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"joel koy" Discussed on Frankie and Jess

"It's Kinda sucks. When he was like twelve used to hang all the time to the mall together now we go to the mall of my son just pulls up and he's like Dak. You picked me up in three hours and I just look at my son I go. I don't have anywhere to go. Do you want me to drive around. Like what am I? Uber's he's new friend is Gus. That's all the time we're not. He'll go the movies and then he'll come home at like ten and then go right to his room. And then I'm like you don't talk about the like then I'll follow to his look jealous girlfriend late. Did you really go out with guys like you? Wed to close the door here. Comedian Joel Koy. We've had him on the show before he's funny man. I love him. He's funny funny. Dude hang with Chelsea handler on her show. We gotTA start. I've seen him live before he's hysterical. And that's coming from my Hubby CAV. Because he and Cooper besties come for you. You got a lot more time. Nobody but I'm telling you within the next year or two that's GonNa. Oh yeah blow. Now I'll I'll be dead by that. I've already done the math. Basic math apparently carried the one. I'm forty three and a half Seven eleven ninety civil ones. Hd solid number. One hit music station with Frankie just welcomed to Friday so it's looking pretty nice today. We're GONNA see son in about seventy tomorrow we're going to be mid seventies and son for mother's Day partly cloudy Sunny in the low eighties. It's going to be a beautiful mother's Day weekend. Forty four as you get right now. We've got Tony Discount on coming up in about thirty minutes here. A lot of the Friday usuals. Obviously because it's Friday We're about fifty minutes away from another chance of the thousand bucks. Pay Your bills and then a little after eight o'clock good vibes with Kylie. We're GONNA come back into the middle edition of Hollywood headlines. For your Friday. So what are we starting with? Okay so we just played the new bieber. Ariana Grande Song Right So it sounds like bieber in Ariana Grande friends with Bam Carol Basket. You've been listening to the ninety seven. One Frankie and just show podcast right here on. Iheartradio into the middle edition Hollywood headlines Listener Elizabeth Email instead Hey wanted to let you know about these. Girls are missing. I didn't hear about it yesterday afternoon. And they've been missing since Wednesday evening. Utah Lake's the teens There there are feared to have gotten caught up in some waves. And what they're saying. The I saw yesterday the the the police officer that was doing the press conference Or talking to the media so whatever you WANNA call it but he said what he described him as pool toys not flotation devices. The things that they had a purchase. I guess we're out floating in the water with so this is out by the Knowles So it's Priscila being Hausky. She's eighteen in Sofia. Hernandez is seventeen. Both of Togo springs went to the area Around Utah Lake. Let's take about three thirty Wednesday There was a guy that was walking by against stuff that was on the beach and heard the phone ringing. It was the mom. One of the MOMS calling. One of their cell phones to their personal belongings were there on the shore So that's when I think shortly after that she called the police and then they they've been looking so I think they looked into this morning or last night and they're going to continue this morning Looking for them. So let's prayers family. Hopefully you know the cop said yesterday when doing the press conference you know. Let's hope and pray that there's somewhere But they found the flotation devices about three miles from each other in the water in waves and those storms can come into Utah. Lake quick and waves can get his Biggest ten feet in Utah Lake. And so it's they're they're hoping that there somewhere may be because it's such a big lake Could be somewhere but the you know the temperature of the lakes like fifty seven degrees or was that That that night so that day so anyway just prayers go out to the family and let's hope for some good news with this so they're going to continue the search this morning. We're going to jump into the middle edition of Hollywood headlines. Hollywood headlines this morning is brought to you by WINCO and after that we've got a Papa Murphy's family feast to give you per for the weekend right okay so Carol Baskin my goodness okay. So Kylie is working on getting his posted a Franken. Just DOT COM. It's Carol Baskin. And her husband. The one that's alive the other ones you killed so Justin Bieber an area on a variety have that new video and that new song out that we just played stuck with you so they were asking for people to submit videos to be a part of this video right and so they've got some real celebrities that made the cut and the official video. Maybe we'll get that posted as well. Frankie just DOT COM so Michael. Boublil chance the rapper Kendall and Kylie Jenner Steph. Curry Gwyneth. Paltrow Jane Smith Little Dicky we love that dude. Are they all dressed up? Like Joe Exotic. Or what do you mean? They're they're just different. Cameos are also in that but carol basket and her husband got they well. They wanted to be a part of it but they didn't make the cut. My God wanted nothing to do with them. So that's the reason they weren't in the video. I think Bieber was down but eventually area one this argument so she said for the record. I did not approve or allow this clip to the actual video. And the fact that this exists is pretty unique and BIEBER'S. The one ended up posting it. Because nobody would have ever known because like. I said it didn't make the cut for the video. So bieber actually. I tweeted it out and people were like shut up. And they're dressed up in these ridiculous of course cat costumes and so it is. It's Carol Baskin from Tiger King and her husband and so yeah but they said bad news for all the cool cats and kittens. They didn't make the cut. You say ridiculous. That's Thursday attire for her. You know that's probably Wednesday or Thursday. What she dresses up true. Yeah you saw that episode with her closet I yeah. She's in everything that you know when they do interviews whether even with like old news clips round when her husband went missing and she's talking. She says she is a Kook Man. She's always GonNa Tiger cat. Prince honor nuts. Look it so. There's no my gosh. So are they all the celebrity couples there singing like a a? Like what is it? I don't know I do. I just I was report on the Carol. Part is the actual full full video. Okay Yeah Oh man. It's too good it's too good. It's still shot and it was in the episode side. I don't know if you've made it there yet. Were he's like a tiger on a leash and she's a photo shoot. It's it's their wedding. That's there if I didn't see it on on Tiger Kenya I I have seen it. So it's it's out there. It's the word appropriate. She's such a freak freaky girl. I can't take yet. Check him out of Franken just dot com and then I cannot believe this these two have been dating for well not even a year but Lily Allen and David Harbour from stranger. Things are engaged. Wow yeah she posted a photo yesterday on social media kind of Brag about her physique. She's been working out during quarantine on like that makes one of us and so people were like wait. Wait wait what's on her hand and she has about one point two million people that follow her and somebody asked there were like. Is that an engagement ring. And so she said I rule of engagement club DOT DOT DOT. Shut up there engaged. That's the sheriff from stranger things. I like him I love him. And he's I think he slimmed down. Hasn't it yes because he was a big dude I WANNA say some of the recent well. I haven't seen anything during the CORONA VIRUS BUT FREAK CORONA. I think he was slimming down when he started hooking up over. You definitely was yeah. I like him Chubby. I haven't I liked the woman who's married to a stick. I don't get it makes me feel weird that you're right detail about me and a half feet of stick skinny overseeing boys like I love you but you're not my type. Chubby man and then princess love and rage a are done so we've been hearing about the issues in their marriage for quite some time. They had this big blow up fight in Vegas and that's BS. Not Everything stays in Vegas people so stop saying that. Who so they got married in two thousand sixteen? They have a couple of kids but it was A big fight where he ended up leaving Vegas. He basically left his wife and child and she was pregnant at the time with baby number two in Vegas because they got into such a big brawl. He's like screw this. I'm out of here. Left the state. She's like are you kidding me? I'm pregnant we have a kid and you're taking off so it was bad. That was kind of just a glimpse into the future of where we are. Now with this story yes so they have been married for years. She filed for divorce. She's been threatening it for quite some time. After the whole Vegas thing went down. She stopped wearing her ring. He he stopped wearing it for a minute and then he put it back on. But it's just been tons of drama in this relationship. And like I said they just have like little bitty kids I wanna say their oldest is maybe around three and their youngest is a newborn so yeah pretty nuts there that couple. They're that couple so I didn't realize they were married for four years. Yeah I mean I just thought they were. I didn't even know they were married. I thought they were just together. Yeah they dated for a couple of years and they got married in two thousand sixteen and I want to say they have. I don't remember. I think they have two girls but yeah she wasn't kidding. After the Vegas thing he was like. Oh wasn't that big of a deal. He's trying to trying to downplay it. Don't ever downplay a woman's emotions dudes there's a little. Psa for you when you left and the kid. Yeah and her pregnant do you imagine that. No you don't do that. And of course Ray. J is not only an artist. But he's the one that made Kim Kardashian famous with with the famous infamous tape and then Tim McGraw. He's got a new song out called. I called and of course. Mother's Day is on Sunday. And everyone's like Oh. This is a great idea. You know to release it this week with Mother's Day. And he said he talks to his mom once a week and he would talk to her more but she doesn't like to talk on the phone. Well that's hilarious. So he always checks with her at least once a week and he admitted in his early twenties only time. He'd really call home with what he was asking for money or when he was in trouble but now he just wants to talk to her once a week and check in and see how she's doing and he's like. I absolutely would love to talk to her. It's just not her thing. The phone isn't her thing and it's so interesting too because it's everybody's different. I mean my mom and I we've vox. She's a boxer too. She kinda sleeps in late and I get up early. And we're just on different time zones and schedules but Like one of my besties. Her husband calls his mom like multiple times a day. Multiple Times was like. That's kind of cool but I know some people that talked to their mom like once a month. It's all over the board. Yeah I talked to my mom quite a bit but as far as the phone you stopped over yesterday to make sure her sprinklers. Were working so had had one of fixed and all that. But it's still through the door you know. She's got her face mask on abroad. Brought Axel over. He hasn't you know touched or hugged his not on forever But yeah so I see her and I text her like all the time. Yeah we text and you try to do more of the facetime now. She's been isolated but we were texting foods. I like the towns good and you know the technology looks like you can come at it but man it does. It does help you stay connected especially now during the I agree with you. Thank God for facetime and for texting. And all that and vox and then let's see. Let's do I love it man. I love that boxer and then Rupert's and Georgia of course they are from Harry Potter. They the girl so they are thirty one. I think he's thirty one. She's twenty eight. We talked about this.

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