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"joe thomas eric berry" Discussed on The Dan Patrick Show

"Eagles if they lose him they're still a really good team and this has been the year of the injury when you think about it in the nfl the number of players who been injured and and i'm talking about more key players who had been injured so far this season you've got carson once richard sherman to sean watson j j wadi andrew luck aaron rodgers odell beckham junior branded marshall jason peters joe thomas eric berry david johnson darren sprawls julian edelman it's been the year the injury and it's almost who survives here and then you look at the patriots with brady as a forty yearold in this game and trying to stay healthy now the the odds are not in your favor of staying healthy for an entire season brady plays the dolphins coming up tonight at eight seven seven three d p shell couple of other things a the yankees get stanton patriots at the dolphins baker mayfield wins the heisman it wasn't as big a margin as we thought and we'll talk about that coming up your phone calls always welcome best and worst of the weekend what you saw the two like she did likewise instead of the day play the day coming up as well yes polling if you're in eagles fan though don't you at least take solace in the fact that you have a pretty high end backup this guy has fifty six career touchdown passes only 27 picks he's twenty and sixteen is the starter his twenty eight years old whatever prime he has he he is in it but if you take out the twenty seven touchdowns two interceptions that's an anomaly because the chip kelly's offense yet rising everybody that yeah but look at the numbers if you take those numbers out and then those are protesting a numbers uh i think the eagles are still a really good team now it comes down to you know the saints have drew brees i don't think the saints are as good as the vikings i don't think there is good is the eagle's by the way the the ramseyer may have.

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