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"john celeb" Discussed on 790 KABC

"Sports desk in Culver city no opening day for you now now if I use a Kleenex to wipe away the tears can I reuse it later on if I have to blow my nose will not give me the corona virus you know you can now all rights eight hundred two two two K. A. B. C. is the phone number one eight hundred two two two five two two two the coronavirus task force briefing is expected to begin any minute now Randy the president just tweeted about it did you not he tweeted at one fifty eight we're coming out in ten minutes so give us a little heads up we are monitoring it will bring it to you as soon as it starts all right but first we're gonna check in with the very fair minded civil rights defense attorney Mr Leo Terrell Leo how are you John celebs hunker down in palm springs how are you I'm bored as hell R. two now the golf courses to shut down all night your job almost it's up to you a friend wanted me to jump a golf course and play golf I know how it will look good for the fair minded to be breaking the law and I I I thought about it for a split second but no it is pretty tough to stamp that out my friend lives in one of those gated condo communities in palm desert and there are a couple of different golf courses there and those golf courses are closed down now and people are just plain they have their own golf carts and they're out yeah like they don't care and the H. away just sent every single person that lived there a nasty gram yeah I was I was tempted but I did say that good for me and I think you said it not to do it but I was tempted John Phillips let's talk about what the president has been saying for the last several days he wants the country to go back to work on Easter now if you look at these orders that are stay in place orders the people are abiding by they're not coming from Washington some counties have issued these orders northern California to be exact I think six counties were first to issue those orders in the state of California my city in palm springs was right behind them then Gavin Newsom issued a state wide stay in place order other states other cities and other localities have done the same in the federalist society where federalism reign supreme and states have certain powers states have certain rights if the federal government says we're open for business can they prevent a state like California from issuing a stay in place order or dis Gavin Newsom have the last word John you that's a great question and you would have a constitutional crisis you in the states are given right under the tenth amendment to reserve power and as you correctly stated the federal government have supreme power effective Donald Trump ordered companies to go back and those orders it's old federal orders conflicts with a state emergency order issued by the governor you would have a classic conflict as to which we will prevail I would bet on the federal government and it would be decided obviously by the Supreme Court interesting question yet to be determined well not only do we have a situation going on between the state and the feds take a look at the county of Los Angeles we we have a board of supervisors who were all duly elected five different districts five different members and then there is a county sheriff was also elected by the voters now that sheriff only has to answer to one group the people of Los Angeles county however he gets his budget from the board of supervisors in a weird sort of way they have the power of the purse over a duly elected official they are now trying to take the power away from him the sheriff Alex vean waiver as being our point man on fighting the corona virus and give it to somebody else yet he's saying Hey you can't do that to me the people elected B. share of I'm the chief law enforcement officer of LA county go to hell what's going to happen with that it matters a great question as well because I was looking at that situation there's another layer but let me answer your question are you would have a battle between the purse stringers and that's the County Board of supervisors first hit the share he identified as the person in charge of U. merges the operations for the county you're going to vote next week to try to take the old powers from him I guarantee you he would have a legitimate argument in a court to be determined by the court judge but yesterday John I honestly felt when he was exercising the look forty he exceeded the old authority for twenty four hours and may he made a mistake and I tweeted about it because he was trying to die you and me and everyone in this country I'm not a gun order that he closed up those gun store and by the way this you know the right to bear arms is a constitutional right so when he made that decision and he reversed himself he could have been facing a constitutional challenge I would have fought for gun owners on that one because I don't think I think he exceeded his powers so you have that layer versus next week decision by the County Board of supervisors as if whether or not they can strip them of that power it would be deciding against John by the courts okay to that point the B. C. Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court came out and said that she is suspending court operations for sixty days yeah because of this coronavirus yeah there is a battle that goes to court that needs to be litigated by the judiciary how does that happen when they're shut down I read that older and she basically made a wall with several exceptions she cannot be in all criminal matter because older constitutional right of an individual that has a criminal right to due process she her ruling is set for a delay on all civil cases which don't have constitutional restrictions or safeguards excuse me so her order is limited because there are certain procedures especially on the criminal side that have to be pursued there are certain aspects on the civil side like domestic violence restraining order that the courts will take but by and large she basically stayed the majority of civil cases and nothing criminal cases that she could also delay due to that minor status of infractions traffic tickets those types of things let's shift to the city of Los Angeles for sale yet because the city of Los Angeles is a city that has faced financial problems for many years and when the city was going through one budget shortfall people said Hey what's the deal the department of water and power has a huge surplus it is a municipal owned facility to municipal owned entity why not go to the department of water and power and take their surplus and use it for pensions use it for police use it for fire used for road repair use it for everything that you needed for because everything ultimately is owned by the people of Los Angeles it's owned by the city the mayor said nope I can can't do that I can't go into their coffers and rate them it is an independent entity and even though it's owned by the city I can't dictate to them what to do they do their own thing now the mayor wants to shut down businesses who he considers to be non essential and part of his threat is that he will instruct the department of water and power to turn off your water turn off your power if you're not doing what he wants you to do well either you're in charge of the department of water and power are you lord if you can't read their coffers you can't tell them to shut someone power off either well John you know he's a union guy come you know emergency power and older selected powers thank you can you yes he's bred me businesses using the argument that you know these businesses are not important at this moment you are a health hazard therefore I'm gonna shut you down if you could decide to continue to operate I would shut off your water power he had emergency powers under the city charter under the LA it ministry to cold the question here is John to your question regarding the pension not you know go after those funds he is still actively using his emergency powers and that is why he limited his powers in this particular case to threaten businesses to shut down if you don't comply with my work but that was just political B. S. back then because look there are certain situations where the mayor does not have control over entities that operate Los Angeles take LAUSD for example yellow U. S. D. is an independent agency that services the city of Los Angeles but they also service may would it Lin wood and other independent cities in LA county so it's not totally owned by the city of LA the department of water and power is an entity that only services the city of LA he has control over it if you want still I don't I don't question that he has complete control the emergency powers are broad and they're executed by the powers of the governor you alive he just shut down businesses and if the president decides to have a quarantine or shelter in place on a national level so it's harder brought John he's just selectively using his powers and that's why he's using them to threaten business is the one that he still he can't close without getting any type of blowback it John and all these decisions our city is looking at any potential political ball blowback the pension fund will be definitely a blowback we're talking to the very fair minded civil rights defense attorney Mr Leo Terrell we are one of the things that has been talked about lately is that look we may have to shut down public transportation we may have to shut down the buses the subways the rail lines whatever because we don't want people getting together in tiny confined spaces and that means that people who work at hospitals that means people who are police officers firefighters EMTs may not be able to get to work it's been suggested that the government just essentially take over hotels next to hospitals and put these workers in those hotels so they can effectively walked to their job it's also been suggested by other people that in order to get the homeless people off the streets the city should just take over these hotels and put the homeless populations in them we know how they like to use eminent domain if they want to build a school or they the feds need to build a a military base or they need to put a freeway up somewhere sometimes they frankly abused that power of Walmart wants it and the person who owns it doesn't want to sell or or some business entity wants it and they want that those tax dollars legally speaking if they want to take over a hotel for a reason like that for nurses for doctors or even for the homeless can they legally do that.

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