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"john bunyan jacinta" Discussed on Christian Podcast Community

"And that's to me. I feel like I okay. I work my job at home. I do semina- in other words. Who are studying these church historians growing from them. I don't know if any of these will be successful or all of them but I'm going to be putting my hands that till and taking that extra time to get in there. I feel like a lot of us. We go work nine to five and then we call it right. We're like okay. I'm done or maybe we serve at the church a little bit too. But we're not really putting the next time I really think we should be working. Noonday working something at night. And you don't know which one's going to be successful the kingdom and maybe not physically work but it could be doing something right. You need to be constantly pushing yourself to grow because you don't know what it is that you will will be successful in your life what you will be known for and more importantly what will make the most difference to the Kingdom and it might you know I. I think a lot of us would just can't night. We kind of chill down. We relax surf the Internet. We do whatever and I think we should return to that time towards more of a holy endeavor. So that's something I've been deeply encouraged. By and lastly these guys spoke with such as. I can't I cannot quantify how different it is like. We said these sermons satellite service. Today they do but there's also a level where they really don't. There's so much boldness in the way. They preach John Newton famous song. Amazing grace had a sermon. That came out the four this on amazing grace and the sermon is great. It's it pairs. Well it's an amazing exodus of I. Chronicles seventeen is very interesting but he ended with this line. Where he's I am by. The way is coming to cut down the trees and those who are not of God will be tossed into the fire. If you'RE NOT GONNA make sure you get right with God. Now that's such A. I've never heard of any pass forever in the sermon. Hey by the way you're all going to get chopped down. It's going to be brutal. It was right with God but that would be amazing. Charles spurgeon in that same sermon where he's looking for George Whitfield Gust. So many people in London say they're Christian. I know they're not you know how I know I read the newspaper and Look at the crime stats are so terribly high. If you were all Christians the crime wouldn't be so high so somebody who guys are criminals new not Christian. I'm like what? Magin a a modern mega preacher getting up and telling his congregation to five thousand not even sweat. Not even tonight by. This is just how they talk to their congregation. And they're not demeaning them it's just they leave what they believe and they don't apologize for they don't try to sugarcoat it. They don't apologize for it. They just get up there and say this is the truth. Take it or leave it and I love that about them and I really think that that boldness is missing. Ironically the reason we care I know what these guys thing is because of their boldness. I'm sure there were lots of pastors that were like listening to rock the boat. I don't they don't end up on revived thoughts. I don't remember them. Their sermons are forgotten if these guys who were bold and audacious who get remembered whose sermons we still care about their right and and at the time they were probably like not looked upon as bold in the way that we look upon them now. Now they're like our heroes but at the time there was probably people that wanted to kill them like when the shut up but now now John Knox John Bradford dig. It burned each again offer. Obviously no he had the Hitler fascinating thing. Okay by several guys ended up killed in the debt from the pulpit John Early went to jail. John Bunyan Jacinta jail for open air preaching. And they said hey you know we don't WanNa keep you in jail forever and you were preaching through the bars of the jail which was causing problems. Do you WANNA go. We're GonNa let you go. And he goes sorry until that lodging does. You'll just put me back in jail and say so. Why waste the effort seventy up until you in this whole open air preaching? I'm just GonNa Becker tomorrow and jails back then or exactly. Nice terrible tales. No sunlight no time outdoors. You know you're stuck in there in the midst of just sick people everywhere all over the place in castle. Despair if you've ever read pilgrim's progress I mean that's probably what jail was probably like for him. Oh man and yet again. You've just so bold. He doesn't care and that and that's all these guys they don't they don't care about their hunt. They care about their congregations so much that they want to tell the truth to the more than they wanna like that that they had them like. That's what I noticed about them and are worried about whether or not their lights or anything like that. They're just worried about telling the truth. And it's not to like some people say Yeah. We use too much that knowledge. You know like these guys were on -nology. Jc Rile is on top of pamphlets. Hudson Taylor the reason we're talking with him. He's he's like you say. Why is the Gospel? Not taking hold of the world in China like we've never seen before we had the telegram. We had the steam engine. There's nothing that can stop us. We could move the Gospel at the speed of sound. And I'm like Moira one hundred and forty years later what would you say right? That's crazy but what I appreciate is that you do dig into that history and talk about the situation and the boldness. Because I think that's a lack of many Christians nowadays unless you go to seminary or really dig into it yourself. You're not getting church history and it's so important to know where brothers and sisters came from. How how we got. The faith passed down to us today. And to know the situations the persecutions that we're faced especially here in the West where you see Evangelical Ism and and the the modern Western church with you know not really being persecuted like that and not having a true sense of of what Christians have done before us. Yes in some senses is a blessing that we don't have that persecution but that's that's where faith can can grow even more and and we're revival tends to happen in the face of persecution. So I I appreciate that. You guys are making this content with these old sermons that need to be heard and also giving that history lesson as well but what do you see for the future of the of the podcast you see expanding to anything else maybe video or or any other kind of history? What you see coming in the future There's a lot of things we would love to do. Obviously we work fulltime jobs and were very busy and we know families and all that I or two kids so there are difficulties like that but there there we really could. I don't want to meet him down a little. Palm vessel errands. I feel like the sky's the limit for some in some ways for this For starters right now we put out one episode a week. I would love for us to get enough speakers enough people working and everyone's a volunteer. We have over forty sermons. We have you know ten that are waiting to be published that are in this. Leadville and all of these people are different voices different people from around the world who have volunteered to bring any Life it's really incredible that they do this you know. They're getting paid as much as we are. Which is now and it's amazing. We we really appreciate them doing that. Helping us in that way so but I would love for us to get to the point where we have enough speakers that we can do to a week or three week. Because there's so many sermons just spurgeon sermons alone. You could spend a lifetime translating all of them. I mean he preflight. I WANNA say ten times a week so he could look catching up with all those and there's so much content. There's I mean there's eighteen hundred years or so between the end of the Church era. You know that's our the Clara to the nineteen hundreds when they start hitting the radios and even some of those people at J. Gresham thanking Thirty S. And we don't have his stuff is so much that we need to get recorded and then that doesn't include five but I would love to take There's a lot of interesting stuff I would like to do with radio evangelist. Some of the old guys that have been kind of forgotten to they have a lot of interesting content. That high we also have begun to tinker with. But we're not yet ready to commit fulltime to it but we've done a few things with them. There's definitely stuff we would like to go into a do there. There's other subjects were actually far patriot. Supporters were starting in probably make it out the other supporters but So the regular listeners. But IT'LL BE DELAYED ENOUGH. That people feel you know. They've got a special but I'm were were building these history episodes. We're going to be doing like literally a thirty minutes to an hour long. No idea how long. It's been very long in-depth book at the Salem witch trials and just digging through what happened what do we. There's lots of secular historians that have checked that tackled that part of history but not a lot of Christians. I dealt with the fact that like these are Christians. They believed they were which is what do we Christians think about this. And what does this mean for us now? And what would you do if you were in the same situation as in because it's easy to look back in history and go those guys they do in Vernon people which is crazy but I think people will be really interested in the way we tackle it and again from a Christian Biblical.

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