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"john bone moore" Discussed on KQED Radio

"This is where the viet cong raiders roll here they had explosive behr pauper's apparently to destroy the embassy in that purpose they did not succeed in the predawn hours of january three first 1968 north vietnam launched a massive surprise attack on dozens of american and south vietnamese targets militarily the tet offensive was a defeat for the north which suffered enormous casualties but politically it was a vastly different story the ability of north vietnam to mount an attack on this scale made it clear that the white house it either underestimated the strength and resolve of the north or knew the truth but deliberately kept it from the american public either way for president johnson tat was a public relations disaster this was really the lows dismay loved the ira ever remember in the white house this month to february the terrible quality of the war video came owned people it appeared that these guys did more quit that all alerting never going to quit let our crowd was a as caught off guard as ever in an effort to reassure the country on vietnam johnson recruited clark clifford a venerable washington insider and by all accounts a hawk on the war to replace robert mcnamara secretary of defense came into the pentagon john bone moore first 1968 this is clark clifford and its footing really froth all of the concerns that it might have felt before all began that come to the surface and went push into an air in the post up say in a go home night and be an easy and disturbed the new weight start again the next day and meet going through this business the critical point came after several weeks of briefing when clifford but the question to the joint chiefs it was describing what we can do with a larger force in south vietnam whether this would win the war that said i wanna know what is the military clean for victory in suv it loan there was new military plane is this kind of bottomless hit you see we could just be their year after year after year sacrificing ten thousand new york a year just didn't hit a lbj new secretary of defense was recognizing what his boss was still determined not to see just two months earlier on a christmas visit to american troops in vietnam lbj had offered eloquent reassurance that their service and sacrifice had a noble purpose josh you was a speech that winston churchill might well.

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