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Fresh update on "joe rogan" discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience

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Fresh update on "joe rogan" discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience

"Top-flight town is not a surprise anymore. There's even amazing guys out there like Jack Slack and Lawrence Kinchen that do bring down on specific fights, fighters and specific techniques where if I send Jack Slack and Lawrence Kansas stuff to my team. All the time and group chats like watch us. Yeah, just watch us. Yes, you know if any of them, pick up like a cheap like Sam art than unlike. Job Done Yeah, and I didn't have to think about it with letter. Those clips are so great to because they'll highlight is specific technique. Those show the KO or the. And then they'll break down all the different moving parts like both those guys are fantastic. Robin blacks created as. Pink Yeah. Very entertaining to is a really entertaining person you know so he and his enthusiasm for martial arts really comes through and I do love his sincerity. Yeah, you're just a thing that is missing. In authenticity in anything you do and just like we talked about. The rogan man cave, but it's not about being a man cave. A extension of everything that you're trying to create for yourself, and that is honestly whether you have the means to create something like this, or you just have the means to create something really small on your own little apartment. Everything that you do should be. In worship so to speak to what your ideal you're trying to create. And you can't do that if you're insincere can't do that if you're if you're just trying to be the packaging and not the item. Yeah, we were talking about that earlier that there's too many I think this is part of the problem. With social media's people are intoxicated with this idea of having other people think they're awesome so they put out all this stuff to make it. Look like you know like they're this amazing person. You know they'll put up these quotes and put up this shit, but. But it's it's not really what they're into. Did just want you to think they're into it? And it comes off that way like you get like one of my biggest pet peeves and I was GONNA. I posted up quote last night, or not a quote rather, but an image of Miyamoto Musashi 'cause I got I got into the book of five rings again. I cannot wait to hear what what just criticism somehow came out of nowhere to tell you what what a jerk you were. How wrong you! Handle if there isn't a case, was pay attention, but what I was GONNA criticize is I was GONNA. Say That I have an issue with. There's a lot of people. Online! It's not even that I have an issue. It doesn't resonate with me is a better way of putting it with thirty native. There's so many people that are posting motivational ship, but they haven't done anything true it is. Trying to be the packaging the item you can do if you feel that, go do this. This is is how you go. Get it. What the fuck of done! I've got to do something. I didn't say this last night, but this is what I meant when I posted it like. If you WANNA, take inspiration, there's something about the words of mea multi Musashi that are profoundly inspiration on because he's a man who best over sixty men and one on one sword fight, so when he's talking about strategy where he's talking about technique and he's talking about preparation, and you must research this. You must look into this. This is how you go. This is how you. You go about attacking. This is how this is. How you play off your opponents strategy. He's talking about life or death with a fucking sore can't get more serious than comes through in his words, many even translation from Japanese to English. Even though it's four hundred years later, there's something about that guy that it gives me goosebumps man a shit all. I fell in Love With Samurai philosophy a long time ago from what NATO Bay and The hugger curry, and there's even one called A. Budo or Samurai. Philosophy of the Samurais I forget the name of it, but it's a really short succinct book that really nails down some things and I think part of why what they have to say is so. so so authentic and so so real so to speak, because it's life or death for them reading a storm of seal by Ernst. And you're reading this guy's take on being in World War One and it's not that he was never afraid. It's not that he didn't understand what war is is just hit from his position as a soldier. In the way, he approached things in the way he even still saw beauty in these moments in living in that part of his life. It's it's clearly somebody that. I believe has a good grip on being towards death, as heidegger would put it like being embracing what it means to be alive, and by embracing that you're also embracing the fact that you are GonNa die is not going away that that death is alongside you and you don't know when it's coming, and there's no need to because you're not supposed to be thinking. Thinking about whether or not, you're going to die or when it's going to calm or anything like that, but you're. You need to be thinking about what you're GonNa do before that time does show up in how you're to do it. And for why you know, what is it? How how are you finding? Meaning and fulfillment in life so that when when death? Death comes along and tugs on your shoulder on your shirt sleeve. You're like all right well. This is it yeah, and those guys people that you've described whether it's Musashi or any of those people would comes out in their words is authenticity because of the fact that they have led these extraordinary lives, and they have faced incredible danger. They have lived. There's there's something. Something about that where you can genuinely learn from those people, whereas there's a lot of people that really haven't, but they know that people long for those things, so they try to recreate it me. Try to recreate these quotes, or they try to find some words that will inspire you to get going in and seize the moment and make the most of the. and go out there and conquer and right and kick ass, and it doesn't mean anything. It's all persona. Attempting to take our presenting the persona of that kind of individual mainly because they know that. Deep Down, all of us realize that there's wait to those kind of. Yes, you know and I'm sure Peterson would be like. tied. We do but He's an example as well when he talks about whatever he's talking about. We're. Talking about. Gulag archipelago or anything he's talking about it from a place of profound understanding, and that resonates like when when he critiques Marxism or critiques, certain philosophies and certain certain trends eighty season in social. Social behavior like he's doing it from a place of profound understanding and that's that's why it resonates with people. That's why he became so famous that people think somehow or another that he became so famous because. There's a an angst in a lot of like week. Men Shirt tapped into. That's the typical criticize level the surface level diagnosis of all these kind of finger prognosis. But, the thing is even as much as. You. PUT IT in perspective. So I have my own journey dealing with with. Marxism Neo Marxist whatever and how it is at one point with a part of my life, and just making me absolutely miserable from another person it was like. Why is the person you were dating? Relationship with and it was just like I'm getting assaulted in a way. No I'm not trying to say words. Violence calm down. I was just under I felt like I was under attack all the time for things that I didn't do and things I from arguments that I had or accusations, then like I. Don't understand why I am being This is being offloaded onto me at the time, so I started researching and researching and researching because I truly believe Essentially like James. Mill, says the that those. Who He who understands only one side of the argument? Not The other understands a little of both and so even through all this I have to re I had to come to the fact that as much as if you'd want to take that shallow diagnosis of of Peterson. It's the same as if you WANNA take a shallow diagnosis of Marxism These things aren't operating out of complete falsity. They're not coming out of nowhere. They're not built upon nothing. There is truth being said in everything this stemming from truth. So that's what you've read marks. There is true critiques there's there's true things within it now where people often go wrong. Is You know they take a seat of.

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Fresh update on "joe rogan" discussed on Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

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Fresh update on "joe rogan" discussed on Thrivetime Show | Business School without the BS

"My Web guy, he's. He's eating my web guy. He wants me to stay with my current site. More often than I would like to admit it happens a lot especially, if somebody has a web guy, or let's say, we helped them get to the top and Google. And then they start getting. All of those spam leads whether like hey, we see ranking number one google, but here's five things you could fix. Let us do that and they're like well. This guy says maybe I should do these five things right, so let's. It's talking about if if everybody does a Google search right now for Joplin. Jim, J., p., L. I. N. Joplin, Gyms Fitness Joplin gyms fitness center Joplin gyms. I'll you second every type in Joplin Jin's. Guess who comes up top our client? Fitness they come up seven ten times unbelievable shaw homes. Come up top and Google. If you search for Tulsa Men's haircuts, we come up top and Google because we're following a proven system. Right, you say we'll I want to run the system. Okay, then there's there's some great. Resources for you. You got search engine for dummies by Bruce Clay a great book. Now. Everybody can buy search engine for dummies by Bruce Clay. You can read the I mean. That's a great book you can read. Get Rich. Click by Mark Ostrovsky. All right. Or you can read my book. Search engine domination I I'm not passionate about which book read I think. My Book is the most concise to the point. We simplify it for you, but either way yes. We're GONNA. Get through that much faster right so now we're going to do is now now now. We know that there's somebody out there. Who still making decisions based upon feelings. Now. We're going to get into that light topic known as racism. Now I'm GonNa Queue up some stuff here Jason and I'd like you to explain you're the one who told me about this clip and last time we. Are you. Are you white? Halfway. Okay, what does that mean? My mother is white and my father's black. Okay, so you told me. About an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast Oh, yeah, with a guy named Colin. Coley nor Coley into are and who is this man man so I found him on Youtube? He is a lawyer from Texas, so he's a very outspoken black man who does not let his race changes by so he votes Very Republican. He actually came out on my podcasting, he voted for trump in the in the original raisin didn't care because the other options for terrible, and so he's been a an NRA member and correspondent for years. He's an attorney. He also is very into making sure that America knows their constitutional rights, and in in particular the Second Amendment, so he's all about gun advocacy for all races, but he teaches to the point where a lot of people get the get wrong. They think that the NRA was founded in order to keep guns away from black people, but it's the exact. Exact opposite, so he's basically just trying. He has his platform and Youtube. If you check him out, it's amazing, but he only presents facts. He is the only person other than you that I've seen where his research process. It'll take him like a week to get all of the sources together so by the time he makes like a fifteen minute video. He knows what he's talking about. It's not just a theory. All He. He's the man. I'm GONNA play this audio clip from his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast as he's discussing black lives. Matter because I'm good, not black. Can't relate to what it's like to not be white, so everyone comes from a different perspective, but this is. His name's Colin Noir Yep. Okay, let me let me see. Oh L. O. IN IN. Our Co L. I.. O. N., no are in this appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast. Here we go play. A lot of those people generally speaking are Marxist. Yes, that's pretty much there. The that's why like. I make a delineation people ask me about black lives matter for instance, black lives matter the sentiment I can get down with black lives. Matter Organization I cannot. Because they are not for the same thing. The Up to the leader, the founders of black matte like the founders, the black lives matters literally just came out and basically says she's trained. Marked basically said she said blatantly. She's trained Marxist. The both of them. The founders of black lives matter these markets to oaks that went onstage Bernie Sanders. At one time I believe, so. Don't quote me on and took the mic from whoever the two women are. Who are who were the founders of black lives matters the organization. They are trained Marxist, said with their mouth on the show, and what, so what so that right? There I mean the idea that he is? Not a white man and he said that. Why does that bother some people? What is the deal or a lot of people say? Oh, you know they're gonNA. Treat him the same way that they treat. Candice Owens when she speaks. You know the truth. They're going to say. Oh, you're a race traitor. How dare you race traitor it somebody at the BS term really, but it's when somebody of take constant Kanye for instance people say because he is pro-trump and wants to vote Republican that he is no longer supportive of his black. Community. You have to be Liberal Democrat even though the Republican Party is founded to help in slavery, but we have to talk about the facts We're GONNA. Talk about the feeling, so everybody wants to fit within their. Status Quo as far as racism goes. A race goes, and then the second you step out of that line. You're immediately become the antithesis, so people say Will you know you think this way? You must be brainwashed you don't you're not down with the cause? So, because he doesn't follow. The feelings exactly the momentum the feelings it can't be. True right because again. People are loyal to dysfunction. They are very. This this is Kanye. West, discussing. Why he believes that black people should be able to vote for whoever they want to vote for. They don't have to vote Democrat every single time. Let me play. This is Kanye West..

Google Joe Rogan Joplin Colin Noir Kanye West NRA Kanye Bruce Clay Tulsa Texas Coley JIM Bernie Sanders Mark Ostrovsky Republican Party Attorney Jason
Fresh update on "joe rogan" discussed on MarketFoolery


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Fresh update on "joe rogan" discussed on MarketFoolery

"Content. And you know at the Motley fool. We're just we're. We're platform agnostic with where we're. We're happy being everywhere. We're not looking to lock exclusivity, but but I. think that that that'll be one more thing to watch because I think. In terms of like major platforms. I don't I. Don't know that there are any other sort of three hundred four hundred million dollar deals out there unless it's for exclusive content, so for those that are interested in you know the advantages and disadvantages for exclusivity Joe Rogan is sort of in. Almost a category of one, not quite a category of one with with his show but you know you're at conferences or used to be at conferences. Maybe now you still. backwash conference thing that people. Back in the late. Teens back when we had these conferences of you know an, and this would have been. You know the various business models that are out there. And how would you say that It's an easy decision for for you for the molly full to be platform agnostic but For others. What are they balancing you know between the ads between having to condition some of the content of the podcast so that they don't lose advertisers who is that they can get. Direct pay. And the platforms. Would you know what are the? Pros and cons for. Joe Average of good, but not the top five out there podcasts. I think for the overwhelming majority of people who do podcasts. They're just looking to grow their audience, and they are also platform agnostic, because then I really have. The audience and sort of the leverage to. Create those type of exclusive deals because you're right I mean Joe Rogan is. Is Basically in a category of one. Now there are there is a price at which. You know any podcast or would say okay. I will give up my. multiplatform approach for that amount of money just to be on that one platform, but. There has to be something in it for the platform likes. spotify presumably wouldn't have done that deal with Rogan unless they felt good about the return, they were GONNA get Sirius. Xm probably feels pretty good about the amount of money. They just spent or are about to spend to get stitcher and the ad.

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