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"johann harari" Discussed on The Canine Paradigm

"Folks if he didn't know what a necess- our is, but I mean, that's What they do? So it's basically a chemical version of a high level punish it just completely shuts the dog in well, but the thing is. I feel like that's dangerous territory to talk about as being always a bad thing I think that I think. Dogs need. Yes. I'M GONNA high level punishes. Yeah. I think that meds of that type in dogs and people. Over, prescribed. Yeah. But in some cases, they are absolutely necessary. You know what I'd like to I'd like to talk to someone smarter than Awesomeness. That's literally everybody much. I definitely would I'd like to Somebo- somebody who hasn't got a dog in the rice of of prescribing it and selling it that has very high label institutional knowledge of it. I'd love to hear what they're. Somebody who's just not biased on it. Yeah. That doesn't have a dog in the rice. Yeah but but I think like A good show topic totally And I'm it's a topic. I'm very interested in in Papal News a lot of people you can talk about that and you've read the book like Johann Harari loss connections. Like some people made they need them totally they native blade assignment dog. There's no argument from me there and I think that in. This certainly there's an over prescription, but I don't believe I don't buy so much into the big Pharma like they're just trying to get your dog on it and it's a scruple off and they continue to make money for life like I, believe that maybe the actual bike, there's probably that intent from the pharmaceutical companies. But my if you Jerry how much studies to become veterinary by released like. That is so much time you need those people love dokes now. We can debate over whether they. Like from our point of view, we think they're doing the right thing but they are in their mind like doing what they see get success and it's because that's their skillset like when you're when you're a hammer or we problems like a now but. That's how the cycle goes is that there's probably tens of thousands of cases of evidence where really actually China's referred paper like really people who do know what they're doing referred someone to a veterinary behavior and said, hi, this is outside of. My scope I can't I can't remedy this dog we've tried trying we've tried enrichment. We tried all the things that we can ensure troy. What do you think about marriage they go? Yep. No. Ariz he's the dog on meds. They say success that goes into the literature, and then what I think the fall down can happen is that people are then trained insane like that case. That really was the perfect example. That's what we should do case. Be looks like that to me and you go. Yeah, it might be. But it might not pay because the training and fulfillment component mine have actually been taken care of and it's the same way like. We accused a lot of. Get accused a lot of like, oh, the books, the books. Dating from the folk and books get it. But the reason why I use that as we talk about it, if I talk about is because I've seen a Xian success with it. And so the my boss is because there's a lot of success in that and and the reason I like the box that way because we can teach people to do it is so much free content out there. We feel lack of how to really en- pushing that out all over the world and getting loads of people doing it as much as the the flack that I caught for it as good feedback probably change a lot of dogs lives, and so my view of that is yeah hey, what can go wrong. Give it a shot at worst it can do nothing at best it can really fix you but do you have a boy us? All I think probably do have a bias because. Like I am motivated to just say that it works and my boy towards the success that I perceive has anyone come to you and said it doesn't work. Yeah. But when I've interrogated them well the one dog one of the dogs that I suggested put on meds I trod that's what I tried when I had the dog for a week and I could not the box was donate anything. Right. So yeah, it's not the magic bullet but Moi ashes towards the success of it and I think that most veterinary behaviorists they biased someone who has the qualifications to write you that script their bias is towards helping the dog in the best way that they know how and that's the best way that they know how and a necessarily think that it's always the best. Way I'm totally with you on that but I, don't think there's anything militias in those people the vet themselves he's not like I will get this. Of course there's probably bad actors everywhere. There's able do as in every I was gonna say that just for me that feels a little utopian I think like a lot of people start off with very good intentions and I. Certainly. Do you know I'd like to imagine that old people get into their professions with great intentions to think that some people don't get lazy along the way and it's just an ugly convenience that that is enforced along the way I don't know of totaling agree with that I'd like to believe in the Utopian view as well that that people don't do that but I'll. Give you lazy for sure because then it like as a CEO love saying these work eighty times out of one hundred Let's let's say if you're the eighty first out of one, hundred, one like I get that without looking that deeply into it I'm totally online but I don't think there's militias I just save that and I thought I don't think I've ever labeled. Like in trying to make money like scruple forget the dog on the hook and he says, he goes the customer for life I just don't like that's what they're doing. I'm totally with you on that but I just don't.

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