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Is the 'Rejection Election' Tactic Enough for the GOP?

The Charlie Kirk Show

02:07 min | Last week

Is the 'Rejection Election' Tactic Enough for the GOP?

"Bartiromo in first cut 13 asks senator barrasso from Wyoming, hey, what do you think about this midterm poll? By the way, every midterm poll is shortening and shortening. What looked like it was going to be an inevitable red wave. Democrats have done their work. They're motivating their base. They're registering voters. They're raising money. They're expanding their activist pool and Republicans are doing what? Well, first, let's play cut 13 of senator barrasso on Maria bartiromo show, play cut 13. Well, senator, I guess what I'm asking you is, shouldn't the Republicans be doing better at this point? And look at the congressional generic ballot and the congressional vote preference that we have here. Democrat 41% Republican 44% shouldn't the gap the wider shouldn't Republicans be winning. Well, I'm very optimistic about the elections in November. It's still a hundred days away. Maria, this is going to be a rejection election. The American people are going to reject the Democrats and Joe Biden because of the things that you just mentioned. Crushing inflation, chaos at the border, crime in this city's rejection election. Do you think that's going to be enough? Do you think the message of the Republicans being a rejection election is adequate to be able to win back the House of Representatives in the Senate? The polls are showing us no. It shows that we're actually getting within the margin of error. In fact, on certain polls, this is a short clip, cut to Maria bartiromo shows Democrats now have a four point lead on a general congressional ballot. And look, I know some of these polls can be wrong, but the fact they're tightening is cause for concern. They could be off by a couple points, but the trend is what you should always look at. Trends matter. Play cut two. USA today Suffolk university poll released on Thursday, has Democrats with a 4% lead on a generic congressional ballot. So Democrats now 4% lead in that poll, other ones show Republicans with a couple point lead, but regardless is that every single one of the polls, regardless of the polling agency you trust or you don't trust, it's tightening.

Senator Barrasso Bartiromo Maria Bartiromo Wyoming Joe Biden Maria House Of Representatives Usa Today Suffolk University Senate
1st Time Since 1958, Biden Will Not Offer New Offshore Oil Leases

Mark Levin

01:47 min | Last month

1st Time Since 1958, Biden Will Not Offer New Offshore Oil Leases

"Representative chuck fleischmann Republican Tennessee The Biden administration by the way did not give an explanation after it missed its own deadline to plan future oil and gas leases Interior secretary Deb haaland vowed during a Senate hearing on May 19th to issue a legally mandated program Outlining proposed offshore lease sales Legally mandated Over the next 5 years On Wednesday interior department spokesperson Melissa Schwartz confirmed the agency was quote on track To issue the plan yesterday Thursday But today Schwartz declined to comment on the delay in response to a Fox News digital inquiry The White House did not respond to requests for comment An announcement was slated to take place yesterday but was pushed back for an unknown reason Curious secretary Deb haaland is in charge of that building and charge of all these lands President Biden is hell bent on choking off American oil and natural gas production Senate energy and natural resources committee ranking member John barrasso of Wyoming said now he's fad to fail to follow the law and prepare a final 5 year leasing plan by yesterday's deadline That means the federal government will not offer any new offshore oil and gas lease sales This year This will be the first year since 1958 64 years ago This has happened

Deb Haaland Representative Chuck Fleischma Biden Administration Melissa Schwartz Interior Department Tennessee President Biden Senate American Oil And Natural Gas P Schwartz Fox News John Barrasso White House Wyoming Federal Government
"  barrasso" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

Bloomberg Radio New York

03:46 min | Last month

" barrasso" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"Up with is yet another gimmick, another band aid. Is that word again? And something they know is dead on arrival up here in Congress. Which apparently everyone agrees with, I look, things could change, I guess, senator John barrasso had a bit more poetry to spend. Joe Biden, the president of painfully high prices is throwing another desperate Hail Mary pass. It's the so called gas tax holiday. The holiday the American people need is a holiday from Joe Biden's terrible energy policies. My God, Jeannie, did he just make it worse? The president was supposed to give people something good to talk about. He was. And this again is the fear. And I think this is what we've seen with the Biden presidency. He hasn't been able to show the American public who he is in part because the constituency he ran on was trying to stitch together these progressives and these moderates, and I don't think he's gotten to express who he really is. And again, if he's committed to renewables, if he's committed to a long-term solution, it may not immediately bring down gas prices, but at least it would be an authentic version if that is what it is of who he is and who the administration is. This is a losing proposition that, you know, my question has been why take the time in the days to think about this, he comes on board and says this today by my count we have no more congressmen or women supporting it than we did certainly not Manchin. And by the way, no more states saying they would go along with it at this point other than the 19. And if you don't get the states, the consumers don't feel what's really supposed to be felt here. So I'm not sure why they took the time if they didn't bring people along today he dumps this and we don't see more support for it in Congress or the states. The strike you is just a strange decision, a Rick or is the point just to get the sound cut on the air. President has given you a wants at least a gas tax holiday as opposed to spending time whipping votes, trying to get a coalition together here. Sure, you could make the argument that he's just trying to put Congress on the defense, right? Oh, I wanted to give you those gas tax holiday, but the problem is half of those are his guys. I mean, half of those are Democrats. And what are they going to say about this? I mean, you heard Joe Manchin is just a gimmick. This is a joke. It's not going to happen, then on arrival. I mean, but he's putting his own party who's on the ballot. He's not on the ballot in 6 months. His party is, and his party's got to go and explain why this administration is doing much to alleviate their pain at the pump. And so I really think it's a mistake. I mean, he also got caught today in a sort of an effort to try and pick on the oil industry again. The CEO of Chevron sent a letter out saying, hey, quit picking on his skin. You realize how sensitive they are. It's all these permits to drill. You should be drilling. It's not helpful in this conversation to keep bringing up things that actually aren't going to make any difference. Judy, we started this hour talking about Jay Powell today, his testimony. You had a recession to all of this, which might actually be the only way they can get rid of the inflation problem right now. And boy, I don't know what kind of a final chapter we can right here to make it more depressing, but does President Biden need to start preparing people for that or is that just not the job of the commander in chief? He has to talk up the economy when in public. Yeah, yeah, I guess he could just rely on Powell to do it for him as he did today. And you know, speaking of, you know, not much of a affinity between the two. To my mind, when Paul was asked if inflation was high, you know, in terms of the war, if this Putin price hike has any realistic, if there's any truth to that, he basically sold Joe Biden down the river saying, nope, no truth to that, I either. So bad news

Joe Biden senator John barrasso Congress Jeannie Manchin Biden Joe Manchin Jay Powell Rick President Biden Chevron Judy Powell Putin Paul
"  barrasso" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

Bloomberg Radio New York

02:34 min | 5 months ago

" barrasso" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"On Wall Street and let's bring in Michael Barr again with more on what else is going on in New York and around the world John thank you very much sir The confirmation hearings for President Biden's first Supreme Court nominee are scheduled to get underway today Judge katon G Brown Jackson is the first black woman to be nominated to the Supreme Court Republican senator John barrasso We're going to have a fair process and a respectful process unlike what the Democrats did to justice Kavanaugh Republican senator Josh hawley last week tried to discredit Jackson in a barrage of tweets saying she was soft on crime Democratic senator dick Durbin says that Holly's claims have been fact checked and discredited saying Holly's base is far from centrist This part of a fringe within the Republican Party This was the man who was fist bumping the murderous mob that descended on the capitol Senators Durbin and barrasso spoke on ABC's this week which can be heard Sundays on Bloomberg We're learning that justice clarence Thomas was hospitalized with flu like symptoms and treated with intravenous antibiotics for an infection The Supreme Court said the 73 year old justice's symptoms have eased and he is resting comfortably Even with COVID cases down U.S. health officials said that they are expecting more cases with the new BA two variant though a large surge is unlikely Doctor Anthony Fauci says while the BA two symptoms are not typically severe it is even more contagious than its omicron predecessor It's about 50 to 60% or so more transmissible which means ultimately over time it might take over as the dominant variant There have been more than 79 million cases of COVID in the U.S. alone and more than 971,000 deaths The U.S. Marine Corps has identified the four marines who died when their Osprey aircraft crashed Friday night in a Norwegian town in the Arctic circle during a NATO exercise all four were out of Marine Corps air station new river North Carolina the cause of the crash remains under investigation Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in more than a 120 countries I'm Michael Barr This is Bloomberg John Michael thank you some breaking news crossing the Bloomberg right now Berkshire Hathaway buying Allegheny for $848 and two cents a share A deal worth $11.6 billion New York based Allegheny operates in the property and casualty reinsurance and insurance business It is now 5 36 on.

Jackson New York $848 Michael Barr Anthony Fauci Republican Party $11.6 billion Holly barrasso John Josh hawley Friday night Democrats U.S. Marine Corps last week today Kavanaugh more than 2700 journalists four marines Thomas
"  barrasso" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

Spittin' Chiclets

01:58 min | 5 months ago

" barrasso" Discussed on Spittin' Chiclets

"I play with two unique individuals. When we run axle came to the team and Keith Acton, you know, Iran axel was so tall and Keith that was too short. And the only thing out together, you know, bad dressers also. I think it's from a touching flattering school of fashion. But right next one was fun. He was very emotional goalie. You know, he was always chirping, you know, it was a funny guy in the locker room. You know, I had a good time with him. Did you have an inkling that you were gonna get moved over? You ended up going from the islanders to the penguins? Did you have any clue that that trade was common? No, you know, it's weird. What happened? I remember flying home from the one of the. Exhibition games. The thing or something like that, Mark millbury was talking to every player on the team. And then he talked to me and said, listen, I love you. I love the style you play. You passion for game. You hear until I'm here. So and I remember packing for the West Coast trip. And then a phone call that evening and Mike milbury goes, sorry, cascade, you've actually this one. And I was like, you know, I agree. You're not serious. He's like, yeah, I'm sorry. And you can not do that. You know, they fucking hate me there. You know, I can't go to Pittsburgh because they basically, you know, that I was the number one enemy after the playoffs. Every time I played Pittsburgh after the playoffs, they hated me there. And I was like, why are they brought you in? And I was like, shit, you know? I started crying. I was so shocked that, you know, I got treated. Because I thought I was going to play for islanders until I retired. So it was very painful experience, but then I come to Pittsburgh and see all the big power players like the new Frances, Tom barrasso, you know, jager. It was like, I wasn't nervous, you know? I was very nervous. Was it just bad timing? Or did he have an inkling that you were going to.

Keith Acton Mark millbury axel Mike milbury Keith Iran islanders penguins Pittsburgh West Coast Tom barrasso jager Frances
U.S. Senate Passes $1.5 Trillion Gov't Funding Bill With Ukraine Aid

The Charlie Kirk Show

02:20 min | 5 months ago

U.S. Senate Passes $1.5 Trillion Gov't Funding Bill With Ukraine Aid

"So I want to get into a story here that broke late last night. The United States Senate has approved the $1.5 trillion spending bill that expands the power of the IRS and dramatically increases the size and scope of government last evening, but also it sends $13.6 billion to Ukraine. We're going to get into that. Now Senate Republicans voted for this 18 of them voted for it. Senator barrasso from Wyoming, Roy blunt from Missouri. Shelley Moore capito from West Virginia, Susan Collins from Maine, John cornyn from Texas, Joni Ernst from Iowa, Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, chuck grassley from Iowa. Kathy Hyde Smith from Mississippi, Mitch McConnell from Kentucky. Senator Moran from Kansas, Lisa Murkowski from Alaska, rob Portman from Ohio, senator Shelby from Alabama, John thune from South Dakota, Tommy tuberville from Alabama, a senator wicker from Mississippi and senator young from Indiana. Approved Nancy Pelosi's $1.5 trillion omnibus bill. What good are Republicans when we have Republicans doing the work of Democrats? So I want to focus on one part of this, which of course is us spending $13.6 billion to Ukraine. Now, I'm not going to get into whether or not we should send the money. I've already made my position clear on that. I'm going to ask a couple of questions about this. How about leaders thought this through? What does success look like with this sort of funding appropriation? What is an acceptable result? So a rational way of going about spending money, any person that we have here at NRB would ask the question before you spend $13.6 billion before you embark on a mission, you just have to say if it's the right or wrong thing to do, but also weigh the reality of pulling off that task. And the track record associated with the entity or the organization proposing it. So I have a question for all of our listeners that support sending money to Ukraine. Do you have trust in the CIA? Does mark milley and Lloyd Austin give you confidence? Because that's who we just funded. Does giving foreign aid to other countries give you confidence or does it give you skepticism? So just to be clear, these Republicans and a lot of people that are pushing for sending a to Ukraine. And it might be the right choice, by the way. I have said I don't believe it is. I could be corrected, but it's already

Senator Barrasso Shelley Moore Capito Joni Ernst Kathy Hyde Smith Senator Moran Senator Shelby Ukraine Senate Iowa Roy Blunt Mississippi Alabama John Cornyn Susan Collins Chuck Grassley Rob Portman Lindsey Graham Lisa Murkowski
Senators Urge Biden to Add More H-2B Seasonal Worker Visas

The Charlie Kirk Show

02:41 min | 6 months ago

Senators Urge Biden to Add More H-2B Seasonal Worker Visas

"17 Republicans just signed a letter to Joe Biden. I'm reading from breitbart dot com demanding saying we need more foreign workers. So there are 12 million Americans out of work, there's 35 to 40 million members of my generation that are underemployed. Let me say that again. They are underemployed. So you're not even looking at unemployment. Let's talk about underemployment. Now, what is underemployment? Well, it's someone that went to Wichita state university, and they got a degree in Central American migratory bird studies. And they're working as a barista or they're working as some sort of social media manager, but they are clearly underemployed. But don't worry, Senate Republicans are on the job. Senate Republicans believe that while Biden is trying to bring more people into the country, they want to help them do that. Senators asked Biden to speed up the process, so employers could get more foreign workers into blue collar American jobs. So while we have inflation and while things are more expensive, they want to bring in more foreign workers so that you could depress wages. So prices are going up, so let's try to get our own carpenters and plumbers disenfranchised from ever being able to have meaningful work. Why are they doing this? Well, the 17 Republicans who signed the letter, and I respect some of these people, and I philosophically see where Rand Paul is coming from on this. I totally disagree with him. He's more libertarian when it comes to immigration. I am not. But some of these other people, Kevin Kramer, Mike rounds Lindsey Graham, James rish, Lisa Murkowski, Roy blunt, Cynthia lummis, John cornyn, Mike crapo, John thune, Susan Collins pat toomey, roger wicker, Jerry Moran, Rand Paul, who I'm going to exempt Rand Paul because he's been so amazing on Fauci and honestly, he's a friend of mine, and he's just been awesome on many other things. John barrasso and Tim Scott, but they sign it alongside 17 Democrats. And it says, quote, The White House and congressional Democrats, that's a separate quote. This is from RJ hauman from the federation for American immigration reform, saying quote, Republicans say they're great on the illegal front due to the border crisis, but why not also oppose programs that a rife with abuse displace American workers and depressed wages, of course they do.

Biden Rand Paul Wichita State University Joe Biden Senate Kevin Kramer Mike Rounds Lindsey Graham James Rish Cynthia Lummis Susan Collins Pat Toomey Roger Wicker Mike Crapo Roy Blunt Lisa Murkowski John Thune John Barrasso John Cornyn Jerry Moran Fauci Tim Scott
Biden's Bill Will Empower the IRS to Track Your Every Transaction

Mark Levin

01:30 min | 11 months ago

Biden's Bill Will Empower the IRS to Track Your Every Transaction

"One One of the core aspects of this bill Biden and the Democrats are pushing Is to massively increase the power of the Internal Revenue Service Now for people who don't pay taxes and are on the doll that's not a big deal But for people who do it is a big deal Because it's intended to again Bully threaten intimidate law abiding American citizens who are actually pay the freight in this country While people on the dog get to watch and laugh John barrasso at a press conference today cut 6 go The Republican Party is not going to allow the IRS to spy on your banking accounts On this single topic alone I've gotten more emails and calls in the last three weeks than I have on any other item over the last of the times I've been in the United States Now what is he talking about Well we've talked about now for weeks and I've done it on television as well And that is this Biden is proposing that any Movement of money that is $600 or more can be monitored by the Internal Revenue Service They can try and figure out what it's for Whether it's coming into your account or going out of your account and not just your account it could be PayPal or Venmo or whatever it is That the Internal Revenue Service would be empowered to trace that And to monitor that

Bill Biden Internal Revenue Service John Barrasso Republican Party Biden United States Venmo Paypal
"  barrasso" Discussed on Boston Public Radio Podcast

Boston Public Radio Podcast

03:12 min | 11 months ago

" barrasso" Discussed on Boston Public Radio Podcast

"H good morning. Jim hither marjorie. How you excellent thank you. So it's official. After henry said effort couple of centuries the next mayor lead. the city of boston will not be a white man. Michelle wound and lisa sabi. George have declared victory andrea campbell acting their kim. johnny. John barrasso conceited. History is being made. History is also repeating itself though with pathetically low. Voter turnout the latest. From the secretary states all of his head. I think it was ninety. Nine thousand votes counted once. It is finalized. Maybe we'll reach one hundred ten thousand votes which means no more. I can't believe this no more than a quarter of the city's registered voters felt. It was important enough to go out and vote for the next mayor of this city. Totally disgraceful we're taking your calls asking how you're feeling today about. The mayor. race are excited to see history. Being made you disappointed that even though three black candidates were in the race not one of them made it to the final. Should voter turnout have been more of a priority. Eight seven seven. Three zero one eighty nine seventy. I had two guests last night on greater boston..

Jim hither marjorie lisa sabi andrea campbell John barrasso henry Michelle boston johnny George
"  barrasso" Discussed on WTVN


01:39 min | 1 year ago

" barrasso" Discussed on WTVN

"Key to the MPs must go solo but a prose Barrasso lows lows. Pros Unidos Columbus News Radio 6 10 W T V N. All the sounds of Elton John. And congratulations to Steve Boyer of Marysville. Steve is on his way. I'll listen to that. L A lady here, Steve. Just think. You get to the back, See and hear him live in Cleveland Progressive Field next year. So congratulations Steve Boyer, Marysville, You will get another chance to go on that Elton John Road trip to Cleveland tomorrow around 8 20 a NewsRadio 16 w t V and before we get to traffic, David Chase Who's the man behind one of the some would say that one of the greatest TV shows of all time. The Sopranos. I don't know if you saw this yesterday, but he released a trailer for the prequel of The Sopranos. When I was a kid, guys like me were brought up to follow, Coach. Hey, sir, What do you say Antonio Soprano. Ankle. Dick growing up with the family takes it tall. Far as your nephew goes. I'm listening. Stay out of his life. Yeah, I got I, for one cannot wait. By the way. If you're wondering the movie hits theaters this fall as well as HBO, Max for a 30 Day run. Yeah, I cannot wait for one. Just.

Steve Boyer David Chase Cleveland Elton John Steve HBO 30 Day next year Marysville Antonio Soprano yesterday Cleveland Progressive Field tomorrow around 8 20 a this fall Barrasso The Sopranos Columbus News Radio 6 Road Max NewsRadio
"  barrasso" Discussed on AP News

AP News

02:32 min | 1 year ago

" barrasso" Discussed on AP News

"Bill calls for $928 billion in spending. This is Wyoming's John Barrasso. This is a real offer. This is a substance and significance. What we're bringing forth. Today, and it's what people have home in Wyoming. Think of is infrastructure. The president's latest offering is $1.7 Trillion. His ex wife says an employee who shot and killed nine people at a rail yard in San Jose, California and then killed himself had talked about killing people at work more than a decade ago. Under Abide Administration directive, pipeline operators will be required for the first time. Conduct a cyber security assessment. It's in response to the ransomware hack that disrupted gas supplies and several states. Facebook says it will no longer remove claims that the corona viruses man made or manufactured from its APS. This is AP News. The two top leaders of the European Commission are supporting the Tokyo Olympics. European Commission president of Sullivan Dillon said she was satisfied with safety measures in place of the game, the signal that from the European Union 100 more than $100 million herself. Vaccines have been authorized to be exported to Japan also is strong sign that we support any preparation for the Olympic Games, Games and the safety off these games position representing a Japanese medical body warned that holding the purse spent Tokyo Olympics in two months could lead to the spread of variants of the coronavirus initially planned last year. The Tokyo Olympics have been delayed by a year because of the pandemic. They're scheduled to open on two. Neither 23rd I'm Karen Shamus. The Philadelphia 76 years revoked the season ticket of a man who threw popcorn on Washington guard Russell Westbrook and banned him from all events at their arena indefinitely. Ed Donahue. AP News The U. S economy is rebounding from the pandemic, With some economists forecasting the strongest annual gain since the 19 fifties, The Commerce Department's reporting that the U. S economy grew a robust freight 6.4% in the first three months of this year. The introduction of vaccines for the Corona virus and nearly $3 trillion in government support have been aiding the recovery from last year's pandemic. Recession spending by consumers grew at a sizzling rate of 11.3%. But that was offset by a decline in U. S X. Sports economists believe that the gross domestic product could top 10% in the current quarter. The Commerce Department also reported that durable goods orders dropped unexpectedly in April. A shortage of computer chips is disrupting auto production. Jennifer King Washington.

Ed Donahue Russell Westbrook European Commission John Barrasso Karen Shamus Facebook $928 billion April $1.7 Trillion 11.3% 6.4% 10% European Union Olympic Games Today Tokyo Olympics nine people 23rd last year San Jose, California
Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, House Democrats plan final approval Tuesday

NBC Meet the Press

02:07 min | 1 year ago

Senate passes $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill, House Democrats plan final approval Tuesday

"And now even as the case and death rates have fallen in the past two months new variants or threatening to produce a fourth way while governors are loosening restrictions. Prompting fears that spiking. The football too early here will lead do a new spike in cases but president biden and democrats are hoping their new one point nine trillion dollar. Bill will help blunt the pain of any new search. And keep this in mind with this bill which passed yesterday without any republican support. We have now thrown six trillion dollars in a year at this crisis beating the virus. This plan gives those families who are struggling the most the help and the breathing room. They need to get through this moment. It's a victory for the new president and for senate democrats is passed. The covid relief bill includes new money for testing contact tracing and education for state and local governments and expansion of unemployment benefits three hundred dollars a week through september six and the child tax credit and fourteen hundred dollar direct payments to many americans. The american rescue plan. We'll go down. As one of the most sweeping federal recovery efforts in history democrats stripped out a minimum wage increase that had passed the house after seven democrats and one independent who votes with them voted against. It means cinema. No we can no longer tolerate millions of our workers being unable to feed their families because they are working for starvation wages. The covid relief bill is widely popular. Seventy percent approve of president. Biden's handling of the pandemic including forty four percent of republicans despite that elected republicans have argued against it citing process. Every republican should vote against it and the reason why they completely cut us out of the process cost. Count me out for one point nine trillion dollar spin fist and arguing. The economy is already strong enough or has already shut for a roaring recovery this week two more republican governors announced an end to mask mandates and they allow businesses to reopen at one hundred percent capacity. Every texan knows what to do right now. They don't need to step state mandate to tell them what to do.

President Biden Football Bill Senate Biden House Texan
Republicans Push Back On Historic Nomination Of Deb Haaland For Interior Secretary

Pacifica Evening News

02:43 min | 1 year ago

Republicans Push Back On Historic Nomination Of Deb Haaland For Interior Secretary

"And Natural Resource is committee today held confirmation hearings for New Mexico representative Deb Holland to be the next secretary of interior. A confirmation would be historic. She would be the first Native American Cabinet member in the nation's history. Her nomination by President Biden has also been criticized by oil State Republicans because of her stated opposition issues such as to fracking in the Dakota access pipeline. Ecuadorian reports from Fresno. The history being made by Deb Holland's nomination was hailed by all on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, even those who are skeptical of her policy views The special nature of the moment was evident as the New Mexico congresswoman introduced herself to the committee and the nation. I spent summers in the Sita, or small village on Laguna Pueblo, the location of my grandparent's traditional home. It was there that I learned about my culture from my grandmother by watching her cook and by participating in traditional feast days and ceremonies, it was in the cornfields with my grandfather, where I learned the importance of water. And protecting our resource is where I gained a deep respect for the Earth Committee chair, Joe Manchin outlined the immensity of the task. The Interior Department manages 500 million acres of land. 1/5 of the entire country. The 70,000 employees oversee Parks Monuments Wildlife refuge because dams, reservoirs and canals. It also supervisors mineral resource lands that produced 20% of the nation's energy. Citing previous statements Deb Holland had made about fossil fuel production. Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, the committee's ranking member, set the theme which Republican members came back to repeatedly. Oil production in federal lands and oil pipelines, especially the Dakota access pipeline. By signing an executive order to ban all new oil coal gas leases on federal lands. The president is taking a sledgehammer to Western states economies. Ban on federal leasing could result in 33,000 workers losing their jobs in Wyoming. Representative Hollins home state of Wyoming, 62,000 workers stand to lose their jobs. Holland also faced questions over her appearance at protests of the Dakota access pipeline in North Dakota before she was elected to Congress in 2018. Holland said she went there in solidarity with Native American tribes and other water protectors, who felt they were not consulted adequately before the multi state pipeline was approved. President Joe Biden has sense next the project. Conservative

Deb Holland Native American Cabinet President Biden Senate Energy And Natural Reso New Mexico Laguna Pueblo Earth Committee Dakota Natural Resource Fresno Senator John Barrasso Joe Manchin Wyoming Interior Department Representative Hollins Holland North Dakota Congress
"  barrasso" Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

Newsradio 600 KOGO

03:09 min | 1 year ago

" barrasso" Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

"Greetings and welcome back Rush Limbaugh here behind the golden EI Be microphone. And yes, Today is like all other days, folks. I woke up On in a few split seconds realized I had woken up on that. That very moment. I thank God that I did. Every day is day to day. Some days are good some days. Are bad. You don't know from day to day how it's going to be so you accept each day as it is given to you. And what you can make of it. One of the thing in this bill. Family members. I kid you not on this. Family members of illegal immigrants are now able to get stimulus checks. And it's retroactive. So they can also get the previous $1200 that was given out. Way back when this is a tweet from Ryan Fornier. At 10 A.m. this morning family members of illegal aliens are now able to get stimulus checks, You know, let me re read that with proper emphasis on proper words. Family members. Of illegal Aliens, it says here. Family members of illegal aliens are now able to get stimulus checks under this new Covert relief bill. And it's retroactive, so they can also get the previous $1200. Given out, so they're going to get 18 of the families of illegal aliens. It seems that in every piece of legislation, it comes down the pike. That involves government grants to individuals. It seems like illegal aliens. End up being at the top of the priority list. Which should not surprise people who have been paying attention. Me and people like me for the recent years now back to the climate change aspect of lead. Of the bill. I like John Barrasso folks. He's the senator, Republican senator from Wyoming. But this He said. Republicans and Democrats are working together to protect the environment through innovation. That's his comment on the covert relief bill. This historic agreement includes three separate pieces legislation. That will significantly reduce greenhouse gasses. Maybe we're going to capture and store carbon dioxide produced by power and manufacturing plant white. This is the way Democrats talk We're going to authorize a 15 year reduction of hydrofluorocarbons. Are used in everything from cars to air condition. Is that considered a major driver of global warming and are being targeted world.

senator Limbaugh John Barrasso Ryan Fornier Wyoming
"  barrasso" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM


03:12 min | 1 year ago

" barrasso" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Here behind the golden EI be microphone. And yes, Today is like all other days, folks. I woke up on a few split seconds realized I had woken up. And at that very moment, I thank God that I did. Every day is day to day. Some days are good. Some days are bad. You don't know from day to day how it's going to be so you accept each day as it is given to you and what you can make of it. One of the thing in this bill. Family members. I kid you not on this. Family members of illegal immigrants are now able to get stimulus checks. And it's retroactive. So they can also get the previous $1200 that was given out. Way back when this is a tweet from Ryan Fornier. At 10 A.m. this morning family members of illegal aliens are now able to get stimulus checks. But, you know, let me re read that with proper emphasis on proper words. Family members. Of illegal Aliens, it says here. Family members of illegal aliens are now able to get stimulus checks under this new Covert relief bill. And it's retroactive, so they can also get the previous $1200. Given out, so they're going to get 18 the families of illegal aliens. It seems that in every piece of legislation that comes down the pike That involves government grants to individuals. It seems like illegal aliens. End up being at the top of the priority list. Which should not surprise people who have been paying attention. Me and people like me for the recent years now back to the climate change aspect of leave Of the bill. I like John Barrasso folks. He's the senator, Republican senator from Wyoming. But this He said. Republicans and Democrats are working together to protect the environment through innovation. That's his comment on the covert relief bill. This historic agreement includes three separate pieces legislation that will significantly reduce greenhouse gasses. Maybe we're gonna capture and store carbon dioxide produced by power and manufacturing plant white. This is the way Democrats talk We're going to authorize a 15 year reduction of hydrofluorocarbons. That are used in everything from cars to air condition. Is that considered a major driver of global warming and are being targeted world and we Republican senator touting.

senator John Barrasso Ryan Fornier Wyoming
Woman dies after gang-rape in India, second in a week

BBC Newshour

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Woman dies after gang-rape in India, second in a week

"Two leaders off the Indian opposition Congress party have been arrested outside Delhi after they set out to meet the parents of a teenage gang rape victim who died from her injuries. Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka was stopped as they attempted to walk across the village walk towards the village of the victim in neighboring utter Pradesh state. His and Barrasso Natarajan. Television pictures showed the Congress Party leader ruffle Gandhi falling to the ground as police officers tried to block its progress. The put up with the state government has imposed restrictions on gatherings in the village off the rape victim was died. Two weeks after she was assaulted. She was from the marginalized the Dalit community who often face discrimination despite laws that protect them. There has been a national outcry over the incident on India's governing Hindu nationalist B. J. P has been criticized for failing to act after the rape. Protests have been held in several places for a second day over the incident

Rape Rahul Gandhi Indian Opposition Congress Ruffle Gandhi Congress Party Barrasso Natarajan Delhi India Priyanka B. J. P
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"And a Bloomberg Quick Take This is Bloomberg Radio. The White House Corona virus testing coordinator says science and data will drive the push to get a vaccine on CNN's state of the Union Admiral Brett Gerard's says We'll have to wait for the trials to run their courses. And prove the vaccine is safe and effective. The United States is approaching 200,000 Corbett related deaths and could surpass that number today. Senator John Barrasso says the process of getting a new justice on the Supreme Court will move quickly. President is going to make a nomination. I believe it's going to be this week on NBC's meet the press, the Wyoming Republicans says that will then be followed by a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Grasso also promises there will be a vote this year on whoever the president puts forward. The upcoming battle over a new nominee comes after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday. Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff, Mark Short, says it's President Trump's duty to nominate a new Supreme Court justice. The president's obligation is to make the nomination will leave the timetable to leader McConnell. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vows to hold a floor vote on the nominee the president puts forward Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the United States is imposing sanctions on Iran. Matt Matt Johnson has Mohr. However, the move by the secretary of state is expected to be passed over by allies and enemies across the globe. The jester comes after the White House failed to extend it the conventional weapons embargo that is set to expire next month. Under the nuclear deal with Tehran. Other countries in the United Nations have rejected America's arguments that it could impose sanctions that had been lifted under Iran nuclear deal that the Trump Administration backed out of in 2018, Matt Madison. I'm Cameron Fairchild. Storm surge warnings are in effect along the coast of Texas and Louisiana. As tropical storm beta draws near Beta is no longer expected to grow into a hurricane, but the tropical storm He's still a danger. Beta is expected to move inland over Texas late Monday between Corpus Christi and Galveston. President Trump says Oracle and Wal Mart will give $5 billion to educate Americans on the really history of the United States. Jim Forbes has that story. On Saturday, Trump told in North Carolina rally of his supporters that the companies agreed so fast that he felt he should have asked for more. Trump said he would support the deal for Oracle in Walmart toe by social media giant tick talk if they agreed to contribute to his program to emphasize how great America is, and has been A couple in Britain may be thinking twice about playing with handcuffs. Lisa Taylor reports. Well, it could happen to anyone on Twitter, the Greater Manchester, Russia, police said. A man called for assistance early Friday morning after his girlfriend handcuffed him and misplaced. The key officers responded and were able to get the man out of the shackles safely. There's no word on exactly how the boyfriend got locked up in the first place. The manager of the Detroit Tigers announces his retirement effective immediately. Matt Matt Johnson has that story, general manager L. Abdullah said. Rod Gardenhire is leaving the club in the middle of his third season Saturday. Health issues were a factor, according to Avalon. Former Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon will manage the team for the remainder of the season. Both the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans will open up the home portions of their schedules today. The Cowboys host the Atlanta Falcons, the Texas entertain Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. The Cowboys will have fans in attendance. The Texans will not I'm Cameron Fairchild. And I'm Susanna Palmer in the Bloomberg News Room. The Trump Administration's curbs on we'd chat were put on hold by a California judge that puts a hold on efforts to stop the use of the Chinese owned APP in the US Magistrate Judge Laurel Bealer in San Francisco, issued a preliminary injunction at the request of a group of US we chat users who argued that prohibiting the wee chat APP would violate the free speech rights of millions of Chinese speaking Americans who rely on it for communication. The APP was supposed to disappear from US APP stores today, President Donald Trump gave his blessing to workers bid for the American operations of Tic Tac. Which means take talk may avoid a U. S ban imposed on it. As part of Trump's pressure campaign against China. The new company, which will be called TIC Tac Global, has agreed to funnel $5 billion in new tax dollars to the U. S. And set up a new education fund. Which Trump said would satisfy his demand that the government received a payment from the deal. Saudi industrial investment group and National Petro Chemical Company are in merger talks, according to the company's This would potentially create a firm with $11 billion in assets and this as cos look at their options in a relatively low price. Oil environment. Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan called for another round of federal stimulus to help us reach a full economic recovery from the Corona virus pandemic. More from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellet. In an interview ahead of this week's Bloomberg Equalities summit, Moynahan said, quote your backup toh, where 95% of the economy is back, adding that more help is needed for restaurants, airlines, performing arts venues and state and local governments so they can quote cross that same bridges, housing, health care and other recovered industries. Point and set a year over year increase in consumer spending is a sign of the economy's resilience. Charlie Pelant Bloomberg Radio Global News 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg Quick take powered by more than 2700, journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg. This's Bloomberg BusinessWeek with Carol Master and Jason Kelly from Bloomberg Radio. I am and I'm Carol Master. Welcome to the weekend edition of Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Jason. It's week 27 Still working mostly from home..

President Donald Trump Bloomberg President United States Bloomberg Radio Bloomberg BusinessWeek Trump Administration Matt Matt Johnson Texas Bloomberg Equalities summit Supreme Court Cameron Fairchild Susanna Palmer Iran Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Senator John Barrasso America Vice President Mitch McConnell CNN
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"Call now 87743747818774374781 policy for its inevitability vary by state, The Washington Redskins announced they will retire their controversial name and Native American branding. They plan to reveal a new name immediately due to a trademark issue. The team is no longer expected to use any Native American imagery. Plans to retain its burgundy and gold colors. FedEx, Mickey and Pepsi say shareholders are asking the company to disassociate with the NFL until it changes their name. The head of one company is leaving after being outed on social media You essays Chris Barnes has more high tech company CEO is leaving that company after a viral video of his racist rant. Last week, Michael Lofthouse, giving a statement to Fox News He says he's leaving solid aid so is to prevent further harm to the company. Last week, the video was posted of the encounter between Log House and an Asian family. With him swearing and yelling at the family. You're listening to use a radio news working from home. I'm Chad DOD veterinarian consultant. A limb pills. Here's some tips for keeping your dog fit while staying at home. Find 15 minutes twice a day and walk your pet at a decent pace around your place. Play hide and seek by hiding some kibble our favorite toys and letting your dog find them. If you have stairs in your dog is mobile, walk up and down twice a day for 5 to 10 minutes. Or better yet try a power walking your terrorists or backyard for some fresh air there more helpful pet care tips that you move dot com spelled. Why you move dot com One Republican senator says more stimulus money should be coming. He was a radio networks. Timberg has the story Lawmakers are back in Washington, D. C next Monday, Now one of the big things on the agenda. Will be another stimulus bill and according to Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming, they'll be under sometime deadlines, but they should be able to get something done well. There are a couple of deadlines as you mentioned. One is the enhanced uninsured unemployment insurance benefits that run out on July 31st. The other is the Paycheck Protection program, which has been so successful that runs out on August 8. That's helped Keep about 50 million people on you don't want a payroll and in Wyoming, we have 13,000 those loans, so there's a there's an urgency to get this done a lot of different things in the components of it. The question is, should it include additional relief checks for people who have still not been able to get back? To work certainly in hard hit industries. Whether it's the service industry, the hospitality industry is that once before, but that was people up to $95,000. We're looking at a lower number there and then the unemployment insurance is you raised these air enhanced benefits where they've been paying people $600 a week above their own state. Unemployment. Listen to the news any time on our website. Use a radio.

Washington Redskins Chris Barnes Wyoming Senator John Barrasso Michael Lofthouse FedEx Chad DOD senator Log House NFL Pepsi Mickey Timberg CEO consultant
Who's the Champ?

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Who's the Champ?

"Bobby? A halt of the New York hot list is our first guest of two thousand twenty here on the gate now. The horse that won the Breeders Cup dirt bile beating Omaha beach is spun to run and he will be facing Omaha beach again in the Pegasus World Cup. The first major race of two thousand thousand twenty but maximum security will not be there and code of honor will not be there. Maximum security is waiting for Saudi Arabia. The world's richest race the Saudi Cup in February. It's very tempting to make this a political discussion. I'll only do it to the extent of saying with what's going on in the Middle East right now. How do you think that is going to impact whether trainers bring their horses over for the Saudi Cup and or the Dubai World Cup in March or maybe they take a look at that Pegasus again and say maybe we ought to just stay here that that's a very hard question to answer? Ah It's hard to understand how people feel I will say this. I am confident in saying that the people especially in Dubai. We're ruler of the country behind that I think they're going to bend over backwards to provide security and take care of the park I I would hope the same thing's going to happen in Saudi Arabia race and then just not become a outer tech or anyone but that is a question question that you just can't answer. I think it's very hard. It's an individual decision to a Lotta funny. I understand when people go play a lot of people who have no dog in the adviser to come up with answers of morally questions. And what they're gonNA do when not to you. Gary West was all set to run his voice Independence when it was nine nine billion dollar I. He was happy to take the fourbillion winter. Share the person. Just go to the Middle East but when you cut the first out of nowhere to three billion winter I'll get one point five billion something like that and you have just wants to you know once in a lifetime could easily win ten million dollars and probably turn around that month and win a twelve million dollar right I. It's hard because this is an expensive sport and as much as these people arrested of of money that goes into this so You understand it as of now. I haven't heard anyone saying they're going to change their mind about going. I'm sure people are a little bit nervous but I mean let's be frank. I think anytime you over. There is probably reason to be nervous. So it's just an individual decision and I wouldn't chastize anyone. Whatever they they decide because it feels like them? That's their call. It's not it. I make my own decision on my life. You make your own decision on your own life and I think that's the way it goes. Oh by the way. I think you're under selling the Saudi Cup. I believe the purses twenty million dollars. Well it's ten million the whip you get ten billion but it's it's one that that that's what I'm saying he gary West is looking at it. I will get sent. Don't get out of the home and billion dollars if I say in that term so you can when you look at it now. You basically have to win the Pakistan that in line with at one point I for share of the first compares to the ten million that he will win. Take home for winning the Saudi Cup where he will be the favorite and a one term mounting great definitely. I Dunno betting Saudi Arabia. But I know American pools. He's GonNa behavior and you running for stabbing tons of money. That's a pretty compelling nonetheless in the Pegasus World Cup you do have. Some horses is with some credentials including higher power. The Pacific Classic winner. We mentioned Omaha Beach. roadster for Bob Baffert is aiming toward the Pegasus. And you will be there. How do you see this first? Major race of the year shaping up that force right now in training maximum very doubt after that case to be made then Omaha Aubenas bunch of wrong especially violent eight might be the second and third bout with McKinsey right there with them so when you get fun to run and Omaha Beach I think he got a pretty darn good race. I mean it's interesting possibilities. Are the horses doing nominated at the box He's done. I'm very well. This is of course. A lot of people east might have remembered with Chad Brown Barrasso. And you know he was good you know. He got coming up. In the minor spot that West to John Adler Verona's ray thing all of a sudden. He's winning all these steaks and eat it. You can't east to Churchill even lost or any blocks. We'll see if he's going to be the ones that they decided to send into the race. It'd be a good one back wizar- people know this story. That fifteen thousand dollars who ran against maximum security and the world's most famous Amos. Sixteen Thousand Dollars Eight lamer and it'll be in there. I think it'll be a big competitive fourth. It doesn't I think have the superstar. One runner arrogate powerpoint chrome Omaha beaches in that category But it's interesting. It's good to get back into talking about racing and Bobby Hall. Nobody better to do it with so. Thank you so much barry. Thank you always chat that with you so when we come back here on the gate. The site of the world's first million dollar horse race is short on dollars and short on time time to secure them. Welcome back to win the gate in July of two two thousand. Nearly twenty years ago Churchill. Downs home of the Kentucky Derby purchased Arlington Park in Chicago for nearly seventy one million dollars. Arlington's owner Dick Duchossois had closed the track in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and nine hundred ninety nine saying that he could not compete with other gambling businesses. The opened again in May may of two thousand presumably with the knowledge that a sale was coming at the time. Churchill was in something of an arms race against the stronach group. When it came to buying up tracts the idea was to create networks of tracks for simulcasting and cross promotion of races and Events in nineteen ninety nine Churchill bought calder race course in Miami and Hollywood Park in California and then bought fairgrounds in New Orleans in two thousand and four? This was meant to counter the STRANA group which began its buying spree in nineteen ninety eight with Santa Anita then they added Gulfstream Park in Florida. Both major Maryland tracks Laurel and PIMLICO as well as golden gate fields and Portland Meadows and Oregon stronach versus Churchill. Wasn't exactly the Cold War. But the battle lines had been drawn it it seemed that Churchill was the first to blink Churchill dumped Hollywood park like a hot potato in two thousand five just six years after buying it. Churchill said at the time that California has forsaken racing and its needs reports came from fairgrounds in two thousand thirteen that the turf course was too dangerous juris to race and that the track had been poorly maintained ever since the churchill purchase at the same time Churchill was trying any maneuvering possible to get out of its obligation obligation to operate racing at calder. Eventually the STRANA coned Gulfstream Park worked out a lease agreement to run the calder meet in October and November this year. Two Thousand Twenty is the final year of Churchill's obligation to lease the meat after which it may convert the track into a shipping logistics center. Or something like that.

Churchill Saudi Cup Saudi Arabia Middle East Omaha Pegasus World Cup Dubai Gary West Bobby Hall Gulfstream Park Stronach Group Omaha Beach. Pakistan New York Bob Baffert Chad Brown Barrasso Arlington Park Mckinsey
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"Hi, how are you, man? You can't live your whole life by yourself. You don't want to alone get a dog like I did man. Seriously? Check it out. Here he is. Yeah. He's seventeen. I rescued him my God. I'm at a someone's backyard. Just opened a fence victim of and ran away. Like I took an a pet co to be groomed. What a place that is. I said it trimmed shaved almost totally bald. He comes out and even recognize. But I took him because he seemed to know me. You know in Barrasso, it as walking ball dog in my neighbourhood. Not a big cat like you never by a cat. They just show up on your stoop. And you hear. Maybe I'd better let it in. Thus begins a twenty five year commitment with the most standoffish animal in the face of the planet ever. Call your cat. Oh, yeah. They're right on it. Get up and walk in the complete opposite direction. Live there, tail and show you there as how rude is that feed, you, you miserable? Don't flip me off with your hold, gene. Just get a dog man talks best. He's seventeen now man. Like I said, you never know if you've got an old dog, you don't know they go old like your grandpa, you know, your Grandpa's nuts, right? Okay. Let me explain it ever. See your grandpa, just staring at the wall. Your mum comes downstairs, and goes leave grandpa alone. The TV used to be on that wall. That's the way you're doing. He sleeps so soundly and poke them if you opened his eyes I go, I guess we're going for walk right now. Because he's old man. He's so all, but dogs are fantastic. Man, you listen. Honestly speaking, are you guys dating? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And you love it. Right. Do you have a dog? You don't men. Have you ever had a dog your life? Yeah. Yeah. Remember when used to go out side, and the dog would lie by the door until you came home. She has never done. And if she does get the hell out of that relationship. Molly, here's you dinner. Can I give food? Don't let that happen to your precious cat elevate your cat's eating experience with the cat tree trae. The cat tree trae keeps your cats food off the floor and conveniently located on the cat tree. It's the perfect way to eat..

Barrasso Molly twenty five year
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"Ever just trying to spread my love to you. Yeah. Yeah. Please keep your love on your side of the street. Mike. Loyd as a as a gentleman who likes to be on social media. Okay. You like to do the Twitter you like to do the Graham. I'm very big on the Graham. Like to some of my meals that I had while on vacation recently rate. Yeah. You, you, you like to interact with the public, or the general social media audience. Few to do you do it for the likes. No, no. What do you do it for? I like to read what is on other people's minds on, on Twitter and on Instagram. I'd just like to see the cool stuff. People are up to okay, just like to see the pictures and. Yeah. Sure, I appreciate a double tap, if you like what I throw up there. But it's not going to ruin my day, if I don't get the heart and the like, okay. What if law enforcement were to use the likes to get a known fugitive off the street is that something you'd be interested in what if this happened in police in Connecticut, the nutmeg state, the not very bright state? They're harnessing the power of social media to nab, a fugitive by striking and unusual deal with it's embarrassing. It keep going in tire for what it's embarrassing for whom sim Barrasso for the cops in Connecticut. Okay. Well you've got. I mean you've got a fugitive on the loose. You call up the bat signal. All right. So you, you basically say to the fugitive. Hey, look. That was not the bat signal by the way that Batman, that was like the change in scenes bats. The Batman theme, okay. The point is, is that this, this man, who's on the run the fugitive, some supposedly somewhere, New York state he made a deal over his wanted poster. And he said, if it gets twenty thousand likes all turn myself in. So this guy contacts the police and says, hey, I see you have a wanted poster with my name on it, and my picture on it, you posted it on the Facebook, if it gets how many, he want, he said, twenty thousand the cops said, ten thousand they settled on fifteen if I get fifteen thousand likes, I'll turn myself in. Yeah. Good move, or bad move Lloyd, bad move by how the story turned out by the cops bad move by the cops. He didn't turn himself. Self in how many likes do they get over twenty thousand what I heard right? This is the cops made this deal. All these people click like and this guy didn't turn himself in. Why should he? Of course, he's not going to turn himself in as making fun of cops look, I, I liked you praise. The cops and I usually back them. But they've probably could've find this guy there lays out of cracking a deal with their lazy to they're expecting him just a waltz on in after fifteen thousand and one likes they're nuts. You've got to do the old fashioned detective work. You gotta do the shoe, leather work go and find this guy did this guy do. Seven arrest warrants. He saw it as a fugitive, he failed appear in court on charges that range from breach of peace to risk of injury to a child. Oh, right. And make any deal with this guy. I would say turn yourself in right now or we're coming at you with the dog. He said the canine unit, he say he's prepared to live up to his end of the agreement insisting he is a man of my word and he's got seven warring. He's a liar. Of course he's a liar. He's never coming back. And you fell for it. Connecticut police department you fell for it to merit to or s- than that. They're embarrassed. No demerits is worse than and Barras. Is it is it? Yes. And this is even worse. They're backtracking now. The Connecticut cops are backtracking saying, we're confident that Mr. Simms will turn himself in. In his is it is fleeting at this point. We are working with information provided through Facebook if it's so fleeting, right? Why did they make a deal with them? That's exactly the point Lloyd, you'd knew you could get this guy. Why did you bother even to agree to have him, come in? You're just not too bad mood. Yeah. You're setting yourself up for failure. Guys, you really are you really are. And it looks like. Johnson, who is the head of the Connecticut police said, we went on to explain that the real goal Facebook challenge of the Facebook challenge was to get, as many people as possible to see this post and help police track SIMS down. Really? I don't believe that for a minute. Not a minute. Mr Simmons is still out there. He's probably laughing himself to death. He will not come back to the state of Connecticut. I wouldn't do it either. It's like I said, I look, I've watched enough law and order episodes. I watched the dateline I've watched enough forty eight hours to know it's good old fashioned detective work that solves crime. That sounded real cool. Well, that's what every, that's, that's how every episode of whether it's law and order or dateline or forty eight hours ends no law and order has a Bongbong right up in court now. And the DA really puts the screws to whoever's. Yes. Yes. Familiar with the formula TV show not old fashioned. Wins. A lot of the show. He looked iced tea would say, oh fashioned detective work me. Or is it you? I know he dropped a couple f bombs in there, too. I know he would, you know that Geico commercial they kept having to redo because he kept dropping f palms throughout the record. He couldn't just say slim Nate man. Is it time for break in, I don't know? He couldn't just say it's not iced tea lemonade. He cursing, Doering the actual commercial. I'll give you like you know, we'll just throw it to the audience if they click on MAC and Gaydos, five times right now to get you to go to break. I thought you just pulled a nice T there. Did you hear that Pablo? Yeah. Okay. Coming up a man who waged war with the Taliban against America was actually set free today in Indiana. No likes for him either no likes for him. Where is he going to go next? Drive home informed, and entertained with MAC and Gaydos to KTAR call for cash KTAR who's this? This is. No. And what city do you live in Scottsdale? And what show are you listening to MAC and Gaydos coli cow thousand bucks? I always like last week. And you give me a what, what? I love it. It's awesome. Are you regretting your decision to call? Really? Okay..

Connecticut Facebook Twitter Lloyd Graham Loyd Mike KTAR New York Scottsdale sim Barrasso Geico Barras Mr Simmons Taliban Bongbong Doering DA
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"Little bit of the Linda dance thing. Whatever what do you call that that you were doing their thing? Dancing the hands and the moves some people call it dancing would not quote what you do dancing. But all right. I don't do dancing. I can't dance. I don't know him to dance. I I've witnessed it. Listen, when I watch these people, you know, you see people at weddings parties or whatever. And they you know, the feeling good because they had a couple of drinks and the guy with I'm doing, oh, it's obvious. We didn't have any. So it's obvious that you know, you're perfectly fine doing, but you watch the guys in particular. It's like so Barrasso, how they do it there. There is nothing more attractive event man who can dance limit by right about a man that can't dance, you know, got. That's all no. I just I'm smart enough to know not to do it. Because I don't know how to do it. Every once in a while, you have take a little risk, Sean got to shake a little something. Life has been a risk every time everything I've not political risks not career risks. You know, you have to dance. Like, no one's watching. Okay. I don't dance. When no one's watching either. There's no dancing in my showers. I don't sing in the shower. I sing in the car sometimes. But I I've seen on air on the show. Oh, what the devil went down to Georgia. Sorry other songs too. I mean, you think terribly, but at least you don't care. I care a lot actually it's humiliating. But you know, what was good? 'cause that's why did it and the worst part is, you know, it takes one Charlie signature songs and play it now see along don't wanna sing along. No today. Oh, Belinda actually saying for years and years in a real band. Guy's name. That was on American idol that you sing with big, Mike, right? Yeah. Yeah. And.

Guy Barrasso Sean Belinda Mike Georgia Charlie
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" barrasso" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Seen a little bit of the Linda dance thing. Whatever what you call that that you were doing their thing. Dancing the hands and the moves some people call it the answering so whatnot, quote what you do dancing. But all right. I don't do dancing unaware. I can't dance. I don't know him to dance. I I've witnessed it the listen when I watched these people, you know, you see people at weddings parties or whatever. And they you know, the feeling good because they had a couple of drinks. And the guy what I'm doing. Oh, it's obvious. We didn't have any. So it's obvious that you know, you perfectly fine doing, but you watch the guys in particular. It's like so Barrasso, how they do it there. There is nothing more attractive than a man who come dance limit by writing about a man that can't dance. You know, got got. That's all no. I just but I'm smart enough to know not to do it. Because I don't know how to do it every once in a while you have to take a little risk, Sean. You got to shake a little something. Life has been a risk every time everything I've not risks not career risks. You know, you have to dance. Like, no one's watching. Okay. I don't dance. When no one's watching either. There's no dancing in my showers. I don't sing in the shower. I sing in the car sometimes. But I I've on air on the show. Oh, what the devil went down to Georgia. Sorry other songs to sing terribly. But at least you don't care. Oh, I care a lot. Actually, it's you million. But you know, it was good. 'cause that's why did it. And the worst part is is it takes one Charlie signature songs. And should we play it? Now, nothing along. No. I don't wanna sing along. No, no. But.

Barrasso Sean Georgia Charlie
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"An iheartradio station. Senators may a coupla lunch Jack Callaghan. Fox News, Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren apologizing after a decades old application for the Texas State bar association surfaced in which she identified herself as made of Americans. It's important to note, I'm not a tribal citizen, and I should have been more mindful of the distinction with tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty public a national committee. Filing a grievance with the Texas State bar saying that her failure to correct the application for more than three decades. Casts doubt on Senator Warren's moral character, the three top elected officials in Virginia all facing calls for their resignation over charges of inappropriate behavior. Genius attorney general has now admitted to doing the very same thing that he said governor Northam should resign over just four days ago. Here's the statement from attorney general, Mark herring. In one thousand nine hundred eighty when I was in nineteen year old undergraduate and college some. Friends suggested we attend a party dressed like rappers. We listened to at the time. It sounds ridiculous. Even now writing it, but because of our ignorance and glib attitudes. We dressed up and put on wigs and Brown makeup. Kristen Fisher governor Ralph north of not responding to calls that he step aside the national organization for women calling for for juniors Lieutenant governor just in. Fairfax to resign saying the charges that he forced a woman to perform a sex act fifteen years ago is horrifying Fairfax denying any wrongdoing. Intelligence committee chair congressman at an Schiff opening an investigation into President Trump whether any of his decisions of the driven by personal financial interests who Senator John Barrosso says it's going too far the house is going to have to decide whether they want to legislate or investigate. And if we want to focus on quality of life for American people, we ought to be focused on the things that have got us. This great economic news right now, Senator Barrasso on Fox.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Senator Barrasso Senator John Barrosso governor Northam Fairfax attorney Jack Callaghan Texas State bar association Fox News Mark herring Texas congressman Virginia Kristen Fisher Schiff Trump Brown Massachusetts
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"And for a long time only used cash that was what she had and that's not the case anymore, but she just found that it's exclusive at prevents people from being able to pay for their food. Even though they have the money. She said it was in Barrasso and just that she didn't she didn't want to go back because of this policy. Not because she tends to only have cash on her anymore. This is kind of surprising even with the growth of credit debit card transactions. A lot of people apparently still use cash, including a certain segment of the population that you wouldn't expect. Yes, I mean for some people, you know, it's going to be a matter of they don't they don't have a Bank account or credit card, but for other people, it's actually several personal finance. Guru will tell you that taking out a certain amount of cash each week for your spending a really good way to budget. So there's people who just decide that that's how they wanna budget. And there are other people who just like the, you know, the added privacy that comes with paying with cash. So. A lot of restaurants that are cashless might have loyalty programs or you know, pay with our app. But oftentimes if you pay with an app, you're giving your your Email your in some cases, you might be giving out your phone number. They want to customize everything, and then you get into these questions of like, okay? Well, how much how much data are these businesses collecting about me by virtue of my agreeing to pay through some kind of loyalty program or through their app versus being able to pay with cash story that despite the popularity of debit and credit card transactions. Plenty of people do still pay for with actual money. And according to a Federal Reserve survey of twenty eight hundred.

Barrasso Federal Reserve
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"Gotta understand man into case where this is relatively new. And if you if so long you've been looking at, you know, the man and woman thing is one way all of a sudden guess what we're not doing that anymore. Okay. You gotta give people time to adjust today, you know. And I don't think that guy behind the game was being malicious about it. He's he's so quick and reacted to it. So you got to give time for that stuff to kind of the dwell over to give that that woman going from two hundred that made no sense. Like, oh, he the dude apologize. You know, what I'm sorry, man. He he didn't. He did it wrong. He quickly a addressed it, and he should move off from there. Don't escalate it for what. Yeah. Tolerance. Oh, folks is is needed. Yeah. Does it doesn't look it. Don't it. It didn't help her either that get mad that she was turning into a do. Mother fucker. Yeah. Yeah. Calm down. And I get it. It's not always easy to be calm. But you gotta that'll help anything knocking should over in in doing the. In quitting and quit scaring, you know, quit scan the patriots in near like that damn Barrasso terrified. That's a little bit about that. Definitely need to have some sort of. No does he if you know that woman is this definitely hasn't that happened to her before this happened to a lot of seems. So I think she's either forced to go out the house you've got sort of. We'll cyb force to come out the house. Trying to handle that because it's going to come again. How to deal with that better? Yeah. You know, what in fall? We know. That was probably the the the the sir that broke the transgender beg like she probably got called, sir all day. And that was she she walked in there. She's like motherfucker. Somebody calls me, sir woman. Fucking time a sweat. Hello, sir. What's that? It's with t shirt is I'm a woman. Walk walk around with a sandwich board. Don't call me, sir. Or all showing? Well, you know, my best goes out to her. I really was hard. But you know. I can't tell her how to feel, but it a little understanding is going to have to be in place here. Because again, this is something that I'm not even you know, me, I'm very open minded. I'm just saying that this is new for a lot of people out there today with you know, we we just used to label that guy saying, sir that was just I was that was a customer service habit. Yeah time. Yeah. Was that? Don't know. Another thing is especially thrilling. You say you might as well say. Yeah. I don't care. What you say? I'm going to say it anyways. No. The thing is with this being something fairly new because I deal with this. A lot of all involved a lot with the community. The problem is when you're such a marginalized groups such as transgender you basically are the represented like there's a good chance, you're the first Representative of that community for that person, you go and you flip out like this. It's it's like being the only minority had a golf club or something like that..

Barrasso Easily Wins Primary for Wyoming Senate Race

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Barrasso Easily Wins Primary for Wyoming Senate Race

"Republican Senator John Barossa was going to face a reelection bid against Democrat. Gary trailer this November Barosso cruise to win in. Tuesday's primary it gets his. Closest challenger Dave Johnson trailer ran unopposed in the. Democratic race the stage is also set for Wyoming's race for. Governor. Wyoming treasurer Mark Gordon won the Republican nomination for governor, over businessman foster freeze who are President Trump's complete and, total endorsement, former Wyoming state house Representative Mary thrown when the democratic nomination for governor

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