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"joe trion choi inca" Discussed on The Falcoholic

"Gambling. And we're back on the falcons podcast. This is dave welcome joined by trae downing. We're talking about the tampa bay buccaneers going into the week. Two matchup in tampa. Hosting the falcons falcons team. They get absolutely decimated at home and it started up front with the offensive line which. I don't have to tell anyone who watched that game. It was absolutely dreadful. Up the middle jalen mayfield. The rookie scored one of the lowest pass blocking scores. I've ever seen on. Pf heat at one point four. I think you get five points. Just for showing up so i think he actually graded negatively. I think the only way you could grow grade worse as an interior offensive. Lineman is literally turn around and tackle the quarterback yourself that was how bad that performance was. And now we're going up against a bucks defensive line that has talent across the board and one. They jumped out to me last week in watching the game against the cowboys because i think it jumped out to everyone watching that game and that was vida. He was absolute freak on the field. I think that was what people were expecting him to become. Tell me a little bit about this defensive. Front and why falcons spans should probably invest in a lot of alcohol before sunday gets here alcohol in acid. Something like that you need to battery. Acid elevate and invest in invest in something investment in a good remote. If you wanna change the channel But yeah vida it will. I talked about it last. We gone Danny martinez on buck. Nations what he looks like right now. Obviously he's not the same style player. One hundred percent as aaron. Donald is out in la threat. He's a bigger guy. He's a true nose tackle all of that but if he continues to do what he did literally pushing the cowboys center back in to dak prescott lap have to consider him as probably probably the second best interior defensive lineman in the nfl right now. Besides aaron donald. I'm that high on ebay. Ebay is a guy who a lot of bucks fans were questioning the questioning the bucks taking it and when it happened and laugh especially injury concerns got her as a rookie in training camp. He was hurt for a lot of last season but then when he came back in when he did in the playoffs made made a huge impact there. So beat it's me is has now. I mean this. The star studded defensive front. I mean you've got indomitable ensue there you've got you've got on the edges you've got jason pierre paul who has had the success he's had throughout the course of his career and now Having new life you're in tampa bay. They're moving him around. There were multiple times where he was lined up over. The center on pass rushing situations Last week against the cowboys. And then you've got shaq barrett who totally deserved the contract that the buffs gave him This season and he got to dak prescott this past weekend or last week against against dallas as well and then you've got a rookie and joe trion choi inca who i think a lot of gm's are gonna be slapping themselves of letting the buccaneers get what looks like could be another elite. Pass rusher on this football team. And we've seen we saw through last year that the bucks were able to get to the get to the pass or something that throughout the years here in santa bay they went years and years and years without having a guy with double digit sacks before before shaq barrett was able to do it his first year in tampa bay but now this defensive line is one of the strengths of this football team they even before they got that pass rush going in shirt up the secondary a little bit day. You couldn't run on this. And i think that that's going to be something to watch. Because i watched a good portion of that atlanta game last last sunday and admittedly i was especially early. I was impressed with what they were able to do. Running the ball. I did not expect cordeiro. Patterson and mike davis to be able to move the ball on the ground. I thought they were going to be extremely extremely past heavy even with Their new head coach coming over from tennessee so it was a little impressed with the running game early on and how well they were. They were able to move the ball. And i think if you're going to have success against the buccaneers you want to keep that offense off of the field right the bucks defense. They've shown if they have any weakness. It's not against run. So i think you're going to have to go back to old faithful matt ryan and hope that the bucks can't get the the pass rush that think they can get considering how the offensive line performed In pass blocking situations last week but maybe they surprise us because last week i didn't i didn't see them coming out in having the success that they did early with cordell patterson. So maybe it'll be a bit of a surprise. I think that if there is a path to success it's either. It's matt ryan having an absolutely huge game with kyle pits breaking out or it's or it's running game being able to keep the the bucks saw offense off of the field but do i have a ton of faith in that considering that the bucks have had the best run defense in the league for a few years now no i. Don't yeah and i think the the philadelphia defensive friend is a very talented one as well so Not maybe not quite as deep but arguably in the top five. I think in our sure. Yeah the defensive trenches so it sort of back to back nightmare. Scenario when you're trying to deploy offensive line to new starters in the middle with the falcons so you mentioned matt ryan needing to be successful through the air. And i do want to say be because i think you and i have both seen this. If you've watched the nfc south over the years division games can often go completely off script yogurt. You'll go into the game. Predicting like know thirty five to twenty eight and you get something like six to three. And you're like where did that come from. There's no in hell predicting this game. My prediction is going to be incredibly dire also require a good dose of battery acid. However you mentioned matt ryan the passing game. The falcons do have you know even with. Julio jones gone they've got calvin ridley who i think is one of the best route running receivers in league really really good. Follow up to you. Know not the same kind of receiver zillow jonesboro think very good his zone right russell gauge who has been a very reliable slot receiver had over seven hundred yards receiving last year..

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