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"joey coy" Discussed on Kickass News

"These days he sells out arenas and theaters across the world and now has three netflix under his belt but he never forgets where he came from in fact his filipino roots culture and especially filipino. Mom continue to be a source of endless inspiration for his comedy and now he writes about his mom and dad growing up biracial kid in america. Combating racism in hollywood and finding his voice as a comedian in a new memoir called mixed plate. Chronicles of an all american combo. And today he comes on the podcast to open up about his early years traveling around the country as a military brat. His mom's legendary immigrant hustle and his first taste of the spotlight as childhood. Michael jackson impersonator. You recall selling tickets. Door to door for his first comedy. Show how he practically hounded netflix's into giving him his first stand up special and how today. He uses his fame to help promote other filipino. Artists and comedians less joe talks about embracing our stereotypes filipino crucifixion rituals and why there really are so many filipino nurses out. They're coming up with joey coy in just a moment. Joe koi is one of today's premier. Stand up comics who entertains audiences across the world. His twenty seventy netflix's special jo. Koy live from seattle was so successful that he released a follow up sequel in two thousand nineteen and is twenty seventeen break. The mold tour sold out so many shows in honolulu that the mayor proclaimed november twenty fourth. Joel koy day in two thousand eighteen. He was named up comedian of the year by the montreal just for laughs festival and now he tells his story in a memoir. That is both touching and hilarious titled mixed plate. Chronicles of an all-american combo. Joe welcome to the podcast. I love yvette. Thank you so much will joe. It's great to have you on the show. And i'm a fan of your act the so much of your comedy centers on your family your parents and the fact that you are the product of a biracial marriage. Tell us about your mom and dad in many ways. They couldn't have been more different right. How do i wanna make my dad out to be like this dad guy but back then the man was kinda just by you know.

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