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"john  elway" Discussed on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

05:49 min | 3 weeks ago

"john elway" Discussed on The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

"If you can even remember who these people are okay. There's a guy named trevor siemian paxton lynch case keenum case. Joe flacco drew lock brock osweiler. Ouch do do do. Do you know what those gentlemen all have in common. I think i'd do. Can i take john elway for five hundred erin. John elway brought them into the organization mr. Qb i mean. Imagine if i was the hotshot radios and i said you know. Vj's off tonight. i'm gonna bring in a co host and bring somebody that can't even speak the language or never watched sports. I mean. I don't know if that's the exact equivalent. But you're a an iconic quarterback. You can't find anybody. That's even a half competent. And what's so interesting to me. How different is his reign and is his regime. Looked at if peyton manning doesn't fall into his lap you know and that's something that i was just talking to producer rob about this before the show. You know producer. Rob and i were talking is last week with tim. Tebow and we don't need to relitigate. Tim tebow would that whole situation. But if you remember. They make the playoffs that year. They beat the pittsburgh steelers. Tim tebow went into that off season. As the starting quarterback of the denver broncos and john elway was on the record saying he is our guy. If peyton manning one of the two or three most gifted quarterbacks in the history of the sport does not fall into his lap. What is john. Elway's record as a as a general manager and executive. Vp of the denver broncos looks like peyton manning covered up a lot of awards for this guy so you know whatever. He's an iconic player. But you talk about general manager and specifically evaluating the quarterback position. It doesn't get much worse. Listen listen even just go back to the pay and then you you're right. He covered a lot awards but only did before year. That second year with the deep the defense ones that super bowl and holds cam newton a fifteen and one carolina panther team with the nfl vp. On it you know. They won that game. I causes turnovers. That offense mustard a robust one. Hundred and eighty four yards in. The super. Bowl led by peyton manning. So you're right i i. It's not even about being lucky. He fall he fell in your lap. You're taking your lucky stars and blessed that he fell in your lap other than that. He's over everything. Let's just say that he's all for everything. As far as a quarterback those names do case keenum brock. Osweiler like are you kidding me. And and just with elway what it feels like erin is that he instead of just building a great franchise. He's almost sadistically. Like gotta get a quarterback. Because i was no build a franchise. You don't see lynn. San francisco going after safety after safety after safety. He's drafted safeties. They've exactly he's building a franchise. That's what you gotta do in elway for it. Just feels like he's looking for debt. Qb when you let a lot of guys we could probably say teddy be fell into his lap. They wanted to try to do to. Aaron rodgers deal. That was on the table in rubert through everybody in. Nfl circles draft wicked but mean..

John elway peyton manning trevor siemian paxton lynch keenum brock osweiler Tim tebow denver broncos Joe flacco erin Tebow pittsburgh steelers Elway rob Rob tim cam newton keenum brock elway super bowl
Why 10 Super Bowl Appearances Won't Satisfy Tom Brady

ESPN Daily

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Why 10 Super Bowl Appearances Won't Satisfy Tom Brady

"Hey thanks for joining me man. Good to be here. Seth wicker sham is a senior writer at espn and he's covered. Tom brady since his rookie year in the nfl. Words with you. Seth you are. Espn's resident. tom. Brady you've been covering brady for nearly twenty years. I believe at this point. You're the first person to report. That brady was looking for a way out of new england back when that was on thinkable and honestly kind of dangerous to suggest in the boston area. But your piece out. Today ahead of. Tom brady's tenth super bowl in tampa bay with the buccaneers. It actually begins a decade ago back in new england. What happened a couple years ago. I was in tom. Brady's house and we were in his living room and he was telling a funny story about bill belichick. It was a saturday morning meeting before a game against new york. Jets and bella. Check was watching film of mark sanchez. Running out of the pocket rolling to his right players it is heels and he had a wide open receiver about sixty yards downfield on the opposite hash. So that's an almost impossible. Throw to attempt. I mean few quarterbacks ever would try that throw even fewer would complete it and the way that brady told it to me. That ballot check was just watching the play unfold and he was like just throw it. He's wide open. Why isn't sanchez. Throwing the ball and brady's little thought bubble was hilarious because he was thinking. I would never even attempt that throw. Do you have any idea how i would look in. Tried to throw that ball. And meanwhile checks just like can't get even more open. He can't get more open. Just throw it in. The way that brady explained to me later was very interesting because he said i see each play within my limits at the time. I didn't really see the significance in that statement. But when you watch. Tom brady now aged forty three years old and the entire sporting world asking how. He's done it how he's been able to get another team to the super bowl. I looked back at that statement. And i found a lot of answers in it was brady frustrated with ballot check. Invalid check suggested as much. I wanna get deeper into. Brady's thought bubble there. I think he thought it was hilarious. He he saw it as a defensive coach who had no bearing on the reality of how difficulties throw that ball. He wasn't frustrated with ballot check. He was like a little amazed that bella check thought that that type of pass would be so easy i mean. That's that's a john elway throw. That's josh allen throw mahomes through. There's very few people who could ever even try that and here. Ballot check was talking about mark sanchez. Saying he's not going to get more open than that. Just throw the ball. As kind of an indictment on the quarterback where brady saw it as you know something that was hard to believe. Couldn't believe that that his coach thought that a throw like that with that easy. And when you look at tom brady look at the arc of his career. He's someone who's kind of always understood his limits and by understanding them so well he's found a way to transcend them so those limits that he has this keen understanding of and that being this superpower. It is something that we can. Plainly see in contrast to josh allen and john elway and patrick mahomes and lamar jackson. These absurd physical talents. And that's been clear set ever since we saw brady with shirt off to be honest at the combine in two thousand but because he is also the greatest of all time without real serious dispute at this point playing more super bowls than anyone ever by far at to ask if you fully buy his explanation that that superpower is in fact and understanding of his own limitations. At first i didn't. And i remember. I was once in his house in two thousand thirteen back when we thought he was getting old. 'cause he was going to be thirty seven when the season started. And you know he can't play forever and he said something really interesting. He said there's nothing that will be able to replace football. And hopefully it gets to appoint where there is when i retire in nine ten years and he said it so offhandedly and so smooth that it was it went right over my head. It was a shot across the bow. Here was a declaration to play until he was aged forty five and he someone who has made a mockery of conventional wisdom. And so i thought there is no way when he said that that he was someone who learned how to play football within the scope of his own limitations. But as you watch him play you actually see it on the field. And i think that it helps define him as a football player because he can't do what aaron rodgers does. He can't do it. Patrick mahomes does these sort of amazing acrobatic throws but what he can do and what he's always been able to do is pick apart a defense and bleed teams to death. And i think that that's what he was getting at when he talks about playing within his own limits because he's so deadly an accurate when he throws short.

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"john  elway" Discussed on WDUN AM550


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"john elway" Discussed on WDUN AM550

"Is yours. All right. Here we go. So your first question As we've mentioned, Tom Brady has made more Super Bowl appearances than not only any quarterback ever. But any player ever. Which quarterback has had the second most Super Bowl appearances of all time, But just behind Tom Brady? Is it a Peyton Manning Be Joe Montana or C? John Elway? Let's go. Peyton Manning Incorrect. It was John Elway. Actually, That's what I was thinking. It made man hating, made three Super Bowls. One, too lost to the Saints and one of them jail. Joe Montana made four Super Bowls, won all four John Elway went to five Super Bowls, lost his first three appearances and then won his last two. Okay. All right, well, that Z. Okay, though, Cause you still got two questions left here and a lifeline. So here we go. All right. Which of these cities has never hosted a Super Bowl? Is it a Tampa Be Chicago or C, Houston about lifeline? All right, I'm gonna go with Chicago. Gonna go with B. Are you your bill look good With Bill That's correct. Chicago has never hosted a Super Bowl. Tampa has hosted several Houston I believe his hosted two Super Bowls. Tampa's hosting the one right now they're hosting the one that's coming up here and give it to the limit. Right? Right. All right. Well, here you go down to the last question all on you now, Mike. No pressure. No pressure, which Which of these artists has never performed the national anthem at the Super Bowl before Mill main. It's not an option on the Question on the seat of all right. So which of the following is never performed the national anthem at the Super Bowl a Billy Joel be Luke Bryan or see Celine Dion Elaine Beyond You Got it. Say you know why? I do not know what Celine Dion is a Canadian citizen. Ah, I've forgot about that American related. I wasn't big Celine Dion listeners. I didn't remember that She was Canadian Titanic. Well, yeah, I know from the Titanic, but I didn't. I'm not Don't know the rest of her work. Great voice. Great boys. All right, well, whatever, anyway..

John Elway Celine Dion Peyton Manning Tom Brady Tampa Saints Joe Montana Chicago Houston Billy Joel Mike Luke Bryan
"john  elway" Discussed on Broncos Daily Podcast

Broncos Daily Podcast

05:36 min | 9 months ago

"john elway" Discussed on Broncos Daily Podcast

"There's a follow of. How attractive is this job because of the owner situation and also as you prefer. gm experience. Well i don't know. Let me answer the last half. I you know we're we're going through lists now we've been talking about for a couple of weeks thinking about it and so funny making the decision to go ahead and make the move so we're looking at all we're looking at all prospects right now as far as gm so will you know. There's a lot on the list and so we'll pair that down and try to find the right guys to interview in as far as you know the way that ownership is i understand that. There's some question out there with ownership but the thing is on the football side. We'd had every opportunity than we've ever had. When mr was here so you know that had not really changed because we still. We still have the resources that we re ever had not try to put a successful football team on the field. So i don't look as the ownership situation being you know a big part of this fact that we're going to continue to try to find the best candidate find the best person for that job and get back to that same mindset which is not changed. I know we gotta get there. But our goal is still to be backed and compete for world championships. Young a couple of questions for your first off you know you've been at the forefront your whole career either as a quarterback or in business and then as the gm and the president in charge of football operations here. How do you think you're gonna handle kind of taking a step back and not being kind of leading the charge like you've done throughout your life where you know. I've done that for a long time. And i have retired before after i got done playing retired so i experienced retiring but when i was excited about is the opt to move up still be involved with the football team still oversee the head coach and the jam and be involved not necessarily day to day but at t to have input in the big decisions that we're gonna make and so that allows me to still stay in touch but also you know i had myself. My seventh grandchild was born this morning. And it's time for me to spend some time with them to be able to have that flexibility. That looked at it as a good opportunity for me. Congratulations on the on. The new grandchild. Thank you one other question Well there be any caveats for the new. Gm for instance you know. What will he have to keep drew. Lock at quarterback exercise. Von miller Option or signed justice simmons. Is there any kind of list that the new guy would come in Having to do no no he's going to you know we're going to be here to help him with evaluation obviously when when that new. Gm comes and he's gonna come in to make his own assessment of where we are. And it's it's gonna be great for us in fact it'd be a different perspective forced to and so..

gm football mr Von miller simmons drew
John Elway to hire new GM for Denver Broncos, surrender final say over personnel starting in 2021

Big Al and JoJo

01:45 min | 9 months ago

John Elway to hire new GM for Denver Broncos, surrender final say over personnel starting in 2021

"The day here in Broncos country, John Elway after 10 years In the GM role is going to be changing his role with the Denver Broncos. He is going to remain president of football operations, but they are hiring a new GM. Alfred. What do you want to see in the new GM? Uh, I want to see E guess a blueprint. I want to see the of continuous blueprint of the same players being drafted year after year. Time after time. Even when you add guys in free agency, they all fit the same mode. So you know what the players look like before. They even become part of the Denver Broncos and give you an example. We could talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers, and we can talk about their offensive lineman. We know that they're big. We know that they're quick and they're not really massive man who stay in place. You have to be able to move out of the blue print. There has been going on for a long time, right so We need a blueprint. We have to have a blueprint of what these players like. You can't get a guy who is a second round defensive lineman who can't play on the interior of the defensive line. If you don't play a 43 defense in the 34 defense, you need to have a big style guy. So way get threw out some of the You know some of the selections that we've had in the past because guys were good college players. If they don't get the blueprint and the model, then we probably won't have them as part of the franchise going for what they have to be in that. Category. Jo Jo Oils What are we doing

GM Denver Broncos John Elway Broncos Alfred Pittsburgh Steelers Football Jo Jo Oils
"john  elway" Discussed on Broncos Daily Podcast

Broncos Daily Podcast

05:24 min | 9 months ago

"john elway" Discussed on Broncos Daily Podcast

"He'd be back if you asked me to put money on it now and draftking sportsbook or anywhere else. I wouldn't feel as great about it. Feels less than fifty fifty. Doesn't feel like it won't happen. But i just think the two sides maybe too far apart on a number as it stands. Are there teams out there that want to give them significantly more money. Perhaps and so shall the air's not only will have likely Played his last season for the broncos but also last game is you're vic fangio rule him out for sunday with a knee injury nothing severe as my understanding but it is enough that it's keeping him off the field So his final game was that loss of the chargers. You did of course like he doesn't almost every game not capacity down from john elway as well. That's the beauty of podcasts. Together taped together in the middle of putting it together here at k. away. I'm at the radio station. Finishing up the logan. And louis show new. I talked on rising to talk to john elway as well. So we'll hear from josie jim necks. We're doing this chronologically. Then don reisner. Then john elway who gives me an update on big fangio's status so a jam packed loaded end of year. Podcast here is my conversation. With broncos inside linebacker josie jewel josie. Before i ask you a football question or two. We were talking about worst and best fast food places. Apparently the best fast food place in colorado best favorite according to some stupid poll is chick. Filet as a finely tuned athletes. Do you eat any fast food. Do you have and being from iowa. Does iowa have a native fast food place. Let's talk a little fast food real quick. It's funny you know mid west of would probably be the biggest one well not the biggest one but my favorite in the mid west. We'd probably be covers. Sure i'm pretty easy Crazy i mean. I wish we had some like in and out or some some chick chick-fil-a by me but by me up in the northeast corner. We don't really have much covers because you've got one pretty close to the office on rapa ajo one down on parker road so you can get your culverts fix here. Now there's an in and out in aurora. have you guys had that do they. Did they come. Over and cater for the broncos yet have they given you guys a hundred burgers. They don't have to wait in line for four hours. Yeah yeah wish I've only heard stories. I've been there. I think like three or four times now about the wait in the lines and it's only about twenty minutes from my place and Every time it's been over four hours so i've Yet to have in and out while in colorado..

john elway vic fangio broncos josie jim necks don reisner josie jewel josie fangio chargers iowa louis football colorado aurora
Denver Broncos GM Elway, team president Ellis positive for COVID-19

Drive Time Sports

00:27 sec | 11 months ago

Denver Broncos GM Elway, team president Ellis positive for COVID-19

"Well Broncos president and CEO Joe Ellis, along with President of football operations, John Elway, have tested positive for Cove in 19. The team announced that earlier in a statement today, now both they're working from home. On now, the Broncos say contact tracing has concluded, and the exposure came from an outside source outside of the team facilities and that there was minimal close contact with members of the team. Now, those who had contact have been

Joe Ellis Broncos John Elway Football
Broncos' Elway, CEO Ellis test positive for virus

Lewis and Logan

00:16 sec | 11 months ago

Broncos' Elway, CEO Ellis test positive for virus

"Broncos general Manager John Elway and CEO Joe Ellis have tested positive for covert 19. Ellis didn't attend the Broncos game on Sunday, and Elway was feeling under the weather yesterday. Both are working from home and reportedly doing well. Broncos are confident that the transmissions originated outside the building.

Broncos Joe Ellis John Elway Elway Ellis
Vanderbilt-Missouri is the first SEC game postponed due to COVID-19

The Paul Finebaum Show

09:48 min | 1 year ago

Vanderbilt-Missouri is the first SEC game postponed due to COVID-19

"We welcome you back. Our is live and underway busy busy I our. Thirty minutes ago we learned that the first SEC game has been postponed of this twenty twenty campaign it will be. Rescheduled Vanderbilt Missouri scheduled for this Saturday in Columbia. Now, be December twelfth. We'll talk to coach drink in thirty minutes and get his reaction to that. So here we go more phone calls in a minute a lot of fans unhappy from every aspect of the winners and losers speaking of the latter. Let's talk about the Lsu Tigers two weeks ago Scott Rabble a came on. Wasn't ready to hit the panic button. Everything was calm. Scott's gotcha very scopes. Scott Seen It all before. Scott. Have you seen anything quite like the ending of Saturday's game? Good afternoon how are you? and got to the NFL Yeah that's that's you mentioned I'm kind of reminded of the and it's not a good time Lsu that ninety nine, Game Alabama when just food he tried to run the ball down like. John elway. Pin Wheeled in the air came up a yard short and and they you know they they threw the ball and the they did it. They didn't score. So yeah, it was. It was reminds me of you not good times for Lsu but you know. I gotta say the way lsu played Saturday. On defense but also on offense failing to convert a third down there really is kind of justice. They didn't really deserve to win that game I, mean they they you know they pulled it out and they would've pulled it out there. It would have been a win that covered up a lot of a lot of issues. So what? I don't know if it's safe to go outside I. Mean I know I know the version fortunately escaped the worst of the storm the other day was farther to the West but I mean what? What what is the buzz in your town especially both Pallini and and I mean three games in he seems like he's on the tip of everyone's tongue is it fair? Oh. Sure? Yeah. Absolutely. I mean this is the this is the defense that You know this change Dave Randall left defensor longtime defensive coordinator WHO's hard under? Les. Miles. You know the several years ago he left me the head coach at Baylor. So they had to hire someone like forced out or anything. So hopefully knew who was here under miles and those first three great years in the Mouse Oh, five Oh, six Oh, seven the end up with a national championship and you know just it hasn't worked at me. This questions is Bo behind the Times is not adjusted to those are some great defensive back then with Clinton Dorsey and Tyson Jackson and and you know you're a great players like that got a little on Landry secondary great players like that, and you kind of wonder you know the Adjusting but. It's just been Y- coaches you're on himself is trying to put it all on him and the coaches and they got a coach better. You said that, Saturday, after the game you set it on his press conference today, they just lost followed. They're they're good players on the Stevens, their high NFL draft pick on the defense Derek Stanley Jacoby Stevens to real cox the transfer for. North. Dakota. State people said he might have been a first round draft pick. Had He come? Out and said of transferring Ali Gay Defensive End they lost a lot of great players, but this shouldn't be this bad and aurons You know famously said, then the all season, the defense look better in practice than at any time last year, and obviously that is not the case and they gave up eight plays a twenty yards of more. Missouri averaged almost nine yards per play and five and a half yards per carry it and it just that's just not. That's just not winning football and worst of all they all she just looked. I saw gene gene Chizik said after the game. So you. Look, like on Defense Soft and lost, and Lsu looks like both unfortunately for them. By, the way everything you just got through saying you could replicate for three or four other SEC schools except none of them are the defending champions like Lsu. Scott we're three games in I. Mean we all know that and I'm not sure how much you can value. A. Win Over Vanderbilt Right now considering the state of that program. But as you look ahead I, mean you don't look any farther than this weekend against Florida. LSU will need to score seventy points to keep up with them. Immediate? Looks. That way and I'm not a betting Guy Pa, my government I think I've looked at the over maybe go for that Florida's defense looks pretty challenge to Alabama wins and gives up forty eight points to stole miss. But the the disturbing serving big frail issue. Yeah. Everyone's having trouble defensively No question. Do you wonder if that lack of spring football or the proper time to prepare in the off season has hurt them But you know you look at that once you give six, hundred, twenty, three guys and the Mississippi State, history has been dreadful offense against Arkansas and Kentucky the last two weeks Missouri scored like I think three touchdowns combined the first Games averaging like fifteen points a game against Alabama Tennessee and it just go wild lsu just look great. I mean that's that's the part. That's that's extra disturbing prelates pans and like the lsu fans always. Always wanted this offense obviously, they complained for years and rightly. So by the the plotting less miles offense, but there's a lot of pride in the school, the the the the billy cannon is the star up in you know and and now Joe Borough and players like that. But the tried is always been the defense, the Chinese bandits, Tommy Tests Inova Win Dorsey Laurent Landry mentioned, Patrick, Peterson, Taran Taran Matthew, and what else he doesn't play Great Defense I. Think this is this is like a core value of lsu's program that is not being being held a lived up to, and it's it's very troubling Tila lsu probably would take a little less offense for some better defensive as. Scott Realistically I mean this weekend looks like a long shot I would have to say I mean still Alabama. Out There Auburn out there. South, Carolina am I mean everyone knows the schedule? I mean before the season some might be hard to win them all but maybe maybe eight or nine. Where's the sliding scale right now? Ball I don't know it's sliding really. Really. Bad way down the hill. You know a lot of hills here in Baton Rouge but he found it. It's sledding Hill that way. Down Victory Hill Yes for the team marches down normally before the Games by Tigers stadium is not vitriol right now I I like everybody else said like the six games else who's GonNa win and four games where the season's going to be decided Alabama Auburn Florida and Texas a&M, and right now I don't think he can after South Carolina just banning by the same score Lsu did Arkansas has played. She's gotTa go to they'll South Carolina, comes here in in two weeks I don't I don't think. There's any Sherwin left for L. Share on the schedule I don't think they're gonNA go one nine but I think right now you just gotTa. Look at what can you do to have a have a winning season they're still good players There's on this team in town they lost a lot from last year obviously, but you know the they've got to. Change, the things coach today coach talk today about simplifying both offense and defense. Again remember the offense was Owen on third down Saturday that's a pretty bad step to although this court forty-one points should have been enough to win, but it's still some really great players on the House Brennan. Has Not Been, Joe Borough, been very good. You know he's had over three hundred yards passing game over four hundred yards Saturday tariffs, marshalls been tremendous hit two, hundred, thirty, five, yard service and three touchdowns Saturday. So this, this isn't good players in the team, but they just got to get tougher and and find a way to grind out a win somewhere and and this is not entirely similar fall I gotta say from twenty. Dissimilar from twenty seventeen she lost at home Detroit and went to Florida the next week and they won the game I'm not saying I'm not predicting she win. But this have the size, a lot of field of that when they kind of looked tougher and more determined and they found a way to win and they've never looked back games on order on, they're gonna be hard pressed to avoid doing that obviously late this week. He had I wouldn't call it a charm to existence because now that you mentioned the troy game and there had been some ups and downs but certainly coming off the best year ever how is he handling the defeats? A He's he's trying to take a lot of the blame on himself and deflected from his team Not exactly deflecting from the assistant coaches said, he's talked about, hey, on defensive we just have one coverage and one one formation. Let's do that. Let's and you said. Some things on offense too. I think he's kind of talking about Scott Lenihan, the new guy, a passing game coordinator WHO and Red Zone specialists who take the place of Joe Brady who who was on the staff last year and of course talking about Botha? Lenient? Coach, and he said something telling today I thought that you said, you know the most Ryan. The defense but he he's he's going to you know be checked in on every formation every plan that they use you know as a defensive line coach that's his forte he he's going to be I think maybe a little more hands on with the formations they use and the and the and the coverages, and but some of that are doing well, he's Got Thrown out I think that. This is the defense he wanted this is he talking about being wardrobe four three and they've got a great. Turn of Russia there plus six turnover ratio they're doing very well at that the they're causing some some big plays in that in that regard and turnovers just can't get off the field and can't Can't stop people and giving up a big big yards on the ground, and then these these huge places. The elected eight plays a twenty yards or more Saturday and gets very, which is

LSU Scott Alabama Lsu Tigers SEC Florida NFL Joe Borough Missouri Dorsey Laurent Landry Scott Rabble Vanderbilt Missouri Arkansas Derek Stanley Jacoby Stevens Gene Gene Chizik John Elway Defensive Coordinator South Carolina
Midnight Moment - The NFL - burst 1

The Midnight Patriots

57:00 min | 1 year ago

Midnight Moment - The NFL - burst 1

"Patriots Pau Spartan here from the Midnight Patriots. So, one of the. Feel about anchored now. When we started this insanity, we always tell people. The reason we do this is because insomnia sucks almost as bad as tyranny. We would have these conversations between ourselves the group chats. Throws and things like that. We thought, hey man, you know we should just record a podcast, but the more we looked the more expensive became. Get Cross anger. Anger gives you all the tools you need to do this to make your voice heard and get your voice out there. You have an opinion you gotta use anchor everything from recording to editing to distribution that you'd be all the tools that you need. To allow you to record your podcast right for your phone or your computer. Anchor covers distribution by getting on Apple. spotify and many many others. I mean how you can make money right from your own podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need in one spot in one place simple at effect. So get yourself anchor make voice her. Midnight Patriot, nation welcome to NFL. Mid Nitrates it is you boy spartan here with the the ever ever pot and flaming premix A good to have you as D to ultra. Sports nerds. In specifically football cards. On the end on the. Patriot staff. Phoenix tonight decided that we were actually GonNa do kind of a deep dive into what is pissing us off most about NFL and. Most pro sports in general to be quite honest. But we're GONNA focus on the NFL in this particular case because. Both Phoenix, myself have. A long history of both fandom and and. Playing Sports, we have a unique appreciation of what it takes. More it doesn't and how it is devolved into the into this shit show that it is. Just, we're just GONNA go from there. So Phoenix you had you had some thoughts that you wanted to start with go ahead. Well specifically. I I have a major gripe with the NFL in general. Being more politicized. And the. Let's End Racism. Okay, I get my left. Black lives matter. No sorry. They do and I agree with the message just not the manor which is being delivered. We've said that before on the organization go ahead. Exactly. All of a sudden you know we have a organization. That's Through much. Yup You can't do this. You know we have this. AFOREMENTIONED SCAMMED EMMA GOING ON. You can't do this. You can't do this. Well Yeah you can't. Okay. And then we have the social unrest of the nation being thrown into. A sporting. Venues. that. For All intents purposes let's call it. What is it's an escape. It allows us the viewer. Fan. That three four hours. Sunday evening Monday night whatever that. It gives us that escape from eager live love get up go to work and deal with people you come home you deal with cranky wife and kids don't listen dog that Shit's in your shoes. You've taken that away. And now have made it. Well we got to get on board with this. Well, we're relevant to. We're a large. Organization we goner? A multitude of platforms. That we have viewership. There any given? Day that we have competition So now we're going to. Paint messages in the end. We're going to have. Athletes will we're going to kneel to show solidarity. I got a huge problem with that and for our listeners I'm sure you have your own platforms as well. The American flag comes I stand for Gore country you back your country everything else second berry period. That's my thought on that. That's the way it is. Unfortunately when. The NFL NBA MLB hockey underwater basket weaving has become politicized in what we have to show solidarity with this. I have a question. Are you showing solidarity four? Message. Or are you As the NFL did let's put. The name of a known fell one on a helmet. Let's. Let's praise this guy because shot back when a an. Amplifier point in accused rapists. Is someone with a warning active warrants? For Rape Yes. So here in my eternal gripe with this, that will probably go down in flames just like the rest of them. Why are we? In fact. Standing behind. Someone. WHO BREAKS THE LAW? WHO does walk. Yes. They didn't listen. They got shot in the back whatever. House we say. Extenuating circumstances came to be that this ended up how that was. We have to stand behind this person as a form of. Instead of. Waiting, for all the facts that come out be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. And then move forward from there. Well. That's the real question. Isn't it is is you know? All we've seen is what has been allowed to be released. Okay I mean look I think in his thing I agree with everything you just said save one thing. Okay. I don't think demand deserve to be shot seven times point blank in the back now. Having said that. He has an active warrant for his arrest, what he should not have done to prevent that whole situation was to surrender. Get handcuffed and be taken into to engage whatever process there is. Okay, you don't fight cops in the street if you do. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Okay. He's admitted he was armed. He's admitted he was going for a different arm- armament. Okay. And what do we expect the COPS to die? I don't think so you know I'm. In the eyes of them, that's probably what they're saying. Well. Preserved by life fuck yours. Well exactly. The COP Exactly and and my my attitude would be y is either one wrong as far as you know, one one has a duty to behave professionally the other has a duty to follow the law. Or face the consequences you know it would have saved him from getting shot in the back if he had stopped if he turned around if he'd Toronto. Surrendered Okay Understand that I understand the Warren has has since been vacated, but that's beside the point. When a COP's his I warrant for your arrest I mean you're supposed to do is say what am I being arrested for? Okay I'll go peacefully ears might whereas my lawyer yeah. Instead, of no fuck you fight you tooth and nail, and if get away up the war still there, but you don't have me. Right. Exactly. Exactly and you know I got I got I got a I. got a interject because you know. My personal opinion is if you probably agree Is this. Cancer of case. started. It may have it may have had other sources. Okay. But its primary. Protagonist, in growth factor was Colin. Kaepernick a few years ago and I don't say that in a flattering manner. Okay. I've said it before the my opinion that Colin Kaepernick is the biggest fraud on the planet as pertains to the NFL. At least Ryan leaves when he signed what Leash Langley, when he signed, he knew he was shit approved the wish she had any faded off politely into the sunset because he saw a gay. young just tell the story as I. Recall it and you you you feel free to chime in when you. When when you when you if I'm off base okay. A lot of people don't remember this but you and I as King's football and many things in life have a have a memory quite a bit longer than than your average goldfish. Okay? I remember watching the first incidents of Cabernet court on code kneeling and he wasn't fucking Neil. He had just had an argument with his with with the head coach and I don't think it was Kelly. It may have been horrible. But he had the yard, the head, the argument with Joe it was horrible wasn't horrible yet. So out of you probably saw the clip to you can't find it now because it's Youtube everywhere else. He had he had A. Verbal altercation with Harbhajan and I can only assume in what we were told. You know later was that harbaugh. told him. No you're not starting a colon Cabernet got very unprofessional and like the diva quarterback that he is. Turn Turnhill stomped over to the bench slammed his helmet down in plop disaster down on the bench now by sheer and toll coincidence. Anthem had just started. The anthem it just started when that HAP-. ACI. I know you remember this is I think you and I talked about this at the time that it happened because we were mocking him because when I weren't weren't quarterbacks when we played the game and we know what divas they are even princesses, they are this. If you remember and I know you do espn headlines a couple of days. Later words were that Colin Kaepernick was going to be fine. Substantially for multiple instances of unprofessional conduct conduct deleterious to the team. Leading up to the altercation with harbaugh that happened where he plops his ass on the bench you remember that ideas that. Dakhla and it was it was post practice I. Believe I want a That later that week that a reporter asked him. About the state of the fines and Based on his lip based on. Let's just call it what it was temper Tantrum. Okay. And that's when Cabernet sold all this bullshit about he was doing it in protest etcetera etcetera and he played the race card, which we all know the press eats up hook line and sinker and never ever questioned. Ever On. Me It came across and partner Jackie No, you're good. The the instance of which we are discussing out my first thought on that was yes it's a temper tantrum and I'm about to be busted for having a temper tantrum. So allow me to make up some juicy. To Garner more attention to the fact that. This is happening to be Gimme Gimme. GimMe and I lost my starting spot. Well, that's the that's the point I'm making. He played the race card to avoid fight. For on professional conduct and he was he was outright given a past. I don't think he ever actually even actually got find something that was overlooked too is that is that nick is not a person of color is really not us he is a multi-racial okay and part of that find that he was going to get for unprofessional conduct was calling somebody else on the field the N. Word back can't say here because quite frankly it's feds even and number two I don't WanNa get show you monetize but that said that was part of that that was part of the fine to be levied. The fine was vacated. Okay. Because he was successful, you successfully played the race card and got out. Okay and this whole shift started this snowball at that point. as we as we all know you know he was he was basically the the the face man for chip. Kelly's offense that you know while short term short term effective was absolutely not sustainable. Okay. We all know that. And you combine that with the fact that the guy had. Just over just under a shooting just over sixty percent for completion rate. Even in that offense at his best day, he was a mediocre quarterback surrounded by a bunch of very talented people. Okay. So now it has become the fact that you know this whole narrative has has escalated by people that that know nothing about the actual game because. Football is simple. It's not easy, but it's simple. Is. The ultimate meritocracy. Okay talent hard work equals success. Okay there's a lot of guys. We can probably point him out on the field you and I. There's a lot of guys that that. That just simply outworked their competition to get where they are I'll give you. I'll give you one prime example and right now they call him the goat Tom. De. Tom. Brady was drafted was I can remember he was drafted. He was I. Don't think he was Mr irrelevant. But he was real close. He was the very bottom. Yes. Six he was very close to the very end of end of the draft in and he is he outworked is is competition. Now granted drew bledsoe. If people can remember back set for was not a very good quarterback anyways. He was only borderline better than Ryan Leaf and he went down Tom Brady took over in the rest as they say district but. No? One ever questioned, Tom? Brady's work ethic in those dynasty years in in in New England. Okay. Because he outworked he, he worked his ass off. Yes he was talented. Yes. He's physically gifted but that plus hardwork dedication to his craft turned into in the in the the hardware for the hand so to speak. and. anyways back to my point about Cabernet. All, these people talking about how Catherine doesn't have a job because he's bad for business or half rights, they're only half rice. Now I posted this to the page I know you read you probably it is I. Think I read this week we went to this is from ESPN DOT COM itself. Okay. ESPN DOT. com. The actual date this was published as March twentieth two, thousand seventeen. By their staff writer Kevin Seaford. and. I am just going to read it. I'm. GonNa. I'M GONNA. Try to read the whole thing. I'm trying Doug only try to read the parts that are relevant. But those those listening. If you go to our face, a bitch facebook dot com slash midnight patriots. You'll be able to find this article and we shared it the title of it is calling Kabir Knicks based problem performance. Politics. Day It starts off real simple. So Don't over think why Colin Kaepernick is still a free age simply put years have passed since he was ineffective quarterback he's twenty nine years old has succeeded in an unsustainable scheme as part of a well populated group of former starters who also remain available at as this week began now getting that was march twenty, twenty, seventeen. So they were in free agents. Okay. Let's. Let's move on here. It's blamed Colin Kaepernick's unemployment on his protest is to misread the way NFL teams make personnel decisions. that. I don't think there's any more true statement on Earth. Do you I? MEAN THAT'S Yeah. So it goes on protests where does say at any type of business that if you have lackluster performance, did you are guaranteed two hundred million dollar job? Number One and two I was GONNA say there have been divas troublemakers in the NFL before? Okay and Kim's and? Lewis Terrell on. You know. List goes on and on. And let's not forget the NFL is the lead cut an outright banned ray rice running back from the Ravens for domestic violence. Okay. Before he was convicted. Suspended A. Peterson for disciplining his child. Yeah for banking hit saw. Yeah. Okay for spanking his own child. Okay. So now they put criminals names on their helmet. so by but I digress I digress let's get back to the article. Just to just to go just to go. Teams are swayed I by players potential or lack thereof to help them win protest or not kapernick would be under contract. Now, if he had demonstrable if he had played demonstrably better in recent years. Let's look closer at where capper nick is as a quarterback and why that has left him sitting in a group that also includes fellow free agents, Jay Cutler Josh mccown Ryan Fitzpatrick and Robert Griffin the third. Again keep in mind. This is from shelvin teachings of this is three years ago. Okay. But. It goes on to some of the reason I liked this 'cause this is based on facts not just you know a bunch of race baiting bullshit. Kapernick grid NFL success came as part of the San Francisco Forty niners read Options Skiing Twenty, twelve to twenty four. In those three years, he rushed for Fifteen, hundred, seventy, eight yards which okay. I will give credit that impressive gudgeon impressive number. For. More than any other quarterback with the exception of Rush Russell Wilson Cam Newton so let's just call it what it is. He was third rushing quarterback against. It breath. Okay. I will not fall the net. His. Success. He threw more than twice as many touchdown passes interceptions helped him compile eighth best time quarterback rating in the NFL seventy point to over that period. But even then capper nick was one of the lease most. Least Accurate quarterbacks is sixty point one completion percentage ranked twenty third in the NFL and has percentage of off target throws judged on video by espn stats and information ranked eighteen. So. Based on just the stats alone he was a middle of the pack quarterback middle of the pack. Does that mean that he's better than half the other guys absolutely does that mean that that you know the drama he brings? Outweighs his skills is still setting the money in the monetary investment probably. Okay I agree or disagree just on that statement there. I would agree that yeah, he's a middle of the road quarterback. He had some skill. At. That position. That offense. You're right. Would it work somewhere else probably not but that's Changing teams, you learned their offensive scheme you learn what they do best blend yourself into that and you become part of the team not a one man show. that. I, mean you'd have to agree that most had coaches that have half a brain would go sixty, four, sixty point one completion percentage. even if you're even if you're going to do A. A bootleg offense even if you're going to do a boot offense. Play I can. Still going to have to be better than sixty point one. Periods I mean just entered discussion. Quarter, you're talking college level quarterback. Even if you're on a naked, do either one side, you're still depending on receivers tied ends backs to be open at some point that you can actually say, Hey, he's opened easel bewitched of the two weevils need a cheese her who exactly exactly union able to identify and hit those targets or at least give your guys in a position to succeed you know. I'd like to. Bring to Light I. Not Very long after capital started his quest masqueraded by some of justice whatever you WANNA call it only because he got in my mind and correct me if I'm wrong, he got busted out period. That's just the way it is you through Tantrum he got his ass busted will now I gotta cover with this to cover that with this, and then all of a sudden we have one big lie that snowball into the entire solstice thing that's going on currently. You're. Going to look they had to go. He ended up in Washington. In front of US rest. Explaining his side of everything that goes on great. Denver Broncos of whom I am a fan. I it. Does not get into that because. Pirate about that right. That's ultimate digression. Go ahead, John. elway. It had in fact offer Catholic before your contract. said. Hey. COMPLA-. Can come down because it wasn't enough money. Wait a minute. Let's look at your stats a sixty sixty point something or other completion percentage. Yes. You had fifteen hundred yards rushing, which as we've discussed is pretty phenomenal quarterback save. Russell. Cam. Newton. Maybe rg three hundred healthy. That's stretching it buttle throw it in there. Anyway. I. Really. Wanted to see if capital could be plugged into that offense and sell. Well, that's the that's the real trick. Isn't it? I mean? End and let's be clear. He turned it down because the salary was too low, not the money. Or maybe remember correctly, he turned it down because John elway wanted to load the one at the loaded up with incentives and say, okay, you exceed this mark you get ex you this you get what we go to the playoffs and when you get Z. Experience Cetera so wasn't of excellent. Yeah. But exactly to perform at your very best as cut your in the NFL, they don't take ship nothing while the that's when the NFL stands for not for lofts. That and let's be honest. It was not only. Did he had he had to meet performance criteria he had to me behavior criteria, EXAC? elway and the broncos weren't going to stand for this s J. W. S. J. W. Crap. That he's pulling. So let's go back to the article real quick. It'll it'll. It'll really start driving the point home. Okay. So I believe he started kneeling rating was two fifteen. So. Article Goes On. The issues that we were just talking about the increasing. Or decreasing completion percentage decreasing accuracy except sets. Those issues intensified in Twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen amid forty nine ers. Coaching turmoil in talent drain since the start of the twenty fifth season Kapernick ranks get this. Last in the NFL thirty five all five passers in off target percentage is off target twenty, two point six percent of the time which when she is the least accurate quarterback in the. League. As of the twenty. Fifteen. It goes on. Is Complete. Complete is completion percentage ranks number thirty, two at fifty, nine point one. He was still one of the NFL's most productive Shink quarterbacks, ranking number four total yardage over all those years but it didn't mitigate his passing deterioration and this is in my mind. This is the absolute most important line in the yard or ear and an adult. There is no more important attribute for quarterback accuracy especially for a free agent who is shopping himself teams with various schemes. In, the long term a quarterbacks running ability is considered a complimentary skill and one that is story. Fade with age or because of injuries, scrambling ability and arms drank are secondary to whether you can hit the target. That analysis backed up by numbers essentially wreck stay shit out of this current narrative will Cohen Governor never draw. Back. Dinners. Any beds no sorry. Have a fucking job because he sucks. Sex At what he does also, there's a theory going around the going around that it was right about twenty, nine, hundred he met his I don't know if she's still has girlfriend whatever evidently these ideas about radical justice one I'd ever definitely his girlfriend is, is some sort of radical s j w as well, and he was too stupid to either a lever to the side or be not listen door and just agree to disagree on stuff but then again. Go ahead exactly what it is. Power Pussy with exactly exactly and you quite frankly I can't fault them for that because you know that's ninety percent of marriages happen. We'll just we'll just leave at this point. Is that right there? That's You were saying regarding his ability to suck. But it started then I mean he the guy the guy got lazy. He got loud. Through the race card to cover his shit then he couldn't back up his mouth with performance. You know do you your ears? Rocco's fat okay. Let's talk about just a second. Let's talk about Shannon Sharpe just for ten seconds or for a few seconds. Okay. Shannon Sharpe. Is An arrogant prick agree or disagree now When I hang on, hang on that said. Shannon Sharpe liked to run his mouth about a lot of stuff at a lot of different times also true. Yes. Yes. Shannon Sharpe never failed toback his mouth up with his physical actions on field. Also. True. Unless I'm Clinton mistake, it have you seen the. I know he's A. He's a beast. His and by that, I, mean his physique and his skill level we're just unprecedented but you know I do I think running your mouth there's unprofessional Mind that you buy then back it up on the field nut so much. I mean. Go ahead. If I if I remember correctly now, remember this because there is significant events happened in my life sixteen nineteen. broncos are in the midst of the run to Super Bowl thirty two. Tonight game. In Kansas City in Kansas. City. I can remember. Watching a few days later because of recovering from surgery on. Shannon. Sharpe was literally being drug halfway across the field for most of the game by his helmet because he was talking some serious Shit Oh. Yeah. I. Remember Correctly Dr Thomas. If. If I get an incorrect Thomas Yeah. So. So pissed off the guy, he knocking, Kane insane composure in his professionalism in the game. You got what? I think. Say He lit it up. He was like Yeah. That's ten to twelve for. The Gargantuan One, twenty, one, twenty, six, and what two touchdowns. Yeah he was a month. So. All of a sudden sanders our. Love the Guy I've actually met him. Helvin individual. Love Tall. But he can copious amounts of Shit Oh. Yeah. Oh yeah that that man can back his mouth up. Oh Yeah. We have an and. He. End Let's let's break that down from an NFL perspective. So I'm a personnel manager. Okay and I have Shannon Sharpe as a free agent. His name comes across the wire I go holy Fuck Ball sharps available, and I already know that a he's allowed mouth be he likes to talk shit and sees extremely opinionated man but D-. The Guy Backs should have on the field I picked up the phone. I pick up the phone and say Hello Mr Shannon. Trump's lawyer her agent. This is me at the I would like to pay your your plant, a lot of money obscene amount of money to come help us when football game sets. Ended up with the. Exactly for whatever he was with the Ravens what three years. Say but he wanted them for four super bowl with their to. The argument that Colin Kaepernick doesn't have a job because Hashtag grace is complete an utter bullshit. Bullshit and the the fact that Roger Goodell has bought into this Shit Hook Line and sinker is even worse. Okay. You would think that that to be the commissioner of of a National League or National Professional Sports League that race in what eight to ten billion dollars. A year in gross revenue. You have. You'd have to have an IQ above your shoe size. Goodell even that these people that that they're they're professing to support. Social Justice. Wise. He realized that the vast majority of them do not watch the Games couldn't tell you five players in the league and doesn't even know couldn't name five teams lot I mean. She probably I mean. Look at some of the fan base. Did Not tell you the difference three, four, three defense. Yeah don't try to get him to describe the Tampa to. Exactly or various offensive formation. You're the simultaneous simultaneous possession roll which you and I can quote by heart understand completely. Exactly. Our guys we've got another segment coming up right after this brief break. Stay tuned. Midnight Patriot nations spartan with a shameless plug for our new gear shop shop. Dot. MIDNIGHT PATRIOTS DOT COM. T shirts, hats, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, and just about everything else in between we got you covered whether you're looking to embrace your insomnia, show your patriotism or make a liberals headaches blowed. Really, Shop Dot Midnight Patriots, Dot Com, and now back to the show. You know that's that said. I made a prediction in in midnight moment the last night moment and I want to run around wanted to run that by. Not. Only understand that the business portion of the of the game, but also the game itself. So this is going to the business portion now. One. Of the things that you and I both know is that owners very rarely. SAY WHAT THEY THINK Or say or reveal their plans in advance. Okay. I've noticed that the owners have remained. Suspiciously quiet. About the social justice campaign that's currently going on I do disagree with that. I mean like I said, I think Jerry Jones is really the only one that's actually made any sort of statement and it wasn't a very long. I ever Jones ever quiet. What that's that's my point. And say instead of instead of. Me thinks he protests too much. Me think she says nothing for more sinister Okay so I wanted to run this by this is my theory. Okay. Now we've confirmed the the the Monday night compal atrocity from last night. US. Or Susani from two nights ago that. We've confirmed that the viewership was down approximately twenty nine percent. Across the board in that double header. So if we take the two games Monday and the overall ratings of of being down for Sunday you're talking an average of of a twenty percent downer. It's one fifth of the audience of the television audience told the NFL the PISS off. Okay. Considering the the significant financial investment ESPN has for for the right. To. Monday night football. Let's just let's just call that loss unsustainable. Okay. So I am going to ask you to engage your owner brain for just a minute. Okay. So We're GONNA fast forward to the week after the Super Bowl's okay where things are notably notably quite Rosalie quiet. The coaching carousel began and things like that since. Day. Except that, there's going to be a rumor. Going to be a rumor. That the NFL that the owners are considering locking out the players because they want to renegotiate the contracts. And this will come as a surprise to dumb asses in the AT ESPN released. They're going to feign surprise. Okay. And we're going to start hearing things like while the coaches are not gonNa make anymore are putting hiring decisions are the owners are going to. Put a hiring decisions on pause for just We're going to review a few things and Blah Blah Blah. While then we're going to get to Russia's started free agency. And we'RE GONNA. Find out and it's probably going to be one of the one of the What's The guy's name? Remember his name. One of the reporters Schefter Adam schefter because he always breaks up he's. Probably. GonNa be schefter becomes. We have confirmed reports, the owners who are going to lock out the players affected nine am tomorrow or whatever. Okay. Now what's going to end up happening is this. The overall I would say, the overall revenue is going to decline somewhere in the area of twenty percent across the before the Lee across the. Across the season. Okay. Now again does just a prediction it might be higher. I hope it's higher until they stop dish this personally but. This is what's going to happen. You're going to get a massive ratings ratings cut. Even in the Super Bowl. Which means revenue is going to be down roughly thirty percents. Okay. What they're gonNA say is this is an unprecedented drop in revenue and the the losses are unsustainable. They're going to have to renegotiate the contracts. The players are GONNA have to take less money and this time the the ownership is going to be able to show concrete. The because of the drop in television revenue in Jersey sales and everything else. That they're going to have to renegotiate the contract. They're going to vote on removing Goodell as the commission. You're actually they're gonNA, they're gonNA end up forcing him out but the way it's GonNa play out this players are to get locked out. There's going to be a review of the deal of the of the current Labor Labor Agreement. The new agreement is GONNA. Have a significantly lower. Revenue Pool total that that the players are going to get. And they're going to have conduct they're going to have enhanced conduct policy which include the jewel stand for the national anthem. You will not hiding locker room for it. And you're going to we're going to not endorse anyone as far as any sort of political failure, your ideology on the field, and if you do not only will your contract be terminated but you'll be you'll be on the breadline by your suspended for a year. Now maybe the suspended for year won't come to pass but. Engage your own our brain for just a second and then look at the strike years that came up and you tell me how how how. Or how far I'll fight on that. Will. Allow me to. Dive into this plan I mean. Here we go. I am an owner of a NFL team. Meaning I have had to. Put Out. Let's use an arbitrary figure five hundred million dollars cash right upfront. Chooses five hundred. Half a billion. Cool. I'm. Glad. Yeah. Five hundred million dollars up front in order to gain my team have somewhere to play. The voted on passed and approved by the NFL. As either an expansion team whatever then. To, Cherry pick the other teams around here so I can build my team. In hopes that a I get a return on investment. That said if I'm going to dump five, hundred, million dollars out. A team equipment place play contracts that are stretched for X. number of years. This mice guaranteed this much at a signing bonus this much. Not. including the money paid to the team from the NFL for reaching a wildcard round, a divisional round championship round, and ultimately the Super Bowl. There are incentives paid to the teams by the NFL for attaining postseason plum. Yeah So that said with everything that goes on here. Currently we're martyring. Convicted felons we are. Using the NFL. As a soapbox. As an owner. would. Say? Okay. I can understand. The Point I understand where you're coming from I understand yes. Shit doesn't like this doesn't need to happen. It does there's nothing I can physically do about it personally except point out to you that you're not them. You are a multimillionaire more working your way to that point because of your talent, your skill and your ability play the game price. You as a athlete. well-fed well trained. Best shape, your ever loving life you have a house bigger than anything you've ever grew up in, you've got cars for days all these other things but. You need to remember that you are entertainer You're not a politician. So, that said. When to go into your point? After the Super Bowl. Until they actually have one right. That two weeks later, when everything's died down in the in the winter sprayed is over and losers or duck griping and the coaches players have made their way to their respective all. Wherever. That may be they're probably their private castles. Yes don't don't live in a castle guarded by you know dogs bigger than. Most people's. Cars. Were we will probably see as you said. Well you know revenue was down. Because of viewership is down across the board anywhere between currently twenty twenty, two percent to encroaching upon thirty percent. For Games you know TV, rights merchandise sales are going to be down. People are actively boycotting across those media and they're actually making their voice known by not watching. All of a sudden if we were to take thirty two current teams. And we look at. All the owners in this how much money they have? Now if we were to take thirty percent of total investment apart. As a conglomerate figure. We're talking a loss of probably and I would strong. Guess. Somewhere in the neighborhood of anywhere between two and two point, five, billion dollars while even go you want all you can go one better I think since the economy has basically picked up I mean you gotta remember the day to ten billion was during the Obama Konami which was one of the worst economies history. Okay. So that said you gotta figure that now it's probably going to be between ten and twelve. So if you have a twenty percent revenue law, if you have a almost thirty percent, you're talking about three billion dollars. That's a three billion dollar loss. So even if even if you spread that across thirty two teams, you're talking about what? Three hundred, million dollar loss per franchised. and. So and a lot of the smaller market. Good. So again, as an owner with Joan, arbitrary figure of five, hundred, million dollars starting I just lost seventy five percent of your or yeah of my revenue that I put into have an NFL team. Well, exactly. Well Number One and number two what anybody thinks that now? Okay. We all understand the cats at the revenue sharing For Those of us that are initiated, understand understand the the the reason for revenue. Okay. That's that's a given. Okay. Even still a thirty percent cut to that revenue devastates small-market teams devastate. Okay that's. Cleveland Cleveland Cambe that's Detroit. Well, I think Detroit is a bit bigger, but I catch meaning. into. Jacksonville. Flow? Buffalo Alright. That unders. Anyway. They're too big but no I hear you here's here's here's the thing the smaller market teams are going to move may if this continues maybe on the verge of bankruptcy and and if you really don't think that the NFL owners will lock out the players to avoid that. I just think everybody's so naive that they shouldn't even be a football fan you can. Football I in my opinion, these played the players and Adele are cutting the owners throats and I don't think the owners appreciate it number one and number two I. Think the owners are more in touch with their demographic their fan base style people want to believe i. don't say that they like their fan base because obviously as the executive class billionaires general ended the tend to hate working people or at least have a disdain for them. Okay. But the point being is that it's unsustainable model for them to go forward to continue this crap. Of K, it's it's absolutely ludicrous. So I think about beat that horse to death did you have anything to add on just on that? Final thought regarding that as an owner is a businessman I yeah exactly. Exactly. His businesses to? Yes he owns the team but as a business owner, you're always looking to. CRUISER BOTTLE BLONDE Increase but also you know they've got, they've got a commitment. You know what I mean I mean the bottom line is there are associated with raising revenue to pay Patrick mahomes half a billion dollars over the next. Seven years. Of. The point the point is this is that there are costs associated developing that revenue and win the players behavior or when when the when the the players union in the League encourages behavior that is deleterious to to that mission. Then what are the owners supposed to do? Gordon exactly. They locked the doors take resigning before we open this and then players you're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have to do a big restructure here. Sorry. You know this is this is not you? Not You know you're not this side of the world you guys are on the upper echelon. Of money you have succeeded in. On yourself up by your bootstrap for lack of terminology, you have made it playing a game that you love passion for three enforce your point duty not only are they a privileged class? Okay. Let I verified this I verify this last night. I made a statement that that. The NFL, the people on the NFL minimum as in rookies that that you know what we're undrafted free agents, right that are somehow made the squad, which is more powerful MAZAFA. A No experience. Rookie. Signed as a free agent this year in the League makes a minimum of six hundred, thousand dollars. Six hundred, ten, thousand dollars I then went to the Department of Labor's website guess what the average household income for Americans is as twenty twenty. Sixty, one, thousand, three, hundred. Yes. They working person would take ten eleven years to make. They're making six months show and this is not this is not an insult. I'm only going to use the label for for effect. Hacks in the NFL make ten times. The average working family does and they dare fucking lecture us about what our values should be faulk them. Big F what. Exactly. With a with capitalize all letters with with several exclamation points at the end. So that said I. Underlined and and I tell us is never. That's that said, I I wanNA give credit where it's due also understand that you know. What did I just go off on the NFL to you know to to to the end up with surprise we'll tell you why because You know even in the worst of situations, even even in the darkest night, there are rays of sunshine out gather are rays of light and I want to heap praise on two particular players, and these are the only two players. That I'm aware of have done this if any of you out there. Needed to midnight Patriot nation are aware of more please let us know. So we can give them their just desserts in their props. I want to give particular a credit to a hundred in the way of of the of the Pittsburgh steelers. Mr Villanueva is a former army ranger That said he made a big splash stirred shit storm by doing the right thing. I'm not going to get into the to the criminal that that the that the steelers. We're trying to honor Norma GonNa try to justify it didn't happen there but. Mr Vienna wave. Did something very classy He caped over the criminals name and he chose to honor sergeant first class all when cash. Now I believe I'm saying that correctly cut me some slack by brute if I if I. A brutalized his name that is not the intention. To say how I believe it's spelled. But sergeant first, class all, when. Cash. who was killed in Afghanistan? And I I, WANNA. I WANNA take. The chance to really You know he preys on on Mr Villain away for for going against the grain and for honoring in a true fallen hero on instead of instead of the criminal. So. Well on on that. The next one and probably the biggest honors of the latest give to the Jaguars tight tyler effort. I think I'm saying his name correctly also I don't think it's effort at the. But again, please forgive me if I've Jaguars fans if wrecked his name to. That being said that were I for also You know went against the grain he chose to honor the life of David Dorn David Dorn for those of you that that don't know was retired police officer. I believe it was Saint Louis. He. police chief Sir about that. He was retired police chief and he. was acting on behalf of a friend to go and check is Friends Pawn Shop. And he was gunned down he was killed Doing doing that by a felon in possession of firearm each shot this this legitimate euro From behind in the back of the head, which was incredibly cowardly act. ADORNS widow. was featured at the Republican National Convention. So those be the she told the heart wrenching story and As much as I am I gotTa tell you broaden orphee side, but he loved me misty. I was just her story about David's life was very touching and the impact on her family were simply crush. So I wanNA other drove I drove home the point. Your choice exact life exactly as what makes you? Exactly you know people people come from from bad situations and rise to great heights in as far as I know. This is the only country in the world that that can happen. Where you can make what you want of your own life. Okay. The biggest prison that we have in this country, the prison in our own minds. So A. Big Praise to do Mr Bean away and Mr for will done. I still have the continue my. My boycott because of my standards but you gentlemen have shown that there is a a ray of light in darkness. So Phoenix where you have anything to add or have we beat this to death. By by Pres for. There are people in the NFL that are serving of. Respect for me for one. Not because of their wallet or their house or their cars. But they chose stand for the national anthem. As. SOMEONE WHO Leaves in their country. Leaves in the American dream all though little hard to attain sometimes. The anthem regardless of anybody's political stance. The gentleman across the nation. And the NFL NBA MLB. I stand with you guys choose to stand in honour your country. That is. The way it is your will said. Anybody else wants that is your choice. I. Respect your choice I don't like it but I do respect it. But I stand with the gentleman who chooses stanton honor the country, the greatest country on this earth. Gives them every opportunity to excel in anything that they choose to? Like professional football or professional athletics exactly. I think it. I think it's worth mentioning here. I know we said we beat the source of, but I wanNA bring up another topic to. Weird Midnight Patriots all of us. May disagree with with what someone says, but we would fight to our desk to protect their their right to say those words. That being said I think one of the other things that the public is piss pot tired of is the privileged wealthy assholes. Being able to have different sets of rules at their workplace than we do. In the Corporate World in William and most smaller companies you do not have. You do not have freedom of speech. Okay. You will be shown the door if you bring up politics religion, etc etc. Okay. With social justice causes or otherwise. They can show you the door. Okay and I don't think I don't think it's Ok these. Use Their their platform on the field or in any way while a uniform to promote their agenda. Okay. Now, I think you and I would agree with this if the NFL Players Association wants to get together and host either a live event or televised event. when they are not playing and they're out of uniform. And they want to tackle these issues donate money to causes give away money whatever I think that would be a perfectly acceptable display. That's fine. Okay. But I think the reason they don't is they know that the cause is a loser. Okay. They're not willing to risk their own money you know to they're not willing to put their money with their mouths are in order to have their protests but but you know somehow everybody else should just shut up and and honor was they're trying to do and I think that that is excellent. You know policy at its finest end. America's PISS POT tired of turning channel I. think that's a big factor as well. As your thoughts unfortunately mean here to. Drive your point. I could see. Getting together having one big party fundraiser l. have running toe board. Hey, you know we're raising all this money great or even several. Yeah Go. But the reason but the reason they're doing it on television is because they can reach a mass audience all at once. But. They haven't had. They had the NFL network. If. The shows a winner, they could sell it to their to their allies in the media. WHO's to say ESPN would cover it. You know for God's sake ESPN has the SP one of the worst ward Joe's ever. Okay and if they want to go up to that into a social justice show fine. Go right ahead or create when like it again. Fine. Or if you know even Amazon or Netflix wants to pick up something about you know the S J W 'cause in the NFL an interview players follow players around their charitable work while they advance these causes grace go ahead I mean I think what they'll find his a there's no interest in be nobody cares they approach it that way that we far less backlash in their their incomes would be far safer than if they continue down this path. the ratings would actually come back to a more normal. That's where I'm talking about I. Mean there are only cutting their own throats by doing it the way they're doing it that that's all I have to say. So that's a wrap for this midnight. Mama we we went really long hopefully provided you get some insights, maybe some food for thought. Ob Spartan in Im with Phoenix, and we're just reminding you one last time in forever. The constitution is not just a suggestion sleep. Well, everybody. EARN. Thanks for joining us for another edition to midnight moment. Be sure to join us for the main podcast, every Monday night, and Thursday night for more midnight moments. If you like what you hear and what we do about subscribing, go to listen dot midnight patriots, Dot Com Click, support, and subscribe. Be sure to pick up some merchant, our gear store shop that midnight Patriots Dot Com. From the Mile High Command, CENTER ABLE TO PRESENT DOT COM studio. This is sport reminding you that the Constitution is not just a suggestion.

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says "we were wrong" amid protests

AP 24 Hour News

00:53 sec | 1 year ago

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says "we were wrong" amid protests

"Several NFL players speak out on the killing of George Floyd and others by police and NFL management responded with an about face it started with this video put out by reigning MVP Patrick my homes that includes several players speaking out against racial injustice to listen to it then goes on this is what we the players would like to hear these state we and the systematic oppression of black people NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responded saying it was wrong to not listen and is encouraging them to peacefully protest and even joining in protests around the country emblematic of the centuries of silence inequality and oppression of black players and now Denver Broncos general manager John Elway is tweeting he realizes he was wrong as well in his views of race relations and is now joining those

George Floyd Patrick Commissioner Roger Goodell John Elway NFL MVP Denver Broncos General Manager
NFL players spoke, and Roger Goodell responded

Garden Sense

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NFL players spoke, and Roger Goodell responded

"NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responding to a video by famous black players calling for the lead to take a stronger stand against racism we the National Football League admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest read the National Football League believe black lives matter on Twitter Denver Broncos general manager John Elway said he's no longer standing on the sidelines and is joining with the players coaches and our organization in speaking up against racism police brutality and any injustice against the black community the Broncos head coach drew widespread condemnation this week for suggesting he didn't see racism or discrimination in the

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"john  elway" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

03:08 min | 1 year ago

"john elway" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"An anonymous. Afc coach said that. The packers drafting Jordan Law Tobacco up. Aaron Rodgers is very similar to win broncos draft Italian Tobacco John Elway in nineteen ninety two. La made it clear afterwards. He was upset with the pig because he wanted to receiver with the message coach. Dan Reeves was that he was in control. And Not elway which is very similar to what we're seeing in Green Bay so Shannon you were there. How similar are these situations there? Bear similar skip. I remember this like yesterday. We had just lost. Afc Championship game me. Remember what I told you this on Monday. We had just lost. Afc Championship game. We lost n seventy two buffalo. They were going to later lose and I'm an John Knowing you don't see out situation one of the receiver. John wanted someone that he felt. Could HELP US win? And this election of a quarterback Jonathan hailed. Everybody's thinking are. They will help us win. Let's get reminds you? John would go into ten season. John was drafted lady. Three Ninety two would have been his. Nfl season so John was about a thirty two playing well and this happened now. They had been some some some rumbling and I I would go ahead a little bit. I give all the team but I'm GonNa give you a little bit of the team now. It was told to meet. John is all played backfield. Quarterbacks called their own place and Giancarlos own place and so Mike Shanahan who later became the head coach Offensive Coordinator John. Calling his own. Plays date is thinking. I wonder what John's GonNa call here. Might say that. Believe he'll call this situation. He'll call this late. Lo and behold John McCall that play they was scripting plays but they didn't tell Dan. Dan Fired Mike at the end of the season. Took a quarterback now proud tonight one season skill. They had tried to trade John People didn't know this they had a deal. If they were having a deal to play they would have a discussion with Washington. Mr Boland had being as that's not happening on about what John was the GM latte huggies. What the player personnel director. They were doing this. You know Mr Bolden. Let them have a lot of control. Dad had the ultimate say they were going to move on from John. It Mr Bowling nip that in the bud after the ninety two season they fired coach read. There was always bad blood. Skit we go to training camp. It was Kinda like Green Bay. We rode bikes to everybody. Bring the bike up. We would bribe bikes capricious. Lock them up in the gymnasium. Get on the bike. Go back to people have golf cart. John elway had a golf cart. Dan Reeves had a golf cart. They would drive by each other. I look at each other and I'm like I don't think that's how it's supposed to give young. Give the player that I will become. You.

John John People John Elway Dan Reeves packers Afc John McCall Aaron Rodgers Green Bay La broncos Mr Bolden Mr Boland Mike Shanahan Nfl Mr Bowling Jonathan personnel director Jordan Law Lo
No major hangups in NFL's mock draft heading to real thing

AP News Radio

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No major hangups in NFL's mock draft heading to real thing

"Denver Broncos GM John Elway said he expects problems when picks are announced this week to be minimal L. Y. and representatives from every other team went through a dry run of the pandemic driven format on Monday with a two round practice session Elway told reporters there was an issue with too many people on the call not using a mute button but eventually things worked out under the virtual format teams will have their personnel people scouts and coaches all online from different locations I'm Bruce Morton

John Elway L. Y. Bruce Morton Denver Broncos GM
John Elway: 'Drew is the guy we are looking to'

Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz

00:27 sec | 1 year ago

John Elway: 'Drew is the guy we are looking to'

"The Broncos heading into the upcoming season without a question a quarterback it's the first time that's been settled in some time GM John Elway spoke from the NFL combine about the quarterback drew lock working through the way that you know drew finished in a finished form one and I think that where we sit right now there's no question drew is the you know the guy that that we're looking to win so obviously want to be able to improve as a football team Broncos have nine picks and that upcoming NFL draft pictures to see what direction they go with the

Broncos John Elway NFL GM Football
Safety Atwater voted into Hall of Fame

Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy

00:24 sec | 1 year ago

Safety Atwater voted into Hall of Fame

"As ray fame safety Steve out water can now ADD hall of Famer to his resume here's his former teammate current Broncos president of football operations in GM John Elway on out water joining him in the hall it's awesome you know what another great rock will get in the hall of fame's always grace version the defensive side to save at a tremendous career he's a better person and so really thrilled form that kick that door now so could have no

Steve President Trump John Elway Broncos GM
Broncos Finalizing Deal to Make Pat Shurmur New Offensive Coordinator

Big Al and JoJo

04:54 min | 1 year ago

Broncos Finalizing Deal to Make Pat Shurmur New Offensive Coordinator

"Well we just talk to my class are brokers insider who told us that the deal is done with that tactic Schirmer to be the new see for the Denver Broncos official press release from the team hopefully coming sometime before the end of the week big al with Schirmer being the new offense of coordinator what do you see as the pros and cons for this this young this young offense with the very young rookie quarterback is gonna be going into your to what I'm looking for are the things that that you can give a team and that's easy to roles and I always talk about this because I believe that that's the key to winning football games in this league how can you create an easy throw a one on one getting the guy wide open like we saw Devine to Adam's last night plan for the Packers you know the Packers go with the heavy formation they run a play that look like it's going to be a post but it then it turns into a corner is a seven right and then you look up and you say all my goodness the guy has a football it's one on one coverage he makes one guy miss and any out runs the coverage that's it easy to roll okay it's not fit the ball in the window it's not a drop back play act soon getting a guide you know own a seventeen yard dig route it's none of those things it's making the girls that the good players make to wide open guys but you have to design those plays for those guys to be wide open and the quarterback shouldn't be surprised when a wide open and when they're not wide open take the ball and run it that's what the good teams in the NFL do that's how you win football games in this business by getting your quarterback easy throws that you can feel good about and we didn't do that especially not against the Kansas City Chiefs are we rich gang real and I hate to see guys getting fired trust me it's it's not it's it's you know nobody wants to see that I wish there was a way that he could have stayed on and work with the quarterbacks something of that nature but maybe it's maybe it's too muddy if he's in Rome but you know it just we just have to have a change in and once again the greatest throws in the NFL aren't necessarily the ones that are forty M. fifty yards down the field like we saw this weekend but we also saw we also saw Patrick my homes we were out to the running back I think it was Williams out of the backfield on what looked like to be a six star pass it ended up being a seventeen yard touchdown the design of the play against the covers that was played was perfect and the guy had a free run to the end zone I mean those are the plays that you expect out of a great offensive coordinator and that's certainly what I'm looking forward Pat Shurmur who spent a lot of time with Andy Reid and Philadelphia I take it I think he was there for at least ten seasons with Andy Reid going from offense of line coach tidy and coats two quarterbacks coach so he understands the offense it's complete and of course in that Minnesota offense that's what we have to go last because that's where he was calling plays exclusively you look at that team and what they were able to do and the way that they brought on Adam Thielen out of no where to become a star well you know that he understands what kind of receipt what the receivers need to look like and not how they need to run there are so many different ways that we can look at this as be an improvement to be an improvement to what we had last year in part of it believe it or not Joe Joe is evaluating players for the upcoming draft that's a big big part of it because trust me there is a common formula to run in this offense and really make it work Stefon Diggs is the guy that blows the doors off of the defense is for the Minnesota Vikings before we and you look at back at Pat Shurmur when he was with Andy Reid it was the son Jackson now what is a in to read as he has he'll explosive wires see what to add to re kill who blows the doors off so I'm almost guaranteed you I'm almost guaranteeing you were going to find a guy that can blow the doors off of the defense in round one or two of this year's NFL draft that's how you make that all things work do you have a guy that can a workhorse guy who can catch the balls and make it happen that's called sudden but we need one of those guys that is scary says that blows the doors off the defense the evaluation process of what that guy looks like I trust Pat Shurmur more than I do John Elway to

Schirmer Denver Broncos Official
Top jockey Eurico Rosa da Silva to retire

In The Gate

06:17 min | 2 years ago

Top jockey Eurico Rosa da Silva to retire

"Very few successful athletes get to win their illustrious career here's by going out on top a handful come to mind John elway one super bowls in his last two years with the Denver Broncos Peyton manning went out with a super bowl win I'm for that same team Ray Bork left the NHL team with which he'll forever be associated the Boston Bruins to win a Stanley Cup with Colorado and then jet off into the sunset it could be the same kind of fairy tale ending to the career of one of the most successful jockeys North America Eurico Rosa Dasilva who was written primarily at Woodbine race course in Toronto for the past fifteen years the forty four year old rider will call it a career sometime in mid December he's one six sovereign awards for best writer the sovereigns are the eclipse awards of Canada he's been the leading writer at Woodbine five times and won back to back queen's plates the Kentucky Derby of Canada in September he took down for what will be the only time one of the tracks signature races and by so doing wing now has a chance to cap his career with the Breeders Cup win they come to the home stretch the Rica Woodbine Mile Lou collina's Kliot down the outside of mass up the rails all across the track and L. Tournament coming through God's stormies in front to Second L. Tormenta Luke Collina's they're raging bull starting to build a run late in the latest what stormy that Philip Dodd Manta up the inside strides astrid L. dollars Meta on the inside and L. A. has one Rico with by L. Tormenta was forty four to one that day and now he's being pointed to the Breeders Cup Mile he'll no doubt be a long shot Swell facing the likes of got stormy Higher Power Uni and possibly circus maximus but hey a win for L. Tormenta over that group would be a real story book ending the career of our next guest Jockey Eurico Rosa Silva who joins us for a few minutes here on in the gate you've been around logging enough to know that forty four to one shots don't come in every day especially in grade one races so what was going through your head as you powered down the lane to win the Woodbine Mile Tormenta when when I was on the race what's compete under moment I was not thinking winning or or lose us me and him we both doing the weekend through two hundred race right and was completed on their moment or so folks all we want it could wire I you had not much experience with that horse before the Woodbine Mile I think but he had been a turf sprinter last year at age three free so what do you think made trainer Gail Cox decide to stretch this gelding out a little yes I think falling these horse he used to go to the elite before and he was a sprinter and you know they start taking him back and he learned how to relax and then they stretch him out and I think that was the key for him you know to learn how to relax and today he is I can say that they did very good job because he's he's not a horse to ride you know he relaxed that easy for you as we talked about an are open you're retiring basically at the top of your game made now the right time the right time for me is that I'm young to start a new business and my kids I really really want to focus on my family you've said that you grew up without family and you don't want that to happen to your three young children including a nine month old daughter congratulations what do you mean that you grew up without family when Noah's keeping my mom was always working I completed grew up Foodie much without my father and that's almost could create a black hole inside yourself you know as much I want to win before the races and I used to have a Lotta anger and I know in fewest I work on myself and that came from being a kid that most of the time King or in the street you know trying to make a leave and when I started understanding more that and I see how important for the keeps to have their baroness supporting them when they're growing up you know and because they didn't have that and also I want to enjoy seen my son my daughter having that with me you know he's not been better for myself I can say that when I'm not tired and I can take my keep to the park and play with them is very subtly fight for me because I raised for the time here and take a lot of promo body and he's very high from to do that well two things first of all I hate to break this to you but eventually those kids are going to become teenagers I have one and it's not really going very well so yes enjoy it all now while you can the other thing is you said you're racing here and you know as a top okay you'd have less trouble than less successful jockeys would booking mounts if you follow the money during colder months let's say to Florida to Kentucky but you've not real he done that it seems I believe once turned down a Breeders Cup ride to raise woodbine instead that day so what is your thought process for how you have set your skin Joel in the wintertime people think oh he's home he's that but you know I really work in myself I have entertained that work inside myself to come through to the recall you showing up on the track you know and he's the kind of really Really set the myself down and work on the brain I I really I never stopped working on the tire year I'll take two weeks like I am free as I'm not going to do anything and just deal with the family other time I use the time that I have time to work with myself inside myself oh jockey Eurico Rosa Dasilva joining us here on in the

Peyton Manning John Elway Denver Broncos Forty Four Year Fifteen Years Nine Month Two Weeks Two Years
What just happened? Making sense of Andrew Luck's shocking decision

On The Mic

02:50 min | 2 years ago

What just happened? Making sense of Andrew Luck's shocking decision

"You know what how is indeed going to remember Andrew luck's legacy in in his career what what is his era and his legacy going to mean to those colts fans one we now look back in hindsight well so great girl he had said he told us Jason that he actually believes that when we look at Andrew luck we're going to think about the things that he did not do he's going to be remembered for the things that he did not do versus the things that he did and that might sound harsh it might sound unfair at the moment but when you think about that it kind of makes all the sense in the world doesn't well I I do think it's Marcia and I do think it's unfair that if we step back for a second engine log your armored when he was come out of Stanford I had scouts in player personnel people telling me he was the group he was the best quarterback quarterback prospect since John Elway I mean I had several people independently say that to me at any comes in succeeding Peyton manning arguably the greatest quarterback in NFL history mean we can go over Brady debate would go around around but if you take manning is right there and what does he do he picks up and gets his team into the playoffs he has great seasons pro bowls he gets hurt his body his body lets him down and I would certainly phrases but England out his body was in the NFL okay and you got hurt and he still after missing season came back I played with a lacerated kidney the playoff game and we're gonna remember for what he didn't do I get it Nick that's the waste that's we sports works in this country it's all about winning championships if you don't and if you walk away your brand the bomb but I don't look at him that way I look at a guy who you know what he made good on his promise but his body did not allow him to continue making good on it but I will look at the guys a failure at all I don't think that there's a difference to say that will remember him more for the things that he didn't do verses what he did then saying he's going to be bomb or a boss or a failure I think it's just looking back at his career and saying what could have been right because he is so so talented he has all the tools it's just looking back and saying them you know what if things fell into place what if he was able to stay healthy what if if he played until he was thirty five thirty six here is Greg Doyle's answer from the NBA star the J. since questions about how long would be remembered you're not gonna be remembered for what he did he can remember for what he didn't do what he left on dark even called quick message what's going to happen and it's a damn shame because he's he deserves better that I realized what he did I realize we did the scene I realize all that but this is not a sports story it's a human story this is a human

Andrew Luck
Joe Horrigan leaves Pro Football Hall of Fame after 42 years

Rich Eisen

07:15 min | 2 years ago

Joe Horrigan leaves Pro Football Hall of Fame after 42 years

"Joe Horrigan. Yes. Forty two years, the keeper of the flame at the pro football fame his last day on the job as yesterday. Mean so would you see the buildings still standing? I don't know. Personally held it up in confirmed. But one of the nicest sweetest guys. ESPN did a story about have over the weekend. I mean he has been doing everything for the hall of fame. And in terms of a great story when we first. When we. Like the sweetest man he would be the ones calling the hall of famers on the phone to let them know. A couple times doing pretty cool, rich because. Yeah, because we all right? So I'll tell story here. So we're on the air in, in Houston, Texas, at the Super Bowl for Super Bowl thirty eight our first one we ever did. Okay. Or the calendar year two thousand four NFL season two thousand three year that the patriots. The panthers. And then we watched them beat the eagles the next year Jacksonville. So reason why I'm bringing this up is our set was right near in the convention center, I ever NFL total axis set right near the main convention center dra- hall like the largest room in the convention center where they held all the press conferences, including for the pro football hall of fame. Now all you folks out there. No, the pro football hall of fame class is announced now at the NFL honors they try to keep it quiet. David Baker, the president of the pro football hall of fame walks around and knocks on doors of hotel rooms were all the eligible finalists are holed up with their families hoping to hear that knock on the door, and it's created some really amazing video moments where David Baker lets the players know that. They're now fully enshrined. They're immortal. It's like a very nice. It's, it's like a publisher's clearinghouse moment without the check. Right. So that's the way it's done now. And they try and keep that quiet until it's announced that the NFL honors a used to be they just announced in the press conference. That's it. And the players who were finalists were invited to the Super Bowl city and those that thought they were gonna make it showed up. Others were working on TV in many other parts of their their lives. There were working professionally at the Super Bowl and for just happened to be there, and some just wouldn't show because they didn't wanna show up to the host city and then find out they didn't make it. It's expensive. You know, and it stinks. I remember one year Warren Moon. Told me the year he got in Warren Moon. Was in town, and he was driving in a car. Somewhere around the city. I forget, what city was announced he was ending his driving in a car, and he was either going to get the phone call from the hall to say that he was in and he'd show up at the convention center drive convention center, or you didn't get the call, Dr the airport. Town. So that's the way it used to be. We're sitting there. And our green room was right next to our NFL, total access at, and John Elway and Barry Sanders, went in that year together. Jill. Look that up for me, make sure that this might not a pulling this story here. Was it? John Elway in Barry Sanders. Think went into the same pro football hall of fame class in the summer of two thousand four. And they were announced N Houston together, and they were. Correct. And they were in our green room. They were in our green room, just chilling out before they were being brought into the draft hall into the into the convention center, press conference hall room. And being announced. And we got an idea at the NFL network. You know what? Let's make this a thing. Like we had video of them waiting, and just we could have interviewed them and like, okay so players are here. And the press conference is going there. Let's televise the press conference. So the next year, I was the host of the press conference, and it was. Difficult. Tap dancing for me when I'm up there and hard-bitten media of the NFL world was used to just having the announcement happen. Right. And those who were there showing up and they'd be there, and they'd find out the rest of them. Instead, we just drew. We I think I kinda Jim great it like we try to draw out and the people in the room. The media members room really getting pissed off. So next year, it was just like we're gonna nounce them and wait for the people to come and show up, and then I would interview them, but sometimes it would take them five ten minutes to get to the convention center. And then the meantime, we would Joe would get the guys who was not who are not there on the phone for me to interview live. I remember those. Joe a couple of times me on live NFL network television. Just trying to tap. That's I forget the name of the guy, you don't have to look it up either. He was a veterans committee. And shrining who had been out of public life for very long time. And I'll be honest with you, who I never heard of I had no idea, he played like it was really from a long time ago. But we were so desperate to fill time. Joe got him on the phone. I don't wanna say. Joe got the guy on the phone, and as we're coming back from commercial break, he tells me, so and so's on the phone, but he probably can only answer questions because he has dimension. Mike ally. Gosh and Joe then ran away. Because he had another phone call to make. Sweetheart. I mean this guy is just so and I just was okay. You know, this is a great moment for this man, I asked him a couple of questions. He was able to actually answer them. But Joe gave me that nice little heads up. You know, hey, just right heads up for you. I may not be able to answer a single question. Guy. He just a sweetheart of a guy and I just wanted to say, thank you, Joe, he's out there, driving around, or he's on the driving range, or wherever somebody just let them know gave a

NFL Joe Horrigan Football Houston Espn John Elway Warren Moon Panthers David Baker Barry Sanders Patriots Jacksonville Texas Eagles Publisher Jill Mike Ally JIM
NBA Draft 2019: Latest 1st-Round Order, Predictions

Golic & Wingo

09:03 min | 2 years ago

NBA Draft 2019: Latest 1st-Round Order, Predictions

"And ladies and gentlemen, we have a new mock draft out Mel kiper Jr's three point. Oh is here with us. And we are looking forward to the draft. Mel will join us in just about an hour to talk about the new mock draft. But there have been some changes in the draft specifically one less quarterback. Now going in the first round then in mel's two point oh mock draft. So we have four in the two point oh mock draft with Daniel Jones from Duke rounding out of the last pick of the draft to the patriots in the first round of thirty two. There are only three quarterbacks now in the first round, according to mel's latest mock. And obviously a retirement might be a big reason why and the quarterbacks have changed as well. Right. As far as where they're they're going. Well, Cuyler he still has Tyler going number one derozan. Well in his last draft Cuyler going number thirteen to the dolphins. So now and this draft he hasn't going number one. He had. Dwayne Haskins going number six at a giant Kyle Murray. Going number thirteen to the to the dolphins. Drew lock going fifteen to the Redskins and Daniel Jones going thirty two to the patriots. So as you mentioned Daniel Jones now out of the first round, according to the latest mock draft by Mel kiper, just three quarterbacks Murray number one. The main says Dwayne Haskins at number six, and you start to hear reports that the giants may go defense was six and then was seventeen go quarterback. But right now twain Haskins at six and then drew lock sitting there at number thirteen for the dolphins. Does the only three quarterbacks in this latest first round. Yeah. Going to be very interesting because we know what the giants listen one thing. Dave Gettleman has made very clear he does not feel beholden to tell us his plan. And so I don't feel overly beholden to believe. A lot of what we're hearing coming out of the giants can't because if you've got a guy who's basic messages trust me, I got this. Well, then we understand he doesn't feel like he has to tell us the truth. So as we hear these things. Coming out. We also understand this time of year is about deception to an extent it's trying to manipulate the draft order trying to manipulate the opinions of certain players. So that you can try and put yourself in the best position to get the guys you ultimately want. So it makes it difficult to try and read the tea leaves it is although I have to say on cattlemans behalf. He said all of last spring saquon Barkley is a generational talent with the second overall pick. And that's where he went. Look, I think we all agreed. There has to be a quarterback in the giants future. Whether it's at six or seventeen trade now Cleveland, but it would not surprise me in the least if Dave Gettleman waited until the second or third round to take a quarterback this Dave Gettleman, he created that created, but he he made the term a more of a vernacular in the NFL draft hog molly's when he was the GM of the Carolina Panthers. He loves the big guys to hog mollies. And let's be honest. This draft is going to be decided outside of Kyla Murray. More than anything else about the big defensive lineman in this draft. The hog Molly is on the defensive side of the ball. So depending on your draft grades for your quarterbacks you could take one of those at six and then a quarterback at seventeen it all depends again on your on your draft great. If twain Haskins is highest on the board and draft grades. You don't pass that up. If you have a Dwayne Haskins drew lock. And whatever other quarterback equal in grades. You know, maybe use that seventeen pick baby can trade it up somehow to get one of those guys as I said, this always comes down to grades. Do. You have a choice amongst grades. Are you close enough in quarterbacks where if you don't get one you try and get the other? But we'll see we'll see, you know, one of the biggest changes in from the last two this for Mel was they had the patriots taken Daniel Jones a quarterback, and this one I serve Smith junior the tight end from Alabama going, and that would not be shocking at all you have really three out of the top tight end Hopkinson the kid from Iowa teammate, Noah Fant, and then Smith junior all three likely to go in the first round a three first round tight end to on the same team come on. And what would that tell you as we saw? The patriots jump into the first round and take a running back and Sony Michelle at the end of that. And now to see in the next year three tight ends going. We've talked about this. However, you want to split it. Last year were Quinton Nelson. Went in the top ten in the draft as an offensive guard. We saw roquan Smith going the top ten as a middle linebacker. The middle of the field is worthy. NFL is being built right now. And other teams are starting to catch up to what the patriots have done for years. The way that we've seen teams export that specific area and three tight ends in the first round would hammer that home not denying that. They are guys that are certainly probably more talented than usual tight end groups. We're used to seeing but it's also about value. It's why you see running back taking it to overall by the giants last year. I mean, the other thing is I think they're more interior linemen in this first round then quarterbacks right? Like, a not tackles guards and centers. There are more of those according to males latest mock than there are actual quarterbacks being taken which would be very unusual. So the top five in this new draft that Mel kiper put out is Kylie Murray. Number one of the cardinals Nick both the D N number two to the forty Niners. Number three. Josh Allen the outside backing backer pass rusher going to the jet number four Cornyn Williams. To the raiders and number five guy making a pretty big jump. Devon white going to Tampa Bay at five in the last mock draft he was number eleven to the Bengals now in mel's draft. He is sitting at number five number six twain Haskins seven Joon Taylor. The offense attack from Florida going to Jacksonville sweat, the D N going to the lions at eight Sean, Gary the D N going into the bills from Michigan and TJ Hopkinson. The tight end going to the Broncos at number ten. Here's here's what I wanted to talk to Mel about and one of the issues that I have laid on me big fella with with this draft comes, you know, some some point and one of them is there are few prospects in new first round projection who are making their debuts because of their combine performances. There are four guys who have jumped into mel's first round who weren't out there before again based on the combine combine performances. I don't understand that. I don't I don't understand that. If you wanna say. You looked at the combine to go back and look at tape of them. But to say, they're combine performance jumped them up that doesn't compute to me. Well, I think that's I think that's the assumption though, is because of their performance you went back and look and that. That's fair. That's why I want to ask them. How did this? Make you go back and study them more. Because if you're just basing things off the combine I got a real issue with that. Yeah. I I don't think you would do that or teams. But at the same time, you look at the positions of the majority of the players that would be involved in that. And I think this could be true for teams as well. It's interior offense. It is right. Three interior offensive linemen Terry McLaren the wide receiver, but when it comes to interior offensive lineman. You wanna talk about an area where the scouting grossly lags behind to actually great and overall draft. It's a difficult area for a lot of people to see and understand because you don't have the benefit of a lot of stats. You don't have the benefit of even the combine members necessarily always translating to production. So when those guys go and they paying and they flag in the model somewhere for what they do at the combine. And then you go back and spend some more time looking at a guy like Lindstrom who wasn't going to be a big name. He wasn't like, you know, Gary bradberry from North Carolina State won the Remington award this year. Like that guy was a stud Boston College was a middling. Okay. ACC team this year. So Lindstrom wasn't getting the credit. He deserved even being as good as he is. So you go back now, and even these NFL teams, maybe we're late to the party on some of these guys all of a sudden start giving them an extra. That's why I want to ask I just wanna make sure with Mel that because I'm just reading from the combine performance, and again, let's put a name. To those you mentioned McLaren the wide receiver who is one of the others. Chris Lynch reminder, you just mentioned from Boston College now. Number twenty one to Seattle Eric McCoy interior linemen going number twenty two to Baltimore. Right and the Garrett bradberry. The Senator from North Carolina State who is you mentioned one the Remington award is the best center in the country number thirty one to the LA Rams where they have an aging center, and John John Sullivan. And that was that was one of the things have been saying for the Rams the last couple of years that dynasties been built on the interior. If you land a guy like that good, Lord or you winning out it is. So we'll see how that plays out. Now, the one thing that I find interesting he he has drew lock the third quarterback Mel dozen his latest mock going thirteen in Miami. I'm telling you don't take out Denver at ten in Cincinnati of eleven in play for quarterbacks. I mean. Yeah. Denver made the play for Joe flacco. But John Elway has messed this up a couple of times with all due respect. I mean, that's just outside of getting Peyton Manning. He has not figured out the quarterback spot there at ten they might be in play for quarterback. And you have Andy Dalton with his situation with the Bengals and his contract situation. I, you know, I think that there's a really good chance that they could be in play with a quarterback there, by the way, by the way, Mel kiper Jr's mock draft not the biggest item related to the draft this week. That will have news for you guys. What more on that coming up later? This week

MEL Mel Kiper Jr Giants Mel Kiper Patriots Daniel Jones Dwayne Haskins Twain Haskins NFL Dave Gettleman Mel Dozen Cuyler Tj Hopkinson North Carolina Gary Bradberry Bengals John Elway Roquan Smith Peyton Manning
Best of The Herd: Andrew Luck

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

02:23 min | 2 years ago

Best of The Herd: Andrew Luck

"Then you go to Andrew luck and the colts. I wanna talk about Andrew luck. I'm I luck is the best quarterback. I've seen out of college. Since like, John Elway that doesn't mean he's going to be end up. The best depends on the support system the coach and all that talk to my audience about because because obviously Andrew luck you one. Of the better players took a roster a rebuilt roster with a battle line and no running game to the AFC championship. What separates luck his humility. I think he's one of those guys when you look at him. He's Andrew luck. Like, he he should be put on a pedestal. But that's not that's so far from the truth with Andrew he does not want to be treated any better than the last guy on the Ross now thank that. Humility piece is what draws everyone to his attention. And aside from that. I mean, he's a heck of a talent as you mentioned. He he has all the twos cerebral ability. I think he's his likeability is just through the roof the one area that I think Andrew has taken a step for this past is being able to adapt his game. You know early on. It was less dropback five seven, oh I wanted to notable deep all the time. And you know, we saw where Gat him he didn't he weren't able to finish some season. So I think he's matured in that level. And I think as some point Andrews gotta take about a horse and star raising his voice. Thank you. I this is my knock on Andrew. He always takes the blame. He is. He is almost to a fault. It's almost false humility. Yes, it is. Okay. Sometimes to call a guy out. So I was there for three years, and I never seen him scream at anyone for given up a sack dropping a catch. I get it. But all it takes is one time. You're not to do it all the time because Chokwe Gado he he didn't want coach. He wanted coaches to coach not just scream and holler. And do all that stuff is because sometimes it doesn't work Andrew's case all it takes is one time by Brady barks about twice a year. Oh, I've played against Brady and Brady will give it to the refs the offensive tackle the running back. The deepest guy. He screaming at everyone when it calls for it. And I think Andrew when he can it's not who he is. You know? So if you understand if Chris Ballard understands that's not who he is you go you go out and get offense Allama who can be Andrews kind of alter ego, and you go solve the

Andrew Luck Ross John Elway Brady Barks GAT Colts Offensive Tackle AFC Chris Ballard Allama Chokwe Gado Three Years
Best of The Herd: 01/16/2019

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

03:45 min | 2 years ago

Best of The Herd: 01/16/2019

"I four or five years we were on this big thing for four or five years. I kept hearing this argument. Era. Jurors goat Brady second or Brady one. Rodgers to greatest all time apparently Joe Montana. John Elway never existed. Peyton Manning never existed. I always said. You do get it. Like, Tom Brady's got a room in his house full of trophies. They're not that stupid argument. And then I had something I said something during the middle of this year. And I said the it was perceived as a hot take I said the eight best quarterbacks I've ever seen in my life. It's not just about Super Bowls. This is about talent playoffs records your impact to the league. Your impact in the city. What did you overcome? What did you play with the eight best quarterbacks? I've seen again. There's a lot of different. It's Peyton Manning. Tom Brady Joe Montana. Terry bradshaw. John elway. Dan marino. Aikman and breeze. Now. People said you're just saying Troy Aikman. Oh leadership playing hurt toughness dominating a great division. When Washington giant in Dallas pout, those eight best quarterbacks, but the one that got people worked up is drew Brees was a hot take. Was way Rogers, and I said he's right on the outside right next to Brett farve and Steve Young and maybe Dan Fouts. And isn't it interesting? Mr. I'm crazy hot take. Right. I was whoa. You're and I said, no, let's talk about impact to a city. Whereas Aaron Rodgers was given a championship roster a championship level head coach and championship momentum in front office. Drew Brees was given the Cleveland Browns with a port Katrina bountygate. One guy was given the laughing stock of the league that had one playoff win in the history of the franchise. The other player was given arguably the most iconic franchises in the NFL with championship level players. Great momentum terrific front office. Very good head coach. So that's not close. Also. Let's go through four or five things. If drew Brees wins this weekend and goes to the Super Bowl, and they are favored and most people like the saints. If drew Brees get to the Super Bowl. And if he does against Kansas City or New England that again going to be a field goal game. If drew Brees wins the Super Bowl. And again, they're favored at home this weekend to get their Super Bowl titles against Aaron check breeze. NFL records, not close check breeze impact on a franchise. Drew Brees folks is the saints. To Aaron Rodgers is arguably not the Packers best quarterback ever impact on the franchise is not close leadership qualities. I don't know. One guy has former teammates constantly calling him out one guy is revered where three hundred pound offensive lineman. Literally do we have the tape? This is what happened when an offensive lineman Zack street retired recently for the past eight years I've played in front of the most prolific passer in NFL history. Drew Brees has been the single greatest

Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers Goat Brady Peyton Manning John Elway NFL Joe Montana Tom Brady Troy Aikman Dan Marino Terry Bradshaw Cleveland Browns Packers Zack Street Dan Fouts Brett Farve Rogers Kansas City
"john  elway" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

01:33 min | 3 years ago

"john elway" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"We're calling was wrong and the OAS entertaining Trent Dilfer to break down what we watched last night and over the weekend. Joy Taylor is joining me on a Monday morning. Good morning. That was crazy. Last night that was wild. That was surgical. You're talking forty, three forty all these points. It was exactly what the NFL wants. It's football games to look like, and I want to show you something. I'm gonna take my time on this. So there was a moment in that game last night. Don't roll the tape yet. There was a moment in that game last night and obviously you all saw it, but it needs to be shown again. And let's tell a little story in the history of the NFL used to be called the two minute drill. Will you went without a huddle and you rushed to the line and it was fairly chaotic and the good quarterbacks like John Elway was like a fifty fifty at it, Tom Brady last night. Got the ball with two minutes and twenty three seconds buried in their own territory, and let's roll the tape. And here we go. Here's the two minute drill, Tom Brady gets it. All right. Got to receiver out today. Okay, they run it right into the line. All right. All right. All right. Let's get in one more play. One more play before the two-minute Tom walks of the field, basically. Okay. We're. That was the play. They just they just they didn't even run another play. That was it. Okay. Okay. Okay. Now let's stop for a second. Okay, let's stop. Hold on. Okay, so now you kinda just wasted fifteen seconds a run into the line..

Tom Brady NFL Joy Taylor Trent Dilfer John Elway OAS football two minute twenty three seconds fifteen seconds two minutes two-minute
"john  elway" Discussed on Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock

Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock

01:42 min | 3 years ago

"john elway" Discussed on Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock

"It gives us a greater perspective on all of the different things which have kept calling capital out of the National Football League more so than just taking a knee when the national anthems agree with everything. He said Doug phenomenal. I would just add this at thirty years old Colin kaepernick's coming in somewhere to be a backup. If he's going to go anywhere and you knew what the role of a backup quarterback in this league is hold a clipboard. Don't. Say anything stay away from the media and be ready if your number's called. And I just don't think Colin Kaepernick at this stage in his career is ready to do that. I think it's open and shut that. I don't think he's coming back in this league unless he's willing to be a backup and he's made it clear. He doesn't wanna be one up in of cabinet gets through in the National Football League. That's just my opinion. I, I don't think he'll play again. Also think that you know, John Elway said it best, you know, we, I get. I often Emma job. He didn't want to take the job. Now they're up to say, thirty other teams out there to say, look, don't often with job. We're not having this because John Elway can't speak for every team in the national football. He can just speak for his team. You know what the Denver Broncos are gonna do, but do I think you'll ever play again, I just being back if you use a backup starting. I think he's he's a backup. He's he's, he's a lot been a lot of quarterbacks out there. Don't get me wrong them starting Eric, Eric, and I disagree with you slightly Jason and I oppose this to you guys. I don't. I think people get caught up in watching backup quarterbacks and they're like, well, he's better. Of course he's better than the backups, but that's not that job yet, but that's, that's not the job of the backup, right? Hate the backup quarterback. There's a, there's a cut that we've played with the Derek Carr. And when Derek car was announced to be the starter ahead of Matt Shaab match shop said, hey, man, I'm ticked I don't think it's the right decision, but from this point forward..

John Elway Colin kaepernick National Football League Derek Carr Doug Derek car Denver Broncos Jason football Matt Shaab Eric thirty years
"john  elway" Discussed on Get Up!

Get Up!

01:59 min | 3 years ago

"john elway" Discussed on Get Up!

"Best player in the game i need to leave here to validate myself and how was he able to do that by winning his first championship in mind yeah i think you have this one completely wrong you're right and all your prediction wrong if the greatest accomplishment he had was beating seventy three win golden state team from one three behind in the final to me that's one of the great achievements anyone's ever had in anything but in that case draymond green got himself thrown out of a game for kicking someone on the ding dang and chiron was on his team so that if you want to sort of save not that then this this is great as the chief in and i'll tell you what it reminds me of reminds me of john elway in the eighties john elway and the eighties dragged three very mediocre football teams into super bowls against the storage great teams and got annihilated and all three of them people for some reason want to give john elway credit because he finally won two championships he had a lot less to do with the two teams of the very end of his career ninety eight ninety nine one super bowls in denver vinnie did with those teams in the eighties he had a really good team by the time they were winning those championships in my view taking the broncos to those three super bowls in the eighties was a greater accomplishment than winning when he did and for the same logic i will say that dragging this team to the finals is a greater accomplishment certainly that any of the titles he wanted my miami i like to look at not only the journey but who did he have to be in order to accomplish his goal so when you look back at this and you're going to say to all nba stat you're gonna look at who he played in this year's playoffs right the indiana pacers seven rows they outplay expectations the toronto raptors he swept him back the bag years and the celtics team who are ahead of the curve they're going to celebrate their year yeah okay the bron james came at the right time with this team and with his improvement to put them over the top but when you as conic is he is is truly hard to say was his greatest achievement because i was.

green john elway broncos miami toronto raptors denver nba indiana celtics
"john  elway" Discussed on Around the NFL

Around the NFL

01:54 min | 3 years ago

"john elway" Discussed on Around the NFL

"That's a spoiler alert right right there for later in the show you guys never heard that policies never heard it moving on john elway oh yeah john elway sports john this one's forge on this one's for job john john elway sees excellence he knows excellence and he says the bolts chargers the team to beat in the afc west oh my goodness that sounds similar to some like literally everyone in the studio so i'll let you guys i'll give you guys your mandatory ninety seconds to get all excited about the chargers hit every other team in division has football questions the only questions rounding the chargers are related to the colt are they haunted like really that's all anybody can come up with for why the georgia's won't win the division i have got still got about six out seven seconds elway he's clearly a great evaluator talent as he said i've been trying to pare down what are my heartaches here's a charters for you they got the deepest cornerback group there in the nfl is right now and the best pass real so that's what i think john elway sees you get jason verita jason brett back to a group that was already great last year it's deep is any secondary they don't have an overt weakness i think we get that at this point if you listen to the show they have a quarterback that team over the hump save his life well according to the one team with a settled quarterback i found it interesting going out and chasing case keenum that he did not mention his own team is being settled a quarterback we love we love to kill ally manning being washed up but that guy's got to rings once what's fill rivers done in his career i mean the difference between the two of them one of them's a good football player at one is to rings right but that was ten years ago what what's that got to do with this but this feels like psychological warfare.

john john elway georgia nfl jason brett manning football ninety seconds seven seconds ten years
"john  elway" Discussed on NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

01:36 min | 3 years ago

"john elway" Discussed on NFL: The Dave Dameshek Football Program

"All here here is so i wanna take from whatever you check it out what's going on we knew nothing new just here no no you got graph fucker forgotten remind he's a wolf pack you're a wolf wolf off your third thought about who cares you're not a wolf anymore you're don't bradley chubb everybody adulation who is your favorite ronco ball time all term that's how i just because there's so many great players come out of there but i can't i can't even name with his saint john elway he's he's likely pay bills if i had to pick one say john elway choice alleged really handsome death also is yeah yeah look at you shake away the modesty the whole draft process is over now you got to tell you right exactly what about you in bonn miller will be crazy that's gonna be he's going to be great i'm looking forward to working with them and learn everything he is offer so i can't wait to get up start talking to job do you you know i think that i'd rather get drafted in the nfl in the first round it would win an oscar grammy but you don't get to make the acceptance speech let's change that right now i don't have an award for you can i get a water bottle or something to pretend it's like a trophy for here.

john elway bonn miller nfl grammy oscar
"john  elway" Discussed on The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast

The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast

01:33 min | 3 years ago

"john elway" Discussed on The Simms And Lefkoe Podcast

"If it wasn't for ziprecruiter telling you in fact eighty percent of employers who post jobs on ziprecruiter getting quality candidate through the site in just a day and ziprecruiter doesn't stop there they even spotlight the strongest applications you receive seeing never miss a great match right candidates are out there ziprecruiter is how you find them businesses of all sizes trust ziprecruiter for their hiring needs right now simpson left go listeners can try ziprecruiter for free that's right free even josh can afford it just go to ziprecruiter dot com slash s l pod that's ziprecruiter dot com slash s l pods so sims and left go podcast as thank you thank you yeah just case didn't go over your head ziprecruiter dot com slash s l pod the smartest way to hire is procredure all right let us go number five in his denver broncos and john elway bros it's b j dot yeah cool has gm in the entire nfl draft to i want no one gives me flack about paxton lynch because on the super bowl winning quarterback he's sims e who do you like for us at number five you don't i don't like quarterback at number five let's just start right there first of all you haven't been that good pulling the trigger and i don't think you'll have the guts to pull one again okay and actually be wrong so i don't think you're going to entertain that john okay i don't think that that's my honest valuation and john that's really really i don't think he'll have the guts to even pick a quarterback again early right here.

josh broncos john elway paxton lynch simpson denver gm nfl eighty percent
"john  elway" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

01:59 min | 3 years ago

"john elway" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"I mean you would hope you get a a tackle lord matt who can come in and play right now yes but you're right no one no one knows some bust up your young i mean yeah i think tom brady team guy though i gotta think he wouldn't mind this and i and i would even say he would he would help the kid out i would you know i don't see tom brady being a guy who if they draft somebody that he's you know a position he doesn't feel like they need that he jimmy robbie no not talk to them gee try to get treatment for social locked the door on him did jimmy g drafted jones defa imminent threat is a definite target definite salute show look here let me take them i happen to be indifferent nineteen ninetytwo john elway was the starting quarterback and gift who dan rea selected in the first round tommy matty's a quarterback from ucla a guess what happened the day reeves after the season i guess okay okay who had a hand in his firing out our battle interesting oh e because i didn't do my job good if it were tom brady's decision he has the ultimate perfect backup quarterback right now brian hoyer started thirty seven games this league if you played against him probably got do you realize brian hoyer went ten and six is starter for the cleveland browns that's bad right and he's started games for five teams he has started one game he is a friend of tom brady's he started with the patriots undrafted originally but could could i not make up in a laboratory a better backup quarterback for tom brady right now than brian oiler.

tom brady jimmy robbie john elway tommy matty brian hoyer patriots brian oiler jimmy g jones dan rea ucla reeves cleveland browns
"john  elway" Discussed on The Thrive Global Podcast

The Thrive Global Podcast

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"john elway" Discussed on The Thrive Global Podcast

"That is not just for women and african americans to solve the problem of diversity that everybody should be making noise yes about that everyone should be making north it's kind of the you know the example of the football gear is a same here you know which is that you can't just put on this cloak of diversity and pretend you know that you know what you're talking about i want you to get into it you know i want everyone to get into it i want you to study it i want you to know it i want you to have empathy for it i want you to cheer when we get the winds i want you to cry when we get the losses all of that and that does not just apply to women of color or women in general we need white men to do that too in this example i'm frigging the like john elway you know what i mean i'm the john elway of diversity and inclusion you know and i need the people in the stands and the folks who are the vibe by nine fans to put on the gear and all the game coming in help cheer literally pushed the ball down the field please for me it's not superficial and have you found a lot of our allies both within new bear and outside over yeah i think a lot of people say the right thing that we want versus inclusion which by the way is a good start i'm not at all poohpoohing that at all we all need to say it but now i need people to do it in that has been my recent challenge to everyone not just in silicon valley but that we keep pointing to leadership to make these changes we keep saying well why isn't my ceo making these policies and making these demands of our hr leaders to find the people and i'm like well what happened to you you know we all claim to have black friends find a black friend bring them along.

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"john  elway" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

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"john elway" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"Cooking i own the playoff game i thirteen fifty until i went six one twenty one and to those are lebron numbers they lost scale i had that in the first half an eighth army nomo passes whose fault was that i don't know who that will blame somebody when with john back but he was real smart 'cause he realized early on if i thought that young kid from savannah state good things will happen for me really that would say to you liable to tomorrow pregnancy what do you do with it really do it took it to the house my guy right there and so that's why you finally start breaking through said i throw it and then we started every year we wept him everything really everything okay kansas city to tokyo so we're saying that john elway was better than kirk cousins is that's all i think so so do okay well that's what we're talking about this is kirk cousins i think john elway's sit in his office upstairs in that stadium saying what are they thinking what are they doing because if that was the case they should never take peyton manning 'cause he would getting crushed by the patriots you remember that the patriots were killing peyton manning every year crushing he'd beat him once yeah big one that was they were swift vigil by then when afc championship game but i'm saying when they were amc's together you remember what needs to happen skip well i know what happened peyton manning was the greatest regular season quarterback ever know baton no.

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The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

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"john elway" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"John elway champion executive champion quarterback and champion in every way that football does the measurements except pronouncing the mediocre quarterback's name correctly donlevatar of my kids don't even like me anymore that's the bad part one thing i had was my kid's was my twin girls and they are mortified by me by meert existence stugatz i mean i went in that lake at camp over the weekend took the shirt off stuck the stomach out as far as i could and cannonball bright into that lake my girls asked me to leave afterwards these live at our show with this stu gods on espn radio put it on the poll please did you know that there was still a blockbuster store i just felt really bad for someone who was bundled up and like got their thinking that they had a big night of licorice in popcorn and bosom buddies or i i don't even know what chosen any movie and i chose a seventies tv show i could have chosen anything from the tom hanks resume except what i chose it's a fine too a big one i have one does anyone even know what i'm talking about with wasn't buddies put that on the poll tom hanks in that show was tom hanks a woman or was his partner woman one says there were bosom buddies kalari they were both they were both men who dressed as women who trey what they were both bosom buddies they were both.

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Ross Tucker Football Podcast

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"john elway" Discussed on Ross Tucker Football Podcast

"Go to this one team but maybe go to another team you don't really feel like going to and shortly after the draft after that point you kind of in a bad spot to try to pull that off so i don't think it happens very often all ryan if it does it happens a little bit behind the scenes other than be very notable examples like i said of eli manning and john elway those the only ones i can remember maybe there's more than i missing but good question actual question i'm glad you listen to me locally here and harrisburg gets a lot of fun and i hope people as the me on that radio station i call in their once a week i hope that they check out the raw tucker football podcast they'll do it for this week absolutely check out all the other shows that we've got there's never a day we're used to be without having a chance to listen to the t family of podcasts whether that's the college draft tomorrow that was a great show this week or fantasy fees with evans silva or even money was the fedspeak or even the business of sports with andrew brett which i love listening to each week there's a bunch of different options you have every day so hopefully if you're not already please subscribe to all of them and then listen to the other ones when you get a chance when you have time i think you're really enjoy them as well that'd be huge way to help to subscribe dole them enlist the other ones and we need a chance or when you're missing me because you used to hearing me as part of your daily routine other than that have an awesome awesome weekend everybody i tunes rankings comments always appreciated as are those amazon orders that we talked about the re tweets all that stuff the new things starts this week for the retweeting and a sponsor confirmation emails were low on that we get your email question red responded to next week majori meals ross at ross tucker dot com i think we're done here.

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"john  elway" Discussed on First Take

First Take

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"john elway" Discussed on First Take

"Every team has x number of dollars to spend and that's it you're not allowed to spend anymore you can look at it in terms of what it costs you in dollars if you're a thin who cares if it's a billion dollars right i mean would you pay a little extra and your cable cable bill for tickets if you had to give a quarterback all that money so you could win a super bowl most fans would say yes right i'm not even talking about that you have to think of the cost in terms of other players because that money that you spend on kirk cousins cannot be spent on other players so don't think it's a hundred million dollars for kirk cousins that's not the cost it's i'm going to give kirk cousins this money and what it costs me is that linebacker i wanted to sign is the safety i wanted to sign to a longterm deal and maybe that wide out who's a free agent right like there there there's three other positions that you could pay instead of paying kirk cousins if for example you selected someone in the draft or were able to sign kirk cousins to what john elway referred to as a class deal when he didn't want to pay brock osweiler cra causes better the brock osweiler i'm not saying that he's not i'm saying that it costs you in real ways in the nfl not some abstract to the stands like oh my god that's a lot of money or steven they your claimed like he's not to me a 100milliondollar player or something like that it's the cost in players that make your team worse than it could have been if you choose to sign that quarterback if you do give them the money boy he better be a guy who elevator team.

super bowl john elway nfl kirk hundred million dollars 100milliondollar billion dollars