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"john carroll bull" Discussed on Ringside Toe2Toe Boxing Podcast

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"john carroll bull" Discussed on Ringside Toe2Toe Boxing Podcast

"Maybe the in his own head because he completely go from so for me. Maybe he's like I'm we actually at this level of Lake avoided this this point of my career. We don't know how good good is it to have a Scott back in the gym. Good it's actually when you have to China this autumn. Because he's he's an animal is nice nice good to have him back. He's yeah call is remember. The last we was on the assault box next to each of going away and I'll think God what is that. That's an evil piece of have you been horrible. The worst the worst Portland get get some good work and you know the east comeback in lock never been away in twelve embark in you know is a familiar face and say it's not it's not lost someone news coming easy. I'd say he's combat. He's never been away as he changed much. All he still has matters ever on las old Balkany sees a dog. I'm still a good fighter. I think you think he's past his new in your payroll. I think I think you should have all this because Valdez is really we needed operator and again even though we come second vessel strong and Turf East Elizabeth. They're really pushes forward. You can block walks in shots and no you can break your half. How beneficial do the move to? La To work as fen fan. I think there's two of the coin I think because I think the gym wars wasn't working for me over there because I think the the their fights not sparrow in many cases but no a few new tricks authorities Alan different ways of approaching fights and defense. Also I think the quake yes form of how he fights. I don't think you you need to change my shit change him. I think he's trying. I think to his game too much and the allusive is other stuff definitely offing offense. Call as she said he falsely does way does them but why does he's very good at. I mean he's very very strong. Very powerful kid you know especially for the size of an apartment game is is like you say he's fitness strength power which is pressure and he's coming. I E you know you know you know even a fault with brick bricks your hat. I say from Washington and Jim over the last couple of weeks. He's still fire in his belly and he still Hongda. Uh He's always so what was said that he doesn't think that Scott's have recovered from not front and defeat. Did you think that's slightly unfair. I think he's and John Carroll is fellow and he said that so Craig hears it and staff of data. I don't think he just going to say that you do you think mine game minded. I should sessional yeah. I think it's mind games. I do. I think he's just out of us all that sort of stuff. I don't think I don't think the front and I'm such a long time ago and I and I think the creek that much either retired g the cows stock of course. Quick accost Cao Cao. How Punch was no? It's not a pension camp as you note and that's a problem but if you aren't going to be a puncher to beat them quick if you can push how to stop them from walking through are you and use the footwork. Then you can then you can plan a fight around a whole to beat him whether you can do it on fighting. I think Craig is so almost almost almost undeniable when he comes forward I think that's weighing. Sometimes maybe when I just said I'm going to contradict myself you might need a little bit more of a dig or some sort of spite. Oh to roof tactical summing to to stop them from Ritchie. Just impose himself on you. Do you agree. Yeah I agree. I've not seen massive amount of John Carroll Bull you know they say he's not the biggest punches in a pretty much well not done as he said they you know you need power to source. Stop quick coming for you. If you haven't got it. Will we will go for. What did you think Whitney stay on? What is currently today? I think we just needs to do a dose. You know. We'll pause himself make sure his strong and he's he's he's got the rounds in which you will love which you always an and basically put it on performance. He does what he does. I think quick. It's the same thing you just do what you do. Here's our formal Eddie. Works for him. I the only thing I would say is is we cattle category good footwork and high-energy onto Jerusalem. Bundy non stop and you have to stop the exit route. So it's sometimes for me when you get him on the ropes you step just slightly to the right to stop them from pivot and often if you could do that and keep cattle on the Rosie fire backwards you but then you. You're you're throwing them with a guy who tend to think of what he can hit the new and that and that's that's where I think creekmore gather success cracker on. This is a great fighter. Do others criticized for us. We lose for back and forth on social media to believe believe it either stylistically. It's a fantastic fight. I think calls 'cause a quick style that will make it more exciting by but also cattles feisty characters on what. I've seen inbox a few times. When he's into pressure so you can punch but he got a big ask and he takes a chance to win the pressure? You defy back in these and I think he's physically stronger the money than what you what you think you think younger those physical strength but I think he got enough physical transparency. We might be not. She'd be delighted to maybe they'll make go for it as well just to clarify you said all right. We'll have a new doubt. Have one eye on on the super featherweight contest..

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