to that act then. Now there's only one of two possibilities you're never saved or you are saved. So you're saved and disobedient or you're never saved you're just a hypocrite. That stopped pretending. Okay bills funny. I liked this message. So he saying that the message from the Lord of.

John John Lewis Google Jean betty
"john  john lewis" Discussed on Apologetics Live

Apologetics Live

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"john john lewis" Discussed on Apologetics Live

"Own servers. You Jean oh man that's about Google. I wonder John Says John John Lewis's I'd pay to watch him. Come on. Yeah so so you know you get interesting things when you're in the ministry so so I don't know if there's is anyone anyone That still has questions once. Come in If not on get back to Whether you can lose your salvation are some things there that we still have that. I didn't wrap up so John You can help me if you want but the thing you have to understand. I think the best argument against you know if you you want to argue with someone that's saying that you can lose your salvation. I think the best argument is to religious. Ask question when were your sins paid for. That's that's really the only thing you have to ask them because if they say the right answer which is at the Cross. They don't even unrealized. They're done okay. So let me give you that verse in Colossians Chapter to its verse fourteen but going to start in verse thirteen because you don't start in the middle of a sentence KT SAYS KT is saying the guy that guy's no profit to betty doesn't just admit he wrote it himself. Well that is the problem. Isn't it so So as we look at. Let's do this so we can look at it together. There we go what you end up seeing seeing in verse thirteen. That's we're GONNA start it says and you who were dead in trespasses and sins and the uncircumcised in your flesh. God made alive together with him having forgiven awes- all our trespasses so first off how many trespasses did he did he forgive all okay so he forgive all of our trespasses and sins. How did he do it? I fourteen. By cancelling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands this he set aside nailing it to the cross. There you go so here what you see is at the cross all not some all of our trespasses that were cancelled at the cross that whole record is cancelled and I think that is that is in my mind the best argument to us because because if once they recognize that all of the debt was cancelled at the Cross and every sin they commit is future to that act then. Now there's only one of two possibilities you're never saved or you are saved. So you're saved and disobedient or you're never saved you're just a hypocrite. That stopped pretending. Okay bills funny. I liked this message. So he saying that the message from the Lord of.

John John Lewis Google Jean betty
"john  john lewis" Discussed on WJR 760

WJR 760

03:12 min | 2 years ago

"john john lewis" Discussed on WJR 760

"It's true I mean I think I think non African Americans think everywhere from with the same I've seen even from the call floor people calling Elijah Cummings John John Lewis Elijah Cummings and they're totally different people you know this thing well I see it all the time and I love them because they like go along with it you know this is why I can't I can't distinguish Ken brown from loans brown obviously that's what the that must be the problem right thank you congresswoman till he for spelling that out for me you know we shouldn't joke about this so she was asking the chief of police to racially discriminate against Caucasian officers told that they couldn't sit at that console and do a job because you know black folks all look alike. are you serious well there went that that was Ken brown okay I got in that time like my facial recognition is working better now there you are yeah yeah. I just want you to know that I am really Lomas brown I've been there all day and I recall can bribe everybody the station so something is going on so obviously we all have a full thank you for settling that let's get to the phones if we didn't laugh we would cry time in Detroit what do you think about this. she's dead wrong I mean is that to say that black folks in terms of facial recognition technology couldn't you know identify you know uses identify white folks and the same thing like okay for instance in the city tried with the with the student population okay most of the student population in the city it's it's black or African American okay is that to say that whites and non non people of color couldn't teach black students hi you know this thing is just absolutely insane I mean the what the what the same I mean the holes with their hair airlines are now using facial recognition technology and I mean even if the detainees they've been using this thing for the last two years now and what I like to see if it is if they have any kind of break down in terms of you know the people that they have facially recognize with that software has anyone been misidentified because as of today I've heard people yelling and screaming about you know it's and it's it's not a hundred percent which nothing is right but I haven't heard anything to the negative to say that you know people were arrested you know because long because there would be remiss identity you might have missed it there but the chief said he answered the very question you asked he said not one mess identification documented yet in the two years that they've been using this software as an aid and here's the thing she wants to throw the baby out with the bath water listen to what she says here and she was you know she was kind of kidding around with it during the tour and things like that. then she you know quite frankly got a little snarky. some sixty percent error rate because it doesn't have a black hole you know I know that if you start to the error rate among. especially.

Lomas brown John John Lewis Elijah Cumming Elijah Cummings Ken brown Detroit two years hundred percent sixty percent
"john  john lewis" Discussed on Power 106 FM

Power 106 FM

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"john john lewis" Discussed on Power 106 FM

"Dyson as you can say, you can't go. I don't know. To go. Get those every. You come around. You make everything we're about those. Ways. Gum. Yeah. I those every time I need hind tutors. I. I those. Every time when you're not around. That too. Those every time when oppressed. Yeah. I. Like when oppress mind. Yeah. I wanna take. I wouldn't agree light. I wanna press my dear span feelings never been more residual building building building. That's all. A pet sake picky brain to get shaved parting the shots. Mike you have argued those. Around. You may have fun about those. Yeah. Those every time I need. Two. Every time when you're not around that too. Those every time. Kendrick Lamar scout. Morning show. Number one. The taliban. Yeah. John. Man like three weeks. I am. I. DJ. With my pay. There wanna tease. Man and Amboise the Sunday. I think I need a robot doesn't. Many questions you must trust. Nothing. Tweaking. They know. John. John Lewis begging. Mike. The sunday. Jay was trying to join a team. Total. Noble noble noble noble. Private dinner. Kevin is a habit. I said. Away. Introduction. Metropole dozen. Oh country while tell us data. Between. They gave me my election. Okay. Dookie average her majesty on her day had. A bunch of girls gone wild. Leaded and I out nine. It. Did. They must have. Discount. A normal. Got him. Something. Tabloids. Then was us. So she. Maybe twenty years. Everybody need a decoy. The. Seven twenty s. Was really? Yami. Got him saying. Army..

"john  john lewis" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

WFAN Sports Radio_FM

06:56 min | 3 years ago

"john john lewis" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"You won't come back from here, and he realized the only way to defeat his brother was the sacrifice himself into flames that he's afraid of falls. The thought those parts were awesome. You nailed it. That's why was beautiful. I didn't have a problem with the middle either. Because this battle is conversations have been so hyped. It's almost like how do you? How do you match the hype of battle like this? Well, you just put them in a situation where they literally can't kill each other to the point where the hound actually starts laughing in the middle of this fight to the death. Because of the ridiculousness of the fact that these two cannot kill each other which I thought was perfect. I thought that whole sequence was perfect then it's cut alongside aria. You're getting the first person experience of being in the city as burning down for seemingly forty five minutes. That was amazing. It was visceral. So well filmed that entire sequence. I thought was some of the best game of thrones ever made outstanding toy Laurie Laurie and I last night. Don't work outside. We're just sort of hang the kids sleeping. And she asked me she because one thing was what do you think about the criticism that generes would never burn the city before she went destroyed in my response. I thought it was brilliant for this reason. I had the opposite reaction is I guess people online. She didn't. She knew she was going to beat, sir. See Tyrian said it she wanted to she wants her to watch her destroy everything. She thought she had to watch everything burned to be so small that she discouraged like a rat in die in the rubble. You're so beneath me, I'm not gonna come for you. But I'm going to for forty five minutes destroy everything you ever wanted the few things that are left literally break the wheel right in front of your face. Which is something that she said she wanted to do. That's what I think we should spend the last couple of minutes on her decision and what led to it? Because a lot of people think that it was on earned not right and came out of nowhere. I don't really agree with any of those things rushed. Sure. Like her fall to the dark side for lack of a better way. Putting it rush a little bit. But all the steps are in there. The first thing that I think a lot of people miss his viruses trying to poison her. And she knew she wasn't eating be a lot of people miss the fact that she proposes to John that's a marriage proposal that John turns down it's a huge pivot in her life that I don't think people understand that. She just lost the dragon if she considered few stuff exactly she she just lets dragon. She considered a child she just lost her best friend. So you combine all of these things, and she is at a life pivot point, she's already headed in history of middle. Listen, the family, exactly. And then just the reality of and it goes back to what you were just saying what we're actually here options in that moment as the bells ringing. What are actually she has the option top? She has the option. They've thrown their arms down. Right. So let her soldiers take take searching it will be a civil projected battle or to fly over there in burner out. She she went. She wanted to kill every inch. You'll bloodless place. But there's a reason for it too. I think again going back to making you'll deal yet impart, and she's able in her brain to do it. But there's also the fact that look if she took this somewhat peacefully arrested search even executed her on the spot burner. But let me just moot marched in. It wouldn't be breaking the wheel. It would just be the next family. But the real, but she she started burning she's burning civilian, right? It was think. I think we've missed this conversation as she said to John let it be fear. Then right. Exactly was speaking about all of west rose. Not just all right. So quick predictions. Who's on the throw one more theory? We'll do prediction. I don't want this to be true. But I think it'd be interesting if it turned out that brand is such a with his powers the whole time is playing with everyone, including the night king. And he sort of this weird. I'm not brand sociopath raven guy where he's basically moving the chess pieces and he's on the throne because he's just knows how to physician everything's everyone kills each other takes over. I could see that. Thing might be Santa. I don't think it's John the Ortho. Yeah. I don't think you think you'd be John John wants. I think Danny lives and nothing's surprise me. Now that episode good. If Danny lives, she's gonna fly north and burn winner fell to the ground. Right. If you can't live without winning. I don't think she can't do it. They want the his dragon. She's protected by army. They have to kill her or she rules. It's a great point. I'm with you about brand like he has to be central to the entire story or else. His art makes no sense. So yes, he still has to in some way has to be pulling all these strings, which makes you think that a stark will come out on top John is knocking accept it are these snow you think so I and this goes back my Georgia. Morton loves the it's it's always target areas here, Ian jar Kors Tyrian if he's if they make much arguing on the show John has to be the one. That kills Dante though. Right. Yeah. So. John kills Danny and puts himself in self imposed exile, north of the wall kind of like Frodo or the rings. With torment and his his dire. Wolf going north to and Tyrian takes over as our Gary in Lancaster who marry Sansa for real to bring the whole kingdom together. That is the most logical thing. Now, as you said all the things that we've anticipated as the most logical things have happened over the course of the Jewett agree that is the best way. Tantalizes torment your. Prediction. I see any of those. I just don't I don't think John Watson. I think Danny dies. John kills Danny? I think it someone. It's maybe it's brand. Maybe it's it's it's I don't think it's John John Lewis won't what? Jonathan I don't think John wants going back to the he doesn't want. Yeah. Now, this one brother tomorrow than the kids. I can't say what quit we gotta go. What is your prediction, Mr. devito with you just exactly as you laid that out? Basically John kills Danny has to self-exile north and essentially allows an opening for sonic to just stroll on down Mary Tyrian, and then to together some form of that. I love it. Eight five five two four CBS want to give some game of thrones theories. We are going to long because you know, what we do. We want here on the show we love everything about that. We'll keep it rolling on Reiter than you with me Bill writer, and the guys are helping to break the radio wheel. We come back to the program next on CBS sports radio. All week long. Yes, you'll Corinto has you covered with inside access to the two thousand eighteen PJ championship at Bethpage Black in New York. And you could be a part of the action on the Gulf section of radio dot com there you'll find wall to wall coverage of the two thousand eighteen PJ championship, including exclusive player.

John John Danny and John Mary Tyrian John John Lewis John Watson CBS PJ Laurie Laurie Ian jar Kors Tyrian generes west rose Mr. devito New York Reiter Tyrian writer Santa Dante Jewett
"john  john lewis" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

KNBR The Sports Leader

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"john john lewis" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"With John sterling near is the to break that ball is. In dirt three. Homerun, Mike, Nick. The suck man. The sock man jets. We want me say bad. It's cold sock. Man, right. He's trying to haul this discussion early on the first. This is still really good. That's terrible. Sean calls funny. I got it. Which was the best one. I love Robbie canot Bernie Williams, burn. We use the now for the Mets. No, no, no, intellectual property IP. Joel correct. I don't know. This is the first one that started all of this hormone call. That's I thought it was Bernie Williams. I mean, it's not burn baby burn. It's got to be that era of guys. Well, it has. Yeah. You're right. Now, I'm just guessing here. That's a great question. Andrew, I don't know that it's a fed. Good venture guests. I would say was Bernie Williams. Okay. Thank you. Say it's Bernie. The south man ordering in eight nothing decision. Barris horrible over the Red Sox. Tell him please. Stop. For me. In the Bronx, James Paxson k twelve over eight to hittings the Mariners took their fifth loss in a row for to Cleveland, Houston. One Oakland nine one extending their win streak to double digits and the raise beat the os for to Tampa MLB best thirteen and four the dodgers taught the red six one the cubs. Afford win in Miami. And the Phillies jumped on the Mets with a ten run first inning. They won the game. Fourteen. Three to fill is also awarded the twenty twenty six all star game in conjunction with the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the declaration of independence. Philly also hosted the all star game in seventy six as part of the bicentennial playoff ice the top seated lightening dawn swift by the blue jackets seven three in Columbus, the lightning the first team in the expansion era which began in sixty seven to have the best regular season record. And then get swept in round one also sweeping the islanders out the penguins. Three one in Pittsburgh last night. Yes. The jets one not in Saint Louis to one free to series the Golden Knights dumped the sharks five nothing for a three one lead. The patriots have signed veteran receiver Damaris Thomas and the chargers will wear powder blue jerseys at home this season. Nice those gentleman, we're free share that, sir. Thanks. Thank you. Okay. So we asked a question about LeBron James do you miss LeBron right now in the playoffs? Full lines. A burn up. Let's go. Let's go out to California took the Irving listening on radio dot com. Your on how you doing? Gentlemen. Good moments. What's up, man? I am collab- LeBron in the full year. Some new stars. Right. Exactly. So you don't miss them one bit. You're just to watch the games. You're cool. I'm great, actually, I'm guessing lebrons at home with the sun. Running some Space Jam lights might be. Sound like the biggest LeBron fan? Honest with you. So I can't hear maybe tired of tired of the act, but even even if say for yourself like your your route against LeBron. You don't miss having that presence. You don't think it adds something to the NBA playoffs? You think the NBA playoffs are just as exciting without the best player in the world part of it. The era because now you can really hate into all the other games that are going on. And all the other teams. You're not just focus on what LeBron doing right? It's a good point. It's been laser focus on him because he's been a ratings bonanza. That's it. I mean, I if you get frustrated why you know, the likes of you know, what will we do ESPN FOX go up and down the live TASR all the major networks. It terms of y at times we focus in on LeBron's is because middle projects call. Yeah. No, he's he's he's a ratings machine. I know any any generates buzz and people react to it. I get it. And listen Taza are with you. I mean for different reasons, but I do think it's refreshing. And I think for LeBron TASR I actually think it will probably work in his favourite depending on what the Lakers do this off season going into next year getting ready for the playoffs because he's played a lot of basketball is in his mid thirties. Yeah. No. Yeah. Again. Do you miss LeBron in the playoffs? Yes. Or no eight five five two one two four two two seven squat the Portland, Oregon talked to John listening on seven fifty AM John. What's up, y'all? The most taking my man you got. I want to give a shoutout task for give it some core. Doodo CJ McCollum, Damian Lillard. Yes. I mean, they're the best backward deal since we had Clyde Drexler and Terry porter in the NBA finals, and they went up against one of the best backward. Deals and Thomas and Joe Dumars. I'm telling you man this backward. Do is ready to stay and hope we can continue onto the play offs. And I wanna thanks for giving a shout shot up the Portland trailblazers. We'll get no attention out here. We don't care about the Bronco trailblazer. You guys a little? Oh, you good. That was a really good Portland team. Those the wrong time where he had porter and he had CLYDE at your own Kersee, Kevin Duckworth, Buck Williams that was those are really good really deep team Cliff Robinson was on the team as well. I believe at one point toward the tail end of that run. I believe he was correct. I think he was I think he was in the shot when Jordan put his hands up Clifford in the Bassey is right. If you're right about that had been all let's go out on the jersey. I to we have some special for the next call John listening radio dot com. John John John Lewis before becoming a question or whatever your grievance. We list on. We said you call the show a lot your misguide document, then you segue to being TASR guy, which might be the best movie you've ever made. We know that we got we understand that we have as promised. This is a work in progress. This is not the finish finish three two.

LeBron James Bernie Williams John John John Lewis NBA Portland Mets John sterling Clyde Drexler Damaris Thomas Terry porter Sean Miami Red Sox Pittsburgh jets Mike patriots Phillies Bronx Joel
"john  john lewis" Discussed on 1150 AM KKNW

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"john john lewis" Discussed on 1150 AM KKNW

"Relishes seattle. Joined in Seattle. I'm awash. Jinjiang woman jumped on Schindler's may should I. Well, million dollar your homies chevelle. We had a little bottom twenty hundred host Utah woman. I don't ya. Don't fade Jim by. The only way you're sharing your need chica- found. Jay. You ever what's trumps will finish without you've eight how she. Louis. Jinja shove, I will consider or Hong y you always you shall we? Cooperation vado. This do what's called the which asshole. No chaban. Television MacAulay idea reading articles articles was essentially. Giga? You. Yeah. The kosher. Yeah. Would you? Oh, interesting. You. You ain't tripping. But yeah, we other actress and. Yeah. Tool. Leading the Indian here. Seattle mincing John Young Sandra, Sandra who could Rudo corridor. By the equal your your your trooping. Wait. Got you. The warhol. Yes. You the I. What you call? I'm not. Manson, John John. Electrical feet. Torture. Your shot with with Allah. Shuttle. Thank you for your. The Dow on your. To. Sure. TWA Andreotti until what Tony not user Cuomo Cuomo columns now. You go. Who knows? I offended acquired. They don't. Luke how much? Oh god. Yeah. Meal. Meanwhile, call Yanna. A new book after you you. Like holiday. Yeah. Walk. All of y'all phony party finally route. What will the Mitchell? Now, you're. Borrego Hoffa yada cell phone. Not your call. Yup. Yup. By Jaza hope for the future. Grew to go for sure. To you. Y'all to qualify. Now. Eagles town hall. So you get the fuck. You mean? Chuka thoughts continue to obey visual. Yeah. Yadav Koga Yoshida, Emma. Chiba Chiba back. You know for sure contradict the young. Your income meet with gun. Got new you. Do you wanna go? The only thing. Just how much your watch what Don barcode early show called thunder. What sort of mail during the? She sure Kim Jones. You Hashem bullshit near joie. Sherri, sherri? You're what Asia? Puts it this way you down and they'll show mentor. That's hard to puts it away somehow go this way woman geology. Hung Nazi-era children's. But. Oh shit. Y'all y'all. Your shout. Now. John them. The plot will hammer. Kilowatt hamas. Jeddah Jaza touch. Colorful hotel. Yells at the moment. Qadagha yanna. In the whole, holy me to call you back to this issue. For new Berlin colored paschel actual tree. Seattle. Context. Eight hundred. Hi, sweetie. Donovan you cut your tree Russia. The rule. Your call. Mcaulifee entitled short shelf. My call on her daughter of north official social under Donald Russia, though. Gung? Call it a young congressional would a high tide and your show. What you say on the go. T dot ORG. Bilberry, finishes, dick, apparently the whole. Better down your coal. That's the jails your Asiago northern about sharia, ULA. Another chicago. Really? Sonko don't should as a badge on his condition. Joe pension of eight. And how Dr. Recall that got your whole John John Lewis Ochoa interchanging shots. Sheila jay. Rotate. At the harbor. Let me talk to Sean Trevor need to Colorado. Hong boss or. Yoli let it on some Hans. Yeah. So you're not with how many times I'm going to go woman collection. What? Tuck Colorado, John Harwood on anti-short resolve that. John. Oh. All of the. House actress by three other manager yada, helping them to this. Yeah. Tunnel. Trae by. Yup. Bye. Bye. Donald gone. You. Yup. Denia you quit. Country. You don't they? Performing. By thereto, Nicole, rotary Java, Yala thereto. Donald. He shot up. She lebanon. Just all you. Call y'all. Quad. He what Humphry now. Not at home. Oh, man. You'll notice at home. Each year. I'm sorry. Tabby? I tell you beat up my. Beat up by. She on the train back on your phone. Fundraiser shitty. India? Authroity? The Sean Kelly. The hot yada. The astronauts. Donald about yada took Woody Al from Sony Bill. Treat all before. Ame Guay bureau a shot. Sent here here. Let me going. Thanks for the cartoon me. Kayla. So your phone call. Call. Sure Tetra cars. Of course, you that an agenda. I took a radical. Challenge. We all on. Yeah. Two offer forty nine. Yeah. The. Does your watch. Tocado? Sherri hundred. Should've she she you guys. Sure show. There are not general not quite how shot Joe. Jahanara John chancellor do. Injure shell Fontham them. At until after. Warhol? What are you on yet? Another just call. I gotta. Cultural. Jolla, y'all got only meals mobile here. Other Sherry travel. You hold a copay. Doc was telling the Hideto darnold urogenital hundred. Eight hundred twenty. What's yours? Kyle need your Jaeger you'll either so. So what else wholesale you from? This guy. What maria. Colosseum element. John now. Jochen announced Fijian's on by JJ. Kyle. Kyle union. Not just you're not. Well, not y'all know. Yeah. The culture what hunt? Kelly. Rural ULA either. Daughter. So Carnegie HANA ten pm on equal the butcher. To good anyone. Do you? Not much. Sure. How about your ninja type role Fogo showdown Ulama? The wound. Anatolia? A tho Quantico ULA. Donald John Kennedy backwards. He'll. Taliban. I'm not. Some shoot up yet. Up here. Central? Yelling at all. NFL solo yacht for the default that are central. That we thought she you. Gotta tell you that police requirement in the league. The ninety Kim nearly sharia they'll run you Ronnie. Hong laura. Would he would cease? Endorsed sam. Yards. Hotel. The leaders had this time. So it's. Sure. Yeah. Alisher shelties. Asia. Trevor. Shiver to the talk show now lesion war pressure, you push her canola hawker should of toys. Gone through a song whore down. The usual wards or woman nowadays. Oh. Odds journal missile via tweet. Here's your. Madania woman. Tongo JCD me. Yeah. A hundred dollars. She might national own dribble. My Cherie Australia's attention, ashtrays. Jay. Two hundred dollars. Your daughter women's I wanna know one this year that will put you in jail. Kucher tweedy to what else you don't buy job analogy. Sure. A house. Here's treasure during. It's the treasure hot cocoa. So that that for me. Women's over a little here. John. Not not not for that out there. The Dow now my tweet, I you don't over the Dow Jones yada, yada. Some. Not much. Cogliano your we? Yup. Here. Sharon. Vow eukaryotes outta each. Calzado, you know, traveler. Doc, we'd see about your sugar, which probably you either. John's change. Mayor. I don't know Amancio now leisure. Leisure. Yup. Called johan. John Travolta beginning. Liana tuna, though one yada cheap. Cheetham lunch. Golden helmet. On the role. Yano cultural social. Yup. The peanut soup. That wasn't a criteria canal Yoshiko. Do you wanna holy here? Sweden. Whitlow? This way, you're gone woman. Tell honda. Yup. Yeah. Eight hundred you'll be all about. The woman Galatasaray attention to the function. Yup. Dollar Johore on. Diabolique? Did you? John. So, you know, Jaeger. Yup. Trevor. They don't alcohol traditional type hero, y'all. How's your? Yup. What you're the two types. The national champion realty up here at European shares. Sharon. Hotter. Would you say your clinician? They go patient. Why would you the male hydrogen? We sit here. What's the choice? Russia. You have heroes. I'm here. Sure. John Hutton gin. Yoda dundar. You're you're. Donovan clinch judge. On your knee days, Maria, della. Ruin each column about. Your. Another challenge you. Leonardo wash about so he got here on the door. So. The Chevanton your call yada yada, yada, matab has not. Doing that Hannah was higher. Natural the guy, you're the fatal. I hope you. Tina? She oh all tied up three four. Appear beetle shot one. Indeed up here. All Yip panda short for your oftentimes the Shaw. Thank fatal. So the topic. The in injury to pay PD belco share any journal Jacob. John. What what you face house? Burn somebody's for your car. Cms? Gentlemen. There are those. Sure. Yeah. I know. Tell it up. John Lewis you. I are somehow metrics. Jay. Michelle how the Taliban. Aw. Gonna sharia Trevor going down. You're going to have. Pates home Shaanxi Anita Chaban ninja word on Chicago. John fong. Assaulted idea that trip? Yeah. Tortoise. Royal while you're here in issue. You pay on the security may at all. But. Oh. Are you on funding? No, not at all. Fun fun legal. Mommy guava. What? Clear your wallet. Here today. Because I'm mcwethy at all. Hartaway, though, what else will? The que- Beijing yard. Yard. You're without. The either wardrobe your washer you got torn put by Johanna water. One hundred and say, well, you Bonjour yard. A lot harder. Hydros? Roger sound woman. Yeltsin has what the Eddie. He didn't have any special holiday. So you're not you're not having gonna share Sherry journey bunch Jato your Chatham Talia, yellow her Hong Chow automobile territory, Yarrow, Hong polyps, hold. You throw it John you Sheila. This your wire he's out. Are they eating to go? Tony work hotel away. Now tremor, Sharon, even though Hegelian was Rozier. Tweeter yours, Richard. Sure. Help you. Shared her daughter daughter Twitter. Hold on. Arakan? Women output. Hold on just Dr year's Alexandra are measured. Yeah. You're you're sure that woman that. You had a major junior year. Shrimp, filament toll more. You know, how you I Ganga quango halting issue Anya chew country one. Kotani in Seattle Indian tied Uganda. Kenya? Seattle chinchilla quick. Are you? I Williams whom I. Belleville Maytham Teton trillion won't way Yeltsin to wake which means into the union. Show. Hi, Kim Jong UN union. Eighteen. Souto Chimi without one. He.

John John seattle John Sheila jay Sean Trevor Sharon Sherri hundred Donald John John Lewis Ochoa Kyle union Asia Sherry Donovan Colorado John Young Sandra Taliban Sean Kelly Joe pension John chancellor Russia
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"john john lewis" Discussed on Jokes So Funny

"I'm not calling your doctor. Dr Lee the first three words fucking learn Dr Seuss's, the kind of guy that would get his PHD of divide. And then ask the doctor from then on out. Just beginning from personal experience. Call me Dr. Okay. Dr Louis, thank you that. I want. Did you like that? I called you Dr in the near middle name. Yeah. I did actually like that. It's actually my last name. I'm getting legally changed. So you'll be John Lewis Lewis. Can you make your middle name? John Lewis actually thinking about then it'll be John Lewis, John John Lewis Lewis good idea. I'm actually thinking about changing it to John Lou is Louis. Not funny, the bureau, cool, people would go, hi suit. You did there. Yeah. Though, Beales rock. Okay. Well, I have a correction because a couple of weeks ago, we said the I wasn't very funny and you wanna take that back now. Did I really say that I'm such a jerk really have gory say it, and so many. Listen to your topsy didn't say in. So many words, but you implied it strongly. You know, how you did that I didn't laugh I told a really good joke about Dr Seuss, and there is no laughter. So you wanna take that back and correct it now posthumously, well, so the actual correction is a Barent our claims about rice birds. What did we do wrong? They don't rice does not actually kill burns. All all you misunderstood me. I'm into say rice in kills birds like the poison from breaking bad, you know, because rising I watch that. Oh, breaking bad. There's this poison called rice. And they used it to kill like one of the bag is in like season while they're all bad guys. He had bird the no it wasn't. Onset. You could. I mean, he could have killed it with it. I mean, maybe they left the rice out while they were filming it, and then like all the birds in Albuquerque died potentially. A wedding. I mean, I just assume that was what the tradition was home schooled. I don't know what people do it, weddings. So I just assumed people were like here have some poison kill your enemies. Okay. I would do I would grab a handful of rice in chunk at the Brian go. May this kill all the bad ideas throat at her why the woman while the groom's probably already gone by then he's busy open the door and shit. What do you mean? He's busy doing stuff. You know? He's got important, man. Shit to do you know? Yes. If the guy if the groom came up throw so met him to like, go, you schmuck? Okay. Have a handful Wrightson and all birds would come up and tap on it and die stupid birds. Sorry. You had a correction what we were saying last week. No not last week. I think this is like a couple of weeks ago. We should play landslide right now. It was a long time ago. It really was. But that will to say is if you're feeding your little babies rice have no fear. They can eat it. That's good. But it doesn't fix my rice story. Does it? Well, you were talking about rice in while. I was they tell I was actually real. Yeah. Okay. Moving on. I will say this though, it wouldn't be the first time. It wouldn't be the first time that I made a mistake involving rice, though, would it. Segue. You like that segue. You also made me realize I misled people to saying that they had at correction about right because you definitely did make that race in the microwave. Yeah. Did we tell that story of the podcast? Yeah. Okay. We'll just totally forgot 'cause I thought maybe that's how we got on the whole topic of rice anyway..

rice John Lewis Lewis Dr Seuss John John Lewis Lewis Dr Louis Dr Lee John Lou Barent Albuquerque Beales Wrightson Brian