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Thu. 06/11 - We won't be seeing a Destiny 3 anytime soon and Persona 4 Golden is rumored for release on Steam

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Thu. 06/11 - We won't be seeing a Destiny 3 anytime soon and Persona 4 Golden is rumored for release on Steam

"Welcome to the gaming ride home podcast for Thursday June eleven I am Kyle Hilliard. Here's a whole bunch of video game stuff that happened recently. There won't be a destiny three anytime soon. Persona four golden is probably coming to steam Alex Kid is getting remade a new transformers game is on the way and call of duty. Modern warfares latest update is somehow even bigger than it's supposed to be. Bungee outlines destiny twos, upcoming content roadmap, and we probably won't see destiny three anytime soon. Earlier this week, bungee outlined the kind of stuff coming to destiny to all the way into twenty twenty two. Season of arrivals and beyond light expansions. Before the end of the year, the witch queen will arrive next year and light. Fall will becoming in twenty twenty two, and there will also be a destiny content vault that will cycle previous updates in and out of the game. It's frankly impressive. That bungee has as much planned as it does as far in advance as it does, it's not unexpected. I think I've even said it a few times on this podcast, but another update that came as a result of all this is, it seems Bungee does not currently have plans for destiny three. POLYGONS Gilliam reported on the lack of a new numbered entry for destiny and wrote after the announcement on. June, Ninth Game Director Luke Smith jumped onstream with Dr Lupo to talk about destiny twos future in the short Q. and A. Session. Luke Smith told Dr Lupo that Bungee does not plan on making destiny. Three and a new article, detailing the evolving world destiny to the studio wrote that splitting the destiny community was frustrating enough for players that bungee recognizes. It is a mistake. We don't want to repeat by making a destiny three. Polygon had its own chance to talk with Luke Smith and asked him if the name of the game would ever revert to just destiny, and he said at this time. We're going to keep focusing our efforts on the game itself. There are a lot of moving parts for changing the name whether it's work with platforms string files, title screens storefront work. It's a lot of work. There are a bunch of really successful games with twos on the box. One of my favorites, Doda to springs immediately to mind. It's worth noting Luke Smith that as far as I know I don't think Doda to has ever been in a box I could be wrong about that. At this point in the destiny, franchises life cycle realistically. The name does not matter in the slightest people who play the game. Just call destiny and Smith is right. Having to in the title doesn't really hinder it anyway I don't think anyone who is interested in jumping into destiny at this point pauses and thinks they should play the first game before diving in the game. Really should at this point just be called destiny, though it's not really a series anymore. Destiny two is a platform. It would be like if world of warcraft I big expansion was called broad of warcraft two, and the name just stuck as Blizzard updated the game into oblivion. A little odd, but everyone just kinda gets it. Persona. Four golden is rumored becoming to steam. The Persona Series is beloved by many, but mainly it's beloved by my wife, who recently finished her playthrough of Persona, five royal complete with platinum trophy, and in the middle of playing persona five. replaying persona four golden on her vida. It looks like she might not be the only person playing persona four golden, though as it is heavily rumored to becoming to steam. Website Persona Central, dot, com, which as you can imagine is pretty focused on persona. News covered the rumor with author. Reggie writing twitter user at Sabi has reported that a source of theirs has gained access to steam database files, indicating that persona four golden will be released for the PC soon. Twitter User Neto. Mata has corroborated the report stating that the steam. Listing for steam DB unknown, APP one one, one, three, zero, zero zero is apparently the one for persona. Four golden further claims have been made from notable industry insiders at Oreo sixty four, and at Z. Huge X. that the rumors are legitimate among many others corroborating the reports, and that persona four golden will be announced and released on the same day. Furthermore segue support page can be found for a nouveau drm solution error tied to launching persona four golden on the P. C.. Personas Central Dot. COM has other evidence to like persona four Golden. Appearing in steams back end and stuff like that all pointing to the pretty likely scenario that the game is heading to a new platform outside of the Vita. For the first time, the game originally released on playstation two, but Golden, which is an expanded improved version of that original PS. Two game has only ever been available on Vida. If the game comes to steam, which seems highly likely at this point, it will mark a mainline. Persona Games first appearance outside of a playstation platform. Lots of Personas spinoffs have appeared on other platforms, but mainline numbered persona. Games have only ever released on playstation platforms. My hope is that this is the first step towards personify royal coming to switch. That's where I WANNA play. Jian Expo reveals a new Alex Kidd Chivalry for consoles and a lot more. ITN Summer Expo yesterday, which featured all kinds of game, announcements and interviews and different things and there was some cool stuff. Metal Helsingor is a game that looks a lot like doom in that it's a first person shooter that takes place in Hell, but it's all set to music in a strange way, you must fire off your gun and killed demons in time with a metal soundtrack that orchestrates the action. It doesn't look terribly unique. You would be forgiven for confusing it with doom but I don't know that I've ever seen anything that plays like it. It comes from developer, the outsiders a studio that doesn't have any published games yet, but did showcase a really interesting game called dark born about a year ago, that conceptually players in the shoes of a Grendel like monster in a medieval setting. It looked interesting, but the outsiders recently announced that dark born was being shelved, and it looks like it was being shelved in favor of this metal Helsingor also announced was Alex Kidd in Miracle World, DX, which is a game. I find, myself weirdly excited about. Alex Kidd was Sega's Mascot platformer before sonic, the Hedgehog for the any s competitor, these Sega Master System, and this game is a full remake of that I. Nineteen Eighty six Alex Kidd game. It's been about thirty years since there has been anything new Alex Kidd and I'm eager to play the game. If for no other reason than to just help me understand the historical relevance of the character it helps at the game looks pretty sharp to deemed turf was also shown during the show in. It's a game. That's kind of hard to explain. It's a three D platformer, but the thing that makes it unique is. Is the animation protagonist. It's a three D world, but the character moves as a two dimensional object. It's kind of reminiscent of the awful awful BUB, Z.! Three D., but this game actually looks cool. It's from developer for brass, a studio that released a platformer called slime son a few years ago. I also showed mortal shell which I jeans joke. SCRABBLE's described as a souls like created by a team that loves souls likes. And it looks like souls like which I say as a compliment, but it's setting looks a little more dreamlike with weird magical floating platforms in the distance. It looks really cool some other quick hits from the show observer system redux with which is an overhauled version of Bluebird teams cyberpunk mystery game that stars Rutger Hauer, a bunch of Yakuza like dragon game play were shown, which is the next mainline Yakuza game, but the big change for this entry is that the combat is going turn based Borderlands, threes bounty of blood. DLC was shown and it was revealed that the popular online. Medieval combat game chivalry to. To is coming to playstation four and five, and xbox one and xbox series x chivalry to will also have cross play across all its versions, which is really cool. The Internet expressed some general disappointment in the show. As it was hoping for bigger more impactful exclusive reveals which I sort of get considering this is basically three week and Jonesing for massive video game reveals, but I also don't think Aegean over promised at all. It laid out the plans for it show pretty clearly early on, and there was a lot of stuff on display. I am excited to see what the rest of the show looks like. Senna Saga Hell Blade to is being made with unreal five. Microsoft published a blog post rounding up a lot of known information about the XBOX series x yesterday that didn't have a lot of new information, though it did referred the consoles aesthetic design as industrial and bold, but there was at least one small detail that was interesting. It's not particularly surprising to learn that help. Lead to is being built, or rather will be built with unreal five, but outside a fortnight there really have been many confirmations, regarding what gains will use the engine Microsoft wrote in the blog post, the power of the xbox series x was first demonstrated with the unveiling of sensuous Saga help lead to the team will be building the game on unreal. Unreal five and leveraging the power of xbox series x to bring the hell. Blade franchise to levels never before seen the footage shown was captured in engine, and reflects the power of xbox series x available to developers to deliver new universes, experiences and games in ways. You've never imagined. This actually might even be the first non epic game to officially announce. It is using the new unreal five engine. It's not a revelation by any means, but it is interesting. A new transformers game potentially a strategy game is on the way. Band Namco released a very short trailer this morning for a game called transformers battlegrounds, and it showed a small city from an overhead perspective as a battle between various familiar transformers raged in the streets. It's hard to say exactly what kind of game it is, but it doesn't look like an over the shoulder third person action game, which is what the last handful of transformers games have been could be strategy or maybe something kind of Diablo ask. Outright Games is involved potentially as a co publisher or something like that, but outright tends to specialize in games for kids. They were behind the kind of open world RPG. Adventure time of the Caribbean which I thought was actually a pretty interesting game. A leak has revealed nickelodeon Kart Racers, two Grand Prix a target store listing popped up online yesterday for a previously unannounced game called nickelodeon Kart racers two Grand Prix. It's obviously a sequel to Nickelodeon. Kart racers that released in two thousand eighteen, as you might assume by the title, it's a Kart Racer starring various nickelodeon characters. The cover has a weird matchup of modern and classic nickelodeon characters like a Ninja Turtle, but not an institutional based on the design of the Ninja Turtles, show that is currently airing on. There's a cartoon version of Joe. Joe Sihala. There is a loud house character, which is very popular nickelodeon show, and then there's Brennan, stimpy, which are characters that I don't think today's generation of Nickelodeon watchers would recognize I'm surprised. There aren't more Kart Racer. mashups like this, especially considering the success of Mario Kart Eight, but maybe that's the point. Why compete with Mario Kart Eight, considering it's not technically announced yet. It does not have a release date. Call of duty. Modern workers latest update is eighty four gigabytes for some players. It has become a running gag now that call of duty, modern warfare and warzone are going to take up basically all of your hard drive space, and there's nothing you can do about it. The file is huge, and the downloads only bloat the thing even further, but even with all that the most recent update was still surprising. On ps four modern warfare latest update is about thirty two GIGABYTES and on PC. It's about forty five gigabytes, both of which are large, but on xbox one the update is coming in at eighty four gigabytes, which might be the result of bug. The activision support twitter account tweeted where actively investigating an issue for Hashtag modern warfare, where some players on xbox are seeing a larger-than-expected download size for today's update. Stay tuned for updates. It's a bizarre thing, but if you happen to see people on the Internet talking about something being eighty four gigabytes well. Now, you know why. Here's what released today. Project warlock a game. I actually talked about a few days ago is out today on switch. It's an old school. Doom inspired shooter that has a bunch of magic in it along with bullets. Samurai showdown, the twenty nineteen reboot of the Classic Neo Geo Fighting Game. Series is out today on the windows store. It's a solid game as far as I know, but it's. It's not the most exciting release. The game kind of already on pc by way of Stadia. Beyond blue is out today on Xbox, one playstation, four and PC, which is a very pretty game about exploring the ocean, it is a little reminiscent of Asu, another very pretty ocean exploration game, but this one looks a little more realistic, less abstract. It has some really great looking Wales. That's it for gaming news today. Yesterday I reported on Dead Space Writer Antony Johnston's series of tweets teasing something for today's playstation five. Many think. Something to do with dead space which I certainly wanted to be, but I'm thinking. It's probably something new that will be able to boast from the writer of dead space. Maybe by the time you're listening to this, we already know what it is, but pretty much right. After I published yesterday's episode, I was double checking. Show notes links and stuff like that where I had links to Johnston's tweets. And it looks like he deleted them all. All the tweets that were teasing whatever reveal is happening today and we're winking at people about dead space are all gone. So who knows what that's all about? If you have corrections, just feedback in general, feel free to send me tweets or DM's twitter at Kyle Hilliard, or at gaming ride home, or you can send an email to Kylie's ride home dot info. Please consider leaving review for the PODCAST Berbie listened to it. You can also check out my twitter account Kyle impersonator wherein playing through Resident Evil Code Veronica x right now I might have beaten it by the time you're listening to this episode, and you can also find me on the mid Max, show for more long form video game discussion I will talk to you more about video games tomorrow when we will all know a whole lot more about the playstation five and it's many games, I am basically hitting published on this episode, and then heading over to watch the stream I'm really excited about it.

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