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"john dillon steve cash" Discussed on RPM45

"Yeah. Yeah. But anyway are we getting ever get and it was okay we made we made the album. We didn't have a hit on it either that we were making very high quality music very, very focused. And you just don't have the hit. By it's hard to get into, don't understand how hard that is. Sometimes, it doesn't happen right? Yeah. So There was another thing that they came across, which is that you guys like to do funny songs and there was no money songs on that third L. Either and you had a little battle with am about that as well. Well yes. So for the first four or five years of our band are concerts. We would include these absolutely absurd ridiculous songs. Chicken train is one of them. So we recall we used to play these songs that are gigs and people loved them course the what the when it came time to go into studio we didn't record them. Glenn was that interested in doing? That's fine. He May to hit record so you can't argue with. But. We said when we've got all these funny ask songs and am wasn't interested in them either. So we've got that third and we said, Hey, look in our fans are clamoring because there were people out there who were fans of ours who loved chicken train and they didn't like Jackie blue and we had fans out there who love Jackie blue but they didn't like all that stupid shit. So we asked Director Comey if they would fake ones, those little red plastic records to get on the back of cereal boxes and We we put that as an insert into the third album. So. If somebody wanted a few laughs, there was less it would have been really fun. You know it would have been a little bonus for your album I. think it'd be very cool. It would have been very cool though once again, we were talking to record company who is selling a million copies of our serious shit. Rock the boat with some goofball doctor Demento Shit. So they was one to write checks day was the one pressing the disks yeah. Man We had. And we still have some really funny songs. Now did you ever put out an album? That's just all of that funny stuff like a comedy record what we're talking about right now that's a great idea of course I thought of it. So great minds think alike. Have your people, call my people. WELL NEITHER DO I. So we're looking to do that as soon as this all this pandemic sit settles down and we. We can start getting back into it. One of the first projects were going to do is go back in and report ten sillier pieces. That's great. The being never really broke up as I understand it is that right? That's exactly correct. This December will be starting our. Fifty into fiftieth year and we never stopped. Now there have been times when we've taken some time off, you know. There have been years where we just haven't really done much at all, but we've never really got away. And but people coming. Right I mean, lots of people coming and going I. Mean you're the One guy and Dylan to who who stayed with the throughout. Their were John Dillon Steve Cash and myself. The three of us are ones that have been climbing in and out of buses and vans and airplanes for fifty years so you..

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