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"joe seal md" Discussed on AFP: American Family Physician Podcast

AFP: American Family Physician Podcast

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"joe seal md" Discussed on AFP: American Family Physician Podcast

"The hours, Sean, do you need a beer? Season. Five is upcoming, you'll be so hard to replace. That's it drop the mic you've left the world. A better place for. That was. Yeah. Absolutely. It's my first oh, Dr Brown. Okay. I have prizes. This is the signature American family physician podcast trophy. Oh my goodness. Oh. This one says American family, physician podcast, host Kim colleague, AMD, June twenty nine thousand nine. Yeah. Shaney you describe it Kim. It's relation. I mean. It's a microphone shiny microphone on a pedestal. This is yours Geno, Buchanan, MD. And here we go, Sean Abreu, Abreo KOTA, June twenty nine thousand nine hundred. All that. It might shiny finally Joe seal MD. Thank you. Thank you, guys, so much sexual sector Brown. It's been a real honor to be part of this process, and thank you to you, Dr Brown and Tyler putting up with shenanigans lot of editing. Thank Tyler for the shenanigan editing. We finally got Tyler his own. Cast trophy as American family physician podcast founder technical guru Tyler Coles since twenty fifteen so you guys want to do the credits. Now. I'm Jennifer cannon next year. I will be doing outpatient family medicine in geriatrics here at Baylor University Medical center in Phoenix. I'm Kim Kuei k next year. I'll be doing outpatient family medicine at banner medical group.

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