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#39: JOIVAN WADE | Each One Teach One -- Lessons from a DC Superhero

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#39: JOIVAN WADE | Each One Teach One -- Lessons from a DC Superhero

"In rockhampton nice work in the podcast super nice club where we're just trying to make the world. Ten percent nicer. I'm your host todd. Brilliant and this week's guest is the super nice giovane. Wade giovane is. He's a lot of things but first and he's at a decent human being and the son of two decent human beings both of whom were and are engaged in making the world a nicer place just like he is today on top of that after after that he's an actor producer comic director writer charitable foundation founder He can drive a car He works out pretty sure he can cook. You know so. Just an all around amazing superhuman soup you can call the superhero. Since he plays one in the hbo knacks dc comics show doom patrol and where he stars as victor stone slash. Cyborg kinda like two characters one dot. I wonder if he gets paid double probably not. It's probably just a dumb question. Anyway if you like british media which is generally kind of smarter kind of funnier. You'll know him from his magnum on the wall web series Tv stuff younger eastenders doctor. Who he recently started the first purge a major motion picture which is the most recent installment of the popular kind upsetting and all the wrong ways purge series anyway. I hope you enjoy this conversation. I really did a lot. We talk about his success. Arc beginning in. Bromley england Continuing to london and los angeles for comic fans we get into that. Dc doom patrol. Show a little bit And i'm not gonna lie. I'm not gonna lie it off. You listen in this crazy crazy. You'll hear that there's an opening for me to be ironman. Probably i think he meant like the next iron man. I'm not kidding it's crazy. I might have to quit this podcast. Just wait for. We talked about the powerful power. Super excited. i. I've always wanted to be your man you know. It's going to change my life and when we talk about his impact the impact of hardworking parents who give a damn if you're a parent maybe it'll be inspired. You probably be inspired. You're going to be inspired van details this morning. Success routine super important to have a morning routine his incredible multi-platform foundation kinda makes super nice club. Looked like The pale shadow of an invisible jarred pickles. I don't know. I don't know the shadow of something invisible. I don't know Now you know for sure that i just drift these intros type mess it up a lot. It doesn't matter. His new projects have just landed. We talk about those science fiction. Our mutual adoration for that genre and the age of new awesome black superheroes. We go deep and they really do released. Joe vandellas i ten skit on the surface of things you know for fear of falling through for i guess for fear of drowning really Maybe i should some work on that. Thanks guys thanks for listening to me. Figure myself. Figure myself out in real timer recorded time. Whatever anyway don't miss his super nice challenge for you. It's a really good one What else oh quick. Quick like need to talk about super nice club that you really need to be if you're not already a member of especially during the time we're in right now. A lot of people are not being nice to each other here in the united states. And i gotta tell you for no good reason. People are getting played against each other and themselves and it's sad. It's insane and is completely senseless since you're in the club you get. It's on you to lead. By example you are more powerful than any politician out there. You can shape the future far more than any elected official. It's not just a line. So i come by your thing. It's the truth. K it is you can learn more about us dot super nightclub on instagram facebook at at super nice club or find us online super nice dot com. He can get details about our mission to make the world and ten percent nicer leases start also the site they're super nice merch shirts hats stickers things to help you spread the word in your community around this dead simple idea of making the world a nicer place in fact. If you're nice merchandise doesn't help you start nice conversations you get your money back. It's no problem you can also text Nice cyborg that's it. Nice cyborg right now to three one zero four. Two one zero three nine three three one zero four two one zero three nine three to join our superclub insider community you get invited to events giveaways. Local gatherings giovanni house and more. And if you like this podcast which you just subscribe pass under friends. Posted up hundred socials. Podcasting is such a crowded crazy. Play something like forty two million new podcast launch every minute in alabama alone. It's crazy so we really want to try to stand out. It can't happen. It won't happen without your support without your help And if we get big enough we'll get a better host which just upgrade me. Because i'm gonna be doing ironman all right enough gum popping. Y'all here is nice. Work with super nice giovane. Wade giovane giovane wade. Thank you so much for being here today on the nice work podcast welcome. Thanks for having me bro that you am i looking at your new house in. La this is it gone. Hollywood i wanted to be involved in the industry. They cool hollywood. So where that to be in hollywood right. Yeah yeah yeah. That's the house looks nice. What can i see. You've got a second air conditioning. Vent up behind you see all right. Hey i've got a bunch of phrases hostile the most important whatever. The best view is from the hardest. Climb something. I can look at each morning. Having breakfast is fantastic man off so this is a little bit dark but to get ready for this podcast. Last night i watched the first purge before going to bed. Oh i hadn't seen the other purge movies. Okay the only thing i've seen having to do with purge was a reference in rick. And morty morty i love every episode where they do the urge experience for the purge but i got to tell you that this future dystopia where this new ruling party folks this is kind of. I'm not going to give away much. But this new ruling party comes into the usa. And they stoke these violent race wars and all kinds of stuff and until a few months ago watching this movie. I would have thought. Oh yeah whatever fantasy movie. I get to set up. That seems pretty impossible. But now we've got one of the biggest elections in this country's history coming up in four days as of unite talking to each other. And i don't know you know thinks here don't feel so super nice whole time. We have so much work to do so much. Yeah yeah. I kind of felt like the festival. It was great that you haven't seen any of the other ones because this is actually the pre so it's the first of a story. Will those the fourth movie So you cited at the beginning even though you're late so sometimes it's good to be late so i'm but i. I think that this movie was something in which i kind even look back at now. And i'm like wow this this fills real this nose like this could actually happen. And i'm the same. I have seen every other fudge movie. I'd never really felt that connection all for like it wasn't that way but after this movie it was like wow this could actually it feels real with those like it doesn't feel like a sci fi movie it feels like real life and you know an extension of what could happen if things didn't go the right way in the world wasn't super night so yelm and that's the power of science fiction relate. We saw the same thing in the handmaid's tale. I don't know if you saw not one but had to turn off because that was just way too real. I don't see that coming up. You know and it's always old white guys that are that are doing this. That's just the face of a phase of hollywood to real. I don't know i. I gotta stay young. I'm should be that way. You are going to be nice. Thought i can tell turned. This is a funny bit though. If you're watching when you folks when he goes through the first purge and see john there's no there's no british accent there and so you hell that accent together the whole time and nobody in the cast knew that you weren't from the states until you wrapped right and you just dropped the accent out of the blue that's it that's it it was like for what for me for one. I'm roll especially if it's an american role it's it's just like a language you know so you might have friends who which i don't know maybe Latin spanish as their first language on when they start getting tired. You know they start to kind of revolt back to their than they if tongue. It's the same of an accent. Your brain is an has to you know wire itself to say okay this is. This is my native tongue right now. And if i go in and out of it then i'm concentrating on the accident more so than just being subconsciously i can focus on my performance acting so yeah no one knew that it we wrapped and then i can be myself again and like going to the crew and frankin them but before that. I was discount from new york and no-one no-one of scooby that it tells me is that i would have. I didn't never thought this people working together on a major production which i purchased a major production. I would think that you guys would be google in each other. Like checking out each other. They clearly didn't Like the cost new because like we hang out outside of yeah performance but when it comes to the crew yeah you see them every day at work and they every time they see what's going on now. You doing bro. like i'm sure new york accent. I'm doing what i'm doing you know. So it's like they just had no idea is awesome so i do want to get a little bit into your background. Then we'll bounce into all the amazing stuff you now but just to give folks that are familiar with your work. And who skipped past the intro. That i'm going to record and if you do that. I skipped past interests and podcasts. All the time. Like i just want to get to the gasp african guy you performing arts school near london uday shakespearean theater you launch the massively popular Like hundreds news views on the wall. Hugh started bbc comedy. Show big school. Jordan johnson in eastenders. I'm reading right. You're rigsby for a couple of seasons on doctor who another shout out so cool so cool. I had to watch a little bit of that too. And we talked about the purge and from that performance. He landed the role of the dc superhero. Victor stone slash cyborg we say slash because we just have to watch the character. There's definitely a slash in dc universe doom patrol. And that's moving. hbo. Max or was already on hbo. Max yet it's now moved. Hbo matt's from season to season two now. Hbo max so that's gonna really blow things up. Even yeah i'm not. It's been great even just seeing the the of the audience you know. Hey square max's. New platform bought. That's been growing very quickly. On the success rate of is you know within launches been bigger than big in fix was etc. so yeah that's enroll. Veloce accommodates grab maximus. It's amazing how show living in that space now. Do you get comparison. Do people any fans right in say. Oh man compared to the the other actor that was doing cyborg in the flash yet. There's there's there's always feel bad for them. Yeah same time is also like this massive community of people who are kind of not not space in his look register. Lucky to get to access to play this great character and Yeah myself in ray fisher. He plays Vic stone cyborg in justice to yes. Yes i like it i really actually. I actually really like the flash barry out of the tv show other than than the film wonder doing. I don't know but i just got used to them. I guess i like rush. I got a question about doom patrol from a super nightclub member jennifer nishino. She wanted she wanted. The most complex part about the costume was and how long take to put it all together and get your camera. Ready was at tougher. It was just like put the plastic ibiza on. You're ready to roll. No actually released video on youtube channel last week. Which shows the process of me getting my pastor. Come for the for the for the i but it's it's actually That's probably the most was the most difficult Because i have a rubber gasket glued to my face in which has magnets within it. In which then connects to the magnitude in the actual moss which thanked clicks on to the mosque. And that's how you get. So yeah that's that's the process of of that and then when it comes to the trump suit self the amazing so you know the the team l. j. super team the same team that created the i online costume. When you know i i am not movie etc. So they they they understand they know and so. The suit is as comfortable as a subaru barrow. Suit could be bought also at the same time. It's the suit so it's you know it jack me up it has me you know i won't even don't even try it'd be done. I mean seriously. i'm not so. I can just go. You know maybe sound so. It sounds like you might have enough poll to get me into one of the iron man suits than attention. I'm going to put. And i'm going to see what we can do. Great so hey everybody if you want to ask questions of the nice work podcast guests In advance become super. Nice club insider do that. This is a commercial part by texting. wade's world wade's world. Two three one zero four two one zero three nine three three one zero four two one zero three nine three. If you didn't catch that you can hit pause and did little fifteen second back thing and it'll play over twice more with that you're invited to all sorts of fun stuff insider stuff see stuff so i can't say anything else. These all criticize secret stuff. Yeah all right so that sort of says things up a little bit. We could spend a whole bunch of time on mandolin and coming up out of that. But there's so many great podcasts and interviews on your wall they cover all that so folks. I urge you to go back and check out the back story here But you did have a fierce desire right to do comedy and accents. You were a kid. So getting into the passion. Part of the podcast. This has been a lifelong thing. Yeah it has been. Yeah like as early as as twelve years old. I was you know acting in drama schools in garden tonight extracurricular clubs in order to kind of just keep out trouble if you will and and just grew a love for acting through the. I used to play football guys. Classified soccer Before i started acting and that was gonna be the went down about my family plays still play professionally and that was going to be where when my dad was a huge football fan By just found the love of acting. And and i was much passionate about it and i was about football. Insert said look. Just gimme a chance to pursue his acting thing. And let's see if i can make as much money as as you guys would on me to do a full four so And and and and yeah. They gave me not johnson. And here i am so. Have you ever thought about putting together like maybe doing a biopic. Where you star like as beckham. Maybe you knows. Yeah i was thinking more pele more back us. Who but you tell me about wallet comedy platform. You built your own platform. Yes i did. So would. Comedy is a platform which i bill in twenty fifteen it derived from my first ever showed In twenty eleven and of the back of the success of non-renewable in the j. p. d. show which was a sketch i don. I wanted to create a platform that would all of my content and also other create in the industry that was struggling to find homes and audiences for so company launched in two thousand fifteen. I'm by twenty eight. We had grown the platform to ten million photos and it was the most viewed the most accessible online comedy platform in europe. Reproducing between three and five hundred million views among all the biggest create is in the space for online. You've coach charlton comedy. And so you know that opened out into various subsidiaries of talent management company which we then Manage the talent that we're watching with and the production with smart production company that we use to produce all of the the tv shows movies and also online content that we used to work with these crazy. So it's really strong and where now five years deepen that company. And i'm now here in l. La and the aspiration is to bring it over to the us here to. That's incredible. I didn't know about that about the wall of talent. And and the the rest of my mind's kind of reeling on just how big that is You must have partners in that right. I do yeah. Yeah and business partner. Read it will smith someone this kind of i had to taint whose career you'll love the model years after a little bit end that you know he writes directs produces acts. I mean he does everything right. It sounds like with your platform. You're already jumping into that. Yeah one hundred percent. Mount entrepreneurism has been something very passionate about from a very young age and owning Especially been a young black man. You know we're told that we don't own enough and so you know go out there and create something that you can and so yeah acting directing producing all those strings creativity together by you know. Being an artist is what i'm most passionate about. And will smith johnny just kind of watching fresh prince of bel-air and seeing how he made me feel and how many serve many others yet restore remember that female tune. Today you know and have that same impact that he had on so many lives. I can have on people's lives so Yeah my huge inspiration to me you. I just want to congratulate you by the way i should have done this earlier. We should have started with this. Congratulations today you dropped. Wade in the water A new project spoken word piece. Well it hasn't dropped yet. Has it like catch me more hours. Ten minutes in thirty minutes. Yeah thirty minutes. Yeah seven pm in the uk wade in the water. This is a what you talk about it. I'm going to say yes didn't is a spoken word cinematic short film so we basically marry spoken-word with cinematic visuals cinema hence creating a new genre could cinema. Which is a project in which is taken wait in the old negro spiritual him go free slavery. I'm basically kind of taken that and use that as the bed of this message of this piece in which is talking about systematic injustice police brutality on where we are now and just opening up free different perspectives. Myself being a brett now. A black bra you know now living in america with british and jamaican heritage and then we have llewellyn see radford the second in which he has a perspective on you know what if we were the shoes and everything was robust and the idea that people are not understanding or not getting what has happened and therefore let slip perspective and allow you guys to be an all shoes for a second and experienced that and then finally we have. David beyond key are directed the piece In kerala in which is talking about you know from his standpoint and really kind of laying down some facts and perspectives and allowing people to really understand where she what we've actually gone through and we use a real strong narrative concedes pulls together these three strong poets and this message to create one cinematic experience for you. Guys so yeah. I'm really excited about everyone seeing it and it's definitely going to provoke off thoughts and be something which is which highly sharable so the links to that will be in the show notes folks. It's on the million youth media youtube channel. I'm i'm thank right yeah correct. Yeah so check that out. I what is it. it's short short. Yes the ten minute piece is limited. So guys have the patience for that. All right. don't be the short attention span theater folks get out there. Watch the whole thing. I'm interested because i'm gonna go out on a limb here and just kind of guess that most united states of americans they don't really often think about especially if they're if they're not black the inequalities in the racism happening in other countries right. So i know here. We didn't hear a lot about the two thousand and eleven london rats. We don't largely no who mark duggan was asked not to get into crazy details folks but beyond that mark duggan young black man shot by police under super questionable circumstances. The story kept changing or riots. Were in london. They spread out all over england maybe over the uk. I don't really know. But i'm wondering if wade in the water you know. It's going to tap into your experience as a black man in england just as much as it taps into the sadness and anger over the innumerable killings evacuate usa citizens so the bridging of these experiences across the atlantic. Is that part of what we're going to see and wade in. The water is part of the message. Yeah yeah well. I one hundred percent because my perspective you know even in my piece. I'm specifically talking about you. Know the difference between the uk and the us but at the same time or the boss similarities. And that you know as much as there's also a perspective that you know as african americans do you guys experience You know. Racism doesn't even happen in the cabo blah. Yes one hundred percent. I'm but that's not something in which is talked about nearly as much as you know what happens in the us so shining not lie and whatever it might be in a different way in the uk. It's still the same message is still the same thing as you said. Martin dug in two thousand and eleven was killed in in the same style. Stances as someone. Like george floyd and that's across the pond it's the same message is the same thing So yeah it's not dissimilar and that is saying and really trying to push the fact that this is a great issue you know we we see saws and what's happening in nigeria. Currently you know this global issue police brutality period and systematic injustice. It needs to stop absolutely so another spoken word piece that you did. This live now called hear me. This is another great one to watch. This is also david. Bianchi is a phenomenal piece. There's a lot of power to these. Four minutes and david shakespearean trained as well or is he just a great spoken word performer. Mean you both motive in this thing man. It's just fantastic. He's got good. No i'm not gonna cut you off your david david. He's phenomenal. smuggle what is he was an act Which is where training comes from delivery but yeah hemi was a piece in which yeah it was about you know experience of quarantine and being in this pandemic and what actually means and asking those questions of what it means to be in this pandemic again. Another full parochial piece that allows us to reflect on workout and give perspective of why we think the we're here and so Yeah man it's a. It's a powerful piece and was the first collaboration in which we don on spoke wide and now this is the second and and um yeah really really looking forward to to open. Write your lines independently or together crisscross. 'cause they mesh so well but how does that. What's that writing process like. Yes so we buy individually so everything that i said. I wrote everything he said he wrote. And then what we do is and we find ways and gaps within all pieces as to where it. Mary's and how we can go back and forth and that was the format in for that peace with this. This new piece weighed in again. Everyone's delivery was was what they vote themselves. And then we just find you know that thing and is able to link everyone's piece together and that free line so yes it's a process where we we know what we want to say. You know what we want to talk about the subject matter aren and what we want to convey and we will go off into our laps and create right. Whatever is that message that we wanna tell. It reminds me and it's pretty direct with with a. I'm going to call it the lyrics right Because such a lyrical piece but of these opportunities because it's like you said it's about the cove experience and he's opportunities and maybe this is a privileged view it is in many cases. I'll admit that but the opportunities for rian reinvention right to stop to be kind to be better to revisit. The why of covid is there a lesson here. Is there a lesson from mother. Nature from god from who knows right. Can we not do better if we take this chance to slow down and to listen as you say the listen to listen to listen. It's just a heart pounding. The its powerful piece. So thank you for making. It was really appreciate it last night. Thank you the hell of a segue into the first purge. I'm like oh and then your comedy you know schizophrenic. Hear spoken words. Allow you to tackle the biggest issues in very short but expressive context. Definitely conversation starters down. Oh you know what i would ask you. I'm just getting excited now. you can tell some taco faster. My peaches getting higher. I love it. there's another brit school. You went to brit school. There's another brit school talent that this reminded me of kate tempest in her piece. Europe has lost give her. Have you ever seen that. Europe has lost. I'll say link if you have have no please then linked lot of peace. Yeah i'll send you. I'll send you a link to it switching gears for a second four years ago four and a half years ago. You said that the key for you in your work is to not wait around for something to happen. Cannot wait for roles and to instead create your own content. Do your own thing necessarily what you've been doing. Twenty three maybe twenty two at the time you know. How did you learned that super powerful key when you were so young in the game i think a big part of it. I learned from my mom. I think you know my mom is. She's a life coach. And you know so from a very young age. I was installed with the fact that i can achieve do anything i want to do. And that married with my dad which is which is the most hardworking mine. I have met and marrying not self belief. The hard work and determination told me that okay. Well self belief tells me that. I'm going to be in this position. And i'm going to mass and create an achieve x y and z and hard work tells me that in order to get that in order to do that i'm going to have to do x y and z and i'm gonna have to put in the work and do it myself And you know just being in a position where i know and understand that and less. I'm willing to do it and putting that work then it's never gonna happen. I resolved people when all my young people outs them. If no one gives you the opportunity to do whatever is that you wanna do will use to achieve it. If the answer to that is no that you need to rethink your strategy you need to rethink how you're going to go about it because that shouldn't be an option what you're saying. Is that if no one comes in and hand it to me. No one comes and gives me the opportunity. Then i don't get to achieve whatever is i'm i'm working towards. That shouldn't be an option for you. You should you be in a position where you all going to achieve and so yeah from a very young age. I was seventeen years old. When i made my number in the war which was my first my first show on youtube. I was tired of dishes and you know getting the same hoodie number. One number two and number three and said okay in order to be able to change this and do something about it. I can't just sit here and wait someone to do it for me. I went off to go out there and make something happen. Hence why then making the show that to us It ton in from youtube show into a tv shows. So yeah my not. That's always been my angle and then everything inspires me to golf my office and get it done so it was a great. There's a great learning us in there. It's pretty direct everybody when it comes to Your passion taking your passion and and turning it into your your career work real hard. That's it doesn't lessen right there. Let's talk about because you mentioned you mentioned your parents talk about parents for second your dad. He worked to help. Disadvantaged youth get ahead in life. Your mom said ordain minister and life coach right. I mean these are some super humans. That's just doing what they're doing. Have you always felt growing up in that household that you wanted to be part of a larger solution. Did your mom and dad actively talk to you about having this sort of sense of social responsibility or is that just it was unspokenness. A natural outgrowth of being in the family. I think i think a both i think it was definitely not drought growth and you know just demands in which we were told as kids. I just even straight up like you're you're black black man in the uk you're going to have to work ten times harder than your white counterpart just based on the color of your skin systematic injustice etc etc. So from a very young age. I understood that you know going for a job. Interview them seeing. We're luckily you know different for me but let my bra for example is named jerome seeing his name written on a piece of paper. They're gonna know that he's a black man and from that point they're going to be able to make a decision based on. Okay do we want entire someone black before they even get him in the room so you put you in a position where you're okay cool. How do i get around. That and my parents were instilled in me that the way to get around it is to do it. Yourself is to own as to you know being a position of power and you have a responsibility in order to not only help yourself but also to help others each teach one the whole thing is you know you can get up. If you're not helping someone else get up and there was no point you being there in the first place. Nothing in which we do. it's for ourselves otherwise. If there's anyone in the world that can do what they do without any other human being in the world then you don't exist because that doesn't exist. I'm a movie star and t. tv star on without people to view my work. My job wouldn't exist and being able to inspire and help her without people being in the world. It doesn't exist you clinton this costs without people being in the world to listen to it. They'll be no report ukraine. This podcast tells us that everything that we do not for ourselves in its four other people and therefore we should be of service and then to that. That's fantastic all right. Your parents did a great job to go. Thank you to this mom you did. A great job is also clear from checking you out online amazing when when you stock somebody for an hour you find out a lot of stuff all right Don't don't put my name in google. Anybody might the whole guy super nice club. What it's clear that you love your dad a lot right and like mine and too many others your dad enough this early. I try to think that. Of course. I've tried to think my dad proud of me and in a weird way i've gotten to know him a lot better after his death as my own life experiences and perspective give me better insight into his story right than inside of hat as a child. I wouldn't say that. He guides my life choices. But i do feel that. I know what is advice would be now that are than ever. Do you ever sort of consult with your dad on life choices and that way you know what i mean like this. How how does he still impact your big choices. One hundred percent. I was very close that my dad was my best friend. He was someone which was with us when we recruit show ended up managing me and my co stars and this was with me my whole journey and we had that relationship where you know i would tell my dad things which you tell your best friend. I would tell dad things in what you shouldn't tell you that that relationship i learned so much and i was in stood so many messages and was told so many things from when he was here that those things never leave and those principles things in which i can use generate on a day-to-day basis. So go back and console and you know even going back to videos all videos. I have of him in conversations. Luckily hours in this media world where. I'm shooting things. And so i have a video footage of even conversations that we had or you know things in which he would do that i can kind of go back on by remember possibly from a heart attack and when he thought he was going to survive that and he was In the hospital the lawsuit that he that he said to me was that you know everyone in this world has a responsibility an-and opportunity and you have to take yours and you know every everything in your power in order to do that. Fake it till you make it for yourself in the position wherever it takes in order to be able to impact in generate Wealth and change lives. And so you know taking not overrule perspective. I kind of go back to that. And then just look at what he'd done as an as a physical example You know the hard work and determination and everything that he put himself through in order to provide for his family so yeah. I'm on one hundred percent. I go back to the and constantly in tune with my dad is always there with something you just said. I don't know if you know how big it is. But i'll tell you i'll tell you how big it is as as a dad for three sons. My oldest son. He's eighteen hours names justice and he says things to me that you shouldn't say to your dad like you just said and as a dad i will tell you how i can't tell you how big that is how big that is and how gratifying it is. Because you just feel as a dad like man. I've got an incredible connection with my son who is a good man who trusts me completely. And there's a lot of time spent where you wonder if you're doing a good job. There's so many instances to feel guilty and to feel like you know you're messing things up but when your kid trustee with things that go beyond what is you know normal this level of trust it really lets you know you're doing a great job you know so i can. I can promise you. Your dad felt that way. When you team david these things you know what i mean. It's it's one of the biggest things. I'm embarrassing justice again. I do like once every podcast dad. Don't say that my friends are going to hear talk. Shit friends aren't listening to this podcast about anyway. It's a big thing it's a big thing really I appreciate it. I know i i. Can you know kudos to you. Because even means so much to make You'll son comfortable enough to do that. That takes a real unique twist perspective and an openness from a parent to be in a position where you'll son feels like they can either conversations with that because i felt like i i could. He may be comfortable enough to be able to share this information with them and it takes a lot to do that. And i believe that you know when i have my kids when i have my son a my. Do i want to be able to be in a position where they all gonna be able to come to me for anything because you want that to be the case. You don't want him to be suffering of anything garden for anything and you don't know and if you have that relationship with them then you know that you're always going to be in that position so my kudos not tell you. My secret is just making a wildly uncomfortable all the time so that way things like this are nothing also said you also said when i met her my young people minute ago. So that's a simple move into like your dad. You have your own organization looking to better the world. Lives of wade's world. What's ways world. Wayne's world is essentially. My perspective is my foundation which allows me to inspire a the an help you know. The next generation and the generation before me to become the best versions of themselves and using my perspective everything in which. I'm passionate about ways. Wellbeing the overarching Foundation but within that have eluded different subsidiaries have ways wrap which has everything to do with filmmaking wrapping w weights workouts which is on the health and fitness freak. I love working out I have you know ways wellness. Which has everything to do with wellness and the mind weights wisdom which is every all of my wisdom. My jams and everything that. I've learned things i've experienced sharing now And that opens up. Even you know wage wallet. Time management management money management etcetera etcetera. Yeah it's you know taking over the things in which i'm passionate about. I have something to offer and putting them under this one umbrella over as well which allows me to connect with people and you know mentoring whether it be a on a personal development and inspirational level or even if it comes down to media and production and acting Wherever is i can do in order to help all walking out and help into advise on how someone can get. Biceps like five will go wherever that might be. You know So this foundation is something which is going to be. Huge is something that i'm very very passionate about. And is the closest thing to the extension of of who i am and while when in this world and where to where we find what i'll put the link your linked tree in here and everything but people are saying what's the easiest way to find ways world just type in wayne's world yeah weldon social media's Instagram on youtube on. Yeah everything's and you can connect do you have give a morning routine. I do have a morning routine. Yeah yeah my morning routine. Is i usually wake up every day around six. Am fencing. I do. I got a bed is i. You know. write down not grateful for undersea gratitude. Thank god for having an opportunity a waking up and being able to do it all over again Often that usually stretch and to get those toxins and everything out there And then i will read like a segment or something and for my bible And then after that point. I'll get up. I'll have my breakfast and eat something and then get into a workout. Go out in my backyard. Or if my boxing coaches coming overall box through some weight training or go to the gym pre-coded and then come back get ready. Get showered and then jump on my laptop. Get into my start. Connecting will now london because when fiom behind them and and get as much out. That day as i can before they go to sleep. The power of a morning routine talked about it a few times on this podcast. And i think starting with you when ask every guest about their morning routine because he can lock in just just organizing the first couple hours of your day. You always wanna leave some flexibility in the rest of your day. But it's a big help because you know that each day it's it's it's set. You're not waking up confused about what's next right. I love the gratitude journaling. The gratitude journaling is one of the best things you can do to start or especially. If you're doing it with a pen and paper get your get your hand brain. Everything all connected Do a grateful if you don't see that grad chewed then. You can't get anything more because you have to be happy in where you are and be grateful for what you have to get more. So yeah that that's the number one for me that gratitude and before you know i used to do it on data also and just you know tell myself how. Great i am is funny. Be you know everyone's taking the cookie. The cookie jar and told the white lion. Said i didn't do it. And you say the enough time to the point where you start to that. You didn't take the cookout the cookie jar. that happens the same way affirmations. You tell yourself enough time to great you start to believe it. So daily affirmations is also something which is really key. And i'll recommend right. I'm gonna. I'm gonna start. I'm pretty good. I'm pretty good. What's i feel comfortable with that. Talk with that. Move onto great. Yeah six hundred ten. I was excited ten. I'll keep that up for a year. Then we'll go set So you have a punch a passions. It's crazy i mean we're just very lightly touching over each one writing producing star. You've got your Foundation there are a lot of different worlds that you're involved in does anyone. I'm curious if like an agent or manager ever come you say giovanni and maybe you should focus on fewer things. Try to stay in your main lane or your diversity your appeal. What yes challenge. Yes i i had that originally like. I was told doing too much. You'll focused on like five hundred things one time and that was just me. I can't i can't help that. That's just the way i'm wired. I start things. And i will always see things fruit and do better things but the moment i get them to a place where i feel like. They're in a certain position. I wanna start something else. I want to do something other than the entrepreneur in in me But yeah. I told by various people in which i've been working my career look doing too much or just stop this and focus on x. y. and z. Or okay if you are focused on comedy how are you gonna be able to drama at some point. I'm not look. I'm good enough to do all of it and it doesn't really matter what you've done it might as how good you are and if you can offer an opportunity where okay you know. We'll smith you started off with fresh prince umbrella. That was a comedy and now he's one of the biggest dramatic actors in the world. You know so. It's like it doesn't really make a way you've come from what you're doing as long as you can do it then you can do whatever you want and those same people who told me don't do this don't start. This company focused on minimum. Who don't start a whole platform. How you gonna stop a whole platform. When you haven't even off the ground yourself get to hollywood. I and then volvo no. I don't wanna do that. I wanna do what i'm passionate about. Why love and i have the capacity to do it. So i'm going to and i encourage anyone that feels that will fill that way to you. Know listen to that guy unto go. Because if i listen to those people that told me not to do these things. I've never be where i am today. And that is now the appeal. you know. i've got my agent. A which is one of the biggest agencies in hollywood based on the fact that you know they said to me we love that. You're not just an act. We we can get actor anyways tons of them. But you've got your media company. You're on production company. You've got your own foundation oldest you right you produce direct. You only bows that you have is what makes you so appealing and makes us wanna work with you so that you know what was told to me as my downfull ended up being my biggest strength. I totally agree. I on the big I don't wanna be against something. How do you rephrase it. I'm a proponent of not specializing of of moving. Not so much in the way. I'm against it. I'm against hyper specialization. Right we see the world all over the place as we try to turn humans into sort of like very specialist. You know nan. No generalized and be awesome. Everything awesome it everything or at least yeah because that is such a fun life You were geek. You right probably still are. I'm guessing right and saw that. You're fan of michael fast bender great. I just saw him the other day in the counselor which was like cormac mccarthy wrote the script the script kind of man maybe he should stick with fiction novels. I don't know anyway. People are gonna hate me for saying that cormac mccarthy in the script but he's infamy theus x. men you roles a superhero doctor who scifis. That's something that you just are into yeah. I love sci-fi. I is my favorite genre premier theus. Did you see that i did. Yeah i did see the previous year. Yeah hate movie. Did you like yeah. It was cool cool I thought that it was. I had i just love Dot so anything. Can i enjoy. And i'm engaged in his performances. I'm i'm i'm onto. So yeah you know. I i thought it was a cool film by for he was great in it. And and yeah. I think that you know sifi is something for me which is huge. The reason being is because it's john reid in which we don't usually get to perform in you know it's something that it's a weld as an actor. Your imagination is your key. Asset and side is direct Pigmentation of imagination. Because these things don't even exist it's not even real we get You know i. I love being position. I can't see the munster in front of me. And i imagine that well so Director how how does this thing. What is it is it. Is it like okay description or pitch. We imagined not now you know i mean fight. Yeah sorry maybe. I'll delete that cute faintly book that still hasn't blown up into a movie. Is there anything out there. You're like man. What are they going to make this movie. I wanna do that or i just want to see it. Oh it was new mutants which they finally put out. But i heard it was not that great. I haven't seen it yet. But that was the one i always want to see made. I'm looking forward to stike shock. Yeah i think. I think that at some point will will be created. I think looking at a of these kinds of like black superheroes. Now that i've kind of of the success of even stuff not black pants for our p. Chadwick you know things in which have been You know opened up but not really explored and really really strong comic books. And you know Fan bases for these things. But i just haven't been evolved into a tv now for any film so yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing this new age of Blacks heroes miles. Maradas can't wait to see them. Play that into an action live action movie and see a black spider man. And you know these these. I'm advocate for that. And and you know allowing a young people to be able to look up and be like oh. I can be a superhero. Knows is is really important to me so yeah. I'm i'm looking forward to that kind of stuff. We hear this phrase a lot. And i'm just i'm jumping around how i do. It doesn't matter. people love it anyway. Right everybody he loves his podcast because it jumps around make any sense. This is your favorite podcast. Your friends so we hear this phrase that you are a product of your environment a lot and you some strong thoughts on that and this idea has really helped accelerate your personal development and career yet one hundred percent i think the you know productivity environment. We had this phrase all the time. And i ended up doing our video rod and he broke this down. And which is why. I'm asking because i loved it but ninety that shorter version. Yeah you know like to be you put up your environment. I also linked to the fact that everything you have is. We've always had your product your environment and you everything you have is. What the hell does that actually mean. You take two seeds right an apple tree. You go apple tree. Ac apple tree be seat. You prompt them both in the ground. The everything that for the apple trees mecom a really nice flourishing apple tree with grey. Apple's you can set on the market. The only the only difference is whether seeds planted so if you prompt one and a box on you put it in the room with no sunlight with someone that comes to everyday and says all you're never gonna grow. Thus is the other cd which you plan in the middle of You know a beautiful Vist in africa with some great sign and someone comes in. What was it every single day. And it's getting someone coming up today. you know. I love this plan and it gets that love and energy. That tree is going to grow into a phenomenal apple tree and a love grapefruit. The seed which was in the room is essentially just not gonna grow because it doesn't have anything that it needs. That doesn't take away from the fact that both of these seats had exactly what was needed within them to be able to manifest them become the apple trees in which they should have become. The difference was way where they were placed the environment in which those seasonal placed in hence why you are a product of your environment wherever you have a wherever you need is within you but wherever you place that seed and so. I kind of translate that into our lives. Where are you place. Where are you putting in your seat. Where's your seed based you know Do you have these people around you. That are able to kind of motivate you and tell you and show you have lavin helped to cultivate that seat into becoming the apple tree in which you want to become as opposed to being in a position where you have negativity around you and your in the dark room and adult fox. On know essentially voting into oppression. So yeah that. That's the way in which i really registered with people and they were able to kinda understand executive. I was coming from not on just to understand. Gross dot concept of being put through your environment. Yeah it's it's. I think it applies to everyone and it's not just kids growing up. It's also you know you could be sixty five years old right now. You can change your environment. I mean hopefully you know if you just something to reflect on wonder. Is this my best environment. And sometimes that answer can be hard if you being really honest with yourself and you and the answer is no. It's not my best environment. What levers do. I have access to to change that right now. That can be really tricky. That can be challenged. But i it's it's a great thing to assess routinely folks you know that's your environment excess Who you spend time with. And i appreciate the reminder so we have three quick things to unfortunately wrap this out because i could go into directions with you first. One is just want to get it out any big roles projects that we need to watch out for on the horizon cove into. It's tough yes. Yes when you percents. I'm really focused on the season. Three of patrol right now. That's that's why i'm gearing up full. Time and attention is going into that I've got a few projects in development. Tv shows i've gotten development I've behind producing also stall myself and russo. A couple of movies in which i'm Create enough my own back as well which myself driver and and convicts. At much about them by next year that they're going to be looked to be produced and out to the world and then yemen just consistently creating and developing and finding ways to to keep penetrate in this market and make it all sorts of stuff so everybody just keep an eye out. Just just add add. No here's the thing part of your morning your morning ritual that you guys are gonna start doing after you write grateful for the nice work. Podcast and grateful for joe vans wisdom check in to see what drove ends up to. Just do that every morning. Like at eight something different and then you know that's a good way just just just to stay in touch with what's up to. Yeah that's exactly you know. You don't have to add todd on there but you can you say would jovan and todd. Todd recommend that you don't have to do it but if you do it you know i'll send you some supervise club stickers. Just let me know that you did just lie. Say you did it. Message me and i'll send some in the mail to you for real all right. You have we let the guest. Do we have to show up by having the issue of super nice challenge which is something that the listeners can incorporate into their life. Maybe one time maybe every day something to make their world though world a little bit nicer. Do you have any kind of challenge for people. I do have a challenge. People The challenged i would have And you know you can take this in a different way because we are in the pandemic. Everyone is outside but whether you're outside of your messaging someone or instagram or facebook. Whatever it might be have a challenge wet for twenty four hours everything in which leaves your mouth is going to make someone's day super nice. It's gonna make someone's day a day than they were originally going to have every single conversation every new person you meet every new president. You speak to people that you've been speaking to every conversation and not day try and focus on making that person filled super nights whether it be a compliment you give them be something that you do for them wherever that might be but every person you interact with not twenty four hours. Make it super nice for them. Okay i love it. Challenge accepted to the starting. Oh man. I don't know. I'll do next week some time. That's hard is actually. It's not that hard kobe because we're all hanging out with like two people. John accepted challenge. Except that is going to. This is going to help about relationships out there shaped us in advance and then finally jovan. Do you have a question for me. You can throw anything out me. i'll answer it. I'll do my best i do. What made you go in super nice. There are many words that that that could have embodied the messaging. What you're trying to put out there but you haven't been super nice. Why question it's a good question. And i have some people sometimes coming to me and say why don't you kind kind is a little bit more accurate. Nice a little more to some people flips. You know not as serious. I feel like i didn't have a choice because i didn't really name it. I won't get into the whole story. Because i have before but i was having a daydream This little girl who was in a church and she grew up in the church in her case. She had detailed daydreams as well. I'm a writer. She grew up in the church. She got older and She started seeing so much conflict and so much hypocrisy in her church that she ended up. You're saying you know what i'm out. I'm bouncing and it's like i'm taking god with me and i'm gonna start my own church. Because when she was a little girl she was enticed into it by pastor. Saying hey do you want to join our club. We have the superhero. His name is jesus and he can do all this stuff and she's like yeah that's really cool because she was like four years old. She's like i'm going to start my own club and everybody's invited from all the churches from or not churches. Whatever it's just gonna be called the super nightclub. And i was like damn. That's a good idea. I liked this daydream. I got up. I the house. I made the logo real quick and just put it up on facebook. So i was at a time. Where if i had an idea. I had to do it. I had this rule from for one year. If you have an idea you have to execute it at least to the point of failure or point of going. This is a really dumb idea to do something. You have to at least write it down. Talk to somebody about it flesh it out as far as you can so i did with that and so her words. Maybe i'm sounding like i have multiple personality disorder or something but her words were super nightclub so i ran with it. I didn't it wasn't it wasn't even me. I love him. I love that. That's why because it's seed supernet say it. It feels good. Yeah and it's been nice. Because i also have the trademark Just super nice nice and that's for like a fashion designer co labs for little higher including stuff. That's a whole different thing I'm also excited about it. But it's a little bit down the road. That's the first time i've ever mentioned anybody but that's what's going to happen. That's going to be another one of the platform. Basically that's right. Thanks for your time man. Welcome take a congratulations on your on wade. In the water dropping today dropping two minutes ago. Yep team dropping. Minutes ago so seriously. When i've done with this i'm going to go watch it. So congratulations and thanks for being so great. So smart man. Anytime about los angeles wool huge. Yeah try yes wait. We'll talk with you. I will take him on and there. You have it a super nice conversation with super. Nice giovane wade. He's a great dude young twenty seven and just starting on his way. I i'm i'm a fan. I was gonna say it. I'm a fan of a fan of what he's standing for. What he is going to do just how he's been brought up in this world Especially during this time right now with all this election drama listening to and talking with a man like that gives me gives me hope really does gives me hope in a nicer world that we can do it if we if we want to. That's that's a big question. do we want it. I hope so. Anyway thanks for being here. Thanks for listening really appreciate all of you members. Non-members human beings. I love you and stay nice pass cruise which passed this law bridge. That's so what he did.

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