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"johanna konta perry" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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"johanna konta perry" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

"Johanna konta perry is i love him personally but let me i cannot go back border chose reuse when our rents have full he was at umass and i had to cover them and one of his lead it's his lead a system back baghdad was guy by the name of flint's who ultimately departed to go and be the head coach at drexel brews afloat as a personal friend of mine and that's what that's how far back calipar eni go we talk not it frequently but we talk enough but i've got a lot of love reliquary we go back calibari a fantastic recruiter and i am good coach there are one blemish on a resume of color primary that i bring up more so than anybody else would all of that talent even if it's wanted done i need more than one national title that's molly issue widow ann dowd away i would have won national title he goes to the final for nearly eight he's constantly knocking at the door but i need more than one national title on a resume of john calipari when you look at demarcus cousins the john walls anthony davis delivered the national title there's no question about that and you look at the league monks and and and you know the the the errand fox's of the world that everybody in between he's had too many great freshman even though there freshman too many great all americans to have just one national title that's it is help ira illiterate cut about his character but that's how i feel about him i met him on a regular he would with no quick university la friend roger that glamour coaching only woah woah now you know that you know raw strict laws my brother.

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