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"joe terry mccall" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"In Seattle they took over city city big city Seattle in Minneapolis they went through three nights of hell it's she moved to have the kind of devastation that you had in Minneapolis and in Seattle let's see what's going on I will tell you they don't stay in that situation out presence is going to straighten it out we Minneapolis of course he did and in Seattle authorities say on those are number two with more drive with Casey and aliens here on talk radio six eighty WCBS over get Sunday as flight date also is president trump's birthday coincidentally but the the polls out now C. N. N. with this horrific polls saying he's he's got thirty eight percent approval rating of fifty seven percent disapproval rating one which they've only sample twenty five percent of the polls Republican twenty five percent okay others so others on this is a hard task but Joe Biden I leave you the numbers Joe Biden who is the official nominee until he's got the delegates but is good I think probably the weakest candidate that the Democrat party is nominate a long time because face it he's getting hit from a lot of different parts in every part of the caucus while yeah I think I think we could then because we've not seen him in a tank you know not not yet but did you know that day is coming there's going to be one of the most that's why they keep saying stay the basement Joe Terry McCall stay in the basement don't come out of Basil yeah he's coming out of bodies and we all sorts of blunders and gaffes talk about now well yesterday was a big day because you get out of the basement and they didn't have the gag of crosses face so we actually spoke out loud and boy there are a number of gas he started a little one you know the constitution says says that all men are created equal well not in Joe Biden's copy it's not fair the constitution says all men were created equal no no no it doesn't well you know we'll give him a buyer I get that and then one just when discussing the riots going on he just is reading from his notes any gets lost reading of his notes you know the rapidly rising.

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