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"joey joe way" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"There's a A petition going around. And it's just it's just a fun little blurb I won't well on it But the Super Bowl we know has always been on a Sunday. But there's a teenager in New York now what would what would you say a teenager ager. In New York's name is of course his name is Frankie Jerry. A Frankie Frankie Route Jerry. He's sixteen years old old. What are you looking at? What are you looking at? I told the story before but when I was in Russ and daughters Russian daughters Russ and daughters one of the best Bagel places in New York. On how Ston say Houston pronounce at the German Way. How Ston and first street the East village? And there's a big crowd of people in there and there was a guy in front of me and he's whole now does phone in front of him his on speakerphone. And it says real big Joe so we and you hear on the phone. Hello and he goes as this. Joey Joe Way. Hey is this joey and I wanted to say yeah. Look at the phone at says Joey right here. Anyway Frankie Ru Jerry Rick somebody will find a way for that to be racist aces. Maybe it is two million people but he has a petition on Change Dot Org. I don't think that's why change dot org was started. I would think change dot org would be for something more important equal pay for equal time. I'm getting rid of stereotypes. Racism sexism anti-semitism fairhousing item now. But he's on Dot Org and he says that just more fans can watch if it's on a Saturday which I completely completely disagree with unless you're a religious zealot and you're not allowed to watch TV on the Sabbath but he says look. It'd be better on a Saturday. Hey to because you don't have to go to school the next day and that means some young kids can watch in its entirety. Well there was a survey last year from the Workforce Institute. The two looks like I am drawing on the workforce institute sounds like something from Germany. Hello my name is Hans. Erich futile men an eye on executive executive director of vis the false institute of Rolton Book. ABDUC how but anyway. The Workforce Institute sued predicted that people who will call in sick the day after super bowl fifty four will be seventeen point two million now. This is something that I've never understood my whole life and that is getting drunk for a football game. Why how can you watch it? If you're drunk super bowl Sunday. We're all going to be done. Why why would you get drunk? I Dunno I guess some people any excuse for a drink and you know those people. Maybe you're one of them. Say If if you don't have a drunk uncle at your Thanksgiving year the drunk oil but those people who wear. Maybe you're in school and there'd be some like of function where everybody had to go at night and they went nuts and you're like oh this is the only time you come out of your damn cage so super bowl. I'm doing thing but he got this Frankie who Jiri sorry. I can't say any other way. He got the wheels turning on his big idea when he was talking and do his family recently during the playoffs and Frank Rouge eerie big. Frank Hello can I speak with Franco Jerry. Big Frank or little frank I Guess Big Franko. You don't WanNa pay the electric bills. WHO's asking sorry? I have a whole play going on in my head right now. You gotta understand to that growing up Catholic. I was around Italians constantly. I'm German Catholic. which there are not many Germany's mostly Protestant? But there are some pockets and Bavaria nordrhein-westfalen of Catholics. That's where I derive so to speak but when you're Catholic it's all Italians and Irish and Mexicans executions and Filipinos which is great. You get to know those cultures inside and out. What about the salvator? Write them to all right but what about hot TAMALA alright. From Brazil we are also our ride. I'm not trying to leave anybody out but big Frank Rube Jerry told CNN the N.. Yeah he's got a lot of passion and his heart when he gets on one thing you really sticks with it and quote so the petition addition is not stopping Jerry from staying up to watch the game by the way when they asked him. WHO's your team? He said the bills. And the Rams Rams right there you need to leave New York and go back to Italy or Russia or Red China because you can't have to favorite teams Kanye. I guess you can. I understand the bills the hell gone on with the rams. I became a less finless ear when they are in the Super Bowl but he says he will be rooting for the niners. Now that makes I sense if you're a rams fan I think this kid's a little confusing you know why. Because he's a key leave him alone. He's a kid over here. What are you looking at? Hey where is he a kid over here. He's a kid. Leave him alone. He doesn't know what the hell he's doing hasn't even had his bar Mitzvah yet. Well it happens when you're thirteen and you're Jewish see. That's what I'm saying. I Love Story. Kristy Stephania who's been here Krista Stephanos whole Larry's and by the way the ladies love him very handsome fit guy. He's really good at all I. I'm surprised he's not bigger yet. He'll probably get bigger and he's getting some movies right. Krista Stephanos fricken hilarious and he told the story of when you know his dad. His Dad left left school the home when he was a little kid and he lived in Chris lived in the Bronx and his dad lived on. Staten Island Island but He told the story that his mom worked in the world. Trade Center is nine eleven and so oh that he's at school. The towers are coming down and some kid. He's in a Catholic school in the Bronx. And some kid goes ha looks like your mom's uh-huh dead and he said he picked up a chair and he hit the kid over the head with a chair because he was so worried and he couldn't believe a kid would say that that sounds like a Catholic school thing now. Now Trust ME I. I went to one in Richmond all boys and so he was immediately expelled and so he said he you went home knowing that his mom was probably dead and he got home and his mother's there and she's like what are you doing here is supposed to be in school and he's like Oh my gosh you're alive. He goes of course when the plane hit. We went home. And he's like I got expelled eld and so he said his dad who was in Staten Island and he said even without traffic it would take him you know an hour to get from Staten Island up to the Bronx. He said in twenty minutes his dad was there goes. We're going to go talk to that priest. So he said he went into the priests. I'm doing guys hold bid here but he went. They went into the office and they They said Yeah. You Chrissy here Kristie. He's not expelled izzy. And he's like oh no he's expelled. He hit a guy over the head he goes all the kids making and fun of them. His mom luckily she's okay. You can understand. He's like no. It was too violent. That kids in the hospital right now. He goes well he got hit in the head with a charity. Like exactly ackley. He put a kid in the hospital. He's expelled and he's Oh there's nothing I can do. And he's like there's nothing I can do so he said his dad who was wearing flip flops flops. And a Yankee Jersey holding a ninety ounce starbucks he said his dad went over and closed the door and and he said he came back to the priest and he said Listen you think there's nothing we can do. I'm just telling you right now if we walk out of here and and he's still expelled. There's going to be a few things that I'm GonNa do and you're knockin unlike it and so the guy goes all right. He's not expelled. Let back in the school the next day after I ca just such an listen. It's a million times better. Obviously when a professional comedian and Chris tells the story himself but This is why whatever and it's also growing up with the sweat. Welcome back Kotter. You know you had the Puerto Rican and you had the Jewish kid and you had the black kid and you had the Italian Kid Roseanne Roseanne Dan. You know just my whole life watching. TV with New York shows all they did was make fun of New Jersey and you belong in New Jersey and what he does. He know. Bridge and tunnel by the way. That term came to San Francisco. Now I live in the East Bay Bridge and tunnel. Now you're much more sophisticated living over here than than I am I said I wouldn't dwell on it. I lied at it a bit. This is what you do when you have a three hour show and no one's Cong- along But anyway a sixteen year old has thirty thousand signatures Franken Jerry and Change Dot Org. which which as I said? I don't really think that's the way it is but it's called. I clicked on it. It's called chain super bowl fifty five to Saturday. It says from Frankie Jerry. Here's his blurb. He wrote it himself quote it will get more money dot and get more visitors to the game game. Nf I will get more towel of VIZ on T. E. L. A. S. O. N. TALLA VIZ on because because most government jobs have off have more children to enjoy their T. H. E. R. beloved game on TV or or add venue. Most of your playoff games are on Saturday. Probably have to prices because B. E. C.. USC SC more. Visitors will go frankie. He got in this kid over here. Sports our says we're talking all time most heartbreaking moments. You're on to get an echo take print or any both breakthrough printer but as far as cartridge cartridges are paying blank cartridge free. It comes with a ridiculous amount of those you big time. That'd be talk already.

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