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Chicago, Wgn and Gerber discussed on John Williams

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Chicago, Wgn and Gerber discussed on John Williams

"The markets are closed for the independence holiday barnes and noble is terminating ceo demos ponderosa rose after barely a year on the job for violating company policies the new york bookseller said parnell roses termination has nothing to do with financial reporting or potential fraud but it did not provide other specifics about which policies parner did violate wgn sports white sox face the reds tonight andy mazars pregame starts at five thirty five first pitch at six ten with that farmer and darren jackson right here on seven twenty wgn and other sports the detroit tigers at wrigley right now facing the cubs the cubs just tied it up to two in the bottom of the fourth and the next world cup matches are friday will face france and brazil will take on belgium now for a look at wgn traffic here's john desalvo down there's a couple of things going on this afternoon chicago police department saying that foster beach all of the parking is filled so if you do want to head to the north side beach as your best bats are to use public transportation or park a little further away and walk also see ta is letting everybody know that no bikes are allowed on the train or bus today and actually if you're using a stroller or a cart police fall that up before getting onto the columbus drive shutdown between monroe in roosevelt also jackson down between michigan and lake shore drive and congress closed from columbus to the semicircle and that's all for the taste of chicago that doesn't start for a week traffic sponsored by gerber collision in glass when do you get to gerber when you're pretty sure it was a fourway stop that's when you get it to gerber gerber collision in glasgow eight seven seven gerber and get it to gerber for a personalized traffic on demand get the traffic chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hochburg just search t r a f f i x chicago i'm john desalvo in wgn traffic central thank you jan.

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