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"john jean pascal" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"There. Thirty six years old business vice with a war too though abundance and vice versa operators both those were with cigarette fighting that as competitive as the first fight but it's empty Anthony Yard to to show everybody that the younger fresher guy could can get it done over a guy who has a a lot of experience. It may not be the crusher that he was once upon a time but the threat to anybody in that division. I remember Shibrine Ski. Kinda getting beat up. Issue Breath got fucked up no fighter at the time he got. I Buy Sullivan Barreira then he was able to fight a Kobe versus first offense. I believe back when he'd be Andre War. If I'm not mistaken yes so what's the difference to you between Jail John Jean Pascal and Andre Excuse me in Anthony Yard. Pascal Scout Yard is technically more sound than Pascal Dude. Things pass cows a bit wide so I won't argue why not as active older now. I don't know how up Old Pascal but I do remember him. Dr Having some legendary <hes> faceoff would tell them and so if I'm out there I mean when he passed. I think palace cow even though he's still fighting to the date you don't send into just upset somebody and the pass cow. The fulco-vilella was maybe the second version but the first version. I don't think was that oh I think I mean I got a double check. Pascal seems the only have had two losses also the time one coming from Bernard. I'm pretty sure one maybe Dawson. Maybe let me see I just know pascal rope any five market Braille coming up saying but yeah these past face in August Brown coming off a loss to Dmitri bill year loss to around right the one would be so Alvarez go twelve rounds with one that beat Cova. That's the Pascal hanging hangs the go-to around with the guy because he's a wild veteran and he knows how to how to I mean he's still got power to like. I mean let's keep in mind. He did <hes> gay stopped <hes> Ahmed Ali who was upcoming prospect heavily out it and he had power himself. I know he wasn't technically you know Roy Jones who agendy turned the Ajayi is comparing Anthony Art so he said he you said jarred is Floyd Roy in who else he said three guys do know the third one. I'm going you said Fuck you say about House Cow. Oh no man to compare those sleek black fighters pass cow was one man I mean he. He Ain't a robot here he a <music> super sloppy might just you know what it is. You also probably assessing the latest version of pass skies exact Yo Pascal was a chant man he he was up there in his prom. You know at one point you know I mean look somebody always going to have something to say. 'cause I believe he added Typhi with Chad Dawson. Maybe where like ahead but ended it or something like that was on H._B._O.. But I'm just saying you know I'm trying to see what is what we know..

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