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Bahamians look for way off storm-ravaged island as death toll climbs

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Bahamians look for way off storm-ravaged island as death toll climbs

"Authorities in the bahamas say they are expecting even more horrible news in the wake of hurricane dorian medical staff telling c._n._n. As they treat the many wounded that they are dreading and bracing themselves to learn how many are dead the storm killed at least thirty people by last official count but given the overwhelming damage to the islands and the hundreds of people who remain missing behaving officials believed the real death toll is quote quote unimaginable new video. Today gives an example of hurricane durians forest. You're looking right now at a hummer. That's around six thousand pounds. The the powerful floodwaters picked up that vehicle and slammed it through the side of house during his currently off north carolina's outer banks as a category one hurricane still flooding towns and knocking out power but it is the bahamas reeling from total disaster the u._s. coastguard alone has rescued get more than two hundred people there. A helicopter crew described seeing the avocado islands in the bahamas for the first time. The town was just looks like a landfill saw. The houses were dismantled. It was trash everywhere in ever c._n._n.'s patrick ofman reports parts for us now from the bahamas where he tells us he was struck by the silence and the destruction and the stench of death areas of of grand bahama island means driving through still flooded streets demand streets that are no longer streets. This area in the east of the island highland has until now been inaccessible since the storm little to no help has arrived the force of the hurricane through cars through buildings the storm orbital out here the category five leveling whole towns many rode out the storm in their homes. Many did not survive pastor. Joey saunders was on the third floor of his home with his son. When the storm surge crashed in these saturday make out to the second floor of the house and been put ten minutes in aside to flow to the third floor you know in the modern that flow optima head and we felt like strong current trying to break loose everything he cracks and this was in the middle of the night one thirty in the morning and then the current was so strong then the roof sarah to lift a nest thing i remember i was underneath the water my son's getting i noticed he had to searched like i guess he just disappeared socially and i heard him screaming daddy daddy daddy. He was in the water at that point right. He's ready gone in minutes later. When i came on the water i tried my hand. I caught onto the trust and re roof carried mealy so we will lake but six hundred feet away away from each other's for two days and be caught up into the pine tree with thirty two feet high surf the water carried. You know pine tree in the middle of the night. Your son was a ways away from you. What was going through your mind. You must have been terrified. Yes i was hoping that he was alive and he thought i had also also wasn't tells you know the two days later that'd be so he was under the trailer idea not sold another government has warn warn people the death count could spike in places like iraq where everyone knows of dead or missing family and neighbors that news is no surprise even though this is one of the hardest hit areas help from the government is yet to arrive either. The government is on his way. He doesn't take a bit of time. Can you are the settlements but they do anything. Gradually you know. Do you wish they were moving quicker. I yes i wish it can move quicker. People desperately need food and water before time time runs out a lot of lost most of their clothes water food basics right now. It and we are in the town of hierarchy. This is where dorian category five came in installed. These people had category five winds for over for four hours. They say behind me what house just had the front of it knocked in and it was completely flooded. Believe it or not this used to be a neighborhood. There was house after house <music> after house. They were all gone. There were three people who were in this house. A mother her daughter and a granddaughter houses swept away into the ocean knows where they are. They are officially listed as missing but residents say they fear that most likely they were swept in the ocean and it will never be seen again throughout the day. We've seen helicopters coast guard helicopters hovering over spots in this area residents say that's how they know. Another body has been found and the grim work continues and at this point we're told by residents. They don't expect for anymore survivors to be jake patrick ottoman. Thanks so much for that story c. n. N.'s paula newton joins me now live from a different part of the islands <hes> she's at an airfield in nassau which is now being used as a staging area for aid and rescue rescue teams in paula. I mean frankly it could take years for the bahamas to recover from this. If ever the bahamas will be for for many decades likely transformed by this and the reason is that you were dealing with islands and keys that are isolated at times spanning over several hundred miles this says the deployment area unfortunately jake and not for lack of trying with the aid effort has been in fact spotty and chaotic you have that mix of both government and volunteer aid and given they they said how widespread the needed the need is it is difficult to really ascertain if people are getting everything that they need and when we first start with the basics the food in the water then there's people who need to be evacuated and then as patrick just told you in very grim detail there is search and recovery and that search and recovery mission is also very important gordon because it keeps away disease that call listen. We're here in nassau. This is also where they're bringing evacuees. I spoke to elizabeth nixon. I mean her story about. Even getting outta here was crazy. They put the kids or nieces and nephews in coolers to get them out but after that they had to split up at the airport in marsh harbour what happens some of them came here. Those children with some relatives tips are still at the airport tick. Listen to elizabeth nixon. Those babies can't stand minute avenue eaten last night. They said there was an airport and they they at the airport right now. Daily front that is so chaotic you know if those will catch trying to push through a lot you know the issue here is that she saying it's frantic that is not the way on day six that you wanna see all of this unfold and she's desperate because she knows that those children have not eaten. She knows they do not not have water. Jake <hes> listen the challenge ahead. It is quite significant all right paul. Thank you so much for that reporting <hes>. Let's go now to dr caroline burnett galloway. She's on the phone from the bahamas. Choose the medical chief of staff at princess margaret hospital which is the only hospital in nassau still able to treat critical all patients in the entire bahamas <hes> doctor. Thank you for joining us first of all. How are you doing. How are you holding up. How is your family. Thank you jake <hes>. My family is fine. <hes> and we're all rolling up with is a great team effort. It's it's tiring. It's exhausting <hes> <hes>. It's the most traumatizing hearing some of the stories of our patients that come in but we have to keep going. You're the only one taking critical patients right now. How in in nassau how strained or your resources we've come together and and deployed stop and me shepherd through that we're managing. <hes> initial wave of critical patients from arbuckle has they've come in. We've admitted taken them to the operating freaking there too if necessary i know the second wave of the walking wounded are coming in initially they came by koos guard helicopter and the airports so now open to regular plates are bringing more patients in but <hes> with with very strict and tight triage resorts in the patient offending them to a public health clinic or after come into this. Don't you told c._n._n. That you're treating the wounded right now but preparing for the dead you believe that the death toll is is much higher than thirty right correct. How much higher do you think it might be i. I can't estimate but it's going to be high. We are preparing some people coming to you. <hes> have been trapped in their homes in some cases on top of their homes for days on end. What kind of you've conditions are they. In by the time they get to you so dehydrated exhausted <hes> emotionally exhausted i <hes> <hes> somehow metabolic abnormalities from the long exposure and they had a chronic illness like diabetes hypertension. Do be out of control dr caroline brunette caraway. Thank you for the work you do and thank you for your time

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