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"john denver" Discussed on 790 KABC

"Road, John Denver in the background. As we said, um Remember like it's about a year ago. Uh, when he went viral for he was in Hawaii, and he literally had so much like the sunscreen. Yeah, but it was like that zinc kind words like, leave it white. He literally looked like he was, you know, school from a moment like that this ups the cool factor in my It's unique. Yeah, sure. I know, But if it was the rock doing it, it would have been cool. You know, Shirtless? Yeah, just just doing it would have been cool, but And to be fair. I'm sure they couldn't have been easy and all that stuff. But you know, when you're Zuckerberg, you're like, OK, everyone clear the lake. You know, security is you out of this four mile area so we can get the video of him, you know, and it doesn't feel like he's doing it to kind of campaign for some likes on instagram to to try to look like it's just like everyone else or something. I just think I mean, I saw you this morning. CNN was doing a story about this, You know? That was that's how slow uses this my my daughters who are you know teenagers finishing out high school senior. They have a phrase called Try hard When someone like, like, Apparently, it's you're just trying to. You know, when, when, When people like, Try to be cool. They go. Yeah, She's a try heart, right? Is that the new college term now like? Well, that's high school. Yeah, Try hard like you like, you know, when you're cool, it just comes to you like you're kind of phony when you're exactly try hard Extra C I B Sick. An extra I'm working on the difference between the two basic has been. It's like your basic Betty like no offense to the Bettys out there, but But that means like, um, what is the coffee that you get, like iced iced coffee like that's been like like below Vice law. What is this, But But what would be extra in that case? Extras like 50 different things. Yeah, like 50 different things like you pull up and I want I want to pumpkin Spice latte and I want like the cheddar bites and then I want the pop, but the latter has to have two extra Pumps of this and whatever that's extra. Okay. Okay. Try hard is when, like, literally, you know, Hey, coach, um or the coach said, Hey, I need you to get go get those balls. I'll do a coach that yes, that's that's try hard. That's that's like me when they're like, Hey, can you work? Sure. Okay. Awesome. And then your traffic. No, try hard would be before they even ask. You volunteered to do teachers, Pat ish, but next level teachers next level, I'm going to be a try hard and get to you. The fourth Yeah. Wow, Marie, We don't want Marie to be mad at me today. Here's a look at your seven day forecast. 96 degrees across the inland Empire San Fernando Valley today 95 degrees. That's a look at your forecast. It's 4 20 now, Ginger Chan. Not to correct anybody, but I think that's a foil board, not a electric surfboard. Totally different If you ever seen the ride of foil board, That's actually a pretty tough thing to do. So was kind of cool. Alright, let's talk about your drive this morning because we want to take you back into Venice Beach. Okay, the situation that continues and we're talking about some major closures are Dan Lunceford here with the active investigation? You see this car that's trying to break through. Pretty obvious that's a this is closed. Great job here by Dan to be able to capture this, So the driver is going super fast. Obviously, the officer spotted him and said, No, no, You're not coming this way, dude. So Basically, we are talking about Rose Avenue at Lincoln, and I think they're going to make sure this guy gets pulled over is probably going to get a ticket. You see the flares on the road direction, not even supposed to be able to drive over them. And so this guy was pulling a big No, no. May not have been paying attention. And that's the reason we give you the information that the streets here are closed for this homicide investigation. Check this person out to see what are you doing again? We're talking about rose. At Lincoln. Let's move you over to the 101 Freeway. So the North bound set at Sunset Boulevard. We get this crash on cars facing the wrong way. One car cleared over to the right shoulder and general. It's still a pretty good ride moving over to look at the five South bound side right about not the left Lane is blocked with the crash. They cleared some of the other lanes, but the conditions are going to be a little tough if you have plans to be on that stretch of the five freeway You already see, some slowing will.

Ginger Chan Marie Sunset Boulevard Hawaii Dan Lunceford 95 degrees CNN 96 degrees Venice Beach Zuckerberg 101 Freeway Dan John Denver today Lincoln One car Rose Avenue instagram fourth Betty
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"john denver" Discussed on 600 WREC

"And if you don't like John Denver, you get off my show right now. Ted Harvey. That joke would have landed better if his audio was potted up. Okay, that that I have included. Sorry about that. You do like John Denver, don't you? Of course I do. Who doesn't like John Denver? What part of Colorado? Are you in? I'm in a suburb of Denver calling drench Colorado. What does it go? Highlands Ranch highlands range, So I spent a Pretty good amount of time in Colorado, and I don't know what your position was on marijuana legalization. But from what I've seen, and I'm not in Denver. But from what I've seen, um it was a sleeper. It doesn't. It hasn't really made a huge difference. What would you say? Um our homeless population has exploded. Um, because every pot head in the country came to Colorado when it first passed because we were the first and only state. In the country that legalized it. So in that regard it was detrimental. But with regards to new revenue coming in with regards to huge impacts on On individual health. No, I don't think it's had a big impact. But with regards to the homeless camps on the front steps of the state Capitol, it's been devastating for the business is in downtown Denver. You know, Ted, I don't know what it is about the left. But there is this love affair with homeless squalor. In the major cities. I saw it starting in Portland. It's happened in San Francisco and now Austin, Texas closer to me and Houston, You can't walk down sixth Street or fifth Street or four streets. Some of the pretty old streets. The historic Driscoll hotel that the sidewalks which were nice wide, ample sidewalks are now occupied by oversized luxury double wide tents and people naked inside, peeing and pooping all over the streets. I don't know what it is about the left and their love affair with homelessness, but I it It's weird. It's really weird. And they passed ordinances that say you have a right to rest, meaning the police can't make you leave. And the business owners who have to walk by you on the Sidewalks can't force you to leave. It is it is destroying the inner cities of America. Had. Harvey is a former Colorado state senator. He serves his chairman of the committee to defeat the president. You can find them online it stop joe dot com The article that you wrote that came to my attention was Biden attacks. Second Amendment. Here's what the president's gun grab is really all about. What I like to do just kind of go through some of the points you make in that piece, including you start with Biden took $5 billion for quote Community violence prevention into his $2 trillion infrastructure program aimed at addressing so called structural racism. Well, if you look at what the Democrats mantra is, is that we have to defund the police and we need to allow for On social services, social welfare services to be able to go in and work with, um these criminals that are destroying our towns. And, um, he is pushing that liberal agenda very similar to what we were just talking about, rather than actually solving the problems that is affecting our culture and Causing all of the crime that we're seeing across the streets of America it and, um he's going up there and it's housing this gun control for Something that is, um in my opinion, smoke and mirrors rather than talking about the exact issue that he's trying to push. You know? I've known a lot of Houston Police department officers over the years and Typically, the case when they clean up a drive by shooting scene is their immediate concern is this is yet another example of the byproduct of structural racism. Causes people to randomly drive through the hood and shoot through windows. It's a It's a terrible, terrible thing. You note that the Biden administration is directing the Justice Department to bring more legal cases. Against firearms dealers and manufacturers. We've had several guests. This trend is bubbling up because we're not seeing the cases yet, but as we do, it's very disturbing, isn't it? We're trying to bankrupt the firearms industry. They know that if these companies continually have to defend themselves that they're gonna have to go out of business, and they can't outlaw them through statute, because there's not enough votes in the Legislature, so they're trying to do it through the court system, and that What the Democrats always do is push their radical agenda through the court system. And that's honestly why they're freaking out right now because Trump got control of the Supreme Court appointed over 200 conservative constitutionalists. Tol appellate courses courts across the country. The Democrats have lost their one tool to push through their radical agenda, but they're still going to try to do it enforced People out of business just by Threatening lawsuits. Judicial activism is the means by wish the left thwarts the will of the majority and Donald Trump's greatest legacy may yet be decades from now. How well they staffed the judiciary if those folks live up to our expectations for them, and it's the thing that is least noticed today, but will have the most lasting impact, and it is incredibly powerful. That's exactly right. That's exactly right. I mean, I'm a passing its second Amendment advocate and a passionate pro life advocate, and Donald Trump probably will go down as one of the best presidents we've ever had simply on his judicial appointments on those two issues. I hope so. The Supreme Court just took up. Has concealed carry case and hopefully they rule on the side of individuals constitutional and they unalienable right to self defense. You know, I will tell you on the issue of gun control. I have watched how many Reagan Democrats blue collar Democrats, especially white males. Who will either not vote or sometimes go Democrat for Bill Clinton over maybe or a Joe Biden over a union issue, and I find that the one thing that spurs them more than anything else. More than taking their taxes away, or even in some cases, an open border is gun control. I hope Biden goes full throttle gun control, because that's how we win.

Joe Biden Ted Harvey Donald Trump San Francisco Portland $5 billion Bill Clinton John Denver Houston Ted Denver Harvey America Colorado Biden fifth Street Trump Democrats Reagan first
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"Katrina and the waves. Yeah. Singing walking on and the Seamus Sun sunshine. He's phenomenal boy job. You got it, Ted. Three I was waiting for John Denver song Sunshine of My show. Oh, you know, that would have been that would have been if that would have been a home run today, sir. We got a lot of songs like this right here is your last one. Ted. Here's your clue. Play it again. It's from our era. Ted. You and I are both in our forties. Yes. Yes, we are. I were also in our fifties. Yeah. Keep going. Here's the clue. Here's the thing. You have that? So? So it sounds like blood, sweat and tears to me, But that's all I have. That's not, but it's the same. It's you would have heard that song after this song. So here's the correct answer. Oh, yeah, That's a great film. She Ted, do that one. You know, John Denver for you today, sir. What? What brings you to the radio today? Ted, What did you do or what do you do? What's What's your stories in the electrician's I just I actually need you show all.

Ted John Denver Seamus Sun Katrina
Trump authorizes declassification of all Russia collusion

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Trump authorizes declassification of all Russia collusion

"The top story. President Trump has authorized declassification of all Russian collusion. Hillary Clinton email investigation documents and the director of national intelligence is intelligence rather Has declassified John Brennan notes. The CIA memo on on Hillary Clinton. Stirring up the scandal between The trump in Russia and the whole nine yards, But I didn't I didn't wanna lead off today. The Justice Department just announced a press conference today. At 11 A.m. on a matter of national security. What could that be? What could that possibly be? We don't know. They haven't told us Apparently the FBI director Chris Ray. An assistant attorney General John Denver's They're gonna be holding a press conference saying that Chris Reyes involved it probably isn't good news.

Hillary Clinton President Trump Director John Denver Chris Ray Chris Reyes John Brennan CIA Assistant Attorney General Justice Department FBI Russia
Carl Reiner, actor, comic and 'Dick van Dyke Show' creator, dies at 98

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Carl Reiner, actor, comic and 'Dick van Dyke Show' creator, dies at 98

"And legendary comic actor and writer Carl Reiner has died. Reiner was among the writers on Sid Caesar's legendary show of shows in the fifties. Along with Mel Brooks and Woody Allen. He gained famous the creator of the Dick Van Dyke Show, and as the Straight Man to Mel Brooks is 2000 year old man character. He directed the films Oh God, starring George Burns and John Denver. All of me with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin and the 1970 copy of comedy Where's Papa? He also authored several books, including Enter Laughing, An autobiographical novel and My Anecdotal Life. A memoir. Rocks native Carl Reiner was 98

Carl Reiner Mel Brooks Woody Allen Dick Van Dyke Show Sid Caesar Lily Tomlin Steve Martin John Denver George Burns Writer
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"<Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> April fool's <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Day. Everyone thank <Speech_Music_Male> you for hanging out there with <Speech_Music_Male> me on this episode. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> John Denver <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> and the long totally <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> false rumor <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> that he was one of Vietnam's <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> most prolific snipers <Speech_Music_Male> has been amid <Speech_Music_Male> forever that I've wanted to <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> mess with and I <Speech_Music_Male> was happy to do so <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> in this episode. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Of course again totally <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> not true and <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> neither obviously <Speech_Music_Male> is his involvement of any <Speech_Music_Male> kind in the JFK <Speech_Music_Male> assassination. <Speech_Music_Male> It is all <Speech_Music_Male> as I said at the <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> introduction of this episode <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> satirical. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> I hope it got <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> you all right. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> This episode <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> of disgracing its <Speech_Music_Male> musical. Score <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> and theme song were <Speech_Music_Male> written by Me Jake. <Speech_Music_Male> Brennan <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Co writing and Writing <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Systems by Seth. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Lundy and Taylor <Speech_Music_Male> betson <Speech_Music_Male> disgrace. Land <Speech_Music_Male> is mixed and engineered <Speech_Music_Male> by SEAN. Kaelin <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> who also <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> assist with the musical <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> scoring <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> additional music score <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> elements by riot <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> spreaker <Speech_Music_Male> additional music services <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> by bryce cancer <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> are <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> add music was composed <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> by Ian Kennedy <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Story <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> in Copy Editing <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> by Pat. Healy <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> disgrace <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> that is produced by <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> myself or double <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Elvis in partnership <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> with iheart <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> radio sources <Speech_Music_Male> for this episode <Speech_Music_Male> are available <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> on my website <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> as are the sources <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> for all episodes <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> that's www <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> dot <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> disgraced land <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> pod dot com. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> That's where you <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> can find all information <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> on this graceland. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> You just heard. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Please be sure <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> to subscribe to you. Disgrace <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> on Apple podcasts. <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> The IHEARTRADIO <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> APP. Or wherever <Speech_Music_Male> you get your podcasts <Speech_Music_Male> and <Speech_Music_Male> if you win a free disgrace <Speech_Music_Male> slammed poster <Speech_Music_Male> then leave a review <Speech_Music_Male> disgrace that on. Apple. <Speech_Music_Male> Podcasts or <Speech_Music_Male> Hashtag <SpeakerChange> subscribes. <Speech_Music_Male> You disgrace <Speech_Music_Male> land on social <Speech_Music_Male> media and we'll pick <Speech_Music_Male> two winners each <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> week in announced <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> them on the. Ad <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> Double Elvis instagram <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> page. <Speech_Music_Male> That's at <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> double. Elvis <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> going to want to give that <Speech_Music_Male> a follow talked <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> me on instagram <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> and twitter at disgrace <Speech_Music_Male> pod <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> and find us at facebook <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> dot com <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> slash disgrace <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> land pod <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> rock and roll <Music> <Advertisement> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Female>

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"john denver" Discussed on DISGRACELAND

"Gym bag full of clothes and increased to Qatar seventeen year old Henry. John Deutch door reported for duty to the newly formed United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs Colorado in September of nineteen sixty. The Elite Academy was so new that it had just graduated its first class. You're earlier in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine. John was ushered through Basic Training. Like all the other students but by the time. November rolled around. John had been reassigned to a smaller group of students in a different type of training academics fitness. Airmanship were all sidelined for the moment in place of one thing and one thing only shooting John along with two other highly adept shooters students like himself removed out of the dorms and into their own living facility on the outskirts of campus every morning it oh five hundred hours. There were awakened in guided through their day by the professor. A man by the name of Doc. Doc was effectively the only person other than themselves. The cadets now saw in Dr Care of everything ushering John and his classmates through their morning routine transporting them out to the shooting range through daily maneuvers including marksmanship battlefield. Intelligence stocking and other sniper related skills dogs primary mission was to impart upon his students. Long range precision. Fire sniping skills to this end. Everything was perfectly calibrated during Johnson. His fellow students days their meals their study and even their free time meals were prepared by doc quote unquote. Academics consisted of doc literally reading to his students usually military history and almost always something from other Roman history or US revolutionary war history and free. Time consisted of DOC sitting in the middle of the small sniper student living facility in regaling students with stories of his days in the European theater of war during the big one hunting Nazis Frankel. It was a highly structured highly sheltered time of constance for young John Patriotism Dedication to country above all else along with marksmanship training. Were all the John was exposed to every minute of every day and everything else was the same as well the routine the time the place. It was as if everything John's life were wrote right down to his daily meals. Everything was a repetitive motion of the time before always the same breakfast oatmeal and hard boiled eggs every morning. Lunch tuna sandwich with cheese and butter on bread every afternoon. Dinner mystery meat and potatoes and bold carrots. The white bread roll water milk juice were all they were allowed to drink. Ever and of course deserve was always followed up with a shot of mandatory fluoride a small shock last size poll of tasteless warm water. The dock insisted they swallow every last drop of he'd watch each of them intently to make sure it was all swallowed and inspect their paper cups afterward to be sure they were empty. John and his classmates would pass out soon. After John would dream intensely usually about shooting sniping. Some scenario mixing the training heat endured that day. With one of DOC's war stories and often involving music John playing his acoustic in the bombed-out streets of Dresden playing acoustic side Washington and his men at Valley forge playing his acoustic with the Syrians at Carthage often back home and is living room serenading sweaty former Vice President Nixon to the approval of his father and to the disapproval of the now President John F. Kennedy when it came to music to playing music. That is John's dreams were all he had. His Acoustic Guitar was confiscated when he showed up at school. And along with everything else going on in the outside world music was not allowed in any way shape or form at the academy at least not at the part of the academy were John was stashed away years later by the time John. Become a singing sensation these days at the academy. Were barely even there in memory anymore. His time there was merely a decade removed and still trying to conjure images of this time was next to impossible even more difficult to remember where the years following a black spot in his memory bank. John did his time in the academy. He remembered nothing of his classmates. Doc His teacher was basically all he could recall him in the mysterious Mr Hunt who visited every couple months or so observed his training in said little hunt with his big black. Solis is in giant dumbo. Years was hard. The Miss Never Mind forget when John would try to remember those days and come up short. The feeling of frustration would quickly turn to shame to Gill and John had no idea why perhaps it was due to his time in the war after the academy the Goddamn Vietnam War torn the country apart and John was not only ashamed of his personal participation but also like most men is age in the nineteen seventies. John was ashamed of his country's participation as well. It seems so long ago and like his days at the academy. John could remember little less seat. He laid back in bed sip on his red wine. And try telling the very sexy half naked career minded Gal side. What it was like to kill a man you know. I can't remember hardly anything. I just sit. Wait wait wait some more. By the time the enemy will cross into my site I pull. The trigger was as a fall. Humanity had already been drained from the situation. I did it so many times. That was all routine but now the Gill Tavee heavier than it should be. We're at war. For reason they were the enemy was kill or be killed you know. She nodded shocked barely able to process with John Denver. One of the country's biggest popstars a man known for his peaceful kind demeanor was telling her that he was a secret assassin in the Vietnam War before forging his way in the music industry John went on. I appreciate you. Let me tell you this. Even though we just met I feel like I can share this with you. If Jerry ever found out though that I was telling you this he killed me. Thank God Jerry. Jerry was John's manager and John was an absolute sap when it came to sexy women and the one in the bed next to him at the moment was Jerry's new secretary she be Jerry's ex secretaries soon as Jerry found out she was stooping. The talent Jerry was Jerry Weintraub the ubiquitous concert producer. Talent manager the nineteen seventies he took Sinatra out of retirement. He put Elvis on the road. He introduced led Zeppelin the Piedad teenagers all over America in nineteen seventy. He was an immensely powerful manager and John. Denver was church. Jerry was all street. He by on charm and grit. He took no shit. He read more Bronx gangster than colonel. Tom And no one questioned it. He saw John Denver as the precious resource he was. He deserves special attention special. Cultivate and from the moment. He was first exposed to his act. Jerry Weintraub new. The John Denver was a special type performer. He appealed to the younger hippie generation but could also appeal to their parents. In short America would welcome John into their living rooms through their televisions. In a way they wouldn't other rockstars so jerry went to work. He twisted arms to get John on the MERV Griffin Show. He took out. Full-page spreads in the trades touched up photos showing John Performing two enormous crowds. And by the time he was done. John's television appearances poured the requisite fuel needed onto the fire set by singles leaving on a jet plane and take me home country road in the process. John Denver burned up the charts by nineteen seventy five. His music was ubiquitous and he was every bit the household name is Sinatra Presley. And none of it would have happened without Jerry Weintraub and not just because of his music management skills. Either Jerry can make things happen sure but you could also make things go away by John's military record years later Matt Damon and his dad when Golfing with Jerry Weintraub. Damon's dad gave him shit for not finishing school at Harvard. Graduating and Jerry Weintraub interjected. Ever the problem solver. You want a diploma. I get you a diploma. Damon looked up from his T-. Hi You're GonNa give me a diploma Jerry. I know a guy demon. You know a guy fucked zapped me. Jerry is always a Guy. Why Trump Street smarts informed his worldview? There was indeed always a guy came to John Denver and his time in the Vietnam War. Jerry Weintraub most certainly new Guy John's record completely expunged concocting some story and records. Toback it up. The John was marked for F- into his flat feet so John was able to avoid the draft and thus the military at a time when you most certainly would have been shipped off to be NAM but that was all bullshit. John Denver definitely served in the military by the time. He become a popstar under the making in guidance of Jerry. Weintraub having a military record wasn't an option would not have played with the peaceful pacifist. Image John incongruency radiated that America was so attracted to furthermore Jerry Weintraub cooked up another for Kochta story to completely account for John. Denver's time in the military including his time in sniper school at the Air Force Academy prior. The story went. The John Ran away from college to change his name and explore the emerging.

John Jerry Weintraub John Denver John Deutch President John F. Kennedy John incongruency Doc John Patriotism Guy John Denver America United States Air Force Academ Elite Academy Sinatra Presley Qatar Airmanship professor Colorado Springs Colorado Gill Tavee
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"john denver" Discussed on DISGRACELAND

"Howard. Hunt was too old for this shit if the director himself hadn't asked him to fly out to Godforsaken Fort Worth Texas. Then he sure as shit would've told whatever pencil neck analyst gave the memo to stick it where the good Lord Split Texas. The kid better have been what they said. He was a sure shot and better than that. Afflicted in the best way of Cata Tonia. It was a strange and potentially very to the agency anyway combination. Cata Tony is a rare type of psychiatric disorder that manifests in multiple ways. It can make those who are floated in mobile and speechless. Catatonic stupor is cat. Tonia can cause those who have it to basically blackout. While repeating their physical movements their motions over and over and over again their brains are essentially blotto but their bodies continue to move. And what the big brains back. E Howard Hunt Shove the Central Intelligence Agency figured out was that if you gave blackout catatonic that controlled dosage of less-urgent acid thalidomide. The new drug. The agency was experimenting with LSD. Then the CATATONIC REPETITIVE. Motions could be controlled by another parties command now. What if that motion wasn't random? What if it was a precise action like the shooting of a gun by highly skilled? Sure shot now. Imagine what kind of Shit a slick outfit like the CIA could stir up with that kind of asset hunt knew. The director was on to something so we hopped the first flight he could from DC to Texas and the kid didn't disappoint hunt had never seen anything like it. The key can hit milk bottles logs at five hundred yards. He could account for wind air temperature humidity and gravity with shrug of his shoulder like it was the most intuitive thing in the world has minute of angle. The Standard Measurement of relative sniper. Accuracy was in the ninetieth percentile as an amateur. And the KHUDA growls the blindfold. They move the kid back to six hundred yards. Set a target on a bale of Hay for across the range and the kid took a stance adjusted a scope the angle of his barrel. They dropped the blindfold on. He swore he saw the kids. Breast stop and his body achieved total stillness. Then he pulled the trigger and sure as shit. The shot was true. Bullseye Dead Center. The kid looked up sheepishly. As if you just done something as simple as pouring a glass of milk hunt conned. His eye insecure vulnerable a bit scared eager to please hunt. Redman and instant. This is going to be easier than he thought provided the old man.

Howard. Hunt Cata Tonia Howard Hunt Central Intelligence Agency Lord Split Texas director Cata Tony KHUDA Fort Worth Texas Redman analyst Bullseye Dead Center thalidomide LSD DC
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"john denver" Discussed on DISGRACELAND

"Crosby stared. Gwen whispered Clark dragged deeper on a cigarette along single ash protruded from its tip bending slightly at its edge to being down toward the roundtable they crammed around John. The slight trembled to the table. He heard the hootenanny in the next room more some more and then big bad bangs clanging violently in succession. It filled up. A census shotgun blast for discharges from the rifle. John couldn't be sure he tried to shake it off. Crosby stared some more. John couldn't look away crosby's Chin began to quiver his eyes harden the edges of his face. Quake this whole head started to shake the hootenanny turn to hellfire more shots last. John Swore on the corner of his eye. Those weren't peanut shells. They were shotgun shells the sound they made when they hit the floor unmistakable. They sizzled from the emanating. John was sweating. The coeds panting. The sweat dripping Tropicana skin dripping with the honeysuckle dripping down Holland. Sticky sweet crosby deadlocked. John's is John wanted nothing more than look away in the room closed in. It was just the two of them around the table. Now enveloped by heat darkness in the throbbing sounds of the Hootenanny Hellfire from the other room. Now intermixed with the sounds of John. Philip Sousa like marching band all cacophony chaos tracking the room crosby's Chins started to quiver his chiefs begin to shake with even more ferocity. His eyes rolled back into his sockets pure blackness. His head begin rattling back and forth. I decided the most violent horrific in human motion you could imagine crosby was assessed wasn't human. She wasn't this world. John was petrified. Shock dead still catatonic blacked out. When John opened his eyes he was back home. Fort Worth Texas. He was boy again outdoors where he was most comfortable with his dad and military man enjoying a rare day off ever since the incident in Roswell the one John's dad never spoken to anyone ever. The military had made much use of his unique talent. He made lieutenant colonel. The Air Force kept him busy. He was a test pilot one of the best. He not only knew his way around a cockpit he also knew his way around a rifle or when it came to shooting. Dutch storage and Dwarf was nothing next to his fourteen year. Old Son John who seemed pretty naturally designed to shoot kit anything. He issued a straw a camel's back in one thousand yards. He could shoot a nap at the end of a country mile when it came to scope math. He could judge distancing crunch sniper directory formula and his head like a human calculator. The formula solution was always the same dead center. John Denver was a sure shot through us for him. When his I had the scope there was nothing else. It wasn't even like he had to concentrate. The whole world just fell away. It was more feeling than anything else. There was form of course lock on target. Load the chamber just rifle up from line of sight and proportional to distance from target re lock on target. Take the shot. And when he pulled the trigger he knew he absolutely knew he was going to hit his mark. He never missed. He couldn't Miss John. Denver opened his eyes again. The bright lights backstage dressing room jarred him jerked away from his blackout dream. Rapidly he snapped to there was a show to do not just any show a television show his own television show. John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas a variety special with guests Steve Martin and Olivia Newton John Cozy as a mountainside fireplace winter and the ABC networks highest rated program of nine thousand nine hundred seventy five sixty million viewers roughly one in every four Americans would watch a downright astounding audience size and it was a surprise to pretty much no one because that's how famous John Denver was at the time. Long gone were the days of lead betters. David Crosby by nineteen seventy five a mere ten years later. John Denver had taken his safe middle. American environmentally conscious crossover folk and turned himself into one of the biggest stars on the planet selling more records in that year and having more hit records than any other artists Billboard magazine named him best top singles artists best overall pop artists Best Easy. Listening artists in crowd is album wind song. Best Country Album Newsday in nineteen seventy five set of John Denver. What Frank Sinatra was to the forties Elvis Presley to the fifties and the Beatles to the sixties? John Denver is to the seventies a phenomenon. John took to the stage. The Bank of Fresno Lights gave off a familiar heat. He gave out it is made for. Tv Studio. Audience smiled slightly clutched his Acoustic Guitar and launched into a Song Aspen Colo. in-between the tender strums of his acoustic. The subtle root notes the bass and high fills the piano. John could hear another sound a sound. That was available. Only him sounded like fear and guilt and shame all rolled into one. It sounded familiar. It sounded like the crackle enroll spent bullets hitting the ground.

John Denver David Crosby Miss John Denver Gwen Fort Worth Texas Philip Sousa Tropicana Holland Frank Sinatra Air Force Billboard magazine Roswell Clark Bank of Fresno Lights Elvis Presley Beatles ABC
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"Henry. John Deutch and Dora. Junior was making his way peacefully through the din of lead betters. Nine hundred sixty four Los Angeles. The folk scene was blooming on the West Coast. Ucla College kids filled the small club with their optimism. In cigarette smoke. Whatever citizen there was it was imported by way of the East Coast. Greenwich Village Out here Jagged Street smarts and socialist ideals left over from the earlier part of the century characteristics that impart defined New York. City's folks seemed to touch too serious a SMIDGE TO REAL LA in one thousand nine hundred sixty four that peaceful easy feeling if flow down from the canyons through the honeysuckle slick mulholland permeated the streets of Hollywood. In coursed through the Hippie counterculture. Taking root of places like lead betters in Doug. West Troubadour Ledbetter is backed Room Aka the back porch swinging doors peanut shells on the floor beer and only beer behind the bar and a stage. The welcomed aspiring folk singers as a basic training of sorts before graduating to the main stage in the main. This is where John is his friends. Call Him Henry John Deutch. Indoor junior the man who would take the stage name John Denver and eventually become one of the biggest pop stars of the nineteen seventies worked out his craft. He sang well had a knack for Melody. He could play well enough. He wasn't special. But still you couldn't take your eyes off. There was something so appealing so safe about him. You wanted to put him in your pocket and take them home with you. Sandy bowl cut kind along. Not Really. He'd recently replaced his black buddy. Holly frames more focus round. Granny glasses he sang about well. Nothing all that interesting. But he hit all the right notes literally and figuratively. He had the requisite amount of folksongs down lead belly. Phil Cindy did his best with the occasional dylan cover. But mostly he found Dylan songs too edgy for to get across with any real conviction lately. He like every other aspiring folk. Rock pop musician on the planet was taken by the Beatles and Jonathan Prepa version of Paul McCartney's and I love her to take to the stage the Beatles were all the rage the first quote unquote pop group to dominate. The charts in America was obsessed including most everyone in. La's early folksy a couple of lead betters regular folksingers for making noise about teaming up and starting their own folk group L. A.'s. Answer to the Beatles. They're going to call themselves the birds and they have their sights on John Denver to join their ranks. Well all the one of them anyway. One Future member of the birds had his doubts. David Crosby do not share Roger Moore. Quinn's or Gene Clark's enthusiasm for John Denver. They were sitting at one of the tables at lead betters. After John's short set earlier in the night crosby mcguigan Clark John and a couple of coeds from UCLA crosby was on a tear drinking smoking. Reefer also getting up to God knows what else in between he had one eye on Co eds and the other on John and John was playing it cool trying to impress what he hoped were as soon to be bandmates with his knowledge of the Beatles the way they wrote songs how they work their craft and dingy clubs just like this one slinging covers before bringing their original songs into the studio sort of like what he himself was doing crosby was buying. It balked that we're ready now. Slamming his hand down on the table. Johnson agree but said nothing. He was too nervous too. Polite to insecure crosby went on songs are in their man. Doesn't make no difference if you write him or not. I could go in the studio tomorrow and knock out a hit as big as anything the Beatles of done in America and it don't matter if I read the mailman does Roger. Gwen shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Gene Clark pulled on cigarette nonchalant. John Smiled awkwardly and summoned the courage to protest. Come on David get really mean that. Do you the fuck. I don't crosby snap back out of the girls were shocked and so was John. He recoiled and just stared at crosby. The fuck are you looking at me? Boy Again Johnson. Nothing Awin leaned over to David and whispered something tried to calm him down. John suddenly felt dizzy. Felt the cigarette. Smoke hanging in the air start to thicken heard the stringed instruments from the main stage in the adjacent room. More crosby to stare to John. John couldn't take his eyes off of the Choas next to him. Suddenly radiated ten he fucking sauna and their sudden. John Swore you could hear the peanut shells on the floor. Sizzling.

Clark John David Crosby John Denver Henry. John Deutch Beatles John Los Angeles Boy Again Johnson John Smiled Sandy bowl Ucla College Gene Clark West Coast America East Coast Roger Moore New York Ledbetter dylan Doug
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"In the podcast. Do not necessarily represent those of iheartmedia stuff media or it's employs. Graceland is production of iheartradio in double Elvis media. Hey guys this is a special episode like you. I've had too much time on my hands lately too. Much time to spend down into Internet wormholes especially when prompted by Google alerts indicating movement in the freedom of information. Act Court case hinting at the release of more facts perhaps incredibly incriminating facts on the J. F. K. Assassination no doubt time to go relatively unnoticed missed the blanketing. Covert nineteen media coverage. Fortunately I know how to read between the lines. So I'm GonNa tell you story a wild story a story about a folksinger a sniper subversive pop music a maniacal rock and roll manager the Mafia the CIA in the assassination of John F Kennedy Aright. Hit that Malibran musician going to tell you about in. The crime has long been rumored to have committed is so insane that I barely even know where to begin with the episode. His vibe is personality. His music is so the opposite of anything. Violent that this story makes no sense. Non You look at the actual facts facts that have long been held secret redacted in buried government files and at the center of numerous court challenges that site the freedom of Information Act facts that were once believed to be vicious hearsay but if you were to squint hard enough revealed truths that were near impossible to dismiss truce. That are about to go public. These facts were known by those closest to him. Ex wives lovers handlers managers whose loose lips let slip the unthinkable and are responsible for giving rise to one of. The music industry's most salacious rumors. The John Denver. One of the biggest mainstream stars at the nineteen seventies. A man known for his peaceful docile nature his easy going personality and is easy. Listening chart topping music was in fact. One of the American military's most prolific snipers of veritable kill machine and quite possibly at the center of one of our country's darkest days. I know what you're saying. These rumors have long been disputed. Maybe so I'm sure swear that they're false but others some new. John personally have urged for their authenticity but regardless one thing is indisputable John. Denver MADE GREAT MUSIC. Not Music. I played for you at the top of the show. That wasn't great music. That was a preset loop from my mellow tron. Called single engine sadness and McKay one. I've played you that loop because I can't afford the rights to candle in the wind. Nineteen ninety-seven my buddy. Elton John. While it up play you that specific side of Princess Di Gold. Could I afford it because that was the number one song in America on October Twelfth Nineteen Ninety seven and that was the day John fired up? His plane took to the sky cut the engine himself and drifted off into infamy on this episode a fatal flake. The sweet sounds of the seventies. John Denver in America's dark stay. I'm Jay Brennan.

Elton John John Denver John F Kennedy Nineteen Ninety J. F. K. Assassination Graceland Act Court Princess Di Gold Denver Google America Jay Brennan Malibran CIA McKay
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"john denver" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Yeah well it really it's not if it's well yeah Netflix behave better give this is I can't believe Walmart has not made a movie out of this honestly don't have any ideas what you think there is one at the end of the if she's getting the shoes for the dye delayed likely the insurgent half the coffin open the open the whole coffin well you got to you got to rebuild the yeah but that her lover go under the whole are there any other sandwich getting one could I don't know I think I think much more sadness you know just well Sir I well John Denver ads well that's pretty good yeah yeah say please yeah yeah we got it we have to because this is one of the top awful songs of all time he's dead dead in the when I the we he just last year gold is does this have a happy ending up for good I don't think it's over you know the least not in the sun is probably drinking more after listening yes please we yeah this country get back they don't charge a few times and that the country stations to play this the other version yeah there are other people have done so only as Darius Rucker that be a good guess it is covered this one aided marshmallow world okay let's talk about marshmallow world.

Walmart Darius Rucker Netflix John Denver
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"You Bob Denver whose Gilligan John Denver's too you know John Denver he didn't John Denver Bob is Gilligan yeah that's right yeah yeah George burns is still alive yes but I can't hello I was never had shot dead yeah John not a fan of never could find the way I was I was not a Gilligan's island family what I would what I would come home last told you to watch certain shows and when Gilligan's island Aimar or Marianne and that that part of like I guess when I became a an adolescent I did watch that it in doses when they would come on the screen but overall I thought it was kind of overrated there's no rate after after school so I skipped it John Denver Polish desert all that said sorry was killing us of dumb and dumber they made the wrong turn in their Nebraska Denver's hello third Nebraska right now that motorcycle of those classic all right Taurus more we'll we'll play that Fauria any anything we need to do to a preface this will put that kind of next terrorist Morris coming up next looking for that I think the interview will be self contained don't do it right before we we talked and I will do that and then will have the caboose pistol there is a gaggle of things gaggle who's a gaggle I'm glad you like they were good I don't know how many gaggle but there's at least five stories we have to get two plus we can play the Bella check it's gonna be a worse halftime interview I've ever heard in my life like right when the guy has a question ago no that's not gonna work how well did you see you again Josh Gordon was like what do you do the auto that you're talking to bill Belichick no so put that as part of this that could have actually are these or the other.

Bob Denver John Denver George burns John Gilligan Nebraska Morris Josh Gordon John Denver Bob Marianne John Denver Polish Fauria bill Belichick
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"And West Virginia I'm so sorry for the John Denver I get to Charaka cousin's house to eight and we just waited for hours and hours and hours and then we have that we realize nothing was happening and we have to go back the kind of despair that follows this much hope is a poisonous kind it feels like a betrayal hammer on's impromptu search team starts blaming each other why did you lie about that lead or why didn't you double check but really what they're saying is how could you let me hope like that and then little by little the underlying tension that we sort of plastered over that started to crack my family so that because of cameras friends and because of this work that's why I come and disappears what had been one team became too the family set up a separate command center at their home they stop sharing Intel with the friends team and then one night the brothers put up by clock on the front doors of the photo agency they locked the friends out of the office they have been using as a command center and just like without even knowing how and when we were almost at war with each other there was only one person on both sides of this divide I was in the middle because I was the only one to go to the family and to come back to the friends Akhmed Cameron's little brother he knows com runs journalists friends and was of course part of the family Akhmed had been driving between the agency and his family home trying to so the two teams back together I was thinking let's try to be a team but two days after they shut down the agency augments brother told him to come home they were going to have a family meeting when I got there they told him you are not allowed to work with that France team you have to respect our family and you have to be in this group and calm runs photo agency a trucker fee will stay close as he sat in the living room I'll read thought about Cameron he was always telling me let's break the rules meet the new rules but better than the past one so Akhmed told his family I'm not letting you to do that because Cameron sacrifice himself limits are laughing our credit stepped defiantly into Kameron shoes he took the reins of the search for his brother building a network of high level sources and while still searching for Cameron I could also began running com runs photo agency come on stream to help Iraqis tell their own stories are made built it from one office to four across Iraq and hired seventy for new photographers and recently as he was running a conference on copyright laws Arkansas a familiar figure in the fourth row eyes I saw someone that looked like my father and when I finish my speech he was the only one that he was standing and he was clapping and after that he told my mother that he's proud that I can carry on camera stream come on has not been heard from since June of two thousand fourteen more than five years ago he is one of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who've gone missing in the past few decades due to foreign invasions brutal dictator war with ISIS hundreds of thousands of Cameron's Karen Duffin NPR news that story came to us from in Paris podcast rough translation they're out with a new season now about rebels around the world this.

West Virginia John Denver Charaka five years two days
Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act, Raising First Amendment Issues

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Assange Indicted Under Espionage Act, Raising First Amendment Issues

"Story, but Julian Assange you remember the WikiLeaks founder. Well, there's new charges filed against him United States charging that he violated the espionage act by publishing secret documents that contain the names of confidential military, and diplomatic sources charges say Assange, damaged national security by publishing documents that harm the US and its allies and aided adversaries. So you remember WikiLeaks back in two thousand ten they published large caches of US military and diplomatic documents of first leaked by now. Chelsea Manning astonished currently jailed in the UK for skipping bail after his years long asylum in Ecuador's embassy in London that was revoked last month. The new charges raise first amendment issues. Concerned that journalists who publish classified information could also be targeted reporters committee for freedom of the press. They call the case, a quote, dire threat to media freedom, but assistant Attorney General John Denver's said, Julian Assange is no journalist, no responsible actor journalist, or otherwise would purposely publish the names of individuals that he or she knew to become potential human sources in war zones, exposing them to the gravest

Julian Assange United States Wikileaks Chelsea Manning Founder Assistant Attorney General Ecuador John Denver London UK
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"Yeah. You beat me two out of three. They started over here. We go. Doris day. Remember all games? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Be two or three. Everything. Sheikh. Yeah. That didn't last long. Dump that slave girl. Two. Hit the men's. Trai? Spending any oil? To say. And karen. Belly dance. I could tell this year. Great faces. And I you know else was in. There was. That's John Denver. I will put.

John Denver karen
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North Korea, Kim Jong Hoon And President Trump discussed on Ben Shapiro

"Is that North Korea is back in the missile business. According to US news and World Report North Korea on Thursday launch eight launch to short range missiles, marking the second weapons test in less than a week and further training US led efforts for denuclearizing the Korean peninsula. The South Korean joint chiefs of staff announced the launch and a statement saying the missiles were fired from the northwest city of couse, oh and traveled roughly two hundred and sixty miles to the east. There can go shares are currently in South Korea for discussions on how to break the impasse following too high level summits between President Donald Trump in North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN that failed to secure any lasting changes launch comes less than a week. After North Korea fired several short-range missiles on Saturday was the first weapons test since November twenty seventeen Trump has previously cited North Korea's lull in missile nuclear test as evidence that his outreach to the hermit kingdom was proving successful North Korea's ministry afford affairs defended Saturdays. Launch as a routine and self-defensive military drill. Analysts had the missile trajectory and the distance traveled. We're not indicative of ballistic weapons, none of the White House Trump immediately commented on the launch on Thursday. The president tweeted shortly after the Saturday. We'll let you believe Kim quote realizes the great economic potential of North Korea and will do nothing to interfere ended. Adding he also knows within and does not want to break his promise to me. Now, I have always been super skeptical of President Trump's personal approach to diplomacy with Kim Jong Hoon. I really don't believe that the president just by making. Is it Kim Jong Hoon is somehow going to convince them to give up his nuclear weapons, which after all are the only reason it can juggle it still in power. What we have is an intractable situation, which the only thing we want from Kim Jong Hoon is the only thing he will never be willing to give because it's the only thing that prevents him from being taken out. If all Kim Jong Hoon had where conventional weapons there'd be a serious move for regime change in North Korea with nuclear weapons makes it very difficult to talk about regime change, and so Kim is going to act out and he's going to lash out and he's going to get concessions from the west. He's been doing this for for ten years. He's been doing this as long as before before him his father. Did this Kim Jong Il did this loan before Kim Jong food and his father did it before him hills? Some did it before that. So we have long records of North Korean leadership manipulating the western media manipulating western leaders by supposedly getting violence, and then backing off just in time to receive some sort of subsidy from the west the only thing that can really be done in North Korea is to contain them militarily and to pressure China to do something to topple the regime or prepare some sort of. Move inside the military to get rid of Kim Jong Hoon very difficult to do that. When there's very little access to North Korea itself. But the notion that President Trump had broken the impasse that some great breakthrough had happened that Kim Jong had decided to rejoin the world simply because Trump asked him to that. I always thought that was foolish. I thought it was also dangerous because Kim Jong Il had been legitimised on the international stage by the president of the United States seeing the North Korean flags giant gulag states in the North Korean flag flying alongside the American flag in negotiations when we're not talking about an existential threat to the United States like the USSR negotiate with the USSR because you have to negotiate with USSR not because you want to negotiate with the USSR necessarily Kim Jong Hoon wants to be seen as an as an international power player, particularly domestically. So he's not threatened by his own military. That was a mistake for President Trump to grant him all that credibility. And of course, there's been controversy over the handling of outta warmbier and all the rest, Kim traveled to eastern Russia. Just last month to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss how the two countries could cooperate representing their first face-to-face meeting in North Korean leader's first trip to the country in almost a decade. That is probably not a coincidence that he met with Russia, and then started firing missiles again, I'm sure they've led Putin is all too happy to have North Korea threatening America from afar. Kim in Trump's meeting in Vietnam in February ends at an impasse. Because America insisted that North Korea denuclearize killing gangs mandated that the us provide sanctions relief. I earlier this week. The Pentagon announced it had ceased efforts to recover the remains of American war dead citing an inability to contact their North Korean counterparts. You will recall that President Trump had touted that it said that the big results from this meeting is that America's Korean war dead were coming home. Apparently that was not true. Then a phone call on Tuesday following the Saturday launch from purportedly encouraged South Korean president moon Jae in to continue providing food aid to the north a crisis, both South Korea, and the United States Pyongyang has manufactured saying it's timely, and we'll be a positive move. It is unclear why we want to continue sending food aid to North Korea. When the entire crisis is manufactured by the governments and their goal in having shipments. Made to them is to enrich the regime. The recent launches make things particularly awkward for moon Jae in moon Jae in the South Korean president is part of what is called the sunshine administration over there wants to open relations with Kim Jong Hoon. On Tuesday moon, it touted his administration's achievements in an op Ed writing that the sounds of gunfire have disappeared in the air on CNN the ground around the Korean peninsula. And no that is not correct. Just hours before the defense ministry confirmed the missile test. Moon's official Twitter account posted a picture of his meeting with Kim as the two officials smiled with the quotation piece has become a part of everyday life. Yeah. It turns out that trusting one of the world's worst, dictators is a mistake. Meanwhile, President Trump's administration is very weird and how it operates in terms of foreign policy. One of the reasons that it's very weird is because all of his subordinates basically operate as free agents. And then every so often he sort of inserts himself. Latest example of this. According to the Washington Post US authorities now seized a North Korean ship used to sell coal allegedly in violation of international sanctions that is the first such move by Justice department officials as they ratchet up enforcement efforts against the regime in Pyongyang Justice department officials on Thursday confirmed the vessel. The wise honest is approaching us territorial waters in American Samoa in coordination with US marshals end, the coastguard Attorney General John Denver's assistance to AIG. Emerson the sanction-busting ship is now out of service. So this came just hours after North Korea launched the pair of short range missiles Eleanor. It's funny for a president who declares that. He is a realist is a foreign policy realist, and he cares about foreign policy realism hard nose negotiation when it comes to his actual negotiations strategy, the sort of personal overtures, the what if I make you a video about how nice North Korea will be when you have some when you have some ocean front hotels that sort of stuff is not realistic the realistic perspective on foreign policy suggests realism realism suggests that realpolitik meeting the interest of the states are what is it issue? Look if Kim Jong UN wanted to open up his state and become more economically prosperous. He could do it right now. He's at right. This very instant all he has to do is give up those nuclear weapons and declared that he's going to democratize his country. That's all he has to do. But you'll never knew that obviously why. Because personal power matters most to the Kim family some of the worst blights on human leadership of the last fifty to seventy years. The fact that the Trump administration on the one hand you've got Trump offering the outstretched arm on the other hand, you got the geo J cracking down on North Korea via sanctions, it's pretty incoherent. It's pretty

North Korea Kim Jong Hoon President Trump KIM Kim Jong Kim Jong Un United States South Korea Pyongyang Vladimir Putin Russia Ussr America White House China
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"Where was I was gonna no, please. No reward. Why do you keep playing this song that Tony Dwight edited and created last night on their stupid six to eight Beavis and Butthead show? John Denver is an American class. I treasure se wasn't but they're defile area. Here's your part. Country. Didn't say those words I was saying country force because I was mistaking and I corrected it to country house and these. Nimrods idiots asked hats decided to take it into file a great John Denver song. It's not my fault. Are you down? You got your sister either way that was blocked on Facebook. Because we use that song. Yes. Actually, we were gonna talk about that. So that algorithm, they have that that that other people speech and ideas quickly under the guise of copyright infringement. Right. Pull something which is stupid because we're not like it. It's only an advantage for John Denver to have a song that is long past being on the charts remembered occasionally when somebody decides to play it on their radio or something. I mean, it's like, yeah. I believe in artists rights and all that kind of stuff, but it's come on. It's it's ridiculous. That Facebook has got some kind of what they do. I don't know how they figure it out. But Facebook will censor it out. They will sometimes inter out. The intro song to my show. If I do a live Facebook at the beginning now YouTube is full of songs. Well, you have diabetes song while YouTube is cracking down on that too on YouTube. If you're doing. Video podcasts, and you play anything else that's outside of that realm, or whatever other content. They will nail it even if it's on YouTube, which is weird. Because the thing can be on YouTube put there by somebody else. And then you can play it on your podcast, and they will tag it like they'll now you the other thing. That's kind of weird is have you heard about I read this article in money magazine last week? So you remember fine. Oh, yeah. Those those little five second videos, six seconds, six seconds. Yeah. Several people got actually literally famous just by doing vines. There's one comedian that chick that just married Tarzan, just married. Tommy Lee Jones. Mary Tommy Lee Jones. I forget her name. But she was she's Kathy Lee Gifford. No, she's famous, but she's famous only because she's a comedian. But she's only famous because she did funny vines. So apparently what's happening is now there's a thing. Young people are going back and collecting old vines that really don't exist anymore, but they live on the internet, creating YouTube compilations of the vines, and they are doing it. And they think it's art, you know, because they're like, oh, it's the way I we've these different vines, and it takes you through a different set of emotions or whatever. Well, now, there's a company based in Phoenix that catches those vines on YouTube, then notifies the person who made it that they have to pay money to the people who created the vine now get this. I actually have a problem with this. Because the people created the vine, they created it, you know, I mean if somebody is making money off YouTube videos. Steal my grapes, man. Right. And somebody else may be made a vine and never got paid for it. You know, it wasn't something that they could get paid for it the time. But now somebody's making money by taking their content and making right? So there's one guy get this this crazy story one guy who started making these vines when his fiancee was living out of state, any Mr.. So he didn't have anything else to do. So he would make making six second video they weren't for his girlfriend. He was just killing time. Mr. any he got famous on vine when he would do is go to a grocery store, and he'd walk up behind some unsuspecting person who was looking at a cereal box and go yell. He stealing like that like real and the person would freak out drop the box, and it was six seconds. And they were hilarious like he just be walking through a a WalMart or someplace I yell. He's feeling and everybody. They freak out. They got caught doing some. Well, he went on with his life. Got married had a kid was working overnights cleaning vats at a candy candy factory. When suddenly he gets a call from this company. That says, hey, we're going to represent your vines. We'll get money for you. And we'll take half of it or whatever it is. And then you get the rest for doing nothing, and he's like, whatever. Okay, already got us. We deal. Check was two hundred fifty dollars. Second check with twenty five hundred dollars today. He makes twenty five thousand dollars a month. From royalty fees that this company is charging YouTubers. Wow. Or trying to make money off of his content. He never got paid for his vines before. Now, he's getting twenty five thousand dollars a month for a defunct technology for crappie did five six years ago. And he's rolling in it, which I think is great. That's great happy for this guy. Because now he travels and spend time with family, and he doesn't have to work the overnight shift at a candy factory. Now, he's a one percent or the how crazy is that? That's nuts. Anyway. All right. I keep promising. I'll give you some final thoughts on the expanded gambling issue. When we continue in just a moment. Tomorrow will get more in depth into the gun issue. Because I know that it's been politicized ready. The shooting in Colorado, and we've got some audio from Cory Booker. So we'll get into that as well. All that coming up NewsRadio eight forty W H A S. Okay. It is almost summertime kids are getting out of school pretty soon. You may have vacation plans you may be planning on splitting costs with like another family and getting a condo in Florida. What about if you could save some money on like, airfare and logistics? By renting a luxury conversion van from my friends at cook and reams fan sales and rental. We're talking about you know, my dad had a conversion van when I was a kid. I loved it. It was kind of a basic one four captain's chairs couch in the back that made a bad, but it was pretty basic. These are not basic these are. Unbelievable. They're basically, they're basically limos. Okay. We're talking raised roof with LED lighting, surround sound big screen TV. We're talking the ability to do wireless headphones. So if your kids watching the minions over and over again while you're traveling. You don't have to hear it. Delays sea bed that you can take the thing in the back and make it into a full size bed or it can be a couch. You got four or six chairs depending on how big a venue rent because you can do a nine passenger. You do a seven or a nine passenger. This is a great way to travel and save money and have a vehicle that you don't have to Renovica when you're down there because you're you got one. So I would highly recommend you check out cook and reams vans dot com. And remember when you do this you'll rent it? And you'll be like, oh, I really wanna like.

YouTube Facebook John Denver money magazine Kathy Lee Gifford Mary Tommy Lee Jones Tony Dwight Tommy Lee Jones diabetes WalMart Renovica Phoenix Beavis Butthead Cory Booker Florida Colorado
Best music commands for Alexa and co.

Talking Tech

05:35 min | 2 years ago

Best music commands for Alexa and co.

"Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. Create and publish a stunning website all from one powerful platform, go to wicks dot com to create your very own professional website today. That's w I x dot com in stay tuned after the show to hear you can take advantage of special offer for talking tech listeners. Okay. Friendly warning talking tech bands. I am talking once again about the personal speakers made by Amazon and Google and Apple's personal assistant. I will be saying their words out loud. So you might wanna mute their microphones before we go any further. Okay. Folks. I have a question that I just ask Alexa. I said, hey, what music should I listen to how about exploring some music from on shell depot a popular classical artist. I think you'll like no, thank you. Would you like to listen to something by the Oscar Peterson trio Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or James Taylor? Oscar Peterson trio please here's an album. You might like now that was fun. Wasn't it Amazon's personal sin just got chatty? With me, that's kind of unusual and something that we have seen. But you know, today, we're talking about music commands for personal assistance. Google will not chat with you. And neither will Siri. But Amazon does a pretty nice job of being your personal DJ. And at times like you heard there concern out pretty well. The key is knowing what to ask and refining your request until it gets it. Right. Once you're there, you are in better shape than a radio DJ because you really are way more likely to hear music that you like let's go over some of the commands that are pretty cool. I told you about what music should I listen to which just for the heck of it. Hey, Siri what music? Should I listen to? Here's some great music. You may have never heard. That wasn't the command. Hey, google. What music should I listen to I can search for popular music, new music or any kind of music in other words, it couldn't answer the question. Here's some other good commands that you should know play music. I like they all do this pretty well for Siri. It will only do it. If you subscribe to apple music Siri will only do it. If you subscribe, apple music, Google defaults to YouTube music, which is ad supported and Amazon will give prime members free limited Amazon prime music. Mike experience was Amazon did a better job of playing music that I liked if you ask a question like play the latest Ariana GRANDE album, shuffled all of them get it right on the first request. If you try having fun with lyrics of believe belieber, not is not very good at it. But Siri and Alexa. Our instance. Hey, Siri play the song that goes tell me something girl. Shallow by lady Gaga and Bradley. Super. So when I ask that question that Google got it wrong three times, it got it right on the fourth attempt. Same thing. When I use the phrase, you know, what I want in what I need baby. That's of course, by Cardi B and Bruno Mars from the song, please me Google decided I wanted to listen to respect by Irit, the Franklin the query play some happy music. Google plays the song happy by Pharrell Williams. That wasn't really what I had mind. Alexa in Syria. Actually, give me some happy music the play music. I haven't listened to in a while is a really weird request because Google plays a song never heard my life. It's if there hadn't been you by Billy dean, while I've asked this question to Amazon speaker over ten times in every time they respond with a syrupy ditty by the late. John Denver somebody. I never listened to never wanna listen to. And they don't even offer me a second opinion and apple response by choosing attract I've never heard of called. It's not you. It's not me by b Miller and. Six black. That is a weird request play a song. Listen to less Friday, Amazon. Does that really well Google plays a song that I didn't play last Friday or the week before or whatever? And apple plays me song. I also didn't listen to overall Amazon does a way better job than Google or apple when it comes to music if you're willing to ask for specific play this song play this album play this title play this playlist. They all do it. Well, but some of the detailed questions Amazon is winning this race hands down. What is your experience listeners? What are you finding with the personal systems when it comes to music? Let's talk about it on Twitter. I'm Jefferson Graham, you've been listening to talking tech look for me on Twitter where I'm at Jefferson Graham, I'll be back at you tomorrow with another quick hit from the world of tech. Thanks for listening. Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. Have a business idea you're ready to grow or a story. You're ready to share? But not quite sure how wicks can help with that wicks allows you to build a professional website any way you want start from scratch or choose from over five hundred sophisticated templates, and customization is a breeze. You can push the limits of web design without spending hours on coating easily. Personalize your site with hundreds of design features like galleries video backgrounds and custom forms wicks is the most technologically advanced website building platform available. No wonder over one hundred forty million people are already users build a website if your very own with wicks today for free, and if you go to wicks dot com and use the coupon code talking you'll get ten percent off any premium plan with wicks premium plans, you get more storage, a free domain for a year and much much more. That's wicks dot com code talking for ten percent off any premium plan.

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"john  denver" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

Newsradio 700 WLW

01:57 min | 2 years ago

"john denver" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"They get themselves into. Damn they think, oh, this is a great job. Good. Trucking jobs. It's not on the spot. You know, he's got car. All you have. Porn tankers. Did you know? And then you've got the guys at the brand new trucks and all that. Everybody thinks well, it's an easy job. And you know, you've got jobs out here. The. You have to work and physically work to get that job done. And you know, and then that's what people don't understand some of this some of the jobs people look at in the trucking industry. It's not always driving a truck. And there's other things involved in that. Nobody these young guys don't wanna work. They don't wanna make the sacrifice. John Denver and get back down a lot more to it. I'd imagine a Roger thanks for holding. You're on with that and rock your thoughts. Anyway, you got good. Thanks to go. No problem. See the fan. My question. My issue with the truck industry is this. You know, you know, you gotta go through the schooling. And there's a lot of people that really can't afford that school winner. I mean, you figure you go to driving school through a tour trucking company that's five six grand. You know, who has that kind of cash around right, right? Oh, I see what you're saying do companies sometimes pay for that. Or is that usually always right out of your pocket gonna pay back? I see that part. I apply for a trucking company longtime jacker, I got out of the military after I get my time. Hi figured. Figure I gave it a world. But you know, it was on coffee. Six truck driving school is this something you can get a loan on Eubanks loan..

John Denver Roger
"john  denver" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

KOA 850 AM

03:45 min | 2 years ago

"john denver" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Off ROY orbison. Roy orbison. That is. Like, Johnny cash. I know who Johnny cash is supposed to know who that is ROY orbison. Yeah. Did you recognize the song? What I didn't hear it. I didn't have Angie there is no warning. I thought we were just talking. A dumb and dumber. Pretty woman. Yeah. I like that movie -til but dumb. Are you? Are you are you paying a mind game with me now? Now, we talked about Pretty Woman earlier we did. And I thought you said you liked the movie. Yeah. And Floyd Mayweather does. Not look like Julia Roberts. That's right. Okay. So so all right. That's ROY orbison singing. He's saying woman, and he's saying that he didn't sing that song Pretty Woman. But that's the song that they used in any woman and ROY orbison is now dead. Yeah. And I'm telling you that it was also in dumb and dumber. And you know what? I saw dumb and dumber asked me. What I remember about it? Oh, nothing. My god. What I can quote most lines from that movie. Holy crap. John Denver is full of. John Denver's did to. Yeah. Well, yeah. I did know that from the movie, okay? Because he said the mount. That is the wrong direction. That is the only word that you can't say on the radio. I wish we could say it'd be a good one. Yes. I've almost said it a few times I've come so close, so many tears the delay. And there's a dump button right there. And there have been many a time that I've reached right over there. Because I was just about to say, do you not take any callers, or do you just not have any crazy? We'll three seven three eighty five eighty five. If you wanna talk to me right now. Call right now three zero three seven one three eighty five eighty five. Proving that Mandy Connell is better than you. The people call her all day. Theory about phone calls. Oh, yeah. What is it? You've got to be a good color to get on this program. Angie answers. I'm I oh, I do. Now. There have been times when I have just for the fun of taking a call without any screening whatsoever. And we've gotten some real doozies, I think you should great. You should stick around late at night. Well, I used to overnight and I had this guy. He would talk to me about wolves for about twenty minutes. But it wasn't on air 'cause I just foist tracked music, and he would talk to me about wolves. And he was paraplegic. So I felt I was like I need to talk to this guy. I'm his friend. He listens to me on the radio. And you never want people. Stop listening to you when you're a personality. Yeah. Right. So you kind of have to listen to. Doc. So you don't because that's part of your brand Brown. Listen, we take, you know, we leave the phone lines open. But no one. I'm not bothered by. No, I'm not either. I know how many people listen to your show. I have that technology. You have that technology, and I could show you hundreds of emails. Yeah. With people maybe prefer that. I think Email and text messages, but I was gonna say I could show you hundreds of emails of people like don't take Kohl's please stop taking phone, please. Don't do this. Okay..

ROY orbison Johnny cash Mandy Connell Angie Floyd Mayweather John Denver Julia Roberts Kohl Brown twenty minutes
"john  denver" Discussed on Dari and Mel

Dari and Mel

02:22 min | 2 years ago

"john denver" Discussed on Dari and Mel

"N roses paradise city. And then Phil Collins son of man from Tarzan. July fourth song. Yeah. We need a fourth on. You are there you go. Good job. I knew it. I knew it. No doubt. If you have any clue of this theme. You know, what I know what the theme is. I just figured it out. The theme is that there's no theme. That is not true. How dare you? Do you have a guest? Melvin we. We get as many guesses as we wanted. I'll give it to Eddie ESPN song. No. Because you're just gonna play some stuff you've already played forty thousand. Now, come on. So I had to give up the John Denver. Oh, you did. Joe's can we play John Denver Poors field. And then I'm gonna ask you a question theme. I don't care it. John theme. I don't care. You're right. We should for this shirt. Dishing to the show it is leading into the final segment. Take me home country road should be part of this. I don't you raised it. It's he raised from our server, what's he raced. John Denver, take me home country. At ESPN door. If you have a clue of the theme that Aerosmith sweet, emotion guns and roses paradise city. Phil Collins son of man, it's from Tarzan, and Bruce Springsteen's glory days is that actually a legit part of the theme glory days or were you just messing with me? No. It's part of it. The one we go answer this this ridiculous suspense here for something. No, not yet. No. I'm not done yet. But I have a hypothetical that was asked on Twitter Melman, by Scotty, oats. Okay. Scotty, oats. Got to keep player by that hockey player with him. Let's say Tom Brady loses patriots lists. Now. This is again, this is deeply hypothetical. But this is like what we do in the college football player like well, what if they lose and they'd be them. But then they beat them..

John Denver Phil Collins Joe Scotty Eddie ESPN Bruce Springsteen Tom Brady ESPN Twitter Melvin Aerosmith hockey football