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"john berkner rubberneckers" Discussed on KKOB 770 AM

"Edged the executive branch session says the next step will be to appeal to the supreme court watson thursday ordered the government not to enforce the travel ban on close relatives from six muslimmajority countries including grandparents grandchildren uncles finance session says the ruling undermines national security this latest ruling on the travel ban came from that federal judge in hawaii at the american immigration lawyers association attorney william stock kinds of us who have a reason to do business with or want to visit with our positively impacted by the judge clarifying that the supreme court meant all of these us citizens should benefit from the supreme court's order the donald trump jr sit down down with the russian liar more on that now says california's nancy pelosi day we learned a former russian counterintelligence agent was also present at the trump needing she wants a special commission set up to look into this now a second arrest in philadelphia after the murders of four men whose bodies were found burned on a farm north the philadelphia bucks county de a matthew wine trobe infant a carrow tom mayo mark sturgess and jim patrick have all been positively identified with notified all their loved ones in as peaceful and respectful way as possible sean croats is charged with three counts of homicide and other charges another suspect cosmo denardo had confessed to the murders in the past day a stuntman on the walking dead was working on a set this week outside of atlanta he fell and not 33yearold john berkner rubberneckers has died from blunt force trauma it's the first death during a tv production in almost three years so much rain in now flooding north of chicago sixty eight hundred buildings.

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