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Short Stuff: Turbulence

Stuff You Should Know

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Short Stuff: Turbulence

"The. Woke near the short stuff. I'm Josh those Mr. Chuck and those MS Jerry over there that's MS to use Succha. This is like I said short stuff. Buckle up everyone. Yeah. For the turbulent addition of short stuff. Have you ever had a bad like a really bad? No, not really bad. No. Yeah. I haven't either you know, there's actually classification for that. It's not called really bad. It's called extreme or severe. But there's three types of turbulence light turbulence, you know, it's kind of kind of shakes like your drink a little bit. And you this again, right? There's moderate which is like your drink is now spilling out your Cup. Yeah. And there's severe and that is like the kind where people get hurt sometimes fairy rarely die. But I saw photos of plane ride from Santa Anna up to Seattle. I think it was like. A delta flight and the drink cart was on its side. Yeah. And like they've been serving drinks and the thing the plane hit turbulence took a two hundred foot nosedive, and apparently one of the flight attendants and the drink cart were on the ceiling, and then just came down. So it can get pretty bad. But it's very very rare turns out. Yes, if you haven't picked up on that we're talking about airplane turbulence in specifically win a pilot knows when they come on there and say, you know, hold on your butts, everyone here, we go. Yeah. In the next ten minutes always wondered like what the deal was. Well, now, we know now we know and we can just bother every passenger next to till the. You know, how they really, you know, when they make this announcement, if you really want to get it somebody sleeping next to you on airplanes attention, don't kind of elbow like just slowly increase the pressure of your pointy elbow in the ribcage until they wake up that will get them talking. Yeah. In regardless like, you said of how bad it gets is usually not that big of a deal as far as planes go there. They're made to take it. And sometimes if you're sitting on the wing and looking out. Oh, yeah. You'd be a little distressing see in the things almost flapping, but they're meant to move a little they're supposed to do that. Yeah. So don't worry. The wing is not going to snap off most likely. No, remember when we talked about cars, and how it seems like they're made terribly today because they come apart whether actually designed like that to make him. Yeah. Like easier to take a crash same thing with the plane if it were just completely rigid and brittle in the wing might actually snap off. So it's supposed to flap a little bit and turbulence and the other part of that is injuries. The FAA said. Forty four injuries in two thousand sixteen do disturbance nine hundred plus million people flying that is not a lot of injuries. Yeah. I think the most exceedingly rare there was thirteen in two thousand thirteen oddly. There was seventeen in two thousand seventeen and between nineteen eighty and two thousand eight there were only three deaths from turbulence so it is very very rare. And one of the reasons it's not way worse. And it's actually getting even better is because pilots are able to predict where the turbulences coming because number one they're trained to see signs of it. But also there are a entire network of people on planet earth back down on the ground who are working to let those pilots know what places to avoid in. Why? Yes. So when they when they go to take off there's a few types of turbulence to look out for convective that is, you know, kind of the standard thunderstorm turbulence that you might expect yelich when era on the earth surface gets warm it, right? His and it can create clouds as carries water, vapor up and cools and the taller the cloud. The more turbulent there is in there. That's right, then there's mountain wave turbulence, and that's when air is just literally cresting over the top of a mountain in a wave like you would see in the ocean. Yeah. Because it's all fluid. I mean, air and water both fluid Juno. So of course, they break like that. You don't wanna get your little plane caught up in a breaking airwave now. And then finally have the clear air turbulence, and that's the the toughest to predict because it's not like you see a big mountain range or lightning popping off in the foreground. Right. That is just air colliding with warm air and cold air colliding with one another the forms jet-streams, right? And the those that's that can be problematic because the the difference in the direction that the winds moving in the speed it's moving in can really wreak havoc on your plane. And when you're cruising through a patch like that. Very quickly all of those little bumps and jostles interns, come together to make what we think of is turbulence. That's right. So that is what turbulent says we'll take a little break here. And we're gonna talk about how these pilots can avoid it. Pay everybody. We wanna tell you about American financing, a family owned national mortgage banker that has been in business since nineteen ninety nine game in gotta tell you. I actually went to Denver Colorado and sat down with their CEO and met people who work there, and they are legit family owned. He and his wife started this business in their kitchen almost twenty years ago. And I gotta tell ya everyone that works. There is great and they're really doing things a little bit differently. Yeah. They are different. They're different because everybody at American financing is a salary based employees, which means that you get a dedicated mortgage consultant who guide you through the loan process. But since they don't make commission. There's no pressure. There's no up selling. There's no obligation. All they wanna do is help you get a mortgage or get a refi or to consolidate your credit card debt, whatever you need from them. Yeah. Man, they are legit one of the most customer friendly businesses. I've encountered they really really care about putting the. Customer first they work fast. Takes just ten minutes to pre qualify for a mortgage, and they can close on a new loan and his little as ten days. That's not fast. That's lightning-fast. Charles really is. Plus, they're open on nights and weekends. You can call him anytime. Call eight eight eight nine nine five twenty four forty or just visit American financing dot net slash stuff. They will hook you up. American financing in MLS one eight two three three four WWW dot M. L S consumer access dot org. If you want know. Josh. Fused soon. So before they even takeoff. They have started avoiding turbulence when they get their flight plan together. They don't just say, you know, we're flying from Atlanta to LA. So let's just, you know, take a left turn after takeoff and fly west until we get to LA, maybe even taking up. Yeah. It's a very, you know, it's very planned out. And although they can't predict every bit of turbulence they can certainly say, well, we know there's a mountain range here, and there is a thunderstorm going on here. So we're going to set our flight plan accordingly. Right. Exactly said they start off on the right foot. Yep. The they also have like little handy weather maps to because storms can develop even after you've already taken off that weren't predicted. And they can also lineup too. So you might have to choose what storm you actually have to go through if you have to write. And so they have weather instrumentation that makes it real simple to choose like a storm up ahead. That's yellow says if you have a green alternative, choose the green one ones that are read. It says you're going to have to course. Correct. Doppler, basically. Yeah. And when you course, correct you basically have to get in touch with. Air traffic control and say, hey, I know we weren't planning on going up an extra ten thousand feet, but I need to fly over this turbulence for a little while, and they'll say do it and you fly up. Yeah. You go over the turbulence he say can come back down now. And they're like we we've been waiting for you to ask. But he come on back down, and you go back down to your original flight plan, or you may not or they may say, you know, what since you went this far out of the way to avoid this thing. Why don't you just take? This course instead. Right. And you have a new flight plan up to that. Exactly. You gotta be nimble up there. We got to be quick, and you have your hands on the sticks. Isn't that with the sticks? I think so I'll bet they do. Call them sticks. Can you see PA pilots calling him that? Sure Lay's Joel mccower my hands on the sticks. I've never heard that. You haven't not from a pilot to a passenger. Okay. I think that doesn't leave the cockpit. You know, I got you. Talk. So the mountain turbulence that is pretty easy to predict because mountains are there. And if a pilot is driven driven have flown past the Rockies or the Andes or any big mountain range, they probably already know what to expect there and have routed they're playing in such a way where they're not gonna get the worst of it thinking also tell by the clouds that are there. Sure, there's some called Lynn titular, clouds, which are Lynch shape. But I think it actually kind of traces the contour of wave, but in cloud for you could be like, well, I'm going to stay out of there because there's breaking waves of wind right there. Yeah. So yeah, there's things they can do visually. The problem is is the clear air turbulence. I mean, they don't call it clear air if the killer exactly, and I mean, it really is like it can be really really rough not just because it comes out of nowhere. But because the the differences in speed between one spot in another so pronounced that. It can really jar. Jostle you for those the thing, and this is going to cool the thing they count on. The most is talking to other pilots. There's a lot of planes up there. And chances are if you're playing anywhere in the United States. There's another plane on more or less your route just a few minutes ahead of you. Right. And so they they're always in touch with one another. It's not even you know, they they share information. It's not like a delta pilot won't be like, hey, the selfless guys behind us. But don't tell them. What's getting? So they're always warning each other about what to expect how bad it is whether or not you need to really alter your route or maybe just park it at a certain altitude. Right. And so when they get this info, they'll say laze in gentlemen, please put your seat belts on get out of the bathroom fight attendants put them carts up. I think is how they put it that's impede lingo. And that's usually when some somebody gets up. Oh, I really need to go. That's the moment. I'm like I have to go the bathroom so bad. Yeah. Yeah. But if you're not getting up, and even if they aren't telling you to to put your seatbelt on if you're just sitting in your seat, you should always keep your seatbelt on just because there is such things clear turbulent bad about that catches everybody by surprise. And then all of a sudden, you're like floating up against the ceiling, which is bad enough for you. But you can also come down another poor unsuspecting travellers to about floating people who were like smashing into the moment. Yeah. It's like people who don't wear the seat belt in the back seat. It's like that's me too. You're not just putting your own life in danger. When you get a head on collision, your flying forward past the people in the front who did have felt on your feet and your fists in your head or taking their heads off with you. You know, what I mean, you gotta wear your seatbelt on the back seat check. So they get about they're talking to other. Pilots in the air. They get a five to ten minute. Warning. If they're getting a warning from the ground that's about twenty minutes up to twenty minutes. So that's that's plenty of time. That's why that's why it works. So well, that's why you don't get more severe cases of turbulence because everyone's in contact at all times, making sure that you don't feel the worst of it. Right. It's just great. They also figured out that you can't put two planes too, close together because planes, create wake and that creates turbulence your and they figured that out the hard way apparently planes crashed from following close coming in for a landing. Don't do it on the road either. No, certainly not. Although apparently, it does save your gas mileage drafting behind like a semi or something. Yeah. I mean, that's why they do it in NASCAR. Right. But it's not safe. No, don't do it. You know NASCAR driver unless you are a NASCAR driver listening to this in which case draft away. You're doing what you're doing? Well, thanks for joining us on short stuff. We love you.

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Disrupting an Entire Industry to Achieve Rapid Growth with Andy Mant

Entrepreneur on FIRE

38:37 min | 5 months ago

Disrupting an Entire Industry to Achieve Rapid Growth with Andy Mant

"Shake the room. Fire nation j. l. d. here with an amazing conversation about disrupting an entire industry to achieve rapid growth to drop these bombs. I brought andy mant on the mike. He is the founder and ceo of blue blocks a company specializing in evidence based advanced light filtering eyewear. He started blue blocks after becoming dissatisfied with the quality and standards of blue light blocking glasses available in so set about to design lenses that match the evidence in the academic literature and today financial talking about the gross strategy that worked to disrupt this industry. How paid marketing is tricky. But andy figured it out. It's also about managing inventory for all your physical product owners out there super super valuable content here and so much more when we get back from thanking our sponsors customers want more from brands delivering more means owning the customer experience taking control over data acquisition analysis creative and delivery cleo caused this owned marketing and they believe is the best path to growth for more visit cleo dot com slash. Fire that's k. L. a. v. i. y. o. dot com slash fire. Would you be fired up with an e commerce business generating ten k per month while today sponsor quantify wants to help you get there. Quantify provides end to end e commerce training and support. And if you're accepted into the partner programme your success in revenue is guaranteed apply today at quantify dot com. That's cute w. a. n. t. Ify dot com. Andy say what's up to fire nation and share something you believe about becoming successful that most people disagree with incredible question. And hey what's up. Everyone listening to this. Thank you so much for tuning in. And i think one of the big things that a lot of people disagree with and it's very prominent in becoming a very successful person is sleep. Is the corner stein to you. Know an amazing mind that an amazing body and with that i think that having exceptional quality sleep at the correct time seasonally is the way to really invigorate the mind and body and prepare yourself the elevated rapid dry to success. I'm really passionate about this topic. Which is one of the big reasons why i wanted to get you onto chat here. I mean it's crazy with how we just went through over here in the states daylight savings and every time we go through daylight savings when people lose our sleep that are seven percent more fatal accidents the next day which is insane and every single time of the year six months later when we gain our sleep. There are literally seven percent fewer fatalities. The normal like it's insane the power of sleep. And i'm just honestly sick and tired of people being like. Yeah you know what. Johnny go to bed at ten. I wake up at six. I get eight hours of sleep every night. I'm like no. You don't and i know you don't because i've been wearing my ring now for years literally and if i go to bed at ten and wake up at six i get about six six and a half hours of sleep i was quote unquote in bed for eight hours but my sleep with my little wake up in the middle and all these things was six and a half hours so full yourself fire nation and this is one thing we're gonna be talking about today with the entire concept of disrupting an entire industry to achieve rapid growth specifically in an area. That can help you not just get eight hours get eight quality hours which is going to change everything in your life so andy. Let's talk about the blocks origin. Story taken away. Yeah absolutely so what was working in a nine to five job. Very successful outta sort of account manager for recruitment didn't hate my job but i hated the restrictions that it put on main. I hated the fact that i was told what to do. And it turned out that this is massively highlighted to me when The company put that managers through these these one to one sessions to kind of upscale themselves in how to manage people so we all went to see a psychiatrist. Actually which is fairly to australia and the uk british but it was dumb Sort of upscaling ourselves mentally. And when i went into this this meeting we had to do a test. sort of psychometric assessment. Did it. next time. I came back and i said let not gonna be feeding this back to your your employer but we don't see this kind off profile very often and unique to start a company and become a ceo. It's it's very similar to what we've seen in the past from very successful people and if you want to thrive in an environment where you're working for someone you have to be the boss. You have to be driving the growth and the change and this really got me thinking you know what could i do. I never really thought about doing this before Sort of passion inside made i didn't realize was there and i basically thought to myself right. Who do i idolize in business. And one of those people was was a gentleman. Called james dyson revolutionized an existing product. Which was the vacuum cleaner and made it better. More optimal for the user and few months went by and i was always really in a big health kick at that stage. I was trying to get in shape for my wedding. And i was in all these sort of online forums at the time and facebook and people talking about nutrition but that was the old time instance. That light kept popping up and the distinctive blue light blocking glasses. And i started looking into a pass started wearing them in a store myself while these these pretty decent in terms of their improving my sleep and i feel better more energy to work out. I'm really really interesting like robert hall so i started doing research on on lights and i got friends in optics. Labs aaron in australia and leave it on alton found that the glosses I was wearing one actually blocking alleged. Said i should be blocking to get the most ultimately interested in optima wasn't interested in you know improve my seat a little bit. I wanted the best. I get and that was when it came to the crunch and i said to the guys in in this lab. Could you produce some of tint for these glosses the Block the exact line. Delage saying you should block off the sunset to get better sleep and we could put it in some really cool fashionable aims and then we can really disrupt this this market because no glosses is blocking the literature. We tested about twenty pass. Went back and forward. Got this prototype ready and naturally the first couple of nights always wearing my sleep was off the charts. I track with auras well as year. Joel mccower interested in being optimal and it was just staggering the result. I what we did was we. We made up. Twenty has and we sent them to big influences Around the well mainly actually in the states where you are and basically just said let. We're not looking for any endorsement or anything like that. We just want you to test them. His the science and rationale behind our product. We believe that what you're wearing at the moment is optimal and you guys are helped him. you might want to read this and every single one of those people came back to sang. You need to launch this as a brand. If you do we will support you. Now what exactly do you think it is that you tested. Twenty pairs and none of them were really wanted. A pair of glasses to do as far as blocking blue light and the other things. Why is that like. Why are people making products. That aren't really living up to the standard. That's we kind of assume they are as consumers. Yeah fantastic question. I think it comes down to writing a trend. Mckay so blue lights has been sort of trending if you look at google analytics for you know good soda five years now and around about that sort of five. Six years ago we started saying maybe four to six years ago. We started seeing a pop of a lot of these companies. The were pretty tuned into the data in terms of what what the customers want but not tuned into the science and this is was a big disconnect you you saw a big influx of brands. You know that if if you saw that product you couldn't distinguish it from probably another forty brands. So what they did was. They went to places like alibaba. Blue light glasses you can order now. Three hundred off the shelf. Choose your frame and an out at gug and they just had no regard to Symbolic in i guess the by physics involved in how light kind of with cellular level and when you stop combining that with the actual technology and the scottish frames that you want to actually make this. Didn't he start standing out from the crowd. I think that's probably the main reason it's just a right. Let's try and capitalize on this rising trend and has not really been any real thought about the science and can actually help people fire nation. There's one thing. I keep saying over and over again because it's just plain and simply the truth. Become the best solution to a real problem in this world and people will beat a path to your door and they will ignore the second best solution to infinity. People want the best solution to a real problem so if you are willing to find a niche to find a void in the marketplace you know just like andy dead and become the best solution to a real problem. You are going to win like please understand that to your core now and he. Everybody has a different strategy for growing their business. What's yours yeah. It's a really interesting question and one that the blows people's mind here in australia but it may be your your community a pretty tuned in. That probably be like well. That's probably part of our strategy as well. The initial phase of our growth was typically unpaid. So we started this company. Fifteen hundred dollars and we didn't invest a single cent most still haven't invested a single cent we've reinvested all profits the big soda gripe phase Initial fate came by targeting. Our niche paul pierce population. So we didn't want to guy right. Let's get his product out to the masses. We wanted to test it. So he tested it on a group of people by hackers and again your audience will know all about these types of people that trying to optimize that balaji and their environment using specific hacks and we knew that these guys and girls were completely optimal. They weren't interested in anything else. So we thought let's go in here and basically ripped the blue gloss off their faces and give them ours and for freight so we just literally went out to all the top by hackers gave them up products and gave them affiliate links. And just said if you're tracking asleep on aura on we put on these types of devices. Tell us they are improving wearing glasses and if they are the ones which send you as much product as you need to keep promoting says not started almost immediately and that soil some really good growth very quickly and then when we sold maxed out loud area. We were like well. Who who's thinking critically. The masses aren't ready for this product yet. but who else in indifference are thinking critically and not open to just sort of general rhetoric. So we went to alternative dieting. We went to carnival. We went to Polyot vegan people that are really speaking out against norms and started explaining to them about lights and again gifting products and away. We blend but the real real big growth happened about a year into our adventure and that was when we started to get in. Go off paid endorsements via podcasts. So we went to again. It was very strategic. We went to the alternative dieting. The by hacking type podcasts. Like the luke stories. That j. shetty's of this world the melanie avalon's etc. The radio talking about different stuff mindset they talking about biohacking talk about health tentative medicines things like that and we were. We were shocked by the the cost of this. It was very you know seemed very expensive but the right of returns was almost instant. And you'll miss then had your product attached endorsed by thought leaders within various some various vertical markets. And to this day. We haven't actually touched instagram. Influences we just thought that snow more the we need to be able to go to key strategic thought leaders that understand this kind of technology because we need to educate education was the key and still is the key fundamental to our brand. We don't want people like you see our competitors. Just pick out the prettiest girl on the ground. Give them a pair of glasses and that just posting saying. Hey look really cute in these gun by them. We didn't want that. We wanted to stand out side. Listen this is why you need this specific pair of glasses. This is how light works. And we've found the by educating we built this fantastic community of people that basically wanted to try all of our different products. They understood the we weren't just trying to sell them something. We wanted to educate and empower people think that that really elevated our brand status and just go people bought into our mission and us as a as a brand. There's so much value here. Fire nation and word that. I want to jump on that. Andy just said is educating he wasn't just looking toss a parish as on some good looking dude or some good lookin' lady. He wanted to educate the audience to tell them. This is why you need this. This is why this is going to solve a problem that you have. This is why this is the number one solution to this specific problem in this space in this industry in this vertical. You need to understand what he's talking about fire nation so you can pull the same levers in your businesses and go the same routes now in. Let's be honest disrupting. An industry is no easy feat. I know that first hand being the first daily podcast host interviewing entrepreneurs for now ten years in a row. How do you disrupt the blue light. Industry found fantastic question. And you know something you've mentioned I wanted to interject a couple of times. But i didn't. I'm gonna say it now is is the fact that when you when you educate when you disrupt a market and you prefer something to someone the is really going to solve problem and you can back that up with some pretty big claims And the evidence you can charge what you want for that product and you know we. We charge fifty sixty percent more than competitors yet. We have much bigger market share than them. We have tens of thousands of dollars a day in revenue from from this type of This type of production people on de-ticked by the price because we can justify that price. We can justify that were made in australia. We can justify that we got the technology behind it were made in optical laboratories not factories and people won't quality. So you know never never undercuts you know you competition and price should be the last thing you should be going to. That would be a bit of advice for segue into any and before you segue. Here's a quote by seth godin so relevant the problem with the race to the bottom. Is that you just might win. You need to understand station when you're trying to race to the bottom of being the lowest price product. Guess what you might win. And that's not a real victory because that is not a way to make a living to make a alive to make a dent in this world so keep going to love it. They have gripes analogy that. Great quiet love. Seth and all his writing. That's for sure. So in terms of in terms of disrupting the blue light industry you to to be fat It was it was fairly straightforward in terms of what the message needed to be so the message needed to be the what we've tested these glosses. Mola competitors without naming names. They don't walk and hagia solution est as to why they were That was that was what we thought with. All this is going to be out and tell people what wearing his crap in vyas. You know that worked in the first year because we're going out to the the ultimo biohacking ultimate wellness and some tentative dieting crazy and they got it. Because you've got to do is read this paper. See these test results. Ragas see these test results to the gossage. Currently wearing you choose what you wanna whack. And every time they choose us the the difficulty came with when we went for probably into a second gerald's of growth. We kind of maxed out became very well known within those those niches. I've just described but we wanted to then start expanding out and going out to the to the masses a little bit more and that was more difficult because the questions then started to come in for customer service saying will can buy twenty dollars. Amazon was your so different and the education then kind of came to. You know the front line for us. I rather than having the influences poke cost educates and we actually had to start doing a little bit ourselves. I what we decided to do was when we started branching out when we started getting a lot of these questions i started making youtube videos We started writing blogs that would address these consensus. We saw titled marketing sort of more in house whereas before we were very reliant on Thought leaders putting our message out that which still continued. Don't get me wrong but we needed place to have that sort of second war going on on another front in order to tackle this sort of influx of people not really understanding why our product was more expensive. So we beefed out the website with more justification. The youtube videos went out with customer. Service questions came in. You know we could send a video out just explaining to them why we have blogs out the helped with you know. They will optimize for seo so when people with such and blue light glasses and ours came out they could read this blog about you know wha wearing the wrong blue light glasses for instance started smashing it in google and we just wanted to make sure the message was was absolutely absolutely everywhere and you know the price thing always came out as well when we tried to hit the masses and we had to justify that a lot more and it just became the more you grow the more you you sorta segment out of your coal audience. The more difficult it it does actually become an you just have to make sure all the you're putting content out just so much like literally daily content putting out that Flooding the internet with with all the you know good quality facts you have about your product and yes. You're not going to say that. So the turnaround overnight but sort of three six nine twelve months ago. More compounds in terms of shazam. Google algorithms and things like that the more you're actually going to reach in terms of the demographic you want and the more you're going to educate those customers from various sources of content as well so i think it was keen to find the battle on multiple fronts and not. Just do what we were doing in the days which was resting on our laurels. Sag united would give it to story of someone like that and jack craze and all that david's just educate people and we don't need to do anything we want you to stop putting off things out a little bit more started. Think creatively about you know providing the best content for these these people on a very very regular basis and making it really succinct into what we were seeing coming through not customer service portal furnishing. I really hope your understanding. And it's coming through exactly how you can disrupt any industry because anne's talking obviously about his industry right now but this is gonna apply across every vertical every industry across all time. When you want to go in and really be disruptive now we're gonna be talking about paid marketing room talking about managing inventory. We'll be talking about some other important things as soon as we get back from thanking our sponsors e. Commerce is on fire and isn't slowing down anytime soon and i'm willing to bet you've at least considered commerce at one point on your entrepreneurial journey but there's a lot that goes into the market research drop ship product and supplier sourcing website design and development marketing automation advertising campaign development. The list goes on. Enter quantify with quantifies partner programme you benefit. From their years of experience and success quantified takes away the guesswork in your success is guaranteed if you're accepted into their partner. Program qualified guarantees ten k. A month and revenue at minimum with quantify. Your success equals their success so they work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations. How do they do. This qualify provides comprehensive training and support a dedicated fulltime partner success manager proven profitable and guaranteed results. And so much more. If you're ready to rock a real business that guarantee success and revenue apply to become a quantify partner today the quantified part program is not for everyone to see if you qualify visit quantify dot com and click the apply button if you qualify quantify where reach out with next steps that's q. w. a. n. t. i f. y. Dot com. Are you working around the clock. To build the business you always imagined. Do you want to communicate with your fast growing list of customers and personalize way but also in a way that gives you time to work on the rest of your business. Do you ever wonder how companies you admire the ones that redefined categories do it's companies like proof and chevy's they do it by building relationships with their customers from the very beginning while also evolving in real time as their customers needs change. These companies connect quickly with the customers. Click their information and start. Creating personalized experiences offers that inspire a rapid purchase often within minutes of their customer. Data cleo empowers you to own the most important thing to any business the relationship between you and your customers and the experiences you deliver from the first email to the last promotion to learn more about how clavijo helps you own your growth visit. Flavio dot com slash fire. That's k. l. a. v. i. y. o. dot com slash fire. All right andy. We are back from the break ins. Like i mentioned right before the break paid marketing his a tricky little beasts. Let's be honest but you the skill your business with paid marketing pretell. It is a tricky vote. It really is an. It's a quick way to lose money if you're not doing it right so you've got to start small and you've got to sort of test on minimal viable sort of audience with it and then if you're starting to see results then that's when you need to push forward but you know it's never as as easy as that you know like sort of on the podcast side where probably get a twenty percent. Hit writes in terms of who we want to renew with an even out of those that we renew that not necessarily going to do while for the long term. You can max out audiences so typically the the focus that we've looked on as dumb really well for us is finding people. The don't necessarily have the biggest audiences but are extremely well respected within that category. That will much thought leaders within that category on people tuning into head them. Not that guests so people want to go and listen to you. Know like the alternative. Daunting the biohacking podcasts. Because they want to know the information to the hostess got a follow them because they really admire them and we found that converts for us. Because it's not a one-size-fits-all we always go to apply context of these things for our product the disruptive nature of that product in the educational content. That was required. We found that those types of people worked. Well say we had to go out and find those types of people and then typically referrals. What really while. No it said it was probably very basic audience by things sometimes. It's good to go back to basics. Not i'm reinvented the wheel. It's you've been a cost. Youth advertise with show. It's done well. Okay well who else do you know. Who are the costs of. You've been on what What are your. What are your other brands saying that if done radio And that way we've been led to some really cool podcast. We didn't even know existed You know this is just want the reasons why you inaugurate introduced. I'm as well. I heard about your podcast but i ask for a referral Who do you know that could be good and uncle introduced yourself say you know i think the power the net web power of the referral is such a big thing when it comes to scaling because you're almost getting someone else's green light. I'm not going to recommend someone to you john. If i don't think that going to do well while by end the same tree for for the podcasts. Say that what side well for us. So there's a lot of things you gotta realize fire nation is. That's when you are looking to spend a dollar you're looking to potentially one get a dollar back if not more to build a relationship which can be as valuable as dolls back in your pocket because that relationship can really add a lot of things down the line. There's a ton countless examples of how. I've done this over the years. I've spent money maybe on a coach a mentor masterminds different things that returned thousand x. In some scenarios. Like i remember when i paid lewis house. Twelve thousand dollars to teach me how to do live webinars and i've made millions and millions of dollars on live webinars and eventually figured out on my own but i maybe gone frustrated. Never done it right like sometimes you gotta be willing fire nation to pay to play pay for relationships when it works. Ask for referrals when it works. Paid in front of the right ear balls when it works or eyeballs when it works like both when it works now one thing that i really am curious about as somebody who has a lot of physical products myself. I don't know if you know this about me anti but i've been releasing about a journal a year for the past four years now at least the freedom journal and sixteen the mastery journal in seventeen the podcast journal in eighteen hundred goal journal in one thousand nine hundred and i just actually launched my book the common pats on commerce success here in twenty twenty one like i have a lot of physical products and have them on amazon and other places and man inventory can be a tricky beast just like paid marketing can be tricky beast inventory and manage that inventory it can be a tricky piece. I mean the storage fees trying to figure out that platform optimizing it. You know amazon having low limits. i can only over. Christmas only said like sixty journals at a time. And i was selling over sixty a day like it was insane. How you manage inventory talk us through this process extremely difficult and you know. It's one of these things that we haven't so outside investment Yeah in our journey and when it comes to reinvesting the funds you get this chicken and egg situation. Do i spend money on marketing. But then i don't have the product will do. I spend no money on the product and then have no money to market. So it's a very difficult minefield to negotiate but if you don't if you have investment is typically not much of a problem you buy the product and you pave the marketing and the way you go and that will serve you well for a period of time until we need. More investment in the cycle continues the way we did. It was slightly different. Because we didn't want the outside funding. We wanted to do it ourselves. So we just. When we thought setting up suppliers we wanted to arrange payment terms so we had to. We had to festival rely on ourselves to be able to sell which we knew. We would be able to do this but we didn't want to spend all this money on Tens of thousands of dollars in in the stall on on products only freight to sit in our back. Growing our garages etc. So what we did. Was we negotiated payment terms. We said we won't Thirty day payment tons from the end of the month and we will go from there and you know we guys in this business plan of light. We're gonna be eight figures within three years which we which we hit and and you know it's to be a while to extend this credit to us now when we they agreed to do that and then we use that to leverage that with our other supplies we just said basically but we need these payments every single one of the mindset. Yet problem we can. We can do that so what we initially did. When we launched blue blocks was we decided to presell so we put up. The you know you could buy the product by the glasses but they would take four to five days to To create because they were this special product everything to be like autism handmade note mass-produce did a selling point so we almost had no outs weather so we would get money in from the customer. The customer would understand that that product had to be made. The lab would make the product. Send it to us. We would package that product. Send it off and then we wouldn't be invoiced for between thirty and sixty days which was city amazing for cash flow still managed. That got cachefly. Then you just like we scale the marketing. We just scout that and eventually we. We took down the wall of pre and we thought well. We've we've raised enough money now where we can stock. Say five of each pair of glasses and then months went on. We went ten fridge twenty thirty and so on and we built it that way strategically but you've also got to bear in mind that if you're going out to do a lot of marketing you've really go to forecast what you think you're gonna make from that marketing because the worst thing you can do spend you know fifty grand on marketing and only have thirty. Grants worth of product to sow be really detrimental. So many things here fire nation. I want you to realize is that people are looking to do business. Like don't think that people don't wanna do business. I mean when you are willing to work with them we're willing to give them different opportunities different compromises you know. Just put yourself out there. I mean you're looking to do business. They're looking to do business. That's why we're here. As entrepreneurs were businessmen were business. Women looking to do business so gets inventive. Make things happen that work. And if you're not able to work with somebody go to somebody else like there's opportunities and options are out there so all tons of great advice and i want to end with a bang and before we do our final recap here and just talk about why. Why is late management so important for every buddy in my audience fire. Nation talked to us about the specifics. Yeah up sedates energy and mindset to things that fundamental to success. Okay so in terms of energy what would how would you feel if you went out on a a big night owl in. Maybe didn't drink but you didn't get into two. Am in the morning. You had five hours sleep. You wake up and had to go and do work would be shattered. You might be able to do it once or twice but if he continued to do that over time. Your productivity would reduce your motivation. Output would reduce sleep is so important for that sort of rest recovery restoration. And you're going to need the output energy to be able to drive your successes. You'll manifestations so. It's it's super important to get that deep restorative sleep. Another reason is wow is when you go into really deep sleep in this remm psycho sleep which is good quality sleep. You're actually helping your mind recover as well and from that mindset standpoint. You are going to have this really clear focused mind and you know that's the key would have focused whereas when you having poor quality sleep you're going to basically fill like brain foggy. You're gonna lack clarity. in direction. So superimpose the that to really have good optimal sleep in order to have the energy the mindset in the to create a successful business that the striving to do so much value. Here fire nation. I wanna go back to what andy said at the very beginning energy plus mindsets. That's what you want in this world because that equals fire. And that's what you here for waking up on fire crushing. It's so andy of everything that we talked about here today. What is the one key takeaway. Well so one thing you really wanna make sure fire. Nation gets from everything that we talked about. Give us an amazing call to action and we have something special for fire nation. Which i know that actually have something special coming my way as well which is pretty cool and then we'll say goodbye. I think the biggest one is lately. Gotta optimize your sleep. You really do nothing the if you start optimizing that you're gonna have just you know you're going to be done to the moon with with whatever your business idea is and you know at the end of the day as easy ways to do that and blue light blocking glasses backed by signs and evidence such an easy hack and you're seeing so many entrepreneurs wearing these now like really successful run ones like russell brunson whereas the and you know you're looking at and chatty huge huge doctrine the u k j. Shetty is aware of blue blocks while you know huge huge people that really driven and successful. Nee off casino. annesley. Tom brady another one. That was blocks. They they literally swear by this product in terms of maximizing asleep and giving them the increased energy and drive to be able to succeed and how can fire nation. Find out more about you. And he called action. You have anything you want to say. Yeah i think the best place to start is is really the the blog on the website. So blue-blocker dot com and the l. u. l. o. x. Dot com check out the blog. Lots of great information on there. You can always contact us. Free the contact page on that website and yet. Just ask us some questions. Ask us anything you'd like to know we we we'll be able to sit there and ons those for you and give you advice on what you need to do to tidy up your light hygiene fire nation. I wear blue blocks every single evening. And i mean every single evening down my entertainment room. I literally have this little table. And i swear i have my evening supplements. I have my little electric clicker. That controls our lights in the room. I had the remote control. And then i have my blue blocks right there. And if i'm even gonna look at any screen after seven pm any screen whether be tv whether it be my phone whether be my desktop computer in e i am looking at it through blue blocks glasses because i am not going to spike my cortisol late at night. I am not going to let blue light get into my eyeballs. Soon eyeballs. think that it's still daytime out. No i am going to make sure that protect. My is past seven pm. That's my car off. Because that's about one gets dark hair in puerto rico when it gets dark for me. That's in the blue locks. Go on and they don't go off until i'm taking them off putting them on my bedside table and falling asleep and it will change your life if any of you. That are out there like me. Use like an ordering or any kind of sleep tracking I will highly recommends eilly doing a before and after give it a couple of weeks as your body adjusts in. You will see more deeply more. Rem sleep more likely more of all asleep because it just works so fire nation. You're the average of the five. Up spend the most time with and you've been hanging out with am in j. l. d. today. So keep up the heat. I mean d did you purposely have your initials. Am like am pm. That's pretty awesome head over to fire dot com type. Andy in the search bar. The page will pop up with everything that we talked about today. Best show notes in the biz and one more time. Andy where can fire. Nation go to learn more about blue blocks just had two blocks dot com so b. l. u. b. l. o. x. dot com. And you'll find everything you need that b. l. u. b. l. o. x. dot com. Make it happen. Of course weiner chat people on the website. When you're asking questions let them know where you came from. You came from entrepreneurs on fire. You're part of fire nation. you're awesome. Let him now. Oh and by the way if you use promo code fire at checkout you're going to get twenty percents off use code fire at checkout fire nation as you get twenty percent off your blue blocks and we can be blue blocks twinsies promo code fire. Andy thank you for sharing your truth. Your knowledge your value with fire nation today for that we salute you and we'll catch you on the flip side. Thank you so much. Hey fire nation. Today's value bomb content. Brought to you by andy successful entrepreneurs they accomplish big goals. That's why i created the freedom journal to guide you in accomplishing your number. One goal and one hundred days and we're talking to step by step visit the freedom journal dot com use promo code podcast free fifteen dollars discount and thank you for listening to my podcast and health. Thank you know. I won't thank you. I'll catch you there. We'll catch you on the flip side. Customers want more brands delivering more means owning the customer experience taking control over data acquisition analysis creative and delivery clavijo calls. This owned marketing. And they believe is the best path growth for more visit cleo dot com slash fire that's k. l. a. v. i. y. o. dot com slash fire. Would you be fired up with an e commerce business generating ten k per month while today sponsor quantify wants to help you get there. Quantify provides end to end e commerce training and support. And if you're accepted into the partner programme your success in revenue is guaranteed apply today at quantify dot com. That's cute w. a. n. t. ify dot com.

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Episode 48: Heather Clancy of GreenBiz

Taking Care in Business

19:58 min | 2 years ago

Episode 48: Heather Clancy of GreenBiz

"This is taking care in business. A podcast dives into the topic of corporate. It's social responsibility for many different perspectives host. Kathy perotti hayes is an expert in and philanthropic giving and her co host vikki. Bolson is the founder founder and c._e._o. Of bulletin group a unified marketing company that was also the first b. corp certified company in indiana. Kathy and vicky became friends and equally passionate eh c._s._s._r. When they first worked together several years ago join them as they talk about why it is always worthwhile to take care in business. Taking care of business is made possible possible with support from conscious capitalism inc helping individuals and companies become more conscience with transformational experiences that inspire educate and empower people bullen organizations to elevate humanity through business. Go to conscious capitalism dot o._r._g. For more information hey kathy how's it going today. Pretty good good you doing okay. I'm doing great. Hey mr matt soci- i have a question for you. Yes you're bringing me into your show. Yes okay so <hes> we were recently on your podcast film sociology and i want verification that it was the most listened into and and we listen to your effort oh in the history podcasting yeah well you can go to film sociology at w. uh-huh w._f. Y dot org and search was filmed sociology. You can see all the podcasts and in fact you can see our little our little chat with three of us there sometimes so that actually that was so much fun. It was really fun for both of us to do and to get to know you'll better to about what's fun right. You gave us a really really good idea which is potentially reaching out to other podcasts and <hes> very recently. We were named one one of the top five podcasts to to watch our to listen in <hes> the corporate social responsibility space and as was us our upcoming guests raise. Yes yes definitely we all do yes you were the impetus for are to reach out to another. <hes> guests like cathy said or host and actually heather is a co-host. She has <hes> <hes> co host. It's like we do know the two of us doing together. <hes> i find it really interesting that more than fifty million americans listen to at least one podcast a month. <hes> you know i mean i listened to them all the time but a lot of people and that's actually kind of why we decided to start the podcast instead of writing a book right now we knew we could reach more more people <hes> and at the time we didn't think there were very many if any that really focused on corporate social social responsibility that we could find and so i was super psyched when the sustainable that's hard to say sustainable development solutions wrote an article cold called it the five great c._s._r. Podcasts and i just want to read you a little bit what they said they said there are numerous podcasts which focus on financial and business growth breath and there are also many which address social and environmental issues unfortunately there are few which strive to cover both topics and so then they gave a shortlist of people the podcast of which the <hes> the full list is available if you want to look at all the different c._s. our podcast it's at w._w._w. W._w. Dot grow together dot world which that really works. I i put it into my <hes> search <hes> and it it does work so you can see all five that were listed but who we have today is <hes> heather clancy <hes> and she is <hes> is with the podcast called green biz three fifty and <hes> her their podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on the people on companies behind news headlines and sustainable business in clean technology so <hes> what's really interesting is that the green beans three fifty was born out of a business model that i'm excited for heather to talk about which is another resource for people interested in c._s._r. <hes> they have all all kinds of assets and events and things like that so i'm just really happy to be able to share in other resource to our listeners and we welcome you heather. Thank you so much for having me. I'm thrilled. I was one of those. I got this email. As oh my god they want to interview thank you as with that of course tell everybody so they can get up to speed people are probably googling you like crazy right now but what <hes> what does green biz do and and how was your podcast born out of the green biz model so green business is a media company and you can pick. Actually we have several years. Can you does the starting point for the company. <hes> the newsletter. The original newsletter was was started by my co host joel mccower about thirty years ago three zero thinking about yeah i know right he's thinking about the corporate role in a greener world which is actually the original elaine green biz <hes> greener world media and he's been thinking about that for a long time you know how does the business sector participate in not you know not harming mingming environment but in stewarding touring the planet for the future for future generations so <hes> the current generation of the company's been around since about about two thousand and six and it is a media slash events company we have three big events every year and you can ask me all sorts of questions about them but i won't bore with all the details but i will just tell you that they line up in in terms of strategy so that's the green biz main event in every every winter we have a ah technology focused event called birgit really focuses on the technology solutions to addressing various challenges such as carbon removal goal or or how do you get clean energy into a the company's operation and then we're starting a third of events in june called circularity so it focuses on circular economy issues such as how do you take resources out of a product <hes> and keep cycling through into into new products in the future so that's awesome and we started the podcast <hes> we we just published <hes> episode one sixty seven so <hes> do the math. I guess we're about <hes> three three years old. <hes> in the three fifty is the is the address for the company so <hes> three fifty frank ago plaza which overlooks the big oakland <hes> fayza where there have been lots of demonstrations in the past for all sorts of different issues every single week you do it and i'm just kind of wondering logistically mystically do you <hes> do you do it <hes> offsite or do you have your own studio. How do you do that well so we have <hes> we. We frankly we use skype. <hes> believe it or not. I and i'm not doing that. I'm not seeing a club to a particular service but we have just gotten creative because i'm based in new jersey. My my co host is in oakland california so we do <hes>. I'm giving away secrets here. We do prerecord so we're not actually talking on friday mornings things everyone. I'm so sorry but <hes> we we do pre record and we just we talked beforehand about <hes> the different stories. We think we're gonna touch touchdown. We don't press you know like we we we both just kind of sometimes so sometimes arguing with each other <laughter> over over the story but <hes> and then we have features so whoever's whoever's out and about is just talked to they can and we kinda just take a look at the week and it's very <hes> i'm actually kind of person isn't liked the plan and this is one of those things that i can't. I planted as much as i can but the the best episodes are the ones that really build on on the buzzer the week if you will well <hes> yes because you guys do pull from what's in the news headlines which i think i was thinking about that that could make things easier to can make things harder to you know i'm sure ebbs and flows on how you're feeling at the time so yeah so so we we try to think we try to pick issues that we think rise above just a specific announcement you know we we tend to take that approach with our coverage as well so he c- <hes> you know for example the wall that we just recently covered some new walmart initiatives and you know they weren't quote news and quote to really us because we've been covered them for a long time but what we were able to do is put perspective around that and that's what we always tried to do anyway. Just you know why is this important so <hes> heather. Tell me a little bit. Tell me how would you define or describe corporate responsibility so yeah and and you didn't use the word social in there. That's that's interesting. I'm actually in an in and of itself so from our standpoint green biz focuses on the role that companies should like i said play in stewarding the planet so it's their responsibility to make sure that their operations are sustainable not just for their own selves but their for their communities right so <hes> one of my personal favorite topics supply chain sustainability because a huge companies are not just their own employees right they're they're touching howson's and thousands of smaller companies that have maybe ten employs maybe thirty i don't know but much smaller organizations and for me the ability media of a large organization to have a trickle down effect <hes> in in how it's much smaller suppliers are acting <hes> is is important and you know are those people are those organizations treating their employees right so to me part of part of sustainability ability in increasingly so is human rights you know is this company doing right by future. Generations are they taking taking into account a community <hes> of of that doesn't have as many opportunities when they're they're looking to build a new renewables project. I love it when a company doesn't just look at the cheapest project that can invest in but that it looks at okay. This project is in if you take a united states you is this in a state where there's a lot of solar and wind power already. Oh wow it's not to whom that that looks like a more important project and this one may be where there's a saturated traded market. Oh and now look in this community. This could <hes> bring the power levels power prices down for people that have to pay too much for clean power right now. How how can a company in my mind. It's not just how being responsible for your own operations but being really responsible for those around around you in your community well. It's funny that you said that about my leaving out the social. I can't remember who it was but somebody we interviewed <hes> used that term mm-hmm and you know we're always all searching for what is the right term to use right. I mean shared value all of it and so i just i really like fatso. I've just started doing it so i'm glad you noticed i notice i mean it's just not a it's not just about social really yeah. I noticed they do. I did no good well. I love <hes>. I don't know i mean why you guys started the podcast <hes>. I'd like to hear more about that but i'm cathy and i started the podcast because we're just so passionate about this topic and and we were i guess we're kinda hippies at heart because we really full like you know this would make the world a better place if every company in every organization and every person i said. Would you know approach business way but it's also you know there's other reasons you start a podcast and i'm assuming for green bez. It's just a great way for you to talk about. <hes> you know the other assets that your you know your company. Hasn't it helps you to drive attendance to a your three events that you briefly mentioned at the beginning and that people can look at your website but i <hes> i'm sure there's some kind of a passion deep inside you in your in your co host that maybe from something that happened in you know the pastor something of a place you've visited or and i'm just kind of curious about about that. What makes doing the podcast something that you enjoy and <hes> that green is started well. I will tell you that i was. It's not original when they started to pop. When we started podcast i actually wasn't part of the original plan. I was contributing but there was was another co host and this for me personally. This is really out of my comfort zone. I have never been trained in radio or in you know i like to pick my words very carefully and so it was really a push out of my comfort zone do this. I'm feeling so much more comfortable with it now and i do one of the things i love about about it is that i talked to so many people every week that i cannot possibly write about but that has something really unique or intriguing save. Maybe it's just one little thing and we're not going to go ahead and write a whole story about it but it's a way of of allowing there to be more voices in our coverage generally speaking. It's also for me. I i used to commute very long distance. When i my prior life if you will in my acquire career and i was in a car for probably depending on on the traffic in the new york area yeah forty five minutes to two hours and so i used to listen due to various news programs my <hes> i was n._p._r. Junkie and for me i just love hearing voices from different places and so oh it does allow you to do things with the color of a of a of an interview or another band that you can't do necessarily all the time in in with written word so i love that it that it really does allow us to showcase more voices and my frankly my co host. I think he's awesome on the radio. He's so comfortable bowl and natural at interviewing people and making them feel comfortable and getting such great information out of them for us. It was just an asshole. I mean we don't we haven't we don't have we didn't start out with a business plan. We just started out with the idea that we could showcase more of our community and that it's grown from there. I'll bet i i i get it that i mean cathy i we we were out of our comfort zone to <hes> <hes> but we're i mean we just we can pretty much handle. Whatever ever happens now. We're very comfortable. I don't even shouldn't say that well. I mean i just don't feel like there's this microphone in front of me and yeah and and like thank you said it just allows us to have so many different topics that we cover in a different size companies in different niches and an and it's <hes> it's it's super cool and it's great to be able for us to tell people if they're listening to this where to go if they want want information on specifically the kinds of things. Do you guys cover. You know so <hes> and that's what we're about. Is you know making sure people you can gather information to help them improve war you know sh share convene with each the other and and and problem solve in that kind of thing so we really really really appreciate you spending some time with us <hes> and we wanna make sure that everybody knows how to <hes> listen to green biz three fifty so can you <hes> tell our listeners where and how they can listen to your podcast well so you can always find on the green biz website every friday morning. You'll see a basically a show lineup that points you directly directly to the the episode <hes> on the on the website so it actually does get uploaded to our website every week as well as on soundcloud we share it there her and of course the ubiquitous i- tunes <hes> corruption and and <hes> we're in a number of different places and and you can find it very easily like advice <unk> by checking green biz dot com first and then <hes> taking the taking the journey <hes> heather one of the questions that we always ask our guests. As what advice would you give and so you you have a really interesting vantage point for that right. So what advice would you give to other. Other companies <hes> interested in in developing or growing corporate responsibility program. I would say that you should start by being honest. <hes> in what you really should be involved with. I think thinks that too. Many organizations try to do too much all at once and they don't focus on what they already do really well. I think by looking at what already do well or could could you really well <hes> great place to start because you want your employees to feel invested in what you're doing. You want it to the heart part of what they do every day. You don't want to adjunct activity that they have to think about them. Side and it's unnatural right. I mean you want them to feel invested and excited did engaged in what what you're doing so i would my my advice would be to start with what's real start with what you know and what we can really <hes> move on first and then work out from there okay well. We really appreciate you coming on the podcast. <hes> is there anything else. You'd like to tell our listeners before you wrap up. I just wanna say i think what you're doing is tremendously important as well. I think the more people we can get thinking about this. Whole idea of taking care and business is just an because we know that we know that people want to now. I mean i think most most of us are humans. I i right and we want the world to be a better place and i think that what you're doing great and i i just i feel like don't feel discouraged. <hes> every every single person person you reach is so important and <hes> you know you gotta start somewhere. Well thank you so much have kids. Thanks heather my sincere. What's your pleasure ladies. Thank you so much for having me. You're welcome bye-bye. I let's give a big. Thank you to matthew so see our podcast engineer. You can visit the taking care of business website at taking care in business dot com or just visit us on instagram twitter or facebook at taking taking care in biz. That's taking care in b. i. z. If you have questions or comments you can email us at any time at info at taking in care and business dot com. Thank you for joining us today and until next time take care in business. Taking care of business is made possible people who support from conscious capitalism inc helping individuals and companies become more conscience with transformational experiences that inspire educate and empower people and organizations to elevate humanity through business. Go to conscious capitalism dot org for more information.

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Episode 2: Joe Makkerh  Pushing Through Obstacles and Difficulties

Papa Phd Podcast

55:10 min | 2 years ago

Episode 2: Joe Makkerh Pushing Through Obstacles and Difficulties

"By the end of Grad School Year project has brought you. Challenges Victories failures obstacles successes. You may have experienced excitement frustration exhilaration satisfaction. You have asked questions desert hypotheses studied discussed but one question may remain remain unanswered what comes after in this episode we'll be meeting. Joel mccower again that has deep insights to share about going through your graduate graduate studies and about his transition to the job market welcome to papa. PhD With David Mendez The podcast where we explore careers and life after Grad school with guests who have walked the road less traveled and have unique stories to tell about how they made their place in a world of constantly evolving rules get ready to go off the beaten path and hop on for an exciting new episode of Papa PhD before we dive into today's episode. I just WanNa let you know that I've prepared for you a resource sheet to help you take a snapshot of your current situation and start defining your profile for the job market in your areas of interest you can download it by visiting Papa. PhD HD DOT COM and following the instructions in the website footer welcome to the show so today. I'm going to be interviewing Joe Maker who describes himself as a former scientist so here's a PhD and he'll Hilla he'll tell us about what it was now now working in high end audio he transitioned from researcher to academic administrator to Mba a students to business owner and in his words. Perhaps the journey is not yet over. Let's see what he has to say. Hi David yeah you've kind of summarized what my journey has been so far. I briefly I grew up in England did the my undergraduates at Cambridge with natural sciences. I started off doing mathematics and physics and ended up being gay sailor molecular zoologist holiest yep and came to Montreal for the first time and at the NBA in Heidelberg did some research they're on viruses unauthoritised in Montreal went back to Cambridge to do a PhD on a nuclear localization signals in which the how proteins get into the cell nucleus and we had a pretty pioneering lab there and yes and then I came back to Montreal because I I love the play so much did some more authorities research as a post doc at the shriners hospital and then rarely found my coaling in neuroscience Ryan set the A. M. Nine which is where we met on so I did a postdoctoral with Phil Baka on the factor and that that segues into a job in industry where I was researching anti pain molecules and antagonist to N. Jeff Growth Factor company was shut down by the venture capitalists even though it was doing very well well and I eventually went into I guess academic administration where I became the first program administrator of what is now the McGill graduate program in your science the Ip an integrated program in your sights Yup so eventually that ended a nice state is negative administrator down now transitioning from science to being the interim assistant director of the MBA program at Concordia and at that point I realized hey this is a great program and I need to be more savvy about the business world and so I went from being assistant director of the program to being one of the students so I finished my MBA twenty two years after my PhD just last year and in between that time a hobby of mine became I guess now my primary career in a knife now work quick in making computers a high end audio okay so put that really very well but that's approximately the the journey and we took about how these things came about. I guess at some point what's your company called. It's called Betas audio and it was a company that was founded in Montana and I took over the company. I guess a year before my. Mba ended while I'm doing my MBA yeah. I'm very good temps with the former owner who still kinda helping out he keeps. It's coming out of retirement like a like a boxer all right. That's a very very interesting path you have. They're very you know. I'm sure that if you go twenty years back you could you could totally not predict all of the turns that happened in the doors that open to get you here exactly yeah there's lots of people and stories behind every transition and I actually missed missed out a couple of is in the story but yet that there are people of course and I had no clue that I would be ending up in fact you know. I as somebody said I'd be a business person. I would think so. I'm I'M GONNA. I'm GonNa ask you some questions about the beginning of this of this path because one of the one of the questions in one one of the the themes that I want to cover in in in this podcast is helping people who are right now transitioning either finishing a the masters repeats the and or having just finished ended now feel that they're going to transition to something else so and because we all know you know. I know that you know. These are very very large. Undertakings obesity especially even the masters and they have challenges at times and and you may feel lost so the first question I would like to ask and and I know it's it's far like you said twenty two years twenty two years before your NBA rights so I'd like to know a little bit about the end of your graduate. Studies was was it easy to find the motivation to complete them. I would say it was not easy to find the motivation to complete them in but as so often happens in life it was something I was compelled to do. I had to this was in England with PhD's the very short of duration three years and the first year and a half yielded nothing so I had a year and a half to get all all my research done and produce a thesis so the what happened was I had already started kid working as a post doc in the same building in the different departments that investigate Cambridge and parts of my condition of employment employment was that I get my thesis finished Asap so yeah that's so it was an incredibly hard time because the funding had run out. I had to work and you're right up my phd at the at the same time as well as you know. Try tried to look after myself a little bit and do everything else that was supposed to be doing to look after yes so yeah it was was very it was it was difficult. I didn't want to work as hard as I did but I had to and I found the energy somehow so I imagine a lot of for listeners go through the same issue. I certainly can totally identify with what with what you're describing. What attitudes would you say accompanied. You engaged you to finish and then to bring you to where you today. What would be a guiding principle. You could share with talk you know. I think that a couple of things right one is I think as as graduate students people get quite good at this is submitting submitting to the fact that something has to be done that you're you're just. GonNa have to get down to work and get through things resilience. You'd say yeah it's it's resilience but also not resenting resenting that this has to be down or even if you are representing just accepting that that some things that sometimes you have to be a above and beyond you know when there's no help available when you know you're in a lab and there are the lucky people there was a hard working people and their the hardworking lucky people in the people who you know are just working out but they don't get anywhere. Iwo and to extend your lucky is created by Youtube so there's the resilience and then there's also something else that I I think has helped at every turn but is also still a curse right which is coming back from back to that period finishing your graduate studies I think a lot of students tend to feel this constant feeling of guilt if you're not working working. I should be working so you know whether it's a weekend late at night. There was this always this feeling go. I must be working. I must be working must be working and in some ways that helped a lot because I transitioned into a person person who's very dedicated to they work but at the same time I think it blurs the distinction between where you end a new job stops and so you become your job which which is great at first but it can take a big tall on one's health to to have that kind of attitude not to mention you know relationships in and so on so you know with all things is positive and negative unusual gutted navigate am best use the positives and not go into the negative side but finding that balance is very difficult so it's very very interesting what you're saying so let me ask a question based on that for the sake of the people who are listening who are now finishing and maybe struggling. Would you say that now all these years after Do you still carry the the bed with you or have you now sublime. D- All of its in in are just using the good I would safe to be completely honest. That's a carrying the bed with me but the differences that's as I get older and I should have been able to to do this along lot longer ago. I'm more able to recognize the bad and do something about it slowly but yes said you know it is something that stays with you unless you're very aware of it. I took my time to become aware Arab and that's why I think podcasts like yours. help you know in new four warning people to really put. I guess put the health I surfaced about all and I know it's Cliche but we hear it for sure. Fisher and what I'm hearing is and tell me if I'm wrong tried to try and be able to separate emotion in those moments from from the objectives electives and and and and move on step by step and years after you're you're you're gonNA keep from from that experience a finishing such a hard project. which is you know? which is the case in these types of studies? You're going to keep some Uh Knowledge some tools that you can then use to be a better professional etc.. It's at my hearing rights yeah. I ah I guess that's a good summary of it I would I mean to say is that everybody has different objectives. You'll supervise has has different objectives to what your objectives are. We should always think about our own objectives. keep those in mind do not ignore other people's objectives but be able to see where the common ground is and use that right as the look at where your objectives on the the professes match look at what your life objectives are follow that my warning. I guess is to say that don't let somebody else's objectives become your sole purpose of is being which had late stage graduate studies you know it can be that or during the graduate studies when you've papers to rights and a thesis to submit whereas doing work in in in getting your professor publications is an important thing. That's where your objectives are are aligned but you've got to keep moving forward. Not just allowing others to move full did not yourself all right the A it's in for sure this this. This is one of the questions that that is going to be discuss a lot in this podcast because because I feel that it you can easily when you get. It's like Frodo in in the in the mountain of doom. It's a especially the last few miles are a very hard track for for a lot of people again like you said they're the lucky ones like seven and we it's hard sometimes to compare yourself with someone in the bench beside you that's just publishing shing left and right but but it's a it's a it's a path that that you need to walk and that you end up up winning the thing that I feel especially looking at you in a at what you've achieved since is that a the results the suffering that you that you feel at the time especially at most more more at the end when he needs to this pressure to finish because the funding over et Cetera. It feels like it's unsurmountable but then it's over one day because that's how that's that's what happens you you publish. Whatever you have you you defend that. It's over and then you can you can take a lot of good things from from the experience you had and and and it'll follow your what you learn will follow you throughout your life. the skills that you may be do not suspect that you gain through through throughout that ordeal. Let's say absolutely there's a lot style. that this this a ton of stuff that you ULA Newlyn like you said resilience right you learn to think under pressure you lend to problem solve you network and you make friends the but will be your friends but could also be useful in the future to get you to the next step like I said in every transition there was a person or a story to go with it and all of these you sow the seeds during your graduate studies so that's it's absolutely a very important point and as the cliche goes it gets better you know even ten years after my. PhD involved in still in academia at that point but I very rarely thought about my PhD days at that point except for all the lessons lesson that I took with me. I know you learn cooperation. I hope during a graduate studies a the lesson that I think I I didn't learn so well was the human spirit of competition as well. you know. I'm love enough enough fighters so that was kind of difficult for me to to to reconcile but you do you take all of these things forward with you and they all with you for life so it's not just all the you know. I talked about the guilt and all that kind of stuff but no uh I mean a lot of where how I transitioned from. One thing to another predicated on being someone that's people trusted and you know knew how hard I would would work and and all of those qualities already honed during your years ears or muster's years helped with all of that so you're touching on something interesting in that I that I'd like to talk about which is how how how it is a real L. opportunity to spend those years in in a new environment such as university and you're talking about the skills that that that we that we somehow learn and keep then throw the lives from spending their time doing this project so my question to you based on based on this would be what skills that you acquire at university would you say have been your greatest assets in reorient your career and which ones have been valued the most by employers or by your peers in your in your right yeah great question. I guess again. There are several different things. I'll guess I'll touch on three right. One is the ability to research topic and become familiar with it very quickly for example when you're doing your PhD some new paper comes out. That's a little that's very relevant relevant to you in a very specific way but you need to know a lot more about a different topic in order to fully understand so you know being able to reductions nice things and become an expert on almost experts on something overnight kinda thing the ability to learn the simulate data quickly that is an important important life skill no matter what you do it's something that's possibly intangible but it makes a hell of a difference in every the business environment in in any kind of thing you can get to know afield quickly. Another guess is a problem mm solving and it's a related to the first right coming up with a solution using what you know to aid identify what you don't know yet but also what can you achieve with what you have and that is invaluable in every aspect I mean I think I think that way all the time right in it even day today. A day to day work everything can be solved and you know I make custom-made computers the people and they're a with very customized pots and sometimes you have to just solving physical puzzles given the tools and the materials that you have in this becomes a lot more fun than you know trying to figure out an experiment that is going to make or break coppee. Hd so that's the second one and I guess the third is I guess it's the human element right is to be someone who is approachable who gives selflessly bought with the corollary which again learned later on in life is to know when to ask for help and this is something something that when I was working with graduate students doing a lot of work at the McGill. Ip N what King King on their wellbeing and helping them get through their what we had a careers panel run by Susan Moeller and and one of the first things they did you know she she did was ask for show of hands that you know how many people out there there when you needed help a would be willing to ask for it and I guess there were probably about seventy people well in this room may fall hands went up and then she turned around and said if somebody came to you for help how many of you would be a willing to give it assuming that you could without detriment to yourself and I'd say sixty six out of the seventy but I'm sure the for the put up the first one did as well. You know everybody ends so that was a huge lesson. I learned that day that you know I feel that yeah somebody needs help and can do it show and it's incredibly fulfilling to do so yes. I'd always been reluctant to ask for help and and when someone can't help it makes them feel good. obviously is not to be abused but now one of the valuable skills that I've taken since in my graduate studies is knowing when to help and when to ask for help that's that's that's really really good point to make and and for sure like a project like the like a masters can feel or can at times be very solitary ah you agree rates and the but it's a feeling you're in the middle of tens of people around you in the lab depending on what menu working but I a I think what you're saying and tell me if I'm right is don't believe that you're alone in your project. There's people around around you that that n if the person next to you is not available to help you the other person in the next the next desk next bench will and and so I feel that that's an important skill for sure that I hadn't said that I thought about which is be ready and open to ask for help says the show of hands that you talked about is very telling. It's it's Yeah Yeah I. I'm talking about definitely in the lab. You know maybe with your professor but knowing how to US cope with with the right person is also skilled at the after the time but I'm talking about much more than that. You know not just a will you change the medium on my sells for me tonight. Not just that kind of help. I'm talking about you know going to your friends and and you know saying a Ah man I'm really stressed about all the stuff that's going on. You know I just need a to hang out for a little while need someone to talk to talk to. Your parents took to anyone that can help in any way so whether it's how you feeling in your school work is is demanding view held capital age help yeah exactly either whether it's going to an expert in your university about something the thing you don't know about them help in any shape or form not just you know directly to do with your project where allies of more ingest out graduates to the and and as I remember it at at times you feel that that those graduate studies are the the you know the be all and end all of your life that fits your life is and it's kind of an illusion that is forced upon you by the by the system but that that you can if you open up with other people like you're suggesting you can diffuse it and and and have a healthier outlook on what the project is for you and in the whole span of your grownup life yeah absolutely what you will embark congratulate studies. I think nobody nobody has an accurate picture of what it's going to be like. You may know some right. You may know someone who's WHO's doing a PhD new. You know an you think it's going to be different from me but everyone has a different experience but nobody really understands. knows exactly what it's going to be like before they start so you have to be prepared to not know that there is going to be a big unknown and it's part of the excitement. Koga Ed right so yeah just just know that you don't know what you're getting into but it could be great because I in my in and my way of seeing I feel that science and research is is romanticizing away in in the media the weights described throughout the different different platforms and you may hop onto a project like that having in your mind a bunch of examples of successes. You just see the successes. S.'s on the other point that you mentioned before of Oh I'm the only one not getting results and then my bench mates are publishing left and rights and end Indiana in the overall. You know existence of research. The success is not not that many and or let's say what comes out onto the media as big a breakthrough etc is comes on the shoulders of half half successes failures lots of them right in settled should be conscious of that as they embark on the journey which the journey which she's a great journey even if your result and and what you did the answer that you find is not as you know so not as striking as you as you would like or as you would imagine yeah. I mean I went from academic increase such to heading department in the pharmaceutical company and still working on the bench while I was doing that but the types of experiments experiments we were doing were just to establish data on the drugs that we we had developed to which that on what that really meant was These were not exploratory experiments. These were data generating experiments so they went for I went from you know ninety percents failure academic Krista right to more than ninety percent success in and the difference was astounding in in the lots of research your expected to fail repeatedly and not let that affect your morale but we are human beings right. We're supposed to Cada and with even more enthusiasm the mall we fail and there's a would for people like that that's masochism and it's very different from the real world when you're out there when when I finally started doing things that reflected how hard I was working in the success that was that was really great and a- and to take with that resilience that I developed during academic research and coupling that with being rewarded for your hard work in an approximately equal amount you know you you really begin to earn what you the hard work that you put in you. Reap the rewards which you cannot say in a research is guaranteed by any names so so the resilience island from that experience of a frequent failure made me stronger stronger of course but it also made me stronger than the average person never went through that right so you know I it i. I feel very lucky to have gone through that. Although I didn't feel lucky at the time exactly I I I identified totally so it looks like there's there's a bunch of good things that we bring with us after after Grad school and that service well and that makes us a the make us good workers good good enterpreneurs resilient people in in in adult life which is great it and a little another little question about university. how how do you feel going through university going through. Grad school reflects. Today in terms of your networking does do the people you crossed throughout your your academic path still still somehow now populates your your your current network yeah so there are lots of people that I used to see every single day of course in graduate studies whom I don't see very often speak to very often but of those there's is a subset that I know that I could always go to that will always have my back and vice versa when it comes to careers advice or or I could go to my friend Dan Dan and say than I'm looking for a change in in Korea. Do you know of something. That might be good for me out there. You know there are others certainly people who are still in academia the I would tend to not just for academic advice not just for academic careers advice but these days does not a professor out there who he doesn't have industry links. You know there's there's not a professor out. There hasn't looked for socio funding that combined industry he with with academic research so of course everyone you should never exclude anyone from your network really right like just as I've said a nobody knows what they're getting into when they go into studies into academic graduate studies nobody knows is which person in the network is going to give them that magic ticket that helps you leap the next step. I feel the the same and and I feel that it's a going through university is a great moment to to develop your network because you're in the Emilia which is filled with very driven people with the people with many different interests and different strengths and and and for sure era for me I with your with your answer completely which is a it's totally. Italy has a positive effect on the network of people that you know that may somehow lead to collaborations or or even joint ventures in in the future yeah absolutely I mean case in point. This might postdoctoral professor at the night you know at first. I really liked him. You know when I when I met him. I thought this is great. But soon as I was producing what can it was really my own my own issues in faults at the time you know our relationship salad little bits and then things started to pick up an I was doing great work and I got to know him better and and now we have a tremendous amount of respect for each other and I think he's an amazing person. He's helped me tremendously over the years and even though he's not even in the same province in his thousands of kilometers away now I could pick up the phone and know that he he will do his advice to help. Those are the kind of people in relationships. I feel lucky to have that's great. No it's a I it's great to hear and and and I believe that uh anyone going through Grad school will come out knowing very interesting people and that that can totally part of of their adult life in terms of beat collaboration or friendship friendship like you're saying and and and so it's another positive aspect for me of of going through Grad School is I shall social the social aspect now I I'd like to cover some some more practical questions maybe for our listeners to do with cultivating yourself and because I feel that during register studies we can tend to feel that research activities our work we do for others and we kind of touched on this already but given the citation of these projects. It's easy to forget yourself. The especially for studies students coming from outside who do not have at the safety net of family or a close knit group of friends so in your experience experienced what habits or resources have helped you cultivate yourself as an independent person doing your studies and come out ready to promote yourself in the job market right so as for promoting myself. I've never been particularly good at that and I think a lot of people in graduate school and not so good at that but that's swear career services and so on can really help you do that so let's go back to the the other part of the question I think what's really what really helped me was having a broad range of interests outside of my work right up really really really helped because you know when for example is really into physical fitness when I was doing graduate studies as well and so eventually a while I was doing a post doc I was supplementing. You know my income with a personal training and and at one point I was thinking of giving up all of science to actually become someone more involved in physical fitness so you wouldn't think to look at me now but but you know I even presented at the world's largest health and fitness conference in combining. I science with that having hobbies interests doing spots which are all of course ways of networking meeting with the people as well at the time of course I wasn't doing any of this with that photo of networking and how it could promote my future career I don't particularly think that anyone who's doing it just for that purpose is GonNa be as successful for someone who is just just interested in these things but of course they all contribute because it gives you something to fall back on to let off steam seem to distress at one of those Hubby's. has led directly to the business that I'm running right now. so yeah that was that's the thing I come back to this again then again not to forget yourself. Don't just become a one trick pony. The Economic Studies a very important possibly more potent than most of the things in your life but you still have a life outside of that and that can again just like network you never know when those interests hobbies going to open doors for you in very unexpected today's cool and then I feel from what you're saying that somehow it kind of dismantles that feeling of the PhD or the the Masters is the only thing that matters in my life right now yeah adblocker anyone who feels that. I don't blame them for. I've been through in a two point win. Things not going well. You're not just despairing for your graduate studies. You despair for your whole life right. You just think a a what am I gonNA do right. I'm failing but you you're not you know you developing this resilience millions the skills that you're gonNA need out there. No matter what you do right and that's that's a really important message inch that it feels like things are not going well but the more you have in your life at the time the more doors can open the more options as you have the more outlets. You have to help you deal with the biggest thing in your life at that time. Which is your graduate studies? It's it's big but it's not all so. Would you say that that the the way to take a positive out of out of this especially when you're in the in the in the eye of the Tornado. Let's say is there's these fears. There's these obstacles and this is not as easy as I had envisioned it but I'm going to come out of this stronger yeah again when you're in the eye of the storm you know that right and I think this is is why you'll podcast and other media that can help open people's eyes to that fact that will get Peta. I am getting stronger. It's not all despair. How'd you turn that moment of darkness into being able to see that silver lining on the cloud that had you see had you take that to negative thoughts and turn into the most positive you you know you can do that in retrospect yeah but if he's your bright but if you can just accept this is going back to submission you know if you can just submit that to that away from the feeling that everything is doom and gloom and just believe that all these people are saying it gets better and you're learning and you if you can just you know take that on board if it can provide awesome strength to you that is a that's a very good thing to have happened. It's like what it's like. When you're when you become a parent right nobody's ready to become come apparent right and so whenever one says? Oh yes the best thing in life you just ignore no no no no way not gonna not gonNA. I'm not ready. I'm not ready and then you just submit to it. When it happens. Hopefully planned then. That's what I'm saying. If you graduate I just students listening to this can realize that you're developing things skills and strengths that that you might not be able to see right now now. That's very message. I'd like to make sure people can take on board. It's happening even though noticing it yes absolutely it quickly about this this obviously cultivating yourself and I know that you said it's promoting yourself. Nigeria apart from some some events that were promoted by by the career and Placement Department. I don't remember having any any any training or or anything like that about promoting oneself especially in the academic domain and it might be or it is important in today in today's world for shirt but my point point that I was an ask is did you have people that were pivotal at some someone that you would consider a mentor that was pivotal during this path of of going through Mia Doing you know doing post Docs Cetera and then finding Ura your current your current your pets right in terms of mentors. Unfortunately I would say no I and that goes back to the how many people wanted to ask for help at how many people so at that time I was I'd be mortified to ask for help price at that earlier on in my career a now. I understand the value of and I understand the value of the message that it sends if you ask someone for help. Nope it shows that you do not think that you heart completely. Invincible gives adds a touch of humanity to which actually makes potential employers. think more highly of you than someone who just wants to. I think that they can themselves but later on in my career transitions yet there were people who I considered friends or former employers have helped tremendously putting would make recommendations and sometimes I get people reaching out to me now because of something that is unsaid so the director of the IP in my career you know we got along very well we would sue. Kahad together a she she went and told someone of Jehovah's finishing his MBA soon he would be grateful this position. They reached out to me and it was true. You know it would be exactly the sort of thing that I would have loved to have done a few years ago and so yet. I have people that yeah. I know that again I could reach out to a full mentorship full help but these all came as the results of prior experience networking etcetera so you know but mostly I had to go it alone. I'm fortunate fortunate in the I'm not Canadian. I have an accent that people that makes people want to say. Just hey what I have to say. Unfortunately by some crazy coincidence things that come out of my mouth sometimes pay too good picture of me. That's about as much self promotions. I can manage. Ah That's funny. Well well. You do very well for yourself and your it's a pleasure to be talking with you and now actually where I met my last the question I can't which which is kind of trying to to give some advice to to the listeners and the question is I'm GonNa ask you to imagine that you're standing in front of an audience full of young finalists or graduate or young graduates people just like you when you finish your studies and they're struggling they're starting to fears worries doubts and obstacles to find their place in the job market to trace their journey towards productive and fulfilling life so what two or three basic strategies or principles could our listeners follow starting today to put in place a realistic and attainable transition the project to their life in the workplace in the in the work market right well firstly. I think one of the things that everyone on should think about is There are a lot of people out there who have been through graduate studies will not working in academic subjects now right. They went into academia thinking that that's what they would do that. They would be academics. Later on the reality didn't work out very a few of those people are homeless living be loaded depositi line. That should just tell you something right that you are employable. You're likable. You're going to be okay and you shouldn't let you know the thoughts of am I got. My world is collapsing around me. What am I going to do Everyone should have an idea of what they want to do. It should be developing such an idea but you should be mortified unworried about that right so that's just the first thing I wanted to get off my chest so yes so but that's you'll fearsome worries at the same time of course you don't just say. Oh Yeah. Everything's GonNa be alright. Nobody's homeless Blah Blah Blah. You still have to work towards it and that's where the specific advice I think comes in one thing to remember is dwelled is driven by money but that's reality and that's one of the things that I think doing the NBA was invaluable to me now. I feel that every person not just an academic everyone should have a knowledge college of Finance and money. We get into academics not thinking about these things and we think that we'll never need to think about these things but we all do you right so that's one thing is learn how the world really works I think that's super important because that sets that sets a backdrop. You know you might be in your twenties now. One day you not one that you can have a family and you're going to you're going to need to know about these things and know about the people who run the world what they are and how you can live a life that is both morally correct but at same time not away you know in in a way that you're not playing the game amen always going to be in poverty so the the about finances is one thing that's really important. The other thing is that money drives the world. Yes that's true but this always there are always people behind it right. you'll see that the countries have policies but the policies are executed by people and people make those policies so your relationships with people. I think are the number one thing for me. In the whole world right is in your whole. Life is the relationships you make and you are not You know you've got this is Karma Bank. I guess you can feed into but in general those people can be future. Mental say can be people who will help you go to the next step that can be people that you can just hang out with to relieve stress. Will you can be the person of they could could be people that you can help right in the future which will help you tremendously internally. Just knowing that you did something. Useful is full so your relationships with people I think are paramount's in of course you're not going to get along with everyone. but you know being very aware of how you present yourself how you come across and. I'm not saying that. If you're an introvert you're doomed or if a gregarious person you're not going to get anywhere. That's not toll free if you have one or two close relationships with people that could be no that that that could be all all it takes to get further in your life so so what that means to me is looking to grow constantly and announced honest a lot of the stuff that I I would now advice is because I didn't do those things because because I learned from my mistakes right and some of these things I still struggle with. Maybe you know the beyond my capability but they may not be beyond all your other other. People's bet is to look at. How are you growing you know. Are you at peace with yourself because that's what anyone who sees you can pick upon you know we have very strong intuitions but I you still learning stuff. I I feel I've got a PhD. I'm an intelligent person but when I was doing my mba I realized that if you're not studying something quite rigorously. You know you don't feel you know in especially of course I was in my late forties doing my Mba as well but you you don't your mind does begin to stagnate keep leading cause after a year of my MBA. I felt I was twenty years younger mentally again. My agility amd back in that was great. You know is a great feeling to I would say just keep letting no matter what it is do a closer of course you know learn about extraterrestrial life. You know if there's a course on the search for extraterrestrial life for learn about anything. I think that's really important and again every opportunity increases you'll network so relationships key planning and think about what somebody else sees would they look at you the the very very important points and the and so what I you can getting from that. Is You with your masters become you became a very specialized learner so now you have a licensed learn That's what I'm that's what I'm understanding and so now you don't want to stay academia anymore. Well you're more than you have more than the skills to learn earn something that interests you and learn it very well so go to it and and become someone you know someone with even more your knowledge and more skills yes. There is that but also just learning for the sake of it. It helps your mind. Stay active young and doc makes it just makes you a more attractive person. because you mind is agile good yeah exactly well Joe. I think our time is over. Thank you so much for for taking the time to to come to this interview with me. It's been a pleasure I think we touched on many important points. I think this definitely will help a lot of a lot of people out of the listeners others and I hope maybe sometime I'll have you on again. speaking about some specific specific points that we may may have just brushed this time yeah absolutely. I'd love to tell you how I got to the job that I'm doing now. It's an incredible story so maybe another time excellent excellent probably then but thank you so much and and uh we'll talk soon. Okay thank you David. Thanks for listening to another episode of the Papa Peach De podcast head over to PAPA PEACH DOT COM for show notes in for more food for thought about non-academic Boast Grad careers. I'll always be happy to share inspiring stories new ideas and useful resources on the podcast so make sure you subscribe on I a tune or wherever you get your podcasts to always keep up with the discussion and to hear from our latest guests.

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Ep. 544: Joel McHale

The Fighter And The Kid

2:09:19 hr | 1 year ago

Ep. 544: Joel McHale

"Many men can we stand my punch? Obviously obviously a for sure Senate going to set a here on them. Black belt and chips chicken. I think you'd be surprised you'd be surprised. Havoc any fight club. Spiked Clubs Spike Club. Kid got a cutie pies. I still got it baby. Lift Your Shield and now from the on its studios in Playa Vista. California is the moment you've been waiting for the filer and the kid is coming at you. Laugh not live that does make sense. I don't now it's a fighter and the kid shot live station news age. Offensively saying karate. Oh good I think I should have said gut proper Asian all Asian Piroska no toll. This is my problem when I watched the we're already getting into it. Watch the news good. I've told me call me when you hear someone on go there on a local. La News and they are doing a live report for more and they're like well. This is Maria Gonzalez from Pomona. And then I go okay now I get it and but then I go but then people say well. It's it's proper to do it that way. But then I got what region of either of of a Central America or Mexico or or Spain container. Where where does that mean that when someone says I would like some Chow Maine that I have to say jump in? Does that mean does it has a white dude really likes so typical to ask that white. Obviously I haven't I haven't exotic sort of your hair tents. There's an up rush going on. Oh there's and your body body looks african-american oh a little bit a little racist. It's racist Wednesday Brian. Now hold on. He looks athletic and muscular. Here's the interesting part. My audience is American Samoa. Longreach long again. So many subpoenas diabetic home funding is really fat in the lower part of his caucus says Moana Tattoos right just under the head. Just right up on the war tattoos on that so my gosh no no. No good go worked it out. This is a very nice studio served. Me Really shows your success. We've we've done very well. Congratulations to you. Well thank you. You said You city of Athletic Bilbao. Did you know play division? One Football Night. I receive with that but I heard that a long time ago. I think he played tight end at USC. Dot Washington man. Thanks you only PAC twelve school. That matters why is that right? Yeah I see that's a fun intimidating thing to pull out but then I look at you and your ears and I go. That's the most intimidating thing on the planet. Different types aren't it's that just shows you. You've done it. Yeah he's I guess. I wish I could just cauliflower my ears now you could just I could start but then played a Colorado you play Colorado four years. Did you play for years? No I quit after half. I never played a redshirt walk on. I was a walk on then for so then they saw how bad I was an then I got better and then they red-shirted me when I was a sophomore and then I My adhd kicked. In and I left richer like walk on. So you're like the run so you run your the scout team so let's say he was playing. Sc He would have to be the scout team guy infused. He'd have to be that guy does. It's the worst job in the world. Not What he had a scholarship. And we're there for a reason I hold on. I was a walk on for a year and a half and then got a scholarship. Good for you and he was also like a like Ivy League or of saw. You Played Lacrosse. Fresh Ivy Freshman here. Yeah I played Lacrosse at another. He's he's a real athlete. Vassar right knows no good athlete at Harvard. Yes but he was funny. He's he always says to me. I don't know from this but I I look at Michael. You're huge and he says not that huge you guys. I played football with you. See and then I'll see guys who and I go. Oh Jesus Christ. That's that's what you're competing with so you're a big guy and I go am I crazy. Joel's bigger the meal you. I'm sorry Baba now. Look Joe is how big kiss for. Yeah kid but you hear different purposes but you have the call. Watch a hipster thing beginning to twenty two fifteen. I thank you for saying that. No I'm not to seven to seven percent down a bit now. I don't know he's dropped down to one ninety about a year. Now feel that would be partially free. My stomach muscles shred. You know when you got jacked is in that movie that movie dankner seeing it bring it up the whole that a little bit and I. It's one of my favorite hormones. So goddamn good near you deliver St Livers for me. Yes thank you you. You were acting heavy and you could've been acting heavy. You know who took your job your job. Who in a quiet place? John Krasinski. No He never played Joel. Well Yeah. They're them yeah. That's that's A. Oh there's me being interviewed were with detector. And they're they're they're hunting. This bad die down already Jackson thin. That's how that's Eric Bana. Yeah no and it described in the thing it said you have to be. You're much bigger than Eric. Van and he eric was big and I had. I went to the gym like he was hulk. I'm a fan of his. He's such A. I hate them. I'm going on the record here and say he's a piece of Jesus God. He is way too so when my wife? I met him she was like yeah. He's very attractive. And I said you hit very as in you. Don't put that word in front of me He he was like he just looks like a movie star and I was like okay. Is He Australian? He is dying sketch useless. It'd be a comic. Yeah he had like the number one sketch show in Australia. Oh well then he got this movie called chopper which you guys would love saw ever seen. And it's all based on a true story yes laws real guy and oh based on that. Take a look at got. Yeah Plus Shit. Oh yeah you wasn't joking about Jell O. And then he and then he started getting cast internationally in all these serious roles oh well and no one knew knew him as a comedian. I mean that's that is a Oscar winning perform chopper one of my favorite movies that and Bronson with Tom Hardy those Chimoio. He's you go. Oh and there. There's the real chopper. Yeah we did you like Tom. Hardy's Spiderman. Ben See. I Love Them. Everyone hates him. I thought it was great Were you distracted by his accent. No not really look like Tom Hardy. I get that a lot. You know what I think it's compliment couldn't be bigger. He's one forty naturally. Well we're not we're not. He didn't say you're the same size. Hardy you're probably get all the time you probably Tom Hardy size. Who'd you a little bigger taller stronger? Hold on don't don't do that. Go ahead no go from when I say that because I did a movie with them now with Tom wet with Tom Hardy. But you did with which one Tom Hardy which movie a movie called warrior. Hell of actor though. Joe Yeah yes the Brothers. Yes a warrior. You'd let it has nothing to do with fighting. You'd love it. It's a story about brothers phenomenal movie. We have to fight to pay the account open. Feel like you're being okay. So ask you. I played you see was Jackson County. You've played bass the Joe Rogan the Joe Rogan role. Oh you did I did. Did you be so that was? He's a lot bigger point. You played only thing. I keep doing it quietly. And you're being in a socratic thing you're asking questions but I think you know the answer. So thank you for saying that I am socrates. Didn't give you a copy but I was a handsome son of a bitch. Take a look at me. Let's zoom in on that picture. I'm listening you need to fill up. The 401K is going to be a lot of money. And you WANNA put it away. And that's us when you're sixty because it'll grow worked too fucking lines shoot was tailored well. Actually it's tighter superman to that angle right now are you. It looks like you're you're in a fight in seen my natural. I have a martial presence. My natural tilt Muslim my out. So if you swing at me you're going to catch for head mowing Joel. Edgerton that too. He forehead monster and a good writer director. Yeah don't both guys are those are two of acting. Yeah and and then you got you in there and that's just great for you. I'm trying to track what you're saying that I'm doing and I don't really do realize it. I really just don't go shoot just a job. Do you have anything to do with talk soup coming back? Did they call you like? Hey is this cool to do the soup? My friend does soon. That's called soup. Talk Soup though. And this is the soup right. Well no mine was okay because that when that talks who was only about talk shows way back when before you were born when you were getting out of graduate school. This is what I'm doing. She's not I don't like it okay. Well don't enjoy appropriate on this. Is there hey? Yeah that was me. Yeah a lot of different hair. Yeah going on a date no they. I have nothing to do with the new one. Nothing I mean. I was fired for years ago so three years ago. Just I'm fucking the no they They they you know they were like we're not doing the show anymore and Well I felt like it was a hit. It did was did very well but now this is you can just cut this out because this is boring as hell at that time you had Chelsea and Joan rivers and myself and they we. It was like comedy that they added like two hours of comedy. day basically and then The writers guild came in and said. Hey you guys are have written comedy and at that point and still to this day one of those cable networks that does has there's no unions so there's no actual writers they're all producers so that's why with the Kardashians. There's no writers right even though everything's written But and that's why they can air. The show. Endlessly can area show twenty five times a week so they used to run the soup like Thir- thirteen or fourteen times so then they said you've got you've got pay raise or we're going to protest and I was in the writer's like fantastic and I was like great. They'll get paid more. But then then chose. Chelsea left Joan very sadly died and then we were the last Matlan man on the island and a and then we saw every rerun costs this much money that does not fit our model. This was very this was very boring. What I just said so then you realize interesting goodbye. And we're like okay and then and then uh that. I hope the new girl does well. Do you know her at all. I I met her a few weeks ago. At the fact Gore the The world exploded. And now you're here Kovic free. Hopefully well my gonorrhea is pretty own cages. We're GONNA take a look at that you don't you? WanNa don't mess with this couch afterwards and turn up the heat okay. We'll turn the heat them. Any of your friends have it. No no and I will go home. I know Jay Jay Leno for her. It's a big deal for her. I hope I hope that I don't know what does in this. I've worked a ton I don't know what does well on besides the crash. It has very much tougher. Come the KARDASHIAN NETWORK. But they are some of the most recognizable people ever. They're doing it for a reason. I mean they've steered into it very smartly and I mean it's still a huge shoot but I don't know what's I. I'm not sure what else is on e. these days. It's not like I I lo- botched all right. That's that does well that does well. Yeah I'd like to go in there. What are you know? Watch botch want to fix my ears. He looks great. You Know Botswana. Fix My Now I like your ears. Yeah do they hurt. Ever know does. Isn't there a thing though that it can become painful when it's happening. It's like awful hurt so bad but then it gets hard calcified but that but can you. Can they break can intro? While he can't like there's been fighters where they really hardened they'd like scuffling like rip off some. That's not good okay. So yours is from wrestling my grappling. Ufc heavyweight man for ten years. Ten Years Yeah Right. Is that fair. Not Ten Years Hicks was in the six up for body. Your face is that there's no Thanks man big broke Brian. What's your excuse sometimes? Yeah from what to Quando Quando cut they confer? I mean whatever. It is my box. You box at boxes this morning. Okay so I just today was hitting just minutes again. Emit no admits see. Now you're doing you see what I keep doing and I apologize okay but I don't know why killing you. What do you do for your workouts. I pretty much just a lift weights and then your house. Yeah and I have. An air dined bike. Of course you know the airline thing that it's such a beast. When I played football they would say on that thing for ten minutes. No problem keep it above sixty or whatever and the Diet. The best athletes on the team would fall day. But then you have like a strict diet you have to be doing something you just genetically. Thank you and catch He's Norwegian. He's a Scandinavian descent. I'm what explains the now listen? I'm Irish Italian. Oh yeah nation in America. It's a rare combination. Italian didn't get a lot of the height. You got some nice hits on there that I don't. That's not a good example. Well that's thank you. Jim Rash some weird dieter. What No I just strategically so this morning. I had two cups of coffee. A gram cracker. Yeah that's something new. I liked him. Did see because I was like. I'm never going to not eat pasta. I'm just not gonNA eat all of it. That's right Portion control is and then I. Have you know six bottles of wine at night? And that is yeah. That's what I do I drink. I like to drink obsessive tire king. Oklahoma's download it. You're almost done. I can't believe I need to. I need a show I had because this is your show at seven series some part series. I because I knew call of duty the war zone thing just happened and I can't not play that really are you are. You are video games. I love video games really go much. How old are your kids? Twelve and fourteen. They're boys yeah. They're so it's five. They're so good. Well one of them is a man like he. I watch him kick people. He's twelve and online. Yeah and he kicks people's asses all over the place and he was like he will just he will watch this heal. Drop back as the quarterback and just run all the way backwards. And I'm like I think you're going to probably get tackled here. And he just dazzles around them and I was like I never thought about that But they play a lot of four nine. You know what's weird is when especially when we were try beaming but when we were kids like kids my dad say you play our game you gotta go outside for two hours are beating him outside for two hours now. I'd like okay make sense. I don't be a loser. But now kids are making millions of dollars playing video game. Millions millions upon millions of dollars. It's like legit career. He's been played. Get on twitch. Make money the. There's there's teams guy you know what you're talking about they sell. Us staples people want US kids. I love these new jobs that come along technology. Nobody thought it's just tough 'cause they're now used to be like dude. You're GONNA BE ALOOF. I just play. Games gives me shut your fucking mouth. This makes twelve million dollars. A year I mean injure kind of broke. P P probably is the most famous Ninja Deal WITH ADIDAS. I don't And then there's like a new cell and you've got your loser fruit and you got your Lachlan Sir. Not they're huge and like twenty years. We'll just play what other kids play video games when I was a kid. I like an hated watching people. Play Video Games. Yeah I was trump at the bit to get the state. Yeah of course. These kids are off to the sides watching these old you. I've been to Overwatch League turn. I've gone to them to watch them play on movies crazy good. They're all people are screaming like their Attasi. They're so good. My son who is eight watches on Youtube watches really good fortnight players. Yes and the other day came running down and said he was like mad because I suck at four hundred up garbage and I go well. What's the problem? What's the issue? Let's isolated I keep getting killed and I. I never killed anybody out. So there's no point playing well so we want to get more kills and get killed less goal. Is there something we can look up to to`real we can go to break down? I know he's looking up. Comes running down he's like. I got three Kale's I got three kills freaking out at at eight. I was good. That was really good parenting because our dads are gonNA like. Oh you know winning your video game. Yeah we're GONNA run outside dummy give a fuck but also when I was a kid. The big thing was arcade games like mortal. Kombat was huge. Amer there's always that one nerd who knew all the fatalities. Where did he get those? I don't know where the fuck did I learn those. There's no Internet. There's nothing that kid just watched other kids and he put in the time and he spent the money and now and now doesn't end. Well I do stupid. He's a serial killer yes because he's obsessed with all these fatalities as much time. The violent is fuck. I had to stop myself from playing some Zombie game because these he's chopping zombies heads off and everything else. I'm like I don't about this now. Why bought myself looking at his mother. Gone what do I do about my son than intendo switch? Because he wanted to play Mario. Yeah and then you can download games on there like advertise love mortal Kombat. There's more combat eleven and get the joking at spun who I love so I downloaded. It didn't think you'd get to it. I look over shoulder that he's four aren't you? I look over shoulder. He's fucking rip and do all this. Isn't you downloaded it? Though I download good game download figure out how to switch the. What do you do about that? I'm not sure what to do about the inevitable. Surge of technology. The kid is kid. Look at me. My son goes it. There's some real relaxing to differ lacks. Dombi it's sad because there's a huge number of adults that power prepared for Zombie Apocalypse. Yes I went to four real when I was an army surplus store and there was like those Ambi- apocalypse preparation center. And I I knew. The guy's name is Jack. He owns the place and I'm like And he's like if you only knew there are people who really think it's real. I WANNA do that. When it comes to wireless your buds you got that. Boomer man where wireless ear buds. There's nothing like it if you want to zone out the world man. I'M CORONA YOU WANNA zone it out. Yeah you need to get you. Some ray com array cons are half the price of any other premium. Wireless here but they're actually what I use instead of my other earbud so you didn't boy. The new model. The everyday e- twenty-five ear buds are the best ones yet. Six hours of playtime seamless Bluetooth pairing more base. More compact design. That gives you a nice noise. Isolating fit right there so comfortable to perfect on the go with your running with your ears. You can do everything you can run. Joe Exotic Tigers does he. I use them when I do my martial arts. I swim with sharks. Listen Man Yeah. You've heard me talk about before. How about ray? J Snoop Dogg Cardi B. They're all about man. Now's the time to get the latest and greatest from rate com. Get fifty percents off your order at by RECON DOT com slash T. F. at hey that's by recon dot com slash t fat K. For fifty percent off RECON wireless ear buds by RECON DOT COM slash T. no wires. No stems what do you think of. When you hear the words citrus. Is it orange slices after a soccer game or a lemon wedge and your water at your favorite restaurant yes and yes but another thing that citrus springs to mind is sharing because citrus was literally made to be shared and no one knows that better than sunkist sunkist grows the type of citrus? You can't wait to peel or at your favorite recipe. That was just missing that one thing and with over forty citrus varieties. You'll never run out of things to share or people to share with all your friends coming over for game night or Book Club. Or your next big pre-game there's a citrus cocktail mock tail dinner and dessert for all of it however you share and whoever you share with sunkissed will be there to make it a whole lot. Sweeter learn about all forty of sunkist delicious citrus varieties like Cara Cara oranges minneola tange ellos blood oranges and more at sunkissed DOT COM sunkissed share. What's real now I want to buy. I want to be ready for the next pandemic or something. I just a reasonable. Yeah but you don't go. I wonder if mythical creatures like Zombie works are going to be honest. I don't do that no I had a talk with my Buddy Andy. Stump was the seal team. Six guy where he likes to these civilians about what they would do tactically and he shows you like scenes from movies where seal team guys come in and do stuff and he goes now. What was wrong with that right so I was like? I duNno new uniforms. They're all wrong. They took like little things. When you're high level soldiers like that I go well. They came in. They used silencers. They shot people so that nobody here goes silencers. He goes not silent very loud. In fact that's a sound suppressor and also The the and I said Yeah. Yeah well they gotta make quieter and he goes well. There's also the fact that the bullet breaks the sound barrier. Did you think about that? And I'm like no I don't know about these things and also subsonic rounds those. Don't now you now? You're speaking my language. Also not navy seal dude now but it's just funny. How we we go through all these things about how to. How what would you know any else so I said why am I go? That's why I would use. I'd have a crossbow division. And we'd all come in there with and very quiet by the way right through and you write this you go easy to reload twelve. Oh okay okay. There are probably contraptions where you can be. Let them better than that. That little spinning thing you because the thing you can crank reload or you'd be you'd be my reloaded behind me. What's what's this. What is the situation we're in are? Are we breaking into a home or breaking into a compound with some bad guys? Okay we're going to have to hoof it all right you big kid you can have to carry most of the gear to carry you know tone blaster lifted that you have to carry the first aid. You have to carry the water. You have to carry the radio the answering thing and the crank wrangler you can my loader when we come in we signal load yeah right means load up to load up goat up. That looks like we're touching Dick's two centuries okay so when you see a person in front of me that I can't see how do you signal to me like silently? I stroke your head Channel here? Uh-huh dubbed Beer two fingers on your ten provided record free. That's making noises and you're saying hey who's that you could just say there's a guy over there if you're allowed to talk talk this way your smoke. They smell good you too. Thanks still fucking straight thank you. Your eyes are blue with what's going on. I'm just I'm going to take them out. I'm going to stack them. I gotTA wait till they stock how you stack girls when stock those guys. How do you stack a girl? Okay you put one on top of the other. Okay you do doggystyle. I'm I've just seen an important Okay Yeah it's called. How some so then. This all part of it is going to wait till they're sitting on top of each word stacked or like ones behind the other. Okay go straight through him. Yeah now I'm GonNa make I'M GONNA sound. I'M GONNA do this out of a night bat. I don't know if you know. What a night pat sounds like but I don't know a night back to pleasant. It's like a seventies easy listening very hypnotic and and so that relaxes them and then took symptom. Now Watch how you die from crossbow. It's GonNa go through my make the sound of going to it's that it's that quick. You don't think he's going to be like this. No because I hit the heart Bubba and so you think maybe they'll be the moment where they go your and the guys like and then it just bleeds. And he didn't even it at entrance. What I think okay. Yeah I think that's what happened. This your knee navy seal friend recommended this no. I recommend it to him. What did he think he says? This is the apocalypse. Yeah you're prepared. He didn't think it was a great idea to seize your wearing a winter cap. You're wearing God. You're on it today man and you're an alcoholic so yeah a little bit and that's okay. He drank this entire Obama. Two thousand dollar bottle of whiskey. Is that really what is it? It's she twenty-three age twenty three years one. More Time Ponca Pu. Yeah to Mogo whiskey drinker young. I love whisky well at all. We we break open. Try this region. Tuck your your Oh. This is like a high school party. This very pure pressure go ahead and Kennedy axed moves that smooth whisky whisky ever have Brad and had some of that. It's very nice. Isn't that smooth? Finish it and finish them all SIP. It Tiger King Piss. I Love I love. He's drinking. That's great and then Nice. Yeah I drink. I have a lot of alcohol to my home. I I have a storage unit full of it so you love that you see. I'm very impressed with the guy. He's a guy's guy collection and collection collection collection and two jeeps. This is know this is. My Penis is not cannot be not kicked up on any device so small. It's so small but what what do you do you own. Be Stolas Stolas. Yeah I own one gun from eighteen. O Five really no joke. It's one of the. It looks like a challenge to a duel. You prefer to deport all. Joel mccower Oh yeah. This is incidentally Do the one where I'm standing there in the sun. Yeah Watch this. You prefer to launch this. Yeah this'll be going to small walk. How vital manly thing to do I hit a person with the corked and then swipe over swipe over and that is the core how it comes off looking. I meet in this shot to just to you and my friends. My writer friends sent that to me. And they engraved on the blade it said slide up the shaft until it explodes and there is you have an easy bone structure you have. Ben Affleck Bone structure. That's the first thing I want to congratulate. I think so denzil better but yeah you believe Cubans. He's thank. You both can go up and down. I'm proud of you. Stay more up to seventy two so I die. Here's my toast Yar doesn't matter though. Yeah but I don't to seventy heavyweight is what you want retired. I'd be stand up comedy for last five years. Yeah all right well. Here's my secret again. How much were you when you play when you fight Like to forty something to forty two. That's why I love watching that stuff. Because no never never brian when you broke one fifty. What did you all right? I wasn't blessed with that too. I'm very much to see the. It really looks like I am some so I have no. I'm just just clinging to masculinity love him. My goal is like I cook the perfect stake at all. I'd like that is now about to do. That is similar tonight. Can you give me your your perfect steak recipe? Yes what kind of a stake is it? It is a is a New York. Strip all right. How thick is about that thick about everything? Yeah well it might be a little thin near an inch an inch from whole foods. No it's from butcher box okay. So it's not on me. Phenomenal phenomenal. Meat is also the name of my book and I know journey of Porn Star. Now a here okay. So the key I. The key is take that thing out of the refrigerator. The two hours before. You'RE GONNA tempt and definitely if it's yes Don't let it if there's other stakes on. Its separate all that okay. You do not need to put salt on the steak beforehand. Don't know there's different philosophies like oh it tastes like salt. When you get up you can add salt but a lot of people would say that. The hydrates So then are using a barbecue using pan using a Pan. Unfortunately and that's fine. That's fine all right so I would recommend so you. Preheat your oven to like Three twenty five okay And you want to get that pan so if you have like a g g without the okay Aghia butter without the fat clarified butter. Because or you can do the brown butter method which also is probably the taste butter method. Yeah where that just takes a little bit more time So when you put you put the butter in and then when it turns Brown you can see the little black but those are the solids fat coming up. Then you well okay. D- do the first method all right so you get that Pan Smoking hot right and you don't use olive oil use either. G. Or use a canola oil because they have higher Smoke yes smoke points and then you WanNa do one minute aside on that new one minute one minute. Okay and I'll get that hot though that oil you want. You want that to be smoking before you even you and I've done stakes at three seconds side thirty seconds aside then you stick it in that oven for about six minutes. If it's one stake more than one stake one stake. Then you want you. Oh sorry I asked you know. then Second Blue and so. Then you want to do that. Like five and a half minutes six minutes in that oven because you want like a medium rare right. Yes you wanted then. Why do I pan out off the stove? Yeah pick the whole pan any of not cover it do not cover it out tomorrow and put it on the lowest level of your oven. Okay and let it loose do. It's three twenty five for six minutes. Pull that stakeout. Walk away from it for ten minutes. Let's IT ready. I get off the ground. The buttery so yeah and then and then do. I put some salt and pepper on there. I wish we had talked beforehand. I would've brought you some salts over meals. I have way too many you WANNA put. There's so many different than you can put anything you want and you can solve and pepper. You can There's I put some Chili flakes marinate. You're so I have done that. Yes definitely So we'll we'll the brown butter method. I love So I like that with Bonin rabbi Because it's a little bit of a thicker bigger steak but you get pan you put your butter in it. Turns Brown put that stake in there and and you start putting that butter on there and even though it's burned It is burned absolutely burned. But that there's a nutty flavour to burn butter. Yeah I don't know I'm turning because you knew the point that infuses into the steak and wondering is the best cut. Yeah that's my favorite remember when the bone is in then it that legislative labor out. But New York's are so good because they kind of have the combination of flaming on his no fat at all which he makes it in a weird way it still tastes people also go but then you get some of those new dryades rib is like eating. I don't like dry aged. You don't like the I don't like driving a Funky to me. The meat fantasize moist. It's almost like a PL steakhouse my friend and have their to place. The Best Steak Felix Republic on a Republican Scope Scopus team only bad taste. Sounds like we need to do a little. Yeah where we because AP L. Ages stuff for four hundred days out doesn't have a skunk so you really see. I don't like the skunk this. I mean it is rotting meat. Technically you've seen it before. They cut off all the fungus discussed. I mean it's controlled brought about what's Yoga. Yeah that's good and that night. He makes the knives which hank to even marriage is. Where is this restaurant at the taft building at Hollywood and vine don't know anything about it? What's it called? Ap L. Steakhouse it's a new place. It's been there for about two years. That's folded metal. He's making his own is. He's folding the Meta and he had there are about a thousand dollars a piece. You can't buy them and then one guy try to steal him and he got it back. Wires Adam. Oh He's awesome. I love maniacs. He's obsessed he also trained in France. He's trained in France and then And then he worked for a billionaire in Arizona who had a ranch who never showed up to the ranch because it was like a vacation and then the grounds crew from Mexico taught him how to barbecue. Let's go there tonight. Dude Well they look at their takeout menu. It's take out. I mean be now. They have to go. Every restaurant did not know anything about that. Everything's been in Hollywood and you live in Hollywood. I live in studio city. I people they do a Matzo ball soup They got these got anyway. So it's par republic is also his Greek. Yeah it's it's fantastic. Is that your favorite restaurant? Where do you guys live? I like I have several favorite restaurants but you know as far as in Hollywood republic to me is the best food I've ever had. Wow it's some of the Best I've ever had period. Oh well have you not eaten there? It says that the the bread and the butter just just the Normandy Butter. They give you. It's is that with the number of tables they have. The qualities is a big room husband and wife team husband from San Diego. I had to meet them because you know I just pay attention to these things. He's such a buck an artist in everything he does neak and different. His wife was a runner up for a James Beard Award for desserts. Her desserts are just unbelievable. And oh by the way it's in Charlie Chaplin's studio was what was the first round there beforehand. Kevin What's that there was another restaurant? In that Felix Company lay in companion yes Felix Felix is down on Abbot Kinney. Felix's have you with us. So so Rogan is obsessed now because I took him yeah and I played him in a movie. He played his account. Joe Joe Again. That's a question. I think you know the answer to now I play. Oh my sounds about this yeah. I played Brian. Cowen all right so so yeah no. You're not you're not no I came in here it'd be. We're advocating that. Where the old Joe's to be. Come on Bob Bob. I can't believe you haven't been there. I'm going to take you know Travis got bought out. So he doesn't own Juliana or Juiston the Rhonda's his his part he has been to that Nomad downtown. Nobody heard good things. Look up no matter and you will see the knows. It's the most beautiful setting for but it is what you're taught outstanding. Oh yes I love places. The bathroom type of nomad bathroom Los Angeles ending a pool Tom. I've heard good things about that place. The bathroom got damaged. Look it's safe safe. Yeah Oh come on. It's fantastic. There was a time in America. Yeah there was so much money and like the most beautiful building you've ever seen and we'll put your money in it. Are you guys buying that trump saying because the economy will be backed by Easter? I'd like to be back by as well. I'd like to be but yeah I think that's realistic. I don't think you can make that prediction. The WWL that ain't having well. How can you predict how the disease is spread because right now? We're on the trajectory. It's like New York like we are going up like things are gonNA happen. One is that. Hopefully some of these drugs will mitigate the severity of the infection. Absolutely and then to I D. I think I'm going to back this up in the second. The mortality rate will not be what people feared so when you do a mortality rate and they say one percent and they say that could be if a hundred million people get it. You know the problem with that. Is that that yours. That's all you gotta you gotTa take people in fact it the people infected. It's a skewed statistic who is infected and of the infected who actually have it. How many people actually die if you take diamond Princess Seven hundred people on board the crucial? Yeah Yeah I think they would study case. Yeah it is a one percent more at seven people died right They were almost old. Very old Many had pre existing conditions that would be in that case in a in a very very tightly controlled. Petri dish were nobody had everybody was so exposed to to each other that was a one percent mortality rate So you're saying because it's the you think that the rate is going to average out. It's something very low. And which means a warning to open up so epidemiologist out of Stanford Wrote on the Wall Street no Stanford but no in Stanford Stanford College State University. Yes that would be. No that would be in California and you know that now. Here's the thing. They had a very interesting breakdown of of how all of these statistics were hearing of a four percent and they are very unreliable and and almost certainly false And they're they're hardcore scientists who you know. I know I agree that it's hard to know what to believe at this point but we do our thing as we are gaining this knowledge but to say. Hey it's going to open up to say like in to reckless. Seems like it can't really plan but a friend if you were to start working out for the first time in two weeks. I can't say I'm going to be the Olympic. Eif thank you know you've done that again. Now I trained. I trained my shirt off and and and so be careful because I'll show you don't show. Trump trump is saying shirts today. We both I keep my body warm. He still wears a wife beater. Like he's seventy makes me feel a little more muscular? Get that makes a lot of sense. Highlights my shoulder think what trump is saying is yet krona's bad but when you look at the statistics is pretty low but the economy going to shit is what we can't have so anybody under fifty don't have outlined conditions hundred percents. Get your ass back to work and the old people because of the boom remover virus. The old people around them stay away. I think that's reasonable and the question that has to be asked as to. What like to mitigate how many actual we sacrifice how many as always sacrificed for I freeze so we can but where where do we to mitigate infection there? You have to take certain measures. Where does that and and we are W- Does anybody know what thirty-five percent for unemployment looks like that's not a pretty sight my life. My thing is is China. It started right there. Eating bad soups started there. And there's how many billions of people in China and they had it the worst and they're out of it now they're boom and now in sixty days to two months but that now this is. I get too much looking refunds. Where's Your Cup dirty away? I prefer Oh man genius egg about I just I go. I hear all the plant. You just can't plan if you look at what China did. When the way they locked down was way more severe than we're locked down and but if you look what they did also South Korea. As soon as those as soon they started easing it. The infection rate went right back up. Yeah so I I just I. I wouldn't people by this date it's going to be black and I'm like When you make that plan that's going to California. Governor says eight to twelve weeks I don't know before people. What Gavin Newsom as fuck and talking about because Gavin newsom would have to explain to me how he's to keep the economy from literally because he's a fucking dummy like I this kind of stuff that drives me crazy your fan. He's a good looking dude. He's got long span plum. Jack He makes that one he does. That makes me angry rate one. It makes me very angry. I'm a white guy. Go take him and Gavin Newsom Plum Jack. Fuck that you see the best looking governor. Probably he's a good guy ladies man bilingual problem with him. Yeah he's sitting there. Yeah Yeah career politician custom he does look like the looks like yeah he looks. He's he's the movie version. The plot. Jack Winery Yeah got damaged and you enjoy that one. It's a very good wine. You're welcome. It's a very good but I do think you need to plan that whole thing like every Epidemiologist says when you talk to them like plan for the worst and hope for the best like A. It's going to be fine yeah Yeah I think you have to. That's true so so eight to twelve weeks. That sounds like an eternity. It does but I think twelve weeks is unrealistic it also. I think it's unrealistic as well. But we're all kind of guessing here but the the fact that we can spare a trillion dollars or whatever it is. I was hoping that. Who Truly we're doing. Great that's a thousand billion. That's a thousand billion. It's two thousand billion dollars but we. I don't think any of us were questioning. How many million. That's two thousand billion dollars. How many millions is a billion? How many millions a thousand million man? So there you go. How many ten thousand all right man? I don't know man. This is getting a little crazy. Now I'm just I'm I'm reducing the number anyway so in conclusion we've figured it out wait I just I. The country is obviously dealt with. When I hear people like it's scary. We're all hunkered down. We're not touching each other that much and but great grandparents there was two world wars. Yes and a huge depression. Yes and how about h? One came out with that. What yeah or SARS. Yeah do you remember. You're in lockdown but each one one or SARS h. m. when killed strangely unprecedented but and this is truly novel because the ever seen it might have been engineered. There is evidence that nobody they see the clouds for the rain. In the last two weeks a disrespect. Pull God dammit choice Joe. You're trying to Alphabrain right all right. Fuck man he's run big Duffy. Yeah you can't do that with your feet because you're clearly trying to one up here on a here the how it was all playing. Well he's e and there was evidence. I didn't say that I'm just saying that people D- yeah I may know some people all right. Scientists who are noticing that it does look different. Can you give us the name of that? Scientists could have escaped from the Wuhan it could have escaped from the Wuhan Labrador. Backup Wuhan twice to say it. Even as if you knew how it's pronounced because I speak different languages like like the ones that were depending on where I've been. I am pretty perform language. Do they speak an will haunt speak. What what are they speak talent? What he's saying so quietly saying slightly different way. It seems like to hide the way your shish he told me he is it racist to call collect call it mannered from Dan. He's like death. Mandarin is language. Mandarin is the mainland. Mandarin is the main form of Chinese spoken in the main. Why didn't you visit Mandarin in a certain way that you've been saying the other Mary? I'm marrying him. I see but you insane. These is spoken in Hong Kong two different a lot of different dialects but mandarin for the most part because the young and the Yellow River. It kept people speaking the same Yangtze and the Yellow River. It's not the same river two rivers. It's called yellow in Chinese and the other one's just called the yellow because it depends on me as you're talking about the Yellow River in China and bring it up. Bring up the fucking. Yeah bring up. The Racists River believe river. Don't you think trump's reelected if he pulls pull this out? I think it's a very interesting time and I think yes uh-huh right. Yeah that's the Yellow River. I should is yellow hall okay swimming. That's the principal river and in the basement and the Yangtze River. You have you have the difference. Okay I Apologize Fan. Right and I knew because you're you're so small and these chairs I go. He can't know this thing that's small. He's a young person. But then you're older and now see and so. I'm really sorry you've been. You gave me a you apologize. But then you insulted me twice so win oh just just the Yangtze and the yellow. Yes so Mandarin is the main language spoken okay. So it's not racist say Mandarin. No Mandarin is. Why would your dad say that when you Chinese you study Mandarin Chinese? I didn't say you if you study Chinese did you study influence but Oh yeah yeah well and what does that mean? I just said thank you and known Chinese world what John was out. That's F. That slang for dog talk to type of food can get it almost any okay in. Hong Kong Taiwan. What did they speak in session? Swooshing session Szechuan twenties. Who said that recently? I love when certain people like like. What the fuck did trump say? He's he's not articulate. He said it's less bad though. It's much less bad now. Very very bad but it's much less less bad Chinese virus. That was hilarious. Yeah he got a Lotta Shit for that. It's an interesting thing to talk about it. Did it did start in China. The puel was it. Where was an engineer on laboratory laboratory laboratory there is there is a bio lab there by a war lab there so they do make an engineer viruses. So which means that. Must've there's a. There's a theory among scientists that actually is considering dot looks different scientists. The one eight t okay. Well I'M NOT GOING TO NAME NAMES GLASSES. One it's classified. It's a good one John Stevens. John Stevenson John Patch Google. Why not because it's it's alias? Yeah it's probably probably yeah there you go. Yeah George Stevens by Donald Harry. Did he come up with some sort of Elixir? You're saying his work is what I'm saying. John Stevenson China and making forty eight. He's Corologis taunts. Tv's if I could get a wider name okay. So I would say great guests. Yeah thank you so okay. So then you. You're saying from this lab that you're saying it's a thirty where they created this right out actually no well so so my sister so weird thing to say because my parents live in Park City Utah and they're actually friends with scientists who are not only working on this who are viral virologist actually know something but they're actually staying at the house they were there some interesting to house scientist in. Your Dad's House Show Hospital Utah. Hostile for high near beaver scientists. Call my dad and asked him on. This series is full shit as you ought to see this. Let's say this. Watch my dad. All that on he lives in Park City Utah and scientists. Stay at this Airbnb of your parents. Yeah and not. Their house was now. What's Your Dad's name Mike? Atolicy six huge six for three hundred pounds by two fifty two full bullshits. Mike How do you well? I'm sitting here in the car with your mother. Same one mother food to be delivered. I sing How is up how? How is your stock portfolio looking? Well less as I can't complain it was up a quarter million dollars each day Today the market came off somewhat from its a level of because Pelosi and Bernie Sanders got into the act on this bill again. I mean at least I understand from a- from a textile received powder something was I don't believe what I read because it said that Bernie put a hold Birdie is one senator and doesn't have the authority or power to put a hold on anything he gets one. Vote let me you this. What is what is is anti Dan. I'm doing my podcast. My friend Joe Mikhail's probably GONNA ask some questions. He's a friend of mine comic. Now let me ask you this AMAC. Is there any evidence that the that the CO vid nineteen? I know you have some scientists staying with you guys at the House. Is that true or false one scientists once I signed. That's what kind of what kind of epidemiologist all right. And then and factious. She's tonic very obey. Split every category into subcategories interesting to see rain is a chronic disease epidemiologist mandy nothing to allay person but it makes a difference so so it it is so did they mention or is there any talk about the virus may be having been engineered in a lab and not being maybe more manmade than it is nature made. No I don't believe the I think that's the kind of conspiracy theory that you'll always run into another world day soon. News actually had a report this Koreans created spread it around because they want trump to lose interesting by the way on that subject. A LITTLE. Bit Off of your question There were Gallup poll. Came Out Yesterday showed sixty percent approval flow with the way trump is handling us and is a forty nine percent and this is coming from a man who doesn't who's not a fan of trump's naive. I else fan of facts and I. I've got the like science a lot as opposed to see. I think we have a lot of media and everybody has to write their headline right there. Story they all have to have Something to fill the twenty four seven news cycle and now there are an endless number of So I feel sorry for him but I get over it I managed to get past my sympathy. And so he's got a discount so much of what your eerie one thing. I heard which would be very very good to dealers they. Andrew had a press conference. And I've never been a fan of his ear but he had a press conference Yeah I think it was this morning and I listened to the whole hour talking. About New York's cases what they're doing how they're dealing with a lack of ventilators how they're dealing little lack of hospital beds and they're a rate of infection is coming down a little as three. He says not all bad news and the New York is fifteen times worse than the next state closest to it which is really kind of interesting and the reason is now that makes sense because they orcas more global than any other. Okay I'M GONNA have to get back to the podcast but I appreciate. I appreciate the insight. Know How can we fix the economy? Go guys I'll call you guys. Later for more info shop opening it up and over under we opened back up in two weeks or not now all right. I don't think you've got you've got a consensus on that. All right all right bell sealer talk to you. What is that well there? It is lazy longevity a hand and body cream. Yeah Fun doing so. Obviously it hasn't been engineered. I thought maybe there was some about that. No scientist yeah. There's all sorts ermal. Yeah well how? `Bout that? We believe in conspiracies. I don't thank you read the book you'll believe in any JFK. Now that I'm right with the moon none of that. No nothing September eleventh. Now here's why now none of that do you need anytime that thought enters your brain. You need to call a flower. That thought you need to scrunch it up and beat it up. Beat the shit out of it because whenever I hear like There's one of them is the The Rothschild family controls all the government and I was like. Oh yeah it's an anti Semitic when I go to the totally antisemitic was like when I go to the DMV. It sucks and what can they can barely. They're doing a terrible job. Yeah and conspiracies are hard enough to keep a secret between two people and they're hard enough to camp between A thousand see I think they loose lips sink. Ships was all through Yeah was like. Do not tell anybody where we're going. Don't go to a BAR I. It's so hard to keep a secret about anything. So the Fuckin- staged moon landing. I mean that's living ally rugged Clinton said if you were able to thousand people keep their mouth shut and and still yes. I I mean that would be the greatest feat and human the government and people. Don't behave that way. And I'll tell you something about the federal government they all have their agendas and everybody's backstabbing each other. Thank God but what about Aliens Go? I haven't seen any proof of them believing them well. I don't I believe absolutely. There are other living things around our universe. It'd be way too vast vast for that not to be happening. That the coincidence and of of other planets being able to sustain life is absolutely. The percentages are very good for that. Have you seen like some of the tape like some of the pilots in the Air Force where the recording this now when I see stuff like that I'm like well? That's a real thing and that makes me go okay. That's an actual their things. You can't explain but it doesn't mean that was the same thing when people like there's there's chem trails and I was like what chemicals. Why would they do this? My favorite sins that come out of your body. Well we gotta sweat the toxins out and they asked all these people who run these detox and they were like and it's true that doctor you can detox for your liver and so when you you've been an alcoholic there's ways to detox. There's ways to get heavy metal out of your body but but for the most part when they talk about detox when you talk about being detained and they'll asked all these I kind of like healers and these people. What are the toxin named them if you could name the TACO right and they go conspiracy theories more of its John. Stupendous way to go like this. One hundred percent natural. Well everything is that's exactly. It true toxin would be toxic to your body. If you ingested diesel fuel you would truly have so that said so when I hear people go the earth is flat which is a whole thing when when I hear people say like well are the they'll say stuff like And I'll be like well. How do you explain that as well haven't seen that and I go like? Have you been to Tokyo how do you know what exists? How do you know Jerome Exists? How do you know Mercedes is so? It's just so it's on your skin and eating a hole in your fucking plates. I ate more people want their missing something from their lives and they want to have a knowledge or they also want to be part of a. Yes trolls on the Internet. But it's also like you only knew you're the conspiracy that the government's against them or just your the government is a huge messy place. Every government is it's always a mess and the simplest explanation is usually the right one. Which is everyone's backstabbing and doing some of my JFK assassination. Here we go. You're not again. Just watch the first ten minutes of full metal jacket and they'll be like I was marine. Who was a darn good shot and and why he did have a good shot though all right so I've been I've been hard. Shot to me having shot dear person and I also shotgun. There's I mean that's why the onion was so funny when in our dumb century when it was like Kennedy assassinated from twenty-five different angles and then it just listed everybody who was a teamsters Have you looked into it though I? It's it's interesting we can see. How if you are a person. Who believes in conspiracies out super easy to come to a few conclusions? I. It's the same. No no nothing now. I got a suspect and these things come out eventually. I mean eventually even even with trump because we have all these files on JFK goes. There's a portion. I can't release because it would create some sort of pandemic among there. There's an interesting thing I will say. No not paying. The one thing that I think is suspect. The one thing that does raise my prick Myers a little bit. Is that when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald? And he was a mob guy and they let any shot to the police yet. He shot him and we don't know why and he died of cancer in jail so there was something going on. I don't doubt wouldn't try to kill Lee Harvey Oswald unless there was a reason. But then what about what about this about? This car really hammered. My name in the end of that. Joel Joel will be how about the car. Usually if there's a murder they take it in for forensic stuff like that you know. They cleaned it out and then returned it. Yeah there's a lot of things that okay maybe. You're you're not giving enough credit to either human stupidity. That's what I was GonNa say and you might be right. So you're saying there's a lot of mishaps are you if you try finding a any case criminal case where they didn't screw up something on both sides and a you'd it's also people want to believe a certain thing right so they go for that so find it. You'll find if you're looking for that sort of exact what about Epstein that. I do not doubt that those cops were in jail. I don't think he was killed. I think he absolutely ready. I believe he was absolutely ready to hang on to I don't know why. Why would you get your position and hearing stories about negligence of You know the time. Yeah I mean just watch lock. Well it's not just that like one of these my my father. Who's eighty one? Six almost eighty said WHO's worked. Govern government had a lot of friends in government says. Yeah one of these is this. You'll go and anybody who I know who works in government. They're way more apt to say. Well there's huge incompetence in the government. It's not it's not a well run place there are. There are major mishaps major floods. There's all kinds of backstabbing. That's what's actually going on for the most part so the cabal of men who are organized enough to set things in motion and everything goes according to plan is Hollywood shit. It's really hard to do. It's just people don't cooperate. Things go wrong so for me. It's not that I don't think that people would want would be conspiratorially minded if they could but for me. I think it's just too hard to pull off. I don't think those things are EA- as easy to pull off his people. There's very good book called conspiracy conspiracy. It's called conspiracy conspiracy about the take down of Gawker the website. Yeah it's one of the whole consortium. Yes and it's a great book and when you they go over. It's so great because almost half the book. Here's how can real conspiracy goes down and they talk about when Peter Thiel expanded to two people and then two three people. All of a sudden things are getting real. It can all it. It's getting very tense on whether this secret of what they're doing gets out. But that's a true conspiracy because because Peter Thiel one or two essentially sue them until they out of existence that guy had the Pentagon had had outed outed him as a gay man. He's a billionaire and you went. I don't care what it takes. I'M GONNA take them down and I'm GONNA find a way to do it without anybody. Knowing the book conspiracy. He used Hulk. Oh Conspiracy Gabe Hall. Kids just called conspiracy. But I don't WanNA NAM NAM leading up but it was very convenient that the whole thing went down that that started happening like he took that it wasn't the. Oh that's an opportunity to exploit to to Take to take them down great. It's a great book and It's have you read a book called give and take no I'M GONNA START RECOMMENDING BOOKS. I it was apple book. The two thousand seventeen I think by Adam grant really good book. Now do you. Are you a reader? I am wildly dyslexic. So I've read nothing but I listened to everything. Listen ON TAPE. Yes and right now. I feel like when I listen to books on tape. I don't get as much knowledge. Fired action practice. I used to be the same way and then I practiced now. I have to sweat listening. Yeah because what happens is your mind wanders you're driving and stuff podcast L. I glean so much more from listening than reading. Now I do I'm just reading all the Jack reacher books now so oh which are great But conspiracy is definitely I would. I would recommend it and the battle the beautiful poetry of John. Toyland pages giving give and take us Really fucking good book about. He kinda like talks about how there are. Three people in the world are takers. They're givers and then there are matters. So I'll give you as long as you give me that kind of stuff and he makes it very very compelling case for in Politics Hollywood everywhere including business people had give but give strategically people are who are worth it not just giving idiots but and people who are generous over the long period over the long haul always come out on top is a really really powerful book in that sense. He does a really good job. I and people who take takers scumbags whoever they might be with them it catches up with them. Because and and what happens is when you're a giver. There's there's you could make the argument that people start to really like you and they conspire to help you. When you take what happens is people go fucked you over to and it becomes his naturally. Annette neural a web of people who go guys a Dick Things just nath. Yeah and you'll have those comics. Though go of course lights I would also say when like the me too thing came up and the people who knew that people were Dick's they could not be happier to go. Oh that guy. Oh yeah just guys a piece of shit and it happens all the time with movie stars who get out of Control. And then they find bad. Move on flop. And they're like you're out that's it. Yes does they dare. I'd get it out trying to trying to confer reason right and did you do. This isn't a conspiracy where me too thing but Maybe a little bit. But there's that calm I forget his name Derrick Post and was really close with them But he was a he was a Christian comic really really clean. But I'm selling fear huge theater. Successful comic is got caught with a side piece was married got caught the side piece. So the you know the Christian communities like Oh hell no his entire tour for two hundred twenty and granted. We didn't go but it also got pulled Kennison Kidding Poor Guy Russell sin so his entire tore everything can't doing in Lebanon fucking. Forgive man well yes. That's a really good one. Oh so you what you do. Is You have to run happen Japan. He will do classic. I'm going to go to Rehab Rehab. For some reason and he'll he will be super sorry for a year. Here's what he did he he girls would ask for tickets and I can't get too hot. Girl asked for tickets like tickets but let's hang out afterwards you know. I'm it. Sounds like he's got something. He's a normal there. It is sexual sin and addiction struggles. And so he's going to go into Rehab. Which is a classic move and about four weeks you get out repet- get back on tour dude. I mean he'll he'll have to repent and then he'll go back to doing things for or maybe just or maybe just go. Hey Chris Community. I'm going out on my own. I'M GONNA start forming centers. That's what I would do. Well drafted towards the end. I mean to got to look at to Jesus hung out with. He hung out with prostitutes young with all the centers on the Christian American thing where they've been how they it's very strange talking about sex. It's a puritanical but it's also like you must be perfect. Which is ironic since the crowd was. Oh no no. Everyone's fucked up Dan. That's that's how it is such a bummer. I feel for that. Yeah I know it. It's it's well he all but he created this whatever He created the also helped stoke the image probably of. Yeah yes guys. I go to church I have to tell you. Do you believe in that stuff really. That's but do you. Would you would say my act is definitely not You got your Christian or what are you so you believe in that but not conspiracy is what I think. Y- Yes but I don't believe Shannon conspiracy or Islam or these are that you can metaphor. You can use that. Jesus was you know. Dieting came back for it but seriously or is that just a faith I would say he said drinking a little bit ridiculous to believe that. Not believe in some this other thing because if you believe that the house at any different than believing in zombies well 'cause zombies me my belief in terms of like there's faith which is saying yes. Yes I think the value of having a perfect man Christ right would be that if you can see what the example perfect example is and you as a human being knowing that you're flawed can reach for it and try to emulate it as best you can that that to me is what the symbol of. Christ the one another thing radical whole thing would be like the more you give the more you can also loving. Turn the other cheek and love. Your enemy is a radical content. That never been really. I think there's some great lessons can learn from the Bible. I think with a believe it you know by pay fundamentalists do of course. I mean when people took it as a science book. It's not. Yeah Yeah but you could in theory say those. I like I there was nothing there was light. You could be like. Yeah that was the Big Bang for you can use medicine use that as a great met metaphor people have people have found the Christian Bible the Jewish Bible the the the Islamic the Koran They've found great value in them when they treat them hundred percents You know when they treat them as metaphor for how to live your life. There are a lot of great lessons. It seems just the idea of restriction of self restriction. You know kind of like having command of your appetite sort of have a blueprint of how to live your commandments. Don't kill people. Don't walk across the street and Bang your neighbors. Why don't like some trouble? You could create a society based on those things it saves it be re running. You know it wouldn't be any and that said Yeah I think a lot of people would say that people having fade sounds crazy and all that and I was like yeah. It sounds pretty crazy crazy. And I'm on a judge and you know John. Even that is as great as bleeding conspiracy theories. Oh I disagree with that concerning because I think there's very good evidence that we landed on the moon. Yeah I think that's not staged and what I'm saying is there's no evidence that Jesus came back from the dead dare is no evidence right. There's zero But there's very good evidence. We walked on the moon. So but that's one conspiracy theory. Well I think the earth isn't flat. Yeah very good evidence. There's no sasquatch very good evidence that that's not a chem trail that's just a concession vapor that's made from jet going through the atmosphere no. I think I think what Brennan Things. Yeah. I think there's inconsistency when the fundamental tenet of being a Christian is the idea that you accept the fact that Christ was man and there was a person but he was father and son. You raise three days later. His body was seen by Mary and her friends are whoever and some other people and Cuma my rib. Well that's that's that's that's Adam and eve that's in the Bible. That's yeah that's right. Yeah there would be justice. Yeah but that's in the Bible you came from. I read right right right and then I fucking so what we've learned. Is that that Guy. Frist who I'm Chris Ida to stay in that. I just thought that was crazy when Dirk was telling me about. I'm like what the fuck he lost. All his basically his entire family look at a lot of the traditional especially fundamentalist Christians. If if like a mega preacher comes out and says I think it's fine for gay people to be married and it's good. They'll lose their entire. How ridiculous is that? That's ridiculous. It's so ridiculous It's tiny western. Replaces John with? Who are Chris well? He's been doing his Sunday service thing you know and I hike and they're so loud. It's so loud yet. Allow Wow Thandi. Wes replaced on shitting me. Do Nineteen December. It's also ironic. Because I mean you look at someone like Connie who's who's had a center center but then once you once you commit in that in that in that world that culture and then I'm like Oh everything's fine you wanted. But he'll Chris will come back after he's made his big huge pies made probably a thousand apologies now but after his resembling bottle of booze but a- but he'll be I guarantee in a year he'll be back and too because if he had said if he win with that woman and left his wife that would probably throw. But he's he he he. I was lost now. I'm found. That's what'll happen. Which is a long. It's a weird to dive. Yeah I mean the question your faith will. I'm saying I'd no point. Do I feel that? No no but see I. I absolutely see your point. But he's not going to help according to the Bible aren't on a height restriction or if you're taller than certain thing you're fine when I first came to Alaska in those Bible studies the to this with my buddy who's balls deep in the Bible and Jesus Christ and I remember that we all deepen Jesus accounted for us that man credit you back the So I go. So what happens if you don't like give yourself to Jesus corn you're you're going to hell. I know but my dad my brother to the nicest most people I know in my mom and they don't believe in. Jesus Christ sucks dude. They're going to hell like Oh. I'm not doing this anymore. Yeah I'm out now a fucking crazy crazy crazy. That's crazy dive when I hear stuff like that. I'm like you gotta be kidding me nuts. That's stopped going. Yep they still friends with that guy. Yeah we're cool even though he thinks you're going to hell. Yeah we're cool. Yeah that's what he was raised on. That's his beliefs. And like I get it. Do you know we were all raised. I was raised Roman Catholic. But I don't believe in the pope So you can make those decisions but God. I was raised with no religion. Even though I'm Catholic Roman Catholic now I was an altar boy. You're you're you're in it but I wasn't in any of it. I thought it was all I didn't like any of that stuff. Grown up. Yeah. My Dad went to the seminary now. He couldn't be more of an atheist. What happens when you die goes extinction? Aren't you go to church with if I didn't if I didn't believe Like if I wasn't like a Christian I would definitely be an atheist. Yeah absolutely would. Was it the agnostic? What's the that's where you believe in a higher being? But you don't believe in like I. I believe I believe no. That's where you're just like I don't WanNa think it back. That's what I am. I going on going on figured out. I believe this I. I think there's definitely a higher intelligence a higher definition from me to you. You said you did. Which would be a deity is a god but a. d. d. would be somebody who believes that? God made the world and just let it go and his his it supreme being goes to to it's I created who does not intervene in the university up chiefly and he let it call He. Just let it go. You know. He's a thing that I made this an agnostic. So is someone who doesn't who who says I don't know essentially somebody who's like I'm not going to not going to say no I. I prefer to be sort of on the fence. There of I'm agnostic. Switzerland I yeah but but a DAS. To someone who believes in God and that God created the world but does not interfere in daily life. So let's have there are laws to the universe. He set those laws in place and go and so the earth continue to spend according to its own so there are laws of nature. There are laws of a lot for someone like yourself been around. Awhile Dude. Been around you me. Yeah Forty Eight. Oh Wow are you a good in the room. I'm the youngest in the room. Oh No cats. The young is clearly. She's three fifty three fifty three thirty seven. Forty two forty three I would. I'm not being Shitty Chin. I'd say he looks young. Yeah I don't I thought you were like well. I thought you and I are similar age. Yeah he's got tight skin but I'll tell you something but wine really breaks down now that after you hit about fifty fifty one you start to age quicker. I swear to God the difference between fifty and fifty three. Where like this trainer who's been around forever and I said my don't be sprinting and stuff. Your tendons are fifty. I was like I noticed that I noticed that. My fucking cavs on my tendons hurt more. Sprinting right yeah why would you spread? I don't know who told you not to sprint on Tono now. You should sprint chased. Three so like zombies. I hated squatting right now I hate squats and then I'm like I'm not good at them. Would you do in college getting old? I did a lot of squatting a you did the same thing and then I was like you know what? I'm just GonNa Squat every day and I'm and I'M GONNA dead lift every other. I'm just GonNa Start and 'cause I couldn't my back was bad and I couldn't dead lift. Forty five pounds and I couldn't deadlocked the bar and then I was like screw it. I'm doing it every day until I don't even think about it and I stopped running as well. It was like It's hard on your body and I was like no. I'm just going to do it and strongly you do that so now. I can dead lift more than I did in college practically I well thank you for asking wrapped with like three fifteen and then I can go up. I can get up till like four but I don't do a lot of way ever sure you were the trap or you're doing the street bar. Straight Bar Dank. You'll do four hundred right now for wraps. And that's his warmup for not joking four dead lifting. Oh that's that's a lie. He laughs at that. I watched him do ready for four hundred. I saw this. Yeah five fifty five fifty five five hundred five hundred five fifty ready. Yeah he did ten ten reps hold on. He did ten fifty now ready. He didn't ten sets. He did a hundred reps with five hundred fifty pounds. Joel or dad lift and he did. This is my watch lifting Dick Jokes now. It doesn't help. I was like Oh my God and that his brother told me that when Brennan was really dead lifting when he was like dead lifting over seven hundred pounds the bar would bend he was bending the bars hero and they were mad at Brennan because he was bending the bars. He's there's as and ruining Bar Lauren. Landau said this strong. And then there's Brennan Shop. Yeah that's that's That's a God given weird. That's what you should believe in God. It's weird gifts because he's a piece of shit and he just thinks that that wasn't God. A lot of hard work has been where he offered up. How many of your How many of your friends like the big. The great athletes. How many could do that? I don't know let's go with zero zero zero zero Turkish get up with the full barbell with hundred and fifty five pounds Turks. Get up just got up to stood up without like holding it like that do this. This is video video. Do thirty pull ups when he was there with Tim? Tebow fifteen upbeat deal. Hey Tibo when he's already. I would beat him in Polish that he would beat me anything legs. Yeah he was his legs are so and I said to him. I go Brennan stronger than you. Because he's competitive. As he goes he goes. I mean when it comes to legs. I'll give them that. Beat him though. You beat her upper body. Yeah pull up yeah. I met him once and I couldn't believe how big was Jesus. Gronk is smaller than him. He's a big Tim. Tim's a free grants of Freak athletically. Obviously Tim Psych his. I mean his workout coldly. Well I've ever met my life whether it's UFC NFL. This nobody more disciplined and Tim Tebow Kito Diet. Oh my God. He's like he's like he's like how much better you could be. You know he's he's he's he's already do if he saw us. He's never had a drink in his life. I don't think right now he did want. I think what maybe once I. I don't know that do you know he's he's the real deal. He's a Susan real deal. Greedy Nice I love. You just got married. He did die in peace south up. Miss South Africa's in price. Yeah he's a good guy no I when I plot to his black girl just kidding like. Oh can't believe he believed Emily Peter's she's how tall when I met. Jj Watt one time. And I was like okay this guy. He's three hundred pounds though. That was like this guy. Can this guy is not tim? Jimmy's wife congratulations stemming. The busing. Kids out like crazy three have seventeen kids. Yes he's raring to go. He's like What's his name. He just got traded to the colts. The Philip Rivers. Yeah like how many kids did his his eleven kids or something like that. Poor woman is he. He's more magin. Every time he gets near. The House. Wife must be like tied volume. Comes DAD definitely getting pregnant in the next many kids he has? That's fucking routes that I would love. That is so impressive. Holy Shit my aunt had ten kids. My Dad's one of I think. Eleven or twelve and nightmare chilling advocate as the just do it. Sweater is just pointing to his. His wife is amazing. Well done young lady nine there. Yeah that's up to ten pit. Yeah I think she's actually giving birth to twins he's a bad ass I love. I love that. He's constantly just annoyed. Yes and just talking to shift. So he's just Gonna. I'd love his attitude that he he doesn't hide it. Did you hear So off the whole in San Diego and they castle look small. I moved to L. A. He didn't WanNa move his kids so he left all of them there. They built one of those sprinter buses so he would commute everyday when that practice and the Games from San Diego to La. Been THAT SPRINTER bus. He had a whole setup. So you just watch hours and hours of tape in this so you get to the game be ready. Got Good make sense just such. He is a stuntman. He's Matt Big Guy by the way. He's fucking huge. How big is? Jj Watt compare your your quarterback Russell. Yes you love him love him. He's so underrated. I feel lert well. He's everyone always goes. Oh He's not that big. He's not that. Have you seen the legs on that? Leads to shoot Russell. Wilson was on when I had the Netflix. Show thank you. I watched the clapping. All right man. No one right. The netflix show is tough. Because Netflix isn't it's not like a regular TV station. So here's what listen. Here's what I'll tell no daily show based on Netflix. Right but it but no but he first of all. He came into the sketch and he accidentally left his Sweatpants Oh and they were like the legs. They were triple X. But like the waste was taken in but his legs were. It's hard to tell there you can see how thick is right there. Show him running right there. He's short though. Let's not listen. He's he's a quarterback you short for quarterback you yet for quarterback but it doesn't seem to matter. I mean look at drew brees. He's superstar Russell. Wilson might be the best quarterback in the NFL but people always underestimate him and huge arms Yup at the You can all his also his twitchy muscle thing. Yeah I mean you can be super strong but his twitchy muscle when you see him. Make the decision to run with the ball instead of throw it. He didn't have a lot of help either. Mvp I Johnson. And then Lamar Jackson so stupid that they give MVP or the playoffs. That's really was. He accused them be made to help and they almost made it. I now is the we should have beaten the forty niners at home when Marshawn Lynch that delay okay. I'll stop talking about anyway. That said Yeah. He's such a I like when he goes hip hop Russell. Wilson have seen that not only call. Sexy just doesn't really fit his demeanor. It's like awkward in the pictures as one of these. No I mean looks pretty swaggie there. He's also a guy that yeah that's right there. Yes this is growing up like no. He's also one of those guys that doesn't take a drink doesn't mean so crazily disciplined you commitment to superstition like you don't WanNa fuck anything up. No they're so disciplined. Yeah they don't they don't have dental. It's hard job. There's so much pressure on being that's how I feel and then I hear that Cork come out of the bottle and I'm like yeah. We got to obviously sweet. Yeah I wish I had. His girl is a fucking Tennessee. Have you seen her in prison? Sure haven't show on Netflix. It's a tough. Oh well gay plan will stay. Of course they I. We were one of the first to go like are. We're going to do this thing and I was always going like I know this sounds like I'm just trying to take your money but you need to leave us on for a long time because you did you sell the show net flix. Yeah a look there. We are but no. I was just like any other talk show. You need to leave this thing on for a long time to find an audience and I was like An. It's harder with with It's harder with this streaming service. Because that's how you know. They were like yeah. Sure Buddy Were were the the most accessible company next to Amazon or whatever But it doesn't work like that but no but so they did. I want of course I was like just leave it on to have people find and That obviously wasn't part of what's weird is then. They doubled down because they did you. This in similar show Michelle off. Yup It was just like these aren't GonNa work because it's not well that's why they had to career in my mind. I like do you need to create the The you need to create the atmosphere where people would go to what every week where they go. So why with like when James Gordon I got on people like who is this guy. Nobody knows them. And Les Moonves says what a Guy He Business Wise and business wise. He was very smart around your girl. There's all that other stuff. Yeah the part where he was masturbating in front of his own doctor. If that's not Recommended yes that's what he and that's one of the people that well she was. Yeah and she. He was jerking off in the in the in the doctor's office and she walked in and you'll have problem and he was like I really do back. That was part of the dialogue which was just like how she was what happened. What happened with all of that? The everybody off and just go quietly into the night losses gig but he got paid off like two hundred Mil. It was. Yeah he was. His wife was a smoke show. Too and she's she's on big brother as Continues to be Very Nice Asian. But she's off the Jewish. She's off the talk. But what am I going back to o? James Corden came on. He was just like yeah. Don't worry people we don't know who he is. We don't know if he's GonNa last. He's like don't worry about it. I'M GONNA leave him on for a year out and let them figure it out and get his and then he did. Carpool Karaoke and it exploded. But it's one of those things where you wow. When Conan I went on? They gave him a year and a he encountered will tell you like they were always like you gotta be more. They were giving him notes obviously Conan very smartly stuck to his guns and now he's Legend Ken But But you gotta let that stuff. I mean like with when I I did the soup. Nobody watched it for a year. But because we ticked up like two point zero Ratings point the point edge just barely anything on that night like Cost Nothing. Let's just leave it on. And then all of a sudden we found the show your idea or did you audition for that. Because a show would they started bringing people in two thousand and four to go if we were to bring back the show in a certain way. What D- How would you do it? And so I know that brought it had me do a I was so dyslexic that they had okay. You're GonNa read these jokes that I wrote with my for these. These writers that I'm the guys that gave me the sword And we re these jokes got written and I had to memorize it because it was so bad that bad at five minutes of like you you just. You're you've always been that dyslexic so yet can't beat a stand up. Comic probably helped you. Because I wasn't a stand up then. Oh you weren't torn now. Stand up two thousand five. When the show began to work a year later he went on his agent was like Oh you gotta go out and you got to. You got to go. You'RE GONNA make a bunch of money because people know who you are and you just bring your comic friends with you. You don't know if you've ever remember me meeting you longtime ago in a clothing store and I came up to fan fan. I don't remember. Maybe we were told you America agresson somewhere else and I said I'm a fan. Sir Thank you and I said What are you doing stand up because I thought yes we totally did? Yes I said you should. I think you said you were starting to or something trying and was I eating it. Well I mean stand up like anything. I don't get the fuck how funny you are until you have an act. It's a you eat chick. Yes it takes a while. It's a different thing. Well it was weird. 'cause I had this weird defy had started when people didn't know I was on the show. I would have eaten shit for in a good way where I was like. Oh that's not funny. But because they liked the soup they like they were like. Hey It's great and I was like Oh and then so then I'd do it in front of a crowd that didn't know the show and they'd be like this is the worst. This is worse than the Holocaust PA and so I really to It took me and after doing You know two thousand shows then. Finally I was like took me long because sometimes talk shows that. Come on to stand up and I was like I talk a lot about television clips. I don't think it's going to necessarily translate but now I've way better than I will confidently say way better than it's all fucking like hard. I'm trying to tour now. Yeah A ton. Yeah I do. I now need because I did this special. I need to start over and would you do the special at San Jose in that Chaplin tie very very old theater? What's IT called Live from Pyongyang which? I don't think anybody's watch very good and I went on the Kelly Ryan show and I told Kelly the title and she goes you know. No one's GonNa know what that is and I was like. Yeah you're right very good. I like thanks for the money. But the number of people you'd be at the number of people that said. How did you do a show in North Korea and I was like I didn't? How do you think that would be possible? I would be shot. Yeah it would be in jail. Come let me do a comedy show in front of a bunch of people who don't speaking. I mean colors impossible yet so I don't think it did very well but you know it's coming with company dynamics as well very nice people yes What was the name of yours? Mine was called complicated apes that was I wanted to call it American Boehner. But he's too much. I like American. About what is your. What was your dad? Think of American bone Well he probably wouldn't have listened to how old you dead almost eighty. Yeah is he proud? I think he is yeah. Your Dad Proud Warriors. Yeah Your Dad's proud. I don't Know My dad's property me you don't know I don't know I've hazard out of her said. Hey His dad his dad is not going to be his dad's not a guy who's like great job rented but his dad's quietly very proud. It's Dad's a very present man in his life and always has he doesn't say you're GONNA get a real job. He doesn't say he's my house he's in. Your House leasees my house. He's like well whatever. You're doing works. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah I once told just lip to my dad. He somehow came up how much I was making. At a certain point. They have no clue. Yeah and then you. Then then. I saw some cousins like a month later. And they're like hey we're here. You're making started telling his brother okay. Yeah Yeah I'm glad some current events Jin sure current events. Yes we already talked about. We would your life change if I give you one hundred million dollars Well RIGHT BY MORE STAKES YEAR BY A LOT. More stuff One hundred million. Yeah no it would free berry significant in what sense Follow Ron Renzo example with donations. Finish your thought. No this is a really in what in that? It would be a lot more money that I have. Would you buy a different house? Would you move to different area more car? Would you day to day? You're successful dude. So it's like one hundred dollars wouldn't change houses no I definitely get a nineteen sixty. Six oldsmobile Tornado K. That's twenty grant but then I put like a sure so Boy No. I'd buy buy another house. Atl Okay. down concede that thing because with that car so far. I'm not impressed. You can do both of those things. Ryan's actually twenty six grand. So you'll get your right. I can do both things right for sale. Just asked you how change okay. I mean you could fly a lot more privately. That's right now I would be spending. I'd be spending money on private. I'd be flying travel. But even that's what That rich who donate Oklahoma state the billionaire the fucking billionnaire though CL- buffet. Now that's what they asked him about it he he is my life. It really didn't change Drove buys house when I was in Nebraska. Yeah in Omaha. I drove is out and we stopped. And you can't park there that's it but it's a very blessed. I did not. I did not dry guy was driving around showed us. We just took us by Warren Buffett's house because you want to see their legend. Yeah he's ninety years old. I did like it when you know. Like trump wouldn't riviera never came back from real his tax records and then he buffalo. You haven't seen any did above releases taxes to- right while he's being audited by the way. How's your stupid That's a lot of money I would. Yeah would you we definitely? I'm like you guys. It sounds like I'm like Ocd WORKAHOLIC WHO? I can't stop no matter how much they pay. I'd say that will always will hold onto those handlebars with white knuckles. Where's that coming from? Where do you think that comes from? But don't you think that's why we're kind of our stance on the corona virus back by Easter? Let's fuck into it and then I know some people chilling puck in worse. I'm afraid debris I'm afraid of the. Yeah I know I wanNA keep this going man I I mean I just WanNa fuck. I want to get back to where I wanted to stand up and come on Man. We all yes. I think that's why that's our perspective. We all know you're here doing this though right now and you're not worried about I mean. Obviously everyone's been washing the hell out of themselves but But this while you're doing podcasts. And doing everything else that you can because we were given that I don't know what it is that. What is that hair up our asses? I've always had a chance in our pants. Dads I might come from the fact that you know what you're capable of doing and you wanted to be able to do before you die out. I just saw I also really enjoy it. I love to work like it's my passion. It's not it's not to me this but what's the note? Let me ask you this the feeling you get from that though right so this House faction happiness but let me ask you this in when you are a walk in walked on at Washington right retrieved shit. Did you get a chip on your shoulder from that to come over to entertainment? No I of that. I know that was I always. I never thought I was going to be a good football player. Try always lie. I was like I just want to do like Rudy. Yeah I was like I'm GonNa. I'm GonNa Trauma I mean I'd gain. I got up to two hundred and forty five pounds and and I was I was like what am what's happening But that was more to see if I was more like Oh. This is strange challenge to that that I took up. No but I always knew that I was going to do something like this entertainment. Yes but I don't. I think this is a the the never gonNA stop working thing. Yeah it's an Anson the that's I think that's just again like if you can dead lift. Seven hundred pounds does nothing right. It does not do anything for but you're given that thing in I wouldn't you were stopped. You were born like that you were. There was never an option for you It was never in your wheelhouse to go. Well I mean I go to college and then get a Lotta agree in. That means. I'll get a decent job and I'll make this much money and all we're doing this for a long time correct. That was never an option. It's a great option. For A zillion people we all win. No no no. I'm going to stay on stage and take each it for years and That's something that and we don't care of. We didn't care about the torture of it now. I almost I remember one time. I was Patty Jenkins. We're in New York City and and I was a young comic and it was packed. David Twenty nine hundred was everything lit with candles lit with candles and as chaplain the small dachshund was going over. All I know and there were no vaccines but I'm Dave Chapelle been up and Some of the people in and I I was a new comic and I remember looking at Patty and I go thereabouts. Call me up and I get so nervous when you're young and you're GonNa do it for a fucking packed room. I just looked at her. I go hell of a way to try to make a living and she goes. You'll be fine and I remember going. Why am I doing this does moments ago? Why am I doing something this crazy? Why am I why am I? What is wrong with me? I hate myself this much that I have to prove myself that I have to get up on. He says it's Hey. Yeah no I agree with you. Or you're striving for something. Yes yes yes and yes. I just wanted to be different. I just wanted to be the person being talked about. As opposed to but that was nothing. That was nothing you ever learned. That was so that was always in you. But I remember as a kid watching Westerns and so I would see the gunslinger and the hero Neutron Street fighting and I would see the remember when the Barbara Guy would be who and he shut his window. He'd go shut the doors and lock in and be retreat inside and as a child I as a child I remember going. I'm never going to be that fucking. Do what the spectacles who's WHO's like. I want to be the dude in the street fighting. I remember I remember thinking that like whatever that was. I had to be the one doing the activity that people were talking. You saw Sweeney Todd and you realize oh wait markers are just action fucked up and it's murder. I know I but I I they. Yeah we yes soon as this thing lifts then. We're the only business where I get. Maybe it's not work. We're calling our agents going. So do you said you always going to happen? I remember I said you started doing. Stand up you're making a Lotta money. No I said I said you you were. I know you're nervous about it. I was nervous about it. Was like stand up as a crazy thing but I I said to. You let me ask you something. Go back all the when you were a kid. Have you found your way to the near top in anything you've ever did and I've never done anything in my life where I didn't find a way to get myself at least on that. Varsity team in one way or another right. Yeah but I just would figure it out. What do I have to do to get bad? Just don't WanNa be this and so that is a personnel perfectly. And you figure it out figure it out you know. Being dyslexic was terrible in school. So I'm just going to cheat I'm GONNA cheat through. I'M GONNA get great grades because I'm just GonNa Cheat whatever you gotta do so when I go to colleges and do standup how was your college. Experience cheated everywhere just taking. Oh yeah but it yes. So one hundred million dollars would it change your life. I don't think so at all less stressed. I say that I find something to worry about. I would find something health but as far as four hundred dollars gingers. I'd buy more cars more shoes. But no yeah. I mean that's the House that I WANNA by trade. If he charity I would give. I would give more figure out a way to get more. That's for sure what I would do. Good and that would that would come. I would when buying the I mean yeah now I do that now. I do that now. I have charities now no I mean I noticed the Guy Could Never. I already feel like I have too much money so I already have charities right. I don't see how I could do. Have one hundred million dollars then. Then I'd really. The guilt factor would be really through the roof. Yeah so I'd have to be like fucking I'd have to figure out it. Just be a headache. I think one hundred million dollars. I'd I'd tell my brother. Quit his job. My Mom. That's charity you're gonNA take care of. People might do that now. Yeah but but if I two hundred MIL it'd be way it just back. Oh no you. Here's this you stop doing everything. Yes but they all of your brother or whomever a million bucks and be like here take it and then two years later the my brothers make three million. He'd be like so would make your brothers and give some current events in current events. Here we go. What's happening okay. This all a freak out hot so a couple of days ago Ryan Reynolds made a statement that going to be donating thirty percent of all proceeds from gin which is his Liquor Company to out of work bartenders and Bryan Cranston and Aaron. Paul also did the same thing where they're saying that they're going to donate a portion of the proceeds from their brand. I believe it's dose hombres. They sell mess gals They're going to also be donating to out of work bartenders. It's also a great way to get your your booze out there but also gives back like it's you know it but didn't run around and give them a million dollars to another charity. He and his wife. I believe aviation think but I know that he pledged a million. I know what smart and we should nice but rob mcelhinney from always sunny in Philadelphia. He started a GOFUNDME E. He's their goals. Fifty thousand got one hundred thousand now. He's in that I think to the hospitals or to feed the hospital's down. It's pretty don't Who was a DECK SHEPHERD AND KRISTEN? Beller doing something similar where they Own a a real like a company that owns several different apartment complexes and they're saying for the month of April and until the krona viruses over. They're not going to charge anybody for those months in school so a lot of people are doing really great like this favorite people matching donations up to twenty five thousand one hundred thousand already. That's a nice what are we doing? I'm actually fee in the hospital tonight paying for the entire staffs Dinner Look Dass one hundred thousand dollars. At least they get food. You can ask me the same question what do you. What was the question off for charity? Troll? Can we talk about and it's move on this helping the The Union Rescue Mission. Who because homeless people Now would they feed their donations during times? Like this just disappear so they literally do you guys have some coffee beans over bringing them much. Get coffee or something. We'd love coffee with this so I believe it was last week we talked about how porn hub was giving away a bunch of free premium memberships to people over in Italy while they're in quarantine they are doing this worldwide now. Businesses a booming. Everybody is once again a thirty day. Free trial of porn hub premium. They also said that they're going to be making donations to first responders as well as medical staff within the nation. I love you porn hub. This is great news given back. This is giving back and they give me a sex workers outreach project. Also making it a point to give all of the money that the Models and sex workers on porn hub would make. They're not taking any cut of that from that they're giving them all their protests. Can the actors work? They are getting paid for less than one storm. They're working despite. The virus being rampant thinks. The lean on that added to the list is not transferred through apparently so fickle right. There's no mouth to mouth no assets bound to think Mazda caucus fine actually heard it gets rid of it well. This is very credible story lab apparently but the scientists sign. You just said that was true. They're like your mom in the background. That was she was very good. So Cardi B. Made A way. What about Idris? What the Prince Charles Prince? Charles he's supposed to be having to. He's seventy seven seventy one but he dicey I. Yeah that's Apparently he hasn't Michael. Yo has it did have how did he he's He's an Oslo. Yeah he hasn't it His I think from what I heard through third party. His wife and child did not have it but he got trouser strong human being when he was only play it costs. You play tells you where Georgia no yes. Yes Shit Up. Jen IOS told you that I've worked with Mike. Glad we've never taught. I remember when he started doing. Stand up I've never seen his E. J. Right yeah. I've never seen a stand up. How is it? He's funny he's still put up for Joe coyle Michael's Great Great Guy. Very nice man. Ugly wait a minute. Very nice How ugly look at that? Have you seen his kids to start looking kids? Biracial babies are. Yeah Michael Chinese Chinese and black or something. Yeah he was Blocked off at WLAC DOT. Because I did notice how he was while I was talking to my University of Arkansas. Excuse me clay is not too many concussions. He came up. How long was he goes wikipedia? How long have you on the long? Look at Pedia I worked. So you've got too many concussions and the concussions. We all do yeah. It's called. Football ironically. Didn't get well. I had a skull fracture skiing but that wasn't the same did but every time I you know how fell at the end of every football practice. You just had smiled like you just had a beer and a half your bell got. You're just like Oh yeah you feel pretty little the little buzzed. Yeah all right we call it getting your Bell Rung didn't they? Yeah who would have known that years later? You can remember anything okay. We got down to the Mike. Michael get better feel better. We'll he played at Arkansas. Got Few others. You guys want some more sure most fascinating part of the damn right news. It is obviously krona virus related so this is Italy's mayor's going off. It's actually it's pretty. It's only two minutes twenty seconds. Maybe like watch watch how they talk to their plimmer. It's translated though so it's wait. They didn't speak English. Just move on. Now it's funny and WHO's this go? Hong Mayor Different mayors station big that sound medical advice fan but I do not say the Spring Break Florida Kid. Who's Shit. He got krona virus. Yeah no he got he apologized. I'm not sure if you've got kids in Kentucky that through Crowbars Party and of course one of them ended up getting crowded virus. That's what her because they're young. Italians don't follow rules. They're here now. They are now for the most part. Fuck off other grandma. They had cups because This Portland the Portland Oregon. So I love sports got. She's she's a she's pretty just as the Tattoo on her. There's different weird tattoos. Or how about the evil twins? Sean Claude Van Damme. I think this might be from army of darkness Bruce Campbell. Yeah it is. I thought those are the other guy. Wow that great tits in a positive attitude. She said she's my lady right there. I love this. How many Justice does your wife of boom just to to what did you say. How many chest tattoos to Well my axe yes. She has none. She has the nicest now none of you know. Do Your kids no I. I still I came. I was like I think I missed the age where I regret all of them. Do you really. Oh I never my up onstage. Why it's a distraction of how I got a full sleeve here. See I disagree with clever in the mighty. They're good they look great bars very successful. Stand up comic. Goes TATTOOS DISTRACT? Unless it's your audience your tattoos and I will. I was told by way back. When they're like you can't be in really good shape and be a comic. Those days have definitely changed and I was like what I heard comedy body. That doesn't make sense because Eddie Murphy was fucking shredded in red leather back in the day. Yup He was a stupid those kinds of those kinds of things. And when I hear that now no because I was like oh maybe I maybe I could just eat. I've been hearing that since ninety fucking five. I did laugh at it and like what are you talking about right but my house. This body right skinny. Anyway I can give us one more comedy We'll just one official this one. Then so there's strimmers yeah. These are strippers at important Organ Club. And then obviously customers to stop coming in. Because they're worried about the bag so now they decided to do some call. Buber eats with wages. Go Up to you know order food. The customers ordered show up firstly which they were just showing their tits. But now they're covering them up with pasties. Yeah and then I asked him. I do way more discreet. The helium there and I went to go find this Mexican place over until we go eat up this Mexican space. I go to the bathroom. And there's bathroom hair and there's a black during the right. I go through the black during the right into strip clubs all the Strip club in Portland. Fantastic how old were they brio? Strippers now this one. Okay dear posted chapelle. Lacy is e. That's Portland though. You don't have the most strip clubs per capita than any other city not Atlanta nope Portland number one. That all right well. That's pretty much A. That's the news. Everything is all krona virus. This was another one that conor McGregor really went off. He wants Ireland and basically go into full lockdown mode. He also released a statement though about the Goethe's twitter because really released the numbers people sent him the of the success rate as well so just sent me this good news. The success rates like ninety eight percent eighteen thousand tests ninety four percents success rate. We're just for said negative or no nine nine four percent success rate. Meaning if you get it you're flying out of eighteen thousand people ninety four percent or five six percents the doozy. Yeah then you're but but even the numbers game right so that but the problem with it. So you're gonNA be fine The problem is if a Zillion peop- because it's so contagious zillion people get it. That's still the hospitals are flooded. That's the problem we don't ha so it's when I hear you're just gonNA be perfectly fine. Yes if you have mild symptoms terrific. I need a respirator. Stay at home. You might but but that's still means if if you get the one was in the lab the lab who's a nurse and she says their house right now it's kind of dead because so many people are that they don't know if they have it for sure they think they're hospital surrounded with people that have it so they're not coming in now. I heard Ibuprofen is not the health. It makes it worse than it's possible. No real studies connor saying they're worth watching. I also read that like people get zinc and then I looked up. And they're like yeah. It doesn't say vitamin C. Helps Z pack. That'd be so money. No Hydro just take your hydrocare Quine hydrocare or Kwan- yeah well then there's Choksi clore quite a definitely help similarity this. Then there's that guy in Arizona who took the he died but he took a different version and he did with that but that's the problem when they go. We think it could be this close enough dumb dumb. I misread it than people start hit. Jin got very impassioned. Hello everyone do you think you could beat him? Address my niche. Oh that's a look of a man that could be. Michael D Higgins Vice. Let me put it full screen. Hello Everyone Hello Ireland. I would like to address my nation to the people of Orlands to oppress. Seems nervous. The Higgins Vice Admiral Marc Mallett to Garda Commissioner Drew Harris Chief Medical Officer. Tony Houlahan Leo. The to Simon's mayor me hall are a spiritual greatly and we'd like to played a minute. Who'll hands on this? I wanted to say that. We are all currently debating a full lockdown. I feel that we must any time spent debating. This is needless time from the clock. I know a good to fight when I see one and we have one on one Hans Now. I want to call upon my people that great people of Ireland. This fight needs us. All we are all in the red corner. Get awaiting the bell. So let's get it together and ring the bail ourselves including the people of the rest of the world. True lockdown must begin at most went through every country. I locked down to get a lockdown united. We must coast airports. We must goes all non-essential business. We must call it all. Non-essential Travel Commissioner Harris and Vice Admiral Mallet. We must prepare deploy you could use of his platform. Honey known built of every country now President Higgins. You must give these great men and women the power to enforce this task if necessary. Surprisingly it's in the politics credit when the seriousness of this is on the store as it is now he he could be your president. I love what if he was vice presidents? Every bit you right be. He might be one. Eighty five so joan gap. That's it. He's one hundred five. He might be there. He's pretty big fifty pounds shoot. I feel terrible. We're in the middle of a pandemic and you came on the podcast now. You've been battering me out. I don't I don't I don't know you do so. You see a deal. I feel Tehran. No you don't see feel you're crazy that staying at home every two second throat boys well and they socially they can talk with their friends and do all that on when they get on a four game or like. There's eight guys from like my twelve year olds classic. They're all playing all chatting and there. I would have loved it if I was like twelve. I'm Michael School Hell. Yeah Oh wait I think for kids. It's it's It's heaven I don't want to be in a very serious time when crazy shit's happening but I think yeah the kids have that same sort of like. Oh no we. Yeah we don't have to go to school. Yeah I'll for high school. Seniors can suck so no no prom sports. Well think about any graduations. Can't like Ken. John was gonNA do the Duke. Commencement speech and the threat. And that's not going to happen can don't will you do? That's on the singer right and Joan. Ken John John. What's that pronunciation? Is that what? What PART OF KOREA? I'm glad you asked us from the outskirts of Seoul. Why did you say soul that way? Now you're singing. You do mass singer with him. Though I've done it. Yeah I do like twice a guest judge. Yeah have you seen that? She'll be no no. I hated it. I WANNA fuck. These people were in suits and then there was on TV and that kind of get into it. You know I don't like is the judge's I'm I don't know if you've done this but there is that the way behind the fucking skeleton suit like hey man can do the show. You know what I'm saying. Well you never know. You're right right here on Fox for enough money but can and I are doing a podcast. I should mention. Oh yes he's an actual doctor and so we were like. Oh well who Kim Jong? Ok John Scrape McKenna and I was like. Why wouldn't you can't do it or not? A weird literally. GonNa tape it because we were like we should talk about. We should talk because he's very good at the medical stuff and I'm really good at as you can tell insulting people I love. That's a great idea to goodwill but if we ever get a place like this. I'll have this. I'm I'm retiring. She can have the retiring. Let me be a really a guest. I don't know it's just a family members share revenue. Okay how much money he has Mike. Can I get taught? We came here by by chopper. That's chopper Uber. Chopper isn't that blackbird service. Yes it is ever done that now. That's that hoover for played blackbird. Different ones I would like to do it your sense that things are coming to an end but this is just starting. I've been here for two hours. Twenty three minutes. Is this a record? Well no guests. Rogan does like three hours. You're an excellent guest task very true. We Love You All right inclusion. What have we learned? We've learned that. You're six four year of Scandinavian descent. Interest thank you conspiracy theories. I enjoy Christian theories. Yes yes could be. Which could very well be a conspiracy. Call me how to make a steak me and Brian going to hell where I didn't say that your friend said that. Yeah you're right if anybody's going to hell it's me your anchor. I loved drinking. Yeah we should. We should do a little wine so you like wine. I'm wide but you wine I way too much when things get back to normal. We need to go that steakhouse. Yes we do. I'll take you all full disclosure. I invested in it so oh mandate yeah. I wouldn't have invested in if I didn't go. Oh I'm on there You deal cat. Give me ten cent Joe my number and vice versa. Oh Yeah Group tax. I'M GONNA head over there right now. To pick up some of their takeout so jealous me get their short ribs but I'll have a Fillet at home with my wife. And I'll tell you how it could fillet the next time. You're the best man this kid we're out.

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Papa PhD Pearls of Wisdom  2019 Season

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Papa PhD Pearls of Wisdom 2019 Season

"Welcome to episode Twenty Six popper PhD being the last episode of Twenty Nine Thousand Nine hundred instead of an interview and this week. I'm bringing your collection of inspiring full of wisdom the guests of shared so far. I hope you enjoyed them. Having sneak a happy sharing welcome to papa. PhD With David Mendez. The podcast where we explore careers in life after Grad school with guests who have walked the road less traveled and have unique stories to tell about how they made their place in the world of constantly evolving rules get ready to go off the beaten path and hop on for an exciting new episode of Papa PhD. I'd really love you the audience to play an active role in the show. So if there's a theme you'd like to see covered on the show or if there's a guest did you like me to interview head over to anchor dot. FM FOR SLASH CAPUCCI and drop us a voice message to be featured on a future episode on the PG see website you can also subscribe to our newsletter and get our resource sheet at the bottom of every page and you can also leave us a written message contacts page. Welcome to the show on episode one. The new Murchison shared about the importance of allowing self to think big when thinking of career opportunities. I think the the first biggest thing would be To to think big about what the possibilities are you know Well I think you know things like like this project. You're working on you know things it's like this podcast really help people to to realize there are a lot of opportunities to raise the go in addition to just you know continuing on academia right. So you know. Don't be scared to kind of be a little bit audacious about what what kind of direction you might be able to go into And to really think about what. What's what's GonNa work for you when it's going to resonate for you And then you know to you know work figuring out how you're gonNA spend yourself how you're going to and how you're GonNa get all personal brand how you're GonNa you know how you're GonNa spin it so that you're the right person to do that. Ah On episode. Two Joel. mccower talked about the importance of staying curious. I you still learning stuff. Yeah I thought I've got a PhD. I'm an intelligent person But when I was doing my MBA. I realized that If you're not not studying something quite rigorously you know. You don't feel union in especially of course I was in my late forties doing my mba as well but You don't Your mind does begin to stagnate so keep leading cause after a year of my MBA. I felt I was twenty years younger mentally again. My agility amd back and that was great you know is a great feeling To I would say just keep letting no matter what it it is do Of course you know Learn about extraterrestrial life. You know If physicals search for extraterrestrial life or learn about anything I think that's really important again. Every opportunity increases you'll network on episode three Mark Roberts shares. Why should never feel like you're stuck professionally? The key mindset is just to keep reminding yourself that if what you're doing say that new job outside Academian started if it doesn't live up to your expectations that doesn't mean that you made the wrong and that somehow failed so you really should have just stayed in academia. Now that's not that you can always leave. That new job can find another the job either in the same field perhaps discovered that field just isn't for you so if something brand new again you're really never stuck in this. You convince yourself you're stuck and so What what I would really recommend is that everybody is their own pep squad? So when things aren't aren't working out just keep telling yourself that things will turn around you one way or another on episode four Rob Hutchison talks about why it's important to identify your strong suits. I I would say to identify what you are good at and what you enjoy doing so they may not not necessarily be the same thing but hopefully future job would contain elements of both and next. I would say start working on your brand early so so this would mean developing your CV and your Lincoln page but also putting together your elevator pitch to summarize your profile. This is something that you should have prepared to recite someone on its opportunities arises and then third I would say. Don't be afraid to take a leap to try new things and do things that scare you like. I mentioned before some people might like the idea of just doing the same old repetitive tasks and over and over again. But if you want to progress in your career keep things interesting and do more meaningful work and makes a real difference whether it be for your clients or for anyone else that I think they need to take risks and put yourself out there. On episode six Fiona Robinson Talks about the importance of finding your passion. If you're doing research I think that the two top things you're at are transferable from that are your critical critical thinking skills and your ability to take a big project rated into pieces analyze those. Get those done tied back together and bring her back to the whole. I think you can do that pretty much. Anyone doing research is being back. Then you can do anything you can. You can take on any kind of challenge. So then it's finding where do you want to put your allergies. What are you passionate about? I know they say you know do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. Whatever you still have to work? It's not always fun and not everybody gets to work doing what they. But there's gotta be something but you're doing or that you wish you in that that draws on episode seven Philippa Kereta Bauza talks about. Why you deserve to be where your today? Life is really really stressful nowadays in every field so you really stressful but if you are doing winging it is because it deserves and love your child as it's been hard in win nowadays the working. Where'd you live science will? Is Everything Itar and so rest. This will take all these days on episode eight. Emily Blue Roberts tells us what's important to have a side hustle during your PhD. Start doing actual work outside of your role role as a graduate student OR POST DOC By work I don't necessarily mean paid work. Although that is preferable it could be volunteer work but anything just just to gain any kind of experiences outside of your primary one as a researcher As a student as a trainee because working saying if it's a side hustle or a volunteer position or an internship or whatever it is gives you again those additional perspectives That you might be seeking at this this time and you know usually something you can put on your CV. Because a lot of the the fear I think at this stage is around I don't have any work experience. I don't have any reason working experience. All employers are looking for the PhD plus two years. He's Mary's as an entry level position. Well of course we know. That's negotiable right But something you can do while at the same time you're finishing her PhD. You can start that work experience clock even on a part time basis just by reaching out and having some of these other Arab experiences in episode nine killer look shows advice on finding a fulfilling career. Yeah so that is A. It's obviously a huge task to that transition and to even begin to understand what you want to do and I think one of the main things is needs to do. Your research find vocation that is profitable fulfilling but also can provide value to your audience and make you feel like you're making a valuable contribution And that's not always the easiest thing to do but if you do that research in you you have a decent idea that something's actually going to earn your money and filling. That's ninety percent of the battle on episode ten to Merle. Luke talks about why it's important to allow yourself to try new things see opportunities that often interest you even if they don't fit neatly into the path you think you're supposed using footage air supposed all along if it's interesting to you pick it up at the very least it's nothing you learned that it's Tea and it isn't for you at the very most host in a few really good at it and it could lead to an exciting career opportunity or you know like Barnes here extracurricular opportunity or you just never know what's going to be there unless you refunds and like. I said it doesn't have to be something that we'll be predetermined eighties in episode eleven. Chris can talk about resources available to people looking into enterpreneurship to produce We're at a time where there are loads of resources available to people coming out of Grad school especially with entrepreneurial unreal ideas on. There's tons of really good accelerator programs. Be At y combinator or at creative destruction lab program which is a program that we did That was phenomenal. But honestly you know the biggest value to a lot of those programs is that it introduces you to Lots of other founders. Lots of other people trying to do similar things It may not be the exact same company or the exact same technology but but they're all struggling with different varieties of the same problems And so talking to them can be hugely helpful. In episode Twelve Adriana Bankston talks about the importance of learning to tell your story learn how to talk about your science to other individuals and other groups who are not scientists so even if you have friends that are not in science and I'll talk to them and see if they understand what you're doing taking classes and You know being able to. I think I think the way that we started as creating resources that you know if institutions may have them or if they don't have them it's always helpful to try and create on yourself south in episode thirteen. Dr Kiki Sanford Talks About Imposter Syndrome. And how to deal with it. So imposter auster syndrome is something that we are hearing a lot about these days Just know that if you are in graduate school you have gotten there for a very good reason and you are a capable intelligent human being and You know find other people people that you can connect with. I think that is number one. Humans are social beings. And if we keep all these things to ourselves it's it's damaging in the end and we need to be able to connect with other people about about these thoughts of this this thing this thing. We're attempting graduate. School is a long a long and arduous adventure. And you it. You're not always going to feel like you're winning right. It's not always winning. There's a lot of losing. There's a lot of failure and it makes you feel really bad and it makes you doubt yourself So find other people. I mean if you don't have have a great relationship with your P.. I find other Grad students find other advisers but you you need to search for those people all You know sometimes they come to you but you need to be willing to open your eyes and see them as a as a possible. Small connection in Episode Fifteen David try it talks about the importance of taking part in student. Life pick something limit you like. Don't give up on too early because sometimes it was done one semester in whatever program and I don't like it so I have to find something else. Life moves quickly a Don't stick to something for ten years if you know you hate it after five and I'm thinking to myself in litigation but as far as the study goes just be diligent. Make friends with the students and something I also forgot is make friends with the professors and not friends. Buddy buddy just left the professors know that you're interested in what you're studying what you're what what's going on because when a professor knows that you're serious and that you exist and that you're responsible and you're taking things seriously On the one hand it's good to know the professors personally but on the other hand would if it comes to asking for a revision of an exam and the professor knows that you've been working hard all semester versus. He's never seen you except when it comes to complain about an exam it changes things a little bit. That's the very strategic way to look at it but knowing when your professors and getting to know them having getting to know what they want is also amazing but as far as the transition get out there meet people get get another city at just. Don't get stuck in the habit of going to school going home and You know not not not meeting some people and not getting out there in Episode Sixteen Seth Roger Shake run talks about why it is important to set short and long-term objectives support yourself try and create Or figure out what the the sort of short term objective is and And you know like a long term objective for the long-term onto that have to be very specific like I want to save the lives of MOMS and babies in Africa but it can be like I I wanna want to have meaningful impact in. Someone's life in help right that. That's one long-term objective and then the short term one is to do this. I think I need to understand how. Oh you know. Drugs make their way into the market And then from that work your way backwards to understanding what skill sets you need need and learn as much audible in episode Teen Simon. More asks a question that can help you throughout your professional life. You gotta constantly ask yourself what are you gonNa be when you grow up. It's not gonNA be the same it's GonNa keep it all again like whatever you graduate High School Graduate University right here is not. I mean I think either. Hopefully it won't stay that you're you're gonNA have all things will change in my state of same little while but some point is GonNa Change. You gotTa keep evaluate screen when he asked and that's been very in episode nineteen a Bill Police. It talks about why mental health should be your top priority. Yeah but I mean I think of when you have an accident you break your leg you go to the doctor and the doctor CEO you have yet to take some rest okay. And they give some exercises and and nobody ever tells us that you can also break your leg in your head. I mean something can go wrong with your brain you re using I mean especially people who have intellectual jobs they used brings everyday so football players. You go there you run us you tackle cul- and that's something you great something or you kind of You get an injury but did you notice Mandel so the brain can get interest. And there's IT's no permanent. I mean we have also a section. If if the brain has a problem is something permanent is mad is stupid is whatever is I know. The Bray is so considerate Massu. At some point. The brain has something that goes wrong. and which is something that would happen to everyone in life and then if the only thing you you have to do is to take some risks just like the saints too when you twist. Your Ankle Takes Abreast Youtube Fisher. Green you break something more serious. They said motorist I or even goes to the doctor and the doctor was okay. We should trust. Is it just it. Just bother you buddy so yes. Mental health is important but is important also took doc notice that we have we have not just to look after that we just we have the right to to be ill simple. Put up sometime in. The Twenty drew slack talks about the importance of reaching out to professionals in your areas of interest be fearless and and be Determined in in in chatting with people seeking out opportunities for mentorship of the knowledge gathering as early as is often as time permits always. I was found people so so happy New Year to help I think as scientists especially you know coming back to my own personal Or our personal sort of domain Because we're you know we're always held to account and we're never far away from Up from from some episode of failure writing as researchers We we have a out of humility that makes us ly help people but I found it in other domains too. So yeah I would. I would say leverage Every every opportunity audible and don't just Decide Eh you're going to settle on on one narrow area of of study a research career path. And you know. I think you don't know what you don't know in episode. twenty-one Mug with medicine talks about the importance of starting to network right now doing in your academic life tried to network. Don't stay focused only on the microscope. You have to log to have to talk to other. People have to lobby also tried to get a sense of the budget. How much you're spending? How can you make processes better in faster around you and this also counts more cost effective than you know more more efficient in general? That's that's something like that Damian lax but you you can try to develop on your own by the network and the knowledge around if you'd like to do something courses. Are you know thinking about entrepreneurship. Go to those networking events. Go to the to the talks. Listen how it is. Don't be afraid to talk with people what they feel about about it. What's their major challenges and see if it's really for you and pursued a career for women in general I think the most important important to remember that issue there? You're Likes to be there in Kenya. Where in a high position or wherever you are remember to look back and try to help others birds chief the plane? In episode twenty two cindy Evanston talks about how creating an interdisciplinary skillset could influence. Close Your career down the road. You have to step as hard as as hard as it is because we already don't have a lot of time but to step out of the lab and onto to do something else even get. I don't know some sort of one year program in a different field. That merges with yours you know like If it's in psychology and you know you don't become you know you don't want to do research in psychology look into whatever aspect that you enjoy whether it's child development or her Aging or whatever could be just emerged I think also not to be afraid to merger education with something else And I could be a weird mix it could be You just finish your signs and you love cooking and you might talk about the neuroscience of baking. I don't know I'm just saying like don't be too merged urge to different fields. Because that's what I did. I hesitated when I wanted to look into education a little bit more and but it was that jumper that leap into something different. That really helped me on episode twenty three Mark Rendall shares advice on dealing with criticism and with comparing yourself with others. Most people take action or don't take action based off what they think other people are going to think about them. And I'm going to hand you the golden ticket right here. People are not thinking about you. You they're thinking about themselves and they're thinking about what you're going to do and how that's GonNa make them look so when you really start to focus on why you're doing what you're doing in what you want to do in life and you stop thinking about what other people are thinking. which is themselves you can get really really intentional? and Re and really really clear on what you I want to do and you can live a life of purpose fun episode Twenty Four. You'll cost the talks about the importance of being patient in your search for the dream job. The life academia is very full of existential questioning and once you find a solution Russian let it let it sinking and and then take the risk like there's no there's no right path you just you'll you'll see. There is really not as solution of formula and you have been and till now if you are. PG students say until now you've been following a certain direction that the educational system has provided you or this society that you are in but you realize that there are so many avenues and so many possibility. So yeah chill out I would say And and get some Sun on and get some positive vibes wherever you can find and yeah go for it. It's I know that it seems like a race I I know that he seems very complicated for many people but I I really feel. There's always some sort of solution and you just have to. Yeah I don't know if it's wait for it but once you found it don't let it go and let it be so twenty. Five is one eleven to share. Here's some advice on how to choose your own path doing your Grad Studies. I think people should If you really love science and you want to dive in in research you should indefinitely go for a PhD. And it's okay if you change your minds midway and you change a little bit route don't forget it's your pitch it's not your supervisors answers. Its European so you have the right to choose your own path chooses supervised. The choice of supervisor is super important so chooses supervisory cit. I would not just for his or her scientific resume but also for their human qualities their personality the way the work. It has to work for you as well. The other thing is when you're midway through the supernatural to have doubts especially between the second and third year when everything is going wrong think because usually when it goes wrong between the second and the third year and you really wonder what am I doing with my life but if you want to do science related stuff well just just hang in there and finish it it will be worth it because when you finish your it's not just just the signs that you've learned you learned a set of skills. That will be super important for you in the future like problem solving and teamwork and meeting me any other people in getting people to help you solve problems and looking for answers and so many things that you learn along the way so having a PhD is an assets if you're doing a PhD in thinking of becoming a Pi. Well that's probably not going to happen. The numbers are not in your favor but having a PhD is wonderful because it opens doors and if you want to many other science related jobs having the is obviously a plus and even if you're not going to science well lots of consultants they value having people with PhD's because they know they're problem solvers and consultants will l.. That's their day to day job south problem so having a PhD's always an asset and this is it for twenty nine hundred. I I hope you have enjoyed the episode and to share great new content with you in twenty twenty so stay healthy keep investing yourself and keep tuning in every Thursday Thursday to hear news stories and get new ideas on how to carve your career path. Thanks for you're listening to another episode of the Papa Peach podcast head over to Papa. PD DOT COM for show notes and for more food for thought about non-academic boss Grad careers. I'll always be happy to share inspiring stories new ideas and useful resources here on the PODCAST. So make sure you subscribe on Itunes or wherever you get your podcast it to always keep up with the discussion to hear from our latest guests.

Episode Papa PhD professor Grad school David Mendez researcher dot Murchison Joel. mccower Rob Hutchison Fiona Robinson Dr Kiki Sanford Kenya Philippa Kereta Bauza Mark Roberts graduate student Academian Emily Blue Roberts Lincoln Mark Rendall
Episode 215: Illinois Excellence feat. Felix [Patreon Preview]

Yeah, But Still

05:06 min | 1 year ago

Episode 215: Illinois Excellence feat. Felix [Patreon Preview]

"Many people know where he moved but he bought so he blew up and now obviously he makes millions of dollars which is a funny. You know this all informs the Ninja brain which is worth analyzing but yeah he makes so much never gonNA leave the Chicago suburbs so funny or like improve his lifestyle he continues to eat exclusively fast food like when a blevins date night is like dude. Nian Jasser going to PF. Changs like people talk people talk a lot of ask about it but it's like actually like really epping good. Let's like the funniest shit about him. Is that like also you're making that much streaming and you you know you're locked in a house after you're bound your computer. The least you could do is like okay. I could live anywhere. I'M GONNA move to like most people would move to La. Like I'm going to go live in the hills. At least my wife can like go do her thing and like have a social life. We could go out. Occasionally to like really incredible restaurants and try to like remake it up to her for like being a streamer but yeah it's just like they're he has way to more money than you could spend in the Chicago suburb. Yeah like you can't even rich you could be living a very lavish yes? Pf Chang Ching out like. He's like that's bowling out where he lives. We'll probably like no Ming knowing the Illinois suburbs by Montana's Maggiano's yeah. Oh Yeah we're GONNA go to Buca Di Beppo for and I'm about to drop a two hundred dollars item on the menu Bro. Buca so sick. It's like dude. I Love The godfather and all those movies. You feel like you feel like. You're you feel like you're flipping. Don Corleone don't don't tell her but I'm GonNa rent the pope room for our anniversary as me and her seats twelve people and it has the Lazy Susan in the Middle Pass around the dishes but I only get the macaroni and cheese. They make it a mess. They're sounds ridiculous but like Spaghetti. You can get like you can make your own spaghetti but like macaroni and cheese. Like those guys. They know what they're doing. Yeah they they use real cheeses and it's also like if you said this him he'd be like well like you would move to la because it's like all my friends play. North American ease for people aren't familiar like you're paying in a game that's the milliseconds it takes for like you're the information from your computer to get back to the main server the game is hosted on so it's like the closer you are to the server the better so like if he played with people on east and he lived in. La His like his game play would suffer. But it's like well you could move to like you can get like a you can live a really good lifestyle like in New Jersey. Yeah but it's like I. It's cool because it's just funny though L. Illinois is like kind of Shitty Chicago and parts of Lake County. It's like kind of Shit. He has so much he has an more than enough money already to completely retire in Chicago and be incredibly wealthy in Chicago for his whole life. Like you know there are really rich people there but like just opposite options. Aren't that big like you know like rich. La Person like you get the floor seats at the Lakers with your name. Like engraved on it. You know like like there's like a lot of ways to spend way too much money on stupid Shit Chicago. It's like all right. You like by the Lake Michigan Jet Skis and the boat. You can like build a huge mansion in the suburbs and like get a you know like a corvette of twelve corvette after that. It's like what else do you do like. You're like the ceiling. He has enough to do all the Chicago Rich Guy Stuff. He's an incredibly interesting guy. No yeah he's just like pure Illinois from Illinois suburbs won't leave. He's so funny. I mean I've met him before I was telling you that when he bought that. Newhouse CY like ran into him at the PR. The Pro am tournament and it was like the weirdest collection of people we are like. I think we're by the bathroom. It was like backstage and it was me Ninja. One of the person who I can't remember then Joel McHale from the soup so Mikhail and community and community pro and he had just blown up like huge like the hottest shit in the world. It was right after drake using the hottest shit. And we're like talking and like I bring up the suburbs. And he says he bought a new house and like I was like. Oh like yeah. Where'd you guys decide to go like? And he's like well actually from my wife. I can tell you that so I really want people knowing and I was like well what I mean. Suburbs city he's like. I'm sorry I really I really can't tell you that and like Joel. Mccower looking at me. I'm like what the fuck in Joel McHale GonNa do. What are we going to say? That was on top of the world. no yeah yeah yeah it was a very. It's like I'm not telling me actually meant wouldn't even tell me like North or west. Who afraid you were GonNa Tell. I know yeah or Joel McHale Joel. Mikhail's like going to get back into talk soup scoop. I know her Ninja lives.

Chicago Joel McHale Nian Jasser Illinois Don Corleone La Mikhail Pf Chang Ching Buca Di Beppo epping Buca drake Newhouse CY Lakers New Jersey Lake Michigan Jet Lake County Middle Pass
NPR News: 04-06-2021 2PM ET

NPR News Now

04:40 min | 5 months ago

NPR News: 04-06-2021 2PM ET

"Live from npr news. I'm lakshmi singh. In a matter of weeks covid nineteen vaccines across. The country will be available to people as young as their teens. Lot of seats have already been doing that. President joe biden. Who's visiting a vaccination cited northern virginia. This hour is expected to say more later in the day about how the countries exceeding its vaccination goals. Npr's windsor. johnston has a preview. white house. press secretary jen. Psaki says everyone over the age of sixteen will be eligible to be vaccinated by april nineteenth instead of president. Biden's original deadline of may i. The president had already announced that he was asking states to move up their timelines. So this is more providing clarity. To the american public it reduces confusion the president is also expected to announce that one hundred fifty million doses of the vaccine have been administered within his first seventy five days in office. His original goal was one hundred million shots within the first one. Hundred days windsor johnston. Npr news washington the administration's embarking on its next steps to overhaul title nine. Campus sexual assault rules. Npr's tovia smith reports. The formal process will begin with a public hearing on how cart rules enacted last year by the trump administration should or should not be changed. The trump administration went through a formal federal rulemaking process to make changes. It said would ensure fairness for accused students that process makes those changes harder to reverse. And it's why the biden administration now has to take the same lengthy rupe education officials say they'll announce dates in coming weeks for a first hearing to kick off the process. Meantime the trump administration rules remain in effect but officials say they'll issue new guidance shortly advising schools where they may have discretion and compliance survivor advocates. Say the trump roles unfairly limit the kind of misconduct schools need to address and make the process retraumatize for victims tovia smith. Npr news the recent series have gun violence in the us. Now involves a navy base in maryland. Police say a gunman critically wounded two men at a business park in the town of frederick at fifty miles north of washington. Dc military officials say the suspect navy. Corman later ended up at nearby four dietrich where he was gunned down by police joel. Mccower of member station w. p. r. has an update. The shooting was reported about eight thirty this morning. Outside of business at the riverside tech park. Frederick police chief. Jason landau said officers found two victims who were airlifted to a baltimore hospital where they were listed in critical condition. The shooter fled to fort dietrich public affairs officials at the post said fort. Dietrich police civilian agency located the shooter. After he ran the gate. The man identified as thirty eight year old navy medic which shot and pronounced dead at the scene for npr news. I'm joel mcchord in baltimore. This is npr news. The fragile work of reviving the two thousand fifteen iran nuclear record is underway in vienna delegates from china russia britain france. Germany and iran are working to bridge the most prominent divide between tehran and washington. Both of whom were expected to begin indirect talks iran's dolled up its enrichment of uranium and says it will keep doing so until international sanctions on its country are lifted the us which pulled out of the pact under the trump administration says nothing will change until iran fully complies with the two thousand fifteen agreement. Israel's president says he has designated prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu to try to form a new government but he said there were moral and ethical concerns due to netanyahu's corruption trial. We have this from. Npr's daniel estrin president reuven rivlin said. No candidate has a realistic chance of forming a governing coalition after elections last month ended in stalemate but he said he was designating netanyahu to try to form a government because he had slightly higher chances. He has the most supporters in parliament. President rivlin said it was not an easy decision from a moral and ethical standpoint. Itani was on trial for alleged bribery and fraud. Netanyahu will have a few weeks to try to build a coalition. If he fails another candidate could be chosen or israel could hold repeat elections daniel estrin. Npr news jordan us stocks remained mixed this hour. The dow is down forty three points at thirty three thousand four eighty three. The nasdaq is up. Twenty eight points and the s&p has picked up two points. I'm lakshmi singh npr news.

npr news tovia smith Npr lakshmi singh President joe biden secretary jen Psaki windsor johnston biden administration Npr news navy washington northern virginia riverside tech park Frederick police Jason landau iran fort dietrich public affairs johnston Biden
S1 E5 PV Sindhu - Inspirational story of Ruthless Golden girl who is creating history

Naye India ka Andaaz | Inspirational Stories - Podcast | KreedOn Sports

06:20 min | Last month

S1 E5 PV Sindhu - Inspirational story of Ruthless Golden girl who is creating history

"You do near chara chart dean so sibusiso yada sukey aplly monetize subky abruptly could be your virtuosic but in sub sailors it s. job patchy budi. You are help you. Seco eked told me bill. You've heard me key. He lady or fans you'd pay post -lica- you'd hurt himself eek pasha so much. High shaw jeep. Just biki hardcore. Be hard monday key. Pasha heck up. He may or may india dusky but in a how about assad johnny unique history. Killarney kid just being cuddle party economic yankee for the nakheel juggle. But we'll see killed me. Dunia pardon me. Perky elect chevy by. Is it named jack. You could do cavani mesh singing by fit haase's who donate india dusky partially episode adam but getting us indian athlete. Kabbadi me just the indian badminton. It could name comfort which. I just the indian sports fans gagnon. Bellybutton crickets hadaka. Dc or sports that of humboldt carre most successful indian lumping key humbert camera hairstyle shutler pb syndicate davison donor. Tokyo olympics may bronze-medal jitka laga dolan. Bikila me but the giovanni barsky naughty female at least one day the hail the sewage. Kudo tell koi salunke but husky suffer. See what he come logo walker for the archie. Beavis loophole daesh dunia koi john but jarvis achievement which new simba million gear up skin yard. The kisa forghieri me john. He jonty to point out. I hung up. Go but hanky gase ican manila guinea saudi bundle orca olympic podium. Dhaka's for turkey said. Love van could sindhu yup. Pvc duca genome. Watch july and unease open channel head. Robot bodmin what sindhu coup came. Bring veracity milita one game out that without bruno. He rushed us. Turkey volleyball clarity. Sports family saloniki karen budgets say. He disciplined lifestyle. Follow juki judge byun geeky or life. Me softy cindy parsa takayuki garen on keep professional honesty. You're disciplined mazot sake over me up sindhu. Volleyball badminton tire dupree. Now casseus goi ordinary bulk. Use what give badminton star. Pull it out. Go pitch Non-east endure angel sedaka badminton of been cut. Goodwin and tiger shy. dooney copies may be nestle. Gop but good enough. You facts are stranger than fiction vessel. He could syndicates to piper peru soccer which hotoke lucky doper or routing. sindhu jessica. Larry joke knob. Hug could look the him joe. Hotoke lucky does zelda up. Nick kerma boroughs ougherty. Give a lot sock yumi. Her rose chop one kilometre tagger. Cindy will whiskey badminton court. May training kenner shouldn't sindhu kiss. Subsidary coach mahboob renamed. Gooden could nashnamie bought the blood leaky. Shorty cindy badminton taty. He'd chandi garnish. Shook yeti had their bottke heart short daybreak training academy may kissing you. Behani sindhu kabad putty giac aditi hobie kunal mazda. Subhuman may easton dooney data under ten championships. May go geeta or the ski bart's in ducas nikica subsidies bharat turning point. 'jabuka selection gopi chand academy who faircloth harvard inhale academia sinica kabibi peachy mirka now. He sub junior issue badminton championship who yet iran on badminton. Challenge cwc games. We are olympics her championship. Aarp chop totally syndicate career goth. The sicher keep nature lockup shorty sindhu ex-professional shut levin cindy game sub sahara spot. Joe could kick coach kathy. Luca badminton pathy raghav on god discipline laga secret. Any it shop or to us. Puggle but sindhu equality's garage going to shoot of lifestyle chaman kelly two hundred cheese hustle. Caserta ahead skiba michel see. Come knock at the yes in looking mannered guy. A dj he does. I'll needs me sindhu barak keys. Subsidies suffer female at twenty or khanum forbes ski of richest female indian athletes list me sub super but abortion but she rajiv gandhi caled award arjun award yeast. Sorry soman vodka. Assad sindhu kazadi judicial is kalari. Is dick bollywood film. Three idiots kids and juki bhatia that ethan demanded could use the full tudjuk mark. Ej sl lunatic when audiences in the gimme hummy shah seek near better. Manipur zodiac nam. Besse is the short at boston. Duke delegation guard return on investment manager. Se he did inspirational motivational who cynically jury liam restart. We don't they india and dusky ugly episode. Joel mccower. toby alicia crowbar johann but getting pirate. Kid hawker belmont yacht or keep do no more entrusting in motivational stories on indian atheletes follow us at. Www dot on dot com. You can also subscribe to us at spotify apple. Podcasts and google podcasts.

badminton sibusiso yada sukey aplly eek pasha assad johnny cavani jitka laga dolan Bikila giovanni barsky manila guinea saloniki karen byun geeky cindy parsa takayuki garen Seco Dunia india haase Volleyball Pasha sindhu jessica
The Not So Late Show With Jason Monteclar EPISODE 29 - "ANG WALHON"

The Not So Late Show With Jason Monteclar

21:18 min | 9 months ago

The Not So Late Show With Jason Monteclar EPISODE 29 - "ANG WALHON"

"From the local news headquarters in civil broadcast live from reroute steals. This is the not so late. Show with jason monte. Cry because we never neutral never silent learn not so late show with monte medically my own bareness at a non. How how about muggle ilunga announcement in the hook up and got a book. Welcome to put this woman on the not so late. Show i am your host jason monteplier so late show with said monty cried up least stress mikhail only my edgardo liberia number. Ten d lehmann. Mckeag zeke benthic but make number nine away now number eight. Gimme no ribbon. Gutting numbers seven becoming metro. Mark the about nece- motto number six no sub priority mike dino paris the the number five seed gigi high sea gallon gas the las vegas unlimited number four more than obama icy byron garcia numbers me. What buonarroti rapid testing kits sobre number budgets but an hour to muscles media stress. Are you on now me my gardella clarin liquidations three billion pesos budgeting and gusty. Noneya gome own canonical. I'm hidden does caboose. I'm gonna go get bulled manga. Halliburton a guy iota and soccer. But he can eat bang hata. Doug does magoo now. We got the guts do gain capanna hulan gonna quip about on arequipa asaka dealing banning awhile. I palm don a dance at an mooney stannard again. Eamon brass a good gubin gave seeking seen get the oscar. Sada muscle go by. He'll walk by mona bion. Gabriela immu on a me. On new enormous do get dunked on an anti-subversion law illegal alonzo's etc number gut-gutted both auto perennial is in that the rolling stock. I must duck mugo bleed mohan book. Armas iran lumbago an istanbul. Well they not so secondly boudin butter lagoon got home. Benard religion and the state has the right to defend itself against insurrectionist and provocateurs. Also not on red dogging abera on some now. Communiste sokha his party of the philippines or national democratic front or any international marxist organization casulty but asked mo- knuckle kamani stang on a budget deal on monday. I only stubborn. Ol- thank luca. Communist is not necessarily irritable and irascible isn't necessarily communists on appeal appeal an byron battle. Sassine abandon godollo potala. See it mr cheeky. Baraboo calista as apo hiking spend can we. Also benign arguments button. A bill people oglala you that you have to stunned by say. Up glucose mona brighton away. Malino member danny mcguire boob meagerly rallies got us up on what you zakat own beyond knuckle magi gotten number salad mode aroma dump diesel gala. Geico gasoline chairman. Mao cy young little red book. That political power comes from the barrel of the gun. But the problem is we don't have the appeal be so how long it s be alone. Listen and learn. I'm bugging cosmopolitan on a yellow tone but asked about the annual obligations and could produce a young guinea. And let me tell you this in ordina nine naso on somebody. Nasa van nemo not nameless bridge. Dead ice skate. skopje nasa. yeah. I'm not sued antao missing mcginn. Bega be so baracoa ono walker. Koa young girls the second got a bit bit for but buying a cup but you nepal see painted quinta. Ammos wintom got league guppy and go butts. A new people's army can be get guns up on a whom bernabeu sky no hunkered. Po-point mcmahon junkin tara silvino kilometer omya say accomplishment ego. Get to sleep rather say it's a global look so no in my say i'm not gonna buy niba and muna congressman euphemia. Coloma was killed in an encounter with the military last november twenty eight c javelin calama aaliyah's scarab bentley. Does our newspaper town was the lone fatality in a forty. Five minute encounter in branson through in marietta down the to sorry go. Those muttered busted report got to the by mona representative guy. Mcabe is a medic. Sanyo people's army. But the louis but god new gun. Second sucker button. Condolence familia malala might bouba and now expect more now daily more. now i'm not gonna get down missiles abiam muna identifying a sack upset a building. Nba again delete super allowed. I'm communiste. i'm that boone. Tecoma cuban rumble through newsroom. Saving latest nepalese zuber v money fake news. Salama descend up buddy news woman. Necessity mayor cuddle billion compared gala opening a meter deep symbols duck soup neck. Ka sub interest fee can cepeda sack. Cut up powell. Tumbles muttered press goldblum such duties super looking. And you send a senate disinfect including lisa. Neela alcorn in data too big too slovan somewhat interest kogo little league high to big data multiply alcohol. Germs see news. Mona partly stay in mckay. Someone up sung swoon paris. Our building summer suspi in a the consequences of bion sta only compo can't hear representatives of part list in your night. And he will. He will both doubt booms in a group when you can pull. It begins young not to seminary building group could nominate to the npa both possible. Nice people around concede modern sep philippines superbug neo compo- muttered presser af couldn't deep within your nag assume payroll pyan buddha not to someone very building hookah not only happen. Muncie lonnie running presidency. People's army dina bulletin fake news polly dot com jason studio among morning. Fake news symbolic berga any so. Good number lagadec boosted. They married gardella. Billy joel mccower. He got you now or mississippi. Galileo suck is a value. not the do hoc- lambert mesa. So associazione mussa berry suck doing now. Linden usa loud Anita sonya ziemba tarun guy limited among sarah. Now the motola gaikkai strict on social distancing. Upon until you're not a geek doubts. Gago pedestrian lentil online master's early. I'm probably collection will insist their building simba e face-to-face. One hundred. come on mama deal so second get blown out. Pass an expulsion bid in spittal data by somalatha three months. Keep them on. One of the eagle or espinosa. Deepak o'malley margaret cho young miss at among. He got la letting lobbying monarch mulu. Nancy andrew oxy merrill oh on madden alani william agni. The lynn be knee surgery. Name my own up now. I must have done but get being gas. Among our piece you can like in shares on facebook page or did mccaw subscribes to youtube channel. Or you can search for us the ass spotify and owns eight type. Inland the not so late. Show with jason month declare osa obama documentary. Nana mama haley goons somoza. I'll be more focused. So say hung kantar opened young at rabelo. Putting mc email certain conducted menial nargis. Facebook messenger by an attorney feature anaemia hung mung uninjured. Dingell and border sean. To delman now can hang. Lineker molly ceo. Kabc beardsley making ila. Bill must meek you get prepared nabucco asarco and go up as our i. Give him the. How london sabota- lebeau at the not so late. Show with jason monte. Ou chris songs early as bird and start to see those christmas lights the bride this treatise in november call started left one. Some days off your chance of you coming back Long says the yard. You change their colors Chances view and it gonna be when insanity paid. Same me on christmas day on on christmas day.

jason monte muggle ilunga jason monteplier Mckeag zeke benthic mike dino byron garcia Noneya gome capanna hulan mooney stannard mona bion Gabriela immu Benard Communiste sokha national democratic front or a kamani stang Sassine abandon godollo potala mona brighton danny mcguire Geico gasoline Mao cy young
Cabin Fever

The Hows of Us

48:16 min | 1 year ago

Cabin Fever

"The. Society. Gwede. Hey. It's got walk over to the House of us. podcast where I along with site had an reg just a couple of good friends from different walks of life answer the question of how do you feel with just about everything under the Sun Giants as share inside and viewings or the various issues we are facing today. We. Hope you, enjoy wreck. Oh. At it. Don't forget to bring sense. So, how would you do? Well. The House of Oursel- Awadhi A. Factory I. Welcome to another episode of the House of US quarantine edition yet. All my then the level of nicotine than. People got hung. Shout. Out They'd be Reggie Biting? Sifi teen fighting a united. Steinem in Cat Houser Rick. Oprah Mobile Yeah, you could put it. In the. We. The expulsed on the? Trouble by day in. But I mean workwise away, undermine battering the Ghanem cynical and all. I have a the M S. You know that. Be. In. Business. Postman structuring. Strauss in dome. Anew your in a breed enlighten me. Burden and know young. Finding explaining why I like in scientific something but I'm. Byron. Union. Merrin concert than Um our demand like. Mood Swings Lazy. Now, everything now grave for something I may not be on A. New Mind? INDIANA. said he loo meantime. Gene. Novel. A. Latin elegant elegant. Swing getting. CETERA SCAR number Nebraska. Lula's Mumbai Day. As much as As much as possible I I got. So unless line of us. Birds. Guinea. We think widening the mind, round? was up by nothing. Taibbi Steve Byrne. Be Heard of. Adding Caesar. Can you explain something Mung Other Timber The Hague. Host near you research. On Romans. Thank. What's Being. But on his blog, you your mom movie my Dad. Roy. mopping-up. Novels increase chocolate was. This LEMUR. Being highlights. Nate igniting sir. CNN Yes in. make us a kristen Rogers on. CNN. Goulash Art Begin International immunity to CNN. Go I have cabin fever watt if in how? You're. Impure and a high on the. Loose. Quotation marks. Something like by urine. Samples, answer chuckle your almost the Bottom. Before a legal ideas on, that's not any But also. been. Fever. This initial topless. Pistons. Nine is thou in North America? Baron somehow, Guingona seem. Have Been Fever. union someone. Now isolate more. God Beans Sap Muncie bottom NASA woodstock. Ns amid of the Forest Governor Yadi Battle Online. So you're thirsty isolated. Lead into those America Simone Bandung North America. Bumblebee in on. An. Experience in inquiring Vinson. Soul. Gone also. In Tampa about being among. The Gen. generals. Usually followed him how certain? Means everybody. Cabin. For. Your. Uber will. The. South up amongst applied to. This. I've been man union feeling more cabin fever photography. Look at no. Isolated about high. which you saw people ain't that Guerin in overnight the monitor all. You. Never go. Let's just say go to Home Depot. So we're. Out or to heighten that up alone say some space. Now. WHO Are Une- down. Behind so enough Ian going you're gonNA feel hold on. Ours. MUST have, people bomb in. Yes I am. Proud to. Uproot. Art became more or less my expert you might WanNa buy been fever. Moment Nickel. Nickel. ME. Oh. Made by whistle was someone out on. You by by. Our with some angels. Among blown among. You'll be. Gordon Siegel. Billions delegate. By. Auto shops. I mean get out the whole battle necessarily. Show. Hype A. Week install right Emiko happy by good. Evening Bible among. The other day Maguire theme. Been Months Nina word. Plus Anglo Hornet on January. February pappas marching. into by. By. Looking for that, say the opening. Show yes but don't want Horn Solo number high purpose chillier You look forward every week in democracy on. Getting you. Give on Sheldon how hard? Fever toplessness Oklahoma and. scheduled. Ortiz one big feast. One we were. When Sophie I'm. All. In what you but Alice three months, but you know mom's not elegant by side. Again Marched up what's June or new? Ninety Miles, I don't get up. I know that would be almost in a grocery times. Will. Type, me eight major e seek your. I life. Weekly I live. They go. On with Marquette. Public market. Apple's Fundra city. So they'll. By funding them. Libra. Bosso. Blooms I've been either. Fever show. Yes. So. Yeah I know like. Been Good saw the Arctic in not CNN more now. Saban Dr, Villa rights psychologist while. DNA among an official definition. Abby fever. Shop psychological disorder. So by every. Nets psychological or there's a good balance, a macro. Elegant finish. High your bottom. Let's say you isolated. Up List. You feel now they. Were GonNA apple some feeling hopeless buckets. You're isolated like side they. Acquired the. Your Swear Leo Mart Elegant. Let's say. About the new managing Anthony Stabile Abou-. Any. Major, hit up. By Byron hopeless in NFL to Michael. Power which is feeling we'll have comment by you mean you. Don't get the mother. We get involved with by Mahathir LMS number. Mass. Getting I longing, Jesse. But. Make fever measurements. Miladin. Hopelessness in America I'm learning join difficulty concentrating. Using Bennelong oppose. Longo in Bacchus Manual Lapa saw. Someone. But on allow you in I won't. The. Site the just as each more let's say you work from home. Alone home. By S. Chrissy bath for. Going well being. Night the abundant in DC work for. A credit on. So. Yes. And the Benneton considering. Bozell known Goblin Seaver, CONC- would. I live up. Third, nausea early nineteen hundred special. Oh Mata got. But? You Line there were isolated persons. Can you believe people hung there? Recent upgrading numerously along months a win thirty. Dollars. So my Hadid Buckeye. Behind make. No. Give shockwaves an alum. madame, Sean, six ways on how to. Off with abby have in very. Those states. Your. Heart to. Sam. Six. Six lakes. News waste. With abby fever. It got the how Own. billion. Yeah. I am. Know, you name Buzz Veto. A. Number one is established a routine an. Explanation, for the NAPA. Lingo unknown. Establish Earth team. Yeah. Like. By know hung daily schedule more like. Them about. All The innocents. Nice. So. Yeah but volume found daily schedule. Say if I don't final song up uncle bottom. By. A goal of colonel longest cabin fever is not but made something forward. To. Having Aniela. GEESINK UP. Using more quaking under. Salon job building. Madonna Commission now, the whole number. Opposing the. Dong by Mike negatively. Senden, a minority element of releasing. Heat almost not with us. On assign. Boundless Smuggle Works for the Work from home up scooted but but see nine or ten am m. On. May Bankers Social Medium. Dan. but uncertain. Are. UNCERTAIN GETS mugged office tomorrow choose and number two at the very not to. See Song. Mix Up your space. REDECORATE COME WHEN You drive the. Dog the not feeling the. Only you mop plants. At Lean. And me to facebook. Make them by Warren. Guatemalan. Iran. Yes Timing. Land. Like some on any land Gardin stays backyard. Yeah on Guardians Stop. By Bloom you. Ma. By. Now and. Landscape. Decorated by. On fresh. Volume, on Nani Mo leaks again run see ya la. Cheviot mainly Magda name Halama that. Union frontyard Wrong You Love US, skip by new landscaping saw them. So meager. Guy Used on A. Yawn shot. The Borough Nagy for him though you know somehow that run off air? Yes. No one indigo. Plant love. Your Mama Ghulam. Offense. Plants. Was Spot on whereby the. Bombing planned celebres. This loophole in dominating nagoya-honolulu on business again on. BBC. Help. I speaking beginning. In Davos. that. I. That you back. Along in POW. I on May One Hundred. Ninety Nine Lama And by or in dumbing up art. ME. Out that UNITED SCOPE waghorn. been. Yet still not one nine. On. Uni Me. Gun Dunk. The your nine hundred or so Bronco. Martha. Start Buying. No space like wading Ballymena Nevada. Actually. Go on by hanging you molly. Molly. Deal Mitzi Cox to Snowman Shah say. alleged. Skirt able some big a coup. Me Bob I don't mean on. Get some. Yes. May Parts on silent Butler. Another lab One. Way To go play along. Yes Oh. Yeah. Eight inches. ABOUT SALSA MONEY. I stop on. On. That's option earning a now unity law. Called them is unclear, rice non and building. An. Outlet on gains face TEHEMA JOG or. Usually on the Jim. Bohannon. Fresh Long. Am I gonNa Porn? Delegating. Off Season is. A name. Through Young I. Is. If the Hyun Gundi Button Our full those in the C four photosynthesis issues yet photosynthesis is the process in the beach. The energy from the sun is transmitted to the priming produce oxygen. In any Society. Group. Number three, which I think one of the hardest are. Martin thing to stay physically. Stay. Physically and mentally. Ill The act okay. Okay. Three after you go back hearts. Yet out. Nobody. I try do like. Every day. or every other day now my Work Out for fifteen to twenty minutes. GonNa Need Martin afterward getting in. Say Our. Own. I don't. Know. What I mean. Elicit on a month. Outgoing martyr. Montgomery Domenico. Festival may scheduling me sausage whole home week one week who? If someone wiring every afternoon with thirteen weeks and? Shampoo resign week one. From CIA. The sweet blow tournaments. Evasion. Like a nickel among Issa. Absolute. Unlike look. Who? In your physical after. Amazon. Said? So, physically up the. Phoenix mentally asked him on a high of. Being. Miserable. Was Watson young men bugging Mandela active. Known. GUMMY on social media. Let's be Biden's affable Shannon's. Yes. True. But on. More favorable Graham but I'm getting this laburnum. Recent orders from social media. By them Suck in Guidance Emma. Then Yada. So mobile way. No my friends so. The next time. STURT gun hug law. Simple by at. The Paso Enrolled? I'm about fifteen minutes nine Nazism's older than. Be a holding. Nine thirty. Bed? Of our no. Dow Violent Muscles though Ulan now you use. Skipping it. S A. I I like go. Has something to do with. Don. and. Fleeting Bobby. See. According to a stagich chatting. Why don't we know about about the or you don't is nothing. By. Wrong. I. Say. A whole. In Go. An. Aviation something you will go on. Bottom by Granada. Now. The quickey. Ninety mock grown potato Latino Koto Yellowish. Right, a cinnamon Gordon Gano and you. Just. Amana annalisa screens. Streams sunlight somehow bubbles. mcgann Don, mcgann beyond parasol mom hated formed by. Going to. Sean night. Go Nine Lloyd. Guessing That guy. Went. Warm Tolan in cool. John. People all. Four. Magical huggies. Oh, number four. For four and five, which four five. Billion number for connect with others. A number five but fine by Luciano Birdie who? Mr Lane. You make cabin fever Doba own for. durst. But again. Game. Sabi didn't article staying socially connected is very important that this this by. But. Fine. Thank to Saint. It basically announced advocacy by. Picket by. Article CA right now. By bus a hank with both so young by la. Champion. by knock eighty nine, Jim. Indeed. Or Homo Star. phentermine. Don't. Good non. Lang. Good. Dude. Fight in the winding got the not underlying London environ extra. Diagnosing the hot must maderas misbehavior swelling in my legs skin? Tabby. Sub Either saw article in. Joe Napa Makoto Room separated. A bullet Granada a whole. Feminine. Generally Undying. Differences. Yes in some Benjamin Different Tesla. Union bottom. May Joel mccower Guinot. Behind. In behalf we're not letting topic we hold it. Must that he'll. Isolate by. Must Merimee Nine Mukasa Must Merimee Biden enough to keep the owner groggy long. On its own. So you're so. Be. On our on home concealing feeling more major Nina Megan do. It's a Angel. Will Ask stanch Latin stanch Amigo known on. The Demo Mahia a gap. Behind that was simply because they Liba blessed necessarily. Phelan's every every came of bonding. No. Find Time. going. Extra very over in. On the moon air quotes humbly. BOBBLE And He got along doubles Sanford stands for. So. By land. It's moved. To. Make with gone. got a little bit. About. Lane, set buddy. Number zero guessing a mind but A. Couple of guys slugging in like in in each other's face as Nakai and in a missile grades. McRae nonfiction. Kissing. Her sober. that. Unwary off the. Bye. Jessica. Lake. Things the parent album. I'm. Sorry. throwing. Home. And He. Bamian imagine final dorm. You. Hours I'm an. Bobelis either doing be. That's gone on. We'll say by the way work. No toplessness out in some room. Find A. dunkin' gun. Bliss. Galley. Reply Million when I'm. GonNa. Ask Nick. Only. Media marrying ossika clean up. Again On founding assignment, how can you serve by DEBA-? Imagine but along one young Oh. And last but definitely not. Iniguez, they'd be able to buy. Embraced the Discrim for Alliance are. which is our big about on. Explained but we got. When we can you? Explain a India. Them Discomfort game. Julie genucel. Dot Gov. I know. This is in both herbs is except along your five years now. Deliver Pie I mean. Bottom. Element by. Beacon Amon. Disregard. You'll had 'em the Minorca. In Nevada hope. Are. Dead. vilely deal. Island may job Major Kinkel, toxic positi with demand. Thank God go on the final four for or Rebecca tecom. Yes so yet e-e-e-except and honored in. The one up. more or less you must have. Oklahoma though e Five Samsun Gates S.. E.. M. P. C.. I. Restriction. On I'm Enjo- on land. Lawrence Strict Mountain. In. Value invidious snow. From June to July I mean you know you'll be listening? This month July? NAPA. No seek to by both lockdown two, hundred, three, hundred, thirteen, thousand spun while I lost. Him So. Yeah but I'm. Not. The. Discipline, that one. With Nah. I. Didn't he denied but in fact now may virus. On. What? musty Indian Guru. Under long been. One but somebody over. Or meal burden. Very true. Michael Lumumba suit battle. Will mean will managing US abide. By his style or say. Somebody by your. Opinion. alanine peeling. Doma Dominguez. Public Transport yes Virginia Russia is yours. So beneath about. But I. or or seek seek beds among among bus stops mother. Out of the ISLA. In. In Bombay. By USA must must longest more earliest you MA experienced carbon beaver. Unhappy. defeating. New York amores. Sliema modest than doing guy at the good book the updates on. Netscape April it. Walter mark now. The. In the couple of Yeah. About your bathing. In San Fernando Mowlem. Nine years. Ago Medical by Night in. Quarter. But by the Imam. Hopefully, a Walter so very limited. Finger Lake Animal By. Owning along the wooden provisioning Gazette Zeke you. Idiot you. March. Martin He. Let her know icing. The march April March over the. Was Not your your bottom start at noon Barton Dow not in Barham Unio bugging sug anything by in become. Establishment. Abbasi Partnership Bay by. Uganda got caught up chasing the inasmuch responsible must won't babies. Barrel. 'cause you. Got It guiding the Salaheddin. Filing establishment honey la not barring the available Yankee line in La highly by the. But then Boas Alaso. Nevada. Landing. Byron Denier Cup of Gumbo Jabulani. Killarney Dick. By the addictive artem. The all new medication you mobbing the Hon device being William two hands away on. You don't get Bob. He didn't take into consideration now. Guy. Didn't lungs an. Essay. Woman the new love open the the Diet Halon. Soy In these can lay on the East distiction schedule. Go Alah Mom. Inside. On Orleans. Word restrictions. In anticipation on businesses you're. Feeding. The don't mind. elbow got Umberto behind the NEELA INEXA. You denuncia Biden Baha Mug back to before. Let Them Be Glassy, Lana? Buffet. Raw like by I am. Magadan. Now I know when I see culet gunman. So. Brown get. Being. NC Arstan launch. NC? Are Lonzo mark and. You. Will looking on in fees consists. Finkel Major. In Ford Spell Agom. Big Punch on on my. Skin. Eight Kyle Hobart from whom. In Bella. I hope I. Don In owing work eight. I think legal rigging by. Wants. So, if amber is ever going song bedroom. Muslim. Woman. Muscle. Change. GonNa last Basham imaginable By Might. A. Union Daniel now be, unmoved final chops. Mighty who on by own square wrong. New? None of us knew. No you mean say. It wouldn't go dealing go sitting in a any scenarios went wrong. By lamb like. You, I, mean the. Anita. Of NUBILE GETS On. Saturday. PAPPU on. Copy. contract. Casino. Easy yielding, Winston next Super Airport once a month team then. Listen Very Limited Jesse on one we'll be. Limited on the bus not power. Only. On Lula battle bottom where for economies Bonilla. Airforce. Dot Com. If on. Friday sequel Mario a whole mangope behind drew volume done more. You. Didn't. Even, before. Last year by London Ella Maroon. breer. Outbreaks, China. Wa. But. But then. They. then. Teams. I mean long visited them alumna not the new source ghunsa on Gunson COONASS delegate Shah Whittle in. DEEPA again muster knee lamenting how big Word. There is not enough for them. Messiah Dot and this was an on again stick Thursday less up A. Vassal at. Thirty. Five years. Gotten for Brian Gandola. DEVAN. On. Bio Diesel. Ago You Mama is people. In Spanish the masters. Indian online. Buying in. Like an Important on and I go. ooh. With Columbia now young daily positive An enemy on. The puns in go. They're. Bombing will at least. Yes. I mean positive. Negative. We will. Be. A lot at stake. On Mitzi boggle you. said. tweet thermometer been. Angel Muggings and that is not the borders definitive before in nationalist from. China and other on Chase namly Austin. Bubbles auto my emails at week based. On what I land? Now Line. Up was models ib now. You. Internet Donald. Or oster along weeks been also border. Addition premark. At. Mossy. Menu. Are Not. Known But only seen. Since I've been among found. Feet. Gobain meaning. PROPOLIS. Out On. Cinema Latin. CB at Annette bening border, don't you? Being. You'll mustache the. Benicia for a very long island Napa. March ounce. My step. Will be animal masks. Tasty Since I've been buying the best me mafia now this. Ma Franck liners. Ashim durant. When I need. To be hung up on was fast. Few weeks I've been each. In on in class this. You? and. Tweet Ball Young. Net. Explorer has left the group goes. Low. Pillow new by. Seventy by DACHSHUNDS. Music. Child but not. Are you listening. a knee on our hand new Russian I'll. Go. A Morton is. You're is always better than revenge. No not the. Getting. Me, you. So. We go but they are equal this time. Typing Mexicans among MEKA retrievers. My friend friend friend mapping friends. Knocking Iceberg. Going to jump. Up on the. Bed Open at work from home. They fire for months not widen once. Muslim. stunner ambition an apple be by. Fill the team. Easy. Goal Binary Mark You Begin Gentlemen. Very Guy. When most I'd be more. Be Eko. Shared. Share your thoughts. Yeah you. Know you been us up young tips guessing now you don't be I'm for it than done for me is like beer. Like beginning days. You're going. Like ninety days off right because he Needs to win them the allow them looking productive going every day. Look if I would gonNA Randy Vase. Sandy when firing. MUKTA go I guess if I get an My my my. Mobile make enough. People voted for. Yeah, yeah get nine. So. So onum. Integral annot. Family. Is. That'd be more. Expensive none by Arnold. Holidays if. He learned something new yes to. Beta. Learn something new something out of your comfort zone. I hope. Uncle Quite. It's Graduate. Buckle gender item combined me more. In. Each now Hawaii will. I Not Major. In, not matter inviting the whole Linney. Bomb. Part? Budding. Betting diesel full was more. Going hidden under I don't in this at Bowl, so you Monday source as. Explore now. Me Ma Lane Waymo Webinars On length last night. In Manga. So. Thank some won't. Something Ninety Elena enough. been. Exciting. I own them on like. I own the money to learn something you like. Try To do what you've always wanted to do but doesn't have time to do it. EXCEPT BECOMING FROM CAR Thank. New York Hippo your new Ma. Ma Annoying go, rhino suit. This that I'm when you have so much. So, with that. Back. We've that dice. Let us know what are your thoughts about our hashtag cabin fever timing beep cabin fever. Being more. I've been beaver SEDAKA. Okay Champ. Consensus. We always want to hear from you guys of the. OSCE, we want to hear from you. So if you have a Optic suggestion and bail message for us. We can always reach us. A. House, no podcast. Yes. Gas. Are you'll get up to send a message. Sammy, anchor site, it's a big Bahama Hobby. Coercion on encore slosh. It's M. Slash. Dash. Dash. All Dash US dot podcasts last message or if you go back Cassini Barnabas checking. In encore. Wading he searched. owns the house of US yes. Your insertion. Unify for. That house off now. So you joined us again next week another dose on the hounds of this has been atrache. This has been got.

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The Last Dance Thoughts, New Pod Series, and more NBA!

Before the Buzzer Sports Podcasts

21:51 min | 1 year ago

The Last Dance Thoughts, New Pod Series, and more NBA!

"Have you ever thought about starting your own podcast when I was trying to get this podcast off the ground idle questions? How do I record an episode? How do I get my show into the of people like to listen? How do I make money from my podcast? The answer to every one of those questions. Very simple anchor anchor a one stop shop for recording hosting hosting in distributing your podcast. Best of all. It's one hundred percent free in ridiculously easy to use it now. Anchor can match with the great sponsor who want to advertise. Who would want to advertise on your podcast? That means you can get paid to podcast right away in fact. That's what I'm doing right now by reading this Ed. I love inker because it just really helps me boost what I WANNA do. Which is podcast. Get my word about sports out. So if you've always wanted to start a podcast make money doing it go to anchor. Dot FM slash. Start to join me and the diverse community of podcasters already using anchor that's anchor dot. Fm SLASH DART. I can't wait to your your podcast. Hello and welcome back to another episode before the Buzzer Sports podcasts. I'm your host Jonathan Beard. I'm your host Alan Carrots and your other hosts Brad. The border love in. We know that we have not recorded in over a month. A eligible for that not being open with you guys about our recording schedule but now the addition of Bradley and we did have to make a change in unfortunately removed from the podcast of at this time. I think I don't know but he may be back. It depends on where the future's headed with this show and the we're going to be a lot more consistent. We've changed a lot of Danes with the show and we plant all the way to the top of the podcast rankings. We hope so for today's topics we're gonNA talk a little bit about the ESPN Docu series. Ten episode the last dance. It was the nineteen ninety six season. I believe I think nineteen ninety seven seven. I might have been ninety seventy eight. Yeah Ninety seven. Ninety eight season and the Bulls were searching for their sixth championship in. We're GONNA talk a little bit about that. It was a very interesting I two episodes so We're GONNA talk about that our top on hundred. Nba players leave. The three of us. Put Our heads together in. Made a top one hundred. Nba Players List. I gotTA GIVE A lot of credit to Bradley. T took this project. He led this project for us. And I just got to approximate and we're GONNA talk about the people that just missed the cut. We have three people that maybe should have been a top hundred. But we didn't think made it but they definitely would have been one one one or two and one three and then we're going to talk a little bit about a very high school basketball player. Who is going to be playing in the G. League instead of going to the draft? Where College and Allen in Bradley will lead up on that discussion. Let's let's talk a little bit about the Jalen Green G. League decision decision Well we all know For committed to Arizona State over Michigan in leading to that like twelve hours after that decision was made Isaiah. Todd decided to decommission Michigan and had to the G. League along with Jalen Green. So guys are starting to notice a trend with the top Hash players China Gopro I personally believe this is bad for only for not only college basketball fans but NCWA FANS. 'cause we're losing out on a lot of talent in this in the NC double A. DO Glare due to their inability to be able to compensate players for the basketball efforts are personably. Scholarship is definitely enough but to not allow players to be compensated because they are good at a sport is just unacceptable and if the NCAA should definitely have to change it moving forward. Yeah I totally agree. I think that yeah the. Ncaa should make a change. Where I think my personal change I feel. They should make us having at least one year of required college eligibility. And then choosing where you. WanNa go out so for jalen green his top scorer automatic Memphis. Let's say he decided to commit to Auburn. He played there for near in that he could possibly go to the G. League instead of making a jump straight from high school to the. That's my personal change but this does help and will make things worse for the players and like recruiter will like scouts Rambuteau teams. Because if you go to college you have chances at weird injuries or like your stock is GonNa go down if you have like a terrible year but there's also pros to like not going because then you just like live your life like a little bit down low so people can't really like judge you way too much where you can still get a lot of really good work in only if you're trying to go to the NBA. Yeah Agar's agree with that house. The thing players are starting to make the jump to the because when they make the jump to the G. League they play against professional players that are closer to the NBA South in college basketball. So I feel like the players made the decision because I felt like it was the best competition for them to play in. Rather I personally disagree with what you said. Have a player play one year of college to go to the G. League because a lot of players now are playing one year colleges going straight to the league and that's not like worth in my opinion. I personally can. They have the rule stays with one year of College L. Yeah wanted don but maybe maybe changed with the two done. I don't know tune done. Maybe changed with the two in done in allow players to be compensated so that's just better for the NC Double A. As in congenital moving on to our next topic about the Nba Top one hundred players. That just missed the cut. Oh yeah before going into that. I have to add a so. We are implementing our last episode. That we made Allen and I didn't episode like a month it was early March but so We implemented this new format hence the name before the Buzzer. So we're going to set a timer. We should have told you this like in the beginning intro. That's all right though. All right all right so This today's timer for the two topics we have left are going to be five minutes and we are going to just limit ourselves to five minutes. It could vary from episode episode and speaking of early March. Obviously a lot has changed in our world since then so I hope. Everyone saying safe and healthy as they are listening to this podcast. We currently practicing social distancing a bait yet started in a big reason. We haven't recorded because corona viruses. Really taken over our world and set everybody back so it's Kinda and 'cause we're really lazy and keep finding excuses not to record and we wait re day. They need to know that but it is funny. Though we have to record today we wake up every day for like that. You said it staying on track. I think Z. Said dive right in a topic about NBA players. Just missed the cut of our top. Andreas yes so our talk one hundred we us. We have a lot of talented. Of course the top one hundred players but there are some guys that are very talented that very well could have made this list one of them being Yada above he did not make he did not make the cut also side We try the resources we had. We don't have the resources that people who really dive really deep into these lists have. We tried our best base off. Now we're we're just thirteen year. Old Catch China. Have some fun type of some guys retire but we're not intentionally missing. Those guys might have forgotten. That doesn't sound the greatest but at least we made this list and I hope you guys like it. Yep So player Number One. That just missed the cut is the rockets quote. Unquote Center though. Pj Tucker feeds is he. He's looking for them. Throughout the years of the lash. Three he has been he has been a top player in the rotation. Obviously starting at center at six and five casino snob ball yet but he averaged a in the season which is looking like. It's not GonNa Return this year. It's going to be a permanently suspended. He did ever seven points which is something that jumps off the stat sheet. But he only took like he didn't take more than like ten shops in mostly. Yeah Yeah. He obviously had center. James Harden Russell Westbrook had had the ball in their hands the majority of the time so PG Tucker obviously shot up the best friend. The Rocket Starts Your Shoe Club. If you're hearing this like your Yeah Yeah Talker. Does sound very indepth schuch locked? He's GonNa do an episode on shoe collections. 'cause Langston Galloway has a better shoe collection That's her different media. All jokes aside. Let's get into second player. Second player you know for Indiana Pacers solid team we have TJ. Warren obviously. Don't understand how he didn't make the top one hundred but I wasn't available during when they were making the last twenty player. I was not so I do not understand why. Tj Warren is not in the Alan give us a quick explanation of why you think today should be what he did last year. Leading scorer my pressure besides booker. I mean the guy's gray averaged eighteen and half points points is good enough to be a toddler player in this league that is true but we did US format or we created our by if we have fourteen players in we needed a fifteenth who are choosing so created it by our spoil. One pickier. We did it by based on if you're healthy. So that's why John. Wall is at number thirty four because if John Wall like obviously if you were to make a list of the twenty players going into twenty twenty you would not be in your top ten maybe are. You'll be top track. Yes he's he's on our list because we're basing this on if you're injured if you're fully healthy in John Wall's lethal wonderfully even at this age. Yeah John Wall guys you WanNa introduce our our third player in our justice missed the cut list Bo. Yang Bogdonovich is at the right Bogdanovich. I really hope it is. I think it is. I think it is because there are two. Bogdonovich is bogged on bogged on. Bogdonovich is on the list. Summer. I'll tell you that he's like top fifty but anyways Bowie on he's yeah you solid. He's uplift Saad. But he's very solid score but with Jared Fox on team you know. He doesn't have the bonds fans most of the time. He's just he's just gotTa put ten thirteen points again a night. That's why he's not. You didn't make the salad player. But he's not like he's not the biggest honest he has ruled though he's only he's only twenty two years old. I think I'm yeah. He he had faced off now he had he had a pretty good year. I mean twenty seven actually exert every sport. It's an he he didn't. He wasn't even their third option. Solid Guy who can put thirteen fourteen point nine? Their options were empty. Bill a certain point in the year Harrison Barnes and then Darren Boxing Buddy hield kinks team as a lot of upside. I'm surprised on. How POORLY THEY? They were doing choose them. They've hypertension Avocados last last season. Their team was a lot better than they were this season. I thought they actually got better this season. But that's a topic for another video from Sheriff so stay tuned for more of a lot more episodes recently to make up for our higher sugar. We're GONNA try and finished recording times in schedule because we have been very inconsistent through apologized for we. Yeah we are sorry daily pods might be the move though. Joel mccower speaking of Dade speaking of episodes ten episode. Espn documentary the last dance. Michael Jordan greatest player of all time great documentary. What do you guys have save out very interesting career? People our age I personally believe teenagers. Never got to see Jordan. Not only do they actually get to see what Jordan did. They got to see the backstory but Jordan and they get the they get to see the behind the scenes the competitive nature really in you saw from the first who episode it was all uncensored. It was not wanNA still done Thursday. It was everything we wanted to see. Yeah Jordan the ESPN. Two version was censored. Let's let's dive deeper into the actual documentary. What they talked about Sidekick of all time. It's not an argument. Not An argument that he was way underpaid. I mean he wasn't even making that much a year. That's them. I believe that I think a big I think a big reason or a big factor going into that says his relationship with the man himself. Jerry Krause Jerry. Crafts is obviously not very strong. They made they made Jerry. Krause look really bad. That's the one thing I didn't really like about it and I liked a lot I liked. How the dramatize Jerry Krause a lot? But I didn't like how they made him look like such a Babar's like they edited the one who decided to sign a seven year eighty million dollar contract Jerry. Krause told him if I were you. I would not do this and he. Yeah he because right away right away. I don't care how I don't care if you become the best player of an NBA. History were not renegotiating. Your deal pippen really warned and really made the wrong decision for himself personally personally. I personally believe that they've been shouldn't be blaming anyone but himself for that and it's frustrating. It's frustrating but he was told Multiple Times that if you sign warned. Yeah he's not. Just it just goes to show that pippen heels pretty good when he was with the trailblazers but it really goes to show that there really isn't a lot of pitman without Jordan speaking about that Pippen made the majority of his playing career money. His earnings with Portland lessons about that. Though is I mean it's just it's stats for much. Better with the Bulls will mean it just makes correctly was willing to pay him so he could be more option over there. Believe I think he wasn't option over there so It just makes sense. And even though he played better with the Bulls again. You signed up seven year deal. So he yeah. He put himself in watching. I really liked about the documentary. Was how a dove very deep. It wasn't just about ninety. Seven Ninety Eight dove very deep into Jordan's backstory which I wrote UNC Scottie Pippen went to a very small college. What was it Arkansas? Little River going for the team or something. He wasn't even like he wasn't even in a position to play trial talk. He said it all four years the to get really interesting documentary stupid but in two K twenty the my career story He talked to my guys The guys on my team that I was playing there was like the senior invitational and pippen came into the locker room and talked about how that invitation basically. If it wasn't for that invitation he wouldn't even be a champion right now. Guys think about what pippen never made it to the league. How different history would history the different? Maybe we could say that for everything. All the dynasties would be different. All teams right. Now it would be different Jordan. Jordan's career might have been different causes. Team could be considered the goat by far an argument. This is an argument. Lebron's direction that Lebron didn't need a sidekick while I mean we didn't need a sidekick to make the finals Jordan barely did anything until he got pitman took a team with the second option. Lebron Lebron needed help to get to the finals. He added seven. He didn't need carried and the second option on that team was. Oh John Side zillow drown office. Yeah in two thousand seventeen eighteen. I mean like his team not. His team was not championship ready. The chemistry was off Kyri wasn't there anymore but they lack. As on based on off Lebron efforts you know that's obviously it's still is a really great argument that goater things like onto Jordan's direction heavily. Things that go into lebrons direction heavily. So in wow around net. We have time we have time we can. Let's talk. Does this affect how you think of Jordan at all as a top player. I believe because I personally believe before. I watched this documentary as a thirteen year. Old In today's world brought James was the greatest time thought coby was second. Half Jordan was third based on what I saw from Jordan and that documentary I immediately changed my mind and I immediately. Even though I've been probably one of the biggest lebrons supporters my entire life. I personally Jordan is. The greatest player will time. I've worked. Yeah just goes to show. I've ever watched. It just goes to show metality in his well to win. That made him. Yeah that put him above put him over to the Times. We're definitely a lot different for sure. I definitely believe time periods are definitely a factor but I mean you can definitely compare Jordan playing the Celtics and eighty five to the cavs. Having played the warriors in two thousand eighteen are blue. Well historically the warriors were a Betson. That Celtics team with rob perished Larry. Bird Kevin McHale Garage Area Thompson and on and play in. Draymond has good seasoning and they actually almost one again wasn't for JR Smith. So you know yeah I knew anyways. So that's what I will say that you still have an opportunity to win after that. You can't explain it all on one play less. That's just trying to cope. I mean I do. I do that in football as well. When the Saints Rams Saints had so many opportunities to win that game except that one people say is that one place. It's really every other year right three chances after that. Play to win the game so it wasn't just that people. Just look at that. Play because there's consciously people forget that play when exists? Yeah that's really hot. Sports works it's just so Yeah that's what I believe so anyways moving on we got a little bit sidetrack there but he did well good conversation competition. So that's all we have for you today. We have given you a almost exactly twenty minutes of good content. Today we are going to be more consistent or looking at daily before we go episode before we go. I also WANNA say. Don't you worry? Nfl fans we got you covered updrafts topic as we are recording the NFL draft draft. Up a couple of hours ago. So we will be talking about winners and losers will put together an undue Google doc on it Like we always do and also for for NFL fans we start. This is funny. 'cause I reminded myself with how John Always put Lamar Jackson number one. But we take top thirty top thirty two. Nfl quarterback with a tuned for stay tuned for a lot more Nfl videos any hot topics that are going right now. You say student For listening to a safe are seagulls.

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He's approached on dove is one Huawei coastal this tweet keep spokane And Zanu upside though. said she should go Kinko. Chow boom percussive. Julius Ter- or alleged Kvas G. gingy show KITA combat to Tommy. All starting off Puerto Rico postpone pinpoint stuck inspiration traverse chair. Sam Senate coke through this way at least two Dorsal yoursel positive about the task Esto voice near the Kimmy Tatami Naza Violence Yep shut him for Darren Comey. PM Shitsu Dot. Jim Thome Monaco V. She but Avi Chamo- is up. She agenda more stay. covy threw me Kim. Oh the volume kid. As aim we ashir organiser's yawn three mosquito. Richest Kilgore user democracy attack to mark the goal channel to reach Umberto Opposed each automatic route. You need have no Nazran's says new go to party group. CFIUS BUCO push on. Wash New practiced tweets cure kings of only three. Missed you clip. Practically Attorney Ski Club Practically Stories which You Nest Imprio- answer to that. Yes she rocky discipline his option. Then Jewish nukem Nastro a pragmatic that of Torah Ishtiaq. Actually discipline been just newborn neekam. NASTRO you if you're pregnant to that for him so napa there's no other also Russell's naish his strictness tweet them of new stroganoff shooters yest- ego outdoor am room alternative Wolf. He also book to Renew Governor. Bob You're a record chateau you go now now the station Marathon Skim is can you give me a gut Eliud it keep Tonga Titova Schnitzer to them off yet are Arctic to Serbia. Gotcha of governor Jay Autostrada Markelle Arabia show him to but Christian each golden punktem not. She's Kim accused David Pause on it. He has to foremost impractical streetcar. Because we ought not vocations dot. J. Stace says Pichai. Here's MARINA PANDEMIC OF LEXICON. Trolley Zach Wadden Comey pragati bullpen dove. You didn't the district cleaner NASA struggles near Millennium of his AVALA. Congenial discipline here this cream. 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Wash viata Mahato Altuva Johnny You Jill Puffy John Martin Zoe's Don Chateau yest- Luca possessiveness Jewish. Yoku changed for two. That menas Tempi also multi Positano Mattie. What's to the insulin? For those Vostok Drago Seventy shut US corporation volusia new miles Natanya Mosab Saddam. You stood us starting his diet a good to tell on the gs you gotTa Scoop Issuing Sudak to new miles. Natanya menudo wanted Muckleshootcasino. Midge are Salad Gwynne Vaughan she gena she got an extra cheer. You because WHO's to youngsters as you up of your Danielle fantastic science fiction takers Yucky. Ten stunt Shutt- comment of Edge Mugla mutual dynamically doesn't I'm sure bets. Nuclear Data is wisdom oughta Montana Context Ecological Committee. She gotTa on Yes to Juche she. She National National Spoon. Problem is they will be to a roster Avandia. Pasta Vo litigator Doug Business Albuquerque. 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Chihuahua talking run you start some shit. Beautiful Orlando Alden. Yugoslavia's for two new gorgeous. You not also goes particular ritual taught us although Saba show album proponent tuna quiche news bulletin. It was some audible audio. cushy Nakazawa has not Oro eco-tank Chiba. Would you issue others some rubbish into doc. Put Chrysler MOMS Daniel Talks about the turnstile version. A COMMON TAZA skit of on the potassium neurological article addition estate is more not. In by the testers upcoming number two Barroso Mata quality what what the Buzzer Sheen. Now she's not. She's not a terrific used. Nude wants no trace shrinkage of young say Chacao Taunting Gore Source G. You've warwick when she can design this Toronto Argos washing year Naruko not wasps and OSHII historial von. Call a Amigos cushy job. I'll book your opponent for the Joe Anya is just such as terrorism sports no streak the US to change. Joe Because then you just. I should've East Cobb from autumn movie. Import Package Warwick sparked estimators estimators more fundamental some Soviet Koji. It's the BUZZER. transgender metaphor. Looked wishing story Louis too because we knew some technical be pilots provo author of art arrested shower functional to know what someone junior or the other of options share. Excuse Weah some ship year Nash. Mitch not your Bush Naf Fundamental. No Daho pashcal arable. VM York about the chance to crush lion. SCHIST CARE crew. Taua UH Narayan Nash. Morton Ritual Sense Bureau Shields Porn Tangier. STIMPSON's Takata means economy as the bureau. She's our latest Poetry Cup of Joe Him to stem poor. That asks show. I'm your host daughter. Audience that D'Amato a six one loss g spunk Vidalia practice tweets game. That's out of Providenya. Throw he storage. Go confirms our chunk. Tra- video showed can do shake London and Textile Antigen feels off of as I talked it out. Go to their negative stuff is banana. Each Other's property means a loss. 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Unless kit talk to her gone Dumas's cocoon subdues all day into the Michelin. Your fragment of or neurons Dr Upshot Solo. Six one. Lego appear. Show Bob Number to go with extras number Vietnam. This pure text of Ben Dont`a yester- be Isao Pisani yesterday. Put Them in spirited synidcate Zenon skit. Yana Heinsohn Wash in your mattress kingery institute Maureen staffer of competitive. If she's is to ministers so custom Sobia bench does dampness supporting you a custom up to vanish. I was supposed to organize on the last show to create new partner. The virus in Assam saw me such a fragmented VM. That I'll tell our governor is trust through Xenon of the is your sexual albor. Muslim new venture context AMIGA VIDEO SEX Piercer into fragment of room prospects please verbis Pasta as As Avi swore the actor six one obvious not whereas each swings gotta the movie to the Autumn Lago gigantic. Do what Michelle weren't Cinem- Tau Partner Ski Heracles Abusing Essex while ago. 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What Fauci but Schumer is that the statute at Guam at Alati Ostiense To autonomy atop a triple bottom Chico's sit at of today Teijin Napa Chanticleer to move up returnees meal onto antigens to equal a neighbor. Varsha up. Shake what stunt school to the name of the six hundred sixty mazzone initial US Muslim news on the resilience of dip street piece puzzle. Norman has not evolved since Norman Chicago. poston Anya nothing. Notaro Dot Dot Pogo Peru. Thanksgiving OSCO around says Chaignon OPTIMA Vanya. Yes pulled energy dot the The Washington Pavilion Nam Nam. Rich Gupta Vienna Oprah Sexual Muslim Rohingya. Muslims is about the Pasta Albo Liam in Bosnia and said nothing pasta. Chee Push Odongo Thomas. Phone Albo Push Aquarium Prostate gymnast. You are alternative. I issued not yet does not know thin young ups Moonshot who say the Podrabinek Levin Zinc's ocean ditch next to a coup Pov- initiative oblige. Beer anither again is Glenn Them Anthony Story to the variety Otellini. Show Up. 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Richard Swann douches pregnant voters. Autry M. A. R. Assemble bitchy SAMO roster KFIAM faneuil video beds. Nape Shamir Nya yesterday. She Emna Nip Ranya does Lavagna prostate stun of Zim Suave. ACC- INDEPENDENCIA. I'm Ben Johnson consequential NEUTROGENA neutral go somewhere. Toya's essential neuberger richer. Taller Volley Negative Nordstrom. Extreme from national is bitch or tweet at US bess. Radnich Sheen intensiveness pregnant Youpougon. If they're stuck doc Williams future washing your Epi took us. We've over Romania coach Tony Spencer. Toss shoot lumped Avena Lina mealy via e e the top. Show dogs. 'CAUSE YOU'RE GONNA go saxo disorders course. Arctic am talk show tension in one hundred hundred zero best problem or existence. You only only lion fish to push it does. I was opposites in the states mobile APP. You couldn't aperture man's pavilion. Show the jetsons costume could sportage Essex Gopal visuals. A new game is Abbas pitching. Show you Gozo ditching. 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Pushing G towers connect with customers Preval Sexwale soapy Tanya Kentucky says does tire means eating me up Sheikh. What the chancellor problem sex wanted on the reservoirs go at our chief? Yuck on the Chamayele dot foul. She's in school Governor released you think this will have to dig up with Estelle. Thawra Mazovia Zhou mischief diminishes. Potomac just want initiate through gangetic. Oh Jonah from this divine you stretch you as Inter Vanya spread Vami sexwale when John. Lester ought to TRANSA- New Year's Genia six wellness on the Nicobar version yanni proposed to eat aquatic or not. You're stuck also also be put at each poster. Eat Take the opportunity to style. You eat. Museum allows me context shows sport. US Nicole Disaster nervion issue that relative joe means a practical studied six nausea or six tron. Russia just obits no Muslim. She has asked Tanovic on of evacuees puzzle which abuts now the ritual practice consensus Toyota Albany New York mushroom sexual search. 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Go near Toronto. If Tim drug intercut Cool Mamo cuticle pitshop Seattle. He has his last knockout diversion. Now trip on the last week of Y'alls but here's the version of a cheap national museums. Yawns Queer was just steamiest up on the volume of the boss. No stoop through open. Double E. covene even know Strana so used to in the regular Do An yeah yes it was. You ask well long rebounds of negativity and near Chicago visits Blizzard Nando. Clutter knees wounded. The State has stated to other people in our countries Suzuki me to go consequence yummy such another missiles unions on news. Talk you bondage. Hackley's Vian school at an angle Tiatia. These new via the former comedy talk accused Schmidt is a coordinator of Nagoya startup of a gap of two six NAS gene McCarthy Traffic Pavilion Provide Seguin nutty doesn't interest or she has Initiative that ought to be stitch me in the yard to go stereotype opens new coming if your mortgage and stop she. Gene Neophytou Governor Kasich versus schmooze accord. Nicomedes Togo's table individual macaw macaw dumb. And then you go. Ultra Covina poet than Bungee News. It covers me because there's still not restored pissed. East tacky shall kiss Viansa as is a quarter of the want. VM Edgy a party. Maurya this only jitters possible. Young being she usually three-course Oba awesome stands. Years could access to you. Yes Doll Toko pitcher propagating Theron Matanzima Daingean chevaux blue. The problem of spillovers pundits noseeums chronicle not Muslim shopper partner. Benjamin article for more X.. Densities Chaka show up soot APPs through skeptical. John I used to you via hidden is the key. Papa stopover creditable does mortgage Tobar Awesome because if you all shook coach Nicholas von Nida shell toward each Varma. There's a lot to them. Sports near court over nozzle top notch. Improving Napolitano's are us a a couple of Eden. Habich stroke drove tax. Vanek vehicles beyond school is near the bottom are nasty is viola. Rozenich Rose Nick Forum contract the fury among gop of Educa- Peres's Abo- Zowie. Iro Stamp. Wounds Ezekiel Raise Qisas. Contractors Iran have supposed to initiate alone that Jesus saw e yet Muslim but Davidge iniquity mischievous Steve. I just on average in the room that she was next Ronnie style. Another former believe costume sportier as I am nasty calm when he cuts sports relevancy. Shit awed. You if still Sean Kaminsky nuked needs Nigga. The news is Iraq upshur or crush on Yakushi on which not only versatile no normal eastern. Yeah did not L. Normal Street key competitors knock on wood. Shampoo Village Tacoma Joel mccower. Lucia tweak years to change. Thanks Joe Thanks Charlotte now let it go and use boulevard luster equal upshur thrush JANNASCHII. Oh yeah coach. At Nazi Ideology Apartment Association only version usually her lots. Excuse it you letting orthodontia or Yakushi in new Varta. She Nekia Kim appreciator in Gwen beauty. It or not used Venetia is option. Binge Aversion Asia. Niece I just wish still some Kuch Jovica. Most the HEBRAIC pavilion which the State's perspective. Over the New Year shuttle acquittals with me on the offer does not allowed here is Jim Trivia. Kim Nabet denominational Thanou dire but usually the steam vote. It doesn't seem as ever do although a split the canals shit opinions over the volunteers across Oba dot Osama told father she has the water. Show Terragno Lega. Who Need Test venue effect? You take the shot. He told. Fatah puzzles tiredness. Moscato mosquito took Alicia Traditionally Yucky. He's told for Andrew egotistic volume tesche inadequate reinisch. On Disney's Peter Sir. Don't version of Hitler Sports Navy disappear luggage. Six one Muslim Truck Dodge Arch Econ Patton Gwen of UNESCO kanjere personnel intimidate spectacles usually Kazmi glance at a lot younger looking Trivia Kim the Glue Tova Momentum at Alati partner ski used in Tim. Nash Niece Darkness Shia gwen being tim. Nasty Niche six one aspect of Lahti. Should Tim's noticed his lane stood up aspects. Swallow all the news. Bravado Shoe Want Dr Act was excellent and go six one squad. The show is about the view the Robin urban elementary and Kanye Tacky but having some complimentary of that Spoi- Zhenya input on it bitch Australian to Tasha than doggy orchestras that find attractive to a new machine. The Hajj the act of sports along that opponents pony as long ago Mata Bitch Forum up to their Bliss Kush View Pasta Chieftain Biskra. Six developers touchy Moschner provided satisfaction. The NEON says each year sexual nature to them some optics one of solid chester new tempur. They should remove it to the tower to US talk specifically about this to skew Q.. Six one loss she throw and Antony or crushed Uber Miano six who unless she is intervening undergoes over to rush. Six one. Lost shoes are intervening police coach through it. A book of near Neighbor Deputies Zena attentive success while nausea or the ruling. How them mm-hmm as that's the venue? Uptake or romantic plateau ski still successful unleashed intervene a- intensive initiated after collusion. That Ruga Yeston last week Wolf Narcotic Kim to Bosnia speech them to most now. She was a tragic niche shittier utilize. The pure Shaw used the stamp them Numb Stoller. Narayan Jim Perazzi not for wash your veon schools muscle bone. That's a classic Chris. Quick Indiana stadium year as a novice dottie tuttle. Go to these autumn. Texas could interest of states of America with Ross. Gene discipline disciplined our savvy museum. If Tim LE`veon's Judo Under Stimulus Jetta Rama could autumn tags. EPI Lisa Maggio Vince. This number ships which means Tim's navigate is mentioned as I I over Jewish the demos brought up about of the new never did the Japanese Be Able to convert but is Roberta Oblivion Latin petition. Not all Roberta not horrible. Who Move you wish? But beyonce shadow Mitchen Yep Mongolia contract Nablus Kushtia these days choice to ship Robbie Anita Sir onion sauce to ship apostol. Ma should stay at us in the election. Tacky wash near distant for Ashim. Joe Stir Gore Bamian. Italian of those Western type of Westche- can visit attributed to build about those

Tim partner US Narayan Nash Wolf Narcotic Kim joe Zach Wadden Comey William D'Amato Serbia Jimmy Nelson NASA Oba dot Osama Attorney Michelle Bragging Tristan Yeme napa Bosnia Juche Toronto Nevada
Sobre Vestuario con Claudia Aline Gonzalez

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Sobre Vestuario con Claudia Aline Gonzalez

"The only broadcast panic Dory's justice. Ob Pastula over preparedness broadcasting coach or whatever. And then you know you're a lot of England Sammy's SORTA come up reminds Ganga Seattle and it's important connect physically road travel in the maximum Lima stylist massive. Chris mccart concepts with two as it goes. It's pretty thus it's kind of an gossiping when it's almost completely lean. One Silas agrees a stylus. Nearly knocking or ORLA is a genus printers story about these as much empathetic. Threes Dodd Act was EMC. Komo Canadian therapy talk louder. DOROTHEA Mexico medicine in those new single e not seriously underclass. Your Neck Ian in Mexico in Canada is Francis. Morgan and this must be mccollum. taught classes Komo motor saga or in the Athol Bena. I said because he knows he is Leah Dad Three Esso Doncaster lemnos in Milan wa up in their low Clara. It does. This idea does by years Muto clown for can mantra Montreal. Quebec is that the lowest level Sikelel Soul Infosys on Komo does Masters Masters in that report tomato voiced on. Does this make that Mutuel at other. Kim Pasa EPA saillant. Those is intended to. You're not gonNA Sivota there. Said onus on any CICADAS POSSESS III Mifflin strong for cup of Soup Beckett Advocate Acetylene medium in Mexico is the but this racist I saw those Miller. Anybody editor model the lobby to be utterly Lotto Lottery. Those melatonin photo of the numerous nothing EMEC well expel at least US dollars. Komo's break in and tell element gentleness fell ties. illimitable I mean normally it doesn't come in their emphasis Nasi Louis till a AH. The spirit is tallow wrinkle adding throw evening simply go Komo cameraderie stuff but the minister got funding established. Look when that Lewis for team is in on the dentist when we administer battle this guy. VN economic was the Columbia million. Whatever whoever does not okay? This is tech also give mass boy imbecile no school sociological soon. Those emitted pushes Panos local group within. Its okay almost WANNA look into it trump casting celebration Cheka that it doesn't come through and to this day. They through the Endo in Kanawha seventy seven. He goes through the ask C. E. Komo for campus sentences sentences at the mall and but he made on Aflame Amiga Gama was the silence. Don't at this point it's not comical Akkas that Ucla now we got admit me Tamblyn so in the end of the Rope Asaka various economy meeting Hawaii in May say no Kiro per lentil it does not mosquito Komo can make your perfect. Oh okay maybe. At the end control decalator stuff secrecy curvy set of putting the what in the US is kissed on. No no no off on Sundays Thermal mass which is see Jacob. Tremblay Kamala Cortana Kelly as a rookie screw saddles join me will help salute. Them and analysis said Saito. They are won't be no but I suppose UH spending Mika he could. He'll cook the McCarthy La Manga Superdome in Don's is literacy among ebay yellow. Stay last slam delighted in Moscow like this is Komo Marine with. EMC Kit on okay even thirty senior. Your perfect does Iraq among us me me. Don T Y in their lose numbers. Alaska's said Jack that case on the radio as soon as though gay Notre Dame chocolate stood up. We Know Influences Pinocchio models thrown in Mexico and we went to release US pay Golden Colorado into services. Put us a letter of America. Econo- Brunton was someone lesson Komo Common Martinez ran on Los. Altos macular scored list and neither does this committee. Welcome in this other. Quinta Excel Super Super Super. I'm you can list the SPINETA. They fight yet. Lousy Sanyo Sierra Passa e jealousy. I come with Manila me Lou the economy Gaza or you can make on a not industrialized to poverty Simone Income Public American. That's your broken up. The pundits this up at the moment that quotas the does the musk. He embassy I don't have a need personas Komo mom winter lamotta overcome on gamonal status while you're understanding W mutuals Westwood East as he whatnot Sakamoto. Those stories Komo Scalia. LS Pelley Gula is kind enough in Seattle policy. We see that bullying inclusion article stories to politically marina jealousy famous gauge Demon Python. CK Gillis given me. They're awesome bookie the Mandar. Look Baena handle console. Holy I used to use. It is supposed to be any comedy. Central Anthrax can make contact. But Sara. Lee's list styling totally senior the him but I thought of system the gala standup Stockholm with more enthusing is unrelated witness on comedian e Library Messina. Was it antitrust. Comedian indisposed. Chico's Stan at goes to umbrellas. Embarrassed blood thirsty. You see already stas. Mahato family bought it. That we'll see nothing. Then we brought up callum Miller Manley that they travel is this Oh not our community mcchord air so they'll Malca said Eastern. Sierra lamarcus is still on my lap repository Ekamol aw with me McCain recent as beasted sake that he was more local but okay proposed dose Tina's differentes per case. Several school doesn't magazine Uncut trailer as soon as possible. Is this lose lose. It must've associate or Nolan contrast this Bruna Flora in have liberal St Louis proposal at the Komo statement. Now let that it'll best so what it does is just as okay. See these daughters Barbara in stand up being Colonia. Poverty cannot comes up robot benefactor circus and not say apple Bushido team Flato Eastern. Okay those who become an anthem. Anthony Pussy PHOBIC Can get them really the SUSTA. Whole is apropos? Seattle who says the Tambien. Immune aliens who concepcion Persona Fair because thought the skin loughrea entrances to the boy that correspondent spent on. ESPN Nankai saying it was a horror. CENA lachey saucers ghetto. Samba stills movie an ENC look insist that I send your Komo Komo persona than the kid has been the trusted and they're Komo's son combines with Sokoto Window Dolan Mondo no Dennis get put up participation visits look at UCF. Colo's certainly almost going. I JUST WANNA go media and you see the or gate. Gennady biggest was out of the Zoe quarterback but Viana you know McCain is fast perfect. They will send her off outside your live up. It's still the meaniful that received by. Thank you the Gordon Moore need those add on. No no no you know Sawyers and does this come up with better persona elephant the Komo Para resulta this was set that he will eat them in any market. THEY SANDWICH NO I. It's almost musicals. dumbbells have eight of Puerto. Those San Bernardino relief sessions's Burns's it'll get but the NACELLE Donovan in you know like what does fails so lament the steelers Mauvaise awesomeness until they know the nope reports Yoenis now says Sihala mcchord. It is chopped by Rita contained notorious. Santa Rita. Let me hold sailors bluestone or includes wholesome Ressam. Rochester more Chacarita Gate onus. Is We umbrella over but I suppose embassy corporate no sellers. Various does them being joe make when Beckett Lay mackinaw snuka simple muscle. Mike Stare you seven gifts but you better to the San Francisco Milan L. Casting stop. Stop effect named Tara Sandwich. configure a specific amendment at upper caffeine. LS focus gets on your at innocent stories that we spent ee was finished. Kamani wasn't they will look at the battle to allow us to casting overeat aftermath in Nashville does that in common bill game because they have to win through mcchord of the Komo Lolo Essay. Join me in Europe by Djelic and the other point fem. Expediency Echo mark threes principles yet no mass for those going to condemn any day. Yes he sup- better six percent. Better six your Nella mccorvey less cost us into all the rest of it. Not or just below the Navel he sup- less fail Quinta Getting Oklahoma next level. Some exciting cicely that to my horror. The cassette three Lomas go in go modest them in Goma yesterday. Miss it does look at those will become Saudi thin thin there. 'cause it's more or less I lo- skin the less those coming for us over mutual out of step onum Melissa Mass Vista Yell Miserably Equitably Melissa Mass model a secret grand this last a heat dilemma. Hold us who knows the Jabalya thing. We'll put those there so then say they may know is quite. We'll see I seek out on weight not missing missile. Unless I kept Via Zealanders housecall mielke nothing domain Lucille fellow for me. Jonathan will pay issue cleto when the our correspondent last photo system for us. Joe Era is sort of what. You're SELLIN senior. Let's forget mass soy joke shop kissing with INSIEME OPRAH OR COCA Kosovans custodial fatal Larry's must've that lasts castle scholar meal last year. Joel while seeker. Owning craiglist bliss people Saint Cargo Serono's at Ceylon sailed you peasants record US fourth infantry today okay is already be senior. The Macken Moon Said Abuse Yoga Thing Cassini Society. The those almost Gade GonNa say Masonic Latvian. He can scare them in can develop severe but Kimbler John Dora Geeky Sierra. Can you hear that John DOE Albuquerque Macken Coca Syriac Hormone. Apollo Mita include awesome. I'll plan allowed Al-Salim Universidad Komo thesis now gene swollen. CCC See see Ma. KOMO's wanted to recite that. Our own planet procedural go mcflurry while go mobile westside process through gusty dependent on me look ricky screw told them in which is combines and Joe novus casting Gimmick Subbiah Metro Kasich AC- Ada the Nasi the homeless thereby got it is a metre assume bugaboo imiko me L. Persona Lewis meal. EJ EJ CASSINI DATA MICHIGAN DOT COM homeless. Komo the does the casting me Louis. Hook in me era. Joyal Susko says that some this C- Savvas Paddle Persona Synthesis grail. But at that Muniz look at Eagle Apropos. Seattle no is jeans. GAPES get laverdure. Consults No. It's annoying. It's it's his flock later. This proposal as Labrum Prosciutto Saruman Niko mass mcchord. But does nothing getting us. All no saying no psychomotor career relevant the Cisco Japan casting more more specifically but does he not critical mass neutering through system for those no Kamala Luxury Lanka mega jeans. When we first crocus on the those games still get mass? May We'll spend when the sun which has not s Coleman Glorious Notre those nail throws okay so you come up the Preska Years Saudi poker personality that we into into photos Seco Kasit boy. The GOCHA SIP way. They look it up. Lemonade magazine res or lemonade and like the Batas or Ojomo the horror the bressanone Bang Kito Messy Gomo the best so the book Masimba that used to we'll be muscular bossy. The circus when persona casinos. which will see him in multiple cities WTAM? CBS Sunday to personally that he says he puts those Mandela's for those must. They posted a boy. Pedro secret roughly his whisking. It is. He'll muscle mass neutral land Blanca NEGRA GENES E C look at Alex Holly level the Nicolas's seeking INFO INFO shop. GonNa keep them again. No permanent mcadoo. AH fatal no make you know. Make it this year. Spent out no matter. How much Chevy Declan Gerrita Westfield's Novus cayote taste in those levels to snapchat sequential? They build on the way in those yet. We'll go over visit as another way that machi Yacob to Kailua joke it. Okay okay you see Komo Komo later that Ab Baby stuff. What does that mean on vocal? Evie stifled does a hint. That the CILLIZZA perfect them in the Aruba's MANTIS UNJUST DOT COM Academy Sycamore Justice. Done though it's doesn't handle Delo genesis. Get the mind tells us up Guinness. It's US Garner Isao at the mortuary more choice Beta c knock on appeal. We deal with that is mutual. The bit thicket is equal mosaic. We the ZINC dipper coot. As Komo telly Memphis the the biggest mass begin Domus so not the lettuce on crooked nothing Martinez said expert'll which has Mrs Stephen Selling is can. We won't eat appeal of someone else's limousine Todos Los Alamos. Each Muslim must point. We'll get in those assists with a mean seasonal. Tell us about the from a home win. We blanket Oh simply. Can you have gas gas Z.. E. COMATOSE US lemass. Quevedo could deploy US look indicated. You mean the import Nemo could ask assessing the on studying disconsolate. Secret escape that going. Combat CEO by yesterday to service Obamacare. The Laura I already tackle Mona's Gray Masami give them. We'll send them. We took us on lesbian green or less. CC cream in noise soon. Bassett Gomo dial them Besa e Lordy to fill in the spot a sixty nine Komo unit for me and this is looney format. Dot Com is on the loose K. I stepped all smoke alerted Lord I miss motto. Neto is the same music is one of the casting a look the congress is going to ask. Specific Ladder gives his book. Yes Oh Komo being I look better Solanki Tomasso get recommend us on a specific number two more disgusting too long long cuffing. Kate was a mammal trophy missing. A second look swollen Audi Taizhou it's the most At Elham Hor denic ever for Lord repeat customers. Vivian though EPO traffic or skiing darlas grand this. You see see someone that looks for him. And this market be as their or I don't know if we stack or raid or radical policy more. Can those laws also universities mowing. I'm waiting those Jessica. Just tell US Cerro sandwiches but it does get flats or knees. But if you don't mean gene meal races mass on those pennies moist week says Momma calling mclovin symphonies Anthony's on the flats them in. Let's give your super thunder was sending them in Gonzales up in both assist US impact on Seato or spend flat skewness because anytime semi Leonov s flat in Colorado in the neck down on this one August lawyer like that and does a superfund within minutes now it s a Naccache Sabine and just have just been at the Memoriam. We've also Kamara leather movie. And they pay more BMC Bena Donncha. Fabian doesn't Avenue Selene the success stories than most Muto that on the the second phase. Yes Odio Ski. Solomon this one dock it. Yeah eat them. You was arrested personality. They don't talk with them on the arbiter pelvis. The last FO- both Sustained Success Audios with this. The NATO non levy the amulet on me that is the mcchord the Gene Eunice Media's radar Holy Standard Snow into photo base media less media media. The radio says one on Alexa media. Rocket owner media reveal donor. Allison Aspen in Dhaka. Get Noise Leszek Tower Jeans. BLEDA giants Assume Talk Seek Assistance Blanca or so let's see ellipoid Sakamoto toxic inclu initials GUSTING SALOMON COMA. Hoven alum according to whereas care K.. Number one hundred sixty then Lucie. Florida Orlando see those gizmos look at the New Orleans. Tito Samari Yours does. Does the stale thrown out. They fit Mama Nao may CIOCCA got all the novels but Bongo Merlot Camano. You'll know Jonas. Oh no sorry out dometic while Joel mccower journal the immediate doper another. Lou Gram this populist guessing battle as the beat at the low speed up the next door on on Monday when they say that kept Quelque Era Guinness Bong in inset Gail Loponen not particularly Oklahoma's No boy this Sarah. No on the Mary Barra sock was your noisy nausea many titles he'll say Marcus stroman bidder while the woman communism inland kilometers. sunseekers gives you a metro area in the West Westide. RC tasksivist atmosphere divest avesta evangelism Massey tossing the tunnel. Reckon okay but Solitaire Process Alaska. Madison Lidocaine was steals. It beat up Berlin sue. Graham Majority Korea in turmoil at most fighter. Is that that. I guess it's also stem Hogan Kogo whereas Nina not the authors interesting most. Boris Kissy policy. Change Jackets. Or your food. No a Cambio Boko. Momma said Linda Asoka should they rarely seen telera foul psychosis get the skin and mentha balloon coached after send maybe cookie suckle on gusting down on Kislyak and we'll finish in Sakha misconduct evening. The opponents Komo must be that trump does become this through and those this flu. Namibian Andy Will Impresario Komo popularity for their by that the Komo honest that does defendant but if the women on the lack amount up with a guest gone down Kitale but Alaskan. I'm Chris but overall sombre Syria per se. But Gary I mean just sandwich Feet and those muscle quarter-point notable aloe Sambas killer Scandinavian. This gorgeous Louis Comedy Central. I chose a comedian Gillis who cheesy multiples one with those even Dean Seki diplomacy that Dennis Commerce both Belsey what he no. No No. No Malcolm ASEAN movie and broker. Capitalism Curtis seen no law recommend the mutual while lathrop. Ah Yes all those Moines we feed us US looking anthems assist o Como Que in ending Danielle locally. Severe Ratto Molester also Melissa is low. Spoon Tito's Kamala Harris. Ethos them being. EA cassettes supporting them. Better Meat Eaters but company Taddeo space does the mighty GEO process fusco system. But I'M GONNA put a hand block. Emma Komo I love Western Yang casting getting narrowness illegal for kit up sort of Lucy was not gonNA get us. It can blank or a fleck Harrison. NFL Louis C.. Noise similar Sierra Tucson Media Nichols a Time Inc. is on any cholera Metria. Anthem imposes on this. Almost golly those of US depending not all those. Those waivers soule's on for years but it's excellent excellent. We are not aware. Corn Kanada is on the West to Colorado pillow. Noise Rojo spelled R. E. L. Lil Mac address is Thomas Arrow Sita but authorities master. Marie Sir I guess the ad though but a Komo isn't you're not look at the weather. Lucklily Metria on the potential cheaper ten assists leaders or it is Muslim journalist Charles Clean. Does this Bickel Laurie Metria guessing condos they less memali movie normally Dusky so guess when black data rather plateau yelled come into place where a sequences democratico hit us. Rule guys gase Kosovan federal-style with Aleppo's Dorado Dollar Resulta little inconsistent persona then Tim scully Levana Catholic scholars Beta okay. Galliano's per case sometime in the supergroup was a galley. The beer no Galilee Gary mcallister Kelly as those common lawsuit to be the end muscle minnows guests on our dollars. Colorado's is done bill the way Legno in this also own let's Colorado's India no C.. Was Essential Element in Indiana mcchord. mcchord though simply matters come into simply economi okay. No maybe still married. I would have thought though Naga gave like get those scandals Colorado. Okay okay. Let's say and we've seen a person escalating. We'll see maybe not release as the stadium. FAIRMONT senior aide Communist serving making America Dot Com. Where you already? What kick kick or goal and and more facile for CONE ON APPLY BLANCA IN DALLAS lose not to rally opponents level Anka? They're so mad at us. He is still wasn't listened. Mosquito Marcellus Claros or will eat. which makes viscous tackle more neutrally? Allegro a getaway asam is gone. They will eat them. Burn down says element Horsey to solid the place that I can i. Can I saw conflict but a master Guy Takara Yellow McCormack breath total outfit complete the Komo Paris. Tammy there's Hannah Lamola. Berlin mcchord not quite as capacity Montana. Scott down on that seat though on Teleki Makiko Donald. Okay why I need bill muster. Let God that way got is look at the weather couple. Months include Sakari Donaldson timing. This this alert is always is when we win less ARACA last. I mean see this. Check out of here this Khalid of reaffirming controllers go they got a new place combining care castle the last English opposite okay. It's so low we've got a lot of communist. Let us hold on US gas. I disagree with this. I knew something ladder goes can lose that it must be burning PORTA. Potty does the point US only coined on Dora. Lopion Kelly does it in Rossi. Okay EC thin semi-rumour going to be enough radios soleus foolish. To see a off down maximal being acceptable okay maximize what this says. Is that. Uh a socioeconomic metria some comb coca sin sin dosing when the quality of his own dressing insist nope Nine thousand say. I am beside when Becca gets here. Fifty at the moment that Nathan Lozada has Kelly does need Dolorosa some calicoes and he told us as soon as on free talk us. LOSSES ARE SECO fatal. The book is is this Komo milk status gone. Let's say let's say Blanco Negro all the rather eat them being look at the Hindi or get the puzzle is doesn't fit you oh put moisture Kara. Not Say would I mean they assisted with the Lisa System Mighty took him a PASSAIC Jammie. Okay okay maybe we'll also jamming fontane. Let's see I took a movie. In a call. Laura the men knows Damn Mutuel On icon for the Negro the Cafe Casino recommend LARREA that Qasim presario pretending gusting city. Kathy Burke Cafe Dino Edward Don Komo this suceed that the more they know professional see Infosys Listen L. Significant cattle. The procedural noise would not unless one call emme most trouble. Loss contrast is not say assuming Marino coincided Mon a mighty yokel call number. One Data Beco- Sunday that Rome bear run better that they know that C. Level Sarah saw A book at the C.. Fica in the-in Doctor Salam Horo. Sita Facilitating Kentucky. Becky the Soviets sees the Muni those e stubby and seven assists to personality will say though Beta uh-huh citizen does we're still at the Rosa ICAN Latte level synthetic La Mano them being barrister the the professionalism on Komo Menia another into the lights are the I see no seat. They were MUCCI. McCready it the minute plan. level passer mutual. Are you suck suck at them in the costume. Bret Baier seuss steel porky knows when don CNN was pony on Komo anecdote the machines boutique the grand. Even done the done deal with Seila. See Diego Laurie. Inculcate Macedo cable thick delicacy not necess- is approach Been Valiant coming up the picketers in nunavut thick them which are a number of audit ghetto recommend taste extent then then stab Lusaka's domestic it. They were more. VN ill hotly says not. Burn this comment though I liberal. We'll get them homeless. steeler AESTHETIC HOLDING TENDENCY OPPORTUNISTIC COSTUME WHEREVER I ask also synthesis low premera cases noise misty. You must look at this. Knows me costume. Very you don't says Meco Stubrin was still messy. But it doesn't suspended O'Connor steeler but at the steelers as you say Vazian but I'm Sarah and evaluate they sadler dossier on Komo you and said Stylus into Docomo's three C.. Ayoola meet up him. Get tattle is Keuchel. Versus commodity is common experts. Sediment that they go maybe sto throw savvy Steve Say sub comunicacion At Eva including Steve Jobs this year Lopez Embassy sale it AMIS MELO's newsmagazines Lamis oblige era. You see the IMPO CEELO is or SOC- looked the final question moisture at must be an Joyce. Imagine the or no major. They must be critical. Okay complement other Movin- sicker so unit persona criteria promoters Lou. GEHRIG's assistant minister. Soon got in the manatee go more being gay massive with a set of this la another game mass get Musco Saas yet but the Seattle name McCain defeating the kids look likely into semi wisdom which up helping us with our guest necessarily Matheson e medicine Tacoma reality. This go again Jagger Surrogate looney Montana Symbols Shopping E. A. L. Heal tennis. But I compare another Mosa as let's see more likely shopping. MELANOMAS at the end that says they must look out and they will stay. It doesn't say is that Super Felice. Eko Milo's threats. The Mandola fought those they look people say we say less made identical Seles extension. Let's get yourself pillow. Corto when applesauce extensive yet so middle middle so much overcome transform ASEAN get them in for him in the ATHOL years on the mass contact the political go Mazda Circa almost transform. Enemy that Wisconsin. Aw Aw Nice story this is us. Transfer Messina's lacking so unless comey me will stop sacraments Venus. I even the Djelic Ankle Winter Moon though the commodity combat hence less does know Camo. KOMO's transformer public on the latest contender May Story Korea. KOMO's transform persona when the system in Manila says it says people transfer damasio honesty. The polar. Takhar I look through visit on the joist either. Look at your answer is I don a Putin get benching together we move. Your data battery failed cafe. Leonean Leonean senior senior senior seeming. They Lisa broke. That our doesn't get them a list although they land the you go media given the Pretoria I joke Leto. Bella already already been benignly get theaters. I know no I in Greece. A perfect segue apparently soon is a great Yakim. KANTHA MOIST RAG on the same way that the quantum query santer schedule joke. Chadema Korea Korea for three onus. See Me Buddy I in frame CANTALAMESSA. These knee already level got that in Santa Project used the problem. Is My jacket jet lag. See but but Jim Bola therapy looks GOPRO. In Colombia. Iran is made. I loved him and then cloudy Audio. San Diego C.. CCC The GWENDA Lacy Millstone took the whole for more motivation. You know police in La La Persona focus on them which is not with him still so we gotta go fussy bussing Akwa Gear Kosaka city sequel recall here had Kazak kindred jude law. I've looked suddenly walkway seeming comebacker last Gaza. CCN WE WANNA let us us while mccord controversial in Thomas tenancy ego maniacal simple becca ed up in McCabe say in a same. We Boko a circle or throw projector. Mackenzie CCC perfect. At least in creatively. Damn if we move on then yellows missy I love. Narcissus been near you just hadn't starbucks in does is mimicked. Levino kills Cusak is look as three as in the case in the schools looks percent on a local men Tammy nor will immediately Pocono PM. Who says when the thought Sally gets looks us us in the win for Kassian? Praise Cassette in the Mail on the Losses Win Perkins the points of His eyes see it Quinta when they hit the Peseta Mootaz basis. What's up at ASEAN Beco- The big name was Gustav under so bad for this? E for Gay Oprah gave me he seen in the second kiss locate but a lot of choice dot com. Oh yeah you. Solely the domain for hit newsletter PREMERA for Alamogordo. The stopping on. NOPE nope we met our mass in those controversial humidity contact angle on Resilience Yeras Dante imported panting not connected by the activities joke him stylist the Komo facebook and instagram. Eileen fitness. Get them in. The hit sees the element ascione kid with the SEC. Said I'm not what what I eat but I'm anthony. They need to pass. Yes as these. What is is good Auburn's deep but I won the separate abundant custody Ramsey Komo proper? Listen come over. Partners as he enters monette Arlen Moselle casting ankylosing. NC Systems. With under PODCAST WE Talkin toons on this podcast. The my own seven. Be Talking Gaumont on Oklahoma for Lincoln. Musk and take a yes. That's correct see fit into that. They must excellent the.

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#736 Songs About Pot, Rock Doctors & Angie McMahon

Sound Opinions

56:43 min | 1 year ago

#736 Songs About Pot, Rock Doctors & Angie McMahon

"Talk from WBZ Chicago and PR REX. This is sound opinions. I'm Jim dear goddess and. I'm Greg Cut. This zero annoyed joins the list of states where recreational marijuana is legal. It's a drug that has inspired much music today. We're GONNA share our favourite songs about hot and after we're chilling with some of those tracks will pump you up with another edition of the rock doctors where we're going to suggest some songs to get psyched for a female Moi tie fighter there plus we find out the unexpected song that got Australian singer Songwriter. Angie McMahon hooked on Sonic's. That's all coming up on sound opinions. You're listening to sound opinions and later in the show we're going to don our white coats for a segment that we like to call the rock doctors. We're going to suggest some pump up music for a science teacher sure who moonlights as a fierce moines tie fighter but first marijuana end music seven hundred and thirty six episodes of sound opinions Greg. It's kind of shocking. We have yet to get to the greatest popular music songs about pot. I mean because let's face it from the very beginning from before the beginning There have been songs about `bout this drug It's a new year sound. Opinions comes to you from Chicago. Illinois is the latest state to make recreational marijuana use legal legal I think that we've been seeing this sweep the country to varying degrees You know it's been a big deal here and it got us thinking about the how this drug has influenced Music both in terms of the Sonics and the lyrical content. We are not necessarily advocating the use of this drug in fact it's like my least favorite but there are many many songs of people who do. Yes indeed Jim I want to take it all the way back back to the nineteen thirties and before you say what is he talking about. Well not only. Were there many many songs written about pot-smoking in the thirties. He's they were swinging. There were hard hit and these guys did not mince words. They were very explicit which I found fascinating you know. This is where we're just coming up. The prohibition Oh Bishen era into the thirties were in the midst of the Depression. Pot was floating around the music scenes back then particularly in the R&B Jazz as you know what would become are in be was starting around this time you had some top shelf songwriters. Writing about a J Russel Robinson Robinson. A piano player from Indiana is the man who wrote reefer man. The song I'm going to play next this guy looks like a straight Arrow milk toast kinda guy right like the last guy on earth that would be smoking weed but he was a pretty darn good songwriter. wrote a bunch of jazz classics including singing the Blues Cab. Calloway own own this song in one thousand nine hundred does yes this is. I can relate these lines. He sings with such relish he smokes reefer begats then flies to the sky. I was around the scene as I said people Tampa red. That's waller ink spots all singing songs about pot. Here's one of the very best cab. Calloway reefer man from Nineteen Nineteen Thirty Two unsound opinion. That funny little man. You ever met that funny people. May It then went to Jonathan as yourself off into that. Have you ever met funny. The man walks and take awesome. uh-huh funny read leave. The man in calls one pickle any no you talking to have you have fun a river. Thank you want to give you funds. And you know you talking Beat there's cab calloway with reefer man going back to nineteen thirty two the song. You're GONNA play next. Jim I guarantee is not going to be quite that old. No it's not. I'm going to go to Peter Tosh. `As legalize is it. But First Greg. I want to point out that that period in the thirties where calloway saying reefer man and where marijuana was beginning to be demonized. One of my favorite Britt literary journalists. Eric Schlosser has written. What I think is the definitive book on the war against legalizing marijuana right? Reefer madness sex drugs and cheap labor in the American black market in this book in two thousand four Schlosser looked at the criminalization of marijuana as part and parcel with migrant labor uber and pornography and said that it was like economic forces of these black market profit centers that sends so many people wrongfully to prison or got got them deported. And that is what we are seeing happened in America's that being upturned. I think after the legalization of gay marriage the biggest social upheaval I've seen. But but here's Peter Tosh way back in nineteen seventy six. He's just left Bob Marley's band the wailers and he debuts with a solo album that is titled and the Song is titled Legalized Right. What is he talking about some? Call it Tom some call it the weeds some call it marijuana some call it gone never mind got to legalize it. Don't criticize it. This is what Tasha saying now. Obviously there are many Bob Marley. Many reggae songs we could turn to the rastafarian religion viewed marijuana as a sacrament As a way of getting closer to nature as a way of getting closer to God. That doesn't mean that there wasn't often umer and celebration of the more hedonistic aspects. I think this is a perfect song. And it's only taken since nineteen in seventy six for Tosh to be heated but Who thought you know Congress and lawmakers now listening to Peter tosh legalize it on sound opinions? The greatest side I without Paul town. Aw Aw the greatest great the singers ars legalize the Great Peter. Tosh and you're going to stay in this vein Greg for your next big I am indeed. I am happy that you played that legalize it because that was one of the songs. Obviously we were both considering it I it's such a key track and at the time it came out everybody was like yeah. You know this is why. Isn't it legal. What what's wrong with this? But you know Rita Marley the widow of Bob Marley. Bob Marley died in one thousand nine hundred eighty one. The same year that the song I'm going to play was released. It was a huge hit for Rita Marley in Nineteen eighty-one From her who feels it knows it record. The track is called one draw which is is obvious. Look what it's referring to its very enthusiastic. Oh to sense Amelia. The whole idea that this was a wisdom we'd as smoked by the Rastafarians wisdom and like knowledge. And there's even some controversial lines in this. In some versions of this song where a roster schoolteacher feature is educating her children about you know the the wisdom that can be found in marijuana naturally to refer back to what you were talking about in in the way that this has been demonized the BBC banned the song from the airwaves in England nonetheless. It's all two million copies. There was a huge h head in part because it was considered kind of illicit what she was singing about so here. We have an example of song that was widely loved by certain generations of listeners and yet really upset the authorities in that country Rita Marley with one draw one thousand nine hundred eighty one unsound. Uh Hello Aw. So long. The third straight talk and the AM The draw. Rita Marley big hit in one thousand nine hundred eighty one. Jim What do you got next on the pot front. Well Greg when I was thirteen and an older cousin elaine discovered covered the class. She passed on Black Sabbath Master of reality album to me and I put on the opening track. It's the third of black Sabbath career. One Thousand Nine hundred seventy one on and I hear this incredible echoed cough immortal lyrics of sweetly rare. Her in rock history. has there been such sincerity and stupidity delivered. Ozzie tells us When I first met you didn't realize I can't forget you or your surprise fries? You introduced me to my mind and left me wanting you and your kind I love you. What does he loves he loves the sweet? I believe he loves marijuana. He and Tonio Guitars and Black Sabbath. Were passing a joint. I army coughed. It wound up on tape. They kept it it's a really kind of touching tribute tribute and it's got everything you love about Black Sabbath. It's got that larger than life. Tonio me REF. It's got bill ward playing drums with a cinderblock fallen down a Flight of stairs geezer Butler keeping the the bottom and ozzy back. When he really was Ozzie I think he probably believes this is profound poetry and I there were times at thirteen where it seemed as if it was sweet leaf by Black Sabbath? Pink uh-huh nine the sweetened Wheatley from black. Sabbath the quintessential stoner song. Jim Yes do you have a favorite song about Pat. I'm talking about you our listeners. We don't smoke marijuana in call and leave a message on our hotline with your answer and Y at eight eight eight eight five nine eighteen eighteen hundred or find us on facebook or twitter. Enter a break. Jim and I share some more songs about marijuana that's all coming up on sound opinions from. WBZ Chicago right and being freed the welcome back sound opinions. I'm Jim de Regattas The Guy who's Bogart that joint grand caught and this new decade brings the legalization of marijuana in the state of Illinois Illinois with many other states reconsidering criminalization of this drug back got us thinking about the many decades tracks about weed and this week. We are sharing some of our favorites greg. You're up next indeed. Jim As you pointed out with sweet leaf there are indeed some tongue in cheek aspects to some of these songs about smoking pot. You love it and the same time you realize the ridiculousness of champion as he. I think I think like any drug. You know it. It lowers your inhibitions and maybe Oh you don't realize how stupid you times that is a you know. A point of contention with I would say early black Sabbath take a back and forth on that Stupid and SMART Spectrum Right Electric Wizard in two thousand I think took it to another level. They were very much apostles of the Black Sabbath catalog especially those first four albums A trio led by one. Just oborn who You created record called dope thrown in two thousand which he said would be the most disgusting file future record that anyone has ever recorded. The title track is twenty minutes long. which makes it Not Nearly as long as sleeps Magnum ultra same subject Jerusalem Salem's slash dope smoker so there were many many stone bands in this era putting out songs or paying homage to the substances which they were in ingesting in order to induce these flights of fancy. so He's thinking about three things in this over and over again he's he's talking about amplifiers cranked up. He's talking about the end of the world and he's talking about getting his highest possible to let it all sort of sink again and think about it. The sort of pseudo philosophical stoner babble. The lyrics are hilarious rise blank camps. Tear the sky feedback feedback will free your mind and set you. Free Rise Blanket Sky riff hewn altar wreathed in smoke. I'm sticking stinking with sweetland moving to I you know. What can I say? It's twenty minutes of just extreme music in that vein If you WANNA if you WANNA smoke pot this is like you know this is the soundtrack right dope thrown from electric wizard. A small segment of dope thrown thrown. I should point out from electric wizard. Unsound Opinions Yeah in a DOC thrown by the Brilliant Electric Wizard Greg I'm going to shift genres now. The number of times you and I sat through Cypress Hill on on those alternative band concert bills in the early nineties. Modern Rock radio you know and and Lollapalooza of course Cypress Hill was often the representative rap act. Although in retrospect I think This group that came together in late eighties first album. Ninety one in south gate. California is unique in many ways because the members were Latin ex You know And they were bringing a distinctly Latino perspective to dope and everything everything else that they wrapped about Also Dj mugs. I think is one of those characters producers in rap. The don't get the credit Deserved because speaking of black Sabbath and electric wizard. He was fascinated with psychedelic. Dark menacing ominous sounds because a big part of their thing was ghost story murder mystery horror tale imagery and they were always campaigning for normal I mean they were serious about their activism when Cyprus was playing a Gig even on one of those twelve band bills there was a normal table out front. You know and they were pushing this so they they wrapped about this frequently. But I think the all time great track is from from the Black Sunday al Mid Ninety three hits from the Bong you know and as with sweet leaf and the cough you have. Dj mugs rapping in the sound of sucking hard on a Bong right from the opening of the song. All the way through and then I love the perversion of this or the contrast built the track on a loop of dusty springfield son of a preacher man. You know I don't think a lot of Cypress Hill holds up. Well I guess you really had a beaver eve. Air A phrase. I don't like to use this. I think sounds is brilliant now as it did back in the day even though it doesn't say anything it just keeps telling you it's from the Bong hits from the Bunka get hits from the bucks here they are Cyprus Ellen sound opinions And Patty the running back at least inside. Don't spill incompetence takes Pele all night long. Take heads from the ball. It's from the Bong by Cypress Hill unsound opinions. We're doing doing great songs about marijuana. Greg you're going to stay in the hip hop vein absolutely Missy Elliott one of my favorite artists of all time riffing on Passing the Dutch and back. That's the name of the song. Pass that Dutch. That is a common phrase among the tokens out. There you know. We're talking about out Dutch masters that was considered primary Rolling paper for a nice thick blunt if you wanted a nice thick blunt you've got the Dutch masters out right Pass past the Duchy musical youth big hit nineteen ninety-two part of the lexicon of of hip hop music and part of the lexicon of smoking pot Missy Elliott picking up on it in two thousand and three from the. This is not a test record. I in this song. She basically talking about Rapping about smoking pot while working. Don't try this at home. Folks can be could be dangerous but in dance club. It's totally acceptable even encouraged. But what I also like about this song is okay it's it's a very danceable song but those fast hand claps those deep baselines those drums. That go bump bump bump and the Swanky riff and the and the subliminal voices in the background that Timbaland production. You don't have to dance to this track. You can put on the headphones and while you're smoking a nice fat one you are You can get lost in the density of the detail in the production reduction of this. You're getting way too excited. Yeah it's the pot smoking you know. It's it's definitely it's definitely a two-pronged Track for the the part. Smoking lovers out there it is missy Elliott with pass that Dutch independence. Pretty boy here. I come in Heart Song. Mother win the Michael Jackson. Hamill pain in your rectum slept on the hit around. Take me rerun. Hey what's happening in Madrid. That's right that's right. The Dow the number one go get a job with us that Rahm took load back on the Malone Awesome Sir. My name was on the phone. Single did Jeffrey Joel. mccower taper are being a superstar. John Thank you so wonderful Passed the Stop Pass that Dutch from missy Elliott Jim We've got one more pot-smoking song for his right. I do Greg it sort of twofer in some ways The track I'M GONNA play is by the moles. What's the new Mary Jane The malls were a psychedelic pop band that formed in Sydney Australia around singer Songwriter. Richard Davies in Eighty eight. They broke up in ninety three after one how he went onto a lot of interesting things Cardinal With Eric Matthews in the mid nineties really the birth of that or pop movement movement that exploding for a decade but With the moles. It was a more standard psychedelic. Pop sound along the lines of Paisley the underground bands. We talked about this year. There had been for a long time. Before Capitol Records reissued repackaged resold every scrap of anything the Beatles ever recorded a famous lost Beatles track called. What's the new Mary Jane? It was a John Lennon track about marijuana so davies ladies in the early nineties kind of wrote the song nobody had ever heard from the Beatles. Now this is one of the worst beatle tracks ever wants a new marriage. You Know I. It's got none of the Great Melody you expected to Beatles Song and it's got the worst rhyme of any Beatles track ever wherein Lennon rhymes Yeti with Spaghetti. I don't know if you remember that song was on what are the Anti Richard Davies. Song with the moles. What's the new Mary? Jane is is far better You know I it's a great Melody it's what's The new Mary. Jane I guess he's looking for something even stronger than marijuana and now that marijuana is marching toward legality in much of the United States of America. I guess that's the question. What's the new drug Anyway this is timeless piece of psychedelic pop on sound opinions. It should See what's the new Mary. Jane from the malls that's concluding our segment on pot-smoking songs. If you you our listeners have a favorite song about pot give us a call at eight eight eight eight five nine thousand nine hundred and leave a message with your pick and why or connect with us on facebook or twitter coming up. We clock in as the rock doctors to recommend a song that will help fighter make quick work of her opponents plus we hear from Australian singer. Songwriter Angie Jim McMahon about the song that got hooked on Sonic's that's intimate unsound opinions from WBZ CHICAGO NPR X. Welcome back to sound opinions. I'm Greg Kat. He's Jim dear goddess in every once in a while we clock in as the rock doctors we have our patients come to us for some musical expertise to help them get through a situation in their life week prescribed them something musical and then check back in to see if it worked this week. We are talking to a Chicago teacher with a very physical hobby. Who's asked for our help? Shannon welcomed sound opinions and I wanted to write off the top. Is it true that talking to us on your lunch break. That's correct. It is a great calling. Thank you for serving our children. But you have this interesting sidelight right. Yeah tell us about your athletic endeavors. I'm forty five years old now and for the past twenty five years I've been in martial arts anything from Schori Gouge. ooh just types absa karate. I've moved to American kickboxing and within the last five years. I've done a lot of western boxing. Now I'm doing Moi tie which is is a type of high boxing How how is that different than anything that I well? I'm not that I'm familiar with any martial arts. I don't know if you are greg either. But what what distinguishes thing wishes Moy ties what you're saying. Yeah these types of boxing Thai boxing or Dutch boxing we all sort of umbrella under kickboxing and and this particular type of boxing uses eight points. Verse just hands and feet. It's using legs feet hands and it's clenching. Where are you grab onto the opponent and you can still kick the opponent that close contact? So it's a sixteenth century combat art within Thailand. But Yeah I've been competitive in it and I've spent some time in Thailand fighting. Wow we have a series job in front of us here. Jim What Shannon do specifically really need some recommendations for. Why are you coming to the rock doctors? Because in my last bout in Thailand I would show up to a place. And there's maybe a thousand spectators at any given time and it's nothing like the US. It'd be lucky if thirty people calling and I we're just sort of come out and they they would always play you know. Walk up music and never really talked to me about what they're playing in every time. It was really odd over the summer I would here welcome to the jungle by gun. In which was his daring. I mean I I thought it was interesting because I'm in the middle of the jungle and nonetheless muscle. It's the American is here and that is just not me and I started thinking. Wow what is a song that I can come walk up to and really feel it and sort of have it represents who I am as a fighter and so I came to sought out some help. I'm a little intimidating. I listen to the show. We don't come through. I am certain Shannon could take take both of us at not even break a sweat I can I mean where were you in the playground in fifth grade. When every time there was a recess a fight would break out? You know could use your help back then. Anyway I'm inspired Jim. I think you want music channon. Your tastes tend toward more. What hard rock punk? That kind of stuff. What are your favorites? I mean I love dark wave I love punk. I love grind core. I love for Ghazi. I mean I love it all but I really tend to lean more toward punk but I I'm not ruling out other other things you know. I love the monks I. R. B. I'm like the walking. CBGB's how about that all right and you also need this to like introduce yourself to potentially potentially a thousand spectators in Thailand. Are you want this to i. I it serving multiple purposes here. That's what threw me for a while. Greg but what was your recommendation. Obviously if you're about to fight somebody in front of a crowd that is cheering. And you want to get the crowd revved up. You WanNa get yourself revved up. I would think that the the you don't WanNa waste any time. When you're playing this intro music you'd better be right on it you know at three? AM So the track. I'm going to recommend is by abandoning power trip in the name of the songs executioners tax swing of the axe. I love this band there from Dallas the lyrics are actually more substantive than one might imagine for a group that calls itself power trip. They're they're actually talking here in this song about apathy about. Hey Hey get off the couch pal and do something about it. You know. It's like you know. Make it happen and the vibe is you mentioned punk. I think there's sort of a cross between that thrash metal sound of the eighties and punk. There's some traffic elements in the music too. But it's an the song doesn't waste any time it it just leaks sound speakers at you. I mean you put this on Shannon. I guarantee you that somebody's GonNa WanNa start fighting and hopefully it'll be you they Thailand following a riot. Going on everyone's GonNa Start Right Sir John The dog It sounds that. Sounds like a great Prescription Greg I I was. I was stumped on this for a long time Shannon because I was thinking girl. Power Talks between the lines you love punk. But I also think that. In order to motivate the crowd he needed something a little groove fear. And then I was watching the last the episode of this great Prestige TV series on becoming a God in central Florida right and it is a wonderful star. Turn by the Great Beth. Ditto appearing alongside Kirsten dunst and I was like the Goss Up. Yes this is. What Shannon needs the gossip okay? The third third studio album standing in the way of control was really the one that broke this wonderful She proudly calls herself a fat activist. A ANTI HOMOPHOBIC fighter She is a lesbian. She grew up poor evangelical Southern Baptist Pentecostal in Arkansas remakes herself as this larger than life. Dance punk front woman dance punk in the sense. That Lati- GRA was and standing in in the way of control was the GOSSIPS I think DNC is groovy album Beth then made a solo record kind of went off. The rails reimagined herself in worlds of fashion and acting. Now now I was really thinking about it. 'cause martial arts are part art and part But kicking you know and I after this record standing in the way of control I'm going to give you the title track. She is psyching out her opponent. In some way. Your back's against the wall. There's no one home to call You're forgetting who you are. You can't stop crying right. You want to get in your opponent's head. I would imagine as well as them flat on the Mat or whatever it is you do to decimate made them Surviving the only way you know is what Beth is singing and You know whoever is in front of her whether it was an ex lover whether it was The political political forces she often rails against they are standing in the way of control. And you know where they're going they're going down they're going there's no doubt they want and and yeah back Yeah so as always you are free to tell us we were both completely wrong but try them out. Bring him to the gym. And then we'll check back with you. Gotcha thanks guys. I'm going to try them out Uh let's check in with Shannon. Welcome back to sound opinions. Hi thanks for having me now. You you haven't gotten to try our prescriptions out as introducing the match. But you did you bring him to a workout I did. I actually brought him into some sparring session. I probably went through three times a piece. Oh all right. Well that's a serious serious tryout. Jim was was in on it right. Did you win. The matches the sparring matches. Of course I do not doubt it Shannon. What worked for you? And what didn't Shannon. Well when you guys first suggested the song things like this bias automatically. I love the gossip I love. You know the whole feminist thing. I love the music I love them. I didn't know anything about power trip really. It was odd But I'M GONNA go with power trip executioners tax swinging the axe I mean we were all swinging it and I'll tell you why because walking up there when you're testing me songs out. There's a really really distinct time signature. Sure with power trip and it said syncopated. You know it's perfect when you're walking up and all of those things aside you know. Of course I support the FLEMINGTON minute martial arts and you know all these things and I love the gossip for all those ideas. But when I'm walking up there you know it's a mindset of hit or be hit and that song was like okay. It's time flip. Start the brutal accurate. It's not about masculinity muscular at that point or anything about you know going in getting it done a one thing. I was thinking of Shannon when I recommended that was that I it sorta hits you in between the eyes right away way. It's like you don't have to think too much about it's Kinda like very visceral it's very right upfront. which I figured in your work doing this very Demanding in physical regimen and preparing for something. That's like life or death literally in some ways you need you need that adrenaline right off the bat you know. So let's go what I what I was going for. Oh Yeah I can kind of you know. Walk up and and have a little bit of you. Know that spunk. Where you're just moving around or some head movements there's some holes and all that kind of thing and every time power trip was it was like in the lead? There's no doubt about it. I you know I'm a lover not a fighter and I just I I did wonder if maybe standing in the way controlled by the gossip The Great Beth Ditto was a little bit soft. You know that recurring refrain of you. You don't stop trying. You don't want that. No you'RE GONNA win. You WanNa know you were going to win right. Yeah Oh yeah I pulled my punch uh-huh so to speak what you did there. Jim I I have to say one thing you know. I also started to think a little bit more also when it comes to fighting songs insiders and the style of fighting because I can see the gossip working like Mary J.. Blige Song you know and boxing saying that rhythm it's it's a little bit it's a different kind of fighting your your different stance you've got a lot more movements over time throwing moving and it's just very brutal it's walk up and do you have to do and get it done quick and it's it's face to face so I do think Based based on the style of fighting the music has a role in that. I really really noticed that. That's a kind way of putting putting in place at least just give me that Standing away control his better than than guns and roses. Absolutely thank you guys so much. Thank you for coming to us for. these prescriptions. And and good luck. I Don I don't think she needs it. No it doesn't take care has nothing to do with it when she is in the fun. Thank thank you so much. If you're a listener who liked to get some advice from the rock. Doctors go to our website sound opinions dot org fill out the form detailing your ailment and we'll try to prescribe what you need. When they said NEON NJ McMahon it is an up and coming singer? Songwriter hailing from Melbourne Australia. That scene as launch some fantastic artists. Some of whom we've had on the show like Courtney Burnett in the summer summer of two thousand nineteen. Angie released her debut album salt and it's full of thoughtful songwriting rollicking guitar and beautiful emotional vocals. She was on the road most of last year opening for the Irish artist. HOSUR honor Chicago two or stop our producer. Alex clayborn caught up with Angie to talk about the MEATLOAF Song. Long hooked on Sonic's. Hey My name's Angie McMahon and I'm a singer Songwriter from Mobil Australia and I would describe my music as melancholic emotional rock. Why why some con- The song that got me hooked on Sonics is bat out of hell by MEATLOAF which I feel like. It's a strange choice because it doesn't really sound like the music that I make or oh have ever made or probably will ever make. But it's so epic. Actually it was the piano. I think that hooked me into the song because I was the piano student. I have been for my whole life and I wasn't yet playing guitar and I wasn't yet writing songs songs at this point. But the opening two minutes of the song assist instrumental and the piano is amazing sounding and I think I started picturing myself on stage as a rock musician like playing playing the keyboards and like probably having spiky hair and Silva I make often Mike. Whatever was going on sparkles everywhere? I think that the first time I was listening to that song was with my family driving driving like long drives around Australia. And it's such a driving song. It's nine minutes long and it just felt like such an epic thing to be listening into the countryside zooming past and an amazing story to listen to down in the valley tonight with the Communist China Muscle Stallone Sky Eta Taller than last saw. y'All he was stopped dishonest crave. It feels like you're watching a film Tom and it's such an amazing storytelling to have in Assam. It's probably my first real introduction into rock music but it also feels like an opera and it feels feels like cinema and brought into this image that he creates of being Murdoch accident. Ah Yeah when I was listening to. The song made my siblings sing along in all of the big pots. What's and we were just hooked on the way that like the murder back sound was created by guitars? It I I do love to take that really dynamic. Almost I would call onerous yelling yelling that vocal performance that can go from just dramatic. Intimate storytelling into epic the by another tape. Like I would I love doing and I loved the songs that Iraq that kind of get to that place and I I would reference back to me in that way in John at the bottom of a student the full and so that was definitely. It was a door opening for me until like you could do this and have fun with also you really like attention. And maybe you'd like being on stage and it was like igniting these ideas in my brain that turned out to the tennis on immortal. The magnificent that timeless the Brilliant Bat Outta Hell Meatloaf Greg. Why don't we have on the show next last week next week Jim? We're going to dig deep once again for some buried treasure songs flying underneath the mainstream radar that we think you need to hear about for more sound opinions. Yes you can listen to our podcast. Wherever you get such things? Join US in conversation on facebook or twitter our producers Brennan Band is AC Alex Claiborne. IONIC Contrarius Contraire US and Andrew Gill Brain share me call on sound opinions. Everyone's a critic so now it's time to hear what what you have to say. Hi My name is Julian. I'm calling from Lewes Delaware and if it's not too late I was calling to recommend mend another album. It I think is probably the best album of two thousand. Nineteen is the debut from Malibu Ken which is a collaboration between a soft rock and tobacco Tobacco is the front man from Black Bluff to Rainbow Psychedelic rock band. So He's done quite quite a bit of electronic music on his own and the production on. This album is pretty fantastic. I think it allows a south rocks lyrics to come to the forefront and be really easily heard which is just great because he has incredible slow. Tobacco's music here. It's very interesting. Sounds sounds kind of like an soundtrack to eight video game anyway. The collaboration is X.. Clinton I think it's worth checking out. Wake up in a gallon of sweat the blood you can what you raskin like a lackey so we jackals a meant business source of Dorothy. Catch the cat. We'll see Greg Chris from going to North Carolina one thing I have to say one of the best records of twenty nineteen and it's totally flown under the radar. It's called Tara by this band from Australia. Called Park bones and is just absolutely stunning. Stunning Record It has has all the feel of their Australian counterparts birthday party. Crime say solution but with this sort of modern normally take very reminiscent of Fans like Waylon storms from North Carolina. Absolutely fantastic listened to the Merciful. If that doesn't destroy your psyche I don't know what will bill thank God what This is calling from the great musical city of Memphis. Tennessee just finished your decade in review We they wanted to call in and just say that strangely enough when I considered I think the album of the decade for me personally has to be the suburbs by arcade it fire. I knew it was a critically acclaimed album. Of course memorably one album of the year at the grammys. I'm came out. I had just moved to Seoul South Korea living outside of the city proper so ever lived abroad by myself. I don't know if I would have made it through through my time and tree I actually I'm dealt with. I would have had that album not come out and it ended up being a wonderful experience. that album still in heavy rotation Russian but it was certainly one of those right place right time right age kind of things that are beautiful when they haven't music happy New Year to you all and us good luck in the next year. Hi My name's Britain should know calling from California and my mother decade is we think yes goes through the way the reason why I chose that album. It's because he so beautifully packages an album with lyricism and creativity story of an idea of resurrection and he goes in and talks about slavery in a different light. Very mythical ferry fictional the idea that slave or drowned in the ocean watched over the seat. He's helped attack go back to Africa and Detour to the sea shore. Yes jumped off the deck to leave. Footsteps Solid dips. It of course is not true not a time research. He had to put into that house traveled. Burn lots of things. I think thanks very high type of album. And it's just a fun ride navigating through from the beginning of the album. No mormeck to give us your opinions. Unsound Opinions Call Our hotline eight eight eight eight five nine. Eight hundred. Nine hundred will be back next week with more sound opinions produced by W._B._Z. Chicago and distributed by P._R. Ex.

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Rinventer le march des fleurs avec Saida.b

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And dan and sausage labor is it s going to consider relatively component or perfectly see landau is on why fury salon to couch. Masami lemieux synovium assam. John c jimmy flakes. Which is impacting moons are saying bazzi dementia to two zero migita. J. may by amazon panicky swam back to of tuesday. Keep on caution low hypocrites. Gmac key kiara most which iq she practice. He may amazon ceo. Have only saturday. Only keep on say adonia. Since one visitor lukachevitch i stay type of swam. May khun should be grounded. While she's rotator short on supplies off they told they told the measures tracy. Ma am this combat on monday. A bluish community a couple in modesto saturday exiting shauwie overburden to come to power down the boons until zhiwei a calcified meaty several diplomacy with takako. Louis li bessant wound natera. Flos a wander. The flaccid moon absolutely more extraordinary. Saddam won't february met close measured On on leakey's appel flowers my flowers at home john. The floor is very workers. Tofte tornado burr. Memory filler halted sushi this issue as you may say pass flurry shack wa wa bravado in minneapolis On when abbas wanka kennedy. More visuals on talk to john. Says it's templeton. Don't worry andrew toomey antic shoes if your supermarket splash who've nasa stan to the do clip four lob kid steffi's so tidy tie in manchester sound boom. Oh we you in the palm of the foods we they could. Mexico ceda has a decree to the details. Shower shot on coffee whether these are all children. Wilpon won't on this beker. Said samir on extratime founded this really poor compressor develop miserable. Coomassie beaucoup with these types of pests unique. He papas natural. Say almost may d'amato's metal is not asked us to size. I'm sukey couldn't respond or long senior floor base at it because social by side the flower who is really stag massimo creed the ski shock bookie checkbook load several pam. Hard diplomacy shortwave. Don't operate at home. The today just beker said episode plu. Who are who are doing the flow or is it a pile partner. Joe tool do Commodity who is it platform. That could play is woven indiscreet avic facebook. They inning jin. Ha sean javale vote. It will syllogism adonia represented. the doulos is on the debacle to russsian spill. All the shooter on key done tueson with hope with guest said his hours utility. Sean sean avic. Kim was equity opponent was silly. I was all natural asanuma galveston kuwari muslim. Woodson pasqua's to sue. Don't even party totalwine. let's on do a down. Milanovic donors desert selenium shot apple. Podcasts spotify to-to platform. They could playfully nathan by an apology. Elicit as the kamata mel guerrilla treasury trail on the -bility plenty of bills want leaves onto pull the novellas a cruiser.

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Episode 106: Dildo Ponies

The Patdown with Ms. Pat

39:18 min | 5 months ago

Episode 106: Dildo Ponies

"Hey it's white. Boy chris if pat-downs ever made you laugh then join our patriotic and support us get bonus content a t shirt or an autograph copy of rabbit. Ms pats autobiography visit. Ms pat comedy dot com for the link to the patriot. And while you're there join our facebook group wanting to another episode of the pat down and we're here talking about disconnecting and giving them a john stay tuned music with disconnect dion best fit time that got to play on real crime lack. Obviously he's playing. Signed up everything you know. Full face alpha annoyed. This tuck tweet put crazy was asking how how my brother do. Yeah yeah he was saying telling everybody he gotta store. You can shut the fuck up. Oh let me tell you about the first week right. The first week he cried the first three weeks. Oh he did with cry of south prouty iran from the nickel him. The fuck away from me rider you i said. Can you please leave me the fuck out. Why are you crying. Can you just tell me why you cry people. We came from us an angel to them where we took away from me. I had him say. Keep them away from me. The covert man. Not ahead man. Tony keeping the fuck away from me kept crying brad. I know he was him and people up telling them he stolen. And i was happening every day for like a week. He was like you know my story next. I got a box full of stuff. I'm bringing so you can start writing it. I was like. I don't think he knows what if he told anybody. I got box full of shit hanging above. You was like if you think story. Fuck the wait till you hear mine. I'm like oh i bet. Did he tell you any the story. So i got the fuck about it see survivor stories. I hope he's doing abroad. They all he can re. And he's bringing people calls right and I told us to before when he was going on. The way to break is on my to call you. Call breakdown on side of the highway and we on wait. Go on Chattanooga read this is a hot down win chicken noodle tennessee. You've never told that. I couldn't read. you know. check check taught me how to break down check. New talk say say chair would be passing by them. Green signs and we are working. That's out there. That say say. I think say and his friend in the first seat laughing his corre- and i'm trying to break it down in the syllable and his new colony chicken noodle joe tennessee didn't think it's dominicano dom grad no. I couldn't handle fire. That person like somebody said that your chicken noodle tennessee. That would they think. I bill them. Say he's saying he married a schoolteacher as a fuck that you've is to marry you ca- fucking write a hallway. Say well she had the letters. Just put them right across the top of the stairs. Guess he may her lab because he got a smart wiedeman he well he say someone a dummy she. What's another one i and sometimes you know. He wasn't the one that splits for butter. Beans was he not as my brother. Tonal he's call him itchy because he was so black. He's very now he was. He was a toaster berg. I yeah a real dose game. Where he was at wesley snipes nigger and he's love butterbean. We catch them neon deal with dan. We had no meat. Well why we never had fucking meet cook. A whole part of being being them. I was proud. We have fucking die. Beat out of being there. I don't fuck with no motherfucking. Be emma malls dirty bitch because she only could be fat but told us. We can eat fat bag because there was army. Some of nasdaq meat. Had man what is it nigga. Some some pony sheep is big. I guess i guess horse horses. I don't fucking fat bay. Would you the fried cheese bacon to isn't it. Yeah isn't that like what bacon made of you like cut the ball and make it real hard and is for one hundred different fucking thing. It's supposed to be it. Popey bacon tune but She's a put it in her beans that she but she's his cook a whole pot of being and makes them all you show on. Its own there. Yeah yeah okay. I've seen this. Let me see it in various salt and she will kill to you. Yeah fat bag. Yeah the the the pussy part of the bacon. She's put her being my brothers hit all. He's love butterbean dan. He's dead knee with nasa's ads for some butter. Being being we catch up. I i hate being sick. I was just telling them you know shit. Trickles me light certain things. I think i got the and trauma from when i was in atlanta beaten by by grade schoolteacher. They may my babysitter nanny movie because they didn't me to catch colby right so she had to move in so she did a lot of the girls shopping because i was on the set out of time and this bitch sometimes she just oh she was nice. Nice girl took care of the kid but she would. She would do shit the trigger. My fucking my my bad memories lie. She will buy off brand ketchup and mustard. And i told her. I said he can't do this year. 'cause they fox fox with me. Do you think she was doing it on purpose. No okay but you can't buy off branch sheets. She didn't hear it as as you can't out stuff around me. If folks me off red pickled gosh picked us catch at one and she just came what does catch pick. The mismatch story is never off breath. Oh gosh not say little fucked up in. Hey you cannot buy. I'll bring you cannot buy off brand ketchup and mustard. You cannot buy off. Branch sheets just looked at it. Would you keep talking shit to me. I'm gonna take all you cannot bring all where she fucks with me literally fucks with ex. We on him twisted. I thought twisted show. What does that really fucking cookies be. Lopsided yeah creepy showed his craft like the cookie crumbles because all soft and gross. Yeah he loves it. He loves to bring a bag of some bring bid here just an accurate. I eat them. she can't i. Don't i don't like going to the end of the brain our to cheap bread and that she should lie. I cannot like other. Because mama. I can't fuck with alchemy calls because my mama boyfriend had a el camino call. And that's what he i i don't fuck with knows call i don't go down our spam on. If he's over there and fucking molly m duty you fucks me new miami nail camino but what it spam suomi agree. She says his full porto shootout snotty. She don't assign spam. I guess she be buying vinyl sort as established ship. So i if i got an atom fees in the jaw as you give me flash but as you looked at me treat them. Ptsd and i told him. that's why. Be going into grossed out. I should admired my. You ain't gonna go like my. You could tell you. Take neighborhood change when you walmart again. Peak meat chicken feet italian. Move at your community when they got a whole family. Pack of chickenfeed you'd community have gone to let you know is a brand people in your neighborhood that eat this. She in to move. There's not there's not like i mean fresh. Thyme you could go up to fresh. Thyme here that's probably the closest where there's no whole foods at in this and i go to motherfucking mayes. Yeah they ain't gonna eat no more for seats up there and they had out good cheap. It ain't gotta be. I'll have to be scared to shop new. You like halloween. Holly equate in greater value. Every little play with fucking on all seven boozy. I will eat it if i had to adjust gay easy. Forget easy that sauce. A literally fox with me if fox with me it really do you do generic character issue all right. Let's take a break. I if you business owner are hiring you probably face of live challenges when it comes to finding the right person for the world you probably get too many resumes to sort through it. You need to hire somebody soon as possible. Not know where to post your job to restripe person. That's why hiring can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure you can post your job to some job board but then you can do is hope that the right person come alone. Which is why you should try zip recruiter for all you gotta do is go to ziprecruiter dot com slash pat down. When you post a job on ziprecruiter sit out to a hundred. The top job sites one click then ziprecruiter matching technology. Find people with the right skills and experience for your job and actively invite them to apply in fact cal ziprecruiter so affected full out of five employees who post on ziprecruiter get a qualified candidate within the first day. You me the first day is no wonder y'all two point three minute. Three million businesses have come zip recruiter for their hiring needs so other companies. Are i hear overwhelm. And you were so many options maybe zip recruiter or find what. You're looking for that needle in the haystack. And right now you can try ziprecruiter for free at this web bedrooms ziprecruiter dot com once again. Remember go to this. Unique play zia. P. r. e. c. r. u. I t. r. dot com slash pat down. Pat d. o. w. em. That's the smartest way to hire. 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No in fact so many people have been joining better hip. They are recruited addition council in all fifty states. You can thank me later. It's time for all of us to take charge of our mental hip. 'cause baby this is crazy is where we living in. This episode is brought to you by samsung moms help. Everyone be their most epic cells. So for mother's day helped mambi. Her most epic with samsung galaxy gifts like their most advanced smartphone camera. So mom can take photos. Like a pro a smartwatch. With next level fitness tracking samsung's best earbuds yet to help them block out and turn up or the statement making galaxy flip five g that lets mom flex her style. This year celebrate. What makes mom epic with samsung galaxy. We didn't mean to trigger you so we had to take a break. She included like. I'm just telling you my fucking fears. Most people scared of spiders. I'm scared of fucking spain. Is there anything else that you're afraid of snakes or the darker probably choke snake out but nigga break go wrong. I'm scared us by bread. I'm almost gaps gary. I'm scared of spiders. And she liked to but there was a moth that flu dad was what the focus robbed. Tammy a god damn mapo. I'll give each lying to randy more dole. I'm scared of she'd. I wanna know me she. It won't work my seat tonight. Yeah trying to get their shit together. Have you been on stage at all. Since the other night it wasn't it wasn't that bad. Oh yeah you you said the other day that you hadn't met batum like fifteen tonight. At the i got it. How prevalent is joke stealing in like comedy like that. Like is it just like. It's so rare that you know away with you can get like carlos. Mencia was prime example. They knew he was still in joe. People knew right. Anyone until ragas says yeah that any so people normally they just like that's fucked up now fuck which they don't out show s okay. I mean people know who who steals like. You know if you stay. Is it so rare that we know about it like carlos mencia or is it so common that it's just like people just don't say anything and they just quietly this more common than you is more doubts about a month comedy. Yeah people don't know unless they get out get out real big saw more comics know that you still another people joke unless you get confided by the comic and it's a big deal but you know. How much is it like like louis. Ck versus dane cook episode louis. Where he's like. Everybody has itchy assholes. It's not like you wrote something that monumentally like. How do you know a joke with stole stolen just versus common experience the difference between stealing a premise and stealing a joke. Everybody can have the same premise in the punchline. How you get to. It is different. But the there's motherfuckers out there who will literally take your entire fucking joke and just change the td and be like nah. I wrote that fucking didn't let you change the prepositions so yeah it does happen a lot in the early when you're starting now like one nuke comics don't really know any better like new comics. You know they if you don't know the business you don't know the business and if nobody teaches you don't fucking learn until somebody teaches you right so you know if you take. That's why you see if you go to like open mic. You'll see young people doing popular comedians jokes. Because they don't fucking know that you can't do that and it's the people in the scene like yo you know you can't do that right. Can't fucking so it just focus. It takes it takes a veteran in the community. The break down to the young people and if you see a older comic stealing jokes it's normally then he had been stealing ear. Joe is there somebody early in your career path. That came up that in taught you the business and told you what you couldn't couldn't do this song. Got what a bunch of comments and you heard what you could and couldn't do heard them talk about jokes even you know Hostal jokes and you know Who joke there was and shit like that. At what point did you know. You're a good comedian. Good question it is a good question. I i i. I'm also knew. Yeah we can see it but you know it takes longer to catch up for everybody to see the town that we all see I wondered if there was a moment. A set or joke or something where you're like. I think i'm good at this. I never said i was good at it. I said i always said. I think i can do this. I still say that. Yeah i always think i can. Do you feel like you've made it now. No i feel like. I'm dea brill. Whoa whoa what. You don't feel like me. I mean that's i don't feel like almost sound silly to some people. But that's what i feel like. I don't feel like i don't feel famous. Maybe when the show drop glitter microphone somebody else. I mean i'm just being on his. That's what i feel like. Does anybody ever. Dam you and ask you questions about dion. I do okay. Well maybe we are famous then. Because i was gonna say nobody ever had people tell me them. Family biggest. Do not know what famous i really don't heard our voice on the podcast appreciating sheet that fed the but it is funny. Yeah fame. I mean i don't i guess i don't see you know i'm just trying to stay as normal as possible. Yeah so this how you know you. Famous pat when other famous people know who you are. Yeah i think that's a good way to put it now. You're famous now. Famous people know who texting joel mchale see. Adults is joel. Mccower has been famous. He's at least seila celebrity yes. I googled his network. But i just see him as a negative used to host fucking but that on his tombstone name-brand brandon green. You know i guess. I let me say what what famous is to main is desire washington like a list and you know before i met. Debbie allen was famous. But then i thought just a normal person so i guess i guess once i meet people these titles come all the just people felicia rashad full. I met her. she's just felicia fucking right. You know what. I'm saying. So i don't i don't i see regular people that go to walmart like me and you know what like i remember when i was pitching his show and people a lot of time. People will google people to see. Who's in the meeting. I never go this. I never wanted to know who i was talked to. So in my mind to keep me from getting nervous. I say all of the motherfuckers shopping walmart hobby lobby like me. So i never. I didn't know who who was a big. I didn't know who ran fox. I didn't know shit. And i remember sitting in a meeting at my very first time. Pitching lee daniel and big guy was like a something special about you. I like you and he was like the show. And i was like lee. Who voted he and he was like busy at the big may a folks i say what for he. He's busy j. about short shit. The nigga about show and he's like yeah he bought show. I say excuse me is michael as me. Now ain't nobody. Then he sold this show like fifty percent off. But you know how i just. Oh how how do you plan to keep yourself grounded by talking about dealing with real people i mean. I don't care as nobody that i really wanna meet. I love ice cube. I ran into. Michael vick bojangles off. When was that de albouy. I've wanted to meet whitney houston dies. So she's off mybookie leads you know just talking to regular people. I don't care to go ride a yacht with nobody. I don't care how famous free. And i just wanna have normal people. I don't i don't care to have friends holidays bitch. If you don't breathe you'll fucking knows going to fall off. I don't want freeze won't fake people. Yeah around me. Because i don't have the patient. I don't have the patience to pretend. I don't know how to walk. They walk in. I'm old black bitch with eighth grade education. Save the fuck. She wanted to say and led thing. I'm gonna do is hold my peace which you know how to hold my peace so then so so to keep holding my piece. I'm gonna be around people that know me you you sort of had to learn to hold a piece a little bit during the tv show like did. Did that frustrate you or do you like that. Does that make you go. I don't know how much of this life i wanna live versus the standup. Want me. i say fuck. I won't on he. Would you agree. Yeah people do me. I didn't change. Didn't have i was at the point walks. Fuck away from me new series. You know what. I'm saying. Now i could say steal. Mispaid looked bushy. Get fucked me. Stop playing me. You know what i'm saying. I could still be me on said but you know i didn't walk around with my head here high and wouldn't speak to people. No i wouldn't do. she liked. It wasn't really like that anyway. As far as the tell people that you know it wasn't like there was a lot of that would come up. And just fuck with her. Isn't he didn't have access to her like that. Yeah right so that seems like that seems to me that like you get carried off your circle kind of goes in that direction and you lose access to regular people like. That's what it seems like. I don't want to lose where exit. I wanna talk to regular fucking people i mean. What am i'm hanging out with. I mean y y y. I don't wanna i don't wanna free. Who can go to the mall. I mean it will probably be like one day but you know i won't be able to do i wanna do. And that's the good part about comedians. We stay normal. People as a pair walked down fuck street. He is a superstar kevin hart. He's a superstar now denzel k. Because he's a movie star has a different eddie murphy can because he's more of a movie star in a comedian but when you're a comedian is different is the is just different. I also think like the way that the media is set up now where there's all these different little groups and like you can be really into bert kreischer and all of his friends and you and like that network of people and you never will talk to somebody who's like big video game culture whereas like thirty years ago denzel washington was everywhere because they're only four channels and it seems like it's easier probably to blended now because there's so many different avenues for for you to you. You don't know who's gonna be at a party. I mean. I mean i don't know you know if across a path and and those people are they are say. Hey hey keep moving. I'll see me myself hanging out with all types of people you never know she. You meet these people and they real people. I have a conversation. Yeah what did they tell you. I may not be checking came back. I just think you your personality and you don't lend did that kind of fake now. Hollywood bullshit yeah. I don't never you'd never become friends with that person. I will talk to that person. Get the phone to beg though. I don't have time for san francisco. It's a great example. Where at the mythbusters compound you know. And there was one guy who was in the office and he was talking to adam for mythbusters and he was just they were schmoozing each other and it was like very you know like let's be friends. Miss pat walks into goes. We're leaving and we just insulted the whole room day. Whereabouts do with the runway thing the models do. That's what we did. There was a there was a there was an island and we walked one. Half of the island then walked right back out the other end. We weren't even going to go in until paddling dingoes need. It was a photographer and bogues fucking aid in crickets. I'd taken one in the car and you go so you hurt in the black they all. We weren't even go in until she leaned her head in the car. And goes y'all there's a weird white shit going and she goes. I mean let's go opens the door. Everybody gets out and it was. There was a lot of weird white chick going on in their house. I don't time for bush. And i'm not gonna hold my tongue. We can fuck you. Come on. I'm not saying that she will go find something you can go from being a mole till we found some some classier place which was a taco place right across from people shitting on the sidewalk. The worst taco. I've ever had my life a watch out for that shit on literally said it was actual shit sell. San francisco was the cleanest major city. I've ever been in except for the tenderloin. Yeah he was known as cds back down. Just goes who uses cds around in this motherfucker. We're gonna plug this into answer. We say ass down she those people from zoom keeping you keep people around like we always be normal. 'cause i always keep you into some type league activity have you running from somebody at in. And she always know something going on in the world and she down for the crown of dumb shit believe dad's she down for the crown a dumb shit like watching. And you like. It's like your best friend from high school that like my friend. My version is tom. Tom always got us into all kinds of crazy shit because he just had fun personality. Like let's do and try everything. I was always like no. She don't try to talk you out of sheet. She don't law and hammers going from it. And i'm like you know you really should be john. He's not you quesion. You ain't shit. Jay john talk you out of she. You're going and do little one. She's a very much fuck. Why have go have fucking fun. Half fun bitch have fun. That's what she about. Go live it up as she don't think she ever get old. She's one of the funniest people i've ever met. She likes to help fucking phone. And there's nothing wrong having phone ever since i left. I said i said you know what bitch. I'm gonna have fun. Just wanna have fun. She my birthday next week. I'll be forty nine. And i can't wait. What are you going to do for for your birthday like are you gonna 'cause obviously you're gonna be working on your actual day but you got anything plan for queasy plan or something. I don't get into no no. I can see y'all ride dildo ponies symbian. You allow deal opponents but i ne- online. Maybe he's made this episode deal opponents you've got to deal wi- fucking i'm almost fifty. Hey i'm a. I'm a i'm a writer. Do ponies you only live once. Why not ride them the focus you might not get around to ryan another fucking deal dope on next time to better my data in the new out. He's been telling you deal. Opponents were fun. And you've been holding out because you're married. Go goddamn dildo pony yet. Dildo deal you did. Come out to try. Why not try going out. I'm getting drunk. i'm having fun. I'm doing fucking thing. Boy you keep one moreno sour you tell. Everybody put their cell phones in the basket. If you right in the dildo pony yet. I'm going to have fun. I'm going to philly on being a couple of weeks. And i'll be back home and see what i get for my birthday so like would you. What do you think hot. Air balloons stuff like that. Is that the type of things you know. i'm not. I don't picture you bungee jumping or no shit like that. But like more adventurous type stuff. I don't think black women should jump. Because i we so removable. I i know where you can make a u-turn baseball cap on a roller coaster. Those those those carnival rides a little bit. Can't pass out. you can't say me around again. We'll get you we do this on now. I don't know what we're gonna do. We're going have fine and almost been a couple of weeks in atlanta working on my said come on back. I'm gonna drop here. I gotta i gotta get cold and nassir Is that right now. Not at all up ads and through the scope. That's what i call it. I gotta get a come on and get a call announced. Breeding them when my asshole house when my aunt's drive them we'll go back to allow them so degree. How you pronounce colon. Escapade is ask me. Yes collect la. Gossipers sure wanna. Isn't that the senator from georgia. Oh well whatever. I'm going to get the thing up. Day is wow. I'm sleep so i'm gonna come home and get that on head on back out so i can. I'm just going to work on and exercise and get my special. She'd axe throwing yes downtown. Like feel like she's talking about going to dance clubs dancing. And i'm talking none of your fucking b.'s. Cameras and i'm not gonna mother fucking x. On who the fuck wanna throw. I think if i'm going to say my mother fucking light for fun and exercise now fuck. I look like free koogle. That's why i wanted to take her. She's these accents. access defected. Who the fuck go born this motherfucker nigga want to go on a date though. Have now and i'm trying to kill him and of the most exciting thing to do. And you napa. Let's go axe throwing duckpin bowling video game. Arcades talking options here knee asked though he finger you cause more site meant. That seems dangerous clint off. It'd be confined it. Just let me throw this. I'm dan you now. You're going gonna a standing up the hell's going on snow is going to be my naval. She just connect. They lay down and disconnect she like battery woman today disconnecting her clip from her navel episode of indiana jones. That click needle joe. The dimple of do that is take my guate- snake junior i. We ought erupted shit up. Because i gotta go these. Grab my pen and line of whip. Thank you for tuning into another episode of the fucking pat now and we'll be back when i get back for more. Thank you for hanging in now for all the weeks and months when he was gone. Thank you so much for tuning into another episode of the pat down. Make sure you check out my website at ms tech company dot com for all of my social media. My tour dates my book. Make sure you spread the word about my pug has please rate every veep please rate and review a share sake so much. Alabi ms pat.

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NLU Podcast, Episode 428: Marcus Armitage

No Laying Up

54:57 min | 4 months ago

NLU Podcast, Episode 428: Marcus Armitage

"Beater right club today. Yes that's better than most about. It is better than most most ladies and gentlemen. Welcome back to the a podcast. Dj p- hausky here substitute teaching for sally with my associates. Ron carter We have invigorating guests today. I don't think that's overselling it. We're going to get to him shortly but before we do. I want to give a shout out to our friends at original penguin. Original penguin has been a sponsor of ours for a while now since tour sauce season. Five in the carolinas and they are also very prominent sponsor. You may have noticed cameron smith. You probably saw their logo all over cam. When he was winning zurich classic recently with mark leash mun. We had to spend a day with cam down stream song recently. A few weeks ago We got to check out the original penguin spring twenty twenty one collection which i think truly you know had something for all of us we all have very very different styles as i'm sure you know and had something for everybody and we. We also got to see whether came with shave his mustache for the ad. Shoot which you know heartbreakingly. He did but that appears to be coming back and force. Original penguin also helped us shoot a world golf with cam at streams on blue. Which will be airing stay tuned for the release dates on that may even sneak out of the booth for that one. We'll have to see one thing. I can't tell you. Is that like most as we were definitely wearing our original penguin. Close which you can't as well by going to original penguin dot com slash golf and just for fun you know you're also gonna get free shipping by using the promo code and l. You ship on your order. Thank you to original penguin for this port and now onto today's episode all right. Dj who talking to you today. We're talking to marcus. Armytage young english player. Not as young as as we thought. He's thirty three but he's a truly truly a top bloke at greatly enjoyed this conversation. He's been someone who was on our radar since you and i went to. Who match club and one of my one are caddies. Bradley was beating me up the whole time we were there is like you. I love the pod. It's a shame you have not had marcus armytage on yet. I was like candidly bradley. I've never even heard of markets armitage. What are you talking about. He's like you gotta pull his instagram. He has one of the best accents in the game of golf. He's got an amazing story. You got. I don't know how you've missed this. You've got to go talk to them. And i think all that was very vindicated validated today. Spot on. He's the bullet the bullets back. I think we spent the entire drive home from hoop. He you know three or four hours on his instagram page. Just wanting the watching the clips over and over and over again. They're they're as good as it gets. Marcus armytage golf is his instagram. If you're if you're looking for it but just an absolute thrill it was great to i mean w- we don't have to delay this any further but just a very substantive story as well you know he. He comes across just a very jovial kind of guy on on instagram. He's very funny and very personable but also has been through hell of a lot in Now a lotta time as well. So it's it's cool here tell a story. It'll be an easy gotta root for over the next couple of years and based on his ascent right. now he's cracked the top two hundred in the world and he's he seems like the sky's the limit of next few years so so without further cower all over each other without further. Do all right. Here's marcus armytage marcus. Welcome to the podcast. How are you today matt. Yeah yeah he goes. Yeah and just getting ready to go back out on so where where we catching you. Today i am. I'm just an extra. My hometown huddersfield so not far from manchester england. Yeah i feel like you know. This is probably an obvious question but i looked. I read a ton of stuff about you and i can't figure out where the bullet nickname comes from. So can we just start there. All right. i spray spray star really. I mean basically. I saw many said to me. Oh we personality. I could do then with the nickname and i've got a few bulldogs in time. Baldo econ just pick a name line. I in my son. Your try pushing the bulldog china to call the bulldog and algebraic levino from from From your side from the states and they said out embroidering on it so anyway comb through I love the bulldog on the so. I can see comes off the off. The carousel anyway. Comb through. I did a snatch video. I'm like oh yeah me. Call buzzing opened the open. it said you know. He said the bullet saw my reaction to it. Well the full kimbala. And i mean obviously play out book our like i said they only made and and then all of a sudden around song bullet bullet. Yes last hour. Overly flatmate nine. Somebody introduced us to you your instagram account. When you did the chauffeur life is one of my favorite instagram's of the past year. I think was when you're arriving joe berg. You're absolutely loving life. I think walking down the fairway. I mean it's just that was. I think our toronto i got got connected with your story and started reading more about you and see i don't i don't know i don't know where we want to start i mean. Why don't we go with your backstory a little bit. Where'd you grow up. Where did you you start playing the game. Let's let's kinda start there. I mean i. I started assigned. We lived on the. He can't want a working farm. We just a just a normal. Just just a derelict. Farmer that we just you. We used to ride the bike around you know. Just be a little. Sarah and and and i watched the ninety nine nine. Uspga sergio in tiger going down the stretch and just hotel ally. All this is awesome. You know watching the crowds and just watching. They're playing golf. Golf club the Easter being below catholic business. You know flooring and somebody out any money so he went around to now since the gulf off phone instead when you give me the money he cannot be golf those back so anyway the guy never them on these golf clubs. I pick one. I didn't. I've never read a book or anything just a wash. I went out into the field. I go like six or seven nine. And i just hit the first ball. They just been straight an ally on believable. And then i sti- shopping. In every way why mixed of all i just shots everywhere but yeah i just hope you know i would just straight away walking around the fields finding that and and then we belong cancer that point for the second time the life and and you know may not overseas look after my mom close friend and until also everyday and i lost him on the team and the only place of could focus skill. I'm useless to skill. i didn't. I didn't do any good at skill and that just found the into the gulf globe. It were my coping mechanism to get through life. So you're not just going to go from a o'clock in the morning 'til six o'clock at night and then made me gotta do the deliveries all these flooring and stuff at night time and then go home in the do the exact same the next day the next day the next day. And yeah just just got me through losing my. I think we obviously had that in our are not to talk to you about but you know we can. We can kind of start there. Maybe at i think you look like a young guy you know but your same age as us about thirty three right. I think And so it is kinda wild to thank you. Know you're you're made it to the euro tour now and things seem to go be going great and we'll see royal saint george's this year and but there's there's been twenty years kind of between the Between that story and where we are now. So i'd love to kind of hear about some of the the humps and bumps and ups and downs from from thirteen to two thirty three here. We got a long time lived. He lives already gulf. Saved me from you know wrong going down their own few times and just practiced practiced and the guy goes through the best and all these new playing with them on a saturday becomes all is new. Play with him alive anyway. I'll put my name ons within and went out and play golf. And i usually have big hope anyway. Played around a golf and life. I come off. And i like what you thinking about. Why because i played really well and he went issue. He said well get no. He said you won't get nowhere. Big song i got really minded so went strikes. The patsies ground for like a month our just cab in divvy south trauma to get the ball. Go way natural anyway. I played in flights and everything would have an lots of big calculator. Do you think now. Then yeah every to on its own but you know what. I'm not young installed some that later. On like a year later he said to me for a reason. An rinaldi guy is did not for a reason. So insincere cycle besson. You because most most labs would agung. I you know forget it says wanted to change it and he said and then why did he used show you what shots and not without a wicked you know and that salary. Cbs see my little county championship is a boy and then i won't really go too. I didn't really do not meet some of my county in line. He should applying for y'all she'll be like the forbidden. Then you go. You know to count is the play for one day and then you know wants to and from that pro in two thousand eight. I just wanted to be professional. Saw a turn pro snide of plane minutes all like one day events and just spending up you know we did everything and then two thousand and san diego engine in place. Bill go away. And he's like zip-line climbing. And i landed me my shoulder. I think knowing the time out for about three or four months. And i've always been church mic. Oh let's say dockside. just a bit rosenstein. a lifeline. Like going out drinking. And all. I've always been in between with people and you know and i mean drugs there are also involved in it. I've always been. And when i start playing golf out. Get through my head and basic. Grab the friends and way down. I mean trump time were just was not. I will build that way. You know then months do not you. The in the trump the bill different minutes away down a pop. I'll people could be you know the downpour. Today i think went off tracking originally gone since jokes but at the end of the day. I think it was a late. I think agreements lightly recrea-. You know i think goals have put the grievance often the moment long and i'm gonna stop golf all of a sudden hidden and went down the path. I mean there are only light. I think anything happening along. But yeah and then i think i lost me driving licence through it. I got a dui ensued thousands of eight and at that point. But that's about two square. I won't buy mealtime incredible guy anyway. He's taking off to begin o'clock in the morning. Six o'clock at night. I had no con- up in just practice practice away in two thousand thirteen and macau menthols and sniping up again. I went to talk. All the euro in england so one the china this day events. But he's just a bit bigger than the one day as ambassador. I went and slept in ten. Not why not here. In the middle of march two degrees by that slats in these times. We have no proper bro. Lost his business and everything will just get a cap. I can then approach some people. Say oh do you want sending since these follow them in any anyway one investments. Listen until you do. I'll send you. I don't think he wins. Alpay bremerton so probably sent me. They saw them in halfway through the year. I would just point to say in a big step all fail. And say i'll i'm going to die when the event okay. They said candidate sandwich. Now your insurance essential and yeah then. I went to challenge stall the woman. European state star just lying snowballed in a little bit and then like all golfers at the end to save thousands. A year decided to change their in. I'm gonna leave the only way to come out like you know all the next next year. Laco virginia go go go as well. I have a about season in nazi by a book and just time to get through it. Two thousand fifteen then a start up on euro pro again. I won't sued signs not yet gone to the challenge. Saw and then china star again. I go money's great. But i didn't know what would do an ad known one hour on the building sites you know concrete grinding which i go on grindr and you're on the floor and your mind on country all day lou. She's gonna do michelle game. Some good to know all this by grace johnston. All the money's burn shop in mail and that cost me. A lot am also jar installing china. I'm not out of loot would just to buy season nike and stop making all slopes so. I thought you know what i'll do. The change now and hopefully change the season and it did not show you've gone widow Confidence one on china. Install and then the next minute Hokey hong kong on the european saw. You know next. Just aim rose and yet would just For wicked just snowballed really fast. And i always remember me just enrolled in the Patsies putting grain and gold. No acid offspring kulan. I went to buy. I said no chocolate chocolate kind. Is it the look. Give me like this kid is in theory. A saying just second pitches with all. It's all throws on that. Only weird being saw she's not absolute clown for the air and then we saw that say opened so bad said he series monster. that's a lot of different lifetimes. Like you said. I want to. There's a lot to unpacked from what you just said. But what's it like. I mean paint the picture of like sleeping on on your first professional. You know win sleeping on the lead in a tent with dad was. I can't imagine there was too many other players in that same spot at that tournament. Intent was actually and it's all school so we didn't we. Actually the reason. I give fifty. Percents is april me al but that was after. It's all skill. I mean the one over there in the middle of march down in oxford. No no what a sleeping Not wait. I had a good friend. Alex bell and i've been for less in to the same guy a few days befall and i call them the all pulled my bullshitting allow and fall quits. The folly found out the bush. No balts any any message invest night and he said listening can spend on something basin. He's not doing well. If you spend on cigarettes. I you get a guy and he kuno mission been wise you know and i went to mamie. That went him ball to quilts from departments. And we got some slaves. And i think i drive a show about seventy five. I found the money on the first round and then when the ball chewed quilts. Got some really good slate and shooting. Sixty six sixty sixty nine. Calm something hunt. Oil co have smog in east pilots on my family do not smoke. Will i think you're all alone in the night and you just just as it times. But you know he's molded minutes though. Yeah it was so going back. Like i think in the lead up to two thousand thirteen where you always self taught. Had you worked with anybody as far as an instructor or you always self taught and then in twenty fourteen when you decided to to change anything or change everything you just trying to pick up distance. What were you trying to change. Yeah i mean i. I've always been amount nine days about an now. I really look ally. You know i always. I assume ages a kid that as you get older. It's not symbol. I always saw an accident car know just just as restricting spying a wheel on a whale in on the whale i just imagine the just keep going around with me. These consistent design as you got mangala jabbar game. You need you need. You need muscle bosses in different movements in that tonight the work but yeah i mean i saw i really good players. Aiops a few lessons in them. I never really stood with anybody. Because you know. I always have my own ideas and didn't say how i want then a lot less than than pretty much gone so long Humvee gap on my own doing so. Obviously when you get county. Coaching i know things add but i spent mostly me. I'm doing with all the goat cheese you know over nephews on it and my news and i'll pray outspoken. That's all if a false and know. If i thought they would salkin share are just a lot. I'm not doing it. And then the maintenance wound on the practice ground blown out mass and measures you know offramp all ninety it into thousand the guy And through my friends pretty much change. Everything changed all swing it. Give me a lot of knowledge falls getting all. They don't speak out. it did change. Teach me a loss of that still a day and that's really mean a change a change from being a good one day to day layer to men stott's three day and then followed a blast so There's nothing there's a massive difference anybody can go out and shoot shoot lies out long around. When he stopped gave bets earn you know. He's not shooting reformed so our friends just a quick break in the action. Talk about about our friends at gulf blueprint. I made some strides. I'm not gonna lie. Made some strides in my golf game. The last year i think my handicap got down to about its lowest probably since high school and that was in large part due to working with the guys kevin nico at golf blueprint and getting some semblance of a plan. Dialed in for my practice before you get too worried here. This really wasn't even that much practice. It was just a matter of being a lot more concentrated and an intentional. When i actually did take the time to practice. If you're listening to this i'm gonna guess you're probably not getting the most out of your golf game that you possibly could be and usually that's one three reasons either. You don't have a plan. You're kind of just running around aimlessly. You're putting much emphasis on your most recent round or you are totally misjudging. The areas of your game. That need the most work. That's exactly where golf blueprint and comes in. They work directly with you to figure out what those areas are and come up with essentially a personal training program on how to fix them for me. That was a lot of wedge work. I already drive pretty poorly. So when i was making a lot of bogeys from the middle of the fairway with wedge and hand. That was a good way to just add salt to the wounds so we got a lot of that cleaned up. Now i think next is going to be onto the driver. We've got some work to do there. But anyways visit golf blueprint dot com for all the info you need on how to get started. You know just just cleaning it up. Just just tighten it up a little bit this year anyways back to the bullet going back a little bit too when you when you first left school i mean i know in in the states here the the plan is usually you know you finish highschool you go playing college and then you go play professional golf thirteen years old and and you leave school and you know you're you're not going to go to college. You're not gonna do any of those things i mean. Did you always want it. Was it professional golf. That was the goal. Or what else was kind of in this. This soon is to wade through life for me and basketball an old. I don't wanna be an old man. I'm not only be rolled month. So yeah i mean you know that grafter markets and stuff like that so just always always golfie will i. Yeah just the. There's no other option. Would know of options like i'm not i'm switched on and i'm i'm not. I'm not going be accountant. Waller or buying main so the agency did it and ended up game jailed. Song kusc everybody's like do you know just all i could think about. We'll go lie. And the thing is question. Ramallah could think about ramon diet sabotage. Just say on the longtime whereas when i wanna patsies ground up on getting not go through our strength so explain is e e he's giving someone is conference rahlem giving them a focus is the best thing you can do because you know take in the mind off the trauman you're not main. Then yeah you. You'll get babel's as long as to. Do you know when my coping mechanism. Maybe not no stopped right away and he boyd percent. Who are your best friends out there. On tornado i like hanging around with so many I mean obviously he's been in the world rankings may stock he guesting on wednesday whilst i'm looking at a few few smaller events but yeah every time you know same with played lancashire boys slope together so i've known him since while twelfth aid and he's never changed obsolete awesome guy and so yeah phosa going spend a bit time being. You know what. Tom would have laughed about sponsorship. When i offered him spa its fleet with academy. They might be saying south drawn for text. And i texted feno about yo. Hey anything i gotta ask him. He's like oh man i love. I love that lad mate. He's not to work out. Just these accent. He's even made known him for awhile No sometimes was you me to set the is music guy really down to earth and the great dane right same old so not to keep bringing up you know negative stuff but in reading and feel free to to fact correct any of this stuff but in reading even kind of wants the challenge tour stuff took off and and the euro or stuff took off. It sounded like maybe there are even some kind of money and credit card issues and stuff like that after after that up curious if you could speak to that and just what those first few years of success we're like you know what i mean. You know. Go from having nothing to i mean. Eight thousand in china. And then you get on. Saw a few contracts wilson and you know and all of a sudden you can call it. You don't feel afraid not well. He gets twenty grounding your pocket. Nobody guiding i you know i would just lie all spending know on use and stuff you know. I won't j. by just silly stuff. And i didn't have a plan you know while i'm just i'll just let own device on i didn't know would do. We didn't think about anything like that. And and i lost me. God that belongs i actually. I got that. I don't know you're just joining a have look on air again. I mean it was just a manzo. You know mindset. I should have just been on that involved in long gay. Why didn't i just feel like. I belong the line a one good enough so just transit. Being all of it you knock you remember. Crumbs won't sign. It's seven saying i got engaged. Is i think a spent not we sixteen thousand quiz on on the ring young. I got a wholesale five and found founded ni- ally and twenty six thousand heroes and after all it's actually not broke even graduate. Now we have a ball you know you know. I'll speak on. Saw and the way to lose money's played i qualified for the opening eighteen and an elite beslan wins and i went to this thing called. Scott skied got indoor skydiving. And i've already done a tandem. Skydive from twelve thousand feet. So i don't know why i went to newseum dos guide. I may say the anyway we went in was trying to and i didn't know that know minor dislocation left shoulder so when they said i'll be on the show of a lot well about a nickel i didn't really know what woah so we'll just. We'll just do it. I went in watching. And you're obviously you're in that position. And i remember watching the second steinhoff raw to get home to walk in said seventeen seconds just brought me clean socket and just sprouts the ground anyway with dissipating ours is. I didn't know the moon so popular in. I mean dissipated every said listen. You ain't play again this season like no. I've got the opening a week. Sign i've gonna get. I'm gonna get two counties the i'm begging you next night and missing out saiga's go rhino. Always going be that. And i just anyway. I just went rehabilitated. Like i only oddball wing in fights on the on the on the chain told me and rory i think these hyper swing off the first thing by we drive it always day on the line so me down that and afc giving me so he's still cheap driver for knows once he's gone without an come. I should michelle. I no. he's not sure evenings. I don't pay to doing well. No i'm just gonna play the open. Half goal swing locally burn out rocks the ground soccer. Get a chance on it a bunsen eight round. Yeah i mean. I so so that would not that would pretty. And and and you know medac my dad's semi and that's trying to plan the rest in the in the cost me a lot of money to get out in the contract with the money judgment so that all men women just advice just by vice and i got off scotland or yeah so then i got twenty nine hundred thousand season and just and someone said to know i just want to get of credit cards and you know why on the credit cards and when you only pay the council if you don't win if you don't win the monet buying tell them we'll to get snow so line lost sponsored by american express. Stop playing dingell out. I under the pressure they spawned. I've left the coast. I've been with for years since two thousand eight are trying to go down another path. I i'll cultural mcafee's and psychology stopping on an awfully consent gays and left in just no meal. We just bought a house name to macy. So the pressure trying to help us with the business you know. She had a spot in house. And i was trying to help but you know i mean it was just a salt. You got the end and that's okay now owned by gossip magazine. Listen to run all the. Gimme a low. I didn't buy trotman up. All about insurance european saw skill. I talk professional county. No well yeah got. I got in my oh canada. I had a good room within two thousand seventeen and we went on echo. European salka an hour still skin was still no one a hundred grand in debt. And i will i right okay. At least oh. God chunks europeans off got when south africa. The thefts one robert rock the guy on the eib paid for my flights. You know. I've known pay from fly so they may give me some money some hotels. I m finish finished eight thousand euros in leopard creek in twenty nine saying know why and i felt great. Not much wanna be note that whilst on the last day but and then over christmas payments a metsu guys go just listened while now and communist seven wins untested guy is and then went to south africa. No money worries no shoes and just run in debt. while thought. well i'll just go by probes. if all goes back nothing. He studied south africa. Yeah and then he just just took off. Them was your first order of business after finishing third relay. I'm paying off these credit cards first and foremost and then starting clean from there. I took blow up paying off the credit cards time and not. It should be a good feeling. You know a lot of people go i all you have to give it all the way out. He's not really feeling that you you know. You've you've very way out credit cards. And he's only two. He saw recently cleared everything. Because there are a few issues will the stuff. And you know when i got three. I think he was the week before cyprus last year and i got death rain and it was just a great feeling. You know Because any slight right right now well now. I've got stuck in one meal for myself and never go opposition but yeah not playing the. It's always interesting to me when you hear professional golfers. Talk about their teams and all these people around him. I feel like you start to kind of roll your eyes at some point. But it's it's really interesting to hear stories like this and just how much of an impact the right people around you can can make on somebody you know and getting stuff back on track as important and didn't play along. I don't use my psychology slash phones coach. Draw for years on and off. You know and you know. Full in out last year and blah blah lawsuit zest in and then you know like spring united unto me. She you know on for a long time slot law and now moves coach to go. Liam james So you actually. He's he's we'd robert rocky start out with them. You know he. He didn't need samak's it's ought to do on your own. i think. More and more of these. Diane's i mean i was just conversation we don't in the fall this Am i starting to do stop. Statistics chasing the top fifty in the world. And then eventually you know john so great so long like this if you change your intimate do statistics. Seeing round greek around squad scary. Because i said chances. I do need all this hour. You know just battling the white throat i said. Well i said to get to the next level you kinda meet. It could go the other way. Co-coping tong i could end up going downhill. You know the team. Its aims and i made my manager She's never mind before she's ready installment business and used to on saw doing all the stops You know when so. She knows it's all she knows everything about it and she's been amazing. She's a woman. You know organized everything got me out of debt and you know just lined everything. Know you know she's alive known business saima boat so i can just focus on the gulf and i think by a law. People don't when people roller is teams. They don't see the which is known as business people and we're not business. One of those we just just go for so we need at seen to look after all In all the craziest goes on like sponsorship tots and all i can just is on investment coun- while you're you're not business people but you're also not psychiatrists right. I mean i'm curious. What your you know when you talk about having a mental coach water one or two things that you guys are really focused on working on well. You know I i saw you know Mental side big tippi on the gulf costume prego adult really need any if i stayed on the left automatically anti-police thaw as don't go over there. We'll lasso right. That's normal wall. He's fine. I don't wanna go over. That book style mangold no wall and that you know while i can't. I'm chose through this berlin. So y'all grow up their balls and they'd sit down next to the wall. Just go on now because you know we've chose berlin so i'm gonna stand on. All these amazing dole falls eighteen sawgrass in place jumping ship leading. It's all limits on that you'll you'll you know so bullpen. Won't you just remind you so. I chose since jump. They see watchos. Today's show on the zebra sawgrass the lean and i'm thinking ch last law law. Well i've shown joe so you know you've you've aspirants no complain about when you get on that see and nowhere. If h in that make triple a. Herreid soon we'll be things that you know and you've just gotta deal with that and and just get on with a simple as not. I don't stand on them. Try and block fall out. I almost embraced laws. You know in in all just trying deal with that since march show today going back to the open at carnoustie i see eighty in the first round and then you follow it up with a sixty nine in the second round. How the how the hell did you shoot sixty nine in the second round with a dislocated shoulder. I will. I john space. And he's on the grains. I will just roll of moved from everywhere on. Just be calm down day. Our really our really upset really. Go see because overlying can compete. I can compete against all the deans and able to shoulder. And the second day pinkish overnight little bit time fall around sloppy. I'm in the new which ran. Actually i realize not time because golf in the mind watched tobacco and then go open our our The cost down a little bit. And i just think. I've just off the day in the second. Just just plugged gate rounds. You know inch and really well and not so a shell. Six nine but yakushima day. Yeah yeah. twenty-one we'll so you're you're going back to the open This coming year. Right at royal st george's was that was it an open qualifying series. That must've gotten in. I in south africa right. I saw that pot and the fist pump. That you you let out when you made that what. What was that moment. Life voyage removed awesome bailing about engulf. I mean ever ever seen spelling now. I've i've wanted to chase out fairly began all along and i had to feel natural again inside. Shave all combatant gate. Saying i'm here. I i if i buy as well and i knew i had to make three gains in the open. I just knew going. I thought were missing ryan and it went in and i'll just lying. I mean not. Chatty style don't been may where a local county. So jesus no. You're gonna get a lot so bad. It was just just the motion and everything. I can imagine the last week win on the saw you know incitement situation and hodges long feeling every time ago you mentioned cyprus having a similar feeling well that sorry. Yeah i mean so. Yes so cyprus. Our incomes even cyprus. Shoot out the week. Our income -sential dune okay and i eighteen loss five. Watts made a double so coming down the stretch. I'd just made two birdies three buds on the spin and he will soon basic fall. Not the the three rounds and then the council the schools in the by sixteen players which is like a wounded round shootout. Bobby mcintyre just made three buddies on the spin phoned coming down the last two in the right in the right semi fly ally over wall outbound over degree on sesame cut me and i had a may cutting just years ago. Player plays on charges. All just someone not mission to eighteen. Why you know who likes line down the left trying to pick you open online once. Y'all get any old we don't need you know you're not anyway. We're trying to make he. And i got. I talked to mitzi. Shaw said i. She's just going to a little shipped In for one nine line since the flyer into consideration the adrenaline inspiration so scratchy. Who just all right. Yeah yeah he me do it loads it. Signs co out. I mean they seek sign mostly soon faults on think ended up being in the hotel the viking degree. There's something anyway. I'm like believed dog. Gone stealing in the air and i'm saying he wanted yet and i anyway. We dropped to number one went down. Hits it within about ten seconds and not even also so i know went out of bounds have gone down to like a nine nine one one one nine hundred and am i talking about can make a face just outside salt and i'll go ahead and but yeah watching faulty job. He showed the highlight on little Zion that was supposed to ikea showbusiness. Sho- six i. I see my bryce saying i mean it's so fast no wonder he's gone soon. I but you know a lot of nine. And he's great really when you're not bosie and baylor and you've got you've got got cianci's people don't like it you know and we folded it is just like energy release and you know. I'm in control the energy really moving through the and if he can then. I think that's what makes champions. And what was your biggest lesson from carnoustie. he's lasting. Don't don't want the ball into tiger on the they didn't like it out just point around the grandfather. Want he just biggest. You've ever seen nobody's lesson. My biggest lesson pro-communist practice you know. Try and play the biggest name come brats because when when going around raleigh obviously everybody's screaming raleigh warm and you got better not tell me well. It's almost like if if he had people. Rollerblading practice gets ready from the procedure. Where all the is one year so i think that would be than to try. And play practice rounds. The biggest names possible. So saint george's nancy. I'm going to try and get on that with ziona. Why no i read. Another story about When you met him in dubai is the first time you've had but what was that. Sorry oh yes so. I'm going to support star planet. Patsies around and i'm clock robert rockin som- wall and ma'am run the indivi- and i think some wilkinson cavan and i'm like no wind the wind mill. Because i'm a golf. I love golf. So he's like. I'm a nice joel mccower. I'm not knowing no win joe stray. Oh joe only how much ozzy. He's he's looking at me like abc crazy english my mind you know. You're you're the bowling just about ebola coming out. So i'm not joel. I said jay. Korean may i said wednesday arrive in. He gonna pay get rid of these kids. Said you saw what he's going to be. I'll be back if you like. It'd be great you know. He's like yeah man a lot just knowing side just after nine eleven weight right so anyway tiger code name balls gravestone were in bowls next to him so grand involved so i wanna bozic tiger so why is like phone range so i flew down through these ball of nothing. No thrown into tigers paint. You know just clipping balls off the back of his. And i'm like issues. Also you know this has been up since two o'clock in the on the fly over from you know from florida and i'm not your invite tim young you know they've been malls are absolutely visiting. 'cause i'm boosted. I'm why is that and just chapman and you know and it will kill watching. You know i mean i i. I don't think i think he felt false. It's all because of the fifty cameras that were on. Not just new real awesome me. I'm the amount you. I've gotten season. I night and say she remedy arrive. In not choose the retina can see go into. I got to sign on on my chest air so i yeah that frame sitting with a meetings. I was very cool awesome. Which tournament are you most looking forward to this year. What what's your schedule gonna look like for the year and and do you head to the middle east to kind of warm up and really really get things into gear. Because i know in england. Everything's kind of lockdown right now right. Yeah sean flying out. Next monday to to dubai to do some pre season preparation could saw and then down to kenya. I haven't obviously goes up for great. So Stephen The open keep out from last year. Saw that's the one. I'm most looking forward to drive for Funded me go to get of the day. And i did three schedules orange schedule. Which is a win win. Win early and get in the. Us open build a schedule around an afternoon green schedule. If i don't win then get a bigger events. Rolex and i'll decision songs are not in gawping schedule which is last saw a small ones you know i can get on the schedule and against the. Us open well. I mean. I think you're qualify for yourself. You know jay over takeover by the open though i mean yeah i mean all right now. The opens of being a small knots. The one i'm most looking forward to hopefully gets while not be I don't think it opens nissan's for For someone has never seen you play. How would you describe your game. What are you mentioned going into the analytics in figuring out your strengths and weaknesses. I'm curious what the strengths and weaknesses are option. I don't know so. I'd say the ball striking's probably restrung responsible. If we can just get off my tire with everything then babbit kobuk show game. I love you know what led you know. Well rounded shipping grain on the cheap in all day long just but yeah. No i'd say he's not my My strength in the game. Nothing pushing everyone can get better. Seem very streaky puts us all abu dhabi rounds are in the top fifteen. The last day grams are outside. The you know it's up wounded so he's lying. If can gap it mall sold a sharp. He shot but i think he makes muscle gain over the it more. You mentioned you mentioned kenya being on the schedule and you seem like someone who's probably traveled to pretty wild places to play golf. I'm curious if you could leave us with Maybe your your best travel story or to south africa. You know you go out on the safari and everybody knows on saw everybody. I've gone mossy blooded grown. So i go on line every every twenty minutes. I'm often silent and you know anyway. Wound they survive without laurie. Johnson and twenty. You're out after. I was twenty minutes. Listen i mean to get out and go out and all you know the the guys out go anyway now only about five but one of the times. I We're literally block in a guy went round the color line fish. Neons international rhino. Jeez gutierrez e will look at the bullet when i When i remind got rated and awesome not not really many many many great stories on size is you do. Go crazy placing. There's nothing really happening to me yet. I mean i you know. I am saying three and you know and i think because i've only been traveling. Mike fall years so excellent. Someone said to me it will make small. I'm like yep. I've only been chocolate for years. Most lives have been travelling since twenty so. I'm not sure. I'm nine years younger than the. We'll hopefully no more no more sleeping in tents and hopefully all the wild stories are are behind it. It's it's much more comfortable from here. On am leah. I mean you know be on. The road is darah. The able family now micro usb stories of my is the gamer niagara. I've got some some Some life experiences. That helped me. Could we down the stretch. Because i think well if not through not lie experience now down here and if you go falls it's nothing. come. I'll let you guys know about receive. Sounds good yeah. Well whenever whenever you're staying on the eighteenth sawgrass that's right down the road from us so we'll we'll catch those stories from you then. Yeah we liked your story to the one the spoon story on instagram. Yeah yeah spirit. Your your fellow player was was in the urine player. Dining out that what it was director of why the weights and i will i just said i obviously professionally on. I don't leave the guy on my you know. She's massive yanni sponge. He's not an ally spoons experience on a long. Yeah i'm quite fine for the now on. Sorry more is it will be sticking out since well. Thank you for Thank you for the time. Thanks for the story. It's an awesome awesome story. That i think people will probably haven't heard enough and so appreciate you taking the anytime you know. You always wanna do it again. Everything list more than welcome sounds great. Thanks margus basically club beat club today. I mean that's better than most about is better than most expecting thing.

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The Deep State Strikes Again! (Ep 1157)

The Dan Bongino Show

57:24 min | 1 year ago

The Deep State Strikes Again! (Ep 1157)

"Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino ingenious again ladies. Gentlemen what side are these media people on. I mean we know they don't do journalism anymore. We get that but at this crisis with Iran is exposed these media people and had begs the serious question. What the Hell's side of these people on? I've got a lot on that. That's going to just really kind on a baker bagels and eat your lunch because it's just really disturbing content. I got that a another absolutely troubling story about the deep staters deep stayton deepsea. Keep on truckin coupon deep state and I've also got hopefully at the end. A couple of good Ronald Reagan moment. Said I think make you laugh so much down in dour stories stories. This one's Kinda funny producer. Joe How are you today. Welcomed the Dan Bongino. Show my friends to see you back on Monday Yemen from Saudi Arabia jokes banned. Yeah pretty good stuff right. 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Something happened to be weekend. I feel really bad especially for this guy who listens to my show introduced himself to me at the mall. Hopefully I'll we'll get to that one. Yes yes one hundred percent. She's already freaking out all right. I stopped what side of the media. People on she's getting getting worse and worse and worse by the day I have to constantly asked this question. We have a number of incidents of them promoting Iranian propaganda telling stories. Paul is not in a good mood today folks. The camera wasn't working right. She had a sign out of adobe. She is in a very salty move. She's she was salty with her mom. I had to come in and rescue. Her mom came in and told me about an ant problem front policy. What do you want me to go back the AD problem? She was not very happy. So she's a little salt these but it's okay. It's okay it's a family. The operation I getting back to the salty media. You like that Segue here is this is real by the way when I played this for pilot my wife. It's a joke. I I know you can email me. This is the salty media. Not a salty was Erin Burnett shockingly pollen and believe me this was real Erin Burnett from CNN joe in this video clip claiming how she was over in Iran. I'm sure she was a reasonably. She was lying amongst a death to America chanting crowd. Oh Joe but don't you worry. Armacost Day were really Super Nice. You're not a joke. I feel like this Patrick. This is crazy I will say I was. I was in Tehran when they were chanting death to America wants I was at a rally. The people couldn't have been more friendly to me personally as an American it sort of felt like a it felt like a thing in a trope as opposed to anything that actually was seriously considered. Aren't having been there my entire so now. One of the dumbest things I've ever heard set on television vision again. Begs the question. Does it not. I hate that cliche why we said basically I hate that cliche but I still use grain tattooed on my cerebral cortex. It makes you ask the question. Why the House side of these people on your in a crowd of people chanting death to America some of them subject to a regime that has inflicted death in America? And your commentary is at Joel. Worry armacost armacost. These people were super nice to me. Well good so number one. The evidence that they mean death to America would probably be confirmed confirmed by the sad tragic death of actual Americans at the hand of some of these lunatics. Yeah definite negative just saying thank you question number. Two we ask Erin Burnett. Did it ever occur to you Erin that you may have. I've been getting played that Tarantula despotic terrorist regimes like the Iranian Mullah's that they may have propaganda artists in the crowd understanding standing that American media. People who have this constant need to trash America would be eager to scoop up the. Hey be very nice to them the you tell me you understand what I'm getting audience and yes we're going here. They told the Iranians are not stupid. Stupid their gas lighting propaganda artist there so goal is to take down and embarrassed the American the American government and anybody who opposes them. You don't think it occurred occurred to them that you have outlets like CNN. That'll eagerly report their propaganda. Make sure you're really nice to that. One yeah they always work them. Every every time the work in the rap yeah every time ago that never occurred to her. They were really nice to me. I could spend all day. Okay on this ladies and gentlemen again. What the hell side are these people on if some couple of idiots were chanting death to America couple times at a country Sri this generally friendly to the? US You could probably discount to a couple of morons drunken a bar one night. When a death to America regime inflicted death to America is chanting death to America America? Rally and trying to play the rest maybe your journalistic antenna should go up and you should be a little bit more skeptical just throwing that out. They're just saying that wasn't it. Of course I was on Fox and friends this morning. My regular Monday morning appears to I love doing. We had the Hanson we describe last week where. MSNBC put out over the air parodying Iranian propaganda on the air. Yeah no fact checking. They said well. We've been told by the Iranians at thirty Americans were killed in this Iranian missile strike on the Iraqi base. But it's not true folks that was Iranian propaganda they fed to MSNBC see well why because they knew MSNBC would probably put it out which they do to flee did because MSNBC hates the president and the fact that they could report casualties may reflect poorly on the president. They put it right on. The air happened played the clip on the show. Not GonNa play it again then. We had the Chris Matthews Clip. We played on the show last week from MSNBC so lemani Joe was revered revered. Like Elvis is quote quote. Yeah I'd be. I didn't say that Chris Matthews for a messy Sola Mighty was reveres. Like the death of Elvis Man. Elvis Solani had a series of hits like blue suede shoes and stop. The guy was a terrorist. A mass murderer revered now the coverage of the Iranian protests against Sola Monte. Yes against because the Iranian people large majorities of them. Don't want this anymore either. And I'm glad trump has made the distinction and reached out to the Iranian people and separated rated from the terrorist regime ruling with an iron fist over them. I'm glad he's done that so right thing to do when the Iranian people protested against Sola money so we can you think it'd be front page coverage running on the news everywhere this weekend but of course they had to suppress that Joe. Because again it would reflect positively on Freedom Liberty the Liberty Agenda and Donald Trump. And you can Eknath that you have to keep up the idea that souleymane was revered Elvis. Gosh it gets worse. He's an article daily caller. Be Up at the show notes. Today I had missed this one last week. Unbelievably shame on me. Do you want to get our show notes go to Bongino DOT dot com slash newsletter subscriber. Email you the show notes every day. CNN gives platform to spokeswoman for the nineteen seventy-nine US embassy. Hostage takers reports Iranian propaganda. Oh Ross crop the great chuck. Ross really happened. Brother really happened. Christiane entourage had this woman on. Forgive me of him saying the name. Wrong non-intentional Massameh Abdi car. She was the spokeswoman for the hostage-takers you took our people hostage in Iran and she was on CNN spouting propaganda no worries folks just just an Iranian propaganda artists on a network that broadcasts in the United States one of the three major cable news networks. Well let's be generous to CNN. But you get the point spouting propaganda. No worries hadn't seen that one yet. No no I missed that one to lock going on last week and and finally we have. CNN and other outlets New York Times Washington Post and others constantly parroting the line that the Iranian shootdown via their missile their anti missile system some of the Ukrainian airliner in Iranian territory. Joe was an accident. It was just a mistake. Now how do we know that. Yeah 'cause he Iranian said so Joe Stop asking stupid quest Kuhlman rainy and said it was a mistake. Joe Yeah I mean. They said death to America but I remembered that said that doesn't matter either. They're really nice. People Nice people that made a mistake and shot down on an airliner and killed upwards of one hundred seventy people. But don't worry it's just a mistake. Maybe a little journalism and kind of question at because some of the air defense people one of the pleasures distinct pleasures of having a show with a large audience. Thanks to you and I mean that always is. There's always someone who's an expert something who reaches out Sources I got a great email this morning from someone who has some expertise in these air defense systems who said adult the likelihood it was a mistake is pretty much on. He went through all the safety checks. They do I joe. It's not just like a button placed in a bad power generator. I have went through this morning. We're somewhat accidentally said. Oh my gosh look what happened. We hit the wrong button and shut down an airliner. It's not a joke. I mean this is where and people die. That's not what happened. There were safety there are there are built in systems to make sure that doesn't happen and it happened anyway which which would make it serious journalism which. CNN isn't or the New York Times or anyone else. Double and triple check Iranian propaganda. Like oh it was a mistake AAC before you put it out there but again expecting them to do it. It's just a joke all right enough on that. It's it's really become a total embarrassment. I was pretty fired up this morning. And listen a couple of things just behind the scenes stuff because you know you're my audience and he should get my crack. The fourth wall here often. Our show is always different than everyone else. We try to make as light edits even leave mistakes and because I like it to feel natural conversation we had a great interview this weekend. Mark Levin. I hope you listen to it on Youtube Channel. You know but this has been tough to go on the the air. I've been on the day. Did Janine on Saturday spoke to mark Levin YouTube dot com slash Bongino. You WanNA listen to my interview with the great one. He was so dynamic. But I'm not kidding when I say he's been hard. Go on the air lately and talk about this. Because I'm an American I and I get it. I'm a partisan I've got a hard edge. I understand that you know. I don't pull any punches. And I love your feedback feedback but I got a lot of feedback ninety percent positive about my my debate with Geraldo but Polish say about ten percent was it was. That's fine folks. Listen I feel free. Some of you think I was unnecessarily harsh and Geraldo. I totally understand that. I don't feel that way I feel like you know Geraldo and I've been debating a long time. We agree on a lot of things and spy gate stuff. We don't agree on a lot of things but I'm really fed up with the coverage of this folks. I'm sorry I am not an interventionist tensioness overseas by any stretch. If you listen to my show you know that. But the killing of an ethnic cleansing mass murdering terrorists was an unabashedly. Good thing and trying to call the president out Ford is really shameful. I'm sorry I was. I was upset about it. And that's natch that's me on the air and I'll be honest with you when I feel like I go overboard. POLITIC DOT CO Paula. It was a little upset at me this weekend. She thought I was a little too fiery on judge into. She's my wife but even disagreed with her. I said I'm sorry I disagree. I think this is a really tough time in American history that requires wires really hard edge and I can't walk any of that back my my sincere apologies. You took it personally but it was a little feisty this week all right moving on about me so you remember those you know the mud flaps joe on the trucks the eighteen wheelers. Keep on truckin. Remember the way that the deep state farm deep state like we should have bumper stickers makeup deep state. Keep on the day just are not kidding around. They don't even care anymore. These deep state people and by the way the fact that the left wing media doesn't think deep state existed conspiracy. It just ignore them. That's just so there. The conspiracy theory that there are actual journalists the actual conspiracy. The deep state is so real. They're actually smacking you in the face sticking you in the eye. I mean it's embarrassing. The hubris of these people. Some of the stuff they do. Well what did they do. Which I got a couple stories that are going to kind of filter into each other about the deep state keeping on deep state so I is this stunning almost unbelievable story about coup do the Pfizer court appointed to look into their Pfizer court abuses? Check this story out daily caller. Another Chuck Ross. Piece getting a lot of tension attention. Dan Bongino showed that it again. The show notes at Bongino DOT com. Check it out. This is a real headline folks. This is not a joke. X. T. O.. J. Official pick to assist the adviser reform was an ardent defender of the FBI. Surveillance of Carter page. This is not a joke. This is not the Babylon be the onion in order to block. This is a real story so I WANNA landscape real cute into this this week ed by a friend who was like. Do you believe this answered back. Yes sadly I do and then you wonder why I get these emails at the show when I say I just have no confidence. If trump's it's not elected to a second term and doesn't have time to start to get rid of these people in a mass flush. I don't have a lot of confidence anything's GONNA happen. I'm with you. I've been with you the whole time time on this now. I think some people are going to go down here but I think a lot of these deep state. Bureaucrats are going to get a total pass. I have zero confidence and it's stories like this one. Well let me tell you what's going on I. Obviously you know about the spy gate case the use of the foreign intelligence surveillance court in the United States to get a warrant by the FBI to spy on the trump teams very simple simple scandal lot of details but that is really the core of it the house by Gabe is built on FBI spied on Donald Trump and his campaign pure and simple using the Pfizer court. The Pfizer court now claims Rose Marie Collier and his brief that. They're really upset about it Joe. They're really upset for those of you. Watch the YouTube. I gave you the dreaded wink in the not. We're really really upset about this. You have Pi guys and ladies came in here and sward out of these wars and they weren't you matter of fact was so upset. We're going to do an internal investigation. Oh this is going to be bad and internal investigation. Well who did they appoint. Take point this cat. David Kris K. R. I. S.. David Craig here notice Israel just to get a lot of this. This gets better. This is from the chuck. Ross brother brother. This gets great Chris who served as the just inserting the justice bar for two thousand nine or two thousand eleven asserted in writings. So this is the guy supposed to be investigating FIS abuse. This guy actually wrote this stuff. In a law fair blog he wrote that during the trump Russia probe the republicans quote had falsely accused the FBI of misleading. The I it's wiretap applications. This is not the Reagan jokes portion of the show this is real. The guy supposedly investigating Pfizer abuse has accused of Republicans of falsely accusing the FBI misleading defies accord. It goes man. Yeah I know. LISTEN IF I don't laugh I'm going to want to cry on camera really. This isn't that movie. Hope Floats. That seem with the dad always gets me every time. Randomly family thrown in there it goes on he also accepted the FBI's assertion that there was probable cause to believe that page Carter page was far in Russia. This this is the guy. This is abuse at allegation that was all but the bunk by the special counsel support. And the Inspector General's report folks listen eyeball. There are just just poking you in the they don't even care the FIS aquatic anyone listening or anyone listening audience thanks to substantial enough typically. Someone knows someone who knows. Oh someone knows someone who to the people on the FIS occur and this gets back to you and was at Joe's bows or someone who appointed on the Pfizer court appointed Chris Collusion in hoaxer who attacked Republicans for getting to the truth and who believes that the FBI did then. They didn't do anything wrong in front of the corn. You're an embarrassment. I'm really your embarrassment with all due respect to your prior line of work. I know you're probably resume. WHO KNOWS I may wind up in front of you when they you may sends me to jail for something at this point I mean it seems like everybody on the right side of the spy? Gate thing expose the scandals. The bad guys now Joe Anyway. Appointing this guy is a slap in the face justice to the integrity of the court. And listen. I don't know what you think you're doing if you thought this was going to slip past the goalie or people like like me and Devon Newness and others view tact. We're just going to let this go but if this appointment is not rescinded immediately immediately nothing nothing thing. This guy says understand. This will have any credibility nothing. I don't care what he finds nothing. This guy says will have any credibility. I don't care I'm all open for facts and data not from him. That's right that's right right. You're telling me a guy who's already come to the conclusion that that you have to be. I did nothing wrong. That Devon Nunez S. and people like me are the bad guys that we're supposed to accept your opinion again collusion hoaxer on FIS abuse. Ladies and gentlemen. This is a joke. Look this is a total joke. He defended the DOJ attack newness defended the targeting of Carter page as a Russian agent. And this is the guy who's GonNa get to the bottom of it and other cliche disaster seriously. That's not in the David. Christopher let me just be clear on what I know where you're demands to. This man should be tomorrow today. Ten ten minutes ago fired from this position and never considered to touch anything involving Russian collusion again. If you don't appoint a non partisan non ideologue who like Durham. WHO's interested in the fax? Nothing you say will be taken remotely seriously. You will have a Scintilla Woah of credibility that period. Full stop moment now. I don't care what he fun because I don't know what he didn't find if you know what I mean. You found the facts. That Joe was in the neighborhood when a bank was robbed. Yeah the also find the accident videotape. And it's a videotape. Someone else other than Joe. You get what I'm saying. PNN Not David Chris. Amounts of fat facts are not evidence unless they're evidence in support of a crime. That's where you're going to get from a guy like this. I can't give you facts. I live in Florida. I can also tell you a crime happened in Florida. They're both facts today. Probably ten minutes ago. Does that mean I committed. No that's what this guy's GonNa do do. He's willing to have another one of these things. It's a joke selective omission. All right I got more the deep state stories because it gets believe it or not it gets gets even worse. I want a hat tip in advance. Techno fog and others to on twitter great twitter account that always always seems to dig out nuggets disastrous spy gate thing that more. Nancy Pelosi coming up right today. Show also brought to you by our good friends at a company. I was happy to take on because I was a client of this company before they agreed to sponsor sponsor our show ladies gentlemen lifelock. Why was I climbed? This is a true story. This happened to me. 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I assume may been maybe a potential white knight in this and I think I may have been accurate in that assessment based on some information that has surfaced. What do I mean by that? And how does this relate to the deep state. They're protecting their own as you saw from the David Chris appointment with clearly defending the FIS accord. Appointing a guy was no intention of looking at the Pfizer Court. This is hat tip. Techno fog on twitter again great account always exposed to some of the deep dark domains of the deep state so one of the other stories about the deep state protecting yourself. That's bothered me is the lack of access to this very specific. FBI I agent Noted as essay shoes me senior special agent one in the IT report. It's thought to be that senior. That special especial say one in the report who was intimately involved in this case. Joe Is in Asia by the name of GOP. Janka now from the I report here here is again hat tip techno fog. That's his highlights. There he talks about it special agent want again believed to be job a job. Bianca says quote this from the Edgy report. The FBI liaison uninformed SSI one case agent one via email on November eighteenth cavalry commit with steel and she had taken notes of their meeting liaison could obtain information from cavalier about their meeting and according to Catholic the information from steals reporting about a Russian consulate being located in Miami was inaccurate. Let me rephrase that for you if SSI one is in fact GOP which is believed to be the G. reported saying that Christopher Steele right before the swearing wearing of the FIS Amore October to spy on Donald Trump show that they use the dossier The I G is saying that Bianca was aware of Christopher Steele. WHO's allegedly wrote the dossier? Of course we know that's probably not true but again what was pushing it. We know that we know that right. Before they swore the information was true steel met with Kathleen Kathleen Cavalier from the State Department. Joe and Bianca was aware that steals information was crap. I remember that steel told member. We we this this shirt and this this has been a Catholic meeting is huge. There's a number of other nuggets to it. We discussed and prior shows but one of the big nuggets there is before they swear in court Bianca and his and and his team that are vetting. Steel are aware of steel meeting with Catholic where he tells Kathleen Cavalry from the State Department. Is He's pushing her to that. Hey this is all being run on this collusion scandal through the Russian Consulate Miami. Well what's the problem there ain't no council dared addio eight is word in this case. Yes our cost is right. There's no Russian consulate Miami. So Catholics. Like Hey fellas. This Guy Guy saying that this whole scandal. The collusion scandal is being coordinated at the Russian Consulate Miami. Maybe you should look at this guy because there is no Russian consulate Miami. Apparently our friend essay one which may be Ga is aware of this now for those of you always say remember. The names remember the names. I always say in this case. The best advice ever got is a criminal investigator. My last line of work remember the names memorize them because when they come up again. If you don't have met the tip of your tongue relationships won't make any sense. Some of you may be saying so he may have new. Steel was full of crap before they swore out the final. Where do I remember the name Bianca from Oh yes? He's the guy who goes to the White House just days. After president trump takes his seat knee over lavis shows up in the instructions. Jim Komi and interviews. Mike Flynn with no lawyer present in conjunction with Peter Stroke. Same Guy. Same Guy when Clinton was playing golf secret services hit a bad shot at a good shot he the same. It's the same guy. What do I always tell you? What has been evergreen kind of topic that comes up on this topic but the overall threat? That's tighter shows together folks. The spying on of Mike Flynn the spying on a presidential campaigns. The spying on trump. The spying on Popadopoulos was spying on of Carter page the impeachment hoax the take down of Flynn Ukraine Gate. All of this stuff is intimately tied together. It's the same deep state players. They're all involved in his. Pr Guy Interviews. Flynn Bianca knew about Cavalier Cadillac Interviewing Steel Catholics interviewing steel and they're using Steals Information Cavalier Tells Pinocchio Who Interviewed Flynn. That's steals information is garbage Bianca. Them appeal apparently gently. Do nothing about it as we'll see in the second piece from the Inspector General's report exposing some of the relationships here so now we find out that in Carter your page when they interview Carter Page agents involved in this case agent one sa one and others essay one that the interview Carter Page and they failed to include in their report that Carter Page has denied meeting with Russia's. I'm just going to say folks kind of important point now. So you're interviewing guy you're about to get a warrant to spy on for colluding with Russians even always working on behalf of the CIA which you know when ignore but then when he denies actually knowing some of the Russians that that Christopher Steele says he's meeting with you don't think that's a material factor. Include this really we happened now kind of sealing the deal on SSI one again believed to be Bianca multiple reports out out there. This is crazy something we've been addressing now for two years the smoking gun in this case ladies and gentlemen it's always been the woods file. which is is the file the FBI supposed to keep showing what they did to verify the information they used to spy on trump though woods file copy based on the woods procedure? We've only been talking. How about this for two years? Joe's tired of hearing about it. Listen it is from the report. SSI One was responsible for confirming that the woods file was was complete and for double checking factual accuracy review to confirm that the woods file contained appropriate documentation for each of the factual assertions in the Pfizer application. Okay so let me get this straight essay. One believed to be new. Christopher Steele was full of crap had Catholics information. That still didn't even know there was no Russian consulate Miami where they were allegedly running this thing so he knows that's crap they know page denied knowing the Russians that they included -cluded in their report. They left that out then. This is the same guy responsible in the woods file for investigating each of these factual assertions and making sure they're true he's he's the guy involved in signing off on a PR and he's also the guy who interviews. Mike Flynn you may say okay. Why are we re-litigating? The fact that Bianca Who again at one point at one point I believed may a flip? I'm takeout. I let me reset and that now because it's clear to me that I don't he may have now now. I'm not sure you've been information but I'm not disguise not a white knight in this based on the a just listened to the I G report now again. This is where I got a hat tip techno fog again. Let me show you. A headline was up at Fox News. Showing you remember this block. Keep on deep state and folks PEAC mysteriously seriously. Nobody can find this guy or get a hold of them. Alex Pappas Fox News but I find him. I mean we can't get them and I mean like he's disappeared Casper the friendly goes the DOJ's refusing to give Grassley access to the agent who interviewed Flynn. Alex Pappas Fox News published in June of two thousand eighteen who was the agent who interviewed. Flynn a joke Bianca. Doj Job. You can't talk to him. That ain't right can't talk to Eh. God forbid you think any right. Maybe we'll make that a t-shirt Joel mccower. So that ain't right folks. Why why would we not be able to talk to this guy again? So the Guy who interviewed Flynn. They said he wasn't lying and then charge. Flynn with lying after the interview is the same guy responsible for the woods file. That's supposed to fact. Check the dossier. That didn't he's the same guy and yet we're not allowed to interview him. Can you give me a big Y on that. Like I don't really get that again. Had Kept Techno for another brilliant fine paralegal got transferred. Wow crazy joey. Got Transferred to San Francisco Mayes. Three of because I've really about this is very upsetting so here. Techno fog goes to the FBI web website and they list out personnel assigned to the San Francisco office and there is Joe Palca. The third appears in San Francisco gets shipped all the way across the country at a DC. Although nobody can seem to find this guy for an interview we want to get to the bottom of what he did. That's crazy. What else happened? Well again Buddy techno fog goes back to the Internet the Great inter-web a few days later and checks the FBI San Francisco website. What all of these things is not like the other? Look at this crazy Joe Joe Piano on there. Where did he go? Where did he then who liked to ren and stimpy land left off? Nobody knows we need that. Cut One day. I'm not sure if it's copyrighted ride or not but it's the greatest kind of where they go. Nobody knows was he transferred is he not in San Francisco is he working anywhere for the FBI anymore. Why Hi the effort to hide this guy what this could be unlike Erin Burnett we do actual facts and data? Don't ever call me at journalists and insult but we do facts and data folks that could be innocent and could he got transferred again. Be Kinda strange. The probability of that's kind of like l zero but I'm willing to give us an explanation. Okay so we can't talk to the guy because what he's across the country San Francisco. Why did you delete them from the San Francisco not we transfer them again where to our moon base on the planet Neptune? There's an FBI satellite. Oh we have him there. But he's investigating neptunium credit fraud on Neptune and lived there bliss. The trip took seven years so in order to get him back. We have to send like the space shuttle space shuttle victory which isn't even done yet to go get Adam and bring them back. We need to tell a transportation like star Scottie. You will never hear from this guy again. Why because the deep state keeps keeps on deep state? That's why now listen. You may be upset about this show. Good I want you upset. That's the point. Point because until we reach a crescendo of fury on this and start to push representatives into getting off their caboose in doing something something outside of the people who have actually helped us newness meadows. WHO's leaving Jim Jordan until we actually push these people? Nothing thing is going to happen but this is our country. It's not there's that's not a talking point. It's not a bumper sticker. I'm not running for office. This is our country. There's three eight hundred thirty million of US and five hundred thirty five of these dip up on Capitol Hill. We run this place. This is our our joint. Not There's we gotta make Kohl's I'm doing the best I can exposing this stuff to our five hundred thousand plus US listeners viewers every day but I need your help calls won't do anything you know. What does nothing nothing does nothing when you do nothing? It absolutely does nothing every time Bingo so fight to battle soccer was never going to be. Trump was gonNA come in and one term everything was going to be done. Spike is going to be exposed to media was GONNA fix themselves the deep state. We're just going to give up everybody. wifely white flag folks all over. He's guys are going to hold hold on for the rest of their lives. Their kids have been promised jobs. I've been promised jobs it's about money. Prestige reputations are going to be ruined history is going to destroy these people when the truth it comes out. Did you really think they were just going to give up generational fine. Listen we live in the most prosperous time in human history. We've been gifted to be American citizens right now at this point in time right now it's not a lot to ask. My listeners are super active. Please I'm not lecturing anybody. Don't don't moat. Misread me here. But the some of the people come in and out of the show and aren't necessarily die hard and politics. I don't know I don't really WANNA call my congressional representative really isn't for me. Yeah well freedom and liberty thing for you because it's evaporating by the day all right. I got more more. Yeah believe it or not even more four. I WANNA prove to you again. Spy Gate Muller Gay Peach engaged. Flynn Gate collusion hoax. Whistleblower hoax. These things are all tied to get. It's the same scam. What do you mean Dan? It's the same scam. Get rid of trump at all costs and just make up another hoax after the last hopes collapsed and shocking. Gosh I hope I get to this. There's a I told you a few weeks or what's the next scam going to be x is going to be trump colluding with Turkey. 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Now we find who is working with Adam Schiff fund this impeachment probe who to help get the president out of a member impeachment hoax folks whistle blower hoax by gets all the same get rid of Donald Trump. This is crazy. All these people know each other. Check out this politico article hat tip. Conservative tree has for pointing. This went out by Darren. Samuelson meet the legal minds behind. Trump's impeachment you may say Dan. There's no way no way that one of the legal minds. According to politico involved in trump's impeachment urban was heavily involved in the spy. Gate the buckle to well then you'd be wrong because that's absolutely what happened because as I told you it's all the same hoax quote from the political piece. This is from Mary mccourty former DOJ official. Who helped oversee the FBI's probe into Russian interference thought he's sixteen election and is now listed as a top outside counsel for Atom Shifts? Little House guys. Ladies and key legal fights tie to impeachment. Here's a quote from from a court. I think people do see. This is a critical time in our history. We see the breakdown of the rule of law mission in the breakdown here. It's to the constitution and also constitutional the values. GimMe a break. She goes on. That's why you're seeing lawyers. Joe Come out around the country being very willing to put extraordinary amounts of time and effort into litigating these cases. That's why are you involved. That really nothing to do. With the fact that you worked with Michael Atkinson and the National National Security Division whose Michael Remember the name of Raymond Aron Samaria mccord. Worked with Michael Michael. Oh that's the inspector Spector general who changed the rules about whistleblowing to allow fake whistleblower complaint to proceed that was used to impeach the president Herat Inspector General L.. You worked with him and an Atkinson. This can't be so you were in the National Security Division working with Atkinson who was also the lawyer for the head the National Security Division of the DOJ. John Carlin. WHO's the same guy who by the way signs off on the the woods procedures member of the woods file verify he is the lawyer for the DOJ one of the final guys to sign off on the FIS award? John Carlin who worked with Atkinson the idea a forward to fake whistleblower complaints who worked in the National Security Division with Mary mcchord. Who's now working with Adam? Schiff after forwarding the fake whistleblower complaint mccord's working with shift to have the President Peach. Oh and by the way they work for Carlin. Who was Bob Muller chief-of-staff before he became Obama's head of the National Security Division the DOJ and worked with Atkinson mcchord on the whole Spike's folks? The verdict is it has nothing to see here. Don't you worry. Deep State keep on deep state. No worries folks folks and they write this Darren Samuelson in this piece. They write this like not even remotely curious that way way. Let me get this stream. So what are the lawyers involved in the National Security Division that forwarded the fake charges about donald trump onto the FIS accord signed off on one of the lawyers. Involved is the I guess. Now the Inspector General who forwarded the fake whistleblower complaint after changing the paperwork that guy days division. They altered the paperwork paperwork to make this fake whistleblower complaint go even owners know firsthand information and one of the lawyers they work with Mary. mcchord in the nationals curves is now working with Adam Schiff to impeach the president president onset fake charges who she was also involved in the spy. Gate thing no worries folks. There's no connection Dan. Bongino is the crazy. You see what I'm that Joe it's me you went. I Apollo nuts. I didn't want anybody has the story that we're all crazy thing. Keep remind nothing told. Would you can be factually challenged nothing now. Your takeaways. You're free to you. You did you discern from that information whatever you want just understand this the media. I'm not care. They don't care. One Bit Impeachment Muller Spy Gate Fake Whistleblower Gate it is all the same people Bianca Interviews Flynn Bianca signs off on the woods. File the woods foul reviewed by John Carlin at DOJ. Ns Thief Carlin works with Atkinson. Atkinson works mcchord. Atkinson becomes the Inspector General Inspector. General's office alters a form of fake whistle blower can file a charge against Donald Trump. mcchord was at the NASD doing all. This wisdom lease isn't it goes to work for Adam Schiff to make sure donald trump is impeach. This actually happened Paula. Can I jump ahead to inequality community that for tomorrow okay. 'cause I got a really good piece of Wall Street Journal. Thanks to everyone who send it over to be about the myth of inequality growing in the trump administration. But it's GonNa take me a little bit. Is it so it makes such a damning case that Obama is the one who heightened economic inequality. I want to say that for tomorrow. Because you WANNA get the Pelosi's import because and I WANNA finish on a high note. It'd be the press we will change our government. It's just a job and it's a hard are job and we're all engaged. Nobody's quitting we are moving forward and proceeding ahead. We'll get accountability. I don't care how long it takes so he was a Pelosi Z.. Remember I told you it. Pelosi's I said they were going to move on after the impeachment Hoechst Dyes Blower Hoax Muller game and all that they're gonNA and move on seamlessly they nothing happened to their. I'm telling you there next. Narrative is going to be trump colluded with the Turks is nothing. There's no basis in truth on that. It's just it's out there. I warned view. Pelosi's already going there now. This is a great video because not only should not only. She proved me right that they're already preparing their next hoax. But she goes back and contracts out the old collusion hoax again on this appearance this weekend with George Stephanopoulos. Here's why she's doing this in a nutshell. The impeachment thing is a disaster. She's GonNa forward the impeachment German articles over this week. Maybe today she got wrecked Ari. Kt wrecked wrecked. She made all these demands of Mitch. McConnell we're not forty in the articles articles until you do this. This and this McConnell said this is me giving the double barrel Middle Finger without the middle fingers because we're trying to keep the visual somewhat family friendly policy. It wasn't happy I said that on judge. You need this week. But they deserved it. Mitch McConnell said no thanks. We're not going to negotiate. But you just hold on those articles new fun over there public pressure your bill. Pelosi look like an idiot. She's now been faced planted totally here. She's like this fair palm face. I looked like a moron. Because what happened. She's got nothing. She has to send the articles over and she got nothing. Zero Zilch face planted totally tripped over our own legs. Couldn't get out of her own way. So now what does she do Jo. Now she's angry of course because she was always a praline political tactician. Yeah Yeah you're right. She was so brilliant. She got wrecked by Mitch McConnell yet again. So here's Pelosi this weekend. I think it was George Stephanopoulos. Losing it going back to the Russia hoax and introducing the Turkey hoax. Mex check this out. The president of the United States is in complete denial about Russia's role as I have said in terms of this president all roads lead to Putin. He has as he said. He's not going to accept the assessment of of our own intelligence Asian that they that they were very much involved in two thousand sixteen election that twenty four seven now they are still engaged. He's trying to blame it on Ukraine and this silliness That has been debunked again I and again but he and his folks still keep advancing it. everything that he has done whether it's in Syria vis-a-vis the Turks whether it's been in Ukraine in terms of withholding assistance as they tried to fight the Russians his denial about their role in our election. Then and now all roads lead to and sometimes I wonder about a Mitch McConnell to see why is he an accomplice to all of of that he has resisted horses going in in a manner commensurate with the threat of four state of of the agency's whichever they are a state could be the secretary of state or whatever to protect our infrastructure our critical infrastructure election. So he says you shouldn't even call that critical infrastructure so it's all of a piece with them and that's why it's really important for the facts to come forward to witnesses to be heard the documentation to be reviewed so that the American people can see there's as generally you're witnessing and I'd be dead serious not a joke. You're witnessing a broken person right there. I counted upwards of four or five. Discredited is credited conspiracy theory. She throws that totally discredited the bunk and conspiracy is that anyone with access to a nineteen eighty-six Internet modem could look up on the interweb to whip. It's just an embarrassment. She trots out the Russia conspiracy theory her new conspiracy theory on Turkey in case she was hinting at is going to be this joke. Get ready now you you heard it here. First folks. Trump was going to pull troops out of Syria. Because he's got some business dealings with Turkey. Get ready get ready. That's hoax number. Two hundred sixty the two thousand scum and she trots out the conspiracy theory that Ukraine did not get involved in the two thousand sixteen elections. Here's the politico piece. Politico left leaning left leaning politico. Not This isn't some right. Leaning outlets reporting on Ukraine trying influence the two thousand sixteen election we go Ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire by politico. Not Bongino ISKOE. The job. Pelosi said this didn't happen. Yeah political retracted. This article Joe. This is a documents thoroughly. Ukrainian from the list goes that she tried it out like I said I counted about four or five maybe up to six the bunk conspiracy as you're witnessing a broken woman who has been humiliated and embarrassed barest at every single turn. She thought she was going to leave her. Tenure as speaker of the House or tenure in Congress as the celebrated Napoleon like political tactician Shen and. She's been completely wrecked at every turn and she's just broken she's been. She is totally a mess. She can't get out of her own way right now. Yeah I told you about the Turkey thing. I warned you all right on a good nose. I saw these this morning. Legal insurrection action at great piece. A friend William Jacobson runs a great blog legal insurrection. One of the best websites out there. I have his peace with the full piece of a piece with the full pieces. Article the full piece up at Bongino Dot com slash newsletter again. That's our show notes. We will email them every day if you choose but this is a series right now of Reagan jokes that been put together. They're just short and sweet. But I'm only playing them in light of Bernie Sanders recent rise to the top. Who of course is a Communist? I mean is to advocate socialism. Sadly and a lot of the he seems to ignore the death and destruction. That comes along with Reagan found and I agree with him. You may disagree but I agree totally one one of the best ways. It's almost an Linski. Like tactic is to annihilate people's believes that socialism is. The real deal is to make jokes about about how horrible socialism much it's inappropriate. I don't think so and Reagan. Did neither humor sometimes. Sometimes break down walls and crack those ideological facades people keep up. Who really believes? Socialism can work so I got two of these is a good one. Oh here's Reagan cracking a joke about socialism and an appointment of guy makes to buy a car. Check this one it's funny. I've been collecting collecting stories. That are told in the Soviet Union by their people among themselves which reveal. They've got a great sense of humor but they've also got a pretty cynical attitude attitude toward their system. And I told this when bill you'll have to hear it again. I told it in the car. I didn't tell us when Gorbachev you know there's a ten year delay delay in the Soviet Union of delivery of an automobile and only one out of seven families in the Soviet Union own. Automobiles automobiles is a ten year. Wait and you go through quite a process when you're ready to buy and then you put up the money in advance and this happened to a felon. This is their story that they tell this joke that this man he laid down his money and then the fellow was in there was in charge. said to him okay. Okay come back in ten years and get your car and he said morning or afternoon and and the fellow behind the counter said well ten years from now. What difference does it make and he said well the plumbers coming in the morning one forty nine states? I got one more quick but I won't go Paulo. Kill me if I go with but the guy who I met. In the Tesla thing in Palm Beach Gardens Mall this weekend I was kidding. I promise you I was kidding kidding. I walked out yet. Stop giving me the way I love you. I was just joking with you. Know what I'd say. I believe that because I love love this guy and I felt so bad when he walked out. I was kind of a joke to someone else. Paula was like furious at me for it so I just can't. It wasn't as funny as the Reagan show but I thought it was kind Hanafin. Reagan joked number. Two is as good as the first one Ronald Reagan just decimating socialism using humor to check this out. The story worry was an American and a Russian arguing about their two countries and the American said look in my country I can walk into the Oval Office. I can pound the president's desk and say Mr President I don't like the way you're running our country and the Russian said I can do that. Americans are you can. He says yes I can. Go into the Kremlin to the general secretary's Aries Office disk and say Mr General Secretary. I don't like the way. President Reagan's running his country. God isn't really there was no no one. No folks. I'm I'm only forty five. I'm not that old. But he's the first president president. I really remember remember. I mean obviously I was born with Carter and I but you know you don't really remember much before four or five media these isolated scattered memories Childhood Amnesia Nesia Reagan. I remember almost everything and they use. I remember when they used to make fun of them. Poke Fun at all. The time always wondered why. What a great this position kind of a good note to leave you on and make you know just kind of reiterating what I said earlier showing you again as a great place? Totally worth fighting for is never going to be easy Reagan. Reagan understood that Reagan took the big fights on the Soviet Union. When all the people in the media warned him off? You can't take on the evil empire will lose you. Just have to kiss their butts and pretend that will go away on his watch. Not Today and candidly non. Trump's watching tough fights matter ran this for the long run and thanks for tuning in. I really appreciate I see. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also Dan podcasts on Itunes soundcloud and followed in on twitter. Twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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Hour 3:  Playing In The Mecca?

Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

45:59 min | 4 months ago

Hour 3: Playing In The Mecca?

"Jason jay williams the podcast. And how does this sound. Hey what madison square garden. Good mixture the fourth seed in the eastern conference. The knicks could be a team win. Not only one postseason series but maybe threaten to win a second. I'm just going to say that right now. G saw jay will garden is is always raising the data. Obviously we start with. The lakers and warriors lakers basketball. We got defend. A high rate will plan in my opinion. Mvp of our league this year instead of so they got champion as well. They know what it takes what it feels like to be impressive gains so we'll be ready for a new one and john. Jay wills progressive insurance warning to new york city not have one team in top for the issue to new york seed yesterday and they will host the first round home advantage. Something that guys. I know you wanna make fun of me. And that's fine on an talk about it. Because i think it's worth it's a story in the nba. But i will say that you have to admit all kidding aside. It is remarkable a team that started out the season the way you expected it to speak for them. No it's not what they are today not remarkable. It's remarkable the playoffs. Okay stop a team. That was expected to be in the lottery again. Their euro playoff expectation east. What does that mean. what what you what. What is what does that mean. It means you sixteen twenty games and they clinched a fourth seed. There's nothing there and by the way doing it by winning three out of six on a west coast trip and they're really could have won four. Oh really yeah. It had not been for some lucky bounces in the laker games. I'm sorry can this just through mikey. How many games did the knicks last year. I think they want sixteen. Twenty one twenty one okay. So this year they won forty one and if you had told me at the beginning of the year the knicks are going to be in the playoffs. I say damn said two percent chance to be a playoff team just layoffs. I'm talking about a nine or ten. Like trying to fight for that. Nine or take a great year but a four seed dale but alan but alan beaten cesco for the four cs. So i gotta give what he's sippy allowed to. It should be allowed to julius randle. Mvp conversation roses kind of re-emerging tips again. incredibly boston. just basically crumbled and fell apart. You didn't expect expect exactly going. Seen what et miami went to issues. I'm sorry so so when you win the super bowl because another teams offensive line had some injury issues. It's not really a super. You didn't really win. Is their offense. Was banged up really problems in my office and line. Are you talking about tom brady. I'm talking about a super bowl. Well got that. So that's why you want soup. Well i was told that you play to win. The game whatever's in front of you. You take care of that business. You don't worry about the only way. Can i also say this. Because i am tired of this going on around the country about how everybody rolling their eyes about any nick fan. That enjoying this right now guys. It's been seven years seven but you can't give these people like just one day to feel good about their team after years of being mocked and laughed at. Ll knicks any chance you could you use them as a headline knicks clicks. And they're happy one day and you're like man you have no right to be happy. Just be happy. They don't stink anymore. It's good that they're in the playoffs. But you like beating your chest up and down because a fourth foresee just getting to the playoffs kinda feel like a making the play offs to top poor seed. That's incredible. Where would they be out if they was in the west. Be a fifty i don. I don't know they're not in the west. Got ice gotta give them credit where credit is taking him and what they've been able to do of course. Here's the crazy thing. By the way the seatings had worked out in the playoffs we could actually be talking about the knicks. Getting to the next round of the playoffs. Like if they were going against the bucks out great season is done. There's a legitimate chance against the hawks. They can beat the hawks in a seven game series. It'd be a good great series now. The knicks beat them three. Oh in the regular season but you can't really look at that. Yes trae missed one game and then he missed the finish of another game. I think it's going to be a really really good match again. What nato has done with the hawks is also. You gotta look at that. That's a tough team. They can score. That's going to be a good series. But i gotta say this. This is now become what we do here in new york has told you. Any team wins the championship at the parade. You're like well. Can they win two in a row like that's what we do so now it's is this a successful season yes already. It is because you are exceeded expectations. But what do they do from here. What what can they. What's the jumping off point. This one he got a time man. You got to win a playoff game. You're in the playoffs. The point once the second round is over then you can look to the future then you can look to the future once you exit the playoffs. Then that conversation turns to. Can we get somebody. Can't we do but right now. Let's focus on where they're at right now in what they've been able to do. Why put the horse before the court. I had to think about corporate for cart before the horse. Why do that. Why do that to yourself in new york. Why do that what we do like enjoy holy. Enjoy this now but what you want to is. I guess there's the thing jay said you know. How can you look at this as a successful. what will make it successful. And i'm thinking it's really. Where do they go from here. Is this now the turned. Turn it around for the franchise where nobody's now looking at it thinking. I don't wanna go there because it's a circus now. It's like a kind of like what they got going on. I might want to be part of the is we all know. They speak to this because they played in the nba. In he's from the region area tried to turn the turn triborough. Whatever they changed. He's the fortune of the franchise when they got the people in to run the on road. Leeann worldwide so. That immediately had them say okay. I bet you could tell me if i'm right or wrong. If they had hired this group a year before when katie and kyrie was in free agency. Did they have a legitimate. Have had a legitimate shot worldwide western that group selling it to them away better shot. They'll so a way better shots you can smile. It's already changed now. I can smile before. You told me that realistic. You smiling like they're getting ready to win the world championship. I'm just smiling because we're back in the league. I like feeling that way instead of being relegated and talking about lottery but you know it is now of course. The goal is always. How do you win a championship. You know currently constituted this not a championship roster. We know this. So how do they make it better. So they can get into that conversation. The clippers and lakers la market. You've got to team championship at you. Got one here in new york with the nets boy with the nba. Love it if they had four teams two largest markets that are all championship campers. Running from the lakers. So you gotta be real when you when you assess the next. They've had an incredible season. But you know we did talk about. Nba countdown on friday. I was like so. What are the next moves savings. Say they get by the hawks right. Phenomenal season yes phenomenal season but what typically happens in new york is all right like how do we sustain that next year. Or how do we surpass that. What decisions do you make on guys like derek groves. Some your pending for ages you guys back to release cap space. Do you try to get more guys you do. But there's a lot. There's a lot of moving parts especially when the bars and say you didn't come in just as nine or ten you foresee. I don't care if miami deals with their issues. Four seed in eastern conference right now heading into the playoffs that sets a pretty high bar for tips and company next year to reach that mark again. But you go out there and you take a look at who could be available to help you get out of the second seat that you potentially guiding if you beat the hawks this year and then you get bounced you find. Whoever that one or two alpha dogs is to pair with whoever may maybe as as crazy as it may sound maybe julius rambles on the move again because you now. It's a way to think about it though how the nba is what julius randle is on the move because you go get some mega. The one thing about the knicks right now is they're establishing a culture a culture and having found goto j i know but having a foundational piece of your culture. That's your best asset that utilize as long as that player. You trade julius randle for yes fits the culture that you've already established here and maybe he doesn't go anywhere. I'm just bringing the most valuable guy on the team right now as it's constituted as a piece that you can you know. Put out there for somebody else. That is bigger and better that they may say well. If we got this guy's got we could make a run in eight say. Espn eight seven to nine. Three seven seven six. We certainly will keep the conversation going on. This and reynolds had a phenomenal year. He probably will be most improved player. He will be an all nba player. He's got an option year left and then they can talk about what they wanna do with him contract wise. They've got fifty million dollars in cap space that they can spend whether to keep this group together or to improve it. They've got two first round draft picks. We this is. The healthiest franchise has been a very long time. When you think about not only the winning aspect on the court the head coach who has a chance to coach of the year but also on what they have going forward. This isn't one of those not sustainable one and done type of things which the fifty four win thousand thirteen season felt more like that because was the oldest roster in the league i mean think about two thousand and twenty two classics like john wall james harden and russell westbrook kevin durant steph curry bradley. Bill i mean a next summer is going to be interesting interest but again do they keep chasing or do they try to keep building their way. That's what i understand guys. Don't finish top four next year. I wouldn't see that as a failure type season. We'll see for me because it typically what knick fans are going to do all we gotta hit the mark again. Let's see that's me. No i'm i'm with the new york knick fans when you in big cities like this you yeah. You can have a certain foundation. Don't take is not a bill but see. That's situation not a building city in the building team building town. It's just not it's we've got a few pieces but we gotta get that do but that's what scares me. Who's got doodo. Well that's what i'm saying. It's just named off twenty. But that's not. that's not until next summer. that's not this summer. that's twenty two hit. that's what i'm saying. You guys have to be realistic expectations. Like yes you are now. Maybe miami miami issues covert issues all year long and injuries right whilst boston dealt with things to boston. Probably going to retool so yes are four seat is i mean you'd a fourth best team in eastern conference. I don't know we haven't seen it training with the best defense in the league about that. Who plays defense during the regular season at that level. That you guys do. Nobody knew he does. That's how you guys have one. That's that's no doubt dot come with that right. Does that always now. i'm interested. Does that translate into playoff defense right because now other teams are picking up their level of intensity during the playoffs as well to match intensity sustained throughout seventy one games. Yeah you're right and that's exactly what we're gonna find out going forward but you know again if they're going to do something the off season it won't be through free agency. It'll have to be if they are going to add something significant in a trait and what would be as you mentioned the culture. What would be the peace that would fit the best fit. The most would be a player that you like him. In this thing it really changes and we all know the peace. They're missing remains point guard. So you gotta find the gaza. You gotta be interesting. We're fine contract right when year. Expiring or as we always seen throughout the league or star. That's just had it in his place in wants out. I like what they're doing. I want to be part of that. Who could say it's going to happen. But i'll just i'll put it out there because i always wonder about how long he's always said. The right things I always wondered about how long dame will stay in portland. I do Especially this was a team that couple years ago. Several years ago there in the western conference finals in western conference finals. Now we've been talking about them last year. The plan to get through the bubble right to get to the playoffs this year. Kind of that. Same boat around that six What are the five or six six six eight. Okay right the same bubble like wondering like if they're big don't get healthy dame stay in portland or will dame come to a place like new york and say you're mine say hindi or in the first heavy though i can make george ma. I know he's hanno coast. That i'll just have you seen being something. Dane would be afraid of. No you're not afraid of it. But his tally that he would just so heavy. And when you talk about culture. This is a team full of jim rats. That's what the knicks are made up of dusit. Just they want to be in the gym a lot. They go at night in a jim. This is what they do. And the coaches rat ratu. If anybody fits that it would be dame now again. He's got a one out. It's gotta start there and we know he's never really wanted. Ask a question real quick. If you guys say you guys continue to building. You don't land somebody massive if you guys got like the fifth seed or sixty next year in the eastern conference playoffs like would that be a disappointing year for you to see how it looks. Yeah that's that's too too much to that. I'd have to honestly. I have to see how that looks but as key said i just want to enjoy this right. Yeah i'm saying the four seats sets the bar really high really high. They need to get a star man. S news sanjay zubin presented by progressive insurance progressives homequote explorer. Changing the way you buy home insurance now you can go online and get a custom quote and save time and money learn more at progresive dot com from the bay to the a and everywhere in between from a suzy eighty those. We go now around the world of sports guys ready for some baseball here. I want to get your take on this. The dodgers made a very significant addition to their team albert. Paul says you remember. He was designated for assignment. Cleared waivers from anaheim and now as first reported by the la times confirmed by espn. Potholes is in agreement with the dodgers on a major league deals so he will be joining the dodgers in the last year of that ten year. Two hundred forty million dollar contract when the angels let them go last week. Forty-one-year-old one year old future hall of famer would beep logically coming into for a part time. Role only explains on why. The dodgers signed him talking to his sources. Yesterday they say that the dodgers initial interest in pools was wrapped around his ability to hit against left handed pitching which has been a problem for the dodgers this year. So what cools could do for them is get some starts at first base against lefties they. Start max muncie second base or maybe comes off the bench and he pinch hits against lefties that something here. Eight seventy opie s in a small sample size. But let's face it. The diapers right now are looking for any type of solutions. You just ran through those injuries. Tieger bellinger pollick dustin. It's incredible how many injuries they've had a general manager with another team said to me yesterday about the signing desperate times call for desperate measures about right and it doesn't cost us a whole lot. Less struggling gets left. Hand pitching heat much like bush. To say right there he can always slide into i against the left. Move money to second base or even come off the bench when we play We need a d. h. Or to pinch very when i mean we don't really relieved him to do a whole lot and field in its you know. For the short time he's going to be. There was more power quiz. That's why the angels moved on from. They didn't want to keep them on the bench and not play him everyday. They felt like it'd be disrespectful but easy dry for him to the stadium to point to this. Mlb weekend recap brought to you by of credit dot com slash. Win money to open your free account and start winning. Instant karma credit karma money progress starts here. All right to the nba are back to the nba. So steph curry won the scoring title. So the oldest. Since michael jordan to do it forty six points. He scored to complete his season. One thirteen one. Oh one win over the grizzlies help. Golden state clinched the west number eight seed again joining michael jordan as the only players aged thirty three or over to win the scoring title according to the elias sports bureau. Lebron saying the scoring title is not the only award. That curry should win planned in my opinion. Mvp of our league this year steph. So we gotta be prepared for everything they have. They got championship in as well. You know they've been there what it takes what it feels like to be in pressure game so we'll be ready for that opportunity for that for that pressure. Say what do you think of. Lebron saying. That step should be the mvp. I mean. i emissions of guilt right now. Because i sat up here are a couple of weeks ago and said this thing is over. Nickel yokich is going to win it. I think the nba will probably reward. Yokich winning it. Because he's played. What seventy one of seventy one games. And i think that will set a bar for league about yes. You have to play games. But i mean steph carries the mvp. And i. I called evan last night before. Lebron even said this. I say i've been wrong. Man steph occurs. Mvp this team has no clay. They've had guys from the g. league on a roster. He's missed ten games and he hasn't been the playoff push he's been averaging thirty seven point thirty one point eight points per game like he's been a one man wrecking show grandjean wiggins came on as of late germont green plays a pivotal part. But what he's done you know we if we're going to say what tibbs has done with that team right doing more with less good point right. That's what steph has done with the golden state warriors like. otherwise what are they. What are the. They're nowhere close. We're talking about them at the bottom of the league at the bottom of the league with with teams like houston with teams. Like okay see. That's where this team will be without steph curry and now they're in the playoffs because this dude like what i love about it but this story to is that we forget maybe that early in the season when they were just bad and steph was getting frustrated and you heard when we started out of there is a time for the move on. He sounded like he was really annoyed with the guys around him. They just don't get it. They understand how hard you have to work what it takes to win in this league and then all of a sudden he just started showing them like all right. I'm complaining now. I'm gonna show you what it what it takes. And it's just forty point game. Forty point game forty point game ten threes in this game twelve threes in that game. He just started going crazy. And since then he's run away with the conversation about mvp and we've had how many guys who say five different guys. We've talked about it at some point during the season. That should be the mvp point. Sticking with your saint pick 'em like because this fluid hemi james ardent play for a month and a half. Lebron james is in the league wants. That's was out there was focus was there. I mean i. it's been fluid. The here yokich his always been there. Shane and south carolina wants to know why yokich is getting so much disrespect shane. Hey i'm trying to figure out what it is about. Yoke is that you guys. Espn just absolutely hate. Because if he had or if it was lebron or katie. That had the numbers that he's putting up this season. You guys would be salivating over the prospect of talking about him. I agree with you if you from. Somebody watches ball the time you watch yokich people say well. His game is actually. His game is pretty damages. Amy stick out my tongue because people naturally say that. But we don't watch a lot. Let's be real about it. People don't watch a lotta denver games. How many denver games you see our prime time. I've tom games be. They lost him on murray. So it's like outta sight outta mind you see steph. Curry highlights everywhere going bonkers shooting. Threes granted is definitely snap crackle pop but i agree with them to a degree. Yoga just had a nominal year. It's just a waste steph. Teen yokich is is cool right. He's better than cool. I would say but much like you said it's just like it's not. His game is more than i did. I mean i'm out west. So i get a chance to get a chance to watch play a lot but it's still you know why you're saying it oppose the even from a standpoint as big his was just. I don't know some about it. That look more exciting much. Like you said with steph or katie or lebron or whatever oppose some dunked truck big. That's dominating is like he's a great guy. He's a great passer. In fact he's average. Eight eight point six assists per game the most wilt chamberlain like he's doing things we talk about russia and the big. Oh yeah yokich did this season. We haven't seen since we'll chamber call a big. I wouldn't call. I hear you're saying how people that are looking at it. That's why they're like. There's no flash. I just looks like there's a lot of flash to it though. This is no no no no no no no no no here on this. The flash levels are decimals. Apart right but it's still more aston ninety five percent of league no but not but not compare who that we are thinking about his. Mvp lashes really bright well. People can't relate. And it's why i think steph has yokich is going to win. I think the league is going to remember by the medium playing every single game. But what happens with steph. Every do walking down the street feels like he can be like steph. new. I step is relatable. Am i saying they can do it but step is like he's not six times in a big old dude assist like blah. He's coming and doing this from the free. Throw line and got this and that plan d when i don't want that to be that's that's the way see basketball conversation. Though they're looking you know they look at me. Not looking at him like that oppo. I'd say those people who don't want guards guys. How about the season. Kyrie irving is having already ninety. That's his right and that's coming up now. He has this free pro. Goodyear jay was dump truck as will season starts heating up so new possibilities. Play off. hopefuls are beginning to emerge and contenders are solidifying their position. From here on out every games the chance to create momentum to make the right past the right move in hit the perfect shot it takes momentum to build to the moment but it takes everything to capture it goodyear more driven you know how focus carry on the task at hand lars stuff owner. This world is not the most important thing to me right now. Had an incredible season. Fifty forty ninety is not something you see what you have to wonder where his head is at going into this next juncture. This is key sean. J zubin province voice-over artist. I'm here to explain bottomless. How do i get across free refills on fries and drinks. Well here goes bottomless at red. Robin means free unlimited refills on the fries inside that come with every burger or entree that means free refills on steak fries. Sweet potato fries. Yukon kettle chips garlic fries broccoli size salad soft drinks iced freckled lemonade and even root beer floats offered the next fire into your appetite. Does who nailed it. Robbing him when it comes to buying a car. Most of us shop around. Make sure we're getting the best deal right so the same should be true when it comes to selling your car you wouldn't settle for the i offer you get from the dealership. Thanks to our friends at carfax. You don't have to because in just two minutes at carmax dot com. You can get a real offer on your car. That's good for seven days and carmax makes it easy just into your license plate number answer a few simple questions hit enter and receive your instant offer. You can accept the offer shopping around take a week to think it over. Apply it to your down payment or walk away with the payment in your hand. The choice is yours and carmax will buy your car even if you don't buy there's so whether you're thinking about selling or trading in take two minutes and head to car mex- dot com to get a real offer real fast carmax the way it should be dotson loses it walking the tightrope razzle dazzle attack. Year i'd eagle credible might be a player of the year but it does not be anthony edwards. Don't to me. Anthony edwards has deployed. Tommy from who. It doesn't matter who wasn't rest in peace. Yes that's the call. I on eagle on the network. The nets clinched the two seat in style form. Kevin durant off the glass that dunk beautiful play. One twenty three win over the cavs nets locking up the two seat in the east the bucks now to three seed brooklyn faces. The winner of tuesday's celtics wizards play in game. You can here on espn radio. The knicks have the fourth seed in the eastern conference. A ninety six ninety two win over the celtics. Jv cave them the four seed in the east. Thank you boston. The knicks napa seven season postseason. Drought we'll take on the hawks. In the first round the basketball hall of fame class of twenty twenty one was announced this weekend. Paul pierce chris bosh make their first year of making their first year of eligibility. Also part of the class chris webber ben wallace toni kukoc lauren jackson yolanda griffin coaches jay wright rick adamant and bill russell sports center brought to you by indeed. Did you know indeed has one hundred thirty five skills tests to help you. Screen for the experience or company needs not frisbee throwing or whistling with your fingers but essential skills like computer proficiency and customer service. Find your next great hire at indeed dot com credit how focus kyri on the task at hand lars stuff going on in this world. That's not the most important thing to have an incredible season. Fifty forty ninety. There's not something you see. You have to wonder where his head is at you guys get here. What happens here. So i was talking about anthony words having a dunk of the year and say yeah look rest the rest in peace and got me while i was going. He's he's some. somebody said. Nobody died tease just took sole is what happened. That's all i'll just would use net a lot of things going on. Yes was that wrong. I just women's basketball all. That was there superplex players. We were talking about it on sportscenter. The play yesterday just an amazing kind of a you called. It's like the nets are the polish collars. Yeah polish version of what you'd see at rucker. Just the way they play how free they play And kyrie irving really in the middle of it and he finished his season this year. It was something that is a rarity and that is a fifty forty ninety season now to explain to those who don't know fifty forty nine fifty percent field goal percentage which is incredible especially for a guard cecil setting the points that he yeah and forty percent from three point range and then ninety percent from the free throw line. I mean that's his efficient shooting seasons you can have throw on top of it averaging over twenty five points a game so kyri joins larry bird steph curry and k. d. as the only players to do that so the average twenty five fifty four forty ninety season stats incredible brought to you by my computer career training for a better life but as we're talking basketball with kyrie and we get you know again mesmerized by his ability and and everything he can do and the wizardry lally to put it to me when he has the basketball. We get mesmerized by everything that curry and well. That's the thing is that you want to just you have all this enthusiasm for his game and media wants to talk to him about and get his take on it and for kyrie. He just struggles with dealing with the media to a point where he tries to explain why he doesn't wanna talk about basketball and he did yesterday. I'm not gonna lie to you. Guys a lot of stuff going on in this world and Bass words is not the most important thing to me right now. There's a lot of stuff going overseas on. My people are still in bondage all across the world. And there's a lot of dehumanisation going on so you know i apologize if i'm not going to be focused on your questions you know. It's just too much going on in the world from you. Just be talking about basketball. I got focused on the twenty four seven. Most of the time. But it's just too much going on. It's not to address is set to see going on and it's not just in palestine it's not just israel is all over the world man and i feel it so he does At the very least apologizes answering your question saying that to the media but at least made himself available to the media. I'll be the first one to say when i disagree with cari. I think yesterday hearing all the calls and all the texts i received from you about. What's your boy doing now. Like just kind of rub me the wrong way right. Because here's a situation. And i get that people cairo to talk about that. We're going into the playoffs. And it's natural that media will say what do you think about your position in the playoffs. All these things. I think kyrie's way of talking about what's actually going on in gaza. If you guys have heard about what's actually happening there with the palestinians and how things have been playing out was a story that he was like. No you know what today. I want the attention to be on what's happening in our world. Now people may not like the way he goes about doing it actually appreciate it back that he apologized saying apologize guys. Because i'm not going to be answering questions today. I mean. I think kyrie's very polarizing personality and people want him to talk basketball doesn't mean he has to every single time we're big. He's trying to not only that he's trying to shift focus to what's going on other than basketball in. It's giving him an opportunity at that point to basically say he's not talking about basketball but not elaborating on what's going on so now you could dive into those. That are paying attention now. Go see what he's talking about and go figure it out for themselves but much jay when you polarize him. In no matter what people are sitting there waiting for it to drought to pounce on. And he's put himself in that position. Whether it was in cleveland. Boston and here in new york. You know i personally for me. I know what he's saying. He's not talking about the basketball side of it. 'cause he that's given playing basketball is giving for him. That's natural that comes. Just roll out of the bed. Strap up the shoes and can go. His focus is just on other things. And that's okay. I won't say anything wrong with that at all. I don't see anything wrong with it. Either i mean. I was a beat writer for a long time but in the media new york for twenty five years and i covered teams. I covered the all the three major four major sports. And you know you always will have these moments where an athlete doesn't feel like talking in and i never understood how other members of the media would just flip out. Doesn't wanna talk. He's gotta talk. You have to make them talk. And i always felt like nobody has to talk if you don't want to a never understood. This must talk thing. I'd like you to tell me about your game or what you saw what you feel. I'd like your perspective. So when i write it i'm writing it from what you said but when you don't okay will you just now gave me the power to say it from what i saw. Because i don't have your perspective. That's fine with me. But there might be fine with him to though exactly right. And that's why i don't get mad at this like some people do. I don't know why fans would care because it's so it's really more of a media thing that live in a society. You're damned if you do. You're damned if we don't. I remember the conversation being ten years ago about because going to duke right always taught you how to answer things without answering anything. Let's be real about a lot of athletes. Know how to. Except i can answer every one of your heart piercing questions without answering anything but don't get right and fans want athletes to be real. We want them to be raw. Just tell us how you really feel. Tell the truth he just bass when i answer your question without answering it but then when i really want to answer and tell you how i feel i get asked anyway so gets a certain point where it's like just don't give a damn anymore going to bash regardless so might as well tell you what's going on some you guys will like it some others won't and if you don't don't listen or do your thang keep asking good luck but he is somebody that has become that guy that you know. Polarizing is one word but also. I think he's just he's been he's become someone that for a lot of people watching the game like watching play like there's nothing more special than when he's on his toes with the basketball. You could just tell like some special is going to handle you. Yeah exactly like he's that guy like you were saying. Your eyes are drawn to him. You can just tell. And then it's like i want to know more about him because he does play with such joy that you want to get that story and you're not going to and that can be frustrating. But you can tell. He's a conflicted person. Who might feel a certain way about things going on the world while i'm enjoying this life and he struggles with it but it's not something that i use to bash him but you or somebody that you know you enjoyed your time talking to the media you may you controlled it also. Sometimes i enjoy. And sometimes i didn't but you always try to make a you controlled it though. I'm always control. That's always control but one thing for me what i've always says the media right it like it is and not like you wanted to be because that's the problem if it is what it is. I don't care you start trying to set a narrative and this and that that's when you get yourself into trouble when the media tends to write it like they wanted to be not like it truly is and i think that's the same thing with kyrie is just going to set this narrative. Try to figure out who he is because he's interested in. they can't penetrate. That frustrates him. So now he becomes this. You know guy out there in space that they seem to want to continue to chase but can't find the answers to anything that he's given but also straights the hell out of because it's not a what stories do people click on that you click on headlines or like the sex see gossiping content right or things that you see people on tv arguing about if you want. Get up in a fury about you. Don't you don't see media members gloating about the fact that he's donated one point five million dollars to wnba or that. He's given money to h bbc us or as fed the homeless three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. People don't tell the whole context. New is not sexy sexy to talk about kyri desert a community usa does. He thinks he thought the world was flat. Boy that's ever you guys go. But that's because he said that right in because he said that they ran with it as far as the donations and the things that he does. He doesn't talk about it so when you don't talk about it. They're not going to do the work to find out exactly what you're doing. They become lazy. And i've seen it from my own personal experience. Just things that i've done that. Nobody knows about. Because i'm not telling you but i know much like carino's and he feels good about what he's doing he doesn't have to tell everybody every single move and everything that he's doing doesn't have to do it. Goes back to controlling your own narrative. If you want that to be the story you've got to create the story that is based on simple as that. We're right to the story as a lot of lazy when it comes to media. And that's what. I try to tell a lot of young people come into the businesses. Do not do not be lazy. Don't follow the narrative. Don't read that article. Laurie facebook timeline. Because you know what i mean. I drove him. Losing this one one article. I read has one excerpt of a quote. That's not even taking the coldness four context. That's the big liver perpetuate a lot of stories. Because it's just easier to write off without doing our own research on it realizing maybe that's not the truth market madness. We continue to go to the twin cities and before you question who is ranked. I think about the last team to win a title in minnesota. That's next. Jay has straight talk wireless. It's time for some straight talk. Sure saving money feels good but cutting your house. 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Share you and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com quote and see how much you could save. Its geico easy visit. Geico dot com today. That's geico dot com. We got market madness. And it's brought to you by indeed. Resumes are good resumes with indeed skills. Tests are better visit indeed dot com slash credit on hot infra zubin and we continue with market madness. We go to the twin cities. Minneapolis saint paul. I boy we go. We go to fill mackey. Who is the host of mckeon judd. On score north all is northville. All is north. I like the shirt. I just wanna tell jay. Well listen you've been dogging on ed reed and ricky rubio all season look what they did in the last game. Look what they did fourth quarter garbage time. You just wanna clown the bench players on the wall that you told me before. The season started on the phone. Call that we had which we've got a lot that will be the best screener in the history of the game. That's what you said. Mark madsen ed reed outside target center waving the towel setting the screen. Let's go guys who said screens where their response on their actual wrist. That's when you know they're out there to set screen market. So who do we have. And from what i know. It's gonna be a very interesting number one here. We have and your top three in the twin cities. Yeah let's let's down to to create some suspense here So number three. And i gotta be honest. This is strictly because he's the starting quarterback of the most popular team in town. Kirk cousins is number three. And now when you put the stipulation guys who don't have to wait to get into the club i'm now thinking about like what kirk cousins be like in a club if you had a ranking of the most potentially awkward star athletes in a club setting. I think i think kirk cousins with. That's the next list you should do. Who's who are the most awkward a-list athletes that would be standing in the corner like holding a kitty cocktail or something with either. But he's not necessarily beloved but he's the most recognizable because he's the quarterback of the vikings so it was kind of tie between him and adam feeling came out of the ed side of the bracket here night at the roxbury those two guys. They're at that like those bottles that beer so we have a number to. I'm just a server. I don't know why. I called the number number two karl anthony towns so so i wanted to pick someone that represented the most recognizable young star athletes in minnesota and. There's actually a really encouraging crowd. There's karl anthony. Towns carrillo caprice off with the minnesota wild justin jefferson byron buxton. Anthony edwards might win rookie of the year. But but cat has been doing it for about five years. He's the face of the wolves franchise which i will admit is a short bar to clear the short article. It's like being the face of my space. They haven't really been relevant in about fifteen years. But karl anthony towns seven feet. Tall can walk into any place and people will will have ugly is because because he's cat and then and the number one do you want to get to here yeah. Lindsay whalen is the most recognizable walk in the door. Miss wayland working. We see you right Minnesota high school and college basketball legend than helped the minnesota lynx to four championships over the course of about ten years. And i can tell you eyeballs light up when she walks into any establishment now. She's the head coach of the gopher women's basketball team here and she represents minnesotans from small farm town to a wildly successful Sports career and and she really is in a-list celebrities among us in the state of minnesota. That's the first female we've right okay. And and as a coach as well right so you have those two. It's not even a current athlete. But somebody who had obviously an impact on the landscape there is it is it. The and the links were very popular right. That was a very popular team especially winning their championships. When they were doing it. You know we we see a lot of markets. Wnba doesn't get a ton of coverage but they're in the twin cities. They were considered one of the elite teams right. Yeah and you also have to consider here like we talk about. Markets like cleveland with the championship drought thrilled with with the baseball team and the browns whatnot and in buffalo and all these towns and hadn't won championships in so long on the men's side the last time one of the men's teams won a championship was nineteen ninety-one. We're not one of thirty years. Were a third of a century. Basically since one of the men's teams one or the links have been dynasty over that stretch and lindsay whalen was the central figure. And so we we. We love the phrase one of us here in minnesota. So if you are one of us adam zealand right I think anyone who comes from minnesota and becomes a star joel mccower with the twins for a long time. There's just a different level of connection. That's a very provincial state. And so that's why she's number one phil real quick. I ask you how fast anthony edwards rising on this list. It was actually after watching him. Drop i mean it was a meaningless final regular season game. He dropped thirty again last night. He's quickly becoming. I think the face of the next five ten years of young athletes here and you know people call this the state of hockey in the wild. They won their first game of the playoffs yesterday against vegas and so hopefully they wanna run but there are actually a ton of basketball fans in minnesota and you see i mean chat holmgren. The number one high school recruit goes to gonzaga jalen suggs minnesota. High school basketball player is going to be a top pick. So minnesota's kind of a basketball hotbed the timber. Wolves have so under. Served that community for like seventeen years and And we're kind of hoping that. Maybe maybe a rod in mark. Laurie taking over as owners will send a jolt through the franchise. Starting next year phil we thank you for the time. Appreciate it as always guys. Thanks for having me on also. thank you tom. Tomato izzo coming up. Stephen a. on the nba playoffs. That's next k. j. z. Espn radio agreement. Check out my podcast. The wolves pot with insight and analysis on the top stories in the nba adrian forge in ascii are insider extraordinary. Reaction breaking news. This is the latest world rom an in depth conversations with some of the biggest names in the league. Thanks again i'm good. Thanks for having me guess Yes thank you always appreciate. You have listened. Subscribe to the wolves off wherever you listen to podcasts.

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