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"joe shriver vogel" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"Entertainment group had denied them payments the mediator had been working to resolve the dispute since last November and under the new agreement the band's music will continue to be distributed through universal and the music group will will eventually be giving it a payment to the creators can you repeat cool what music this is spinal tap but that the band's it that in this is spinal tap the sound track the rights to them were in dispute for a long time I love the sound track I don't think I know a spinal tap to well done as a favor really funny that sounds really aggressive it does all right here I because you're thinking of the procedure well yeah you thinking out of the band guys okay the next universal content productions is teaming up with one jury to adapt the podcast Joe exotic for television and has tapped Saturday Night Live cast member Kate McKinnon to star no network is attached but Joe exotic is about what happens when a big cat enthusiast named Carol Baskin played by McKinnon learns that fellow exotic animal lover Joe Shriver Vogel is a breeding his cats for profit she sets out to shut him down inside mean escalating rivalry Joe exotic is McKinnon second TV product outside as an LC is also attached to star as at their nose founder Elizabeth Holmes yeah the Hulu limited series the drop out which is based on the ABC news podcast of the same name I definitely want to see anything about that wow I don't have Lewis maybe that's why you got to get it for a limited time and then get rid of it okay it's like you want this system right and Sheryl Crow and Bruce Springsteen do edited to raise millions of dollars for wounded veterans and their families all the musicians hit the stage together Monday night to help raise over five point seven million dollars at this year's stand up for heroes fund raiser it was the first time the two singers have ever performed on stage together the two entertainers were joined at the benefit at Madison Square Garden on Stewart Simon knowledge John Oliver and their host Jon Stewart stand up for heroes was first held in two thousand seven is produced by the New York comedy festival and the bod Woodruff foundation that's awesome that's a that's a really cool successful event that's awesome that they do that that is latest or hear from my talk for more stories like these and having entertainment.