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"joe zarbano desk" Discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

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"joe zarbano desk" Discussed on The Kirk Minihane Show

"Kirk we heard from mainly no we haven't done during the week minivans hands very vocal in their support on twitter Kirk. Yes they were they were. I saw that and a lot louder Roman Lebron social media good don't stop today. Don't just give up well okay. We did at one day. Keep tone room. You're correct get room. I want this. We're warrior. I don't want this to stop ever ever. I want every sandwich of the dedicate. Your lives to this. This is the most important thing in your life followed DC ignores. His children and Ryan Norwood actually shared the Gospel with felder. Oh he did oh good go ahead of bounds sportsmanlike yes so there's another little thing to pick out if you want to. Ryan Ryan Hey thanks guys how you doing good. I'm calling about the bills deed year I don't. I don't know if I'm not getting enough respect. I see the bills as just life losers but they were all over us. They stopped so many offensive drives. I started calling them. Get your man there but the defense is legit is Mike area heavy great. Just a loser says we're Jim Murray should pipe in the NFL so wow is the bills defense like what it's like gets Roman and what way you can't stop them. Oh well okay all right fine with that. I guess I wish now if you're going to throw gets Roman into pilger prank call. I would prefer that you get your man. Yes I love how they just don't even react to it like someone comes on and says get Schulman and they're like what was just completely skip over true. The only Mac like it's like a thing no they didn't even hear it but so you do take enough calls you've you you heard sure the bills yeah that hit yeah it was his fault knows the quarterbacks fall knows what's the guy's name the Patriots. It's fucking hit with the quarter Jones yeah. No Jones Yeah Jones this fall. No it's his fault Jonathan. Joe's I would ever gives a shit. Point is Jesus you happy you got it good. Oh you want to look that up. You're going to double check. Anyone point just kidding anyway. What a joke to the polar night here. This is not that kind of room. We can move to the pole. Real concerns. Crazy is a is a funnier and there are no yeah he'd been in there in these smaller. We'd be closer together. Our knees might be touched while for that. Geez being this coast. Steve's desk exc mandatory fifty million dollar podcast. This is ridiculous absolutely ridiculous. I will say before we get to the other the news and some stuff that interests me they for sure you fucking. I E is reeling. Oh my Gosh Jesus guys. Is I mean I'm. I'm I root for you. The problem is almost starting to listen. 'cause I wanNA hear every single colleague on Mike All Right. Where's IT GONNA turn even a massive bump but I I don't. I don't want you to listen you. Call people pointed out of this war. You're not doing a good job because I want to listen to every time it makes you listen to realize how bad fucking radio is. I mean it is awful holy. They sit on hold lot imagine sitting on hold. A lot makes you realize like oh hi. This is mind numbing. I mean there if they put the kind of thought into creating better radio than they do to stopping occasional prank phone call. They wouldn't suck fucking asshole right. I mean it's unbelievable. I've heard already this morning. Someone was grilled someone went through one call screener and then was grilled by Chris Curtis as to whether or not they really thought the Patriots should trade for Stefan Digs and then they were hung up on. They did not pass the sniff. I I would just tell the people out there. You know what you have to call with something and make sure you're you're boned up on that yeah you know and then do your thing. I would say so. It's not that hard. They should definitely trade for Stefan Ticks. I thanks alluded to that tight end absolutely in addition to being the second call Screener Chris Curtis has also mastered the pregnant pause. I don't know if you heard this morning. I did not know in my opinion. Bella check the GM using. That's just an ego gone. Wild here the very beginning this show where Greg Hill says or we should thank him for his ratings. I did hear that Congress Coffee Johnny Finnish author the weekly congratulations seven seven rating yeah. I mean they're just a bunch of assholes curtis. An asshole Greg Hill's asshole you know again. Curtis has other things to life life but which I get into today will at some point. Let me see here. Was I gonNA say oh. So what is the. What is the process now. So would you hear from these callers yesterday or no yeah so I got so I don't know we want with these. bitches are complaining about the afternoon after the war show to go on. I think in some ways they play along yeah. It's the only one I can get through to but you. You probably favors right with your old buddies. You got people in the inside. Chatsworth people think yeah well although not could have friends with that. We're not really friends. Were but so anyway. I'll explain the whole story most book. I should take the day off you tour facility like what the fuck was that conversation. I call his art. I called and I don't know who's screaming at the afternoon show in Boston. Yes yes. I don't know who screen wide call. What are these things at the end. You're Steve. Do we know the worth me grabbing trying to restore in- like this on the side fucking go ahead a big business there is so I don't know who scream I call didn't didn't Gab with them. I just gave my point. I was bill and long meadow and I said I wanted to talk about this. Gives Kaos going to cost us the game Komo who's been long meadow no one oh no us. She think it's now can't even do the inside name. No not yeah okay so so I am sitting on hold for a while and then I got on and they said Bill along and I said boy this a guy like I'm watching him yesterday. Like what are you doing out there and I think this guy belongs in the basement fuller and Lacey so Merloni says what's the difference. You can't see him. Anyway and Ordway says thanks Mike or was it bill but so they're playing along right but I listen because it's on delay go into the APP and listen. It doesn't matter if you you can hear yourself right yeah so I go into the and it cuts very like. I don't know if you've got any of it. I got it. This is what they're willing to do to their own radio said now apparently this was so bad that it couldn't make. I mean before this I would say I know all the all. The characters involved very very very well. Why wouldn't you just like have first of all. It's a popular podcast especially locally. It's very popular right. Why not have a relationship with it and have some fucking phone with it like why wouldn't Glenn Collins They Start Making Fun of me. The mets would never come back. We'll have an issue with really with that. With what are they doing with the fuck are they doing. I have no idea God bill is in Long Meadow next up on OEM F bill you're talking about. Is this stuff GONNA Statute of big game. I'm sitting there. What a big game. I'm with you. We're going to be thinking like I did asking little into marks at the end. They don't think they're just willing to completely ruined thirty seconds of their radio network. I think we're GonNa talk about me but that's near the end the future so why are they cut that out though well so because they were very worked up about it you just gotTa Paranoid Board op in there who just here's here's Mike and what starts but here's the thing if you the I've we both worked in in this business. Yeah a paranoid board OPS paranoid for a reason. They're not paranoid on their own way. They're dejected with paranoia by well. It's funny you say so. I've gotten conflicting reports. I don't talk to one person who is not. I've got one report. Go ahead okay yes. I talked to one person who said Oh no they. They like it. They have fun with it they on which is like that's odd because they dumped out of it right then. I talked to another person who does not work for into combat. Hey they were on a remote yesterday yeah location somewhere those those are always good and I talked to someone who used to work probably function moreau yeah that happened happened to be there and they said that they overheard and offaire yelling match between the show and the producer where the the producers through the call screener under the bus and said Oh. She's friends with him so she lets him up. ooh. Yes well. I don't know that all I know is I spoke to two people in that building. I'm only about that fight but said they are widespread panic over this. We have the email though as is an email gone out. My understanding is there's nothing physically male no concern as you get back to me. You know I don't have an email. I was told of a meeting ooh. I didn't hear about this meeting me. Nothing confirmed yet but a suspicious meeting with producers. Yes Oh God I don't know yeah well. That's a win. I mean that's that's great. Just it just a fucking these fucking idiots a prison six levels first of all. They're stupid. Silly really have no sense of humor thirdly apparent over nothing like what's the worst thing that happens. We'll keep in mind that four months ago you were sitting at Joe Zarbano Desk. That's true it almost almost actually broke into ENTERCOM headquarters. Yeah you someone else I use curse security card the number two. I think that is breaking in. Oh what's up raking that was I think I was still employed at the time right now. Well I use my own security. I'm so worked yeah yeah. They're always quick. Madonna was was was. I told me this was they. They just go hold up in a room. Yeah they all have like a mash because a school shooting and then I forget who was had to think it's Minihan. Maybe Curtis Curtis at the time because we're still talking. It was because he hates are bottler. He's told me you were saying that they were. They heard they're walking away curtis in a bottle on the HR people went downstairs answers in star. Bono.

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