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"john camphor" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"And the UK and other countries all nounce within twenty four hours their support for Venezuela's opposition the rest of the European European Union has been slow to respond initially refused to go that far on Thursday, though. There was a first step. The European parliament voted to recognize Mr. Guido as interim leader seven e you countries were named as members of an international contact group to facilitate new elections in the country with the possibility of more economic sanctions. If no progress were made 'Antonio Lopez is stories is Spanish EMMY MVP from the center, right E P P group. He voted himself to recognize Guido. And I asked him why his country Spain hadn't yet done. So all the common position all the European Union. Got the elections in may were fraudulent. Spain has given these eight. Jas prime minister has even sometime tomorrow to reconsider ambassador to call for some of our belief is losing he's not going to do it on Monday. If this is not the case, then screen automatically will recognize Chris reykdal. But what practical difference? Does it make that the European Union theoretically recognizes the opposition leader as head of state all the member countries will have to publicly state if they're going to be helping the new government the production of fair clean, transparent elections. Or they're going to take the role of the other countries like Russia, Nicaragua. Which by the way, are not very exemplary democracies to be. Little bit chromatic regimes that we all know which side, which mobile are we going to follow? And it's very clear. That many democratic makes us throughout the war like Canada, like the United States like many, Latin American countries, Australia are advocating that is the way of recognizing president. Why though yes? But what difference does it actually make what pressure? Does it actually put on nNcholas Maduro big presser you nominee internationally? He's finished his regime is finished. There is no right now except for Russia, China, and I know everybody tells me, they're very powerful countries. But of course, it's not our model. So here we are fighting for freedom and democracy and benefit ups. Also with populism that has been present in South America for a long time. This question of benefit essential to recover democracy and freedom for all Latin American countries in order for one Widodo to gain any power and real influence in Caracas. Shirley. Has to have more than words from world powers such as the European Union. Yeah. Of course, you know. It's very important in terms that the army tears, you know, also agents to the new president. I'm sure I'm have hoped that right now going on talks about this. Because also we want the army to fully recognize the new president unleashed essential to have. Not violent democracy in. What do you think will happen next will change come about? Let's say you're never done this in politics. My waist is that there's a Pacific insistent that there will be also under this new president new elections. And then the people have been to freely select their new president afterwards, and you happy that the EU sets itself once again on a foreign policy. Collision course with China and with Russia to win democracy and Venezuela. I have no doubt at all. I'm sorry, but the stem Warton collision with us that was Spanish MEP. Antonio Lopez is stories Tonj introduce or reintroduce our guests on the program today. They are as today. Karen, fun, hippo director general of the defense think tank Roussy and independent defense insecurity research center in London. John campfires here as well. British author and broadcaster, founder of the creative industries federation. Now, you're both here is experts, and I know Johnny already champion the importance of experts in public debate. But among many people that role makes you unpopular at the moment. How'd you counter Karen that negative view of the so-called liberally leaked at the moment? Yeah. I mean, I it's it's an interesting conversation. I was just in Davos, and sometimes when you talked about Davos, you feel like you need to whisper it behind closed doors because there's such a anti globalist elite sentiment on the other hand was he worth going? Yeah. I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot everything was streamed. So if you weren't invited and weren't a private company that could pay a lot of money, obviously from my point of view. I don't pay to go presumably didn't fly in on a private plane on a private jet. But we talked a lot about global warming. Anyone could watch what was going on anywhere in the world. There were a lot of discussions about refugees. There was really interesting conversations about AI about black women's faces not being recognized on a lots of different interesting conversations. But it's a learning experience, and it's sharing experiencing your networking with a lot of people who really matter many people's eyes the whole event was demolished by that clip on the went viral with a Dutch historian saying. The whole event was like a conference for firefighters not referring to water as the solution. He was saying here are all these rich destructive people talk about possible solutions for global warming. It was a waste of time is made argument was about tax, and he was saying that you cannot solve poverty. Unless you introduce the whole question of tax. Did he have a point has a huge point and tax avoidance, which is the legal side of tax evasion. And the whole question of our huge thick tech companies who pay just a absolute miniscule amount. And I think he was really onto something. But they've always rather mocking of a well, you might as well just invite Bono to do another sort of presentation on poverty mistakenly, a lot of casual observers might put you in the same bracket as the people that he was criticizing simply because you belong to a club of influential thinkers who think they should have a say because they are in possession of the facts. Well, it's like if you have a problem you want to go see a doctor you want your doctor to be trained. I mean, I have no problem with people going to university to learn something and universities are also considered. You know, elite bastions, but preferably you want your experts to know what they're doing to know something about the subject. Can you learn you can you teach yourself into a position where you're qualified to preach. I think that's the question. If you're armed with facts in education is that enough of a qualification to tell people what to think or perhaps frame the question in another way. The issue is not other so-called people with expertise in different areas every weekend. There are pundits on on soccer on other forms of sports. You have experts on fashion, you have experts on tack. That's not the issue in in my book, you want people you want people to know what's going on in all kinds of different walks of life is what is the access to those networks. Are they based around wealth of a based around where you are educated? All they based around that kind of thing as long as she's I'm still a massive. Ask those networks can be opened up to will come as where the issue is. What's in your brain, not not necessarily who is in your address book? Then that's an absolute key for me. I like to think that we don't preach rather that we tried to have a conversation and bring all the facts of the table. And then you make up your mind. Karen von hippo, and John camphor are not preaching on weekend this weekend. Now Yemen on the Gulf of Aden, and the Red Sea has been massively damaged by conflict began there in two thousand fourteen on one side of the who with links to Iran against them a coalition, including Yemeni government troops Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates supported by the Americans at least six thousand eight hundred civilians have been killed and ten thousand seven hundred injured in the fighting, according to the United Nations, thousands more civilians have died from malnutrition disease and bad health. But there's another war going on in Yemen. The US's fight. Against Al Qaeda. The US has carried out many strikes on Al Qaeda's alleged basis often using unmanned drones BBC Arabic investigation has gained rare access to one village targeted in a US ground rate reporter SAFA Al Ahmed, Mets met survivors and found evidence of undeclared civilian casualties. I'm on the way to a small village in central Yemen called. Yeah. Cla I've been covering the devastating war here since it began for years ago. And back to investigate a different conflict of the US fight against our.

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