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"joe shoe micro" Discussed on The Trash Tapes

"Appears like a beast and talking to Donna's yet like mostly you know shining and I love it. I mean as he comes in big and buff and trust steelers one giant diamond and at the same time before. This you like Batman and Robin tried to get dressed. No Oh we have to mention this. Okay so now. Is it happening? Talk about the costume. The costume out without montage multo stops of this will literally how with persons reduced to Batman and Robin is literally in a trade insolvent outfit montage but we introduced almost buck I. It reminds Edgar right like crash. Zooms Kinda tooled up. Crash seems doesn't to mark the funny. These were series crash zooms arches renting the movies serious series in the context of. I want to show you this in an epic who air and this is the thing. This this this whole dressing up montage was introduced in Batman forever without without kilmer which an interesting fact about that one right Mary. Throw this vow. When George Clooney was going to get on the bachelor they had to readjust the old bat suit because Val kilmer was too big. Of course he was he was John. Norris in terms of a pre swain. He was mostly in big. No no not talking us. It was massive that I meant apparently belt. I know downstairs. So that'd be the funny thing as little but George Clooney because it was too big to the point that they had to readjust the suit to fit his size. What's funny it's who are Wa wa but throughout the film. They are making cock jokes all the time to Pena jokes. The whole time is about masculinity and everyone's got fake muscles on and then like the scene where for some reason Mr freeze and Bena call for some reason it says to him like me out but we'll Yeah and like Mr Freeze says to Bain. You see Bain told you is not the size of the gun that matters. It's what you do with it it's all innuendo blitz subtlest enough to be in a family. But it's it's all about agile masculinity it's almost the whole time maybe crash saving on his crotch. How do we take an in on the subject of bodies? Joe Shoe Micro is clearly Sarah obsessed with the human body. It's not just the montage of a obviously we have mentioned that nipples which is the detail and sank the theories. Yeah he's so. Obsessed with the human body shots of bodies and hands jokes penises and everyone in very mostly suits from the BAT suits to Mr Freeze. It goes beyond that it spills out onto the street. Yeah the set dressing is full of bodies and hands and heads and even the big showdown eight giant. Hugh Suchy hit you. Play Obsession with the human body spills out into everything you see on scene. It's really bizarre isn't it? It's so strange. It's almost as if it's like he's trying to frame each framing them lovingly but all but lovingly but let's competitive slightly. It's not like someone like Michael Bay. Who's doing it but those boobs? Yeah so like look at them on the gorgeous like q rating museum of statues. Yes a little bit and he wants to keep seeing these and say everyone's like a Greek God everyone. Everyone is beautiful. But it's on the street and bizarre same terrible. Cgi when all the cars and the bikes are the joy riding down. This luscious mostly are. That's bronzed is very strange. Now if you linked together with all sorts negative maybe each is a big fan of big buff men. I think he is. I think he is but like also women but that was a little bit more usually all these generally The human form face was very obvious. A lot of ice and a lot of late shots facing the cow is and mister freeze is and all along the gritty graffiti laden streets. You these big stone heads. The trolls in the Hobbit in. Who doesn't deserve comparison to talking? But you know this these like poking through the shops. It's really interesting how it shows here because is it like this is a combination of Josue. Macos taste combined with timber and aesthetic that was established for Gotham which I still think is the best look of any city ever because it's a combination of like has. The vibe is got the fifties like fifty sort of. He's film new. All new on Gothic. Like almost some of them are like size of castles which we did we imagine. Now how side is basically a castle. And so is the lab where where poison ivy and don't would rue working. It's a castle lab as well. Yeah so yeah. It's like a melding of two different stuff family. Look the goal is to appeal to kids. I think the the the nineteen forties kind of stuff was lost after the first move. It's all nineties.

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