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"john baird knx" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"Jobs added. Of course, last month was that negative number. The unemployment rate did drop to 6.3%. But the hope is that as the vaccine gets out, and economic lockdowns are lifted The number of jobs added will go up each month here for the next few. That's the hope we'll see if it plays out. Let's check the final numbers down. 92 31 1 48 NASDAQ Up 78 13 8 56, the S and P up 15 points to a new record high for the week The major averages were up 4 to 6%. Gold up 22 18 13 Announced. 10 YEAR bond Yield 1.17% 4 53 are thanks to Kelly. President Biden has called for 100, mass vaccination sites. Kelly talking about this cross the nation. Within a month, with the first few set to open with the help of the military. CBS News correspondent Legal Luciano has the latest in an effort to ramp up vaccinations across the country. The Pentagon will deploy more than 1100 troops to five large vaccination centers. Two of the five teams are headed to California, the country's most populous state, has had a slow and rocky vaccination rollout. Governor Gavin Newsom also announced this week, California will receive a million doses from the federal government where the other team's airheaded will Be announced soon. Lily Luciano, CBS NEWS LOS Angeles There seems to be a big push right now to reopen schools in Los Angeles, home to the nation's second largest school district. In fact, Some L. A officials are talking about filing a lawsuit to force the district to bring the kids back. But school board president says they can't John Baird KNX radio in Los Angeles with more The threat of legal action may not be enough to prompt L. A unified to reopen its campuses. School Board President Kelly Gona says the virus infection rate is still too high to meet. State and local guidelines were legally prohibited from reopening our schools at this moment because of the rate of community spread of Kobe's teacher's union and the L. A superintendent also want school personnel vaccinated before the kids return. John Baird for CBS News, Los Angeles Is for 55 kfbk. Let's find out what's coming up Monday morning on the Cape. The Morning News with Kristina Mandanda and Sam Shane Kitty on Monday morning. Maybe you're thinking about taking a trip to Europe or somewhere else around the globe. The global travel industry is reacting. Maybe with covert tests you could order like room service. And we'll actually have more on some new mask mandates for travelers coming up here on the afternoon news that is ahead. Also.

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