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"joel soissons" Discussed on Homophilia

"The subtext of too young yeah we'll because because the film was being shot so quickly you know like we didn't really have a full script when we started and and Robert Englund was not involved you know he they were going to cast a stumped up lady thing yeah and I say and I always say I wanNA remind like Robert and humble <hes> that if that dumb guy 'cause they got like a guy that was dumb as a boxer off so if he would have been just a little smarter and could have just walked talked with a little something there might not I mean like Freddie might be like Jason Right. There might be six different Freddie's but they didn't WanNa pay Robert Robert a little bit more money to come back for the second one <hes> being cheap as they were so then Jack Shoulder said you can't do this movie without him so then they had to go back and get him and that really costs them and so and then he if you notice in the streets the first one <hes> stars Heather the second one starts me and the third one starts Robert because he moved from with two but this grip wasn't written and then David Taskin who was the writer he started writing his sub textual homosexual opus and nobody noticed because it was being shot out of context like say Jack Shoulder was shooting first and then Joel soissons was shooting the second real and like he shot all of the Joel shot out of the shower stuff with Marshall and I think when it came off of Jack's shoot list he just didn't pay any attention because is he was so overwhelmed yeah so I don't even think he knew what that scene looked like until they started at it and nobody dead end so the the more that David got away with the more he wrote and and you know our documentaries about this but he's you know not the you know the smartest guy on the block probably and what he thinks was very subtle is to our I is like that's you being settled. Do that's not that's not a in fact joke in the middle of the movie is not a subtle thing yeah so <hes> so anyway but we didn't know and then when I did realize I realized in the bar and we were shooting at the detour I think is maybe in Silverlake and <hes> I had done that scene in the rain where I run through <hes> through the the street which I wish they would have me naked I just I go look back and I'm like why didn't they just have me take my clothes off because we had all of the the street was shut down was shooting night for day and it was closed off and the police Sam naked..

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