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"john dr doctor" Discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

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"john dr doctor" Discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe

"That could be what salvage Donald Trump's chances. Now. Well those two issues regarding Kellyanne. The family personal matters there won't touch on those doctors Scott Gottlieb. Dr Foul cheesy. The president czar on. Testing. All of them. Had said doctor that. They needed to move past hydrochloric when. The medical community as a whole, the scientific community as a whole said. Time to move past hydroxy caloric when the president. Still. Is clinging to this for whatever reason. You now look and see he's ignoring very vice again. On on convalescent plasma again, it may work. It may be a significant breakthrough down the road, but we don't have the studies yet and I am worried that. People saying the president doing this with this sort of government by. In time for the C- and what he said in the past about disinfectants, what he said in the past about So many other things about this magically going away in April. That when it's time to roll out, vaccine Americans are rightly going to be skeptical that they can't trust the president that it is safe for them, their children and their parents. Won't joke a good morning to suit? The, the biggest concern I had from. Yesterday was FDA Commissioner of Dr Steven. Han taking the data that we don't have publicly and saying that there's a thirty five percent survival benefit from compass. Plaza Listen Joe I've been giving this as my colleagues to patients since the beginning of March that way widely available drugs. The notion that this therapy is now more prevalent more accessible. Now, after this emergency use authorization is just not true maybe incrementally. So to your point mayoclinic dated other data suggests that there's Probably, a marginal benefit and this is not harmful, but is this a miracle cure as the is this saving thirty-five? Every one hundred lives a statistic that the commissioner kept repeating yesterday. The answer is no there is no evidence of that and he has miss billing it. He is misrepresenting the reality of the data here and that's really key because number one and. John Dr Doctor. Help me if you will I from what I saw from that study and I just briefly looked at it and tell me maybe you can correct me but it looked like we were talking about the difference between. Eight percent. Dying and eleven percent dying in some cases nine percent and twelve and A. Two or three percentage. difference of course, if you give somebody. Two or three percentage points I think everybody will take that. But that was just one study Dr Falcone and others want to see more studies. So why would the FDA commissioner come out a couple of days after Donald? Trump accused him of being in the deep state and solely is reputation by painting this as a Miracle Cure when we really don't know yet. Great Question Joe and you're right I think you're right in. Your viewers out there plasma in the first three days after somebody gets admitted we think there's maybe eight. Three out of every one, hundred individuals survive as a result of getting that plasma at thirty days. Maybe that number comes up to five. That's what we see from this analysis for Mayo, which is a large analysis. Why the FDA. Mr decided to do what he did. Let's we're all we're all line to see what's happening. We're worried about the of the FDA these decisions that get made because the president is tipping his. Hat got as deeply concerned because we need the FDA to look at the data look at the evidence and do rate and based on randomized control trials. Somebody gets the drug somebody gets therapy. Another person does not any compare the two and Joe, you mentioned this earlier. The deepest concern here is that we're not be able to effectively bring scientific clarity to this issue. 'cause I don't know a patient or member is gonNA say. Give me the placebo or sign me up for that study because now they see the president saying we're going to give emergency use authorization for something that has not been sufficiently studied to date. Are Dr Gupta thank you so much for being with us. We really do appreciate it and David Ignatius reminds me of well what Ross do that wrote about this weekend, and also at Masha Gessen has said that the Donald Trump instead of. Instead of actually governing getting bills passed. Using. The Constitution As roadmap to get things done. Hill. Do the sort of not even governed by Fiat but government by gesture he'll do something he'll make a big announcement. And it will never turn out to be as big as we thought, of course A. Use One example after another example after another example, about emergency funding to build the wall and emergency funding to do this and emergency orders to do that. But here. We have a making announcement on the eve of our NC again that his scientists and doctors don't want him to make but it is once again government by gesture all just make an announcement and people will believe I'm doing something big. Joe I refer to this at the beginning of the trump presidency is the iron whim. These statements that would seemingly come out of nowhere but with such ferocity. Trumpet is still waiting for a miracle to deal with this pandemic greatest, quite public health prices of our lifetimes. He doesn't have a plan. He doesn't have a systematic idea the latest. Bright object shining in front of his eyes is the convalescent plasma treatment. And as Dr, Gupta and others have said that there's some promising aspects to it. My fear is that by politicizing the public health process. The many Americans who already are suspect suspicious of medicine. You know a lot of people don't want to take vaccines and a Lotta people who who don't want to use the therapies that are available. Now they don't trust doctors they don't trust. Big. Institutions of authority. He just feeds that narrative and one of the scariest things you can think of is, let's say sometime next year we do have vaccine that works but a lot of people won't take it because they don't trust the scientific establishment because that mistrust has been cultivated by president trump over months and now years and I think that in some ways could be the biggest damage that his presidency does that he he doesn't simply delay our response to the pandemic. He makes it impossible for people to feel confident and comfortable about the vaccines therapies that could actually turn the corner. So I, think that's the hidden danger of what he's doing now. And I'm hearing it from one person after another one friend after another asking me when I talk about the possibility of of is saying well, let's so we get us a vaccine one person after another says well, are you going to take it? Are you your family take it? You're right there is that skepticism and so much of it has to do with the way even among trump's supporters. The way the president has handled himself since last March on this and Jonathan Amir I I'm curious we are going into a week. that. We're Donald Trump is going to be showcasing his accomplishments of the past four years where he's going to be trying to draw a distinction between himself and Joe Biden. He's behind the staff's behind. They know he's behind, they know he needs a big week. To at least cut down a little bit. On some of those leads at Joe Biden has right now what's the game plan? What should we all expect? Version I, just WANNA mention to David's point the president himself as a private citizen express some skepticism vaccines as well. So that's another element here is. What we have a nation facing us and certainly the erosion of trust in terms of the RNC it begins tonight it will largely be based here in Washington other is component. During the day in Charlotte Charlotte was going to be the original host site of the RNC the president yanked out of north, Carolina. Due to a feud with the governor there he wasn't able to get the convention he wanted to packed halls and such moved to Jacksonville..

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