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"johan yards" Discussed on Start the Week

"I feel so white here and you know they'd never really thought about being white until there in an environment where they're in a minority and i would say to them will that's how i felt growing up in wimbledon because every day i was so conscious of being a visible other but you don't necessarily creates a space to explore that if you are in a majority where you'll fed this narrative that allows you to be comfortable in your whiteness and see it as normal peter kerry i i just think of as the moon guy back to think that monuments and conversation on if they think you need a conversation with monuments often appeal of untold ministry to bed captain cook keno knowing what they will give her hysteric hysterical a captain cook was criticised and indigenous peoples i will captain cook know get him we shouldn't have that yeah i think you have a monument save captain cook standing look now in captain cook should be looking at something that relates to the other side of the story and you have a physical conversation with johan yards and an argument a and i'm about seventy five percent serious about the two really good date way up our public clouds is going to get very cramped and ney as monument is added to monument contradictory mongering yet i think that it is a logical thing that at the moment this isn't quite a lot of discussion about widen is indeed and because the whole world is changing very far snow really really this decades we living in the in the in in the world city order which is changing from centuries of white antiwestern shaprio supremacy sorry for my english into a much more different situation and i think it is also panic a lot of people are running back to their all to the because under the even under the modern of identity but it is.

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