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"joey gisela" Discussed on OC Talk Radio

"It. I think the first match I took a regular video and I was going to post them later. Yeah then like after that I was like now I'm not doing it so sorry anybody who was looking for that so hope I think the Odeon has better better reception it does I've been there before receptions so so yet tired and all that but Josh Prohibition Matt Cross so excited for this fucking match and the thing that I love is twenty eight years together and they go together so well like Joshua's and Russell as much but I felt like it was a smooth match and it wasn't it wasn't dragged down. How'd you guys feel about it good to see Josh Bath for the first time since absolution solution yeah? I'm pretty stained thing last week but it's it's weird not having him on shows yeah yeah I was. I was excited to see a back to especially in a mash of this caliber. You know this was another match where wear and by this point. We've all been in that room for a decent amount of time forever but this was the other match where I thought the crowd was a little dead at times yeah. It was I._R._A.. Noticeable at times here which is sad because is this match was really fucking good. I mean how does match because I'm wonder how many late I won't say non wrestling fans like how many outside fans came to this show just for Cross for prohibition. Pardon me yeah I don't know I mean you say that. It was the first time his dad ever seen him Russell Yep. That's I remember when he said that. I'm like that's fucking crazy. Yeah again how it can happen. Though man the twentieth anniversary come see me Russell. Okay fine sure I'll come but yeah that was that whole part I mean at the end of the match to not really fast forward through it but when they both got on the Mike or just goes taper they got on the Mike but Still <hes> Jaber on his daughter like I thought that was really cool and there was no matter like who won that matches it like a proud moment between friends and we did have Graham across like we mentioned earlier and I was really really happy about that. She didn't really really get involved. She took her spot which no matter where she sitting she tries to get up to the barricade now when end-all comes out but that's the only thing I really noticed armored but it was just like I said a fun back and forth between the two and she did run up to the ring. Yeah I feel bad for grandma across. You never gets to see Matt Win like us not done a lot of winning day I W in the last couple years false I think m dog one and the match and power bomb Iraq. I think you WanNa can't remember Graham across being hilarious that day. Just that does a big false. Ask a W. O. W. Ring The ad don't count it was eight in the morning should know how can you imagine show at eight eight in the morning. No no I had it's fucking ideas of maybe doing that that year and then got lugging Shit House drunk the night before it was like no I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Sleep now yeah yeah. I'm the only idiot that did it like of us. There were other idiots there yeah I've seen pictures there was it wasn't just like you. They didn't have to superimpose among other people said before said again. I did it just to live out like the fraction of a dream that used to have so fine. I was happy with that but anyway no. You're not going to justify shit. I just know why there oh trust me eat in the morning. When I woke up I was regretting it? I I don't remember what time it got to sleep. I don't remember how much sleep I got. It probably on a couple hours I ran to the gas station grabbed a bunch of monsters till I like drank that day. Dude I don't know what the angle was late for you guys on the finish for this match but from where I was sitting it looked like he brained him through that table and it was gross and it wasn't until I saw the video from other angles where I was like. Oh No fact it looks so disgusting I'm from my angle. It was so good and it was just prohibition went in via drunken driving through table which was a fantastic playoff to this match like this match bill right like it was yeah it was like a really well laid out match like had different segments to it and there was no period where they were outside and against the rails chopping each other <hes> match was great. Everybody should watch that match like get tons of other good shit that happened on the shell flying but wash this yeah. It's a great match and I fucking hope that whoever is doing the fucking g C._W.. Backyard show on the fourth of July gets these fuckers Walker to go back to the backyard as soon as they announced it or Aka you through dinner chats when I first seen it. That's the first two people came to mind like O.. J. Pros been getting in shape lately. They're having this twentieth anniversary met. Ah Come on this is whether it's them to again or whether it's euthanasia it has to happen yeah. I just like there's something poetic about those two twenty years later after being the the the literal poster boys or backyard rats to then workless G C W backyard show I feel like is it's just writes itself to eat now like needs to happen. That's the hottest chicken of summer man out how you get them by two that ship but I'm jealous wanted. Does I'm jealous every single mother fucker who gets to go you do all right. Are we ready for the main event ain't going for the gold yeah should should we go through entrance one by one Oh fuck man. We've been on your longtime already. <hes> I mean we don't have to go into details. I mean there's like this certain highlights we could stop at you know it started off with off Manse Warner and the return of Joey Vanilla which goes back to reactions pat all fucking nuts. This is also the weirdest and this is a bold bucket statement this the weirdest Joe each Nella match ever seen the full. The full length of the gotten for the goal is the weirdest Joey Gisela match. I've ever seen yeah so many things happen so many little things happened during this match catch. It's it's so good and there are things that happened that like I'm sure there are things I didn't see. There are things that people on the other side of the room wouldn't have seen like little things like when he wasn't in the ring just like the weird shitty was doing it was so good yet moment with an infant son had newborn show you punched pat. He punched other fans beaten up fans Crowley. He ran around with a spike in and <hes> did someone's entrance with them later with that. That's another highlight entrant. The big thing for view is genetics like he was having a lot of fucking fun. Yeah he was glad to be master Yeah Yeah. You looked like he was having a lot of fuck inside and you know what mania weekend you looked like. He was having fun but he looked like you like zero stress. Just having fun knows that he can do whatever plucky wants to basically quick it. Just it was great so you enter number three Eric Ryan number four Eddie only number five t money number six Zach Thomas Number seven Marino Anglia number eight. There's hi white woman nation by the way I I didn't. What was that elimination because it was me Marino okay yeah? I thought it was off the apron into the guardrail. was that a was that that one of quick eliminations or by someone else is quick okay you. I think it was the first elimination might have been. I is that entrant number eight Dr Dan and are you ain't ready entrant number nine razor fucking sharp. This might have been the biggest pop in the night. This also went with the theme of everybody for the reaction as place knots. I kinda wish he would have been twenty one because that is the number on his Jersey Yeah but that's just one if you happen here yeah. It's the fun it really fucking half and yeah dude so my favorite parts of this. We're like the genuine reaction of some of the people in the rig to the reaction razor-sharp got from the crowd were like really is going on like Joey Ella thoroughly fucking and I loved it spring greatness. You're talking. There's that picture of razor walking down the ramp. That's fucking amazing yeah seeing it so good. I don't know who took that but that was so good so happy for that too good for him and she was a quick quick yeah yeah yeah yeah he for obvious reasons but yet eliminated really quick obviously wasn't ready. Entra number ten right a read entry at writer read had a an amazing amazing like I don't know Boston crab minute. Bring them yeah there was a point where Jamila had in a Boston crab Manhattan in like a slugging choke from the other side Xiv and then also who was the third person team money or somebody came over and raked his is yeah and he was tapping out of so good before Rainer. Would he do wrong. It's time to take a power bomb through a skateboard. Yes yeah Tom that ever again. Did he get eliminated onto a skateboard. He got throat. You did a skateboard spot where you went over the top rope landed on escape or skiing at around and go back in Iraq okay because if that happened on my side of the ring he has about say it was away from us. Look like Oh we got eliminated but then he's like skating was like Okay Yep landed on Steve Org entrance number eleven dominant Greenie number twelve P._b.. Smooth Thirteen Philly Collins. I didn't realize his tell now but number fourteen in his in his fourteenth Golic for the Gold Marian Fontaine. I always get to see him in the goblet. Now Understatement Lula's one appearance here yeah we need more but still love it entered number fifteen matthew justice followed by number sixteen west Markley man and that's something. We didn't really talk about when we talked about that match but West Barclay acting as Joshua's fucking manager played a big part Josh win in that Belt Yeah Imag got a little bit of payback here he wasn't in for in and out enter number seventeen Derek director number eighteen the w intense champion Joshua bishop coming out with the belt to and this sets up those two going forward forward 'cause they eliminated themselves together brawled out of the building yep noticing a pattern with Joshua bishop in his feuds eliminating him and his opponent from the match number Nineteen Thir- store jobbers favorite wrestler her Lewis Lennon Yeah. He was in their number twenty me her bid. It's up there with razor sharp in Joey her biggest off in the evening. Okay here's the thing with this I seen him walking around like before the show but after doors open and I was like <hes> I haven't seen you in a while. Could you be a mystery entrant and turns out yeah but I wasn't sure because he could just been fucking hanging out well and so that's the thing I was. He's GonNa say because I've seen him but shows like Mount Carmel where he was just they're wrestling just hanging out not only was jerry which I don't know if we mentioned yeah it was Jerry not only come out but students brought out the old Virgil. You'll esque banner Jerry A._I.. W wrestling superstar never virgil cod forgot about <hes> God you enter number twenty one weird body enter number twenty two worldwide and Shit Number.

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