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"john elway emma" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"We're going that simple notion from bill. Shannon japan advantages back. Joe's get with yesterday's practice in today's joint practice against the giants. Good thing was the craft doesn't play coach pay coach bill. Take by the word with la out of money. He does very little. Talking is a big advantage because the thing is camps to starter. Now i can only base it. Oh how did how. John got starting rippling. We're in denver. John john elway emma. Ten most people do ten to ten play periods. Yeah john gay plays so that means cam newton's getting somewhere between seven and eight jones getting to agree now. All of a sudden jones getting seventy eight plays in the backup is getting to and so. I'm not saying that. This is going to lead to matt jones. Starting but i think it leads to coach check feeling comfortable. If cam struggles going to mack. Jones probably earlier knowing that he's got these reps under his belt more so probably quicker than he normally would have. And that's what happened. The greatest story in football's happened. Because what tom brady. Drew bledsoe got hurt. Tom brady get in there. And even when dr drew bledsoe guy healthy he'd never ever ever ever got that job bad and that was the greatest decision. Bill belichick made in. That was a tough one because he was the incumbent. And you you're not supposed to lose your job because of injury drew bliss. Who had taken the team to a super bowl. Had a year to remove from getting a hundred million dollar contract and coach. Belichick says i don't give a button. I believe this guy gives us a better chance and they never looked back. So this why you kill scale what why you. Tom take autumn rails. Why you'd say peyton manning took all those ripped we'd never knew what peyton manning back could do because he took the ball game. I never even knew who the backup exactly. And that's what they want to do. I don't want you to get any looks if you take a look at him. Yeah he's going to be doing scout team. Camp put himself in the situation and it seems to me. We don't care where the protocol says unvaccinated players that they leave the thai protocols that they got to go through when they come back. So it's telling me he's having to go through these protocols even fascinated but he put himself in this situation. That code you bella chick and the coaching staff gets a long look at mack jones. He said himself porpoise this. I'm not saying skip is going to lead them starting week one but what i will say what i what i do believe is that this gives coach belichick a little a greater comfort level of going jones probably earlier that he probably would knowing he's getting beef kinds of quality ribs. Okay this date. I have told you from the start about a guy that you love going into the draft. Even more than i did yes that i believe in bella checks heart of hearts sooner than later. He wants to go forward with mack jones. I'll agree with that guy. It's coach saban. It's their connection there like minded. They're sort of two peas in the same pod. Saving endorsed this kid. Even though right patriots snatched him all the way down at fifteen. I think bill still feels like this was the diamond in the rough. That brady was in the six round that that mack jones should've gone up at the top of the draft and he fell fifteen big slots which is the equivalent in br- in bell checks. Mind brady falling to around remember. Skip the forty nine before they had that second. Look at trae head. Meg meg jones going to take sitting right on top all along. It wasn't until very late in the process that there started to be a speculate roy. A second what about the north dakota state right right okay. Because of that. I believe that cam. Unfortunately i am a cam. Fan and cameron have been from pre. Drafting i'm afraid. He just gave bell check the excuse he needed and mack jones the opportunity he needed because bell check is old old old school coaching. He believes that practice really count loose. Show him in practice. It it actually count to him. Yes it matters yes. We're you could win a job by showing me in practice or losing jobs or lose a job and they got another practice session and this one's on a higher level starting today against the giants a joint practice so he's going to get to go against an opposing defense will run some new looks at him. They won't hit him because you can't hit in the joint practice but watch jones get extended time in the sunday. Final preseason game because this is a big deal for bell. Check to to pull the plug on cam and go forward mac joan right but it just feels like it's heading in that direction so this is this is just a practice. But i'm reading the usa today story this morning very early about his performance yesterday in practice. Big deal maybe to bella shack right because yesterday mack jones went thirty of thirty eight. He did throw two picks. But he's going against the the guys who picked it devin mccourty and jc. Jackson are really good at what they do with. Who were the best at what they illegal. Msf she's land okay so we got picked twice but near the practice he twice drove. His offense like eighty are drives for two touchdowns that prompted check to make the defensive players drop induce sets up push ups because that was their their so that they had to pay okay so he did that in. I'm i'm guessing that resonated with cordell check and then i'm reading quotes from yesterday from one matthew slater. Who is the longest tenured patriot. He's he's the most respected veteran. He is the captain of this team when he speaks my ears go wide open right and he was talking about mack jones saying his family should be proud of the way they raised him in the way he carries himself the way that he commands respect of even guys like myself older guys that have been here for a while and he concludes. He's earned that respect by the way he's gone about his craft so he's been a joy to work with says matthew slater of a rookie quarterback challenging cam newton who is a former. Mvp this league. Those words resonated to me. And i believe they will resonate to bill belichick so all of a sudden i sit back in. I'm going to stay this again. Cam has his reasons for not getting vaccinated their personal reasons. I don't know exactly what they are. But i do. Respect his right as an american to have that choice made that direction but if he's just at home living by himself that's fine right but he works under bill check for the new england patriots in a team concept. You you cannot do anything but maximize your chances to make the team better. And you're you're especially vicious killed. The you make it really really hard. 'cause that's the guy that's the guy you are the face franchisee. You're the leader. Just by position of this franchise. I think skip the thing that what it does. Is that when you take the lion's share of the rips. you don't have to press because skip. If i'm only get in rips. I need to show in one of those two rifts. I need to show coach. Bela check something. So i'm gonna press. I'm going to probably try to make throw that. I shouldn't make. But i gotta believe in the imprint. Owed him now that. I'm taking seven eight of those rips. Now i can relax. Olympic game. Clock comes to me. I let it blow so after i slept on it. It hit me even harder cam. Newton got rocked iraq by covert last year and it. It ruined his season so he you soon as somebody my age demographic and.

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