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"joel harris" Discussed on GSMC Basketball Podcast

"For <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Silence> <hes> <Speech_Male> for a playoff spot right. <Speech_Male> They're not gonna be a contender. <Speech_Male> But if kerry wants <Speech_Male> to be the man of his team in the <Speech_Male> brooklyn again <Speech_Male> from brooklyn <Speech_Male> Point of view <Speech_Male> that you make sense <Speech_Male> to. Because <Speech_Male> you're gang zach levin <Speech_Male> who really <Speech_Male> well with the way kevin <Speech_Male> durant james harden play <Speech_Male> who would be a great <Speech_Male> third option <Speech_Male> a guy that can <Speech_Male> shoot a three really <Speech_Male> gets the randy's young <Speech_Male> he's athletic <SpeakerChange> <Silence> and <Silence> <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> you he also the guy <Speech_Male> that's gonna you know <Speech_Male> he had in his gains <Speech_Male> to the covert issues this <Speech_Male> year but from a durability <Speech_Male> standpoint wind <Speech_Male> to be there he he <Speech_Male> will want to be there <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> again. This is a whole interesting <Speech_Male> situation. <Speech_Male> Ideally i see <Speech_Male> kyrie still staying in <Speech_Male> brooklyn obviously at the <Speech_Male> end of the day but if <Speech_Male> he were to get trade i think the <Speech_Male> best spot for him <Speech_Male> a b. chicago because <Speech_Male> you <Speech_Male> getaway giveaway draft picks <Speech_Male> giveaway joel harris <Speech_Male> everything like that <Speech_Male> <hes> <Speech_Male> Again you <Silence> keep <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> laurie <Speech_Male> marketing. Keep nikola <Speech_Male> bucci bits but you get kyri <Speech_Male> as well which will be <Speech_Male> interesting as well <Speech_Male> interested in situation. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> he always plays <Speech_Male> out. i mean obviously. This is <Speech_Male> not a great spot for brooklyn <Speech_Male> or kyrie <Speech_Male> to be hearing these rumors at <Speech_Male> this moment in time scams <Silence> and <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> aren't necessarily <Silence> <Silence> reliable. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> It'll this is. This is the <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> potential problems <Speech_Male> that occur. <Speech_Male> Ryan this is what happened <Speech_Male> with him. Boston <Speech_Male> earth <Silence> mike that to <Speech_Male> just unfortunately <Speech_Male> there's a lot of news surrounding <Speech_Male> kyri nicely <Speech_Male> in a positive light and <Speech_Music_Male> whether or not that's fair <Speech_Male> on fair <Speech_Male> it is just a reality <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> it's unfortunate <Speech_Male> to see that <Speech_Male> this might <Speech_Male> the big three <SpeakerChange> might not be existing. <Speech_Male> Ops if you're brooklyn <Silence> fan <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> thank <Speech_Male> you so much tunes. The <Speech_Male> gsm gmc basketball <Speech_Male> podcast <Speech_Male> brought to you by the <Speech_Male> gsm gmc podcast <Speech_Male> network. <Speech_Male> Make sure like <Silence> and subscribe <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> so you <Speech_Male> can subscribe to <Speech_Male> a podcast. Platform <Speech_Male> also gave us <Speech_Male> a five star review. <Speech_Male> We really would appreciate <Speech_Male> that. It also follows <Speech_Male> a social media <Speech_Male> platform. That you <Silence> you you know <Speech_Male> on <Speech_Male> instagram. <Speech_Male> We're on twitter on <Speech_Male> facebook <Speech_Male> follow. Gsfc <Speech_Male> basketball <Speech_Male> so that we can give you the <Speech_Male> latest updates that we <Speech_Male> have within the basketball <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> route. <SpeakerChange> So <Speech_Music_Male> thank you guys again. <Speech_Music_Male> You listening <Speech_Music_Male> to the golden <Speech_Music_Male> state media <Speech_Music_Male> concepts of

Ryan five star Boston kevin chicago kyri joel harris twitter facebook Gsfc Speech_Male instagram james harden brooklyn laurie nikola third option kerry kyrie gmc
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"joel harris" Discussed on The Sports Reporters

"Podcast coming off a big weekend of basketball. That just proves that the equilibrium in the nba playoffs ships greatly on performance venue and most of all health and the brooklyn nets who looked like a sure thing to walk through milwaukee after the two only that they took suddenly find themselves possibly down to one superstar as kyrie irving has ankle problems james harden and still not back. The series is now tied his brooklyn in trouble. Hey is just one thing about them. Looking day had looked great in the first two games. But this is the wisdom of pat riley passed on through jeff van. Gundy okay the bob right. The series doesn't really start until the road team wins a game okay. I'm actually. I think it was joe. Gilmartin who said okay anyway so here so we had to see what it was going to look like and everybody has correctly pointed out that the nets were a couple of possessions away from going up three zip but they did not and now kyrie has away. What lebron have the kept him down. So i know an ankle. High ankle sprain. An ankle sprain but ankle. Sprains are a big deal at this time of year. And if they don't get hardened back. Because i just can't expect the kyrie's gonna play the next game. They they might have gone from two zero up to be a world of trouble and there's no question they are in a world of trouble and and there's no question of the only remotely hopeful sign for anybody that they might see kyrie again. He did walk off under his own. Power if what. That sickening ankle was awful. Didn't you didn't you read that he wa- he left the court on crutches in boot. Now i didn't baal yeah. I'm sure buddhists completely precautionary. I wouldn't mean at the very least. I'm sure i'll yeah but this guy's lucky. He's a incredibly fit young athlete twenty nine. Not saying i'm not guaranteed whenever going to seem again but you would think we wouldn't again now but the point is even if he's back you will not be one hundred percent. They'll be down to not from three to one and a quarter or one and a half stars and if not to It it it of course to the thing has shifted in in the bucks favor at the at the moment. There's doubt about that. I'm jay by say otherwise. Well i think this is just sort of a reflection of the regular season. I mean if you play the playoffs long enough they're gonna look like the regular season and the regular season for the brooklyn nets was injury. I mean that was the story of the brooklyn nets all season long you. They had eight total games where they had all three guys there and otherwise it was. Who's who's who's healthy tonight. Now maybe during the regular season they sat guys a little bit more than they would've and they'll put them in a little faster than the. But i am listening to nash. I'm not hearing james harden's going to play. I'm hearing he's progressing. Well we're all progressing either in the right direction of the wrong direction. But we're all progressing that that's just life at doesn't i don't hear a guy who's necessarily even coming back this series. You know. we've seen this happen before where they talk about. Maybe next game maybe next year. Maybe and they're never there so the question then becomes kevin durant and then what blake griffin joel harris harris. Okay green is that enough. Is that enough to win a game in brooklyn against an increasingly confident milwaukee bucks team now which by the way is playing excellent defense. I mean holds the brooklyn nets to under one hundred points without god right. If you have any idea coming into this series okay that pj tucker would have become a significant a presence in the game. You only played twenty nine minutes yesterday but he is. He plays defense. He's an agitator. And i'll tell you something i don't want to say that game five. Is you know. it's a must win. But they they. They need to win. Because i don't think they're going to go back. And win game six. In milwaukee and ken kevin durant do this by himself. I don't think he can. I would supreme challenge for him. I don't think he. I don't think so. No and as mr tucker's concerned if he's coming my way i step aside and say mr tucker he is. He's just one tough dude he really is. He is not remotely phased he loves to the. He loves this idea of his six foot. Five two hundred and god knows what pounds of muscle on on mr skinny. You know he loves it and he's and he's he's he's very dangerous and in his pot up in the corner here to three. Yeah he's he's to. He's becoming a more important piece of the puzzle. Well durant shot nine for twenty five with him harassing him. Minus twenty three in the plus minus. That's bad and meanwhile jaanus just had you know a janas game. I mean it was insane. You know thirty four fourteen for twenty six shooting. A twelve rebounds plus twenty nine in the plus minus and the bucks were the bucks were what the bucks are when the bucks win. Yeah they get a good game from jaanus in middleton and drew holiday plays well on the other hand. They don't always play this game. We've seen it in the playoffs. So i cannot predict what's going to happen in this next even if durant is the sole superstar because the bucks are not a consistent performing team. We saw the good in the last two games but we saw the bad in the first two games so i think they have won an awful lot of basketball games over the past few years and i. I'm fascinated bobby. I broke broken cover the nba. You were already in the nba. Why are people so tough on the greek freak. Okay because they are because they sometimes. It's it to tell kids parents. When i was coaching little league. I try to focus on what they can do as opposed to what they can't do it which bob jones you think. There's a lot of preoccupation of the fact that he doesn't have a reliable mid range jump shot of course and the game has shifted this. You know the strength of going to the basket is frightening. Good as anyone who has ever played the game because he's seven feet tall. There's never been a more a more reliable finisher on a fast break ever than him And he's got all the index dirty needed and when that takes place. Yeah but the game the nature of the game. Mike assistant the game as we. Well know of of twenty thirty or god knows fifty years ago. It's an which was inside out inside out. Was the way to play basketball. That was that was it now. It's out outer outer space. That's the game and right. And he does it out out out out outer and steph curry land okay. So he he not good at that game. He can make an occasional three. They hold that against them. I mean he had thirty four points doing it his way in an nba playoff game. You're right and yet thing. Mike is free throw thing. So that's that's played hap. How many guys does this happen to eventually from the beginning. Look how lucas free. Throw line and the labs and yeah and of course. This simmons don't get me started on him but Yeah no that's that's the three thousand six legitimate complaint..

james harden kevin durant jeff van Mike nine twenty six foot kyrie irving next year bob jones twenty nine minutes Five one one hundred percent ken kevin durant three guys seven feet joe first two games two
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"joel harris" Discussed on Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ

"Always happy to be here. I never seen you where you're not happy to be anywhere. The happiest people i know. Come on let's go. i appreciate that. That's a good way to be. Well how are we happy with what we saw the bucks last night e i happy might be aggressive that they they needed to get a win. I don't think that they blew my socks off in terms of their back right. No it was ugly basketball game below ninety. Yeah yeah for both teams for the nets again. I mean you get a poor shooting performance from them which is just like their game three against boston but they still could have won that game like they had two possessions to win it. In fact they had the lead late on katie's three and you thought maybe they could get it. You holiday with a terrific play time. Just get to the basket and score and he does that but how about this a. Chris middleton finally gets back on track at a great first quarter he and the honest combined to score seventy nine percent of the bucks points. Well that's what they should offense especially yanni's yanni should have dominated the game the way. Da especially in a paint. I cringe when i see him outside. The paint in understand the game of basketball changed from the big bigs all wanna shoot threes now in but when you are is dominated his he is inside the paint in have the size to be able to dominate the smaller opponent. That's what you do. I mean he you know sixty eleven whatever. It is his wingspan taking him. Even higher you go download and you just play bully ball into the point where i don't care if they if they take me to the foul line don't be afraid if he wanted a foul free throw dairy. Yes you are free. But if they're following me. Because i'm in the paint. I've got to the foul line at some going to make a couple of those shots as he did late. Negated forty nine. It's going to hurt him in. So that's the way i look at it. He goes for thirty three points. Fourteen rebounds beyond and then middleton gives you thirty five and the most important part of it was. His shooting was twelve of twenty five more. Look more like the khris middleton. We've seen as the robin to janas batman all year long. And that's the important part that seventy nine percent of the offense by the way is the highest of any duo in nba playoff history. There's some great duos you think about right out of been dominant in the nba. And no one has ever provided that much of their teams offsets. Do you know that means those other duos have had better teams around them of of course right like i'm not impressed with this to me and anything that happens in the playoffs. At this point my question always becomes sustainability. And if you ask me if i had to bet on katie and couric in particular having another shooting night like he had last night. I don't see that. Can these to keep up. Seventy nine percent of the production. Keep the nets under ninety angolan. Perfect storm. I don't see it happening three more times. Interestingly it perfect storm kyri nine for twenty two two eight still at twenty two points but just wasn't kyri that we saw in the first two games and how about joel harris one for eleven for the nets. The best shooters in the game. You couldn't figure it out. I jam ball his powers into early. We gotta get him together for seven for eight straight. Talk a straight talk wireless so again. Monica kind of touched on it after this while we were watching it and i texted you and jay during the game and i said i it was. Was it thirty two nine at one point Thirty two to eleven was the first quarter score. I didn't trust it i. I'm not trusting what i see out of the box here at all and sure enough. It was a two point game at halftime. And that's actually had to lead late in the game and could have won the game. So did the bucks get back in the series or was this just like the celtics series for the nets bad game and game four. They'll be that team that we monica said. You can't depend on the nets shooting. Wolves like especially kyri continuing game four. So i don't think that they got back in like that. I think it's still going to go back to brooklyn for game five. Three three one. I mean that's just what. I could see right so in the end. A bad inbounds play. Woo talk about it. Oh my god cost the nets. The game essentially terrible point. You know whatever reason whoever designed it whatever the ball and bounce play past together was a dribbler court and so kyri gets it and then he gives it to brown but brown to meet panics. When he got plenty of time and i don't think he was aware of where he was adding time Instead of just figuring out what to do with it he decided he was gonna go to the cup and didn't finish strong after having a bad night shooting as well the whole thing fell apart. But it's the drew holiday play and have a great game but his play the layup deciding to go out and brown was with by the way and but he's scores on brown. Had a great game. The reason why the nets got back in the game he was fantastic in that second quarter. So it's not to put anything on him. But but it's this. This game was more about. What are we gonna seattle. Milwaukee talked about it. He was on sports center and he said you know the you know those those in the front office or monitoring coach bud right now mike. Budenholzer gives a lot of criticism at him. After the first two games of the series and it was we'll see how they look and game three because if not they were fans during the was follow on twitter fans during the game the second quarter when the nets it was it was like it was like nineteen to three and the goethe and they were like fire him now during the game like get him out of here now. None of this is the secret though like.

Chris middleton middleton twelve Monica monica two point seventy joel harris boston thirty three points thirty five eleven seven khris middleton nine one couric twenty two points Thirty seventy nine percent
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"Delicious black deli meats cheeses, only at ShopRite. Joining us right now, the general manager of the playoff found Brooklyn nets and out, of course, is showing marks Sean Joe and Evan. How are you? I'm doing great. Thank you. Thanks have made them. Let's get this out of the way. I love you. I can't be any more blunt. I freak in love you you have. I know you're a humble guy. But you gotta just deal with this. You're going to have to deal with this. Because this is the way the net fan fields. Right. You took over such an awful situation. Right. This organization was blitzkrieg net, the tude after that horror show that was you know, what and you took over and you came on this radio station. And you said, look, we're going to change the culture, we're gonna do this. We're going to do that. And I said I'm going to trust this guy. But I don't know it's ultra garbage. We need talent. We don't have any picks. And you said picks who gives a damn about picks. I'm gonna use cap space as a weapon I'm gonna trade Justin Hamilton for the raptors I'm gonna get back tomorrow. Carol I'm going to get a first round pick Mussa. I'm going to get a second round pick and make it Rodion roots. I'm gonna find Jared Allen, I'm gonna put faith in carousel avert. I'm gonna. Find Joel Harris, I'm gonna find Spencer. Did we might even joking? I'm already building the statue. So say what you want to say, but on behalf of every net fan. We freaking love you, Sean. Well, I I appreciate that. But I will say this. I'm very very fortunate, and it starts with a group that we have here because it's by knowing the as one person making decisions, I think this is such a collaborative if it here, and you know, it's refreshing. It's it's a great way to work. If the great challenge ahead and everybody, you know, don't hit I everybody gave up some everybody sacrifice something to be here. So this is just baby steps along the way. And and it certainly a nice little milestone frustration. You know, obviously, I think we expect we expect a lot more. So I can't wait. I like that building and keep growing. Now also understand Joe will tell you this that if you make moves I don't like alternative. You got to hear what he's got to say about Kelly king showing you wanna know. I won't get on your show when those conversations and by the way, my stunned the left out, maybe the best move you made the and that was the Angelo. I mean, how about how about that? How what he turned out to be, Sean? I look I I give Danja a lot of credit and all that guy's really because they bought into the system, and you mentioned the culture before and the sweat equity coaching staff from a plan develop coaches, you know, all the way through just done a terrific job of instilling these guys habits and once the players start seeing and believing and taking advantage of of the the great staff that we have and they and they see it paying off. That's that's when you know, the cultural shift, really happens. These habits continue to grow and good call Joe because in my other excitement everybody, it's probably the best one, right? Let me ask you about the Angelo because you make that trade a year and a half ago and last year, you know, he missed. Time which I think made it tough at least for me as a fan to really judge and this year early in the season Kenny sitting them in big spots. I mean, I'll never forget it and the Angelo handled it brilliantly like he never said a bad word. He accepted when do you think it clicked for him because he's an all star? He deserves to be to win the most improved player award. But did you see a moment where things started to really change for Dangelo? Russell. You know, I think there was a few different times to be honest. I think one was the summer this off season we talked about how he was in the gym. Religiously the summer really working on his body and changing those habits, and again, it's paying off. And then there were moments when as you mentioned when Kenny was sitting him in moments that were sort of big, and I'm sure he would love to be out there. I think he, you know, he also show showed his true south where he was cheering on the guys. And he was the number one guy on the bench and cheering and clapping. And he's a great team. I and I think that speaks volumes. I mean, that's just as important as if you're out there you heading game winners and so forth. So he's about you know, he wants to be part of something bigger than himself, which is important for all. You know, you guys were sitting issue on an eighteen. No, I came into the season. Nobody's expecting you guys to make the playoffs. Let's be honest. Nobody did I think he projected the way made thirty two games. And maybe that was the over onto something like that. You sit down eighteen you lose at that point your best play, Carrizo, avert and. Let's be. I mean things didn't look good. I got to tell you that. When did you start to feel that things are starting to happen for us? I know you had that big winning streak and all, but when did you really feel it was happening for you? Yeah. Even when we were we went through that strict we lost eight in a row. You know, we were close there were several games. We just quite couldn't quite put it together. You know, we lost in double overtime games a lot sick and shots. And you guys took the heat, and they took the brunt and so forth, but you could tell the guys just need to get over the cost, and they were really close then and as a creditor to the players, and the coaches stopped because they never gave out players Navis it. All right. This is that and the absolute no way, you can't even the stuff we're going to do that. It's just not in in who can't he is. So it's Chris them they just kept grinding and grinding and grinding away, and and pounding that rock, and then next thing, you know, you you go on a nice little win streak here. And then, you know, mid December all of a sudden ties ten a little bit. So it's a credit to them. A few of the moves. I didn't mention but probably are a big part of why this is a playoff team some of the veterans abroad, and I did mention tomorrow Carol, and you got picks back, but Damara Carol is a perfect leader on this team Jared Dudley at times, he drives me nuts. He won the Milwaukee game. I mean, let's be honest without off the bench. What did you see in these veteran players because there's a lot of veterans in this league who may not have been perfect for this situation. But it seems like the vets you brought in for the most part have been perfect for what you're trying to do. So what did you see in Dudley in Demari that you knew these are the kind of vets I want to end to this Russia. Yeah. Well, I'd add it Davis to that makes to read those three Vits really complement each other. Well because they quite different in how they approach their teammates. And how they lied and they lied from different aspects. You know, it doesn't say a whole lot and probably doesn't need to say a whole lot. When he does speak everybody listens because he lays on the floor every single night, you know. Jared speaks from experience, you know, he's being done that played with a lot of well established players. And you know, he's I'm sure he has a future in, you know, coaching if he wants to or or broadcasting for that matter because half the time you shut him out. But we love that. I mean, the fact that he you know, he's bought into the system. And you know, he's a, you know, he's another right hand man for for Kane stuff to be to be echoing. You know, what they want when when there whether it's on the court or behind the same. So Jared done a great job there of Costa marries, a quiet leader. He knows Kenny very well. So again, he lays it on the court, and it has come up huge for us in mini games. This year. You know, it's funny because a Keniakin Cassini even said, you know, he he was he didn't think if you guys are making the playoffs when sees the starting. I mean, he even said that and even even kind of a unit rated that like in the middle of the season still it was like, you know, he wasn't on percent shoe, and it was going to go down. But how how about the job? Can he's done here. Sean KENNY'S done a terrific job. Absolutely. And it's been great to see, you know, how he's you know, continue to improve adapt, you know, trust staff members trust himself and stay true to who use your. Nothing's nothing's changed. I mean with with Kenny what I love about him. Is you see what what he is? I mean, he's grinding away on the court every single day he puts in the long hours and so forth. And you know, he he right now put him is is you know, what this team stand for which is competing on a nightly basis. And that's exactly what we expect from a head coach. And I know the players can rely on them we talking to Sean marks the executive of the care if he wins it or not he's the executive years. Brooklyn. Nets are back in the playoffs. Lottery. Picks be damned the one thing. I wasn't ever mad at you about this. I was disappointed and that was at the trade deadline because there was a need on this team in you know, this team there was a need on this team. I also understood you don't wanna give up cap flexibility. I agree with you. You don't wanna give up draft picks. I agree with you. So it was more just frustrating at the situation. Did you feel frustrated that you were unable to add a stretch for to this team at the trade deadline? Frustrated. I, you know, I think we looked at a few different scenarios and so forth. But again, I think we've got to remember how we're trying to build this thing, and you've got to be strategic and it comes at different times. And if we're trying to get the whole thing together all at once. That's when maybe we make some steaks along the way. So if the right deal wasn't to be made. You know, we didn't do it. And knowing that, you know, we weren't maybe just one player away. So, you know, credit to the guys now for for grinding away and adapting and showing that you know, we are a playoff team, which is terrific. But again, we'll see we'll we'll aggregate how you know the draft goes, and she goes the next in the next year or so and continue to put, you know, pieces in place that that here for for a long time. I guess it doesn't matter to you. Where you finish. You can't go below seven. You could be six or seven. I guess you could play Toronto you could play Philadelphia. Does it matter to you? What team you play in here? Sean. I mean, does it matter not not really be honest. Both those teams are terrific teams. And you know, we'll definitely have our work cut out for them. You know, we'll be prepared. And I don't doubt that at all. But again, it's another great little stepping stone. And how we're trying to build us. You know, when you have to try and go through teams that have had success, and they'll they'll show you how to perform how to prepare and so forth, and I know coach do the best job. They can be repaid. I play as will be prepared. And for whoever we we end up facing. I'm not going to ask you about, you know, the big free agents because I don't care about it. I want to beat the raptors beat the Sixers, but I do care now about the Angelo the ngelo Russell is a part of fabric of this team. Is it the number one priority for you to lock them up when the season is over I know that you may wanna take time because of for cap reasons to maybe someone else, but is the Angelo Russell like a number one priority to make sure he's a part of this team long-term. Yeah. I think the Angelo has shown the you know, that he you know, he's an and what he's done out there for this whole year. You know, he bought in completely, you know, you know, his leadership skills continue to grow and so forth. You know? I think what we'll do is the NGO have decisions to make you know, obviously, we will as an organizational have decisions to make. But you know, there's something to be said for, you know, keeping your own guys developing your own guys and continuity with within the offense, but and so forth. But as you know, I mean, this is this is one of those businesses that things change change quickly. But again, you know, I give the heck of a lot of credit and all the guys because they've all bought in full bought into being part of something bigger than themselves in rooting for each other and cheering each other on. And you know, the Angelo is without a doubt that the head of that snake. Just remember this. Kyrie Irving is not going to sit there at the G league championship game watching. He's not going to be okay being benched stick with the Angelo Mariam. If you know what I mean, Sean. E you've really done a remarkable job in that fans are ecstatic about this opportunity go to the playoffs. I never thought it would happen as to what you inherited you've done a remarkable job keep it up. All right. Thank you, sir. Appreciate that guy. Good luck in the playoffs. Take thanks GM. And the nets Sean marks as they are headed to the postseason to give them that big love because I mean, the guy said look, bro done remarkable year. One hundred percent, right. I mean, he what he's done on believable good spot because you that San Antonio connection clearly because he kind of had no expectations. A few years ago. It was only one place to go into make the playoffs that ever getting into the lottery is crazy. I guess the one negative is they never got to the lottery. This was the year..

Sean Sean KENNY Sean Joe Angelo Angelo Russell Damara Carol Jared Dudley Brooklyn raptors Jared Allen ShopRite Angelo Mariam Jared Joel Harris Kyrie Irving Carrizo general manager Danja Justin Hamilton
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"Gut's I'm Barbara Kusak. This Bloomberg sports update. First round action continued Friday in the NC double a college basketball tournament in the mid west region. The last local team left in the tournament. The sixteenth. Seed Iona Gaels lost to top seed North Carolina eighty eight seventy three a valiant try by the Gaels. They held a five point halftime lead Washington Houston advance along with Ohio State upsets on the south region. UC Irvine surprised Kansas state in the thirteen four games. Seventy two sixty four twelve th seed Oregon upset the fifth seed, Wisconsin, seventy to fifty four Iowa and Oklahoma events from the south top seed, Virginia beat Gardner Webb and Tennessee held off. Colgate Texas Tech in buffalo advance in the west and the east liberty upset Mississippi State in the twelve five game eighty seventy six topsy Duke defeated North Dakota state central Florida advances along with Virginia Tech in the NBA Denver times Golden State for the top seed in the west after a one eleven ninety three win against the Knicks at the garden. The nuggets have won six straight. Emmanuel moody led the next with twenty one. One two and three on seven game road trip. They beat the Lakers. One eleven one zero six Joel Harris. Lebanon's twenty-six chevelle McGee led the Lakers thirty three LeBron James returned from a groin injury to score twenty five the Lakers now eliminated from playoff contention preseason baseball. The Mets lost a pair of split squad games. Six Mets pitchers allow twenty one hits fifteen five loss to Saint Louis. Jeff McNeil homered Pete Alonso. Two more hits the Mets also lost to Houston. Seven to three another rebounding for closer Edwin Wendy as three runs allowed on four hits than just one third of an inning the Yankees defeat. Philadelphia's six three two homers in the game for Giancarlo Stanton. He drove in three runs Stanton hitting three forty two in the spring with four homers Yankee starter Jonathan lowest saga allowed to homers. But struck out seven the local NHL teams enjoyed Friday off and engulf Paul Casey. And Austin cook are tied for the lead at six hundred par after two rounds of playing at the balanced bar open in palm harbor Florida will. The Bloomberg sports update. I'm Tom Rogers. I'm Barry ritholtz. You're listening to masters.

Mets Iona Gaels Lakers Bloomberg Giancarlo Stanton Houston nuggets Barry ritholtz Emmanuel moody Joel Harris Gut Tom Rogers Colgate Texas Tech NC Irvine North Carolina Barbara Kusak LeBron James Knicks Kansas
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"The thunder won the dunk contest that the NBA all star weekend last night Brooklyn's Joel Harris won the three-point shootout. Now, the attention in Charlotte shifts to the all star game itself tonight at eight eastern five Pacific team LeBron against team, yada. And for James being on this stage. You never gets too old is always an honor to be a part also weekend. I grew up watching all star games throughout my whole life. When I was a kid, and I just wish someday that I will be a part of it. So to sit here today in on my fifteenth straight being a part of this. I mean is this. I get a loss for words from times because there's there's no rock come from as four LeBron's former teammate, Kyrie Irving he's expected to play despite missing the last two games for the Celtics with a right knee strain. And speaking of Boston, contrary to previous reports the pelicans Anthony Davis said he hasn't ruled out the Celtics as a Patel. Destination of where he'll play next to call troops top twenty five action and a big ten battle. Michigan state took care of Ohio State, sixty to forty four Houston. Hammered to lame eighty five fifty at Madison Square Garden and a half hour from now at Saint John's hosting thirteenth ranked Villanova the NHL the penguins ends the edge. The Rangers six five the blues going for their ten tenth straight win visiting the wild so far so good Saint Louis in front two nothing. Fifteen minutes remaining in the second period. Now to golf for the Genesis open in LA Justin Thomas has been caught by GB homes in their final round. Both now at fifteen still playing the front night. Adam Scott is at fourteen under just one shot back. Tiger Woods made a bit of a charge in third round shooting sixty five but he's falling back in the fourth round. He's at seven under eight shots off the lead is he plays. The back nine NFL knows Colin kaepernick's lawyer predicts his client will land with an NFL team soon citing the Panthers and patriots as possible landing. Spots and the af rolls on today. The Orlando Apollo's visiting the San Antonio commanders. That's just underway. Then later on the Atlanta legends take on the San Diego fleet. Darwin's? Follow us anytime.

Tiger Woods Adam Scott Celtics LeBron NFL Joel Harris NBA Kyrie Irving Charlotte Madison Square Garden Brooklyn Anthony Davis James San Diego Justin Thomas Rangers Atlanta golf
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"Roberts, eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six is. Of course, the one o'clock CNBC will come your way. Don't kramer. Ernie Acosta on the other side of the glass, the last night, of course, as we look at the lovely weather. We're having here in New York as the snow is coming down last night. I'm watching guys kind of go back and forth between the two basketball games. We had kind of like one end of the spectrum any other end of the spectrum. In one end of the spectrum. We got the nets who looked like they're played certainly as a legitimate playoff. The initiate looked like they will be a playoff team this year against the Toronto team. That's one of the best teams in the east. It what really was a terrific game even on. The nets will come up short at the end of making the shot with four seconds left that Wendy game. But really terrific back and forth game last night. The Andrew Russell had a big night. Joel Harris had a big night. And unfortunately for the nets they wind up coming up short at the end. And I think it's like eight or nine executive losses now to Toronto in Toronto. David wants to Toronto fifteen sixteen times overall, but whatever a real competitive game. A really a terrific game against teams that certainly will be in the playoffs in eastern wall is said and done and then on the other end the Nick Cavaliers game, which is like design. Williamson bowl wasn't like both teams are trying to lose the game because they played was competitive game where right down to the wire even on Knicks would wind up. Losing the game at the end they certainly had their shots. But I mean, I'm watching the game. And you look at who's on the floor for the Knicks. Layton is basketball game. It's like they weren't even on the team to start the year. This kid Allen Kadena Allen. He had a terrific game. Last night. Winds up scoring twenty five points had one sequence where he hit about three or four shots in a row. And with the game on the line at the Luc cornet it's too big three point shots to get them within one that he had a chance to hit it three to give them the lead that he missed where he kind of hesitated on a step by step back three point shot. But still Knicks down three with the ball, seventeen seconds to go. They wind up getting terrific looks at the end of the game. One by John Jacobs who is playing his first game as a knick. You just they just got him after he had a ten day contract with Washington or whatever the deal was there. He had a pretty good look from the corner, and it didn't go down. But Dennis Smith winds up getting a rebound. And he throws up a shot that really didn't have a chance to go in at the buzzer. And the Knicks lose again. So and Kevin Knox is upset because knick fans are actually cheer rooting for them to lose the game. I don't know. I, you know, it's so hard. Well, you're a knick fan. It's so hard to figure out, you know, how do you? How do you feel about the game? You know, you you're a knick fan. So it's almost impossible to to root against them. I mean, I'm not sitting there actually saying, oh, I want to see him lose. But I'm not sitting there saying, oh my God. You know, you're not going crazy. You know, when they missed a shot or when it looks like they're gonna lose the game. Or when Cleveland does something good. You're not getting upset by like you would if the game really meant something if the Knicks won the game. And I guess the only negative about the game last night for the Knicks as they continue to plummet and clearly right now at easily have the worst record in the league at ten and forty six now Cleveland's like twelve and forty five maybe ten and forty seventy. But now you lose count there's been so many losses. But the Knicks now was a team record seventeen consecutive games. Seventeen in a row. Do you realize house thinking about this last night as I'm watching the end of the game? The Nick record for consecutive wins is eighteen straight wins. And they did that back in the championship. The first championship season in sixty nine seventy which at the time was the all time record for consecutive wins in the history of the NBA. It's since been passed the bucks a past it like the next year they won twenty. And of course, now seventy two Lakers have the all time record with thirty. Three consecutive wins. Which is the all time. I believe the all time record in professional sports for consecutive wins in a row, which you know, now it's been how many years now. And we had a couple teams win mimic. What was it Cleveland or Miami? A couple of years in a row I wanted to LeBron's teams. I guess it was Miami one like twenty six or twenty seven in a row. Yeah. That one season where Houston I think one in the twenties in a row or something like that. But that record still holds today from nineteen seventy-one seventy two thirty three straight wins by the Laker team went on to win the championship that year with wilt, Jerry West and Gail Goodrich and all those guys. So that's still the record that that holds. But the Knicks did had that record for at least a year eighteen th straight wins. Well, now this team is on the verge of tying that record except with losses. Seventeen is the record now and it shouldn't for eighteen. And why would I believe that? It's not going to go to, you know, nineteen by the time we get to the all star break, and it's got two games left before the all star break, they gotta play Philadelphia at home tomorrow night. There's anybody really think that beating the Sixers one of the best teams in east tomorrow night. And then they do play in Atlanta. After that on Thursday night before the all-star break would actually beating Atlanta couple teams a couple of times this year. So maybe that's where the streak ends. I don't know. But just think about that the all time record for wins by the Nixon consecutive with eighteen. And now, they're one loss away from tying net with losses. But it's very it's just so hard when you're watching these games. What do you do? I mean, you look if your net fan now if you're Evan who I believe is coming back from Florida today. Pick the great day data come back from Florida. But with the weather being what it is. But you know, obviously, you want to see the nets win. You're a good team at five hundred a winter Vinik they played the Cleveland tomorrow night to wrap up the pre all star break portion of the season and need to win that game to get over five hundred, you know, going into the break because not back at five hundred twenty nine twenty nine. But it's such a weird dynamic if you're Nick fan. I mean, you really if you're a big Nick you really sitting there. Hey, they got to lose this game. Really rooting out where leave rooting against them. Or do you do like, I would just kind of sit there numb. It doesn't really matter. What happens in his game? If they lose great if they win fine. Kind of like my feeling right now. And you look at the guys that are on his team. I mean really is John Jenkins going to be on his team next year. And I know I know condemn Allen play tonight's game. He's been pretty decent since they they brought him from the G league. Or every came from as you guys is he on the team going forward is he? I. And these are the guys taking a big shots down the stretch. Dennis Smith is going to be here. Looks like the Andre is going to be here. Obviously Kevin Knox who really has not showed much. I mean, he had a bad game last night too. I think you wound up with thirteen points. You had a chance to an open three that could have gave them the lead. He wound up missing it. And in Cleveland came in like the last three or four minutes of the game. Cleveland came right down after that. And hid it three. And he also had a drive to the basket, we wound up getting script and Cleveland came down and scored after that. And so Nazi is not John wells not play. Well, I'm not knocking Knox. I mean. Kids nineteen years old. I don't wanna dump them. But he hasn't been terrific. So I just, but it's just it's just so hard when you know, you sit there and watch these games. I mean, if you're a fan if you've fans and Knicks right now, or even if you're fan and Rangers who, you know are better than the Nick Saban they make their night points out now of a of a playoff spot behind Pittsburgh in their division. So I mean, I doubt they're making the play offs. And I don't see that. Happening, and they're probably gonna make deals at the deadline as well. Coming up February twenty fifth VJ Radic is gonna join us later. We'll talk some some Ocoee the islanders the devils the Rangers and all of that what EJ coming up at eleven o'clock. But if you're a fan of Nixon Rangers. What are you? What are you doing right now? What's your mindset? Least if you're like Evan Annette island, the family is right now, I place in division. You gotta believe this is the year. Maybe they're going to finally make a big a deep playoff run. I mean, you would think that's going to happen. We'll see. And obviously the nets looks like a team that's legitimately gonna make the playoffs this year. And it's still, you know, still not one hundred percent even olivet has come back, and they got crab back. You know, they still don't have Dinwiddie right now. So there's still not at full strength. But you gotta figure they're going to be in the playoffs. So at least that end of it, you got something going if you're a knick ranger fan light right now, what are you doing? And I always say this. Thank god. I got the golf to watch on the weekends. Because otherwise, I'd be what am I getting excited about right now mean, you do have the college basketball and college basketball is okay? You watch watch ST John's, and I'll watch Rutgers and watch the big teams play you like to watch Kentucky. And obviously you watch. Do you want to see Williams saying you wanna see Barrett and all that especially if you're a knick fan? But I mean, there's nothing I understand the day. You know, spring training is going on now to pitchers and catchers. And you know, we could talk baseball, and we can talk about whatever you wanna talk about. Obviously, we don't have the signings. That are big guys yet off hasn't signed Machado hasn't signed Dallas kaikal hasn't signed quick kimberlites assigned. So you got all these big guys. It's still haven't signed contracts memo to the Mets I'll take any of them. The Mets to sign any of those guys. I mean, I we know that already but even kaikal and kimbrel. I mean, they're still hanging out there. They're still out there. And I know a lot of people get excited about spring training. But, you know, spring training to me I mean, really I mean wake me up when the season starts wake me up at the end of March, beginning, April, we're actually playing real baseball games. So it's just a very very tough time right now, especially if you're a fan of the teams that play in Madison Square Garden, and especially the New York Knicks as we talked about yesterday, basically living on a prayer, and that prayer is that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are going to sign with the Knicks free agents, and they're gonna wind up winning the lottery, and I think that we're gonna wind up with the worst record in the league. But you really think even with that that they're going to win the lottery, but you know, that's the living on a prayer and winning the lottery and getting Zion. Williamson and the envisioning the threesome of Williamson Durant and Kyrie at the garden next year. And this is what you got if you're a knick fan, so very tough tough time right now if you're fan. Goes through teams. There's no doubt about it. But we carry on eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six but didn't go into mid day. Evan still on vacation. I mentioned EJ radical. Join us at eleven o'clock. We'll talk about hockey with him as we close in a couple of weeks away from the trading deadline. We could talk some baseball today as well. You heard the the interview yesterday Brodie van wagon with Mike and the different stuff that that he was talking about maybe could all play some first base, which he should have been more off days McNeil with more time in the Alfie. Then then he then he's going to have Indian field. There's know there's no room for Harper Machado. Of course, how could there be, you know? So we could discuss that we could discuss the Yankees, you know, whatever you wanna talk about Kyle Murray who has now declared that he is in the NFL is going to play football is going to be any NFL draft. I guess he's going to give back a lot of money to the Oakland A's if they paid them, and you got to believe he's going to be a high draft choice. Maybe the giants would be interested in drafting him. I still would I would take Haskins over Murray. But you never know. But we'll see how that all plays out. So we can discuss all at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six we'll break come back with your phone calls EJ Radic at eleven after this..

New York Knicks Cleveland nets Nick Saban basketball Toronto Evan Annette island Kevin Knox baseball Allen Kadena Allen EJ Radic Williamson Durant Lakers Dennis Smith Joel Harris Harper Machado CNBC Ernie Acosta Roberts
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"The bigs two to crash the offensive glass like they have been all season long guards have got to be ready to pick up the Brooklyn nets big guys that are running in transition and help out there. NBA rankings Nicola, yoga CI, second to Russell Westbrook and triple doubles. He is. Nine of those. He's six and assists in the NBA tied for seventh and double doubles with thirty five number fourteen in the NBA in rebounds and twenty ninth in scoring. Second free throw form is up in it and nuggets or within a half a dozen here. Sixty to fifty six and here comes Shabazz. Napier. Napier has it across the timeline guarded out there by Jamal Murray. Throws a left side the Harris catch and go to the baseline riverside. Down by eight again, quickly the other ways, the polio Yokich dribble. Handoff over the Middle East. Beazley's Beasley we'll take a three pointer jumpers, though, good redone down to Joel Harris Harris has at the other way all the pass over to Demari Carol Carol back on top the Harris. He'll take a three got it. Eleven point lead for the Brooklyn. Nets Denver led by fourteen points back in the first grade one minutes ago. Sorry came very team that hasn't been shooting from the three very well. They already have nine here tonight. Spartan has it over yoga? She gets loose throws out of it. To Beasley tried again. Missed it again. Readout tapped by Yokich right to Lyles and he's from behind by Harris, and that'll be free throws coming up here for trae Lyles. This case of this game to has been pretty fast Brooklyn likes to get a lot of shots up. And that's why there are a lot of rebounds as well. But Denver's got to be.

Joel Harris Harris Brooklyn NBA Russell Westbrook trae Lyles Carol Carol Beasley Denver Napier Middle East Shabazz Jamal Murray Nicola Yokich Beazley Spartan one minutes
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"They make the playoffs at the huge. That. To work canyon showing Donna's in. Unbelievable. I really hope they signed resigned, the Angelelli restricted free agent and warning. Thoughts on if you think they can get collide with his relationship with marks in San Antonio. I wanna talk about the Mets now. Nets on nets. Go ahead. Start over there. I couldn't what the heck you're talking about. Go ahead. I wanna talk about the nets. And I think if they make the playoffs. Huge success. I agree you'd success. I think they should. Yeah. Injuries. Hurt. Though. That's injuries depends. How long these guys are out really more than anything else? Now, the work. They've done with Spencer before he got hurt. Joel Harris unbelievable. Okay. Kenny is a very good developer players. He really is. He doesn't surprise you think they should resign. The angelo. He's restricted free agent. I think you're really good. Then he's going to be an all stop. The problem is I here's the problem. I have with them is I I don't here's the the one question. I find it hard to answer with them is what can they possibly attract or how much is it that you can't expect them to attract anything to well coli, Leonard Leonard had a relationship is showing marks. Yeah. I know. I just don't see him. I just don't see him that. Now. Listen, if they can get him to go there based on that relationship. They did a heck of a job because he's obviously gonna have more attractive places to go. I don't know how it tractive. They can be in that regard. If it's a very interesting thing to see how how does the rest of the world view them. In terms of how attractive they are. That's that's a very interesting point. Now, they're serious about basketball. They're doing a great job. They've what they've done is. They've overachieved dramatically. If they can stay healthy they can make the playoffs. I think a big part of it is getting those two guys back and getting them healthy. I mean, they really need them. So I think that's a big part of it Danny in Long Beach. What's up, Danny, Mike? How are you? What's happening? Yeah. Just forgive me. If you cover this last week, I haven't had a chance to to call it to the shell. But one thing I noticed regarding NFL telecasts the past. I'd say Mateo on both FOX and CBS, obviously by prayer has been that for a while doing they've been consulting him on questionable calls, but I believe CBS brought in gene therapy. The season. Yeah. Start the season. But it seems like in the playoffs. It seemed like the NFL almost waiting for something like this to happen. The past couple of games in the divisional round and round before that championship games every single questionable. Call that wasn't even questionable. They were consulting Pereira seemed like they were Pereira hands. It seemed like they were waiting for this to happen with what went on with with the saints. And that well, listen, what happened is they actually Pereira's success and the lack of success? For for CBS when they tried their first swing at it. They did so badly at it that they wound up taking top referees out of the league and putting them into TV. Now, I'm not saying the league because I'm not sure the league didn't want them there. I'm sure they rather have them on the field, especially star towards the best referee in the business. So. Bringing bringing forever. And last week. I doubt I hope Pereira's been on listen. I mean, I put I put on my show before anybody even know who he was. I mean before you even was on FOX used to come on the show. So I go that far back with them. But stereotype for you knew was going to be good at it. Because territory has been the best referee in the league for years. The known to be the best referee in a league. So that was going to be a positive, and you know, listen, he's gotten a little bolder with the statements. I think he was a little nervous early in the year about ruffling feathers and stuff like that. But now you have guys on all the networks who were capable of doing that. But you've also hurt the officiating because these guys not Pereira. But in the other case, these guys were really competent referees who they wind up putting on TV. So you're putting guys like guys like serotonin MacAulay on TV. And that hurts it really does. And it has hurt. So from that standpoint, I think it has affected the officiated. We talk about a lot of different things about performance athletics and about doing the right thing and really making the right call, and that's why we tell you when you're talking about injuries. And whether you're talking about my injuries or play injuries. What we were talking about is the hospital for special surgery the same place eighty players from different professional leagues where they call. Home where they go. I when they have an injury. Whether.

Pereira Kenny Nets Leonard Leonard CBS Mets Joel Harris Donna San Antonio Mike basketball NFL Danny Spencer Mateo FOX Long Beach
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"If you wanna be as fit as a lifer. I'm Evan Haning. Opole shows the top problems Americans hope the government addresses in two thousand nineteen are the economy, healthcare, immigration, politics, and the environment. I'm Barton Necker. Now this Bloomberg sports update. Tim Hardaway junior scored twenty two points. Trey Burke, added sixteen and the Knicks Napa game losing streak with a one nineteen to one twelve victory over the Lakers at Staples Center. Emmanuel moody had fifteen points and seven rebounds for the next two blue in early seventeen point lead before rallying from six point deficit in the fourth quarter. And this candor scored eight of his sixteen points down the stretch as the next pull away their first win since December fourteenth the Lakers now dropped to one in four without LeBron James who was sidelined with a left groin strain. Meanwhile, the ngelo Russell at twenty three points and ten is's Tamari Carolina twenty points, including a season, I find three pointers and the nets beat the Memphis grizzlies one oh nine to one hundred Joel Harris had eighteen points for the nets who had six players in double figures. But that's now winners of eleven ever last fourteen in the NHL deviled send the Arizona coyotes to their third straight loss for the three to two run victory in. Shootout lake Coleman and Nico. He shirt the double-billed scores at after giving up seven golds on Wednesday night to Pittsburgh at the garden law. Rangers headed west on Friday night and lost a Colorado six two one. The Rangers had swept all four games. They have played against Western Conference teams on the road thus far. Ryan strewn scored the lone ranger goal. Colorado steps a six game losing streak with the victory. Baseball news. Don't count out the Washington nationals just yet and the Bryce Harper sweepstakes. After previous reports indicated that the superstar outfielder turned down a ten year three hundred million dollar offer to resign with Washington near the end of this past season. The athletic is reporting that the team has made a counter proposal that was substantially larger than that initial bid wild card weekend. National Football League later today. Indianapolis at Houston at four thirty five and Seattle Dallas at eight fifteen on Sunday. The chargers will visit Baltimore at one zero five Philadelphia at Chicago at four forty and the jets had interviewed former Miami Dolphins coach, Adam gates. As for their head coaching vacancy with the Bloomberg sports update on Tom Rogers. This.

Rangers Bloomberg Lakers Colorado lake Coleman Evan Haning Tim Hardaway Barton Necker Emmanuel moody Opole nets Trey Burke Washington LeBron James Staples Center Knicks Tom Rogers Bryce Harper Joel Harris NHL
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"Tim Hardaway junior scored twenty two points. Trey Burke, added sixteen and the Knicks game losing streak with a one nineteen to one twelve victory over the Lakers at Staples Center. Emmanuel new DA had fifteen points and seven rebounds for the next two blue in early seventeen point lead before rallying from a six point deficit in the fourth quarter. And this candor scored eight of his sixteen points down the stretch as the next pull away their first win since December fourteenth the Lakers down dropped to one in four without LeBron James who was sidelined with a left groin strain. Meanwhile, diangelo Russel at twenty three points and ten assists tomorrow Carolina twenty points, including a season, I finally three pointers and the nets beat the Memphis grizzlies one oh nine to one hundred Joel Harris added eighteen points for the nets who had six players double figures. But that's now winners of eleven ever last fourteen alienate gel, the deviled send the Arizona coyotes to their third straight loss with a three to two run victory in a shootout. Lee Coleman Nico. He share the double gold scores and after giving up seven golds on Wednesday night of Pittsburgh at the garden law. Rangers headed west on Friday night and lost to Colorado, six two one. The Rangers had swept all four games. They have played against Western Conference teams on the road. Thus far. Ryan Strom scored the lone ranger goal. Colorado steps at a six game losing streak with the victory. Baseball news. Don't count out the Washington nationals just yet and the Bryce Harper sweepstakes. After previous reports indicated that the superstar outfielder turned down a ten year three hundred million dollar offer to resign with Washington near the end of this past season. The athlete is reporting that the team has made a proposal that was substantially larger than that initial did wild card weekend. National Football League later today. Indianapolis and Houston at four thirty five and Seattle and Dallas at eight fifteen on Sunday. The chargers will visit Baltimore at one zero five Philadelphia at Chicago at four forty and the jets at interviewed former Miami Dolphins coach Adam gates for their. Head coaching vacancy with the Bloomberg sports update. I'm Tom Rogers..

Rangers Lakers Colorado Lee Coleman Nico Tim Hardaway Trey Burke Washington nets Staples Center diangelo Russel Knicks LeBron James Tom Rogers Ryan Strom Joel Harris Bryce Harper Bloomberg Arizona Adam gates Miami Dolphins
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"We're going to show you more what he's gonna do. And again to wait de last night pelicans, by the way, down eighteen after three, but Jared Allen is the story a sweating, Anthony Davis not once but twice and it brings us back. That's what he did the Blake Griffin on October seventeenth. And then James December eighteen take another look at this with Ron dot Ma. And then the honest, no way, but you have to be a little bit insane to challenge some of the people that he's talented not make some great challenge abuse of a little bit. But either way it's worked out for back to last night's action. Fourth quarter, pelicans, data Levin holidays. No, Anthony Davis. Yes. There were nine. Are they coming all the way back minute left? Pelicans down seven holiday in transition again. No davis. Yes. Data three or four points. Twenty six rebound what three blocks but not at out more. Nets forty second layer did Whitney Joel Harris. Yes. The Brooklyn nets winning again. One twenty six one one Anthony Davis. Let's talk. That we're better team our record show. Everyone players coaches front office. What we did last year. No. UP back, and Dan, we have Nico outlet case, they healthy But you still. you still improvement. Joe sorry for sir point you say to yourself. I wanna play on a team. That's why don't. Your next watch. You played a team you play on staying. All right. So he's not answering questions about wanting out of New Orleans, and it's understandable..

Anthony Davis Brooklyn nets Blake Griffin Nets Jared Allen Dan Whitney Joel Harris James December Ron dot Levin New Orleans Nico Joe forty second
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"The one that what what is named weeks ago? The fight not not the main car the Korean Dombi. Don't auto wouldn't really good fight and the. The undercard guy. We train with the pizza and eight. Florida who's the pizza guy from jersey who's out two weeks ago? All right, ready. Freddie, freddie. Frankly, forget Chris coach Frankie coach coach had a Brazilian guy. That's really kick. He's a. Tim got beat up beat up. I be it's one that come on guys Hooker. Dan Hooker at Sinbad Boza, maybe once fight or both. Yeah. The crowd. Yeah. Like that. D'honneur? Yeah. Yeah. Oh, bad like one of the ours. With batteries. It was a fuck Arab batteries play. That was that was number one on my top five kick Eos that got dropped this. I wish there was video of the fucking Mike smashed. It's physical. No, I did one time. I did a joke. And I and I did a kick in my shoe fluent audience and like the fucking kill somebody and as a black new front eighties. Eating nachos. Literally goes like this. Boom. Caught him. I gangster. Like, I was like oh shit. Like, yeah. So the only thing that happened. No, no fights for me. I've had people mad after show because talked about them, but they weren't gonna do it. Yeah. That people throw to that me and stuff like that. Never had a guy with a microphone. I gotta work with the man I got to work with him. I'll fly wherever you are. Man. I I got a word. Nah, just came. Adam Hunter vita me out came out. So I I will I would definitely go to work with you one day, man. I'm in Vegas treasurer. I was on the twenty second and twenty third. So if you're round you're always welcome to come by say, Hello hell. Yeah. I'll see. I'm on the strip now at a may junkie cocks, his they'll get ready. Treasure Island in January February twenty third or twenty one of those. I don't have a count of the market down. All right, cool. Thanks Joey for stopping by man. It's always great to the new year. You do. I love you guys. Thank you all this before we love you too, man. You're incredible person credible. Uber much of the time, right? We'll see could you imagine date bigger in. That's our dad. Could you? Nobody. When you go. Ball hit wants Witter. Adman flavor Diaz loves remains goof. But man, he is he's a Carol dozer. Isn't he the planning hard to follow? Not. He knew have you heard the story of one person did punch him where he said, I've only taken. Wiz that year. No, no the stories funding. Oh, is it? Okay. All right. Look, I want all of the listener. Sorry, all of our guests for the three days where you're here. You know, we took the Christmas Eve and Christmas off and we back next Monday. We'll do a show on nears eve, and then we'll take New Year's day off. And then we'll be back for three shows Wednesday through Friday once again, so just see no Mckee adjustment there. I wanna think Ali Michael Jerrell Harris who stopped by yesterday and today. Thanks, Gerald, Randy tour Curtis Melander, Alex Davis and Joey de as folks enjoy the weekend. Enjoy the fights. What's done is done? All we can do at this point is just enjoy the fights. And know that we got you covered on Emory junkie, Dan's work. Is there John's over there in L A Hudson with Simon our editor in chief Kenny Abby breaking down videos for you. The whole team is kicking ass. No reason to leave junkie just keep hitting refresh every fifteen twenty minutes, and you have a fresh story. All right. We are out of here. I'll leave you was so Twitter handles at. Junkie radio for the show at any auto. That's our producer back east at Dan Tomomi our finalists at G hurricane. That's Joel Harris. At the goes for goes Randy our site coordinator. What's your Twitter any? Mean fan? Randy man, you see the collection guys really really the hardcore fan out of there. We gotta go have a nice weekend. Go out there be a champion. Steve. I just

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"If you missed the live show, you can find the recording on itunes Spotify or YouTube the following day. Check it out. It's a lot of fun, and you get to see a little bit more of our producer Danny's personality and my phone just rang in the background Saltzman. Oh. Popping off joining with us in studio. We have Tom Haine from Walking Dead. You got real socked in the bay. I mean, the show is very very in. You thinks it's very like rough house e and eight new stuntman hanging around everyone on the show just jumps in and gets involved in Matt was my rude awakening to the show being chased around a field by Newman, and then him grabbing me and punched me in the face in as a saying that everyone his when they first joined which welcome to the Walking Dead. And it's is set in this kind of like, you're just doing a cult. Welcome to the working day. Watch live on the. Youtube stream. Here's a comedian. I'm asking the second hour of the radio show. Joined by Joel Harris here in studio with us, and we'll be talking to Randy couture. Secondly, squeeze in this quick call from junky nation. It's Kevin Chicago. What's up Kevin? Kevin Chicago you there. Kevin breathlessly going once going twice in Chicago. And talk about wrestling the air and put them back on hold or we'll have to talk to him on another occasion. PF L eleven championships coming up, you're right. That's all millionaires. Lot of money. People are going to be getting one million dollars the runner up guys gets two hundred thousand I was this close. So think about it. These guys are basically showing up till guaranteed two hundred thousand the winner gets an additional eight hundred thousand you are showing up and making two hundred thousand four this fight Kim now PF L pay these guys along the way in a lot of PF L guys told me they paid them. Well, this has been a great season for the PF L, at my opinion. That's just there's just keep it. Simple. That's that's how I can somebody here that next year is going to even nuttier. All e left. Some teases Ray suffo- wasn't here last week. He was saying two thousand nineteen lining up in a certain way. There's going to be even better. I've heard some I heard that a long time ago about what next year is going to be when they hold up those checks, Joe, here's a million dollars. It's going to catch a little bit of fire on the internet. A lot of fighters. A lot of managing me looking going. Wait a minute. You know, what what is going on? If they haven't heard by now, they're going to see that that image and think how can I be a part of that? If I'm a free agent of veteran that's making a comeback a younger guy. That's not ready to go to another organization just yet. And you want to get in there and test yourself, that's some big big money. All right. We're now joined by one of the gentlemen, who will be calling the fights at PF L eleven the championship. He's a former UFC heavyweight champion and good friend of the show. Randy couture. What's already how're you doing? Are you guys? Good good. Welcome back to e junkie. Rated you're on with George and goes, we got Dan and Gerald Harris here with us as well packed house. And we're just talking about man this PF L season coming to an end regular season and playoffs and we're close to six men being crowned millionaires on December thirty first..

Kevin Chicago Randy couture YouTube Kim Tom Haine Joel Harris Spotify Matt producer Saltzman UFC Danny Joe Ray suffo Newman George Gerald Harris Dan one million dollars million dollars
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"I it's just we're going to be writing this take roller coaster all year long with Luca like he had six good minutes against the blazers the other night. And you would have thought that we were all watching basketball Jesus. Well, just for France. And this is gonna probably throw you for a loop and make your head exposed the only two people who at age twenty or younger have been able to match Lucas, points, rebounds, and assists per game. So far LeBron Magic Johnson. So I mean, obviously LeBron had much higher scoring at that point of his career. The magic and Luca thing is pretty close. I'm not comparing those guys, but what you do find. Is. There aren't that many guys at his age capable of scoring and playmaking. He's not the best playmaker. But he does do it because he has the ball hands a lot setting up as teammates. Do you think he's going to be on that level? No, I don't because I think Jerry Hall of Famer our top ten all time players. But I mean, if you say Brandon ROY played ten years borderline hall of Famer, right? Yeah. Well, years borderline hall of Famer like repeated all-star repeated all NBA level guy. And so I'm still not category that things okay of Luca. Is this good this young? Even though he's handled this professional experience that kind of gives him a headstart. I still see a higher ceiling. Interesting. I think the way I would explain how I feel about all this is that the more remarkable story would Luca Danni Roche is how ready he already is as opposed to how incredible he's going to be five years from now. And it just drives me insane. Like Twitter becomes uninhabitable. After a good Luca Danni quarter. So look for the next twelve to sixteen hours people are just gonna continue tweeting about how amazing he is. And like can I interrupt this? Seventh Luca Danni conversation. We've had with some breaking news what from Jove Arden source. Lebron James interested in Carmelo. Joining the Lakers, and this is just hours after Carmelo was. I believe called the last no last ball hog alive on ESPN. It was a great piece by Kirk goals. Actuate it let me ask you. I mean, you know, decay de respects Carmelo for his scoring ability is this stage two of LeBron's recruiting plan for Katie to give Carmelo a little this little will cover not how you respond to the rib euchre Bleacher report article is not how you prove. You can still recruit superstars like, I don't think mellow. I don't think it serves anyone's best interests to have mellow play in the NBA anymore. This is a sick joke. If I've got to watch mellow after all the things I said about mellow for the last couple of years if I have to watch him night in and night out. There's no way he makes better. I don't know. You know, what I was thinking today on my run? More more basketball thoughts from my job. I think Beazley's better than Melo. I was thinking about. About how much better the Lakers would be head. They take in the Beasley and Lance money. And thrown it at Joe Harris. And I don't know exactly how much Joe Harris got. But like bottom line, that's the type of guy they needed. So maybe mellow cookie show here. But I don't think he could I think we have to be very honest and saying that like you're choosing Joel Harris or over Carmelo Anthony at this point. I think they should hire Melo as an assistant coach, I think Melo as an assistant coach would be better than Melo. Hang out. Yeah. Just roll around with LeBron Tyson. You know, get a little wine club going on. Anyway. It's all right podium. Real quick Connor says well looks like the jokes on Ben Gulliver. My Gary Harris Email turned into to moderately solid open floor segments. Good job Connor you win down. It was a it worked out great for us. And I had so many people say that Gary Gary Harris Harris as his. Nickname is like something that we should put on the back of a jersey his pretty good. And then two more follow ups. I from Nicola who says FYI, Andrew sharp, Ben Gulliver regarding Gary gear bear, harass. I created that nickname. This is another classic story. She says of a man stealing creative idea a Moment moment. all to pursue his dream of NBA, Twitter fame, long live gear.

LeBron Carmelo Anthony Lakers Luca Danni Luca Gary Gary Harris Harris Luca Danni Roche NBA Melo Joe Harris Jerry Hall Twitter Lebron James Ben Gulliver LeBron Tyson Gary Harris France basketball Lucas blazers
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"With a look back Stanley action. From Spiderman two Black Panther from the incredible hope to the Fendt test four end for Morville mastermind to king of the movie, Kim. Yeah. Stan Lee's life spanned it all he his moral collaborators, creating new kind of superhero that would flourish in comic books and eventually films. These classic characters, and so many more all capable of great feats yet flawed and relatable with insecurities that touched a chord with millions. If you are interested in the character, if you can empathize with the character. Then you care about the stories his characters became massively popular through the sixties onward as Stanley advocated for equality and social Justice from stints soapbox Stanley started. It what would become moral Beck in nineteen thirty nine many years later, his increasingly public persona as the happy warrior of his art for mirror. The ascent of the subculture. He had lung champion, especially as two thousand eight iron ushered in the marvel cinematic universe. Each marvel movie would feature a Stanley Kim you spotting him would send a ripple of delight through film audience eager to acknowledge the man who created an elevated marvel superheroes. I guess one person can make a difference. And those are the people and events that need news this week. This week was written and produced by Joel Harris. Aaron Katersky ABC news. When breaking news changes the world ABC news accurate credible and unmatched on Twitter at ABC News Radio. These days news comes out of Washington so fast. It can be hard to keep up. We have a supreme court nominee. Just maybe it's taste of what will get in twenty twenty. Why they saying that I'm ABC news political director Rick Klein, join me along with ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Every week as we break down the facts and turn to Washington insiders with tough questions on the powerhouse politics podcasts. Are you going to talk to moan I'm looking forward to action? Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app.

Stanley Kim ABC Beck Washington Stan Lee Morville Joel Harris Aaron Katersky chief White House corresponden Jonathan Karl Rick Klein apple Twitter political director
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"We don't know it's still five books in six seasons enough about the magic world to say one way or another so i go back to this still being an unvarnished about five will theory and if you want to get into that and try and explain it you gotta go the medical rains route in people are just going to be up in arms about it again for a different reason it's like yeah like there's no way to win that battle just go like okay king's blood and if anything in the show indicates that this person might have king's blood regardless of what that means or how it happens go with it and the real question is like you could go down for one f further abstraction be like is this blood magic work because of its mechanics rag is essentially at alchemy type of chemistry where you do you mix this substance either this year put your penis in here and boom a shadow of about a baby comes out or are you beseeching the gods and you can kind of get the words wrong but the the gods are with your 'cause they're gonna make their power happened to the gods have intelligence or they some personal force right you don't know any of that at this point yeah so how can you say napkin isa which is why through my hands up at all fantasy and magic religion and shows spray fasterthanlight travel you're cool with absolutely joel harris says i have a question related to the books as there specific book character that you would like to see in the show or were disappointed to see excluded from the show why no they can't portray every single named character and screen as kind of hoping to see at least a glimpse of butter bumps the holes allayed butter buttered up if i if i if you had a guess of what type of character he was.

joel harris